Art in Public Places – April 2023

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Art in Public Places – April 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Okay, let’s move on to number three on the agenda which is the corrections to march 16

Unknown Speaker 0:11
Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 0:18
I don’t like yeah the dish No, it’s fine. It’s just

Unknown Speaker 0:29
Alright, so number four correction support

Unknown Speaker 0:35
anyone was like Cindy

Unknown Speaker 0:37
know okay. So we need a motion to accept Marxism. So we need a second

Unknown Speaker 0:47
all favor raise your hand say aye

Unknown Speaker 0:52
anyone oppose say hey

Unknown Speaker 0:56
right motion passes

Unknown Speaker 1:00
to the table 20 to 2023 the agenda changes I have one now.

Unknown Speaker 1:09
The date

Unknown Speaker 1:11
Stephanie brought that up earlier Yep, changing the date.

Unknown Speaker 1:15
And then I am going to add to new business item D as in dog executive team

Unknown Speaker 1:25
so for you the all

Unknown Speaker 1:28
14 1314 So

Unknown Speaker 1:47
did you get a four? Oh, okay. So I was just wondering

Unknown Speaker 1:51

Unknown Speaker 1:55
and everybody else

Unknown Speaker 2:00
we’ve got four of us.

Unknown Speaker 2:24

Unknown Speaker 2:26
Next on the agenda is our counsel update with the absent Shawn. You let us know what it means like very much excuse us have used

Unknown Speaker 2:40
or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 2:43
Seven almost just

Unknown Speaker 2:47
not yet.

Unknown Speaker 2:49
The internship project presentation Miley’s

Unknown Speaker 2:53
here so we will hold that until she gets here.

Unknown Speaker 2:58
Well, we can move on to project are taking sharp arms, which is

Unknown Speaker 3:07
very bad. And we had the list from the LDC of like

Unknown Speaker 3:14
1012 Well boxes of boxes. And we chose seven plus the two that

Unknown Speaker 3:26
we already committed to hold on. Let me read my notes on this since I wrote them a month ago.

Unknown Speaker 3:34
We chose seven which include the two that we committed to last year.

Unknown Speaker 3:42
We have three leftover from their lists that were not on the original list and we can put those for next year. And there were two that were on their urgent list which were already things.

Unknown Speaker 3:52
So success, but we have Clover basin in Novato South cordon just south of Willowbrook park park,

Unknown Speaker 4:05
also on South Fordham to just Nelson highway 119 in Slack and drive home by the sensor modules. Renaissance and Naples self Fordham Cooper basin

Unknown Speaker 4:18
which is one of the ones we committed to last year. It was one that was already primed. And it wasn’t good in a good location for the

Unknown Speaker 4:29
power 100th anniversary of the power. So we said we’re gonna do that on mixer this year. And the one the one that’s already painted into mushrooms that we’re going to repeat because it was accidentally sealed before she was done now and you can

Unknown Speaker 4:47
see it

Unknown Speaker 4:49
well, so most of these are the southwest part of the city’s city.

Unknown Speaker 4:55

Unknown Speaker 4:57
There’s one to one out by Samsung ball mills obviously

Unknown Speaker 5:00
Isn’t that nice but that’s just the ones that came up on the list and frankly most of the boxes in town are in Southworth.

Unknown Speaker 5:12
So that’s it. We’re ready to go as soon as we get the art

Unknown Speaker 5:17
none of us dilly dallying this year. So question

Unknown Speaker 5:22
calls knock on out because this little off topic, but I’m hoping that the program assistants will be spearheading this project. So Greg monkey should notice still a little bit but not

Unknown Speaker 5:39
in thematic, we decided we decided against having been because it’s too restrictive.

Unknown Speaker 5:48
Justice we want the artists to do what if we said rainbows, and then we had like, seven more boxes of rainbows, although southwest says

Unknown Speaker 5:59
yeah, and then you can shake it up a lot and say seasons, but

Unknown Speaker 6:04
springtime in the Rockies, so.

Unknown Speaker 6:10
And just a reminder, of course, participants from last year with the exception of the mushrooms are exempt from this time around. I thought it was only a really, I thought it was just if you’ve done it two times or more is that is one the time the Commission decided if you participated in 2022, you have to sit for one year, so you cannot participate in 22. Agree. And then you can reapply with something new. Sure. So that just makes it so artists aren’t participating back to back to back track back. Right. All right. That makes sense. And I can’t remember when that decision was made November. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 6:55
Yeah, I was here.

Unknown Speaker 7:00
What is the exception of

Unknown Speaker 7:04
the she painted the mushrooms, which was the most popular one last year? And before she was done, okay, they seal on. Excellent seal. So we’re going to reprime and have a retain our safe place. It is really cool. Yeah. It’s a great location. Everything Yes. And artists is was extremely upset. I don’t want a contractor was very apologetic, and is financially

Unknown Speaker 7:35
compensating by the fixing of the box. I’ve spoken to Sherman Williams, and the graffiti specialist on the site here about the best way to go about it because of the question of if we hit the sandblasting, EMA, which, yeah. And he said, No, I mean, so both both party said that the primer that we use should actually go on top of glimmery voting in C 11. And the new acrylic and the new seal it so

Unknown Speaker 8:08
it’ll be very layered. It should be just fine. So

Unknown Speaker 8:13
did you like a chance to hear anything about the locks on peace?

Unknown Speaker 8:19
But it sounds like one of our boxes was removed without us being told.

Unknown Speaker 8:27
Which is part of the contract. But you know, our contract with all of these artists in these projects is we paid for the work. It goes in and when the box retires or something happens. They can remove it.

Unknown Speaker 8:40
So I thought

Unknown Speaker 8:43
yeah, you’re somebody else. LBC Yeah, they clearly have replaced it. Yeah, because it’s not Yeah, okay. So this was the one of the monarch butterfly wings. Mine base

Unknown Speaker 8:59
just north of ninth on the base. Yeah, my family

Unknown Speaker 9:05
without finding out but so I’ve done that all the time.

Unknown Speaker 9:13
Yeah, so maybe we can show it was for next year? Yeah. The other one I have today. And I just have to say it is right next to Costco

Unknown Speaker 9:23
when you’re turning in on that southwest corner real good right there. But we’re already fruitful. Yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 9:36

Unknown Speaker 9:38
I used to think that there were a lot one basic payment but now there’s like two three when you go far. So it might look a certain

Unknown Speaker 9:49

Unknown Speaker 9:53

Unknown Speaker 9:57
let’s move on to the video.

Unknown Speaker 10:00

Unknown Speaker 10:01
an outline project.

Unknown Speaker 10:04
And let’s see.

Unknown Speaker 10:08
Okay, so we have the social project working on it, they just need to be approved and posted.

Unknown Speaker 10:19
posted throughout, I think starting sometime this week or next week, and then I happen to engage. We also have a postcard ready to send out.

Unknown Speaker 10:32
Joe from the city are getting set up by the Adobe bit late

Unknown Speaker 10:39
to send those out, just based on

Unknown Speaker 10:43

Unknown Speaker 10:47
That time may feel a little bit weird. And then we’re also talking with the new center to use

Unknown Speaker 10:54
a whole big day on the 19th of May to

Unknown Speaker 11:01
to collaborate with, you kind of have that interest.

Unknown Speaker 11:07
So we’ll see where that goes.

Unknown Speaker 11:11

Unknown Speaker 11:13
yeah, that we’re talking to the artist, he seems to think that there’s going to be more than enough paint spots, or even at least I mean, if you tell them to lie you to sign up and fill that hole Saturday, but how exciting is to have them participate. So

Unknown Speaker 11:32

Unknown Speaker 11:35
At this party, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 11:39
We’re talking about Saturday, August 2020. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 11:45
And with that, before we continue on to

Unknown Speaker 11:55
the skirmish today.

Unknown Speaker 11:59
Okay, now, let me make sure that I have this figured out. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 12:09
This share

Unknown Speaker 12:15
Alright, all right. Growing up.

Unknown Speaker 12:18
All right, Stephanie, can you see that I leave it at that. Fantastic. So without further ado, I can

Unknown Speaker 12:28

Unknown Speaker 12:33

Unknown Speaker 12:36

Unknown Speaker 12:38
This is Pat. Is

Unknown Speaker 12:41
ready today is not so he’s not live. This is pre recording. Okay, sorry. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 12:50
Hey, how is everybody today?

Unknown Speaker 12:53
I wanted to say hello, everyone, no one started getting me there.

Unknown Speaker 13:00
And I wish I could be in attendance. We’re making the videos today, based on

Unknown Speaker 13:08
a commitment that I’ve had an opportunity available at the TV ad for University of Make A Wish Foundation celebration of the organization.

Unknown Speaker 13:20
I had a very unique opportunity on behalf of some of US airlines in regards to being live and donating a piece that would be a really special piece, but also make an impact on a lot of kids lives that are needed that are truly built with the purpose of that organization. So thought would be not only somebody who worked, but also like spent creating this video. So anyway, the

Unknown Speaker 13:46
project to one. So I’m sorry, Stephanie, I just I don’t know how

Unknown Speaker 13:54
to facilitate it so you can hear and see it. I don’t know how to do that. But I’ve, I’m afraid you just have to maybe take a break for 15 minutes. It’s about 15 minutes long. And then after the video is done, we’ll have a discussion about the artwork and we’ll broken back into that but I

Unknown Speaker 14:15
I don’t know how to make the sound in the room and also

Unknown Speaker 14:20
through on the radio. Yeah, yeah, my but I will also say I will send it to you. I’ll send you the mp4 as well. So immediately at or maybe after the meeting, so you can you can view it. Watch it. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 14:40
Did everybody hear what he was saying? About overeager view so he is tonight doing live painting really big wish foundation that’s turning 40

Unknown Speaker 14:51
So that’s why we can’t use because so thought of the not only surveys, but also special trainings as video

Unknown Speaker 15:00
So everyone felt like we were all connected on the project to one, I also expressed like our gratitude, our excitement, we’re getting really close to the timeline. So that’s exciting. As well as we’re

Unknown Speaker 15:15
really excited that the design is in. And we try to do our best on a lot of levels with retaining feedback from the community or from the session. And it’s it also kind of directs a lot of stuff, we’re going to what this exciting community project is going to be based on. So Audrey and I are here, she’s gonna write boss questions. And I’m going to do my best to answer any questions you guys might have. Right? Okay, I’m going to pause it for a minute. And we’ll pause it for a minute. And I’m going to see if I can, I might be stretching outside of myself. But I’m gonna try and see.

Unknown Speaker 16:01
I’m going to try and see if I can

Unknown Speaker 16:03
pull up the image at the same time. As he’s talking. I know watch out. I’m getting fancy. Here we go.

Unknown Speaker 16:22
Okay, guys, so

Unknown Speaker 16:32
right, we will

Unknown Speaker 16:38
not find to zoom.

Unknown Speaker 16:47
It’s so huge.

Unknown Speaker 16:49
So I’m just going to like, scroll back and forth.

Unknown Speaker 17:00
I come up with a design, can you share some of the themes in designing elegant, elegant themes? We’re creating separate?

Unknown Speaker 17:16
Yeah, and then I have some notes on the reference as well, because there’s a lot going into the key engagement session we had our online sales on eBay providing. So in regards to design elements, and

Unknown Speaker 17:31
the themes that we’re going to be working with incorporating is

Unknown Speaker 17:38
they are they’re based on the questions right, or what we tried to do designed to really get our community back on this project and a half a few questions will be answered.

Unknown Speaker 17:47
To try to really get to gather as much as we could in regards to drive, the direction and also incorporate everyone is desperate good. So imagine this sentence, one of the questions is where this will take in a lot of the answers were

Unknown Speaker 18:03
based on my own kind of a wonderland, right through a portal through land of wonder and creativity, on a journey, a place of use a youthful wonder and appreciation, the opening shot of a beautiful movie or films, like an Oscar essence, and somebody that can relate or have a language, whether it was Spanish, native, native

Unknown Speaker 18:28
Spanish, or English guy, just diverse amounts of like different languages.

Unknown Speaker 18:34
And, you know, with some of the design elements that we really can try and work on is, you know, trying to take you into a place with this imagination state pertaining into kind of like including these in the fuel, the design and also the colors and, and how that really, like transformed, hopefully just a couple minutes of your day for you. Now that hopefully, like removed up or take you out of talk or just inspire you on your dating journey. So

Unknown Speaker 19:08
I’d love to find out. Can you talk a little bit about that kind of an advertisement for your current buying more solar Reviver products? Can you speak to your process in writing and these common products?

Unknown Speaker 19:25
Absolutely, I think here is trying to add color palettes thinking about what worked, utilizing the first round and keeping some of those on the accelerators

Unknown Speaker 19:37
more vibrant than just the more old dollars. But now we’re getting more pastels and stuff that’s a little bit more subdued.

Unknown Speaker 19:46
There’s something about like a calling energy but yet they’re still called codable Like a Vinci speller, so they retain their films retain their objectivity of how they feel but yet are a little bit more calming and oh

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Have a bit more grounded sense of

Unknown Speaker 20:02
how they feel in space. So really,

Unknown Speaker 20:07
the ideas like trying to utilize

Unknown Speaker 20:12
a transition from like the first mural and create something new and special, but also being able to take these color tones and,

Unknown Speaker 20:21
and just provide like a new beginning and a new sense of like place but also have a line with some of the stuff at least questions that were asked. So both

Unknown Speaker 20:34
seem like what kind of energy do you want to experience leaders, the Bureau was one of the most engaged questions we asked them. Some answers were movement, safety, directional, somewhat dry, right?

Unknown Speaker 20:50
Track transformed on flattering compliment and local in the national economy environments and natural environments, where there are these others focus on the environment in terms of the earth and nature, really be mindful of how that can network organically plan.

Unknown Speaker 21:10
Joyful, welcoming, useful three in a while, and uplifting and happy so I, I really tried to think about a lot of those points in the process. But also I think what’s gonna happen is like,

Unknown Speaker 21:26
there’s a good good good like element of how these all kind of playing into the overall narrative and, and also the consistency of like how,

Unknown Speaker 21:38
you know, this is shooting, but with a lot of these feelings of love and energy and joyful energy created publicly, but yet still play into the natural atmosphere of the environment around

Unknown Speaker 21:52
nature decreed that right there.

Unknown Speaker 21:57
Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 21:59
can find those human element.

Unknown Speaker 22:05
Well, what I was trying to achieve on YouTube through these profiles is not doing specifically to nationality or a

Unknown Speaker 22:15
specific type of specific ethnicity or persons, but how we can compass and track them for free energy.

Unknown Speaker 22:27
You know, the spirit of the human spirit, the essence or the, you know,

Unknown Speaker 22:34
I think you need something that, you know, you want to be you want to focus on

Unknown Speaker 22:40
this inclusive way to utilize this piece of artists Canvas as a whole. But yeah, you need to be really mindful of like, who we are the data and it’s like our sphere, or, you know, what we’re contributing, and also like, our energy, so it’s it’s not an element of like, big See,

Unknown Speaker 23:02
possible, masculine feminine, show child reach children, younger energy with elderly, the older energy, wiser energy. So it’s kind of a combination of profiles, and working collectively.

Unknown Speaker 23:22
Birds well

Unknown Speaker 23:25
being that are our Keystone rivers icon there in that creek. But also,

Unknown Speaker 23:31
just, there’s something about just adding a new wave of

Unknown Speaker 23:37
animals and nature to this piece, and we had up utilize some birds, the first one, kind of wanted to update that and then style, focusing, bringing in just this joyful, all

Unknown Speaker 23:55
this happy hilly, but also like a little body on your path and

Unknown Speaker 24:00
two birds

Unknown Speaker 24:03
mixed in to the layers of landscape that both should be funded at and are a follow up.

Unknown Speaker 24:12
So tell me to extend this to say.

Unknown Speaker 24:23
I would say what this does, as a reflection of the community is something that I’ve been trying to be for my blog and also to

Unknown Speaker 24:35
take in a lot of feedback as well as direction from key members.

Unknown Speaker 24:42
When she asked

Unknown Speaker 24:44
me to be

Unknown Speaker 24:47
gathering a lot of the feedback or just blocking the view as far as

Unknown Speaker 24:53
the feedback and also the question that we really tried to like, you know, bring into more into design

Unknown Speaker 25:00
sequence as well as the context of a piece in its entirety. A lot of the questions or answers to the questions we asked was, well, what makes you proud of the community and people who spend a lot of art or creative people? Are they coming into this to be the online casino? Multicultural approach is the amount of wholeness or arts inclusive, energetic, creative. Long monsters are proud of their community. It’s just a city cry.

Unknown Speaker 25:29
What I mean, those are, those are all like overarching but but I guess what I felt from pain, the first one as well as communications is there’s just a lot of very cloud large sets of like, it’s you’re inviting in your community in long run, and how we can have our create the heck that and doing it together is the most important thing. So allowing the community to be a part of this process and design along with the application of the volunteer session on site. I think that’s where we’re really combining all elements of history basis, community based project and also

Unknown Speaker 26:08
speaking of that, we are excited to get started. And I did an volunteer sessions that are going to be available soon.

Unknown Speaker 26:18
So I think we’re curious, tell us what to expect when we show up on site.

Unknown Speaker 26:25
Well, I, I am excited for those as well. I really enjoyed initiating this with the quality of people in the process.

Unknown Speaker 26:38
What we should expect is a lot of pain, I will have supplies, there were clothes that you don’t care about making funkier colorful and shoes that I can subpoena them, and it’s all the latex means you can do it from your hands. But if you’d like for gloves, we’ll have some disposable gloves as well come with an open heart and open mind. There’s no judgement, you don’t need skills at Pt to participate in a brain thing. You have the paper brushes and things like that degree of freedom. Those are totally welcome. Otherwise, I’ll have brushes paint rollers and the supplies many trays, everything else.

Unknown Speaker 27:21
i Everything will be provided there are totally lost awesome snacks and some other awesome elements to the piece to have everyone feel both involved. But also

Unknown Speaker 27:31
to bring bring a water bottle, I would say and have some hydration. But I think we should also have drinks there as well. And I think it’s just one of those things like coming to this particular basket and have fun and maximize the time we have together. So for the four hour session, hopefully we will build a lot of behind the wall and we’ll learn develop friendships and feel pretty good about it should be not only as the community but also feeling very fulfilled and the writing something special together. And I’m excited to do with everyone and, and share this this project that is not to be full, but it’s something that yeah, I’m honored to help host and as long as you know, be involved with and create. And I think the design is something that is a timeless feel. That should bring out a lot of happiness, but also evoke a lot of imagination on the journey and

Unknown Speaker 28:32
hopefully bring just a lot of our pride and community and feel really low but

Unknown Speaker 28:39
very grateful and appreciative of the opportunity. So thanks so much. I hope this answers

Unknown Speaker 28:47
sorry for talking a lot. But

Unknown Speaker 28:53

Unknown Speaker 28:56
Thank you very much for your time. I appreciate you allowing me to do this

Unknown Speaker 29:00
virtually and let’s calm down let’s move on. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:10
All right. So with that happens,

Unknown Speaker 29:16
you can sketch out the

Unknown Speaker 29:19
the wind

Unknown Speaker 29:25
was dropping things were supposed to change.

Unknown Speaker 29:29
Okay, good

Unknown Speaker 29:31

Unknown Speaker 29:34
So he is starting with

Unknown Speaker 29:40
some of that outline. So anybody who has time on Thursday, the 17th may 18 Zephie least starting on the seventh.

Unknown Speaker 29:52
He may ask if there are some skilled people who are really interested to do some of that

Unknown Speaker 30:00

Unknown Speaker 30:02
or less will be delivered, I’ll be some of the behind the scenes stuff is going to be happening. That’s the thing.

Unknown Speaker 30:10
Then so that’s what I was gonna say 70 points on a day, Wednesday. And then Thursday is the full first day of painting, which I imagine will not be

Unknown Speaker 30:25
a bone Russia, lots of people, Friday is going to be big Saturday’s gonna be a full day and Sunday will be an afternoon shift.

Unknown Speaker 30:34
So some of these like specialty painting stuff, come on, I’m gonna send it to you and then anybody who you know that is particularly interested in some of these things. In addition, of course, there is the getting it all together, bringing out the tents, bringing out the chairs, etc, etc. Some of the people that they are bringing, they have some snacking companies who are bringing free snacks and passing them out on the food and drink frog will probably do some but not all. They have a mental health. Caldwell’s Wellspring

Unknown Speaker 31:15
company that that cat works very closely with that’s coming in putting up a tent at some point. And we have a van. So when we’re, you know, Dave, probably day before, we’re going to be packing everything up, putting it into the van, putting the band in the line of sight for our cameras and things so I can watch it at night on my phone. Make sure nothing happens to it. You’re gonna love this.

Unknown Speaker 31:43
But it’s not marked. It’s brand new, and it’s white smoke. This is awesome. But it does have the lights. So like have disco. I mean cop disco. But

Unknown Speaker 31:56
anyway, so So that’s living unwritten, and thank you next lady for holding this figure that one out. But yeah, we can’t have it wrapped yet. And it’s just sitting there. So I was like, I we don’t have a rubbish truck yet. It’s either rent a U haul? Or is there something in the city and

Unknown Speaker 32:14
the police department was like

Unknown Speaker 32:19
Hey, I was talking about you know, so anyway, so every night we’ll you know, put this stuff in, we’ll take it out, we’ll put it back in the van, we’ll drive it over here. Market, watch it and then we’ll

Unknown Speaker 32:33
and I’m gonna I’m gonna meet up. So all those volunteer opportunities are going to come to you with a lot of information and just how to recruit your friends and people who you think are interested in participating QR codes for them to sign up those kinds of things. And then hopefully again, that will force Evan is going to be point man on a lot of these things. So putting people into the sign of genius and all of those kinds of businesses so yeah, it’ll be it’ll certainly be

Unknown Speaker 33:07
for anyone who has high scores in the community service hours this is great for that

Unknown Speaker 33:15
verted the high schools

Unknown Speaker 33:21
Yeah, no so probably

Unknown Speaker 33:28
Yeah, that’s good any

Unknown Speaker 33:31
sane brain Valley School District to learn I’ll probably go through the art

Unknown Speaker 33:39
Honor Society Honor Society, finding ourselves CLI sometimes they contacted me about doing their own projects which is problematic because everybody comes to us wanting to do that but but the ours is a totally different thing

Unknown Speaker 33:58
Yeah, Facebook Great. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 34:01
Put some social media stuff together it’s in review right now but at the very least we’ll be posting next door next door as well.

Unknown Speaker 34:11
Yeah, the socials

Unknown Speaker 34:15

Unknown Speaker 34:19
were trying to postcards if it makes sense to actually spend the money

Unknown Speaker 34:28
right. So discussion about the

Unknown Speaker 34:34
high spot

Unknown Speaker 34:42
for silver

Unknown Speaker 34:47
to Ghana

Unknown Speaker 34:51
need paper edition that comes out

Unknown Speaker 34:55
your first name, your last one. Um,

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Have a online Speaker I think it’s a lie

Unknown Speaker 35:05
but they definitely have like a bunch of older people words in office staff and

Unknown Speaker 35:14

Unknown Speaker 35:18

Unknown Speaker 35:20

Unknown Speaker 35:24
say go

Unknown Speaker 35:30

Unknown Speaker 35:33
what’s the two two I should have said so the reason he did two is because he wanted you to see the entire design as well as where the breaks are. So So one the top two is one side yeah, the bottom two is the other side. So if you can imagine this is where the malar was some hours filming

Unknown Speaker 36:13
and then so then on this side, that’s where the edge of the tunnel breaks and then we’ll still have those the Blue Mountains that then come into this and so then on the other side

Unknown Speaker 36:29
this is where some mountains used to be, but this is really now so it’ll break here. We’ll go back there back this way once you get to this portion

Unknown Speaker 36:43
it kind of comes out and then I think that this is the ocean and then the elk is here. I might have had I might have been transferred host

Unknown Speaker 36:54
and the elf is this side and this is where the malware was But needless to say the malware is going the malware is leaving the Elvis thing

Unknown Speaker 37:03
and the the mountains the emails coming in will be refinished

Unknown Speaker 37:11
Yeah There’s lighting

Unknown Speaker 37:16
there is a little bit of lighting there

Unknown Speaker 37:30
well if you love it anyone who forward with this then you got to vote on the phone

Unknown Speaker 37:38
and you have to accept it unless you want to talk about it. By all means right.

Unknown Speaker 37:45

Unknown Speaker 37:47
digital history wherever it’s missing

Unknown Speaker 37:51
I’m sure

Unknown Speaker 37:56
I made it that way except just because I think it’s really lovely except what’s next Oh except the new addition to the knights and

Unknown Speaker 38:07
artwork and

Unknown Speaker 38:11
pretty much the second

Unknown Speaker 38:13
couple of weeks. And then all favor is again we’re saying aye. Aye. All in favor say aye. Aye.

Unknown Speaker 38:22
Motion passes. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 38:34
because it was the first project

Unknown Speaker 38:38
that was round one. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:43
Okay, all right. Number 10 The Flanders project.

Unknown Speaker 38:49
So Flanders Park is right a lot.

Unknown Speaker 38:56
This is not the screen reveal

Unknown Speaker 39:03
one of these days

Unknown Speaker 39:09

Unknown Speaker 39:11
said no. I have been working on the very exciting things called safe.

Unknown Speaker 39:18
So this is currently the site plan B landscape architects has reviews lovelies it was kind of a comfortable design. He’s working directly with the artist on navigating what the Octagon dimensions actually need to be because of things that are not exciting to you but it’s really important. ADA compliance slope for drainage, moving irrigation, etc, etc. So there’s good in their fat to get it to be exactly ADA compliant from both sides. We would have to do some groundwork that’s pretty expensive. So instead

Unknown Speaker 39:59

Unknown Speaker 40:00
We’ve worked it so it’s about as round and close to the side as it can be with a limited amount of irrigation moves, that doesn’t make it too expensive. And then it ends up being ADA compliant from the one side and doggone close from the other side. Okay, so legally, legally, we’re fine. But you know, it’s, it’s, it’s at the slope capacity, I guess, however, that language works, you know, on the other side,

Unknown Speaker 40:31
depending upon what is finally figured out for these sides, it may flange a little bit as it comes into the pad. But needless to say, there’ll be a ADA compliant. So that’s what that’s looking like. And I did not save the images, but I should have have the stamps for the concrete, which was passed through selection committee was looking good. So we’re gonna go forward with that things I don’t have yet this this still has to be reviewed, or it’s approved by Parks still being approved by city

Unknown Speaker 41:13
council concrete guy.

Unknown Speaker 41:15
But then as soon as that is done, then I go to bid with city wide for moving actually, including irrigation. And actual.

Unknown Speaker 41:25
So the artwork though, it’s always in powder coating and I guess she’s she’s receiving it soon. So we’re looking cooking with gas. I mean, we’re, we’re, I mean, it’s, it’ll really get rolling.

Unknown Speaker 41:40
So how long is the complete construction have to be activated? To get it down? To 200? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 41:49
I mean, the patch should be relatively flush with the piece and I don’t recall off the top of my head. Bottom to top.

Unknown Speaker 42:01
What we can hear news.

Unknown Speaker 42:06
Oh, all right.

Unknown Speaker 42:09

Unknown Speaker 42:11
So, bottom to top, I can’t recall exactly what it is. But if my mind serves me correctly

Unknown Speaker 42:20
there was a specific height that had to happen from the bench to where the first

Unknown Speaker 42:29
hold, I guess will be inserted. That was I was gonna say nine. Yeah, so I think from the ground to the bench, then the bench to the was over. Yeah. So that’s up so the bottom to top, it’s probably in the zone of 11 or 12. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:49
Yeah. And they like to weave together together.

Unknown Speaker 42:55
Put it all together. Because I mean, for irrigation is gonna take the longest.

Unknown Speaker 43:00
Concrete will take a day plus curing installation will be one day. Oh, total one day. Oh, wow. Okay, how much does the country have to be carried over? They do the stamps that?

Unknown Speaker 43:13
I do. I’m going to have the concrete contractor do the stamping. That’s yeah, that’s my wheelhouse. As soon as I get this approved, it’s true. I’m just in the

Unknown Speaker 43:26

Unknown Speaker 43:29
situation but are dropped in deadline drop dead deadline was July one. Right here. Well, well.

Unknown Speaker 43:40
You did send a update to Sister Cities for their meeting last week. And they’re Chitty chatting about when they would like dedication. I said please talk about it and then let us know. So we can say thumbs up you know, that sounds good. They would like and of course when the students are here obviously that’s August so it’s not too far away.

Unknown Speaker 44:07
And I think the mayor who’s wrong as well so it should be quite the opposite

Unknown Speaker 44:14
Yeah, yeah. All very good.

Unknown Speaker 44:18
Right in your conversation

Unknown Speaker 44:23
I’d like to say that if you’ve got some great pre made stamps

Unknown Speaker 44:28
that are exceeded our expectations

Unknown Speaker 44:40
I Yeah, depending on where we get if we get to a place where we have time, I would love to find out what’s you hours.

Unknown Speaker 44:50
chalk that up in the lane of inflation actually, like another few 100 bucks. There’s really two or three different sizes 16 by 12 by seven and seven by five

Unknown Speaker 45:00
When we get scared,

Unknown Speaker 45:02

Unknown Speaker 45:04
honoring the Googles of the Google. It took a while, where I’ve been looking for. Yeah. And then I had contacted an artist about doing customers. That is just

Unknown Speaker 45:16
strange Wolverine. I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 45:23
Anyway, no is

Unknown Speaker 45:25
not magically found. And so, yeah, that that’s art on the

Unknown Speaker 45:33
stage you Laurel, thank you pain. Thank you, Danielle.

Unknown Speaker 45:40
So, Aisha

Unknown Speaker 45:43
I did not organize my mic images today, but I didn’t. I should have

Unknown Speaker 45:51
art on the news with really well, there were some

Unknown Speaker 45:56
there were some things that were a little frustrating, like

Unknown Speaker 46:02
flying a 1200, almost 500 pound marble over a Porsche 10 In the morning, having to call the master police officer to run the lanes to go knock on somebody’s door to ask them to do is Porsche but we did and no one got hurt. And there is the Porsche so yeah, so protector or protection.

Unknown Speaker 46:30
Protect your peace. He’s gone and it works out really well.

Unknown Speaker 46:36
Yeah, it’s it’s lovely. And Jennifer, you were there too. Thank you Jennifer.

Unknown Speaker 46:45
Yeah, so all’s well that ends well, the crane operator was totally nice. He was really good. He was really good to see you there but he’s like sitting in an office chair.

Unknown Speaker 47:02

Unknown Speaker 47:04
so d insulation we were on day one and thank goodness it was yesterday not today because it was really Sunday today.

Unknown Speaker 47:13
So one of the works that gets spinning a little bit

Unknown Speaker 47:17
so let’s see. So anyway, so protector came out at GD Mrs. piece the black bit came out and then the old the Whoopsie daisy we weren’t expecting is of course this limestone piece that has those those lovely

Unknown Speaker 47:38
steel poles looking at it. Anyway, it’s it’s heavy and we couldn’t snuggle up that crane any closer to reach this front one. So this one went dead in the middle because that’s as far as we could we could go without moving the crane to 287

Unknown Speaker 47:57
and that’s the state highway so I I like my job so I decided to keep it

Unknown Speaker 48:03
Yeah, so we had to make an audible on that one but it went down really well the artist. He actually works with Natalie later and she’s a

Unknown Speaker 48:15
Colorado marble sculptor if she does amazing, amazing work. Anyway, he’s he’s her right hand. And this is really the first piece of this scale that he’s ever done. It’s limestone is it’s warm and supple. Go and run your hand on it. It is a beautiful piece of stone and then that contrasts with the metal is really lonely but he was very specific. He stood there with his level for a while making sure that this stinker was really what he wanted him to be. And at the end of the day, the contractor who our installer they’re so good. said You know, we just I have a washer like we can level it with

Unknown Speaker 49:02
a washer Ungerleider a little tiny bit. But we so we had to

Unknown Speaker 49:09
have it anywhere that you picked it placed it on.

Unknown Speaker 49:13

Unknown Speaker 49:17
The Washington the trip

Unknown Speaker 49:20

Unknown Speaker 49:21
teeny, teeny thing. He was a pretty with it. But he really was.

Unknown Speaker 49:29
Yeah, he was particular and I appreciate it. So yeah, so that was fun. And then the robot

Unknown Speaker 49:38
which of course is called processing right because he’s in the finger. Right. This is Jamie Loeffler, he’s out of Lafayette. He brought all of his friends.

Unknown Speaker 49:52
Let me know that we definitely did not leave the crane.

Unknown Speaker 49:56
Whatever it is, I’m saying next time you do this is it

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Instead of using 700 pounds, you use the crane. You

Unknown Speaker 50:06
so he

Unknown Speaker 50:08
shuffled it off. And it was like geez Louise and my contractors and you know, I don’t break that so it helped out and although that ends well, but

Unknown Speaker 50:19
you various Yeah, I do.

Unknown Speaker 50:23
Yeah, we could have boring that so that’s like our house. Yeah so we could have oriented him a little bit differently I think but he’s still funny. He’s pretty good. He’s pretty great. Yeah. So I don’t remember how much he is but he’s he’s Yeah, he’s fine. So he’ll be good the lane of course you’re the executive director of the firehouse and why couldn’t we put him directly in front of the firehouse? Why don’t we have a path. And I had to remind her in actual effect, she didn’t really know this. But Kaufman, of course, has been all torn up for our projects, right? There’s not well, there’s a tree there. But there’s no path there. Because when I spoke to traffic, we did bid out to actually have one board. And they said they come in that far with demo. One, we are working on Kaufmann. So they said you can for it, but we’re just going to demo it. So we didn’t buy because there was part of that song could we get out of our tracks is gonna get turned on to get so when that day comes, we’re gonna have to, we can replay tracks. And we’ll put in we’ll put in another plan. Yeah, but it was in the future. So then we’ll have seven along there. You’re going to go and walk down for the avenue and we’re going to be you’re going to like it I really. So earlier. They do. Yeah. And every single person that walked by to envision I love that place that strikes that was really catches your eye as you’re coming down. Yes. So that so that was day one. And then we there was miscommunication. And an artist wasn’t able to to make day two.

Unknown Speaker 52:06
Today was day two, and it was a little bananas. But we got there. I did not take as many pictures as I should. So this is looking.

Unknown Speaker 52:18
This is looking east. So that’s Josh, were putting in the final pieces of his it’s actually a lot striking, getting more striking that it doesn’t photograph as well as it looks in person. It’s fantastic.

Unknown Speaker 52:32
Yeah, this this interesting piece by Gerald Severns is very delicate. So the offsetting of this very geometric and very heavy piece versus is very lightweight. And listening to his process. He uses different patina is on steel. So when when you get up to that piece, it’s a very intimate experience with the color versus this extremely harsh. Acrylic. So that’s, that’s a lot of fun. And then spiral is a fun, it’s a fun, fun addition there on the side. We did that behind one. Steel.

Unknown Speaker 53:12
I made an executive on one steel plate, because I saw the price for the rest and gasped a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 53:21
So maybe in time, we’ll consider buying what we’ll see because the steel goes down at all. What what so we just drove straight in. And it’s affordable. Yeah. Yeah, that’s a good question. So So these other pieces are bolted straight into the concrete. When the day comes that we take them out, we shave the concrete anchor off and backfill it in, which is fine, it just looks like when there’s not sculpture there. You know, it’s, it looks kind of you know, it’s not a perfect finish the steel plate, when we when we cast the concrete last year, I had them in bed hardware straight in. So then you can take a steel plate and hook it straight down. And when different artworks come up, most of these scale are worse. We tack weld it straight to that plate. It makes it very structurally sound. It makes it incredibly difficult for someone to come in and

Unknown Speaker 54:20
you know, they really have to work at it. And

Unknown Speaker 54:23
so it creates a ruckus Yeah, it’s a superior mechanism here. What I meant just wanting to come here, if you have to stay on top, it just makes it harder.

Unknown Speaker 54:36
Yeah, and either way, I mean these things in time, if you go into St. Stephen’s Plaza, you’ll see that the ones that we bolted into and then to cut them up, you know, it’s not a pretty easy concrete when it doesn’t have artwork on it. And it doesn’t sound great. These are concrete when you have a steel plate sitting there either, but the power to remove those plates and store them mostly

Unknown Speaker 55:00
It’s just way they weigh a lot. So yeah. But hopefully now that we’re in our cycle, there shouldn’t be any time that there’s not sculpture

Unknown Speaker 55:11
at any given time, right. So that’s the Eastern version and then I don’t think I got a great one looking

Unknown Speaker 55:21
starting at the end looking down so your dancers Xhosa, there is a robot. The sharper the Charlotte see these? Same kind of thing, man, does it not photograph as well as awesome as it is in person? Oh, yeah. I was a little surprised initially that that she didn’t include color. But when you look at the finish on this aluminum, it’s really angry.

Unknown Speaker 55:46
So that was nice.

Unknown Speaker 55:49
patina on it, did Charlotte say or? No, it’s not to be white. It’s a little brown. So it’ll, it’ll stay, it’ll stay its color. As we consider moving forward with our maintenance plans. You know, haven’t folks walk along there. And if some of these get a little bit dirty, just some distilled water and a soft rag, especially Josh wears piece on the end, he has like a silicone coating on it. So it’ll actually collect dust. And so we’ll want to wipe it out gently. Occasionally, or even like a few different feather feather duster.

Unknown Speaker 56:25
So, and then this dancer she’s the one that I just did not get a great photo of.

Unknown Speaker 56:33
She’s very fun. And she’s very whimsical. She’s very frontal. So you approach her looking more. And there she is. I am certainly concerned just the wind was blowing today. She used dancin.

Unknown Speaker 56:48
As a mover,

Unknown Speaker 56:51
she’s delicate. And so someone goes up and start to bending some of these pieces. But the artist knows it and it’s insured. So we just, you know, when we get those plaques done, put them on and say you know, do not such do not apply. And we do our best so

Unknown Speaker 57:11
and then Ribbit Romeo will install that. That artist is going to be here next week. And so so Oh, and then this app. So Mr. Snowy Owl, he

Unknown Speaker 57:25
wrote the finger on the

Unknown Speaker 57:30
walk that it installs on. And that thing is 750 pounds, but two pieces. And so the contractor putting he had he had to come on the crane was here, and he couldn’t be so then

Unknown Speaker 57:45
the contractor and I said well you know can you try and fix it and then just work just come he’s come from Loveland just come and we’ll we’ll see if we can hand move it. And

Unknown Speaker 57:59
it’s just somebody’s gonna get hurt. So I, you know, an artist was really sweet. And he understood, but sort of knows now

Unknown Speaker 58:12
he doesn’t have anything to it anyways, it’s kind of bad for him. But he you know, he doesn’t have anything to replace it with. And I mean, the, we probably could have manhandled the person handled the owl. But there was no way to connect the owl without face. They will not on the bottom. There’s just

Unknown Speaker 58:34
and I’m telling you, these guys, they sat and they looked at it for a while and thought about we talked about how, how the Egyptians did,

Unknown Speaker 58:45
like, plywood, and axes, ball bearings to like wool. And, you know, this is just giant block, right? It’s 100 pound block. And yeah, the hedges are right. And I mean, even if you did it to the closest, the closest Flynn to in St. Stephen’s, you know, we couldn’t get a truck right after we’d installed everything on for so like, rolling a truck into like switching them out from corporate over where they were already installed.

Unknown Speaker 59:17
As artists of the robot versus friends. Yeah, right. Exactly. Come on over. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 59:26
he was he was magnanimous which was great. I need to learn so much today. But that’s, you know, to the break art station or a broken, broken gap when he was?

Unknown Speaker 59:38
Yeah, he has a gantry in his studio. So I don’t know if he he it’s got like an idol. It’s a pin strip. It’s a screw onto the only known situation. And so he screws the Bible onto the pin that goes into the block, and he must have lifted it. He

Unknown Speaker 59:59

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
straight. You did you fixed it. But I don’t I don’t have a I didn’t have a crane that today to be able to pick it. And he said it took me 2024 hours for the pin to cure with the new epoxy. So there was wondering if you could, even if he would have come yesterday and had it on site? So are we not getting that at all?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:28
You can’t say

Unknown Speaker 1:00:32
you got nine, we got our

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
work. I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:40
That was gonna go smoothly.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:43
How was that the only sense? It was. And so do we have one

Unknown Speaker 1:00:51
more polls that are empty, but we do have that limestone piece there. And it is central and it’s in the middle. And it’s all Oh, so it almost doesn’t look like

Unknown Speaker 1:01:04
an accident. It looks. It looks intentional. But Kimberly McKee with Ltda, who’s contributing to this project this year, was very adamant with their contribution that for that, and it was their priority. Okay. So that’s what we do. Do we have a backup one? We did the backup on on a spiral. and risk management wasn’t follow Sandy Friedman’s circle, red circle one because of entrapment for kids. Oddly enough, Keegan already committed to Idaho. So were they

Unknown Speaker 1:01:43
were like, put it up all or something. So anyway.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:49
Right. So there it is. And then, of course, Annette Coleman, and a Coleman’s have

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
another fun thing. So she’s playing with scale. And she did not deliver it her well learned. And I was like, That’s really interesting. Because your scale from your rendering to your to your actual I mean, I knew it was getting taller, but this component seemed absolutely huge. And yeah, yeah, Turing was a structural engineer.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:22
And Logan, and all that stuff that she had to rescale it but this is very different work for her. If you’ll recall that she does that those heart from the glass, mosaic kind of things. Yeah. So anyways, this is a Rhonda frog rocket, the very south end of Kensington. What I don’t have here is a picture of the bike path that goes like kind of in front of it and then goes through kind of east and then there’s a playground and stuff the street beyond the trucks there. Yes. Other cyclists.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:57
Right. So metal recycling side, right back over. Yeah. Yeah. It’s easy to see here and disabled from the street. Yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:05
Great. So if any of the four empty parentheses students and students cannot go there just

Unknown Speaker 1:03:13
for bullets are things Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:15
All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
We are awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:21
You can

Unknown Speaker 1:03:23
the Zoom meetings going to end this

Unknown Speaker 1:03:28
then yeah, for everybody.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:31
Definitely wasn’t able to hear.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:36
Oh, so we can just put this all together. Because you know, a lot of see you’re saying, hey, it was a good trial. Yeah, that was good. Okay. So that’s our new 3d. So the separate robot rodeo next week. Lack of class

Unknown Speaker 1:03:56
to going in front of the museum, okay. We’re in the orchard the Swiss or somewhere else a little bit further in because we’re supposed to out of the sun. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:05
You get on it. So you Burnham

Unknown Speaker 1:04:13
wasn’t included when she sold?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:17
Yeah, we didn’t. It was included. And we said yes. Sounds good. And she said was sold and do you want to borrow from that? You

Unknown Speaker 1:04:24

Unknown Speaker 1:04:27
something like that. Yeah, she’s beautiful.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:30
But she’s all

Unknown Speaker 1:04:34

Unknown Speaker 1:04:35
Awesome. Yeah. Looking good. Yesterday.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:41
I would like to propose that we

Unknown Speaker 1:04:44
lean into buying the protector marble piece that Jay took to South Dakota this morning.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:53
You take that home or you take a different one. You took that one and

Unknown Speaker 1:04:58
that’s what it was loving those two.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
Introduce yourself go sculpture festival today.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:04
So I just I love this piece and you know Angela and I kind of discuss back and forth and it’s so it would be so nice to have this Colorado or obese in LA we’re looking forward to

Unknown Speaker 1:05:18
it speak to them will Safety and Justice building is going to be going under an overhaul. Okay, but that’s yours that’s over

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
that’s years from now before it was finished

Unknown Speaker 1:05:35
so there will be certainly opportunity for public art project there. That said, I mean, you know, you don’t you do not have a piece of marble in the collection and your mission is to diversify the collection. And what can Jane said it also can work? Yes, he was born in Longmont, he would love for it to be here. And he also said that he would store it for free we if our intention was to buy it or we’re headed

Unknown Speaker 1:06:02
I would have to I would have to use it. He said that he couldn’t remember how much you put the value up on our original contract so that would be one place to kind of like indicate the dream to have 12 and 16 Oh that’s really

Unknown Speaker 1:06:17
Yeah, that’s Yeah, I had a

Unknown Speaker 1:06:22
few things going on that used to be some Marvel for me interleukin valuators through this topic

Unknown Speaker 1:06:32
started with in the end it was the that was the needs from online

Unknown Speaker 1:06:38
it is called protector and so that was part of the Justice Center

Unknown Speaker 1:06:45
the email protector and

Unknown Speaker 1:06:50
I do love it there were some really strong connections I have the best there’s that

Unknown Speaker 1:07:01
if we installed somewhere for a few years until the Justice Center is done

Unknown Speaker 1:07:08
here’s that

Unknown Speaker 1:07:10
clip in front of

Unknown Speaker 1:07:13
city building there

Unknown Speaker 1:07:16
is a place that they want us to

Unknown Speaker 1:07:21
third and Kimbark are on third and

Unknown Speaker 1:07:25
by the entrance to the city building. Yeah, right by the stairs they’re sort of in the middle of the building as I understand Yeah. So Sharise would never allow me to put anything I know at the Civic Center of once you climb up the stairs like the civic center is now sound look may not have any additional weights and things that are not so there’s this was no this was down and below that the one I didn’t find number one find the parking garage outside on the street by the steps there’s a little there’s a square spot there I swear this is my number so you so this piece is now on loan elsewhere you I mean we can investigate locations and then if it if you decide to you know I mean being mindful with cost for moving things etc you know we would probably want to install at the same time that like we have the crane for moving the other things right

Unknown Speaker 1:08:29
yeah, you can always put something somewhere and then if you change your mind where it wants to where you

Unknown Speaker 1:08:35
prefer it’s in we put some pieces in the same students or

Unknown Speaker 1:08:41
more that’s a good question. I think that that would be a question for LBA which I obviously I wouldn’t even ask ya know then we aren’t always having to minister and has become even more important eventually.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:55
You what we do have like a week various

Unknown Speaker 1:09:01
events in order to fill it out it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:09:04
not just

Unknown Speaker 1:09:07
a little closer to me but

Unknown Speaker 1:09:11
it was from a camera support team.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:17
He says I know that the Ltda has taken out the fountain and I thought that they have larger ideas of actually depends on points. revamping St Stephen’s but how many years are we talking about? So that happens in that

Unknown Speaker 1:09:36
sphere so yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38
screws for the walker library now since joining

Unknown Speaker 1:09:44

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
Alright, so while Wait,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:50
so this is people like to have us as your president or whatever chair please think of me when

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
So you’re looking at the robot guy, possibly buy that and put it somewhere to

Unknown Speaker 1:10:06
see if seven years

Unknown Speaker 1:10:10

Unknown Speaker 1:10:20
we don’t we don’t get a vote.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:24
Okay, moving on maintenance reporting. Okay. So when we did our nuts and bolts conversation, one of the comments that we received was to go through to go through the maintenance reporting, I just, I don’t know I don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:10:48
I have a tendency to close.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:54
Okay, so there’s a link, and I sent it to you, and I will send it again, it’s this fancy smart sheet link. And so when you have your phone for you want me just to print you out a piece of paper, and you take the notes,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:12
when you get back to or you have the ability to do the digital. This is is the forum, right? And the reasoning for filling out with Smartsheet is because it is very easy for I need an AI to turn, turn the whatever pre pre Excel file CSV file into an Excel spreadsheet, and then sort by when you say something is poor, or is it or if I want to look at there’s electrical wires or something like that, we can very easily filter and see and find out, you know, the problem children, right. So you have to put in your name. So when I am freaking out about why it is we need to go and look at something right away, you know who call in your email, just so we get it right. And then the artwork title. And then there is absolutely everything that we’re talking about. And each of you at this moment in time, have a think about six or seven, we’ll probably do the shake up again. But it doesn’t matter how often you go visit it, it doesn’t have to be regular. And it doesn’t matter if you just saw it like a month or two ago, and you’re buying it and you want to go buy it again, that’s the whole point of this. And looking at looking at only because the object changes in time, right. And so the more reporting that happens, you might see something that’s you know, flange or change in color, or maybe it’s starting,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:41
you know, to laminate or something, and then you go and see it again. And you’re going to notice, of course, four is the same. So doing this as often or as little as you can, is, you know, it doesn’t have to be regular.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:55
So then there’s the date, right? And then I, our intention behind this

Unknown Speaker 1:13:02
by this form, is to try and make some of the museum questions that Eileen and I asked what we’re looking at objects relevant to you when you’re looking at an object. So there’s not any right or wrong answer, right. But the difference between it’s love and it’s in great shape, versus it’s a dire situation like that’s gonna help versus that, you know, is in great shape or reporting, to try and make it more meaningful to you. And then here are some of the issues, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:34
It’s unstable, because you can move it there standing water, that’s a big one, right? Foundation damage or singing chunks out of concrete, those kinds of things. So these are the, these are the kinds of things that one would expect for like public art situation. surface coating. Yes, I recognize that you’re like, What the heck are you talking about me, Angela? But if it’s painted or not, if it even has a surface coating and you’re like, yes, it has been asked before No, it doesn’t. Or it looks one color in all the places and in their spot that it looks a different color. Like that’s a surface issue, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:18
And then how is that coating condition? If it’s different from one place to another place? That’s not a good thing. But again, can’t determine because you’re like I’m not a genius on this right? I don’t know about me stuff. There’s no right or wrong answer potential hazards. I mean, we just put them there because you’re gonna trip walking up to it. Anything that you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:41
electric up you know. And then finally we were able to get our friends in it to allow us to have a field for your notes. So that’s where you can write me love them and oh my gosh, enjoy. I don’t know what you’re talking about. But I think I see rust right?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
Like, how much is that damage? And then like, one to 10? Like how much?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:08
Notice? Yeah, you can also put in a comment about what the condition is, yeah. Okay, good. freeflow Okay, um, the human who I was working with, and then setting this up to not seek art and items feed Smartsheet.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:27
And so we get her. And then the placard business is really helpful. While of course, our, our team who’s been working on that project has already gone through and done a full audit of the entire collection, it doesn’t mean that it can’t go missing. So please make that note, even though we’re in pretty good shape on that. And then the condition another field for comments. And then a latitude longitude, if you can, and if you have, it’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:59
The city is actually outfitting ArcGIS pretty substantially. And in the world of the IDs, it actually is going to move us significantly when it comes to making maps for the website,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:15
potentially, for future, putting you

Unknown Speaker 1:16:20
to work or to our business, so that we have very accurate locations that start falling late. So if we can collect that information, and I just put in one of these

Unknown Speaker 1:16:32
links that I use, and found that pretty helpful, if you can’t agree, and then the file upload

Unknown Speaker 1:16:41
as many pictures as you want. Typically, from someone who’s assessing a piece of artwork in you know, you start with whatever you can define as the front, it doesn’t have a front, we just are very methodical in looking at the objects kind of going in top to bottom and then go in the round and try. But you can’t do that. And you’re and you’re just snapping a couple. That’s great. Just as as much as you can do as many with objects time that you have. This is how we’re going to get to the bottom of some of that deferred maintenance and prioritize on budget fun, what we can and cannot

Unknown Speaker 1:17:22
say this, is this helpful. Okay, and print it out and mark it up. And then if this is daunting, and you just want to send it to me and all of what, fine, but the date piece of it is really, really

Unknown Speaker 1:17:41
good. Helper helper.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:45
How did the weather’s better? nicer? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:51
Okay, great. So I will resend

Unknown Speaker 1:17:56
it will resend the link.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:59
If you want me to resend your list fine. Again, if you’re doing one and you’re doing the same one, that’s great, because then we compare them and see, are you seeing the same things? If you don’t remember what’s on your list, but you’re buying something and you’re like, stop? It doesn’t matter if it’s on your list. The reason we do the list is just over trying to capture the whole world.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:24
Okay, thank you. Well, you’re up again.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:28
later on this week. Okay, so I’m sorry that Miley, I don’t Something must have happened. She’s that’s very unlike her. Yeah, she was definitely a pleasure to be here for for two days. I’ll see if there’s well, so maybe I’ll just add that in Miley is our undergrad from CU she has been doing, I would say the severe job with

Unknown Speaker 1:18:52
Cindy’s help in in the park project, but also just

Unknown Speaker 1:18:57
not a ton of oversight. She’s been independently going through doing the research, she ran into

Unknown Speaker 1:19:08
concern of left hand and left hands compass, and then did research into sacred massacre. And I think she kind of had a y moment of, you know, telling the story of that work. And so we got to have some really good conversations that way. But she has uploaded thing, everything to our to our website. We have not lost translation yet. And we will not publish hopefully, until that’s done. And the only piece of the internship that she was not able to accomplish was actually doing that vocal piece and recording or reading her narrative. But aside from that, she did a really good job. So she has two tours, one of both campus and one of downtown. And so we are, we’re on our way, the next step

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
First, we’ll be finishing the placards getting the QR codes that then will directly attach to those. And then we’re going to go into that cycle of testing. We’re going to see how it works. What are what is the data that’s coming back? What is our visitation? We’ll fix it. And we’ll get it right. And then we’ll start working on the rest of the collections.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:20
After the test runs on it, see, it’s all copacetic. Yep. How do we plan to inform the public that they can get out there?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:36
Well, I mean, we’ll probably do the same kind of launch that we did for the museum. So the museum has three, three, the women’s history,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:49
downtown, and an architectural history, right. And they’re linked on the museum’s website. So we can do the same thing, put it up on the city’s website. And regularly it’s featured in the newsletter for the museum and

Unknown Speaker 1:21:08
adding it up, it also has a spot on the newsletter, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:16
But including the URL.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:21
And if you imagine that folks who are visiting ended up on the site, because the URL is on the Eclipse, they will all end up on the board is there’s

Unknown Speaker 1:21:36
really one site, but there’s various branches need to push. And it’s not an app, it’s actually a Global website. So that’s kind of brilliant, because you don’t have to download anything. And you have I mean, your user, and you don’t have to miss that the other thing. So if you’re already downtown, and you’re doing the architecture tour, then you might you when you open it could stumble across the art public places tour. And they’re specifically designed at least these ones, that if you stumble upon something and you hit the QR code, there’s not a beginning and an end, right. It’s just if you start one place, then you can do the tour and it leads you to the next one. So

Unknown Speaker 1:22:18
I think but yeah, full full on marketing, communication, push and knock on wood. If the new program administrator who has conditionally accepted the offer, gets through her background, all of that stuff, then that will be one of the things that when things like that person, that person is going to walk around running. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:43
Okay, oh, I keep going. I keep going. The scope that

Unknown Speaker 1:22:50
he Davis is done with the animation he is also working on. So it’s the city of Longmont and Coors Field and Fiddler’s Green. So those are his three projects. So you’re in very nice company.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:07
He, the one that he did for us was the first one that he has ever done. And he designed our wheel first and worked on the animation second, and learned a lot about his mind working on things you should do and should not do. So the fox twiddles his nose doesn’t flick his ear. It’s not I think he was slightly disappointed in the amount of animation. But the flowers blooming is really cool. So we are in the middle of the service agreement, the service agreement is through an RFI which is out of Austria, and our funds, which you have already approved will get us a 10 year contract is not in perpetuity.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:52
So in 10 years, we’re going to have to revisit this again.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:57
But I think again, breaking the cost of the 10 years down into a month by month and again, it’s unlimited views. So we don’t run into that situation where somebody walks up to it. It’s a QR code. And I’m like, sorry, somebody watched it 500 times and you know, you’re watching so and we’ll need to paint some little feet on the ground because you have to kind of stand in a perfect spot. But it’s cute. So we are we’re so close on that one. And then we’ll need to do a dedication for the scope. So maybe start thinking about the timing for that.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:33
You’d be a little bit further away from

Unknown Speaker 1:24:36
community paying me.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:39
Don’t wait out. The our blockers are totally second Saturday of every month.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:46
We just tell him really what we want and then visit Gera hover.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:52
She’s very visible majority of the posts publicized

Unknown Speaker 1:24:58
Yep, it’s looking really good bye

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00
A Commissioner application supposedly closes tomorrow. There’s three of you please, please, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:07

Unknown Speaker 1:25:10
Generally speaking, I don’t know what is going on. But the city has just made a concentrated effort to recruit myself have been talking to lots of people, including somebody who apply for a job and then withdrew her application. And I said,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:27
okay, so she might well be, you know, we’ve been trying and people aren’t really applying. So I don’t know what we’re why that is. But right now, it’s still scheduled for tomorrow, if something changes, and they

Unknown Speaker 1:25:42
play with those dates of when the athletic

Unknown Speaker 1:25:47
will you be accountable? for that? I will let you know first. So

Unknown Speaker 1:25:52
and you’ll be hearing from us because of course, they changed the process again. So I think you go through the commission, we’ll set up a subcommittee will re interview you and other candidates, and then we make recommendations. There’s

Unknown Speaker 1:26:07
that’s it for me, and there’s new business.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:13
Okay, did anybody have the opportunity to read the narrative about the

Unknown Speaker 1:26:21
use of the seniors?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:23

Unknown Speaker 1:26:25
this piece, I’m not going to read it to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:28
But generally speaking, this piece in the senior center is quite large, is really fun panel, it was put in in 1982, which is before the public art program, but legally, we believe it’s public work.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:40
It’s not part of our collection.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:43
There has been, of course, in the last couple of years pretty significant turnover, not turnover, but those retiring from the city

Unknown Speaker 1:26:52
in leadership positions. And this is one where the Senior Center has lived with this for long enough.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:01
They say that they’re their words on line, and that this is not terribly reflective of our community. And they would like to move it. So her her public places do session and relocation guidance policy.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:16
We are going through the process.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:19
I did send it to the museum collections to be considered by the museum collections advisory board. Museum collection does not deem this.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:30
I don’t want to miss this week. But not only based on its size, but based on an historical narrative of the system. It is not

Unknown Speaker 1:27:41
it’s just not appropriate. Yeah, not there we go identified as appropriate for recommendations for the collection. So it is coming to us for D session, technically, almost looks like technically according to our public places. Decision guidelines are supposed to create a task force to investigate holistically and further and then come about it. So you have two options.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:09
I provided all of the information that they’re expected to use in your packet today.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:16
And or we can go forward with decimals.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:19

Unknown Speaker 1:28:21
The question is, since it’s technically ours because it’s been hanging public, but we haven’t

Unknown Speaker 1:28:31
we have to a session it before we do a session.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:38
Also, is it just one piece fits three kids?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:44
I mean, it belongs to the city and according to the charter, anything that is

Unknown Speaker 1:28:48
like a granted to you but basically any artwork that’s on display.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:55
With is it on

Unknown Speaker 1:28:59
three wood panels and what happens to it?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:07
It goes it goes to the arc arc, the big arc storage and this guy

Unknown Speaker 1:29:19
goes Elseworlds protests.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:23
I second that right.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:26
Yeah. All right. Last question.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:34
Second date on the assessment piece recruiting it

Unknown Speaker 1:29:39
says thank you for saying

Unknown Speaker 1:29:44
session. So that’s a really good question. They have funds to be able to take it off, they have funds to repair the wall and they are prepared for it. Thank you very much because

Unknown Speaker 1:29:57
and then so the next

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
First piece I was just going to say

Unknown Speaker 1:30:03
is I need and I

Unknown Speaker 1:30:08
removed the boys world your triptych acrylic, sandstone through the seasons from the coffin house. So it is no longer taxidermy background. It is beautiful. It’s in good shape. It probably needs to be framed. Well, yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:34
So the coffin house is under new leadership, we hired a photographer to to get good images of it, because the beautiful, the artist is the Angela Belluno.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:47
She is local, active painter. And so we are going to with her approval, but actually contractually, you don’t have to ask her. But I’m still going to ask her if we can actually reproduce this in vinyl, stitch the images together. So you still get to see that lovely through the seasons, and move it up a little bit, apply the vinyl to the wall. So taxes are making bulk all over that not our canvases. And then our canvases are now gone. They’re in storage in this building right now. And if we can offer this to the Senior Center, if you would, like on the wall just previously seen, or we can find somewhere else for this. But this was something that had come up in previous conversations with commissioners so

Unknown Speaker 1:31:37
we can look at it we can measure it out if you want to put a taskforce together to see how it looks. That’s why at one point, we talked about putting it in the safety Justice Center. But I think it’s really too small for that wall. Safety and Justice Center is undergoing damn stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:54
I think about going to see the senior center might be nice. I mean, it is.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:01
I haven’t I haven’t said anything to them, because we should talk to you first. Do you have other things to go up in the library? I’m winning a new season. Jonathan, and

Unknown Speaker 1:32:11
I’m a little excited. Yeah, it’s good. It’s gonna be a good conversation. He’s ready.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:19
Are you talking about just three pieces behind? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:30
leaders worked in natural museums before natural history museums before and I ever worked there. And so we were removing it. And I just

Unknown Speaker 1:32:40
Yeah, so this little box right here was in my backyard this morning. And I didn’t realize that I like my dog. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:55
Jacqueline, so this, this is someone interested in going and seeing and measuring I can, or the other thing that I can do is I can easily Photoshop it in to give you an idea. And then you can decide, but we don’t have to offer this to the Senior Center. And unless you’re ready. The other thing, of course, is we can always investigate purchasing new artwork. Let’s see its size and see check how it will fit into that hole.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:22
Yeah, okay, I’ll Photoshop it and put it together. But right now, I will also investigate reframing it and yes, it

Unknown Speaker 1:33:30
probably would help in their day to day analysis. Yes, when we refer to it as one piece. No, that’s true.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:39
It is the final of the whole war.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:43
You know, we’ll we’ll Yeah, and we had even talked about coming around the corner but we also talked about removing taxidermy. And I don’t I don’t ever say other duties as assigned we’ll

Unknown Speaker 1:33:57
talk about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:59
So we will we’ll make it the best that it can be. In the end the person who’s who’s caring for the house is a wreck is direct and positive.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:11
They they’re really excited

Unknown Speaker 1:34:17
Spider Man

Unknown Speaker 1:34:25
he took about half of that I was I grabbed it

Unknown Speaker 1:34:31
Okay, so there’s that Public Service Recognition Week is May 2, from six to 730. There’s going to be refreshments before City Council on the second and so if you were able to get the city manager and City Clerk’s office would love to commend you for for the for the city so attend if you can’t get the picture take Sharm mayor. So it’s gonna be

Unknown Speaker 1:34:57
next May 18 is the third

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
or say that we are going to be doing community mural? I tell you right now as you’re installing all that artwork today in a new in a meeting is a lot I, I really think we should either reschedule. Yeah, so the week before, is like after nuzzles up against Memorial Day weekend, right? Or we just need to cancel thoughts on things to reschedule for the earlier person still.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:27
Otherwise just cancel. That might Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:33
I was

Unknown Speaker 1:35:35
just gonna say that

Unknown Speaker 1:35:37

Unknown Speaker 1:35:39
isolate students

Unknown Speaker 1:35:42

Unknown Speaker 1:35:45
sociated with

Unknown Speaker 1:35:47
well, your excuse

Unknown Speaker 1:35:50
to have to show up to the painting

Unknown Speaker 1:35:58
so do is that work? Or is that going to

Unknown Speaker 1:36:02
vote? Okay, we’re gonna read on the 18th is going to be I mean, he wants to paint until dusk, we would have to leave him and our van. And I’ll be borrowing that from the police department.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:16
We want to reschedule for the letter. Yes, yes, that would be my preference. So do

Unknown Speaker 1:36:22
I. So that’s about to watch. Raise your hand if you want to reschedule?

Unknown Speaker 1:36:30
Okay, all

Unknown Speaker 1:36:32

Unknown Speaker 1:36:34
And then last thing on the executive team, Stephanie is gone. Randy, our fearless leader is term limited. Cindy is Vice Chair.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:44
Technically main meeting is when we to make nominations for executive team. So we tried to do this organically once before. We’ve tried to do nominations before.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:58
Neither one really works out. So we’re

Unknown Speaker 1:37:00
just going to throw your hat in the rain or we could just have a conversation however you want to do it. Put it on your radar.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:08
Right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:12
We have we have 15 minutes until we’re technically done.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:21
She’s just not present in that current moment. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:25
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:28
Yeah, so yeah, it’s complete is completely up to you out there as I navigate city chair.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:37
My second,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:39
you got a chair?

Unknown Speaker 1:37:43
And that’s definitely I think she has indicated staying on.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:48
Well, staying on, but I don’t know if we should

Unknown Speaker 1:37:54
express interest. So the question was, am

Unknown Speaker 1:38:00
I second?

Unknown Speaker 1:38:07
It would be nice for?

Unknown Speaker 1:38:10
Well, our new program assistant is coming up.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:14
And we do have other guideline changes that we do need to me, that may be a charter change. But as long as you have a secretariat, it’s not the answer is at least 10 years. I have also taken this job for the museum advisory board recently. So I would like to give up on that.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:35
I think the intention was to better the program assistant will be doing a lot of the

Unknown Speaker 1:38:42
issues we could probably do every other month.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:46
So we will come back in May and do this formally. And I will send out an email. But if anybody’s interested and wants to put your hat in the ring or also wants to nominate somebody.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:58
Well, you did.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:00
without stepping up here and say you won’t say on

Unknown Speaker 1:39:06
this technically according to your evidence. It’s a when you vote.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:12
And that my friends

Unknown Speaker 1:39:16
question is not quite yet. But yes, Mr. Collins, right. Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:39:21
that was it.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:26
That’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:28
I’d like to be involved with the boys.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:33
Update on the museum director just briefly. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:38
The position is not open to leadership. From the city tippy tippy top down has been restructuring over the life of post COVID There’s been a lot of aha moments in the city and if you listen to city council like I do, every single Tuesday, almost

Unknown Speaker 1:39:58
there happened dude.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
developments in project management. And certainly, the way that internal and external services is kind of breaking out, there’s going to be a new assistant city manager, which route maker is interim right now. And so I think holistically the city is looking kind of from a top down approach approach and the way that things are structured, which in the name for really museum director, I feel like it can safely say that the museum director had an oversight of the fight, it was pretty flat. So I think that the museum is looking at a different hierarchy, I have requested that our public places still stay hooked directly to the museum director, because we’ve worked so much with outside departments, that I need someone in that director’s circle. So that is what I’m going to continue to fight for. I’ve never had to make a phone call.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:58
But I don’t really know.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:00
Additionally, if you think that there are some internal candidates who are interested, and also we are looking at a capital campaign for expansion, so there’s, there’s there’s a lot of parts they’re

Unknown Speaker 1:41:15
supposed to.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:31
Do there was a Silver Creek

Unknown Speaker 1:41:35
Leadership Academy students that maybe you saw when you were watching the city council meetings, that they thought they got permission, they started painting a mural in the school, then they got a cease and desist?

Unknown Speaker 1:41:53
Notice had to repaint over the mural. And so I think, Suzie the dog was going to reach out to you because the kid had reached out to her for some reason, and so and so don’t be surprised if they don’t ask, you guys give some sort of recommendation of maybe a spot in the city, building somewhere where they go and

Unknown Speaker 1:42:21
paint this mural for that. Kids, you know, kind of final project.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:28
It was beautiful, according to

Unknown Speaker 1:42:31
everybody that saw so

Unknown Speaker 1:42:36
this school district, yeah, it was really strange.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:42
permission. And then all of a sudden, there was this moment of like, you did the titles did you sort of attitudes, like,

Unknown Speaker 1:42:52
in a good gallery, you start making

Unknown Speaker 1:42:55
a good portion of it,

Unknown Speaker 1:42:58
to then have a turn around and go, that he had a committee of people helping them put this all together, and then all of a sudden, it’s like,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:08

Unknown Speaker 1:43:10
so then they Oh, yeah, it was like, when it seems very like going, we’ll talk about that one hand as the other episode. So that might be something that’s gonna be happening, to all to figure out a spot, rather than the spot, you guys that, and we just want to be really cautious because we receive these inquiries all the time. And we can’t possibly accommodate every kiddo. So how is it that we can implement either a policy or procedure or an application or something along the lines, because once we set a precedent with somebody’s kid, not going to kid, right, just anyone, we set a precedent with someone, then we have to be very cautious about what we’re sending in the future. And also, chances are the reason that the school district wasn’t very happy about this is because of means as to humidity, a huge concern.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:12
So So when and if that comes, there’s, again, I get things at my door all the time without being a gatekeeper, but also, maintaining that lens of equity, all of the time is our responsibility. And sometimes that means ruining somebody’s day. Sometimes it means lending the recommendation that helps them get through the process to the next piece. Well, the truth is, guys, you’re not bad guy for saying no to this deck,

Unknown Speaker 1:44:41
taking that into account, don’t don’t feel at any point obligated. The fixes that really isn’t the cities for school districts sort of thing. Nearly 70 That can be translated to shoutbox because we do have that opening right

Unknown Speaker 1:45:00
Maybe translate to that, we can get something that we can look at and have kind of reconfigure it to something like that. But I would

Unknown Speaker 1:45:10
suggest to just start doing that sounds a bit like a slippery slope. And it really is the school districts problem. Yeah, I think, reason why they reached out to Suzy is because she’s is,

Unknown Speaker 1:45:26
that was kind of a logical connection. But I would really not be happening. If you feel somewhere I know, you all, don’t really love art and feel it right here. But don’t feel that you have to do this. Because to me, it really is a critical component that we can’t forget about. And I want

Unknown Speaker 1:45:52
to invite them to submit with the with the understanding that

Unknown Speaker 1:45:59
vote or or all I mean, I think, you know, that’s the great thing about being creative people, right? Maybe it’s an opportunity where the wall where the AP panel just came down to the senior center turns into a new opportunity for students to overwhelming door, where’s a mural on a panel that goes on for a couple years, and then once you know, we can create those opportunities. And and then make it something that goes into the future. And this is just the catalyst to get started to this subject gives me the right isn’t that good stuff is that sometimes that have problems, we come up with a school for many years, our library had our contact contest, and they would do this, but then people would buy pieces.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:49
And then as I said, that help you manage those pieces. And so they were up at the school for a year that rotated out. And first who ever bought them. They wouldn’t get it for years, but they would it would be part of the fundraising library. It can be like to the point of putting on this similar sort of thing that moved on. And

Unknown Speaker 1:47:18
then you don’t feel obligated to maintain an

Unknown Speaker 1:47:23
age limit on the shot box.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:26
We have illegally legally women so legally to go under contract with someone you’d have to be 18 years old. That said, intergovernmental agreements IG A’s and the city was in their last housekeeping initiative that went through Council right before John got here made a whole lot easier for us to

Unknown Speaker 1:47:46
think good, because once upon a time, it was paperwork, and council consent agendas, and did the mayor signature and these kinds of things. They made it a whole lot easier.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:59
Sometimes I think with IGA is and certainly in the school district again, you have the school district folks that are really, really activated, making sure that you’re spreading out those opportunities for people to be able to apply the yes, it’s much easier. So we could work with a school like Silver Creek and get their art department so the there is an adult who’s overseeing what’s happening, but I can work directly with him. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:25
Yeah, definitely. I really like the idea of engaging younger students or just younger people in general and having that sort of like a showcase or a highlight

Unknown Speaker 1:48:37
sort of came to mind when we began discussing the euro project that I have now, just because of where it’s situated into schools and people walking through it. But yeah, to have some some opportunity that’s really geared towards that will be really exciting. Well, and evident I meet with Hilda with the center tomorrow, so we’ve never met before. So that’s going to be brand new bridge. So we’re building blocks. We’re building bridges is sort of open to you this happening.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:07
Yeah, sorry. So that’s that’s it.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:15
The lottery dollar or admission people?

Unknown Speaker 1:49:20
Great. Thank you. Yes. And the council retreat? How’s that for you? Oh, well, it was. We love your facility and everything. One thing I suggest to them, I use my classroom date as my year sort of thing, that

Unknown Speaker 1:49:37
is a sign of sanity. That literally, I never raised my voice anymore at all. It’s got the speakers everywhere in the room, and I just turn this thing on turned off on speaking and it’s so so so like that, you know, in situations like this, where we were had a lot of people in here and people have side conversations

Unknown Speaker 1:50:00
In this example right here off these speakers, and it was just would be so nice and is good for any short form that you’re doing. And

Unknown Speaker 1:50:10
then you can have maybe a couple of them because you have so many options with Verizon and so and so.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:18
So I recommend that you That’s awesome. Because you know, it gets really kind of overwhelming to hear

Unknown Speaker 1:50:27
this this room we’ve we’ve had these conversations before in this room, it’s not the best for that.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:34
Well, good. Well, I’ve watched quite a bit of it to glean if you if you have a towers

Unknown Speaker 1:50:43
that was typing and doing contracts or whatever, but no, it was it was the Herald’s presentation

Unknown Speaker 1:50:50
is fascinating. There’s a new form a new thing, maybe you consider not doing well, is one way to describe it. It’s kind of like the pillars house. Yeah, everything. It’s kind of the philosophy of the city. And that’s kind of a look at see where we are, because so that kind of helps to kind of that elevator speech of where the city stands on different things and works for us or things like that. So that’s kind of a cool thing for you guys to see. Especially because you are that connection to the community. And it’s important for you to kind of be part of that lucrative aspect of it all.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:35
Yeah, sounds interesting. Yeah, I will send that along, then I’ll send the links to the YouTube videos. I think I wrote a couple of them down in the March minutes of some things to watch. Certainly about the street naming was fine. Yes. Just having a comfortable community. Yeah, that’s all issues. It’s just that you don’t mind ways to help people or as I say, just as mad that change names just because I don’t live on the streets of New York Street. Or somebody else doesn’t live on that street that’s named after somebody like like Evans. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:15
You know, after that, it you know, it’s wrong, that we can fix that. There’s other things like that. Yeah. Yeah. So I imagine that that’ll probably be something that comes around for us especially as we as we kind of explore Sydney and understand who did what, and we don’t want to honor clients memory. Yeah, that we don’t want to honor somebody who set somebody off to

Unknown Speaker 1:52:46
massacre women children.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:49
And so, you know, just because you didn’t build the character it wasn’t

Unknown Speaker 1:52:54
morally and ethically, you know, kind of one of our historic bad guys

Unknown Speaker 1:53:01
you it was it was good conversation.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:07
Good links,

Unknown Speaker 1:53:09

Unknown Speaker 1:53:11
Cuz I motion to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:17
Second, all right, everyone’s favorite journey.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:23
Okay, you know what?

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