Art in Public Places – July 2023

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Art in Public Places – July 2023

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Speaker 1 0:00
Are you going to order at 557 Move? Because everybody’s here. And Laurel, do the roll call animala Teresa, Stephanie Iris is not here so it’s well 12 day cruise. Jennifer Melanie Nettie is here Danielle Susan many and Iris must be alright. Do we have a quorum? Yeah, we’re good. Okay. And then public invited here. Oh, look at this. Hey, she’s back. Do you need it? Just pull up a chair

Unknown Speaker 1:12
it’s my kid that’s fly fishing and then you go later

Unknown Speaker 1:18
Oh, I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:26
sorry Susan thank you can you agenda

Unknown Speaker 1:42
Oh. Oh, that’s okay.

Speaker 2 1:47
Putting it in front of my face so I don’t Oh

Unknown Speaker 2:02
great. You’re working on that during the meetings?

Speaker 3 2:14
Origin using the rest for a sock. One sock or two, two socks. No. socks that are mismatched. Because we cannot ever keep them straight anyway, like we always didn’t want him to air so that was great. Because it really made to be just snatched back to the agenda. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:39
Audrey, they’re going to show up.

Speaker 4 2:41
They they’re intending to show up but they said they would be like,

Speaker 1 2:45
Okay, we’ll just bump that until we have someone to hurt.

Speaker 4 2:50
Well, we can take it down to commissioners comments at the end of the meeting. We want to Yes, of course.

Unknown Speaker 2:57
Then we have a desk Marlon

Unknown Speaker 3:00

Speaker 1 3:08
Okay, so the June 15 minutes. Any corrections? Anybody look at it?

Unknown Speaker 3:17
I did.

Unknown Speaker 3:18
I did too.

Unknown Speaker 3:19
I’ll look good to me and

Unknown Speaker 3:20
jhotwara Excellent.

Unknown Speaker 3:23

Unknown Speaker 3:30
they just leave there’s no place for me to

Unknown Speaker 3:37
go reel it in.

Unknown Speaker 3:46

Unknown Speaker 4:03
This could be the same doodle side of the table

Unknown Speaker 4:13
it’s on. It was on No. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 4:18
Yep. All right.

Speaker 1 4:20
I need to get close. So I need a motion to approve the minutes. Second, Stephanie, in second by Pamela. All in favor of I remember this. So additions and corrections to the agenda?

Speaker 4 4:40
Yes. We’re going to remove 12 B which if you have an agenda that I just printed out and I could see it okay, because I’m ruining it. And I do think that we should add instead, the equity training that Jennifer Are Laura and myself attended? Which there is going to be another one? Come? August. New business equity? Yes, please. Be informed. So that’s my problem. And I don’t think you asked me which one it is.

Speaker 1 5:21
Okay. All right Council comments. He had his knee replaced last week, so and he has lost his father.

Unknown Speaker 5:33
So he’s,

Unknown Speaker 5:36
he’s messy. So

Speaker 4 5:40
I did send a card on behalf of the museum in our public places, because as you know, his father was instrumental in establishing this program for the city. So our department thinks in the 80s, so pretty massive loss for the community. And I wish I could tell you more, but I just don’t know. And if I can find the obituary, I’m happy to share it.

Speaker 1 6:04
So I have well, I have it. Do you have a paper? Right? Also have it? I’m sure. Yeah.

Speaker 5 6:19
If he was instrumental in putting this making us happen, is there something more we can do to commemorate him?

Speaker 6 6:31
Maybe at a later date, if we think about it for a while, I can’t come up with anything right off the top of my head.

Speaker 7 6:39
The next big project we have like perhaps, yeah, we have selection panel or whatever we can have one thing be in honor of so

Speaker 6 6:45
yeah, yeah, that would be good. Yeah, something

Unknown Speaker 6:50
we’re open to discuss.

Unknown Speaker 6:55
I mean, there’s always education.

Unknown Speaker 6:58
Sure, we can mention that the dedication?

Unknown Speaker 7:01
That’s there’s a lot going on that dedication. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 7:05
Our project? Yeah.

Speaker 1 7:07
They think that you know what, I think that the executive team can talk about that. We have our meeting. Okay, so on to number seven shockers, which is going strong. Investors, we have about between seven and 800 ballots so far.

Speaker 4 7:33
So yes, it’s working. Like I didn’t have a problem with it. My husband didn’t have a problem with it, the comms team was not having problems with it. And then there are random people that call us and they’re like, we can’t figure it out. So every time we get an inquiry of someone who’s having a problem, we just tell them to email us. And that’s how we’re receiving it and making it fair, if we, it’s not going to be that way that there’s a direct line of receiving the same information, then we have to cut online altogether, because it can’t be us united states voting where people are like questioning if voting is legitimate. And all those things, we already have enough challenges as it is to legitimize. So. But yes, I think we’ve come up with a creative solution that’s working. And but we still look at you are but I mean, I don’t know what the problem is, the only thing I can figure is because we’ve reused the same template, that maybe there’s a ghost in

Unknown Speaker 8:33
the machine, or

Speaker 4 8:37
something. It’s a Survey Monkey. It’s like so many other things that come into a browser, like cache and cookies, and all those things that like, you know, sometimes using your phone versus a desktop, we found desktop works better. But not everybody has access to a desktop. So their phone is usually the thing they use, or recruiting, we publish it on Facebook, and then I also on our web page, QR code at the voting in person so that it would jump to the survey monkey on the web page is on the web page. Not the QR code, QR code on the web page that takes you straight to what Let’s find it. Yeah.

Speaker 1 9:24
So I’ve been entering names and really, if I spend more than two minutes trying to decipher somebody’s name or email, I just put it aside because I don’t have time. Also, sometimes kids can not count to five and I had one last night that had 10 been circled. A lot lots of people that only vote for one thing and like

Unknown Speaker 9:59
you Oh no, I’m not going to count this on this one.

Speaker 4 10:05
As long as we can say Hello, we are full groups come on up to the table shocker. In the back you got

Speaker 4 10:21
Yeah, this is not normally our ammo. So we’re

Speaker 7 10:25
okay. Yeah. I haven’t gotten any more Allen’s yet but there it is. Okay, let’s see shock our voting. There we go run to the survey.

Unknown Speaker 10:37

Unknown Speaker 10:44

Unknown Speaker 10:45
this is last year no, no this this year.

Speaker 1 10:47
And it’s just, if it’s like last year, it’s just randomize. So every time you

Speaker 4 10:56
it’s in a different order. So you go to 23 shops are all in and it says online voting portal can be visited by finding your yard sale, www backslash, R backslash shop art 2023. You go into it. And it pops up, it asks you your information, would you like your E newsletter, and as soon as you start, you can pop open what it looks like, or straight down? And like, for some browsers, it’s working absolutely fine, just like that. Yeah, exactly. And in some browsers, supposedly, you clicked a vote on one of them. And it didn’t shuffles and some weird happens from what every browser in every

Speaker 7 11:43
so click on the sale sides of one of them so I can see what happens. It opens up. These are beautiful.

Speaker 4 11:50
I took the pictures, but I didn’t have the background. So Tom’s team went back. Well, they look beautiful. It really, I mean, the titles are cool. There’s only so much we can to with, with available resources and staff time at execute this. And this will beg the question, and frankly, not at this meeting, but another the online voting was born out of COVID Inappropriate anymore? I, I don’t know the answer. So I put that being nirvanic for you to think about as we go through this. When we start quantifying the ballots and participation, we can pull analytics, if he’s participating from online versus in person in town, how much of the online is from out of town, I can tell you is the majority or minority in fact, more people are voting it from in town, online versus out of town. But that balance of in person versus online? I don’t know, I can’t tell you. But we can pull out all the numbers, look at the data and you can make an informed decision. But this always, in every year, people have so many questions about online. And it’s fairness and you know, and then of course, the the taskforce will be charged with going through checking our in person ballots versus and against our online balance and making really hard decisions about throwing them out when they’re, you know, multiple IP addresses that vote vote vote well over and over again with it, you know, different email, there’s clear cues when people are trying to stop violence. And those are the decisions that the task force has to make sure. So anyway, but here it is. And if I can get it again, the comm seen myself, Laura, a number of staff members have spent far too much time problem solving this. And it’s working fine for everyone who’s ever tried it. So

Speaker 6 13:54
I like to go into person anyway. I mean, it was really a bummer. And I couldn’t get out. I do it online, but I really like to see him in person. Yeah. And I

Speaker 4 14:06
think, yeah, so. And I don’t know, in the past, my predecessor, they did a postcard that like you could vote and drop off at the museum that had pictures and then but that was I think before we had 33 entries. But that was before

Speaker 1 14:26
we send out a postcard since I started this 20 years before that. Yeah, but we sent out a postcard with the winners.

Speaker 6 14:36
All right, I get those for sure. Yeah, I didn’t get those

Speaker 3 14:40
now. Anyway, lots of think about okay.

Unknown Speaker 14:45
So notice on the July 8 event,

Speaker 4 14:49
yeah, so Angela, and I split our time. I took the first half and I worked with Teresa, and then Jennifer arrived And, and then I left when Angela got there, it was kind of a crummy day. So we had like kind of influx of people coming in and out, depending on how nice it was outside. But for the most part, we did get a fair amount of people to engage because we said, hey, hi. Would you like to vote? Slash? I said, Do you have an opinion on art? Come on in?

Speaker 6 15:25
We have a lot of people at the end. Yeah. Yeah, we really did.

Speaker 4 15:32
Yeah, it’s just funny. giving permission to people and or just asking them, Hey, do you want to vote? Do you have five minutes? Like, oh, yeah, of course. Like,

Unknown Speaker 15:42
it just carries.

Speaker 4 15:43
Yeah, most of the time. So I think the event went well. I didn’t really notice anything that was affected by the Artwalk, per se. Yeah, I mean, I’ve been going every so often to drop new ballots off and then fixing the boxes. But I think it’s been going okay. We are done this Saturday. And so I was wondering if anybody had time to pop over to see if they can get the last rallying votes in school? If you don’t? I will. You’ll do it. And I don’t have a sign up for it right now. But it would be nice to just kind of have a little bit of grassroots, from three to six. Yeah, however long you want to do it for. But yeah, I think it would be super helpful to get our last votes in and actually voting ends at four. So you can really just do

Speaker 6 16:34
two. Okay, I’ll do Yeah, or maybe one to four. Whatever. Yeah. Okay. It stops at four. Okay. All right. I kind of like hustling people, one, getting them to

Speaker 4 16:48
vote again. Sometimes just saying, Hey, do you want to do this? Yeah, I’ll do it. If you don’t say anything, and they’ll just walk by it and get their boba tea and be gone.

Speaker 1 16:57
I wonder if maybe next year, we can change the valve a little bit to say because people are really confused about that. And, oh, I

Unknown Speaker 17:11
have a space that says I’m a kid. They

Speaker 1 17:13
just like little X Box. I just worry about other people taking advantage that I know. But maybe if we

Speaker 3 17:21
can you tell them with the handwriting sometimes.

Speaker 1 17:24
Sometimes you can’t sometimes mom builds it up. But sometimes you can tell is there

Unknown Speaker 17:30
is there a reason why we need to?

Speaker 1 17:33
Well, kids generally don’t have email addresses, or they have their mothers who had meals. So mom comes in with six kids, and then you have seven of the same email addresses and those will get thrown out. That’s why we have a column that says to click for it being a kid, but for some reason they’ve been writing I’m a kid on my email address. And that’s

Speaker 4 17:56
because I told them to when we’re in person, I’m like your kid, instead of email, right? I’m a kid not really used the Angelus kid and Joe’s kid and like,

Speaker 1 18:07
that works really well. But I don’t know we can talk about it. But yeah, just something about because yeah, some of them you just just can’t stop. Yeah. Okay. I can be there on the 24th. For sure. Maybe on the 22nd.

Speaker 4 18:28
Definitely for you on the 24th. And we’re going to do it at 10. Yet I moved to the pickup to temporary Derby

Speaker 1 18:36
for picking up the table. Yeah, we’ve seen here on the boxes. And the butcher paper.

Speaker 6 18:45
I’ll try to I’ll try and commit Tim, I definitely will help set up for the butterfly. And we’ll get

Speaker 4 18:52
there. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s different. Okay, so before we go any further not to interrupt you, but maybe we should revert back to public invited to be heard before we move on to customers choice if that was okay with you. Yeah, Madam Chair.

Speaker 5 19:08
So when you’re sitting at the butterfly, we’re talking about the bitter pill.

Unknown Speaker 19:13
Shocker. We’ll get there. We’re

Unknown Speaker 19:15
not there yet.

Unknown Speaker 19:16
Okay. Tell me when we’re there. Okay. Well.

Unknown Speaker 19:19
All right. So should we go back?

Speaker 1 19:24
Yes, yes. Let’s go back to public invited to be heard. I assume this

Unknown Speaker 19:28
is odd. This is right. Do you want to introduce yourself and say how we met

Speaker 8 19:35
Okay, so I’m Audrey Atkinson. I have a day job of a realtor but I I also did a big fan of art in public places. My entire adult life and I see the importance of it. I saw Angeles days we were getting to know each other. I was a working musician for many years, and so on art is very, very important to me and I know what it does to apply Have the soul. So to that end, rather than write a song about it, I’m going to tell a different kind of story. I’m just going to start filming a documentary about it’s gonna focus on the shock art, but I’m also going to film you know, some muralist at work and, you know, some of the statues that we have in town and things of that nature. But yeah, so basically, it’s just going to be a love letter to the our faces

Unknown Speaker 20:30
clarified or whatever it is, that needs to be cleared by no

Speaker 4 20:32
one, no independent documentaries. I said, you know, we’re an open book is an open meeting. And so she doesn’t have to be clear. No, you know, what, oh, you just, it’s outside of our realm and darkness public artists people.

Speaker 8 20:51
As, as I get on, and everyone gets to know me a little better and start, hopefully to trust me if, if there’s ever an opportunity for me to like, film one of these meetings or something like that. I would love to do that. With with no promise that it would make it into the final. You know, yeah. But yeah, this is this is not going to be like gotcha journalism. This is a

Unknown Speaker 21:14
suggestion. Sean

Speaker 3 21:15
McCoy is our council liaison, but his father was instrumental in starting.

Unknown Speaker 21:21
Yeah, talk with Sean. I will talk with Sean Absolutely.

Speaker 4 21:27
Great. Marla, you’re invited Weaver to

Unknown Speaker 21:31
hey, I’m super excited when I’m in town to come to this because

Speaker 7 21:36
I lived for many years in Fort Worth, which is a big public space for art, and started studying it in the 80s. So I love what y’all are doing. Super exciting.

Speaker 4 21:52
Thank you for coming back. Awesome. All right. With that, should we cut film? See if you guys move on to commissioners choice? Yeah, yes, yes. All right.

Unknown Speaker 22:06
So are we like,

Speaker 4 22:08
Nope, we’re just not allowing this to be. Because I can’t come easy under contract with these people for us. And

Unknown Speaker 22:16
I know, I know.

Unknown Speaker 22:20
And I’ll let you know when we can come back.

Unknown Speaker 22:23
Now while we’re at the butterfly, okay. And Angela is going to talk about it. By all means,

Speaker 5 22:33
what I want to say is why don’t we take the long run bus and we all get on it and go to the Butterfly Pavilion, as a group of commissioners,

Speaker 6 22:44
because it’s a lot easier for me to just drive to blocks and to drive all. Well, we can meet you there. Yeah, I know we live together. So yeah, so it’s a lot easier for me to just go.

Speaker 4 23:03
But if there is a group, I don’t know, the bus schedule. Do you know the bus schedule every hour? Does it is there a drop off right

Unknown Speaker 23:11
by itself?

Speaker 5 23:12
Yeah, maybe I was thinking about, about oh, then about?

Speaker 4 23:20
Yes. So while that is a lovely sentence. And I would love to take the van and

Unknown Speaker 23:30
drive to be the school bus driver.

Speaker 4 23:32
We will also have four tents and at least three tables. And I have Stanley Cups. And I just don’t see the availability here. Although I can ask one of my city partners, my museum staff partners. And I will inquire and I will let you know by noon on Tuesday. At noon on Tuesday, I will let you know if I can get a aipp It’s fun designated shuttle leaving from here in the museum. It would leave at 3:30pm and it would take you to the dedication. So you can be there in time to Blad here and say thank you to the mayor and all of that. And then dedication will be from five until 6pm and then it will bring you home that between 530 and six back to the museum sound good? Yeah, I will do my best Laurel excellent suggestion. Although, while it cannot be made, or Maura because we’re

Unknown Speaker 24:49
loving Yeah. What time do I

Unknown Speaker 24:52
yell? Yes, you will be there.

Unknown Speaker 24:54
Yeah, what time do you need set up?

Speaker 4 24:57
So Laura and I are going to be there We’re at two o’clock between K to DC. I think that’s when we were doing certain setting. Yeah. So we’re gonna have to figure out if we can park does everybody know the site? Or do you want to pull it up? Yeah. So on the west side of where Flanders Park is, there’s a walk through to the neighborhood. We’re probably going to park right there, not in the bike lane or just very shortly in the bike lane, to then schlep schlep schlep all the stuff out of my car, and then set up tents and tables, it’ll probably take us an hour, and then one of us will probably have to run back to the museum to get the refreshments. Which the refreshments Thank you very much. Taskforce decided on Mexican fruit cups with like, heckuva and mango and melon with tahini on top. Oh, no. And then also a either crude a regular fruit go American is American American. Imagine that it’s gonna be it’s not it’s it’s fruit and fruit

Unknown Speaker 26:09
is good, especially in this way. We got

Speaker 4 26:11
we got bids. And when we went with a I think a very reasonable cost per unit. Or yeah, not not bad. And also, they do a good job. So I know. Yeah. So are we good? And then water.

Unknown Speaker 26:25
Okay. Sure. So I

Unknown Speaker 26:27
just have to mention, I won’t be able to do that. Okay. Class. Okay. I’ll come in. No,

Speaker 4 26:34
there you go. Yeah. But if you can come to the dedication. Again, the remarks will start at 5pm. I will figure out the shell piece of it. But backing up just a little bit. If you have not been over there. Thank goodness, thank you very much for the rain. And thank you for stopping the rain. So we can pour concrete. So concrete got poured stamps are in think that they look very nice. The concrete contractor who knows all about concrete stamping did a good job. I don’t know it’s easy to be critical of those kinds of things. But then again, like what would I have done would have probably been gaudy and too much. So I think they were very thoughtful. And it was lovely. You know, it’s a small pavilion. It’s not a giant pavilion. So we’re underwhelmed. The concrete sizes, just I don’t know, like 11 inches.

Speaker 9 27:31
Yeah, small, little thing I have

Speaker 1 27:35
concerns that with the benches inside with the seats inside, that you won’t be able to get a wheelchair into the doors. It’s

Speaker 4 27:47
supposed to be ATA compliant. And so come Monday when we are installing, rubbers gonna meet the road. And I’ll be there all day lifting and schlepping, and fork lift drive in and all of the things so yeah, we’ll see how it goes. That said, we’re starting at 9am from 9am. Probably till about 11 is likely going to be strategy and figuring out how we’re going to do what we’re about to do. There’ll be a lot of drilling, and glue drying takes time. Those kinds of pieces. But I need site monitors. So that is on the signup genius for all the volunteer opportunities, you would want to bring shade, you will want to bring chair he will want to bring water and your snacks and all things. But really just we’re going to coordinate off the site and and basically say, you know, please don’t go within this area. And here’s what’s going on. And you can expect this then the other thing here are some invitations to the event. So that said, once we get it installed, I’ll take pictures and send it to you. Yeah, at this point in time. It’s, I don’t know. 18 inch bench is you know, a big bench but it’s easier to the whole thing is ADA compliant. So it should it should measure out.

Speaker 6 29:14
Yeah, there has to be 36 inches between inches.

Unknown Speaker 29:18
It doesn’t work that way. Best goes around.

Speaker 1 29:20
I’m just worried about the corner the bench,

Speaker 4 29:25
but we’ll see. We will see. So luckily, the design has been through structural engineering. It’s been through risk management. It’s been through ADA compliant. Like all the people who stay up and do these kinds of things. Blast it and it’s on its way so it’ll be what it is.

Unknown Speaker 29:44
So the pieces are all completed and it’s just going to be

Unknown Speaker 29:47
assembled on site.

Unknown Speaker 29:49
So you need to sign up for the Monday

Speaker 4 29:51
the 24th Yes, so Okay, so while Laura and team are breaking down shock art, I will be at Flanders park with a In the artist, her art handler, our art handler, equipment will be moving plywood. So as we bring the forklift onto the site, we have new site and even if we didn’t have any sod, we’d be doing it anyway to disperse the weight of the 17,000 from forklift. So we have to be basically taking plywood and putting it in front. And like moving it around, takes forever. And yeah, it’s just gonna be Yeah, it’s a construction site is what it will be.

Speaker 1 30:28
This facade going to be ready. Sounds good. Okay, so But usually, it’s like two weeks before they want you to walk out who said it will be routed and loved. Okay, cool. Excellent.

Speaker 4 30:41
We’re in good. I think we’re in good shape. Volunteers lots for Monday, not talking about Friday, our two hour slots, nine to 1111 to 11233 to five. So just FYI.

Speaker 1 30:56
Okay. There’s, there’s like no participants just sitting in a chair, watching them do the work and handing out invitations, anybody who walks by and says what’s going on, they’re making

Speaker 4 31:05
sure that the person who says what’s going on here is having the view and not to me. Yeah, and there, there are a lot of people that walk around that park. So they’re looking and gawking. And, you know, you just say hey, you know, well, in the morning, which you don’t have to, you don’t have to double dip. That’s fine. But yeah, I’m we’re going to be doing that. Angela’s going to be doing the hard work. And then we’re going to come, I’m going to combine with my water and probably some snacks and be like, Oh, hi.

Unknown Speaker 31:33
It’s your infinite

Speaker 4 31:34
art installation, art installation days, like it’s my Christmas, actually. But it is. It’s gonna be problem solving and

Speaker 7 31:45
problem solving, or as I like to call it puzzle solving. Right.

Speaker 4 31:51
So and then, our program is set. Carmen Ramirez is going to be the emcee of our program. It goes from Carmen to talking to Janice, who is the president of Longmont, Sister Cities Association of Janice is going to then introduce Susan. Susan is going to be speaking on behalf of Martin COVID. much, Susan, and then Susan is going to introduce the mayor, Mayor pack is going we then need to slow down a little bit. Oh, you don’t need to take all of this. Yeah, no, no, no. I’ll send you the program to Mayor pack is going to then do the dedication. And she’s going to introduce the mayor of CDOT Guzman, who is in town Oh, wow. He will probably say a couple of words. And oh, actually, and then Mayor pack is going to think bunch people then introduce the mayor of Tucson. And then the In conclusion, either Courtney Michelle, the vice chair of sister cities or two students who have potentially poof participated in an exchange, we’ll be reading the poem that Courtney, Michelle wrote for Sister Cities five years ago, and the entire thing is going to be in English and Spanish simultaneously. So English will be spoken and then the translator who is from Sister Cities will then be translating immediately into Spanish. So

Speaker 9 33:21
program will be English and correct

Speaker 4 33:26
everything bilingual. So So in brief, that’s what you’re looking at. I’m you know, we’re trying to move it along. But usually dedication starts at five at five, the event starts at four, but the dedication where Microsoft bring your own chair, or in your bucket or your umbrella or all those things. So action items I have is to figure out a shuttle and if I can pull that off if I did, who would participate on a shuttle at 330 from here from the museum. Anybody oral Alright, I will see if then there will be other people who are joining lightshow imagine that there might be might okay, I’m writing your apps probably need to be there. There’s limited parking. So carpooling is great.

Unknown Speaker 34:26
By the tennis courts and just walk over Yeah, you got

Speaker 4 34:29
away and you will be Oh, don’t park there. I wouldn’t. And do not park in a bike lane. That is Wait, it’s law.

Speaker 1 34:38
Just FYI. Sister Cities, estimated 130 and 150 people they’re bringing Okay, lots of kids. So that parking lot is going to completely fill up.

Speaker 9 34:51
I wonder if if you did a shuttle PGRN Sister Cities no and people put Call me

Unknown Speaker 35:04
Yeah, I can investigate that there’ll be a stop downtown. Like yeah, I mean, we can just make up show. Let’s do it guys

Speaker 4 35:17
do shuttles. All right. A shuttle. Okay, so a shuttle with a stop at the museum. And if it were to be somewhere else, where where else would it stuck something

Speaker 7 35:30
like 14 Could made or 14 from Kinberg or something?

Unknown Speaker 35:36
Like suggest? Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 4 35:38
Rosie, how about Rosa? What about what are the Memorial Building? Okay, so it’s a museum and the memorial building. And it’ll be a shuttle. And they will leave at 330. Maybe it would just be one for each. And there’ll be a red shell and a push up and it’ll be I don’t know, I’ll figure it out. Okay. I cannot promise this, I will do my best. It was a very excellent suggestion as we would never even thought about and these are the things we need to be thinking about. Okay,

Speaker 7 36:11
her sister cities bringing 130 people thought about a

Unknown Speaker 36:18
lot of communicate to them.

Unknown Speaker 36:21
Yeah, this option

Unknown Speaker 36:23
to show how big is the show? 40 seats.

Unknown Speaker 36:28

Unknown Speaker 36:29
Oh, so there’s very limited, the shuttle isn’t that big?

Speaker 4 36:34
Like, what? Seven or 10 cars depending on how many

Speaker 3 36:39
Safeway, seven teams, right and Hoeber which is relatively close. And then keep there’s plenty of parking there. And then people could hop on you could make a little trip come back.

Speaker 4 36:51
Yeah, let me see like a parking problem. And the closer installation might you might challenge with like coming up with creating a shuttle situation is I’m I’m representing the city and me just like going to Safeway and being like, hey, Safeway, I’m using your parking lot. It probably was more of a conversation than me being able to do the more building and museum. Like that’s an that’s for a fairly heavy lift. That that is easier for me, but I will investigate. I mean, there’s the memorial building the museum are still fairly close. Right? There’s

Speaker 3 37:25
the ballpark up there. Two Oh. acres. So there’s lots of parking there. So you know, okay, that’s just there. Other if you wanted to show 130 people, you don’t want to come all the way back to museum every time? Yeah. Right. I mean, I think

Speaker 1 37:46
that they, I think that it’ll be like they’ll have cars, the families that ahead. But I’m just saying that there’s going to be a lot of people there. The parking lot is going to fill up. What about the parking lot by the powerplant there? That’s

Unknown Speaker 38:02
so tiny. Yeah. What’s the phone call? On 66?

Unknown Speaker 38:08
That’s a heroin

Unknown Speaker 38:13
either, and

Unknown Speaker 38:17
it’s a long last one.

Speaker 4 38:19
All right. Well, it is certainly worth investigating. And yeah, let me see what I can do. Don’t shrug your shoulders? Great. Excellent. We need to consider multimodal, we’ve got to consider Yeah, it’s a very, very valid point. And I and I will do everything I can to make some happen. But I am going to have to lean on other staff members, because I myself will not be able to do it. And typically, if it’s just if it’s just us, like we could totally nail it, but

Speaker 9 38:52
and what time would you like to Susan 330. He will come earlier, come on. Do you want to add or do you want me to help you here and schlepped stuff from the museum that you’re taking?

Speaker 4 39:09
Loading isn’t a problem? It’s unloading. So if you want to be there as early as 230, that would be amazing. Yes, please. Sorry. Any other questions related to Butterfly Pavilion fun, and I wish I could I don’t speak Spanish. I wish I could say what it is will also be there. All right.

Speaker 1 39:42
All right. Melanie actually speak so in the end, the volunteers for site monitoring. The sign up is in a survey monkey that

Speaker 4 39:52
sign up. Yeah, I sent an email just on Monday with the agenda. We’ll resend it yeah. So, okay,

Unknown Speaker 40:02
so you could sit there

Unknown Speaker 40:05
and talk to people. Fish.

Speaker 1 40:10
Yeah. So I’m trying to get there. Next time the agenda is the project of the unity GWS project was to

Speaker 4 40:19
AWS is growing Water Smart. Growing Water Smart is the turf reclamation project. Okay City is doing so. There there has been some headway there. So the day after our dedication we will be having an event then Xinxin Park, yes, but really it is going to be hopefully meet the artists Mario has not confirmed but I’m hoping that he does. He is working with Annie burrows, who is a Denver Botanic Gardens, horticultural horticulturist, who is bringing some garden concepts to the Kensington community and saying, What would you like this turf reclamation to look like? Would you like it to be Country Chic? I’m making this up country or modern Madonna bogey? Pinkies or, you know, whatever. However, landscape architects design their garden? Yes. English herbal. Yes, they Exactly. That’s exactly. So she’s gonna come with these these concept designs for what this year’s game would kind of look like. And then the hope is that through Wayne, Tomek and community neighborhood resources that they’ve reached out into the community far enough that they’re bringing them in to say, what do you want this to look like? And then of course, the next piece of this is that they’ll that everyone who comes will vote on we want it to look like this all blues or you know, I don’t know what it’ll be.

Unknown Speaker 41:51
So we’re gonna set up a tent there, we will be there.

Speaker 1 41:54
And is it going to be right there at the artwork? Yes.

Speaker 4 41:58
Right at the artwork. And they will also have across the street at the Pavilion, and it’ll kind of be twofold. But then they’ll show this is where we’re cutting the turf out. This is how much square footage we’re getting back. This is like an eventually they’ll get all the data points. This is how much water we’re saving.

Speaker 1 42:16
This is this is actually one of my questions, which is how much of that corner are they planning on?

Speaker 9 42:22
Significant? Yes. We were going to do the brick around

Speaker 7 42:30
Kensington Park. Yeah, on one side of the street is the big pond. Yeah, the other side, and there’s a pavilion. And then on the other side of the mosaic,

Speaker 4 42:40
yes. And so it’s so with our participation of all when we talk about here in the city, about the different silos and different departments and people not really actually working together. This is the perfect example of us breaking down all the walls. So our public places is working with the sustainability people. We’re working with the parks department, we’re working with GIS, because we’re talking about pollinators. And then of course, the educating of an immunity neighborhood resources in educating people about how we can save water. So it actually is like, the brilliant, most perfect kind of intersection of all these things coming together. And it protects our artwork, which has been damaged by mowers for how many years. So the city applied for state dollars and was awarded state dollars through and so as I understand, this is the pilot. And if we can find ways for public art to be an education point, for some of this work, and to get the community excited about water savings, then we might partner with these folks, again, they’ll come and talk with you about you know, potential projects and what that could look

Unknown Speaker 44:03
like. So what time is this on sort

Speaker 4 44:04
of six or two? Oh, in the afternoon, it would be helpful if the time was on

Unknown Speaker 44:08
your agenda. And it’s

Speaker 4 44:11
going to be a part of Wayne is going to be a part of it. Yep. Yep, that’ll be there. Hopefully there who is the water sparkling guru for town? Parks will be there. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:22
Is that really, really? Yeah,

Speaker 4 44:24
it’s a big deal. And of course, as you as you may know, of course, there was another shooting in the park.

Unknown Speaker 44:32
Like Saturday night.

Speaker 4 44:35
No one was hurt. And as I understand the community is not in danger. Then that said, this community The city has tried very hard to find ways for the coming together. And so this is yet another

Speaker 1 44:53
than we’ve got ours and we’ve got our art on the move artwork down there at the end. So,

Speaker 4 45:01
yes, so four to six. And you don’t need to do anything except for show up anytime within that funnel to help setting up a tent or anything. Nope, there’s enough boots on the ground. And frankly, a lot of the books,

Unknown Speaker 45:16
there’s quite a lot of shade in that areas. Yes, yeah.

Speaker 4 45:20
It should be nice. But then the Saturday was 23rd is the planting party they’re selling on September 23. is called plant they’re calling it plant by numbers, which is so cute. So at that point, and he will have come to us with the design, and she will have set talked with Mario, they’ll talk about what it’s going to look like. And then the event itself is still coming into focus. I understand that plans are actually kind of hard to get like planned selecting Water Smart plants in the fall.

Unknown Speaker 45:54
Because rock garden in a box, that’s probably what the you

Speaker 4 45:57
know, we’re, this is gonna this is completely its own thing, zero thing. But just because plant select people like actually buying them up really, really fast, being able to acquire that many plants depending on which direction they go, in this short amount of time is kind of is a question mark. But anyway, it’s going to be fun nonetheless. So if you would, I will just put it on your calendar, I don’t know the times. But there it is. So just Saturday, the 29/23 or I’m sorry, Saturday, the 29th. Four to 6pm is the presentation, no presentation, just open house COMM As you are in our community feedback kind of thing. And the front of that presentation is going to be the planting isn’t an actual plants.

Speaker 3 46:50
So on the 29th they won’t talk about what possible design,

Speaker 4 46:54
there’s, it’s just going to be kind of open house. So they’ll all the designs will be there, everybody, the designer will be there. Hopefully, Mario the artists will be there, the water smart people will be there. And we’ll all have tables and you just kind of it’s kind of come up and mingle and put your put your sticky Yes. What does it feel like? It’ll be a vote matrix kind of thing. Yeah, and I imagine like it’ll, I’m just imagining it’ll be, you know, this design, like, again, like, shabby chic plan. And it’ll be like, here are the plants that you might, might happen. Here’s the grasses that could be part of this design. And but you’ll be able to talk to the Denver Botanic Gardens gal and say, you know, what could this look like? How could this work for my house? And the whole idea is to try and get people to start taking their own turf,

Speaker 1 47:42
and the state is paying for all this and the irrigation and everything. So we don’t have to?

Speaker 4 47:50
I wonder it’s a good question if they’re paying for the whole thing. But it’s it’s significant. I think it’s $25,000,

Speaker 1 47:57
which is I know, it just cost us the irrigation plans are so just we’re not involved in

Speaker 4 48:07
financially, financially zero, but we should more projects like that. But I do think that there is what what we’re seeing here is by art and public places participating in this, and it being a community education piece that we’re taught, we’re bringing in art people, but we’re also bringing in community, we’re also bringing in sustainability, that we’re all trying to get all these different factions of the community around the same table. And it’s happening through art. And so what might happen is if these turf turf reclamation projects are functioning and functioning well, and art is a pivotal, pivotal part of that, you might expect to see some of these people coming to you and saying we would like to start new art projects in places where turf reclamation is coming up and maybe making a program out of it or maybe making something out of it. So while this is the pilot, you know why they call it the pilot to see if it takes off too much. But so while you can see if the if it actually works, then you may expect them to come to you. Good partners have been good to work with any other questions

Unknown Speaker 49:19

Speaker 4 49:20
thinks Awesome. Yeah, that’s really super excited because this means mowers aren’t going to be bumping into the sculpture. Oh, yeah, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 49:32
Yes, I see them very frequently.

Speaker 1 49:36
So, next is together enough people we

Unknown Speaker 49:39
are under contract. So kidding me

Speaker 4 49:45
so it is going to be moved next month. Part of that move will be the documentation of the removal and then an investigation of what it would cost to put it back together. Okay. To put it back on the causeway? Yeah. So a very secret location that is called the giant shed at Roswell Park. Because we only place you Yeah. Luckily, I’m a part or why you we are part of recreation golf and culture and library. Like, your facility, my facility? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 50:35
So when you say it has to be documented? Yeah, we’re on the task

Speaker 4 50:38
force. Do you want us to do that when the day when the day comes, when they start taking it down, and all of that, it’s like, oh, you’re gonna get a, you’ll get a phone call. And we’re gonna go out there and meet with the guys who are going to get their swampy pants on and walk into the swamp to go and

Speaker 1 50:56
look at it, they’re going to break down the whole Booker.

Speaker 4 51:00
Yes. And no, they are going to salvage as much as they can, while leaving a safe site for the public. Yeah, and I have every question, well, what if we took apart the bunker and saved a bunch of the pavers because I know those are expensive, and leave a giant hole, but we put a, you know, really scary, like, fencing around it. No, and it’s not gonna we are now allowed to leave an unsafe and unsafe sites,

Speaker 1 51:31
the the mechanism is on the ground. I know, bunkers just built up around it. It’s, it’s all good, in my opinion, when we’re there.

Unknown Speaker 51:46
So on behalf of

Speaker 4 51:47
our public places, when they asked me, I’m gonna say, Take as much as you can, because if we can reuse, as much as we can reuse is only in our benefit. Sure. And if they say, the same space, and I’m saying, what, what do I need to do to make it a safe space, but we are limited on the dollars that are a part of the award contract, if we have to break that contract and add to the scope of work, then it’ll be coming back to you to ask for more money. But at this point in time, you know,

Speaker 1 52:16
so is the money in that contract just for taking it down and storing it correct that for putting it back

Speaker 4 52:23
on the correct because we don’t, that’s what so the first time just to give you a little bit of history, because it’s been going on for so long. When I first wrote the scope of work, I wrote it, so to imagine what recreation and reinstallation would look like, and nobody bid on it. Because the realization is, nobody knows how much it’s gonna cost him, they can’t bid it out. Because they actually don’t know what it would look like plus inflation is upwards of 18%. In some projects in the city, nobody’s going to take that risk, so nobody bid on it. So then I had to backup back it out, phase it, as in, you’re going to take it down, and you’re going to document all of the guts all of the pieces, all of the parts, because we only have so so much in the original collection pile of how it was constructed, then maybe when we get it, because we’re in the 21st century now and it’s 20 years later, we can fix some of the problems to make sure that the mechanisms don’t break all of the time, or overtime, or whatever that looks like or it’s fixable and, and then figure out what the scope of work is going to be actually to recreate it, then I will bid it out again. And when that day comes, before we go under contract with anybody, I’m gonna bring you back the big, hairy, scary number. And then that’s when y’all are gonna have to make a hard decision.

Speaker 6 53:43
And we haven’t heard anything from a recording engineer. Oh, yeah.

Speaker 4 53:46
No, they’re they’re like you best. Is it out? Yeah. Oh, no. So within the next two years. Yes. Saying I mean, like a hero. A hero is imminent, they are bidding, which means they’re, we’re ahead of them. So I’m not Yeah, it’s happening. Anyway, you might be you might be paying to store something, that if at the end of the day, you don’t end up putting it back in. And that’s, you know, that’s the risk you were willing to take when we started this and I think, personally, I think it’s okay, there you go. Okay,

Speaker 1 54:26
so next is maintenance. And I have a question for everybody here. How many of you this year and take a picture and just submitted a form for every single one of the pieces of artwork that is on your maintenance list? How many people have done at least one Oh, in the year? This year? Yeah, cuz

Unknown Speaker 54:48
I got a bunch in January before I got it up.

Unknown Speaker 54:53
On my list,

Speaker 1 54:55
I’d like to say that I have 12 items and I have not done one. Oh my gosh. So

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Okay, that’s all right. Behind that’s okay.

Speaker 6 55:05
I’m behind now, I was really good the first quarter. And now I’m way behind.

Speaker 4 55:11
That’s okay. You know what, when you’re when you’re out it, would it be helpful if I actually printed the form and you have it with you? And like

Unknown Speaker 55:25
my problem? Yeah, me too.

Speaker 1 55:27
I’ve seen everything so recently that it was hard to make myself go again. But now it’s been sure it’s been a year. So I think that I can.

Speaker 4 55:37
The other thing I was gonna say about the maintenance form is because I recognize that it can be a little hairy, scary. But if it helps you to think about it. If you’re around a piece of artwork that is an part of the public art collection, even if it is or is not on your list, and you take a look at it, and you think of it in three ways. Would I give it a thumbs up, man? or thumbs down? If the answer is a thumbs down? Either go back with a form or send me an email? Because that is like that’s what the maintenance work ultimately gets up is it is a is a quantitative assessment of, you know, kind of where we are but if you’re giving me a thumbs down then that means something’s broken. clearly wrong with it. You know, the lights are out afford wanto again, I just fixed it and they’re out again. Which means that’s no something’s buggy with it. Yeah. Well, that’s cool. Another strokes are Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:43
It will actually look better. I agree.

Unknown Speaker 56:48
Yeah, because yeah, okay. I

Unknown Speaker 56:49
just have i There’s shrubs out

Speaker 4 56:58
when the What are you wanting to? So I’ll send our friends at parks because I know followed up on the shrubbery, actually, because we have volunteered as permission to go in there with our own I

Speaker 1 57:12
was they were doing maintenance. This year. We want that brushed aside removed from rough and ready and cleaned out. Yeah.

Speaker 4 57:21
All right. Well, I will I will. But, yes, so anyway, think of it as the thumbs up, thumbs, middle thumbs down. And even if thumbs down is the shrubbery is atrocious, it’s the light, I fix it, it comes on, and then it’s off again, or whatever. So if you think about it that way, if the answer is thumbs down, then you need to send me into

Speaker 1 57:44
parks department, that picture that we have of it from when it was first installed. So it’s sunset, it’s you. So try, just and then compared to what it looks like, guys?

Speaker 4 57:58
Well, it does it well. And in fact, as we think about that, and we’re putting in Hoosiers cake, or an another piece of artwork like that is something that we actually should really think about look at

Speaker 6 58:11
really beautiful little plants that only grow this tall, right? Have many of them in their water. So

Speaker 4 58:18
when you come on the 29th you know, let’s make sure that we you say to Annie, hey Annie, you know, what we’re afraid of is you know things that wild wild now everybody’s excited about it. And now everybody’s all about maintaining it and what that looks like we know from experience we know from experience that you know proximity to the artwork needs to be things that maybe don’t grow super tall, because we’ve had a bad experience other other ways. Right. Okay, awesome. Highland Park.

Speaker 1 58:54
I find there the other day and I was a surprise.

Speaker 4 58:58
Yeah. So the paint that we used for the ground mural is not holding up and it was so no Basketball, basketball which is okay, because this is the whole reason that we did this project was we’ve been assured on the materials friend that you know, it was gonna hold up No, whatever, what have you and it doesn’t, and I think that it’s water that sits So luckily, like at

Unknown Speaker 59:42
the PAM Ray on the sidewalk, I’m gonna

Unknown Speaker 59:45
have to walk in again, but I didn’t have it.

Speaker 1 59:48
Because I grew up Catholic fine. So just a little tiny quarter that I saw. Yeah, yeah. Smoke quarters is wearing down. Where’s your kids? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
I mean, I hope I don’t know. I don’t know.

Speaker 1 1:00:04
I have a couple of questions. We did not seal a desire call because we did not because we were concerned about making it slippery. We didn’t I do not think that it will be slippery. When I felt the glossy wall in the ninth and Alpine. It was you could still feel the texture just

Speaker 4 1:00:22
fine. So luckily through the ninth and alpine so just to back up a little bit. Does everybody know about the ninth and alpine moves? Yeah. So So when, when the contractor who was to be graffiti sealing the something happened? Jury’s out what it is. But um, anyway, whatever the accident was an entire can of graffiti sealant spilled onto the sidewalk and left a giant, all I can say is imagine if a giant did like snot. And it went and looked like like slippery straw. And that’s what dried. And that’s what it looked like. And so then I had to hire another contractor to come in and get the permanent graffiti sealant off of the concrete. And so he and I started chatting about materials. And the best thing that came out of that is I picked his brain about everything. And he said, I’ll sit with you for days to talk about things isn’t? Well, that’s great, because we’ve been experimenting with materials. Can

Unknown Speaker 1:01:38
we sit tight week mark.

Speaker 4 1:01:39
So he’s gonna, he’s going to come with me, we’re going to take the spec sheet of the material that we use for Kitely. We’re going to look at the porous nature of the concrete that is the basketball court. And we’re going to talk about what we can do to put on top of it. But before we can seal it, we have to read recently, some parts

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
of it. It’s not like the whole thing. Well, sounds

Unknown Speaker 1:02:03
like we have backup. Yeah, I knew this was Oh, good, I guess.

Speaker 7 1:02:09
Well, you tried to announce we wouldn’t do this for another 10 years. Yeah.

Speaker 4 1:02:13
It for all intents and purposes for what I was what I was sold. And interestingly enough, the material also has more. But we did we prepared for whoopsie. Daisy, as we prepare for having to touch up things. We knew that it wasn’t going to be perfect, perfect. But if we sealed it on the beginning, then we would have never known. But now we know. Yeah. So well.

Speaker 9 1:02:43
It was a test it was originally I mean, that was everything we can say about it is kind of this is our groundwork.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:53
I mean, I’m glad it broke down within one year. It was

Speaker 1 1:02:55
surreal. We let the tech projects down the road. We paid X, you know, we paid for that extra texture on the basketball court. We were concerned that that would be wiped out wiped out by the sealer just smoothed out. But I don’t think that’s it? Didn’t you do a little swatch

Speaker 6 1:03:14
on the pavement of little tester. And how did that go? I just hasn’t had enough. That’s why I should get settling water. I think it’s really Yeah, because it’s down in that data. cavern.

Speaker 4 1:03:26
But I don’t know. And I and I was so the artists went by. And she was like, Oh, shoot. So I went back and I didn’t have a lot of time to spend with it. So we’re gonna go, we’re gonna document the whole kit and caboodle and things of it, and then we’ll figure out a time. The other piece of this, which I would never say is that when we adhered it, it was very, very hot. It was very,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:49
it was very hard

Unknown Speaker 1:03:52
to pay with the brush before we even put

Speaker 4 1:03:55
us in temperature was when it comes to specs and materials.

Speaker 9 1:04:00
I think all that is really valuable. Dr. Dandy. Yeah, Jigna. One, we’ve got a lot of climate change, going on a lot more water a lot more calls a lot more, a lot more. And that’s going to change. So are we going to have this was, like we said it was in test. And these are things that will keep in mind, because we want to do other chords,

Speaker 6 1:04:26
we wanted to do that. So

Speaker 4 1:04:29
we’re not going to be able to do it. And when we get we’ll have to do it in the morning and then we’ll have to break right and then we’re not maybe in the evening and then we’re gonna have to come back the next weekend. Or maybe it’s you know, the kids get to participate on the weekends, but it’s more of the adult work people that can come during the week kind of thing. So

Speaker 1 1:04:47
are going to present planning some time this small thinking party

Speaker 4 1:04:50
Yeah. And it’s gonna have to wait until the small because, frankly, we have a lot of stuff on here. What’s going on? Yeah, you Episode. So maybe October, October tends to be I mean, could smell

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
okay, New Business

Speaker 4 1:05:16
Director. So the museum director has been hired, and Eric Mason, who has been the curator of history here at the museum for over 25 years 20. Some years, has had applied for the first time. So he had been interim director, four times. And so he applied and it was, I would say, a very rigorous experience. I’m exhausted. I sat on the panel for two and a half weeks. And yeah, so when you see him, tell them, congratulations.

Speaker 6 1:05:54
Oh, I did already. Yeah. I asked him how the job was going. And he hadn’t done.

Speaker 4 1:05:59
So technically, he moves from across the hall into the office next door, Monday, when he officially takes on his role. And what that will mean for the museum, then, of course, is the Curator of History position will be open. And they may look at what that looks like, because it’s been the same that it’s been for some years. So. I don’t know what they’ll do. So I’ll keep you posted on that, but yeah, were there several applicants, I went through 100 applications. Wow. And I had to go through every single one. And then it wasn’t just me, obviously, it was a nine employees that participated, I think, in the hiring process. So there was a first stage of going through the applications and narrowing it down. So internal and external. And then there was a second phase of online discussion, and then that got narrowed down to the in person. And then we brought three applicants in and did two different panels with question and answer. And then there was an open forum with all staff and all staff got to grill three applicants for a full hour. Shoot. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:27
interview process.

Speaker 4 1:07:32
So when you see your frequency here, yeah, I didn’t know. Um, and then I took out a needle Gala. But I’ll have hopefully something for you next month. And then the training that we went through, which can you look at when that next training isn’t easy. But we went through a fantastic training without Boulder, and it was a city wide training. That was, was so amazing. And just take the next I’m looking at right now. Um, but uh, yeah, I don’t know. I don’t want to speak on your behalf for August 24 at 1pm. And then we’ll send that off to be here. That will be they know, I think it’s in council chambers. Okay. Well, they moved it here. Yeah. Council Chambers. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:27
they made me with?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:29
I don’t think so. Okay.

Speaker 7 1:08:32
So this was a presentation on gender diversity, which was for all city employees, and, and obviously, commissions were provided. And the presentation was by the director of Out Boulder County. And it was really interesting and very informative. And the presenter answered all kinds of questions about themselves and other situations. And the main takeaway that I got really was that it’s very important to be gender neutral, or to like, put your own pronouns

Speaker 4 1:09:10
on there kind of tie well, and I was gonna say, I agree granted these but I thought we’d get in, as we are all comfortable of putting our pronouns and making sure that we are introducing ourselves.

Speaker 7 1:09:19
So it’s not just that, like I have these pronouns that I that are my preference, but it gives permission for everyone to have their own pronouns, and it makes sure that there’s no assumptions, no assumptions. So the assumption would be, oh, this person presents as female. So now I’m gonna refer to this person a female, not necessarily, we don’t know. So the main thing is to just be really neutral. And the presenter also gives some examples of life when you see someone like Waze to be very neutral about great ways to do so. I thought it was really good. And another thing that they also mentioned is that it’s very important to not tell people Oh, this is so hard for me. I know I’m guilty, too. I am or and it’s another things she’s basically just not to say is, Oh, I’m so sorry. Because this is too dramatic. Like if I’m sorry, for what?

Speaker 4 1:10:22
It’s really important to go to the training because I think that

Speaker 7 1:10:31
why, right? You don’t have to Okay. Maybe you wouldn’t do it. It’s like, it’s like if I said to you, oh, I’m going by, they now. Did probably if it was terrible, and I probably go, Oh, okay. Yeah. But it’s quick reaction. Oh, that’s what’s important. Oh, boy. Okay, because it makes too much drama.

Speaker 4 1:10:54
Yeah, to like, continue to move on. And that we’re all to be more inclusive as boards and commissions. And to continue to diversify is to recognize that if we educate ourselves, and we move forward, as best we can, and be cognizant that everyone makes mistakes, but you continue to move forward, that that is the most inclusive environment that we can get, just because we intend to doesn’t mean that we always are. And so brought up, I can’t think of a handful. And as a mom, who is raising kiddos in this environment, of inclusivity. And in frankly, having my kids in, in a community that isn’t as thoughtful as long one, that I have more tools to empower my kiddos in being themselves and being their best selves, but also being super inclusive, and, and for them to educate the people around them. And for them to speak their truth. So I encourage you all so much Do have anything to add on the training. Just when you put yourself out there, like I talked most, I talk to some people who say, well, they know what my pronouns are, why would I say them? It’s like, it’s because you are opening that door for anybody to express themselves. Right? And so it’s not about you, it is about the community that we are trying to build. And if it doesn’t hurt you, then why not do it? It doesn’t, you know, but again, it is totally up to your preference. I am, you know, I have a trans cousin. And they have been struggling and that it was super informative to go to this class, because I don’t know everything. And I can’t really ask them about everything that they’re going through, because that’s really personal. So I definitely recommend it if you are interested, but also just a few time because it’s something that we are dealing with now and you know, for the rest of the future. So I mean, we’ve been talking

Speaker 7 1:12:52
about gender neutrality since the 60s, you know, yeah, for those viewers that are certain age, and now it is really coming home is really coming home. And it has to do with not making assumptions, being respectful and being inclusive. That’s the bottom line, if at all. A smile goes a long way.

Speaker 4 1:13:16
So true. And then last thing which on new business, I wanted to say just to put it in there keeping canceling or rescheduling December 21. Oh, may or may not be looking at their holidays. Start thinking about that.

Speaker 1 1:13:31
And we’ll talk about it. So last time we had a party right at that time. Remember, it was

Speaker 4 1:13:46
a holiday thing, but we either did it in December, or we may have done it in January

Speaker 4 1:13:58
this sparkly red jack this year, this year, the third Thursday lands on the 21st. And I can tell you that is probably challenging for some. So anyway, just think about it.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:10
Yeah, we’ll, we’ll talk about it. Fair enough. So think about what you’re planning.

Speaker 3 1:14:15
You want to do. Yep. Oh, great.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:18
Thank you miss your comments. Anybody?

Speaker 3 1:14:21
I have to worry about the meeting time. So oh, we’re missing all the cool events on at the Newseum. We are and it’s well,

Speaker 7 1:14:30
one month one Thursday. Yeah. What’s your take on every person?

Speaker 3 1:14:34
Yes, one Thursday of the month. So I was just an they tend, I think to start at seven. So I was thinking Well, it’d be nice if we started our meeting at five. And we wrapped up at seven so we’re kind of doing six to eight that we could do that may work

Speaker 4 1:14:51
for some but it may not work for others who are working. Some of us are working people really some of us, not just me. We’re good. Oh, and the other thing I meant to say this, Laura Rutledge had to resign her post. So she’s no longer Commissioner. She’s having it be not able to work schedule and such anymore. So, but I some of the other people who aren’t here.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:23
So now we’re down in you.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:24
And so I know that Daniel works as well.

Speaker 6 1:15:29
Yeah, that’s right. She has very scheduled to,

Speaker 3 1:15:33
she makes this session, but she told me because we do the 535 30

Speaker 6 1:15:39
to 730. And we just then that would, that really wouldn’t help because everything starts at seven. So I mean, painting, and concert sales started well, and being late to the concert is no big deal. But you can do

Speaker 4 1:15:56
when also Thursday is the day, there’s no other day. Oh, yeah. It can be whatever day Oh, no, you all it’s you are the masters of the guidelines of art and hopelessness. And that is one of those things that you could change. It is July. So this is the beginning of term right at the beginning of the term. You know, you don’t have any new commissioner. But when everyone signed up to be a commissioner, you signed up for Thursday’s the third Thursday, it’s so I think before making a decision, I think putting it out to the full commission to get comments before making the decision was probably good. If yes, but if you have a you know, different day, if it’s here at the museum, we will have to talk about staffing. That’s an expense to the museum. Right? Yeah.

Speaker 3 1:16:51
So but if we did it, if we did start at five or, or 530, then that would not cause an extra

Speaker 4 1:17:00
done on Thursdays and Thursdays here. The museum is intentionally even programming.

Speaker 3 1:17:06
Because like the library, for example, we will get to Wednesday, and we have been at the library and we can do that.

Speaker 4 1:17:14
Yeah, I mean, I have to obviously talk to the library about suddenly hosting our public places you know that it impacts city facilities, no matter how you how you shake it, right. And it needs to be in a place where we can ensure that public invited to be heard and can attend like this, this room at this time. Like this is not ideal to about having kinds of CDs that we have all the technology already at our fingertips. So presenting in a different building maintains its own

Unknown Speaker 1:17:49
challenges. Teams decide

Speaker 4 1:17:53
well I also like the cool thing with the dongle and

Speaker 3 1:17:56
yeah, it was only my second rodeo Yeah, so but I don’t know what do you guys think? I would love to hear everyone’s opinion like I think

Speaker 9 1:18:05
it would be hard to change just my own opinion because it’s been said on my calendar like it for so another thing I’ve already changed other things that I do knowing that that third Thursday is Thursday

Speaker 3 1:18:29
so hard to change the day but if we were to change our that also be

Unknown Speaker 1:18:36
no no that change now

Speaker 6 1:18:39
changing it to 530 isn’t going to help because you still can’t take any the classes you could be late to the concert but I mean if there’s really a concert or a class you really want to take you could

Unknown Speaker 1:18:51
always ask to be excused

Unknown Speaker 1:18:53
you can say no. She

Speaker 3 1:18:59
also I feel like if we move it closer her side is always to be here to disable Yeah, there have been a lot of others that I really go go

Speaker 4 1:19:10
so with the timing, we do have rush hour in this city, unfortunately and we are right at Nina and Canberra. Yes. So it might be more of a pain in the butt to move it closer to rush hour time.

Speaker 3 1:19:24
Just FYI, especially people who are coming from work not that I have to go that far.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:30
I do avoid mainstream at all

Speaker 7 1:19:40
okay, when I lived in Austin, a while it’s been a few years since I’ve lived there. I’ve heard it’s even worse now. My yoga studio was 4.2 miles. It took me over 35 minutes

Unknown Speaker 1:19:52
to get there I live in Palo Alto or

Unknown Speaker 1:19:57
just don’t go out in their houses.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
And so minutes as a crow flies, and it’ll be two hours,

Speaker 4 1:20:04
is there suggestions that I should send out to like a inquiry or a vote? To kind of give me your thoughts and feelings with an open field? Of yes, no, maybe kind of thing? I?

Speaker 1 1:20:19
Personally, I like this time slot. And really if, if my favorite band of all time was going to be on this third Thursday, I would ask to be,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:32
yeah, me too. Yeah. You know,

Speaker 4 1:20:35
do you like emotion related to this? Or do does anybody have a strong feeling one way or the other?

Speaker 6 1:20:41
Yeah, I would. I think keeping it if I have to do something on Thursday, then I’ll just call and say, Laura, I’ll give you five bucks. I don’t know. She can’t find hugs. Oh, what?

Speaker 1 1:20:59
Cookies. Gonna be there. I think we should revisit this again, like, at the beginning of the year, and see how people still feel about it when we’re not like, in the middle of the summer, when they’re doing the bands and everything, maybe like later in the fall or in the beginning of the year? Because I think it’s a valid question that we should we’ve always been here now. Maybe we should flip it, we should think about maybe moving somewhere or doing another time.

Speaker 4 1:21:32
Right. I would also say we will want to make sure that we look at the other advisory boards and commissions because you know, there’s only 20 of them or whatever. The only interest are the only one that we cross pollinate with, oddly enough is in GLA, right. So the national neighborhood guild, blah, blah, blah. So the one people the peoples that we would probably want to see sometimes they’re the only ones that have a time in the slot. So other than that Tuesdays are out because of city council, you’ll never get a city council. And then, you know, just the rest of the week in commissions on Friday. So really, it was

Speaker 9 1:22:12
a Tuesday during the Thursday night. And what the commissioner who was going to be our advisor what they weren’t able to do is kind of boiled down.

Speaker 4 1:22:30
We moved from the second Thursday to the third Thursday because of sustain

Unknown Speaker 1:22:36
some somebody else.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:38
So anyway, okay, revisit them. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I need a motion to adjourn. adjourn? I second.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:47
Okay, all in favor.

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