Callahan House Board Meeting – January 12, 2022

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Callahan House Board Meeting – January 12, 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Go ahead and call the meeting to order. It’s by my computer time I’ve got 903. We need to approve the minutes from the previous meeting, I assume that everyone’s had a chance to review those and go over what was sent to us by Kathy.

Unknown Speaker 0:20
Is that true or not? There’s somebody need the time to read them. I read

Unknown Speaker 0:27
them. I’ve read them as well. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 0:37
Suggest one. Correction. And then one question. The correction would be under old business. Be one, the last sentence, we might want to spell out see Oh, being COVID. Yeah. Rather than see, oh, like Colorado?

Unknown Speaker 1:03
Oh, good. That’s the one I caught to Karen.

Unknown Speaker 1:08
Okay. All right. I’ll fix that.

Unknown Speaker 1:10
And then I think the time we ended was earlier, I think it was 1028. But that’s because I just make note when I’m more finishing wrapping things up. And I think we kind of hung out and talked afterward. And maybe that’s why the 1053 came in. So that was the question I had time. Just missed a question.

Unknown Speaker 1:36
Yeah, I honestly can’t remember in that sense. But you You are very accurate on this stuff. I actually, if there’s a stick I know Karen’s gonna catch it.

Unknown Speaker 1:52
I think the discussion about canceling the board meeting and moving the lunch is what extended the meeting. Yeah. So I think it was actually closer to 11.

Unknown Speaker 2:04
I think it was two because I left earlier than that. Yes. I think that I think that we can get a little nitpicky on things that are that’s slowing us down. There’s just too much. Too much going on. You know, where it’s not important to even worry about it. As far as the exact time that everything Yeah, we know. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:36
I move we accept the minutes as they’re written. That’s corrected.

Unknown Speaker 2:40
That’s corrected. Okay. I just need a second. I’ll second that. Okay, Karen. All right. Moving along. Going to the house manager’s report.

Unknown Speaker 2:51
I’m going to see if I could share my screen. Okay, everybody didn’t get it printed. Interesting. It’s offering me lots of screens I expected to and I’m seeing like six oh, that’s kind of awful. There. See? What What can you see?

Unknown Speaker 3:22
I can see a pretty jogger with

Unknown Speaker 3:26
top yeah, pretty jogger.

Unknown Speaker 3:30
Buddy wasn’t able to view

Unknown Speaker 3:32
various. Alright,

Unknown Speaker 3:34
that’s it cabbie. All right, I’m going to page down to the manager’s report. The other the other comment I had on the minutes is, like we decided I attached the manager’s report from the last meeting. So that’s what that is.

Unknown Speaker 3:51
So we can refer to it instead of putting everything in the minutes manager’s report for this month. And I’m looking at last month and going well, that’s wrong.

Unknown Speaker 4:08
Look at the paper. The screens a little little too bright for me today. So far. I’m kind of with Karen. It’s a little early. This is for November in December. Both months we had 13 and then 14 events. November we had three city events, December one clubs, we had six and eight. We didn’t do any final walkthroughs wrong time of year. We had one revenue generating event each month and three tours each month. And of course our Santa open house in December. We did have some things going on in the garden pictures and also a memorial that somebody did just ad hoc. They let me know they were coming that they just came and set up a little table and did it in the garden. A couple of things on maintenance. They did fix the toilet seat in the bathroom. Oh goodness. Yeah, I Well, it’s funny because I had Cameron come measure to see if we could get the stove in. And I said, you know how this other little thing I want to talk to you about? We walked into the bathroom and I said, he took one look and when Oh, who did that? Oh, you know, I don’t know, they did it while I was on vacation. But can we get it fixed? And oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, they were back that day. So that’s, that’s fixed. Of course, we decorated the house. And, and I mentioned that Cameron came and measured for the new stove. And I think we’ve decided we can get it in. So I’m in the process of doing the purchasing work to get that ordered this week. So I’m going to call and make him swear, one more time that’ll fit. And I’m going to call the vendor and see if if it can come disassembled, which would make life a lot easier. So we’re, we’re in process on that. January is pretty quiet. We do have a paranormal event, which I think is going to get scheduled. But I still don’t have the paperwork for it. And every time I don’t get the paperwork, he moves the date, so I’m not holding my breath. Club renewals are progressing. I think we’ll be done by mid February. And so far we haven’t had any clubs cancel. The grant award has to be accepted by city council. So we’re in the process, we did a submission to just to get it back on the council calendar. I don’t have a date yet for that. And once that gets done, then we can get the acknowledgement of the grant conditions and the covenant paperwork signed so that they can create the contract. Okay, so that’s an end, I believe, based on what Sue Ellen told me that we do not have to go back to council with the contract, because we will have already jumped through all the council hoops. So that’s my understanding, although I’m not holding my breath, just because every time I think we’ve jumped through that hoop, it presents itself again. Well, and I do have a preliminary scope and budget from history, Colorado, and I’m sitting on that waiting for the council approval. So that’s where we’re at on the grant stuff. We did have one cancellation. My June 11 wedding canceled because of COVID concerns. But because we don’t have any restrictions at this point that indicate to us that we can’t do that event, I think we’ll be able to do it. I did not refund their, their deposits. I did tell them, I would honor it if they set another date. So and I got the impression that COVID was their excuse, but there was other stuff going on. And that’s they wouldn’t tell me what they just said they were having a hard time.

Unknown Speaker 8:19
We did book another, we booked to retreat in November, we booked a wedding in July. And we booked another wedding in June. So we do have two weddings and to replace the one that we that canceled. I stand to open house I thought was a great success. And I do want to talk through that later in the agenda. But my observation was that the reservation process worked really well for us. And I think that we were probably maxed out in terms of our ability to the number of people we could serve. And the other thing I really noticed is that because people were seeing Santa by themselves, instead of a room full of credit full of people who were also waiting to see Santa, that it felt a lot more personal to them. And they felt like they were getting individual attention instead of you know, just being the head of the line. And the first step of the website accessibility audit for the Callahan house pages is complete. Okay, I think there’s a lot more steps to follow. But at the moment, we’ve checked that box. And it was was not fun. There are lots and lots of things you can check for accessibility and it’s tedious. I feel for the people that have lots more pages than we do because we were lucky we only have a few pages financially in December. You can see we’re still ahead moving on to the financial report. We’re still ahead of the I guess I could move.

Unknown Speaker 9:53
Yeah, that sheets needed. Go there.

Unknown Speaker 9:56
All right. I’m not used to that. So there we go. So You can see we’re still ahead. There’s some kind of wonky stuff going on in Munis. But typically, when they balance the books for for the month, those things resolve themselves. So I think we’re still ahead, I’m not holding my breath, but we certainly had our revenue exceed our expenses. And it’ll be interesting to see by how much when everything comes out in the wash. On the next page, let me move the screen we ended up with 183 events with 20 736 guests, which I think is pretty good considering that not only did we not really open until you know, may ish, but people really didn’t book things because of their concerns about COVID. So I think we had a really good year under the circumstances and I just hoping that COVID will let let loose its grip and let us have a good year in 2022. So when you take a look at the actuals moving on to the next page there’s there’s really nothing interesting but it does give you detail about who met in the house and who did tours and how much setup and cleanup and event hours we had and also the revenue

Unknown Speaker 11:31
not that was November November expenses pretty normal. Nothing major we did buy a new Christmas tree for the bride’s room

Unknown Speaker 11:50
are normal advertising expenses. December was felt busy because we cram everything into just a little bit of time there in the first 15 or 16 days of the month. We did do multiple club holiday events, as well as our open house and the holiday lunch. And we did have several tours and paranormal events with kindred spirits. And they had really good attendance again, although we restricted their attendance this time. Nothing major in the expenses just normal stuff. I guess the only thing I’ve mentioned is I did go buy soaker hoses and start watering in December. Although I was not as successful as I thought it would be the new soaker hoses are interesting. I wish I had the old ones where they squirt out all over the place. Because the new soaker hoses are just been and they’ve got holes in them. And so they end up watering about six or eight inches. And it goes straight down when it’s this dry instead of spreading out. So I think if we have to go back to that I’ll use soaker hoses, but I’ll probably also use sprinklers. Because soaker hoses don’t do a very adequate job of spreading the moisture out without moving the foams every 15 or 20 minutes, which is pretty labor intensive. Yeah. Yeah. Well, and it took me you know, like two days to get one section of the garden watered. And that’s that’s, that’s a lot. That’s awful. Yep. Um, right. Here’s the Munis numbers. As of the end of the year, I again, I don’t think they’re final. They’re still mess around. And there may still be some expenses that need to shift from the first paycheck in January back into December. They always do that after they do this second payroll in January. So it’ll be interesting to see how it all ends up when they finished messing with it. But this is what it looked like as of January 5. Okay. And then the last page is your new board contact sheet. Yes. For 2022. Okay, any questions?

Unknown Speaker 14:23
So what month did the private donation come in November, December? It’s a curious question, but it has a purpose. Oh, I’m

Unknown Speaker 14:29
sorry. What was the question?

Unknown Speaker 14:31
What month did the private donation come in?

Unknown Speaker 14:35
Um, there were two private donations. Um, I don’t remember I there was one one in December and I don’t remember when the other one was.

Unknown Speaker 14:46
Interested in the timing. That’s all.

Unknown Speaker 14:47
It was. It was further back in the year.

Unknown Speaker 14:51
Further back in the year not recorded on a prior report.

Unknown Speaker 14:55
Yes, it was recorded. There was a there were two donations there was $1,000 donation. A $50 donation. The $50 donation came in in December. That’s what I was asking. Just yeah. The $1,000 donation previously in the urine has been on the reports all year.

Unknown Speaker 15:12
Yeah, no, that’s that’s I was looking at just this monthly report, since this one is in November, December. Yeah, it was December. Sure. It was November, December. What is the current balances fund? We probably should have a line added to this report, because that question always continues to come up. And we have revenues that we have expenses, but we don’t have a current balance.

Unknown Speaker 15:38
It’s about $32,000. I can go get your number. It’s it’s a little wonky at the moment because we borrowed from the funds through an appropriation and now we have to put it back so I can tell you let me see if I can get to it. Yeah, my screen is all backed up. So I’ll get to that number. I should know it right off the top of my head, but I don’t I just looked at it yesterday.

Unknown Speaker 16:16
When you’re looking at happy,

Unknown Speaker 16:17
yeah. When you’re looking at lots of numbers, it’s hard to remember. And if I go off to look at it now it’ll just feed you. Yeah. All right. Let me see if I can get rid of the screen sharing. Nope. How do I quit sharing Aurora? See if this will do it. Nope. I don’t know how to stop screen sharing. There it is. I found it. Alright. Moving on. My colony.

Unknown Speaker 17:10
See their happy birthday, Connie. That’s exactly. I was gonna take a pause after that. To wish you there was a wonderful waking

Unknown Speaker 17:20
up early this morning. I’m sorry, I over spoke over UConn. What was it that you said oh, I was just saying my computer would not wake up this morning.

Unknown Speaker 17:34
This night, and I got in here 15 TL and it took me 20 minutes to get on my crazy. Birthday call

Unknown Speaker 17:46
saying that it was a little different first birthday. Hoping to get but but we did want to wish you a very happy birthday. Let’s hope you have a very nice one today.

Unknown Speaker 17:56
Thank you. We plan to

Unknown Speaker 17:59
good. What are your plans?

Unknown Speaker 18:03
Oh, we’re going up to Cheyenne later on today. And going through dinner, but we had reserved some things up there before Christmas. And they came in so we’re gonna have a nice day.

Unknown Speaker 18:21
It would be nice weather. Yes, I love road trips. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 18:25
I do too. Where do you go to eat and Cheyenne?

Unknown Speaker 18:31
We’re going to a new place to us anyway. I think it’s called the rib rib and Chop House on the Wyoming grid and Chop House. It’s close to the depot. Guys. In Montana. Yeah, downstairs. Yeah, we know that got one in Colorado Springs. That was it. So we got well, let’s try that out. It looks fun.

Unknown Speaker 18:57
Yeah, good. It’s a great steak house. Like, yeah, started in Livingston, Montana.

Unknown Speaker 19:06
Oh, he would know that.

Unknown Speaker 19:09
Yes, I would.

Unknown Speaker 19:11
Well, I’m glad we made a good choice.

Unknown Speaker 19:14
So moving right along, we’re going to go into old business and the Christmas open house. I just as a quick added thing, I know it wasn’t there for the event. But from everything that has been discussed. I think it was a huge success in that it sat in the fact that the scheduling we did online, and that, as Kathy stated, it was more intimate ability and I also liked the fact that we had more control over the numbers and we didn’t have people walk away. angry or upset in like they could have in the past without us even being aware of. We had a little more control over that. So I’ll open that to discussion on on what everybody else’s views were. What you thought the event?

Unknown Speaker 20:12
Oh, I’ll say it. I thought it was 100% better that way because you just weren’t pushing, you know, people were just pushing and shoving. Yeah. And I liked that we started rotating rooms because everybody got to see each of the rooms that they could have seen. And then they went theirs. And it was I, the people that I was talking to, I got them first, I guess because that was the parlor. They were very happy with everything. I don’t know the person at the end of the line. probably tell you better.

Unknown Speaker 20:38
Yeah. But that was Kansas. They were happy. So yeah, you were. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:46
Any other comments?

Unknown Speaker 20:48
The only thing I remember, standing out was they’re mostly people were newcomers first time. Visitors to the house are a couple of repeats. But most of them were new. And they had no idea about the history or anything. So it was really good to have the tours going on downstairs just for low five minutes in each room. And yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:14
Nice. My daughter said she enjoyed the history, there were actually some things she didn’t know. But she also said she was having a really good time telling people that I was her mother explained everything to her. Any other comments or suggestions for improvement?

Unknown Speaker 21:43
I would suggest we plan on doing it with reservations all the time that it really made it a lot nicer, I think for everybody. For both us, you know, for us working there and for the people coming. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 21:57
I agree. All I’ve heard is really good comments. very positive, very positive. And, boy, I’ll take positive when we can get that. Yes. So

Unknown Speaker 22:06
yeah. Any any comments on the number of people? We did get a little behind at the end. But I think in the end, we we made it up I

Unknown Speaker 22:20
think actually scheduled went pretty well. I think the getting behind part that you’re talking about is the time that happened after the break, basically after there was this the break for Santa. And that began to kind of backlog things more than anticipated. I think so. But that’s that’s the only getting behind I was aware of. Obviously, I was at the front.

Unknown Speaker 22:54
Santa took his first break. But he only took five minutes the second break. So we were behind. But we were making it up with with the break time. So do we need to make those breaks a little longer? So we don’t totally leave awaiting?

Unknown Speaker 23:13
Potentially Yes. Or make a plan that we’re gonna continue to do the rotation of the rooms, because that does entertain people that are in the house while they’re waiting to go see him.

Unknown Speaker 23:30
All right. Oh, I think about maybe we make them a little bit longer. So he made sure he gets them. Because that the suit is heavy, and they get hot and they need to hydrate and get up and move a little bit. I thought Pete did a phenomenal job. He he customized every everybody he spoke to he said something different. And there were some things he did repeat, but it wasn’t like John who said the same things to everybody. all evening long. So I thought I thought he did an awesome job. And my granddaughter put her hands on her hips and said that is not the same Santa. Oops.

Unknown Speaker 24:18
Saturday. Oh, oh,

Unknown Speaker 24:21
I just had to make over.

Unknown Speaker 24:26
I do think I do think that overall the event went well. And yes, then continuing with the reservation system is definitely a perfect idea going forward. And to just recap, I did send the email with the details, but that’s not incorporated. Unless I go over that real quick. So maybe let me just recap our numbers. So the email I sent was December 4 With this update or recap. So the hosts were six board members, two student volunteers and one house manager The guests were 213 Total guests, plus two special guests, Mrs. Claus and Carolyn Darvill, who helped me with editing and reviewing for grant 51 reservations were fulfilled. Five reservations were no shows, six walk up groups were accommodated totally 19 people for walk up groups could not be accommodated as they were unwilling to wait or come back toward the end of the event. Two of those walk up groups were couples without any children who just wanted to tour the house. But they would come back at the next Artwalk. I think the only other hiccup that we had was the advertisement that was in the Longmont recreation brochure. And I think maybe thinking forward for next time, we need to know in advance when that publication gets prepared. Because obviously, it was prepared and,

Unknown Speaker 26:05
and crutches

Unknown Speaker 26:06
and printed. But we didn’t know. Well, I guess I didn’t know about it. And none of the other board members knew about it. And I was fortunate enough to just ask somebody who’d said, Well, it’s in the paper, or it was in, I saw it advertised. And it didn’t require a reservation. I said, Oh, do you happen to have that with you? I’d love to see that. And, and so that’s what I attached in that email. But it’s that it’s that this Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 26:38
it was in the recreation brochure was printed in July. And we knew that we were going to have to do reservations, right.

Unknown Speaker 26:46
So knowing about knowing about the printing, in advance would be helpful so that we can make sure that we’re on par with I’ll take care of

Unknown Speaker 26:57
it. You know, now that we’ve decided to do reservations, we will absolutely have that information in the recreation brochure when it goes to print next year. But my my cardiac,

Unknown Speaker 27:09
is it something that we need to tickle for our calendar for board meetings, discussions about the event so that we’re timely enough to get that information to you so that you can get that in?

Unknown Speaker 27:17
No, I already know about it, I’ll take care of it.

Unknown Speaker 27:20
And well, in truth, even if we at one point, we were even talking that we might have to cancel the event. So so it is what it is. And unfortunately, I agree with you, Karen, that if we if we knew about it, now we can prove it. So I think that’s that’s the the key. Is there any other discussion in regards to the Christmas open house? That any better. We’ll just move forward on to the grant

Unknown Speaker 27:53
update, which is I think I gave most of the information in the manager’s report. We’re just in a waiting game right now I have communicated with and McLean and with the grant administrator, both to let them know where we’re at. And you know what we’re waiting for? So they’re just waiting patiently?

Unknown Speaker 28:16
Is it set to be reviewed by counsel this month?

Unknown Speaker 28:20
I don’t know what date Jeff has put it in for I haven’t heard yet. Do you know Ben? Yeah. Unfortunately, with the virtual meetings, they’ve cut the agendas back a little bit. So things are moving out a little further because of the virtual meetings that they’re doing.

Unknown Speaker 28:40
But what an exciting thing that we have to wait, isn’t it?

Unknown Speaker 28:45
It is, and I don’t know if y’all are aware of this, but there were 80 applicants applying for 14 point 3 million in grants. And out of that round, the 41 were recipients receiving 7.2 million in grants. So that’s really quite something. And in a very highly competitive year. So so just incredibly proud of how that turned out.

Unknown Speaker 29:13
Absolutely. Karen I cannot thank you, you and Connie and everybody else that have worked on this grant you guys are it still gives me chills. I’m so excited about it. And it’s so positive it is pat yourself on the back more than once every time we get a chance. Because it’s it’s huge. And I wouldn’t want to have to be on the other end of deciding who got those funds or not because it would be horribly competitive with that many people and we are so fortunate and when when Cathy told us the news in December is just gotten too late little happy dance what else? So, so All right, moving on to the brochures on the history room by room, soft credit We’re

Unknown Speaker 30:03
so I have a couple of things just to hopefully clarify. For brochures, we kind of are talking about two different ones. One is the pink brochure, which is used for marketing. And the other is the room by room tour, which is used for our open houses. So how do you want to approach addressing each?

Unknown Speaker 30:30
I’d like to finalize the history brochure so we can go to print. And that the other thing on the I’d like to talk a little bit about the room by room self guided tour.

Unknown Speaker 30:45
Well, let’s review the history one first and move forward. And then where are we on the history? Do you feel that that’s clear and accurate? And no. No route visions need to take place at this point?

Unknown Speaker 31:01
I think the only outstanding question was the commentary about the car.

Unknown Speaker 31:06
Right. Right, which I think we can adjust. So that it it does leave that open rather than definitive one way or the other.

Unknown Speaker 31:18
Yeah, I really like to get that one to print because we put it in all of our packets. And that’s what we that’s what we hand people when they walk into the house, right? And they just want a little information.

Unknown Speaker 31:29
So it’s ready to go with the exception of that. How about if I do a little tweak to make that as I stated, and and share that on email with you all?

Unknown Speaker 31:43
Okay, great. And then, so we can move forward, like, like what Kathy was saying, we have that those preparations made per packets and whatnot, that that’d be great. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 31:54
And I can get that done today.

Unknown Speaker 31:56
So today. Great. Thanks, Karen.

Unknown Speaker 32:00
Okay, and on to the room by room, the self guided what what were any questions or more concerns in regards to those?

Unknown Speaker 32:08
I would love to hear if anyone had guests who had questions that weren’t addressed with the details on the the room by room tour. It’s a little late. I know, I’m, that’s why I’m wishing we did have a December Board meeting because I would have loved to capture all of that. And I don’t know if anyone made it a point of writing any questions down that were like, oh, that’s an interesting one. We’re not? How did that go? I was at the door, obviously. And so I I didn’t get any of those questions.

Unknown Speaker 32:42
I really wish I could help you in that. Unfortunately, I wasn’t at the event. So I’m going to have to leave it to you other ladies on if you receive any other questions or, or things that has been been answered by the room by room tour guide.

Unknown Speaker 32:57
I didn’t get any other questions. You know, that might have been an awkward time, though, to be testing that because a lot of the parents, at least in my room, were kind of watching their kids to make sure they didn’t get into anything. Right. You know, listening to what I was saying, but you know, and nodding their heads, but they also had other directing them. So. But I did not get any other questions that I couldn’t answer based on the on the pamphlet.

Unknown Speaker 33:24
I had, I had the same question over and over. And it was from the kids who are sitting in the bride’s room on the couch, looking up at that door that’s high off the floor. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:41
perspective of a young one. That’s wonderful.

Unknown Speaker 33:44
Well, it is but then I was to answer that. And I presume there were steps there at one time.

Unknown Speaker 33:51
There were they’re still in the basement. That’s my house manager used to live in those two rooms.

Unknown Speaker 33:57
I know. I was in the room, but she didn’t use the steps. She had a couch there. I sat on the couch in front of that door didn’t even know I have a door all those years. But anyway, that’s what I told him. I said, it used to be two rooms that they would use and there are steps because I just thought that was hilarious. Just like a floating door. You can’t believe

Unknown Speaker 34:23
how many people jiggle it. It’s like I sit on the other side. Like when I’m reading stuff. And people people rattle that door trying to figure out what’s on the other side. Instead of walking out the door of the bride’s room and looking in the office. They jiggle the door.

Unknown Speaker 34:39
They do dog sign on it or something?

Unknown Speaker 34:44
Well, I saw your hand up what was

Unknown Speaker 34:48
I did have one comment people ask where was the fireplace? And of course it’s in the parlor. We used to be in the parlor and you can see where it used to be but I don’t think didn’t really even look to see until just right now, if it was even mentioned in the brochure, and it’s really not I don’t think.

Unknown Speaker 35:08
I don’t think it is. But I saw it there when I was little. Right.

Unknown Speaker 35:12
Yeah. And there’s there’s actually tile from the fireplace in the in the bookcase in the library.

Unknown Speaker 35:20
Oh, no. That was the only comment. I had

Unknown Speaker 35:27
little tidbits that might be included.

Unknown Speaker 35:30
Connie. Fireplace was still there. Janet, when you were visiting as a child?

Unknown Speaker 35:35
Yes. That’s interesting, because from what I’m remembering in one old picture and design was that the fireplace was where the mirrored wall is. Yeah. Okay. And, yeah, it’s definitely a picture with the lady’s family. And there’s their trade by that fireplace, and then the Callahans built up, put a little fountain in front of it. Is that right? That’s what we’ve had to

Unknown Speaker 36:14
remember the fountain is that I remember seeing the Sweeney family picture. Okay, well,

Unknown Speaker 36:23
in our in the guide right there. I’m just reading them because it says the nerd wall. This angle corner originally held a tiled fireplace. At one time the Callaghan’s had an electric fountain of cast stone standing before the mirror. That’s the fireplace is mentioned in ER, but I thought

Unknown Speaker 36:45
it was part of the the redo when they brought in all the Louis plaster and stuff because it does have plaster that wall does have painting and plaster on it. So yeah, I thought it was I thought it was gone when they did the RE redo.

Unknown Speaker 37:05
The fireplace was done. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:07
Yeah. When they put in the registers and and redecorated the parlor.

Unknown Speaker 37:12
Why make sense? I’d like

Unknown Speaker 37:16
to documents anywhere that might show you know, when that was done, hidden away somewhere. Yeah, right.

Unknown Speaker 37:26
I looked I inquired about building permits, and, and got all all of the permits that we have on file that city has on file for the house, that’s unfortunately not there. But um, you know, I think this is definitely something that along with the pictures that we have from from the archives from the museum, it’s certainly something we can try and, and get more detail about so that we can share as much information as we have. But something

Unknown Speaker 38:01
new need to know, the type that the tile that we do have pieces of the tile, and this is what it looked like, type of thing is, if you’re that interested, this is an advocate that that type of information can be really helpful. So

Unknown Speaker 38:17
is the tile green eyed? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 38:20
It’s like royal blue. And a little bit of orange. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:28
Where is the title? Now? You said it’s in the library.

Unknown Speaker 38:31
It’s in the library inside the bookcase. Okay. Oh, it’s

Unknown Speaker 38:34
not all it’s just stack. There was a little

Unknown Speaker 38:36
note with a little note.

Unknown Speaker 38:39
Post a note? Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:43
All right. Um, so

Unknown Speaker 38:46
should we plan them to, I guess, have a separate, smaller meeting of anyone who’s interested in doing any last revisions to this and then maybe make a plan for the next open house to do the same sort of process where there’s a board member in each room to continue to find tooth comb this and and be able to share this information one more time with maybe a more attentive group. And, and then make our final revision after the next

Unknown Speaker 39:26

Unknown Speaker 39:28
Yeah, Karen, I think that’s a great suggestion. Um, calendar wise, where where would where would you suggest at what point that we scheduled a meeting for anybody interested?

Unknown Speaker 39:42
I like sooner rather than later because it’s when it’s fresh on our minds. It makes it easy to

Unknown Speaker 39:48
to I guess I’m gonna put you on the spot. Let’s pick a date and let’s put it in. So we have it in the meeting minutes.

Unknown Speaker 39:53
I’m trying to pull up the calendar so that I can see and of course, I got my personal calendar. Hang on.

Unknown Speaker 40:02
Oh, it always works. It’s,

Unknown Speaker 40:04
it’s, you know? That’s part of working at home, is you end up with stuff you, you get it, you get things kind of back together. I do have. I’m looking at the calendar, so we can pick a time to do this. I do have one other comment about the, the document. And that is, I think we need to keep perspective on how long it should be based on the way we use it. And I I’m a little I think maybe my opinion is that maybe the stuff about preservation and restoration either needs to be shortened or maybe a separate document, maybe another little handout like the history brochure that we you know, hand people so they can take it home and contemplate it. I’m not sure that that much information belongs in the room by room tour guide. In my opinion,

Unknown Speaker 41:08
I agree.

Unknown Speaker 41:09
We can. That’s a great suggestion, people’s attention span is pretty short. And if you’re not, you’re more interested than if we had a separate.

Unknown Speaker 41:21
Maybe maybe another trifold. Like the history brochure.

Unknown Speaker 41:24
Yeah, I’m thinking that same thing. And we

Unknown Speaker 41:26
can hand people as they leave. So it’s like, it’s not mixed up in the history stuff. But it’s something we can say, you know, if you’re if you’re thinking about helping us preserve the house, here’s a little information about our efforts in those regards. And it’s not like a trifold

Unknown Speaker 41:46
a separate piece of literature is is a good choice. It can it can describe Yeah, our attempts of preservation and restoration and our actions that we take, but it also can incorporate our QR code for purposes of donation for future support. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 42:07
that’s a great idea. Karen so so looking at calendar dates to see and to set up a committee to work on this project. Um, where are we at on on the calendar? Ladies, and I agree with Karen, the sooner we get this done, the better and kind of in the slower months, it would be prudent.

Unknown Speaker 42:33
I could do something next Tuesday. This week is a little busy. Looking for a whole I could do like 11. Tomorrow I could do next Tuesday afternoon. And that this day after a holiday? It is

Unknown Speaker 42:56
I think the 18th would be good, at least in my opinion for me. Do we have to do we still have to meet via zoom at this? For committee

Unknown Speaker 43:06
on we only have to meet by zoom for the board meetings. Okay. So we can certainly get together at the house? On the 18th. Okay. Two o’clock, three o’clock. What would work?

Unknown Speaker 43:19
Where’s everybody schedule? Who, first of all, who would like to be on the committee to work on this? Okay, we’ve got

Unknown Speaker 43:30
the same three feet.

Unknown Speaker 43:32
Aaron, Karen. And Connie. I would like to read Connie.

Unknown Speaker 43:38
I would like to as well. But I’m just I’m going to put it tentative. I’m not going to until I know where my COVID testers I won’t attend unless it is negative. So let’s go for the 18th What time works best for you. I think two o’clock would be better.

Unknown Speaker 43:58
I’d say to

Unknown Speaker 43:59
two. Okay, fine. So I got Connie, Karen Cruz, Karen Reed, Maureen and Cassie. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 44:06
please. All right,

Unknown Speaker 44:08
I’ll send out an invitation. All right, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 44:13
Could I ask just a side question? What is the city allowing for the number of people like if we can’t have our small board meeting in the Callahan house? Why can we have other kinds of meetings?

Unknown Speaker 44:28
It decision was only with regards to the board meetings. Ah. And it’s it’s because they’re being recorded and put out on the web and the you know, the city of course wants to set a good example based, you know, for COVID protocols and behave. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 44:47
Okay. Make sense?

Unknown Speaker 44:49
And then do you have an update to?

Unknown Speaker 44:52
Well, I just, I think it relates to the fact that they decided to do council meetings remotely. That’s their own choice. It’s not a county led mandate that they decided through their own prudence to do that. And then it just led from there that if counsel is going to meet remotely, then the boards themselves should also do that. It’s as simple as that. So it’s not reflective of necessarily a new order. And, and frankly, they I mean, they decided this well before this large surge we’ve seen. So that’s where it stands to. Pretty straightforward. And so the other things haven’t actually changed at this point.

Unknown Speaker 45:35
All right, I’m

Unknown Speaker 45:36
back to her old business. Moving on to new business. So we’re looking at posting locations for agendas, and cancellations. Kathy, I assume you know, what

Unknown Speaker 45:54
the primary location is the web. And the secondary backup location is the civic center, but we need to vote on it. Okay. So I’m,

Unknown Speaker 46:06
I’m going to have you repeat that again. So the primary location is the web, the city website, correct? Yes. The

Unknown Speaker 46:13
primary location is the city website. The backup location is the civic center.

Unknown Speaker 46:18
Okay. And, um, so I will put forth that if I need a motion, that we take a vote on this, please.

Unknown Speaker 46:31
Accept the motion.

Unknown Speaker 46:33
Okay. Can I get a second? A second. Okay, so we’re going to go ahead and take a vote on as as stated, all in favor, say aye. And raise your hands so we can see it on the screen. Okay, seeing all of us in favor here. I don’t see any opposition. That’s a will. It’s been approved. So I’m moving on to the election of the 22 officers. And we can go from there on Is there any buddy that wants to step forth or put forth a candidate for the office? We’ll start with Secretary I guess, is that anybody

Unknown Speaker 47:28
wants to jump in there and do it? I’ll give it up. But I would continue if you need me to.

Unknown Speaker 47:42
Okay, so can I have a motion to put forth? Who they would like to I hate Karen, are you sure you’re up for this? If you want to do this again?

Unknown Speaker 47:56
Seems to be the best way for me to contribute wrong. It’s like, because I’m on mute.

Unknown Speaker 48:02
Okay. Um,

Unknown Speaker 48:04
so I needed a nomination somebody denominator please. And I can’t

Unknown Speaker 48:09
you can self nominate

Unknown Speaker 48:10
nominate nominator.

Unknown Speaker 48:15
Okay. I’m nominated. Is she she’s accepted the nomination. So all in favor of keeping Karen Rita’s as secretary of the board please raise your hands so we can see it and count it on.

Unknown Speaker 48:30
I don’t get to vote but here I am.

Unknown Speaker 48:33
She be she is the Karen is going to continue as the secretary of the meetings Okay, so moving on to the chair. Um, I can I will nominate myself for chair again, I am not. I’m still a newbie. I’m still learning about a lot of things because we really happen in this COVID situation. The one thing I can do is I can run a meeting. So I’ll put for myself as a chair, if there’s any other nomination as I would be more than glad to, to hear those as well. So

Unknown Speaker 49:14
anybody else said get the nomination for Maureen?

Unknown Speaker 49:17
Is there anybody else that would like to step forth and be the chair? Anyone? Okay, then, um,

Unknown Speaker 49:28
if you’re feeling like your health is going to be alright. And you’re going to be okay than I am.

Unknown Speaker 49:35
And this one way I feel like I can contribute right now. And that’s so I feel comfortable doing that. So I’m all in favor of keeping me as the chair. Can I see hands? Okay, there we go. Then we’ve got our election of the 22 officers and we will move on to the house manager pictures which I’m excited about as well. It just makes my day. Okay. So house managers, pitchers.

Unknown Speaker 50:12
You’re near your own.

Unknown Speaker 50:16
All right. So it’s it’s a project that’s been needed for many years. And I think we should get this done this year so that we do capture the history. While we can think it would be helpful to have a few people participate in this project, it shouldn’t be that. I guess it shouldn’t be that demanding. But it does require a little bit extra time outside of board meetings. So can I see if anyone might be interested in helping with this project? It’s as simple as

Unknown Speaker 50:59
dropping the project? Well, I

Unknown Speaker 51:02
think we’d like to make things a little bit more uniform, but definitely complete with respect to the pictures of the house managers there on the wall, and potentially, make sure that we have the dates of service captured and identified. It’s at the agenda, I think, you know, I think I need you on this. Because, because you have some history here, with your life at the house. So

Unknown Speaker 51:35
you can volunteer chances

Unknown Speaker 51:38
that you are Yeah, going to be part of

Unknown Speaker 51:45
a volunteer to be on it, too. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 51:48
so we’ll, we’ll start a committee in regards to the house manager pitchers, and it will be Ann Thompson, and Janet Pearson, and then Karen Chris. So so just a clarification of what this project is we’re basically finding the house pictures of the I mean, house manager pitchers and making them similar, or hanging them in a similar manner. With yours and and just years of the surface, correct? Yeah. Is there a specific wall that that we can state so a clarification just for the minutes of this meeting and people that were hung currently in the

Unknown Speaker 52:31
house? The wall outside of the meeting room?

Unknown Speaker 52:35
I’m aware that Karen but again, anybody else? That’s this listening? Just so so we were there outside the the the meeting room upstairs?

Unknown Speaker 52:45
Yes. People do look at that wall. So they do there? Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 52:51
Somehow we’ve lost top Anne’s picture. I don’t know where she went. But I don’t see her issue is Am I the only one that’s not viewing her? Oh, she

Unknown Speaker 53:02
just connected she probably turned her camera off. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 53:07
And I charged her.

Unknown Speaker 53:08
Okay, so um, is there a time that we would like to to set up a meeting and a work on the house manager pictures?

Unknown Speaker 53:25
I’ve all been to whatever you suggest. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 53:31
Got to look at calendar dates and see what work was worse for you. Maybe we can schedule something in February. Is that?

Unknown Speaker 53:39
Yeah, February it better than January

Unknown Speaker 53:41
for me. Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 53:44
Can we look at the first week in February possibly.

Unknown Speaker 53:49
As long as it’s not a Wednesday.

Unknown Speaker 53:55
So ladies, you are the ones that have to be there. So, um, you can do you know, not a Wednesday, so that leaves the first the second, the fourth. I’m sorry, the first third. A second. I won’t do that. clarification. Not a Wednesday so

Unknown Speaker 54:18
well, how about we choose the time on February 1. It’s Tuesday. Do you prefer morning or afternoon ladies?

Unknown Speaker 54:25
Afternoon would be good. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 54:28

Unknown Speaker 54:30
I meant on the first Can we go for that Friday?

Unknown Speaker 54:33
The fourth? Okay. How about Thursday?

Unknown Speaker 54:38
Can we do Thursday? Sure. I try to stay off Fridays in case I decide I’m going to take a day off. I have a doctor’s appointment, the fourth to the third.

Unknown Speaker 54:52
doctor’s appointments. There you go. So you’re looking at February 3 Thursday. Afternoons work better for Janet. What? What works better? Karen, are you open to do Thursday?

Unknown Speaker 55:09
I think one could work. Could one o’clock work?

Unknown Speaker 55:15
One o’clock? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 55:18
Okay, so it’s now scheduled for February 3, the Thursday at one o’clock at the Callahan house to go over the house manager. Pictures. And thank you for those that ever decided to work on that and join that committee. I’m

Unknown Speaker 55:35
Sarah. I couldn’t do a morning. I’m just curious. Is everybody else busy then?

Unknown Speaker 55:41
Well, if the morning late morning would work out like a lebuh are set too late.

Unknown Speaker 55:49
I’m 11 would be fine. I just because my afternoons get kind of busy sometimes. I do 11 instead.

Unknown Speaker 55:57
That works for everybody. That works.

Unknown Speaker 56:00
Okay, changing the time to 11 o’clock. All right, February 3,

Unknown Speaker 56:05
I’ll send an invitation. Thank you. Can I just like to add a couple things. One is,

Unknown Speaker 56:13
Hobby Lobby has done a wonderful job for us on our pictures. I’d like to see us use them if we can. And the other thing is we need to either frame in such a way that we can continue to add to it or we need to stockpile frames. So this doesn’t become an issue again, at some point down the road because we can no longer get the frames we were using.

Unknown Speaker 56:39
I I agree with you, Kathy. It’s the conduciveness that make it seem continuous and clean. And I think that’s

Unknown Speaker 56:49
fine. It might be one frame with multiple pictures posted multiple frames. Oh, although we do need to think about how we’re going to hang it because of the plaster walls.

Unknown Speaker 57:00
Oh, yeah. I think that’s something we’ll talk about during the meeting. That’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 57:03
I just want to throw that out there.

Unknown Speaker 57:05
Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 57:06
I’ll put that on the calendar.

Unknown Speaker 57:08
Thank you very much. Moving on to item D, the scout the scrapbook? And who has the scrapbook? And and what are we doing with the scrapbook? Because we’ve not worked on the scrapbook? Where before? In? Well, my

Unknown Speaker 57:27
question is, do we want to appoint a historian ah, and put that person in charge of the scrapbook. We used to have one, but then people kind of lost interest. And nobody wanted to do it. So sorry, my dog.

Unknown Speaker 57:45
I think rather than appoint a historian, I would be more interested in having a group of ladies who would help contribute to the upkeep of of this because it is yes, it’s a scrapbook. But it’s also a history book for our house. So

Unknown Speaker 58:03
okay, Karen, I agree. And I think appointing a historian as is, as lovely as my idea is, I think people get overwhelmed. And then if they feel it’s, it’s a burden on one person, that can be overwhelming. And I think because we have so many talented people on this board, that have so many great ideas that just one person’s doing it, it kind of defeats the purpose in a lot of ways. So I think we should have a scrapbook or historian, historic committee that looks on this. So if I could get a motion that we could start a committee in regards to that. Specifically that it is to deal with the history, history and scrapping in the scrapbook combined, if we could have a motion in regards to that. So we have it in the permanent records that this is a set committee as part of this board.

Unknown Speaker 59:13
Does it need to be a committee or does it need to be just established as a responsibility on board?

Unknown Speaker 59:19
It could, it can,

Unknown Speaker 59:22
it can be either or it

Unknown Speaker 59:24
I think I like the ladder. You like the ladder,

Unknown Speaker 59:26
okay, because it keeps it open so that we know that it is a responsibility of all board members to to help contribute.

Unknown Speaker 59:36
It see this is exactly this great kit. Karen, thank you. Okay, so So who would like to work on the scrapbook? And do we have a current scrapbook?

Unknown Speaker 59:49
We do have we do with the house and it is outdated. And so we do have a lot of information that I gathered from the archives from the museum that we need to incorporate and then other information that we would need to include in that. So, obviously, I’m on board for the active in this project as well. I encourage all of you ladies to be actively involved in this project. The history of the house is really actually an important piece of my role as

Unknown Speaker 1:00:26
I would love to be part

Unknown Speaker 1:00:27
of, of looking at it and in. And also so are we looking at finding additional documents? Do we, I mean, when we have when was the last time it was updated? Question. The way

Unknown Speaker 1:00:51
the scrapbook is mostly been, in the past a way to document the events that happen at the house. So most, if you go look at the scrapbooks as they exist, you know, a lot of it is pictures of board events and stuff like that it really hasn’t been intended as a history archive. Okay, other than a history of the events that have happened. So, you know, what Karen’s kind of talking about is more of a different twist. To, to to what the purpose of it is.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:28
So maybe it’s not going to be called a scrapbook so much anymore more of a history book of the house.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:34
I have a question on partly scrapbooking. On the books. Yes. I have a question on the existing scrapbooks. Fun thing, where are they? And the other thing is, how far where do they start? What year? Would somebody start doing this? I mean, so how far back? Are they?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:55
I don’t know the answer to that. There’s a whole bunch of them underneath the table in the parlor. And then the one that that’s more current is actually in my office in a box in the closets? Well, I think probably the first step is to look at what we have.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:14
I think it’d be interesting to see where they started doing this that.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:20
There’s actually postcards and stuff from from the Callaghan’s from their travels. Nice. That’s so

Unknown Speaker 1:02:29
cool. Oh, and the other.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:31
The other thing I would challenge is that, if we’re going to do this, I think we need to figure out what the purpose of them is and how we’re going to use them. Because part of the reason they’re they haven’t been getting done is they weren’t getting used. So I think I think we need to clarify what we’re trying to accomplish?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:53
Well, I think it’s impart education for our community. And we can have them available for all open house events, so that people can be flipping through and looking and seeing progress over time and, and then understand and appreciate the importance of restore restoration and preservation of of this historic property. So it lines up with what we promised in our grant application that we will promote information and education on preservation and restoration. So it is in that purpose is it that is one of the purposes for this.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34
They’re going to need to be more robust, because if they get handled by a lot of people, they’re not going to hold up. Right. Yeah, that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:03:44
right, we’re not talking about we’re not talking about a stereotypical scrapbook.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:50
Okay. Okay, so, so, um, we’re talking about using this as a educational document that we can put out as like as an informational table at our events that people can come and look at in that means that we might actually relook at at revamping some of the old scrapbooks and utilizing some of that material, is that what you’re saying?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:20
We’re gonna incorporate all the materials that we have, including what’s currently in whatever scrapbook is available. But the format may change and it very well could include digitizing this just as we are, you know, digitizing information and attaching it to a QR code so that people can read information that way. This too, can be digitized.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:46
I, that’s one screen show. We can show it on a TV or something which would make it considerably easier to set up. I then play at every event,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:57
because I don’t see the normal People that come for the open houses have really tired when we’re handing them all this information. And then here’s all sudden this scrap of private data they can look at, I don’t think you’re going to get too many people out of those 400 that really are going to take the time.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:17
Again, it may be it may be a whole different approach of obstructive. And I think we even need to get away from using the word scrapbook because it’s not in line with what I envision us doing with our history and our information.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:34
So So let’s, right off the bat, let’s get away from the from the use of the word of using a scrap of what would say an historic document what what would be the wording that you would use?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:47
I think Connie has something I want to hear me say,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:50
I think what I’ve been

Unknown Speaker 1:05:51
listening to all this and trying to capture what Karen is envisioning, seems like it’s it’s more of a history of the Callahan house book that would be ongoing, like a scrapbook in a way but going forward. So it’s really creating a new document is what I’m looking at or not documented new entity, a new book, rather than continuing the old scrapbook style. Is that what I’m hearing? Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:26
It’s all the life, the life of the Callahan house,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:32
which is the the scrapbook idea was great for the time period, because that’s what people were doing before computers. And before, a lot of the other kind of communication says how they were preserving, I’m dealing with his with my family materials to, and that had to take it into the 21st century with the technology and things is very helpful. And I understand about the education piece of that going forward. However, one of the things about the the historic scrapbooks is that they do have newspaper articles, as well as photographs, as well as thank you notes, and all kinds of things that are truly a scrapbook kind of thing. Yes, I still still want to have someone

Unknown Speaker 1:07:24
keep that intact. Yes. Keep that

Unknown Speaker 1:07:27
that notion intact. So I guess the idea of having a historian slash librarian or documentary and or whatever role on the board is a good idea, because that gives a point person for some for something like that. But everybody contributes to it. Because we I know we all helped with the scrapbooks when I was on the board before. So so I don’t know if that just muddles it or whether it helps separate the two ideas.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:03
Regarding that, and this goes back to what Connie was saying to scrapbook is kind of a nice, I actually liked the name because it’s, it’ll be current, right? I mean, we have past ones that the past boards have kept. And if we started maintaining it or going on, it would be more items in their current right, things that are happening while we’re, you know. And so, like you said, favorite clippings, and I don’t know of any other term besides scrapbook that really includes that, you know, it’s bits and pieces. It’s not a outright historical document. It’s more like little snapshots. And I like that idea. And I think because we have several historical documents already out on the house that really cover well, the beginnings how it came to be, you know, all that that’s, we have really great historical documents on that. And I know Karen, you’ve been working on updating some of them. So I’m just gonna say this, let’s keep the word scrapbook. And let’s, let’s keep it as bits and pieces of events, you know, so it’s like a snapshot in time of what happened during our 10 years on the board.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:13
Okay, um,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:16
scrapbook slash history album, an album

Unknown Speaker 1:09:25
photo album.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:26
Yeah. Here’s my comments about the historian role in my experience on this on this board. If somebody doesn’t own that, it doesn’t get done that I’m not talking about who does it I’m just talking about somebody has to be the focal point for collecting the information and putting it in the scrapbook or all it does is gets shoved in a box.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:54
Alright, if we got to help point person on that, I’ll do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:57
Okay, if somebody is willing to To, to step forward and put a position on the board as historian.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:07
But I want someone else to take it next year

Unknown Speaker 1:10:12
on the stipulation that you’re not going to do.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:15
Okay. So also, I also volunteered to be historian or use that ideal care your life. Thank you. So can we have a person with that idea that it’s a point person leading that not that person is doing it? All? Right. And that’s why we had it before, basically. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:37
that’s, that’s the way it worked. But if we don’t have a point person, it won’t happen. That’s my experience. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:44
So I need a motion ladies. And I know you, you set your sights.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:49
For you. I nominate Tawny as our historian. All right, we’re counting under you right by your side the whole time anyway. So

Unknown Speaker 1:10:58
it’d be second

Unknown Speaker 1:11:03
packet. Okay. Karen carried, seconded. All right. So all in favor as Connie, as our new historian on the board, hands, please. And you can vote for yourself to come. I think you’re a great asset. All Oh, you guys are but yeah, this is wonderful. So alright. So that being said, do we want to put a date on the calendar to work on this? So it happens?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:32
Can I say that? I have to leave? Yes. Yeah. Bye, bye. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:41
Bye, David.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:43
Connie, because you’ve been added as point person, you get to look at your calendar and see what works for you best and figure out how this is gonna work. Yes, honey, do

Unknown Speaker 1:11:53
you want to take a look at what there is, before we actually have a meeting?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:57
I really need to because I and I thought about that for a long time is great. You know, just taking a look at the scrapbooks. Again, the last one that I worked on, was with Mary McCoy back when we were on the board together. So it’s been at least two. So that kind of thing. I just need to see what was done after that point. So So and like Kathy said that there’s a box with a scrapbook and stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:30
Why don’t you and I make an appointment just for the two of us. So we can look at what’s there. And then and

Unknown Speaker 1:12:37
then we can schedule that after that point when when it works for you. And we’ll go. But we’ve got we’ve got something going so so you you and Kathy can set up a time to add that works for you. And we can move on to other business.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:56
And Kathy, I might even I might even tag along if I can meet them earlier on the 18th. And just an hour earlier and just take a look at things before the other.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:11
The other meetings

Unknown Speaker 1:13:14
sure meeting kill two birds with one stone.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:19
One side I have on on that line that Kathy might want to talk to as far as going forward and what to preserve and maybe how to do that electronically or what maybe to talk to Eric at the museum, Eric Mason, and just did just to pick his brain or any of those guys over there on a good angle of moving forward with it. Is there. So yeah, we’ve

Unknown Speaker 1:13:49
spent lots of time together. And Connie, Connie, you did.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:56
Connie was in your head?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:59
Yes. Sorry. I can’t do one o’clock on the 18th. I have a an appointment at noon. And somewhere in there. I’ve got to get some food. So um, but we could we could do after a board meeting. We could Well, of course referred to right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:18
After the committee meeting, I don’t I would imagine, well, we’ll get our business done and taken care of and then you don’t have to make a separate chip.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:25
Well, and that’s what I was thinking to sometime when I’m there that day. I could do it afterwards. would be fun too. I also have a My dog has his cleaning that morning. But I don’t pick him up until five that afternoon.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:46
So you want to do three o’clock on the 18th Or can we get the other stuff done in an hour? I would like to set a limit on let’s say yes. When we when we’re in the meeting. I think that’s cool. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
That’s a good go. I agree.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:03
So three o’clock. Okay. Thank you. Okay. All right. Got it. That being done, we’ll move on to other businesses there other business that needs to be discussed at this

Unknown Speaker 1:15:19
point, I have two things

Unknown Speaker 1:15:21
for other business. One is, can we go ahead and get account of the scam horns, books, and we need to set a price for them because we’re offering those to be sold at the open houses, and we need to, we need to do that. So that it’s, we know how many we have. And we know what we’re selling for, and that they’re available for sale even before our next open house if somebody was interested in purchasing one. But what is what is the count on it? Kathy? I think you said you were gonna have

Unknown Speaker 1:16:01
Jack, I haven’t done it yet. Jacqueline’s been out for three weeks. So it’s on my list of things to do. But it’s not done yet.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:10
Maybe? Well, I’ll tell you what, well, I’m there. And well, you and Connie meet after our committee meeting, I can do the count, if you can just pull box out or show me where there are they in the closet there, kind of box. So I can do that I can get that count done. And then we need to, we need to, as a board decide what what we’re going to sell those for?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:35
Well, the price has been $11 for the little one and $13 for the big one. And once if we’re going to change the price, then we also have to go back to the tax folks and figure out what the tax has to be. So these prices include tax.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:57
So 11 for the small and 13. For the large. Okay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:02
Asked to print anything.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:05
No, they were donated. So we haven’t worried about what it cost to print them. They were I raised a little bit. I think they were 10 and 12, or something like that. At one point. I decided that was ridiculous and raised. But we also don’t sell very many of them. I’ve also been selling the DVD for for 13 too, so and those costs about $5 apiece to produce.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:34
So that’s reasonable you want you want them to be priced so that they that people will sell them in the people who

Unknown Speaker 1:17:41
are interested are perfectly happy to pay for him the people who aren’t interested. The price doesn’t matter. Okay. So we I think we could raise the price. So just think about that. And let’s figure it out.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:52
We can talk about the next board meeting. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:59

Unknown Speaker 1:18:00
the agenda for the next board meeting, so So the count and the price. Were there any other items, Karen, that you wanted to discuss?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:08
Oh, I have one item that is just more of a fun share item. It is other business. But it’s related. Because I was at Key West with my family recently, and we’ve toured the hellings House Museum. Now, this is really an interesting property. It was built in the same year as the Callahan house. Oh, and it was it was purchased in 1940, just two years after, oh, we got ours, gifted to us. It was purchased by the Key West Women’s Club, established in 1915. This was an amazing historic piece of property. I loved touring it, I enjoyed it. I’ll I’ll bring this in. So y’all can see this and read this too and share the website with you. But just a beautiful property and a beautiful piece about this property is that they’ve, they’ve rented the upstairs out to two tenants, they’ve made it into two separate apartments. And that’s income producing. And it keeps it so that the main floor can be held for women’s clubs, and special events just like what we do as well. The Women’s Club there. They mean business. They do $100,000 donations every year annually. So their club is amazing. I’m going to really pay attention to how they’re they’re working. But they fundraise. And they do amazing work for their community. And they donate $100,000 every year to different organs organizations in their community in need. So I just thought that was incredibly special. And I wanted to share that with you. It’s just other business but it’s relative because the house is the time I have it is perfect. And it’s it’s beautiful. And it. I wish I could have just taken you all with me on that tour. I was like,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:07
Oh, this is I would love delicious.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:10
Because I think it’s great that we can get ideas and share information from other groups. And that’s exactly what I like to do. When I’m off traveling, I like to look at the historic things as well. So that’s, that’s amazing. Thank you, Karen. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:28
I have one other thing, and I’m just going to mention it. Apparently, the city council decided that the boards should have input into the interview process for new prospective board members. Okay, so they’re trying to figure out how to make that work. So just an FYI. You know, coming up in our next round of board appointees where we’re going to have a roll, they haven’t quite figured out what that looks like that just will take some time. So I just thought I’d let you know.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:03
Thank you, Kathy. I appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:05
Connie, I will. I will say that. The first time I was on the Callahan board. I think that was in 2008. That was the processes there were two people to interview with. And one of them was on the Callahan house board. And one was the house manager. Actually, there were three that and one was a city council person. And that process was really, you know, we just set interviewed real quick for 10 minutes or whatever, and then went on that I I liked that because you were getting they were getting to know the candidates that it then. Yeah. So that was my past experience. So I’m sure they’re dealing with the history of

Unknown Speaker 1:21:54
that too. Yeah, it it also means that the schedule for the recruitments going to get moved up probably by month. So instead of an October deadline, it may be a September deadline, but I don’t I don’t know what that looks like. Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:10
Alrighty, then. Um, so, looking at future agenda items, the sign for the flowerbed.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:22
We’ll address that probably in April. And it’s going to be weather dependent. Okay, so maybe if we, if we put that on our calendar to be addressing that in April, that probably be good timing. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:40
All right, in the past and present board members annual tea.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:45
And that tea again, we’ve we’ve marked that down for May 1. And so if we’re going to hold to that date, it’s fairly simple arrangement and invitation. And so it can be done inside two months. But I would say at the very latest, we should have that on the march agenda. We can start to touch base with it on this on the February agenda.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:10
Alright, I’d rather do it sooner rather than later. Because as the grant stuff fires up, my time is going to get more restrictive.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:17
That makes sense. So can we put it on February’s new business?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:22
Yes. Okay. Yeah, and we’ll move from a woman from there. Is there any other items that anybody else feels needs to be on future agenda? Get dressed? Now, you know, with the COVID stuff, I just, I think we’re gonna have to start thinking a little bit out of the box and what we’re gonna do we I know, we’ve done the the summer event of having the sundaes and all of that, but I think we’re gonna have to look at what we’re going to do different to come up with some ideas. So maybe lady she might want to brainstorm and try to think out of the box on what we could do

Unknown Speaker 1:24:21

Unknown Speaker 1:24:22
Because it is what it is, and we’re gonna have to look at things differently, just like what we do with the Santa where we schedule things. And I thought that worked well. I think we can come up with some way to to look at hosting future events. At the at the home.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:44
Are you looking? Are you looking at board driven events or events that are scheduled and are

Unknown Speaker 1:24:53
more driven events? These are things have been canceled. cuz of COVID, and things have changed because of it. So. So let’s try to think of what we’re going to be doing. And we’ve got, we’ve got, you know, our walks and things that we do. But there’s other things that we can do as a board as well. That we could. So so the we had, we had the ice cream social. At one point in the gardens, well, maybe we can think of something a little bit tweaked or different to do during the summer. As a as a thing that we open the house as as board to do instead of ice cream social. Can we come up with ideas, Connie?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:47
Well, I know some of the past ideas we did was the waffle breakfast when we did our big fundraiser, I think is for the good Zeebo that a few years ago, that was out in the gardens that I’ve often thought, well, I’ve often thought for years before I was on the board, while is having is offering a tease again, in the house, because and they would be scheduled, you know, that would be a reservation only kind of event. And at now that the Thompson in our Thompson Bed and Breakfast is gone, there’s really a need for some kind of old house Tea Party kind of thing. And there’s, this is such an ideal place to do that. Things. So those were some things I was thinking about. All wrong. I think that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:26:51
a great suggestion. And I also thought about what about what if we had, like wine and music or something in the gardens with that number of people that would, we could have in the app in the afternoon, early evenings in the summer, something that we could do to open up, as well, as a fundraiser, that would be something that we could control, and yet wouldn’t have too much of a mess type of thing. And we could do reservations, and people could enjoy the car. That way, that would be another way that we could open up the house. Those are just some suggestions. But I do know that if we don’t talk about it, and we don’t put it on the calendar, we don’t it doesn’t get on the agenda, it won’t happen. So

Unknown Speaker 1:27:46
I what I’d like to do is I’d like to put a like a fundraiser discussion on the agenda for next month or the month after, couple of things with with COVID. I don’t want to do a lot of work could plan a fundraiser and then have it potentially cancelled. That’s one concern I have. And the other one is at the moment, because we don’t have any idea about when the work is going to be done on the outside of the house. With the grant, I would be really reluctant to schedule something until we have a better insight into what we’re what we’re actually going to be doing and when. Okay, because I think we’re going to be at the mercy of the contractors Once that process starts.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:35
So would you say maybe that board member fundraising events should be put on the calendar for March or April for discussion, just to because by that time, we’ll have more of an idea of timeline of work that’s going to be done grant work that’s going to be done. So yeah, I think that in the so we can put that in the future agenda items and tickle it for when would you say March or April or May I’d say

Unknown Speaker 1:29:08
April because honestly, until we get the RFP process done, and has some insight into when the contractors are available. We’re not going to know when we can actually do anything. And the other thing is we need to protect our revenue events first, before we worry about doing fundraising. Okay. April,

Unknown Speaker 1:29:31
April put Yeah, put it in future agenda items that tickle it out to the sign marking it is an April

Unknown Speaker 1:29:36
now I’m going to put April or May and just see where we’re at on the the the grant stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:45
So So basically, it looks like I mean, if we push it out that far to April or May that means to me that we won’t have any events at least the share because if we’re putting to do

Unknown Speaker 1:29:56
something in the fall, okay. Yeah, we are We could do tees in November and December or something like that. Okay. I don’t think it I think it precludes us from doing something in the summer. Yeah. Except maybe we I mean, we started in April, we could do something in August.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:13
It’ll be pushed, but we could do it. Yeah. That’s just one of those things that I do know that if we’re going to put an event together, we’d want to make sure that we hit that printing of the summer, or shirt

Unknown Speaker 1:30:29
creation guide. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:30:30
I just, I just made a note to look at the brochure schedule. I’ve got it.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:35
Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:37
Um, I wanted to add one thing on that I kind of agree with Marina on that, put it out, tell me, because maybe April, because if we do come up with a great idea, trying to put everything together, and by April, you should know the weddings that are scheduled for the summer. So we know what we have to work around. And maybe

Unknown Speaker 1:30:58
maybe we usually booked till sometime in May for 2022.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:05
Right. So the other is, I think we should keep planet for the warmer time of the year. Because if we do plan for an outside event, even if we have to rent a, you know, the little tabs or whatever they have, it would let be less impacted by COVID. Because outside events usually aren’t affected as inside events.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:25
That’s exactly my thoughts too. And if it’s out, outdoors and more like spacing that that we’re enjoying the gardens and that type of thing. It is hopefully less on. However, this can be a little more picky on on, like catering and things like that we’re bringing in more money money in the sense of with less, hopefully, less word as a tea is very, is great idea. And I think it’s a great fundraiser, but it’s very work intensive. So labor intensive. That’s, that’s one of those things. I’m just just putting it out there. If we could even tweak it to March, I think that would be a better idea to to push it clear out is

Unknown Speaker 1:32:24
even through April. I I honestly don’t think we’re going to have enough information in March to make plans. Okay. All right. So I’ll move it to April. And, and honestly, some to think about is scope. You know, because a T is a lot easier to do. Because it would be a lot smaller scope. So and if we decided to do alcohol, there’s a whole nother component. There’s a whole nother permits. And I I’m not sure we want to go there. Yeah. So just think about that. And let’s let’s just table it to them to April. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:07
Um, so we’ll put it on future agenda items to be discussed in the April calendar. Is there anything else for future agenda items that would like to be brought up at this point?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:23

Unknown Speaker 1:33:24
all right, ladies is as always, it’s good to see your lovely faces. I wish we could be seeing each other in person. Look forward to seeing you on the 18th at for those that are doing that meeting. So alright, and hopefully I’ll be there. Hopefully the tests will be negative. So we’ll we’ll adjourn. All right.