Housing Authority Board Meeting – May 17, 2022

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Housing Authority Board Meeting – May 17, 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Okay, okay, so I call the meeting to order at 902. Jean Christopher,

Unknown Speaker 0:11
Lauren Sally. Are these are wood here? And then staff we have Harold Dominguez, Michelle Lee here and Lisa Gallagher here and then we have

Unknown Speaker 0:25
the choice choice. America do you want to come up here to charge right next on the agenda is Approval of the minutes from our April 19 meeting. So I’m

Unknown Speaker 0:41
okay. So it says me was stopped word by Chapman on me

Unknown Speaker 0:57
so that’s your number one motion to approve that change motion by Dean and a second by Lord to approve the minutes with the change number one vote eyes please say hi. Nays motion passes unanimously. So on to number three public invited to be heard anyone from the public

Unknown Speaker 1:41
for organizational updates, a bylaws exists.

Unknown Speaker 1:46
So Erica, where are you in terms of getting those signed?

Unknown Speaker 1:50
Me are Michelle Gomez has granted aside for the mayor to come

Unknown Speaker 1:57
tomorrow. So to

Unknown Speaker 2:00
do so. It won’t be done tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 2:05
So a pass the commissioners is officially signed

Unknown Speaker 2:12
on to be Lhh advisory board over election interview process. I’m gonna probably jump in on this one. So we’re working on it with our with City Clerk’s office, we had a thing happen. They posted the positions like they would have in the past for the advisory board for the Housing Authority Board, not the advisory. And so, you know, if some time ago, the initial original initial question came up actually with Maureen when she moved in the city attorney advise. So city boards and commissions have a charter requirement that says you have to live within the city of Longmont. Now, that was in play for the Housing Authority Board. Because the council is now the Housing Authority Board in urine advisory board to the council. That doesn’t come into play because it’s the city charter requirements. So that’s why I was able to stay on board. They posted it as the advisory board, not as not they posted it as the authority not the advisory board. City Attorney and I were talking about this and because of how we’re trying to keep everything square and separate. We’re calling calling a timeout on this because we don’t want the city council to interview unnecessarily Select Board members of city council capacity and the housing authority at the same time. So the city attorney with regards to those in separate points to keep that separation in play. All kind of goes in what we have to tell about how we’re separating everything else. In that conversation, one of the things that we wanted to talk to you all about is really defining what was in terms of the advisory board members and what what kind of skills you all are looking for. And is there anything in particular? So for example, we don’t have any finance or nearby, nearby? What are you doing? Kelly, Director of CU, okay, for years and years of auditing. So you’re the finance, we don’t have a blender. And you’re more like a developer or developer developer. So like a winter and so what we

Unknown Speaker 4:47
wanted to tell you what’s his face used to be?

Unknown Speaker 4:53
So what we wanted to talk to you all today is if you kind of have what is the mix you would like to see on this day generally open to you all, so that we can take that back to the board and say, here’s kind of the mix that the advisory board thinks they need. And I think it’s even more important now because we’re full tilt into development and all hearing some updates on other things. But we wanted to open that question up to you honestly, what do you want to see? Is there anything in particular that you want to see in terms of the board, then we’re going to probably go back have to reopen as the housing authority for applicants for the Housing Authority Board reopen as applicants for the advisory board?

Unknown Speaker 5:42
Because I forgot why.

Unknown Speaker 5:51
It’s also because your mission and purpose has shifted to this advisory capacity. So you have, there’s some different reasons to really rethink this skill set, at least in terms of how you advise the board of commissioners, but also, and you did this at your last meeting with the residential piece that residential communications. So I think it’s a really good time to just talked about in general as Melbourne Housing Authority Advisory Board, what, what is really the mix of votes and skills and values that you want?

Unknown Speaker 6:22
I mean, I was talking to Michelle about it. So obviously, we’ve had some challenges within our city clerk’s office. Darren, some passed away. So we were all covering and struggling in the shoulders when we did it this way, the last time which is true. But the last time was two years ago, because last year, we didn’t do it because we did the conversion. So we just didn’t have the brainpower. So that kind of led it all to where we already say, but it kind of works out. And I think you need to have the conversation. So I’m gonna turn it over to you. Well, now to kind of tell us,

Unknown Speaker 6:59
what are the skills that

Unknown Speaker 7:02
I really like? Preferably, the real estate, tenant, and, and possibly even real estate to develop, kinda, I would love to have somebody that has that kind of experience to bring. I think that would help us. I can go to this camera and get on the board, because I could always let the question mark, and he put an exclamation mark. I agree with Jean.

Unknown Speaker 7:39
And at one time, it was on our list of what we were looking for. And I went back through my stuff, and I couldn’t find it. So I just was wondering why it was not

Unknown Speaker 7:50
only I think your preference, I think it listed what Harold would like to see on it. And I think Harold is now asking what we want to see

Unknown Speaker 8:02
how many board members do spaces we have?

Unknown Speaker 8:09
There is, are we why are we restricted to five.

Unknown Speaker 8:14
So I think we did five because in the transition we wanted to, we wanted to keep the people who were involved in view, because our link join like right when this thing started. And we I think we said we need to keep the band together. And we didn’t want to have open slots that created quorum issues. And so we wanted to keep the band together knowing that there was so many moving parts that trying to bring someone new into the mix would have mean, Chris or Elaine was drinking water from the fire hose. Or even in the depth of what we were doing. Exactly. So that’s why we did it. We can also say if you want seven, we could make the recommendation of adding seven. And that would be on a violent exchange. Right? So if you all want seven, that’s something we can put down and seven. But yeah, if you can just kind of say, here’s what you kind of want in the mix, because Cameron was I don’t know if you wanted to see he did real estate he did. He did all of those things. And so he was a good conduit for a lot of that. So, but you all let us know, and we’ll put that together and I’ll take you back to the board would notice and here’s what the Advisory Board wants to see what we don’t

Unknown Speaker 9:35
know it’s sort of quorum is set by total number of number of bodies that are in a seat.

Unknown Speaker 9:44
Yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 9:47
defined group.

Unknown Speaker 9:49
So at one time and I’m thinking back to quite a while ago when you were talking about flhdc If they disbanded the thought some of those people might have Add to the board which would add add to it is that

Unknown Speaker 10:03
still whatever is interested in it. He is an attorney. He may be more interested in if we have to do a show or something, but I can talk to him to see if it’s even what Stephens on the LHD Seaboard. Morgan, thank you. Thanks. On the board, so I’ve heard she heard or was on the board. Not on the board, you’re on the go,

Unknown Speaker 10:38
or stolen lodge or.

Unknown Speaker 10:42

Unknown Speaker 10:43
Not anymore.

Unknown Speaker 10:45
Why I have a little list going here that I was just thinking about when you’re talking to the finance perspective developer lender. This could be too or it could be one tenant focus slash community organization, Representative legal attorney? And that’s like six,

Unknown Speaker 11:02
I wouldn’t even say I would structure somebody with maybe. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 11:09
I gotta Yeah. literally spent three weeks every day on a construction site. I mean, I’m not I don’t have a builder listed on it, we want construction management. Actually. The choto isn’t that something that’ll be?

Unknown Speaker 11:46
Housing Development Organization. And so these are things we’re trying to figure out

Unknown Speaker 11:51
because you get special claim to special money for those. Yeah, so this is

Unknown Speaker 11:56
no, and what we’re trying to figure out this is really related to the LHC. work that we’re doing is we’re winding that up and bringing in LH, TC was historically that showed up. In Colorado, they changed so many of the financing mechanisms that there was really nothing for Chodos to do. All of the money starting to come forward, we’re starting to see where there is a need for a job here. There just wasn’t a lot of money, certainly the ramp of warrants. And so we’re trying to figure out how the LHD sees that, what are we going to do? And how to do it?

Unknown Speaker 12:35
And how would that interface with lhsaa? Would they be like a partnering organization or not? Like they wouldn’t be separate? Like LH DC has their own projects that we have our own

Unknown Speaker 12:43
project? No, because we’re and this is I think, what’s changing the landscape a little bit of what we need. Taking now LSCC, and bringing it into lmha is really, really llj squarely in the development world. Whereas historically, the LHC board relied on the LHC for funding development. That’s why we thought we needed to have this conversation. So it would be an ancillary organization that would partner it could be, we can create our own 501 C three, that’s a choto. We can say, our Senator, do you want to be a chairman of any of these other organizations that you can go to? And we just quite, we haven’t quite wrapped her hands around. What exactly, we’re still trying to figure out how we take the LHC. And once we get Christmann to legal documents done, that will then say person one legal documents and then start sending the chain involved in the rest of the properties, because that’s going to be the master process to do it.

Unknown Speaker 13:53
Define cheerio, that’s relatively new term Community

Unknown Speaker 13:56
Housing Development Organization. So those are national organizations. Okay. It just, and I don’t know what we saw in Nevada, but in Texas, they were pretty active and you had a lot of money. There was something that happened in funding and Colorado that made those less important. And now funding sent me through again, and so

Unknown Speaker 14:20
that it’s a federal,

Unknown Speaker 14:21
yeah, I think it’s something we should take advantage of, because it’s money that lhsaa would not have access to, from the feds for development, and other sources. So be smart. And just from from a book talking about that shift to development, I can tell you like BCHA, we develop our own properties differently than what llj does. And we are now a team of five developers. So I mean, it’s a heavy lift. That’s why I was pretty much brain dead for three weeks because I was just focused on getting a certificate of occupancy

Unknown Speaker 14:59
Yeah, Okay,

Unknown Speaker 15:01
I, I thought if nothing else works for quite some time, still thinking about it. But it’s a it’s a lot of work. So I think it would be a good thing to look at a lot

Unknown Speaker 15:12
of work and sounds like more positions

Unknown Speaker 15:16
would show those separate organization?

Unknown Speaker 15:23
Well, Molly is a developer, and then you guys have hired another developer

Unknown Speaker 15:31
in there, and in part of the differences in what Lauren says we do, is we do more of a partnership model. So we bring in developer to have that capacity, expertise and ability. So they take the construction turn all the way to SEO, we’re really more of a finance side. So instead of hiring positions, we’re contracting any of the partnerships. Now, once we start generating more revenue, that may change, but we don’t have enough revenue to do it. So we’ve got to build with partnerships to then get a revenue stream to maybe figure it out. But we’re leveraging I think the last time all the random random numbers we’re leveraging probably can’t remember they had so many of these. But yeah, there were so many. So we’re putting in 1.8 million into Grisman two out of the $20 million project. So much risk in we’re leveraging dollars. Now, we don’t own it right away, but we’ll own it in five years. Yeah, and so that’s a big difference, because then we’ll take down to talk about what is it $40 million worth of property for about $2.3 million in investment.

Unknown Speaker 16:58
So I so what I heard in terms of skill sets was construction, lender developer, legal, and a preference for real estate tenant and real estate development law. And then finance and then a tenant or community focus in terms of the finances,

Unknown Speaker 17:19
or I would say to communities separate because I think that I’m seeing something. This is the direct director perspective. Jean brings a tip. Arlene brings a community focus. I think those are separate things, right,

Unknown Speaker 17:36
especially as we talk about ways to bring in money for community, from the community for tents, like what we’re doing with these conversations, figuring out what they would like to see. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:50
And is there anything specific relative to the finance side that you’d be interested in? In? Is that different than lender? Or are they the same?

Unknown Speaker 17:58
I think they need to be different, because a lender is going to understand the pro forma the money going into a project CHAFA related stuff, tax credits. Whereas if you’re just coming from a purely finance AIP type

Unknown Speaker 18:18
perspective, it’s different.

Unknown Speaker 18:19
Yeah, I have a little bit of understanding about the lender stuff, but I’m still waiting through my in my own experience to

Unknown Speaker 18:26
be familiar with, like the single audit side of it as well.

Unknown Speaker 18:34
And then a question, given that the bylaws haven’t been changed, is it appropriate for the advisory board today to make the recommendation to move from five to seven, and then that would be the document that goes I don’t know the process.

Unknown Speaker 18:52
So if you’re making bylaws change to go to five to seven, then we would just take that recommendation and change the number and then run it through the board. But then also you sought to show that it’s employed.

Unknown Speaker 19:13
jority man appointed members shall constitute a quorum for this group.

Unknown Speaker 19:24
For you got a five.

Unknown Speaker 19:27
It’s a little different from other advisory boards. Thanks. So

Unknown Speaker 19:33
that’s the same for my board.

Unknown Speaker 19:35
So we have four of issues because we don’t have appointments. And so they have different but no, that’s good. That’s good. But the seven California, there’s a way that

Unknown Speaker 19:52
you’d never be a quorum. If you I mean, I’m open to adding sevens almost. Although we don’t vote on anything, really. So

Unknown Speaker 20:06
I’m just looking for input. Yeah, having different minds on things. It’s important is as important. I don’t want to get stuck in the one way of thinking.

Unknown Speaker 20:25
So I would say, Yeah, my recommendation would be seven. You don’t want to take a vote on that. So what we’re what we will do is then once we take your so we have so on the development side here, finance community resident, then we’ll look at these other things and say, here’s what they’re thinking we need. And here’s what we need to fill, and then we’ll circle back and reopen.

Unknown Speaker 20:59
Yes, that’s the next conversation is about reopening in a timeline for that. So

Unknown Speaker 21:07
is for the advisory board members to get a notice. And they think we can reach out to expand our network. Because I know more than just residents. But we can tap on resources, and then expand the number of people that apply. But I need to know timing and process. And I think if we get that information with us, and move it on, make it easier for people to apply. And do

Unknown Speaker 21:45
we care if the people who do apply it’s an easy it’s like someone who has no landlord tenant real estate attorney if they don’t if they’re not a Longmont resident, so, say they live in Lafayette, and they want to join because they want to use their expertise. So are we worried about that, and you can sign an

Unknown Speaker 22:01
item longer? So what what the next steps are is Interview Guide, which Ollie started to kind of go over with you at the last meeting. And so you all will interview the applicants, and then you all will decide who you’re going to recommend to the Board of Commissioners to appoint. And so I don’t it geographic residency doesn’t matter. I don’t

Unknown Speaker 22:28
think it would only I mean, if you’re looking for a specific skill. I think if you had someone with a skill set who lived in Walmart, someone who didn’t, I would err to the side of the person that lives in Walmart. But if the skill set is not that I think, you know, that’s the question is, is the skill set the most important issue or is this and those are some of the things we have to work through. Trying to figure it out, but that’s the way I mean that’s the way if the residency is not an issue which Eugene said it’s not that’s the way I would do it is to say yeah, you’re open but prefer residency

Unknown Speaker 23:09
and correct

Unknown Speaker 23:14
and then timeline wise I’d say

Unknown Speaker 23:17
so so so I don’t want to jump to that if you want to finish the move from five just

Unknown Speaker 23:23
yeah let’s let’s have a vote on that motion.

Unknown Speaker 23:27
Is it going to affect the timeline because like my my timeline ends in June so what is it going to affect it at least if we move it to seven

Unknown Speaker 23:41
forward you’ll figure it out. Does that mean

Unknown Speaker 23:45
if it’s not if we do five to keep it at five and we can reopen faster I think that’s beneficial to keep us on the board if that’s the way to go originally

Unknown Speaker 23:53
seven and then we just don’t get enough applicants so what we can reopen we can bring into

Unknown Speaker 24:02
the bylaws excellent vacation coming into efficient

Unknown Speaker 24:08
which obviously so the way Council does the city boards is two appointments a year. So if you end up with a vacancy you can do go again in December so so you could say seven, you only fill five that’s fine and reopen in December bill the other two in action actually that’s what the senior board is doing. We just upped from seven to nine. And we chose not to do this cycle and because it didn’t timing wise didn’t really fit anyways and we’ll just wait till December to fill those two spots. So I think there’s like Carol said, we just have figured I think there’s could we

Unknown Speaker 24:50
just carry forward to December and open it up for him.

Unknown Speaker 24:59
You could go with him. I lost that Harold and an arrow sign tomorrow to the Board of Commissioners to tap into seven at a later date and meet with the December cycle.

Unknown Speaker 25:10
I think since we have applicants, I think what I would rather do is, I think what my advice would be is to go ahead and we go back to the board with the motion to increase it to seven. And to really talk about what you need, and then continue until we can post and then that way we can hold the applicants that we have in place now. And just add to it based on what we have. That’s what I think is the most balanced approach. But I could not we can knock that out either 24, we can knock that out into the 24th or 31st. board meeting, I’m talking to council denied, not what they want to do. The 31st makes more sense that it’s after Memorial Day. And so I’m not sure who’s here and who’s not here. Somebody’s got to talk to them. But if they choose the 31st we can wrap it up not hard to change it over in the bylaws. Okay, so could we like to have a motion that says in Article Seven, section two for composition? The LH a II shall consist of seven members.

Unknown Speaker 26:50
I’ll make a motion.

Unknown Speaker 26:53
Motion by Mr. Jean, to increase

Unknown Speaker 26:58
membership to several.

Unknown Speaker 27:02
Let’s vote. Eyes in this motion passes unanimously. So next on the agenda. Can we go over what you wanted to see. So what I what I think I heard from you all was somebody that’s on the development time, somebody that has legal experience, you know, if you can get somebody that has development, legal experience, that would be great. If you can give to all in which is resident development, you know, broader legal base, that would be great. Someone on the finance side that understands the county, single audit functions, a broader community representative, and then a residential representative.

Unknown Speaker 28:00
So that’s a priority was your legal and the lenders are your top two? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:11
So Harold, what Molly had written up was that council wanted the interviews with the city boards done by June 4 of June 18. So when you talk to them about whether it’s the 24th of the 31st. Oh, so we need to figure out when we’re going to interview the three applicants we have or if we’re going to wait to be real. So

Unknown Speaker 28:32
we will figure so if it’s 24, or 31st, or they’re on the 24th to the 31st. I’m going to say the advisory board a wanted more members. And so here’s an amendment to the bylaws to create more members. We also had a conversation about the skills that were needed on the board. And here’s what they outlined in terms of what they think needs to be on the board based on the work that we’re doing the move from LH DC brain development and all of these issues. We’ll need to change that as well. And then are you open to us lagging a little bit?

Unknown Speaker 29:16
Does that include keeping us on

Unknown Speaker 29:19
to keep the existing board or make a motion to keep the existing members in doing?

Unknown Speaker 29:26
So I would say Molly will probably send out a new Doodle poll based on what happens content I and and the later we’ll hold on we will schedule interviews until we

Unknown Speaker 29:40
have more direction.

Unknown Speaker 29:43
Yeah, we currently only have if we’re going to hold our positions and we’re only interviewing one person.

Unknown Speaker 29:51
Three people. Yeah, like go to seven. Okay, prove us up and then we’re good Do currently up to new applicants brand new folks, both residents.

Unknown Speaker 30:09
President’s former

Unknown Speaker 30:11
residents of La Jane, oh properties, the property, the same property to residents.

Unknown Speaker 30:22
Great, we’ll get that working for either on the 24th and 31st. And then Molly will be back and

Unknown Speaker 30:31
dutiful. Will I interview? Because we’re holding our exclusive number. Replacing myself. Just want to make sure that we don’t

Unknown Speaker 30:42
still have to do the interview. So panel will be our main floor wing and Jean Raskin will certainly be Cameron in there, in this case if I need to me

Unknown Speaker 30:56
because I didn’t apply for this round. So you haven’t figured that out? I need to also reply to the Doodle poll either

Unknown Speaker 31:03
way. Yeah. And apply

Unknown Speaker 31:07
if it reopens, yeah, somebody’s just coming up with a sledgehammer. Nearly I need it. I’ll come. Lisa.

Unknown Speaker 31:26
Resident complaint

Unknown Speaker 31:33
Yeah, we should have asked this question last time about what you want on it. And it just didn’t get to be asked on the posting yet. Good to meet

Unknown Speaker 31:49
you. And then really just brought up a good point is, next meeting will be performance. Last one, we’ll get over here. Thank you for volunteering to service as well.

Unknown Speaker 32:06
Ha. Yummy. Give them a bottle of scotch. So number five development and or project updates and goals. You want to go first and then on the projects or

Unknown Speaker 32:36
share. So that’s it? Oh, yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 32:38
I’m going to start. So Chris, one, two, we’re now moving through the financing piece, the LEA, everything improved in terms of dealing with the securities on that. So we haven’t covered. We’re now shooting for closing early June. So that just the the lenders and everything are just sliding, probably. It looks like all the permits are ready to go and the designs are in. So I would probably estimate that we’re going to be in real struggle to start construction as soon as it closes on a timing perspective. So it’ll be mid June, July. And we’re going

Unknown Speaker 33:19
to Can I get a refresher here? Ah, but don’t Christmas, that design is how many how many units 78. And this is going to be families, everybody. All right. As we were talking when we did a family to have a designated childcare center included

Unknown Speaker 33:47
because of when this came in. Okay. I think they do have some open areas. What what we’re doing on the city side to kind of get at some of these things is, is so in within our community services division, we’re engaging our Children, Youth and Family Services Department. And they’re working with Lisa in terms of interacting on those properties. testcase right now is asking Meadows neighborhood, because that’s our only family property, but we will probably try to replicate the same thing. They’re just like we’re partnering with senior services on our age restricted properties. And then as we continue to look in the future, we may look at some of these components, especially at this parcel right here as we started development. I will talk a little bit more about some of this as I move into the next development because it shifted some things financially for us on the news on the second one, but

Unknown Speaker 34:49
I was just going to add that there is some movement it’s a little premature within the community around some affordable childcare may not be out of sight but there is some things I hoping that that will be a good thing that I think I’m going premature.

Unknown Speaker 35:05
And yeah, we’re in that conversation too, because it’s part of our ARPA funding. And I have some meetings with the county and met with folks that are doing this. And so we’re trying to look at some options for some affordable childcare that will have to work in terms of these properties and gap and may have to address some transportation issues. But that’s motivate. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 35:30
that’s critical. I think. Just going back to where I used to have to do with childcare, it is critical to be able to have that.

Unknown Speaker 35:40
So that sounds our Christmas, Christmas. So I’m going to go to sunset heights or project Bluebird. We’re still trying to get bluebird off of this. I don’t know where it came from. We all call it sunset heights. And then somehow I got changed to Bluebird. So Friday, we were just notified by CHAFA that we did receive the 9% tax credits. And so that project is going to be going forward. It’s a little bit different than Chrisman to because Brisbane to was the non competitive 4% design and everything already started. When you’re in the 9% competitive round, you know start design and to get it so we have some basic land use layouts are going to start moving pretty quickly on design. And moving that forward. lesson learning Chrisman to so you all know about it. We’re going to be co developer on this. And we’re going to be co applicants on all of the submittals to the city kind of got us Chrisman to just because of what was on one line. So great news there that that when you have the 9% we’re going to be moving. The other good news associated with the 9%. Is that we as far as the ARPA funds, I think we plugged in 1.8 or 1.9.

Unknown Speaker 37:08
Did you get that other debt financing?

Unknown Speaker 37:09
Yep. So well, on Christmas to

Unknown Speaker 37:15
where the 9% there was something going on with the state where if you were applying for 9%, you could apply for some additional funding. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 37:24
1,000,003. Very universe, sunset is in development. And one

Unknown Speaker 37:33
Yeah, yeah. So I think they’re doing all of that in terms of the 9%. But we did they just announced the 9% Awards. Friday afternoon.

Unknown Speaker 37:43
I know because as soon as we got we got the corner for BCHA. Also got it. I was like I hope we’re not like up against each other. But I immediately, you know, volume

Unknown Speaker 37:55
ticket? Yeah, we got it. That’s exciting. So on the ARPA side, we allocated 1.3 million for sunset heights. And the reason we did that was because if we didn’t get the 9% tax credits, we were going to use that 1.3 million to bridge the gap, and essentially create a financing model that looked like a 9% tax credit was 1.3 million. That phrase. So what we’re starting to talk about now, and this is more global to asleep in Sunset heights is how we can use that 1.3 million to partner with other organizations in the community to create space within the US. Specifically, we’re really looking at recovery space for people who are in recovery. And so I started having conversations with recovery Cafe, which is a local nonprofit that supports people in recovery. If we can use this money to facilitate a partnership there, then they will provide recovery services to the residents of the suites and sunset heights. By getting them on site, it may develop into something a little bit more where we have more space for other nonprofits to help with this. But it really is about bringing in community services to support the residents in the community. We’re going to start talking to element about and it’s either element or it’s at the suites with some configuration of how can we do so we’re living floors, because we’re starting to see that from some of the word tendances. Maybe you’ve heard that Arlington’s there were they moved around the topic but when you talk about individuals with sweets more directly, they really liked to live on the floor. It was a sober living floor. And so there are things now that are going to start coming into motion that we’ve really never had the ability to, to work with

Unknown Speaker 40:00
but at least at this location, at least at this location that lets us test out how we can do it. And I think that there are things that we need to figure out system wide as we’re building additional units, and how we can really look at creating Sober Living floors across the system. And because we see these issues in our property, we just haven’t had the ability to do it. And so these are some things that we’re starting to percolate. We’ll be keeping you all up today. But yeah, it’s Monday. So yeah. Sam, we’re fully staffed now from the city sides. So we got a really strong crew. That one’s coming from Seattle. Our turn was in Seattle that moved back home a little bit has a ton of experience in the wide tech world and the developing world I met with her yesterday. Someone’s coming from Montana, or Wyoming. So they’re all now working, and we’re starting to move on affordable, attainable, and all of these issues. And so we will assign to sunset heights. And then in about a month, we’re gonna start on, start building this project, and reaching out to setting up meetings hopefully with Indiegogo start getting this together. And then they’re already starting to work on the Reese indication of village place, so we can get that done this year. So we will have one under construction, one in development process, one in pre development process and financing whatever syndication by then. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:00
So can I have kind of a clarification question, could you explain to meet with Sober Living actually means

Unknown Speaker 42:12
wishing him in person and here to talk about. Michel de,

Unknown Speaker 42:18
it generally means that does space whether it’s a floor or wing or a home is an alcohol free and drug free. So then there are usually rules around that because people often beat but it generally has a process for that. But if you move in knowing that there’s no products in your unit or on the floor, it is a sober environment. So there are a few sober homes in Longmont, there’s sober living communities outside of long lines. And at times people get released from the prison system. And they are required to move into sober living, and there really isn’t a lot of affordable sober living, so they can’t they leave their communities to try and find affordable, sober living. So it’s a it needs a great need. It needs a need for current residents who may be struggling with the outside resources, Harold’s talking about but it also means community members who may be coming back from treatment from somewhere that that whole environment is designed to support them staying sober. From whatever, alcohol or drugs

Unknown Speaker 43:34
Yeah, yeah. And to know that they’re in location that is supporting it. Because it’s so easy to trigger their environment

Unknown Speaker 43:49
but in at least agree that it is built in there that they will do it then probably get

Unknown Speaker 43:55
two strikes one strike whatever it is, you’re an attorney from the boardrooms. Big picture that’s kind of how it works.

Unknown Speaker 44:05
But they have their own community space so that if they’re going to community based event at the location, they don’t worry about it in there. Because this is all research, we still need to dig around because the relapse is Israel. So yeah, I think for people using opioids, the average number of relapses is 14. So I mean, these are things we just have to be conscious of and really try to figure that out. So we’re not setting people up to fail again.

Unknown Speaker 44:33
So to be honest with you, I think we’re we’re seeing it and this is anecdotal and Lisa can jump in on this but when when Lisa and everyone downloads with me, you don’t see it in common spaces. You don’t see it in the outside smoking areas where it’s problem where it becomes a problem is when their neighbor or the person down the hall or yeah, these issues So it’s really those folks that live in the immediate vicinity, where we tend to see the issue. And that’s why you want to try to, once you get when you get to your floor, you know, you’re good, because that’s where the problems develop.

Unknown Speaker 45:14
So just having your your unit as your safe haven, you have a whole area, your neighbors, you’re all in the same boat. So you have a support system right there next to you.

Unknown Speaker 45:24
Which then ties in if we can get something to profit, they’re also there to support and then what you eventually want to have happen is you have enough resources that you’ve been able to bring in. But now you’re not only really the sort of that you’re working with the entire population.

Unknown Speaker 45:44
Hopefully the whole community understands that. So even if you’re not in the sofa, living floor, they’re sober living lane, you have some sense of we’re moving into a space that has that designated. role. So in terms of the alignment with goals, we do have conversations scheduled at all, all of the tenant properties, not Briar wood, and not Aspen Meadows neighborhood at this point, except for the sweets and so chatting with Lisa and Melinda, we really feel like a conversation and sweets is probably not the best way to go. But we’re going to try and find a way to propose to weigh in on some of the priorities. We had some no signups here for the summit yesterday, it was the first day of conversations meeting new signups. And then we had some difficulty at Spring Creek. Surprise, but they are participating in quote, daunting. So the last conversation is the last week of this month, I’ll go around and pick up all the information needed normally even morning, Cameron, and we’ll try and put a synopsis together by property,

Unknown Speaker 47:04
it would be helpful for

Unknown Speaker 47:05
us to be on site at those times, a lot of people come by strike up a conversation with

Unknown Speaker 47:09
them, that’s up to you. That’s really up to you. And you might want to talk to Andre about it. You know, it could be a sign a good sign that people are pretty comfortable. That don’t feel like they need any follow through. But definitely it’s very creepy to ask. So

Unknown Speaker 47:26
I think part of it is not everybody has seen that notice or sign up. And I’m used to looking for things like that. So probably the next topic of conversation that we can get, you know, highlight that they’ve got a blurb

Unknown Speaker 47:44
in the newsletter. Yeah, that a lot of people

Unknown Speaker 47:48
don’t have got you know, there’s some people that are coming in theater savvy, and they

Unknown Speaker 47:53
post stuff at the door.

Unknown Speaker 47:56
Similar, posted about the

Unknown Speaker 47:57
door. Yeah, some people don’t even

Unknown Speaker 47:58
leave the floor.

Unknown Speaker 48:00
Yeah, yeah, there are people that come out. We certainly heard that through COVID. When we posted signage about positives, you know, people were like, I don’t even leave my apartment, because of COVID. How would I know? Yeah. So I think it’s

Unknown Speaker 48:17
a small little 1/3 sheet paper to every door to say go down and vote or you know, go vote.

Unknown Speaker 48:23
Yeah. So that’s really the piece that’s underway relative to the conversation. Can you just push your

Unknown Speaker 48:37
way up, have a couple of people that have come up

Unknown Speaker 48:47
let’s go on to number six items for the LGA board commissioners A is to promote LJ

Unknown Speaker 48:56
to implement I think she just wanted me to give you a basis of what’s going on. So we got our draft on Friday. We got it. As soon as they got done with the audit, we got a draft so I can start working on it. They did a final on Friday, they’re looking at one they’re looking at the aid and dissolution right now to make sure that it’s being reported correctly because we like to ask the system to issue it may be just a change in that position versus the reports. And one thing that could change but we have verified we found no significant weakness or deficiencies. So for our single lot, so

Unknown Speaker 49:42
we are normal.

Unknown Speaker 49:46
Awesome. So that’s like the biggest, the biggest. They appreciate appreciated the clean, you know, having the full staff and our systematic process, having clean General Ledger Being able to provide reports and adequate responses. So they really appreciated all of that as well.

Unknown Speaker 50:06
And you guys drafted the financial statements directly.

Unknown Speaker 50:10
So they they drafted. So that wasn’t the issue. That’s when they gave that financial statement. really confused? It wasn’t that easy. It was because the auditors were doing journal entries for them. So they were doing the pension for them. They were doing the depreciation schedules, so that there was no separation. And so that made them not really drafting their own financials. So us doing all of those journal entries ahead of time. Got rid of that? Because that’s what drew me into the package. And then Alexis clarified that said, no, no, we do all that. That’s not a problem. It’s a problem. The problem is, is that, you know, at the end of the year, they had two pages of journal entries of adjusting journal entry. So they had to because the auditors were doing the work for them. So that was why it was, the other piece that we have to figure out is next year. So I’m working on the RFP for a new auditing firm to go out and seek physical exam. But the biggest pieces, if Lhh is going to be the city’s auditors, or if we’re going to actually roll that into the package. That’s what I haven’t got an answer on yet. Part of me thinks that because we’re on unis, we need to just go out and have a separate auditing firm wha because then it’s just easier on the city side,

Unknown Speaker 51:43
drop down city auditor can just make me think that it’s getting into the Gatsby rules of ancillary organization. And what you have to include in your Kaffir. And that’s what’s creating the nuance, but I think that’s sort of the fun.

Unknown Speaker 52:04
So that’s the only caveat, I don’t have to come up with the properties and Lac z at the moment. But Lhh could go under the neath the city. And it would change how we report it in fts. But

Unknown Speaker 52:22
what’s your timeframe?

Unknown Speaker 52:24
I need to get it out probably within the next three weeks. So Valerie’s worked on finding some draft or templates, for me from other housing authorities to build it from scratch. Since this is my first time,

Unknown Speaker 52:38
as well. So we can always get the RFP out. If something changes on the city auditor, we can just

Unknown Speaker 52:46
name some recommendations on who to reach out to.

Unknown Speaker 52:49
Well, it’ll go after Valerie. Broadcasting.

Unknown Speaker 52:52
But if you have vendors, yeah, just need to get their name and contact ID Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 52:58
we can do the list. They’re really good. But the problem is is how does Yeah, we stick with

Unknown Speaker 53:19
them. out there. Yeah. So yeah, definitely. The lowest bidder. I mean, I really liked

Unknown Speaker 53:27
I mean, we can even request a different partner

Unknown Speaker 53:29
to you? Or is it one of those situations where you read what our procurement,

Unknown Speaker 53:35
we don’t always go with the lowest bid or

Unknown Speaker 53:38
it’s not a fit in your scope. As long as you have your evaluation criteria ahead of time, you can pick who you want to pick who has meets your criteria, which cost is one one factor? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:52
It’s also professional service. Professional Service, you’re not restricted to the lowest cost and our procurement policy and I think we need to make sure that we put in in the request that somebody’s familiar with development corporations and absorbing Development Corporations into the housing authority because if they’re not keen on that well, yeah, what’s been like the number of clients that they have for each of those was there a single audit experience was that experience

Unknown Speaker 54:35
Oh yeah, no, that’s part of it. That has to be part of the equation.

Unknown Speaker 54:40
Yeah, so know what we can’t find or did you ever find what it was put out? My getting confused with other stuff.

Unknown Speaker 54:55
We had Grand Junction. I talked to Grand Junction And they had it bid out. I mean, it was pretty comparable to what we were paying at the time.

Unknown Speaker 55:08
So I mean, when did the Housing Authority bid out to bring RFA Li. So those are the kinds of those are, that’s kind of the cleanup that we’re having to get into. It’s, so we took it over, assuming that they had been building on schedule and doing what they’re supposed to do that they have. And so then, we were seeing pockets. So I think this is the last video we found

Unknown Speaker 55:44
similar, as LHD, sees role changes or goes away. How was that aligned with HUD, and these two properties, and the those board of directors that we talked about early, first thing.

Unknown Speaker 56:01
So Allah, so the expectations are the first one of the largest become a rat. So that’ll move into the voucher program. And when they become a rad program, that is pick a housing authority that they want to manage that for so they would

Unknown Speaker 56:19
LHD seats role is a board of directors goes away at that time,

Unknown Speaker 56:23
they usually what it kind of allows them to help the advance, we have to look, there’s city bones out there that provided and we also have home. So we have to touch touch base with all the home side of it. The safe side,

Unknown Speaker 56:40
this is the longest This is the one that has the longest horizon on dissolution. Thank you. So what I want to underscore today, I mean, really the work that the entire team is doing, because this has really been a project that Lisa and the property managers working on during the finance people. And you’ve heard me say this before, but to go from the audits that we had two and a half years ago, to the audits that we have now where they’re completely clean. It was a monumental task, but all of the staff has put us in a drastically different position. And I think that’s what made the difference. So when we got the review from the Department of Housing to CHAFA, on Sunday nights, we got the highest level review we could possibly get. We weren’t anywhere close to that when we stepped in last year tried to do this. And we were doing it. So it’s just under I mean, I just really want to reiterate the work that they did to take us from here to here. It’s a great job. Let’s roll it over seven. I didn’t see that part. Most goals

Unknown Speaker 58:10
are growing. Number eight, Elektra report a update on operations. Yeah, let’s go. Let’s first joke to you, Harold, at the first update for executive director. Just you gotta leave. Yeah, well, it’s

Unknown Speaker 58:28
in that it’s given us five dates and these other agenda items. I think the thing that we’re still trying to work through is what I would say generally, is the accountability process. And Lisa can talk through this. I don’t know, I think we said this to you all, but I don’t know if we did in terms of what we’re able to process and bring to the court system, really able to bring to a week. And so it’s backlog and COVID. And so, as you hear from different facilities about accountability and how people were acting, I think one thing that we have to remember is that there are about a year and a half, almost two years of notifications, the only evictions that you could get in place were those that were significant. The health safety and I mean, they had it really hit this high bar. So there were we weren’t limited to what we can do. Now, as we’re coming out of the COVID world. I mean, just generally there’s a backlog of private and public and affordable. And so we can only take two a week and that’s on Friday. Basically, Lisa’s been living at the courthouse on Fridays. Because of what we’re having to do and bringing these forward. We have made progress specifically at the sweet spot Um, but it’s just gonna be an ongoing workload for us because of what happened during COVID. Associated with that, I think, again, talking about the staffing and talking about folks and in our ACB component, they’re also working with Lisa, where we had a technical eviction that we have is that they were able to work with the individual so they wouldn’t lose their voucher. And so they were actually able to keep the person housed and allow them to be housed in the facility to handle their needs. And so it wasn’t creating an issue for the unit for the facility that we were talking about. And so we really have a lot of work that we’re starting to engage in Michelle’s and Lisa, leading this is really almost an intake to go, what are we dealing with? What’s the issue at hand? How do we resolve it, and we’ve got more work to do. But really trying to find creative solutions. So we can keep people housed. Because the reality for us is, and this is the connection to the city. If somebody becomes a house, they just become an issue to another part of the organization as we’re trying to do it. So the idea is, how do you keep people housed? And how do you work those solutions. And so Marcus was the one that WORKED Marcus’s phenomenal job, he brought that experience in doing some of this from South Carolina, where it work. And so what we’re finding is, as we’re bringing these folks, they’re bringing other experiences in we may never have seen. And so Michelle and I talked a little bit about how we can maybe formalize this in ways that we do other programs. But we’re still dealing with issues. And it’ll probably take another two months to get through those based on the two week.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:05
Is that based upon the company or the organization selling to her organization?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:13
The judge only wants to hear basically to from property management company or to allow time because everybody’s on backlog.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:20
So yeah, so how did the Walmart Housing Authority consent to Yeah, even though we might have multiple it’s a it’s a challenge.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
And at the same time, we’re really trying to work with bugs to not have to if they’re willing to work

Unknown Speaker 1:02:40
with us, the the other thing as far as a management update is so as a city, we have contracted with the National Development Council. And I think we talked to you on this before. They do affordable housing, they do economic development. They they are very familiar with all the federal tax programs. We allocated 1.5 million in ARPA to figure out how do we do affordable assisted living, because what we’re finding is that many of the issues that we have in our age restricted properties are probably because we have people that need to be in assisted living, and they can’t afford to live in assisted living.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:26
There’s another side to that they requirements to be qualified for Assisted Living upon wastewater, and actually get our senior housing, we’re filling a gap that does not exist. So if we’re looking at senior system, we need to not have to be restricted to the requirements that assisted living has right now. And because it is a real gap, and I don’t want to spill into assisted living, that limits us being able to move people to a safer place for them.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:11
If there is there is some alternatives, which is so funny. I’m cleaning out my office, and we’ve talked about it more recently. But even in 2007, Michael Reese was talking to pace about a partnership with pace, which brings services into independence. So those that approach could could look differently. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bricks and mortar assisted living. It could look like the support services that would help them maintain independent living there. There could be some different ways to

Unknown Speaker 1:04:43
look at that so forth. And so anyway, the National Development Council, I think what we’ve learned is they probably have been involved in I think they said almost 50% of the national development in affordable assisted living. And so they’re bringing in a skill set that I think will really help us on this. And so we’re going to, it’s on a development list, but it’s so far away that it’s not on it. But we do have money that were that were Pty limited to spin in six years. And so that’s one of the top projects that we put for them to work with Assad. So you know, that’s kind of what we’re doing is we’re contracting and leveraging expertise. Because we can never afford to ever afford at least a year to do that. But that’s something that that the housing authority does, are we contributing to that and or in DC, we may have to work it into the budget next year to have a small contribution because some of the work that’s going to be done. But I mean, small, I think their, their, their contracts 125,000, a year 150. And so the DDA is part of it, because they do downtown redevelopment and financing cities, part of it, because of the economic development, the redevelopment component, how’s it so we’re splitting this cost amongst multiple agencies to minimize the impact.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:25
One of the things that pace has done. So pace is determined by geography. So our pace is true. Out of Pocket, they have an agreement, for example, with the interest over assisted living. And so they are helping people move from independent to assisted via those kinds of arrangements. They’re making partnerships. So they might be supporting somebody in independent, when it really becomes clear, they need more and paces actually doing case management and helping make that shift. And so they are working their partnerships. And I really think it’s an opportunity for short term, because you’re talking long term in terms of the person mortar, but in a short term way, I think it’s worth the conversation with pace at what it will look like. And I think Michael started it many, many years ago, and just it didn’t ever fully engage so

Unknown Speaker 1:07:26
on its own presentation, even the sun comes Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:32
That is.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:42
Especially in service to the nominees, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
where that’s possible,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:51
the resource staff are making those connections as they see, folks. Yeah. It’s it’s an opportunity, that’s all not, not at all answer, but it could be a piece of a continuum.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:04
The limiting factor, I think you’re referring to genius is whether or not you then jump into Medicare program. And I think in some cases, you almost need to to help the financing, but Medicaid, Medicaid, when I went to Minnesota, to see my mother in law before she passed, you know, they have facilities there that are a lot like this, but there may be six floors. And so the top floor was like the high intense assisted living. The next two floors were assisted living, but at a lower level. And then the bottom three were normal age restricted living. And so they almost had a way in that facility to kind of as people evolve over their lifespan, they literally just moved them within the facility. And they didn’t have to displace them from their care groups, as they have already established. And so there’s a lot of things that we’ve got a look at, and but we’re on the front end of this, and it’ll probably take us a lot. I think

Unknown Speaker 1:09:18
this seminar model is an interesting one, for sure. So cinema Park, built the two assistant and then they just open they’re independent. But as time progresses, if you want the services from assisted living, you want to go over to eat your meals there, whatever. There’s a cost factor but at least they have that opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:41
That is independent, skilled nursing. Care. It goes so

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
well. There’s several of those throughout the county. The difference between them and park is it’s affordable and their assisted living takes Medicaid. Many of the assisted livings throughout the county to not take Novocaine in It’s like seven grand a month. Exactly. Yeah. So touching. But the interesting thing would be interest helpers. They have never taken Medicaid. But yet they have this relationship with pace, which is very exciting.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:13
I think they’re taking Medicaid now at the greenhouses.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:17
They allow for the unit for departments Out of what 20. Dedicated. Yeah, but the interest over as the assistant living system never took Medicaid until now they’re working with pace. So something has changed, which is great. Yeah, so there’s

Unknown Speaker 1:10:39
options. Well, what’s interesting about Christian is I mean, this is how you build teams, the developer that we’re working with current that Christian development work we’re working with a Christian is the developer that did cinnamon Park. So then we can take that developer and match them with NBC, then you get people that are somewhat familiar with this concept. And you can do so that’s how you build teams.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:07
Everyone who’s came back from this part of the house, talked about the large closets. What a fabulous idea large closets were. So that was very interesting to hear. Yeah, very. I mean, it was like, Wow, I’ve never heard too many people talk about like,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:26
affordable housing as people, they lack participation when they don’t have a whole closet. And that’s where they take the square footage is the cost because I didn’t get

Unknown Speaker 1:11:44
anything for me before I leave. Thank you. Thank you. Right, let’s go back to a update operations occupancy report.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:54
So I’ve been putting it up for April, April occupancy as of May 1, we were sitting at 95% occupied. You’ll see there’s some metric units now floating around. I’ll go through those more in the property. We’ve closed all of our waiting lists. So we are working through waiting lists to fill occupancy. It’s been a little bit slower this past month, because we’ve been down to property management staff, one transitioned over to Molly’s team. And then we had one leave. So I’ve been filling in on site at Aspen. So I see Jean almost every other day. And another team member came back from maternity leave. So we’re actually we’re down three for almost a month period. So why came back from maternity leave. And that goes down to I’m filling a third of the spot. And then our other assistant manager is floating around now to four properties as of this week. No various embrace the manager here is president. So you guys, Chris is at the sweet Fall River Spring Creek and out started a village place last Friday. So I’ll move over into the property updates give a few things. The fire department is scheduled to be at coffees and conversations may in June. So far we’ve had two not so great outcomes. They were they did the launch last month, they showed up, got a call three minutes and left, came back and then had a brush fire call and we had the brush fire team here. So they had to leave again and didn’t show up. And then last week we had Spring Creek and they were an hour late due to calls but we I appreciate Michelle Holdeman who’s the lieutenant and let her know you know, we’re understanding we understand emergencies come before la J to reschedule we’re trying again today here going to have a fire department come here and this is at the residence request after two years. They want to know how to shelter in place. What’s the proper protocols? Exactly evacuation procedures what to do if they’re stuck in their apartment because they would have a wheelchair Walker. So the fire department’s going to be here to educate them on that. Another big, big thing coming as we have tentatively scheduled for August 11 fair housing training, and this is going to be a joint training. Susan Spaulding with the city has put me in connection with an attorney who’s really familiar with Colorado, Colorado fair housing, all the different things. And he’ll be coming in and doing a three hour presentation. We’re inviting all the advisory board members to city council members all of the LA JT Michels team, community and neighborhood resources Children Youth and Family. So anybody who’s interacting with an LH a tenant will kind of know where we come from with fair housing and how what we do for one we have to do for others. If we’re given you a bottle of water, everybody’s getting a bottle of water. And I think that’s where some of these joint agencies not having worked with llj too much when we say if we do that for one you got to do For all and kind of take that approach, touch a little bit on reasonable accommodations, but really focus on liabilities where, where we can get in trouble where not just the organization can be sued or held liable. But each person can be held liable for their interactions or what they say or what they do. So I think it’s going to be very successful, I think it’s going to be very educational to all the teams. And we got a killer deal, the guy’s going to do it for $1,000, up to 40 attendees. So we’re hours total. So that’s reservation, I’ll be sending out a calendar invite. It’s going to be at the museum. Okay. But I will make sure you all get calendar invites to that. manscaping contracts went into effect August, August, sorry, April 16. Residents are really excited this year, because before we’ve only had a mowing contract, and this year, they’re actually coming out cleaning up the landscaping, trimming up the bushes, and so are depending on maintenance to do it, or residents, we actually have people out there. So that’s been a big change. And I’ve heard a lot of comments on that coffees and conversations. Property updates. So the sweets we’ve had that one meth unit down, they they’re in process of rebuilding it drywall, AC cabinets were all delivered last week. So we’re hoping to have that their goal is to have it back online. By the end of May 1 We do

Unknown Speaker 1:16:37
have a second unit that is pending cleaning. We’ve been it’s been hard to get the cleaners in with the tester is because of the marshal fire is the same crews that are doing the mold testing and everything else from the fires. Those same companies doing the cleanings and remediation for people to start filming. And so we are split in when possible for both testing and cleaning. We had an eviction granted on April 29. And that unit is currently hasn’t been testing, the guy vacated over the weekend prior to the sheriff coming out. So we have a film that’s going to add two three meth units there. But we have brought in the restoration team that is working on that one unit that we took so long to get started on they, they are great. They’re communicating weekly with updates of where they’re at. They’re, we’re informing them of these methods. And they’re actually going to be working with our testers so that as soon as a unit test positive, they will be able to go in with code enforcement and everybody and get start planning so that they can order the supplies and have them on hand. Once we get the all clear to begin. Instead of having to wait, oh, we need an H back because that’s kind of slowed us down. Maybe they didn’t get into later in the process. And so then they have the aura, and it’s three to four weeks out. So it slows down. So they’re they’re ready to get in there. Start getting their listing started, before cleanings, even done. Management has completed inspections of all the units at the suites. So we’re working on the two years of maintenance items along with starting to handle things that we may have not been aware of because of COVID We weren’t going into the unit. So the hoarding working with Melinda there at the suites with the MH P team working through just other concerns we’re seeing when we’re in units and working through that process. But now that we know about it, we can address a timeline asking that a senior house construction who did the remodel just installed a pathway from the parking lot into the wall over into the benches so that residents have better access before they had to go through the actual parking spaces to get to the benches and over the grass and rocks. So maybe they did this as a volunteer project for Le J See, they’re starting to resume activities. They had a Mother’s Day and birthday celebrations this last month. And then this one this month. Yeah. And then house construction with the whole re syndication remodel before and that was installed was has a manufacturer defect. So not just asking that of senior but every property that had that flooring installed is having issues. It was a floating LTC and it’s fairly it’s peeling. It’s splitting. It’s coming apart. So it’s interesting. So past construction, well, we’re going to replace a test floor so the second floor North wing on June 6 will be replaced with what they’re proposing will be I better flooring that will hold up and under walkers, we’re putting it in that hallway because we do have some wheelchair and Walker activity. And that’s that areas already beat up pretty well. So we figured this will be a good test for the test over a few months before we start having to go into all the common areas, all the resident units. So Molly and I are already talking Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:22
You chose

Unknown Speaker 1:20:27
it, I was back from vacation, and it was past friends, people wouldn’t be wanting to go to the bank and get this so that they be a good day to keep everybody in one place.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:37
Coverage sort of warrants here anything. So we’re just trying to find the best stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:43
Alright. And then once we’ve identified the best scoring, we’re going to work with palace. We’ve put this all on their plate to come up with a timeline, how many units per day, and we put their plan is for the units and everything.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:57
And the resource what we’re going to need to support the residents. So

Unknown Speaker 1:21:01
yeah, because they have been displaced by my understanding where

Unknown Speaker 1:21:08
that’s where the hallway, the hallway, it’s probably won’t take that time. But just in case it runs over.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:14
Yeah, having places to go and be seniors named apps in the afternoon. That’s not going to happen.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:19
Well, when they start to really when they start to work in the units themselves. That’s what that’s always in individually. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:33
Should we open up our our couches to

Unknown Speaker 1:21:38
take a guest

Unknown Speaker 1:21:40
two or three of the units in wheelchairs? Which means

Unknown Speaker 1:21:49
to make ends meet

Unknown Speaker 1:21:50
unit, yeah, do something. Okay. That will save Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:54
Just set it up as a rest area. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:58
Okay. Small things, it’s just manufacturer like with appliances, stuff like that. They even need roofing. Yeah. And the roofers, I think are coming out or we’re just out to look at some of the stuff currently probably fill you in on that. So I know they’ve been in contact but but nothing like the flooring. Yes. The neighborhood, the map, meth containment needed unit there, which is a three bedroom townhouse has clear testing, the gesture has been out and you’re we’re just waiting for the contractor to come back with all his fists because that one was we’re not sure if possibly cooking in the unit, they had a sandblast the garage even without drywall all the way up from the garage up all that drywall had to be ripped out. So hopefully we can start working on that one. And now we will turn into a manager’s unit we’ve already got that approved by chappa. So Corinne will relocate on site to have better eyes and ears there at the neighborhood. Right away, we just had a doula inspection. So they went into four units, no major findings. What there was was more of the resident, things that they’ve done, the occupants of the electrical outlets and stuff like that, that have already been addressed with the residents. The LH DC properties. Sarah and Dave from LA County have now been copied from conversations, we had a really high rate of attendance to that I want to say probably about 60 to 70% of the residents showed up for that, because that is on Main Street. So we do have a transient problem. They did a lot of education about who when and where to open the door for but also what to do if you’re intimidated by the person because we have a smaller senior come in and the guy who wanted to follow her in was probably twice the size of this resident. And so kind of David’s are educated, don’t do anything, don’t address it, just go to your permit call 911 as what law police are therefore they’re not going to scrutinize you for calling 911. If it’s not an emergency, that’s what Public Safety’s there for. So it was a really good educational event for them at village and currently the manager position is vacant. We had a great interview yesterday. So I already heard back from one reference to make two more reference checks today and hopefully making an offer by the end of the day. So got lucky on this one Spring Creek, we’re addressing meth contaminated unit there. It was very minimal contamination so we’re hoping just the cleaning we’ll do and have that one back by the end of the month. In lieu of coffees and conversations we have an ice cream social, which was well intended we were supposed to the fire department but they were delayed. So we did ice cream social and the residents just had a kick out out of it probably had about out of 60 residents 35 to 40 attend. Ice Cream brought him out. Fall River, they’ve resumed their garden club. And with increased resident participation, this property opened during COVID. So they never really had many activities. They didn’t have any galleries. They don’t know they’ve all they’ve ever had is Garden Club. But this year, they had a lot of people reach out wanting to participate, wanting to be involved, we’ve kind of set some guidelines for the first time this year of what it entails to be a good club member, cleaning up your space, you know, not picking other people’s vegetables. It’s we’ve had to have those conversations, but it’s been well received. And I’d say every planter is being shared by two residents and well received and really anticipated. They’re working to form committees, we had our coffees and conversations last week. And that was the biggest thing everyone’s like, we want to gather we want to do this. And so they started forming on their own their committees, their groups, and how to proceed on that. Hearthstone, our maintenance position was filled last week with Calvin, he brings on years of experience full service truck. Anything want to add about Calvin,

Unknown Speaker 1:26:19
very educated, might look a little rough, but you’re good with the residents. And he’s

Unknown Speaker 1:26:32
actually been

Unknown Speaker 1:26:34
consulted for some of our vendors we’ve used previously. So when I was talking about some stuff with him, he’s like, oh, yeah, don’t worry about that. So and So call me from this company about that. So he kind of already brings that knowing what we need. With him before

Unknown Speaker 1:26:47
I believe we can do a lot more in house, plumbing HVAC.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:54
And I actually go back a step I go to the suites. Last week, we had an AC unit go out the heat pump, sorry. Vendor proposals, we’re looking at about $12,000. And I think with what he’s provided me and Dave has provided me will be able to do it in house for less than 3000. So significant savings.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:19
Moving on to

Unknown Speaker 1:27:21
Hart’s quote kind of on the horsemen Oh, and the President’s working to organize their clubs as well, they’ve got quite a few birthday celebrations going on, they’ve got their library groups going on there. They’re really active. The lodge next door, they’re kind of a quieter property, they don’t really want to socialize or anything. So not much going on there. But they did have a I will call it an uninvited guest in the early mornings when that did result in some sector minor property damage right around $1,000. So it’s, yes. So we’ve taken measures to prevent that person us came in using a code. So we’re working with the residents to have coffee and conversations today. So we’re gonna let them know that as of probably June 15, we will be deleting all codes out because they do have their FOB. And they do have access to call themselves from the call box and let them in and even pick out his neighbor or friend. And they can call from the call boss if they don’t have their phone or fob to get in. Actually, therapists

Unknown Speaker 1:28:28
feedback and our own experience that

Unknown Speaker 1:28:32
yes, yes, you know, our code.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:35
The last time we talked about like a vendor code that they used. So this was was the same letter?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:41
Well, that one was a better code. Same,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:46
same one. But we’re not sure that the person just guessed. And it happened to be the vendor code or that person has some relationship to the vendor, that we’re not sure. So we’re trying to be careful about not only the vendor of good. Did they just get lucky? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:04
Make a lucky guess that many open positions. We’re still interviewing for custodian positions, haven’t had much traffic on that. And we’re recruiting for the assistant manager for ASIMO senior and asking those neighborhood and recruiting for a manager of alleged place but like I said, I hope to make an offer today.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:23
Your custodial positions, do they include benefits and

Unknown Speaker 1:29:29
started at 17 or $18. Now

Unknown Speaker 1:29:35
with with full

Unknown Speaker 1:29:37
city, I think part of the thing is I’m working with HR because this is a position we posted lmha before we kind of fully went into the city so it’s only on Indeed it’s not through the city being posted and recruited for continually so I’m working with HR food that fully in two cities posting so hopefully generate some more traffic.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:57
The other thing that Lisa has kind of done To is when the marshal fire occurred. Boulder County really reached out to the long term care senior communities. And so they have actually now, I wish we had had this through COVID. They actually have an independent senior living community kind of group talking about emergency preparedness. So I think COVID probably opened people’s eyes to the senior communities, because we were treated as you will no different than long term care. And there wasn’t a lot of real specific guidance, we were kind of interpreting guidance, to what extent and so Lisa has now connected with that group. And yet, I think it’s just going to dial up some support and some, hopefully some good

Unknown Speaker 1:30:51
direction. And it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:30:52
already showing, not just me from we have Kevin SML from city of Longmont emergency management, he sits in all the meetings as well. So it’s kind of getting us forward thinking so say the marshal fire was to happen here. Where would we evacuate to? How would we evacuate those residents who don’t have vehicles? How would we be accountable forum?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:14
And those folks that need the extra care desk,

Unknown Speaker 1:31:17
so it’s helping us get stuff in place. Harold’s been in some of the talks after the meetings like who do we access? Who would we call first, who’s our second call, who’s our third call for transportation. So it’s really getting everybody talking? How I know Michelle, and I’ve had some talks like if it’s Fall River Spring Creek, we would evacuate here village place where we have a little bit more open space for those who needs somewhere to go who aren’t going to family or friends houses. So and just getting that whole plan in place. Is ever? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:49
So I’m really glad it’s a it’s a good thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:53
And then another thing on here that Carol kind of talked about is the recalling what the eviction pause. Yeah. So. So when somebody is facing eviction, say they, it’s not stopping the process. So they’re still gonna get a 10 day demand for compliance because they violated the lease. But anybody can call a cause it could be Michelle’s team, it could be my team, it could be anybody who’s worked with this person saying, hey, let’s talk about this. And we’re doing it we’re all coming together. And it’s a group made up of people, a resource person, if it’s a family property that is going to be children, youth and family, it is a senior, something from Michelle’s team. Sometimes we’ve had Adult Protective Services sit in on the meetings, we’ve had a mediator from the city sit in on the team, somebody from property management, and they’re a voucher holder, we’ll have a voucher person in on that, to go through all the possible causes, and trying to figure out what’s the best solution. As Harold said, you know, we might have somebody who’s not fit for the property they’re living at, but could benefit from somewhere else. So that that’s when the whole team can work together and figure out where this person needs to go? Or what are the steps for them to get back into compliance with their lease? Is it? Do they just need resources? They have unauthorized animals, and all this other stuff? Well, what do we need to do to get to an authorized animal? authorized? And what steps do you need to take? And what resources do you need to get a license within the city get vaccinated. And just walking through those that can be for something small can be for something big, if it’s a meth unit, and they need other resources, we may not be able to provide those, but we can help point them in the right direction, and have them sign that mutual rescission. So if they are about to hold it, they’re not. They’re not hurting themselves. Yeah, so there’s a lot of things we’re doing with this. I’m calling it a pause. And it can be called at any time it can be called while they’re going through the process. It could even be called after the process. I had an eviction recently that I did not feel good about. It was granted through the courts. And I thought about it all weekend. And my first call Monday morning was to Michelle, like, we need to do something. So we pulled the team together. And we were, I think came with a pretty successful outcome.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:00
And it doesn’t relieve the resident of the burden of their behavior. And we also are really the same way recovering from two years of no inspections were recovering from two years of people to vote, and in some cases, years. So we’re trying to be as mindful about we like Ha let this go on so long. So we’re trying to be mindful about trying to give not the same amount of time to recover or change behavior, but something that feels a little bit more. Like we’re really trying to let you know, you got to stop. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:34:44
there’s an issue. It’s an automatic production regardless, right? Yeah. Even if it wasn’t the resume, yes, it was their son

Unknown Speaker 1:34:53
in the city. But we have to have proof Yeah, so yeah. But then there’s a chance for a mutual decision so that they get out. It doesn’t go on the record, but at least moving on. And then we’re working with the courts to get some of this, when it is substantial damages, that we could go back to the courts within so much such a timeframe and add that to the judgment that this is included, whatever the damages. So our attorneys really good about that. Now. They do have any updates for the properties, they was just sorry, I have a backup, April 18 promoted to maintenance supervisor for LH a deposition we haven’t had before. So

Unknown Speaker 1:35:41
not really try to survey drive to try to survey the property and touch base with all the individuals that are working with us to help us improve. Try to keep the line of communication open with myself management guys.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:05
That’s not graceful. So maybe you haven’t seen these yet, but we just have these made last week four. It was something one of our maintenance guys brought up saying things are just that maintenance are in the unit so that they can hang these on there on the outside, but wasa when they complete. It’s an English and Spanish what they’ve done on the backend, kind of just just basically is completed AC filter change. So some type of correspondence and communication residents. So residents

Unknown Speaker 1:36:32
do like communication. They like to know that. My voice

Unknown Speaker 1:36:39
we just got these in last night. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:45
I got a killer bill. 40% off coupon.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:59
I love Yeah, yeah. You know that a 40% off coupon. And so for what we were going to pay for 90 1000. We ended up getting almost 5000 For the same

Unknown Speaker 1:37:09
little piece of paper on the door. Yeah. Closing the loop. That is just what we most have been asking for so much.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:22
Well, and I just think as a woman, if I’m coming home to my property, and there’s someone in my unit, when I put my hand the door if I see this, I’ll know there’s someone literally

Unknown Speaker 1:37:30
my doors unlocked.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:32
Yeah, well, everything is different. Come on. Yeah. And that’s always been a question. So I’ve answered both questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:44
Yeah, this is really nice. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:46
Yeah, Amazon wanted like for 130 bucks. And so that’s like, oh, I can make one

Unknown Speaker 1:37:55
to it or cricket.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:00
signs on the front door, this is spoke for community like on Amazon, they’re like so many nine for one, I can fulfill many nine, I can make 50 calling you. So that is my after average work projects.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:19
Deals age receivables. So we’ve made some progress, but it’s become a summer project. Now. Now that we’re out of our audit, period, what we’re going to start looking at is all the letters that I’ve already started with, we’re sending the financial packets out every month, not only to Lisa, but to the property managers, along with notes that say this is a property manager review, take a look, there’s something wrong. Here’s what we think’s wrong, or or that it’s a current balance owed by the tenant, or it’s a current credit to have so they can know to reduce their rent next time. So we’re working on that. We’re working on a process to send to collections, and no evictions is part of it. If we can’t go, we can only take two. That’s that’s an issue but we want to make sure that so here’s here’s kind of the caveat is that security deposits are really small. So when somebody moves out and there’s or the dizziness conference, it could be a really large charge, or it could sweep up all the street positive and leave a very small, that’s not the worst set of questions. And so we got to figure out what what that finding is to say we just have to write it off. Because even to try I mean, you can try it for so long. But at what point you know if If the person’s past or if the person, you know, you know, in those types of situations, we have to determine and update our bad debt policy to outline what needs to be. That will probably, obviously get your guys’s advice on that as well. Because I think, you know, we have some that might be 30 bucks or 50 bucks the Senate elections, you know, we’d spend more time doing administrative leave, administrative leave, but what what is that? So kind of looking to see, we’re also going to start diving in this summer to our conciliation conciliations. We did that this last year, mainly with the vendors reaching out to the vendors, there’s a lot of outstanding checks for vendors who didn’t pay probably that taking care of another invoice that was so that we found in balance, what are those checks, there are a lot of checks out there for lessons that never got hashed, they may have went to the wrong area, they may not have known how to use the system to do the right address in. So it just got back to us, I have a list of checks in my drawer, just checks out of bounce back, they they’re you know, it’s almost like we send them out too early, they haven’t changed the address, it’s going to come back to us. So what we want to do is reach out to all the community members see if they have an updated address and try that first. And if not, we can which I don’t think was

Unknown Speaker 1:41:33
being done at all. So my schedule might have some addresses, and updates on the senior properties,

Unknown Speaker 1:41:39
people who live there. And then on the HCP side, there’s a lot of people that get too many reversals. And they’re like, too generous. So we have, you know, people that two checks in cash. So maybe if we put all those in, they’re still in our system $10 Check that might, that might be a catch versus a $1 Check. That’s just it, some of them are so old, that you know, maybe it just wasn’t even worth it. Maybe they have a little farther now, maybe it would be a different situation. But we’re going to work on that this summer to get all of that part of our paper installations cleaned up

Unknown Speaker 1:42:23
and set a property.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:25
So that’s kind of where we are there. On the financial side, everything’s will trump snow removal. Obviously, the one that kicked us some for some properties, we probably are, are definitely getting over budget. Or did go over budget for snow removal. We’re trying to see if there’s cushion in other areas that we’re not going to go over so far. Looking good in on property, there’s little caveats that are happening around them, it’s really hard to budget because if you if you say you’re gonna have this, and then you don’t have that you have something else in a completely different category. So it’s managing those caveats between all of the budgets, and trying to figure out the best way to handle that. So visually, so especially for property managers, so if I’m giving them the financial statements, we add over budget here, we have pushed here. So can we move some of that budget here? And do we need to do that visibly visually, as opposed to not having to dissect it? And so, you know, having a process where we say, you know, you come to me and say hey, we have a button here and move this and move that what does that look like? You’re already investors gonna freak me out. And you know, it’s a it’s a trickle effect of doing that, because the investors also approved the budgets and are working on that exact same

Unknown Speaker 1:44:04
thing major issues can be as long as the bottom line is the bottom line changes. reallocating.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:12
Yeah, it’s just yeah, it’s just ask.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:19
Don’t ask when you have what you need as backup. Yeah, they definitely asked me

Unknown Speaker 1:44:24
exactly what we’ve had for the 2001. We ended pretty good on all properties. I think every single property had a cash flow circles. So we were able to work through our cash flow surplus and pay off developer fees. And we paid developer fees for sweets River. Creek, I think it was two towards which was the Arlo for SMS with paid off to the developer fees, along with payments or support Manage and management.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:03
So, Dr. loan paid off

Unknown Speaker 1:45:06
at Spring Creek, so it just, you know, it’s, it’s so it’s great grief is a little different. So LH TC actually pings back on a quarterly basis for the disaster recovery Spring Creek is paying OCC interest on that. So that’s kind of how that translates. And that’s just how those work. So the money comes in either to LH J or LH, DC, and investors want additional interest on top to the property so it can get a greater loss.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:48
My question was really going to be most the DRS paid off, does it change the nature of anything with Spring Creek,

Unknown Speaker 1:45:59
so I look at their cash flow statement, but a lot of the times once once the loans, so there’s at least probably eight different cash flow priorities and it starts to get down to paying investors and paying them. So when when we start seeing not a non loss when they start seeing, you know, income, that’s going to be taxable for them. And that’s what they’re that’s what they don’t want to see. So, if it gets paid off, that’s yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:34
That’s not a good thing necessarily.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:37
Correct. Because the rebate, you know, they get part of the cash flow surpluses when you start paying.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:48
I mean, they do get the cash benefit. tax on.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:54
Yeah, I just meant philosophically in terms of any operations, or is it like you’re no longer a Dr. Building? Folks?

Unknown Speaker 1:47:05
It’s really no, I don’t think I think we have to do I’m not quite sure how long the liabilities? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:47:12
I think his foot, you know, third tours, programs that I see with when you’re no longer a Dr. Building, what does that mean?

Unknown Speaker 1:47:27
One question I had was the Aspen those neighborhood

Unknown Speaker 1:47:32
belts were over 90 days. Oh, that’s the medicine.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:43
So let’s look at the reverse for insurance. And so

Unknown Speaker 1:47:49
the adjuster just got out there, you can a half ago, I want to say, because it’s been condemned. We weren’t allowed in there for almost a month. So the adjuster I’m waiting on his number, and then our insurance agent is really good about working with the adjuster to increase or like the sweet one, our bids came in came in about 20,000 over with the adjuster and said that they kind of work together to come to an agreement, and they made a first payment on the suite. So

Unknown Speaker 1:48:19
that doesn’t affect the tense. So this is an error. Yeah, that’s the tenant. So that’s the charges that we’re incurring get pushed back to the tenant, we’ve never really actually discussed, if we’re actually getting insurance proceeds for that balance. What that accounts for, are they are they required to pay the deductible? Because they you know, so we’ve never really actually crossed that point, you guys put those costs on the tenant standards. And so we’ve never really maybe that’s something we need to discuss as far as

Unknown Speaker 1:48:56
what are we what are we responsible for the insurance side

Unknown Speaker 1:48:59
to acquire to reach out and

Unknown Speaker 1:49:04
get some of the deals back? Or is it just insurance will cover it?

Unknown Speaker 1:49:14
Right, so maybe we just came up with a you know, what’s your best estimate of what we’re going to cover in the rest of all recorded? Well, obviously

Unknown Speaker 1:49:26
I think more so is that we probably need to send it to collections so that they they see that because then that means your best effort. Your best effort and whoever is

Unknown Speaker 1:49:40
would be to application. We know Yeah. I tend to go football my has a tenant landlord group and I attended my first meeting. But that was one of the things is that like we have these meth units that my personal stance and I’ve talked with our attorney is that We don’t suppress them that eviction. We can suppress evictions for other reasons, but not from that, because we don’t want another landlord in law online to go through what we have and incur up to 100,000. And so our attorneys, and I think everybody agrees that that’s one thing that we will be firm on. It’s not just pressing the Met units, but any other one that is a negotiation point in court to suppress that record. Because like I said, we don’t want that to be your problem next week. And they we want that to succeed

Unknown Speaker 1:50:31
with this person.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:35
They left on precision. So to show this election, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:43
And one of the other questions I had to was just agreeing the age receivables to the balance sheet, for instance, like that, as the meadows neighborhood is showing, they are ballots of 50 to 75 that I’m about to shoot out because I’m looking at March to March right then. So, the bottom they are aging program to estimate as Abraham so as 52,035 in the accounts in those receivables at 49,340.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:22
So there are several. So this also takes prepaids into account. So this has both assets that AR Aging assets and liabilities tied into the balance. So

Unknown Speaker 1:51:38
so that for that column there though has the liability prepayments the second last column,

Unknown Speaker 1:51:46
the total balance

Unknown Speaker 1:51:51
so are you looking at so this is

Unknown Speaker 1:51:59
a huge difference that I was noticing that tied directly to it.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:23
Okay, I was there so I didn’t have

Unknown Speaker 1:52:29
to look into detail. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:52:34
may include other things in this balance that maybe aren’t there.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:40
On top of your head or yeah, there might be some minor. Yeah, receivables or

Unknown Speaker 1:52:47
it could also be waiting time. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:00
Yeah, yeah. Anything on the vendor Belcher issuance costs this last day?

Unknown Speaker 1:53:07
Yeah. So here’s the last name. But this is what we started. We started doing a at the first of the month, that’s like the best record and when we do the payments, and when we can kind of get a snapshot of the time because the vouchers are constantly moving. So as of April 1, we were at kind of 4445. Now we’re at 441. And you can kind of see how it moves. We’ve already went down to 399. We have three vouchers now that are on hold for four outs. You know, our wait list vouchers right now are 19. So we’re looking at to eventually have 421. They issued five new vouchers to tenants. They have three that are scheduled with briefings which means they’ll have vouchers issued and then there’s code that hasn’t hadn’t responded. And I didn’t quite get an answer and I don’t know arrogant you know this. Do you know if the letters that get sent out have a you have to respond by this two weeks from to date that the letter got sent. And then after that, they have to come in and actually pick up pick up a packet. Okay, so then once those get released, Erica will issue more batches out. I did get an email yesterday and I haven’t reviewed most of it. I don’t think we lost it. So I don’t think they took anything away from so I think we learned something. So that’s good. Way to go. Yeah. chasing down the vouchers. Yes. Any other Business Journal 1057