Golf Course Advisory Board – August 2023

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Golf Course Advisory Board – August 2023

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Shall we start the meeting and I’ll start by doing a roll call and start with that recognize here National Air and Employment Committee in every year I’m here on air yeah go check them out here

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find the tendons approve the agenda and there is a one little mistake there with the three says for any to do in simply three quarters divided for me so

Speaker 2 0:59
I make a motion to approve this will be amended in a second.

Speaker 1 1:06
All in favor say aye. Aye. Motion passes for the third things to prove the previous five minutes for 226

Speaker 3 1:20
I got a correction on that as well says I didn’t attend last month’s meeting but it says the German I approved

Unknown Speaker 1:27
our second is German fuse

Unknown Speaker 1:31
excuse me again trying to hear what you’re saying you

Speaker 3 1:34
know what I was saying? Last

Unknown Speaker 1:42
night was pretty challenging

Speaker 4 1:47
that every month for the past few years first of all by the gadget so good job.

Speaker 1 1:56
Motion to the minutes as corrected says corrected second favor say Aye Aye. Aye. Motion passes unanimously. I don’t think we have any Republicans say they’re going to fire the kitchen this funding improves

Speaker 5 2:26
we had an absolutely outstanding July the single best revenue generating month ever I think it never made that much money in one month. The rounds are a little skewed because I forgot to bring them to the ground so both are gonna show up in August and they’ll bounce out and be more obvious in less than July. Those rounds come in and zero which is revenue comes in in May or June. So revenue brought in early in the round robin once a month. Sometimes months get by for you to renewal grounding. So anyway, great month to 36 We’re up 131 for the year. And a little bit down and brown which I’m fine with and we’re having another great month we over $200,000 As of yesterday for this month as well. So four straight months over $200,000 is remarkable. It really it’s not Yeah. I remember the days when used to be happy to get like 130 and those days weren’t that long ago. So to be able to do this it’s really awesome. Great well golf course is in great shape. Brian’s done a fantastic job and looking forward to September and October

Speaker 6 3:51
same with what he said there kind of opposite. It’s July was was fantastic. Sunset was projected for 74,697 revenue and 1065 62 and then round projected 1951 66 courses of course that hasn’t shaved Ryan and Danny have done a fantastic Danny Alford Van Damme soul but those those guys have been

Unknown Speaker 4:26
doing a fantastic job

Unknown Speaker 4:35
same same year.

Speaker 4 4:37
July was a record month for you Creek as well. May was the first one we have a welder 300 So this is three months in a row three to 2025 so far in August or 282,000 which is exactly where we were last year for the entire month of June. obvious. I think we hit 300. Again, this is an amazing, amazing summer route or slightly up, of course has been in great shape. I think everybody’s gotten the hero this year, all the way and everything. The guy is here in Las Vegas what amazing job I get here, from the outside folks that come in the doors that are out there delivering a great product and the golfers are

Speaker 1 5:36
incredibly good. Anything else? Okay, I have six old business, there is no business. Seven rotation.

Speaker 7 5:54
All right. So a good presentation here for you guys on one of the projects, we actually bought a project we got done. And we got this money from back from Alderaan provincie. With the maintenance building and irrigation system. So this is just a small one that we had in there. That got approved back in 1818. For again, 282,000. And they’re the satellites came up to about 253. So that gives me a little bit more money to spend. Yeah, wait. Oh. So yes, it is one of my projects. And it seems to be the new operating system you create cars was back in 1995 was one of the irrigation system and satellite boxes, there was quite a little nicer back then. But this is what they look like. Now we took them out in May. And so the 2023 satellite boxes as well. So not only is not the cynics out there, I mean, obviously they’re tucked up onto the ground, so people do see and then they obviously look a lot better. So this is the inside of the new controllers here, the old controllers had 32 stations. So they basically just had one of these front side that’s 32 stations right there. So you Creek some of the fairways are so spread out there that we had to have a lot of stations doubles up. So they’ll get like two wires going into there. But these satellites, they have 64 stations 32 on the front 32 on the back. So therefore we can have 64 stations total per clock, which lets us have individual control, which gives us better control on the field, not as many wet spots, dry spots, it helps get us balance everything out a little bit. So this is the front side here, you can see all that stuff out there, there’s fuses up there, there’s uses down here, and those fuse itself with lightning strikes. So there’s some lightnings that came in the area, those fuses with low down there in the bottom instead of frying the whole satellite. So you’re replacing a $5 fuse compared to a $40,000, you know, the controller and stuff like that. So then this is the backside they have the same day. So it’s here, this is me, this stuff’s over my head to give you a little bit of how to get but that’s why we have have our contracts before ons and they don’t come out or something like that goes, goes around, too. So that’s the irrigation satellites that you guys see out there on the course. And then this is what’s on the inside. So if that cop flips up, then this is what you’ll see here. So this is the old faceplate from the 1985 satellites, you can do about two or three things on the satellite, you can see if you see a mother manual and a syringe here, that’s about all you can do, you can go inside on the bottom there, you can flip stations on but this satellite here or this face here is called you can do basically everything you can do at the central computer. So this is basically a computer right here. You’ll see you got the home button there. So you’ll hit that they’ll take in the home screen and it’ll show you the time when it starts to run like say our irrigation starts at eight o’clock. I’ll show you what’s coming on there, and how long it runs and every setup you can work your way through the whole thing. The screen that’s on there right now is multi manual. So you see they have stations one through five to run for club minutes, and station six through 12 Run for six minutes. So then you scroll down and where it says that’s how many you want to run simultaneously. usually run one and then they’ll work their way through the through their progression for amount of time that you have on there. So you can kind of sum up if you have time, a lot of times, we have to run for five at a time because we’re trying to be golfers and non golfers coming up behind. So we don’t want anybody that get wet and kind of ruin their day. So that’s a future series here, except you could run more stations at time. My favorite one probably is a diagnostic key you can do you get a check. If you’re not satellite, are you concerned that satellite stations they have here where you can go and click, turn that and they’ll go 123 All the way through, it’s a good way to be able to get out into the field and check, make sure everything’s working. And you could go through a lot faster, this one, you’d have to go down there and toggle it on the bottom, and go all the way through this. So you keep your head up and still work through in order, where golfers are and all that stuff. So but you could check amperage to the staff or to the irrigation heads, which means the starter solenoid should be running about 2.2 amps. And if it’s up or above, that means your solenoid could either blow or not have the power to turn it on. So either one of the heads not gonna work. So that’s it, there’s, I mean, there’s a limited number of things that this faceplate can do, you know, we, we usually use maybe three or four of the main things that you can, that you can do in there, like there’s a communication, checking check on the field, make sure all the satellites are talking that way, you know, they’re working. So it’s, it’s crazy what they can do their scholars smarts out there for a reason. And that’s what it is. It’s, it’s basically a computer out in the field. So this is what set in our office. That’s a map of the whole course. And it’s sorry, it’s hard to see. But there’s a little mysterious frequent head that we have, of course, is on this map, there’s a little.on there. So you can scroll around the map and find each head and you can turn it on from here, you can adjust this percentages up and down. Like if there’s a wet area out there, you can adjust the percentage down or up depending on whether it’s dry. This is kind of the hub of what you all the different things you can do from the central computer. And I’ll just go through a few of those. So this is the control center. This has every single head out there on the courses, there’s about 1800 Heads up there in 40 different satellites. So this is I think this is number three, it’ll start with all the teaser drops, but when we purchased this from Toro, and they went in and put all this stuff in there for us, there’s definitely some tweaks that we’ve had to do out there. They didn’t get everything exactly right but they got everything hooked up and majority of it in there. So we’ve had to go through and like I said with that diagnostic tool go through and right now it’s actually let’s see if it’s actually a rough you know, so because everything runs at different percentages. So you want to have everything dialed in there exactly to where it is on the course. But then you’ll see there there’s a whole the numbers required sometimes if we do have a couple levels up because we’ve had to do it in the past we had a panel of they called daisy chain some heads together so we could get some in some areas where it was getting dry. And then they have the different type of sprinklers we have 757 AVS infinity tech sprinklers overall, different heads editorials came through in the years and then the nozzle thing and then so here is where you can see these are like along the car path over here. So they’re running on 180 degrees compared to 360 which you know, our fairways or anything you want to run through citizens so so yeah, there’s 40 Different things that do this and you got to go through and make sure everything’s dialed in. So watering plan is what we set up every night. You’ll see especially the Greens tees, fairways, roughs over there. So how we water is by et and it’s not like the exact et that you’re losing in a day if we’re trying to replace that water this would be waiting around until 10 o’clock in the morning seven, eight o’clock at night so we try to get close you know, and this does a good job if we were to water that much everything would be soaking wet out there every time you know there’s there’s times when he gets away from us and we have some wet spots on the floor. So we try to dial it back but you’ll see your salary too but it says the just percentage us so that’s where we put in. We usually try to water between point oh five and point two something like that like that hot stretch in late July. That was a lot of 152 overnights or we put some that much water out there. And but you know try to keep it on the dry side of browns Okay, we just don’t want it to start losing turn about grounds for political and soft needs are soaking wet. And then they have a start time we start at sunset, plus 11 minutes. So that just gives a little golfers a little bit of a chance to get out there. And they have a feature which is really nice here, you can start like 1617 and 18. A little bit later, like we have 16, starting 10 minutes, or 15 minutes back sunset 70 starting 20. And he started 30, just in case those last couple of people are taking a little longer, you know,

Speaker 7 15:31
scrambling around out there. So. So that’s the, that’s the watering plan. And then this shows me what’s watering for the night. So you can see right here, it’s starting at eight o’clock. And this one’s running until about 230 in the morning. And that’s that, probably about 10215 etc, for all the different programs you’d have to and you can see there, were at about 500,000 gallons, so then I so so that’s that’ll show me if I miss something, if I have something that’s often far as time and it’s starting up here because it certainly appeared and I can go back and you know adjusted before they start blasting golfers. And this is our my five favorite one, the salesman that sold us this system says this is like your morning cup of coffee, go in there and check everything this will show you what ran but didn’t run. You know, they don’t show you everything that happened. And I could afford it without going out into the field and being able to check or you know, miss it. Like if you don’t see the run for a few days to see them here before you start getting around or too wet or something like that I’ll give you if it’s running above expected time or below expected time. It’s just a really handy feature of the zoo system. Our old stuff was not even close. And it’s your happen to be out there. That was kind of the old system that stuff would blow that’s why we had the problem three greenhouse, you know that that wasn’t running. And then so this would have showed us right away that that wasn’t running, we could have been out there quicker. So. So that’s just a quick overview of what that bond project did for us. And it’s been same day difference for us out there, I think, of course has been a lot better for I mean, obviously the rains helped us just haven’t had the waters much but but this has definitely helped too. So. So anybody have any questions about the new operating system? Two questions, firstly,

Unknown Speaker 17:33
does it mention consumption or consumption?

Speaker 7 17:37
No, no, we don’t have any like sensors, or anything out there. You can but then we got

Speaker 3 17:44
a year with rain and rain when we get in drought conditions we can I know you can measure by time, but I was wondering

Speaker 7 17:50
if I can? Yeah, I know. They that’s like an irrigation audit type thing. Or you know, you go put catch cans out there and kind of see, but we don’t have anything like that on the

Unknown Speaker 18:00
system. No, no.

Speaker 8 18:02
How much water you’re using? Yeah, that’s your question. Right?

Speaker 7 18:05
How much water? Yeah. Oh, I thought you meant how much was actually going into the ground? No, just how much use for oh, yeah, yeah, that’s what I said like that. 500,000 was kind of a that’s a really dry our hot night, you know, we’re putting out 500,000 gallons over the full course catch and catch. So yeah, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 18:26
What’s the warranty on that system?

Speaker 7 18:28
If they’re pretty good, like the operating system is is imagined like a couple of years, but they’ll come out and we actually have a contract with Toro, which we call it NSA on their comm. And they’ll replace everything. That’s anytime like if we were to get a lightning strike or something like that, they would have a new controller or we’d have field interfacing as they call it. It’s what sends a signal out to the field after the satellites. And they would have that sent to us. So basically, we’re covered no matter what. But we paid for it in the long run. So

Speaker 9 19:02
we’re good. Yeah. Yeah. So this tutorial provides, you know, like, mobile apps, so you can access right? Yeah, I

Speaker 7 19:11
can write everything from my phone. Yeah. A lot of times, usually with a

Unknown Speaker 19:15
phone or iPads. Yeah.

Speaker 7 19:18
So if you do see me out there, I’m not texting. On heads or you know, scrolling the internet or something, but yeah, they do. And they’re great. They have two different apps, they have one that’s an actual app, you can do basic stuff on it. And then you can get into the cloud. Everything’s on the cloud for them. So it’s called things cloud that you can get into and it’s it’s kind of a, I would say a dumbed down version of it, but it’s just a little less but you can still do the main things that you need to do. It doesn’t have

Unknown Speaker 19:46
all the different

Speaker 3 19:47
styles. And just one more question and I know you said it, but is this just for you?

Speaker 7 19:51
This one is for you. Sunset has the same operating system and as soon as Ryan gets his irrigation system go on, he’ll bat it. Okay. also so it is Rs Rs, I had to go put in all those sprinkler heads on that map because ours isn’t GPS. So when he gets his everything’s going to be to the, you know, inch and figure out and, and all that and ours is ours is guesstimated. And, and that’s why I’m going through back through all the stations too because some of the wires got put into different areas. And so it’s a whole process like it’s going to take us this year to get it completely to the right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But they did most of the work the hard part. stuff and they did all the satellites. They rewired everything, bolted them down, hooked up, all the power, the communication, all that stuff. They did all that cool stuff. So yeah, it was it was one of those things where we were waiting. We we didn’t maybe like October, and they said, Oh, they’ll be here December. And we got pushed back. Everyone that got pushed back Toro, Sam, the tough time of the supply chain, with irrigation and equipment right now too. So but they’re the top of the line. So you’re waiting for it.

Speaker 10 21:08
I haven’t played since until last week. But then, if you there were a few wet spots. But generally speaking the fairways in particular, just sensation.

Speaker 7 21:19
Yeah, they, I appreciate that. They’ve been good this year. And I don’t know if it’s new system, or if it’s the rain that’s helped us out and I’m going to the system.

Speaker 7 21:37
So but like I said it is still a work in progress. So there are a few areas I was talking about. And trying to find that exact balance is the key we had kind of dialed in with the old system. But this is 100%. So

Speaker 11 21:52
the one thing that will help them out a lot too is this old system was controlled by every three seconds. So a sample was set out. So if something was said to stop running at, say 9:05pm on the.or, nine or five in two seconds, his old system would round up every three seconds for control his new ones to the secretary. Oh, cool. So that’s

Speaker 7 22:15
probably actually more like, went to the minute on support. But yeah, that’s their whole selling point now to examine things dialed into the second and it fills in all the gaps that that water Windows pyramid thing I showed it builds in all those if something shuts off, it will build and keep it nice and tight.

Unknown Speaker 22:34
So it was well worth it.

Unknown Speaker 22:39
Any other questions about the new system? Any questions about irrigation? No. All right. Well, thank you very much. Bond projects we got done, we got fun, Jeff

Unknown Speaker 22:59
is the bond project.

Unknown Speaker 23:03
That will be me.

Speaker 8 23:12
So we are after five years, finally getting very close. Say we’re there. So we are currently in in contract contract negotiations with a company to do the maintenance facility at Ukri. From the times that we met in June, until tonight’s meeting, and actually August 8, we were $2.2 million short in trying to make this happen. So staff worked with the finance departments. And golf actually took out a loan of $1.7 million from the city’s we fund to get us closer and then we’re going to use half a million more dollars more I say more because we already used 1.5 million this year to pay to get us what we thought would pay for we’re still 2.29 Sure we’re borrowing 1.7 million and a half million dollars away from our fund balance to be able to get this done. And the fear is is if we wait another year to make this happen. We’re afraid we’re going to be a million or $2 short again. So the the payment for the 1.7 million is for 10 years at around $200,000 And the timing of that worked out well. And part of the reason why it can be considered is that the debt for you Creek was being paid off this year, we had one final payment of $80,000. And we were going on on the golf course, our right foot again, because the decision was made. And it was money 25 years ago, to not build a maintenance facility that we cannot continue to operate in our existing facility. So it’s our hope that we will actually on Thursday of this week have our first construction meeting. And construction could actually start by October 2. So things are really starting to move along. This is the view from the highway 66. This is the maintenance facility, two bays, and then a storage facility. And I think you’ve all seen these, but I’ll just show them. Again, since we’re talking about at least something something’s positive for change.

Speaker 8 26:35
Is your kind of view of the site plan, how we 66 is up here, our party for staff majors building, just about 4700 square feet, and then storage, cold storage for all of our equipment, all most of that equipment right now sits out in the elements all year long. So that’s gonna be some really good option for our where there’s, anybody remembers the silo that’s been designated as a historic preservation thing, so that we’ll be staying, as soon as the work is completed. With the maintenance facility, we’ll be spending about 50 to $70,000 on the silo, because it had some foundation damage that teleworking would take care of. We have a company ready to go but didn’t want to do that until the other construction was completed.

Unknown Speaker 27:37
Rick, did you have a quick I do what was the purpose of the sudden

Unknown Speaker 27:43
hurt purpose of this side? And

Unknown Speaker 27:45
why are we spending our money on

Speaker 8 27:47
because it is designated as a historic landmark. Okay. Inquiry. Okay, we’re required to not do anything but face that Santa Monica. So it’s not going anywhere.

Speaker 10 28:03
I thought you said at one time that a portion of a portion of the building was going to just be a roof.

Speaker 8 28:11
That was one of the things we’re considering doing as we borrow the money, we’re going to get to what we’re going to build out what we need. And that should last than for the next 15 years as CS supervisors. Then the final drawing I’ll show you is just kind of a view of what the buildings will look like.

Speaker 8 28:43
So one of the one of the requirements by the city is that you cannot build a building that’s 150 feet long. without it having some type of roof change or a flyer change every 30 feet is how that happens. So we’ve done some things that go on that instead of having to pay a great deal of money to drop down and go out to kiss when when it’s over the maintenance, airy can’t drop down because then we can’t use the lift to raise their equipment. So we were able to do some color differential and some just adjustment on the peaks to be able to dress that. The other thing is you can’t just build a metal building. So as you look at this to tie to this to kind of the the silo or the farm kind of look, we’ve tried to use some garage doors, barn doors, some different colors along the building to try to make it look better to the surrounding neighbors than just A metal building. And so that was all required as a part of

Unknown Speaker 30:05
the planning

Speaker 8 30:07
process, which is about a year to get through with the different types of our times we had to go back after they gave us feedback. So anyway, October 2, we’re headed in the right direction to be able to complete that that project,

Unknown Speaker 30:30
and what projected cost

Speaker 8 30:32
at this point, right up to 5.4 million, right. 444, but yet to God, sorry, variations 444 point 4 million is what that has, which includes that this is a large number. But we need to have $800,000 in contingency to address those things that come up throughout the project. So if they, they dig out the ground and all sudden, we have some type of groundwater issue, we have to have that money set aside. Hopefully, we won’t have to spend all of that. But but that is a part of it. On the irrigation, it’s five point just under $5.4 million. And to be able to make that project happen we had to happen is we had to take out some of the things we wanted to have done. And I’d say here at Twin Peaks, we’ll be getting about 90% of what we wanted to have done, we really wanted to do more around the sort of surrounding edges so that those of you that have golf here know how to dry hits towards the edge Shaun Tan and I went on to, we’d like to carry that we wanted to try to carry that out to the edges. But but we had to make some cutbacks to be able to do that. But other than that, this project will be almost completely down Sunset, we’ve we’ve had to back off even more, we can’t afford to do any of the replacement of the water lines in the ground, what we’re going to do is in 15, we replaced all the, the sprinkler heads on the south side of long feet, they’re going to go in and replace all of the heads and rewire so that we can do some of the controlling that Dan described this evening. And then we’ll also do work on our pump stations to be able to replace pumps and motors. So that will all be brand new. And then we’ll need to start saving money to start replacing the lines at some point over there. So that’s kind of where we’re at with the the the two projects. Again, the election was passed in November of 2018. And it’s taken us a lot more money and a lot of time to be able to be able to start moving some some dirt and Bill and things if things aren’t going to plan with our contract work could start as early as late October or November here at Twin Peaks and some work over at sunset. The primary work that will happen during the winter is replacement of the two pump stations that we have here and again the work we’ll do at sunset so kind of a quick update on on those projects. It is a really good feeling to at least be able to start getting some some some work done because it’s been a long time coming in question for us. Great job all

Unknown Speaker 34:10
of you guys.

Speaker 5 34:12
I mean I know it hasn’t been easy it’s been I know it’s been frustrating

Unknown Speaker 34:15
and what a process what a

Speaker 5 34:17
great job you guys grinding through I can’t imagine how many meetings and then you get the bag and then we got a couple of changes and just you guys what a great job. So it’s nice to be being able to at least see see the race writes down so

Speaker 8 34:34
let’s talk about thank yous in about a year and

Unknown Speaker 34:45
a paid job

Unknown Speaker 34:51

Speaker 1 34:53
Okay, let’s move on to number eight which is items for the staff

Speaker 8 35:00
So it’s nice that all the board is here tonight to be able to have this conversation. I want to check in with everybody to, to make sure you as board members are feeling like you have a purpose, and that you’re being able to provide input. And some of our readings, you know, there, were, you know, we’re virtually down in, we’ve been here for 35 minutes. And I just, I just want to hear from you about, are you okay with that? Or what things would you like to see on the agenda that would give you more the opportunity for more feedback for again, to make the board feel like it has more purpose?

Speaker 3 35:54
I’m gonna raise my hands. And I want to hear I want to know what counsel thinks. I mean, we can we can give, you know, advisory thoughts and suggestions and share our feelings about what’s going on in the golf course world and recreation in general, I guess. But what is counsel wise? Are we just rubber stamping stuff doesn’t mean you guys tell us all the great things you’re doing or this council have a purpose to us?

Speaker 10 36:25
Are there some things where you’re running into roadblocks were input from some of us might help. I mean, there’s people with extremely varied backgrounds on his board. And maybe there are some things that we’ve contributed. I mean, if we’re talking about the, the the Ukri, youth Creek club last Friday, and obviously, that’s going nowhere for the foreseeable future. Is there anything that we can offer, in the way of suggestions to maybe make some modifications, do some things a little differently, that would, we feel might accomplish most of the purpose, but yet enable us to get to a little bit sooner, because it might be a little less expensive or a little more efficient?

Speaker 8 37:23
Where we’re looking at we’re starting to talk about fees for next year, as far as our membership and, and passes is that something you all would like to talk about? Yes.

Speaker 8 37:48
Can get that I think that’d be a great conversation, because it also gives us more of an opportunity to really talk about how much more expensive things are with our operation of pollen I early in the year at a conversation about the cost of going out for cart Reynolds. And having that conversation I think helped all better understand how much more we’re paying for cars, this lease period than would have been in the past. So being able to share that and have having two way conversation or I don’t, I get tired of I feel like staff does all the talking are the pros, and you all are listening, but we’re really not giving you enough opportunity to talk to us instead of the other way around. So fees, we will probably look at bringing to you in October to at least start that

Speaker 2 38:51
conversation. So 10 going in line with fees. And I don’t know if anybody’s done this, have we looked at what other courts have extracted as far as whether courses are raising fees, percentage wise, or dollars over the last five years, that we can have a comparison as well to see that we’re staying in line with anybody else and not putting yourself on the market, because we’ve been doing great prep. And now I just don’t want to where we put ourselves out of the market because we’re gonna raise the fees too much. Right. And as long as we’ve got to study, there’s some data points to look at, to make sure that we’re not doing

Speaker 8 39:31
that. And he has that information she did earlier this year that will update can provide that to you all so hard to do can’t really compare apples to apples.

Speaker 2 39:44
You just can see percentages, what is what pricing and a lot of people have not moved to that. Yes, Hong Kong. They’re considering it. So but what’s our published rate? I mean, I didn’t know that we have economic pricing that the protests were

Unknown Speaker 39:58
about three to 5% And what they said were comparable, but I do have the data and what’s the other?

Speaker 5 40:07
The good news about our situation is that we are fluid enough that if we, if we do raise them up, and we find out that that has started, we’re gonna know pretty quickly agree where nobody quickly so then it’s like, okay, well now we maybe have overshot the mood a little bit, I’m gonna go the other direction. So that is a nice thing about the way our fees are now on the way to destruction and our ability to have that flexibility of dynamic pricing. Because back in the day, if we were to change, and we would raise fees, and it would take you guys don’t remember this, none of y’all were here I was, but it was it was six months of meetings. And, and followed in six months of meetings and justifications and, and all the reasons you guys have eventually either decided for capacities or not capacities and then had to go through counsel and counsel on recruitments. And quite frankly, if one person from the public came to council and said no, they might just say no. And it was very difficult for us to pass.

Speaker 4 41:12
I don’t think this works like this at all, we had a lot of board members that basically told us what to pay. And that’s really how it was and horrible way and this is done here for years. I just want to restore guidance and advisors weren’t generating the revenue that

Speaker 5 41:32
we should have from last year to dynamic pricing has changed that that started the process even before COVID If you go back to when we started the process of dynamic pricing as we look at our incremental increases in revenue year over year, yes COVID helped us but we’re already taken our way out simply because we were charging differently and back then we were charging less to attract more people. Now we’re charging more and actually, you know having to keep around staple but charging more and making more which is nice because if you have nothing to follow walk offers all the time and almost always really slow on the golf course. So we’re it’s really the flexibility we have now. That’s the best thing we did the

Speaker 4 42:17
pricing for their competitors. Oh, why do you guys mind well, when I looked at him at Saddleback training this weekend

Speaker 2 42:25
was we got it we got it. Hey do ya do

Speaker 4 42:29
you know and there’s not we’re returning home so you know I’ll talk to the guys were gone I was like hey let’s let’s dynamic up a little bit and I’m hearing his side as well so that dynamic pricing has given us a lot of leverage to the national average maximize revenues where we can and also not so much that’s a weird but also the opportunity to discounted back to the little Sonia

Speaker 10 42:55
just out of curiosity Have you had any public feedback on McCarthy

Unknown Speaker 43:02
the outlets right pretty examples Alibag 20 bucks breaking

Speaker 8 43:08
gap only other comment that I had was about range balls increasing and explain to that person then they were okay with that. But generally a little bit of feedback and initially about going up $5 But not not real serious

Speaker 4 43:32
even even at work because we you know we’re faced with the customers closely. You very used to great prices.

Unknown Speaker 43:42
We’re like we’re we’re like our maximum

Speaker 9 43:44
I don’t think there’s anyone a view that says it’s overpriced. I’ve never seen any review price. Agreed there’s $100 Plus golf course all over the US I play a lot of golf. Exactly, of course, you know, preferably yours and even twins. They’re 100 Plus, yep, I’m gonna want to settle. But even with all that said, and I

Unknown Speaker 44:06
am at the West and I was free to go but

Speaker 4 44:11
my personal concern is as an industry you know that

Unknown Speaker 44:15
the raw caribou price are we’re all gonna want to

Unknown Speaker 44:24
use their eyesight they’re

Speaker 8 44:28
the other things you can just just to add that we no longer have to go to council to have our fees approved when we went to dynamic pricing Council and delegated that authority to the city manager who then delegated that to me to be able to set fees and be at because we can’t say we want to raise $5 and have to wait two weeks to get to council. And then and then we want to live Lower at $3. And you have to wait another two weeks. So it just wouldn’t work that way. So we’ve been very lucky to have trucks put in, and the staff and the pros to be able to be responsive,

Speaker 5 45:15
which has been great. And even hearing your feedback right now, okay.

Speaker 1 45:21
Even more from the step. Finally, from the board, and I’d like to start. As you may all know, or not know, me four years old, I used to have three guys, I used to play golf with all the time for the last 10 or 15 years. And unfortunately, the ball passed away. So as a result of that, I ended up playing with people and I don’t know, like, disappointing to nurses. But what I’m into, so I get a feedback from people that I don’t know, you know, etc. And I started, you know, asking questions, what do you like about the course? Or is it something you’d like to see differently and things like that. So along these lines, I’m talking about about fees. I played with three guys. They were in your three two against, so it was really nice. That’s nice. One nice thing is. So anyway, I saw we’re in fun this year. And I said, Well, why are you playing here? First, it was overpriced. It’s really nice. Number two, it’s close. Number three, your course is in fantastic condition. And the greens are accept and accept accessible. So you know what to pass that on to you. But they rave about the course. And a good was good reads we’re going to have. So I’m going to pass it on to you. Why should Is there anything that you’d like to see change? And they said, Yes, I suppose this is golf etiquette. I thought that was it. They’ve played here a long time. And they said they knew that because of sickness we had, that we had a lot of new players. And they said, they said, I guess I don’t know, they were talking to me. So I don’t know how you would tell them how to play to improve their netiquette. But I don’t know if anyone has any ideas about that. What you can do, but I’ve had I’ve actually played with several different groups, has complained about the attitude of people in front of them. And I think it’s probably because we do have a bunch of new players. And maybe that’s it. I don’t know how to get that out to the to the group.

Speaker 7 47:57
So we thought that getting started, right, and then girls have done so I didn’t want that out there enough to where people are seeing it and all that if there’s a way to send out mass emails, right. connected back to the website, so they can go to the previous Yeah, yeah, scroll down on that website. And I forget what you call it.

Speaker 2 48:25
Once you go to blog, I think we’re around the corner, or the prominence of beings that because some courses already lower priced. I think that it’s a lower quality product. And so they don’t feel they have to do they feel like they’re on stage. Yeah, exactly. They don’t wash their face. They’re just here drinking, doing whatever, don’t care where they’re driving, how they’re reacting to whatever. That’s been my experience on groups. I’ve seen one play out here and over the last year or two is that and it’s not all of them. It’s just collect two or three groups in an 18 hole that you see for house. Okay, but they stick out.

Speaker 4 49:12
We have a lot of new 2030 year olds that are coming in which is great. Yeah. It’s awesome and Adolphus drawl. And we need those younger guys to keep to keep it

Unknown Speaker 49:23
that way. But But you’re right.

Unknown Speaker 49:25
We had a kid has deteriorated. It’s I think the marshals might be helpful. Nobody wants to listen to Marsha. I wasn’t Marshall. Nobody listened for Marshall.

Speaker 5 49:38
Thank you. Just to get just to give you a just just a brief synopsis of what what we’re dealing with. I mean, we have we have this discipline. We have all these folks like yourself, who understand that who taught your children advocate who make offers out of your children into how to meditate. My father taught me and my neighbor taught me advocate through loved ones. And that was the last one I did. I learned from these either netiquette from folks that I played golf with this group of kids that are now playing well, they all got forced into golf, because it couldn’t do anything else. And nobody is talking to people. And then And then even more that you now even older folks, I got yesterday, I am out there getting the lesson in the back of the range. We had an event down here, it was five and a half hours. And I had been here in this one group that we’re kind of all speaking about Gupta and hollering and screaming all day long. I can’t tell him look it over on 14th. I can’t tell if they’re on 14 or on five, but I know they’re on the back end. But why are they talking to the people on five. And finally, they kind of they kind of make their way towards me. And at this point, I had it right. I just bring them over and I say okay, you guys go in, you’re done. Go. He looked at me. He goes, No, no, I paid my money. I said, No, you guys are done. And after five and a half hours, you’re done. Go. And this is this is an event that we have. And the guy looked at me, I’m teaching a 17 year old girl at the time. And he said I paid my money, I can do whatever I want. He doesn’t own this place. And so he drove off. I don’t know, I can’t even say what he said. And then they all flipped me the bird in the middle of Sparrow and they wind up and flipped me the bird. And that’s to your golf pro. Who’s actually asked trying to make the golf game better for everybody else out there. Because they’re doing everybody’s day. They needed to be done. So I basically told the whole tournament you guys go at the martial arts, as I said last fall, you’re gonna go get out of it. I don’t know if they finished or not. I didn’t care because they were taking advantage. And that’s what we’re up against. And when they inherited that that’s how they treat the golf pro. Let me tell you how they’re gonna treat the martial. Okay, it won’t be credit and I don’t need my guys getting hurt. Because this guy was ready to go he was ready to go let’s just got drywall now. And that’s what we’re up against. And it’s tough. It really is. If you’re brand new to our attention we know about it. I hold my breath beginning on Friday afternoon until Sunday night. And I know Ryan does too. Because I’m I’m calling Ryan every weekend you broken cards got eventually got knocked over because someone ran the bench. It’s just unbelievable. So do we need

Speaker 3 52:34
like a warning placard that ever countered? So you’re not going to read? No.

Speaker 5 52:38
Well you point it because I know I know Ryan’s gone through this give me the ability to start throwing people off but it would have been if there are no assuming the ability factor I would love to I have to I have the authority to actually do that then we have something we don’t have an ammonite

Unknown Speaker 52:58
policy though policy you know that

Unknown Speaker 53:02
we can remove from it goodbye remove them you

Speaker 9 53:04
know what happens if you can so obvious and that’s rare

Unknown Speaker 53:09
it’s very rare that it’s good luck getting them

Speaker 3 53:11
off their nose put them on notice how they behave or not whether you can enforce it or not, but it puts it in their mind that I can be ticked off whether you can or can’t Yeah, that might they might change

Speaker 5 53:23
their attitude these are these this feedback is a what Jeff’s asking for and this is a feedback really the board of the past past feeds feedback to help us kind of grow this next generation and given the etiquette they need. Okay, we can’t be out there with each individual group given the time but But getting that feedback and getting some tips and some ideas this is helpful for sure.

Speaker 1 53:48
Simon first to really appreciate for that and better. Something is really fun. Some people don’t even probably even know that there’s golf.

Unknown Speaker 54:01
Exactly. Exactly. Which is actually kind of music noise as well you know, but that’s kind of a new thing. Sometimes to be able to love I mean there’s certain things that

Unknown Speaker 54:16
they’re the most of them are not

Unknown Speaker 54:17
not bad guys like that.

Speaker 4 54:22
While we’re crazy and actually great customers. It also got to it’s kind of a fine line.

Speaker 5 54:30
Which is not a drill. These guys if you if you don’t want to deal with them go play on the weekends. That’s that’s the thing. You come out in the afternoons on the weekends, that’s when they’re there. And we can we got a lot more than now and when it comes to this, we’ve got a lot more of them now because haystack has gone and flat iron has gone through some reconstructive place and they’re busy all the time. Anyway, so we got all the older kids and there is a ton of these boulder CU Boulder boys that come over They play I bet you we have on a weekly basis 15 to 50 groups of those kids. They’re out here today. Boys are out here today when call the boys out today playing golf. I can you guys can ever go to fights. You got to start doing but they got classes tomorrow. And sands right they spent a little regular they came in and spent a few bucks like it was not

Speaker 1 55:26
really worth it. One time I did I played some other people. One of the the group that played this game was Tara. And when I was surprised that I didn’t know her who she was, she knew that I was the chairman of the golf Board, who was Karen Moromi. That’s right. She said, she said I said you are she started over to bring my name up with the golf. He said there’ll be some people that I worked for a long month or three, two years. And I said I said okay, he says I have some suggestions. So we’ve worked this out to the day that we played it was hot, hot, hot, hot. It’s been really hot. And she said I wish this could be this I wish we had some areas where we can get water and, and a well 101 and put in the new irrigation system because water fountains. But I you know, I played golf in Las Vegas. And what they do is they actually have just speaking of big tubs, big water coolers that oh, you know, but every third or fourth spot to spot. And they have cups and Tinder. So I didn’t know if it’s something we could do here if it was too expensive, or three. But

Speaker 5 56:59
let’s rewind for a second. Yeah, I played here as well bring one of these out every time I play. And I fill it up on which all three threes working right. So I fill it up on I filled up or to fill it up on seven. I fill it up on 14. So we have water fountains out there that are within proximity that you can get to I’m not never thirsty when I’m playing because I’m filled up all the time. So the water fountains are already where you’re

Unknown Speaker 57:31

Speaker 5 57:38
So if the opportunities to fill up water is there.

Speaker 1 57:43
Second thing she brought up again, other women have brought about three minutes at sunset and the bathroom issue. And and you know, today it was like a cat when they had to use the bathroom. So we started talking about it. And I said well, you know, right over there means this is the bathroom. Oh, I didn’t know that. And I said well, I said if you didn’t know, that said, Would you’ve waited, got around over there. And she said no, I couldn’t I could have waited. She said I don’t think I’ve learned to walk across the fairway on seven.

Speaker 8 58:21
So anyway, the cleanliness of the toilets Is that Yeah.

Speaker 1 58:28
So I thought, well, what if we put a sign there? Instead of additional bathrooms are available over there are multiple, multiple fields replacing certain line data.

Speaker 5 58:44
And that’s that’s easy to do. And that’s an easy, fair way to cross it right there. Yeah, right there, right there where the quarterback because you cross there and if you don’t see anybody and nobody come in and they’re not going to hit it that far down the hill. So it’s an easy place to cross and it’s 75 yards from the bathrooms

Speaker 1 59:01
but you know, easily put a sign here at this initial bathrooms. The third thing that she said, and she said in plain Creek, she said Sam, she wants to do it. Do something about some of the long holes for women. There was a couple of guys here to put up they said yeah, and I said well which which was ours, and she couldn’t see couldn’t tell me which ones they were but I don’t know if there are a couple that are really long for an additional thing. I don’t know she just says I’m pretty sure that we’re maybe I don’t know what we can do our farmers in the fairway

Unknown Speaker 59:48
do their thing. example for me, so I just brought in a demo to your party to the white teaser Hall.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:04
Somebody, typically

Speaker 1 1:00:07
really long if they are permitted to do something, maybe for the 75 cents

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
I mean, your initial set of use when this happened.

Speaker 5 1:00:25
And that’s what that’s what we’ve done here at Twin Peaks, we’d have what’s called beginner keys to tour where once I came

Speaker 4 1:00:34
to beginner she was she plays she’s been a leak out there for several years at a new Creek, and she never mentioned

Speaker 1 1:00:51
that one but the thing was about two weeks ago, I was playing a sensor and I got out there got to the clubhouse. And all the cards are basically all get driven and what’s happened to the white battery one found that struck by lightning

Speaker 6 1:01:20
vs. Lighter with stripe that apparently somehow fried 14 of our controllers. That took what about three weeks to prepare, give example approximately

Speaker 11 1:01:34
because the cards were finding out that there’s so new and the parts weren’t really available for them. So they have to pull the parts off of the assembly line for the fleet seat.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:46
So I those are cards that

Speaker 6 1:01:48
we just written. Those are some of the hardships are leased through us. We’ll we lease them through EasyGO. So they’re our vehicles Who

Speaker 1 1:01:56
do we have to pay? They’re they’re under

Speaker 6 1:01:59
warranty book warranty did not cover a lot of outside the kitchen.

Speaker 8 1:02:04
But because it’s going to be $14,000 We’ll be able to do an insurance claim with our self insurance and get we’ll get reimbursed for that. Because that doesn’t doesn’t help us for three weeks when they’re not operational. So he sent some cards from here over Sam send some cards over and so you know, we’ve worked well together. But that’s one of those things, you know, you

Speaker 6 1:02:30
can’t weird act of nature that I have never seen. And to be quite honest. So

Unknown Speaker 1:02:40
this morning, we rolled back and everything is

Speaker 6 1:02:43
there. For the lies. I think the liver was last week, we can have to go there all America has to have the Hanson on Saturday. And we have all the entire fleet all 30 vehicles plus 10 of the 12 gassers. We have two gassers that are having some issues that Yamaha or mass is aware of the understanding from Yeah, so but not we made it work well when everything was down when everything’s up and running. So

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
any other items from the board besides me?

Speaker 12 1:03:22
So the new maintenance facility review group, and a chance to those bathrooms will be available to the public. No, no. Because it’s in the maintenance area. Not by likewise. Right. Technically, I do get asked that question. What are they going to get on the course?

Speaker 8 1:03:42
Well, we’ve we’ve had different ideas of adding them but they haven’t worked when when we were going to build that the central location for us enough that we could have put up restroom there. But right now that’s on the back burner. as

Speaker 1 1:04:06
well. If there’s no more items, do I have a motion to jerk me? In second,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:15
a second. Call a

Unknown Speaker 1:04:16
beer and drink say Aye aye aye. Motion carries

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