Callahan Advisory Board Meeting – December 2022

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Callahan Advisory Board Meeting – December 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
I think we go ahead and call the neighbor or just a couple of

Unknown Speaker 0:11
things that

Unknown Speaker 0:12
we need to work on. So under old business wood that actually needs to be moved to old new business, we need to move the open house for this evening, because that was never discussed at a board meeting prior to two, but everybody knows about it. So yeah, I know, but we discussed it at the decorating thing. And that was one of the big things that we got in trouble for that we’d be doing business outside of. And I don’t want to I don’t want to be even accused of that. Or bored by 3646 346.

Unknown Speaker 0:52
Very cool.

Unknown Speaker 0:58
Yeah. So. So the bottom line is, we just need to move it to new business. That being said, and then there was a couple other things that about the

Unknown Speaker 1:28
certificates. So can we go up? Did everybody get a chance to read the past? Four minutes? Okay. Somebody will ask, how did you get that?

Unknown Speaker 1:51
My husband said he was sorry. Boy,

Unknown Speaker 1:56
everybody can choose to read the minutes. Yes. Is there any corrections?

Unknown Speaker 2:01
I do have one point. I don’t think this on

Unknown Speaker 2:07
club survey questionnaire. Yes. Gee, I

Unknown Speaker 2:11
mentioned that suggested creating a selection process and carrying cream. But I think they should mention because I had some comments that I was concerned about the selection process. And I think that should be mentioned.

Unknown Speaker 2:28
I don’t remember that. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:30
I was saying that I was worried that because of its supply by tax dollars, right. We should not we can’t discriminate. And we had we had to be very careful. But that wasn’t mentioned here. And I kind of think that should be

Unknown Speaker 2:43
just your statement that

Unknown Speaker 2:46
you could say we can’t and suggested that we’d be very cautious because this is a tech supportive function. And you know, we can’t discriminate against anybody. But really No, I mean, I didn’t say this them but just throw it in now the only criteria really shouldn’t have decided residents of Boulder County. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 3:06
That’s, that’s going to be addressed directly.

Unknown Speaker 3:09
But I mean, it was mentioned Boulder County. Yeah, that’s that’s

Unknown Speaker 3:14
what we discuss later we did discuss that.

Unknown Speaker 3:18
Typically, all residents of LeMans

Unknown Speaker 3:21
club should be phased and that’s a new discussion but my assumption was

Unknown Speaker 3:25
that because it’s tax dollars that we need to be mindful not to discriminate

Unknown Speaker 3:29
against anyone including men. Well, yes. I just think that should be mentioned. Did you did bring it up? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 3:38
Okay, thank you. So we’ll do that correction. Are there any other corrections or concerns within minutes

Unknown Speaker 3:43
number one called the order set of recreation managers all the way through shape

Unknown Speaker 3:51
just recreation staff under since recreation manager suit out

Unknown Speaker 3:59
and as a manager,

Unknown Speaker 4:01
you’ve been referred to that way in previous recreation

Unknown Speaker 4:10
you’d like to pay increase if you’re listed. It helps with the holidays.

Unknown Speaker 4:16
It’s really wishful thinking I

Unknown Speaker 4:17
hope so any other corrections? Okay. One one correction and that’s only in our mission statement. Community.

Unknown Speaker 4:34
Okay Okay, so can I get a motion with the corrections may

Unknown Speaker 4:47
to accept accept the minutes as corrected.

Unknown Speaker 4:51
I’ll second All in favor.

Unknown Speaker 4:55
Okay, great.

Unknown Speaker 4:57
Second, and voted upon you You’re trying going

Unknown Speaker 5:18
back and forth

Unknown Speaker 5:19
oh yeah I saw the the hands coming down this is I was

Unknown Speaker 5:28
in here like in the rearview mirrors okay

Unknown Speaker 5:32
it kind of worked guy went back and forth it’s like I was able to cut down

Unknown Speaker 5:44
so you just went over in perfect timing so

Unknown Speaker 5:59
I guess we could take a break Well Phil gets up the stairs and Kathy is down downstairs to did you see the little barista bar we got set up isn’t it nice? Yes. So everything about this steamer and we’re

Unknown Speaker 6:16
we’re just

Unknown Speaker 6:19
clunky during this

Unknown Speaker 6:38
did you get a chance to look at the report

Unknown Speaker 6:43
Oh, what are you wearing were so excited about this you have no idea this is just this just

Unknown Speaker 6:54
worried about walking into a trap?

Unknown Speaker 6:55
Yeah this is separate your timing couldn’t have been better you’re right for a break there so if you have this good of luck the rest of the day you’re set

Unknown Speaker 7:17
Thanks Marie McCoy, I’m the chair of the board and the rest of the unit

Unknown Speaker 7:30
I can start chatting basically all I brought here from the laptop was like the images of the samples themselves so you can see in larger detail I’m not sure how super helpful that is. But I also brought all the samples themselves I’ll just go into the process a little bit so you guys contacted me I looked at the house to visit different sections of history that the construction industry had and then sort of pick out the different elements so I thought would be useful for trying to figure out with a polychromatic scheme would have been if there is different periods

Unknown Speaker 8:06
sometimes when it’s when it’s on when you plug it in that is really weird. It’s like it’s got multitude and normally have more than one screen.

Unknown Speaker 8:27
This is a spare laptop of

Unknown Speaker 8:33
technology isn’t it

Unknown Speaker 8:39
kids sharing screen it’s just not saying Right? It’s actually

Unknown Speaker 8:48
if you don’t use it and do it. You can just skip it Yeah. Smart House but he decided that Alex needed to extract your tuner and the television and the Roku saying engage worked

Unknown Speaker 9:19
so his turn to shower on in the morning.

Unknown Speaker 9:21
Oh yes. Because you’re saying don’t don’t even look at me. I have not looked

Unknown Speaker 9:31
at Oh, everybody’s had a link to it for quite some time. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 9:36
So I go through the outside. And these pages here I’ve got like a little numbers picked it up and saying these are the different elements I’m trying to look for. And then I get a little more for you guys as to go ahead with the process and I come out and I try to take as small of a sample as possible and look at under a microscope. I don’t need to have a huge chunk of wood so about the size of like a small fingernail and you Did all the way down to the substrates I mean, I’m digging into the wood a little bit so that you know that you’ve got it all the way to the bases layers. And works best obviously, when there’s not been replacement pieces, which I think we found some pieces of the trim gingerbread bargeboard as possible to return the score that had been replaced over the years, or at least stripped down there. So you’ve seen that report that, you know, there’s one or three layers of paint, that’s quite unusual, the paint layer, and then I cast it in a colorless resin, which is the most different idea, but think, a little paint sample and stick it in there. And I use a series of grinding pads and I grind it down about 6000 grit. So here’s this is a 41 to one that is polished the edge as much as possible. So you can really see a smooth edge felt like a really great appearance, light hits. And it’s actually like what you’d be looking at it inside of it. And then I use a 60 500k the lights on my microscope. So it’s supposed to be daylight replicating, to kind of get like the most exact color matches possible, then the embargo is this book, which is the monsell system, which is how I was taught in grad school. And it’s basically a color system that has been established for well over 100 years and colors are guaranteed to look the exact same here as they did 100 years ago. Which is why when I specify this theoretically 100 years, if somebody says like it’s a five are five, four, it’s gonna look exactly like that no matter what. So this book is basically just tons and tons of paint chips, arranged in a way where comes from Red, to yellow with red, to yellow to yellow, with blue, green, green doesn’t work are blue. And so you’re just spending time flipping through the pages trying to find out one paint shop that exactly matches it under the microscope. So it’s very like a very hands on way of matching paint colors. And I’ll go through that with a zoomed in on the layers just kind of go down through that layer by layer. Well, that’s fun. Dying computer.

Unknown Speaker 12:15
What did you study, college to learn

Unknown Speaker 12:20
undergraduates anthropology, which is such a useful career for finding a job. Master’s degree and historic restoration from the University of Vermont, in 2005. And so there was a class on this. And then it’s basically become like, you take that class, you just keep doing it and doing it, eventually you get better at it. There’s not a lot of really great classes out there. Like if you want to go out say like, I would like to learn how to do an analysis. It’s either a full on Master’s program or art conservation, you’ll see a lot of people doing stuff like this with the fine arts. But obviously, that’s even more detail. They’re using like scanning electron microscopes and X ray fluorescence and stuff like that, since we’re just worried about paint colors here. There’s no need to charge like 1000s of dollars a sample. There are folks that do that. But again, if you’re just looking for the colors, and if it has led paint or not, I can do that pretty easily. And then there’s like a whole nother level of education that you want to get to, like, you know, what exactly element was used to create this color? Was it a something that was brought from a certain part of the country if that sort of thing, and it’s great, but it’s like, to what extent do you really want to know that?

Unknown Speaker 13:30
How in depth Do you really want to? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 13:36
I think we saw had to reread my record a little bit of time, but there was an early period of houses built at 92. And you guys can certainly correct me if he doesn’t

Unknown Speaker 13:51
sound like from here.

Unknown Speaker 13:55
The front section of the house there was not this lock here. Just that section of there. It looks like they had a bit more brownish color for whatever reason is only mirroring this way.

Unknown Speaker 14:21
If you pull up what’s on your flash drive on your screen, it’ll show up there.

Unknown Speaker 14:25
Yeah, my screen shows nothing here. This is your I’m not sure exactly. Yeah. So there was a base couple of layers. I think we saw a few of the samples that it was just a couple of layers of brown, and it was mostly a monochromatic scheme at that time. And then there was like a black layer which I’m presuming was probably a primer because it was very thin. And then you start seeing the colors that were later on yours. It’s more of like a orange and all orange, brown and orange. So those colors seem like they make sense to you guys, or is that weird?

Unknown Speaker 15:07
Is this interesting? Given where we’re at today? So I think a curious thing would be coming from that time period. The addition and he was six. It’d be interesting to know what kind of coloring it was that in that year

Unknown Speaker 15:38
kind of focused, get back to and in discussions with him and cleave that the objective or the grant was to bring the pain to a significant period of time. And that significant period of time was going to show everyone what color timing

Unknown Speaker 16:07
I don’t know what no idea. It’s because it’s

Unknown Speaker 16:14
because of how the grants written and because of what we’re doing with the windows and everything else, we’re trying to keep it at a certain time period. And I think that’s kind of where we’re at. So it sounds to me with the brown, it’s what they could get. And that’s what they used, again to this that was before the addition and everything was going on. And that was the original owners. So too,

Unknown Speaker 16:39
but they, they gave it to us in 1938. So really, we can look at any of the colors between 1906 and 1938. And they were all picked out by the Callahans. You know, so anyway, as always, we’d like to be better original. Yeah, there’s still Demings cowhands, put them on there. So they, they had some say, and it’s not like the city came in and painted that color.

Unknown Speaker 16:59
So but the focus was to go to a significant period of time for something very specific.

Unknown Speaker 17:06
But it could be 1938 pitch, he

Unknown Speaker 17:11
may not have liked the code. That’s why they did.

Unknown Speaker 17:18
When they did the addition, of course, in the the year, you formed everything. I think that is a significant period of time, and we’re looking to

Unknown Speaker 17:30
leave it leave it open.

Unknown Speaker 17:31
I certainly am leaving. But I think I think we can sit beside each

Unknown Speaker 17:36
we liked the color. And if it will wear Well, if it truly is a really dark color, that may not be a good choice in the interest of non pays every two years or four years

Unknown Speaker 17:46
or and it took me to

Unknown Speaker 17:48
think about that place.

Unknown Speaker 17:50
circumstance, I think it would be helpful to know options of colors through the years and then we can present them to animals, much do suggest you really want to do do the right thing by History Colorado, what would be acceptable to them? So

Unknown Speaker 18:10
the recommendations, I think we’ve we take it all in. I again, I agree, you know, we don’t limit ourselves. But I also know paint is so much better than it used to be. And even if we go with a dark car, I have a dirt forest green, that’s last time forever. It just depends on where it is and what type of paint for us. So again, I think it’s open for discussion and we just keep it as open as that you’re certainly not

Unknown Speaker 18:39
going to need to make a choice anytime soon because they’re not going to paint till it’s warm up to eight

Unknown Speaker 18:45
right what are

Unknown Speaker 18:50
their pain in the freezing cold having a bubble because it’s

Unknown Speaker 18:56
I was just taking these guys out. So I think the front porch up there in its final form is the 1904 Now that one there was a white base layer, which is pretty common for primer wasn’t super thick. And you have like this orange and brown sort of color scheme, which is what the rest of the house was to basically at that time. So it looked like that was like all part of the same color scheme at 19. This is the 1906 like at least at that point from 1892. This is the oldest color scheme which is just like this it’s like that whitish brown the original Yeah, I didn’t see like a lot of that was like all the trims all the sort of brownish color. Like this will be like the brighter color is the highlights essentially. Yeah. So you got that scheme going on. Basically everything else. Correct.

Unknown Speaker 19:54
Obviously the lighter color trees.

Unknown Speaker 19:57
I also think we have to take into mind you know The how easy it was to get what kind of painkillers could you get? Right in this area

Unknown Speaker 20:09
and they were using them footballs.

Unknown Speaker 20:12

Unknown Speaker 20:14
I think that’s to me it’s saying years is history it is

Unknown Speaker 20:39
you guys are familiar with the Tabor Opera House in the Leadmill Yeah, so I did an exterior analysis there too and tapers off only for a short period of time, maybe four or five years and I’ve seen someone else what we found they’re pretty similar to the colors you got here is that the bass players were all very like leathery brownie colors, which is really surprising because they’ve all been red and green for so long. Right. And the prevailing idea at the time was that the tailors were trying to make lead gold and more or less sophisticated high end place names more of like a mining town and so the grammar colors were supposed to simulate stone and make it look like as this monumental building and that was supposed to be an opera house for culture enlightenment, and that lasts for about five years and like revelry anything that leads to like the interesting philosophical debate you go back to what the original colors were even though they were only there for five years or have you go for what people have known for over 100 years which is like green leave or going for a red and green book but

Unknown Speaker 21:41
they haven’t changed so these are

Unknown Speaker 21:44
terribly unfamiliar colors to me in terms of the scheme for the time that I’ve been trying to be like us to refine houses and healthcare and details that we all like because we’re very estimated

Unknown Speaker 22:00
again I think that’s the case there Franco for sophisticate I just don’t want to read here re researched about him and it’s all about being

Unknown Speaker 22:18
the best Alright, guys, especially the 1906 five teammates, I’m here that’s coming towards the end of green and romantic style. So the moment like wow, let’s distinguish ourselves from the last

Unknown Speaker 22:39
years. It wasn’t real ginger ready,

Unknown Speaker 22:42
right. Early days, not a lot of scrollwork were applied Chevron’s just the bars and more than others Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:51
they didn’t have the gold walls like Molly Brown house, I

Unknown Speaker 22:54
guess. But they love it. If you think about it, it might also with it being more muted colors do have the windows to the decoration of the windows

Unknown Speaker 23:09
that shows you that beautiful leaded window

Unknown Speaker 23:18
so I’d say you got to the front of the color scheme of like when the house was in its final form from that point for

Unknown Speaker 23:28
a significant period of time because of the fact that that’s when we did this addition it would have become very uniform from interior to interior scheme this used to be two rooms here.

Unknown Speaker 24:01
See where this is the new hard section, the mural it was, you know, the son’s bedroom correct over here and

Unknown Speaker 24:13

Unknown Speaker 24:17
Yeah, the wall was removed shortly after this gift in 1998 so that they could have a larger meeting.

Unknown Speaker 24:24
And then there’s parquet flooring and rain.

Unknown Speaker 24:30
Forest the hallway?

Unknown Speaker 24:37
Yeah, there’s a door in there.

Unknown Speaker 24:40
And he has pictures

Unknown Speaker 24:42
at the far end anyway. Which would make sense because then this hall and so there’s two strips of parquet on either side of that door.

Unknown Speaker 24:52
is known as wall

Unknown Speaker 24:55
they took out there must have been like they could have had two of these. supporting me This was a wall

Unknown Speaker 25:08
weight bearing wall in the back of the house and so this wooden walls that makes perfect sense with up consider lack of lighting having

Unknown Speaker 25:22
cell spacing that would be

Unknown Speaker 25:26
pretty light into that particular problems

Unknown Speaker 25:30

Unknown Speaker 25:33
it’s restarting again

Unknown Speaker 25:40
the next step

Unknown Speaker 25:42
and stuff that was really interesting since very earth tones for a long time and then those changing colors you know and

Unknown Speaker 25:53
strong and powerful

Unknown Speaker 25:57
are on conversation conversations right I think it’s one five yeah I haven’t all time to go from red to green green especially from this

Unknown Speaker 26:49
one I know it’s like Christmas

Unknown Speaker 26:56
yeah so yeah but yes that to go to the

Unknown Speaker 27:35
campus in groups and will be yes you all right so from for

Unknown Speaker 28:02
the body con Could you could you tell everybody what’s your submarine about the Queen and Victorian

Unknown Speaker 28:09
oh so

Unknown Speaker 28:10
balcony at the White House

Unknown Speaker 28:13
Victorian stuff was which was on the walls and they went over there as

Unknown Speaker 28:19
well like this terracotta stone and then they would trim it out similarly in the same family so that was surprising but it’s not surprising because it goes with that whole thing. And you know the some wood cardboard kind of gingerbread houses you know, the real film to me like gingerbread stuff. They were the ones that really bright purples and pinks and you know, the bright colors and toy integrated that stone house or a brick house was a little bit more sophisticated.

Unknown Speaker 29:04
So what they did what they did

Unknown Speaker 29:09
from the original kind of the next generation went to this summary of that.

Unknown Speaker 29:24
So which is the body in which is the trends?

Unknown Speaker 29:27
These are the shingles on this little balcony over here. Okay, so here’s the wood of the shingles here as you can see all the cells in the wood yours maybe have that orange and a couple of years of like green and white resin. And I think 78 Three around here somewhere that’s about the best I could do in terms of like full time because of the test positive for lead. Lead was awful and my positive theoretically it’s my

Unknown Speaker 29:59
other car Oh yes the original one that goes with the green it doesn’t go with the green that’s the significant color change this is this is original to have this is 1906 Okay and that’s the shape and that’s the next significant color change this machine will also as the next significant color change what you

Unknown Speaker 30:26
felt but there wasn’t a different trim color

Unknown Speaker 30:30
see the trim color has to be on the shingles over here so around the shingles Good morning lower trim below shingles here with the 15th we had

Unknown Speaker 30:50
this wonderful by the way

Unknown Speaker 30:52
more degrading because it looks all the same yes on it

Unknown Speaker 31:01
it looked like he was teasing open up into the plane on the canal port waters have had up there in the kids was

Unknown Speaker 31:17
below the triple A dark green and light green kind of differentiate

Unknown Speaker 31:28
so the lighter green and the trend was the darker green of the

Unknown Speaker 31:32
body of the shingles

Unknown Speaker 31:34
I’m not sure what you’re referring to is

Unknown Speaker 31:35
the shingles on the outside this balcony here

Unknown Speaker 31:38
okay they were the lighter green is that

Unknown Speaker 31:45
right so it looks like they went from like a light orange to a brighter orange originally meant to six or so they went from like a light green as the body and the darker green is the highlight

Unknown Speaker 31:59
is there a way to tell the age

Unknown Speaker 32:02
yes yes the trick and then test positive for LED I know it’s 97 year before

Unknown Speaker 32:07
can’t wait you can just tell the layers

Unknown Speaker 32:10
for us they didn’t always use lead so sometimes necessary All right. We’ll use it it’s like

Unknown Speaker 32:31
little bit more difficult some things like the scanning electron microscopy can come in so that’s a better idea but exactly what elements were used to use linseed oil at this point forward.

Unknown Speaker 32:43
So did you find at

Unknown Speaker 32:49
least 1234560 So you can see like layers of dirt

Unknown Speaker 33:16
over the top of power washers

Unknown Speaker 33:23
take off and get it ready for payment typically as

Unknown Speaker 33:32
Michaels questioning as to why it

Unknown Speaker 33:36
took pictures I can remember what we talked about sorry for my button your face

Unknown Speaker 33:44
on the way to computer really yeah yeah, thank you but I don’t want you on IT team drawdowns from the one cell company which is basically just a eight and a half by 11 sheet from that one color it’s like 30 or $40 per sheet I guarantee you watch it you can

Unknown Speaker 34:13
change every time I load new software my camera changes so

Unknown Speaker 34:16
I’ve heard customer service times and so that’s why I provide the like here’s the closest available commercial cash payments you want.

Unknown Speaker 34:28
You want to be like 100% exactly mean I can bring that paycheck to you this is the trim this so yeah Now the orangey color and we talked about

Unknown Speaker 35:03
the bright red. Green, we’re just talking about the green green seed going on. They had like a pinky color and a less pinky color than orange, orange, orange and dark brown. So you can see they really went through a lot of fluctuations here, but I can’t really tell you later can 100% this color layer matches up with just another color layer from a different sample. You can count layers but they painted one thing that didn’t paint

Unknown Speaker 35:29
like that, that ship display. It’s a lot easier to see them sideways one Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:37
Exactly. Kind of an angle.

Unknown Speaker 35:39
Right. So here, it’s like it’s looking like this. Sideways chop. Here’s the sales of the wood. This is the first layer of paint

Unknown Speaker 35:50
out of pure curiosity. What is hard? What was the Red Day? Could you show us a chip?

Unknown Speaker 35:57
Sure. The red that looks pink? Which No.

Unknown Speaker 36:06
Christmas or something?

Unknown Speaker 36:07
Yeah. I’m just seeing that really thick layer that

Unknown Speaker 36:09
was that’s all there is a little

Unknown Speaker 36:16
Yes, yeah. Maybe they put that onto Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 36:25
Yeah, I painted the whole interior of my first house that we built the wrong color and walked into my house, okay. It’s pretty tough because you see.

Unknown Speaker 36:43
Outside, you don’t have more time in the sun.

Unknown Speaker 36:48
It’s more Frost is not

Unknown Speaker 36:52
supposed to be on top. And it shouldn’t really affect my filter and other rescues are a little bit off there being accustomed to the inflation because bedtime

Unknown Speaker 37:05
story is thicker.

Unknown Speaker 37:09
green and green is pretty thick. Can I ask you a question? Since a green layer is so much thicker than the red that’s directly under it? Would that indicate that the green might have been there and they paint they liked it. So they painted it again,

Unknown Speaker 37:33
is that it’s there that could be a good thing. person to the red layer, just give it one coat and call it good. Have you taken a proper job on the green that could also mean that they went back a couple times. Trying to sometimes you can see a dirt layers. Like I said they typically don’t clean the paint as well as they should. So sometimes you can see a little layer in there. Pull it back up again. But usually these Washington come, except for something like this, we can tell them it’s just kind of soft on their head like a drip unsettled. They’re very, very tiny sections of the screen.

Unknown Speaker 38:20
That’s really cool. It is so interesting.

Unknown Speaker 38:24
The acrylic mix of laser like when I was taught in grad school, like not some wax and center sample on there and Tracer basically to scrape it relatively across the agency and we couldn’t get here I see too well, especially on a microscope, your depth of field is very precise and has to be going up and down all the time to see if you can see all the different layers with this grinding flat caution and about 6000 grit. You can still see little ridges here. But that’s probably 200 locations.

Unknown Speaker 38:56
That’s the dark green right.

Unknown Speaker 38:59
The darkest green we’ve

Unknown Speaker 39:00
got. Yeah. dark dark. Yeah. What is the lighter green look like in the samples? Here? The one that went that you thought that was?

Unknown Speaker 39:15
True. Yeah, so stage two.

Unknown Speaker 39:22
I just wanted to see the chip for the other color brain.

Unknown Speaker 39:30
This is a well this is the lighter green that showed up around the house during that time period. So it would be those two greens

Unknown Speaker 39:36
that ship to that ship though. Can you show me the picture?

Unknown Speaker 39:40
The picture that that

Unknown Speaker 39:42
image for which particular snippet was for the lighter green? Question that’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 40:08

Unknown Speaker 40:10
where’s the lighter green but they can tell not a huge amount of time spent on these screens. Majority of times white lines by the way, so these yellows, most of the binders back in the day were linseed oil. And over time linseed oil yellow is not exposed to the sun so this might have been a little bit brighter but they weren’t paying everything off white right away it’s just simply HDLs overturns long it’ll be nice to know like from 1906 like that make it four years five years usual cycle for patients by over five years 11 or so but is there anything major happening with the family

Unknown Speaker 40:56
we have now Yeah, yeah, unfortunately

Unknown Speaker 40:58
it’s starting to get their vehicles too right for sure

Unknown Speaker 41:16
I was just gonna say that you saw more graphics coming out Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 41:22
definitely. So

Unknown Speaker 41:24
if there’s any goes make them feel more like white just to be more in style so the

Unknown Speaker 41:33
writer of the Callahans

Unknown Speaker 41:53
wondering if my face is

Unknown Speaker 42:02
especially positive for you saw himself I didn’t put that on chip and his lead turns out about a layer block so

Unknown Speaker 42:13
if you look at the report it by layer it said whether or not with lead paint or not

Unknown Speaker 42:29
the latest well it depends on what people want to go out and stockpile because it’s been so good at us for many years now. For as long as it paints it for us muted

Unknown Speaker 42:55
Yeah, it’s pretty good I’m going to be the first layer is basically the easiest store and I can set the age and everything else in between is somewhere between you know creation and things FBA yeah so let’s turn it over

Unknown Speaker 43:23
90 For the purposes of the recording, can we ask one question at a time and get an answer instead of having sidebar conversations because the recording is just going to be all this battle. So did you have another question here?

Unknown Speaker 43:37
Is there any I think this answers in yellow and white? Is there any other significant color after

Unknown Speaker 43:48
the most significant color schemes are gonna be the orangey brown in color scheme and the green color scheme here but here’s whites and greens as the official colors

Unknown Speaker 44:13
take cut it you said that the brown orangey green browns and stuff were pretty typical of the way

Unknown Speaker 44:19
yeah the Victorians right? I would not be surprised to see those colors.

Unknown Speaker 44:25
Black and white picture from what’s on the early pictures of the house 2880s computer and then by the black and white image can they generate the actual colors?

Unknown Speaker 44:35
It can guess but you have to have a reference color typically. Here’s something that’s still on the house that we know the color of the color that reference all the different grades based off of the

Unknown Speaker 44:45
color. I didn’t know if they had

Unknown Speaker 44:50
it made me wonder though, you know the station that Tom used to his thank you letter in 3938 What what how is the house trimmed in that picture?

Unknown Speaker 45:03
It doesn’t show the house shows

Unknown Speaker 45:05
oh that’s just held the door in a garden in the gate

Unknown Speaker 45:10
just just the garden

Unknown Speaker 45:11
I was thinking it

Unknown Speaker 45:13
No it’s it’s literally pointed out towards her elbow

Unknown Speaker 45:17
I guess from it like my day you can tell that there was a dark

Unknown Speaker 45:20
color that was why I was asking

Unknown Speaker 45:23
I don’t remember yeah so you basically were looking at garden looking this picture right here you can pass it around there’s there’s no computer technology they could pull up the colors that he didn’t take pictures of the house let’s see what your thinking is the house is a different thing there is what you’re seeing on the pictures it’s not quite enough of course certain elements it does have a house but it’s not more my vision just to have it but it’s not it’s not the house so this is the carriage barn large board goals either Okay, that looks like a little bull’s eye and I’m seeing the same colors on the carriage houses the 96

Unknown Speaker 47:16
brown color scheme was on carriage barn at the same time later

Unknown Speaker 47:25
which should be on the record

Unknown Speaker 47:31
you want this to be as much as it

Unknown Speaker 47:43
should original interview basically Yeah, did they do that oranger scheme and then say then switch over three but then they switch again talk about

Unknown Speaker 48:08
here’s a photograph of lightning at the Washington breakfast it’s got a good example of contrast at the trim. It’s very definite contrast are two lines right there

Unknown Speaker 48:26
yeah, I think you’ll get that kind of contrast was a call if you’ve got here too. I can’t quite say which one it is. So pull it

Unknown Speaker 48:39
out. What comes out you have to do Yeah, because your pictures have been colorized Yeah, yeah. She’s always been faces yeah think the whole point of this is kind of us around Australia. Wait

Unknown Speaker 49:03
hold on to it.

Unknown Speaker 49:08
Really in it’s got the covers two which are very cool. I think that we do the storage but we also need to make sure that it’s the color of the stone which has changed couldn’t leave that is why they will pick up the different colors the computers are smart enough to anything else they can do bad stuff. To call we should do this.

Unknown Speaker 50:20
What are we talking about? Now?

Unknown Speaker 50:21
When asked when I asked Well, is it for the whites? Obviously white? Very and what is the white that wouldn’t be appropriate and identify with in the event that we went, you know, with greens and wanted a color that would be white what which might lead to others

Unknown Speaker 50:44
if we wanted to like do the both sides to the trim of the dark green and do something different? Well, I thought we could pull out the Reds to the oranges.

Unknown Speaker 50:51
And yes, yes, but I just wanted to cut those here identified. Wise. Yeah. You know, then it was

Unknown Speaker 51:02
I was seeing it from St. Since we’ve got

Unknown Speaker 51:07
that right, what would be an appropriate way if we wanted to include a trim

Unknown Speaker 51:12
color detail.

Unknown Speaker 51:15
So this is a shade of next shade lighter than white. So this is probably, you know, this is quite as close as I can get

Unknown Speaker 51:27
what he’s saying is based on the creek on this white sweatshirt of what could be due to age. And so certainly this one as a as a as a cleaner that is cleaner white, more likely? What would happen used?

Unknown Speaker 51:48
So So can you when you get home, can you put those on it on a sheet of paper and write down the actual colors alongside them so that when we get to, but that’s not going to help us mix paint. So you have the formulas for the paint colors. Is that correct? Yes, those colors. Can you just give us a report on that? We don’t need to do it today.

Unknown Speaker 52:13
I can just do it. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 52:20
Yeah, I was gonna say I think that gave me the same way.

Unknown Speaker 52:25
And the way at least. Would you pass that around Saturday?

Unknown Speaker 52:43
Evening, did you send his report?

Unknown Speaker 52:46
I sent it as a link in one of the managers reports. I honestly don’t know. But I can resend the link. Would you like me to do that? He’s never I don’t know. It wasn’t my time is. Easy, easy. I’ll just resent it. So at this

Unknown Speaker 53:10
point, does anybody else have any more questions at this point in regards to the presentation?

Unknown Speaker 53:22
I have one question. Did you get your check? For sure. Good.

Unknown Speaker 53:27
That’s a good one. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 53:35
I don’t think so too. You’ve got the orange colors laid out here a match at least to a commercial color. But I can also use RGB CMYK code you can take all those things to a

Unknown Speaker 53:46
paints gonna be Sherwin Williams probably. So if you could get us a code for that, that would be amazing. That’s one step closer to having appropriate information for contractor

Unknown Speaker 53:57
I can find the closest currently available that you’d like I can always bring the sample by someone because taking the short lenses they make me a customer I had to do that. So okay. I’m having a hard time finding the right the right contractor. That’s

Unknown Speaker 54:27
the problem I hope that you

Unknown Speaker 54:30
see the real colors and not

Unknown Speaker 54:31
buggy and that would be great. If we could get it just one shot. Can you think that would be the best option for you is if he brought the chips and you took them in? Then we had a match right off the bat rather because he’s saying that it’s going back and forth a lot on this.

Unknown Speaker 54:51
One just discuss how we’re going to do it. Once we get to that point. We’re certainly not there yet. So you and I, you and I can pile up on about how to handle But no matter what, they’re not going to be exactly right. We’ll get close. But

Unknown Speaker 55:07
yeah. So there you go. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:12
And honestly, once they’re on the house, nobody’s gonna bring that ship and go. Yeah you guys might

Unknown Speaker 55:25
go on to accurate. That’s the most accurate way to do their closest close but

Unknown Speaker 55:38
this is going from oldest

Unknown Speaker 55:40
to Orange is the oldest. And I think bottom line is all about him showing to

Unknown Speaker 55:51
stop calling Yes Not to be rude that was wrong. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 56:19
the questions of your lungs let me know.

Unknown Speaker 56:26
So going on to the manager’s report in capital was a busy month, we had three revenue events, which is an unusual number of revenue events for November. They always quite well, it was it did a bunch of weddings, two weddings and a birthday party. And I shut this down so that he can have his flash. So I’m so busy month, we’re also doing a lot of looky loos for events for next year. Nothing really, you know, it’s just busy. Nothing that we’re in the club right now. The only thing I didn’t put in the record is club renewals are chugging along. So, so far as I know all of our current clubs, are we good.

Unknown Speaker 57:29
Oh, last question. Do you want all the paycheck cycles in the future? If you’ve had somebody else that wants to research them? They’re already very encased in residence? Yes, please. Here’s the sample remainder of the samples. But they’re all labeled. So there you go. There’s your thank you.

Unknown Speaker 57:53
I guess the only other thing I mentioned is we’re up to 16 revenue events for next year, which is probably the most I’ve ever had going into the new year. So I think that’s the idea that again, I think that’s very encouraging. For next year.

Unknown Speaker 58:09
People are feeling like they can really have a plan.

Unknown Speaker 58:13
While the other the other comment I would have is for the most part. It seems like people are reducing the sizes of their weddings in particular, and going for more meaningful smaller events, which is really good for us. You know, so our sweet spot I think is 75 and under. And I also picked up another March wedding another indoor way. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 58:40
Great, so interesting. No problem. So

Unknown Speaker 58:43
it’s just chugging along. Great. Lots and lots of interest.

Unknown Speaker 58:50
Is there anything particular you’d ever be everybody have it first of all, did everybody have a chance to read the report? Do you have any questions?

Unknown Speaker 59:03
Just want to know how that wedding went?

Unknown Speaker 59:05
Well it was such a cool day.

Unknown Speaker 59:08
Yeah, we did it all inside. And it was it was beautiful. It was interesting. We have enough it was probably one of the most meaningful value exchanges I’ve ever seen. They they were so in love and so sincere and they wrote beautiful vows. She actually has a background in creative writing. And their other vows were gorgeous walked in the door and she said she looked at them and she said I hope we’re doing this all inside

Unknown Speaker 59:41
Well I thought about all day long.

Unknown Speaker 59:46
Right there on the screen dad it good.

Unknown Speaker 59:49
It was I have a few questions. So the PEO chapter J H. It is listed here as That looks nice. You haven’t missed out to the side of the club.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:04
They are a club. They’re not they’re not a house club.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:07
And then the dominant group is that

Unknown Speaker 1:00:14
new or returning? It’s getting it’s the same people on a different day with different members. So that the core the two or three members who formed that club, wanted to do it twice a month, but not everybody is signing up for both dates. So I’m treating it like two different clubs, because it’s going to be different people on different days. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39
I have to ask

Unknown Speaker 1:00:41
our attorney but a different number of different Yeah. Expansion slash new club. Okay. Okay. Well, that’s good, though. And then the other new club is the target book club. And their new it’s the Corvette club. The dot the domino group came from the Corvette club to Kane effect to Dumbo. Let me just play dominance, X. Train dominance takes us 40 to 50. Yeah, they have a really good time. It’s somebody’s How

Unknown Speaker 1:01:22
many members are in each of those returning groups. So you’ve got the domino group, that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:01:31
the dominant group has a membership of about 10. At the moment, I don’t know exactly what the second group is going to be because they’re still forming and paying dues. So I don’t, I don’t have it’s seven or eight. And the toRCA book club is visit at eight. Nice, they’re both fairly small, but they’re nice. They’re nice sized clubs for us. And chocolate book club with me on Thursday for the rest of the year, but they’re going to start meeting on Tuesdays and 2023.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:05
Then do you think I know they have their club activities? Do they have any topic interests or community?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:18
I don’t have those questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:27
And then for the registration for sands open house, how many reservations were there? How many were no show and

Unknown Speaker 1:02:34
I didn’t tell you that but I haven’t done it yet. We had 232 People come then we had a few no shows but it wasn’t very good. I used to talk to Sam about how she marked up the sheets to do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:52
I think it’s neat though that we received $185 in donations. And we had one little girl trying to pluck a $5 bill like this

Unknown Speaker 1:03:19
Saturday that we normally have here we had a piece we had original that we’ve had we have him at our church on Sunday. We also have like 150 Kids sign up and then after that, they got to go and shop for their siblings and parents and then there was around the room. I mean, they were

Unknown Speaker 1:03:42
they have so organized it was great. He was doing good. You know he’s doing much smaller things.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:49
Yeah, he’s happy because he walked in the door and put his troll there

Unknown Speaker 1:03:55
Oh, okay. So do either of those perfect starts in

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
a quarterback club so probably

Unknown Speaker 1:04:11
Yes, sir. That’s right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:17
When are the interview skills or

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22
the interviews have been completed Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:27
I’ll be expecting to come back to

Unknown Speaker 1:04:31
you. At the moment there’s nothing scheduled can be

Unknown Speaker 1:04:35
British something says you’ve got your views.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:39
When there any when there’s a decision if we want them to come back, we can certainly schedule that. We’re not anticipating a decision till after the

Unknown Speaker 1:04:52
decision regarding choice. A contractor

Unknown Speaker 1:04:57
Oh wow. I guess we’re still manager’s report, but we’re also doing old business a Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:04
okay. Well, I’m just wondering report and from what I read, I just had those two questions the contractors will occur

Unknown Speaker 1:05:17
after the first one year. That’s what we committed to because of holidays. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:23
So do you have any more questions or concerns in regards to the House committees report? We’re on the verge of in Financials, honestly, if we could move in the Callahan house annual report is is a different, that’s a different subject, subject. So in and so we’re just on the report itself, the house managers report itself.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:56
Do we have any questions on the financials?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:07
What are the November numbers that are listed in tours of the concept art blocks on page two?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
So can you show me which page you’re looking at? The content is one of those numbers pouring out. If you look at the next sheet, under special events, they’re all listed. So we did a tour for a birthday party. We did a tour for graduation. We did a tour for a 2023 welcome party. We did a tour for a current quiet choir practice.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:57
Those four consisted of 10. Attendees. Yes. And then, since you’ve also added the holiday open house on December 14, under open houses, can you hear me at various reasons, historic walking tours, as a separate line? I’ll do that for next year. Yeah, yeah. Last question is just coming back to our year to date revenue versus your expenses and revenues. Suggest and then tensors at one for me. And so that gives them a balanced about function 1007. That was kind of approximate. For you.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:21
At this time, yes. I’ve actually been ever since are much more correct on the sheet, which shows that we’re a little under $20,000. And, and honestly, that’s going to go down a little bit because this is a free paycheck month. So my guess is the number is going to be closer to 15 or $16,000.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:55
So we’ve gone through the financials of the

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
House report. In my opinion, the house

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
managers report has been covered. Any other questions? Okay. I need a motion for accepting the house managers

Unknown Speaker 1:09:12
report. Make a motion.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:15
Can I get a second? All in favor? Okay, moving on to all business, the status of the grant, we’ve kind of covered a lot of the grant issue with some of the questions. But do you have any more of that information that we have? Nope.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38
That’s pretty much where we’re at the interviews are complete. We’re meeting again to talk about scoring. And we probably won’t make a decision after the first of the year.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
Okay, is there any way because I know these people are very busy. Is there any way that we could add them to our the our mannered Are you To serve the Callahan house board meeting point if we could get them on the calendar, so these people know that we like to see them in some way.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:13
Hmm, carrying?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:14
Curiosity is what we’ll add them when it’s appropriate. I mean, when there’s news, we’ll, we’ll figure out that’s appropriate to have a meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:23
Curve, January, cuz then it would be reasonable to come and either come to the January meeting, it’s early enough in January for

Unknown Speaker 1:10:32
that, and that’s fine. But let’s just see how it chugs along and whether or not we have a decision. And if it seems like it’s appropriate you and I will discuss it and add to the agenda. Okay. Moving

Unknown Speaker 1:10:45
on to the we also discussed by going over. Okay, sorry, I apologize in my blog moment. Anybody else have any questions in regards to? Okay, moving on to I our business be open houses. This an open house we discussed in, in the house managers report. But I did want to comment quickly that I thought it was a wonderful event. I thought it was really handled quite well and lovely. And it was cold. But I think it went remarkably well. And I do like how they went. But I think for next year, we should take and suggested and we’ll get at putting it possibly in our house. And then having the house open here. For additional views for a historic tour and decoration thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:53
I really have a serious objection to putting it in the house. Because if the weather is bad, we have no way to make a safe entrance to the house. And we don’t have any way to know that until we’re close. The drive. The drive is like a slip and slide. So it is it’s really bad. And I’ve lost water. And I really, yeah, I really I really have an objection putting it in the outhouse and I’m sorry, I it’s I know that’s been your dream. But I really do not want to I really don’t want to commit to that. And I and I think it’s it’s unsafe. And I think appreciate. And honestly, I think the coordination to get people from the house into Santa becomes way more difficult. I think having a separate open house for just a core is the way to go. And I perfectly okay with that. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:46
I hear concerns and I appreciate the safety issue. Ideally, in a perfect world, just make it suit. There’s no ice anywhere

Unknown Speaker 1:13:06
even if we don’t have bad weather, if we’ve had bad weather, it’s it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:13:11
when it comes to a safety issue. People First question. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:19
That being said, but I do have to say, though, that, while in Kathy’s record it addresses have kids enjoyed the city and also enjoy learning about the history of cops. I thought they were very respectful and very interested. And then, you know, we would tie in, you know, JC Penney, and we got to start and then say, Guess what he came to my mind, guess what his first business was? Yeah. Did you know that they just went? Oh, that’s interesting. And there were several really excellent questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:57
I find was that the way we’ve done it now we have extra open houses that solves the problem. But basically, the Santa was the only open house we have in December. And the only people that got to come are families with kids. We had run out we didn’t let other people so I guess I don’t put them over there. But I can see your point.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:18
The other thing, I think is it, it was really smooth. People almost didn’t have to wait. Just fact, some people walked in the door and the parents were so appreciative, you know, and that’s why we got so many donations is because it wasn’t the usual stand in line for two hours to see Santa for 10 seconds. Right. And Pete did an amazing job again, also, he

Unknown Speaker 1:14:43
was phenomenal. And the one kid that showed up with a notebook of written questions. Oh my gosh, he was just on point and I’m just like,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:58
there were a couple of times I had to walk out of the room. I could laugh.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:03
He even got the teenagers to smile and be part of the picture. And it was it was really, again, it was a fabulous. I just want to comment on how nicely done it was it was

Unknown Speaker 1:15:16
really well. That’s in part one was asking about how many were registered? Do we have open lots didn’t have no shows? Because in your report, it says we could have taken a few more on. And that’s a great idea. Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:28
I will certainly analyze that I need to talk to Stan about the list. And it’s it’s looked to me like we had it with, you know, shows, but what it looked like to me was people found out about the open house tonight and failed, because we had a lot of single adults not show up. So that a lot is not a lot. But they had several, several, maybe 10. You know, single adults just not show up. And they may have just said I’ll just go on the 14th. But yeah, so we did it. We only had one or two families that didn’t show up. And that’s helpful in the broad

Unknown Speaker 1:16:01
scheme of things. I still think we did a good range numbers. And it wasn’t six months.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:07
We did more than last last year. So it wasn’t much smoother. Yeah, it was.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:13
It was very smooth.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:18
Well, it looked to me like Sam kept track of when people came in. So we put we they got to come up in the order that they came in the door.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:25
Yeah. So that was amazing. She didn’t come around and ask for certain family. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:31
So I think

Unknown Speaker 1:16:32
32 Holiday Lights. Yeah. 32 kids.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:42
Yeah, we were there. Watching and trying to do it was.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:51
So it was lunch. We’re great.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:52
We’ve got about 20 minutes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:56
I’ll try to move it on as fast as I can. Okay, let’s go right on to the house managers pitches update. Where are we ordering about order? The orders are cool. It’s not here yet, but it’s ordered. Okay, then that’s really all we have to say about that at this moment. Suellen I hate to just done it’s time you did wait,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:19
science completed and the files have been shared with Kathy. And that was the template with the restored header that was passed from the red borders.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:35
Cue Well, Okay, moving right along. scrapbook? Well, I’m sorry, Terry. I

Unknown Speaker 1:17:46
met on Monday and got a lot done. That they started carrying crews, your crews. I’m sorry. Thank you, and looked at some past scrapbooks that we’re still missing pieces. So I went through it just from the the 75/75 anniversary ice cream social that we did in 13 we hadn’t put into the pictures in it. So I just downloaded a bunch of pictures last night.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:19
I think I have pictures too good. Well, that would be

Unknown Speaker 1:18:23
just you know, just as a sampling because we you know, had the automobile and barbershoppers and the ice cream council and mayor that were serving ice cream. So I’ll add those to those pictures there. And then we started in on the ahead buy a new book because my mind was so old that I was going to donate that they don’t even make the trees anymore. And so I was like okay, we’re starting over so I got a really creepy that was with like Callahan house and we’ve got pages you know that and and kind of doodads and things unless you blank spaces for things but you started Yes, I got that printed out and I’ll get that.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:22
I do have a question in regards to the scrapbook. So do you have pictures like when I was decorating the tree

Unknown Speaker 1:19:31
stuff last year?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:35
Did you take some those kind of things that would be great.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:39
I think I spoke to everybody.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:41
Last year. Yeah, you did.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:44
But I can send it again. Yeah, I can look on my email. Do you have it okay, but otherwise.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:50
So it’s so if anybody has pictures or any things that they could share and share with Connie, that would be amazing.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:58
Price, too. Please. Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:01
so I’ll give you a little heads up if your mind if you don’t mind sharing with me, I would love that. I’m hoping so I’d like to kind of kick it off. Do you want to do a

Unknown Speaker 1:20:15
little bit? Yeah, we could, or we can pass. While we?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:21
Well, in between everything. Maybe we can look at that in between. Can I see a show of hands up? Who still has scrapbooks? I have no you have them all. I would really love for them to come back to the house at some point.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:37
No, I think and I do think that they should also right now they are safe. I have.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:44
Okay, so I heard all over.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:48
Yeah, I have them all, are safe. And I plan to pick up where she left off perfect. And I still

Unknown Speaker 1:20:59
have some stuff in the scrapbook box. So just remind me and I’ll get into paper clippings or newspapers and stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:05
Thank you. That’s exactly what I was talking about.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:08
I have lots of pictures. So if there’s something specific that you’d like to like the 75th anniversary, I have pictures, because we actually have photographer that day one. So that’s exactly I’m gonna get those to you. Put them on a flash drive.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:26
Okay. Moving on.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:29
Connie, did you hear I’m not trying to shorten this, but I know we’re on time.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:33
Is there anything else you wanted to add? No. Okay. Okay, can I henhouse afford visor board annual report to the city.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:45
We are working on it still? What’s what’s here is still a rough draft.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:52
And that’s pretty, pretty close to?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:57
Yeah, it’s just been it’s still a rough crap. And so this isn’t ready to be voted on by

Unknown Speaker 1:22:04
me to probably plan.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:09
I just want

Unknown Speaker 1:22:10
first of all, I think we should meet and talk about, you know, what, exactly what I’m adding to it. Make sure that we’ve got the our mission statement, just just simple piano, I think.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:27
Yeah. And so she’s been through it, to refine it and make sure things were accurate to what she knows about the house. And so really the only thing we don’t have are, like you said here and

Unknown Speaker 1:22:39
right. And financial information wasn’t clear to me what she wanted for the financial year end? Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:46
it’s been earning rental revenue. So yeah. There are things that I would suggest me or yours in particular, that I would suggest be included. I went through and looking through past annual reports. And just taking note of things that that pay attention to that which you need to be consistent. And I made us notes, but I think that we do need to have yet another meeting that would include everyone who’s interested to be able to bring with them any additions or changes are

Unknown Speaker 1:23:23
missing these clubs? Yeah, I believe. So. So, again, there’s just simple little things that just cleaning,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:36

Unknown Speaker 1:23:37
Well, the number, the number, I would I mean, we can certainly put rental revenue in there. But I don’t think that number really adequately reflects anything because there’s also matching expenses that go with that. So we could put rental revenue, but I also think that the dollars added to the fund might be a

Unknown Speaker 1:23:54
good thing. Good additional line, because I think that helps.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:00
Separate right. Rental profit. Well, the rental profit would be the amount we’re adding to the Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:09
So that would be the that would be going good. Yeah. And the other thing is, I want to make sure that we’re we’re splitting out that we’re doing the upkeep, upkeep in that type is separate from historic preservation, because we need to make sure there’s a clear definition that there’s the the

Unknown Speaker 1:24:38
regular maintenance is one thing like every year, restoration and preservation is indeed a whole separate category.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:46
So I mean, most of the restoration and preservation we’re doing is the grant Yeah, so I see some stuff in the past but in general, those numbers aren’t going to be broken apart. And oh, by the way, the DA There’s that facility spend on the house. We don’t have any insight into it all. Yeah, yeah. So.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:06
Okay. But that’s good to just, it’s still good to

Unknown Speaker 1:25:10
separate the two, I think we should keep the grant in a separate bucket, and that we have major projects that we take on that are more in the arena of preservation and restoration. If you want to be part of this, and you want to be downstairs, I got here a little bit early downstairs is is that okay? College tradition.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:36
Do you think we need to increase student volunteer hours? That’s something that’s been in the past report,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:41
I think this is this

Unknown Speaker 1:25:44
very much to show except for the next person’s this year, we had nothing to show previously, we would have the student volunteer hours at the open houses. But because we didn’t have anything this year,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:57
but not this year, but

Unknown Speaker 1:26:00
we’re we’re certainly not I’m not tracking that.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:02
No, I know, you’re not. You’re not know about it.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:06
So it’s so here’s, here’s the deal. I think we can discuss this at a meeting that we’re setting up for pipeline systems in this that, in particular doesn’t need to be assessed at this point. And then we can bring it back in front of the board to to have our approval or just okay. All right. I’m hoping that we can do it. It is the holidays, guys. So I don’t know how exactly, we’re going to work this.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:39
Can it go into January? Because

Unknown Speaker 1:26:41
we are.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:45
And then technically the previous year happened

Unknown Speaker 1:26:50
the following year anyway, right. So I think we can go into January the end, that was the original intent. Anyway. So truthfully, maybe we can meet before the next board. Ladies, do you want to look at your calendars and figure out exactly how we’re doing this or not? I mean, the bottom line is we’re going to have a new board in January 1, so correct. Okay, so what will have to set up a date, I guess, to work on that? Do you think it’s reasonable to do before the next meeting? Or should we do it after?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:33
I think we should do it after? Yes. After then you really give it a little bit of time to get the final December. We don’t have the true vine December,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:49
May or June. So we are pretty solid. Right after we’ve right after that.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:56
So maybe we wait until to set the date.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:00
Yeah, we won’t have the December numbers until the middle of January. Because until the key cards go find all this to have

Unknown Speaker 1:28:09
good numbers. And I do know that because ani myself and Karen have been working with this. I think I understand you’re stepping off the board.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:18

Unknown Speaker 1:28:23
okay. Okay, because that your

Unknown Speaker 1:28:33
chairperson? So she’s welcome.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:41
That’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:45
All right. Thank you for that statement. Okay. Moving right along to the board recruitment status.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:58
We’re still but we’re just waiting. The county council interviewed on all the candidates on December 10, which was last Saturday and we have not heard anything. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:17
Under new business, and we have shifted the Howard a open house on the 14th to new business. So

Unknown Speaker 1:29:28
you know, for the Christmas packet, maybe that’s a January Should we move that to the

Unknown Speaker 1:29:36
to January as long as everybody understands it’s it’s going to be like short notice. We’re going to sit there and on the 11th of January pick a January date to do it. Right. You’re okay with that. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:46
I think that’s good decision. And then well, I

Unknown Speaker 1:29:59
can get to Did you did you left your boxes here? Did you not? So we could pack it for you, too. So we’ll, I’ll reach out to you. And we’ll figure it out. Because it doesn’t, it would be nice if it was on the same day because we’d love to see you. But it doesn’t have to be.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:19
So, back, so we’ve already handled the Christmas decor packet. But I do want to move back on to the holiday open house on the 14th. Because that is the business. And I want to make sure that because clarification that it was brought up at the decorating thing that the board wasn’t aware of that yet.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:48
We just added it because of all the questions and requests to see the holiday decor. And honestly, your your presence tonight is welcome. But it’s not mandatory, because we’re just it’s just an opportunity for people walk through and see the trees.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:02
And I think it’s great. I’m really happy about it. But obviously it was added a long time ago because it made the Yeah, because it made the

Unknown Speaker 1:31:13
I added it after the November meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:16
Oh, so it’s pretty nice, but didn’t didn’t make the

Unknown Speaker 1:31:20
cut because well, I didn’t hear well. Things for us. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:25
Okay, so, so I thought that printing wood from speaking in the past, but that we had to have all those all anything into by February for that catalog.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:37
Now there’s a deadline for every catalog. It was the end of October, I asked for

Unknown Speaker 1:31:42
all the information. So like I can handle quick things. I can be nimble with something very small like this. And

Unknown Speaker 1:31:51
because I’ve been in the board meetings and know where they have the passion to have people available to it. We had that window to add it in. So

Unknown Speaker 1:32:00
we aired it. I’m sorry, if over stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:04
No, no, I think it’s a great overstep. It’s just I want to make sure because it was very quick, clearly, clearly, clearly, clearly to us that we are not supposed to be discussing anything. This is how

Unknown Speaker 1:32:19
I set it up. It’s a house event, not a board event. Okay. So that’s the difference. I set it up with a house event, we committed the house staff committed to do it. And you guys are invited if you’d like to be here, but it’s not necessarily a board function.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:37
Right. Just for the clarification. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:44
On to other business.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:49
Unless, yeah, onto other business. Does anybody have any other business that we need to discuss at this point? That wasn’t brought up? Okay, moving on to future agenda items, open houses in January, discussing a January club affair in January. I also think that we should put on the introduction of new board members in Washington chair people for future agenda that’ll

Unknown Speaker 1:33:22
be on the agenda. I just want to make sure it’s on the agenda will be. And the posting because we’re going to post Okay, so all the normal January things will be

Unknown Speaker 1:33:40
Thank you. That’s basically does anybody else have anything else that should be?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:47
We should be reviewing pitcher house restriction projects, just there’s something that is more urgent than anticipated today.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:59
I think we should do that February, I think we was new members and that would be a good thing for February. So

Unknown Speaker 1:34:06
can we listed as a February agenda item to

Unknown Speaker 1:34:13
include increase scheduling working session for the club’s selection criteria, right in the clubs. But we can we can we can do this? We can in the January meeting. We can schedule the working session for later

Unknown Speaker 1:34:27
with the new board. Yes. Okay. I think that’s a good idea. What does anybody else

Unknown Speaker 1:34:35
do you think that’s a good idea? Works for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:38
And just the other thing is that you’re you’re entering into a time with a lot of work at a house and that if if time became a commodity that was somewhat limited, this criteria thing could really

Unknown Speaker 1:34:55
get pushed back pushed back quite a bit. To add a add a class up to them stop their ability to attend

Unknown Speaker 1:35:03
because of

Unknown Speaker 1:35:04
construction. I am not going to I don’t disagree with that smile. And I think it’s all about setting the criteria. This has nothing to do with adding the clubs yet, or putting that on. Because I think, personally, I think there’s a clear understanding on my part that yeah, we’ve got all this restoration stuff coming up. But we can certainly work on just getting your criteria set before we invite.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:30
Also companies, which is generally scheduled, because we’re back to talking about arrogance, so part and parcel, yes. And so it’s appropriate to bring them up in January, and then start being working, working on working.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:51
Once they get bigger, introduce new workers to work to the conversation with anyone how that works. So everybody’s getting their coats and dresses on. And I don’t know if it’s just got chilly, but we’re packing up and ready to go. Well, it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:36:10
1111 Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:15
So how many people brought ornaments for the exchange? 12345678 and I don’t know about

Unknown Speaker 1:36:27
the watch. Okay, that was the grapevine.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:33
Right? A couple of days. Right. All right. Okay. All right. So, um, I just need to if we have no other businesses, yes. Okay. Second, second. All right. Okay.

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