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Season 2

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In the Season 2 Premier of King Penny’s Podcast, we’re sitting with Roger Dinardi, a musician in every sense of the word. Roger is a one-man band: he sings, he produces, he plays instruments, he does it all. A true lover of music, Roger shares his perspective on creating music, the universality of music, and how he uses music to connect with people. Roger also opens up about a devastating experience: his partial hearing loss. Listen as he shares how he lost his hearing, his initial reaction, and how that experience ultimately propelled him forward. We discuss the mindset it took to overcome this obstacle and turn it into fuel and motivation for chasing his dreams. As Roger says, this will not be the thing that stops him. Join us as we kick off Season 2 with this truly inspiring story. Subscribe @kingpennyssupplementcompany on YouTube

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@mr.Transistor on Instagram
@roger.dinardi on Instagram

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