Art in Public Places – August 2023

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Art in Public Places – August 2023

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Speaker 1 0:00
Jennifer, you’re filming here? Many, many things Theresa what Angela and me and Eric and Eric and Laura. Oh. Oral alternatives excused is

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now a bachelor’s excused.

Unknown Speaker 0:31

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is absent.

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Okay, that will be coming late.

Unknown Speaker 0:39
And LA, Rutledge

Unknown Speaker 0:41
Marva. I’ll just take her perfect.

Unknown Speaker 0:51
And Iris may be joining us online but has not as of yet.

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Yeah, but if she is

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not Jesus, yeah.

Speaker 1 1:00
Okay, so public life bigger

Unknown Speaker 1:09
corrections to the July 20 minutes. Anybody, anybody read directions? I read them

Unknown Speaker 1:20
I only wanted one so so I need a motion to approve

Speaker 2 1:26
as amended. I move to approve the minutes and second

Unknown Speaker 1:35
and all favor additions corrections to the Agenda

Unknown Speaker 1:48
Council comments shown

Unknown Speaker 1:48
here today. Project stuffing Butterfly Pavilion in Flanders Stark.

Speaker 2 1:57
You have successfully installed and dedicated

Speaker 1 2:02
your waterfront Fillion and it’s forged. Really,

Speaker 3 2:08
really, really well. I don’t think so. But that’s okay. That’s what like sorcerers and I think at this point, absolutely.

Speaker 2 2:17
Yes. So I think it’s really nice. Your progress was very good. You should have seen it in the leader. sometimes call the camera reporter Herald. Really good. Exposure, I’d say. We counted the participants. This was very early on in the dedication and I counted at nine more than 10. So I’m gonna say that some people did leave, when Mother Nature decided to show up and join the party. I think it was like right when the mayor started talking and started for and then right when it was done, it decided to stop. So what about

Speaker 1 3:06
what about 20 minutes before we had that the it got potty and the beautiful breeze came through and it was just wonderful.

Speaker 2 3:15
This was the dedication that may or background so about the city of Lima article, a place to dedicate this artwork to the past, present and future residents of llama and our sister cities to see about who’s won ESCO in space to get space of gathering the full peace, joy and enlightenment. They had Stanford to celebrate and many years of successful student exchange, cultural understanding, and as vision by President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the power of people to people citizen diplomacy, which is what the sister cities original conception was all about. So that’s a

Speaker 1 3:52
that’s an odd angle of that photograph because it makes them the pavilions, one tiny, excellent Tall women over there, but it’s actually pretty tough. It’s actually nice. And yeah, that was gonna point

Speaker 2 4:05
in I’ve cropped up here. But anyway. So on the right is Courtney Michelle’s the vice chair of sister cities. In the blue dress is Jody bliss. The artist in the middle is the diplomat who came from see doctors mana Who are you

Unknown Speaker 4:26
know, white in the white red is the translator.

Speaker 2 4:34
Yes, because she came from CDOT on behalf because their mayor was unable to

Speaker 1 4:42
use the one. Yeah, the other one. All unread, presuming that Behringer was was

Unknown Speaker 4:49
okay, free. I guess that’s correct.

Speaker 2 4:51
Oh, you’re wrong. I stand corrected. Yes. That is Anna but also from see you Doc who’s one but she’s right. That is correct. I’m sorry. Obviously, Mayor Peck, or Susan Horowitz, who acted on the behalf of our public places and spoke. And then on the left is Janice Raven, who is the chair of sister cities.

Speaker 1 5:15
It was a good turnout, that we got lots of kids, lots of people from Mexico, lots of community members, it was nice. It was very nice.

Speaker 2 5:26
So those two businesses present student exchange and that your practice in the red there sounds right. City council presents we had Councilman McCoy, of course came we had Mayor Peck, Suzie could all go there, and who is the liaison for the museum advisory board, and Chiquita Yarborough. So four of our city council

Unknown Speaker 5:55
Shut up,

Speaker 2 5:58
which I think speaks to the program. And and that is the storms that passed, there was no

Speaker 1 6:09
picture with the with the kids, it’s better for the size of. And, you know, the thing is that we saw the pictures. And we saw her idea concept. And we looked at her concept drawings for the colors and everything. But when you actually see the person, there’s all these little tiny details that you just didn’t get from all the drawings, like, the back of all the seats are like this, like twisted, aluminum or steel and painted as fifth. It’s really, really lovely.

Speaker 2 6:44
So some of there was, of course, learning throughout this process of what you’re taking along with us. The signs that were at the site, were very successful for disseminating the message that a couple of our process was coming programs to mean that the artwork was coming clearly worked far better than even the door hangers on the individual residences. And as well as the postcards. So the things, you know, especially as we go into our projects, and learning virtual learning curves, the Eric and I did meet with a number of the residents in the neighborhood to hear their feelings, which are big feelings about the peace. And yeah, we’re excited to move forward and all of the feedback during the installation, all of the feedback that we received during the dedication was all

Unknown Speaker 7:43
that day and

Speaker 1 7:46
the stamps we bought to put on the sidewalk. Three. Really good you can there’s no question. These are butterflies.

Speaker 2 7:55
And Mario and Maria, who did not receive the commission has gone by multiple times. And it is very complimentary. And says it fits really well. And it is what the scope of work said it should be a gathering place for some shade. And that was pretty big. I

Unknown Speaker 8:17
had to Yeah,

Speaker 2 8:18
yeah. Well, you know, he’s, he’s, he’s resonating. So Yeah, makes sense. So I need

Speaker 1 8:27
a motion. Hello, there no, checking in here. I need a motion to accept the project as installed. anybody? Anybody second

Unknown Speaker 8:52
All in favor. So there’s no taking that out guys.

Speaker 2 8:58
And we’ll make sure that the artist is paid, said I think you know, it’s just it’s so sad to me that you know, go through all this process. We have all these meetings, we have all these input, taking these little details, but we really could not have done better feel the same way about the scope project. We’ve had so many birds wasn’t going to work

Unknown Speaker 9:17
but I don’t think we could have done better I love it. I love this. I know we went

Speaker 1 9:24
through a bunch of stuff. But the bottom line is the results the results

Speaker 2 9:32
together as it certainly was a long time coming you know COVID can take a walk and myself but the fact that you know projects like this can can persevere and that we were able to make it for the student exchange and click all the boxes of SR 72 As a testament yeah, there’s

Unknown Speaker 9:51
a lot of muscle

Unknown Speaker 9:52
according to shutdown through your colon should consult good because it’s an excellent time.

Speaker 2 9:59
Yes. All right, well, you’re ready to do some more stuff. Okay, let’s get to it.

Unknown Speaker 10:06
Shaka update.

Speaker 3 10:12
So we have confirmed for the artists that were winners that they will move forward are waiting on contracts right now from legal. So my sense is that as soon as we get those back, and then trading is going to happen at the end of the month. And then I also did a little bit of work. Looking into the voting demographics, if you open up your blue folder, behind the agenda is just a little breakdown of some of the numbers from our owners that we could blind. Just because we’re kind of considering that no one has made a decision right now, but it’s just information to put out there. But like, we had a very robust in person voting this year than last year. And last. But the demographics are in in in person and online versus in person or locals in Boulder County, local to Colorado, and then out of state, and like the breakdown of the people that are actually voting on the boxes. So just something to think about, for next year when we do this, again, and how we’re going to handle voting.

Speaker 1 11:41
By my tally, total votes, approximately, just approximately between in person, and online, came to about 1200 30 people,

Speaker 2 11:53
and then I D duped. And then I went back

Speaker 4 11:56
verified. And that was that was after the

Speaker 3 12:00
after the TV thing. Yeah. And I think some of the kid votes didn’t have zip codes. I didn’t really have that information to link, but you can but

Speaker 1 12:09
this was what we were telling this was approximately what we got for 1200. And so a couple of weeks, right.

Speaker 2 12:21
So it was dug up close. Yeah. But it does make the question when you start looking at this information, which is these online, out of state votes, which is going down. That’s enough votes in one person’s favor to sway decision. And if those people aren’t here, no one, and they’re not seeing them in person. It does beg the question of like social media influence and the validity of you know, how connected are you with the community?

Speaker 1 12:59
I question. Myself, the online upset. I can’t tell you how many people I had to say no, you can vote. Just family visiting. In person PKN.

Speaker 2 13:19
In America, okay. Can you tell you like, you know, maybe you have a VPN or something that says you’re out of state, probably just gathered by zip code. Yeah. And we did, I mean, got IP addresses. And there’s, you know, in this day and age, you can take it to the nth degree. But it’s so interesting that what Laura and I have been speaking about, is that the engagement piece and vested interest really in the program, not so much into individual hours. And then of course, there’s the piece of online voting was born out of COVID. Is is it relevant? Is it relevant? Is the engagement and the outreach through online voting of shopper? Is it necessary? Is it not? Have we talked to the community far enough that people don’t think their way down to do all you know in person, but it’s the online out of state people like? I don’t know for me, but like Laurie said, we don’t have to make any decisions today and to live with this data for a little bit, but certainly the task force for next year, this is going to be

Speaker 1 14:33
a topic. I want to throw this out. But I haven’t thought about this for the last week or so. And it seems to me that it’s beneficial to want to encourage everybody to come down and vote first. And next year when Instagram and everything is up and running. We’ll be able to constantly pump though come in and do the chakra thing. You provide your motivation and effort.

Speaker 2 15:04
Well, in our community in the statistics show that I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s going back up or in person is, is increasing, and our local online votes are going down. So,

Speaker 1 15:22
yeah, okay, this is just something we can think about, again on the street where we from the winter would start over again,

Speaker 5 15:28
just out of curiosity is it does cost us more to run online voting, or does that, like does that affect us in any certain aspect versus just doing in person voting?

Speaker 3 15:43
Yeah, and we’re also, we didn’t have any people voting yes. Constine. That makes it and it also was delete this year, because they didn’t get there. Okay, can you say we’re gonna group and we’re gonna group?

Speaker 5 15:59
Cool. Just curious. Yeah. I figured there was something more a little bit. Yeah, that was missing to this aspect. And that’s why I was

Speaker 3 16:06
yes, yes. Yeah, timing was perfect. So we also have to account in like, yeah, go through all the

Unknown Speaker 16:11
that backside for sure. Nobody.

Speaker 2 16:15
The D do. Yeah. It’s so fun. It is not fun to see when people are being gross. Yeah. And like making up email addresses and only voting for one box. And it’s kind of selfless. But at the same time, we do think that our team has been reusing a format, and then it broke. So for a certain amount of time really, voting is up because we have this window of time. Yeah. And it was broken or wasn’t working on some browsers or other operators fine. And it just looked okay, and like an optic. So that was gross. So So we’ve learned our lessons, we need to start with a fresh template every time the photos came out better this year. But the other thing that we discussed was some of the photos of some of the boxes that were not executed very well. Much better than the photographed

Unknown Speaker 17:11

Speaker 5 17:12
Oh, that’s an interesting thought. I can totally that’s usually the opposite. Usually pictures.

Speaker 2 17:20
Like the quality of the artist, and is certainly lost in that translation. I like

Speaker 1 17:25
geography. Yeah. So we contacted the artists

Speaker 3 17:31
and artists, no, now we published online on the basis of the madness.

Speaker 6 17:38
Yeah, we just needed to get back to us. contracts.

Unknown Speaker 17:42
Suppose everybody’s seen with the winners?

Speaker 2 17:45
Sorry. No, that wasn’t nice. Sorry, about.

Unknown Speaker 18:01
That current

Unknown Speaker 18:02

Unknown Speaker 18:05
stopper. We Okay, so there’s a part of me that feels like

Speaker 7 18:15
if the newspapers and everything promotes like, you can either vote in person or online gets more included customer inclusive. But obviously, there’s some problems with that, too. Yeah.

Speaker 1 18:28
Yeah, it’s more inclusive. But if it’s half of the people voting online or cheating, right, no, it’s not. Great. So these are the winners.

Speaker 2 18:44
And the reason you’re doing six this year, is you have one artist from last year that was unable to execute their contract that is sufficient amount of time. So she will be doing her piece from last year. We have one that the yealy wolf piece on 66. And over that has been tagged by black Rustoleum. So I’ve met with your contractor who is actually going to eat to protest, remove the graffiti large into, and it’s taking off the mural as well. So we’re going to do stock patches there. So that’s no big deal. And then of course, you’ve got the mushrooms, which the sealant needs to be taken off, and then the urine needs to actually be finished, and then we’ll seal it. So we’re working with nine artists in

Speaker 1 19:32
Michigan to have to redo the whole mushroom work. We’re not sure yet.

Speaker 2 19:36
It depends on how well the sealant comes off with the skill and remover and sealant is not made to be removed. So there you go. We’ll find out we’re working with a new contractor this year. I’m excited about that, but we’ll see. The dollars are still outstanding, but it’s nothing that I’m worried about because it’s all in the same realm. Um But, but 10 artists total working with 10 artists at any given time. That is, that is the ultimate that is

Unknown Speaker 20:08
most about.

Speaker 2 20:12
So this year, it’s nine. And the next year we get back up and going and get a start crashing in, we’ll consider what that looks like. But

Speaker 1 20:21
which sexuals from last year did not get completed to a horse.

Unknown Speaker 20:27
Because the mountain, there’s a moon and then there’s a sign.

Speaker 1 20:33
Okay, so the landscape works up. Because I know where it should go.

Unknown Speaker 20:37
It goes in

Unknown Speaker 20:41
a park down so.

Speaker 1 20:59
Because just correction or seven would look great next to the type of ailment

Speaker 2 21:03
she’s already contractually obligated to arose. I don’t think it’s NC is a huge and actually.

Speaker 2 21:24
Is there any possibility of having a baby somewhere like the library? I actually think the spot that the voting happens right now is really good. There’s a lot of space, but just with so much foot traffic and people in the community and the library, there’s a lot of kids. Yeah, it could be tight. But if that was an option, or maybe for like, one week or something it was at the library or something like that. Yeah, we can absolutely ask the world is our voice for for next year? I think we probably would keep it in holetown marketplace and do it in the library. We’ve in the past before my time, no, actually. It was here, as well. So we can travel, travel them around. We want to make sure that the communication was very clear from the very beginning like this week, it’s going to be here this week, it’s going to be here this week, it’s going to be there but moving them isn’t that

Speaker 5 22:28
it is nice that Old Town marketplaces gained some traction last couple of years. And there’s some cool stuff is finally popping up in there. Because like the first year a PPO is like the like what is this place? And then like was when now? Fair and everything else was closed. And I was like This is odd. And then now I feel like finally like last few years. They’ve developed some nice things in there. But I’ve always felt the exact same thing. But I just like it’s been nice to try to get a little traction there. We’ll see what actually comes. But yeah,

Speaker 2 22:58
I don’t know. Well, we’ll get started earlier this year, earlier next year as well. The painting though has to happen in the fall. It just is not conducive to Colorado spring weather. You get the good over that summer. Yes, the adhesion of the meat doesn’t work. And so that’s the location was not mature. And I actually had a picture of the boxes so.

Speaker 2 23:34
It’s not that well, neither do I get confused households. Oh, yeah. No, no.

Speaker 3 23:47
This amounts of the units that what about the people and so people do this and stuff? Yeah. Over and

Unknown Speaker 23:54
over and left hand. No, it sounds like

Speaker 2 23:57
Oh, okay. Yeah, I see it everywhere. So this woman hasn’t heard therapy company. And so that’s one of the things we got hung up on was my ability if she was going to have other people who weren’t trained through LPC as I understand she will be meeting in her small

Unknown Speaker 24:19
shop our questions is very

Speaker 7 24:21
interesting. That is the Colorado scenes are so popular. But one of the one of the strengths that really think about our soccer program is that we have

Speaker 1 24:32
everything. Yeah, everything. I’ve heard that there’s some cities where the boxes are painted with their own music themes or their own like local industry or whatever, ours everybody and everybody votes for the globes for landscapes, and they all love the scenery on top but everybody has a favorite one that is not a landscape. favorite of all it’s the mouse and the cheese or oh it’s 4.0 it’s a chicken up Wednesday, but everybody boats Rob landscapes. So pretty. Yeah, I know it’s quite psychology and

Speaker 2 25:08
this year was dinosaurs. This isn’t what that looks like dinosaurs and mermaids. I don’t really mentioned John Lynch. collective consciousness to hear me

Unknown Speaker 25:22
from the winners was like where their inspiration came from?

Unknown Speaker 25:25
Well, just question.

Unknown Speaker 25:28
So that is in social media on

Speaker 1 25:31
Instagram with a painting, you can go around.

Speaker 2 25:35
Oh, don’t you worry. Okay, you said as far as their artist, their inspiration, I would love to know where Travis he’s the one who comes out of the box so many times but works with him. He’s one into the love pieces and didn’t say much this year. Always does something so different Phil.

Speaker 3 26:07
Williams, okay. Moving right along. So

Unknown Speaker 26:12
Unity goes UWS, which is,

Speaker 2 26:15
which is growing Water Smart, growing water. So growing Water Smart projects at Kensington Park on whatever day that was started in 29 was successful. And there were about 50 people who came out. And it was interesting talking with a community neighborhood resources about the food truck and how they got the food truck to calm and said, they like $8,000 purchase on their dinners, and hope for the best. And that’s the way they did it. Everybody got two tacos and a drink, I have to watch out as they were delicious. And people were driving by and stopping next leg was there with their big damn given out flyers and sunglasses and stuff like that. So at the end of the day, their dot matrix approach was so not what I was expecting at all. I thought they weren’t going the way that it had their stated sound was like they were going to actually have like a landscape architecture kind of design of like what plans they were talking about like that.

Unknown Speaker 27:30
In the woman’s routine and birth choices there, which is a little disappointing.

Speaker 2 27:36
It was to say, as I understand native plants and plant selectors gets kind of hard to do and get acquired in the fall. And so that’s why they weren’t super specific is because it’s kind of dependent upon availability. But I did find out that a lot of these native plants, them Fall is a great time to plant them because it gives them an excellent opportunity to reach. So if you’re a gardener, there you go. Mario’s there, and that’s him in the bottom left in the blue, he saved the entire time talk with every single neighbor who came, and one more minute, but more than one person stopped to freak out and say, You’re not really that sculpture, are you? So that was my job was like director of reassurance? No, no, it’s okay. And then he got sent home. That’s my sculpture. And this is why I’m doing it. And so it really did come full circle. The most interesting thing that happened was a woman did stop, she was hesitant, and she was worried that something was going to happen to it. And she said that she was a participant and she was nine. And she and Mario went through his like bound book, and there was a picture of her brother. So that was to record. All of this to say that this program, I think, is an excellent example of multiple departments in the city working together for a really great cause for a common good for education that we’ve been talking about the outreach piece of it. And I won’t be surprised if after this project happens, and they you know, we start looking at the next turf reclamation project is not going to be strong, it’s not going to be focused around on public places, but I imagine that the project is the desire for a project is going to come forward. So as you consider where you want to put those dollars, the other piece of it too is the $25,000 state funds that is coming from this and you know, we will be able to match or we would be able to in some way shape or form the interview. So, just as time goes on, just remember this one for for

Speaker 1 30:00
The future and no chunks like they chose Brasil foods,

Speaker 2 30:04
I think grass alternatives is the is the winner? Yeah. Oh, the other piece is that not only did they do the in person aspect of this, they also did postcards to the community with a QR code to send people online to vote. So they too, are trying to get a grasp of the community from a wide swath. And the other piece through that that postcard is to let the people know when planning is going to be, which is on your agenda on the back was that September 3. So yeah, I imagine that wraps alternatives

Unknown Speaker 30:53
is probably. Okay, thank you very much. All right. play by play maintenance lightly.

Speaker 2 31:04
So I have spoken to artist, JC Milner about the project, I have reached out to the manufacturer, because they do this week is still under warranty.

Unknown Speaker 31:19
And Laura and I did a

Speaker 2 31:25
audit of how much touch up paint we have left. contractually the artist to pay $14 an hour, I let her know if that she was agreeable. And she said, Yep, I think it’ll be about 15 hours. 600 bucks. That said, chances are we’re gonna have to order more. So I’m making her recommendation of at least allocating $800 in this year’s budget. The other thing that’s a little bit of a bummer. But I actually think it’s probably okay, because we’re doing touch up is the artist is going to be available to work on Thursday and Friday and not. I mean, it was a community paint to begin with. But this is going to be detailed work that we need to stay on the line. So probably less volunteers a little more time. Other than that, I could look at other weekends that she may be available. But we don’t want it to be too hot. And Farmer’s Almanac says it’s going to be a nasty winter. We’re probably already stretching into the beginning of October. But those are the things that she’s committed to. If you are agreeable and allocate those dollars look at him or under an amendment to a contract pronto.

Speaker 1 32:45
Did you look did you guys go around the sidewalk and look at the ones that were sealed.

Speaker 2 32:54
With respect to the same contractor who I am working with for a year in the shop are boxes is going to recommend a sealant. In addition, there’s always the option that hazing is a basic concept, but we could remove it and put down some sort of epoxy primer underneath it, and then paint it and then seal it. Or we can fix it as best we can. And as we see interest, you know, there’s probably going to have to be repaired, you know, once every five to seven years. That’s what we were expecting. We weren’t expecting one year. But that’s why we

Speaker 1 33:33
were testing it. And you do think that it was water it looks like used to me.

Unknown Speaker 33:42
Have you had what is the year that we’ve had in Colorado? I know.

Unknown Speaker 33:47
It’s like a combination of the two is what my guess would

Speaker 5 33:50
be you like to play and the and to hence moisture this year? Yeah. Right.

Speaker 1 33:56
I need to have motion to allocate or thinking $800 for maintenance of this site. It’s at

Unknown Speaker 34:04
least a markdowns of eight or $50. So you don’t have to use it. Yeah, that’s true.

Speaker 5 34:13
I make a motion to put in $1,000 to get this project fixed and everything

Unknown Speaker 34:20
going. So we fixed

Speaker 5 34:22
the motion to 1000 not making a motion for $1,000 fix to get this project about eight minutes for provisions of this project. Second of every project

Unknown Speaker 34:41
or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 34:45

Speaker 2 34:46
you can test that one. Then on the back where of your agenda. States Donald Trump say today’s is a least it will be an all day

Speaker 1 35:00
Okay, we probably won’t be painting but we’ll be we’ll be

Speaker 2 35:03
taking. What we won’t do is a giant call out to the community, we’re gonna have something pretty targeted. And we have some great volunteers who expressed sincere interest in more things and were very dedicated gaming out of nine and outline. And then of course, I have all the volunteer lists from prepping. We did this the first time. Unfortunately, it’s just one of those situations where we can’t just have moms with kids going rogue with brushes, you just need to stay in the lines this time.

Unknown Speaker 35:36
It’s like a job for a roller brush.

Speaker 2 35:38
Yeah. And not 100 degree weather. Yeah, it was. Alright. Okay, so

Speaker 1 35:45
that brings us to story tour update for

Unknown Speaker 35:52
the summer.

Speaker 3 35:55
Champ logra. Okay. All right. I’m on the road again. So I was tasked with taking over the tour from my lease time here. And I have everything uploaded to the website, and I recorded my voice of the text should we listen to it it’s like a how to access the actual thing is it’s locked right now. But yeah, I have literally read this so many times. And then also listening to my voice is like, makes you want to just like so I would appreciate it if, when you all have time, just go through it and review it. You know, we basically, I think it’s pretty much done, I just again, listen to some lessons you’ve seen. People of all ages, who is amazing. And my client

Speaker 6 37:06
is donated in memory of Nancy Lee’s Nixon, a cherished teacher and member of the DMV. It sounds so good. It’s so

Speaker 1 37:18
good job. So we just need to read through and make sure you didn’t miss any words.

Unknown Speaker 37:21

Speaker 1 37:23
Or, or, or paused for too long?

Speaker 2 37:27
I definitely. I think well, we’re where we are in this in this project with these two, initial, you know, launches is we’re at feedback stage. This is not for we’re facing as of right now. And we also need to send it to translation and get the Spanish piece done. So visit it, spend time with it and go, you know, stand in front of the piece with it, one and choose one, and then listen to it when you’re not in front of the piece. Is the content, right? Where are we? What are we missing? Because we can always make changes, but the goal was to get this completed up and running for fall. So in stage one, like content, we’re done with this content, but we can also so

Speaker 3 38:19
these like actual I have I did them because I want to run I took photos of everything. Very easy to do. I really like the downtown one is maybe a little like far because you have to go from the civic center to brick sculpture. But honestly, like, it’s just it’s a nice walk, especially if it’s nice outside was poor was so bad. I guess the other one that was like, make the artists Los Altos it’s like, you know, in six different places. So you have to choose and I was the one that has the other sculpture,

Unknown Speaker 38:49
which is quite

Speaker 3 38:53
nice little tour, and then fee. I just need somebody else to look at.

Unknown Speaker 39:01
We’ll do Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:05
Laura. do business.

Speaker 2 39:12
All right. Does anybody have any questions? All right, folks. So as you know, the executive team gets together every fall, we had not gotten together in the spring and our goal was to do quarterly. I’m gonna start with Andreas better, but that’s okay. We reviewed Of course, all of the finances where we are. And as you’ll recall, of course, we had a backlog of the projects that we’re trying to get going over COVID And then they finally started hitting all at one time, drop those off the plate. We looked at the queue of projects and the executive team has narrowed it down. So we’ll start with the first one and probably the most of them are one is the crap bridge. So crap bridge, of course, is nearly as far as I can tell $30 million project. So our resiliency brain has contributed significant funds our code bases, that said some of those dollars aren’t always from the city budget, there’s state and other dollars related to that doesn’t really matter resiliency, Brandon’s gonna have quite a bit. So I’m gonna go a little back and forth. But this is the Pratt bridge, it is done. And these bridges, so it’s going to be the one graph, South route. So just very close to here kind of near bootstraps, everybody know where we’re talking about. It’s the red circle. So the big two, you guys can grab them. And that’s me. So South crap, just straight up. And of course, it crosses the river going north south. And then Boston, which is going to be its sister bridge, exactly the same design. As the East West version, that bridge is funded. It is bid out is construction is starting presently. And it will be done until the end of 2025. So of course, the bike route, which is going to make lots of people very grumpy, is going to be closed, of course, from from Boston, and then up through a wall, which of course is the top left corner. So that’s where our gathering of people project is happening as well. So it’s a good time to be interesting preparation turns something into something lovely. So our residents are seen and action is happening because they’re going to be grumpy about the closure. Square footage of this project is approximately 970 square feet. So this area here, all along and down. And this is about 99 feet from side to side. And then this is about four and a half. So it’s about 970 square feet. Both sides, full sides. Yes, that’s

Speaker 1 42:23
another 70 square feet plus 970 square feet. No, so it’s 400 and some 424.

Speaker 2 42:28
Yes, so that’s true, addressing both sides. So I did research into a number of things. First, of course, the machinery that it’s going to take to get down at the location site to get somebody up, right to work on it. And then we wanted the executive team talked about, of course, complimentary to do sort of finish. So we’re talking about this theory here. Right? Our friends in engineering, you know, please, if you could do something here, I’m sorry, that gets tagged so hard, and so does this area, down near the river. And when the river does well, because going to you know, then that means being underwater. So it’s a suggestion of engineering and everyone that this is probably best known. These caps are that deal. You’re not going to remove them or anything like that. But so something that would like complement Main Street Bridge, probably colorful bridges so stout. It can hold anything, it can hold a ton of weight. So I started doing research into

Speaker 1 43:54
the week that been talking about it commemorating the flood, yes. 10 years, even though this won’t be done this year, probably.

Speaker 2 44:03
It won’t be done this year, but we could start the call saying commemoration of the 10 year anniversary of the flood. Absolutely. And we shouldn’t be any confusion. Mosaic so your piece that is on the street is recycled upcycled glass. This bridge could absolutely 100% hold a giant mosaic. The cost of Mosaic work in the public art realm at this point in time is somewhere between 450 and $550. And I wish I would have joked but I’m not you know, it’s laborious. Yeah, I get it. That typically is when an artist applies mosaics to a mesh and then installs the mesh. But what we could do and what the executive teams go around and fill in here any Time isn’t Expedia, not just a mural, but a mural mural. And if we did, if we did $80, a square foot, which in essence is like 1/5, mosaic, right to mural, at a suggested price of $75,000 project, it’s like $80. That’s what I’m suggesting. It’s, there are a couple dollars in the art public places fund. This project, you know, if you see fit for it to be more or less, I’m all yours if you would like more research done into it. Absolutely. I am 100% prepared to launch and start this scope of work and get our selection panel here figured out protesters here, start recruiting such as Dallas and trying to get an artist encumbered and under contract. So think about that. They have go ahead with a white artist

Unknown Speaker 46:09
doing music. And

Speaker 2 46:13
the other thing to note is Boston Bridge is the sister project. And so depending upon this, we could, if we narrow down to a number of artists, we can always come 2025 consider, you know, duplicating and doing, if we find more than one project that we like, we wouldn’t want to get that artist under contract, or promise them but we can always revisit it. So there’s so many of us have questions on this one, or should I just keep

Speaker 7 46:45
going on with just a brief comment? Yeah, you have a mixed media mosaic and other stuff in the waterfall along the river in Rogers grove? Yes. And so if you if anybody wanted to look at that and get an idea, that’s a no, it’s just a small side of the building. But to give you an idea, I like that I like to do it

Speaker 1 47:11
seems to be an important thing to do if you want to vote on money.

Speaker 2 47:15
Well, so what I’m going to show you the other two things that we were talking about first of all, oh, and I shouldn’t say winning covering dollars if you if you vote on the project and the dollars if we need to allocate or, or appropriate more dollars in this year’s budget, because we get an artist and we want to go under contract. That’s not a problem we can always do it is if we do make a motion, we just don’t what we don’t want to do is say to put it this year like we just call the dollars and the foster this year or next year.

Unknown Speaker 47:53
So that makes sense. Yeah.

Speaker 2 47:59
That’s preparation. So the Parks Department is doing what’s totally fine. I don’t know if anybody has heard about this. But they are really spearheading a large number of projects in a short period of time. I have been invited to finally the design meetings that are happening on a regular for these two parks they’re both neighborhood parks, Clover meadows and Fox Meadows. Apparently we need more of our separate those so and so I do not know anything more about this project except the location and I was told that both of the parks including putting an astroturf in another place was 4.5 million but that’s neither here nor there. So here is the location of clover Meadows park this is airport this is Heather hill I guess we’re just going to go through and then that’s like does that does everybody know kind of where you are 7670 Fitness here

Unknown Speaker 49:14
so we

Unknown Speaker 49:16
exactly does that make sense? Do you want me pull it up on the left

Speaker 3 49:23
was full pipe for this deliver basin we’re also going to tell the way this is Bureau here harbor so like it goes pretty far bust wave right and always the hygiene go Yeah, so yeah, it’s over basically comes down here. That’s cool. Down here with me when it

Speaker 1 49:54
goes yeah, it goes between

Speaker 2 49:59
now Right. Yeah. Yeah. Does everybody have a good sense of like where we are, if not by cupola. So this, this is the approved design at this point in time, restrooms, as Eric Garner garden major theme to playground, open space, we’re flexible using the lawn. So a lot of natural outdoor fitness stations and a concrete trail, hammock and slack line bridge with addiction folder play. So there’s some water soft surface trails, and I can’t do that track bike skills and pump track within more natural open space. So the Parks Department is working with an outside contractor on all of these. Again, I don’t know much more than the parks master plan, of course, always has neighborhood parks having something as an identifier, identity issue, identification, or at work artwork for the community. So we’ll just be like wrapped all up into that. And then we’ll start pretty much right away so

Speaker 1 51:25
slightly over. That’s like, they want an art project there. Yes. And they don’t care what it is.

Speaker 2 51:34
I don’t know, I’ve never been to a meeting I go on Tuesday. Okay, so these processes on

Unknown Speaker 51:40
which we reach older play.

Speaker 2 51:44
Yeah, that was that was number eight, which is

Unknown Speaker 51:49
right by that brown line, go to the northeast.

Unknown Speaker 51:55
Oh, it’s in the middle. And you’re right here, you got the elbow. Yeah.

Speaker 8 52:03
You go to the department meeting or the, for the Parks Board,

Speaker 2 52:11
I put the project managers meaning. There’s like a different there’s a single project manager for this project, Steve grandfather. And then there is other park staff. And then there’s a contract that as a contractor. So they’ve done a number of community meetings, the community neighborhood resources, those are involved in all community projects going forward, as it should be. The project management in the city, they’re taking a very new approach, a very holistic approach. It’s time consuming, but it’s completely worth it. So I think they’re groping as in maybe a little way, but early enough to give us an opportunity to hear the community, what it is how how they would like to identify themselves and see themselves. So I’m going to this mean, like I said on Tuesday, but again, it was affordable, I think a $4.5 million

Speaker 1 53:19
there’s always bike racks, right. Every parked on site friends.

Speaker 7 53:23
Possibly. Yeah. So what you have here, we don’t know the exact size in terms of like a purchase where

Speaker 2 53:32
I did see a bridge on the way.

Speaker 3 53:49
6.84 years. Okay. This summer sighs Yeah.

Speaker 1 53:55
All right. Well, so next month, you can report back about what they what they think they want.

Speaker 2 54:01
Yeah, I think going into them with an idea of dollars that we could spend wouldn’t be prudent. And and then again, looking at what you have in your budget for this year, which would

Speaker 7 54:17
you say was the day that you think we’re going to have about $45,000.

Speaker 2 54:23
So we have $171,000 of asset money, that would be helpful. It would be prudent to attempt to hit copper and get underway by the end of this year. Okay, so seven if you spent about 75 ish on the bridge bridge, and then you spent 45,000 on these two parks. So this one and then for each right each? Yeah. So the other one does not have an approved design. I reached out to Steve today and I didn’t hear back from him, but I know that they have been working with the community. So this is it. It’s called the fox Meadows. But this is Fox Hill, right? And it’s to the west. So County Road is here. And this is nine. So right.

Unknown Speaker 55:19
Now sort of like it’s sort of like a little bit, it’s a little itself was in June,

Unknown Speaker 55:28
yet itself was

Speaker 1 55:29
the one that has the Euro dam.

Speaker 2 55:34
And the high school would trail rage. Right one up there. Yeah. So same same kind of thing being done in two phases. The community’s input, and I mean, construction bidding is absolutely underway.

Unknown Speaker 55:49
It’s the work of the

Unknown Speaker 55:52
hospital. So that area,

Speaker 2 55:57
yes. So there’s the these are the the projects coming out of what what we know what we know, our parks department is and I have been now assured from multiple employees in the parks department, that this isn’t lip service, like some of the other project parks projects that we have been told that are going under construction, and still have have not broken ground in the years. This is this is happening and it is coming from the tippity top so I am assured that if we get an artist under contract, the artist is not going to be waiting around to dissolve, this has happened. So when looking at the queue of our public places, projects, that’s one of the reasons that the executive team has narrowed down. And then maybe before we go too much further, low hanging fruit, the vintage trap traffic boxes of working with the archives, and we have copious amounts of fantastic archival photographs that would have worked in vinyl wrapping on these boxes. I’m doing the product research right now. But talk about bang for your buck and maintenance. Yeas, these are fantastic. So depending upon what dollars are left, and what we’re able to uncover, yeah, who decides to be on the task force for doing the research of these, we can decide how many we want to do. And it will also address the credit the feedback of desiring to have our public places all over town. We’re addressing a lot of south part of town right now, the city does not own a lot of land, not that people know that but doesn’t have a lot of land up north. So that’s one of the ways that we did address

Speaker 1 58:02
series like downtown there are these on every corner.

Unknown Speaker 58:07
There at every intersection. Yeah, it was the traffic control box.

Speaker 1 58:11
One of the things that we could talk about is about having more kind of pocket cars, this executive pocket size, but more kind of surprised things used to spy around town and in space ours town, so rich, to have this. And this was just so easy, because we don’t have to pay the artists we have access to the photos are really vital, rather, you know, and they’re easy to replace if they damaged the right. And it’ll definitely increase or decrease the richness of the town and the text and all around

Unknown Speaker 58:49
the text and QR code. Yeah.

Speaker 2 58:53
Yeah, they’re like, Oh, absolutely, like label on the bottom or something. Absolutely. Yeah. And then depending on how well the tour app goes, then this could be one of the next things that we dive into. So I don’t want to call it projects looking for it. Because it’s it’s true. Like this one. Is this a great one? Yeah. So here so here we are. So second half of the year and looking at the responsibly Of course, putting these things forward. It would be absolutely of course preferential to get the crapper started right away because of the 2015 pieces of it will work with our comms team, I understand that they’re doing quite a bit in September let people know about commemoration of love. Of course museums will have an exhibition in this room, so that we’ll be able to tap into that and say this is the contribution from our public places to the memory and the arts calls underway is a great way of doing that. So whether that was a bit of

Unknown Speaker 59:55
questions, kind of question.

Unknown Speaker 59:56
Yes. If we

Speaker 1 59:59
felt get this money. Yes Is your business? And it turns out that what we want is going to be more expensive. Can we add more money next year? That’s my question. For you, wasn’t it? What do you think? Like all these projects?

Speaker 2 1:00:23
Yes. Alright, so that question. So we want

Speaker 1 1:00:31
to, we want to cover some money.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:38
Okay, we’re about civic center TV. We’re not talking about

Speaker 1 1:00:42
the money, because that’s the money. Okay. Or is it? Am I wrong?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:48
I don’t know. We don’t have to,

Speaker 2 1:00:50
I think I think we should probably talk about, okay, these three big projects, and talk about the two ones. All right.

Speaker 1 1:01:05
All right. So. So we, in the executive committee, initially thought 75,000, for this bridge. Does anybody have any thoughts on that? Is anybody is everybody willing to

Speaker 6 1:01:20
Islam to be adjusted? If necessary, I feel comfortable with it, I think we might have some surprises.

Speaker 1 1:01:26
Yeah, especially the free piece. That if we can adjust to that, and really want some kind of mixed media, it might be more cement. So

Speaker 2 1:01:37
the other thing you can do, of course, is you could create an RFQ with a range. And you put the scope of work out that you were looking to address this with a strong project between x number and y number, you put that RFQ out, you of course, get your taskforce together, you still get a selection panel together, you get all of your qualifications, those people go through narrowed down to the artists who create proposals, then, of course, we pay those artists to create proposals. They put the proposal together, and they say my proposal will cost X number of dollars, and F or C, and that would have to be between

Speaker 1 1:02:21
cents. Yeah. And you can always we would pay them something for their work on their proposal always choose

Speaker 2 1:02:29
you after you absolutely 100% Do you end in this fiscal year, in 2023, you have 171 that we could be encumbered without having to re appropriated dollars. And Eric has assured me and I’m sure Shawn would agree, appropriating dollars is not a big deal. So it just you have to go to Council and its budget. We just did a

Unknown Speaker 1:02:57
Budget Day. Just keeping that in mind.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:01
It’s not like Miller time but

Speaker 8 1:03:07
there’s a lot of discussion and you know, things that bring value to the community or the things that in this desperate guy in the community this is such an important community aspect that people can say yeah, I increases value my home increases the walkability and the view of the community and everything so no other communities around so that’s it on us we made sure this is with budget wise, we can certainly squeeze a few things.

Speaker 9 1:03:47
And this is fun bow thority within our workplace credit extended not taking it from anywhere else. This is money that’s already dedicated to our devices.

Speaker 2 1:04:03
Correct. And so just to put it in perspective, we have 171,000 And these are assets dollars we’re talking about so we’re not talking about operations dollars, we’re talking about the line of purchasing. Okay, so this year we have 171 and in the budget for next year is two three, so you can still appropriate the dollar so the way that they should be spent tonight and then if the parks projects need to go over into 2024 fiscal year

Unknown Speaker 1:04:42
okay, so

Speaker 2 1:04:43
this is back to the bridge bridge. That’s the bridge.

Speaker 1 1:04:47
Well what the thing is my I don’t do this well in my head. The 45 to $50,000 a piece for the parks. Do we need to Do that and 23.

Speaker 2 1:05:02
No, think, to move. So to get this project started, an allocation of dollars would be most prudent so we can start the artist call on the park, the two parks projects, having an idea of how much you as an art publicists commission feel comfortable assigning to those projects. So when I go into these design meetings, I have a leg to stand on a bit would be helpful.

Speaker 1 1:05:33
Well, I You just think that if we say, Oh, we have randomness, because these are 50 doesn’t really spend on The Spark. And all they want is three bigrams. That’s a lot of money for Beitrag.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:48
They don’t get to choose what are the arguments?

Speaker 1 1:05:50
Okay. But that’s, that’s a good answer, you get to choose from

Speaker 2 1:05:55
that they’re going to lend themselves to irrigation as planned here, this would be an appropriate place for design, things that we could envision our, you know, the community has said, we’d like to see here are other places is your opportunity to ask the community what they would like to see. All of those things are going to come to light, if but if I can go in and say our public poses Commission is considering or has all put as allocated 45,000. If we need to go up from there based upon what the community wants to see. They want to see a Chicago mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:39
they want to see that.

Speaker 2 1:06:44
But they can say we have this much square footage, and we’d like to see something musical. But then I’ll do the research and say musical things cost about this much money come back to you. And when we finish,

Speaker 1 1:06:55
you know, effect move dollars or so if we vote tonight to allocate 7545 or 45. That’s just in covering those funds, but they aren’t written in stone. It’s just

Speaker 2 1:07:13
allocating, just allocating covering is when we actually go under contract with an artist. And so

Speaker 1 1:07:19
it’s allocating this money, but it’s not written in stone. And can we decide? Can we decide? Do we need to decide now if we’re going to do an RFQ, or if we’re just going to do a call just a straight call for artists is that the is are those options,

Speaker 2 1:07:39
your options for commissioning artwork, or freeways, according to your guidelines, one is best practice, which is an RFQ that basically says we are looking for it’s like, it’s like hiring someone for a job. Just like any job. We are looking for these qualifications based upon the height of artwork that we desire. And we would like anybody who’s interested to send us an example of your previous work. And then it’s narrowed down to an RFP. At that point, that’s when you are asking those shortlisted people in the booth, the task force on the selection panel will decide what that shortlist looks like. And those people are coming together and they’re putting a proposal together, that’s doing work. And so we pay the artist at that point in time to do the work. And then our work is selected. RFQ is the best practice for our posts. Your second option is just to go straight to an RFP. And that is not best practice, because artists will come to you and they’ll concede out of their mind something for the space, and they’re not getting paid for it. You could do that. In those instances, often what you will get is artists who have already created a piece of artwork and it doesn’t have. So they’re like, hey, I’ll give you a proposal of this thing and in my storage, you know, put it in your work. Okay. The other piece is the direct purchase, which you have done as well. An example of that was when art on the move happened and the bear came to town and it was downtown, and then are on the move left in 2018. And so the artists had to take the bear away and stuck it up in Lyons. And then all the Longmont residents who went to Estes Park was like there’s so that they came back to our places and they’re like, Look, our bears and lions like why is our bear coming back? And then the Commission decided, well, the community really likes our bear. We’re going to purchase the bear reached out to the artist, they gave us the price when we purchased it. So those are the three ways in which our public places to purchase

Unknown Speaker 1:09:50
and do we need to turn that. Yes. Okay. What do people think?

Speaker 4 1:10:00
I’m trying to put like six acres is that about to Sydney blondes? Like, I’m just trying to get an idea of personal large that is, I was thinking about probably $45,000 piece of revenue about what this

Unknown Speaker 1:10:16
could be, you know, something

Speaker 4 1:10:18
is probably rarely exist space. These are random bots. Anyway. And so I, I liked the idea of doing those two parts. And then I did have a question on when you put out the RFP or whatever you’re gonna put out we believe that we can leave it open to the artist say you’re envisioning you like something that has occurred in 3d. But we’re open to whatever cuz man just thinking about

Unknown Speaker 1:11:05
Mario coming in. Yeah, it sounds like you don’t know what people are gonna

Speaker 1 1:11:13
get we give them we give them guidelines, we create a statement that says this needs to complement the bridge on Main and commemorates our, our flood, our flood. It’s, you know, this is the space we have we really like something is mixed media. So we give them ideas. And then they say, well, they take those ideas and say, hey, here, like the butterfly windmill, you should want to gather in place with shade, you get a pretty good feeling.

Speaker 4 1:11:44
And I do I like the idea of giving them a range of dollar range that might be 75,000. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:11:55
To see what if we, if we say 75 to a, let’s say, 1000? Does that limit the amount of money we can allocate to the parks,

Speaker 2 1:12:09
we just want to cover the dollars for the purposes. Okay,

Speaker 1 1:12:18
so So our choices are RFQ direct purchase, which I think that we can eliminate as an option in this case, right? Alright, so RFQ, or the other thing, which nobody gets paid for. So we don’t like that. So far, we’re looking

Speaker 2 1:12:34
at RFQ. And again, what it comes down to is ultimately, you get artists who are going to apply for the RFQ. And you are asking for mixed media, of the painting and some mosaic kind of work. And you’re going to have a bronze sculptor, apply with all the raw sculptures. And that’s the moment we’re going to have to say, this isn’t the kind of work we’re doing, or you get someone like Mario, which is a perfectly good example, because he does work in Europe, he does work in, in mosaic, but he also is a sculptor. Right. And so when he has a qualified applicant looks at it, you’ll say, you know, the sculpture, I’m not going to include in my portfolio work of examples of the things that I do. But here are the things that I have done with this type of project. It’s big enough that this is not an entry level artists opportunity, it’s going to have to be a fairly robust qualification. But also there is no written piece of it of saying, you know, I’ve done these kinds of things in this image. It’s been I’d say, mostly last but I’ve also been working in spring two, and they’ll show you a breadth of the kinds of growth this is the area we’re talking about. So kind of just dislike and that’s what 2468 1012 houses long to poor, safe six or eight houses wide. It’s a neighborhood park. It’s not huge.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:22
It’s probably about the size of one

Unknown Speaker 1:14:27
Yeah, I think so.

Speaker 4 1:14:28
Trying to think I think our houses in my neighborhood or in quarter acres, one houses a quarter acre.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:36
That’s pretty good size.

Speaker 4 1:14:43
Yeah, that size. Very good. Take good.

Speaker 2 1:14:50
Yeah. So I think a good I’m trying to think of other neighborhood pieces that we have called your park piece, right? It was the big On the courthouse. skateboard.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:05
Roosevelt Park has all played differently.

Speaker 2 1:15:09
That’s not but that’s not a neighborhood park. Right. For me. I’m just thinking for scale purposes. Nuku that’s in good. Thompson labs

Unknown Speaker 1:15:27
Yeah. How much faster pace than 262 60?

Speaker 7 1:15:30
Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:36
So that kind of gives him

Unknown Speaker 1:15:40
something like that.

Speaker 2 1:15:44
And don’t forget about it. I mean, the cost on projects are coming back somewhere in the neighborhood of 16. To 18%. Higher than the the Zeebo, the circular one number was 44. According to contracts, yes. But then he went over budget. Oh, and the hardener was keen to come back to the local places commission, and have received dollars. Okay, and that was fine. So, what with what put me in this day and age, probably like 70. Okay. And that’s probably too large of a scale or smaller. Yeah. But so when, so if a task force does get together, the next step will be, of course, at our walk, we will be soliciting new selection analysts, finding out people’s schedule and getting some of the selection candidates on. And then I’ll do a bunch of research of examples of things that you get for the dollar amount that you’re looking at, in this age, because I have been commissioned and other towns but locally. But that’s about it. It’s so nice.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:13
Okay, so we still have to make a motion to approve money for the bridge. Let’s do the bridge first.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:25
Making motion to allocate between 75,000

Unknown Speaker 1:17:30
Q between 75 and 100.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:36
And so the scope of work would say that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:17:40
75 to 100.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:44

Unknown Speaker 1:17:47
and do I have a second?

Speaker 1 1:17:57
All in favor of a scope of work 75,000 to 100,000 for the Pratt Street Bridge

Unknown Speaker 1:18:07
for an RFQ.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:10
Animus? Very much.

Speaker 1 1:18:14
Okay. Now for Clover meadows and Fox federal park. These our neighborhood parks absolutely going to be made less next year.

Speaker 2 1:18:28
Yep. Well, that’s as I as I have been assured by multiple people in the Parks program.

Speaker 1 1:18:36
Okay, so we have until you go to the meeting. Yeah. You have no idea what they’re thinking about.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:47
I mean, yeah, I’m still don’t

Speaker 1 1:18:51
know whether they want 15 bronze sculptures or swimming fish down the side of the park, or whether they want

Speaker 2 1:19:00
Winnie the Pooh winnable. I think Moreover, what will come to light is this is the space that we feel based on our community input and the designs that we’re going with, it’s going to fit in these possible areas.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:21
All right, and we’re

Speaker 2 1:19:22
gonna table until next month, if you want to talk to me for some time, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:31
You can always amend your application on another shot, but I want to

Speaker 1 1:19:36
spend the money. Okay. All right. And how much money do you want to spend on each

Speaker 6 1:19:40
piloting motion to allocate $45,000 RFQ for the beach park? Parks.

Speaker 1 1:19:50
Okay, and that $45,000 allocation, would that include the money we pay the artists to do the work Uh, so that we actually, okay. Because I don’t want to limit them. Okay, so second set motion second. All in favor?

Speaker 2 1:20:14
Technically, we should probably do one for clover and one for Fox, please.

Speaker 1 1:20:18
Okay, so that was over. And we’re still all humans.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:24
Thank you. And Melanie second. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:27
And then Fox moves

Unknown Speaker 1:20:35
and the second second

Unknown Speaker 1:20:37
video and vote please, on favor? Yes.

Speaker 1 1:20:50
Okay, traffic box final reps, we don’t have to allocate any money at this time. Because we get the each class $100 Each, we can do a million of them, because they each cost us $1,000 Each, we can do fewer of them.

Speaker 2 1:21:04
Yep. And I’m just going to come back to you and let you know what it’s looking like. And but it would be helpful if there are people who are interested in starting to work with volunteers to just have one. Character. Sign up for someone else

Speaker 1 1:21:33
would like to, I would like to know if the vinyl wrap people would obviously want it. But I mean, our pictures that are long and thin, like the one on the end, there were better, or pictures that are big and wide? Like the

Speaker 2 1:21:51
guitar players? They’re a very good question. So I spoke with one manufacturer, and depending upon how much they cost per box, I may or may not have to go to bid that said, they take the images and prove them on the actual boxes, because Lara and I went down to the corner and measure that one. But then when I was driving, and I was on 17th of May. Nope, that was different. So they actually we can take the number of images that we have, we allocate them to the different boxes, and then they actually belong and prove them and make sure that it fits properly on the box and things like that. So I’m at a crop of an image. Okay, it may not exist. Okay.

Speaker 1 1:22:32
So basically, we can just call it any picture that we think is cool about this one, but

Unknown Speaker 1:22:39
it can be called our Black Knight, but it

Speaker 1 1:22:43
changes so great. Yeah. I think that we personally, because there are historical photos. I wouldn’t be surprised to see what of course historical

Speaker 2 1:22:57
color so I am late 90s. These colors show are for

Unknown Speaker 1:23:09
the 1970s the 1970s.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:20

Speaker 2 1:23:27
Yeah. So the good thing about this project is that we’ll it’s your time, whatever time you have available, we can work with our staff, and we’ll just have to fit it in. But I don’t think everybody has to meet at the same time. Like it can kind of be this ongoing. These, of course with staff so

Speaker 9 1:23:51
others spoke 5000 images online. So that’s a great

Unknown Speaker 1:23:58
because we have the title as well. Why many

Unknown Speaker 1:24:01
times, archives? prints. They’re not online. You have to look through them.

Speaker 2 1:24:14
Do we have the right to the times call?

Speaker 9 1:24:20
Probably just email, John, because we have an agreement that the city can

Speaker 1 1:24:26
use them so I think that would cover us in this case.

Speaker 9 1:24:30
I promised give a heads up that, hey, you’re gonna see it as a project

Speaker 2 1:24:36
legal and probably hide under fair use because it’s not for commercial purposes. But

Speaker 1 1:24:42
that’s brings up the question of these guys are probably dead, but maybe somebody from the 70s is sexually

Speaker 1 1:24:55
aroused and I saw my picture on the side of the street and I might be a little upset. You

Speaker 2 1:25:11
So do we have Task Force folks interested to learn? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:18
I’ll make time I’ll figure this out. Because I

Speaker 2 1:25:20
got them. Again, I think we can also spread this out to Digital Research.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:26
Yeah, I love that. That’ll make my life a lot

Speaker 1 1:25:28
easier for sure. Questions going to be which ones? To not include, right?

Speaker 5 1:25:33
Yes, I think everyone’s gonna remember is a task versus not to pick their favorites. Everybody kind of just comes in and brings them to agenda vote on or something like that. So don’t have to be fun to use I aspect that everybody else kind of get to put their two cents into and well, who’s going to go through it? That’s like a lot of pictures by 1000 pictures to go through none up and then everybody has a time. So

Speaker 2 1:25:57
the task force certainly figuring out are you going to try and get some like throughout time? Or are you going to stick with like, oh, yeah, like you

Unknown Speaker 1:26:07
will get great ideas.

Speaker 2 1:26:10
But the art on the moon I can’t agree like the an opportunity like art on the move style where everybody gets to vote on which ones make the shortlist and beginning to open it up

Speaker 5 1:26:21
to distribution order the like, even the museum, you know, just keep it simple. But

Speaker 1 1:26:26
what we need is the count of the boxes that we’re going to wrap.

Speaker 2 1:26:31
Yeah, so I’m working with the traffic folks right now. They have concerns of overheating and working with the manufacturer of the two kinds of products almost random on something else. And I’ve already been in communication with three other channels that do this. And they’re like, it’s awesome, like, the video. So just making sure that everybody’s on the same page. But obviously, the traffic people have to be they have to sign off on that.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:58
Okay, what’s their initials? So just traffic.

Speaker 2 1:27:03
Jimmy stat and calm still, I mean, like, LPC? No, they’re just work. They’re part of public works.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:12
Okay, cool. You got

Unknown Speaker 1:27:15
these? Oh, yeah, there it is public worker natural resources. Changes.

Speaker 2 1:27:22
All right, and then lastly, oh, oh, six center to be. So one of the other conversations that came out of the executive team is that we do have a lot of buildings and memorial buildings, or maybe one of them that they have walls with nothing. And so depending upon what ends up kind of end of the year of this budget, putting out a call this would be an RFP kind of residual impact. No, this would be a direct purchase in every situation, where we put a call out to Longmont artists or whatever people think of opportunity opportunities for people to submit like six or eight pieces of artwork that they have to go on display permit to be purchased by our public places, and go on display in civic buildings, paintings, photographs, Danish culture and mechanic command,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:21
it has to be It can’t just be a slight SP and actual physical thing with a frame or not

Speaker 2 1:28:31
as necessary for it to go. Okay. And so where we need to start with this is an awful first one, he does that reason or if it’s okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:40
it was a big, big loss.

Speaker 2 1:28:44
And then we’ll have to go around and do an audit of potential spaces, figure out size limitations of what we have invited staff of those buildings to be included in the conversation and then put a request out for artists and collect them and then do the same kind of thing on our on move. You know, you all get to see these things. They’re about this size, this would fit here, this would fit there and then just narrow it down and purchase artwork. So in end of the year. So allocating dollars, we’re just not there yet based on

Speaker 1 1:29:20
Yeah. And also we have to decide if we pay by size or by medium or by

Speaker 2 1:29:26
what they say they say this is my painting I sold my painting for $1,800 mark. So if you are interested, I will reach out to Jeff reasoner and ask about this too.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:45
So that’s all the direction I needed. Then next month will be a dashboard for the products so you do need to test for storage.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:58
Yeah I

Unknown Speaker 1:30:02
call the task force but I can’t

Unknown Speaker 1:30:04
say well, they are all

Unknown Speaker 1:30:16
three pieces of embryology and melody would like it to be. Sweet. So

Unknown Speaker 1:30:20
the other words

Speaker 2 1:30:24
just reaching out to you for your availability.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:27
I’ll take what cause

Unknown Speaker 1:30:31
Do you want to just force this for ourselves by me? Yeah. I mean, you could just obviously you have some people on your assignment

Unknown Speaker 1:30:49
out there, you get assigned to all.

Speaker 2 1:30:53
Teresa and melody for crap. Clover Meadows work for? Do you want to assign taskforce members remarks

Unknown Speaker 1:31:05
to contribute to that next accomplishment?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:11
I think we’ll have more information.

Speaker 1 1:31:12
And even if you’re not always task forces, the ones where we have selection handles, there’s still other ways to be involved. Because as you may know, we have other

Speaker 2 1:31:21
tasks, but the task is task force members sit on the selection.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:26
Yeah, there’s other things to do.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:29
Okay, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:30
Did we did we get those to do Oh, shoot.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:36
We’ll do another business. How have you done?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:38
Okay. Well, good. Alright, so this is still in business. So VI Vogel’s?

Speaker 2 1:31:50
Yeah. This is more as an FYI. Yeah. But what used to be quest, which is now no longer anything. They have fumbles. Someone don’t have phones. The thing to do anyway, there’s three of them in town. One of them is installed on crossbows Ziggy’s. That’s in the right of way. Two of them are on private business land, and they need to go away. And so the LPGA was contacted and they’re like, What do we do? We figured out the legally Delia, they called me and they’re like a gamble and as our little places once old phone booths. And so I was like, Oh, no. So I asked the executive team and then the answer was,

Unknown Speaker 1:32:42
I can’t. So I mean,

Speaker 2 1:32:47
I don’t know. I mean, so here’s so what we’ll have to do is we’ll have to pay to get them removed, which I think means we injure Lara with the sossel. Like, it’s gonna be fine. Then we have to store them, which we have our shed. We also have we’ll figure it out.

Speaker 1 1:33:10
We’re not certain that they’re not like Doctor walking like witches. Then we drove by on Main Street. You can see it there. It’s a if I had

Unknown Speaker 1:33:24
my thing we just done

Unknown Speaker 1:33:27
it. He’s

Speaker 1 1:33:29
got the post. And it’s got a little three sided wraparound

Speaker 2 1:33:33
plastic with like, you know, at all. Yeah, we

Unknown Speaker 1:33:38
need those rituals, right? From the

Speaker 2 1:33:44
gas station across the house. So those are the two we have to get into one and we have to get on the windstorm. And then the third one just stays we can just say in the right of way until we figure out what what kind of our project to deal with them. And the only thing that the quest not quest lady said was you can’t say I was like, okay, so yeah, they were agreeable, and I just need your direction on cocaine. Pictures put up

Unknown Speaker 1:34:16
on Instagram. Yeah, so yeah,

Speaker 2 1:34:18
so as you’re doing your musings on you’re, you know, hyper allergic or you’re more pandas or whatever. Like this could be anything like it could.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:30
Where is your customer?

Unknown Speaker 1:34:32
Oh my gosh, they’re not going to be that big. Can you put it up on the screen? Yeah, did you rules? I mean, everybody knows what we’re talking about. Right? Yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:34:43
I know. I have to

Speaker 6 1:34:52
I’m sending it out here. So one single app which is

Unknown Speaker 1:34:56
directly across the house.

Speaker 2 1:35:02
There it is. But one of your phone booths that you are not paying in

Speaker 2 1:35:16
history so, yeah, so anywho you know, I want to be off I don’t know if you guys all did the whole their phone booth thing. It was okay. But I think there’s lots of opportunity. So yeah, anyway, but it does mean that still have to store them if we’re not going to pay strong figures.

Speaker 1 1:35:41
So what if we, we all agree that you need to get those before somebody else snaps them off? Once you

Speaker 8 1:35:50
actually hook them up in hand in different places around the museum outside? Were so we could pick it up. And they can hear some famous somebody from one month. Tell us quick, quick story. Yeah.

Speaker 2 1:36:03
Like we could install them in like a couple of parks and then next season, pick them up and take him to a call.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:14
I mean, yes, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:22
Yeah, like I did. So anyway.

Speaker 2 1:36:29
Point one is like, How hard are they to get? Like, what do they weigh? Obviously, at some point, I’m gonna have to talk to a structural engineers management of like, when we put them back in like, what did how do they have to be bolded? Like level one. But yeah, I’ll leave that. I’ll do that like work stuff while you make dreams. But this is definitely a 2024. Like, yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:55
We need to get on and keep them. Yeah.

Speaker 2 1:36:58
So we’re currently working together? Because they’re like, it’s just enough. So there’s okay. So,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:07
okay. Mark walked on September 19.

Speaker 2 1:37:13
I think that is the night I can’t remember right. Oh. So this is an email if you should have received

Unknown Speaker 1:37:24
will receive.

Speaker 2 1:37:27
That has a lot of gobbledygook about how easy it is, except that it’s got so much language only Jr, please. But ultimately, it says, here’s what you do. Three easy steps and you just click on links bottlings?

Unknown Speaker 1:37:49
And what are they doing in our work?

Speaker 2 1:37:51
We’re going to have a booth with the museum. Why are we doing this project like right now? Oh, yeah, we’re gonna I think we’re gonna make buttons. Oh, me. Good. The email, forgive me. There we go. And then it populates, sign up. And that’s when you get to see that we have are asking for one person to come and help set up one person to be an ambassador from four to six, one person to be an ambassador from six to eight, one person to tear down for up again tonight. Okay, so on our agenda, it says in 1960, it’s the night if I know, I’m sorry, it’s the night. And then rhythm on Roosevelt is the next Saturday on the 16th. And the Creative District and LDA along with ourselves and another bunch of cultural brokers in grays and town are then pitching that whole week, as long as first parts. And so then there’s a culmination of the existing events that are already happening in town on a consolidated calendar, so you can go and see all the different opportunities. So what we’re asking from you is to join, there’s going to be museum staff there, Laura, and I will be dividing and conquering and to go and sign up and we’ll have our shopkart box winners on display and

Speaker 3 1:39:35
center boxes. They’re gonna say yes.

Speaker 2 1:39:40
And then we will have been making and then of course, just a lot of information about what it is we do in the applications for selection and talking about these problems,

Unknown Speaker 1:39:51
and is that the or 1% of the

Unknown Speaker 1:39:54
cokes already on me

Speaker 2 1:39:56
they close me down from third to ninth. And then rather on Roosevelt, please come. But as a volunteer on behalf of our polling places, there will be a museum booth, there will be a facilitated craft something happening, and we will have our information out. But we don’t need to stamp

Unknown Speaker 1:40:17
it out. That’s the weekend.

Speaker 2 1:40:21
And then the weekend efforts that because if you choose one, two Saturdays, why not do three, the 20 foot the Saturday after that is the 23rd, which is the plan by numbers at Kensington. And that’s so we will be there. And you don’t need to volunteer, but it would be great if we showed up and it will get information about that. So every Saturday in September, let’s get together. Okay? All right. So when you go to the new follow the link, the one thing you’re gonna see on the side is it’s going to populate, and steal all your cookies. And then obviously, scour what you’ve been googling and all the reasons and try and sell you those shoes you’ve been looking at. That’s the one terrible thing about this app, but it makes it really, really easy for you to just go ahead and sign up. And then it’s gonna send you confirmation, and you’re gonna put your email and

Speaker 2 1:41:29
and then after you go through the whole thing, it’s gonna say, hey, thanks so much. Oh, and it’s gonna try to sell you more stuff. But, and then, luckily, Laura, and I just get to auto populate your reminders, and it does the work for us. So

Speaker 3 1:41:48
it’s not, but we I think it’ll be I mean, I did I rock with different community as of last year, and it was a lot of fun, just talking to community and then the button makings a huge hit. So hopefully, it won’t be like cold and rainy again. But But thanks, making. So it’ll be drawing.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:16
Just because we’ll have one year for, because that’s what I was doing.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:23
I used to make a look at yours.

Speaker 2 1:42:26
You can do that, too. Yeah. The only rule on the bug making is that the staff has to do those things. Presuming effort. So again, sign that the reason to show you this sign up is really easy. And I’m not trying to sell you the shoes you’re looking at.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:45
Okay, all right.

Speaker 2 1:42:48
At that social level, let’s, before we get into that, since Shawn is here.

Speaker 8 1:42:55
Well, I was trying to run away. Yeah, sorry for being late. I want to thank you all for the nice card that we just received with my father’s passing. Thank you, again, it’s very appreciated. And then just generally, again, reiterating the issue around lunchtime, you got some things that you want to they have put in the budget, from your perspective as a member of this committee. That’s that’s an, you know, a strategy of why it’s important and why we should implement it. This year’s budget, just emailed to be there, and that we can make sure that I can carry that forward. Whenever anything, because we kind of took some time off here. So just interesting to see somebody said, it’s good to see you all again.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:56
Thank you for the dedication to

Speaker 8 1:43:58
Yes. Thank you very much. Oh, no, that was great. That was just a bummer that had raised that. Yes. You know, it’s like, then it’s clipped out.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:13
That’s it. Angela Murphy’s Law. Less than or Awesome, thank you. And if there are projects that you hear of in

Speaker 2 1:44:29
from a city perspective, that don’t end up on some of these lists where they want to see our workplaces, you might hear about it.

Speaker 8 1:44:36
Yeah. I hear about it every time I certainly I’m pretty good about it. If I think it’s like, doesn’t really seem like it’s, you know, I should be training. You make a decision that I would have generally pretty good about passing it on to the right people. I have people that come up with ideas and they’ll send it to me it’s like like, that’s not real. reply, I have to kind of pass it to staff to see, first off, we have a limited amount of time, and resources and staff, we want to be respectful of that. Because you know, these are kind of difficult times because it’s hard to find highly qualified people. And people that are willing to make that commitment. So not push people too hard. I think that we’re still at that place where three years from now we kind of know everything. But now is not.

Speaker 2 1:45:41
Well, fire departments are certainly on less work my heart, if it ever gets under construction, we’ll revisit them just as a FYI. For the sake of something else that I’m forgetting those of union silence.

Speaker 1 1:45:55
Yeah, may or may not be studying. Okay. Your social, social life. So one of the things that we discussed in our executive committee meeting is that if you really liked spending time together, we’re going to break down here for some information. But it’s it takes us a long time to get to know each other, because sometimes years before we’re sitting with the other person when you really visit. So that’s in this kind of, just so that we can get to know each other a little bit better faster. I propose that we do this questionnaire which I started to work online. So if you just do them now. It will just take a second really. And if you don’t think of it, want to keep up with

Speaker 7 1:46:50
OSU that later, too. But then somebody will compile them in front of our staff, right? Yep.

Speaker 1 1:46:57
And then you can look just as each other and if not, we just pass them around. And guess what? thing that I will start with you all are doing so that you can get to know me a little bit more. So I was born in Dallas, Texas, it’s true. And I lived in Longmont since 2016, which is seven years. And I came to Colorado in 2014 and moved to drag a person who was a director for a couple years before I figured out that place. So

Unknown Speaker 1:47:35
what kind of work did I do? I

Speaker 1 1:47:37
actually was in marketing and nonprofit administration and kind of check your career of doing a lot of different kinds of things. Currently, I’m a fiber artist and creativity teacher.

Speaker 7 1:47:49
My creative work that I do right now is mostly in fiber art, yarn dyeing. And I also do some sewing and

Unknown Speaker 1:47:55
some designing.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:58
And an occasional bit of other stuff.

Speaker 1 1:47:59
But mostly, I’m so busy dyeing yarn and do that kind of stuff. That’s most of my creative work.

Speaker 7 1:48:07
The reason that, you know, the city council asked me in that interview about why did I want to serve, as I said, Well, I really liked it moving on, I want to see what goes on behind the scenes. And all the Commission’s I looked at is, like the most fun and fit for best with all my skills and experience. And I did work in public art in Austin. I didn’t tell them

Unknown Speaker 1:48:33
that by eating.

Speaker 1 1:48:37
But at least you know, I did work in public art. And I was very involved in the very nascent arts community in Austin that time because all the artists at that time were all in their 20s and 30s. And they were all trying to figure out how to work with bureaucracy. And developers and other people get donors and it was just like, it was like brainstorming room was that it was pretty fun, because it’s a good place to start. One random facts about myself,

Unknown Speaker 1:49:02
I don’t know, what should I say, as we start?

Unknown Speaker 1:49:08
The studio

Speaker 1 1:49:09
Oh, my new studio is fabulous. Is it 50 inmates, it’s route behind pizza, and it is really great. I’m getting used to it. And I never see anybody else except for pizza drivers who are outside my window. In the afternoons, they’re all making and talking on their phones. And then they go get pizzas and drive to come back. That’s actually they don’t really see me because my windows are open to that coding stuff. So I just started spiral drive. It doesn’t smell like these festivities. And I’m getting used to definitely I’m getting used to because I have to go to work to get all my stuff organizing drive, rather than just go to the basement. So

Speaker 2 1:49:56
So I think what we decided on the executive team Meeting is while we don’t have time to go around the room and like, give everybody three minutes and try and do an icebreaker every time. Just something fun. So I don’t know, if you want to pick one of these things, like just the random thing about yourself and go around them. And then we’re really going to promote trying to have people come if you can’t, half an hour before the meeting. So there is the opportunity to have social time if we absolutely can. But we’ll try to do an icebreaker every time so you can learn about the food and buy chocolate. Or you know, I mean those kind of things. I can’t get everybody and so Laura Milan, say something that is a random factoid of yourself. Yeah.

Speaker 3 1:50:46
Yeah. If you’ve never if you’ve never tried it, and like mustard, put mustard on your mac and cheese is. It sounds

Speaker 3 1:51:00
Yeah, I need to jump over to you. Yeah, I just love it. That’s a weird thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:06
That’s pretty good. Yes,

Speaker 2 1:51:07
very. So I am absolutely 100% sure that I have fifth generation Colorado born, it might be set. So in my free time, I was gonna look into it further. But my great grandmother was born in Leadville, and I can raise and the brothers of my great grandmother, there was a ag farm on Flagler and the mind was of course in Leadville and every two years the families would go back and forth because level songs so so Yeah, but you’re all never leaving

Unknown Speaker 1:51:48
Well, it’s good that you will figure so long because kind of hard for me to write and is it um yeah, I

Speaker 1 1:51:59
think so. Many people ask me oh my God, how can you do it so expensive? I go everywhere you want to live?

Unknown Speaker 1:52:09
Care to live in? Northland? No, thank you for your

Unknown Speaker 1:52:18
Sydney factoid.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:19
Oh, gosh, there’s so many factoids. You can imagine

Speaker 1 1:52:27
I have to ask you a question because what about a creative art related? Oh, art related I make lace Whoa. And I’ve been consulting with the Denver Art Museum not nearly as much having a class on the 22nd you see it’s a great place

Speaker 5 1:52:53
there’s lots of kinds of opportunities it’s pretty mesmerizing to watch I you know, I’ve watched plenty of videos and is like that’s why I’m like I’m very intrigued to know this

Unknown Speaker 1:53:07
taskforce together Yeah.

Speaker 3 1:53:11
First factoid creative

Unknown Speaker 1:53:24
I select hobbies so I happen to have these

Unknown Speaker 1:53:32
place which just have to find the one Oh, I see

Speaker 6 1:53:44
Oh, okay. That’s a good man. In fact, I really love to travel with and I love to travel and go surfing and all sorts of fun trips. Like six years ago, we went to Ecuador for a surf trip and we were hanging out for a couple of weeks with his dog at home and that’s so I brought my we brought her back

Speaker 3 1:54:09
meat product try to bring it into the country doing when you claim to claim it as it is. And then the customs

Unknown Speaker 1:54:21
officer says what are you bringing

Unknown Speaker 1:54:30
cool All right.

Speaker 4 1:54:33
Yeah, I don’t know what to say because I used to and creative stuff. I’m always doing something and joking all over the place. So but most recently, I discovered the spice sumac and that led me to buying a Persian cookbook. And now I’m like all I want to do is food that cookbook and find anything that Thank you for this wonderful, I tried to find

Speaker 1 1:55:06
a recipe when we were doing it. Thanks

Speaker 7 1:55:13
for places like that

Speaker 8 1:55:24
straight factory, I mean, I got struck by lightning in college. And so now I can tune in any radio. So that’s not quite very that’s not very creative, but I’ll walk away and it’s a 10 minute walk up and say, this sort of sort of thing. Then, you know, hit the water tower on the college campus and in the middle of a show. But on the creative side, starting my fourth career love this. My daughter Molly is doing her. She’s graduated from college and metabolic state and media communications. And she’s starting her directing debut. And I played the crotchety old professor in her murder mystery that she wrote and directed, and everything. And I played the amateur actor playing in this with these very skilled actresses, a couple of ones been in the Spider Man movie, one, it’s been in a couple of Amazon movies, one has been in Netflix indicating that there’s been that sort of thing. And so, you know, I see that as my fourth act as a banker, as an educator, teacher teachers and I got this the Baltics and you know, I’m

Speaker 8 1:56:55
there again, so I figured I could be typecast. I had very, very few lines, I couldn’t tell you. But it was interesting. We went up to CSU and again, in the lecture halls, I was they filmed in there with a class that was doing something there in school, and then these accuracies are there and they’re like, it’s always interesting. So that’s my cell phone. Yeah, when it comes out, she’s supposed to be putting into a couple of like, festivals in Toronto, one in New York and one in LA, one of my hobbies and so it’s called the month so

Unknown Speaker 1:57:48
great, Eric.

Speaker 9 1:57:50
So I sing that crazy early American acapella music called Shape note sacred carbon we used to travel as far as England to do it was the South in California it’s it’s it’s funny you either really like it or you people will come and they will sit with us and you can see really

Unknown Speaker 1:58:31
how many people

Speaker 2 1:58:32
do not sing with Forza their specific number or

Speaker 9 1:58:37
chicken for Part The most I’ve ever had in a room somewhere is probably in our ad because we’ve seen full volume it’s it’s in Canada’s here years and growing outdoors

Speaker 6 1:58:58
I working on Congress but I can ask registration card so

Speaker 5 1:59:09
I don’t know my back is again like back to like, billion hobbies but I do make recycled earrings. I don’t can’t take cans that they sell. So I don’t know. It’s kind of one of my fun things.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:27
Cool. You’re participating if you don’t you don’t have to worry

Unknown Speaker 1:59:37
anymore. I swore in London, England. I’ve been over here for longer

Unknown Speaker 1:59:52

Unknown Speaker 1:59:53
tears oh we

Speaker 1 1:59:57
almost Okay. Um, so a note Angela is going to be out in October.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:04
Yes, please. Excuse

Speaker 1 2:00:07
me. We’ll see. What’s your comments? I think you’re great again. I need a motion to adjourn unless anybody else has gone somewhere. Okay, motion to adjourn

Unknown Speaker 2:00:23
the second on favor. Georgia do one here.

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