Library Advisory Board – August 2023

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Library Advisory Board – August 2023

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Speaker 1 0:00
break for schools you know, I think that’s what you just said. And then

Unknown Speaker 0:05

Unknown Speaker 0:07
October secreting this fall right, Dominus?

Unknown Speaker 0:10
It’s that’s another Yeah, it’s

Speaker 2 0:12
well for Saint brain is that in service make up for the teacher conferences and then yeah, the Thanksgiving Fulbright is the 20th. So both videos are in. On August 27, is the 20th is the third. Yeah. The

Unknown Speaker 0:31
first schoolz

Speaker 1 0:33
says the city of Longmont observed that indigenous peoples Day on October 9. Yes. Like that’s a state holiday

Unknown Speaker 0:40
too isn’t?

Speaker 1 0:47
I can look. I don’t know. I looked it up. It’s a state holiday. But I didn’t know how the if that meant the city observed it.

Speaker 3 0:57
So yeah. So we saw me like because we have a number of people in this room who are associated with the school district, that there is desire to move October 16 meeting and possibly the November 20. Is that what I’m possibly hearing?

Speaker 1 1:18
I think for me that November one is more problematic. But I want you

Unknown Speaker 1:23
Yeah, totally one is more problematic for me. But I could be from time to time for it. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:27
So we have to start

Speaker 2 1:28
settling down for the Tuesday, beginning of the week. Anyway.

Unknown Speaker 1:34
Anyone else see problems right now with November?

Unknown Speaker 1:42
I think it’s just me.

Speaker 3 1:43
Okay. So my thought is to keep those then if we only have any one person out for each one that will still have the important majority. Any anyone wants to suggest otherwise? Otherwise? I think we should go ahead and keep the fall meeting schedule and third Monday. I just unfortunately it happened. We’ll be out in November and possibly in October.

Speaker 1 2:10
is December the 18th. Okay for everybody. That also is fine for me. I don’t know that keeps us in line the whole fall, which would be nice.

Speaker 3 2:22
That’s fine for me. December. Seen some other nods. Right? Well, let’s revisit as needed. But for right now let’s plan to keep all the fall meetings third week of third Monday of the month, knowing that there’s gonna be one or two people this week. Well, let’s go ahead and move on to old business in China really returning these really over to you but follow up through the city’s first.

Speaker 4 2:51
So on August 8, city council set up the ballot for the library to be on an election in November, tomorrow night’s meeting will be their residence is a resolution. Suzie, what? No. That’s not the right word.

Speaker 5 3:15
I’m trying to unmute myself. You’re too fast. So we are going to be hearing it on second reading. Right. So that with the second reading, it is also public hearing. So as we go through each item, so unlike the first, you know, under the first reading, we can choose to adopt all of that as a set package, you know, and pull each item for discussion as we need to typically be dealt with. So the second reading each item, so each ballot measure we did separate it into three libraries standing alone. The why the Why Why deal at the centennial pool, as well as the Rec Center is is one ballot initiative. And then the final one was the helped me out. Arts Yes. And that was the one where if they don’t raise it, the nonprofit the performing arts coalition doesn’t raise the 35 million, then we will not be collected within five years, then we will not be collecting attacks. So that was one that kind of went on on my off my radar for a moment. But the Yeah, so if anybody or if you have if you have in your own networks, somebody who’s really passionate about coming in and speaking about the library or any one of the issues, encourage them to come for the public hearing on Tuesday. In Suzie spinal column Yes

Speaker 3 4:56
To clarify, does that mean that the order that is Have a public invited to be heard at the beginning that there’ll be opportunities for the public to be heard throughout the meeting.

Speaker 5 5:06
And there’ll be opportunity for public when that particular item is called on the agenda during the second run ordinances on second reading. So when it passes, or if it passes or fails, if it passes, then from there in the city, we’ll move on to get it put on the ballot. So this is a functional one. Thank you.

Speaker 4 5:34
So in the packet, I think I included the ballot language that’s been written so far. So you can review that and see whether you can see it all but certainly from the library, how that how that’s being written. So one of the bigger things I wanted to share tonight, so we a little a few, a month or two ago, I brought in an architect, so they could do some architectural renderings to basically help with informational. So if someone were to consider a library to be helpful to see some type of visual, what that might look like, and so I want to share those with you tonight. They just sent me those today. So let me go ahead, Katherine.

Speaker 1 6:30
So yeah, just looking at the language, I noticed that it does not actually state that we’d be increased to the preferred level of service. So Suzy, can you speak to that why that language isn’t in there? If there was an objection to that?

Speaker 5 6:46
No, actually, the city council did approve to support attain the preferred level of service. I don’t know why it would have, unless it’s something that’s going to be incorporated in the sales tax or in our annual budget. But I know that our last when we did the first, we had had it when we itemized it out into separate where we agreed to have it on the ballot, we agree to have it separate from the Rec Center. And we are all agreed that we do need to to do the recording the preferred level of service.

Unknown Speaker 7:32
Okay, well, something happened between

Unknown Speaker 7:37
measure and connect with Harold on that.

Speaker 1 7:40
I would really appreciate that. Because I feel like that’s a huge issue.

Speaker 3 7:47
Yeah, covered reading the ballot language. I think the I mean, it’s, it’s in there that there’s a differential library, and is funding and maintenance of all city libraries. But

Speaker 1 8:06
I think we need a little bit of that preferred level of service language, because otherwise, they can always move the bar.

Speaker 3 8:14
Yeah, so it sounds like from what Suzy was saying that clarification from the city. On on that would be helpful and important.

Speaker 1 8:25
Yeah, especially if the record shows that city council already voted to approve that language.

Speaker 5 8:31
City council did approve to, to finance to preferred level of service. I don’t know. And let me you know, connect with Harold, to ensure that the ballot language does indicate that it will get us to that to that performance. Because as you know, as I’m looking, it does say, you know, the maintenance and improvement, but, you know, we want to make sure that it’s the bar is set higher than just the minimum. So let me double check with him and find out.

Speaker 3 9:05
Thanks, Susie. And I’m assuming that there’s a pretty tight turnaround for any changes to the ballot language. Is that a fair assumption?

Speaker 5 9:16
Yes. But as counsel we can amend okay. So that just by me the BD, they’ll go a little later, but we’ll event if we need to go but

Speaker 3 9:25
are they great? Well, thank you for taking that to TinyURL.

Speaker 4 9:35
Okay, yeah, I do know that the financial maths includes

Speaker 6 9:42
language in there are certain was that

Speaker 4 9:46
well, it wasn’t in the ballot. Yes. itself. Yeah, I think that’s what Kathy was speaking to and underneath that are some other information that will be included in the city brochure that will be sent out in summer. Other materials. And and that that’s, that’s good in order to indicate, you know, I’ve actually raised the question to that point and a brochure of the language of preferred level of service is only meaningful if you know, the feasibility study, in my opinion, right? So if I’m not sure, in publications, that language aside, if we, if it’s written in kind of putting these brochures or the city voting guide of preferred local service out of context, I’m not sure if that makes sense. But that’s just my thought, I think, explaining what that means. I mean, in my mind, it’s getting a library funding up to a level that can support a population of 100,000. And I’m 65. And that, to me, that’s really what this is about. So, but it’s a good point that Catherine makes, I don’t know that the ballot language itself is real clear about that. But I know the financials are there. Right. Here’s the property tax for the building. And there’s a sales tax for operations of both the new library and an increased funding to our current budget cuts. The math is there.

Speaker 6 11:16
Right? Right. So what’s missing is really that explicit link between the numbers that we’re asking voters to support on the ballot. And what those numbers Yes, correct.

Speaker 2 11:29
I agree with you. I think that preferred level of service as a phrase is a little jargony. It makes it sound like this is above and beyond preferred, you know, it’s not like this is what’s required for a population, like you said, this is this is the kind of this standard level of service of a population of this dice. No different. Yeah. It’s an interesting point that without knowing why isn’t a feasibility study,

Speaker 4 12:00
think outside of the feasibility study that I mean, you could argue themselves kind of like a luxury Yes, or? No, that’s not really what it is. It’s, it’s responding to the study that clearly shows that this library is under underfunded for the city of this size. And somehow, that’s what I think needs to get communicated. You can say prefer, but explain it.

Speaker 3 12:29
In your scene, just to kind of sum up, seems like there’s really two different questions, we’re talking about what is the public communications? Does this language make sense and and in our, in the views expressed so far, does not but to Catherine’s point, you know, it also needs to

Speaker 1 12:46
recording and progress, recording stopped?

Speaker 3 12:51
What needs to balance versus kind of what needs to be in these public communications? Correct? So I think I agree that so it’s, it’s not to use that language in some of the promotional or informational materials? Counter looks like you raise your hand.

Speaker 1 13:10
Well, I’m sorry, I missed part of that discussion. But I was on like, 3%. So I didn’t want to miss it. But, yeah, I think my only there relevance of that language to me is sort of a continuity in terms of like the conversation with City Council in the city and being able to point to statistics and figures that were developed, you know, so that it’s potentially perceived as like less bias, I think. And, yeah, there’s just an accountability piece there that I agree, I can see how it might have connotations of grandeur. But I yeah, I guess I just worry more personally about making sure that the powers that be uphold that expectation, and that the language holds them to that expectation if it were to pass.

Speaker 3 14:11
I think that makes a lot of sense. And hopefully, Suzie, that’s helpful discussion for you. It seems like in terms of the valid Thank you, Susie, for making sure those concerns are brought forward. And then otherwise, I’m wondering kind of this board’s place at this point in this session. I don’t know if we really, now that this has been brought to the second reading, I’m not quite sure that we have a place of this discussion. Beyond the types of conversations we just had. That basically what I’m saying is I don’t think any is the question I’m raising is do we need to take action for any part of this right now? And I I’ve not seen a place where we wouldn’t necessarily. And I know some of that our hands are tied a little bit legally at this point.

Speaker 4 15:08
Hands are titled legally, right? Because we’re in that boat. Now. It’s not, you know, campaigning. Same with me. But one of the things that is allowed and this would be a good time for me to start sharing my screen, and actually I’ll, I’ll share the renderings in a second. But you know, you might remember this was shared with basically, everything goes worse. So we’re in the vampire rules mode right now. But remember that you aboard can always say resolution of an official expression. So that’s the one thing that could happen if the more desire to go for counsel and pass a resolution of some sort, versus tomorrow night, but I’m just saying those are within the rules.

Speaker 6 16:02
There’s also the blood mistakes part that I’ve been thinking about. So like, there’s this question like my marketing brain thinks like, alright, we need an information, the library this initiative, I won’t say wait, we initiative leads in educational informational campaign for the public. And where does that sit? whose role is that? To do that, not even in an in an advocacy way. But just to put it into layman’s terms, like, the document that you share with us had blank spaces for those, those in favor, believe this and those who oppose believe that, but that’s really important stuff to know. And think about me talking about in our communities prior to this election, so the

Speaker 4 16:51
city will produce that they will produce a voter guide. With all the other stuff that has Yes, it’ll have like, if you vote yes, this is what it means for every city.

Speaker 6 17:08
Right, so I guess, part of me would just like to see something additional that is just library.

Speaker 4 17:16
So so the oh, just library focused? Well, the other thing that the city will do is they will communications will create a lender more of a brochure. That’s not so much. I mean, it’s informational in a similar way, but it’s not as formal, I guess, like or as formal as the blue book, right. And so what can go in, there are some other pieces of information, including the renderings to sell. So let me let me show you. We, my team and I have had a number of meetings with an architect that is very well known in color library land for call studio trouble. And so we worked with them and had a bunch of discussions to come up with some renderings of you know, and their idea of rendering.

Speaker 4 18:17
Yeah, okay. So we, we worked with them talked about, you know, all our kind of values and everything that we want to see, in the library of potential, we think the community more so could benefit from a new library. So these renderings are visionary in nature, right, what you’re not seeing is an actual building that you’re going to get necessarily. It’s more like, what what happens within a library, a new library for a long time. So I’ll show you these three renderings they came up with so the this first one, you see, and everyone on the screen can see I’m sure anyone told me no. Okay, thank you. So, the first one of these is, is basically the overall concept of this, and what what this space we named is like an innovation or creation type of space, right? And you can kind of get that from looking at this a little bit. So we have our library of things back here. So we wanted to represent aspects that we currently have that are very popular that would carry for in any new location that we’d be fortunate enough to get that people are here looking at all the different things that we have. You have a couple of kids up here playing with new technology and sort of this create space back here think of this as like a a makerspace. And the idea is to visualize this not necessarily as one room right? That That’s what I think their goal is, is like, we’re trying to represent a number of things in this, maybe an area of the library that might expand beyond the room. So even though you see library things here, and a makerspace, here, it doesn’t mean they’re actually there. Right? It’s just the idea is to show you what what could be. And then, you know, we’re still library, we’re still about books. So we, this is showing, you know, books here in the display. This side is showing there’s a bike repair demo going on. So like an on the flight demo. These people are sitting on, you know, kind of steps in there, they’re looking at the demo from there, right. And then you can kind of see there’s an upper level here, some classroom space, and things like that. Kids playing here. And then, you know, some great when we talked about a library, one of the things I said is we will we need lots of light windows, panoramic views. Now, whether the space we have to provide that will, we’ll see. But I want to show that because I think anywhere in Walmart that you can have, you can still give some view of something, right, so. So that’s the first rendering. The second rendering is what this is showing as our children’s space, kind of in the background here. So you have some children’s activities here. Like, I don’t know how small this is showing for everybody else. But these are actually very large, by the way. And these are meant that the size of these are meant to be printed, like on poster size. So if we can do informational things in our lobby, here, this can be included. This is a representing a sensory table. So you know, that kind of thing here for kids. And then just just some open space, people playing games, just interacting a team space in the background in games, you know, in the drop in learning area where classes going on. So again, not necessarily in one space, but you know, showing you and this is what we called I think the London area is what he called it, I can’t remember. But so that’s what that rendering is trying to show. We also asked again, for different textures, color you see in the background, I’m I’m big on colors, that’s pushing for a lot of color, you know, things like that. So and then the third rendering, the creative is an outdoor space. And this is the one that at least for me, I have the most fun with because I thought this was important to have in a big deal in Colorado, right outdoor space, but also connected to a library. And so there’s a lot really going on in here, if you look at it. So yeah, there’s a patio, there’s people sitting, doing various things, there’s a little storytime going on over here outside, you know, the canopy people hanging out, you can see a person back here on the bicycles, presumably, maybe there’s a path that’s going around the library here, in the back here, you know, mural that is a create space. So they’re actually working on this right now the type of material it’s meant to be temporary, so we can come down and then something else happens. People have above looking down. And this is a fire pit. I left our risk management personnel out of this meeting. But I you know, I don’t know, we actually would have a fire pit in the library, I could see like an outdoor fireplace, right, like in a wall that’s, you know, safe. But at the same time, I want that feel of something where people can enjoy being outside, even if it’s not like a hot summer night, even though this is sort of representing comfortable weather. So those are the three renderings they created for us that are received today. And they they should be included in any of those brochures and any informational materials that we have, which I think will help I think people need a visual of something, you know, to kind of the overall idea of these is creating something that people can see themselves in. And that that’s really what people are going for movies and following the media and certainly suddenly this outlet didn’t have them in time obviously putting the packet out I’m sure you probably like to look at them further than beyond these two minutes. These questions are going to go back to any images. And

Speaker 3 25:10
I think these are great. I love how flexible these spaces are designed to be to. And that was key. That’s so important. Have you ever said you wanted to jump in?

Speaker 1 25:20
I feel like I must have missed this somewhere. But is this a renovation of the existing library? Or is this a virtual branch library?

Speaker 4 25:28
So this is representing? Well, it’s more representing a new branch and new construction. But I wouldn’t necessarily tie yourself to that. I mean, the, that’s what we they went, that’s what the architect went from. So we’re building a new branch, it potentially would go here. It didn’t really matter where it was, but it was a new construction. So they went from that to kind of have some leverage to create some of what you see here that, yeah, this isn’t probably this is not a renovation, certainly from this library. This isn’t a new branch.

Speaker 3 26:08
So anyway, going back to the second rendering, think I really, I mean, I love all of these, but I love this one. Because I think that people still so strongly associate libraries as print books. And I think that rendering on all three really shows that as well, which I think is persuasive.

Speaker 4 26:29
It was it was very intentional, to have that. And in fact, I’ll come back here, but the first rendering, initially, it was it had no books. And I was like, we kind of talked, so we need to have some books. And I mean, it’s still, if we’re wanting people to see themselves in a library, it can’t be all outdoor and very creative spaces, that that does not appeal to everybody. You don’t appeal to a lot people still. You know, they associated libraries and books, it’s a fact. I mean, that’s still our core. So we made sure even in the space to have books here. And actually up here, where this person is standing teaching. I mean, this very faint back here is supposed to resemble books as well. You know, like a wall of books. It’s a it’s a little much more subtle there than here. Yeah, but I agree that was suddenly pretty thoughtful now. Yeah, comes

Unknown Speaker 27:33
through with that.

Speaker 6 27:37
That was actually my favorite rendering is the first one. Because I thought it most immediately conveys the various types of exchanges that happen in a library. But it has the books, it has the objects and technology, it has the interaction between humans. Yeah, I thought it was really nice and inclusive. And although the natural light

Speaker 4 28:08
I mean, I’m really glad you’re seeing all these things, because these are all the things we talked about in this process.

Speaker 3 28:16
So this is just partly my ignorance of how this works. So we’re to city, Pittsburgh, the Bluebook language, but then am I understanding correctly that they also put forth other communications that would include these informational communications that would include these renderings do

Speaker 4 28:35
they will create, like a brochure, it’s more, I mean, it’s really more of a marketing material to encourage people to go vote. So that’s different in the sense that we can include images like this and some other aspects that wouldn’t necessarily be in a blue book, voter guide, it’ll still be information on it’ll still have some of those pieces. But that’s the advantage is you can do things like this. The rep Center also has renderings, so I imagine that will be in that same brochure.

Speaker 3 29:18
So we’re kind of jumping between stuff. A to point B, yeah, their decision, which is just fine. But I guess my question is, after hearing this, still, is there a role for this board within this process, and it sounds like at this point? Not necessarily. But thanks, Susie, I know you had your hand up and had a comment in the chat

Speaker 5 29:54
Okay, thank you. You know, I just John, if this question is more for you Tomorrow when we saw during Oregon’s is on second reading at times we do have somebody from staff presenting, are these slides going to be presented to us? Tomorrow night? I didn’t see it in the packet where there was opportunity for that?

Speaker 4 30:15
I don’t know, I was, I’ll certainly be there wouldn’t be prepared to talk to Jeff about that. I wasn’t given any direction. Okay, and partially because I wasn’t presenting these to the board until tonight.

Speaker 5 30:29
Okay, and, you know, cuz I’m wondering if that would allow, you know, since the price is there, we have long leader times call, you know, opportunities to get this out to the public. And especially since our hands are kind of tied, we can really use that opportunity during Council of public meetings, to say, hey, you know, this is what we’re envisioning, with this, with this ballot initiative. And, you know, to have that opportunity for the public to be able to see this without us really going into, you know, I know, the vampire law. And then he kind of crossing the line on that respect in that regard. So you see, here this public opportunity to be able to share, what what could be if we voted yes. On this on this ballot initiative?

Speaker 4 31:21
Yeah, I mean, I would welcome the opportunity to do that. Okay. All all ask internally how that works? Yeah. If I have.

Speaker 5 31:34
Yeah. And I think in any one of the ballot initiatives, you know, I think that’s a that’s a great opportunity to go share. So yeah, you know, let me know if you feel like, okay, maybe Suzy, you know, can you send an email as well? Yeah, I can do that. I’d be happy to do. Okay. Thank you. Sure.

Speaker 3 31:58
Hey, Susie, that seems like a very strong suggestion. Anything else that you add in terms of this agenda

Speaker 4 32:08
item? No, those those are the two. You know, we’ve talked, we’ve kind of been intertwined. But right, the language that we use, we’re going to share it.

Speaker 3 32:20
Well, I’m really excited to see this on there as a separate ballot item. Any other board comments on this agenda item? All right. Well, let’s go ahead and move forward. Then. One last thing, actually, John, thank you for the summary of the last city council meeting that he sent to us afterwards. That was nice. Oh, sure. Very that update was nice to hear. All right, well, let’s move on to action plan update.

Unknown Speaker 32:54
So I’ll stay on here.

Unknown Speaker 33:03

Speaker 4 33:12
So I, I think at the last meeting, we’ll share our dashboard of the action plan that we created, kind of proceeding here, but not quite. So this is to show kind of where we’re at, I actually changed this again into a new platform, because I realized the one I had, which was a free version didn’t give me enough flexibility. So So I’ve just switched up again. So now I have something that can work with a little bit better, it gives you or in the US everybody a little bit, I think a better view of where we are at with certain things. I’m not going to talk through everything, but I want to address some things that either have been updated or some kind of status of where we are with our action plan. So one of them is a member of this, where it doesn’t have status, but actually really good because it was a security. So in patronized staff security, we have the security cameras. So just an update on that they were installing some of these cameras again, just last week in testing some views. So I feel like this project is very nearing completion where we can test those new cameras and some updated views that we could ask for as part of this project. So a little bit more of a status on that. And then I have to jump back to the board here because I created a new status of on hold you because there’s there’s things that I’m waiting on answers for, which they’re not necessarily in progress, the access to the staff areas, which will be batched access to that, as well as a staff elevator, still waiting on quotes, they have to replace the double doors that go into the admin area in order to do this. And they have to also tell me that the staff elevator is capable of being badged which they think it is, but I haven’t heard back so it’s kind of on hold in that sense. The EDI training for staff, someone on hold in the sense that the leadership team will be meeting with members of the equity team and the city manager and the assistant city manager later in September. And that’s supposed to be more or less a kickoff into future trainings with all library staff on equity, diversity and inclusion, which is something we wanted to do all year, so. So it’s on hold in that sense. But once you get to that meeting, and then we’ll see what was coming up, whether we’ll complete that in the year, we’ll see. But if we get started, we’re going to start. Right so this shelving project in children and teen I found and hired a consultant. To help with that they came and met with myself and my head of children’s and talked about some ideas and things we want to do. They’re basically variable shelving and children’s, it needs to be replaced. It’s been on a project for the last few years to do. So we’re gonna basically clear out all the shelving there and get new shelving. Big project. Yeah. And hopefully we’ll open up some space. I mean, we’re we’re also hoping to make his own flexible by putting some or all of this new shelving on casters so we can be a little more vulnerable of how we use our children’s space. So I’m waiting to hear back other consultants on that I agreed on their proposal, I imagine what’s going on now is they’re looking at vendors and different shelving components, they want to propose

Speaker 4 37:20
the weeding of juvenile nonfiction, which is a big component to the shelving project, because it’s going to allow us to get basically a winnable laudable materials that are just taking up space. The person that was in charge of that is retiring her last day, it’s even next week, or this week, actually. So we’re transferring that to somebody else. So I kind of put it on a hold in the moment. I mean, it still has to get done, obviously, but I’m not sure where who’s gonna take that on in her absence. And then the school district this has been going on before I got here of trying to have student ideas functionals library cards. I’ve done this before in previous jobs, it’s always a challenge. More so for the school district side, because there’s so many student privacy, things that we have to work with. Also just capacity of people in school districts. We have teams of people, we were environments, and we have an entire second IT staff to help with the technology behind it. And which is true that I’m finding here, which has been true everywhere else I’ve been school district doesn’t have the same level of that. So people have are overwhelmed and have too many things to do. And it’s hard to find time to devote to how can we share data and anonymize it and make sure that they can have IDs, they’ve done some testing before and it worked. So we’re just kind of waiting on some schools for people to get back to us on some other schools that we can test with. And then the meeting rooms, the big meeting rooms, and we will open it up to the public in September sometime probably within the by the middle of September. Tracy and I mostly Tracy have been solidifying the policy behind the meeting. Once we, you know, I think as many know they were available to the public a number of years ago, and then obviously COVID will shut everything down. But when we open back up here, the meeting room wasn’t open back up, largely because our own programming took over. So we have plenty of hours in the day where it can be open. So we’ll just we’re just finalizing that policy. We’ll have that back open to the public in September. And you’ve been asked about a lot

Speaker 2 39:47
you just I didn’t realize it wasn’t that good. You just kind of look at what the other city buildings do as a kind of a guidance.

Speaker 4 39:56
hours more so other public library policies regarding the universe It’s not so much within the city. Yeah, we had a policy before, it’s just that it was outdated. And we also have technology behind it that helps us manage it much better before it was all pen and paper bookings. So we’re in a much better spot that technology we use already for our study rooms. And from this room that we have been making available to the public Well, since April. Yeah. Except for when we have this area shut down. But anyway, different different topics. So that’s we’re looking forward to that. And getting that back out to the public and service we need to do. So. computer classes, which is on here somewhere, I think, I don’t know if I have it as completed or still in progress. But that was one of our goals this year was to start teaching having various computer and technology classes for the public. We started those in July, we did two a month, the second and fourth Tuesday’s the first two that we have had had an attendance of 12 or above, which is good, the level holds 20. So good turnout so far. So we’ll keep doing those. We’re talking with another outside agency to collaborate, and they would come in and teach some of these technology classes in Spanish. We always have someone on staff and Spanish for our own classes. But these will be specifically for Spanish speaking classes. I think that’s how it works.

Speaker 4 41:47
No, somebody else, yeah. And then the last thing, which is also inherited in progress, so we’ve wanted to do a library history exhibit here, like a timeline. And so we met one of my staff members who works in reference in library school, she focused on archives. So she has a little bit of knowledge of this plus, we’re working closely with Museum, of course, and we just met with them last week to talk about, we’ll probably do a here on the first floor, it would be a wall display, it’s mostly photos and some clippings, but to kind of get from beginning to current on the library. And they asked me when I would want it done. I said, Well, you know, before November 7 would be awesome.

Speaker 7 42:40
Future with right, we’ll have will have the exhibit and has water now.

Speaker 4 42:49
So yeah, we’ll see what we can do. You know, some of that has dependencies on ordering materials and the museum staffs committed. And I don’t think it’s a huge exhibit, you know, considering the kind of things they do in the music, business, not overwhelming for them. So those are my updates on the action.

Speaker 3 43:12
Thanks, man. I am so glad that that timing of that exhibit, Mike. Oh, yeah. Hey, have you taken talk about this building in context of the population size when built? I gotta say two other questions I’m sure others do as well. And one, I just forgot. This is very pretty curiosity, and probably just shows my ignorance of public libraries. But do you always separate? Is there a collection development department or team? Or do you do individual librarians in adult services or children’s services do the collection

Speaker 4 43:47
in this library, that’s how I’m setting. So there are selectors within the adult services team, there are selectors within their children in team team. And they do their own ordering. So there’s not a collection development department per se. We’ll see how that looks in the future. If we have a multibranch system. You know, it might make more sense to centralize that in a way than we do now. Or it’s controlled by US department. But that’s a ways off.

Speaker 3 44:24
And my other question, which I did remember is, would you mind sharing the medium policy with the spirit, but I think it could be nice for us to know. And I guess along with that, as they’re requested, I’m sure these are somewhere front facing as well. If you want to make sharing the collection, development and display policy, I think it could just be nice for us to have that full picture. Yep. So

Speaker 4 44:45
the collection, development policy and the display program policy are both on the website. Those are the only two we have that are publicly available moment, which is not intentional. It’s just those are the ones that we’ve had ready Now, the meeting room policy will be up there once we have it ready to go. We can share with the board before that.

Speaker 3 45:09
Yeah, once it’s finalized. Yeah. So the chair, it’s very similar to what’s on the website right now with the conference room.

Unknown Speaker 45:16
A little bit. Yeah.

Speaker 4 45:17
Just some differences because it’s bigger and education and technology. We also, it’s in the action plan to there’s there’s a team that’s working on finalizing a computer use policy, which we also are lacking, that will also be publicly available once it’s uploaded.

Speaker 3 45:40
Other questions or comments regarding the action plan?

Unknown Speaker 45:45
Where our policies on the website,

Unknown Speaker 45:47
just look at them there?

Speaker 4 45:50
What you’re having trouble navigating the website? Sorry. It’s allowed us which is at the top? About the library, very top. Hold you there. Yeah, just scroll down. Okay, keep going. There’s a collection development policy in which as well. And there is also the action plan in case you’re still catching up on as a new member. We are our communication, we have mostly a dedicated person for marketing communications for the library, about 90% of she’s not completely redesigned the website, but making a lot of improvements. And there are some things there to help with navigation that I think will go a long way.

Speaker 3 46:47
Other comments or questions? Okay, well, thanks, John. For that update, it’s really helpful for us to get any of the scope of what you’re working on. Let’s move on to reports and information items. And

Unknown Speaker 47:07
I’ll say fake mustache or something.

Speaker 4 47:16
So I don’t have much that specifically to the director report. But I did want to tell you if you didn’t see it, depending where you came in tonight, for those of you that are here, our new extra outside. today. It’s all wrapped up. It’s Yes. So we this library for a number of years, has wanted a bookshop on the outside on the west side of the library. We have five on the east side, and zero on the sort of like the grand entrance plaza. Just so we finally have it. I am hopeful that the facilities team, we’ll have time tomorrow to unpack that and install it. You know, it gets mounted.

Unknown Speaker 48:09
We’re sitting Yeah, that’s weird.

Unknown Speaker 48:11
Right there. That was the one spot I was allowed to have.

Unknown Speaker 48:15
You didn’t have free rein? No, no,

Speaker 4 48:19
no. It’s limited, right. I mean, I didn’t know this until I asked the question. But I’ll give a lot of the plaza. At a certain point, you can tell by the texture of it. That part has heated coils underneath. Oh, I noticed. And so in the winter, if you have no, no, there’s two on that side. And there’s other areas in the city at the Civic Center that have the same thing so that it keeps it dry to a certain point, right. So we can’t drill into that. Ideally, it would have been up there closer to the doorway, and particularly for staff. The other thought was to have a more on street side so that people could do draw, we have that on the side. But it was not going to work here on the site due to a complication. So then we started looking at where the plaza could go. And it was pretty much right there by the cracks. It’s it’s still not a bad location for it and having something there’s better than so the director of it, that’s my biggest thing.

Speaker 3 49:30
I guess the only question I have is just the action plan just made me realize we haven’t checked in a while any security issues or any support that this board can provide in terms of communicating the need for anything security related?

Speaker 4 49:48
I don’t think so. We yeah, there’s really nothing beyond what the board’s already done, which is sort It was important that the for secure areas for staff and getting behind us on that. So that’s, I mean, that carries a lot.

Unknown Speaker 50:10
That’s always incredibly important. So try to every few months asked me about that. Yeah. I agree. Great. Either questions, comments for John, let’s, let’s move on principle I really is.

Speaker 6 50:27
Again, it’s like the timing of the neurons

Speaker 1 50:30
are, are off. So I feel like I’m always

Speaker 6 50:33
in one of the meetings where I feel like I, my information is old from the other meeting. But I know that the friends are, they’re completely gearing up for the September book sale starting September 20. In the process of getting flyers, printed and distributed in various places, they ordered new reusable bags that will be exclusively available for the book sale so that we don’t have to quibble. And, you know, I don’t know is it $5 For this size bag, $5 for this size fan, you know, so it’s just one bag $5, it’s branded with friends logo on it, and

Speaker 6 51:24
beyond that, they’re also really kind of waiting to hear from John or, you know, what they can do to support the ballot initiative. And that’s tricky, their 501 C three, there are certain restrictions to their ability to get involved with advocating or lobbying for legislation, but we’re kind of trying to help them sift through some of the jargon and legalese that’s out there. Because I sense that ultimately, what they want to do is talk to people, they want to write something for the paper, they want to give public commentary, they want to add, sit in the lobby and educate people, you know, ask me about your what library branch can be like, or something like that. And there’s just all of this language about having to do with fundraising, and this things that I just don’t think this group is really going to get into. So we’re trying to figure out, how can we in a nonpartisan way, just equip the public or at least or the Friends of members with information and kind of just start to drum up some excitement around the future of the library, whatever that means it just timed with the election and the ballot initiative, you know, people can make the decisions that they need to make, but to have that potential, be front and center, in people’s minds. That same time would be something I think with the difference grasp.

Unknown Speaker 53:12
Sounds, that sounds nice.

Speaker 3 53:14
Do you think that the council meeting tomorrow would be of interest to that group,

Speaker 6 53:19
um, I can put the call out, I feel really guilty that this would now be like, the third time though saying like, Hey, who’s around tomorrow night, to come and give a heartfelt testimony,

Speaker 3 53:34
or library, but that might not really was a genuine question, rather than a suggestion, because I’m not sure if that would be of interest or not. To that group,

Speaker 6 53:46
it would be and I don’t know how many people would be available. But I know that the intention is there. And I’d love to give a little bit more lead time. Talk about talking points, but maybe we’ll do a little bit of that on Wednesday night. That’s one of the next ones. Meeting isn’t it is on the agenda to discuss, you know, what can we do? Can we talk to

Unknown Speaker 54:18
how far in advance it is in their book sales?

Speaker 6 54:22
Months and months there is a concerted effort to get even better and plan them out even here. So I believe that what will probably happen is for 2024 they will decide on those dates that they’re striving to do that to decide on

Speaker 2 54:45
what I was gonna suggest and I don’t know if they’re looking to like commit expand who knows about the book sales? Well, they are looking for expansion. You have to plan pretty far in advance that the Go catalog, certainly automobiles on wheels. puts out a monthly newsletter. There’s a lot of like client oriented newsletters amongst nonprofits. But then also the Go catalog, the deadlines for the Go catalog are read ticularly for an advanced stuff.

Speaker 6 55:16
That’s an aspiration. That’s something to strive for. I saw the last sale, I saw a bookmark that the friends had made, that had the rest of the sale dates on. And that was like that felt like progress that was different. And then, you know, they’re they’re trying to re animate their social media presence. That’s something I’m helping them with. And even getting those events on Facebook months in advance. Because I know that that’s a question that the friends get constantly is once the next day Oh, I’m not going to be in town for this one months, the next day, right? So to have that cycle, because they are the they’re seasonal. And they don’t do currently do one in the summer. So there’s a fall or winter in the spring. And it’s about the same time. So you can look at the calendar and say, All right, barring an act of God, this is gonna be the day. Let’s just slap it on a right flyer and put it out there because it’s not just the Go catalog, it’s, you know,

Unknown Speaker 56:23
recommended could even carry it.

Speaker 6 56:25
I don’t know. Yeah, I mean, three months out, is about like the cut off for a lot of print publications, you know, even like the boulder area, or Longmont magazine, or any of those calendars that will appear in 2024. Hopefully,

Unknown Speaker 56:48
that will do that. Post pandemic extension. Well, yeah, right now, word of mouth is the number one

Speaker 6 57:00
best, most effective tool for those sales among educators among booksellers? Yeah, all kinds of people come out for those sales. And they look forward to the next one. So

Speaker 3 57:20
So I guess, two comments, and I’m sure that this is already planned, but I, I imagined that friends would also appreciate seeing the renderings. And also, thank you, Jamie, for jumping in wholeheartedly into this role as a new board member in the front Saison is much appreciated. Other questions or comments? Any? Right, let’s see, to be comfortable.

Speaker 5 57:55
Well, yeah, I, I was gonna bring up that we’re hearing the ballot initiatives on secondaries. I already spoke to that. Yeah. So even if it’s, you know, if you all can’t attend, if there’s other people in our networks, who are passionate about this, you know, definitely have them come and speak or, or show their support. You know, going back, I think Jamie was the opportunity for friends to get involved. They could possibly write letters to the editor, yes, or the times call the TC line in the touch call. I know it’s shorter, but then they don’t have to necessarily put their name to it. If they want to go to that to the TC line. I don’t know how many words It permits, but it’s a lot shorter than your than your regular op eds. Um, the other thing I wanted to bring to your attention was, is that in September, the 15th, it’s a Friday from 10 to 11, the museum is launching their capital campaign for their expansion. One of the things that we did, to kind of concise the ballot initiatives, you know, and hope of having success in the passing was to kind of move the museum piece off of it, and they the board move forward in supporting a capital campaign. So one of the things that, you know, I thought is that as a community, we can rally and support the museum on that effort. So and that so that kickoff will be at the museum courtyard from 10 to 11. So definitely keep an eye on the on the website and let let folks know that they can donate to that as well. And one of the things last Thursday, I am the liaison to the neighborhood groups leadership Association and GLA And one something that’s come come up, I’ve received a lot of emails and concerns about was the underpass under Boston bridge? So as you know, the flood recovery, this September will be 10 years. There, you know, we were acquiring federal federal monies for the RSVP. So the resilient, safe rain project through the army Army Corps. So yeah, so the United States Army Corps of Engineers, acquiring federal funding, there were a lot of delays. But they they started doing renovations under the bridge, so that Trailway is close to the districts and cyclists. So that’s over my left hand brewery year, I think it’s Rogers growth. So and that is expected to not be completed until the summer of 2025. Oh, yeah. So, you know, I’ve been in contact with Bill Greenwald for transportation. And Jimmy said, from public works, you know, trying to make sure that we get alternate routes and detours for pedestrians and people who are dependent on bicycles as a primary source of transportation. So real, really making sure that we have that out to the public. So something you know, you can, you know, spread, help spread the word on it, they can even look up on the website, just search, Boston Avenue bridge replacement. And it’ll have the details on there, as well as detour routes. So that might be it’s not really library related, but it is pertinent information in our community. So I wanted to get that out there. And I wrote, do you had any questions for me

Speaker 1 1:02:00
is, that’s crazy, because that other section of the bike path has been closed for years and years, too?

Speaker 5 1:02:07
Yes. So a lot of it were dependent on it. What I was learning is federal federal funding, getting that those funds allocated and then doing the, you know, making meeting those timelines for contracting individuals, like there were a lot of moving parts and trying to get it all coincide together. Yeah. And we had last was it last year or the year before we passed the the expansion so that RSVP to expand beyond hoever. To for that, for that to be done, then it’s taken a lot longer than what we had wanted anticipated it

Unknown Speaker 1:02:49
to be so.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
Sure, that’s all I have spiritual.

Speaker 3 1:03:00
Questions or comments for Susie? All right. Well, moving on, or next agenda item is library profession news. And he exists Ed, this is a standing agenda item. That’s just John, of course, that the rest of us in different capacities pay attention to the greeter library world. So if anyone has read anything interesting, or has any updates, how would be the time to share I don’t have anything new, or there’s been a few somewhat sad news items related to public library and being part of Wyoming. Some schools in Texas taking libraries out and you still taking libraries out of that school district. And so that actually, the librarian meiomi made me think that it was probably good for this board to to understand our collection development policies, like the display policies and so on. But otherwise, I don’t have any large these items on our menu right on one trusting

Speaker 4 1:03:59
maybe the if you’re not aware of the board should be aware. The the new American Library Association president and that’s that changes. The person that was elected last year, and now they took office in July. And the person once the term started, well, actually was last year, I think, on their own personal Twitter account. celebrating the fact that they were elected as a president, and they made the statement of how wonderful it is, and this is not so much of a direct quote, but you get the idea how wonderful it is that an LGBTQ plus Marxist is now president of ALA. And this is getting this has been getting a lot of attention. I haven’t seen too much in Colorado, but I can tell you like the state of Montana, basically. I withdrew their association with ala because of it. There’s other states doing similar things to cities and cities, it’s just all over the place. I can tell you that I while one of the times I wasn’t here, I received a fairly lengthy email from a citizen concerned about that, that this person was identifying themselves. So Mark system, what does the city spend for membership? And ALA, you know, things like that? You know, I, anyway, it’s something for people to know, I think that the President that said, that has since written about that, and just says, you know, it’s, those views don’t represent what ala does at all, you know, Italy has certain missions, and, you know, so in some ways, explaining themselves unnecessarily apologizing. But it’s just, it’s just something to know. And since I did receive a call from it, I figured proportion, though, that’s kind of out there. You know, with with the bad stuff that goes on in library land, like censorship, and all the things like that. And now this is sort of a new thing, and or the latest addition to something that someone’s unhappy about. But in general, Colorado, say long, Minh, there’s not a whole lot of trouble that I’ve experienced this. I’ve been director, I mean, I’ve had a couple of bugs or display challenges since I’ve been here. Certainly, in June, during pride month, I had, I had some citizen opinions on things that we were doing. And this person also shared that too, since this person was also identifies as LGBTQ plus, they spent half of their message talking about Marxism, and the other half talking about LGBTQ and wondering what we are doing to protect our children. So you know, that those are some conversations that go on, but knock on wood, you know, I think long one so far has been pretty a reasonable community, at least from my experience, but there’s, you know, they’re there. And so it’s something to be aware of, and you, you know, certainly my standpoint, is standing behind our collection, development policy to your point and our display program policy and everything that ala Dustan. For that we also follow such as intellectual freedom. And, you know, we are here to serve all of LA and I will stand behind. So as my staff

Speaker 3 1:07:54
other comments, I don’t speak I want to bring up because then I really appreciate that in that it’s a really great point for the sport to understand what’s going on. reaction to it. Wait library board comments. Your next

Speaker 1 1:08:21
just for fun chair. I was in Indianapolis last week at a national legislative conference. So kind of outside of the conference, I went to the Indiana State Library and just like walked around, the folks having them there before they have a lot of really big murals and stained glass. And it’s it’s pretty neat place to just kind of walk around and see their collections. But one of the things I saw and was leaving at the front desk, because they have like an Indiana State Library passport. And so you can kind of like download it on your phone using a QR code. And then they you can like bring up photos. I didn’t download the full app, but just from the one pager, you can kind of learn about each of the libraries and the different services they have. And it looks it just looks really cool and interactive. And so it seems like it’d be a multi library effort that maybe could be done on a smaller scale or, but it just seems like a cool way to kind of interact and learn about libraries. So

Speaker 3 1:09:22
that’s really cool. I spend some time in Indianapolis in Indiana, sometimes personally. So it’s also great to know about the C library.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:28
I love that. Yeah. That sounds like a good service project and one of my students, right yeah. Yeah, I can email you the flyer.

Speaker 3 1:09:49
Every word comments well being our next scheduled September 18, and at this point Pay 31 Good and adjourn the meeting

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