Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – October 2022

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Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – October 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:12
did I have I seen some stuff in the media about save our state brain factory group being against this because of some wildlife habitat changed?

Unknown Speaker 0:00
was based properties. And then essentially west of airport with the outside the city and in Boulder County out two wires

Unknown Speaker 0:28
I’m not sure what I’ve seen were aggressive conversations with that group go out and look at some of the banks all habitat which exists right over here, between this building and Rogers Grove, that habitat exist on a cutbank right there, which is what’s necessary to provide their nesting opportunities. And this is certain soil types allow them to do that as well. So Josh has been involved with this project, since beginning with these long runs we’ve done is tried to make sure that we’re looking at our natural resources, maintaining enhancing a bunch as possible. So I think there are some opportunities for us to maintain habitat, that area that that specific site will definitely be impacted. But because we have enough topography, there’s there’s definitely ways we can look at that. So Joshua talking about where we are, are not are not locked into a specific piece this point because it has not been designed yet.

Unknown Speaker 1:20
Right To date, what’s been completed and really conceptual level design for this region, including some alternatives for how we would crossover or bring the flows under and over south of the existing Creek. So once we do secure funding, that’s the time to really sharpen the pencil and take a look at environmental permitting, final design aspects, things like that, before we would go to construction. So like David said, we’ve, we are aware of potential issues, whether they’re environmental or otherwise, and we’ve identified those, but until we can secure some funding and take a closer look and hire the right you know, consultants and subject matter experts. We haven’t taken that step yet.

Unknown Speaker 2:03
We’re also looking at potentially constructing artificial sites, I will say that if you’ve been number one pawns on the golden bullet nine properties that it’ll grab a pit has some old gravel piles, and the banks was actually made Nast break into that. So we’re looking at literature from everywhere from locally up to Canada, that’s fun, manufactured habitat to see if that’s really an opportunity. And we’ll be looking at that so that some of the staff that I work with here, and then Bob Allen and operations that makes up construction, that that if that nesting area was impacted for more than a season. So I think Josh has some flexibility and how we not even the design, but how we work the contract as well, so that we are impacted them over more than one season because they are obligated not to impact them during the nesting season, because they do fall under the Migratory Bird app. So their nesting there, we cannot impact them. Once they leave those nets, we can go in there and do the work. If we can get that out in one season. That would be great. If not, we’re looking at opportunities to do something. Josh, I think you have to give us great, thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 3:12

Unknown Speaker 3:12
One more if we can. So I think I saw one of the advantages that was suggested was that would be securing the interest rates over time. So they have to have that rate for the bonds to like, what we’d be paying an interest for

Unknown Speaker 3:28
our business or engineer

Unknown Speaker 3:35
really trying to get to that there’s not much information on the financial side of this, what are we interested in paying for? Because as you may have noticed, their interest rates have changed a little bit. Right. Okay. So say I’m curious and into that.

Unknown Speaker 3:49
I can speak to that the our finance department and staff are constantly looking for ways to address bonds we’ve issued previously to see if we get better interest rates. And so there have been occasions we bonded a bunch of different projects over the years in the city, and they’re continuing idle and paying them off, but also looking for opportunities to pay them down where you can negotiate better interest rates. So I think there’s opportunities to be looking at that over the years that we’re paying off. I don’t know if we even know what we’re gonna be tying into

Unknown Speaker 4:19
yet. Okay, time for the 1000 short sell. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 4:24
That’s cool. I can I can have it sent back to this group to do their business services group. So you can get there and

Unknown Speaker 4:31
this is on the ballot in a month. Correct. And there’s $20 million number. How do we know between interest rates and you haven’t done the design? How did you pick 20 Millions.

Unknown Speaker 4:46
So based on the conceptual level of engineering, we do have an estimate of its pride about $21 million for total for the project. That includes roughly $15 million in storm drainage improvements, and approximately five to 6 million dollars for out of the street fund for the bridge crossing on hover. So combine those two store managed fund and street fund, that’s we’re estimating the $21 million. So in fact, this ballot initiative 20 million was initially, you know, what, what staffing and timing accounts about in the past has been 50 million. And it’s been increased to that 20 million to try to provide some contingency for inflationary costs that we’re seeing, you know, across the board. Also, staff is actively looking for, you know, grant opportunities from the state and from the federal government to help fund portions of the project as well

Unknown Speaker 5:41
a ton of money for the other part of currently insane brain crap on engineers or something. Right. A lot

Unknown Speaker 5:49
of it through FEMA through the disaster recovery through the 2013 flood, some through HUD as well through the same disaster in 2013. And then yes, we are partnering with the Army Corps of Engineers either a 205 program for actually that the upcoming reach that’s funded from Boston to sunset.

Unknown Speaker 6:07
That right so I read that my directions correct right here

Unknown Speaker 6:12
to reconstruct that, that levee between the creek and upon.

Unknown Speaker 6:16
So, validation is 20 million plus interest, or is the total will the city will pay 20 million over the bond issue life amount is

Tim Waters 6:27
$20 million over 30 years. plus whatever the interest is, during the period, it’s just like the mortgage on your house. Got it? Let me just add every every breach of the St. Regis resiliency Brain Project, in every other capital improvement project in the city of Longmont, for as long as long lunch been around the cost of an estimated the same way the cost for this product, there’s nothing different here. Okay, what’s what’s what might be different here is the outside expertise that Joshua referred to the consultant of the city brought in to do this estimate. So the methodology for Estimating costs are exactly the same as we’ve always done it. Every bond question has been put in front of this electorate has been the calculations in the methodology been exactly the same. So this one’s no different. In Josh’s, right, we originally estimate 50 million. And given what’s happened with the cost of everything, right? We we raise that buy, funnily enough, the Kelsen do

Unknown Speaker 7:32
we need to be doing something as a board here. Sending feedback or just this was FYI.

Unknown Speaker 7:39
Just want to take the opportunity to bring this information to

Unknown Speaker 7:42
the board. Thanks. Oh, you’re not going to tell me how to vote.

Unknown Speaker 7:54
Joshua, the other one be if you

Unknown Speaker 7:56
go back one page, back to the ballot landing page.

Unknown Speaker 8:01
You narrating Scott?

Unknown Speaker 8:03
No, that wasn’t me. That was Dallas. City charter amendments if

Unknown Speaker 8:07
you scroll down a little bit. These are Scott’s webpage. Visit the city charter

Unknown Speaker 8:12
amendments. There’ll be one video. Thank you. Thank you. During the November 2022 election, the London City Council was asking voters to consider two ballot issues that streamline our city’s charter. The city’s charter is the founding document that governs city operations. On the first ballot issue changes include allowing the city to use electronic signatures on council documents allowing city employees who don’t live in Longmont to take part in city retirement boards allowing Administrative Approval for low or no cost agreements with other governmental entities aligning city election rules with the state’s election rules. Here is the ballot wording voters will see shall the city of Longmont whole charter be amended revising sections 2.4 3.3 3.6 3.9 to one and 13.7 of the charter to remove outdated language and allow for modernization of the conduct of city business. The yes vote means you are changing the city charter to allow for streamlining these operations. A No vote means we’re not changing the charter and business will continue as is currently conducted. arguments for and against. Those in favor believe that amending certain sections of the city’s charter would modernize and streamline city operations. Those against believe that residents should not change the Charter, which is the master document for city governance below months City Council is also asking voters to consider changing the charter with respect to election vacancies. drily when a sitting council member wants to run for another position such as mayor during their term if they win a special election is needed to fill that vacancy council would like to offer an option where sitting council members can voluntarily end their term as they run for another. This will allow the city to run the election for both seats simultaneously and save the cost and labor of a special election in these cases. Here is the ballot wording the voters will see shall the city of Longmont homeowner charter be amended or revising section 2.8 of the charter to give elected city officials running for another elected office. The option of prospectively vacating a printed office to avoid the burden and expense of a subsequent election with your vote needs. A yes vote means you are changing the city charter tree this option regarding election vacancies. A No vote means you are not changing the charter and election vacancies will be filled through special election in a city council member is elected to another office halfway through their term. arguments for and against those four believe making this change could save money and time by not needing to conduct a special election. Making this change could help ensure that a mayor and six council members are serving the city without unnecessary vacancies. Those against believe residents should now change the Charter, which is the master document for city governance. It is not clear that candidates will use this option if it were available. We asked you to spend time researching the issues ask questions if you have them, and most importantly, vote. The Election Day is November 8.

Unknown Speaker 11:21
I have a question. What’s the word prospectively mean in the charter?

Tim Waters 11:25
In this new? Well? Well, let me just personalize it. This was this is my mind motion. Right as well. And I had the opportunity options. When I declared I was running for mayor, I asked a question, Can I can I can I resigned as an election day if you win, if I know one way or another.

Unknown Speaker 11:49
So you would be out

Tim Waters 11:51
I wouldn’t be adding or not. And I would have done this I would have said look it’ll say the city when I was elected in the special election, right? The cost the cities are called $65,000. And it was a three month delay between when Brian Bagley was elected when I was elected, I feel it see for in the interest of saving money in continuity. I would have resigned my word one seat. So this had I been able to do it effective Election Day. So the city could have announced in opening with a candidate could have run concurrent, right as I made a special election had I won for mayor, it would have been continuity in Ward one. Had I not there would have been a new council member and there’s continuity moving forward, depending on what happens with the other candidate race. But but the prospectively here is what the proposal wasn’t to make it a requirement. So Joe, and I both done that. And we had the option, there would have been continuity, we would not have needed the special election, we wouldn’t have gone a year without a vacancy on the council. And you know, we wouldn’t move forward.

Unknown Speaker 12:56
As I guess that was my question was whether you are vacating their seat whether you win or lose, or only if you don’t get to be mirrored us? Yeah. They keep your Smithsonian orlu. Great. Okay.

Tim Waters 13:08
With the current rules require, if I were to announce it on here was I have to do it that day or a day six days enough prior to the election. Right. For to declare, right, right. And I personally, I felt like if you’re going to do it, if you’re going to do it, you got to do it six months ahead of time to give somebody to really run

Unknown Speaker 13:29
a meanwhile, you got no help. So

Tim Waters 13:33
I didn’t feel like that was true word one. Word one folks would have said, Get him out of it. I just didn’t, you know, I just felt like I had my obligation was not to vacate the seat that I was elected to, unless I knew that there would be continuity. That’s all this all this does is create the option for a city council member who wants to run for mayor to say I’m going to resign, run a special election that saves money and offers continuity.

Unknown Speaker 14:04
Well, maybe I’m done but that all should be explained better. In whatever ballot you know, background info is what’s in the blue book. Yeah, I don’t I haven’t read it either. But I hope that that’s clear. I guess that’s it for me, too. Thank you. I appreciate I know know what’s going on. But I hope the rest of the city does. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 14:29
No questions from board members. Thank you. Appreciate Sure.

Unknown Speaker 14:47
I’m gonna go ahead and maybe just do a quick introduction of a topic here that we have on the system talk on the past and it’s about the historic Dickens bar is out on highway 119 is late and in that development. The goal was to remove the barn in the buildings that the historic preservation board has recommended, there’s no way that we could keep that we should do that. We have looked at that barn and looked at its its significance and have found it really does kind of check all the boxes of being significant to Walmart and our historic sort of settlement of this area. What we’re really looking at is the fact that if if the developer was able to give, donate this, this building as a property, give us access to it with the city willing to take that, that thing with getting something given to the city it needs, there’s weeds associated, there’s structures associated their safety associated with it. There’s long term maintenance associated that. So is it something that would be valuable enough for the city to invest dollars from operations and maintenance and facilities roof to take this on, to try and make sure that we preserve a structure within our community that has a lot of significant value? That’s kind of my big picture piece on it. I have looked at this. And I think that from the open space in Parkside, we have some resources that could help with that. But we would like to see if this group feels that this property has value to the city and I’m going to introduce

Unknown Speaker 16:19
our planning director when you want to

Unknown Speaker 16:21
Yeah, Glenda and Wigan and then we have a couple of HPC members, our Chairman, Steve lane, and Varner is a commissioner as well. And then Jennifer Hewitt Apperson is our liaison to the HPC. So maybe just a little bit more background is sun 11 was filmed on the site. They got a conditional use permit approval, with the requirement that HPC approve preservation plan. And what we were thinking was signage, something that kind of explained the really significant history of the Dickinson and the marianella and homestead here on the site. The HPC saw some of the same reports that you did, and this is really rather unique in that it hits all four criteria for historic designation on the national stage basically. And I think I was just kind of breezing through that report this evening and saw that it really says it parallels the history of Longmont prior to anything being here and closely tracks kind of the development of the community of Longmont as well. Some other kind of interesting facts is Marianne Ellen came here with her husband and own the property is nameless Alonzo and they gave birth to William Dickinson. He started the first bank of Colorado I think in the area and the Dickinson Opera House is named after him, he started that married divorced Alonzo, it’s kind of unusual back in 1870. And then because of that, she was able to actually acquire the property that was originally acquired under the homestead it’s one of the few reasons a single woman could acquire property at the time. So I don’t know, Steve, if you want to add anything, but

Unknown Speaker 18:29
I guess part of the piece that we looked at is that it wasn’t it had nothing to do with their development, it was well outside of everything that they want that property owner wanted to utilize. So it would just be torn down. You know, by default, the structure is really not in terrible condition. It’s actually in pretty decent shape. If you take some city has done some research and you’re probably aware of it in your packet in terms of some dollars that need to go towards restoration. Stabilization, but there’s also some grant money that could be available through the State Historical fund to help pay for that. And it’s it’s got, you know, it’s got some architectural significance in terms of its shape and style and its status. So when we think about Longmont history, a lot of people pay attention to downtown and east and west side neighborhoods, but we’ve got a pretty rich agricultural history. And that’s really in danger of being swallowed up and lost. So it just were really pushing to see if there’s a way to preserve that and felt like it integrated with your trail system. And we could have kind of a giant Win win here where, you know, I completely acknowledge that we’re passing this torch on to another board to that there’s some maintenance costs associated with it. But in terms of acknowledging long months agricultural history and the preservation of open space and what people do when they get on the trail of having an opportunity to have some sort of historical interpretation, it felt like just a really an opportunity that is probably not going

Unknown Speaker 20:12
to come along.

Unknown Speaker 20:14
Too many times. So we very much appreciate your willingness to consider.

Unknown Speaker 20:21
So you hope this board will do what,

Unknown Speaker 20:25
as I understand it, we’re hoping that you are going to accept taking on that piece of property as part of the park system. And that’s

Unknown Speaker 20:39
just too broad. I think what we really as we’ve talked about was having that property donated as city property, then we’d be able to designate that’s one of the things I think is this conversation has evolved, I think not locking into if it’s an open space education or park does dedication, but Google lock it in something that would preserve that property, a city on property that we could look at potential funding mechanisms from something more than just one fund. So again, stepping in. As far as status,

Unknown Speaker 21:09
you should be writing a letter to the city council to say go for it, or who’s making this call, at this point. Who mean,

Unknown Speaker 21:17
who really makes the final decision?

Unknown Speaker 21:20
Well, I think it depends on where we call it. If it’s open space, I think it falls to the parks and recreation advisory board. As we talked with, Jeff and David, there’s so much cultural richness here, we can certainly call it a cultural piece of property is also an important kind of view shed on on highway 119. It’s one of the first things you see as you come in Longmont, so it’s kind of a gateway statement. So, and just a little bit of background. So Jennifer’s been working with the applicant, they’re not the owners yet, but they assume will be and they are willing to give us it’s roughly five acres, the barn and approximately 70 grand to get the barn. So it doesn’t fall down. I saw

Unknown Speaker 22:15
that in the statement 15 plus 65, or 55, or whatever those numbers were needed to keep falling down.

Unknown Speaker 22:23
Right. And as Steve said, we’ll we’ll look for additional funding. But I think we don’t want to step on your toes either at this point. So we’re hoping the Parks and Recreation advisory board just, I guess votes in support of accepting the dedication, and that’s all.

Unknown Speaker 22:44
The city that staff can be the best way to then categorize it. And then we can move for I think for Jeff and Glenn myself, we’ve looked at I think if we can get that stabilization done, it gives us time to like use our new grant coordinator to try to find dollars to really do long term planning for that property. As Steve said,

Unknown Speaker 23:04
I just don’t get it. Has there been any estimate of what the sort of monthly, you know, ongoing maintenance for this property might be? And also, is there any chance of getting? I mean, it sounds like the applicant is willing to make an initial contribution. But you know, with like a conservation easement, there’s usually an endowment that goes along with the conservation easement that provides for at least some of the ongoing maintenance. Is there any potential, like a contribution toward ongoing, like an endowment for ongoing maintenance?

Unknown Speaker 23:38
To be honest, we haven’t thought that through. But that’s a that’s a great vehicle to make sure it stays the way it is. I’m not sure what the maintenance responsibilities of the conservation is.

Unknown Speaker 23:51
Oh, it’s just the endowment is usually a fund that is available and kind of dedicated for the ongoing sort of in perpetuity in the case of an easement maintenance that’s needed

Unknown Speaker 24:02
and people can donate to it then. Well,

Unknown Speaker 24:05
it’s usually Yeah, usually comes from

Unknown Speaker 24:12
the property owner.

Unknown Speaker 24:17
I don’t know that the applicant would be the applicant has been jumping through hoops for quite some time on this. I’ve spoken with him quite a bit, you know, there. I don’t know how minimal they would be to an ongoing debt endowment beyond the 70,000 stabilization cost. To us, this is a particular property where essentially the, the, the current owner of the property it was kind of an all or nothing deal. They, you know, had properties really only wanted to buy the corner. dnn property was like nope, it’s all or nothing. So there’s I’m trying to figure out how to

Unknown Speaker 25:01
deal with this the best way possible. I usually appreciate our chair recognizes sometimes to like, Well, why don’t you take something that’s free. And that that free does go into long term maintenance cost, I think in the near term will really want us probably with S equals civilization dollars is where the depth is in place. And then honestly, from the operational side of it, I can see our park staff or open space staff that has that we’ve skill management to go in there and kind of stay up on the weeds, maybe do some mowing for fire protection, and then probably doing some pretty minor fencing around it, to make sure people aren’t going to that structure. So stabilized. So I think we have a pretty low thresholds until we actually do get some grant funding in place to try to do some long term planning. I think if I go into a CIP project

Unknown Speaker 25:48
we’ve been better at that. And I think it’s definitely

Unknown Speaker 25:53
a picture with the trail already. All a stone’s throw away. Hopefully, no stones are thrown there. And signage possible. It seems like a winner to me. I mean, it’s like duh, why not? You know,

Unknown Speaker 26:05
I think the concern is, does it become something that, you know, are there trade offs we should be aware of, if the city takes on this project? Are there other projects that the city is already working on that, you know, could get compromised by that? So I mean, that would be my only concern is not knowing what trade offs

Unknown Speaker 26:22
so we might only glinting out to others in my own personal confidence is over. So if you can Jeff and his staff a chance to read anything in the city, they’ll make money off of it?

Unknown Speaker 26:37
Yeah, I think there’s there’s probably long term ways we could look at doing something that has greater value than just the city.

Unknown Speaker 26:45
David and I both believe that this is in the city’s best interest to do this. We don’t have all the answers. But we feel like what we know today, it is in the city’s best interest to do this.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
So that sidewalk representing Scott here now, he’s gonna go up to Union reservoir. And what does the city own already your will own? Or what’s the property boundary is going to look like? Is there going to be contiguous with this five acre plot that the barn sits on?

Unknown Speaker 27:16
Well? Yes, yes. But there’ll be Gulch

Unknown Speaker 27:22
between that stream this

Unknown Speaker 27:25
spring Gulch cache as good flows. And so you won’t be able to go from the sidewalk here over to the barn unless you go out to the highway.

Unknown Speaker 27:31
Well, our last Sunday, you get a grant to build a bridge, right. And

Unknown Speaker 27:35
I can think of probably 30 different places around the city that are more more forgiving. But yes, I’m sure citizens

Unknown Speaker 27:42
may get on the bandwagon.

Unknown Speaker 27:45
Yes, we will own the wheel on land on both sides of the Gulch. And yes, it could be that a bridge is installed at some point in the future. And then I’m not sure that I think pretty much what I’m hearing, Jennifer, correct me if I’m wrong is that several islands are going to sort of own this,

Unknown Speaker 28:01
pretty much we’re taking everything else, which goes up to the top of the picture

Unknown Speaker 28:05
goes, it does not include this law. This is a private lot, but it actually includes land up here sort of comes like this property.

Unknown Speaker 28:15
You kind of see this, and it kind of looks around here. And so basically, several evidence interested in

Unknown Speaker 28:23
this. Yes. And that you’re getting the very same details on where we are taking on additional I see is

Unknown Speaker 28:29
talking to the Greenway, halfway there, or at least being up against it. So that makes sense. Right.

Unknown Speaker 28:37
And we talked to Glenn about it blue curve is all about making sure that those future generations definitely have some place to park and we have access.

Unknown Speaker 28:46
And again, we’re not committing Park dollars at this point in time. It’s such as trying to work with, with the sort of preservation group to allow this to happen. And then we will work out with to stabilize and then we’ll work on grants, so no commitment from Parks, or open space to go beyond limited payments that they would

Unknown Speaker 29:14
do. Okay. So, I mean, the question was a city that’s I just wondering what the right language is very much and

Unknown Speaker 29:23
I think, dedication to the city at this point in time, and we can work

Unknown Speaker 29:29
or support

Unknown Speaker 29:30
in the location of the city and this is to go to city council or to the HPC committee or just out there in the world.

Unknown Speaker 29:38
Right now. I think we’ll actually define it on their subdivision plan. Which in their sights, okay. I don’t know that we need a separate City Council action. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 29:49
I mean, usually we make recommendations to counsel that’s kind of our job, so to say, but we’re, I mean, if all we need is, hey, we’re in favor to women. They can Certain I mean I don’t know you know that kind of thing. I’m not sure how to go but anybody got thoughts?

Unknown Speaker 30:05
I think if you let us do a general motion that says your support Yeah, I think yeah, not directed anyone I think you’d be okay.

Unknown Speaker 30:15
Can I ask one last question? So wouldn’t the structure of applicants in London blocked the view of the barn from the highway just looking at the I didn’t walk the property I wasn’t trying to

Unknown Speaker 30:31
be rude about it here I think the manager will be coming from this direction

Unknown Speaker 30:36
maybe not even looking at it from the lens of like through a gas station right in the background or

Unknown Speaker 30:42
it’ll be to the right

Unknown Speaker 30:45
street view and I’m sure I drive it every day and I don’t think it will be it’s going to be further to the south and then to the be here

Unknown Speaker 30:59
so you will get to see your barn for your chickens out

Unknown Speaker 31:10
Okay hopefully the reason why I’m asked that question is clear for

Unknown Speaker 31:24
the boring side

Unknown Speaker 31:34
this is Les tan right because that people hide the fact that like

Unknown Speaker 31:39
this is actually this is annexed into the city now with the city only as land up to Earth polygons this annex up to here, this road, right, this is all county road. And there’s not currently any plans to change that. It’ll become well they become paved up to the north

Unknown Speaker 32:12
All right. Any other questions? Anyone like to make a motion that proud expresses support for the city to accept the donation of this property.

Unknown Speaker 32:28
I’m that the Parks and Recreation advisory board expresses our support for the donation of the barn my friend right next door.

Unknown Speaker 32:58
You want to wallets?

Unknown Speaker 33:02
Motion proud expresses their support for the deletion of the barn and the land to the city.

Unknown Speaker 33:11
That worked for you guys.

Unknown Speaker 33:12
I think sort of

Unknown Speaker 33:15

Unknown Speaker 33:18
All right. All those in favor. Take care and Caicos.

Unknown Speaker 33:28
Yeah. Thank you. Oh, yeah. Thank you guys.

Unknown Speaker 33:34
Really exploding into a lot of

Unknown Speaker 33:36
work in two minutes. A lot of stuff. A lot of pages.

Unknown Speaker 33:44
kind of question. I don’t know if maybe since you’re here. Does the city have any properties, but for any, like, recognition of the indigenous system of this area? indigenous history tribal use of this prior? I mean, it feels like Historic Preservation like Mount Baker, if you’re not thinking about that already, it would be a great asset to be thinking about.

Unknown Speaker 34:11
Yeah, I don’t know that. There are one of Glen mentioned four criteria. And this was probably one of them is archaeological, and came up with with just a immensely rich archaeological site, but from the standpoint of so stills, not

Unknown Speaker 34:30
that Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 34:31
I think it’s I don’t know, it’s not my area of expertise. We do have a board member who’s whose focus is like electrical history. So we could we could certainly ask her and see what what she knows about it, but

Unknown Speaker 34:43
I would appreciate that that’s it’s not that far back. It’s the same era that we’re talking about. That she’s Nyla was here, and we keep putting a moving company on it. on top of some of the land, we have a bio life like plasma donation center on some of this land. It’s time it’s so far beyond time for that to happen. So I would love

Unknown Speaker 35:18
I can give a little update with the counter here too, but come on from here. So I myself have been working with the Northern Arapaho Council has been given a lot of direction to work with that group, but also city of Boulder, Denver, Boulder County have recognized that with the tribal history here is more than Northern Arapaho, there’s lots of prizes area and working to try to reconnect with these lands and try to work with local municipalities and how they can not have to go out and talk about we want to get a collection permit to do medicinal medicines, we want to do a ceremony on a property, how we can do that more collaboratively with those products. That’s something we’re working on right now. And I’d be happy to bring an update on that there’s going to be actually a training I believe, next week. Yes, and museum. So the museum has a little closer tied to some of the historic pieces. But again, I think the ongoing pieces, we’re trying to keep the conversation going looking more with the tribes to make sure that we’re including them into this conversation. Same way, if we buy an open space, and we go to the public say What should we name it, we want to make sure we just the tribal members were in this area, say we want you to have a voice that you know you may not be geographically next door to this property is our community is that we recognize that there’s a cultural connection to this property.

Unknown Speaker 36:36
We do not look commercial properties as we’re concerned, because that would be more uwchlan. As we’re considering sale and the use, or in, you know, the changes of use, I’m thinking of just less or just east of Main Street, south of the creek that is tribal land. And now it’s going to be drive through. You know, do we do reconsider that? Do? Does the planning commission ever consider what what was here the historic significance of what was here? It wasn’t a brick and mortar structure, like the consultants? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:18
Well, most every property,

Unknown Speaker 37:20
we do have a survey that’s done. From a historic standpoint, we have surveys of a lot of sites already. So if any of that rises to the surface, it’s something that is considered and it may require HPC to get involved. I haven’t been here that long. So I don’t know if we have done what we have done in the past or whether it’s ever come up.

Unknown Speaker 37:49
I think it looks like it’s used car lots and use a couple of maybe grades.

Unknown Speaker 37:53
We can add that as just an update. I’ve heard a little bit about what city builder was doing. I didn’t know it was sort of a broader effort. So we can add that as a feature.

Unknown Speaker 38:09
I did want to say that the interpretive displays in the Samsung ranch visitor center that does touch on some of the indigenous people that were here in this area that’s somewhat small, but it’s there so that it’s something at the same time, which is your Senator. Good day. Thank you. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:34
Pretty big.

Unknown Speaker 38:36
Okay. Anything else on that topic? Great. Thanks so much for taking the time to join us

Unknown Speaker 38:47
up so. Let me show you something.

Unknown Speaker 39:11
So something new to this board. We started this during the June appointments is conducting having the board on staff conduct interviews of candidates. And so what we would ask is, if two of the board members could volunteer, to work with David and I to do interviews, as we come up with candidates that I think it was extended to the 24th of October, something like that, we’d have just about three weeks to conduct the interviews. We bring that back to crap to make our recommendations. And then once you approve those recommendations, it will go to Council and council uses that as part of their decision making when they’re appointing board members, I’ll tell you that my first experience with that was with golf board. And I really enjoyed it for a couple of reasons, it allowed us to have some input on who was on our board. And it really gave me the opportunity to work with a couple of the golf board members that I really wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get them to get to know them better. And so it was a really good experience. So anybody interested in

Unknown Speaker 40:40
sort of the city council still do the same process that I think we all remember, right? This is just preliminary then or ahead of that in time. The difference, okay?

Tim Waters 40:54
The previous process, we decided correct what you need, in this case, you decide what you need, and then you make a recommendation, we’re only going to interview the people you recommend. Ah, so rather than if you have if you have two openings, and you interview five people, you’ll make two recommendations. At least that would be my preference. I think, in some cases, you’ve got people who disagree might say fashion. But but I’m not interested. I don’t think the council is interested in interviewing five candidates for two spots. You do the interviews, the council still wanted to have a say in this. So we

Unknown Speaker 41:29
would require whatever but yeah.

Tim Waters 41:32
So we’ll have you recommend it. It’ll be they’ll also enjoy a five minute interview. But it’ll be after they’ve been properly vetted by whoever this board believes to be in the process.

Unknown Speaker 41:47
So there is a qualitative change.

Unknown Speaker 41:49
It’s very

Unknown Speaker 41:52
interesting to you. But I’m also curious, what is knowing how many we talking here talking like, five or like,

Unknown Speaker 41:57
four or 500? Well, I wouldn’t

Unknown Speaker 42:00
think that four or 500. But if that many people applied for the board, that’s what. Generally, this board has more candidates than a lot of the other boards. And so it could be six, seven or eight is my guess. Okay. And we scheduled them for a half hour. 45 minutes is what we’ve done with golf.

Unknown Speaker 42:26
Oh, like they get a half hour interview? Yes. Wow. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 42:34
Yeah, that’s quite different than our experience. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 42:37
I wouldn’t be it through half hour. Over the course of like, a month, two weeks that we we only had three people apply for the golf store for two, two openings. We did them all in one afternoon. David, and I will work with your schedule and make sure that it works for you, as well as candidates.

Unknown Speaker 43:13
I’d be a sub in case one of these types of these folks. Has does not have the ability to make an interview. Does that make sense? That makes you all happier. Because I My schedule is terrifying. So thinking about that and being retired guy. Sure I’d wide open day to day, golf and tennis. Make your recreation scheduled.

Unknown Speaker 43:53
So could we go with Paige and Nick and then have

Unknown Speaker 43:57
Oh, sure. I didn’t realize you were already volunteers.

Unknown Speaker 44:00
Like semi volunteer. I think you might be in a better position given the

Unknown Speaker 44:04
I didn’t mean to step on toes. No, if you will, because I want to do it before.

Unknown Speaker 44:10
That’s up to you.

Unknown Speaker 44:12
Yeah, I mean, I think we we jumped in. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 44:17
If we want need backups, okay. Thank you. Anything else on that? You’ll just stay in touch with us. Once we hear from the city clerk about four candidates,

Unknown Speaker 44:37
and when does it close?

Unknown Speaker 44:39
Was it 24th or 26? That this don’t hold me to that.

Unknown Speaker 44:44
I don’t remember who we’re losing. Jeff and

Unknown Speaker 44:53
they can reapply. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 44:55
Oh, okay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 45:01
they, if they both apply, we would need to interview them as well. Just to be fair, and the other thing that we do is that the interviews are recorded, so that if counsel, whatever want to go back and look at those they would have access to

Unknown Speaker 45:29
and what they’re doing, that’s great. I could never imagine how counsel could remember, all of those people in the software, five minutes on my college, they couldn’t get through.

Unknown Speaker 45:46
I really applied for the golf course. So we move to old business. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 45:59
So just as a reminder, I think we talked about this at the June meeting, and I don’t have a lot of to update, but just kind of let you know where things are at. at the June meeting, you all had mentioned that you didn’t like the quality of life tax name. And so we are working on a new name for that. And that will come in the next several weeks, because it’s my understanding, we’re going to have counsel on the 15th of November, I think it is to make a presentation to you all so that you can give us direction of Are you crazy or both

Unknown Speaker 46:44
go forward? Just a little bit about what your present. Well,

Unknown Speaker 46:50
I’m not presenting. Know that I am. Your shorts. Yeah. So multiple divisions are going to be involved. The library is just finalizing a feasibility study. Part of that study has identified that there’s a need for additional funding in general for the library as well as the potential to do two branch libraries. One would be a smaller storefront type of blog already, and the other one could be up to 30,000 square feet, that could have Makerspace or provide services that are not currently available. What Longmont lager or Napa recreation we’ve talked about, including a 90,000 square foot new recreation center, the potential of that new one of the that larger library branch could be connected to the recreation center. Museum has also just completed a master plan that includes an expansion to the museum, that would be also be included, they also have some donations that would help fund some of the expansion that they would be doing. And then there it also included is additional funding for parks, to help build more parks and would be my hope, as well as doing some things that are currently not funding. Did I miss anything. And then kind of the other thing that’s being talked about that that could be included is the Performing Arts Center. Four years ago, a number of groups in town had done a study to see about bringing a joint venture is what my understanding is whether it be a public private partnership that would bring in the performing arts, again, that that’s kind of out of David and I’s area, but I know apparels and the city leadership is talking about how that would fit in. Right now we’ve provided all of our estimates for the cost of of those projects. And the financial staff financial staff are working on bringing those numbers together and what it would look like to fund that many projects and that can be done both by property tax and sales tax. And that information will be presented to council and we will get their direction on moving forward with all of it or what their priorities are. Kind of a quick summary. The next step if if Council supports that would be that We would start doing a public process to start going out to the community and, and talking about what what those projects look like some of the things that might be included in a rec center or another library or, or park, as well as the thought would be is that we bring the boards together advisory boards, and do some joint meetings to talk about how we support each other and moving forward with the election. And if Ben will bear with me because he gets tired of this story, but when we built the Rec Center, we did bring

Unknown Speaker 50:48
we brought a number of the board’s advisory boards together, and it was really good way to have each of the board’s and educate them each other on what their needs were. And we feel like that’s a very important piece of what we’d be doing with this possible tax as well. So that’s kind of where we’re at right now.

Unknown Speaker 51:14
And you would also at some point, talk to us about sort of how the board can engage. Yes, it’s part of an initiative or in the pilot process initially, and then subsequently,

Unknown Speaker 51:25
yes, yeah. Remind me how big is the current rec center? Quail? 63,005 90,000 us bigger? Yes, one and a half X. Okay. Gotcha. And we were going to do some kind of polling of the audience. We haven’t happened or No, it hasn’t. But we arbitrarily decided 90,000, or you guys did or

Unknown Speaker 51:52
space on what we believe the need is, we are about ready to go to bid for Master Plan feasibility study, to help us identify that and there will be some public process.

Unknown Speaker 52:06
So council approved money for these abilities study? Yes, they did. It’s been a while since you met so we’re kind of behind the time, sir.

Unknown Speaker 52:15
So we had $40,000 budgeted and 22 to do the master plan. And then there is a recreation impact fee that is collected when developments or homes are built. That that fun has little over $2 million in it. We invest and have a appropriated 150,000 to help with towards this study.

Unknown Speaker 52:44
To the recreation center piece,

Unknown Speaker 52:47
kinda like pulling eyes and kind of like before the Rec Center 20 years ago.

Tim Waters 52:52
Yes, got it. Okay. Any other questions? Excellent another’s? Is there anything you want to add? Since? No, I’m looking forward to see what the staff brings. I think I personally think there’s a variety of ways to think about this, and maybe want to chat and find out what you’re thinking before we get into public discussion. In it, how to cobble together something that might be doable in level less breathtaking terms of cost, in in input, recreation services, the museum the library together, and then parse the library or I’m sorry, the museum, recreation services together course the performing arts center in the library. But there’s a variety of ways to think about it. The good news is we’re thinking about Indian we’re about ready to get into a public discussion. So

Unknown Speaker 53:52
before Council, my son says

Unknown Speaker 53:55
place to your music

Unknown Speaker 54:00
extremely boring. We an actual music venue.

Unknown Speaker 54:05
I agree. Or you just want

Unknown Speaker 54:13
anything, anything else on that?

Unknown Speaker 54:20
Okay, okay, so we’ll move to discussing items from the packet. Does anyone have any questions or clarifications on items that were included in the

Unknown Speaker 54:37
parks and forestry operations, timber? So there’s that there’s installation of cameras at various park locations feel obligated to ask why we’re having cameras service in our parks.

Unknown Speaker 54:56
So I’ll take that I’ve been involved in this process. This is a The ongoing challenge that we’ve been facing in our parks as far as vandalism, or beating destruction of city property, and trying to maintain how people find those follow us rules and rights, even after hours, we don’t have staff out there. So it’s been an ongoing cost, the city is trying to figure out how we do it with staffing, how we do with to the replacement of those facilities that can be destroyed how we manage the cost associated with the graffiti removal. And it’s been a conversation between public safety, the parks department is the manager’s office, and this was the decision to shut dresses with cameras and use cameras on small scale based on past in areas, we would have had problems. So we’ll be putting these cameras in parks that we know we have known problems right now with the idea to kind of build this out throughout the city, from the downtown area, to our parks as well is being done with a grant that comes out of a group in New Orleans actually. And they actually will keep the data for us as people sit around watching this stuff happen. It’s kind of a third party server that puts on kind of keeps it safe and away from just people getting to watch, it’s a very useful way to want to, but we can go back and you see things that happen in the park, we can go back and look at that and try to figure out how we hold people accountable.

Unknown Speaker 56:27
I just feel like that should be a public discussion has been coming. I do come to counsel sometimes. Yeah. I hadn’t heard that. That’s a that’s a pretty big invasion of personal privacy.

Unknown Speaker 56:47
So that the piece again, if he had this, we had this conversation because it was interpreting internally with people in parks in the park background, those ideas as as well. As we had those conversations. If it’s the ring camera across the street, it’s the GoPro cam on a kid’s skate helmet. If it’s the bank, a kid, you’re on camera pretty much everywhere. Trying to organize. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:12
And I know that because I came on board, and I’m willing to be on camera to say that it’s a little it’s a little scary that we’re failing even more, you know, it’s just, I’m just gonna put it out there. That is scary. I mean, I look at that. The things that we’re we’re trying to mitigate. And it’s a whole idea of what is government for? Is it for safety, or control.

Unknown Speaker 57:46
And that was a there’s been a pretty strong writing piece of this conversation that it really is for safety that our community almost on a weekly basis, you cannot use a large majority of our restaurants because of vandalism. on almost a daily basis is the tagging the graffiti in the vandalism, the person causing staff to not be able to provide for safe manicure, upkeep the parks, because they’re focusing on corrective action against behaviors, visuals should be concise, are you keeping them safe? So I really do think it was just a decision on

Unknown Speaker 58:19
safety issue.

Unknown Speaker 58:23
We’ve had in some departments for quite some time, we’ve had cameras, all of our recreation facilities have cameras and cameras and had for 10 plus years, if not longer. Again, we don’t have somebody that setting in watching it, it’s there. If something happens, we can go back for the record and try to identify who caused the issue.

Unknown Speaker 58:53
Damn, that’s something and then Minos

Unknown Speaker 58:56
Miss Dan Wolford going away. That was last months. And yes, yeah. How does that happen? Was that where you guys were? With video the day when I saw you know, we

Unknown Speaker 59:10
that was somebody else. Actually, Dan, we have to do a little going away party for automotive at Union. It was a nice kind of celebration, but it was he didn’t want a whole lot but it kind of got a dance background and experience.

Unknown Speaker 59:25
Not that in previous months. Wait a minute here. Okay. Wow, that’s a

Unknown Speaker 59:31
big deal there. It really is. As a gopher, I’ll throw another one out there. This is not where it belongs. And by doing that step updates, but Kathy grant is now going to URI so I’m down Dan and Kathy so kind of those people that keep me looking good and know what I’m talking about. Binge right now. But I think you’re open to that. That’s what I’m trying to get done as fast as I can. Yes. And I appreciate

Unknown Speaker 59:58
Ben’s Oh updates. I can see when did the bathrooms close again?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:03
In the park? So

Unknown Speaker 1:00:04
definitely guys. That’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:07
And it should have been third Saturday October. Yeah. So is Sh should be the first Monday.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
The tennis guys were asking on Sunday. We think they’re opening people want us. But then we’re like, What date is it quit?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
Which was yesterday was last Monday? Because?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:30
Because the pipes freeze? Yeah, we

Unknown Speaker 1:00:31
mean they just pick an arbitrary day they go on and April and off in October, kind of like the lightsabers. Let’s have that.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:42
Yeah, that’s I just curious. Because it’s always seemed like when I was in, like the good ones to use the park with your kid where it’s not hot, you know? Like, where’s my character?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:56
It’s a conversation that we may I mean, it’s there’s a couple pieces with that. So Steve will tell you that we do design our our some of our parts with ways to keep those heated. What we found, though, is it tiresome the new technology that probably is out there right now, all it takes is one night with the heater going out. And you’re $100,000 in the hole. Exactly. So that’s kind of the reverse of even when we design them, so we can kind of keep them heated. If something does happen to them, it really is a huge cost. And it’s out for long term. There are some technologies that can probably do, you know, pretty instantaneous notifications to someone that we have a leak. There also as the amount of use that we’ve historically seen, there is a cost benefit piece with those restrooms clean and having that contract is a significant cost to the residents to keep those open year round for a much smaller use group. As we start seeing things stay warmer. And those next Thursday’s getting extended, they had more people in the parks and those four days lessening, we may want to start taking a look and say is it worth that additional cost to do that, but right now, it really is a budgetary piece. Also sort of how we design our parks and the technology to keep them from freezing.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
composting toilets, really well, not freezing.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:14
And I think that that’s something else I think is a probably more of a community piece that people have certain expectations and one of my parts and we weren’t we’re continually looking at how we set standards of the facilities that we have. But I do think that our committee once you have something, it’s harder to take it away and coming in without as talk to the director up in Breckenridge. And they’re just looking for the restrooms and for the first time in their parks. And that’s one things that will come up. But coming in with something like that, I think we have nothing to accomplishing as opposed to the neighborhood. Neighborhood it gets to first composting toilet it’s like well, why did all these other neighborhoods end up with something that’s that we were expecting? planned for all the parks or there’s a little like I’ll jump online two o’clock in community park. Yeah, so community participants in the parks and in the community parks. That’s probably why the tennis was open if it was a whale, so it’d be a little bit longer window with the community parks. Welcome.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:16
This was actually a Pratt anchor bar. Oh, restroom, where there are restaurants right Quayle has a porta potty or the Rec Center is 100 yard walk. You know, people do

Unknown Speaker 1:03:27
be at a differences Neighborhood and Community yards a little bit different. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34
And those facilities are designed with yours.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:38
They’re always

Unknown Speaker 1:03:44
asked, I noticed under the eye like feel like I’m a cantankerous one, sorry, but that’s I only ask questions about things I have questions about, I noticed on the union reservoir assumption that you are medications that there’s going to be like probably be retrieved painting on some cottonwoods and remove the damaged ones. I’ve used that ditch that I probably am the only person the last time five years to use that ditch. So I’m wondering why we need to remove and like why do we really need to remove damaged trees? Why don’t we just let the universe do their job? And just let them do it? And why would we go to that cost? And then take away that micro ecosystem that happens with Dynatrace.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:28
So this is this a Pete This is one of those pieces that you know as you look at, again, we talked about managed environments we live in for that habitat, everything else. Those ditches are there. They were not there prior to a ditch company building that decision to deliver water to the reservoir that can then be used in our water storage system and move someplace else. So when those trees fall into that ditch, they back up and preclude water from moving through which means a ditch company has to come through and use equipment to get large trees out of it. ditch I unscheduled, unregulated IP. So if you talk to a ditch company, and it’s a very kind of delicate dance to do between trying to manage a really what is truly a non native ecosystem, because we didn’t have those who were into it because we have good water rights to say, we have adjudicated water for a specific purpose to get from point A to point B. So here Additionally, the easiest way to manage a ditch is cut everything down and have nothing there. And the state would agree with that. Because that water is meant to go to a farm of ease and that cottonwood tree is sucking it up. There is a loss to the system on that. So we’re always trying to find that balance of how do we manage an ecosystem that we have created over 200 years with water rights, they’re going back as long as as well. And also being able to maintain our water delivery system.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:00
Thanks, he so the new Miller Park renewal project, I noticed that there is some delays on the playground equipment.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:08
Yep, I’m gonna stop talking for now let’s take a seat. It’s gonna be picky.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:13
Like next spring 2023 is so much now. So we’re just going to open next. Just real quick, Steve

Unknown Speaker 1:06:21
will be taking out again, I was trying to get things done in a timely manner and trying to meet deadlines. Steve is going to be taking out some of the word capitalism as well. So Steve’s place can be full sudden, it’s, well, I,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:32
I got my first product meeting tomorrow, but it’ll conversations with Kathy, there’s still work to be done over the winter. They’re still still a lot of it’s not just playwriting. There’s a lot of work done in the buildings, lighting. There’s opportunities to do some of the receding are Saudi this year, so. So it’s what the project will be someone on hold for the not through the winter, once the playground equipment comes now, depending on whether they can go in and December, January, February. I don’t know exactly what the date is, offhand. But it’s going to hold up doing some of the plants because you have to put the playground equipment in first. And if you do the concrete, and if you do poured in place, they’re saying that he didn’t landscaping irrigation around it. So you can’t do the landscape irrigation in December. So it’s going to push some of the projects on that spring. Time loosens up, but they couldn’t do in the winter. They’re trying to get as much done over the winter.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:26
Okay, got it. Thank you. My concern is just like, we’re just gonna, like have fencing and construction equipment. They’re sitting for months because

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35
there will be fencing in the winter. But as we get areas buttoned up, we’ll open those up.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:46
I had just a couple questions when I noticed it said that Boulder County is soliciting open space and trails grant requests, and staff with greenness to crab in October so why didn’t

Unknown Speaker 1:07:59
it did not do that? Was enough on my plate to do that. But I will look at Jim correct. And we will have something for this group by the next meeting. It says February

Unknown Speaker 1:08:15
little time but I don’t want to miss something. We’re I thought I heard that when I was reading online but when I put it up where’s that calling center?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:25
That was last month, two years 2000

Unknown Speaker 1:08:28
page in the 3000 packet

Unknown Speaker 1:08:30
yeah it was just a bullet under

Unknown Speaker 1:08:37
update Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:38
from a month ago I thought it was it

Unknown Speaker 1:08:44
was but he didn’t update it before

Unknown Speaker 1:08:53
and then my other question was for you, Jeff about it said ice pavilion sponsorships clarified and update it and I just wondered what

Unknown Speaker 1:08:59
I think on the dashboards, signs

Unknown Speaker 1:09:03
on there. But did you like are you getting new sponsors or because that’s a sign that

Unknown Speaker 1:09:09
really always getting into sponsors. We have their new natural voiceover in contact with the current ones. And Sandhausen who’s kind of taken on our sponsorship realm while building his allowing us to kind of explore additional additional menus for that and not just on the national recreation.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:40
So is there someone that kind of goes around to businesses and she, she she’s

Unknown Speaker 1:09:47
that’d be great.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
She she has her contacts and kind of nose to the ground looking for them. She has other responsibilities too. We don’t have a marketing for are some isolation so we can do our best with it. And so we’re not not great at it. She’s a lot better than before. So we’re actually pretty excited going forward with developing some new opportunities. And that’s her name. Sam Calhoun. She recreation coordinator

Unknown Speaker 1:10:30
Sam also does with the river. Whites triathlon turkey

Unknown Speaker 1:10:38
trot. Straight, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:41
That’s a fun. Okay, cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:45
Yeah, I just love the fact that they’re incredibly untapped. sponsorship opportunities, right. So someone has to ask, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:54
they’re on the potentials potential round recreation, but trying to find an opportunity to do it and have it fit with what we already have. And the vision for how things look, is always a balancing. Act should be talking about rec center banner.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:17
Hey, any other questions from the packet? If not, we can go to items from set.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:27
All right, I will go first. So I’m gonna give a little bit of update on a topic that has not been approved by anyone yet, but is a topic this group knows except for me is this group knows I have felt the frustrations others have felt that frustration of having part projects have been out there for a long time, and not being able to get them done. And part of that, you know, is the work that we’ve had going through basically, Steven County, plus all the other assignments that had within the city and then some of the complications of COVID. ‘s and supply chains, or things that are all project managers dealing with right now. So I was pretty clear to this group that my goal is to be asking for physicians help us with that this group recognizes positions were not funded and had questions about that as well. But that being said, Harold has really said he wants to see those projects be completed as well. He would like to see us get eight projects done in five years. And he thinks there’s ways that we can do that with potentially different ways of packaging this up and putting into design Did you have any specifically designed did process but design build design build process, it would have given us a greater ability to bring in someone that has a lot of skill sets and big staff that can really take his on as something the way that we did RSVP where we’re at a large firm come in and be able to committed to this project over a multi year timeframe. We’ve looked at that. And we’ve said, Okay, we’ll take that and see how we can look at that and make that something that we could then represent. We basically have looked at clumping projects into finishing up projects that are already out there. There’s a couple of those finishing up some new neighborhood parks, finishing up some community parks and then some large Sports Complex and trail budget and Cantrell projects. So we’ve gotten clumped into eight plus not dropping some of the ones that are glaring right now, to place the piece that I think this exercise allows us to go back to Harold, and say, here’s how we could do this. We have again, a meeting with purchasing and our business services staff as well, because it’s going to take not only an extra lift from this group, but also from purchasing and doing things things that they probably haven’t done in the past or don’t have a lot of experience with and maybe you would have to change some of those rules to allow us to do that. Looking at how we do funding and we specifically budget for a year but trying to commit to doing something over over five years. There’s a lot of unknowns in that. But I think if we take on those unknowns packages up, it allows us to get back saying, girl, here’s what we’ve looked at, here’s how we can get from point A to point B, here’s the staffing, we really need to make that happen. So it’s just a, he’s left that door open. He hasn’t said come back and just say you’re going to be have bring it back and let me know how you’re going to get there. The other piece with that, because we have this backlog of project funds that he can time that are fun, that was some of the project cost. That way we don’t have to time this with a budget cycle. So he feels comfortable that we could look at taking those positions that come up and we need to make this happen, that we could go through the funding cycle or the project funds to make that happen. So at this point, just want to kind of make sure that everyone’s aware that we’re moving that direction. We have a meeting tomorrow with purchasing and Joanie to kind of prepare to get our presentation ready for Harold? I’m sorry, Wednesday, Wednesday.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:53
So you are thinking to hire staff when you first started talking. I thought you were going to say bring in have consultants to do this out of city staff people. So isn’t that how resilient same brain

Unknown Speaker 1:15:07
so we bring in. So that’s the keys, we have to remember when people say bringing consultants to this work, Josh, is the city staff, though that manages that contract, and that’s his full time job, basically. So to bring an outside consultant,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:21
I understand you are thinking city employee, we will have to

Unknown Speaker 1:15:25
bring in at least some positions to make this happen regularly, man. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:31
I think our board generally has the Yeah, that’s what we need, yes. Okay. You’re just packaging it differently,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:38
or we’re trying to put in place to answer his questions, or how we can look at this differently, try some things that do the same thing over again, to try out the different result, we’re going to do this a little bit differently. And this is the path to take. And but to do that, there are definitely gaps in the ability for the current staff to make that happen. So we would have to go to say, to make this reality, we would need additional staff to make this work.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:01
It’s very possible we’ll have more information next month.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:05
Yeah. And I’m just gonna say I appreciate you giving us this update. I mean, it was partly my request, because I saw that new positions had been requested for their department, but not approved by the council had some questions about that. And my understanding is that they were not approved and that there was a recommendation that’s an alternative approach

Tim Waters 1:16:28
to clarify, they wouldn’t recruit into the council was a matter of counseling and approving what got to counsel was vetted in a way that the counselor had a chance to give a thumbs up or thumbs down on additional staffing.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:46
You know, my concern remains that this is a department that I think we’ve all agreed is significantly understaffed, really capacity limited. I mean, I’m all for, you know, try new approaches. But I personally think it’s going to be challenging even to do that kind of approach without, as you say, some new capacity. So,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:08
yeah. So, I mean, I’m hoping if the board continues to be interested that we can continue to get updates on this, including potentially an update based on your conversation. The citizens

Unknown Speaker 1:17:24
are not getting the impression, but you need want something from us as a board.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:29
At this point. Now, I think, you know, be kind of working with Joey and Harold and seeing where this goes. And I think if it moves in that direction, and this approach, again, does kind of make any thanks. So recognition that these are important pieces of the community. I think it’s always this this group is good as saying that we are here for a reason is because we appreciate our parks are open space and greenways. And we would like keep putting pressure on me. That’s the best you can do is to get your stuff done. And I can show the parallel saying we’re being asked to complete projects with this. We can or we could make the meeting go really late.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:03
Oh, yeah, invite him? Well, I think we should consider depending on how your meeting goes, if we can have you know, if it’s Harold or Tony or someone if there’s a different approach that would be valuable for practical,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:26
if you could let us help somehow. To help, I guess, yes. Is that what you’re saying? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:33
The nice thing is I think enthusiasm is there can make the numbers work and the staffing work and everything I think from from Harold and leadership, and enthusiasm, is there the same enthusiasm of this board as

Unknown Speaker 1:18:44
well, when you told us you had all this money, but couldn’t spend it fast enough for like, that’s crazy. You know, every year

Unknown Speaker 1:18:51
I’ve been here, there’s always tough decisions about how many more staff to add, everyone has their requests we will get

Unknown Speaker 1:19:00
so Jeff does remind me of something they’d like I found Johnny’s name on a couple of times. I think it’s because probably, you know, who do write to maker and has been in the back in the past that was the Deputy City Manager, he was in charge of PW nr when this this group was reported to Public Works and natural resources. Through some of the reorganization. This group now reports to external services, which is joining Maurice and she’s the assistant city manager in charge of external services. So she has come from a planning background and she’s got some creative ways of looking at things and looking at plans rather, Jeff also resource averse, so there’s recreation funds, there’s park development fees, and she’s looking different ways we use some of those dollars that we haven’t always looked at. And I think a more of a holistic way, because Jeff has always been the same thing saying that’s, you know, get those parks built.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:48
So, this is a great question.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:53
Is Harold before City Council?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:56
Okay. All right,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:57
just just just over Yeah, you asked what? Do they need the heated thing from you?

Tim Waters 1:20:04
The answer is no. I need some counseling. Okay. Harold, I hope he feels fun to kind of hear over here, I would say it exactly the same way that I hope he’ll fields under the gun to present to the council, a list of accomplishments that we’re going to see in parks, in park development in 2023. Not to put more pressure on that name right there on either of these two columns. But the expectation is that if we didn’t add the fourth FTE that he requested, they gave us four. And I made my own recommendations, right in terms of staffing. We’re not going to add personnel, that doesn’t mean anybody’s off the hook to produce, right, we got a 20 year $18 million, and a 20 year backlog, that has to be clear. So the way it’s going to get cleared is is taking a different approach to staffing to give him what he needs. And to give David some additional staffing that they’ll buy out of capital improvement budgets, I guess. I mean, I don’t know if that’s the way it’s gonna work on our design build process. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need we don’t know what to you. And to them, our pickleball community and the rest of our Asian community clarity on what you can expect this year. And I hope you show up every quarter, to the council meetings in 2023, I’m expecting that list. For the first part of December, we were going to vote on a budget. Before we get a list. I’m already I’m excited. My public in the public media, so you’re gonna want to vote. Prior to the time we get the list. I’ll vote for the budget. But I’m gonna do with a caveat. We’re gonna get a list in the interest of accountability. Right, what the city’s accountable for to parks, this advisory board, to a recreation community pickleball players and others, what you can expect from us in 2023. But the understanding that nothing’s perfect, and if we don’t get it all done, yeah, well better account for what we did, and what we learned and what we’re gonna get done in 2024. Because what we’ve been doing up to this point, just keep adding more to his way, without the personnel to get it down to simply not fair. Right. And it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:22:23
it’s not only fears, is that clear, it’s not, it’s not as genuine as it should be.

Tim Waters 1:22:28
Right in the whole budgeting process. So the way we’ve been doing it, we’re not going to do anymore, right? As far as I’m concerned. And I think that’s your way of against. So that’s where you can help is to not let anybody off the hook hold me accountable. You’re gonna hold these guys accountable cuz you get a shout out. Don’t let this council up, show up at least quarterly. Just clear. Just curious. Where are we with this list of projects? What can we expect over the next quarter? So we’re here? You can you can report to us. So I’m happy to do anyone have a cup of coffee and talk about questions to ask or how to nuance and I just think we need to be much clearer and way more aggressive than what we’ve been. And I and it’s not this these fellas who are not, these are not the problem in the city is not the province, people. But it’s a bunch of players that you know, get on the table. And they get that in. And in this case, the additional staffing the data needed got bedded out. So we never ever see that. Right. So in the canceled news Herald reports, we can undo months of work in the budget by the time it gets to us, that’s simply not going to make the city work. So that’s it’s not as easy as is picking out when it comes to the public meeting, after all the work of these people. But something has to change. So we’re gonna wrap it up

Unknown Speaker 1:23:56
in I appreciate it coming here ask that question that didn’t cost but it was saying it’s, it’s our meeting, and where are you guys at and what’s happening because as uncomfortable as that can be when we’re not there. I will tell you that having to ship a box and that was one more year and tell them that you want more you’re out.

Tim Waters 1:24:12
So you’re sending me notes. It’s it’s corporate bases. Yeah, no, I haven’t said this in public. I’m just not doing that. It’s in a queue to the budget. Hang on, because you’re going to be hanging on

Unknown Speaker 1:24:30
for the right way. Your comment that it’s not the system as it’s currently set up is not fair, not working demonstrated failure over the last two decades in more

Tim Waters 1:24:41
than one way outside. I’m certain my role as a liaison. I just think these guys need that kind of support. Right now pressure on them. The pressure needs to be at a level that helps to mobilize on procurement. You know, or the city attorney’s office. I don’t remember if this goes to the city cemetery. It’s Where every idea goes to die is. Can I like Eugene, I’m just saying, it’s like a black box. It’s like stuff goes there, and you gotta keep pounding the table to get it out of there. That’s just the way it works. So you can really help.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:18
Me and I said, we both love working for Harold.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:31
There’s just a lot of forces that work, oh, this just needs to be we just look right.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:47
To hear that you think that there’s awareness and intention, because I think my concern is that it’s not recognized. It’s not appreciated and like the value of actually happening, you know, on staff, you know, in house capacity, even if you’re going to work with contractors or try things a different ways still need in house capacity and technology, get grants. You know, grant funding doesn’t generally cover staffing, that usually needs to be like a city appropriation in order to get bring in that grant funding. So

Unknown Speaker 1:26:19
Tim has done a very nice job of representing you the cost

Unknown Speaker 1:26:25
effective, however, because we’re having this conversation, so

Unknown Speaker 1:26:30
thank you for providing that we can continue to have this conversation hopefully. But to keep us up to date and we’ll go to

Unknown Speaker 1:26:37
council minutes. We will any other items from staff? Any I asked him before.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:52
I have two folks from the community who have talked to me about they both slipped and fell riding on trail along the same brain after a rain it was on July 27. One of them separated a shoulder and the mother broke her leg. And it was because mud ran under the you know, the rain fell it goes down underneath the bridges and they’re probably going too fast. But they wonder is that whose responsibility is to clean or how often does that happen? Or you know what I mean? I’ve written on all the underpasses and I don’t remember that one that day. A cone did appear a week or two later. So somebody I mean, I don’t know if they did or whoever reported it. But I’m just wondering, is that something that’s patrolled and I want to get back to them dudes to people hey, this is what happens you know after a rain Be careful because it takes three weeks before the mud is shoveled out or was that you guys said

Unknown Speaker 1:27:51
that would be timber in parks operation staff that reports to me so typically our process that’s a good piece I don’t have a good answer right now it’s deep in your long as you’re looking at but we we our first piece it was during that range the water trail we closed those gates right when the water recedes we then open those gates know that price and debris there so I

Unknown Speaker 1:28:11
went open the gates collectors cleaned Okay, so maybe this miss that opening closing? I don’t know. I’d be curious which underpass it was this is it County Line Road route and it goes up takes that sharp right and all that kind of thing. So it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:28:27
not construction related. No. Yeah, you know, we have a limited maintenance staff they will and they’re trying to get eyes on all of our system as frequently as they possibly can. Okay, don’t know the frequency that we have our operation staff drive the entire Greenway trail, but I can tell you that one good thing that’s come out of what we’ve done this year is we have a ranger program now so now we have more eyes on our trails and hopefully that communication is there to be able to you know, if Brice were out and saw a dangerous condition he would be able to report it to timber his address rather than just waiting for somebody to go by and see

Unknown Speaker 1:29:05
well so my answer to them in the short term was you guys can go on to the either the phone number or the webpage and report this right unfortunately after doing that from the ER doesn’t give you much satisfaction so you know if you first gotta go slower on a rainy or a post rainy day and then report it sort of thing but I’m just curious so ASAP but that might take days or let

Unknown Speaker 1:29:30
me tell you we don’t sweep our entire trail system on a weekly basis. And I think the other pieces to that what I’m hearing is kind of something when they open that gate up if there’s debris on it that they can see that looks like it’s going to be a hazard I’m sure that’s going to be cleared before that gate gets open. If you’re seeing that silt that’s what probably the slippery probably that’s layered it’s on there’s maybe a you know less than a quarter inch thick when that stuff is that that clay slippery stuff that could be something that you know, right now we look You’re there. It’s clear, there’s no debris on that. And then sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:05
presented, I can tell these folks, we’ll see what happens,

Unknown Speaker 1:30:09
presents our underpasses from need as flood control, that the secondarily get to use them as recreation, but their primary purpose is flood control, Gabe

Unknown Speaker 1:30:22
is going that fast on the right path, there’s already a problem.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:29
Just explain to him that that’s what it is. And that if that, you know that hopefully that we can always continue to use it as a recreation option. Just to keep the litigious.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:43
There. Yeah. Thank you. I’ll get back to

Unknown Speaker 1:30:49
any other items from before? We do.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:54
I’m sorry, I have one more acting, acting, that you’re gonna keep acting in sitting at the table here. Take it over what’s

Unknown Speaker 1:31:03
right. Well, you got the position, there is a new position that’s been created for community services. So let me back up a little bit. Karen, Ronnie was the director of their community services department for many years. She retired in March, Carol has determined that the department is too large. It’s going to be split up into two pieces. One being recreation Library Museum, and the other senior services Chairman Youth and Family, housing, and what was the administration? Currently, Joanie Marsh, who David talked about, has posted both of those positions. And I have applied for the rec Library Museum position, the deadline for that is tomorrow. Once I determine if I am selected to move permanently into that role, recreation will need to have a new recreation and golf Manager, which Ben is acting in that role right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:19
If you get this position, you will come to this board. I will continue to drive. Right, I’ll continue to do that. Okay,

Tim Waters 1:32:33
so this group might want to know, that job is only posted internally, correct? Yes. The other job was posted both internally and externally. So to reflection, to some degree

Unknown Speaker 1:32:43
on what they have somebody in mind, what

Unknown Speaker 1:32:47
the quality of the job, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:49
Are you looking for motion?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:56
As you’re talking about that talked about how, what is the connection between sort of natural resources and then missing parts?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:02
Right, so external services, Joanie is the assistant city manager for that. David and I now are both in the same department are under external services, which we haven’t been aligned since 2003. So

Unknown Speaker 1:33:22
that was three really, for later,

Unknown Speaker 1:33:25
the year after the recreation center was built. Parks and Rec was recreation was moved into community services. What was Community Development became public works and natural resources. So we’ve worked close together but now we have somebody that will help us work in the same direction. David and I fortunately have always worked very closely together. But the goal is that the department he was in in the department that I was in didn’t always go this the same direction. And now working for Joni I think that we’ll have some guidance that’s a like and you’ll see better things come from both of our areas.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:11
Change with this

Unknown Speaker 1:34:14
NASA partial stay over over with the Natural Resources group

Unknown Speaker 1:34:18
as well. You don’t become his boss or vice versa. Got it. Thanks. Just curious. Sorry, guys. Are you going to come to these meetings to Yes. I would appreciate it. I needed help on a ton. artificial turf has to be delivered to the driveway and given any information I

Unknown Speaker 1:35:01
grew up as a volunteer coordinator project, they didn’t have all the coordination that needed. So I coordinated. I think they did a great job. And it turned out fine. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:11
So describe it. What’s what’s just so that I think both has a good pitch and it has 100 by 15 feet IV scepter. Has to be viewed as a when it’s there. Wow. So it’s been, it’s been no, but not this latest. You’re saying something new notice. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:33
new turf, on the concrete that they use for the pitch was replaced?

Unknown Speaker 1:35:38
Ah, okay. Yeah, I remember the thing for I thought maybe you expanded the field or something, just replaced what you ask Gotcha. Good ideas in his right, we tested

Unknown Speaker 1:35:51
okay. And again, just like with the new park piece, that operational piece, sometimes to the backlog too, and I think we had a great volunteer group is willing to contribute some time and effort to get something done. And if it is lined up with trying to achieve a goal that we all want to get done, there was rain so I want to review is that oh, yeah, I would I would look at look really good.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:21
Thank you. I would like to

Unknown Speaker 1:36:23
give kudos to to Taylor’s

Unknown Speaker 1:36:27
that the volunteer coordination has, it’s a model for I work with other cities and their recreation programs. And it’s such a such a model.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:40
She’s doing

Unknown Speaker 1:36:43
a killer job of that and it’s so easy to volunteer and so rewarding. All the places I want to follow up as fast as she like caters to your volunteer needs. It’s awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:59
Thank you, which is great. And that all goes back to Dr. Waters, helping kind of push that volunteer program through because he had one early on when I got here I had been dismantled and I knew as a piece of Longmont really wanted and we use the rose gardens kind of kick off as a demonstration of that and it has done a great job and having worked with the county as to how many long run volunteers showed that county events and no we had so much work here in our own community. Yes, like we have a great untapped resource and the community has been great.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:32
Now we need that in all the different sectors of the city because I just hear so much stuff or we need and there’s they’re there. So many people are willing to help in so many different ways and so onto important newspapers.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:48
Yeah, we have brand new our comeback. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:55
I will be asked me she does, maybe later on here, but there’s also a volunteer appreciation which is a slideshow on kind of all the projects they’ve done so we can either do a sample of batteries have people show up to that to the ceiling, reducing stuff people show up so I was

Unknown Speaker 1:38:11
actually trying to get her to coordinate a project that was the core of this. Our next meeting that I have the Navy she put a cover on her skin

Unknown Speaker 1:38:26
back in biplane, especially now that we’re back in our close quarters right. I mean do you think any other if not, we could have a motion to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:48
I move we adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:55
All those in favor All right.

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