Longmont City Council – Regular Session – February 14, 2023

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Longmont City Council – Regular Session – February 14, 2023

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Unknown Speaker 7:21
Good evening everyone counted. Toggle faring is just leaving another meeting and she’ll be here in just a couple of minutes. So once again, I think we’re just going to wait for counselor Hidalgo fairing she’s busier than most of us I think.

Unknown Speaker 7:39
Yep. parent teacher conferences

Unknown Speaker 7:43

Unknown Speaker 9:02
Good evening everyone I would now like to call a February 14 2023 Longmont City Council regular session to order the council as you know is returned to in person meetings but if you feel you need a mask or what like to wear a mask, feel free to do so.

Unknown Speaker 9:18
For those that are watching it,

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you can play who are watching it live streaming.

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Click play on the video link within the interactive agenda on the city’s agenda management portal at www Longmont colorado.gov forward slash online services forward slash slash agendas and minutes forward slash agenda management portal. You can also watch it on the YouTube channel at Longmont YouTube, also via the Longmont Public Media website at Longmont public media.org forward slash watch or Comcast channel channel.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
was eight and eight ad. Can we have a roll call please? Mayor Peck present councilmember Duggal Ferring. Here councilmember Martin Here. Councilmember McCoy, Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez. Councilmember waters, Councilmember Yarborough. Mary have a quorum. Thank you. Let’s stand for the pledge.

Unknown Speaker 10:23
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Unknown Speaker 10:40
Anyone wishing to speak at first call public invited to be heard, you’ll need to add his or your name to the list outside the council chambers. Only those on the list will be invited to speak at the first public invited to be heard.

Unknown Speaker 10:56
speakers who do not place their names on the list will have an opportunity to speak during final call public invited to be heard. And anyone wishing to speak on second reading or public hearing items are asked to add their name to the speaker list for each particular item. Each speaker is limited to three minutes and we would like you to state your name and address.

Unknown Speaker 11:18
We have the January 10 2023. Approval minutes to approve

Unknown Speaker 11:26
so that they have been Moved by Councillor waters seconded by Councillor McCoy. Let’s vote.

Unknown Speaker 11:44
Okay, all those in favor, say aye. All those opposed. So that passes unanimously.

Unknown Speaker 11:55
We are now at the agenda revisions. Are there any councillors that would like to submit motions to direct the city manager to add agenda items to future agendas? Councillor waters? Thanks for your pick. This is I don’t think this is a motion. But it is a question that ties back to a potential agenda item. So it’s fair time to ask. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 12:17
Sandy, we recently

Unknown Speaker 12:20
had a conversation with you and Joanne, we were with the city manager and city attorney. It’s all about performance appraisals, process timeline criteria, etc. We were going to see something back here relatively soon. I haven’t seen anything any indication, what should we anticipate?

Unknown Speaker 12:40
Or pick members of council Sandy cedar assistant city manager, your writing we had said we’d have something back for you in February. So Joanne has drafted some suggestions for you. And I believe that Eugene’s gotten his comments back. And I think Harold needs another little bit of time to review those. We’ll email that information back out to you and either put it on an agenda or talk to the mayor about an executive session in February. So it’s those two fellows needing to get back to you. Alright, boys, we go. All right. I appreciate that. I’ll just keep it in my tickler file. You know, if we don’t see something by the end of February, I’ll be right. Next question. All right. Sounds good. Thank you, man.

Unknown Speaker 13:18
Great. Seeing no one else in the queue.

Unknown Speaker 13:23
I will ask Don, are there any agenda? revisions? There are not mayor. Great. We are on to city manager’s report Harold.

Unknown Speaker 13:35
Turn this Aw, now. I’m going to do this before I so I was gonna do it at the end. But I will forget it. If I’m not careful. for next week’s meeting, we have the first of the pre sessions that you all talked about and wanted to point out that I think in the motion that we were not going to have food for everyone. And just wanted to make sure that you all knew that ahead of time.

Unknown Speaker 13:59
Are we all okay with that? I mean, anyone?

Unknown Speaker 14:06

Unknown Speaker 14:09
Yeah. Yeah. Don pointed it out. And Eugene and I were like, Oh, we probably need eat before we come. So anyway, that was the only question I have for y’all thing. Great comment. And to that point, I will make up an agenda and send it out as to what that looks like.

Unknown Speaker 14:25
We are a special reports and presentations. We have the L EDP quarterly fourth quarter report for 2022.

Unknown Speaker 14:34
And here comes Stephanie.

Unknown Speaker 14:46
Thank you, Mayor Peck and thank you council members. My name is Stephanie Pitts Naugle, and I’m the Interim President and CEO of the Longmont Economic Development Partnership. And it’s my honor to present to you all tonight, our fourth quarter impact

Unknown Speaker 15:00
report for 2022

Unknown Speaker 15:06
So just to begin, I want to remind everybody that Longmont EDPs purpose is to provide economic development services for the city of Longmont. We do this by strengthening long months competitive position through the implementation of our economic development strategy advanced, I want to point out, we mark it Longmont, nationally and globally as a premier destination for industry and talent. We support the creation and retention of quality jobs. By pursuing a strategy of targeting specific industry clusters. We advance opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation by maintaining a strong and vibrant network of innovators and entrepreneurs who strengthen the economic health of our community. We and we advocate on behalf of all Longmont businesses, by working in partnership with elected officials such as yourselves, and community leaders to help shape policies that promote business creation, sustainability and growth in Longmont. And I apologize for the typo on this slide it should say 2022 and not 2023

Unknown Speaker 16:13
So our strategy is advanced Longmont 2.0 This is our city wide economic development strategy, and it can consists of five focus areas with five distinct goals. Our talent goal is to successfully recruit and retain new needed talent while building an industry and future responsive talent pipeline. Our industry goal is to help primary local and startup companies in Longmont thrive with a collaborative business environment and easy access to financing real estate and mentorship. Our place goal is for Longmont to be a vibrant and amenity rich community that offers a diverse mixture of options of play food, culture, and unique experiences. Our connectivity goal is for long lot to be the gold standard for multimodal transportation, offering multi multiple modes and points of access throughout the city, the region and the nation. And our impact goals for Longmont to be nationally recognized as the city that solves problems together. We unite organizations resources and people from all sectors to implement what matters.

Unknown Speaker 17:27
Our contract with the city of Longmont does focus however on three key areas which would be talent, industry and impact and these rep represent the day to day operations that we undertake at Longmont EDP.

Unknown Speaker 17:43
Oops. To begin, I’ll start by talking about our talent objectives.

Unknown Speaker 17:51
So Tallinn objective 1.1 is around marketing and recruitment efforts. Our objective is to execute focused marketing and recruitment campaigns directed at attracting new talent to our community, particularly talent needed by our advanced Longmont, 2.0 Target industry clusters. And we measure our success in achieving this objective through marketing KPIs such as impressions, clicks, click through rates, page views and website users. So through the fourth quarter of 2022, we had nearly 4 million ad campaign impressions across the United States. We had 8626 clicks on those ad campaigns, and our top five user locations in the fourth quarter where Los Angeles, Denver Phoenix Longmont for the first time ever, and Catonsville, Maryland if you’re familiar,

Unknown Speaker 18:45
we had 8500 new website users. And our most visited pages on our website longmont.org were our workstyle page which provides users with access to our career platform through Indigo pathways, and our homepage, our and our site selection services page. Our top three search keywords that brought people to our page were operations jobs near me, HR jobs, and customer service jobs. So we really are attracting a lot of people to look at jobs available in Longmont through our page. And fun fact, in the fourth quarter, we had over 1300 Facebook followers, which was a 35% increase over q3 of this year.

Unknown Speaker 19:39
Talent objective 1.2 is our workforce perception study. We hope to improve workforce perceptions of Longmont as an ideal location for quality of life and career advancement as measured by our annual workforce perception study, which goes out to our various employers, which is then passed on to the workforce.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
We know that we’ve achieved this if we complete the study, and if we actually see a year over year improvement in specifically the perceptions of housing cost, cost of living and housing availability. So we did in fact complete the survey in August with 140 total responses. The lion’s share of those 140 responses were from the workers at Seagate. So there is a little bit of the data is skewed a little bit towards more of those, like engineering design, highly skilled, higher paying roles. So we did see with across the three metrics that we are tracking housing cost, cost of living and housing availability, around a 4% increase over 2021 in the number of people who rated Longmont as either excellent or good across these three areas. So while we did see that improvement, and I did mark that as something we were able to achieve this year, I did want to point out that while that is great that people thought those things, we did also have 58.3% of respondents who rated housing costs as not good at all. 36.1% rated cost of living is not good at all. And 50% exactly rated housing availability is not good at all. So we do still have some work to do here. And there’s a lot of potential for opportunities for us to continue to work on improving in those areas.

Unknown Speaker 21:38
Talent objective 2.1 is around talent intelligence data. It’s our goal to generate talent intelligence products, reach out through outreach campaigns and create feedback mechanisms that help our employers communicate skill needs, and adopt hiring practices that address talent constraints efficiently and equitably. And we do this by including talent needs assessment questions on our annual elevate survey, which is our Business Retention and Expansion survey by connecting businesses to existing resources, and developing target industry specific talent insights, reports. So through q4 of 2020, we had over 350 job seekers on our Longmont Career Pathway Program, which helps connect our primary employers with a talented Longmont based workforce. We included 27 talent needs assessment questions on the 2020 to elevate Bre survey, Business Retention and Expansion. And we did find that our top three employment challenges were finding talent with the right skills, attracting talent to the company and retaining talent. And that has been consistent year over year.

Unknown Speaker 22:55
Talent objective 2.2 is to support talent systems. And we do this by helping businesses engage with our local and regional educational training systems. We include talent, system information and all of our prospect proposals. And we connect our employers direct who vocalized to us that they need help with their talent. We connect them directly with industry and park, other talent systems partners.

Unknown Speaker 23:24
Throughout 2022, we made 17 direct referrals to our partners at workforce, Boulder County Front Range Community College and the st. Vane, rain Valley School District. And we included talent system information on 13 Primary Industry prospect proposals.

Unknown Speaker 23:43
So as you can see here, through 2022, we were meeting our expectations there across these four areas.

Unknown Speaker 23:57
Now we’ll be moving on to industry.

Unknown Speaker 24:01
Industry objective 1.1 is around primary industry growth. Our objective here is to strategically employ the use of local and state economic development incentives to support the attraction relocation or expansion of 10 primary industry businesses that will create 500 jobs and invest 500 million in new capital investment. One of our goals is to update the city incentive policy. We measured the dollar amount of the incentives at the state and local level and our North Metro enterprise zone metrics which include job creation, capital development, and

Unknown Speaker 24:41
job training, among other things. We track that as well.

Unknown Speaker 24:46
So the city incentive policy continued. We continue to work on that we did begin discussions. We’ve had obviously some turnover at the organization in the second half of the year.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
And we did approve over $350,000 worth of Strategic Fund incentives for Project Green, and our our North Metro enterprise zone metrics we’re on track for this year as well.

Unknown Speaker 25:23
Objective 1.2 is around lead generation. And when we say lead, we mean new primary industry prospect leads, and we’re hoping to generate at least 50 new primary industry leads and recruit and expand through recruitment and expansion projects in Longmont, we via diverse sources. And we keep track of this by noting the number of RFP responses that we submit, through our national marketing campaign keep KPIs and by maintaining our commercial real estate database, which we did do

Unknown Speaker 25:57
through q4, we had 26 total primary industry prospect leads. 14 of those prospects are we’re currently active as of the end of December, with nearly 5000 new potential net new jobs. The average annual wage for these jobs that in these active prospects was over $100,000. And the potential CapEx for these businesses to come to Longmont would have been nearly a billion dollars. We had nine of these prospects in our start smart manufacturing industry cluster, and 80% of all of our prospects were within our advanced Longmont 2.0 Target industry clusters.

Unknown Speaker 26:47
Objective 1.3 is around business retention. It’s always our goal to return to retain 100% of long months existing primary employers and jobs. We’re not always able to retain 100% But we do everything that we can to do so.

Unknown Speaker 27:05
We are keep we keep track of this by looking at our ratings as of Longmont as a place to do business on our elevate Longmont surveys and within our industry roundtables that we conduct with industry leaders, the response rate on on our elevate survey and industry engagement at the local, regional and national levels. So in 2022, our elevate long lat survey was sent to 217 long mosque Longmont based primary employers. This happens in the first two quarters of the year, we received 61 surveys in return, which was a response rate of 28%, which was an increase of about 7%. over last year, we conducted three executive roundtables with those respondents there with a total of nine participants. And most of our respondents on our survey were within our Smart Manufacturing cluster, which is not our largest cluster that would be Business Catalyst, but is a very important cluster within Longmont. We also saw quite a number from our business catalysts industry cluster as well.

Unknown Speaker 28:20
Objective 2.1 is grants for entrepreneurship. It’s our goal to deploy $60,000 of city funding grants to startups participating in the long look innovate Longmont accelerator program. And we keep track of this through the number of grant dollars deployed new business formation and new job creation. So innovate Longmont was dissolved at the end of April this year. And we ended up refocusing our efforts on the ramp, which is specific to manufacturing incubator. We had an advisory board meeting in August. And we were in the process of developing a readiness assessment for ramp applicants. Now those efforts did go on hold in December, as we rethink a little bit of our strategy around entrepreneurship. But we continue to be working closely with meaningful startups in the community. And we were able to deploy some of our grant funding to very worthwhile businesses, including amplified space, which is a SBIR winning

Unknown Speaker 29:26
aerospace company. And we do have two companies in the pipeline, one of which we don’t have, which is Tinker mill, who has been able to bring a laser to their operation as a result of our strategic grants.

Unknown Speaker 29:40
And as you can see here, we are on track with, with all of these, the grant dollars are continuing to be deployed, despite the fact that the year is at a close but we did have two businesses still in the pipeline at that point. So we’re working on getting that closed out.

Unknown Speaker 29:59
Onto impact

Unknown Speaker 30:00

Unknown Speaker 30:02
impact objective 1.1 is for our advanced Longmont collective impact backbone support. We’re in Longmont. EDP serves as our backbone support for all of our collective impact initiatives.

Unknown Speaker 30:16
And we did provide that support in q4 of 2022. We had 23 initiative support meetings. We have a new initiative proposal portal with community readiness guide and initiative proposal process which was completed by the steering committee. We are just in the process of rolling that out. The initiative proposal form will be published sometime in q1 of 2023 and made available to the public. We also had the Early Childhood Alliance identify a Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Diversity Equity and Inclusion inclusion training consultant, which is required for all of our advanced Longmont 2.0 initiative groups.

Unknown Speaker 31:02
So these are our current al 2.0 initiatives. We have the Early Childhood Alliance formerly the L ECCC. are interested in multimodal transportation group, our prosper long lat Housing Coalition and our River District corridor initiative group.

Unknown Speaker 31:22
Objective 1.2 is our collective data dashboard. We maintain a collective data dashboard that tracks high level community metrics and Ale 2.0 initiative specific metrics. We did in fact published this in the second quarter of 2022, you can view our dashboard on our advanced Longmont site, advanced longmont.org. We’re hoping in 2023 to continue to refine this dashboard, but it was made available to the public earlier in 2022.

Unknown Speaker 31:57
Objective 2.1 is around our Aspire Leadership Council, we hope to grow our Aspire Leadership Council to 40 members, which represent a cross section of private sector expertise to drive collective problem solving by providing leadership and expertise to inform policy strategy and decision making in long run. And we keep track of the number of projects that the Aspire fund

Unknown Speaker 32:21
ends up funding and the engaged their engagement with city leadership. So as of the end of December, we had 31 members on our Aspire Leadership Council. And we did fund one new project which was for the ECA to have an industry Assessment Consultant.

Unknown Speaker 32:41
And that’s how we’re moving towards our impact objectives.

Unknown Speaker 32:50
Again, this slide should say 2022. I apologize for the typo. But the

Unknown Speaker 32:57
in our contract, we also have a role for city council to play in for the city to play, which is to provide funding and accounting for our grant funds provide auditing service for services for city funds to be responsive to requests from Longmont EDP to attend and participate in discussions with primary employers and other Longmont EDP stakeholders to review and consider modify city incentive policies as needed and requested by Longmont EDP to review and consider modifying procedures, policies and ordinances related to the city’s development services as needed and requested by Longmont EDP to solicit and consider incorporating input from Longmont EDP regarding the Envision Longmont multimodal and comprehensive plan and ongoing land use decision,

Unknown Speaker 33:46
attend, attend and participate in meetings of ale 2.0 Steering Committee, senior city staff members communicate weekly with Longmont EDP. And while I have not been in this role for very long, and I certainly wasn’t in 2022. I feel that from where I sit, you’ve all done very well in meeting these objectives. So thank you very much for being excellent partners with us through 2022.

Unknown Speaker 34:09
Our quarterly economic indicators show the following. So our gross regional product, which is sort of like gross domestic project product, but for just long months specifically, was just over $7.5 billion in 2021.

Unknown Speaker 34:28
Our total regional employment in 2021 was 56,793. We had about a 4.5% employment growth rate from 2016 to 2021. According to livecast our total labor force was over 58,000 in October of 2022, which represented the second highest total labor force Longmont has ever had in history. Just dropping a hair below what we saw in September of 2022.

Unknown Speaker 35:00

Unknown Speaker 35:01
that was about a 2.7% increase in the size of our total labor force 2021 to 2022. We also had a 2.9% unemployment rate in October of 2022. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this was actually lower than our unemployment rate was in January of 2020. So we’ve certainly seen an improvement over the difficult period of time during COVID.

Unknown Speaker 35:29
Our quarterly economic indicators for residential real estate, I’m just going to focus on the long mountain numbers here. The other numbers are provided as a way for us to understand how we are sort of keeping up within the larger Boulder County conversation.

Unknown Speaker 35:45
We had our the median sales price in Longmont in November of 2022 was 500,070. I’m sorry, $570,000.

Unknown Speaker 35:58
You can see here that that makes us the most affordable market in all of Boulder County. We had 75 homes sold,

Unknown Speaker 36:07
which also was the largest number in all Boulder County, which has been a consistent theme in the data that I’ve been tracking. We had 209 homes on the market. That was the total inventory for November, again, the largest inventory in all of Boulder County. And our median family income, according to the HUD metrics for 2022, for Boulder County was 125,400. And that number will be updated in a few months. And I’ll be sharing that with you then.

Unknown Speaker 36:41
Our quarterly economic indicators for commercial real estate showed positive absorption for Office for our office product with a vacancy rate of 8.63%. This is pretty consistent with what we were seeing a year ago, we had 123,000 and change vacant square feet across Longmont Office product. Our availability rate was 13.06%, which was about 158,000 square feet of available office stock. And our average asking rate was $15.89 for per square foot, which was also one of the most was the one of the most affordable Office product rates in all of Boulder County. The industrial absorption was a little bit higher, which has been consistent through through the COVID recovery period. So we had 20 23,986

Unknown Speaker 37:43
square feet of absorption in the industrial real estate market, a vacancy rate of 9.24%, which is actually a little bit high for Boulder County. However, a lot of this is made up by the former Mac store facility, which as you all know is under development right now. And once that product comes off the market, we’re going to have a very low industrial vacancy rate. The vacant square footage was 689,000 and a little bit square feet. And our availability rate was 9.6%. With a number available square feet, just under 800,000, our average asking rate was $10.57. Now we did rise a little bit higher than the asking rates for gun barrel, but we have a lot more product in the industrial category. So

Unknown Speaker 38:36
that’s everything that I have to present to you all tonight. Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 38:42
Thank you, Stephanie. It looks like Councillor waters has a question or comment.

Unknown Speaker 38:47
I have. I have a comment. Well done. Thank you. And I have a couple of questions. First of all, these aren’t specifically in relationship to these slides, but are in relationship to LLDP. And it’s how it does its work.

Unknown Speaker 39:04
Review for us how many members of your board how many voting members of your board are also members of the city council?

Unknown Speaker 39:14
Technically city council members are non voting members zero Yes. zeros on your board. who are voting members in your board. Do you have anybody from this council who serves on your board in any capacity? Yes, as a liaison liaison to non voting crap cracked sharing information learning from the work of LLDP Yes. Second question.

Unknown Speaker 39:40
Who benefits when LLDP is successful in bringing in with its economic developments, whatever, whatever the cluster or category is the people of Longmont.

Unknown Speaker 39:53
So it’s not it’s not your board members or city staff not at all and

Unknown Speaker 40:00
Any recent examples of successes, examples that you could share with us? Yeah, I believe that?

Unknown Speaker 40:08

Unknown Speaker 40:10
I think size robotics is a good example of a business we’ve been able to help.

Unknown Speaker 40:15
When I last spoke to Leogang, their chief financial officer, he told me they had just hired their 50th employee. This was a company that was thinking about leaving moving to another location such as

Unknown Speaker 40:29
Arizona or Florida or what have you. And we were able to provide them with what they needed in order to stay and grow their business here. And these are good, high paying jobs that provide local people who live locally, opportunities to work locally.

Unknown Speaker 40:48
Did you have any hand at all in bringing Costco to Longmont? I personally did not. But ODP LLDP did absolutely. So whether people like LD le like Costco or not coming down. And I think the vast majority of lung monitors are thrilled about this. LLDP had a significant role in bringing Costco to Longmont a very significant role. Yes. And any idea when it’s scheduled to open? I do know. I just met with them today. Actually. You do? Yes. Can you share that? I think so. May 4, may 4, will there be a ribbon cutting? I haven’t had the details yet. So may 4 People get to champ chance to shop and Costco and all that sales tax revenue starts to accrue to the benefit of long monitors and long money, taxpayers as well as shoppers and LLDPE had a role a significant role in bringing Costco to long run along with some of the other examples. That’s correct. I think the I think our local newspapers would be well to get that information accurately reported to the public, because it isn’t. I’m talking to you. I’m looking at you. I’m talking to them up there. Because it isn’t always accurately reported. What the relationship is between people up here and people on your board, or who benefits from the hard work that you and the staff put in? It’s all along my thank you. Thank you, Councilman waters. I will jump in on the ribbon cutting. I know Dale’s having conversations with him to get that set up right now.

Unknown Speaker 42:20
Be very exciting. Circle may 5 on your calendars everyone. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 42:26
Well, I figured you don’t want to go opening date like parking lots gonna be crazy.

Unknown Speaker 42:31
Oh, to show. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 42:35
Okay, Councillor Martin? Thank you, Mayor Peck. And I have to say it may the fourth be with us. Thank you, Marcia.

Unknown Speaker 42:45
You know, I don’t know how to follow that. But I actually noted the question on slide 13, which is that you had 26 total primary industry leads through q4 14 of them. Were still active, correct as of the 31st. And so.

Unknown Speaker 43:09
So of the difference 12?

Unknown Speaker 43:13
That, are they no longer active? Did any of them close? Or did they all fall out of the pipeline? Some of the so there’ll be a mix of what you just said there’ll be some of them that went elsewhere? Because sometimes we’re in very, very competitive national,

Unknown Speaker 43:31
sort of competing with many other states for various prospects, some of them? Well, I think we all know that. There’s some potential looming storm clouds on the horizon with the economy. And I think some folks did rethink their plans to expand and to relocate and whatnot. So that’s probably part of the reason, but we don’t always hear about exactly why people choose to not go forward with various things when we get them from, you know, specifically sources like Oh, edit, or Metro Denver, etc. Okay. And then my real question was of the 14,

Unknown Speaker 44:09
how many are you still actively talking to because the economic indicators are looking a bit better? So? Yeah, so some of those a good number of those are homegrown leads. So we’re still working, chipping away, things are taking a little bit more time again, because of the little stormy clouds on the horizon and with the leadership change here at LLDP.

Unknown Speaker 44:31
And then some of them are through Metro Denver EDC, that we’re working with them.

Unknown Speaker 44:36
And there are I’ll have more to tell you about because the prospect pipeline has picked up in 2023 already. Oh, wonderful. All right. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Stephanie. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 44:51
So we are now at the first call public invited to be heard. The very first person on the list is Ben Everson.

Unknown Speaker 45:00
If you can remember to give us your name and address and three minutes, I was here to dress agenda item 12. A is now the right time to speak or should I speak then? You can.

Unknown Speaker 45:11
Gentleman. Yeah, well, you can speak when we bring that up. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 45:17
Oh, I’m sorry. This is not the only time would be on second reading and we don’t have any items on second reading. That’s where I started. I want to check. You can you can speak on it now. Okay, great.

Unknown Speaker 45:30
So my name is Ben Lieberson. I live in 85 mailer drive. Good evening, Mayor Peck and members of council. I live. I’m here tonight in my capacity as a board member of the Longmont Youth Symphony. Lis serves the young musicians of the St. Vrain Valley and surrounding areas. We provide a resource for our musicians to further develop and excel in their musical abilities through professional leadership and direction. By doing so we enable our youth to entertain, educate and expand appreciation of music within the community. And as a parent of two LIS musicians myself, I can tell you, my kids have had a tremendously enriching experience with this organization. One of them is a current high school senior here in Longmont. And she’s planning on selling music in college in no small part due to her participation in this group.

Unknown Speaker 46:19
We on the LIS board have been following the deliberations of the Council on how to allocate the Broncos windfall money. I’m here tonight to respectfully request that the council established a grant application and approval process for dispersing some significant portion of this money.

Unknown Speaker 46:36
While it may be tempting to use this $980,000 for one or two big big ticket items, I would like to remind the members of this body that many, many worthy organizations are already serving the needs of long rounds young people in the arts, sports and other areas.

Unknown Speaker 46:52
Even a few $1,000 can make a big difference to any of these organizations in terms of buying or replacing equipment, renting practice and performance space, paying trusted adults for professional coaching and instruction and outreach and scholarships to increase diversity among the families participating in these programs. With nearly $1 million to spend this council has the capacity to help a lot of kids around Longmont, I urge you to utilize the infrastructure of organizations like ours already working with the youth of our community as the most efficient and responsible way to spend these funds.

Unknown Speaker 47:26
And I had intended if I was going to speak at the agenda item to ask if there was a an application process or if that had been discussed, but I’m guessing that’s going to come up during the discussion later. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 47:39
Thank you Ben Lance Whitaker.

Unknown Speaker 47:54
Evening mayor and city council My name is Lance would occur three days before my birthday. So you can all mail checks or cash to 1750 Collier street Longmont, Colorado.

Unknown Speaker 48:10
Today is National Valentine’s Day Of course, it is also national covered

Unknown Speaker 48:19
cream colored chocolate

Unknown Speaker 48:23

Unknown Speaker 48:26
It’s also national ferris wheel day and national organ donors day. So everybody who’s not normally known or please sign up.

Unknown Speaker 48:39
I would like to address the agenda on today of 12 A of the $2 million I believe, being given to the museum, half a million from the Broncos fund and another 1.5 million.

Unknown Speaker 49:04
I would love to see an auditorium dedicated to the native tribes of Longmont and Pacific I’d love to see chiefs Nightwatch name on natatorium.

Unknown Speaker 49:19
So, any consideration for that and music would be great in Longmont. As you can see a lot of people are really for bringing in more auditorium type venues into the lung. Thank you. Thank you,

Unknown Speaker 49:41

Unknown Speaker 49:49
Good evening Steve ALTSCHULER 1555 Tailor Mountain Drive.

Unknown Speaker 49:54
I didn’t want to use much time on this but I am curious with Costco if we could find out if this

Unknown Speaker 50:00
City had to take a lot of tax income deductions to encourage Costco to come to Longmont because they know that’s often how they work.

Unknown Speaker 50:09
Last week I spoke about socialism, removing anyone’s incentive to work or to be productive. This has been proven to be true in many countries for hundreds of years. And capitalism is just the opposite. No other form of government has ever so equally provided motivation for success.

Unknown Speaker 50:29
This week, I had intended to speak about the huge advantages of free market and supply and demand. But a more pressing topic needs to be covered. The bill being voted on to steal our children from us and literally remove all parental rights.

Unknown Speaker 50:47
In America, a person must be at least 16 years old to drive 18 years old to vote, or buy a gun and 21 years old to drink or do drugs legally. The new bill HB 23 Dash 1071 will allow kids as young as 12 years old, to have themselves be mutilated for life. Parents can opt out of it, the kids can secretly opt back in. It takes away all kinds of parental control

Unknown Speaker 51:19
or knowledge. It sounds like a benign bill until you read between the lines and apply current minor law because of the laws regarding minor consent on the books, and the trending push for mental health assessment in the schools.

Unknown Speaker 51:35
hB 23 Dash 1071 is a bill it’s a threat to the welfare of our children. The bill allows a licensed psychologist to prescribe and administer psychotropic medications if the licensed psychologist holds a conditional prescription certificate, or a prescription certificate issued by the State Board of psychologist examiners. If passed, this bill will give a school psychologist the ability to prescribe psychotropic medication to children. Children who are 12 years and older do not need parental consent to receive substance abuse treatment or mental health services under current Colorado law.

Unknown Speaker 52:19
The main purpose of this council in my opinion, is to keep the citizens of Longmont safe. This means passing laws to punish criminals help promote the success of local businesses which provide better jobs and better income for long run residents and to protect our children from horrendous laws like HB 23 Dash 1071. The people that came up with this disgusting government overreach and those that have voted for it should allow themselves to be castrated to please be brave and strong enough to pass an ordinance to protect and exempt the children in Longmont from this bill. Thank you, Steve.

Unknown Speaker 53:02
It looks like there’s no one else that wants to speak at first call public invited to be heard.

Unknown Speaker 53:09
I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 53:13
So we are on now to our consent agenda and introduction and reading of titles by from first reading ordinances. Would you read those into the agenda into the record please? I will Mayor the ordinance is on consent tonight. We’ll have second reading and public hearing on February 28.

Unknown Speaker 53:31
Item nine A is ordinance 2023 Dash oh seven. A bill for an ordinance making additional appropriations for expenses and liabilities of the city of Longmont for the fiscal year beginning January 1 2023. Nine B is ordinance 2023 dash O eight a bill for an ordinance conditionally approving the vacation of a portion of berm easement within the clover base and farm filing number three final plat generally located northeast of Kennedy drive. Nine C is ordinance 2023 Dash o nine a bill for an administrative ordinance approving the contract to buy and sell real estate conveying lot one st brain Industrial Park second filing replat C also known as 1140 Boston avenue to wholesalers property company LLC, and Item nine D is resolution 20 2308 a resolution of the Lamont City Council authorizing an amendment to the lease agreement between the city of Longmont as lessee and BigBelly solar LLC as lessor for additional smart trash and recycling cans for city parks and municipal facilities.

Unknown Speaker 54:36
Thank you, Don. That was a short one tonight. So council members want to pull any items. Looks like Councillor McCoy. Yes, thank you, Mayor Peck. I’d like to pull item B.

Unknown Speaker 54:50
Okay, just for a question. Would you like to move the consent agenda then? I moved the Consent Agenda without item B.

Unknown Speaker 54:58
Okay, second

Unknown Speaker 55:00
All right. The consent agenda has been Moved by Councillor McCoy, seconded by Councillor Hidalgo fairing Let’s vote.

Unknown Speaker 55:21
Okay, let’s have a voice vote. All those in favor say aye. Aye.

Unknown Speaker 55:26
All those opposed? So that passes unanimously. We are now on to there are no ordinances on second reading and public hearings on any matter tonight. So we’re gonna move right on to the items removed from the consent agenda. So counselor McCoy. Mine is just a question for staff to give a little bit of an overview in regards to this.

Unknown Speaker 55:52
I don’t think I was, I mean, I think it’s just kind of just clarification about what’s happening with this piece here.

Unknown Speaker 56:02
Sure. Mayor and Councilmember McCoy. The this is a

Unknown Speaker 56:08
an old easement that created a ditch and a burn to protect the property from a floodplain. And I believe there’s been improvements done in lichens Gulch. So it’s, it’s redundant at this point.

Unknown Speaker 56:27
Good enough. I just wanted to it was not quite clear. I was trying to look at the map and see what was going on with it and read the material. So do I need to move that on? Okay, so, I move cuz

Unknown Speaker 56:41
consent agenda on, be on for a second reading. First unforseen on first reading today. Okay, so Councillor McCoy has moved ahead, move to item.

Unknown Speaker 56:55
Was that item C? 20 2309. Can I have a second?

Unknown Speaker 57:03
Oh, wait. So

Unknown Speaker 57:06
Councillor McCoy has moved for from the consent agenda. Agenda are 20 2308. It has been seconded by Councillor Martin. Let’s vote. Let’s just vote. voice vote. It does look like everybody’s getting

Unknown Speaker 57:23
all those in favor. One point of order. Yes. It’s

Unknown Speaker 57:27
a resolution. Oh, I’m sorry. ordinate.

Unknown Speaker 57:31
mentioned it as our

Unknown Speaker 57:34

Unknown Speaker 57:39
I thought it was I thought it was C.

Unknown Speaker 57:42
B, B. Okay. I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 57:45
We’re just for reference. I’m going to restate Yes. So we’re going to vote on ordinance 20 2308. Moved by Councillor McCoy’s, seconded by Councillor Martin. All those in favor say aye. Aye. All those opposed. So that passes unanimously.

Unknown Speaker 58:04
I’m sorry, Don, I thought you said D.

Unknown Speaker 58:08
All right. And thank you, Glen. For your explanation.

Unknown Speaker 58:13
Yeah. Councillor Martin?

Unknown Speaker 58:16
Thank you, Mayor Peck just because of that confusion, or actually, I was confused before the question, but I noticed that item D is also oh eight and that’s because it’s numbered in the sequence those resolutions, not where it says. So it’s not an error, but it looks funny.

Unknown Speaker 58:36
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 58:38
So we are now at general business. And the first thing these are consideration and discussions of proposals for spinning one time funds including those from the sale of the Denver Broncos. So the first one on the for consideration is allocation of $50,000 from Denver Broncos money to Longmont Latina Latina six voices. So, I will open this up for

Unknown Speaker 59:08
a motion to consider the allocation. Is there anybody that either like to make a motion on this through anyone?

Unknown Speaker 59:20
Okay, counselor, Hidalgo fairing

Unknown Speaker 59:23
you know, I have a question and I was trying to find the right time to bring it up. When I saw that this was on the agenda. I thought okay, this might be a good time to, to bring this up. I know that, you know, I was one of the individuals who brought forward an idea or with a fellow council person,

Unknown Speaker 59:43
you know, in discussion with staff and reflection and just you know, having a couple of conversations, you know, looking to before we vote on any on anything but looking to kind of run

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
We evaluate or restructure how we decided to move forward with the Broncos money. You know, can we I, you know, if the council is interested carving out a set amount that would go through the public process of having people be able to

Unknown Speaker 1:00:20
apply for a grant or, you know, following a more

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
just itemized process, and then, you know, the rest of the money, then, you know, we would pass over to

Unknown Speaker 1:00:34
city staff to use at their best discretion, I think, you know, we were trying to come back with what we interpreted staff as, as saying what the most need need was, and kind of formulating our own ideas and plans. And it, it just seems to be worse as we’re moving on. So, you know, just coming up with some kind of more strategic

Unknown Speaker 1:01:02
evaluation process of determining how much goes to to each individual, or to each nonprofit. So I think before we have this discussion, we should probably actually have a motion and then open it up for discussion. The one thing that before we vote on either of these, I want to just bring to your attention that we did have.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:26
I was involved with Alex Dorian, from the management of

Unknown Speaker 1:01:32
what is it called the Broncos Federation Broncos.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:36
And there’s quite a few people on that call some of the things that were told to us in in the proposal from the Broncos Federation, is we’re questioning let’s put it that way. It was very vague. So tomorrow afternoon at three o’clock, Harold Eugene, Jim golden and I are going to be on a call with him to get some clarification. Basically, what he said at the council meeting that we I’m sorry, it wasn’t the council meeting, it was the commissioners, Boulder County meeting where we met with him.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
So I would like you to think about, do we want to actually table this and wait until we get some answers from him? Because then we would be coming back and have to undo or reconsider. So I’m just gonna throw that out there before we do anything.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:42
Should we have a discussion about that? Councillor Martin?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:48
Thank you, Mayor Peck. Does councilmember dangle fairings still have the floor? Because?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:55
Did you intend to make a motion or?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
Because I’d like it back. But if she’s not finished, I’d like her to. So I might interrupt. Well, I was going to ask her if this was the time to be able to make a motion. It is for this. And before she was going to make the motion. I wanted to throw that out there. So that

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18
let’s think before I make a motion is made if if you want more information from the organization, or should we go ahead with this. And that was just my question is why I interrupted is I was thinking about this. So counselor, are you still on?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:45
Well, I have several things to say. I was wondering why these items are on the agenda given that the mayor mentioned at the end of the last Council meeting that there would be such a meeting and we hadn’t heard a report from it. Councillor Martin, that’s because we gave direction to staff to bring it back at the next regular meeting. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:08
I would also like to say,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:12
because I figured it was something like that. But I’d also like to say that just bringing it back again,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:20
doesn’t really help that what we need is a process because there are two things going on. One is we have

Unknown Speaker 1:04:30
council members who have good ideas for things that should be done with windfall money. And we also have a public who I think justifiably is looking to see low some of this money go to local nonprofits. And I think that that they have a reason to believe that should happen, and I would not vote for as much as I think it’s a good idea. I

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
I would not vote for number one here below because there is no process. And I don’t think it would be responsible to, you know, throw $50,000 over the wall with no requirements for reporting or oversight or anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:19
Especially since it’s kind of a new nonprofit, I think. So, I would like to move that we table this until after the mayor has had her call and reported on it to council. But I also but that at the time

Unknown Speaker 1:05:40

Unknown Speaker 1:05:43
we bring this back, we also bring back an evaluation process and an oversight process for a portion of the money to be improved, assigned to local nonprofits.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:00
I had discussed this with Councillor Hidalgo fairing. And so I’d like to leave it to her to make the motion as to how big the carve out should be because it was her idea. But I don’t want to see this back on the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:15
without us having decided having set expectations appropriately. Do I have a second? You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:23
Councillor Martin, can you rephrase that was a very long motion. And I don’t know what part we’re voting on. Yeah, I’ll do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:32
I would move that.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:35
We table any discussion of these proposals until the mayor has given her the given the Council report on the results of her upcoming call? And that can happen anyway. Um, but at the time that it does come back, I would like to see there be a robust process for evaluating the motions, or the applications Excuse me.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:03
To wait a second.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:05
It seems like it should be two separate motions. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:10
All right. Then I move that we’ll table it until after the mayor’s given her report.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:15
A clarification Councillor mountain. Are you tabling a one? Are you tabling both of these? I’m asking that we table any discussion of of awarding to our exterior nonprofits so I guess that would be a one.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:36
Any any rewarding any awarding of the Broncos?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:40
If that’s what you’ll second then that’s what I’ll move.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:44
Okay, so Who seconded that? All second. All right. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:49

Unknown Speaker 1:07:52
So it’s been Moved by Councillor Martin seconded by Councillor I mean by Mayor Pro Tim Rodriguez that we table any discussion of the use of Bronco money until staff and myself have been on the call with Alex Dorian.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:12
and report back. So open for discussion. I see counselor McCoy. Thank you, Mayor Peck. What I see up here is two questions. What I see up here is the consideration of the $50,000 to Longmont, Latinx voices. Aren’t we tabling all of A is the is the question. The second part is, isn’t there as the reason why we were looking at $50,000 was because

Unknown Speaker 1:08:44
they were under kind of a time crunch to be able to get these products purchased and things like that. So that was that the only issue I had I hear exactly what councilmember Martin is saying and and agree with most of it. And so I just My concern is is that in this particular case here, will we hear back soon enough to actually be able to keep that? So my promise to them that you know if we do send that money that they could actually use it out in time.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:20
So I don’t see why we can’t bring it back to the next regular session.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:26
Which would be first we have an LH a one and a study session and is that next regular cancelled because of in LC.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:37
Okay, no, I think I think one of the pinned is

Unknown Speaker 1:09:43
the second motion that’s likely to come Okay. In terms of developing

Unknown Speaker 1:09:49
a not sure what that is right now. I don’t either, but that if we said it’ll come back in two weeks. I have to understand what this is to figure out if we have time.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
So it’s going to be no set date at this point. Okay. All right. So is there any other discussion? Councillor Hidalgo faring?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:10
Yes. So, you know, and my concern is for the group that did everything we asked of them. I’m really disappointed that the Broncos did not stipulate exactly what they what they wanted to see these dollars use for without, you know, before just sending a very general letter. So yeah, I’d be very curious to know what what comes out of that meeting? And what are the the impacts? Um, so, yeah, I just I kind of want to hold off. Let me know when I’m able to make my motion.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:47
If I can, if I can jump in, please do. I think we also refer to this as the Broncos money. But technically the stadium district Yes. That in the stadium district is a different entity from the Broncos in this case. I just wanted to make sure I know that’s an interchangeable term. But it’s a stadium district.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:07
Didn’t want the Broncos to hear this. And what are we in this for? But and I know we put it this way too. But it’s stadium districts, Metropolitan stadium district, so we’ll correct it in our okay. And I do have another question. What is the expectation? I know that I heard kind of some conversation around what they’re expecting municipalities to turn back in as far as how the money was utilized. Are we going to have to complete a report on that? Jim can probably help me answer it, but I think it was later in the year, Jim.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:44
That was part of our original discussion as well that they wanted to

Unknown Speaker 1:11:50

Unknown Speaker 1:11:54
Mayor, Members of Council Jim golden chief financial officer. So I’ll just read to you what it says in the letter that

Unknown Speaker 1:12:03
it’s our intent that approximately one year from the allocation of funds, the district will request and accounting of how the funds have benefited youth activity programs in your community.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:15
And that’s the extent of

Unknown Speaker 1:12:17
okay, direction on that

Unknown Speaker 1:12:20
discussion, germane to the tabling motion.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:25
So um,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:27
I see no, no other councillors in the queue. Let’s vote on whether I’ve been in the queue since then. I don’t see anything. turned him on. I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:39
Do I have the floor? Yeah. Thank you Mira pack. I thought you were on a green light. No, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:46
Thanks for the clarification that it’s the Metro stadium district. Mr. Do you know what Mr. Boyens role is with the Metro stadium district?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:56
He’s a liaison to their board. Yeah, he’s, he’s the white board the site understand that the Boulder County representative to the board? He’s not an employee. He has no authority. Outside of yeah, there. So

Unknown Speaker 1:13:11
what what is this call?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:14
At three? Are any of us invited to know? So it’s not a public meeting? No, it is not.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:22
Okay, I have to say I have concerns about that. This is that this whole thing has occurred in public. And now it’s going to be a private meeting with a liaison to the to the Metro district board. I have to say I object to that. Fundamentally, this has been a public discussion from the beginning. And now somebody’s gonna go with the mayor, whoever else from the staff. Gonna go have a private telephone conversation. I’ll just register my objection formally now. And I’ll whatever I have to do behind this because I think that’s absolutely unacceptable.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:57
Remind me, Harold or Jim or Sandy. Why did we budget in 2023? Why did we budget 2022. And then again in 23, through the Community Services Department, for grants to nonprofits in long run.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:15
We used to probably approve them back in December, the Health and Human Service number.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:22
Jim, can you help me with that? Because we are Teresa?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:31
Yeah, well, it’s my recollection was like 1.2 or 4 million. Some of that set aside for housing, the other, the rest of it for nonprofit award grants to nonprofits. So for anybody to sit up here and suggest somehow we don’t award we don’t take general fund money budgeted and awarded to nonprofits on a very clear criteria on a very fair equitable basis is simply not accurate because we do that. And we have grown that pot of money every year. That least

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
But since I’ve been on council, we finally hit the 3% mark this year that we budget and allocate 3% of general fund through our Community Services Department grants to nonprofits with a very clear criteria. And every group that’s come here in this conversation, has had an opportunity to apply for those funds through where they fit the criteria or not. Yeah, they’ve all had that criteria set based on need. We, we went through we awarded, awarded, we approved a $414 million budget on October 30. Was the date. You know, we had to do it by November 1. We’ve had more input on on this pot of money, then how we spent how we authorized spending $414 million, right, with very little discretion on the part of the council to actually spend $1 of it. Right. For reasons we all understand. This is the this is the only opportunity in this whole budgeting cycle for 2023. Where this council would have the option to exercise its legal authority to allocate what were tax dollars are returned to the to the city of Longmont as the city’s share of the 2% through the Metro district available to the municipalities who were taxed to help build the district. So I understand it has become very confused. And I don’t know if I added to the confusion, I hope not. I did. I did raise the the profile, certainly of the of the use of those funds with the motion that I that I brought, I will say again, I now regret agreeing, Mayor, you asked me if I would delay a motion I had on the floor back in December. In trying to play nice, I said sure I wish I hadn’t. Because this has become extraordinarily confused. And I’d like it straight up. I vote straight up or down on the motion. The resolution that I drafted, then that I could have had a vote on then in deferred in deference to whatever was going to unfold now that I see what has unfolded that was a big mistake. Because we’ve been confused about what we’ve sent mixed messages to the community and frankly, I think the misspent Miss mixed messages that have come to the council as well. So I’m looking at you here all but I’m really talking to my council member. So how are this votes gonna go? I just want to say I think that has been

Unknown Speaker 1:17:31
very inconsistent even in how we’ve had this conversation up here. And I however this motion isn’t this vote goes. I’m still gonna look for a vote straight up or down on the on the resolution I drafted several months ago.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:44
I have a number for you 1.4 5 million to health and human service funding for housing stability, self sufficiency and resilience, food nutrition, health and well being education, Skill Building and Safety and Justice.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:02
So none of those criteria fit what LDV is asking for

Unknown Speaker 1:18:08
its health and human services safety justice. You know, I

Unknown Speaker 1:18:14
I would have to look in depth in the Safety and Justice piece because there may be the potential there but I need to look into the depth of it. So.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:25
Okay. Councillor McCoy.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:32
Oops. Councillor Martin?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:36
Thank you, Mayor Peck.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:40

Unknown Speaker 1:18:44
don’t know where to respond. I don’t know how to respond. Um, your comments need to be on tabling the motion. Let’s get to that motion. I mean, right tabling motion to table a motion to table.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:59
I would like to say that everyone voting on the motion to table despite the fact that out of courtesy to the mayor, I think we should

Unknown Speaker 1:19:11

Unknown Speaker 1:19:12
we’re, it’s at least questionable whether the stadium district has put in any safeguards to the effect of that they actually have any right to limit how we dispose of this money. And those will be some of the things that we would ask. All right, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:29
Okay, counselor, McCoy, and this is going to be our last comment. We need to vote. Thank you, Mayor Peck. Looking at our screen here for voting, it says consideration of allocation of $50,000. It should be the consideration of the councilmember McLeod and fix. Okay, and then. Okay, so just making sure that we’re clear on that. And then to the question about the phone call. It’s just clarifying.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
Information, right? It’s, it’s not anything else. Okay. I’m just making sure I understood that. Right. It’s just clarifying the letter and trying to get you hone down some exact points. Okay. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:12
So let’s vote on the motion to table of the stadium.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:18
allocation of funds for youth activities.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:23
All those in favor?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:26
Aye. Aye.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:28
All those opposed?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:32
So that passes with Councillor waters opposing.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:41
So now we are at the resolution, consider allocation of 500,000 of the of the stadium.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:52
Dollars and 1.5 million of oil and gas revenues for the museum.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:01
No, we cannot talk about the stadium money.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:04
We’re tabling the money. So this would it’s about the resolution of passing the resolution. But now this Tabling of the stadium

Unknown Speaker 1:21:15
allocation dollars, it has muddied the resolution about

Unknown Speaker 1:21:22
counselor waters. Do you want to comment on that?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:31
Well, so what are my options? I thought that I thought the motion was to table any reference to the expenditure of money from the metro stadium district. Exactly. So your resolution combines these dollars. So we really, we have to, we’ll vote up and down on it. But actually that half of your resolution has been tabled.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:53
So you still want an up and down vote. I don’t get an up and down vote on my resolution. So thank you council members, I don’t get a up or down vote that I could have had in December. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:09
And to be fair to councillors, these we should have before any motion came forward, yours or anyone else’s, we should have had this discussion at the onset. So when you made your resolution, I you know, just just as clarify clarification for us.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:31
We were all new to this process. So what you were asking for?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:37
We hadn’t discussed we hadn’t discussed anything about about these dollars. So

Unknown Speaker 1:22:43
it’s really difficult to actually for me to vote for a resolution and I didn’t know what what that entailed.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:53
No, I’m just giving you my opinion.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:59
So Councillor waters, do you want to table the resolution? Or do you want to? I don’t know. I don’t know how to go forward with this because it is on the agenda. We need to do something with it, table it drop it.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:19

Unknown Speaker 1:23:21
for all intents and purposes, half of the resolution has already been tabled. So I so I’ll come back to my point. My intent, my interest was from day one as to happen up or down vote that that cannot now happen based on what just happened with this council. Is that not correct? It is correct. I guess I’m not curious. I’m curious. What are you wondering?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:49
Do you want to withdraw this for consideration? Because it is no I’m not going to withdraw. i This has been in front of the Council for we see December, January into February. I indicated in late November. What my intentions were. Why would I withdraw my my resolution? It’s not going to get voted on tonight but I’m not withdrawing it. So Eugene, since this is on the agenda, what do we do with this? One? Do we just ignore it? Do we?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:20
Mayor Eugene may city attorney My understanding is that A has been tabled. We move on. All of a sudden it has been tabled.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:30

Unknown Speaker 1:24:32
okay. I agree with that. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:36
Councillor Martin, one more time.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:39
So we are tabled in the allocation of any money from the sale of the Denver Broncos stadium.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:51
Which is what a is which means that we were a little bit improper to have number two which is which accesses that

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00
Add money and the oil and gas revenues to be under a in the first place. It’s a little bit ill formed.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:09
I would like to understand.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:13
You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:15
Councilmember McCoy has has stated his sense of urgency over one proposal. And I would like councilmember Martin, to explain the sense of urgency having to do with the

Unknown Speaker 1:25:32
you can explain it yourself. You said the council, but

Unknown Speaker 1:25:36
so no. Councilmember McCoy has explained his sense of urgency. I would like councilmember waters, to explain his, what difference does it make whether we, whether we address his resolution now or next month

Unknown Speaker 1:25:54
councilor waters, thanks for your PAC. I don’t know that it makes a huge difference between now or next month. What is

Unknown Speaker 1:26:03
let me just say again, how frustrating it is. Regardless of what the conversation had been, we had nothing had come to us as from the staff, we’d had no conversation.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:15
It was the acceptance of another million dollars from the

Unknown Speaker 1:26:20
store Family Foundation in November. That was the impetus for my heads up to the council and what my intentions were.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:30
I didn’t feel like I needed to wait on somebody to give me permission to bring a recommendation or a motion was a motion to this council. I tried to make it easy by actually drafting the resolution that would make take, you know, a load off of the the city attorney’s office. But there wasn’t time bound, then wait, it’s not time bound now, except that what’s transpired since has been so confusing. So unclear. If there was a point in time, like, I’ll just say this. Now, I didn’t see it at the time where I was referred to as an applicant. For these funds. I’m not an applicant. I’m a council member, I brought a motion not an application. But I,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:13
in an attempt to be cooperative collaborative, decided to delay it. Like I said, That was a mistake, because this thing has become a joke in terms of the process. So there’s no particular urgency, it’s a disappointment to me, that that I in myself, that I deferred it to the request of the mayor, to delay up or down motion on or vote on the motion I brought, or the resolution I brought back in December.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:44
Counselor Hidalgo faring.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:48
So I’m concerned that we may be tabled before I was able to make my motion or can I still make my motion even though it’s in regard to the stadium? Metro district stadium money? Can I do that? Yes. I’m asking the

Unknown Speaker 1:28:07
board. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:09
So I’ve been waiting very patiently for this. And you know what, Councilmember waters if you’re upset about having private conversations with other entities, conversation you had with the president of the Stewart Foundation, okay, and then surprised us all with your motion. Okay. So then it prompted us okay, well, we had a conversation going we were going to bring it publicly to the Council for discussion before we moved on anything. So your motion was the catalyst? I am not done. I am not done. No, I’m not debating you. I’m calling my council members out. Just a moment please.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:52

Unknown Speaker 1:28:55

Unknown Speaker 1:28:57
five minute break.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:00
It didn’t have to get to this. It does not have to get to you know, conversation. Point of order is not debatable. I know.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:15
No stock

Unknown Speaker 1:29:20
we’re taking a five minute break.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:26
I tried to be patient in the future.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:30

Unknown Speaker 1:29:32
Yes, I’m trying to have a conversation with you. Okay, let’s have a conversation

Unknown Speaker 1:29:50
make sure

Unknown Speaker 1:29:58
this thing works.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00

Unknown Speaker 1:30:07
What are

Unknown Speaker 1:30:19
we allow this

Unknown Speaker 1:30:21
I don’t see that in there?

Unknown Speaker 1:34:05
We are back thank you

Unknown Speaker 1:34:09
Councillor waters Councillor Hidalgo fearing we are back

Unknown Speaker 1:34:17
and I am going to

Unknown Speaker 1:34:21
rob reality

Unknown Speaker 1:34:28
you’re calm so do you still want the floor?

Unknown Speaker 1:34:33
Yes. Okay, go for it

Unknown Speaker 1:34:39
Okay, so I would like to make a motion to carve up to carve out $200,000 of the

Unknown Speaker 1:34:48
metro stadium district money to go towards a to be able to be allocated for nonprofit

Unknown Speaker 1:34:59

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
I mean, and then the rest be brought back for discussion

Unknown Speaker 1:35:08
by the council.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:11

Unknown Speaker 1:35:13
the motion is a counselor, Hidalgo fairing is to carve out from the stadium. Money $200,000 to be used for grant. I’m gonna say grant grant possibilities. It’s been seconded by Councillor Martin, we’re open for discussion.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:36
I think it’s a good idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:39
Here’s my problem with it in and again, talking to the other municipalities, we’re going to have to have an absolute application and what the criteria would be because we can have hundreds of applications for $50 for $100 for that do not actually provide youth hands on services. And I did not want staff to have to deal with this. And no other municipality is doing this. But because of that very reason, you get into

Unknown Speaker 1:36:17
head on battles with people who want just $1,000 or and then you have to have some kind of a system because in a year, we have to go back and say how is this money used?

Unknown Speaker 1:36:32
It sounds like it’s opening up a kettle of worms here to me a can of worms. No, I’ll go with a kettle.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:40
So I will open it up for discussion. Others it looks like Councillor McCoy is on I don’t know which way this goes. Councillor McCoy. Okay. Thank you, Mayor Peck. To your point. I agree. And I was just trying to see where the who would hear this. You know, is it our human

Unknown Speaker 1:37:01
housing Human Services group that’s going to be doing the vetting and the hearing of this? Or is there going to be a specialized group that comes in and talks about just trying to get some ideas around that because to Mirapex point about it being you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:17
a kettle of worms is probably true.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:21

Unknown Speaker 1:37:24
Tell me put him around Rodriguez. Thank you, America. I do believe I’ve actually said this, and I think it’s been actually printed before is that I would rather just see the money all go to Children, Youth and Family Services and be done with this entire conversation. But this at least motion is getting closer towards what I would be comfortable with, if you will, but I and so to address something that Councilmember McCoy just said,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:50
housing Human Services Board has basically a structure in place to kind of address, they have a rubric, they have a vetting process that they use for their nonprofits already. So they could probably fairly easily apply it to grant applications in this concept. So that would not make me uncomfortable. What, you know, I’m having problems with is that and no offense to any of the council members that brought forth proposals. But the the appearance of impropriety

Unknown Speaker 1:38:22
is tough for me to swallow. And so I was not inclined to vote for any of them.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:28
The only one I was somewhat inclined to vote for was the Longmont Latino voices because it didn’t have as many thumb prints on it, as you might say, from council members. So I probably still wouldn’t be necessarily inclined to vote for this specific motion. But it’s getting closer to kind of what I would prefer to see. Take that for what you will.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:51
Councillor Martin? Thank you, Mayor pack. I agree with everything that the Mayor Pro Tem has said. And I would like to remind everyone that I did have a second motion after the motion to table that kind of got lost in the shuffle. And my second motion was, let’s use the housing and Human Services process that we use every year, possibly a slightly abbreviated version of it, to evaluate some number of proposals. And the reason that I couldn’t tell anybody. We discussed this after the last contentious meeting with

Unknown Speaker 1:39:34
two city managers and counsel me and Councilmember it all go fairing. And therefore if I had talked to anybody else about it, it would have been a rolling meeting. So I didn’t. Okay, but at that time now that it’s not a rolling meeting anymore. We said yeah, that would be good. That’s what the city thinks and if we had maybe handled the initial process so

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
Little more

Unknown Speaker 1:40:02
sedate Lee, and in the right order we wouldn’t have have all of this concession. But since we did we we I believe made a commitment to the public that that the not the grassroots nonprofits were going to have a shot at it. And so I think that council the dog go fairings idea of carving out $200,000, which is a significant amount of money for that group of nonprofits, but also leaves the money aside for

Unknown Speaker 1:40:37
councilmember waters proposal

Unknown Speaker 1:40:40
is a good compromise and a good way to fix the mess that we made. And I think that what we should do in addition to using that process is

Unknown Speaker 1:40:54
is that we should put a minimum application so that the that the staff is not saddled with a bunch of $500,000 in $2,000 applications, but there can only be so many if the smallest one you can put in his $20,000. So that is what I would like to see a nice so move. We ready. Are we ready? Have one on let’s let Okay, you’re right. Okay. Right. It’s it’s, it’s, let’s vote on Susie’s first. But I’d like to make that motion.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:32
Counselor Yarborough.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:35
Thank you, Mayor pack, I thought I will be able to leave without saying nothing. But that’s impossible tonight.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:42
I just want to say that this motion after motion after motion is I think is still even more confusing for

Unknown Speaker 1:41:52
our constituents. And I think even for ourselves, we originally tabled to wait until the meeting to figure out what exactly we supposed to do with that money. Now we have another motion to put $200,000 on the side for nonprofits. And now we have an another board whose we’re using their methods, I just think we need to pick one motion. And go with that motion, whether we’re going to table and get the information first. And then come back with the confirmation of whatever the information that you you get.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:32
And then decide. I totally agree with Mayor Pro Tem. I mean, that was the whole purpose of the original proposal we had was to give the money to youth and youth services for them to do what they wanted to do. We just came up with a multi purposeful dome for them to extend their programming. So I mean, it’s getting I think all of us had really good intentions, right? For our community and for our youth, especially our underserved youth, and we want to bring more opportunities for them. This has gone beyond what our intentions were, and are. So we need to stick with one. I’m not voting for anything other than one motion. I’m just being honest. So either we table it until you have your meeting and find that information, find out that information, bring it back to us.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:32
Or you come up with another motion. I’m just doing one and I myself prefer

Unknown Speaker 1:43:40
to make a motion and vote on after you get the information you get because it may not be $200,000 You may come back with something else. And then here we are doing this whole fiasco again, think this is too much. Really thank you for that.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:59
I am not going to call on you counselor mountain because we’re not going to continue this one more comment, and then we’re going to vote.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:09
But we have this motion, it’s going to be up or down as to whether we are going to the $200,000 it is already been on there unless counselor Hidalgo fairing wants to withdraw it.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:28
So in the best interest of having the nonprofits even get a chance I am going to withdraw today because I want to ensure that we have the votes to get this passed. And yeah, so I’ll withdrawn wait until the meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:46
So Councillor Hidalgo fairing has withdrawn her motion to set aside $200,000 Out of the allocated money for nonprofits to apply for

Unknown Speaker 1:45:04
Not to withdraw.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:07

Unknown Speaker 1:45:12

Unknown Speaker 1:45:13
I think that I agree with Councilor Yarbro, that we should not do any more motions until we come back with the information, the legal information, the

Unknown Speaker 1:45:29
stipulations on the money, and the financial implications. And that’s why the attorney, the CFO, the city manager, and I are going to be on that meeting. Why don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:45:43
turn on your microphone, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:46
point of clarification.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:49
Why is it private?

Unknown Speaker 1:45:53
I just asked for the meeting. I didn’t ask for a public meeting. And to be honest, do you want this fiasco?

Unknown Speaker 1:46:02
On a meeting that we’re just getting clarification on some of the points? And in that meeting, are the three people who really need to clarify that and bring it back to us? If you have any questions? I, we heard about the tax dollars, and that could be that’d be a question that probably our CFO would ask.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:31
That is my explanation.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:37

Unknown Speaker 1:46:39
just would like somebody to own the fiasco. And it isn’t me. But I’m embarrassed.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:50
Councillor waters? Thanks, Mayor pack? Is 12 meanings of Zoom meeting, or is it a conference call? I don’t usually record it for anybody who wanted to watch it.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:01

Unknown Speaker 1:47:03
If you I mean, I understand you don’t have many people in the room. But zoom in, it could be recorded. Anybody could watch it at their leisure. The only reason I raised a point of order and I wasn’t trying to cut you off, I apologize. It was I thought we’d already voted to table and we were moving on from that that was the only that’s the only thing. So I apologize as well. I just I just wanted to be clear on what we were doing at that time. So.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:29
So it sounds like we’re moving on. We are. So I’m ready to move on. If I just want to talk about there’s a central question that we’re going to ask tomorrow. And so when you look at the letter, they said you can spend the money on youth activities. There was a meeting with Boulder County. I wasn’t in that meeting other staff was they were in the meeting. And what the individual said is, We want you to do this. Our question is, is it a one? Or is it a half, two, based on the statutory language in it? And that’s essentially just so you all know, the one question we’re going to ask is, we heard you say we want you to do this? Is it a watt? Or is it a half two by statute?

Unknown Speaker 1:48:12
We think we have our opinions, but we want to hear from them.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:17
What they’re saying and why they said that in in the county commissioner meeting, or the county meeting that was held with? I don’t know how many people? So that’s the question.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:30
It’s important to get that clarification. We, you know, I did not want to go forward to bring anything here until we got the clarification, which is why I took to Harold to begin with is that we had this meeting and it was it was a bit strange. And, and to be clear, the reason these were placed on the agenda, because the rest of the motion was specific to placing these items on the agenda, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:57
So I do want to make a comment about your resolution counselor waters and don’t take it personally.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:05
My problem? No, it’s not personal. It’s about how you’re

Unknown Speaker 1:49:09
not where we are. We’re still in the general business.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:14
Here’s my problem with it, and I was gonna vote against it. Because of this. There are two pots of dollars that you’re combining in a resolution, you’re coming and

Unknown Speaker 1:49:25
I feel that each pod has specific uses. So to combine them both and not define the different uses. And that is why, from my perspective anyway, the city manager brought the capital improvement projects to us to show us where

Unknown Speaker 1:49:47
the Nexus is in the money that we thought we would have to have and that we don’t have to complete projects that we gave direction on either by ordinance, or by

Unknown Speaker 1:49:58
Well, I guess it was by ordinance for

Unknown Speaker 1:50:00
Mr. Second reading a resolution, those were our priorities that we gave direction to staff.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:10
The oil and gas money is not one time free dollars. These dollars were always used for things like our

Unknown Speaker 1:50:25
open space

Unknown Speaker 1:50:27
for our oil and gas management team. So my question is, is going to be and I would like it answered when we when we bring this back, do we need those dollars to go back into what they’re were historically used for? Or are they open to be used for something other than the historical use of those dollars?

Unknown Speaker 1:50:54
And that is why I personally need to separate them because they have two distinct uses.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:02
So, counselor waters.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:06
I appreciate the question. I want to I don’t want to I don’t want to either, because it but it felt I thought we were moving on. Let me just clarify this part of it. Okay. The language that when I first the first draft of a resolution, I did specifically make reference to the $3 million that we were going to have, that we would have had to reimburse the language that’s in the resolution, you can you know, whether you pass it or not, the language that’s in the resolution was specifically edited, based on conversations with both the city attorney and the city manager. The language is specific to

Unknown Speaker 1:51:45
mineral royalties eligible for expenditure in the general fund, which makes makes that a a fair use whether you think it’s the right use is a different. Thank you for that clarification. But it’s not it’s a different pot of money than then the oil and gas royalties were we were going to have to return to concrete. And I understand what we saw last week, I had this conversation with Harold today that there were seven projects that are all short in terms of fun. Exactly. And we’re looking to be looking for every dollar to scrape together I get that as well. Just Just to clarify. Okay, great. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:21
So that was fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:27
We are now on the draft for the City Council retreat agenda.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:36
Harold, do you have your direction on what we just went through?

Unknown Speaker 1:52:42
We’re just tabling it. until I’m done tabling it. I’ve told you what the question is a great question that we’re going to ask we will bring that answer back to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:52
And then it’s going back on the way it was okay, because that’s the direction we have at this point. Okay, is that?

Unknown Speaker 1:52:59
No, that’s great. I just want to make sure that we all through this process understand what the next step is. That was gonna about to jump in and clarified and make sure that

Unknown Speaker 1:53:10
Thank you. Hi, Sandy. Hello, Mayor Peck, members of council Sandy cedar assistant city manager, I’m bringing back your draft retreat agenda, just to make sure that everyone’s comfortable with the way that it looks. Now it is two days, which was the direction last time and then added I think this came from your last meeting

Unknown Speaker 1:53:30
a section around the street naming process after and as you are working through your goals. So those are the two oops, I’m pushing buttons. Sorry. Close that down there. And so those are the two changes that I made. I also spread out some of these conversations that there was more time for training more time for discussion of the vision and more time for the discussion of the the grounding the grounding session for the things that were there. It has come to my attention that our sister cities folks are going to be here during this exact same time. And so they’re the suggestion that I made to the group was that perhaps on Friday night after adjournment those who would like to go to dinner with the members of the sister city folks that they’ll be getting in kind of during that day time in order to take the firetruck back home with them. So it’s very exciting. The timing is always fun. But we had talked about maybe doing that and then also maybe taking our lunch break and doing a little celebration with them as we bid them adieu with the firetruck. So I may add those pieces in if that’s okay with you. Other than that, I’m just looking for approval of this agenda.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:37
Councillor McCoy? Thank you Mayor Peck. I approve this I move that we approve this agenda as presented.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:46
Okay, so it’s been Moved by Councillor McCoy to approve the retreat agenda seconded by Councillor Yarbro.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:53
Any discussion? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:57

Unknown Speaker 1:54:59

Unknown Speaker 1:55:00
I don’t approve of this because it’s too meta.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:07
I disagree with which

Unknown Speaker 1:55:10
items got spread out, and which items did not get spread out. So I won’t be voting for this. And I’d like to explain why.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:23
The whole first day is about having a retreat, and about being good, I guess, which has never been an objective of mine. But

Unknown Speaker 1:55:38
But I don’t think that we need to spend three hours on that stuff on the team building section on the team building section, when we are spending one hour discussing the roadmap, to me, this makes no sense. And I won’t support it. So I would really like the council members to please vote no on this. And let’s move things around a little bit to spend more time doing the business or planning to do the business of the people.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:18
We can certainly, for example,

Unknown Speaker 1:56:22
read the CML guidelines at home as a homework assignment beforehand, and cut down tips and trick twigs, we could add that I think alone would would take an hour away from the team building section. And we could add that to the roadmap section.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:45

Unknown Speaker 1:56:47
it just makes a lot more sense to me to do it that way. So that’s my request to the public is or to the to the council members is is that we spend a lot of time on planning the things that the city the staff really is going to have to do next year.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:05
Mayor Peck members of counsel, I would be happy to make that adjustment so that your lunch break starts at 1130 On Friday, the grounding sessions go to three to 430. You’re able to affirm your priorities before you leave for the day and start the roadmaps at nine o’clock the next morning.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:21
No continental breakfast and as well of course.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:26
Best Start today 30.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:29
Okay, if that works. Remember, Martin, does that work for you? It works for me. So

Unknown Speaker 1:57:39
can you put that in a friendly amendment form and turn on your microphone again, please?

Unknown Speaker 1:57:47
Okay, yes. If

Unknown Speaker 1:57:51
councilmember McCoy was that who made the motion? Yeah. If councilmember McCoy will accept a friendly amendment to take an hour away from the team building exercises, add an hour to discussing the roadmaps. And if I have you, correct, city manager cedar, move the council priorities to the previous day? Correct. Thank you, will you accept that friendly amendment? I’d like to hear what councilmember

Unknown Speaker 1:58:21
there. It’s not gonna be open for discussion until you either accept or reject.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:33
Well, after seeing, you know, a little bit of our discussion earlier, I am concerned that, you know, we probably could do a lot of team building here.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:46
My but

Unknown Speaker 1:58:49
I want to I want to be, you know, accommodating, I just want to make sure that we don’t miss that important component

Unknown Speaker 1:58:57
of this.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:01
Reference, you

Unknown Speaker 1:59:06
know, no, you owe it well.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:11
It’s important that we have team building. Obviously that is so clear tonight that have been proven that we cannot make good decisions without

Unknown Speaker 1:59:20
working together. And we need to let’s do this in order.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:26
Councillor McCoy, you haven’t accepted or rejected the amendment? That’s correct. What do you want to do? I think I’d like to

Unknown Speaker 1:59:38
reject it so we could have some conversation about it and hear what councilor Yarborough has say and then

Unknown Speaker 1:59:46
I’d be open for it to be represented by Councillor Martin. After I hear what councillor yarborough’s point is. Councillor Yarborough?

Unknown Speaker 1:59:58
Thank you, Mayor Peck. I’m

Unknown Speaker 2:00:00
I think that I do not want to take away an hour from our team building out all

Unknown Speaker 2:00:07
that has been obvious tonight that we need to work together and we need to learn how to

Unknown Speaker 2:00:14
discuss without, and I mean, we all ever we’re human beings, and I get them to understand that, but we are all different. I’m new. I mean, well, I guess I’ve been here a year, so I’m not that new. I’m still claiming as a freshman. But

Unknown Speaker 2:00:29
I think I need that. Okay, so that is important for us to learn about one another, a personalities and how we can make decisions together for the betterment of our community and not our own selves. That’s why we that’s why we are council people. Okay, so for me, I do not, I’m not going to vote to take an hour away from team building, because that’s important for us to make really good decisions as a unit as much as possible. And I’m learning that myself. So I need that. And if you think I need to do that on the side that I’ll do that. But I think as a council, we need to work together, and we need to learn how to do that.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:14
Thank you. So I’m going to call the question.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:19
Let’s vote.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:21
What are we voting? We are voting on

Unknown Speaker 2:01:25
just to improve the draft to approve the draft that Councillor McCoy made and it was seconded by Councillor Yarborough to approve the draft as presented.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:37
So let’s vote.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:47

Unknown Speaker 2:01:49
Oh, wait

Unknown Speaker 2:01:51
a second.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:54
Okay, that passes unanimously. No, I’m sorry that Okay, hang on.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:01
So that passes with five councilors, myself, Council, Yarbrough, Councilor, Hidalgo faring Councillor McCoy, and Councillor waters voting for it. And Councillor Martin and Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez in opposition.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:20
Councillor Martin?

Unknown Speaker 2:02:25
Excuse me, I thought I was going to have a chance to i Yes. But you called the question, didn’t you? I did.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:35
I did.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:37
I would still like to point out for the edification of the council and the public that the CML guidelines on social media are not a team building exercise.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:52
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:54

Unknown Speaker 2:02:58
Assistant Manager Sandy cedar is Does this answer your question? Are we good to go with the agenda for the retreat? As presented? I certainly have direction. I would just remind everyone that the timing is always tentative based on the conversation. Okay, thank you. I think I’m up next all sides. We are standing here. So now we’re gonna do the 2023 legislative bills recommended by city council for city council position and

Unknown Speaker 2:03:26
Sandy cedar gave us a printout of those bills. Yes, thank you, Mayor pack, members of council Sandy cedar assistant city manager. Today, we have six bills for your consideration for positions started off a little slow. And then all of a sudden things started really rockin and rollin. So these are your first six bills. They’re also posted on the city’s website every Friday and also in the posting areas just so that people know how they can find what you’re looking at. I’m happy to go through each of these, you could also pass them as a group, or I’d be happy to answer questions about them. This is the first round for this year. So it really is how you would like to handle it. Once the city council takes official positions on these bills, then I spend time lobbying our local representatives about your position. So that’s how the process works. And that’s how the city of Longmont takes the position. So if you’d like to, I’d be happy to go through them and explain them. That’s the best way to do it. I think that would be great. Thank you. Okay, so this is this particular set of bills is mostly housing and public safety. Senate Bill 23 001 concerning additional functions from the public private collaboration unit with public projects that provide housing. This provides $13 million, basically so that the Public Private Partnership Office to include affordable workforce housing, since housing is a priority for the City Council. The staff recommends that you support Senate Bill 001.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:58
Councillor Amin, Mayor Pro Tem or not

Unknown Speaker 2:05:00
Regus. Thank you it’s specifically says on state owned land, we have state owned land. And Molly didn’t think we did. But she thought if you know that since housing is a regional issue that anybody who has state land where we can actually, you know, build affordable housing helps everyone regionally. Yes. I was just curious. Yes, yes. She didn’t think we did

Unknown Speaker 2:05:22
that question when we had the group meeting on the 12% goal, if their state land adjacent to Lewisville, Lafayette Erie, and they can build affordable housing that goes to the broader portfolio. So I think that was great clarification, though. Sorry, I missed that.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:41
So let’s do a handout. If we want to support this bill, I don’t see anybody. Anyone else in the queue for discussion. All those who want to support it just

Unknown Speaker 2:05:54
or we can vote.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:57
Didn’t catch up. Thank you, Sandy. The next one, thank you, Mayor Peck, Senate Bill zero 22, as sorry, Senate Bill 23, zero 22. Concerning adding aggravated motor vehicle theft to the list of conviction convictions that apply to the offense of possession of weapons by previous offenders. So according to the current law, it’s illegal for someone to possess a firearm if that person was convicted or adjudicated of certain felonies. This bill adds aggravated motor vehicle theft to those convictions. And so essentially, what has happened is that some of these are very violent crimes. And so currently aggravated motorists motor vehicle, aggravated motor vehicle theft is not on the list of convictions that would stop you from getting a gun into the future. So this is consistent with your gun legislation statement that you made about public safety. And so the staff recommends the Council supports Senate Bill 2322. Okay, is there any

Unknown Speaker 2:06:57
discussion on this? Seeing no one in the queue? Let’s vote on it.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:04
Do we?

Unknown Speaker 2:07:11
Okay, I think you’ve done it both ways in the past, but whichever way.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:17
We already started this way. Let’s just yeah, let’s don’t go back and forth. So let’s just do hand votes to give don a break. So wait a second. It was my question.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:30
No, no.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:33
There was last time I Council supports Senate Bill 23. Zero 22. Okay, that’s been

Unknown Speaker 2:07:40
the movement of 23. Oh, 22 to support was made by Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez seconded by Councillor McCoy. Let’s vote.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:53
We’re just going to do hands because it’s not coming up.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:56
It looks like that passes unanimously. So thank you. Thanks, Mayor, Senate Bill 23, zero 35. Concerning the operation of the middle income housing authority and in connection, adding some members to the board of directors. We’re not too worried about the Board of Directors portion of it. But what this bill does, is it allows the middle income housing authority to enter into those public private partnerships and clarifies that those components for those projects are tax exempt. The transfer of the interest for a project to the entity other than the authority is allowed. These things will free up the middle housing authority to continue to incentivize what what we’re calling attainable housing. And so because this is consistent with Council’s goals, the staff recommends that council support 2335

Unknown Speaker 2:08:43
Senate bill or

Unknown Speaker 2:08:46
I don’t see anyone anyone who so go ahead and move it support. Senate Bill 23 dash zero 35 support from that. I’ll second it. So it’s been Moved by Councillor Hidalgo fairing to support Senate Bill 23 Dash Oh 35 and seconded by Mayor John Peck. All those in favor? Raise your hand. All those opposed? So that passes unanimously, thank you. Great, halfway done. The next one is House Bill 2310 95 Concerning the prohibition of the inclusion of certain provisions in written rental agreements. So this is a renter Protection Act that essentially would protect renters from unreasonable liquidated damages attorney fee responsibility shifting and hidden fees. Obviously, those are things that we would want to protect renters from and so the staff recommends that Council supports House Bill 2310 95. Okay, seeing no one in the queue to discuss Can I have a motion to move?

Unknown Speaker 2:09:44
So House Bill 23 support for House Bill 23 Dash 1095 has been Moved by Councillor Martin and seconded by Councillor McCoy. That’s felt

Unknown Speaker 2:09:55
all those in favor, raise your hand. All those opposed. So that passes thank

Unknown Speaker 2:10:00
Q Thank you, House Bill 2311 15 Concerning the repeal of statutory provisions prohibiting local governments from enacting rent control, this has been a big issue in the legislature over the last several years. And I think you may be familiar with the Telluride decision that basically prohibits local governments from doing any kind of rent control at all. So this would repeal that if it were to pass and so staff recommends that Council supports 20 House Bill 2311 15. Seeing no one in the queue, can I have a motion for this? I’ll move house bill 23 Dash 1115.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:35
So, House Bill 2311 15 has been Moved by Councillor Hidalgo fairing seconded by Councillor Yarbro. You don’t see any discussion in the queue? So let’s vote. All those in favor, Richie.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:49
All those post.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:51
Thank you. Thank you, Mayor. One more passes unanimously forgot that PUC. Perfect. Thank you, House Bill 2311 69, concerning a non arrest response by law and law enforcement for certain low level offenses. So this one has to do a lot with what the discussion was at counsel around what’s going on with our legal system right now with our public safety system. And this bill prohibits a peace officer from arresting a person based solely on the alleged commission of a petty offense. The offenses are listed on the next page that are included in this bill. And basically would say that if somebody calls and says, you know, somebody is trespassing in this commercial facility, residential facilities are different. But in this commercial facility, the officer goes and ask them to leave, if they don’t leave. There’s nothing the officer can do, not only for that particular offense, but all the ones on the page that follows. And so this obviously hamstrings folks, because if you’re trespassing, you’re asked to leave or you know, you’re not supposed to be there. The remedy to this arrest, it’s unfortunate, but that’s the remedy in many cases, and this would stop our public safety officers from arresting people that do not comply with any of these low level offenses. So this is inconsistent with council statement on legislation affecting public safety. And Staff recommends that council oppose House Bill 2311 69.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:11
Can I have a motion? Councillor Martin? I moved to oppose

Unknown Speaker 2:12:16
whatever it is.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:19
So can I have a second to oppose House Bill 23 Dash 1169.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:27
So Councillor Martin moved to oppose House Bill 2311 69. And Councillor waters, seconded. Let’s vote. I see nobody in the queue to discuss all those in favor.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:40
All those opposed? That passes unanimously, Thank you, Mayor Peck. And just a reminder that our legislative dinner has been rescheduled for Friday, May 3 At seven o’clock, march 3 At seven o March 3, march 3, Friday, March 3 At seven o’clock.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:59
That’s the next time that the legislators were available to meet. So I’ll just say my that’s my son’s birthday.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:07
And so

Unknown Speaker 2:13:10
I’ll be there. It’s the day after my son’s birthday. So oh my gosh.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:15
Yeah, that’s that’s when our legislators said that they were available. And boy, we took them up on it just as soon as they mentioned that. So seven o’clock Friday, March 3, is our legislative dinner with them. Listen, since we have all these bills that we’ve gone over, I think that Harold you can miss. We’re good.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:33
Thank you, man. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:36
All right.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:38
So we’re at final, final call public invited to be heard. Is there anybody in the public that would like to come and address Council?

Unknown Speaker 2:13:47
No one. Okay, seeing no one I will close public final public invited to be heard. We are now at Marin Council comments. Councillor waters. Thanks for your back. I just I did see the notice about May 4. Just for the record. Sandy. I’m already obligated that evening. I won’t be able to make that

Unknown Speaker 2:14:07

Unknown Speaker 2:14:12

Unknown Speaker 2:14:17
Councillor waters? I mean, I’m sorry, Councillor Martin.

Unknown Speaker 2:14:20
Thank you, Mayor Peck. I’d like to apologize on the behalf of the Council for all the anger that everybody showed tonight, including myself. I am still angry.

Unknown Speaker 2:14:33

Unknown Speaker 2:14:35
I really would like to say that I think that the council should insist on consistency on using good process and on doing the people’s work. And I am very disturbed, that we cannot find ways to spend time on so

Unknown Speaker 2:15:00
I’m very serious issues that are before the council this year. So I’m just

Unknown Speaker 2:15:07
wanted to express my regret. Thank you. Seeing no one else in the queue, I will just say we had an incredible meetings in Washington DC, the Transportation Coalition went down, we received very well, there’s hope on getting raise grant dollars for one nine team. And we just need this raise. And that will be all the money that’s raised grant, there’ll be all the money we need to complete that project. So keep your fingers crossed, there was a lot of positive movement on that there was also a lot of positive movement on the Front Range passenger rail district to get dollars for this CIDP, which is the corridor identification development plan. If we get that grant we’re in, which means that fr a will work with us to help us until the project is completed. Also, there was a lot of positive movement on the alignment for FRP are to being the Northwest corridor, which is the only reason I’m on that board. So I don’t know how long this will take but I do have a lot of hope that we are being recognized as a state that needs rail desperately.

Unknown Speaker 2:16:23
So Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody.

Unknown Speaker 2:16:27
So, comments from our city manager Herald no comments, Mayor Council. Thank you, city attorney Eugene. No comments, Mayor. Thank you. I have a motion to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 2:16:42
So to adjourn motion to adjourn has been Moved by Councillor McCoy, seconded by Councillor Martin. Let’s vote.

Unknown Speaker 2:16:50
That passes unanimously.

Unknown Speaker 2:16:53
Thank you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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