Who Do You Know ?? – LLC with Phil D’Agostino

Video Description:
Want to Start a Business? Why Get Into Business – Phil D’Agostino with Ginny
“Who Do You Know ??” –
Ginny Schuster, GinnyPreneur, LLC with
Phil D’Agostino, licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach and Business Consultant
Phil D’Agostino is based out in North Carolina. His counseling is science based and generally Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and addresses a wide variety of issues including Marriage/Couples counseling. His coaching is focused on problem-solving and decision-making. And his business consulting is wide and varied as he addresses leadership, management, negative environments and people, and diagnostic methods for determining what the root causes for issues might be and what to do about them once discerned.
To know more about Phil D’Agostino and what he does, go to PhilDagostino.Net. There you will also see links to know more about him and order his book, “Naked Thinking”.
To listen and subscribe to more interviews, go to: YouTube/GinnyPreneur