Longmont City Council Pre-Session – February 2023

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Longmont City Council Pre-Session – February 2023

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I’m so this is really, really important way I wanted to be conducted and the

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teachers do so much struggling. So, as I said, on the very late agenda that just go around and tell what is happening on our boards and commissions. And the reason that I think that’s important is that, you know, when we come to the CIP budget, you know, trying to, we don’t know sometimes what each board or, for example, a library or the Senior Center has been asking for, you know, to be expanded for a while, I have no idea. And those things I think we should know about. And I know that we can read the minutes of all of these, but I’m not going to do that. There are too many of them. So it actually just be like the highlights of what’s going on that you bring back. So I’m gonna start off and tell you what’s happening. I can tell you a lot about passenger rail, and our first quarter, but I think Colorado rail has done a great job of explaining it. And for me, this is the most one of the most important things that our area, the Front Range is going to be C happening. And I think everybody on council should be up to date on what’s happening with that the other things that we that I wanted, I didn’t read all of it, mainly people.

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Well, the meetings.

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Yeah. So the thing about for my passenger rail is that we need to get some of those dollars that are the infrastructure dollars. And there is a application for for grant called the CIP the shoes. It is the plan for the district, actually, we have to have that plan we submitted to give those $500,000 that we can give to actually plan our service delivery plan, which would be everything operations, number of trains, hours, easements, everything that we need to actually plan a rail district. So that is due, if I remember correctly, march 24, when we met with both the FRA the met twice, actually with Amtrak, who’s very, very excited about this rail district. And they are really excited about creating this corridor into the rail District, which is the main reason I am on that board. So we’re working really hard. And I think that our general manager, Andy Parteien, who is incredible. He’s almost got that written that that to apply for them. $500 is the corridor development. That’s what it’s called to develop the corridor. So it’s almost ready to go fra are never know if they’re just paying lip service. Or if they really mean that what they are really excited about this district because so far they are we need. Anyway, I just wanted to give to give you an overview of that, and this article by Colorado rail. So everything that I wanted to report on was TRPA, the cost of the cost of what they want to do to bring us into 100%, renewable by 2040. Like everything else has tripled. So one of their big costs, it’s only because of we are using that on the market is the cost of turbines or wind power. It seems like the competition in the United States to get going on a percent renewable is pretty fierce. And the only place right now that they that they can get those turbines are in China is China. So there’s a lot of competition there to get those to you to make to get them in on time, et cetera. We do buy that wind power from other states. And marketing it goes through our wires for so this is just a real basic overview. The other thing is that it is the batteries So the batteries now that are out there are not capable of giving PRPs or really any utility, the power that they need to store to run 100% renewable utility. What Jason frisbee and Raj

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signum setting.

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With. Thank you, they toured the United States looking for more batteries. And that there is a company that they’re pretty excited about California that has battery storage, up to 100 hours rather than 25. That they have been able to pick up a line of batteries so that we have enough storage to fill the gaps. The company that they were interested in has chosen the RPA to do a test or a pilot program to test these batteries. It should happen sometime late spring, early summer. So I think that’s really exciting. Because we need to know they’re going to work before before we invest in anything. Let’s see what else was I going to tell you?

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How much it matters? No,

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no, no, not yet. The other thing is that Eddie, who is the marketing person for PRP, we’ve talked air and I told him we need in my opinion, we need a huge community outreach as to what is happening with just placards basically step by step by step. What does this mean going from gas and oil but as the conversion? What is why is it costing so much. And we get there followed up by a tour of the plant so that we can go out and see all of the solar panels that are out there that PRP has already put in. And I think that visual, he said that would absolutely working. So to Jason for his vehicle, it would be kind of like a traveling show where they would go to four communities, because we need to start doing outreach to explain this to explain where we’re going. So that’s it. The other thing is that I’m Dr. cog, we’re discussing how our colleagues to get we’re including housing funding, with our transit funding, we’re starting to combine it and seeing that one, especially if we’re going to urbanization, we have to be able to address both of them at the same time. So that’s what we’re discussing now with federal funding grants, etc. And then I’m continuing to work with homelessness constantly, university or staff. Because we need for our residents to share that we are having forward movement, character, just keep talking about it. And listening to the complaints and asking what are we doing? So I have been working on it for the past year. And hopefully, we will be able to create something. So that’s it for me. We’re not questioning, we’re just gonna go around and No, no, let’s get through everybody’s update. So we can see otherwise, your questions will take either. So who wants to go next? Short five minutes.

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I have three boards that are very active in the past how they can make more of a difference in terms of policy. I have advised three of them, that they should bring more resolutions to council, because otherwise we don’t know about all the good work that they are doing. And so there was a miscommunication of some sort between the board members. But the airport Advisory Board has a sustainability resolution. And then they for some reason somebody thought it wasn’t ready and they canceled the last board meeting so it’s going to come in but I did most of the editing and I thought it was better than Google draft was sorted out that was drafted. But I thought it was very good and clean and not prescriptive, doesn’t make the CD do stuff. It just gives the CD good excuse. So we’re very happy about that. There is a new chair of the senior advisory board and Have the eight, key ask Dave asked the same question how to get more in front of the camera. And the first thing that they’re doing and I’m working with Walmart on this is to figure out how to get more diversity on the floor. Because the populations that we need to serve the most as this, as the Senior Center are not well represented on the board. So I haven’t gone. We aren’t contaminated. And I already met with Carmen and we came up with a bunch of action items, you know, taking to dawn to dawn, the week, and meanwhile, our user out recruiting people, that he’s recruiting people who are already leaders in the community that they may not have Hi, I would like to do outreach to people who are not members of the community. So we’re gonna try to figure it out. One way is to is to make the proceedings more accessible. And the sustainability advisory board is, is is really they are in the same position. They are. There’s there’s they’re struggling with some people who are wanting to advise counter to the majority in the board right now. But sometimes it’s hard for them to get a majority. But they’re

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in need anything.

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earth shattering, yes.

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I can go next. I didn’t do my homework so well, but I can say that we are the unit housing advisory board, they have a new chair as well. In the last meeting, which was virtual, that’s the only way I can I attended. Marlene was doing her presentation. So in the end, transportation canceled this month. And then last month, it wasn’t virtuals because I was out of the country, so I didn’t attend for transportation. Last month, Sister savings was cancelled, but it was adding kicks this month, because it’s the same time as conservatives. Usually, if I’m here, I go from here and then run over there. So that’s me. Whatever. I’m sorry, I apologize. I would have had a summary of everything that was going on. But I know I’m on our public places. Sean’s so

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yeah. So yeah, so for the museum and library boards, both of them have been a large part of our discussion

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around the

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NOAA recreation, library, recreation and culture. You know, just so the museum themes, the board seems that they’re

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in support, in support,

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they know that there’s a funny, they build the date that this is something they can stand behind the library is a little more vocal on the oval just was a lot more questions. And they, you know, they I guess their

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priority is really how are we going to attain that

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preferred level of service? And so they’re wanting before they get behind the demonic answers. You know, just, I guess promises as to how much the library that the city can commit to the library. They did get a new sorter. So it was pretty exciting. Out there, the library so those are just helps get people out from behind, you know, just a better use of people’s time. And so they’re out there with the community or with their patrons rather than sitting behind it. So today had a chance to read it that there was a discussion around your neck testing? You know, I think that they did do and correct

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me if I’m wrong.

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There. They did do just like a brief test of what they do what the other day to see. But everything came up fine. So there’s not an issue that they get more out of, you know, if they hear some, somebody say something, they’ll, they’ll respond. So it seems like they’ve been proactive in that regard. Yeah, so then the archive. So Shawn is taking over. But when we made the transition, it was the day for me. So I just went ahead and attended the meeting. And one of the things they were talking about it, I can’t remember, I meant it to Charlie, but I forgot the name of the process composting facility, a one a one eye he gets turned on. So I know that there’s one of the processing facilities and I believe that that will no longer be taking. They’re only going to take organics because they have people who are putting in the compost, non compostable paper claims and other things so it contaminates. So they’re, you know, as a board, you know, we’re trying to look up for solutions, I think, really, you know, just the driving. And this kind of drives the point home that we did our own regional hosting. So the other one is just too big for them to navigate. And then so now they’re having to grow. And then paper bags to those. The other thing is that they won’t accept, or they’ll discard the composting that if it has paper bags, because you cannot see what’s inside of it. So they’ll take the compostable bags that are the clear. See through the green ones that you can kind of see through, they’ll accept those. But I believe in starting in like end of April, beginning of May. They’re just going to toss those even compostable items. So we’re trying to work and figure out ways that we can assist and ensure that we can get our oldest composting process. And the other one, the ngvla. Same thing is that Marsha, Councilmember Martin was saying around, the group wants to be more proactive in the decision making. So I think I’ve heard from a few members, remember when I do my updates, is that they really want to be able to, I don’t know if they play more of an active role in providing feedback to us what we can bring back to council and, and us asking them so rather than it being just to sit and get that they want to be more proactive in the process. So that was one of the reasons why I asked him, the survey goes out, how do we evolve and GLA. So any opportunities that we can, you know, and again, I encourage them to come forward and publicly budget to be heard. But, but yeah, we can really tap into them as a resource because they’re going back to their neighborhoods and disseminating I’m also part of the youth council. They’re doing you know, they have their focus groups, they have their focus for the year they’re revolving around their focuses around recycling,

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earth, environmental stewardship,

Unknown Speaker 18:39
and mental health. So there was

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like, it’d be quick about the golf committee doesn’t hit me like every other month. But the Gulf chameleons should be off. In conditions of golf courses and the dynamic pricing model, they are keenly tuned in to what’s going on with the updated sprinkler systems that were part of the funnel 2000 Prabhas I missed the last Grammy to get a medical procedure couldn’t show up. So but I will say they are keenly. They’re very enthusiastic about the potential of a final question. They were they received a copy of the solicitation, the RFP that has gone out for a feasibility study specifically in the recreation center. So they’re looking forward to contributing to that data gathering process. I will say I think they’re I don’t think it’s just me. I think they’re still interested in knowing by the end of the year, you know, what are the milestones Right, yeah, not trying to not a gotcha just having some idea of what kind of how we marked progress on the projects, the project priority, the big eight projects in the project. So that, you know, that’s kind of where they are.

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So, two of my boards are there conditions. And so that very specific function at the planning and zoning, historic preservation, planning and zoning, extremely thorough. In those meetings commonly go for hours, just a couple items. So it’s, it’s a long process, and they do a very good job, that will be what their tasks, they don’t do any retreats or or really come up with any sort of extra projects. So I suppose Historic Preservation kind of has a similar function in the sense that they’re, you know, approving statutory items. They’re very picky. They’re very specific, they don’t let a lot of leeway go as far as historic homes are concerned. For example, being a homeowner recently came for a certificate of appropriateness to replace the windows of the home. And they brought a representative from Renewal by Andersen, which, as one might imagine, are not historically accurate windows. So that’s, you know, that’s the kind of things they’re dealing with. They do have a rich, they did a retreat last year, and retreat coming up the next couple months. And then one item that continually is on their agenda that affects us, as we’ve previously met with them on the historic overlay district, they’re continuing to talk about that, and are eventually seeking to have another joint to continue to discuss this work over and district wide. Warm up on public media, I think we all got the email that Sergio stepped down, still acting as executive director to the fight somebody they’re really doing the right forms is mostly to credit for a lot of the new programming they’re doing specifically on Thursday nights. There’s other things and I think that probably is helping with subscriptions, which is part of the sustainability that they need for their economic model. As well as the fact that they they’ve added a lot of for those who aren’t familiar, a lot of other services that they weren’t previously offering, you know, such as that kind of sound recording CDs, small scale stuff, who would see like a rock band, or anything like that. They also have in the last few months or longer months, US started their own online radio station, they want to take it for estriol as well. And I know that they keep having conversations with the baby that I believe is George. So that’s where they’re commuting solutions is pretty much continually focused on bus rapid transit. They’ll give a brief nod every now and again to our efforts towards Front Range passenger rail, but primarily their main focus is Bus Rapid Transit baseline, obviously the diagonal, between seven years I’ve got a lot. I somehow my email address got dropped off the list for the colorblindness bullying policy committee. But that’s since been rectified. And as you can imagine, with section one, the legislature is not in session, they’re going to do much. But now the legislature is in session, it’s ramped back up. And I can characterize it that, you know, as you can imagine, there’s a lot of different opinions on any given piece of legislation based on whether their rural communities the size of communities and those kinds of things. But I will say I am large. Local Authority is the theme of the day when it comes to state legislation trying to hold as much authority at the municipal level as possible. It’s all

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just one day of information sharing. I know they’ve just recently hosted a field trip. I think a third graders. It occurred to me to have achieved the status where it’s worthy of teachers taking kids out of school to go there because there’s something wrong is a is a significant milestone. And big

Unknown Speaker 24:46
change. One thing I forgot to mention is that next week, the 28th I am going with guiding estria who is the mayor of Broomfield and Hopefully, absolutely. So it’s been to RTD, to talk during their tiph Such session, session of the board meeting about restoring our LX one, talk to them about a different finance model that I’ve talked to Deborah and I two directors about in DC, which they thought was worth bringing up. And the partnerships that Mr. Johnson talked to me about helping us with interest city transit. So we’re going to go talk to the board about that. So I might be a little late, because it’s my clock. Unless I do, I don’t know. Anybody that wants to go, anybody that wants to help us out, talk to our TV, let me know. So now we’re going to have the second half, which we’re discussing the stadium dollars. And I asked Aaron and I put a couple of questions up for just minor gives thinking,

Unknown Speaker 26:12
sharing, you know, as we have about half hour left, until the Lhh, board meeting starts, we’re going to be limited on time of year. So, you know, I do think that the questions are a good framework to at least start with those questions being if we don’t have government bonuses, what are we trying to solve or address with the dollars as well as what is the greatest need, that the $980,000.90 should address? I think anybody would like to start.

Unknown Speaker 26:46
So I can start in, you know, because it’s fresh off the library board meeting when they were asking, because the other thing, too is, well, how come you didn’t recommend the library funding? And, yeah, so it was, I had to explain, I mean, for me, it’s looking at this is where councilmember error and I came to this consensus as to where we share the idea is, we have a group of kids in our population who are disengaged with schooling, they’re not into sports, they’re not, they are kind of falling, we’re losing them, or losing them to games, we’re losing them to pride, we’re losing them to easy money, through criminal activity, and how we can find a way to to get them on track. And so for me, and this is where, you know, in my connection with the youth council, was I wanted initially, what I was thinking before I even I sat down was for somebody to go to, for us to go to the children’s youth and families. When I spoke with several staff, at, you’re engaged in, in that department, they have programs, they have people to do programs, they don’t have a place to support that. So they’re often dependent on less than ideal

Unknown Speaker 28:18
buildings or

Unknown Speaker 28:19
buildings. So, you know, so just kind of looking at a way to, you know, without with one time dollar, if, you know, if we go towards program once the money’s gone. So, okay, what’s something that could be one time spending, but still enhance an existing program. So that was that was the rationale behind that. But really, for me,

Unknown Speaker 28:44
it’s getting to the kids

Unknown Speaker 28:48
to help them get on a positive track with having positive figures in their lives.

Unknown Speaker 28:57
Since we were on it together, I could just pick back up on people that are in this niche and that we gave me services and ask them what are the possibilities? What do they want to see? How do they what do they want to see the programs? How do they want to see it enhanced in and Councilwoman without apparent mentioned that, you know, to extend the programs and to expand the programs is what’s needed and so have options for those kids who not only may not play sports, but have other options. So that’s where we came up with, you know, a facility that can offer all of those different options for them whether it was gaming, or whether it was when we close the our sister cities from you know, from there and they have some place of camp or other opportunities for them are inside I have the area and it doesn’t have to be a dome, but whatever it is, we just wanted it to go to Google services, so that they can expand and expand their programming, and just have the opportunity to realize their vision for computers.

Unknown Speaker 30:20
Yeah, I basically agree with that. In terms of the urgency, that repeated counseling. Okay, good. So, given Suzy have absolutely identified the most urgent me that that is the root of how to serve that as a best use of one time money, I think needs to be discussed more. But that’s obviously needed the right group.

Unknown Speaker 30:57
me deal with here’s what I would say, first of all, I wouldn’t agree, there’s nothing that I would disagree with in terms of me in a priority population. Just the two things kind of resonate in my head with with this money, one, and this is going to be a bit of a stretch of a metaphor. But we’ve all heard about teaching someone to or giving giving someone a fish the fish for a day, teaching someone to fish the fish for a lifetime. And the idea of using money that gets spent as programmed and then it’s gone like giving fish as opposed to investing in something that serves kids for a long time. For me, the idea of investing in something in a capital expenditure makes sense from microsecond perspective, for that reason, whatever it is, whether it’s the museum or something else. The other is I just, there’s one way to think about this and that solving problems. There’s another way to think about it, and then that is pursuing or realizing opportunities. And I do think it takes in different directions. And I don’t I think we’ve got serious issues we need to address as a community. I am right there. But I also think there are times when we’re not solving problems, but we’re creating new, we are pursuing possibilities and creating opportunities for folks. And I do think that’s that’s what the idea that that I’ve asked with the New Zealand part of the the bigger mode that the motivation for timing for me, was more the donation from the the Stewart Family Foundation in terms of a catalyst to propose something. So, you know, when I’ll think about the others hear about problems, too. So I’d also like us to think about possibilities to pursue. And if you’ve only got so much money to spend one time, how do you spend it in ways that serve kids over a long period of time, and not as good as the money would be spent for as well spent as it would be in terms of problem solving right now was around some urgent needs. You know, what might endure Cobra?

Unknown Speaker 33:25
Sure. So, I after the Kensington harbor shooting, Fidel, come Vidal, and I talk but he called it was very, very history munity electronics communities very, very concerned and afraid about where their kids are going. And with the information that we got from our safety, public safety chief, in what they’re experiencing, I think that I’m not sure anybody has a solution that would be long lasting, or every community faces this seems to raise its ugly head, but what I looked at was what do we have on the other side of town for the kids? We have this one, which is its death throes. Basically, that’s it. We have the youth center that offers some things to kids, but it doesn’t offer a it doesn’t have to offer the ability to expand what they’re doing. And this makes me very nervous, especially since we got the input from our staff. On what what is going what’s happening there now with what the kids are doing, also from the school district, as to the amount of children as you I want to talk to you about suicide. And I don’t know. And I don’t know that anybody knows that we will know for years if the pandemic has isolated our children so much that they haven’t socialized, gotten out. And the reason I mentioned this that’s part of it is because when we were at the NLC and city Summit, that was a huge authorization. And we see it in our city. So, as far as the museum goes, I think what you’re proposing is doing separately, the combining of the dollars, I would rather see me honest in the 2024 2023 budget for the 2024 year, to bring it up as a capital improvement project and for getting into the budget process. It isn’t that I don’t want them to have money, I wish to be done that for the library, say, we know that we need to invest more in this museum, we know we need to go, let’s look at the budget and see how we can do it. And that is going to be a long term project. It’s not going to address something that we might need to do. That’s so you know, Vic’s conversation and his nonprofit, by the way, after he came to me, then we found out about the stadium dollars within August, September. So I called him and I said, Hey, this is out there. And it falls wide into what the parameters might be for this. So I think there’s a way we can address all of it. But I would like to see something once the summer, because that’s when kids are out, they don’t have any place to go. And I have to be honest, the kids that are into some of the drugs and the guy who’s in center, they’re older, and they’re not going to go to the museum, and they don’t. And that that is a problem. So looking at our city holistically, we need to make sure that every child has something that they will offer them in their ofttimes to enhance their their lives to get them out of themselves in that man’s life.

Unknown Speaker 37:44
All right. So, you know, obviously no expert in the world kids want to do these days. The kids, my nieces and nephews are over 2020 years old. So you know, I’ve heard anecdotally, there’s just not enough for kids to do. And I think everyone’s heard that over and over again. So I think program is a good thing. And expanding that programming to include stuff like egaming, or whatnot, would probably be helpful if there’s the kind of, you know, avenue to do that as far as a space to do it. And the money because obviously, those kinds of gaming systems are not usually. But I think one thing that we don’t think about sometimes is, is it social, because kids that don’t wanna play sports, you know, or whatever. But there’s no social outlet. I know, when I grew up here, the indoor mall was a nice kid to go to hang out there was there was a roller rink. And that’s how it worked at that point. And there’s lots of money plus metabolism, because you there was we just don’t have the generally we don’t have those kinds of facilities. And even though they were private facilities, I think I do remember going to something like a dance or something like that at the Youth Center when I was young. I don’t know if the center doesn’t need that kind of program anymore. It’s more just so it was tight there too. So I think that’s why, you know, I’ve suggested for my thinking, sticky that money in children, even families, because generally they know a lot more. They’re much more than the subject expert than I am as far as where they’re lacking, whether it’s programming, whether it’s space, whatever that happens to be. And that’s why I suggest that just because I don’t feel necessarily qualified to make very prescriptive allocations of martial arts

Unknown Speaker 40:00
Yeah, Harold, we’re trying to achieve four hours worth of conversation into 90 minutes. And we didn’t get to the things I really wanted to talk about. But, but Harold, you showed me a survey and we went through it so fast that I didn’t really even get the provenance of it. But it was a survey of young people of the age that were worried about asking them what they would like to do. And the main thing I remember is that by far, a place to hang out with my friends is number one, and then a bunch of other things that were more like programming followed back. And sports was, you know, kind of down there and, and actually, music was kind of down there around them. But can we see that

Unknown Speaker 40:57
we’re gonna bring it to you when it’s when it’s ready. So, okay, I’m having a prep the data. But that was the survey when we had the neighborhood meeting. For the shooting that occurred in the US summer. Everybody kind of talked about what’s going on, what do we want to see. So they serve a Kids program.

Unknown Speaker 41:21
The Youth

Unknown Speaker 41:23
Advisory Board was involved in a survey. There are different groups that they targeted into inches, I think fifth grade to 18. Again, so once they get that pulled together, then we will, because I was seeing it on an aggregate basis. And I want to get more specific to see what are we seeing by age groups, because the reason they did that was really kind of to inform the US staff and the city staff in terms of based in a lot of what we’re seeing where we may be worded, we potentially need to get a bit in terms of the services that we’re providing. One of the things that was interesting as you counseling was something that was at the top of the list. And these were kids who self identify themselves. But again, it’s I have been doing more paperwork on it, because it doesn’t tell me as much as I think is.

Unknown Speaker 42:24
So the reason they asked for that is one, it seems like it’s information that we need. And the other thing, my concern with this, because I’ve heard over and over again, we’re losing a segment of kids. And I would say older ones are the most at risk, because when they graduate from high school, they’re if they’re lost, they’re lost, you know, we sort of don’t have nearly as much input as we did before on it. So I’m just really interested in what can we do that that is really agile. And while I kind of gravitated

Unknown Speaker 43:06
toward Aaron’s camp, let

Unknown Speaker 43:09
families decide. We’re government bureaucracy, not known for agility. So is there anything that we can do? Collect a fire, make sure that something does happen this summer? And you know, that’s where I am. I am it doesn’t have to happen tonight. But I think I think that it needs to happen in time. That if if we’re going to put a boost behind a couple of programs, that we should do it. And that’s what I have to say. I mean, I think I think Harold pointed out that, you know, we do have an unused underutilized or underutilized space, especially in the summertime. We’re going where we’re going. But, but we do have that and, and although we are limited in terms of the kind of transportation we can provide, I don’t think we’re limited this way. I think we can sin, we can send kids from the US Senator on the east side to Isaac Walton in in our bus and we’re not violating our covenant with RTD. And so that’s one of the things that we could do is let’s, I think we could survey those places and say, Oh, we’re gonna get a hold a dance here. We’re gonna hold, you know, interesting things. I I have Have you I don’t even know I haven’t watched them lately. But there’s there is a local nonprofit, private group ravens philosophy that is just masterful about their youth programming. And we we can get, you know, get them involved in terms of, of programming some of those spaces and provide because they they are very resource like in the label things like in the attic or inside your house Art Center and stuff. But I bet they could handle a better place. And I don’t think that they’re the only ones. But But yeah, I think I think that we should use for this summer, the space we have and the people we have tried to do something fast. So

Unknown Speaker 45:56
on when you said bus number rd, our contract does not include those extra things. With RTD.

Unknown Speaker 46:03
I didn’t say anything. I said it doesn’t violate our covenant with RTD. If we plus our kids using our city bus Oh, you didn’t say? Yeah, I don’t want our stuff. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 46:18
So. So you mentioned the dancing Youth Council. So at one time we used to have, I try to remember that you guys know the name. So I know this, because unfortunately, my children got into trouble and have to participate in the program. However, it was very positive. So having those positive mentors there. So it kind of brings me back to now that that’s gone. You know, we have a group of kids who have kind of just kind of fallen off track, that there’s no no support. And so one thing that my daughter when she was involved in the program really liked about it was having other kids who were like her, not ones that were severely at risk, and are dealing with drugs and alcohol in the home, that they were just coming from the same families like ours, and they just kind of went off track there. And they were there with counselors with other youth mentors. So having that, you know, it’s like, I feel like we’ve kind of we’re losing, we’ve lost that. In programs like I thrive. Ed Mama, I think they’re still in existence, but they’re not. So that is, you know, there’s there’s some overlap.

Unknown Speaker 47:47
So as far as the next steps, obviously, this is going to come back on the agenda for us. And I assume that agenda is gonna look very similar to what it said last week. So I don’t know what council members would think. But I would kind of one way or the other to start actually getting through these motions, down votes and see where the chips fall. I mean, that’s that way we can hopefully avoid charged conversations as much as possible. I think we’ve had all the trash conversations that we really like concerning

Unknown Speaker 48:27
like family, I only yell at you because I yell at my family. So you’re all like

Unknown Speaker 48:34
that’s just my recommendation. Happy to deal with

Unknown Speaker 48:40
people who are yelling at me or my family

Unknown Speaker 48:47
so we’re not family

Unknown Speaker 48:53
can we just clarify one thing? I don’t want more charges. That would help me here if you would just when you made reference to that perception,

Unknown Speaker 49:04
your parents or your parents

Unknown Speaker 49:08
I’m clueless as in terms of what what you think either me I think you’re talking about me in terms of improper behavior,

Unknown Speaker 49:16
and nothing to do with anybody acting improperly. Why said the appearance of impropriety is because I believe, from a certain public our point of view that when we have something like Latina Norma Latinas voices proposal, and then we have, you know, the dome proposal and the museum proposal that kind of might look like in my opinion, a council member voting for dome or or museum would could have the appearance of impropriety because we’re council members we talk to you. Do I believe anybody’s actually properly Absolutely not, there was no accusation late in my statement, I was trying again to maintain and help continue the public trust as much as possible in our body. And these are these are not my not necessarily all my own thoughts, their thoughts that I’ve heard from other people surrounding this whole these conversations as well as how it’s been presented. So that’s where the spirit of my comments came from.

Unknown Speaker 50:26
So, I just interest to Marsha’s point. I agree with everything you’ve said. However, in order to get those programs up to get in all the things that you mentioned, that we could be doing, someone has to do that on staff, and that, that youth programming, usually use Review Services. So I don’t know if that’s what you were alluding to like the dances or whatever it was, that whoever creates those events are usually the services.

Unknown Speaker 51:02
Well, you know, what I think I was alluding to them. There are two things, you know, the public certainly has a perception of impropriety because everybody had their own preference, not everybody. And those were the only ones who got a hearing, even though it sounded like in the first meeting with other people. And I thought other people would want to get a hearing. So it’s not a surprise to me that they reacted that way, but realistically needs to do something fast. But we don’t have our staff to do it. We subcontract with somebody. I don’t know why we can’t find people who do these programs that subcontract

Unknown Speaker 51:49
out? And and,

Unknown Speaker 51:54
you know, I think I think that’s a way that everybody would be satisfied.

Unknown Speaker 52:00
So Well, I mean, unless anybody has anything else. We’ve got five minutes till seven. So

Unknown Speaker 52:07
I just wanted to thank you for mentioning the public sector.

Unknown Speaker 52:13
Sure, sure. There’s public that we’re calling for recusals from the load so

Unknown Speaker 52:18
well, and that was beautiful

Unknown Speaker 52:19
for me.

Unknown Speaker 52:21
I thought, okay, if I have a proposal, should I even be willing for any of the resources? So that’s something that’s kind of within my brain, it just didn’t make sense. Also, then who’s left?

Unknown Speaker 52:34
With the areas of staff, as well. And before we even talk about the proposal, we wanted to make sure that if this is feasible and reasonable if we could actually do this, and, you know, we know the money was on the table, and we wanted to make sure that we were intentional and letting the public know that we wanted something better for you. Yes, that was it. That’s all we were doing. We weren’t, you know,

Unknown Speaker 53:00
there’s nothing improper about that I can imagine, if you to worry about what and I don’t know, I don’t think I was involved in any improper activity in terms of bringing an idea forward. So it when we use the word impropriety, it gets. That sounds like somebody has done something. Well, of course,

Unknown Speaker 53:26
we’re talking about the public here. So they always have a perception of impropriety. Well,

Unknown Speaker 53:33
with the words being used here, among us,

Unknown Speaker 53:36
well, what what I believe is at the root of the perception of impropriety is the idea that it went from looking inclusive, to looking

Unknown Speaker 53:48

Unknown Speaker 53:50
I just want to say to you, too, I have no question about your motivation for your approach. And I don’t know what the cost of the dome would be. But, you know, I just don’t know, but understand the motivation and not have question your heart in what the purpose of your proposal was in remains.

Unknown Speaker 54:13
I apologize. I don’t want you to accusation. Anybody. It was not meant to be that way.

Unknown Speaker 54:19
It was, it was a repetition of the public group. And I got the same kind of feedback. Probably different people.

Unknown Speaker 54:30
So going forward witness comes to counsel again, on the agenda. Let’s just go for up and down votes. And

Unknown Speaker 54:48
you asked me if I was willing to withdraw my proposal and it’s another one withdrawn, but I do intend to the night to bifurcated. I’ll take the upper down vote on both parts of that as well. whatever, but I have not that bifurcated if I’m allowed to do that to say, can I make two motions, pick one up and down the second.

Unknown Speaker 55:08
One, the agenda, resolution,

Unknown Speaker 55:12
whatever, whatever is easy. It’s already the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 55:17
The easy thing was the direction that we used to put it back as

Unknown Speaker 55:26
Robert was wanting to do that. So we’re not really taking input from the public, this is

Unknown Speaker 55:34
just forgive me within the same session, will these ever have a public invited paper portion?

Unknown Speaker 55:43
Just for us to discuss in an informal thing. So thank you, for allowing this to happen. It will be important that we just next month, I would like it to be on ethics. The first the first couple of issues on what we would we don’t have a lot of time, but if we can at least get our thoughts out and talk. I think it’s very, very helpful. And we haven’t set a date. And I need to talk to you about that.

Unknown Speaker 56:15
Jamie, what’s our month, month or March schedule is a little different, right? Because of this.

Unknown Speaker 56:22
Because of the LLC,

Unknown Speaker 56:26
set up the 14th and the 21st. Right,

Unknown Speaker 56:31
so you have those three, you have those three

Unknown Speaker 56:34
issues. The 14th is a study session followed by VLC. Okay, yeah, not maybe the 24th.

Unknown Speaker 56:41
And then, so let’s do it on the 21st. impossible for precession and and then after after that one, I would like to know if you think these are helpful or not, let’s don’t keep doing this. So and that’s up to the counselors to decide that. And General next meeting

Unknown Speaker 57:19
did you think this was helpful tonight? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:22
I think it was helpful. Talk? Yes. And I think we all kind of know what each other are thinking. So when we have that on the agenda? Yeah, we already discussed it amongst one another. And I appreciate you saying, you know, next year what’s going to happen so yeah, I think it’s important. I think we got the link that you can send out on the FX and seeing well,

Unknown Speaker 57:53
yes, they have added it on there. Yeah. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 57:57
that’s all good.

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