Water Board – September 2022

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Morning Halloween or

Unknown Speaker 0:03
yellow waterboard Monday, September 19?

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Unknown Speaker 0:14

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else goes.

Unknown Speaker 0:18
Lesser you here.

Unknown Speaker 0:21
Staff, Ken uses here and Wes Lowry is Kevin Bowden here.

Unknown Speaker 0:29
David Bell here. And councilmember Marsh, Mr.

Unknown Speaker 0:36

Unknown Speaker 0:40
Those needs are designed in to the extent that we can sometimes we don’t.

Unknown Speaker 0:45
And, and then what I tend to notice is just like this meeting, and it seemed like there wasn’t a whole lot, kind of to chat about 330 rolled around, and it was kind of like, Gus, you might be able to give like 345. And then we kind of like had almost like an impromptu type workshop in a way right about kind of some kind of bigger issue, right. But, but

Unknown Speaker 1:10
where a lot of questions came up, and we were talking a lot about, you know, different conservation approaches in life. So.

Unknown Speaker 1:18
So I’m wondering whether we should have almost kind of a list of tackling some of these bigger issues and in a slightly more prepared way, then then, you know, then just kind of chatting kind of informally, when the time is available, you know, like when it seems like we’re gonna wind down at 345. And then all of a sudden, you start chatting about stuff, whether or not we kind of build in, you know, half an hour or something in each of these meetings, that could be the first thing to kind of get get knocked off the list if the discussion of the other issues

Unknown Speaker 1:58
runs longer than expected or something. Right. And so whether there are kind of topic areas that we could have a more kind of considered, and

Unknown Speaker 2:10
discussion where we all kind of expect that that’s what we’re going to talk about if the time a lot or something.

Unknown Speaker 2:18
And I said So those types of things could be many of the things that we talked about there. I mean, it could be things about how to kind of

Water Board – September 2022