Transportation Advisory Board Meeting – April 11, 2022

Video Description: Transportation Advisory Board Meeting – April 11, 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
All right, I guess we’re probably ready to go at six o’clock. I’m going to step in for chairperson Stewart. She’s a little under the weather. So that’s why I asked her for the thumbs up whenever I make him need help. And Phil’s gonna step in whenever I need help as well. So I guess we officially start our tab meeting here on April 11. At six o’clock. Great. I see Ray nodding a thumbs up. Awesome. So I guess we’ve done the call to order I guess we’ll do a roll call.

Unknown Speaker 0:37
Understood Stewart. Rose it live Osborne? Courtney Michelle. David McInerney,

Unknown Speaker 0:51
President. Steve liner president. Diane, Chris. Present.

Unknown Speaker 1:03
Councilmember Yarbro? Present. Chair, you have a quorum.

Unknown Speaker 1:11
Thank you so much. So I guess the first thing to do here is to approve the minutes from the last meeting. Are there any comments about the minutes? Or any discussions? No, can I get a motion to approve the minutes?

Unknown Speaker 1:37
I move that we approve the minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:40
Do I have a second?

Unknown Speaker 1:43
Second that.

Unknown Speaker 1:45
Fantastic. So let’s move to communications from the staff. Specifically, it looks like we’re going to discuss the Gay Street public meeting outcomes. And then discussion on crossing guards that are needed. So Phil, I’ll let you lead this discussion.

Unknown Speaker 2:05
Thanks. So last week, we had that meeting with the Gay Street residents. Both Ben Artis Carolyn Michael. And I believe Lindsey Osbourne you were able to make it? And was somebody else from the board? People to make it? Not sure. But anyway, I was just sorry for the late notice on that one. We we met to get that out to you earlier, obviously. But we did not. But Carolina, I might just ask you, I apologize to kind of put you on the spot. But if you had a few, just a few minutes, a few comments to make about how that meeting went. Or it was basically just to talk about traffic mitigation in the neighborhood. Typically, we don’t really send this out to the tip because it’s more of a operational item just like the the no parking signs on on Third Avenue West Third Avenue usually are but you know, with things the way they are, we want to make sure that we’re being as transparent as the chair, whereas a board of kind of what’s going on out there just in the almost day to day traffic operations. But this is what I like Caroline, just kind of go and tell us a little bit more about what the project was and kind of what happened from the from the meeting, if you don’t mind.

Unknown Speaker 3:16
Yeah, no problem. Is it my video showing? Okay, now. All right. Um, yeah, we had a neighborhood traffic mitigation program, public meeting for Gay Street, specifically, the segment from Mountain View to 17th. We sent out it was the mailers were sent out to the front edge properties only just kind of start somewhere and keep it basic. But um, although that might change, given the degree of traffic mitigation we ended up pursuing. But um, there was really good turnout, actually. So a lot of people shut up. Some people from there were most of them were from the target, I guess, segment of Gay Street, there were a few like outside like 300 block. Even a little north, I think there’s one like 1700 block and just a few just, you know, assorted residents throughout the city. But, um, a lot of feedback. So So kind of going through all that. So we had survey sent out before and then we had comment cards from the meeting. And then just kind of all the comments that came in. Lots of you know, you always have people for and against certain options. You talked about the speed tables, traffic circles. A lot of people interested in, you know, always stops maybe at some of those intersections. Yeah, I’m trying to think of anything else. I’m interested in enforcement as well. So I did talk to outbreak one. I did talk to Eric Lewis briefly about some enforcement, although it’s probably going to become more of an ongoing discussion. Jim will have

Unknown Speaker 5:01
been sort of our police chiefs or police officers. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 5:05
Yep. So, yeah, it’s still right now. So that was a week ago. So that was last Monday. So, so kind of going through a lot of the comments I got in, the next step from here would be for us to kind of put together like a mitigation plan. And then kind of meet, I guess, with kind of the area sensitive property owners. So it’s like, you know, you might have the speed table right in front of your house. So that might be a higher? I don’t know, I guess potential downside, in a sense for some people compared to others. But yeah, that’s kind of my update on that. Great.

Unknown Speaker 5:50
Chair recognizes lists of sorry, member Osborne.

Unknown Speaker 5:55
Thank you. I just wanted to say I was there, I was grateful for the being alerted to it. And I wanted to say that Kerala did a great job in the face of worse, there were some people that were somewhat well, I guess, had a lot of complaints. And there was a lot of unfocused sentiment, I would want to say suggest that maybe in the future, a microphone be brought to these meetings, because we were in an awkward space, and people had a difficult time. It’s not so much that Carolyn didn’t speak loudly, but the echoes in the room made it difficult to hear and so microphone would have been great. I noticed that a camera has been installed at 15 thing gay. And I’m wondering if that’s the city or if that’s somebody one of the people doing that? That’s a city?

Unknown Speaker 6:49
Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 6:53
Yes, we do. We ever camera, we can put up in sort of watch. For like, we can get, you know, hours of turning movement counts. So we actually did that now on YouTube. So good. Trying to spy on anyone? No, no, I

Unknown Speaker 7:08
didn’t. I didn’t they actually I was grateful. Because I know, one of the repeated comments was concerned about 15 thing day. And with the fill in growth that’s happening right around there. That was what a lot of the interest was. So I was grateful to see that. And I wanted to say good job. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 7:25
Thank you. We have great staff. That was there as well. So kind of running the show. We really appreciate about their help. And thanks for having us. We’re gonna tell you a little bit about that when we usually don’t, but I’m sure you have something else to ask.

Unknown Speaker 7:52
Yeah, I think, Phil, you reminded me and we forgot to do this on the last item of the approval of minutes. Let’s just do a quick vote to approve those minutes if we could. All those in favor of approving the minutes from the preceding meeting in March, say aye. Aye. Aye. Aye. Aye. Any opposed? Okay, so we do approve the minutes. So go ahead and go go to the next item there. Just real quick.

Unknown Speaker 8:29
Caroline asked that I that we ask for. We’re always looking for current crossing guards. So Caroline runs that, that program for the city. And so we’re always looking for crossing guards at schools. So if you want to volunteer or if you have people out there that you have talked to who have shown some kind of interest in the safety of especially the children on varsity be wonderful if you could help them steer them toward ours a crossing guard program and that would be much appreciated. So thank you for that.

Unknown Speaker 9:04
Do we have a your URL a link or any materials we can provide? Because I have a couple of neighbors who have asked to get involved in some some of these sorts of things. So Carolyn?

Unknown Speaker 9:17
So minor correction, I’m just Taylor who is the more direct supervisor now for the crossing guard program, but either way, it actually is a paid city position. But right now actually my check that this morning, I don’t think the job is posted. So I can definitely send you a link to where like we have jobs posted but um, yeah, try to get that sorted out. With that, but um, yeah, we definitely have openings. And um, I don’t know I would just exactly which schools but um, I have an idea of some of them and probably

Unknown Speaker 10:01
Any questions on the crossing guards? I’m sure

Unknown Speaker 10:04
that we’ll send you a link when we when we get it when we have an opening. So thank you for that.

Unknown Speaker 10:12
Okay. Anything else? Phil for communications from staff?

Unknown Speaker 10:17
No, not at this time. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 10:20
Thank you. Now I want to check to see if we have any folks from the public who would like to speak. Phil, I see you shaking your heads.

Unknown Speaker 10:35
Stacy, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see anybody from the public on our call list. So

Unknown Speaker 10:41
you are correct. There is no comma Collis.

Unknown Speaker 10:46
Great. So it looks like the the two action items that we have. Here’s an update on the bylaws. I know we started this last meeting. And then the board member appointment process. So Phil, I’ll let you step in and discuss these two.

Unknown Speaker 11:03
Thank you so much chair or vice chair. Sorry, Sandy. Yeah, I was just wanting to go back over we did talk about this in March, the tarp bylaws, we wanted to update those just to bring them up into current standards. There’s a lot of different things that are going on these days with these virtual meetings, quite frankly, and some other things that we just wanted to clean up some of the word, the verbiage and I wanted to turn it over to a Tasi. To explain a little bit more, she’s our assistant city manager or city attorney, almost give you a really good boost their assistant city attorney, and she did most all the work on that. So I’m just kind of riding her coattails on this. But I thought see if you could just explain kind of what’s going on and what we’re asking for tonight. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 11:50
Good evening board, it’s a pleasure to meet all of you. And so you know, as Phil mentioned, we we kind of just tweaked a little bit of the bylaw language, it was really to bring it in line with some of the other bylaws that we have in the city and also to put in some references to virtual meetings, just because you know the time that the day and age right now, virtual meetings can happen at any point in time. And so we wanted to make sure that the board had the ability to remotely attend these meetings, if needed. And so a redline was sent out to the board, I think, sometime this past week. And so just going section by section and the first section with regard to meetings, we just updated the language to specifically reference the location of the meetings, either city council chambers, at the Civic Center, or by remote attendance, and the remote attendance meetings, they are going to be governed by the city’s electronic participation policy. And if you haven’t seen a copy of that we can get a copy out to the board sometime in the next week. And then, with regard to think section two, there was just some clarifying language. The other substantive section that had some changes was section five with regard to voting. And so the the language that was changed in this particular section was with regard to a board members interest. So if there is a board member that has a direct personal interest in any type of matter, that is coming before the board, then what will happen at that point in time is that the other members of the board will consider the interest and by vote will determine whether or not the one member with that potentially conflicting interest can either vote on the matter or they would refrain and step back. And so we added some language with regard to that. In Section six with regard to proceedings, Phil had mentioned that the board had started to do informational items where it’s just a discussion or you know, staff discussion listening to something that’s being brought and no action is taken, no motion is made, versus an action item which in this particular case of bylaws, we’ll be voting whether or not to accept the bylaws as written, and so that would be an action item. And so that was just updated. With regard to Section Eight rules of procedure, we added some clarifying language as far as Robert’s Rules that if Robert’s Rules wasn’t followed exactly to the letter, then that would not invalidate any type of actions the board took. And then any type of formal action would be done by emotion and then any type of informal action would just be items that can potentially be referred to city staff or the chairperson. Great, and I think that is Is that Is it and then we just added some signatures as well?

Unknown Speaker 15:09
Yeah. That’s the March meeting. At the March meeting, there were two items that you brought up as a board. And so we did include the section five for voting. A comment about removing the raising of hands and that kind of thing. So we, we took out that piece. And then whatever mechanism, you mentioned, one editorial comment. So we made the change. From who, who, to whom I believe, or whom, to who? Sorry. So we got that corrected, too. So those are the two comments you had at your last meeting. We took those into account, we added those. So the staff is now requesting that you, as a board approve or move to approve those those new bylaws, as amended.

Unknown Speaker 15:59
I guess we’ll open it up just to see if there is any questions for assistant city attorney. Thank you very much. A Tasi. For the for the information. Board Member McEnery.

Unknown Speaker 16:11
Yes, in Section six, a seven. That now reads action business. What is that an intentional change

Unknown Speaker 16:29
should actually be action items. So that would be the items where we’re making a formal motion. So I’ll make that change and get that

Unknown Speaker 16:36
there’s no no change from the current language there. And then it appears that the intent is to consistently refer to bylaws as a single word. Yes, I saw some things in the redline version that indicated that so there are a couple places where bylaws are still two words

Unknown Speaker 17:02
to make that change as well. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 17:07
Great, and for some reason, section 10 is titled sections plural 10. And that’s it for me. Perfect.

Unknown Speaker 17:18
Thank you. I appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 17:22
Anyone else I can’t see everybody on the screen so Oh, yep. Thank you, Councilmember Michelle.

Unknown Speaker 17:29
Um, there was also there in Section six there two nines near where that action business was instead of action items. It was like 7899 things changed and then I also noticed the bylaws there were by dash laws by space laws and then several just regular bylaws. And then let’s see page in Section Five i It looks like it should be votes should be rather than vote should be it I’m not sure the following words after that.

Unknown Speaker 18:11
I can find exactly where I meant. So if the second sentence vote shall be cast by voice, rather than should it be voted yes.

Unknown Speaker 18:26
Right. Yes, that’s it. votes. Never, never. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 18:43
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 18:45
Anyone else have anything they would like to ask her at?

Unknown Speaker 18:56
No. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 18:58
So I guess we need a motion to approve

Unknown Speaker 19:04
the amendments. The amendments? Well, motion to approve the bylaws with the statement. Gotcha.

Unknown Speaker 19:13
Motion to approve the bylaws with the stated amendments.

Unknown Speaker 19:17
Do I have a motion?

Unknown Speaker 19:20
I wouldn’t be willing to move that we accept the bylaws with the stated amendments.

Unknown Speaker 19:26
Thank you, board member Osborne. Do I have a second? Second? Great. We had almost three. So board member McInerney went ahead and seconded. So let’s go ahead and hold a vote. All those in favor of approving the bylaws with the state of amendments. Raise your hand or say aye I’m going to follow the new bylaws here.

Unknown Speaker 19:50
Ay, ay.

Unknown Speaker 19:55
Ay. And any opposed raise your hand or say nay. Fantastic. Looks like we’ve got that approval. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 20:12
thank you so much appreciate that time on the bylaws. It seems kind of bureaucratic, but it is something that’s important for the city in our in our board. So appreciate that. The next item on the on the agenda is also something that has changed recently. And we did want to bring this to you, because it’s very important to this board because we have mid year replacements on our board. So we need to her Council’s direction is to either appoints a two member board or two members subcommittee of this board to help with the interviews, or have the form move to have the full board be part of the interview process, which will start in April, are started me sorry, started me. So I just wanted to bring this to your attention. We are I think you saw the attachment, the talks a little bit more in detail about what we’re looking for, or what the council is looking for, as far as the nominating committee. So we might do is to folks that are up. And if they put their name back into the hat, I guess they wouldn’t be part of the committee. And I want to make sure I get it right. I think

Unknown Speaker 21:37
I think you’re correct on that. So I think it has to be. Yeah, so one,

Unknown Speaker 21:44
one of them correct. And then I’m trying to think who the second one, Sandi Stewart, yes. So those are the two people who would not be eligible in either case, as far as a full board or as far as a two person nominating committee. They could not be on that nominating committee if they put their names in the hat, which I don’t know if you have or not. But we’re hoping you do. But that being said, we’d like to get the board’s input on which stretch and you’d like to follow with the nominating committee piece that were found by counsel to follow.

Unknown Speaker 22:23
So it sounds like the question that is whether we want to create a nominating committee with two members of the current board, or we don’t want to do that. And we would all be part of the interview process. So I guess first thing I’ll throw out there. Is there any questions I see board member? Chris, you have a comment or question.

Unknown Speaker 22:44
I have a question. Mr. lanner. I’m just reading what they’re saying here about if the whole whole board conducts interviews, or they would be interviewed, interviewed no longer than 30 minutes, but that we would receive a predefined criteria, questions and scoring, that, I guess would be provided by the city council. And I wonder if if you’ve received that or seeing what that might might entail. And that might give us some direction as to who would be qualified to conduct the interviews? Also, I’m thinking if a new of the predefined criteria was,

Unknown Speaker 23:27
I believe, that’ll come from our city clerk. And so I have not seen them yet. But I would maybe check with Cece, have you seen anything or gene? Do you see anything from the city clerk’s office that talks about that criteria? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:43
So Stacy, no, I have not seen anything.

Unknown Speaker 23:48
And Phil, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 23:49
they are. Out on our team site. They have a tab. Folder Setup, they can go out there and see the interview questions, I

Unknown Speaker 23:57
believe that they’ve selected. Okay, so those are out there.

Unknown Speaker 24:01
They are out there. Yes. On the team site under counsel boards and commissions. And I’m not sure, you may need to ask permission to get to that folder, but I can download it and maybe send it over to you here in just a couple of minutes.

Unknown Speaker 24:13
Isn’t the problem with being interim? I guess. So. Interim Executive Secretary right. So we decided that in the bylaws I will find that and I will send it out to the whole TTB for review.

Unknown Speaker 24:29
Now question that I have for you fill it and maybe somebody else can can step in? Will the rubric be based on those pre interview questions? Or is that a separate process by either city council, city staff and that sort of thing? Because I thought I saw rubric was also included, you know, where you have the table that you put in if they meet the certain predetermined requirements?

Unknown Speaker 24:56
Yeah, you know, I’m gonna kind of go out on the limb a little bit here and say it’s fun. Be critical that we stick with the same questions and the same rubric. So, I don’t know if that’s the case or not. But that’s what I got from these recommendations in these guidelines. So we’re going to stick to a rubric and ask the same questions and not take more than 30 minutes. So it’s a fairly, fairly quick interview. And then we forward the names of the people that we want us that you want to see the board, either as the full board or the two members, acting on behalf of the board, move those toward to the city council for for consideration. And the piece that I didn’t understand was, and I need to get further update on this as if it’s just the two people on the nominating committee, can they fully represent the board? Or do we need to go back to the board? Vote on vote on that. But I think that’s just gonna be too time consuming. So what I’m understanding so far as the two members would be, would be, you know, given the weight of the board on their shoulders to make those decisions and forward that onto the council. So they would be the ones who who would you would be choosing to make that decision? If you go at the to member nominating committee format?

Unknown Speaker 26:10
That makes sense, it made sense on the rubric, I assumed it would have been the same questions. So as you said, we would be interesting to members to make the decision are you right, carry the the weight of the whole board and the decision? Any any other questions? Or? Yep. Board Member Michelle, first and then board member crest after that.

Unknown Speaker 26:32
So it didn’t seem clear to me that if, for example, if I’m not going to reapply for another term, could I still be on the nominating committee? If it’s a two person committee? Because I’ll still be on the board in May those decisions get made. June, the new board starts in July is right. And so I didn’t I didn’t read any language that it was preventing. Unless I worked to apply again, for example, or Sandra and I, we were to apply again. And of course, we couldn’t be on the nominating committee. But could we not even if we’re if our term is expiring, and we’re not going to reapply? My understanding?

Unknown Speaker 27:14
I think part of that is you are to be there for November for the end of the year. So you couldn’t fulfill your responsibility by not being on the board now. You know, we’re leaving in June. So you can’t you can’t be on it. Even if you want to, because you’re supposed to be there again in November, unless you decided to run. I mean, put your name in again, and then you wouldn’t be you wouldn’t be able to go through this because you would have been at the the interview process in May. Does that make sense?

Unknown Speaker 27:52
It does to me.

Unknown Speaker 27:53
Yeah. So no, the answer’s no.

Unknown Speaker 27:57
I just wonder how that works. If it’s full board at the full board wanted to do the interviews. I think we would still need to check on this. But I think we could still use anybody who was on the board at that time in May to do the interviews. And that would be that’s kind of part of this process is does this board. Want to figure out? Who is who gets to be on that selection committee? The nominating committee? Is it. If it’s the two then it’s probably I can’t be one of the people that is reapplying me well. Yeah. It can’t be somebody who’s reapplying clearly. But could it be somebody who’s going to fill out their role food June? And would you be comfortable with that person making a decision on who gets to be on the TV after they’ve left?

Unknown Speaker 28:49
Well, I guess the first thing we should probably come to is do we want to do a nominating committee? A few members are the whole the whole board. Does that sound? Oh, I’m sorry. Board Member? Chris, you did have a comment and question. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 29:06
Thank you, board member, Colin, you’re? So I have two observations. I guess one of the first one I was going to make was is it possible we could do a bit of a hybrid? In other words, maybe have to lead persons, but have them you know, all over the board, listen in on the interviews and maybe give some feedback. Or maybe maybe it’s a different to two people that asked the questions. It seems like a whole board might be a bit daunting if we’re all asking questions of an interviewee. But maybe we all want to hear the input from the perspective. And then also in regards to the conversation between board member Michelle and board member Stewart. I would think if a person is not reapplying for their position that they might have some insight as to who would be their replacement. So I think I agree with board Remember last year that? Or maybe it was Mr. Greenwald, who said, If you’re not continuing, maybe you, you would be able to participate in the interviews. So those are my two comments.

Unknown Speaker 30:15
Great, thank you. Okay, so I guess the first thing we should probably get to is do we want to put to a vote whether we do a nominating committee, or the full board? Does that sound like it’s a good idea to start off with that? And then we move from there? Or do we want to add the hybrid that board member Chris, provided that we would have, I guess, a nominating committee of two, that would be the lead. But the whole board would be involved in terms of I guess we’ll call what would be the vote of the new member, which I tend to agree with Mr. Greenwald, that that may add more time to the process and possibly, you know, slow things down. But I honestly honestly understand, of course, the need for input from everybody, because it would be board members that we’d be working with. So I guess we’ll put that up. But go ahead. Board Member Crist.

Unknown Speaker 31:17
Thank you. It’s, um, correct me if I’m misunderstanding this, but the city council wants us to make recommendations, but they actually are going to be doing the appointments.

Unknown Speaker 31:29
No, well, yes. But they’re asking us to first off, create either a nominating committee here or ought not to do that. And instead conduct interviews with the entire board. That’s pretty much what they’re asking for us tonight. So that’s really what we need to come to a decision on. And, Phil, correct me if I’m wrong is that?

Unknown Speaker 31:48
Well, I think I think their city council has put you in charge in one of those two options, either two or all, I don’t think you can do any kind of chain mix of that. But they’re asking you to vet the next members of the TA B so that they don’t have to go through every one of the applicants if you already feel like some of the applicants maybe don’t meet, meet the standard that you’ve had to meet to be on the board. I don’t know how to say it nicer than that. But I think they just want you to vet so that, you know, they don’t get the full range of applicants. And, you know, basically, it’s kind of a waste of City Council’s time to see everybody who’s applied. If you as a board would say, well, this person really doesn’t have any transportation, understanding or background, or maybe they just, you know, don’t understand what it’s like to be on a board. And you can get that through an interview, I guess. So I don’t know if councilmember Yarborough, you had your video on there for a moment. But I don’t know if you have more to say about that. Or I don’t want to put on the spot.

Unknown Speaker 33:01
No, thanks. Now you all are doing a great job. Basically, exactly what you just said is we want you all to have the opportunity to choose who you think will be, you know, representative of that board. I mean, we go through with my first time, you know, we went through so many people for hours and hours and hours and hours. And if I had never been on transportation, which I hadn’t, you know, I wouldn’t have known who to choose to be on the board. I’m just using my better judgment, right. And so we felt like it would be more beneficial for you all to be able to choose who you think will be beneficial for your board, you know, and help make those impactful decisions, and someone who can work with you. Right and understanding. So, but no, you’re right, you you all just have to decide on if you want a nominating committee or if you all want to be a part of that decision making. Yes, those as counsel, we still want to know who’s on the on the on these boards. So when you pick the two people or two people that you want to on the board, you know, that will be beneficial. For you all, you know, and then it comes back to us, and then we make that decision.

Unknown Speaker 34:30
Right. I think that’s I think this is a good motion. I mean, for my two cents, I think two of our members, I think would be sufficient to be able to help that and advanced candidates that then the city council would would approve or bring on. That’s That’s my opinion. If we want to go around the room we can or we could just take it to a vote again, if anybody wants to chime in with any different viewpoint or any question Yes, board member Crist. And then board member Michelle after that,

Unknown Speaker 35:06
are there two members that would like to volunteer? I feel like I’m pretty new. So maybe it should be somebody that’s been on the, on the board for a little bit longer than I have. It looks.

Unknown Speaker 35:22
I’m, I’m, uh,

Unknown Speaker 35:23
I guess I’ll ask council or board member Osborne is that? Yes, you would you would serve on the committee or you have a question. And I would too. Board Member? Michelle.

Unknown Speaker 35:40
I was just gonna say I think two would be sufficient. And if it’s, if it’s the whole committee really be five, if it’s not the two that are expiring terms. And that’s just a lot of coordination. So I think two would be fine.

Unknown Speaker 36:01
Okay, we got to sounds like we’ve got some some agreement here. So do we want to just go ahead and get to a vote here of the board for the nominating committee to be made up of two board members, and cannot include those that are reapplying for their position? Is that something we can vote on tonight? Okay, and I feel like I covered that correctly.

Unknown Speaker 36:31
Out in a formal motion.

Unknown Speaker 36:33
Yeah, exactly. So I move that we appoint two members of the board to serve as a nominating committee to recommend new and returning board members to for the City Council. And we can include those that are reapplying for their positions.

Unknown Speaker 36:55
Want to also state the name of those two people? That would be wonderful.

Unknown Speaker 37:00
Do we want to do that during this as well? Okay. All right. That’s, that’s,

Unknown Speaker 37:04
I feel like, yeah, if there’s discussion about that, we can do that after the motion is made.

Unknown Speaker 37:10
Okay. Well, board member Osborne would be one. And I’m happy to is there anybody else that would be happy to? Just so we, because I mean, I’ll step aside if somebody else feels feels more qualified to be able to interview? No. Okay. Then I would say, board member Osborne and myself would sit on the nominating committee. So I guess Can I get a motion for this?

Unknown Speaker 37:46
But you already moved? A second?

Unknown Speaker 37:48
Okay. Can I get a second?

Unknown Speaker 37:50
I would second the motion.

Unknown Speaker 37:53
Okay. And board members. So I guess we’ll go ahead and vote on this. All those in favor? And I’m not gonna read recap the whole motion? Raise your hand or say aye. Aye. Aye. Any opposed? Raise your hand or say nay? No, then it’s approved.

Unknown Speaker 38:23
Again, for all the work on this just interesting, interesting, different things that we’re working on to to move the city forward. So thanks for taking care of that, in this meeting. I won’t get with you and me are probably later this month actually, and start organizing and seeing who’s, who’s out there who’s running or who’s put their name back in the hat, maybe I don’t know, maybe there’s two people on this board. We’d like to do this some more. But otherwise, we’ll get you we’ll get you the full slate of names, as well as the the information that you requested about the criteria. So we’ll get that out to you tomorrow. I’m hoping and then we’ll get the overtime to organize times for everybody to meet and we’ll try to figure out who’s going to be running and who? How many people we have. Sorry about that.

Unknown Speaker 39:17
Okay, so do we want to move on to the Transportation Improvement Program project updates? So

Unknown Speaker 39:22
sure, that would be wonderful. Yes. In your packet tonight, that I probably should have brought this up. So that I could share with you as well. I don’t know if I can share or not. I think I might be might not be a co host but I might be. Tonight, we have two items for you that are basically I think we took this in front of you a couple of months ago when we talked about the various calls for projects. And so there’s column number one, which was a very quick turnaround short timeframe, bunch of dollars that went for regional projects. So things that were affecting the whole Denver region. And then now we’re still working through that. So those haven’t been finalized yet. But they’re all in the queue. And they’re being evaluated now by a doctor, the Denver Regional Council of Governments, Dr. cog. And I actually sit on the committee as a member of the Southwest weld sub region, not the Boulder County, as you’d expect, but the Southwest world region was nice enough to nominate me to kind of vet these projects. So I was just on the call this afternoon right before this meeting, in fact, when we talked about the regional projects, and so there’s a bunch out there that and some of them have some pretty direct influence on Longmont, which is great. And they’re, they’re, they’re kind of toward the top of the scoring list, which is great, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be funded. So we kind of have to sit back. And I can’t say much more than that, at this point in time. We’re also looking at call number two, which is just the county. So now we’re back in basically Boulder and southwest Weld County, because Longmont sits in both. And those smaller projects to go after this very short term amount of funding, again, we have to basically spend all the dollars that we get from these grants by the end of 2026, which sounds like it’s way out there. And a long time from now on. Boy, I can’t even imagine that, you know, what it’s gonna look like in 2026. But it’s right around the corner in the world of transportation funding. So in projects, so I just wanted to let you know, and I can bring these up if you’d like. But just let me know, kind of your preference on these is we’ve got two projects, and one is a County Line Road project. So we’ve been working with actually both counties southwest weld, or Weld County, and Boulder County, to see if they would split their money up in half. And so we’re asking for $2,720,000 as our total request of federal funding for that project, it’s a $3.4 million project to add shoulders. That sounds incredible to me, being in this business for over 30 years, that we are going to spend three and a half million almost dollars in shoulder widening. But that’s that’s the reality that we live in today. That’s the those are the numbers that we have to deal with. There’s also gonna be some road improvements to that it’s not just the shoulders, but there’ll be some road improvements as well. And that’s County Line Road from 17, North up to 66. State Highway 66. And so we just want to let you know that that’s one of the projects we’re considering. And we did for that two, larger transportation committee or technical advisory committee for transportation today, as part of that sub region, we also took it to Weld County last week, and asked them to play it pay for half of that. So we, they were very generous and saying that seemed to make sense for them. So we are gonna get that number for you. Yeah, $1,360,000 from each county, or each sub region. So that’s our plan to move forward, we still have to be responsible for $680,000 for the local match, which should be 20%, if I’ve done my calculations correctly, so 20% of the project has to be matched by the with other funding. And so we think that’s a really good project. So I’ll stop there and just see if you have any questions about that project.

Unknown Speaker 43:42
Yeah, I have a quick question. So was that a section of roadway that we had some issues on prior? And is that the reason for the widening of it.

Unknown Speaker 43:55
And this is where I really like to get, let’s see. Sorry, we have to get our downloaded document here that we have online or that we’ve been talking about. Let me just go to the section I really do want to highlight this one piece because it’s pretty critical in my mind.

Unknown Speaker 44:17
I know there’s a there’s a park that’s going to be let me see if I can share that on that.

Unknown Speaker 44:23
Right I’m hoping you can see that picture. Does everybody see my content?

Unknown Speaker 44:34
How about now else to get click the word that actually says share.

Unknown Speaker 44:42
So anyway, this is what Caroline pretty much looks like. I mean, if anybody has been out there lately, there’s a little there’s a little bit of changes closer to the 17th Avenue intersection, but this is pretty much what it looks like. And so let’s see that if a car has any kind of safety issues at all, there’s no place for it to really go if bicycle Want to use this corridor, there’s no place for them to really go except in the street and share the road with the cars. And as it’s getting busier, that’s getting more and more difficult to have cars try to pass bicycles without having to really slow down, wait for oncoming traffic to clear. So it is legal to cross the double yellow line. I know a lot of people don’t believe that it is. But it’s if you’re passing a bicycle, it’s it’s okay to do so. Or any slow vehicle, if it’s a tractor or whatever is out here, which we do get a lot of tractors in this section of County Line Road as well. Any kind of slow moving vehicle or anything in the road, you can pass the devil on the double yellow line, if it’s safe to do so and there’s no oncoming traffic. If not, you’d have to do you do have to wait behind the slow moving vehicle until it’s safe to pass. But anyway, this is kind of what we’ve got going. And we do have a park that’s eventually going to be built. We think in the next five years, we’ll really have probably some good design, I don’t know if it’s going to be up and running by them. But we should be starting at least on construction and have some elements of that park complete. Basically on the west side of Caroline Road, north of 17, north of Jim Hamm pond and those different things, too. So it’s, it’s closer to 66 than it is to 17th I would say. But that’s gonna have the traffic. So I hope that answers your questions.

Unknown Speaker 46:24
It helps because context.

Unknown Speaker 46:27
Here’s the section that we’re talking about right here. If you’ve not familiar with that portion of the city, it is from 17th North, eventually it will be widened. So any kind of project that we do with the shoulders will be able to be incorporated into the next round of widening as well. Yes, ma’am.

Unknown Speaker 46:45
I just wanted to add in terms of traffic there, with the growth of the Long’s peak hospital, we’re going to have a lot more people cutting, you know, getting off the interstate coming down 66 from me then birth it in places like that. So I think that’s an important place to have widening.

Unknown Speaker 47:04
Great point. Board member Chris

Unknown Speaker 47:14
is the reason why the cost is so high because you have to purchase property from some of the private owners out there.

Unknown Speaker 47:24
We do we there will, there will be some likely right of way acquisition, but we don’t think it’ll be too much. But that is part of the project costs. You are correct.

Unknown Speaker 47:40
Any other comment? Or question? Yep, board member Chris. Oh, we can’t hear you. You’re on mute. Still can’t hear you. Oh, can you put the question in the chat line? Any other comments or questions on this particular project for any anyone? So why don’t

Unknown Speaker 48:38
you not sure if I can see the chat? I can I can? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:42
Okay. Um, I was waiting for.

Unknown Speaker 48:46
Okay. Well, we’ll certainly get back to that I didn’t want to share with the other piece of this is USD seven are what we affectionately known as Main Street, correct. 21st Avenue, we’re planning to do an underpass. And with any kind of purpose, we really do need to make sure that we are doing really good planning and design before we just started going for construction dollars. So this is a and this again, blows me away, quite frankly, as a professional in this business for a long time. $1 million, we need to based on what we’ve done, we’ve reached out to some consulting firms and just kind of got an idea of what would be needed and it’s, you know, it’s anywhere from $900,000 to over a million dollars. So we’re asking for a million dollars for design work, and that’ll be full design of the intersection at 21st Avenue. This is kind of a gloppy map. I apologize for having so much action on this map, but hopefully you can still see it. But we’re really working to make sure that we have a good connection here that is great separated from the rest of traffic and Part of that, as you’ll see over here, we have I don’t know if you can see my cursor, but we have, on the east side of this intersection, we have a pretty good Greenway that’s already built out to a point. Not not very far. But it’s it’s planned to be further built, and have a further connection in the oligarchy ditch here. And then further to the west, we’ve got 21st Avenue, which is planned to be enhanced. Well, it already doesn’t enhance multi-use corridor, and iimak, as we affectionately known them as, but that’s converting one way or one of the lanes of traffic in each direction to bike lane with buffers. So we’ve done an extensive, extensive data collection as far as our volumes in that area. And we’ve seen that this, the volumes that are out there can easily be supported with just one lane of traffic in each direction, there isn’t really a rush hour component to the street, the growth is all there. So people don’t really use this as a cut through because it’s kind of a slower Street, it has lots of stop signs and a couple signals. So with that said, we are working to make that connection. And somebody have a question. So what we’ve shown here is this is no view of the intersection, you’ve probably all been through it at least once in your time in Longmont, if not many, many times. And even this, you know, this is from Google Earth. And already you can see there’s a bicyclist approaching the intersection, there’s a pedestrian on the other corner, it’s a really tough, it’s really tough intersection, quite frankly, for people not in cars. And even for people in cars. It’s a little rough as far as the way you go east to west and, and have to, you know, kind of weave or kind of traverse that intersection in a kind of funky manner. And it’s, it’s getting less and less safe, I’ll just say that I don’t, you know, we will have the numbers to kind of corroborate that information. But right now, it’s it’s, it’s a tough intersection. And we do have a ditch that flows through there. And so the idea is to kind of connect up that those parts of the ditch with this intersection, and again, just trying to get the design done on that first and foremost. And we think we can do that in the next two to three years, which puts us in line with this type of brand. So with that, I’ll stop sharing my screen and listen to you.

Unknown Speaker 52:28
I had a quick question. So this is strictly for the design. And I know that you probably went out to some sort of a formal bid or RFI, or what have you. How do they break down a million dollars, it’s just designed because that’s, that seems to me, like just,

Unknown Speaker 52:44
you know, that was just a quick estimate from the consultants that we’ve reached out to. Because there’s a lot of complicating factors with the design, we have to go underneath Main Street. But then we also have to go underneath that one lane of 21st Avenue, because that’s how the the ditch actually comes along from a West, I don’t know what it looks like right on your screen, but comes from the West, and then dives straight self to get underneath 21st and then goes underneath 20 Main Street, and then connects with with that Greenway trail that we talked about. So there’s some strange complications there, we’re not sure if all of it can happen, you know, Underground’s to get all those different components and a bicyclist stays underground from all the way from 21st underneath, or if we just go underneath Main Street, and daylight on either side, and then have them cross a grade somewhere, maybe further back, but we have to make the all these connections work. And it’s not, it’s not. It’s very complicated. So it’s not easy.

Unknown Speaker 53:43
But that’s not the cost of construction. This is strictly the design side. So construction could

Unknown Speaker 53:48
be used to it used to be the cost of construction, I’ll be honest with you, back about 10 years ago, or 15 years ago, you could build an underpass for about a million dollars. And that’s what you look for. So what we’ll do is in column number two, we’ll go for the design dollars. And in column number four, which I didn’t finish up my whole diatribe on that but there’s 1234. And so three will be the furthest further out round of money, which is there’s more money available, and it’s further out, it goes further out into the future. So I think that has to be spent by 2028, the end of 2028. For that for those dollars. So our folks feel like if we can get to design dollars in this round, and round four we could go for we’ll go for design and construction, quite frankly, if we don’t get the design dollars, we’ll we’ll mix that in with column number four, which goes out into December. So you won’t be back to you really quick. You’re gonna you’re gonna keep hearing us and hearing this probably almost every other TV meeting

Unknown Speaker 54:59
Alright, any Any other comments or questions from the on the board?

Unknown Speaker 55:04
Yeah, this is just informational. So we’re just trying to give you the heads up of what we’re doing on staff,

Unknown Speaker 55:10
board member Chris.

Unknown Speaker 55:13
So what I’m hearing you say is the 21st, it’s gonna be it’s a, it’s a work in progress, you’re gonna ask for a million dollars and see how far you can get in and, and how much more you might need in a second pass.

Unknown Speaker 55:29
And what I probably should have said is, I think people are saying that this is three to $5 million project, depending on what the design comes up with. So what we’ll do is we’ll just ask for the maximum, you know, amount, if we, if 1 million of that is designed, then we’ll ask for $4 million in construction in that column number four. If we don’t get if column number two doesn’t get approved, for us that we will go for all the dollars and call number four, if that makes sense. We’ll just ask for the full $5 million $1 million being for a design full design and 4 million for full construction. And we might have some extra there. But we’d like to be conservative with grant dollars. Otherwise, it comes out of the city pockets.

Unknown Speaker 56:17
So the first round is actually kind of feasibility design funding, is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 56:23
We think it’s feasible, but we just don’t know what the design will look like and what it’ll what the final costs will be. So the design kind of goes in different rounds, it does a 3060 and then a 90, which is pretty much complete. And so at each one of those rounds, we’ll get a better idea of the costs. And then we can figure out what to ask for for the from those. But you know, we’re not going to be done with this. When we asked for the weather, we asked for the construction dollars. So it’s going to be we’re going to be walking quite a little tight rope to make it all work.

Unknown Speaker 56:59
Or delivered on

Unknown Speaker 57:01
yet. Thanks. I just sent a question because that was walking over there the other day, the Greenway trail it’s been closed, because it’s over off of one night teeth heading that used

Unknown Speaker 57:13
to get mixed up. But it’s been closed since the flood. What if we’re looking at proposing to spend $5 million?

Unknown Speaker 57:21
In an addition? What about the existing that’s been closed? Or under construction?

Unknown Speaker 57:31
Yeah, anything that was closed, and if it’s been closed since the flood, I’m not quite sure which portion you’re talking about. There’s a section kind of closure of the green of the thing. Rain Greenway anyway, that’s going to be closed for another point. Yeah, so that section down my left hand brewery will be closed for another, probably 1218 months while we replaced that bridge at Boston. And so you’re correct those those things get shut down and is a flood control issue. But there’s already money going into that. So there’s a lot of FEMA dollars going into that there’s, there’s a lot of city dollars going into that there’s some federal other federal dollars going into that. So we, you know, to say we’re set, we’re set with the construction of that. It’s just because it’s such a complicated project, and it has to take a lot of things out of the floodway. So we’re basically raising that bridge up. And then we’re putting the, we’re putting the trail higher up to so that doesn’t flood as often as it used to. If you remember, if you would call every June, I think that that section of trail would be under would be deep underwater, not just underwater, but like you cannot really safely walk or take a bicycle under there. So we’re working to get all that stuff up out of the flood floodway. Obviously, the traffic will be completely out. And then that trail should only flood. I think it’s a every 10 years or every 20 years, it would might get some water on it still, but he always talked about 100 year floods. So they talked about with the trails, it’s like 510 15 year floods. So

Unknown Speaker 59:07
those are being accounted for and still in the work plan than

Unknown Speaker 59:11
they are in the work plan. You’re correct. They’re there they would what we’re going to come with you next next month is the CIP the capital improvement program. And that’s where we build capital projects or the you know, the hard concrete projects, most all of them whether they’re bikeways, whether they’re streets, whether they’re bridges, underpasses and we’ll be coming to you next week, or next month with those items. Thanks. Appreciate

Unknown Speaker 59:34
it. Yep, board

Unknown Speaker 59:42
member Chris.

Unknown Speaker 59:44
If I can return to the question I was trying to ask when I couldn’t unmute myself. Have you this plan for her 17th County Line Road from 17th going north. It says You want to expand it by five feet? But then you said you’re you’re actually planning other expansions there. How much total expansion Are you going to have in that area?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:11
Well, Boulder County did a study two years ago, it’s right when the pandemic was kind of starting, that they got into the the study was to look at Kenny lane road from state highway 66, all the way down to Erie. And so all the way down to I think state highway seven. And it included a four lane section for most all that roadway for the long term future. So this would be this was included as part of the four lane section. So when you talk about right of way needs, I mean, that’s really where we’re going to have to talk about the right away, but the city has acquired the property on the west. So basically, what we probably do is hold the right away line on the east and not not buying that property to the east, and just expand the roadway into city property because then we don’t have to. It’s our we already own it. So we would just we replant it so that we would have the right of way, be the street and then the property for the park be the parcel for the park, if that makes sense. But we will just expand that right of length footprint with our own with our own land with your land, the city’s land. So I hope that makes sense. It’s kind of complicated, but it’s just swapping one city property with another basically.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:31
Is it going to reduce the size of the park significantly?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:35
No, it shouldn’t. No, but it’ll, it should make it easier for when events get out of the park to make to get people to the arterioles if you’re trying to get to either 66 or 119 or 17.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:49
Okay. Any other questions or comments from anyone? Okay, thank you, Phil, for the information and the context on all this.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:12
I guess now we’ll move to comments from the board on tonight’s meeting. I think we’re past all the all the items

Unknown Speaker 1:02:33
gonna go around the room, or we can also take comments on any issues.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:39
I should say sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
Comment from a joke.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:55
Yes, board member is more.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:57
I just wanted to say you did a good brave job tonight. Vice chair that was very well done. Thank you, and everybody else from the staff as well. We really appreciate all you do to help us understand what’s going on.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:12
Yes, I agree with your second point.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
Board Member McInerney. I would just comment that both of the tip projects that were presented look great, a very worthwhile projects.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:32
Board member Chris,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:33
I want to thank board member long for bringing up the continued work in progress over the Greenway where there was flooding. And I agree with board member McInerney that these both of these projects in the works look promising.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:58
Board Member Michelle,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
I have great information tonight. And you did a good job. So and I just I think it’s a I think it’s a good idea for the current board members to look at the future board members. So I really think that’s going to be helpful and help take some of the burden off of city council because I mean, remembering we went through those interviews and imagining all the people they had to interview for multitude of hours that if if current board members could recommend and then City Council Review and vote on that. We’ll take a little bit off of that. And I think that’s with purpose because we are you know, the board members currently already know what’s going on and we look for someone with some sort of skills or at least enthusiasm for this topic to help move forward with the city. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:49
Well put, well put. County Board Member Stewart or I should say Chairman Stewart

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
Well, thank you, Steve, for filling in for me, and this was a great meeting. Thank you, for all the stuff we talked about is all important. I hope to be well, my next.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:15
Great. And I agree with everybody’s comment, staff. Phil, you did a great job filling us in, as well as other staff members, along with the assistant city attorney. So we all appreciate that. Council member Yarborough, would you like to add anything? Any comments on tonight’s discussions?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:39
Only that you all, are doing such a wonderful job. I love hearing all the questions. And I’m learning to you know, board member Chris and I are new. And so we’re learning together. I appreciate all the knowledge. And I appreciate all the questions and in the comments. So thank you for having grace with me, for me not knowing everything. But I appreciate all that you all do. So thank you, and you did an awesome job.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:17
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
Great. And I think, Phil, do you have anything you want to add?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:25
Just thank you all for your service. I know you volunteer at some point to do these jobs. So we very much appreciate that the staff and your inputs are critical to us moving forward. So every time you comment on something, or say something about the projects, or even if it’s the little things that we do, as far as you know, helping us with public meetings, we really appreciate your comments on that we understand this is not your chosen profession, necessarily. It is ours. We we we love doing it. But we really appreciate you coming in at least once a month, if not more to volunteer your time. So thank you. Next month we plan on doing we plan on doing this capital improvement program with you all and you’ll get to hear somebody else speak finally, besides me. And so that’ll be good. And then we’ll probably talk about the tip some more. But I’m hoping we’re gonna have a little little buffer time for that. And then obviously, in May, we’ll be looking forward to our meeting with you. The two of you, too, for the nominating committee. So those are kind of the things on our list right now. And then you’ve given me a small list of things to maybe put out tonight and Chang is university Jane or Stacy really. And even then it was kind of quiet today. And we got to see Caroline, but they’re all the wonderful staff that kind of behind the scenes that really take care of this whole thing for especially me, but then you guys get to see hopefully more of a seamless things. We really appreciate their time on this too. But they’ve already sent me some things to send out to you. So we’ll get those out to you. Tomorrow morning. Great. Thank you for your time.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:07
Yeah. And so next month’s meeting just for bookkeeping as the ninth of May. So I guess without any more comments, move to adjourn the meeting. Sorry. Second, no opposed. Great. Thank you, everybody. We’ll talk next month. Great. Have a great night. Thank you. Thank you

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