How to Improve your Credit Score | Just the Tips

Video Description:
In this episode of Just the Tips we review what affects your credit score, and the various ways you can improve your credit score.

We first explain how to get a credit report by visiting…, and why it’s important to check your credit report for errors, like false reports of late payments or misspellings of your name.

We then tell you why it’s important to prioritize paying off your overdue debt first. Then we explain why responsibly using a credit card makes you look good to the credit bureaus.

For more information about credit bureaus, credit history, and credit cards, watch our full length episode on credit.


Books: “Confessions of a Credit Card Junkie: Everything You Need to Know to Avoid the Mistakes I Made” by Beverly Harzog
“The Debt Escape Plan” by Beverly Harzog

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