Longmont Housing Authority Board Meeting – June 21, 2022

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Longmont Housing Authority Board Meeting – June 21, 2022

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Unknown Speaker 1:04
For us David is probably here today or tomorrow because then they’re both they want to Friday or athletes want to see the launches at strategic catalysts we’re gonna turn air down it’s not what it was before the King Soopers right here I’ll bring you two boxes. So you have some I got about four to pass well seven now Bradman kids around places I’d have to take the kids every time every time yeah

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and so I’m gonna call them check this

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years on progression first

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so then I’m bribing them letting them pick up hot is the grocery stores and they’ll be brave and not wiggles and I did it in the car seat and are strapped with intuition

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and populists are so effective in their dollar they will pound the army fan when I was leaving all day yesterday than I was at school I was amazing. They didn’t tell us this to see you I mean a person would be on All right. Thank you. Jean Harlow residents like the finger tables. Everybody right They’re going to dangerous this year my machine I did not work at all all right because right here my air conditioning went out yeah so two o’clock well yeah right afternoon absolutely

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send copies of the holiday weekend a Father’s Day curled up in morning are starting to see a difference here Sunday night and always Sunday so for quite frankly two weeks so this is Darwin hello I was saying swell So Lauren is running five minutes late Alright, so we have quorum now. Let me just start with the beginning of

Unknown Speaker 10:31
the call the order at an angle to view a call to order and roll

Unknown Speaker 10:37
call. Yes. So we have time to be Jean Christopher. Are these Ortman? Here? From staff? We have Carol Dominguez. Molly O’Donnell here.

Unknown Speaker 10:49
Kendra Daniels here. Lisa Gallagher here and Tracy DeFrancesco. Here.

Unknown Speaker 10:55
All right, let’s go on to item number two approval the minutes from May 17th 2020 to being

Unknown Speaker 11:12
a motion from our media center for Gene discussion on it. Okay, so if we just get to take those over to Erica, and we can do that. So let’s vote. Yes. Say,

Unknown Speaker 11:34
hey, no sedang.

Unknown Speaker 11:36
Passed unanimously.

Unknown Speaker 11:39
Number three public invited to be heard. Do we have anybody from the public? There’s just so moving on to the number four, organizational updates, file bylaws update.

Unknown Speaker 12:10
So this will be an item I go over here. So this is a very simple update to revise the number of advisory board members from five to seven. And we will take this to the llj board to accept the revisions on July 5 is

Unknown Speaker 12:26
a big thing, right. Do we need to approve the change? I think.

Unknown Speaker 12:40
Yeah. Well, we had a little bit of motion last time. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 12:48
And everything else? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 12:53
So moving on to be Elysee Advisory Board member election.

Unknown Speaker 12:55
So since we need the the bylaws to be approved, first was when they’ll be considered and then we can start taking steps to open up for the election. Again, there was a couple of considerations we should plan for recruitment and trying to get in touch with people especially given the the attributes that we were looking for, from the last meeting. Also talking about so at the end of terms for Cameron and Lauren are this month. And so we will their term will expire. And so I wanted to bring up if there’s any interest in it we can do a very temporary extension just for the elections if they’re interested. I don’t I have to research a little bit about the possibilities but I got here on my phone it was Tom and Tom Yeah, I can’t remember. Right now. Yeah. So yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 13:54
think I think we get an extender and you’re gonna ask for we’re gonna go with the setup right.

Unknown Speaker 14:10
But that would that be a commissioner

Unknown Speaker 14:13
those returns? I don’t know if the commissioners are just temporary, we can definitely let them know.

Unknown Speaker 14:29
Yeah, we weren’t available. Either way, I

Unknown Speaker 14:34
think, y’all Yeah, I was gonna say yeah, we could vote today just extended and then we could bring it up. Temporary in terms of two months.

Unknown Speaker 14:48
That’s what I had in mind. Just to get through elections and have enough people to make the next couple of years

Unknown Speaker 15:00
So we’re gonna, the people that have already applied are totally new.

Unknown Speaker 15:06
I think that it’s only fair to keep the ones that are have applied and open it up and accept the bigger pool. I’m open to thoughts on that. But not they don’t, I mean, they’ll probably wants to reapply if we don’t just accept them. So I think that makes sense to let them just keep those and just let them know that we’re going to be at the July 5, increase the size of the board and are going to open up. We communicate them

Unknown Speaker 15:38
to the to do a live set, we’re still in the process to hang out there.

Unknown Speaker 15:48
Especially if we other city council advisory boards are all moving forward and they don’t.

Unknown Speaker 16:06
We don’t need to do anything. Extension, just consensus

Unknown Speaker 16:11
what I’ve seen we got a follow motion to extend it to August 31.

Unknown Speaker 16:26
So somebody can make that. It would be the knee and Lauren. Yeah. Makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 16:35
than I’m going to live that we extend to extend the life of Lauren, to say on the board and vote, yes. Yes, yes. All right. I have a question. While we’re on the issue of expanding the board and standings. I tried to get on the LHL website. And part of it doesn’t show up on my screen. I can’t see the whole thing. But while I was on here, I read to the readings. And then your part, which is in bold. And I could find nothing about the advisory board. And nothing about applying for the advisory board. i There were a couple people that were recommended to me. And I put up the word and I was going to contact them and I went oh, I want to check on on site on the website as to how we do this and I couldn’t find anything. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 18:03
So we definitely have the the advisory board is listed there with the members on the beam about Yeah, and then boards have but it does not have information about applying. So I think that’s a good idea.

Unknown Speaker 18:24
Move on to item number five development standard project updates, Linus goals. A is an OS eight.

Unknown Speaker 18:34
So we got a notice, stating that there was a lot of opportunities for new vouchers, different kinds of vouchers. So I wanted to go through all of the opportunities that are coming up. The housing choice vouchers have been been renewed for as part of the loop so that doesn’t give us any new gotchas, but it does have there is new housing choice vouchers coming down is based voucher addition and New York New receiving notice probably over the next couple of months, how many and you can accept a million

Unknown Speaker 19:23
dollar amount or the actual number.

Unknown Speaker 19:27
So they’ll give us a number of dollars to but again there’s a half suicide. And I don’t think I don’t think we’re through the prevention of termination due to insufficient proceeding circumstances. So la chained in here have enough to pay for the vouchers that we already have. We don’t. There’s also a voucher is called tenant protection vouchers, vouchers

Unknown Speaker 20:15
for when a property is being taken off affordable housing.

Unknown Speaker 20:22
list in the private that there’s vouchers, there was one of those people that we don’t have any and no longer can you offer. There’s different timings for administration costs. And we don’t qualify for additions. There’s plenty of admin fees to add several counties that you know, that

Unknown Speaker 21:02
if we have to raise awareness, for homeownership programs, we will have homeownership programs.

Unknown Speaker 21:12
There’s also finally cutting down on forehead rational, nasty metrics. notches for referees, and I think we might be able to find out probably

Unknown Speaker 21:30
in the next couple of times, we’ll see if it’s for either refund. I mean, I’ve already watched vouchers and where we can apply.

Unknown Speaker 21:45
We will know that there’s funding for mainstream vouchers, and that’s the funding definitely is for existing mainstream. We don’t have any silver doesn’t give us an opportunity to infinity. So it’s just for men, there’s a con unit family reunification programs, I’ve

Unknown Speaker 22:11
never heard that this is

Unknown Speaker 22:15
this will be the issue with a separate we’ll frame this is that just the families team together and poor foster carers, foster kids coming out of foster care. We have to show any

Unknown Speaker 22:31
kind of research that prior to showing me here. What is considered family visit parents, children,

Unknown Speaker 22:43

Unknown Speaker 22:46
Or what I read in it all. It’s all about kids. So stupidly, he was placed in the family. And that might mean that the whole family

Unknown Speaker 23:03
surrogate for I don’t know, I’m not I’m not really sure. I know some of the other programs for the kids coming out foster care going into like low income housing, they normally have a five year period that are eligible before that assistance. So they’d be working like 18 to 23 I get those. But

Unknown Speaker 23:31
the other thing is a school district

Unknown Speaker 23:39
anyone Have you ever done deals with people that are marginally homeless or homeless? So they can give us a lot of landscaping and

Unknown Speaker 23:52
there’s a couple projects that just opened

Unknown Speaker 23:55
Carolina with Baker, and they have a handful of vouchers for kids aging out of foster care. So I don’t know if you want to connect with one.

Unknown Speaker 24:06
Baker housing, it’s called the Caraway.

Unknown Speaker 24:08
Where’s that? in Assam it’s an apples

Unknown Speaker 24:11
County. It’s basically like right at the edge of us. 36 just had more around that area, not as familiar. But I went to their grand openings

Unknown Speaker 24:21
to really get to know him and then the last one is moving to work. Hard is put out a NOFA for 30 additional agencies to participate in an experiment for vouchers and the moving to work. It’s an asset building. It’s actually just to pay for a counselor to help people save and you can use your admin He used to put into savings accounts for them. I cannot believe Monday comes available with it, it’s just that they read a lot of federal regulations. And again, that’s going to come out in the NOFA. I will, I will look into that. What I read was, it’s just funding flexibilities. And I don’t think we’re at a position to do two possible improvements. But it’s if there’s any funding that comes with it,

Unknown Speaker 25:31
I wonder if we could tie it to like the pie program with the county,

Unknown Speaker 25:34
you know, recent, we used to fund the pipe program with the CDBG funds, and it was a government program to get up and running and constant. But that would be that’s what I was thinking. When I read this was a program that would be something that we should

Unknown Speaker 25:54
partner with, yeah, I need to start something. There might be a whole village residents, it’s one thing to just put money aside and know like, Okay, if the someone’s going to match it, it’s another to like, understand money in general, why and how it works and when the benefits are long term and how to deny that or cherish. That high program, personal investment,

Unknown Speaker 26:24
something, okay. We had our different eyes from that lesson. There was a lot of financial advice given to the rise families share the point guard and building their credit, and how to do that and how to budget and how to not just save that, how to budget and and there were and I probably mentioned this before, now that nine families there were two of them that buy homes after five years of that program. So it the whole financial issue with the whole financial picture because presented high that’s that that that that’s there are rumblings and whatnot that they want to kick up the rise. So we might have resources that can pull it together. Yeah. And I’m all for financial counseling. Yes. To all residents. Yes. Especially with families. Yeah. But again, I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 27:41
Just financial counseling offered through the senior centers.

Unknown Speaker 27:44
I think the senior center does have some financial counseling for good. I’m trying to think the counseling the older county counseling programs funded to the CDBG program. They provide financial counseling to people in Longmont.

Unknown Speaker 28:12
Yeah, have any income level?

Unknown Speaker 28:14
Yeah. Yeah. So that’s it. That’s my report.

Unknown Speaker 28:23
That’s going to be development updates.

Unknown Speaker 28:26
Okay, so just talk about some of the highlights on Congress amaze. For religious place, we have Sarah box our she’s going to be our consultant on this you can say with a consult with us on on this and we have she we have her under contracts, we have put out a request for qualifications for legal services. So far, we have one declined because we put a not to exceed without authorization. So just some sort of controls, but even though flexible, if the if it was needed. We put that in $100,000. And we got one of the clients or so. But we are we still have the proposals are due today at the end of the day and update today. And so we will see what happens. And then reduce doing document gathering analyzing rent rolls, getting things prepped and ready to take off on the prison to project we close on Friday. All right. Yeah. It was uh, we’ve talked about some of the challenges, obviously the construction process relation, but then this is our first lifetime project. We’re putting our foot funding through and there’s a lot of talk about how our tech go together. And so we had to do a lot of due diligence and creativity to make sure that it played well but the equity side I’m sure we’ve got that all sorted out, got all the city funding passed to Lhh and ready to go. So we’re ready to rock. So they should start construction July 1 is the target for the over the land over and over. So this one’s a no hdc assets currently, the they purchased it for $800,000. I forget what year it was 2014 or something. And they use city affordable housing funds to purchase it. So they have a loan that’s due back to the city. So there’s a couple things going on, we’re talking about how that that transfer of assets over to lmha could go and how to deal with it, the 800,000. And then we’ve got a draft request for qualifications for a combo team. We’re a one stop shop, we want the team that knows how to work together. So financial consulting on the deal, prefab development, and architecture altogether. So that’s what we’re putting out for it’s just in draft form. If you’d like to check it out, we would be welcome. I would welcome your feedback on that since this is the first real massdevelopment like that without looking for a full team. The reason that we did that is a reduces the amount of procurement we have to do. But what we are, since we are looking to do a prefab option there. We know that there are like Indian Oil, for example, which we expect to propose, they have architects that are familiar with their products, and they have partnerships with consultants. So we have not, it’s just in barely draft form. So we’ll be working on that still for a little bit before we put it out. But that’s where we are with that. So if anybody’s interested, we would like your feedback on it.

Unknown Speaker 31:55
Okay. We targeted the number of units on the type of project kind of parameters.

Unknown Speaker 32:04
So we so far, it’s a range based on what we can get there density wise, we know that we are targeting family units. So what we know is possible is you could do a mix of some townhome style units and some staff departments, you know, larger size apartments on top. That’s just what we know is possible, but the RFP will, we’ll see what can happen and propose. But so far going with the general family units, we know that we could get between 30. And I think I think the number was between 30 and 70 is max. And so we just said somewhere, but we just said range. Obviously we want more. But we also want to make sure the character of what we’re going for speaking with planning just to see what kind of process we go through. So that is in the works. Next, where are we now that we have Katie come on board, we’re just rocking and rolling. So affordable assisted living. We have been we need to refresh on that we’re talking about researching ways to use our archive funding to provide a pipeline for Ellijay residents that are in need. So we have been doing a lot of research. We have a lot of good resources out there right now that are kind of Kismet coming together. So in DC, the National Development Council we have had the city has a contract with them to help on on an array of development issues. And they have a lot of experience doing affordable assisted living, assisted living. And then we met with another developer on another project and he said he just throughout assisted living and the ears perked up, I chatted with him after he has worked with NBC affordable assisted living in Illinois. And we’re just having conversations around the community. We met with cinnamon park, or senior housing options later today just to find out kind of what their their operational structure is using Medicaid. And then we’ve already been talking to the over communities, they have land, they also have a need. And there’s potentials that we’re just chatting off to see if something works for all involved, where we could each have a pipeline, one Build tab in Haslet units. So the challenge here is we can your specialty is providing units and human development side which that’s their specialty. We need their specialty to come in and do the operational side. So we just need to make sure that there’s a funding sources reliable long term, we can put something together. So we might have development consultant, a developer land and a service provider might coming together, still researching nature works. But that’s kind of what’s the

Unknown Speaker 35:04
thing. But so our family units that Hoover’s probably still going to be focusing on senior housing,

Unknown Speaker 35:14
assisted living.

Unknown Speaker 35:17
The Overland the family units, okay. We’re talking to Hoover community. So this will be a complete. Okay. They do senior independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care. So we’ll see we’ll see what pans out but right now we’re discussing with people what their needs are and Mother table. The Royal mobile home park, do you recall the mobile home park that washed away in the flood? The city owns that land. Now the flooding improvements have been made, it will be out of the match floodplain, you’re probably in 2023 approved by FEMA. So we’re chatting right now just internally at the city with planning and looking at the riparian setbacks and just seeing what kind of proposal we could put there. But the intent is to do. rental units basically go as high as we can. In that area. It’s close to person A transit station, transit oriented development, we’re talking to NDC. About that, since there’s potential for new market tax credit and other kinds of financing in that area. So we’re just doing some city internal due diligence right now to see what makes more sense at that site. It’s three and a half acres before the setback, but we are talking about what makes sense if a setback there is a unique areas. Yes. Yeah, and the riparian area is defined. So we’re, we’re strategizing what we could do there to make it make sense and also still have enough room to develop. Well, with the

Unknown Speaker 37:12
change in the construction on the river, what is the floodplain now and

Unknown Speaker 37:17
it’s constrained. I mean, it’s still it’s still a mapping, but the setback still applies, regardless of the floodplain. And that’s not It’s not to take this to work. So internal.

Unknown Speaker 37:40
So we’re pretty sign agreement with mark up on the transit oriented development furthermore. Further north, and so as we look at the broader transit oriented areas, or maybe some additional opportunities to aggregate as part of that, so you can build affordable around again, so we’re still early stages

Unknown Speaker 38:22
the things that we’re working through, see what makes more sense. But the intent is very good oriented martial arts. And then other things that that are in the works that are related to hardware, whether or not they end up being great tools to the lhsaa. But we’re looking at an affordable for sale project, but we might have some opportunities coming forward for that. area, hobbies, and then a transitional housing or some sort of unconscious option. We’re all very early, we’re looking at what is possible. And so let’s do some research on partnerships. So that’s the base development of agents. Where we’ve been we’ve been really busy because we’ve got specialty expertise. That’s a big update. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:17
We talked about a year ago as she wouldn’t be nice in five years if we can do this.

Unknown Speaker 39:21
And parents coming possibly sooner.

Unknown Speaker 39:31
Forget Yeah, so we’re, we want the nice present texture and we’re I think we haven’t right before last week. And so we’re just this week, we got our regular restarting regular updates to get with elements to start pointing out everything that needs to happen. The idea is you should be able to close on the financing about March swiftly through the estimate and then construct

Unknown Speaker 39:59
it High the the other points in it. Okay. So we are now entering conversations recovery Cafe really works on recovering from drug addiction, and seeing about the potential recovery and early randomizing to support the residents. Definitely students in terms of

Unknown Speaker 40:44
recovery, which is a big challenge

Unknown Speaker 40:46
for us there. So those conversations are going to start alongside this discussion. So you can try to move on. You worked with all the properties and generally figured out so we think that’s a really good opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 41:04
We’ve done a tour with them this week, to talk about what their needs will be. We’re looking at just chatting with them. Corona architecture, we’re actually have a proposal, we use our funding to qualify for this. So we are working with them to see if they can be really beneficial for the residents and for them.

Unknown Speaker 41:36
To then see resident unusual hosts. So this is really just a reminder that this is not going away by with Michelle’s departure. I have Michelle has notes about quitting recently, Florida cameras, we need to take it and review and start summarizing the priorities by property because they did vary by property, we can see that right off the bat. So I’m just keeping this on as an ongoing that we have it will be sunrise here shortly. Is there any view about that, that we should use as we go forward with that?

Unknown Speaker 42:21
Spare Time Yeah. It was definitely not an hour. It was almost two. And that was like how to leave save my kiddo birthday, I would have stayed longer, I was actually super enjoyable. I had a great time getting to know them and just listening to their experiences, things that they were happy about concerned about.

Unknown Speaker 42:46
Right. We have got some work ahead of us on our finances? I think so I gotta double check. I remember, we came in pieces,

Unknown Speaker 43:04
in general, is that they really seem to appreciate the opportunity to get feedback and conversation. So might be worth thinking about whether this is for regular process

Unknown Speaker 43:27
sometimes and every time. I’m talking a lot more to say. And then there are always people going, Oh, are you receiving

Unknown Speaker 43:44
nice to have like a standing office hours and different properties or dating or something. Because then if people are offloading concerns more regularly, doesn’t pile up three hour

Unknown Speaker 43:58
before looking for a purpose for this board. Some advice that

Unknown Speaker 44:03
we can give to this index.

Unknown Speaker 44:10
And honestly, they have some great ideas for saving lives property, they know what they want to see. So

Unknown Speaker 44:17
that’s one of the things they talked about. Pretty much was communication and that’s

Unknown Speaker 44:28
that’s that’s one of the things that as advisable and that we can help talk with that. Let’s pick especially looking at the rest of this agenda on like, I think the staff needs help. But that’s something we could you know, it’s a gap we could fill. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:50
Yeah, that makes a lot of sense because as we work through things like evictions and other components, it’s kind of hard for us as staff to be getting that in information because we’re on the side of huge help for us. And

Unknown Speaker 45:14
so on I’m six items for input from the lhsaa, board, member to the board commissioners days record retention policy.

Unknown Speaker 45:23
That’s just me again. So I had updated their retention requirements in 2011. So this is just kind of catching up with some new regulations. And it also promotes more of an electronic record keeping paper, where we’re overwhelmed with with paper, we’ve got files and closets. And so we need to dungeons, we, if they offer any funding to help you would be nice if you could hire people to help support. We also we have seven files for one personal note, and we don’t need to keep them past three years. So so it’s, it’s it’s a lot of cleanup. But at least this gives us the opportunity to move forward. Now. I’m doing a cleanup and hopefully get more of the files electronically instead of innkeeper engine. So did you have any questions about it? Or?

Unknown Speaker 46:41
So my question was, like Tronic, slash paper, is it four or some sites? Or is that the reason why sometimes it’s maybe electronic sounds like a paper or it gives you the option?

Unknown Speaker 46:58
It just gives you the option? I’d like to see most everything become electronic. Eventually, yeah. But this, this is more geared to electronic.

Unknown Speaker 47:12
And then in terms of your electronic file keeping is saved in some sort of database that makes it easier to find or just small files on the network.

Unknown Speaker 47:25
easier to find.

Unknown Speaker 47:27
On bass, right. So that’s our

Unknown Speaker 47:32
record. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 47:34
Boy, yeah. So it will be easier. They’re not easy, but easier. Well, it also has controls on who has access to your backups and that beyond me,

Unknown Speaker 47:57
it is all based on the capability of remote removing the documents in line with your Yeah, purging of monetary potential problems here.

Unknown Speaker 48:10
We can insert dates and then you can actually, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:18
Let’s see, I was working on looking at looking at classes that she resigned. So our new records retention person for the city will help us figure that out,

Unknown Speaker 48:29
not to have things automatically, because if the dates are injured and wrong, right.

Unknown Speaker 48:38
I had just a couple of questions. And they just really are sort of, you know, understanding here. So this three years after completion of contracts as a federal guidelines,

Unknown Speaker 48:52
these are all federal guidance.

Unknown Speaker 48:55
Just I was wondering where that number came from, yeah. Where are you have on input scuze me employ applications unsuccessful. It says two years after day of application, I’m trying to figure out why we would keep those 10 required to keep them for two years after the law. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 49:17
probably relates to some labor law. discrimination, discrimination. Okay, got that keep the record in case I think people have two years statute of limitations. legal stuff

Unknown Speaker 49:34
somebody popped out. And then on the last page where it has reasonable accommodations, number two rent reasonable accommodations and then you go down farther. Next, another reasonable accommodation. What’s the difference between those two and the one says medically the other one does not.

Unknown Speaker 49:57
So um, last word, last thing. is a reasonable accommodation request if they contain a really sensitive information.

Unknown Speaker 50:06
And then the one up above that number one says written reasonable accommodation determination. I was just wondering what the difference was. And then the medical title says,

Unknown Speaker 50:17
So, so it’s a session. So the written reasonable accommodation is from the tenant, and what accompanies them is medical. And so it’s medical part that needs to be destroyed and not kept. the read request from the family is cat.

Unknown Speaker 50:42
Medical seems great,

Unknown Speaker 50:43
okay. I’m just gonna suggest that if it was helpful for resources to like volunteer to scan documents, to help convert to a time, I would be happy to help with that. Because I know how intensive that

Unknown Speaker 51:08
can be. We found that we were very paper oriented organization is COVID. And it was a lot of documents, you can bless you went into the office.

Unknown Speaker 51:40
Well, that’s another reason my support for the weekend. Like you’re having staff, or HDV staff that they sometimes they’re coming on site, because we’ve been short on property managers just being here, and they need access to stuff. So

Unknown Speaker 52:00
60 section three plan,

Unknown Speaker 52:03
do we need, we need an approval. This is approved by the Board July 5, but really, this is more for him. But for governor. So same with this one, the second law, so

Unknown Speaker 52:15
we’re going to make a recommendation for approval to do that. Motion for recommendation retention policy to the board commission. So let’s say I was unanimous. 16 sections.

Unknown Speaker 52:45
That’s me too. So Henry probably understands that all housing authorities Academy section three, Section three is for development type projects. And any, anytime LBJ puts any funding into a not maintenance, but some type of construction, they put money into it, then the data to follow the session three requirements. And section three is just a way for local housing authorities to help employ tenants. It’s usually it’s usually for public housing tenants. But since there’s no public tenants here, we look at like at properties and we also look at the voucher program. And so it’s just it’s just a mechanism for her to get preference is for those those participants to be high on the construction. So so any construction job that they could do anything, anything related to this construction, even though it might be in the office of construction, that he’s doing office kinds of things, if we if the lhsaa hire somebody to do because of a construction company because of a construction project. We have

Unknown Speaker 54:22
to find a section three

Unknown Speaker 54:25
if the construction contractor is paid over $100,000 for the project, the name I have to call a session tomorrow when they start hiring for that project specifically for that okay.

Unknown Speaker 54:42
Really, it’s not necessary follow us to monitor the contractors to make sure that

Unknown Speaker 54:48
we have to anytime and like Jade puts a penny into a project. Yeah, it then we have to follow. So when we do our procurements, we have to there’s a section Three contractors if, you know 50%, they it’s really hard to explain. You know, it’s a three day training for right after they would have to

Unknown Speaker 55:18
follow, for example, on spoke PCJ didn’t hire anybody, specifically speaker or contractor is a section three contractor. So their staff, they all essentially they are certified so that when I have to do the compliance reporting, all I did was just say they’re certain. You easy too hard. No one? Yeah. It is very complicated to me. Because I’m like,

Unknown Speaker 55:44
What are we doing? I know, and they changed. Yeah. Just recently, and that’s the reason we have this new section to policy, they change the way that you count employees, what is Section Three employee looks like? Now maybe section three people have to be higher. So that is the reason that we have this policy. It’s actually the same policy with different regulations in here that CBGB has to follow.

Unknown Speaker 56:15
And are we typically following the safe harbor benchmarks? Just remember? Your questions?

Unknown Speaker 56:35
And I think what you’re hearing from Tracy just sitting while she and we haven’t heard this, she’s our HCV, animal compliance manager. So this is her compliance work that she’s doing, which I don’t think we’ve had, you know, looking at cameras for years. So this is the compliance part of the arteries. Or what tracing was over?

Unknown Speaker 56:59
We saw her Yeah, it’s a little bar. It’s much more refreshing to think about how we do comply with how we make up for failure.

Unknown Speaker 57:16
Right. So I think, well, if you’re ready to have another motion to recommend approval for the board.

Unknown Speaker 57:31
Make the motion. We have a motion to approve the section three. Section three plan for hours already. Vote yes, I, Janice, so on to succeed writer loan refinance. So Briar wood bowling is due April 1 that will lift payment of about $457,000. We decided to go back to first bank and see if there’s an opportunity to extend that. So we’re looking at a 15 year loan, so we don’t get an apple payment situation again, exactly what percent interest rate that we’re locked in, and what they’re going to do, they’ve been out for 500,000. Based on the appraisal and everything else done. With any cashback, you’ve decided to take that and create a replacement reserve for the Brian was because we do not have one. There’s no Senator Hatch that was ever set aside to do any tether repair some great work that he did. So I’m thinking it’s going to be probably around $30,000. And then maybe we also probably need to establish a monthly allocation as well. Because that’s not that’s not the will because it was never part of it. Tax Credit is tea or anything like that, that sets that up. So make establishing some type of per unit costs, I think, by the end of this year to make sure that we’re going to start adding to that fund as you go.

Unknown Speaker 59:22
So what was the next budget? Run them to?

Unknown Speaker 59:29
Reserve? Well, we’ll need to do. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So that may be that. We may have to increase increase rates rents for the office for not necessarily the tenants, but I know that tenants haven’t had we haven’t done an increase there. Yeah, so we’ll have to look at the tenants to see what types are out there who have vouchers who doesn’t come out. It’s kind of half and half right now. There’s half that has about Just so that

Unknown Speaker 1:00:10
we’re clear this is we’re gonna hold a special board meeting next season to aim to get this approved because there’s so much going on just a related item six PCP is occupying the offices and sobriety offices, they have approached us or have already not heard. They’re doing volunteer project to fix up the gazebo and some of the common areas and speaking of number of different reserves, we have some volunteers with the competence and this will ever call cost would

Unknown Speaker 1:00:57
be on the cost of the supplies that they have when they insert the art and the OtterBox is coming in to do all the repairs and review the ramp up to the skill sets, doing the actual work and making sure it’s all within ABA compliance.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:21
Based on the barbecue out there, they’ve been having some events where they’re that translated by providers and residents to participate. Whoever holds some of the residents have been involved with them the gardening getting plants out there picking up some of the weeds and they’re making the community feel they’re

Unknown Speaker 1:01:48
part of that order to work plans or goals

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
reports a bit operation is

Unknown Speaker 1:02:07
it cash customers report we did have a 1% drop in 94% This is going to be due to our unit our best units are now six or seven in the portfolio. And then we have some maintenance. But now I’m fully saturated when needed, who is injured who was only working with limited capabilities I had when I want surgery, but we hired everybody hired and paid back in full capacity. So he set some guidelines because they’ve made the team last week with my managers in the maintenance setting timeframes getting everybody on the same page and how we’re moving forward on maintenance request maintenance timeframes turn request vendors so when we see these numbers come up pretty quickly fully operational and we made it because we’re below so I’ll go over some of the with the property updates please the next portion but any questions on the occupancy

Unknown Speaker 1:03:15
lease are all going to be done by dockside

Unknown Speaker 1:03:19
correct grant is a state requirement correct here on the copy and paste so I’m going to return to where we’re at in the process.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:40
So for the property updates, general copies make so we’ve had the fire department as many copies of conversations to me and you I’m actually working with the show only with the fire department right now because almost each one I have different information from each fire department are at least been at most of them. And some were really good and some were very iffy. So I’m trying to work with Michelle to get all parties on the same page so that I can get the same information to all residents so that we’re not doing one thing at one property one thing after another property and it makes it really confusing but we were told this and we’re told that we’re trying to get all that organized right now the fire department but it was nice having up here the residents really seem to enjoy it. A lot of will be paired with the ice cream socials and so we figured fire nice opportunity for the residents to get with you for the coffee conversations. Crazy next slide is attending are pocketing conversations and working with the residents who don’t already have the low cost internet or free internet. So they’re going through how to get the upgraded modems how to you know, get a higher speed applies to the programs. They’re even bringing with a list of residents who aren’t receiving any rebates and try to swap those residents afterwards to say, hey, we noticed you’re using an FHA property, you should automatically get this discount, you’re not why. And so they’re trying to help them get those discounts. Right then and there.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
Yes, you’re making 20 It will be here,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:13
forever program grants, federal dollars, basically covering 100% of the cost circuit. So the Fed program pays the full rate. And we reduce it. And we believe the Fed program is a way of recovering internally. But as long as that program is free for every customer,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:42
right, and the only cost of the restaurant is if they decide to rent a modem, it’s 895 per month, or they have the option to buy their own modem. And what they’ve done, this next slide is lhg properties are already exempt. They don’t have to do the application. Because all LNG properties are affordable already. They’re just requirements I need to show that or proof that they live here with a balloon. So they just recently moved here, so they don’t have to go to that long application process. So they supervise him for la que es phonetic calendar invite LJ is hosting a fair housing training on August 11. At The Museum, we’re bringing in West’s I cannot remember his last name now. But I’ve worked with some food squabbling with the city to bring in a National Fair Housing trainer to work with not just Lhh staff, the HCI staff, our accountants, everybody who works with LG, the Senior Services who may interact with an LS a resume so that they kind of have the basics of fair housing and what we go through what we have to watch for just precautions to look out for not to get themselves in any liabilities. So we’ll be inviting you guys along with the City Council as well. So I’ll send out that calendar invites. We’re expecting about 40 people. And the focus of this fair housing training is not going to be reasonable accommodations and service animals, which a lot of Fair Housing trainings these days seem to be geared towards we want this more of the do’s and don’ts. What do you do for one you do for all type situations?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:22
What kind of 23

Unknown Speaker 1:07:24
it’s 830 to 1230. Erica, thank you. You ever

Unknown Speaker 1:07:34
think I’d be asleep? Wouldn’t be cooler. The senior center will be providing all the refreshments for best

Unknown Speaker 1:07:47
going into the property. So the suites currently we have the blood meth unit that’s in remediation. That’s what that we had to get assessed from last year. Everything’s basically in there now saying that we should have that one, the second week of July in our possession and fully ready to break out. Since preparing this, we did get medical results back on another unit. And that one is probably the highest we’ve ever seen. So that would definitely have to come down to the studs they had.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:20
Yeah, it was three times higher than the worst.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:25
Not yet, because they gotta get this flooring up. So while the secondary tests they had to test, it has to five feet outside of the unit in the hallway that had a reasonable level. So they went 10 feet just got the results back to the 10 feet that 10 feet is low enough so they don’t have to be can contaminate that, but in that first five feet, there is another unit. So we’ve tested that unit inside as well. We’re waiting, and we’re waiting for those results.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:52
So are we retaining their deposits? Or is there any way to get any money back from it at all?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
So we’ve been talking about this? First of all, there is some acid fans, there’s really nothing out there that really is a true threat of consequence. When by the time sometimes by the time we get the testing done, they’re not their government. In this instance, we are going to see what we can do about pursuing a civil case potentially, because we might have a window of opportunity. So but generally, what we have talked about doing that we think is a good investment is you can do Amazon, which you’ve been doing just at home tests as a preliminary screening, and then you bring in the professionals if you got a reading we’ve been talking about for any new move in doing a preliminary test, showing those results and having some new tenant say look, this is a clean unit, and then on recertification every year we want to test it right Do it at this point, it’s, it’s just to show residents that we are watching this, that we take the safety of the neighbors very seriously. And that is some sort of threat of consequence. And so if we can, especially that for a new movement that we have that clear results, and if it ever comes up not clear, then we have a before and after. Eventually, that could be relied upon. For now. It’s just a recertification. And if it comes up, we, you know, we can’t necessarily say it was definitely you are not, but it’s just at least something out there that shows that we are taking this seriously. There are consequences to this. Because this is crazy, that really

Unknown Speaker 1:10:48
wouldn’t fit with anything related to maintenance and property, right, because we go in afterward inspect, you know, how it’s been used, and if it’s normal use or excessive, and this has become part of it. So I think that’s a fantastic process.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:07
So I sent everything to our attorney on Friday, because they’re working on our lease, but they’re also going to work on the disclosure addendum because my attitude is something like this already. I don’t have a property, because I didn’t do my research. They have a big I guess my problem on my hands. So landlords have started doing this testing beforehand, having a disclosure that they sign off on stating that management has the right to test annually, if not more frequently. So I think the suites, this is going to be a big deteriorate, as people start hearing this in one move into the suites, then they find out we’re doing this, they may not even want to sign that lease.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:39
We’re gonna tell them not to have people stay with them. That might be

Unknown Speaker 1:11:42
right. But they’re Yeah, that’s true. But there are also people that aren’t going to go to Belize because of the drug problem. And if we’re doing that, and the message is going to be this is going to get abated. And it’s going to be less and less to worry about. So we were there’s two sides to

Unknown Speaker 1:12:02
this for every category back to it sends it right to Bloomberg. Anyway, one of the things that we’re talking about in the work that we’re doing in the recovery Cafe there is to do sober living. Because we think that’s important, we don’t have that in our portfolio. So so that’s a piece of this as well. But the scary part in this is what are we going to find? How much is that going to cause. But when we talked about it, I did say we probably want to start having conversations with our insurance company ahead of time. Because long term, the sooner we catch it, the less it constitute fate, the more on top of it we are, the less we’re going to get the insurance over time, as we’re being fulfilled, we don’t want to do it without them knowing about it, because I could, I could start seeing a rush of claims. And then the next thing you know we’re in a pickle. So we want to do that in conjunction with him in terms of the one that’s the highest number that we’ve ever seen. You know, they will have to test once they pull the drywall and everything else out. And I honestly I’m concerned what we’re going to find in the, in the wood in the concrete. Because we’ve seen other units with concrete that has been contaminated that they had to grind. So this one could be a really expensive unit, we’d see the impact on the adjacent units. The good news is they don’t share H vac. So that’s not a problem. But all that being said, I have operationally said, we need to go with this individual. Because it is so bad that we’ve got to basically draw the line in the sand and start sending the message that you can just leave. Yeah. Do we think we’ll get anything? Probably not. If there’s a civil judgment in we have an eviction on this

Unknown Speaker 1:14:15
is so efficient for any mathematician who will not suppress the record. So we’re making sure that was left over.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:20
So between both of those, those are the those are really only the two that you can really look at in terms of not housing folks. Because of the attack on under units. We didn’t want another housing authority or another market rate apartment complex to deal with the same individual knowing that this is likely going to happen again. We’re also talking about how do we talk with to private landlords about taking a very similar approach. Because a lot of times when they go through the eviction process they just do they’ll say, Oh, I’ll leave, I’ll leave at the last minute. And so they don’t go through the eviction. And so you still have somebody with the contaminated a unit. And really talking to all the landlords about how important it is with meth that you continue through the eviction, because then that becomes something that basically could save your, your partner down the road. And, you know, the multicam, that leases for multifamily. So we’re working through all these issues. It’s significant. At the end of the day, it impacts the residence. And yeah, I don’t think there’s a single property where we haven’t seen meth contamination. Well, maybe. I mean, so so that so the framework on this is, even though we have a interesting restricted units, we’re seeing this all over. primates have seen it too. I mean, if we’re gonna differ, but we are definitely targeted, Molly and Lisa got going pretty hard on this.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:07
So at the sweets, do you also check the elephants as well?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:13
There we go into every unit every year. So we’re putting it on it?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:18
Well, this is great, because this was brought up at several properties. And I wanted to know what’s been done to deal with this. Yeah. So at least there’s an answer now.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:32
Some communication back to the residents about how hard the moment gets the simple visual are, we just trust?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:40
Well, we just started these topics last week, because we got this the highest test results we’ve ever seen. And we got to in the same day that now it’s going to make the next unit over. So we really, we came are trying to go on this and just started working through what’s happening with our attorneys see what we needed to do. I have 40 back tests now sitting in my office, so when we’re ready to go, we got him because normally we’re taking 30 days to come in and these ones came in overnight. So

Unknown Speaker 1:17:08
So part of it is and we’re being intentionally vague to a certain extent, but we also need we’re also trying to figure out what we need to know and who we need to inform so we’re aware of this individual move their stuff into a storage unit. Now go back in time to when we just took over we had the eviction I think you all were on the board when we had the eviction suites where literally Carrie and I were helping we had to rent a pod because of the way download was done. And what we learned now it is they had to line the pod the plastic and then they had to wrap certain household items so they wouldn’t contaminate and so we’ve got another thing we’re trying to figure out if what’s our obligation to the storage company because we know that there’s contaminated materials and so there’s all these things we’re chasing down on this but no I think once we once we can work with the attorneys really wide and of course I think yeah we’re pretty overt about here’s what we’re doing we want to house you but you can’t do this and because this one contaminated unit could kick another person out depending on

Unknown Speaker 1:18:40
and kick an innocent personnel

Unknown Speaker 1:18:43
my Yeah. I am concerned about community hot water steam through all of our apartments we don’t have money weekend we have thermostat but we still have you know we share the pipes and whatever to get hot water heat right

Unknown Speaker 1:19:08
it’s still my turn area you’re worried about

Unknown Speaker 1:19:09
yeah cancer I’m to burns down from the one that’s contaminated.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:16
River Turner with us here the main system could you just find out Yeah, yeah, just Yeah. Yeah, typically what I’ve been made aware of it’s not one of the air that’s blowing in it’s it’s when you have the column returning or where it sucks into the main system

Unknown Speaker 1:19:41
do you have a window here is so Oh, yeah. No,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:44
she’s worried about the Artemis do your point Cameron Yes, we do plan on doing once we have enough information do you plan on doing a communication effort especially ahead of next year? recertifications call those their doctors

Unknown Speaker 1:20:04
kind of time, or probably jump on something, at least is going to talk about tying into the math units. They made an application to CDBG. And it was approved. And so we will be able to put we’re now going to put cameras and all our housing authority older facilities

Unknown Speaker 1:20:45
that’s gonna make the residents very happy. Oh, yeah, they’re very pro cameras. So we always look at

Unknown Speaker 1:20:51
third courtroom. You did not apply for us, but we will. We have

Unknown Speaker 1:20:57
got, you know, the, what do you call it, but

Unknown Speaker 1:21:04
for whatever reason, I have some metrics in my office, even the one on the third floor. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:08
So but on this says I should do an update on this. Think of it for this agenda. But the Ellijay staff did apply to the city’s CDBG program. And on June 28. On Tuesday, the council will consider approving those so that they were recommended awards for resurfacing Hearthstone and launch parking lot, including ADA modifications, really doing the playground at after Meadows neighborhood. And the security cameras. So those are all recommended for approval. It’s a total of a new playground, I said think it was a total of $140,000 worth of projects.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:56
And then we’re gonna apply for more when they open up again at the end of summer. Back to the suite.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:04
So you mentioned that it’s for new leases was what we’re going to be asking for the bathroom. So the recertification because we sent them a yearly lease, alright. And then so that recertification will also add that

Unknown Speaker 1:22:16
language into it. So they’ll kind of be phased out. We’ll start with move in here, immediately. Existing folks will be at research. And so between now and then, in the next year. To one yeah, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:30
Why can she blanket, you know, just an amendment to the current lease real quick with everybody?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:39
Well, that’s what we’re working on as a disclosure. Yeah. Both crime free that doesn’t does give us the okay to go in and test. Yes, we want even more clear that lhsaa is going to be proactive on this. We’re going to be going in and testing at least annually, at minimum, if not more frequently.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:57
More frequently review on what caused

Unknown Speaker 1:23:00
it. It would be if we have cause okay, like, like when we had, we have a situation on sweets and it’s already been an eviction. We added the lady wrapping something, put it on her neighbor’s door with a unwrapped it. It was a mess. So we went through eviction on that one, that unit was tested. That’s one of our other methods that the suites that should be back online this week. We’re just waiting for the final test. That was a low contamination but things like that were arrested, we find out they were in possession, then we’re going to want to test that unit. And we’ll probably test them in three or four others in the building just so it’s not just one person to get tested out one for going and do whatever. Well, yeah, I just want reasonable fraud.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:44
Yeah, I don’t want me you know, anything happening to like,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:48
making the papers. Yeah. Yeah, no, no, somebody who will be talking to Morris Morris week for somebody else. Who can’t you use the city’s dogs?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:03
No. We’re not going down that road. They wrote to me, I guess I’d explain that.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:14
Yeah. And then one other question on that. So will we be testing so we added that into the new recertification process, we’ll be testing at that point or the next recertification process

Unknown Speaker 1:24:26
at that point reset the first recertification. So when they start the paperwork, we’re going to have to sign the disclosure saying, Hey, we’re gonna come in because we start to read certifications 120 days before they’re there. So at that time, when they come in for the first initial program, we’re going to have them sign that disclosure, the manager will come in, do the test. And then then we know if we even need to move forward with the paperwork and do a lease renewal or they just need to notice the baking.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:53
And then Tracy’s team, marvelous and Ruby. There are two of

Unknown Speaker 1:24:59
us Right. Yeah, the same.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:03
Yeah, but they’re actually ahead of schedule now, which was, okay, then I’m gonna hit appeal process. And then at all, or so whatever.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:13
So whatever, you know, our

Unknown Speaker 1:25:14
initial test comes back positive. They want to appeal it, or we’re gonna have like the official

Unknown Speaker 1:25:22
policy that work through and I think, you know, you have a burger with me like, you know, we can work with them for that game.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:31
Yeah, we do. We do know that if somebody doesn’t move in like a clean test, we can’t prove it was right, you know. But we still want to. This is all said without understanding how many. But we do want that residents we live in an unsafe unit. So whether it was them or not we fix the situation, also see how we can go about that. Or whatever it wasn’t that wasn’t the President that we’re

Unknown Speaker 1:26:13
having, have we thought getting into the liability, that?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:20
Well, my client, this is your lawyer checking the boxes first. Because we got to talk to insurance. There we go. Just to make sure this is our idea of what we’d like to do. But make sure because the problem that we are afraid of, we are apparently we have a mess policy. Do people even go into that same company are not getting with policies. So we need to protect that policy at all costs. So doing this in a preventative way, is good. There’s also risks you need to assess. And keeping especially everything low level, keeping it out of our deductible, and keeping it out of claims as much as we can.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:02
Remember, maybe that’s part of the insurance. We can really work with them and demonstrate how over time the Trotsky’s remediation is going to increase dramatically. There may be a cost on the front end but it’s probably not as significant as what we’re finding with someone making an economic burden for them. So we got a lot of work

Unknown Speaker 1:27:31
in this as an example so for next door I have a townhouse and that was going to be estimated about 150 the one here we’re probably going to be right around five wasn’t so so if we can catch them early where it’s not contaminated. Or we can like really early into the work. Our costume that this we are what our deductible would have been

Unknown Speaker 1:27:55
what is the cost of

Unknown Speaker 1:27:59
the new one thing that I would say based on the trend of what we’re seeing, probably close to one thing to do heading over I knew everything but the last thing that was being said everything only be that there was said some some some highlights of everything that was in the living room behind the drywall had to be cut out to the problem was

Unknown Speaker 1:28:30
anything that support a certain tool. One point we’ll be working some type of stainless steel over the walls and then you textured paint over that because then all you’re having to theoretically do is to

Unknown Speaker 1:28:55
paint texture that clean stainless steel you know those are things we’re going to start looking at. And that’s that’s the biggest concern with this one the numbers are so high that that course is the big scary thing between houses like that. We have to deal with at least

Unknown Speaker 1:29:29
three times a day so as on the level of cooking, you’re

Unknown Speaker 1:29:40
not going to transfer yours as well. But we have a suspicion in our eyes. Police reports daily

Unknown Speaker 1:29:56
residence when we talk to residents who work So they haven’t gotten that message.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:10
Well, the sweat of this class I went up this week, they came up on the older county arrest record softening image that they weren’t arrested here in LA, they were arrested for a probation violation, we knew that they had a hot UA with their probation officer. So we work with our local community to get the information from the report to proceed with the eviction. Those are all public records. Have that system first

Unknown Speaker 1:30:45
of all, I think we have to be careful if the same company is not doing that. For other ones, we’re getting ready to take our policy away as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:56
Because well, that’s why I’m set to work with them and protect that policy.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:02
So more for this week’s positive note, the manager and the resource specialists have started having weekly coffees with the residents. They just sit in the common area and like residences to stop in with the suites and the different personalities and types of people there. They’re not really big on having social activities because they have Yeah, they’re their personalities. So the manager resource specialists in the common area and just make themselves available for those who want to come communicate if they try to connect with other residents who may have similar gardens Yeah, personalities who might want to walk together so some are volunteering together so we just started this a couple of weeks ago and so far so good, the residents are really liking it, they have about 15 residents participate so I was asked about a senior house construction replaced part of the second floor up here on this North Wing two weeks ago because the sub floor was it was Mills functioning properly like why mold to break so they’ve done a test flooring we’re gonna watch that for two months and then possibly have to come back and do the whole

Unknown Speaker 1:32:15
building. So we’re finding that this floating floor methodology installation methodology is is having issues everywhere but they’ve been stalled especially I mean, it’s it’s generally fine but once you put walkers on it, it catches any little thing and it just gets worse and worse. So we are watching to see how it performs the new method that they did in the install in that hallway seeing how it performs specifically with walkers and other you know things on the floor and then we’ll come up with a plan for

Unknown Speaker 1:32:52
the material it’s this

Unknown Speaker 1:32:55
the sub floor so it says like noise attenuation floating what layer that they’re taking out and redoing so it is like a you know it’s a warranty issue this is not an allergy issue. So

Unknown Speaker 1:33:12
it’s we’re not the only property they’re doing this

Unknown Speaker 1:33:15
so nobody’s gonna do this type of installation.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:20
Charles asked me is it the material?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:24
Well it because it’s terial in the way that it’s supposed to be manufactured in this floating combo.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:36
That’s kind of a manufactured thing that Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:41
We do have an external firm back and unit here. currently waiting for this meeting. It was a low contamination so that we will just be professionally cleaned by the contamination company and then retested and then handed back over to us so that we’re only expecting about 60s to be now we are working to evictions, one for felony trespassing and one for me say at violations. I did speak to our attorney the other day and he did state that if a residents reach out to advisory board members, city council members, anybody about evictions, just tell them to contact our attorney because they are in that legal process. Neighborhood the Mexican candidate unit will begin reconstruction actually this week, the adjuster approved the bid. The unit cost did exceed our coverage amount. So we will have to pay for them. And they sent us our check already. You should be getting that. As long as the the CDBG. Grant was approved for the playground and for the security cameras of the neighborhood. Prior with that, I’ll touch on this the veterans community project has a group of volunteers fixing up and then we have one unit that was we were granted eviction for on Friday for non payment of For four months,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:02
just find a suggestion about

Unknown Speaker 1:35:03
the playground. It whatever you use to design and build that wants to put in a zipline I don’t know if you guys heard about the recent cottonwood park opened up in Lewisville, but they’ve already had two kids injured one was pretty bad at it. So ya know. They’re fine. They are not they’re a huge liability. No good success. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:28
LISA works with our parks department too. Because they’re pretty good at watching stuff like that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:39
Village plays on Capitol Hill. She’s the former manager of Spring Creek and Fall River is transferring over transitioning over to village place. We have kind of an easy transition. Worked out some residents at Fall River Spring Creek don’t feel like she just happened left them because I know that’s been some shaky ground over there. They really feel that man abandoned by everybody. So yeah, Rachel, we hired a new manager Rachel, she started two weeks ago. So she is concentrated on Fall River right now and having her working together on Spring Creek. And the catsuit village place part time as they’re slowly going to ease her out and over to village play school days.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:16
And Rachel is coming from Loveland as an authority and has a bunch of experience. So she

Unknown Speaker 1:36:21
used to have five properties that she managed at the same time, so she’s thinking that to spread recall her way through sections from Lola perfectly, I’m a little leery.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:34
The Wishing Well. We had to love on people. And they ruined us. So that was Murphy and looking at 5000. Yeah. That was fuel that they were closing what letter and

Unknown Speaker 1:36:58
I’m like, okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:59
don’t look at conspiracy. So,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:03
just give him a knock on my eye. We are pretty confident that you made some good hires recently. So well, that new director, yeah. So they kind of adapted to the change. Okay, they have a new meeting. I feel better now. Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:21
Yeah. So everyone’s actually very good. It’s a really cool. Really cool, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:28
Yep, some sort of beautiful stuff. So I’m give her a chance. I’ll forgive but never forget. I totally forgive

Unknown Speaker 1:37:48
yourself. For agreeing. We are addressing a Mexican baby unit there too. It was another lower scale, just require the testing the cleaning, and then every test. So are we have, we’re getting the final test results on that unit. So we’re hoping to have that unit back in our inventory in the next week. As soon as those test results come in. And Luna coffee conversations, we’ve had an ice cream social Fire Department supposed to attend, but they got on a call, so they did not attend. So we just had an elongated, basically social their new manager, Rachel, like I said, hired and kept transitioning over to village place. And then we got the CBDT grant for the security cameras at Spring Creek as well. And last Fall River, the new manager, same thing because you need to grab the camera there. And then we had one resident that we were granted division for on Friday for non payment of rent for multiple months.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:46
Yes. And this actually came up when I was doing interviews over there and I went by this morning just to double check. I believe this is a resident that lives there with the truck.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:56
And all of that mess is hosted by the attorney. So he is I think he’s given full court not to

Unknown Speaker 1:39:06
review July 1,

Unknown Speaker 1:39:07
kind of thing because I have we’re only allowed two cases a week. So I have I like eight pending. So he is he’s this hosted if it served multiple doses he’s had we’ve already close to the 10 day for possession so

Unknown Speaker 1:39:21
I actually swing by there on a regular basis and have multiple photos. I said Lisa, some photos where it was worse than it normally is so late at night. It gets worse and then probably isn’t. It’s now maintenance leave at the picnic table that’s adjacent to it. And so we’re gonna do the process.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:42
And the front door area is the motorcycle actually is to that. So you have all about area multiple times my mind says I’m disposed to the items. I’ve sent him an email even on Saturdays and Sundays because I’ll drive through and see that there’s a safety hazard out there. And I will call him leave a voicemail Send an email go post notice on his door since you have three hours remove this device I will happy to throw it away he’s had solids out there and we’re in the middle of a neighborhood presser there’s just so much gasoline hands. So maintenance I work with maintenance daily on that almost it changes.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:17
Yeah still there

Unknown Speaker 1:40:23
are some times when somebody because there will be like a TV there’s a TV or something on talking about we’ll catch up the I’ve seen lights and TVs on there.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:38
Farmer his front door and the neighbor across the hall sends me pictures. So the attorney gets pictures almost daily of what the outside looks like and what the inside looks like. So that was

Unknown Speaker 1:40:48
like it those should be able to see the TV. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:55
It’s still two court cases a week. So

Unknown Speaker 1:40:59
she’s basically every Friday.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:03
We have a Friday morning meeting and I know from the parking lot of the courthouse that I’m talking to them on teams walking in, it’s like Okay, I gotta go through security.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:12
We should change that meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:13
Yeah. So Lodge, fill the maintenance position. The new argued got hired. Calvin has been an asset to lhsa already. Oh, I heard wonderful things

Unknown Speaker 1:41:26
about him. They love them. Yeah, yeah, that

Unknown Speaker 1:41:29
was nice. Just as an example. He’s at herstellen Lodge, but the suites that we had one of the big AC units go down the certified he was actually consulted for h&m mechanical. He said a lot of hard work over the years because they’re consulted. Yeah. So he came in, assessed it all. Okay, time apart from Alaska in the state of Colorado. Him and Dave picked it up on Saturday renting a crane did all the work in house for less than 3000 when the bids were over. 12,000 Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 1:41:58
yeah, they said that they love him because you just get stuff done. He’s not he’s very resourceful and

Unknown Speaker 1:42:04
quick and responsive. Making with him with all his own tools even Yes, all everything you could ever think of he has this is fully stocked workshop and skills galore. So you guys waste his

Unknown Speaker 1:42:17
hires on the maintenance side. I’ve been really good because now we have well, we have to their certified employers. So instead of contracting that out, they can do it as the city we could actually consult with them on our boilers because we don’t have I think anyone certified on boilers and so just the level of expertise that they brought in.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:53
Hearthstone, we had two elevator contracts. Probably about a month in budget meetings before we had two elevator contracts last year. It’s been fighting tooth and nail to get that second one canceled. We just got that canceled last week. By rent for the security cameras there and a grant from the parking lot repairs a heart so we do have it’s not here. The elevator has been down for a week but it should be up to date. up today. They checked out the part that went missing via FedEx, but they have it because the company says they have it so they’re supposed to be there this morning to start the repairs. You’ve tried Mickey Mouse repairs we’ve tried everything they tried to fix the current. It was a board that was out. Unfortunately not manufacturing anymore. They tried to repair a board ordered a new one got lost. But we watch the grant from the cameras and the grant for the parking lot repairs. In the the open positions we have here so looking to open the custodian position that will replace our contract with Australia we’re actually working to move that and the city’s hiring process. That position posted last October it’s just been on indeed and other forums. I’m working with the city right now to bring it under exam so that we can complete screaming blind the hiring process and do that in fact, it should not take us that long to hire Estonian. We are recruiting still for an assistant manager for the LH a tax credit properties which will help fill in a gap here at Aspen meadows and probably village places a few other properties. We have one right now but we need to send a one to replace Aaron Robinson. And then we are building attended positions went live last week which is to replace the suite security which currently we do not have security at the states. But our maintenance team is stepping it up and doing every time they have an on call after hours and on weekends are going over I do on a sweep of the grounds. Put an eye on if you ask for extra control through the police

Unknown Speaker 1:45:01
Ah, receivables. So we’ve made some progress from March to April. But right now my accountant is taking any of the past residents that have balances due and monitoring that first that is going out seconds letters Wow. And then once the third letter went out, basically saying we’re turning you over to collections, determining what that threshold is, still needs to happen. And I don’t think we’ve done that, like, it’s $100. That’s, that’s more right off the National Center to collections. So that’s something we probably want to add. But my air was heating air, I added too much into the Eskimos. And for him the last meeting had a question about it, not matching the financials. Additional amount in there. So I’ll make sure I double check that. Other than that, the managers are doing their delinquency reports on any current residence. But we’re monitoring and tracking. And then Heather has also started now that we’re in our summer mode and her audits over that. She has started looking at all the other tenants she’s been working on the sweets with Corinne and stuff like that, to actually take a look at those letters. A lot of what was happening is it’s just on the wrong side is you know, charged the subsidy or or vice versa. But you have to do the corrections to get it on the right, Ledger’s. And we found that when he wrote off the old past 10 minutes, it caused chaos in the system, because that is what was occurring. So. So that’s there’s no questions on the dressing room. I mean, you’re gonna see some amount start going up because of the mess meth units asked him in those neighborhoods. You know, all the ones that were mentioned, they’re gonna get those charges back to them. I don’t know that we’ve actually, I know, there was discussion at one of our meetings, where, what is the charge? are we charging the school costs that were incurred? Because we’re getting insurance? I don’t know that we’ve ever really decided that mechanism of charge back. I know it was what’s asked what was insurance? What happens. Is as

Unknown Speaker 1:47:34
a support for

Unknown Speaker 1:47:36
do we just go with we just locked our deductible plus any overage to me?

Unknown Speaker 1:47:42
That’s that’s what I don’t know. Yeah. Well, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:47:45
that’s the utterings figured make sense for the attorneys to call the insurance attorneys to subrogated claims that have nothing to spend their money on it. Are they maybe was added to our claim? Well, yeah, for the insurance, if we just we figure our premiums in the annual increase? Yeah. We want to pull them out. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:18
And when you say collections, are those just past 10? So if you’re going after for collections, are those even current as well?

Unknown Speaker 1:48:26
We haven’t really decided current tenants solely been passed. And it’s at the moment. I mean, I know they’re trying to work with the current tense. It usually comes to the eviction process.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:39
Go past tense.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:43
And try to get payment plans if we can, for those current tenants, if they’re having issues or get them resources, additional subsidy if they can get it.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:54
So part of it is they’re partnering with different organizations and trying to catch people up. But in the catch up, they’re also evaluating whether or not they can stay caught up. And so even some of the partner organizations may or may not assist an individual if they don’t feel like they can stay caught up once they baseline. So there’s another piece of the conversation. You got your current rent plus a pasty rent, right, and you don’t catch them up. Yeah. If they think they can stay current once they catch him up, but there’s been some conversation on some of the we will just be back in this next month

Unknown Speaker 1:49:43
or so. So there’s a couple problems both Aspen Meadows neighborhood and Spring Creek where we’re over the vacancy dollars that was budgeted. Some of that is due to you I don’t know about Spring Creek for sure. But definitely asked about later it is in that unit that has been on for a considerable amount of time. So see concerns there. The other concern was obviously snow removal went over budget. And in some properties, not all. We are also kind of getting close because we haven’t hired, our intention was to have a custodian in house sooner than later. And so since we have to do through third party organizations, we’ll get to a point where we’re also going to be going over budget in that area if we don’t get a custodian hire soon, because we didn’t accommodate for the price that comes from third party vendor.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:49
Just moving on to the city position.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:51
Yeah, well, this, we posted it last October, before we were incorporated with the Z. So I’m working with Emily over there to get a hold of us system

Unknown Speaker 1:51:05
72 positions.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:09
And those are individual items that we’re seeing go with budget and total. We’re not going to budget annually. But those are some of the situations that we’re seeing on financial.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:21
So 615 Me Yes, that utility expenses, quote,

Unknown Speaker 1:51:26
that’s an error. Yes, I saw that. And I actually texted my account, like, I think I did something wrong here. It should be down. So that is actually the maintenance expense, that’s actually most of those majority slower. So you shouldn’t see any tenant services expense that 329 is actually not the utility is because we should find that within the lease versus the key name. They were supposed to actually have utilities in their name. And they ever did. So there’s probably a little portion of that that was paid by us until they got their utilities switched over. So

Unknown Speaker 1:52:08
Senator, yeah, yeah, we passed all those costs to them or to eat or some other stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:14
It should be in tenant income. I know that I know that. Heather for this year. So it didn’t happen in prior years because we didn’t do that. But this year in came that came that they had got switched over got charged back to them

Unknown Speaker 1:52:29
American, even snow removal.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:33
See in their contract, it says that we picked this. So that is where it’s Yeah, so we’re not Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:44
Yeah, so right with village place, their main drive way is both plates off of me.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:51
Because just that main drive, they don’t they’re not in this spaces. So because

Unknown Speaker 1:52:58
it’s just yeah, it’s just not doing their sidewalks. It’s just the ones right in front of the parking spaces around the side

Unknown Speaker 1:53:05
of the road.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:13
Well, that’s it right now. Because we want to borrow it. We want to know what their options are. Because we didn’t tell them we would come back to them in June with the options.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:28
That may be something we’d come back. Yeah, it was so bad. Because obviously, the budget for it’s not great when the lease rate thing may make more sense to Selma.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:41
Well, you got new places coming up. So getting rid of one

Unknown Speaker 1:53:47
this is definitely something that we wanted to do part of this education or at least make sure that we’ve been traveling down the hole. So we’ve got we’ve got some interesting title reports. And for some reasons, that building in Zuken to the tax credits, you’re trying to figure that all out because we want them separated so that we could we don’t need to anybody in that building. So that just dumped me in the head here about checking our all of our documentation.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:19
And that was weird because it’s actually showing them the financials as an LH a property team thing, but it’s in the tax credits for village ways, which is another hdc property. So we had some residential

Unknown Speaker 1:54:39

Unknown Speaker 1:54:44
and even emergency can

Unknown Speaker 1:54:50
it doesn’t mess up your lifestyle

Unknown Speaker 1:54:59
I think it’s time I don’t even know AJ, I think it’s good, but it’s connected to the writer. It’s

Unknown Speaker 1:55:08
a drama. I think they probably did they probably did. Because she is Could it be before? And is the compliance done for red flags? So we’re in year, year 15 started January 2014, to have a 15 years maybe more that we can do something there. I think I can see student Morgan, the LDC board member works with title companies like this fantastic.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:08
event, you can see the twitching speaking of speaking of selling, something that we’ve thought about, as we get more views on DCP is more established. It’s really talking about the entire environment property. Because there’s an affinity and mission in that, you know, they’re building 26 tiny homes to households, that we can, as we’re bringing the unit on a re locate, or maybe contract with homeless vets that they manage, because we have vacancies and then looking at the point where we sell to them, that may start making a lot of sets, because they’re, they’re all trying to house the same population generally. And so we think that may help from a cash flow standpoint, and an operational piece and we’ve been interested, the executive director wants to know a question.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:18
Yes. So, on six one, we have paid for standard Linux, seven adapters, we have four cord outs, and we have the TP Link soundtracks that were in the process issue but still searching. They released five additional letters, they got pre scheduled for briefings, and then 14 and still use long story. So I believe Tracy have gone out for additional funding, which also allows us to increase an admissions advisors because we did get some extra, not only extra vouchers out of it, but extra funding. So after doing

Unknown Speaker 1:58:02
the two years old, we can

Unknown Speaker 1:58:04
add an additional 10. From this, we just can’t ever so and I think it would be correct me if I’m wrong, but I think we’re gonna be going out again soon for the waitlist for the National because a lot of people that are determined ineligible, or got through a response with a lot of no responses, which is really odd

Unknown Speaker 1:58:25
because we just did the lottery. But

Unknown Speaker 1:58:29
we’ll work right through that. We just went over county reviews a

Unknown Speaker 1:58:35
whole bunch to be played with some of my residents who I know and we’re executive for our witness bought for county doctors before that. So they people may have just been like, oh, we gotta go try to respond. We have a lot of

Unknown Speaker 1:58:48
participation. We’re finding a lot of people.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:51
So we’re, we’re increasing our promissory notes.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:56
And we have a really, really after. So we’re getting a lot of

Unknown Speaker 1:59:11
global level because I’m seeing this through next slide. Really Is there was seen a lot of people just leave our island leave this area, because it’s too expensive to live. So I am pretty sure that probably folding into this is people have been here trying to apply for vouchers and then they’re just too expensive on ours. And we’re moving over places because we’re seeing that when we do our retention work on that soils. Most of them are leaving a lot of people that are getting

Unknown Speaker 1:59:49
weird we’re living reached out to buy apartments. Park, they’re lazy, they’re struggling. So we need We’re trying to do everything we can to help them. So people that are there, people that way or do what we do. Because we have such Keirsey demonstrated

Unknown Speaker 2:00:11
we’re actually seeing some interesting trends, possibly. So

Unknown Speaker 2:00:15
yeah, we have a lot of people putting out winning, when they poured out, they can take about yours with them to the receiving. I think it’s still ours, and we still count as noodles unless they absorb them. So we’re seeing a lot we that I reckon we can show up on yardie it shows you very good. But we’ll probably go out and since we’re gonna get some more vouchers, we’ll probably contact the next 10 people to be

Unknown Speaker 2:00:51
here. Mentally refreshing merge the waitlist

Unknown Speaker 2:00:55
yearly now. Yeah, and we only selected 150. So when we get real close to the end, we’ll go ahead and do another lottery and probably add another 150 And we’ll do that as many times as we need to. We just did it in February. So I’m really surprised at the number I would say at least 40% of people are not so it’s a high number. We’re working right through that really quick Do we just send a letter and an call? Do we do work courtesy call

Unknown Speaker 2:01:42
I’ll be honest, I don’t answer my phone anymore hear this generation that’s like I, I I love visual voicemail, but I don’t need it anymore

Unknown Speaker 2:02:09
something you might think about too, and that phrase. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:13
intensities and texts or some stuff

Unknown Speaker 2:02:16
or housing. Yeah. And we have people come in and chat in find out that they received the letter and they had moved in their head. So we’ll get a reasonable accommodation. A lot of people are homeless. And so you know, they haven’t set up a peel box number or they’re they’re adding the city at that point. So you know, we’re real flexible about putting them back on if you get in there Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:43
Sir anything out of the economy to grow their

Unknown Speaker 2:02:57

Unknown Speaker 2:03:00
yes. Thank you for all the years of service you’ve contributed to the law and Housing Authority. Visionary advisory board member. Grazie.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:34
150 years Well, I appreciate it. I’m sorry to to. But it’s been a it’s been a journey.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:49
And I’m really excited with the direction it’s taken. Since I started getting

Unknown Speaker 2:03:58
nice to see things through a rocky patch and then actually come out.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:06
Yeah, you can even on the upside. Yeah. Yeah. You’ve been through the trenches. Yeah. Well, thank

Unknown Speaker 2:04:12
you. All.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:15
Right. On from the staff perspective, thanks for hanging in there with us. I remember the first conversation just being with us.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:29
Well, I remember that first conversation thinking

Unknown Speaker 2:04:41
you have no idea how many prayers

Unknown Speaker 2:04:46
you didn’t realize is that afterwards and I can still visually see where we were all sitting in the conference after you left. And it was a deer in the headlights. Look at Kathy Karen None of us wanted to do this. I mean, I think that’s the but I think we all realize we had to do it. And that’s when we just said, you can’t shell now. But I think you all hanging with us through this. Already coming on in the middle of it, right? But all of you, but just being there, you know that first round, I can’t tell you how many times I call Cameron and go, this is going off. Here’s what’s happening. And then I remember conversation me and I was like, Oh, and you said, Well, he was when he became chair. And he was my wife just wants to know, is it going to be more than it is? No, hopefully it will be less than it was. And so just thanks because I know we were in tax you earlier. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:56
It’s good work.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:59
It’s good to be a part of this group.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:02
Yep. And now they’re doing amazing work. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:08
And we can put a bunch of new properties in his honor just hearing a little. Call Thank you. Pleasure. So gern and

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