Museum Advisory Board Meeting – March 2023

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Museum Advisory Board Meeting – March 2023

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Okay, we’ve got a meeting to order. So, join us have a roll call that that will help. Fantastic. You have Sheila here for public invited speaker, would you like to make any comments

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or no comments extension on sorry to be losing? Find direction. Thank you. Yes. Congratulations. Yes. I’m excited. Sad to be so wonderful. Is that?

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Okay, did everyone have an opportunity to take a look at the minutes that Joanne send out? Is there a motion to approve minutes? Katie, is there a second? All in favor? That is unanimous. I didn’t catch the second consecutive update going.

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On right. Perfect.

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We’ll turn it over to Eric for the February it’s

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sorry, it’s not organized enough to get it up on the screen. today. I have two exemptions. So you have your printout, or I can just fold it up with the first one is a political postcard. She has no third term when with milky. So this is from the 1940 presidential election. We don’t have a lot on that particular. So even though this doesn’t have a direct, long, long link, it seems like something. So our mid 20th century political memorabilia, I will note I didn’t leave a bit of description, talking about a video in a previous session. So ignore that. But it is basically connected as a representative for the presidential election.

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Next time

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is this cyanotype, which is a fluid process used to make blueprints. The actual fabric is about yay, I yay. And it was used to print photographs as well. So this is on fabric. Photographs of historic landmark buildings is a found in collection accession. It has been in the museum’s possession

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for at least 20 years,

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but we weren’t able to track them any documentation prior to that. So it will be noted that this is kind of a collection of people someday someone comes in with a lot of paper that says I love that museum 1972 And we would even need to return but hopefully thinking it’s free. So this is kind of a cool piece because it does have some photographs that we didn’t have previously in the exemption collection. It was kind of cool fabric photo.

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Other enclosed as hell. The second one is because I know

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based on the photographs, what buildings are shown between 1906 and 1821. The photo of City Hall is a city hall that was torn down in 1921. And there’s a photo of Columbine elementary with a built in 1906. So between those two times, probably toward the earlier parts of the UFC.

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So this was it found in the process of cataloging everything that you guys have been doing like both the cataloging and doing it’s

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actually been sitting on a shelf in the archives for most of that time. And it was, you know, we have very few exceptions in January. I was like, you know, I wonder if we got anything in like the foundation collection. I went over? Oh, yeah, there’s this cool cyanotype everybody need to dig into and so can verify that Yeah, we really need other documentation on On

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the questions? All right, is there a motion to approve?

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I move that we approve the two sessions for photos.

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seconds. All in favor? That is unanimous. All right, we can move on to reports. So I will turn it over to Kim for the report, the museum director for the last time?

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Well, first of all, I would say it’s a pleasure working with all of you this year, so very, very much. Wonderful. And maybe the case that tomorrow, we’ll learn more about what’s happening with the surveys that have went out or what is potentially tax that will be forgotten about us in November, when we report to city council about what the results of the surveys have been. And then the City Council will give recommendations about what to do, what will be included, if anything’s going to be put on the ballot, and more importantly, for you all kind of what your role would be in all of that. Because I know that a lot of the advisory boards have been asking questions about, you know, what can I say? Who can they talk to? What is the messaging around, and so on, and so forth. So we will get more guidance tomorrow at that city council meeting, and we’ll be in conversation about what we all do is certainly, if we are put on the ballot, few follow up questions, and you may want to talk to friends and the voters and so on and so forth. So we’ll be sure that you’ve got some talking points ending. And that one other thing that doesn’t appear on here is that we will be for the capital campaign. Within the museum expansion. We’re working with the organization called prismatic consulting.

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Or you doing how are you? We’re just talking about what to expect at tomorrow’s council meeting. Okay, with the results of the survey. Yeah, so it’d be interesting to see what what happens. The other thing I was trying to say is that the we are friends of Elon Musk using a house paid for a consultant to help us with the capital campaign. And so that is going to be launching probably in May. And the consultant that we’re working with is really pulled together, talking points and sort of messaging around the capital campaign. And that’s that will move forward regardless of what happens with the ballot initiative. The idea is that we would eventually, assuming that the ballot measure goes forward, we would extract the capital expenses drawn back for the museum’s expansion, and that the only thing that would go on the ballot would be operating expenses required. So that’s $20 million, that we would be pulling the price of our past and our consultant has been really, really optimistic about the potential for being in two ways. Or I think part of the reason is that there’s so many things to be excited about, you know, we’ve got the children’s room, we’ve got the expanded outdoor areas, we’ve got the rooftop space, we’ve got the cafe, expanded gift shop, but you know, like all of these things, the lot of different people will be attracted to. And then given that they’re just like this is this is a fundraiser stream, you have to be able to have all of these different things to sell basically. So they’re really optimistic about being able to have a successful capital campaign. And so we’ll make sure that you guys get those talking points and are able to sort of share with your friends and networks that have these regrets about it. So, with that in mind, yeah. Yeah, absolutely. That what we’ve got going and part of the thing that I’ve shared in the report is that we’ve already got so out of that $20 million. Don’t trust my math here. But out of that $40 million, we raised 570, we’ve got around out for another one. And then at the last city council meetings, there are some vacation, so don’t trust me. But whenever that happened, city council also awarded the museums and similarly to ask for seeds, and said that we don’t know the exact number yet. But that’s estimated between 800,001 point 2 million. And so we’ve already got a good chunk of money raised for that already. And I think that that moment, is a plus all these other sort of possible things that we can work on that we’ve really got to create use for it. And we’ve got it lined up in a way that works really well to shake, we’ll be building in phases. And so the first phase is basically funded, the second phase is pretty darn close. And then, you know, we can kind of take our time with basically, and so given time, the exciting things we can sell. And the moment is that we’ve got going on, I think we’ve got a really, really strong. So that’s why I share I wanted to share this with you. This is the latest hot off the presses design that I am super, super excited about I you know, I feel like our architect has listened to us really carefully. And she has created spaces and you know, adjacencies and various ways that we can do things like that, that this tiny, some sort of tiny print on it. For instance, from the entrance of the museum, all the things that are available for free access are all right up there at the intense time. So for instance, the local art and community gallery that’ll be available for free as people ensure bandit cafes will be available free for people to enter. And then as you get deeper into the museum, you’ll see those are paid areas, so we’ll be able to kind of control the access. From the front desk perspective. You see, we’ve got the cafe, we’ve got an expanded gift shop, we’ve got the new children’s gallery, we’ll have new rates rising Gallery, and then new spaces for artists studio for a nonpartisan program, a much more expansive, rotating flex gallery space. If you can see that the collections gallery there that basically be able to have, you know, sort of history exhibitions that really focus on our collections and be able to bring out collections. That, you know, as you all know, if you’ve got a lot of stuff in collections that we’ve done a lot of opportunity to bring that up is another opportunity to show that Washington said that you guys are approved all the time. And so being able to see some of those things actually come to joy will be really amazing. And then on the other side, you see, and this is this is just a first pass at what the elevations will look like on the outside. But I think you can see it as this rendering. It excites me to see how she can create those really interesting angles and the windows and the different materiality and all of that and I just, I get super excited about sitting in this room doing so. Because again, it’s just the first pass and we’re still that’s why Eric and I believe is that we were meeting with some contractors to look at the very first thing we’re going to do, which is the new textile storage, you know that we’re renovating that space about to become the clean area for exhibitions construction. So the graphics and labels and all of that are going to be moved up to that space and then it’ll be office space are similar that Jared is to and our public places are going to go so we will be able to spread especially as we bring on new staff, because call center architects and the principal architect that we’re working on is Krista. Awesome. They are out of school. And they’re an on call Architecture Department diversity, right word. And I have to say they’ve been a little nervous because their specialty is like recreation centers. But I just feel like she’s listened to us really intently and it less designing is is fantastic. And she is bringing on an advisor to specialty museums, for actors. So just a few we were so involved in doing, you know, sort of the nitty gritty work that a consultant, that that knows PCM is even that aspect is really fresh in her perspective, she didn’t have to do that. But just through the grapevine she was like, you know, there’s this local expert, and we should put her on board. So that’s it. Assuming that’s good to know, what’s to see visually, lovers will definitely need to increase staff. And I think that ultimately, it’s just going to be creative thinking, and asking, requesting through the city planning process. I did some math recently. And I think, during we’ve asked, we’ve been able to have something like six. And that’s been essentially outside of the budgeting process. So it’s possible. And I think that it’s just employers just created. And so while it feels like it’s really challenging to get staff, I think that that medicine, Doctor. Position. Yeah. And, you know, the thing is that we’ll be able to

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also kind of scale our work according. Because I think that we can remove emails, use cases, we essentially use as well for a while, and then be able to as we as we can our staff, setting an example. So I think that this will just give us an ability to be able to do what we do better, as long as we ask staff to get even better. So I think there’s there’s been some self growth that we really want to be able to accomplish. But even without that, do some dark over.

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Good stuff. It was pretty amazing. I mean, I was bored one night.

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Unknown Speaker 18:48

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well, that’s ultimately what it boils down to. So we’ve got a lot of demand. We can’t do it right now. You’re a part of it, the staff as you point out, and part of it is just the billing.

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So this will give us an opportunity to do.

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We got weightless all over the place. Clearly, people like what we’re doing. And makes me really sad to leave right now. There’s exciting things on the horizon. So yeah. So I wanted to kind of point those out. Those are things that happen sort of after we were able to get the report together. So I’ll jump back into the report. I did mentioned the external storage, and we’ve we’ve submitted the traffic coming in for that. So that’s getting underway. As I mentioned, we’ve just met with contractors who will submit bids for that. They are also on the city wide awards, and so hopefully that’ll happen quickly as a result of that. The as I mentioned the survey for the library, right ideation and culture funnel is going to be presented at the City Council tomorrow. So we’ll see how that goes in terms of their recommendations. And then at the last meeting that I attended else put it that way, City Council voted to award the money from the sale of the Broncos to city to accept children and family. And so they’ll make decisions about how that money gets distributed. But then also awarded the oil and gas proceeds to cm. So I’ll work hopefully, I’ll figure this out before, to work with finance to figure out exactly how much money that is, and make sure that it gets appropriated to the CIP for the expansion project. The rest of this by reading for the first time, so let’s just wing it. In exhibits, the agriculture exhibition is really looking forward, this is going to open soon. So Jared is going to do the interpretation of the exhibit, and with the artists and former interviews. So that’s the next fun project for them that they interviewed the folks that are involved in projects in people’s day to day interpretation. And it gave me Thank you. She was in town from Toronto. And so the current solution is going to go to the agricultural heritage center. So you see a picture of that on the right hand side, that’s the space that it’s going to go into. And the left hand side is an example of work. So basically, that work is going to go into that barn. And so they went to the barn to see how they might be able to pull that off, I think it’s going to be really impressive. And there are sensors also in town, she’s from Sacramento, and she is an artist who works with photos that are essentially woven together social, take your two photos, or you can maybe do more, and basically weave those together. And so she was here to be able to figure out exactly what kind of photos she wouldn’t be able to use in the work that she’ll be doing. She’s an indigenous artist. So it is great to be able to include her in the project altogether. And then Patrick Merrill, who’s a local artist, but really nationally, and he’s going to be part of the project. And he was here, Gavin cornstalks, he’s going to be using in the production of a 25 foot by 10 foot woven curtain that we use to make the exhibition he is if you go to the airport, you may see his work, he created their enormous logs that are kind of in this pattern that you see as you approach the airport. And especially if you come in out of the the train, you pass right by them, they’re, they’re really quite cool. And that was a project that took me years and years years to do. So okay, if you want to see the scene work, you can see. We’ve also got six hands on activities that are going to be included in the exhibition. And so really trying to make the exhibit that’s going to be here in our galleries really active and sort of kid friendly. Because typically, we have a kids exhibit during that timeframe. So we wanted to make sure that we sort of appeal to that audience during that time. Also in the process of hiring and these assistants, and really, this is for the sort of new new museum professionals that we’re trying to develop. So this is the first round of museum assistants that we’ll be hiring. That sort of stems from our intern program. And so it’s really geared towards professionals. You may have seen as you often within the building that we’ve got a new art public places piece that’s hanging out within the atrium, it’s more angel’s wings. And so that is great. It’s really exciting to have that roll has been sort of a challenge for us to deal with on a regular basis. And so what we decided a year or so ago is that we were going to just dedicate that for our public faces loan program. And so that will change essentially on an annual rotation. And so the museum curatorial staff will definitely help to program that space and instead our public spaces and deal with that. Is that

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There’s a certain percentage of the art on the move that’s outdoor, and indoor, I don’t know, I think for a long time, it never occurred to me, that was indoor art on the move, because I was so used to art and publishes as being outside. And I knew that,

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yeah, Angelo’s done a really great job of sort of reconsidering this because the limitation is that, in order for it to be art in public places, it has to be accessible for free to the public. And, and they’re not allowing for spaces that meet that criteria. And so we have certain areas of the museum that are available free of charge. And those are the spaces that are available for our public spaces. There are a couple of other places that she’s programming, and in a Civic Center, and in the words of cosmic injustice seeking associate status. And so those are the ones that she’s now thought on her sleeve that she’s programming because it just it really is making a point of doing it. So it’s kind of it’s, yeah, and this will be part of the limitations. Yeah. So to the work that, I mean, it’s also challenging because it’s two key word that gets loads of length. And that aspect of getting loads of light is problematic in terms of conservation of art. And so it was definitely part of the conversation when choosing this cheese that it has to be LA has to be fully aware of the light of day. So I actually love that piece of material. We’ve got in terms of the battery programming and events you want those moved back in business. In February, we had 24 events over 28 days. That’s a lot of stuff going on. March is only slightly less busy with a grand total of 23 museum programs, sponsored event rentals and city means. The February highlights include the direct deal tour the worst when you show up. It’s called a punk and Indian romantic comedy. We have a solo dance performances by La Samuelsson and a new work created, especially for one that museum sold out Friday afternoon concerts featuring Denver jazz legend, the pronunciation and lifepoints fasters. On the rise was an installation or ending somewhere so showpiece and this is become an annual event, I hope that it stays one with Bonnie Taylor. Basically curating hosting that show. March marks the return of the older International Film Festival and much more motion picture orchestra. And I don’t know if you guys have ever been to one of those with demo really cool if you haven’t had a chance. Um, basically, it’s a film that is accompanied by live musicians, and they’re usually really, really cool. And then we had Native American poets on March 15, to handle the sacred art of the power our March 30. And so really just a great lineup that has a company that has done a great deal of exhibitions. And then buying the five members we have for events to community partners, over 1200 people, revenue at 13,000, and ticket revenue on rental revenue at 13,000. And ticket revenue at 39. The student performed the percentages there, so we’re doing pretty good. The other states, we’ve got school tours, we got three lined up for the spring season. This is something that I think maybe Suzy can respond to this that sort of been slowly coming, getting people coming back for school tours. But I think that we’ll be seeing away from that as well. And docents have been sort of few and far between that it’s been a challenge basically to be able to recruit for docents knowing that the school tours have been a little slower coming back. So if I’m answering and trying to get a better handle on the the deserts of being able to train docents in you know, making sure that we honor their time appropriately. Some of your summer camps we’ve got 73 Eagles scholarships and awards so far 320 campers in the room so far. We’ve got some that are full already, which is kind of expected. I don’t know if you deal with this but basically For my kid, as soon as the camps open, that camp settled, so the bottom line over here we’ve got great team volunteers lined up for those summer camps. Like this is Oh, I didn’t even know this the first time I read this Sam Mandrake, and he’s one of the artists for the agriculture exhibition, he is subject to a Colorado in the 1800s camp, teaching the silent to process, I didn’t know that that Super Bowl sounds been really active because he is also working with the CPU on this tree project that they have gone on. So he has shown up in Colorado, periodically, and we’ve been able to piggyback on that. So that’s exciting to see that he’s gonna be able to do that for us. I can dance is the law Museum is loosening the first program, July 17, to 21st. So this is a special camp that cares about experienced instructors who killed children with disabilities to teach dance, what two volunteers are assigned to each dancer to serve about spotters providing customized physical support, motivation, and encouragement throughout the week, children who learn the choreography choreographed routine and perform on stage on the last day. So that’s going to be a really exciting sort of accessibility program. Because, of course, scholarships are available via a business planning, the planning has begun for that. And so we’re meeting with Randy again, who’s helped coordinate the progress though last couple of years and really been able to help excellent work we can do is and has been doing it alone for many years. And then engaging again, the committee that works on that fall, fall plan also is underway. And we’re looking to be able to work on the agriculture fall programming series, it’s going to be less than that during that time. And some of the things that we’re going to be doing is composting, vermin, composting workshops, and planning or teaching and fermentation. So all of those things really cool. Adds to the exhibition in terms of collection. And what about parents that go online, you’ll know we’ve got a new collections management program, and so really transparent with all of that data and making sure that the new propitiate of governments has been a massive undertaking. And so it’s it’s much more powerful. Now, that also, I think it’s it’s going to be interesting in terms of onboarding, because it’s not as simple as past perfect. And so being measured, the volunteers help as a training on the essential center. So a lot of sort of enhanced archival categories of volunteers are learning the new software, and I’m sure that we’ve got all of those catalogs that you guys are able to do for us, between sessions into the system is great. To see all the things that we’ve laid out for the next session is Eric anatomy and also lead tours where we live collection center that we haven’t eaten reverse from attendees, that tour. And so basically, what we wanted to be able to do just have you guys and that kind of VIPs have a look at the space and then open it up for additional public programs, anything that will not continue those tours of the center. I think that people are excited to see this sort of behind the scenes stuff insensible to have those available for us. And can he conditions lead to our moving forward? This leads back to question do I want to be presented in the atrium and in the city of justice, white Neighborhood Improvement proxy process project, has received a neighborhood grant leaders project of Excellence Award which is really cool. And now we’re going to use Oh, we’ll see things that are featured in the in GLA newsletter. councilmembers Sean Boyd has joined the Council as council meetings on the scope murals. The second phase of a breezeway of the Walmart housing needs to be done and will be completed this month.

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I think it’s already conceded, which is a reasonable icon. So the picture there that you see here, and that is going to be what I haven’t seen, and I want to share it with you want to be crucified is that this mural is you can scan a QR code. And on your phone, it’s activated. And I don’t know what it’s going to do, but something will move. And so this is why the other two in the States. And so this is going to be really exciting that we’re that you’ll be able to use your phone, see something happen. So that’s the mural, I think is already done. So it’s just a matter of adding the digital aspects to it, then. Moving on to the sort of services, the store has seen increasing sales, and so $2,300 was February, grandparents are one of the best museums who are customers. And so seeing here are some of those kid friendly things. I mean, Greg Mac’s are here with their grandkids, we had 74, new our renewed renewed members in February. And then you can see the time the attendance that we would I mean, I’m sorry, January 22, I built over 1000. And then January 2003, up UCF bunk bed, almost over 1200. And then 22, February, we had 1800, a little bit less, in February of 2003. And then Visitor Services Manager, Elizabeth is hiring a new visitor service staff, we have one new person that’s already started, who is taking over titles. If you’ve ever had a title, I can’t remember if Heather has been working with this at the front desk. And she’s now taken on a new role. And I can’t remember the title of it, but it’s somebody like visitor services assistant. And that’s a full time benefited position. And so she starts to, and we’ll have to replace our position at the front desk. So that’s a role that has been vacated for a while. So it’s really great to be able to have Bill and Elizabeth it’s really struggle. But I think this is common that especially for these part time long benefited position. There’s a sort of constant turnover. So the poor Elizabeth has been spending a lot of her time they’re doing their jobs over and over and over.

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For it was that

Unknown Speaker 37:58
was job to city did bump up those salaries because of that, but they’re still having a lot of trouble. And those positions, already talked to you a little bit about prismatic consulting. And so that’s the first step is really going to be pulling together with the donors for potential interviews and identifying stakeholders who might be interested in being students may apply for a $50,000 grant from the rose Community Foundation to help support the museum’s equitable access program. So this is the program that helps with scholarships for for the discovered days. So this would be a big boost to be able to help that program. type thing has committed $2,500 to sponsor the summer concert series. The grantee also has committed his support, again, so lightly similar to the last year between $5.20 $500 sponsorship for the summer concert series. So those are two good ways to see. Maybe it’s also talked to smokers about donating across schools for the summer camps. And then exploring other partnerships for peanut free options. They did this was last year. So we saw kids eating a bunch of across schools, and sometimes last year, it was really wonderful. And then we’ve got I think we’ve mentioned this before new membership software as well as the rain. And so that’s expected to go live on April the sixth and it’s really been a it’s been a really great process, working with them, troubleshooting the data transfer and troubleshooting all of the ways that we use the software. Julianne and the lacI who has been on the sport before, and it’s of a long time I volunteer with the museum and really knows that database really well. And she’s really been helpful in troubleshooting that. And so that’s gonna be great to have to that new software, the old talk that what we had was also past perfect. So past perfect did the album do for us. So this, the collections management software has also been done on David’s mansion. And because past perfect is essentially going away. And we have find replacements for both of those. We chose Bloomerang for the membership and the donor software. And it’s got a lot of new functionality. And so it’s really good timing in terms of the the capital campaign, because Meghan will be able to really use that new program to its fullest advantage and be able to track donor relationships, and touchpoints and all of that. So this is really good timing for the software for that. In terms of marketing, we’ve got promotion, it will scrape for duality. And I don’t know if you guys have all been able to see that show. And if you haven’t, please come back and spend some time within it, because it’s really an amazing exhibition. And we’re lucky to have it. So we’ve got your spots, and West Berlin times, Paul, and signage throughout town. So hopefully you’ve seen some of that. And then we’ve got our promo video, Law and Public Media, and there’s so many details. If you want to go check it out, it’s hilarious. And then we’ve got a new Instagram account. We’ve talked about that before. But it does give us an opportunity to be able to really share some of those visual things in a better way than we have been tasked. And then with volunteer and evaluation, we’ve got monthly updates for the survey collection that we’ve been doing. Then we’ve got a draft volunteer manual underway, and then recruitment for teen volunteers in for summer camp. And I don’t think that any questions, it’s a lot can I do with a capital campaign?

Unknown Speaker 42:25
Today, you think it might be nice for me to get present to this? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 42:32
yeah. Just talk about the steering committees. Yep. We make sure that happens. Any other questions? What’s the process? That’s a great question that I know obviously doesn’t answer to this. I just haven’t been this morning with Jeff Brewster, who’s the head of the department and Jeremy Marsh, who’s the assistant city manager. He’s the head of the division. And so we’ll talk more about what that’s like, what I really want to have happen in from what we talked about this morning, is I want them to be somewhere in place by the time the caliphate campaign goes live. And I think that’s totally doable. Yeah, I’m hoping for that to do so. Well, I don’t think that there’s anybody in mind per se, but certainly there are networks of people that we can share it with. But ultimately, it’ll be important, I think, to have somebody that is, you know, the champion of the projects and what’s really out there is the one person in the movie and I think it’s totally doable. I mean, it really is horrible timing for all of this to happen but also an opportunity to act and not take on Yeah, and I think that Jeff and I are committed to making sure it happens to you so I can like it you know, there’s a lot of good about it

Unknown Speaker 44:35
I mean, it’s so exciting. I really am like this is this is normal. This is this stuff is like a director’s dream. But it’ll be the next most stringent some any other questions for me? We’ll be sure to get to keep you guys in the loop. about what happens tomorrow with the city council meeting. What that’ll mean, I think probably it’ll kind of jive with the launch of the capital campaign as well. Especially when it comes to those talking points and sort of how to be a Masters Museum.

Unknown Speaker 45:21
History to date, certainly with either about the brand.

Unknown Speaker 45:26
That is supposed to happen in April,

Unknown Speaker 45:29
I wrote in a book without wondering if it was earlier

Unknown Speaker 45:32
or later, you’re off the top of my head, Dale, I think it’s the fifth team that we’re supposed to hear. But don’t put a lot of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 45:51
In fact, is the fifth team that Saturday? The 15th, because what Meghan has been saying is that it’s weird that they would have said it was on a Saturday, and she posts them here before that date. Yeah. So that’s the date that was announced. But since it’s a Saturday, it’s likely that it’ll either be the Friday before the Monday afternoon.

Unknown Speaker 46:28
For me, I really, I’m serious and sincere when I say, just because I’m leaving doesn’t mean I don’t care about this place. I really, really do. And I want you all to feel free to connect with me on my personal email, on the phone in questions, or if I can help in any way or if you just want to talk or whatever, I really want you to know that I’m sincere enough that I care about this place a lot. And I am there’s a lot of thing that is super, super sad about it. Especially right now. So please, please take that seriously. Okay, that’s cool.

Unknown Speaker 47:14
We miss you miss working with you. Congratulations, your exciting new adventure. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 47:25
When is your last day? The 31st 31st So going back I’ve signed a lot of paperwork. I don’t think there’s any government.

Unknown Speaker 47:41
Alright, chairs next I do not have a report. And so we move on to unfinished business. Does anyone have any unfinished business? I cannot recall anything from the January meeting. Any new business? Okay. Any board comments? Other than? Alright, motion to adjourn meeting. adjourned. Thank you for Sir seconds. All right. All in favor. That is unanimous. We are adjourned.

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