Longmont Housing Authority Board Meeting – December 2022

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Longmont Housing Authority Board Meeting – December 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Okay, happy holidays everyone. Hello.

Unknown Speaker 0:03
call to order and no call so I call the meeting to order tonight. Oh for him.

Unknown Speaker 0:10
Who wants to welcome

Unknown Speaker 0:15
Tom to be G. Christopher Darden. Lauren Seeley here. Right selling

Unknown Speaker 0:26
IT staff President Harold Dominguez

Unknown Speaker 0:29
kindred Daniels.

Unknown Speaker 0:38
For the recording Harold, kinder,

Unknown Speaker 0:41
Lisa Gardner, and

Unknown Speaker 0:43
thank you so much. Number two

Unknown Speaker 0:47
from the February 15 20.2 meeting. So I have a motion? Well, I sort of read through I’m really fascinated see anything? Major. So

Unknown Speaker 1:00
I would like to actually have a minor change to it.

Unknown Speaker 1:05
I think it just wasn’t for a, I think if we just have a little clarification that

Unknown Speaker 1:12
cuz we talked about the rent increases for her stone, just as first stone at overcrossing will increase 7.2%. The lodge will increase 7.49% residents of both properties will be receiving communication, saving changes.

Unknown Speaker 1:26
And they will have a comment period where they can reach out to HUD representative directly. I think we might just want to say that it’s a high increase, not decrease strictly to the residence. Yeah, cuz that may have changed, actually. Because they they brought it down.

Unknown Speaker 1:42

Unknown Speaker 1:45
yeah, I think it was just kind of unclear.

Unknown Speaker 1:53

Unknown Speaker 1:56
any other changes?

Unknown Speaker 2:02
Alright, so let’s vote. All those in favor say aye.

Unknown Speaker 2:07
That’s passes unanimously.

Unknown Speaker 2:11
Go on to number three public but have you heard

Unknown Speaker 2:15
anybody from the public?

Unknown Speaker 2:21
All right.

Unknown Speaker 2:23
For organizational updates, a advisory board and ever selection update. This is just a quick statement, just the the interviews that happened this with Arlene and Jeanne and staff support occurred, we made recommendations to the Board of Commissioners, and then they have interviews for all applicants on Saturday. And then the appointments are set for the 20th. And I’m waiting to hear back from Michelle. At what point the app they selected people get notified or if it’s happens.

Unknown Speaker 2:58
Yeah, so that’s all there is hoping to have a little more detail, but I’ll have to just report back. Anything.

Unknown Speaker 3:09
Alright, 205 development, project updates. Okay, so we’ve got a lot of moving pieces going on. So village place, we held a resident meeting last Monday to give an update on what’s next. The schedule is still on as it was as of last March when we pushed the construction to 2024. So we chatted about the survey that we put out to residents asking for their priorities of what they would like to see in the building addressed. And then those were due Friday. They didn’t collect on Saturday. So we summarizing those. And then just on last Thursday, the request for proposals period closes for architects. So we have interviews set up. We got five proposals. We’re interviewing three,

Unknown Speaker 4:02
between Friday and next Tuesday. Which ones are you going? We’re gonna be interviewing alms to s ALM, s to s.

Unknown Speaker 4:20
silence Okay. Well, we had five applications, five proposals. Yeah, well, let me just double check on that. Because we’re

Unknown Speaker 4:33
ranking process and

Unknown Speaker 4:38
so we should have a selection next week and then work on contracting in January and send that contract to the board in January as well.

Unknown Speaker 4:49
Generally, we asked for, we’re ranking based on experience with senior properties experience with live tech recertifications

Unknown Speaker 4:59

Unknown Speaker 5:00
Your qualifications and experience with tenant in place we have. So in cost is one factor.

Unknown Speaker 5:07
So that is moving right along. We are speaking with the existing investor here WMC, we’re working on their wishing to exit. And so we’re gonna go ahead and exit them early in 2023, and not do it all at the same time in November when we’re going to do a new deal as well. So we’re getting that sorted, they’re coming at the end of the month to come walk through to walk through. And then we are

Unknown Speaker 5:37
doing funding applications trying to get as much funding together as possible. So you will probably see, I’ll be putting out a request to neighboring communities, just seeing if they already have ideas for their PhD. I know it’s 2023. And often, if people put it out for competitive, they don’t know, for several months, but we know that we’ll need more pod. So we’re going to see a favor of transformational.

Unknown Speaker 6:01
So we spoke with doh about that. And first of all, we need to wait until we have a conceptual design and ready for a tax credit submittal in March. Because they basically told us I mean, they just don’t see preservation based application and very transformational. And I said, Well, this is the

Unknown Speaker 6:25
street, we’ve already started our marketing efforts on why that still makes sense. I wanted to put in in the very first round, which was a Notice of Intent to Apply December 10 Apply to January 1, when we coordinated with them, they they recommended that we wait until we have everything that we’re going to put in a tax credit in March.

Unknown Speaker 6:47
But they also I made the case I said this is the absolute poster child example project for my presentation is necessary. What happens when you you know, we did it, there was a rehab here, but it was nothing on the interiors, it was just critical systems. And so when you don’t do a rehab for 30 some years, I mean, you this is the exact reason why preservation is so critical. So I’m still planning on throwing it, but we don’t know how successful it will be. We’ll just use builder 19 that B

Unknown Speaker 7:25
has hasn’t had an interior update since.

Unknown Speaker 7:30

Unknown Speaker 7:33
we’re gonna try.

Unknown Speaker 7:38
Yes, we’re gonna start

Unknown Speaker 7:42
rolling right along. We are still on schedule. All of the architect’s proposals are match up with our schedule as well. So it’s looking pretty good there. And we have a market analysis happening for the CPW D building.

Unknown Speaker 7:56
The CWD is interested in purchasing it. So we’ll get that information and then start talks with them because we’ve already separated that from the deal.

Unknown Speaker 8:07
So let’s go down.

Unknown Speaker 8:11

Unknown Speaker 8:14
So Zinnia is this is the permanent supportive housing over by the suites. We’re just there doing gap funding, it’s not a huge amount, but there was gap funding that they’re looking for. And we’ve coordinated what the city can participate in on that. And the closing is set for about May at this point and destruction right after

Unknown Speaker 8:37
there is there in the thick of entitlements and getting everything figured out there for details. Second thing

Unknown Speaker 8:50
we were shooting to have the transfer of the property happen by the end of December.

Unknown Speaker 9:01
In reading the option agreement, the that the possibility is December 31 was really the deadline for the site plan review. So we’re giving it an extra month or two to sort out exactly how the

Unknown Speaker 9:24
I’m sorry, I’m blanking

Unknown Speaker 9:26
on where we were with that but I will get you an update anyway we’re still planning on transferring from Oh environmental we have to deal with the environmental review before the transfer can occur. So I’m gonna get back to him Kara for doh and then do the transfer the property in its own transaction ahead of the main closing.

Unknown Speaker 9:48
Everything else is is moving there though. We haven’t heard about any new cost escalations on latest cost estimates. So everything else is just plugging along for me.

Unknown Speaker 9:59

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Lots of work going on at the Hoover land as well. So this is the land that LHC owns.

Unknown Speaker 10:06
We put out, we completed the process getting developer proposals for that, we went ahead and selected a developer, it’s Penrose, and

Unknown Speaker 10:19
we’re moving forward, we’re gathering a bunch of information for them through this year, and then we’re gonna kick off in full force next year with a goal to apply for tax credits in August, as a first first round, it might take more than Well, unless we go through, we’ll see we’re still sorting out we go if non competitive, or then try for February 23 9%. We’re tailoring that now.

Unknown Speaker 10:44
In the meantime, we’re talking with our city divisions to talk about what kind of opportunities we might be able to do on the ground floor there regarding, you know, community service type things that could benefit this family hub of a building.

Unknown Speaker 11:05
So we’re going to, we still have an approach to the Stewart family, but that is what we’re attempting to do go that route. And then, I mean, where you haven’t sorted all of this, but the Stewart family were able to include some of these community services that a lot of that is the sort of family’s

Unknown Speaker 11:25
main, you know, priority as well. So we’ll see what opportunities might be there.

Unknown Speaker 11:32
Okay, and then finally, recovery cafe. So we have,

Unknown Speaker 11:38
we’re working with recovery cafe to do an add on this weeks. And it is certainly not the easy route. But if we can make it work, the benefits will be so great. So we’re really doing everything we can to make it work.

Unknown Speaker 11:52
We, you know, the investors all have to approve, and we haven’t, I mean, primarily, they seem favorable, but they always say, but we have to go attorney process etc.

Unknown Speaker 12:03
And so they just closed on a request for proposals for architecture services as well last week and interviewed several firms on the ninth and they’re making a selection now. And then the first phase of that will be the feasibility study to make sure that this really is possible to build here. And we’ve built in our exit ramps, so if it’s not feasible, that could still be covered by this CDBG COVID Grant, that’s still an eligible thing. And we have to pivot, then they’re keeping an eye out for properties to purchase just to have a plan B if needed. So we’re still moving forward. It’s working out. And we’ll have a lot more information about exactly what’s possible. It’s a six week deliverable on that feasibility study. So should be in around the beginning of February.

Unknown Speaker 12:56
And what’s gonna be the funding source for the operations?

Unknown Speaker 13:03
Recover campaign, that’s a nonprofit, oh, we would just offer that space. So

Unknown Speaker 13:11
yeah, well, we’re just going to do a look

Unknown Speaker 13:14
at all our graduates.

Unknown Speaker 13:18
And it would just provide the services to residents. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 13:22
As well, yeah. So we’ve got a round and round on that one.

Unknown Speaker 13:28
I think the attorneys thought it would be easier if we

Unknown Speaker 13:32
didn’t do the ground lease, but we did.

Unknown Speaker 13:36
For contracting to build it. And there’s way too much risk for us on that side.

Unknown Speaker 13:43
Especially if it’s really more on the city side, because of the cost overruns. We’d have to absorb it. We don’t frankly, have the staff to manage another construction project, and I just make your grandma’s cleaner. And so we’re just gonna go that route. We’re meeting with her Cafe, and it’s Tuesday to go over all those details. So

Unknown Speaker 14:04
yeah, so we will grant the functions we’re gonna support, you know, for

Unknown Speaker 14:11
just traditionally, you know, how we do for other grantees. We’re helping them meet all the requirements, but they will have they will be the owner of IT architecture contract.

Unknown Speaker 14:22
I think you’re eligible to apply for the other transformational homeless they are.

Unknown Speaker 14:29
And they also have been thinking about trying to use opioid money. I don’t know what their plan is for that and in the back, but obviously,

Unknown Speaker 14:39
I don’t know we need to that’s what we’re meeting on Tuesday to talk about all

Unknown Speaker 14:45

Unknown Speaker 14:47
voting on that. Oh, okay. So so this is through the city or is it

Unknown Speaker 14:53
cooperative of viewer dollars to someone that for

Unknown Speaker 14:59

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Oh, well we make you go into next year.

Unknown Speaker 15:03
Which might make sense because we’ll have real cost estimates.

Unknown Speaker 15:06

Unknown Speaker 15:08
has there been anything

Unknown Speaker 15:11
done about the veterans place? Or is that just still kind of we’re

Unknown Speaker 15:16
on hold you mean, as far as secure on Main Street are the 12 wearables. So they’re very interested in it. I think it’s a timing equation for us. So we would need to, we need to get further down the road on Zinnia. Because it’s using the mean,

Unknown Speaker 15:39
talk, talk to Mark and we need to get together with Mark and his group to start talking through that process. But it’s really the residents that we have in it, and how that’s going to work in transitioning them if they’re interested in buying.

Unknown Speaker 15:55
So those we’re not just talking office space, we’re talking the units as well. So it’s all

Unknown Speaker 16:01
because I mean, it’s

Unknown Speaker 16:05
we’re all dealing with similar populations. And so I may make sense for Karen Amin antimony interference. So if 10 units and so it’s not a lot, and if we can get a cash infusion to support the broader Housing Authority mission, but yet they’re still housing

Unknown Speaker 16:26
people that we would house anyway, that they can make sense when

Unknown Speaker 16:32
they’re still focused on getting that built out there. And so that’s part of the issue too is they want to get further along and get that operational.

Unknown Speaker 16:41
I will mention that are the city sustainability teams are looking for

Unknown Speaker 16:48
a smaller apartment complex or multiplex to do they have energy efficiency money that they need to spend and we propose riderwood. Also, because Adam are the HCI guys CDBG specialist. It basically like, you know, we This isn’t our wheelhouse doing doing rehabs for this type of thing, so we can help them because they have to income qualify, and we’re gonna find contractors, we’re like, we have all that. So we’re working with them to see if Briar wood can be their test case. Please. Susan, oh, Susanna works.

Unknown Speaker 17:29
So is there any other questions I was about?

Unknown Speaker 17:35
Recovery Cafe be its own standalone building or won’t be an add on to this week. It has to be an add on. It’s going to be kind of like a breezeway, they’re thinking that it has to officially touch the sweet tea eligible, some CVG.

Unknown Speaker 17:50
understands, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 17:52
make it a lot easier to spend CVG.

Unknown Speaker 17:56
Alright, let’s go on to number six items for input to the Board of Commissioners. Okay, so we’re planning on taking Zinnias property tax exemption policy to the board on January 31.

Unknown Speaker 18:11
But that’s so that’s just a heads up that that would be coming. But really, we’ve had a couple of developments happen ReWalk regarding property tax exemption partnerships, where we’ve had the owner of copper peak apartments approach us because when they were first getting built, several years ago,

Unknown Speaker 18:34
the prior LH a board denied them a property tax partnership, because their units were they have 12% units under 50% Ami and the restaurant 60. And the retirement at the time was 100% units under 50. So they didn’t do it then. And then now they are reaching out to see if we would consider it after the fact because I think there’s a new board and we have a revised policy. So our policy as we wrote it and adopted back in February of this year

Unknown Speaker 19:11
does not It’s not built for anything but new development because it’s really accepting the fees at closing. And assume you know, you can edit the the number of years of the the compliance period like we did for years for Christmas because that’s when we’re how long we’re in 15 years typically for any other project. So when we were considering this

Unknown Speaker 19:39
our the policy as we have it, which I printed copies in case anybody wants to reference what I’m going over here, so I’ll hand these out.

Unknown Speaker 19:50
Here’s the policy and this is the template calculator but with Christmann filled in just so you can see it’s really easier to see with a project filled in

Unknown Speaker 20:00
We the max threshold that we have written in is 20% of your units, at least 20% of your units

Unknown Speaker 20:12
at 50%, ami or below. And so this project would not cover peak does not fit in, they are above the threshold as in Britain. So they are making the case that well are we had to have 60% designated units for financing at the time, but 40% of our units serve HCV tenants,

Unknown Speaker 20:39
much less than 50% ami. So they’re asking the housing authority to partner based on the population being served.

Unknown Speaker 20:48
We’ve been researching. I mean, so why would we consider this application

Unknown Speaker 20:56
when you’re saying 60% of their units in total units, or 60% of the units that go to? So they have 12% of their units designated for 50%? Ami or below? And the remainder is 60%. Ami? Is it 100%? Affordable?

Unknown Speaker 21:14
Yes. Okay. All affordable, okay, but that’s their unit mixes.

Unknown Speaker 21:22
So one of the things that came up in our joint retreat

Unknown Speaker 21:28
with the board slash Council is really getting more people to take vouchers.

Unknown Speaker 21:36
And so one of the things I was thinking about is,

Unknown Speaker 21:40
you know,

Unknown Speaker 21:42
putting a threshold, a minimum threshold or the number of voucher holders that they are willing to accept. And so setting, you know,

Unknown Speaker 21:54
you know, you have to meet or exceed the number of affordable units based on our affordable housing policy, which they would do, and then throw in a caveat that you need to take, you know, at least 35% of your residents, except

Unknown Speaker 22:13
that are long on housing, or we got to figure out the language I’m

Unknown Speaker 22:19
not sure holders, of which the majority are voucher holders and a lot of our housing authority, or some version of now, so they can’t so it’ll be interesting, because

Unknown Speaker 22:30
you can’t deny a voucher holder, necessarily, but there’s just some landlords that just try to avoid it as much as possible. Right. high enough that. So

Unknown Speaker 22:43
units? Yeah, I’ll play the game. Because if some of the girl take over, right, right. So what the question for this group? Well, as I plan for what I’m going to present to the board, January 31, maybe it’s just Zinnia under our current one, or do we want to think about our policy and how it’s structured?

Unknown Speaker 23:05
Do we want to add in something regarding voucher holders, so they would not qualify? Their unit mix would not qualify them currently. But he’s asking for it, basically. But would you consider the fact that 40% of our households are earning less than 50%, and on doctors,

Unknown Speaker 23:25
and this is after this is not for closing? This is partway through there, you know, they’re just there. The other thing that since this is a legislative action, I would like to put in some requirements to be in the crime free multifamily housing. I would also like to have requirements about you know, actually enforcing the current green multifamily housing needs.

Unknown Speaker 23:49
Just because I know that place

Unknown Speaker 23:52
issues. So because it’s legislative action on we’re going to put

Unknown Speaker 23:58
really robust requirements in terms of managing the properties.

Unknown Speaker 24:04
That way, if they don’t do it, then we can lose or exemption.

Unknown Speaker 24:10
Many other aspects.

Unknown Speaker 24:12
So you are, how we should be looking at some revisions for January as what I’m hearing,

Unknown Speaker 24:19
if they will, if they want to recommend that they do it. I would say we love it on some other revisions on this to really help us manage other issues. So this this, this partnership policy only really contemplates a fee. From LH to Le J. Right. So I know what you’re doing, I think yeah, shot a the second piece of decision is that yes. So the other so the first several things we’re considering allowing this tax exemption partnership for existing properties, not just new bills, adding on requirements or considering HCV or maybe actual tenant AMI, one of the two

Unknown Speaker 25:00
And then adding on like crime free and anything else we think of the second major piece that our policy doesn’t have that many other example policies do have is a right of first refusal. For so assumption, right, or both, right. So we have run that question to our attorney, just what would it look like and what? Anyway, the

Unknown Speaker 25:21
really what it is, is just, if we’re going to be putting in giving you this benefit, at your at the end of your compliance period, if you’re not going to stay affordable, then we should have a right of first refusal to keep the unit’s affordable. So we don’t have that in our policy currently.

Unknown Speaker 25:41

Unknown Speaker 25:43
I mean,

Unknown Speaker 25:46
I think that when we were contemplating this early in the year,

Unknown Speaker 25:50
Kathy was developing this in 2021. We were really thinking our partnership agents, it’s Christmas as what we were really thinking right off the bat. And now it’s really mushrooming a little bit to more than just that.

Unknown Speaker 26:06
It is a revenue source the fee as a revenue source for us one time. And then, and we have an application fee that’s supposed to cover our

Unknown Speaker 26:18
cost to implement Partnership, which really, if it’s at closing, it’s taken care of. But if it’s not at closing, if it’s in the middle of a property like this, then we would have attorney fees because we have to be a special limited partner on their ownerships.

Unknown Speaker 26:36
Yep, so how to do all of those things, that’s a topic, we have to do all of that. It’s not just to give us money. And here you go, here’s your exemption form.

Unknown Speaker 26:47
So there would so that’s what that fee, the $5,000 application fee is intended to cover those costs that we would occur, they incur because of getting on the partnership.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
So those were the several things I was considering to add on to this policy. Some things to consider, we’re going to add on the right of first refusal and purchase option.

Unknown Speaker 27:13
The end of year, Alliance snap is

Unknown Speaker 27:18
like we’re learning this now. But normally that we want to build the cost to acquire the property is the same as the cost to acquire the partnership space, you know, to take over like you guys are talking about doing with this one. And the way it was written was the real property value being assessed by a property.

Unknown Speaker 27:41
They’re valued differently. One is you’re actually buying property and the other one is just buying partnerships. So something to consider was, if we draft These include this is that, and then the ROFR. You know,

Unknown Speaker 27:54
that just always creates a lot of issues. So I would just say, put a lot of thought into how we want to work now to avoid issues at the end of the appliance. Are you looking at policy revisions to Boulder County to knock this or not for? I don’t know, I just actually got a copy of our policy the other day from our Executive Director, because we have a lot of people asking us to do the same thing. But I just know from one that we joined in 2006, it was not well written.

Unknown Speaker 28:25
So will you share yours? We might have it somewhere. Yeah, that would be great, because we pulled some examples to start seeing the road for language looks like

Unknown Speaker 28:37
got another

Unknown Speaker 28:41
especially come in balance.

Unknown Speaker 28:46
That we’re going to get into partnership with somebody that’s been in existence.

Unknown Speaker 28:51
I’d like to get feedback.

Unknown Speaker 28:55
What is the management style? What is living there? Just get down to that. I’d like to know what kind of environment that management parties are, they’re creating that what kind of environment is management creating.

Unknown Speaker 29:13
Because I’m, I’m not interested in linking up with somebody and it’s got a rotten reputation, and they don’t have the best reputation.

Unknown Speaker 29:22
And I would like to really cover the waterfront. And we’re gonna get involved and say that they’re a chapter like tech property getting their last inspection reports and their last tax credit compliance reports to see their standings which alpha because you don’t want to get into a smaller building that has a bad reputation that chef is looking for a new partner on. And then yeah, we’ve heard of that bad deal. Yeah, yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Let’s cover the waterfront before we get get involved legally. Because you know, money and asset and what have you is one thing

Unknown Speaker 30:00
But what are we buying into? And what is what was on average or improving it? So are you thinking at the ride for free first refusal timeframe? Not at the head of the partnership? I would do it before we got involved? Well, we’ve got every right to look at what their history has been. Well, I we can definitely pull that about as yeah, there’s documentation we can pull lucky in terms of doing a learning from residents. At this early stage, when we’re thinking about the partnership, that might be a little, because we even if we do this, we’re not technically linked to that we’re just a special limited partner in agreement. So we they’re not really tied to us in any way.

Unknown Speaker 30:44
We don’t own it, we don’t have responsibility over their management. They can give us legally tenant information. So

Unknown Speaker 30:55
frustrating refusal, we could Yes.

Unknown Speaker 30:59
Yeah. And we don’t have to buy it if we don’t want to got it. Yeah. Okay. But you guys are saying, well, yeah, sure. Yeah. Yeah. I think for an existing property asking for that is certainly reasonable. The Chapa documentation, definitely more even whoever their funders would you’d want to know anyway, because the whole, like the whole partnership would be based on them complying. And if they’re not complying, you pull that off with no detriment to you, right. And they most likely have to get all these peoples or agencies approval to add us on as an SLP. So I’m just a little gun shy and anything that has lhhs.

Unknown Speaker 31:41
Okay, so what’s the benefit to the property after the fact of closing that

Unknown Speaker 31:46

Unknown Speaker 31:48
For this property, they paid 2021 $250,000. It’s cheap.

Unknown Speaker 31:58
Yeah, it’s very cheap, probably have the economics money.

Unknown Speaker 32:07

Unknown Speaker 32:12
This is the difference between one

Unknown Speaker 32:17
CI, so yeah. And that’s the other thing is, when you write in your ROFR, or purchase option, you want it to be the tax exempt price. Because you want it valued at tax exempt prices, not market price, because you want to pay more, they’ll make more money, if they sell it at market rate. We’re not going to buy it there are during

Unknown Speaker 32:43
that got a whole analysis here. That Doyle Oh, hell he’s got you know, you’re we’re gonna be here somewhere I just digested?

Unknown Speaker 32:52

Unknown Speaker 32:55
So I have a question. And it’s

Unknown Speaker 32:58
really, I think, probably for me development, because I don’t know how you can back it up and do it otherwise. So one of the things that we heard quite frequently, or I guess I should say, I heard

Unknown Speaker 33:10
with interviews was the no smoking sites. Now, I was up at centerra. Not too long ago, and they’ve got a 50 foot, you know, you have to be 50 feet from the building for smoking rather than 25. If we go into new building, is there any way we can make it property three rather than just building three?

Unknown Speaker 33:37
No, because I think

Unknown Speaker 33:43
you have to have, sorry, I’m going on this from

Unknown Speaker 33:48
an employer standpoint.

Unknown Speaker 33:51
And I think you have to have an L as soon as an employer, you have to have designated smoking sites for your employees.

Unknown Speaker 34:01
I would be willing to bet there’s something

Unknown Speaker 34:05
in there for multifamily. If you don’t allow smoking in units,

Unknown Speaker 34:11
you have to promote solid work. So Enterprise Green Communities, which is required for all light tech projects does not allow the encouragement of smoking on the property. So we’re not supposed to have a sign that says smoking area and an ashtray.

Unknown Speaker 34:29
That doesn’t mean they can’t smoke on the property, but we’re not supposed to sacrifice courage it

Unknown Speaker 34:38
granted that opens its own can of worms, so you don’t have ashtrays and you have some cigarette butts. But

Unknown Speaker 34:45
that’s a that’s a interesting one. The hard part is the impact that you have. So if you don’t do it, I mean, hey, it works well. So then the impact that you have on the adjoining properties

Unknown Speaker 35:00
And so

Unknown Speaker 35:02
one of the guys that commented against Enya

Unknown Speaker 35:06
is the adjoining property manager

Unknown Speaker 35:09
he was commenting about is that too many people from lhsaa are going on to the property in the plaza, or the suites and

Unknown Speaker 35:22
activities on his property.

Unknown Speaker 35:28
Primarily, I think it’s like smoking marijuana and stuff because you can’t smoke marijuana on this property. And so you got to be cognizant of that, too. So if you think if like if we did it at Fall River and Spring Creek within everybody leaves there, and they’re in the neighborhoods, and so you got to kind of balance all of those issues.

Unknown Speaker 35:49
Speaking of on that he has posted in work with Sarah. So he does have trespassing affidavit side, and they’re getting signs up. So we do need to tell the residents of the suites that if they’re on that property, they will be trespass.

Unknown Speaker 36:10
So that means all of these things that you have to think of.

Unknown Speaker 36:18
But you know, Molly’s right. So you go, designated smoking space, and then it’s just come so it’s good to have

Unknown Speaker 36:29
a an outdoor seating area that is proper distance away.

Unknown Speaker 36:38
That is a logical, saying

Unknown Speaker 36:42
it would be an ashtray.

Unknown Speaker 36:46
But I think in the design of these, we can design them where they’re intentionally further away, so that you don’t have that as you’re coming in. Now, this area is interesting because the breeze lays not

Unknown Speaker 37:06
and so this area poses its own issues.

Unknown Speaker 37:11
There are rules about no smoking with their 25 feet of an entrance. And it is posted in the beginning of the breezeway, no smoking and that’s what we saw. So yes, we go in. Oh, that’s nice. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:27
You’re gonna make some summary of rangers and stuff.

Unknown Speaker 37:38
Thanks for your feedback, I’m gonna start working on some red lines, which you’ll most likely see at the January meeting, by the way, your January meeting since the 17th off of this, but we we had shifted to the second. So it’s actually the 10th of January.

Unknown Speaker 37:53
And what Erica gets back, she’ll send out our 2023 calendar appointments. So I’ll shoot to have some red lines for the 10

Unknown Speaker 38:03
more than the 31st.

Unknown Speaker 38:11
We need to remember seven do we cover the correct question? Partnership, right? Yeah, that was all.

Unknown Speaker 38:20
So seven was the resident quality of life?

Unknown Speaker 38:25
Where are we on the the

Unknown Speaker 38:28
contract for 20? I think

Unknown Speaker 38:33
I know. Is that part of the eye? Yes. On that one.

Unknown Speaker 38:38
So we have funding that

Unknown Speaker 38:40
is coming in from transit transportation fund. That is part of I think the contract and then we have health and human service funding I believe that comes in for via those recommendations are coming in

Unknown Speaker 38:57
next week at city council meeting. So once that’s done then they’ll go into that contract and we’ll probably take it month to month moving forward until we get the new contract.

Unknown Speaker 39:12
Okay, so this may change services Yes. Yes, they and I are working with via weekly on all that stuff. So the signup sheets for the rest of the month are we in their fan

Unknown Speaker 39:29
Elisha report of operations report.

Unknown Speaker 39:34
We got a small bump in occupancy

Unknown Speaker 39:37
prior was filled up and the Hearthstone is completely full at the moment. We will be having vacancy at the Brier with the president passing.

Unknown Speaker 39:50
See, as Meadows neighborhood. We have a pending eviction there that’s not this on here Friday from the event on Thanksgiving.

Unknown Speaker 40:01
Is the hearing on Friday?

Unknown Speaker 40:04
Yeah, it’s Friday 10 o’clock.

Unknown Speaker 40:08
Resin is still the unit. There was police activity there last night. So I’m still waiting for the notice from Sarah for that unit, so I don’t know what happened.

Unknown Speaker 40:17
It just said other agencies assist on my daily briefing

Unknown Speaker 40:25
have cameras watching?

Unknown Speaker 40:28

Unknown Speaker 40:33
River, some of these RPD units. So we have a suites called River who both have unity units. HCV is trying to fill them. With the suites. We have a lot of vacancy but the MHP and LH are running into the same issues. We’re mailing out 20 packets and one person response. So I know Tracy and I are working on the sweets to possibly start opening that waitlist every six months so that we have good active names because what MHP ‘s are boasting is a lot of the people on the waitlist are homeless.

Unknown Speaker 41:06
They don’t update their addresses or they’re on general delivery they’re not checking their mail their caseworkers have lost contact with them. So by the time they come up, every contact way we have is dormant but we still have to give them the weeks two week period to response was failing. So we’re we’re both talking about different ways. Like the tricky layer to get you almost for the sweets will need to open up every six months just to keep a good list and keep those filled

Unknown Speaker 41:33
MHP has four units ready to go and Le J has three ready to go.

Unknown Speaker 41:42
Managers are calling the waitlist I know Kat was calling after hours last night still trying to get people because people just aren’t answering are not interested to loving compound something already not ready yet gotten to a paste all the way to here so

Unknown Speaker 41:57
four to seven o’clock last night just making calls. And this waitlist is currently open. So here Yes. Okay

Unknown Speaker 42:06
so we’re trying to sell

Unknown Speaker 42:09
the down units we’ve added another unit at the suite 7312

Unknown Speaker 42:15
It’s taken the record for the highest meth units when we did the eviction there were six coil

Unknown Speaker 42:21
in the unit meth was found in the unit tested

Unknown Speaker 42:25
so that was going to be down for a while 7114 They are trying to get that went back online by the end of the year so that it doesn’t have to be reported to check out on the ad 23 as a down unit

Unknown Speaker 42:38
305 That one is the proof the adjuster approved it we’re just working out some flooring issues with

Unknown Speaker 42:48
our vendor and in house just trying to figure out what’s the best way to go forward.

Unknown Speaker 42:54
Be to we are pending their post cleaning sampling reports the first round cleaning did not get all of it to the point we’ve removed the door and there is a board recording of the unit right now. Fall River same issue we knew they had to go in and remove the window seals even any extra course service they defined in the unit trying to get that to pass

Unknown Speaker 43:20
so in terms of the people that were in these units, how long were they in these units

Unknown Speaker 43:26
that we’re talking to these are like long time now so 7312 She was there from July to December first.

Unknown Speaker 43:35
And that was that one came in at 2950 parts per million with the sweets. The ones cooking

Unknown Speaker 43:47
this was the last one we did where the guns were on the bed.

Unknown Speaker 43:50
So they weren’t there just a few months.

Unknown Speaker 43:55
Some of these other ones 108. He was there for two years he was the only occupant in that unit. So and they think he was possibly cooking it before he became a hoarder.

Unknown Speaker 44:04

Unknown Speaker 44:08

Unknown Speaker 44:11
Me too. She was in there for about three years. The living room and the bedroom were high but the child’s bedroom was very low so

Unknown Speaker 44:22
yeah, that you knew that the childhood was like that challenged real five she was there for a couple years but the unit would have just been redone through the roof syndication and to the bathroom and one bedroom

Unknown Speaker 44:37
so I’m just going to add on for math. So we had been

Unknown Speaker 44:42
we’ve been researching around we’ve talked about this the some of the things coming out of New Zealand. So because I looked at the website for the methyl Lauren in New Zealand yesterday I got a call from New Zealand and he wants to set up a meeting to talk to us. So why am I even talks I’ve been talking to a company at our booth.

Unknown Speaker 45:00
though unfortunately 7312, which is my next unit, it’s too high for them. But they have developed these at a foam cleaner where they go through and they spray the whole unit with this foam and it basically cleans all the core services and these will be once measuring in like the one to 500 range and it should be able to clean it with not having to rip out all the cabinetry and everything else to get into compliance. They’re based on a Brookville, they’re working with another company out of Arvada. So we’re going to maybe look at that going forward, if we have another one that tested those range that maybe that would be easier than reconstructing these obviously reconstructing the students so it’s just a deep deep clean with this phone. Yeah, just cost. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 45:46
you’re gonna prove that it works. With the alarm, like with the, whatever, smoke alarm type ones, we were like, unless you’re gonna put some in our and do like a demo. Yeah, on a test drive. And we don’t really want to embarrass you. Yeah, how long you gonna have to wait.

Unknown Speaker 46:04
So I’m waiting for

Unknown Speaker 46:07
some more information from them on that. And then I found the company that makes our accurate math tests that we do the wall swipes with, they now have a little device that you basically reads that swipes, but will give you the level within like 1/10 of it. So I’m looking into that and the cost and the throughout the methods, the same company, it’s a little black box that they have, make sure that we talked to solder and pain. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 46:38
So you can forget to do it. Let’s just do it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 46:44
I talked to Dave all the time, I record my own best units because boulder County’s trailing. So as soon as I get test results in I’m sending them to code enforcement letting them know I have another down unit. So they they’re helping me track them because the county is backlogged I guess with all these and keeping up with them. So

Unknown Speaker 47:05
on these meth units, I did have a Jeff have reached out to me for me, because we seem to have a lot. And they wanted to know why. And so I talked to Sarah and Dave with the police department. And they said that we’re actually because we’re LHC is paying attention to their country of reports. And this is what I told Chapa is that if we get a location that there’s some evidence, by law, we’re supposed to do something about it, which a lot of landlords are ignoring, and especially starting to see that through the primary programs, that there’ll be a call with something with meth, but then the landlord doesn’t do their due diligence. So when talking to Chapo, what they’re going to do, because we are on top of it, I send them monthly reports, where we’re at I send them the construction updates everything so that they can see how we’re moving through each units. That though there’s they have to report the down units at the end of the year, they’re not going to report them until they come back online, so that they go in as corrected at 20 threes and not open at 823. So basically, we traffic call that saying looks like you guys have more math units than most of you go. No, we’re actually being incredibly transparent and addressing it. And so that is very indicative of that appreciation, I think that we are trying to do the right thing. So it’d be the risk would be landlords doing anything, they’re renting out a unit that has high

Unknown Speaker 48:25
results and

Unknown Speaker 48:29
you have to remediate

Unknown Speaker 48:32
like they’re working on their tenants are not going to sue them. Right.

Unknown Speaker 48:37
Well, that’s that’s why you’re seeing the rise in these math kids on Amazon is like, I wouldn’t if I rented the place. First thing I would do is get these math tests in 20. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:55
Hotel rooms. I was thinking last time when I was traveling, I’m like, I need to care if he gets there recently to carry intends to sell rooms. You never know any more.

Unknown Speaker 49:06
Any questions on the occupancy? I just have one and I just want to word this correctly.

Unknown Speaker 49:13
One of the you will remember in our interviews that there was a person who needed help. Did we reach out to that person?

Unknown Speaker 49:25

Unknown Speaker 49:28
Remember who she thought she was applying for housing? Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 49:35
Right. Yeah. Maybe she could work in one of these waiting lists. Yeah. So I think that what can we do? We said we took her phone number to Diana and Diana reached out to her our admin reached out to her because that’s a book. She gets a lot of similar calls. And so she reaches them out. I’m sorry. Yes, I’m in

Unknown Speaker 50:00
As in touch with our recovery

Unknown Speaker 50:03
resource people I’m sorry my words are not working

Unknown Speaker 50:08
together gather what else Diana was working in referred to her with this middle referral the senior services in Longmont if she’s if she’s not a current resident you work with them to help get housing here in Longmont as well. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 50:24
Brief property updates.

Unknown Speaker 50:27
Not a lots happened. But we’ve had a lot of bingos, we did urine videos at all the properties.

Unknown Speaker 50:34
Killer event, I’d say most properties had anywhere from a 40 to 70% turnout.

Unknown Speaker 50:40
This room was packed on both sides around the corner suite yesterday, people were standing at the pony wall with bingo cards because there was no more sitting room. So just a great event had a lot of donations from local businesses, and we’re still picking up more donations that they suggest use for raffle prizes and stuff going into the new year. So the the post chicken donated the roost, calm house cafes, taco tangerine, a lot of restaurants, crackpots, donated gift bags, and there’s still more to pick up. So when mass emails one morning and got a great response from the city, local businesses, so even piercings and eyebrow tattoos.

Unknown Speaker 51:28
Tattoos because my wife has alopecia. So she had to do that, that she can’t find the lady letter, my wife, her name is Jessica, I’ll get you in

Unknown Speaker 51:40
there and

Unknown Speaker 51:42
she’s at one of the tattoo shops here.

Unknown Speaker 51:46
They weren’t really I would just say the team really came out for that. And

Unknown Speaker 51:52
the businesses were so excited to do this. So and so they most of them said contact us whenever you want to do this again. And we’d be happy to you know, support last month. So we’re excited. And then we fell in with a lot of the smaller little, you know, regular bingo prizes, that things but we use a lot of the gift cards and everything for the blackout prizes. And we’re like, okay, let’s do another round. And they were like, Yeah, they were just cheering each other on and support in the room. It was a genius anticipated it was it was a blast. And we had him in over at Aspen senior. And it was, I think great for those who turned up because it was after the difficult week at MN and they felt that they were

Unknown Speaker 52:29
so we didn’t have a lot show up. They reached out to me and said thank you for inviting us. This is what we want. We haven’t had this in years. We want to be part of the community and get back to doing stuff with the seniors. So yeah. And I think we can make swag that just says one more ball.

Unknown Speaker 52:48
more, one more, just one more. So it was just a lot of fun for my team. We had a lot of staff out sick, so I was sick. But I had a bingo team. So my two assistant managers and Andre and I went around to every property doing these videos. So we just got the big of equipment that

Unknown Speaker 53:04
I made current It was so funny because current and I counted every ball last night to make sure we got all the balls.

Unknown Speaker 53:12
That was awesome. That was totally

Unknown Speaker 53:15
that is shocking transportation. We’re seeing increased signups and more participation. We’re still working at a few peaks, but we’ve had three writes. So it’s Thursday, it’s going to be the fourth, right. So I think we’ve got most of that we’ve kind of developed some systems in place, bought more bags to just meet these requirements and what our residents wants. Let’s see the suites, our calls our service, Family Safety are still remaining low.

Unknown Speaker 53:45
I think I’ve not even seen a call in the last week and a half there.

Unknown Speaker 53:50
We’ve got the two methods going through me mediation. I did listen, we did a Narcan training with the residents there a way forward, right here on top and came in and did a training and provided Narcan to all the residents and let them know when to when to use it. That you know, it won’t cause damage if you administer and it’s they’re not having an opiate overdose button that it can work with prescription drugs that can work with this and they kind of went through this big slideshow presentation. And they’re going to mimic that same training at all of our properties here in 2023. And so as part of the opioid opioid grants and everything that is funding that they get there in our hands for the county, and then they are able to get into the hands of the residents your loved ones.

Unknown Speaker 54:36
Yeah, we all got our Can they hear me for so I have four sitting in my office desk or on my managers, how did they I had all all my managers take the training that day as well and two of the maintenance guys so that they know when and how to use it.

Unknown Speaker 54:52
The residents or the residents who use it, yeah, the residents would do the training in the residence as well. So yeah, so and the lady was really

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Good Debbie over at a whiteboard and she like literally walk through scenarios and they had a guy, one of their volunteers come over and they administer Narcan to all you laid on the floor and stuff and they went through the whole thing in real life. So which I think was very beneficial for the suites residents to see it and, you know, let them know it’s okay to do this. If you see somebody in your questioning, you know, just do it.

Unknown Speaker 55:26
Not much going on at Aspen Meadows senior still working on the flooring issues.

Unknown Speaker 55:32
neighborhood, we are appending that one eviction and chapter did come out. A couple days after that and did a walkthrough of aspen medicine here in Aspen meadow neighborhood. They were really impressed of the turnaround of the property. We got a few write ups at MSA for exit signs being out

Unknown Speaker 55:53
the lights weren’t working so those have all been fixed and then a few write ups in careers unit from it was a meth unit that was redone and so we had to have freedom fighter come out and just replace those reports so all those corrections I believe have been now submitted to chap up

Unknown Speaker 56:11
let’s see

Unknown Speaker 56:16
anything else? I think we’ve kind of already gone over

Unknown Speaker 56:20
and we’ve hired for all our positions currently except for the building attendant I did six interviews last week I do plan on making a full time offer today to building attendant and possibly a part time

Unknown Speaker 56:35

Unknown Speaker 56:41

Unknown Speaker 56:43
just in case you hear

Unknown Speaker 56:46

Unknown Speaker 56:48
not a lot but we are getting a call here and there regarding the remote increases and what’s tended to show itself and this is I think two that we said it’s where individuals are qualified for a one bedroom but they’re in a two bedroom and so then the rates are going up again working through those issues

Unknown Speaker 57:11
outside of either one or two we’re hearing a lot so and they’ve been voucher holders too so there therefore she was increased by housing not by Oh ha what’s the voucher setup think that created increased but

Unknown Speaker 57:27
I think the meanings made works because it’s been pretty quiet.

Unknown Speaker 57:33
So I think we’ve covered everything else.

Unknown Speaker 57:38
And you were very specific several times as to how it’s just going to work so yeah, yeah, that’s right. I think that the crosses on the ACV side but it’s you’re approved for this you’re in this and here’s this and there you go.

Unknown Speaker 57:54
So I don’t know you hear anything else.

Unknown Speaker 57:58
Yeah, we will have to go to a little bit where they want the

Unknown Speaker 58:03
option that we’re so I have one that the last one that was reached out she has already initiated a transfer to a one bedroom which is what her doctor is approved for. Yeah. I don’t think any of these there’s been a couple where they they’re just what

Unknown Speaker 58:18
I want it to be better when

Unknown Speaker 58:23
we’re working through with housing as well even if it’s

Unknown Speaker 58:27
older county lmha whoever the voucher holder is because there is avenues if they’re in a two bedroom when they do have the need for a two bedroom because of medical equipment, stuff like that we can work through them and help guide them through the process so

Unknown Speaker 58:43
then your business other

Unknown Speaker 58:51
what’s the journey to tattooing?

Transcribed by https://otter.ai