Golf Board Meeting – November 2022

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And they’re all built here

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why don’t you try other audio

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to others Okay, I will entertain a motion to accept the signal for previous month’s minutes motion approval I know what the most public might have to be we don’t have any work at Apple okay and apart communications

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so we’re just gonna do October’s from assuming or do you want us to do last few months into October so projected for sunset revenue we’re projected at 30,001 21 our actual revenue came in at 51,688 It’s a film about what we have six round wise projected rounds were 23 a three at 30 to 60 days one and a half percent increase from previous October

Unknown Speaker 1:44
all due to weather weather was pretty darn good for October no November unfortunately is not good so far as of right now have been up in close 13 of the 21 total closure last year in November was six days so I’ve doubled the close days due to the snow rounds and revenue are down so your melons were down almost 50% from last year for November and then revenue wise we’re we’re down about 6000 in revenue although punch cards that we started selling we’ve sold more punch cards than last November so far and worse has been made a small increase we use a limonium but that’s all I got for a sunset.

Unknown Speaker 2:42
I’m just curious when you look at next year’s budget

Unknown Speaker 2:50
projected revenue

Unknown Speaker 2:54
do you take into account some X number of snow days it’s always

Unknown Speaker 3:00
a guess like last year for example we didn’t really get very shut down until January 1 We got to sell and then we were closed January February the entire month before the point is to build a guessing game. I look at the shoulder seasons as you good opening isn’t a good play that’s kind of bonus

Unknown Speaker 3:23
guys revenue

Unknown Speaker 3:26
and I think that’s how it’s been rejected in the past you could look back at all of these since I’ve been here and your 10 years.

Unknown Speaker 3:34
Jack something like that we projected small revenues for January and February we got zero

Unknown Speaker 3:40
yeah generally sell a month for whatever

Unknown Speaker 3:52
you want to call it what are your mates? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 3:59
Okay for nor did we have our food? Yeah. Okay, I’m 22 revenues came in at 13,009 49. Free them ahead by age 3003 27. Very good year. Yeah. You increase your revenues and then at 37 907 for the month, year to date, one one 1,848,000 by 48 Putting $227 billion it’s been a great golf course it’s been very good. Looking at the rounds, Twin Peaks actual rounds for the month of October 3906. With their year to date Numbers 36,009 35, which is very strong. I remember whatever just trying to get

Unknown Speaker 5:07
to 35,000 for the years with the smell becomes more than void.

Unknown Speaker 5:15
And then for you creeks rounds, actual rounds your data 40,240 1600 video on rounds are way ahead and round is not because you know, race, these are the categories, we’re going to read the numbers for November as well. And we’ve been open nine days this 117 days going wide. We’re down on 42,000 so far for the month. But again, know, if we get open this weekend, we will meet last year’s numbers where there’s a record here,

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which is

Unknown Speaker 5:56
1.0 1.9. Just a few more days of being open, we were going to set it up here,

Unknown Speaker 6:04
what’s the course look like so about gone or,

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you know, I keep opening and walking the TV. I think, Wednesday now we’ll go. Now we’re gonna come up with a buyer. And seller, there’s not a lot of them. But what we do have this keeps freezing over. So we’re open to private

Unknown Speaker 6:30
comments in the sector. Moving on all business on projects.

Unknown Speaker 6:42
You want to talk about irrigation first.

Unknown Speaker 6:46
Okay. So remember how we left it on the last day and now we are working on originally version of this piece of irrigation system, they got changed here, just the pump station this year. And now we say that now we’re gonna do Twin Peaks and sunsets, irrigation replacements scheduled for Fall starting in fall of 2003. As it sits right now we have our sections for the purchasing, they’ll be working on it, they put it into a format, no forget about the data here as soon as possible. Once your projected completion. So peaks is projected to start just after Labor Day and 23 and puppy dogs in March are hosted in June, on June 24. So that’s where doing a little bit of work in the fall home stations over the winter, and finishing up in 24. And then the sunset will either fall right behind that it started in June, or in right after Labor Day we for it’s all dependent on the water project that is going over now. And we can’t start our project till they’re done. And the novel is projected to take September, it would be done by the end of the year. Or if it started in June and would be done by Labor Day October, a

Unknown Speaker 8:29
lot of people will begin to close the course.

Unknown Speaker 8:35
Or try not to close the course they’ll definitely be places impacted by the projects, but it’s gonna work kind of like road construction will be in one spot and move around. And they’ll just be small parts of the course impacted at the time. So all that plan is dependent on the availability of all the companies who show interest in something like that. So is it mostly boring that they’re doing or going to be trenching, it’s gonna be a little bit of both. So our main lines will be dug into the back door structure because they’ll be six to eight inch lines at sunset. And whatever your content each line is here at Twin Peaks and will be 48 inches down. And then all our lateral walk into the head detachable will be bolted. No traction depends on what the trend looks like.

Unknown Speaker 9:32
So that’ll dictate how much the course is close to

Unknown Speaker 9:40
the heart is going to be the part that has the biggest impact because that’s the part they have to treasure they are the laterals, reusing things up. So they’ll have fused together long searches a hole and then the whole long stretch in and to be a little boring but they do have the

Unknown Speaker 9:59
optics and so For that reporting system

Unknown Speaker 10:02
will be a mixture of that. And over trenching depending on what the trade was that we’re working on today.

Unknown Speaker 10:13
The maintenance building, we have completed our second submittal to the design review team. We have just a few minor things that have to be addressed with. With them. We’ve also submitted to the planning department for the permit, meds probably three months before we can get that done. And then we’ll be ready to work with the city wide award contractors so that we won’t have to go to a bid but it will get as many quotes as we can from those four companies to do the construction. We’re hoping that that can take place starting in February. Because if if we don’t start construction by March 15. There’s some wildlife issues that prohibit us from moving forward until August after August 5. So we’re hoping to get the earthwork going so that we’re already in in process before some of the birds come back. Protected All right, anything. Yes, that’s presentation he’s gonna

Unknown Speaker 11:49
do. All right, so you’re in the sunset presentation, be very similar to the creeks and the creek presentations we had earlier at our last meeting. So start off with a update on the projects we did this year. Our main projects we did over at census sunset this year was renovation on a couple of boxes. So it started here with number nine, back the box. We have a picture of the old box here in the middle. And you can kind of see it from the picture. But the main point of the reservation renovation was the take the crown has been in there caused by years and years of use and takasi. Then over here, here’s what it was the finish workout. So you can see kind of here in this front corner of the box. That’s how much elevation they change on to that key box, it can’t make it level. So they had about two and a half feet in this front corners of the northwest corner of the box. You all saw this backside here by the post station, they ended up adding another four feet of the box that was flat, so we do a whole lot more T area. What we used to have down here in the middle was a picture of when it was completed on May 27 of this year. So pretty big difference there on that box, but not as big as number five box. So number five was I have one of the larger projects that made the most difference than before and after this one with all peeping out the house and crown we also decided to make it one larger box instead of having to separate one from the back. So they ended up the company ended up doing was moving about 18 inches of soil off the back of the box which was the blue one and leveling it out with the white box as previously there, which also out of add about five, four to five feet for the very front of the box. So between now here in the building, you can see the flat work they did. You can kind of tell by this picture the difference in elevations they did that level out so that back to the box will be about 1400 square feet of key space. And what we originally thought we’re going to have so we had a pretty The increase in usable T airbag on the back then here’s a picture in the lower right of the direction that Assad was later in the year, we this project was not an option. And so that’s just the like loopy bots. The next one that was done. We also did the Ford t’s on number five. So this one here had an awful lot of crown in it a lot like the car number nine. But once they got everything stripped down, we’re actually able to add another four feet to the front and four feet to the back of the box on the same with it also gave us about 1400 square feet of usable T area on the former T on five. So the middle picture here shows their dirt work. Third work when they got it, and CB was 400 square feet on so not for the people here. So in here on the right is a picture of a pea once it is completed or growing. This was completed on student telephony. Now all these these are logged in and cut back out to their T shape. And now we go ahead and order the course now you can still see a few of the transition areas out there to some of the difference in sod as laid by now everything is grown in and ready to use. I’m sure Ryan will agree that at the end of the reason, but positive feedback from all the tee boxes

Unknown Speaker 16:55
then they may kind of restructure that the overall Alton’s really, to have a lot a lot and a lot of a lot of players were confused at first. But you know, it’s been nothing but positive that

Unknown Speaker 17:15
the project will be completed at first part of pointing to was that a new roof put on the maintenance shop here. It’s kind of you know, sign for a new roof on the vape shop. So that was one of the things we got done this year.

Unknown Speaker 17:35
But in that was a much bigger project and there were some pretty significant issues there. And I think we by able being able to replace that roof extended the life of that building because we were given notice that if we didn’t do something we needed to get out. So they did a really nice job and things are much better than they had been

Unknown Speaker 18:10
five years ago yes

Unknown Speaker 18:19
I gave up update a little bit ago on Sunset spoke about that Bob Proctor. So this was the this is the first map I received from our designer, he’s still in the process of finishing, sunset design with numbering not all the stations. But this is the new design of the irrigation system over at sunset. So, right now sunset roadside, but work on houses and south side on the other side amongst the community last week and third are two separate non connected irrigation system the new design will connect the system to the one irrigation system with high water means long steep here right by two green in three P. So instead of having two separate irrigation systems with 20 different personalities that would be one we irrigation system with a single pump station and with that we weren’t conversation with Cengage so let’s hear what are all the put all the head spacing the 65 feet which right now they range anywhere from 60 to 65 or 70 feet. So this will be a lot more uniform. That we have mainline which is the dark line that goes around both areas. So that way the irrigation pressure will be more consistent because of the multiple ways the water fed to a certain area. We will see less change in pressure down here. From three green mana not that in about six weeks and 70 so

Unknown Speaker 20:06
to see a lot more consistent watering pattern irrigation system we currently have over the heads from seven that where you put in the distance to the trees

Unknown Speaker 20:23
and there’s been changes or new ones are not stated

Unknown Speaker 20:28
so the system at sunset will be brand new pipe but all the heads will be reused over their yard no workers

Unknown Speaker 20:43
heads yes once the project is completed is when you guys will be doing

Unknown Speaker 20:48
magic it’s what we did. But it all depends on how much and it’s one of the wire is on there so it is included to be the sprinkler heads we’ll

Unknown Speaker 21:00
make sure that we get

Unknown Speaker 21:06
the horn looking forward to point three is the future islands we’re going to look at moving to an our fixed asset inventory so replacing items around the golf course that will need could be anywhere from appliances at the clubhouse small hand tools or the pieces of equipment around the maintenance shop work on broken fence posts about windows of course then just like this year come out of winter see any bare areas that we could see come out on later. So going into 23 and 24 we won’t be doing anything projects on the golf course the sunset will be disrupted with construction so we will be doing a car pass and maybe major renovation projects until after the water project irrigation system according so that way you don’t end up destroying all the work because Scott

Unknown Speaker 22:15
Do you love it? You look at the ball on his

Unknown Speaker 22:20
things that stands his games. We do that as long as needed basis when they get worn out or they noticed that something needs attention. How do you just need to get on certainly how do you maintain those because sometimes what we do rather than one at a time will be certainly another the nursing consistency badge Baptist. So in the middle of the summer it’s kind of hard with the evaporation but that something was between the maintenance crew and the marshal out there. Somebody goes around and fills the Balkan checksum it’s supposed to be weekly or bi weekly basis. Sometimes it probably gets forgotten that’s where they get a little dry I wonder

Unknown Speaker 23:07
do you think bowl washers are necessary?

Unknown Speaker 23:10
Unfortunately they are

Unknown Speaker 23:13
everywhere else

Unknown Speaker 23:14
especially when you get the rain in here

Unknown Speaker 23:20
to get ready to go some of the good stuff I

Unknown Speaker 23:25
love towel but one problem is is that you’re playing if you’re at the place to get water to schoolers isn’t getting its water and that’s fine but if you have like tolerance right

Unknown Speaker 23:38
because it’s too hard to remember to

Unknown Speaker 23:40
get into the ball washer or whatever always

Unknown Speaker 23:54
be on main thing we had this year was the undergeared party over there at sunset I mentioned that our last few years just a few pictures of that up left before I’m going to show up on the right as we went down we’re as we’re all enjoying the sunset sunset

Unknown Speaker 24:17
that and that picture does not represent like because everybody was hugging a tree Yeah, I was me. How will you get that cleaned up? I’ll take the next day and you know a lot more than seven. Man he would know that that was even there and whenever he named a couple random

Unknown Speaker 24:40
someone decided that everyone did a really good job of picking it up and it was a crime they found any trash warning effort. On the night off. I sort of pick it up real here going into some course conditions at sunset This was my presentation was supposed to give in October so all this stuff we aerated on September 7. So by now everything at some sense healed up no sign of aeration we we did it two months ago almost already so we’ll be on the schedule again for fall on the my fall spring of next year probably somewhere mid April I think after this you can ask why have these healed up really quick enough to launch signs of aeration very moral imagination but I thought the Greens it since that was incredible this year. I feel a lot better.

Unknown Speaker 25:51
I’ve I’ve heard that a lot from a lot of people come and go and Brian did aeration on the setup there was three days later even I went out on the putting green on the practice area. Color with me at the time. So I had her hair. I’m just rolling a few putts. I couldn’t tell that there was aeration done. And I honestly thought they were the fastest that then all year to graph this. And I mean, as a player, I was completely blown away or weren’t happy with it. As a head professional. I’m extremely satisfied when I hear customers saying grant has been fantastic. That’s the pride and joy early of all the golf courses. Those are those are our children. Of course we take care of that we don’t have the green we don’t have anybody.

Unknown Speaker 26:51
Right now here’s us here’s kind of a schedule of what we’ve been doing to get ready for winter. Which we did another slight little venting on Eagle tiny in the first part October just to help increase the airflow on degrees, helped dry mouth a lot we’ve been all the monitoring, compaction we do with the rolling and everything throughout the year definitely painted small on the greens which are side of it we see as I walk there, which is when you cut a cup runner beneath the root zone of grass, there’s a little bit of black organic material that builds up through the year. So putting some holes in the green to get some air moving down helps reduce that so we’re a little wetter going into winter and getting ready for the spring. But down to the fertilizer because after bath in the little get a little healthier northern for winter. This year, we’re at sunset, you’re able to aerate the entire golf course arid regions narrative, these survivals the coaches were able to use the Attract amount of iterator from Twin Peaks here to do sunsets and we’re able to do half inch times four to five inches deep on all the fairways. And then also afterwards, they are able to take we have found an airway that takes little quarter inch wide by five inch long knives and you drive around this kind of put slips everywhere and we were able to hit course again, just to help that increase the airflow and get ready for some moisture from winter. The ballparks here right now we’re kind of waiting on what mother nature allows us to do. We were scheduled to do our vault fertilizer app last Tuesday. But our little impromptu snowstorm that changed that planet and we’re supposed to go on the morrow, nothing is melting off. We’re on the schedule again for next week. We’ll see how it goes and then we’ll be waiting for the grease to clear off the five plus one last dose fungicide pool to help for snow mold. So if we do end up having another spring like we did this year where the greens are covered for an extended period of time you won’t have to worry about any disease or funny a swami to grow underneath there which helps us fight a little tight in the greens from a lot better out in the spring and if we don’t do it in front of hearings this small group of a small group of guys who work over that sunset region from Danny who’s our one full time guy over here and the rest of the law in Murray guys that work over there so I’m putting all of them in myself and mechanic that’s what’s his time to do here and sunset in the make Sunset as good a product as you can get for the golfers out there. And for anyone has any questions. That’s all.

Unknown Speaker 30:11
Fine. Did you have anything you wanted to talk about?

Unknown Speaker 30:14
I mean, really, the only thing I mean, 100 year cardio based thing that happened for the year, you know, tournaments, we had a lot of great tournaments, of course, was fantastic to be able to produce lottery moments for people. You know, honestly, I don’t buy much, it’s just the same you guys make customers, we try to thank everyone because we wouldn’t be here without you guys. Sunset exists Twin Peaks. Ucrete, we all exist because of the customers. And with the weather, everything, it’s been a fantastic year. It really has. I know, I know, my business has seen probably the best year it’s ever had. You know, but I also really believe that more people in the door. It’s always how we try for our businesses. You know, if we get more people there, we may make some money that, you know, pay the employees. But you know, we’re there for the golf course. We’re there for the golfers so much. Thank you guys. Great job. Work Nope.

Unknown Speaker 31:37
Yes, so we have two openings on the board. Marsha, we interviewed this week, John indicated tonight, when we were waiting for the meeting to start that he had applied for the board. So I need to reach out to the clerk’s office. But it was Rick and Annie and I did the interviews. And we would like to recommend to reappoint Marshall for like a motion on that. And I’ll get back to you John as soon as I hear from somebody willing to make that motion Okay. Motion to recommend and hope for you. Thank you everybody, for joining us here. Thank you for your support law enforcement adults thank you guys very much. Thank you second movie guys, give me a very Christmas

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