LDDA Boards & Commission – October 28, 2021

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LDDA Boards & Commission – October 28, 2021

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Are 22nd Seventh at 415. And I call our ltva. board meeting to order and to do a silent roll call. Right. And I do want to announce that we do have Longman public media right here recording us live. So that’s great. And I do want to just say that this is a fully vaccinated facility. We’ve all verified that were vaccinated, which is why you don’t see us wearing our masks. So there’s that. Let’s go into board and ex officio member comments. Is there any comments from the board? Seeing no comments on to the approval of our agenda? Have we had an opportunity to review the agenda and comments? And there’s a motion made by Kirsten, seconded by Joe All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed? All right. agenda is approved. Moving on to the approval of our minutes from September 22. We had a chance to review those minutes. Any comments or questions? Motion by Joe or Jim, seconded by Joe All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed? All right. So minutes approved, onto public invited to be heard. Anybody from the public would like to address the EDA board, you’ll have five minutes. Nobody from the public. Alright. Okay, moving on to incentives. The first incentive we’re here to discuss is the Elks Lodge. They are here for a decided grant.

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Sorry, I don’t know if you want to set this up? Or if you want me to be here. Are you talking? Yeah, I don’t think we can hear you. So I will set it up. And if you want to miss anything in the chat. So we’ve been working with our from the Elks Lodge, they wanted to do some facade upgrades on the ballroom, and we’re looking at windows and painting and some other things, and outrageously came to us and said, Hey, take a look at this. And we said, well, it’s it’s almost great. But we’re wondering if you could do a few things. And he was very gracious to take that back to the club and made a couple changes, I think to kind of keep some of the historic character that people have come to love as let’s go keep it fairly cost effective. So you can get a few things there. But I’ll turn it over to you. If you want to talk about what you guys did on the project. That’d be great. Yeah, we

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applied for permits and got everything approved. We started to remove the windows on Sunday of two weeks ago, Sunday. And I got all that pulled out got the new storefront insulated, double pane glass. Part of the discussion to maintain that old look was to put the buttons inside the new storefront and replicate that look from 1962. And then to arch the top of windows which we did creatively on the outside with the metal storefront panels that you see there. And then on the inside, it’s still replicated with the old wood design the old mahogany back in 62 mahogany was easy to get not so much. But yeah, still it looks wonderful from the inside. You still get that same look. And from the outside. You also see the storefront panels in the windows. The aluminum storefront and the metal siding panels all match the look of the alley scape mainstream that dark bronze aluminum so it matches it very well. But yeah, we got started on it and proceeded. It seems like it looks really good. We’ve gotten hundreds of very good comments or Glaser’s, put a little sandwich board out there and they’ve been getting a lot of comments. We’ve got great comments. We did the hot the month. We were one of the stops on hum, c’mon, people just love it. So we’re really excited about the whole process. And with me here today is our lodge president and he’s our Exalted ruler of our people. So

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as long

Unknown Speaker 4:37
as you’re in there

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so they’ve seen it

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from the outside, but yeah, it doesn’t look so refreshing.

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We’re really excited.

Unknown Speaker 4:57
I’m really happy to artist steak. In

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just a few minutes,

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definitely 1962 But it’s coming back. It is It looks good. Yeah. So they have applied for $10,000 in grant funding the financials were approved by the finance committee. So yeah.

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Any questions, additional questions from the board? So for those of us that aren’t familiar with the Elks Lodge, number 1055, can you just give us some context on?

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Yeah, it’s a national organization, that’s a terrible organization,

Unknown Speaker 5:42
actually one of the most proficient us, or it’s not a dollars that go towards the charity versus being donated,

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we’ve given over $5 million back to long months since it was established in 1907. Even during COVID, we did about six years 60,000. This year, we’re already over 65,000, charitably in time, we do a lot of productions, community projects, but not so charity, and it’s just a private club

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that helps fund the charitable aspects. Awesome. And I believe it was in 1926,

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they finished? Yeah, the original footprint, no life building was built, or finished in 1925, actually, October 1925. And it’s held up well, but we’re working on the ballroom was our first go and kind of advancing to do the rest of it to shut up the rest of

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this kind of a hidden gem. Like when you walk from the outside, you don’t realize how cool the building is until you go inside it, you know, and so we had the opportunity like, previous board retreat.

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It’s amazing with the halter monitor how many people we get to come back? I didn’t know this was here. Can Can we take a tour? Yeah, the tours are. We did a bunch of tour Saturday night during our charity ball, which also helps support the BCP. And it was really cool to

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do this. I still did. Cool. Stuff, grants. So I make a motion to approve. For. motion made by West seconded by Joe. All in favor, say aye. Aye. Opposed? All right, motion carries Tokyo very much in the real appreciate it. And thank you. For all you’re doing. Thank you.

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So it’s public meeting. However, you won’t be judged.

Unknown Speaker 7:31
And we do have our meeting. So we are going to thank you all very much and keep up the good work downtown Loma Karen 60

Unknown Speaker 7:42
degree work.

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Okay, so next we have the urban DLP to market facade grant.

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Yes, we’re super excited that we have a forum there to talk a little bit about urban fields that you can market. So they are going into the ground level of sampling station, which is very wonderful. They came to us with a package we talked to them about retail conversion, the facade and the sign grants. So their project is going to in total just shell right now. So there’s nothing to go out there going to be adding flooring at bathrooms, fire suppression, utility upgrades, as well as two kitchens that are going to go into the build out. And so we have all of the information, we do have the bids if you want to review them. We had to get a little bit more clarifications. We haven’t seen more in the packet, but we do have them but we’ve reviewed them all. They all look good. They are applying for a $15,000 retail conversion grant from us and a $10,000 facade and different for $25,000. From us. The LDP has approved $7,500 for the match and their financials were approved by the finance committee. But if you want to take a few minutes and tell them about your concept and your build out and everything, that’d be great. Do your project

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on the partners in the mountain, some public groups back in Boulder so we brought a lot of people up here. I don’t know how long that was while back. Prior COVID We’ve loved a long, long community. This is a side spin off of the mountain sun with a lot of mountains and folk and I focused in on Longmont partners. So all the partners except I live in Boulder, but all the partners on this business specific project or Longmont, folks, and that was very important to us. We literally looked for space for 14 months, we looked at over 300 spots in eight different cities across the front range. And then I met Brian Baer and he basically I’ve had a lot of experience. I’ve opened a lot of restaurants and a lot of experience with neighborhood building. And he just struck me it wasn’t the best financial decision I probably ever could have made. But he piqued my interest because he had a vision To build a neighborhood and I feel like at this point in my career, a vision like that is very attractive to me. So I basically put together the best thing I could. It’s cornered by a premier chef, he graduated from the French Culinary Institute in New York City. He did the Michelin starred thing throughout Italy in Spain. I got him to come back here and join the mountain Sun group, and he’s spearheaded under the suns kitchen for the last seven or eight years. He’s my primary partner on this one. And then we brought in another guy from Longmont, who is he did pasta vino and a bunch of Italian restaurants and Boulder, and he’s coming into our cocktail program. And then we have an operations person who was also a Walmart native or not native, she moved here long ago, but has a family here and isn’t professional operations. We are looking at this as a multiple, multiple source of opportunity for us, we want to provide needs for the community that Brian is trying to build, he has over 500 units down there, these people are going to need to build, they’re gonna need heirloom tomatoes, they’re going to need chef prepared meals for home, they’re going to need pantry items. In addition to stuff that we can provide to this market that we’ll have for these resources. For the folks that live there, we’re going to partner only locally with a ton of people from Longmont and elsewhere, we’re going to have three or four varieties of local meat available, frozen or fresh. We’re going to have the honey guy from down the street who’s got the bees in the backyard who’s able to sell to us to have his product there. And that’s the idea of the market. Outside of that the restaurant is going to corner on pizza. It’s going to have New York style pizza as well as deep dish pizza. And that’s basically it and the many rounds out into this sort of Italian field view on that, which I think long, long. Good. And we’re excited. We just went to a wonderful happy hour with Kimberly and everybody else on top of the roof over at Maine and we’re excited to work with Wiebe I’ve relationships with everybody will be in the Phoenix Suns. And we have a lot of resources to bring. We’re excited and I think this is Lupton

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we’re gonna talk about that happy hour a little bit later. I think you mentioned it was so I thought it was exhilarating. People were excited. And I think good neighbors. It’s the reason we’re here is that

Unknown Speaker 12:19
team. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 12:24
So what’s your timeline for the build out?

Unknown Speaker 12:26
We are just about to break ground earnings just about to finish up but we the break ground on Friday or Monday. We’re looking to turn over the facility to me somewhere at the end of February. So if everything works out great. March 1 opening, imagine the second week of March. We hired for all construction to go out to restaurants around here. So they’re very familiar with Walmart. All the work that needs to be done.

Unknown Speaker 12:52
First of all, I apologize. I didn’t make the happy hour. I had a previous commitment to the Longmont chamber and I really miss this that vinegar. It was amazing. So super excited about this. Could you maybe just highlight the value the upside this project is going to bring in regards to job creation and sales tax revenue, just, you know, kind of paint that picture for us.

Unknown Speaker 13:16
Yeah, we I mean, we came at COVID Up the street doing really well. We’re on par right now to do almost 4 million this year, just out of that location. I’m going to ramp on to that kind of energy that we were able to bring into Longmont. So I projected sales right now out of the gates at 1.5. I’m hoping this facility alone can we formulate at one point, the way that we’re really going to be able to add to the labor market is we I took under under the sun someone under the sun is the Last Mountain for long. So we we restructured the whole company with COVID hit for obvious reasons. And one of the things I did was I took that catering arm from an assumption very successful. And I took it with me primarily because we were had long lines mostly with weddings and so forth. So already bringing in this huge revenue stream which like our catering team this season to work in mind was I think 20 bit which is as big as like a normal restaurant that you would have Mainstreet so I anticipate hiring 20 to 30 right out of the gates and catering Goobie an additional 20. And so I think that that’s significant. And in terms of sales, sky’s the limit. Here we’re driving a we went technology heavy. So we’re going to drive a lot of sales right out the door, which is where things are trending right now. We’re going to be available on all third party delivery system. We also have our own delivery system, not us personally, but through a company called toast. And I this it’s a 2700 square foot space, and I’m used to 5000 square foot spaces, but I think we can really drive significant sales at this location. And I’m stoked for the two reasons number one to be there for that immediate community need those resources if you want to develop this as a neighbor for sure. And number two, I believe that with this partnership that we started to develop at this happy hour. And before I think we we could become a destination area. And I think Brian’s right, he kind of envisioned rhinos from Denver as the vision for this area. And that’s what I heard that happier, everyone wants to drive it in this creative new way, that’s going to make for a wonderful new neighborhood. And I truly believe we can take an instrument to download. And you know, there’s enough for everybody.

Unknown Speaker 15:26
Cool, how are you sourcing your employees? So

Unknown Speaker 15:32
we already have all a management pretty much hired. So I mean, I’ve been in this industry on the front end for 25 years. So like that key initial group that comes open with you we hand picked for the last year or so. We also the other thing we’re doing is we have four ohms. So they’re all coming in heavy at the front. So this is not a situation where I’m gonna open this restaurant and never see me again, I’m going to work five minutes, it’s just a weekend, etc. And all owners. So that’s that. And I there’s an operations person with us as well known in Longmont that can draw talent, I believe so right. I feel good about who we’re gonna be able to bring in and we already talked about we want to keep it to the local Longmont economy we did that belongs to every single person there is local. I don’t think anybody drives in from outside online. And that’s kind of our vision here because that’s what works in Longmont.

Unknown Speaker 16:23
Alright, any questions from board comments? Alright, so total projects 700,000. And they’re asking for 25,000 in grants, do we have a motion? Can Relate just real quick.

Unknown Speaker 16:41
So we want to get the balances. We don’t need to move anything before some tears.

Unknown Speaker 16:57
Alright. Motion moved by joke. We have a Second. Seconded by Jim. favor, say aye. Aye. Opposed? All right, motion carries.

Unknown Speaker 17:07
My Saturday, guys, it’s gonna be fun. You’ve had a lot of experience with neighborhood building since we’ve been waiting for this opportunity to do it from the ground up.

Unknown Speaker 17:15
Market is a top request.

Unknown Speaker 17:17
I know you guys love the market actually had a meeting, especially after LDA support the market just

Unknown Speaker 17:29
All right. Thank you. Same applies for yeah,

Unknown Speaker 17:31
I’ve got other things to do. I’m hoping to have it for March 1, or late March 79. So thanks, everybody. Have a great night.

Unknown Speaker 17:50
Right next door to cyber incentive funding discussion.

Unknown Speaker 17:57
Yeah, is down to $10,000. And we have quite a few people in the pipeline, which is great. So you can see more upgrading in or to the new signs. So and we do have some money still get to be allocated in incentives, so don’t worry, and I were just hoping that the board is appropriate, or breakfast or appropriate 25,000 more dollars into the signage account. Whereas we had TIF dollars, we took a big chunk of TIF dollars for incentives, and it’s just kind of waiting there would be allocated so we can just shift that over. So it’s already been taken out of our bottom line, but just sitting there wait to go and replace. So. So anyways, so inclined. That would help us and and then we can always add more later

Unknown Speaker 18:53
to allocate $25,000.

Unknown Speaker 18:57
All right, motion made by Kirsten, seconded by Joe discussion. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed? All right. Cool. On to new business development update, easy contribution projection application. Wonderful.

Unknown Speaker 19:17
I’m so sorry. Happy Hour just so you don’t think we’re drinking. We had through our advanced Longmont 2.0 partnership. We are in a place committee and really had talked about what does the sense of place look like? And if you have been on the board for a while you remember we did some planning Charettes for folks on the 200 block to really talk about what that would look like. So we opened up this opportunity to folks on Main Streets and Kaufman and then the Salt Lake Station. We had about 25 people come and we had different boards that they could fill out to talk about, you know what they want wanted to see most of the people that showed up, or new business owners, which is very interesting. The folks from DOJ that will be opening soon. There’s a distillery that’s coming that will be here, maybe next month for incentives. They were there. Paul and his partners were there. There was some Whitney was there 300 zones was there. A realtor who is in Jake Parker’s was there. She’s important followed up with me afterward, I talked with Chris afterwards, there was a good amount of people there. And just really the excitement and the energy about what’s growing in this area and what they can do. And their vision was fantastic. years ago, that group said, Oh, we should call it the slope and kind of embrace the hill and, you know, kind of make. And that got the most votes, like the slope district or the slope or something like that, is what folks were really liking. When we asked them kind of what kind of branding elements do they want to see, extending the medians and the alleys were very important to them, to kind of make sure that connectivity was they’re looking into some parking garages in the area. Continue with activities. And I do think I, you know, I, I have to get a traffic control plan. But I think that, you know, there could probably be events that just close second to first, that would would be able to do something. So I think there was some ideas of hey, could we ever do that? What would that look like? Walking and biking paths, which again, I think the alleys would really help more sidewalks, particularly around between kind of Kaufman and me, we’ve already talked about that. There’s just really some connectivity issues, looking at plants waiting. When we ask them, what you kind of think of, when you think of this, they think it’s just too heavy traffic and exhaust that people really still speed through that corridor quite a bit. Some folks said like, there’s some just really bad facades and some buildings that really need some upgrades there. It speeds looking at that, in the future, they really want to see it as kind of a modern urban type thing and think that even on placemaking perspective, we don’t see it looking like the historic core, but it has to have elements that connected but it can still kind of have a little nod to its industrial founding and kind of have that new modern look. So I think that’s what these stakeholders also agreed. You can have a legendary experience here. We never hold safe from eating better than boulders. And we did it regular SWOT analysis. But again, they really think that the strengths are there some funky and unique businesses, a good sense of community, the weaknesses, that there is no kind of grocery type food for the tenants lacks curb appeal X parking needs more art, where oh, these group activities like Axe Throwing are like a destination like fun entertainment type things that that we could go a hook alone. Retail there’s a lot of dead space. There’s kind of nothingness between buildings. They haven’t really kind of established their identity yet, but opportunities really connecting into the Greenway, trying to figure out living places they could have concerts. Making Main Street one lane between first and ninth to help with that connectivity. patient who have a meal of style Art Center, and some of the Reds were finalizing the waterways space. Maybe they mean, involve the attention goes down to the steam area, lack of parking, like foot traffic in the mall.

Unknown Speaker 24:22
So those are some of the comments. And then we did have a map where people wrote up things that could really be in the public realm that would help him so it was a great start. It was a good vision and got people I think very excited about the area. And we will continue we want to get this group together at least quarterly. We want to see if there’s things that we can move on and really start building a case for why some of these things need to show up in future budgets. That’s really hard. Yeah, it was a great it was one of the better conversations so and Jackie verson is on the place committee. She is a small partner in south bay station. And she put it all together and it was fantastic. She didn’t just impeccable. So it was great. So just wanted to share that view. Do things for the Kaufman street redesign that we’re looking at that I know you’re all aware of the lighting. So there is question about the lighting. The street lights will be, obviously we’ll put in street lights the way they normally put street lights. The thing that’s different about this project is it is raised in detached right lanes, right? Is it in the street, right? And then the sidewalks on the other side of that? And so the question was, to me was was, is DDA going to put lights in there to like the sidewalk, kind of like you have the pedestrian lanes here? And I said, so we This isn’t our project. We weren’t really that wasn’t on our radar. And so I said, but are you not going to light the sidewalk community that you’re gonna wait sidewalks? So they came back and said, Well RPC just the streetlights. And that’s all they’re gonna do. We set up a meeting for next week to talk more about it. One of my questions was, can the LPC lights have like a double like a cobra on each side. So then they can also like the past and that type of thing. I did say, you know, we’ve worked very hard to get out of the infrastructure maintenance business. So I don’t think that we will be owning and maintaining lights on conference Street. I said, you know, I would bring it up to the board, if there needs to be, you know, see if you guys would be interested in purchasing the lights and then gifting them to the city and the city has to maintain them and do all of those kinds of things. So I just wanted to put it out there to see what you all were thinking about this. As we move forward, I still make the case of are you really going to build this unlit thing. I don’t understand why you would do that. But would you play any kind of partnership? And what would that look like? So

Unknown Speaker 27:22
so it’s really the question of the lighting, not more weight alley cleanup?

Unknown Speaker 27:27
No, it’s really just for the conference record or making sure that the pedestrian and whole board between first and last night, but for us we couldn’t go past blocky. Art we have to spend our dollars

Unknown Speaker 27:52
that makes no sense. I think

Unknown Speaker 27:53
we’re just getting into the plan. Right. And I wonder if you know, when they normally do a street, it’s just like this right? And they it because your sidebar is right next to it are the bike lanes industry. So I wonder if no one really thought about how the detachment and if it would be lighted. But I raised the question. I don’t think it will be light enough. Because of how far away it is. I felt like I could be wrong. Well, that was a deep dish.

Unknown Speaker 28:22
Especially with

Unknown Speaker 28:26
Yeah, sure. And I don’t I left it up to the first gentleman timbre who does such a great job maintaining everything I said to him, you know, I guess I was never envisioning that it would have to look like these pedestrian poles we have on Main Street. I don’t even know if those would make sense. But if they wanted to just have one kind of thing to maintain, then I could understand why they would maybe want to put those on there. But I said I don’t know if there’s even just an easier way to get it live without having that type of

Unknown Speaker 28:55
infrastructure, more pedestrian activity. Right. So therefore, it’s going to be

Unknown Speaker 29:04
right, right. I think we’re just starting to have this conversation. And that’s why we have a meeting scheduled next week. But I wanted to see I mean, I’ll definitely still try to encourage for them to find ways to to fund it. But would I guess would we be willing to take some kind of partnership in buying the fixtures to make sure it’s lit if then the maintenance and everything goes to them the same as the pedestrian? I’m not there yet. Yeah, I’m with you. I’m not very I mean, I’m like I’m not saying don’t bring it back. Yeah, but I’m not there yet. It seems ridiculous to put in a whole thing. That is encouraging people to walk more, buy more right the bus more and then not lighted for people to walk more and buy more. I So I asked, I said, Well, don’t you like the greenways? But they don’t. There’s no way, because I didn’t realize that. So there is some precedent, but those aren’t lit, which I thought was interesting.

Unknown Speaker 30:17
I think you started going down this road than the LBC. Because they’re gonna have rebates, they still have a lot of rebates, incentives to do this. I mean, there’s a lot of cost savings involved. I mean, I’m still getting a lot of costings and upgrades to buildings. So, yeah, in addition to have some students.

Unknown Speaker 30:39
So we all agree there’s that we need lightning, yes. Okay. So we, what’s our thoughts about entering some sort of potential partnership, giving Kimberly, the green light to entertain some of these conversations?

Unknown Speaker 30:56
They get you thrown off. And after that we get locked in that job. I mean, I just think that that’s so instead of us presenting, they need to come and presented, and this is what we’re going to do. And if they want to ask for that partnership that’s on them. I mean, I just got a new test. If you came in today, we want to partner with you. All right, you just you just showing your hand to me that you’re gonna. How long is that committed? You don’t know. So I just

Unknown Speaker 31:30
Well, and I think the original question to me was, if you want these lit, you can go ahead and light them. And so and that’s when I said, well, and I met with the guy, I met with the OPC guy, and he said, Well, we’ll we’ll do our standard plating. And I was not thinking about how detached they were because I hadn’t seen the plans yet. And I said, Oh, okay, I see. I could feel like for fun. And then after I saw the plans, it just struck me and I so then I called the project guy. And I said, you know, I think I said, sure for the streetlights. But now I look at this thing, is there going to be enough? And I said, I think it is going to be too dark. So I totally hear what you’re saying, Jim. And so I think what I will say is, if the alternative, the only alternative is we’re going to leave this dark, then I can come back to you and say, This is where they are believing in dark. And then do we want to do something. But what I will say even in these negotiations is even if I take it back to the board, it would be a partnership and helping you fund the life we’re not maintaining, because that’s just not willing to show right. Yeah, okay. Should be fine. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right, good. That’s the direction I need. And we don’t need a vote or anything. I just kind of wanted to throw it out there and just see where to start. And yeah, I think we We definitely plan. And they always give you the lighting plans to approve. And I go, Yeah, I don’t like circles and squares. So I’ll get someone smarter than either to make sure it will work.

Unknown Speaker 33:13
So what’s the direction? That we’re we’re not saying no, absolutely no, but we

Unknown Speaker 33:21
plan? Yeah. Yeah. Is there something like you really you suggested the

Unknown Speaker 33:28
two covers the delay?

Unknown Speaker 33:30
Yeah. Something like that, that can improve it. Exhaust every Yeah. Perfect. Continue. Yes. So the other part with this Kaufman Street project, the people on the 300 block of Kaufman are very, very, very concerned about the parking that will be eliminated overall, as a result of the project. So I’ve got, I’m very well aware of their concerns and how we feel and so are the folks that are in part of the project. One of the things that we’re looking at is our parking lots on Kaufman Street in our shared parking. It’s not shared parking, but where the Elks has three rows of parking and we have the rest. If you’ve ever been in that lot, it has the worst circulation, it’s very hard you have to go through, it’s just very hard to get around. And what would really help would be if the Elks if they wanted to keep solely for the Elks, the one link closest to them, but then enter into some kind of shared parking arrangement for the other two, and then we could really maximize the lot that would make more parking for everyone. So that’s the best solution, quite honestly, I wanted to just see if the board was comfortable with me entering into conversations with them to see if they would be willing to do it. What would that look like, you know, we could give them a permit. So they’re having a day event, we could give them enough permits that they could park there, I mean, based on their number of spaces, they probably would want some kind of lease would be my guess I have no idea. But we also could do the maintenance. So I think there’s things to engage, or at least get to know, and then try to figure something else out if they are interested. So those three rows are their property.

Unknown Speaker 35:41
During the things that use weekends and evenings, you know, that lots packed with,

Unknown Speaker 35:49
I mean, all of those, and why that wouldn’t work with that, especially if you’re on maintenance.

Unknown Speaker 35:59
And what we want to do a short break, would be essentially, like, buy it. So that becomes part of the first I don’t know if they would even sell it. But I mean, would you? Or do you want to just try to figure out some kind of agreement?

Unknown Speaker 36:16
Yeah. So what do we think about directing Kimberley to have a discussion about the possibility of purchase or shared agreement? Keeping both options open? So I’m good.

Unknown Speaker 36:31
Okay, excellent. We’ll do that. And then the last thing is the inter enterprise on contribution project application, I started working with that and have a meeting with LLDP. Tomorrow to really write that I’d like to write it broadly. So we are part of the enterprise zone. For an enterprise zone, you can have an actual project. So this is the building I’m doing this is whatever, or you can become an economic development organization, which they call you an enterprise or enterprise contribution project. So that would mean we could use this tool to if we got donations, people would get 125% off their taxes at the write off, we got in kind donations, you get an additional 12% on your write off. So I know that we’ve been talking about maybe some property acquisitions, there are also in my mind some some vacant storefronts that have been vacant for a while. And if we could get maybe donated space to engage that I think there’s different reasons to use the tool. So it makes sense. And then Cullen is going to show you some of our sponsorship opportunities for 2022 as a perfectly designated is this people can get monetary donations, they can also get more from tax write off. So I think there’s lots of reasons to do that. I just wanted to get a formal I know we’ve talked about it before, but a formal motion to make this application inherent to this.

Unknown Speaker 38:08
Yeah, I see zero downside to this partnership. This is just a tool that we want to leverage in my opinion. So but what are your thoughts or comments? Questions like we were looking for a formalized motion

Unknown Speaker 38:22
of motion move forward with enterprise on contribution project application

Unknown Speaker 38:28
is seconded by first of all favor say aye. Aye. Opposed. Alright, proof Alright, so next we have holiday update.

Unknown Speaker 38:44
So to give you guys an update on what’s going on the holidays are rapidly approaching. So we are bringing back in winter passport. It’s been pretty successful for the year now. A bit of a brand refresh with Randy what was going on space now awesome. So do have kind of a love of refreshment that we’re working with. Sponsorship person knows. So that will kick off on November 12 which is second grade working on having businesses participate in kind of a holiday open houses we’ve done it on the day last year to kind of kick that off and so they can say Friday Saturday, decoration decorations and specialists in my bathroom promoting that here shortly. And then bricks retail who was formerly our space is now also as long as they seem to be having a revolving vehicle on fourth like vendor market for that whether that’s Sunday, so lots going on to kick off the holidays downtown that weekend. And then that will kind of roll into small business weekend as we’re calling it. We will have a tree lighting again The 26th of November like Friday that’s going to be a 600 West parking lot we’re kind of rearranging the orientation of it and being creative with the use of space since the store under construction spoke English and worked out well so six o’clock and Powell group was going to do some singing as a Small Business Saturday the next day we’ll have we’ll have some increased ice carvings in kind of activate more of the plaza, the back of it and do some train slayers figure that all out on a Sunday, he is working with a couple of artists to try to put together some artist pop ups businesses that kind of go artist somebody is also shop for artists. That’s that and then after as long as we can just kind of continue to market downtime to destination keep it local was kind of the the theme that we helped come up with and just great discovery dollars. Okay, so but yeah, so we’ll be we’re going to do some holiday video refresh. Work on with random be also on some different personas like shopping for everyone downtown, shop for

Unknown Speaker 41:24
infant or the tween,

Unknown Speaker 41:27
grandparents and other so without some social media content with them on that. Also do your Google search for marketing, advertising. Destination local, we’ve got our kiosk posters that should be going into new better hospital banners with the new logo posters first, once we can do the direct mail piece, again has to do with charges these negative might increase about 2000 15,000. And businesses really liked the remember for us to do last year. And so they asked if we were doing something or we’ll do something against our scoring work. ceramsite is decreasing for businesses to get away. Probably. And we’ve also gotten for the first time ever we got a title sponsor 200 Password Recovery bank. And also I have to bank is also lots of responses Saturday, which is great. And I’d like to make this

Unknown Speaker 42:34
I would like to have a big thank you to Emily and Collin. Working really hard. It’s chasing down people to make sure are you entering Oh, what are you doing? A pricing and everything so? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:57
Yeah, we’re walking down. Yes, I

Unknown Speaker 43:01
can probably write about this question. I’m sure we would love to have it written back to me. But my question is always going to be how do you maintain? As far as security, everything else that says you don’t find the door? unless you can prove it? I’m pretty confident that he will be showing up. They’re not back at cetera, and only prepared to deal with that situation. In life, all for it. I’m like the SOC with but I’m also on the other side. But we just announced our company that exists, either you’re vaccinated by the state government federal government guidelines. Let me go on at the last

Unknown Speaker 43:54
turn. I can have a general overview. So yeah, so we’re going to open it again, Saturday, February 5, and because of the mass mandates currently in place in Estonia, at that time, the letter of mass mandates as singers or other performers of that nature are allowed to be unmasked as long as they maintain 12 feet of distance from the audience as well as any other band members from their house. So obviously presents some challenges

Unknown Speaker 44:37
Yeah, yeah, we can’t look it up for us because it’s

Unknown Speaker 44:40
February so there’s, you know, maybe a few different options. The most appealing option I mean, I don’t think we’re gonna get any performance we’re going to wear a mask seeing we could explore that if need be and see what what place is going to come into space but the way around the mask, Mandy is to just like we do for this space is fully vaccinated rather than progressive. So it’d be a fully vaccinated event. As you point out that those recent challenges, basically, we have to verify that with a require everyone to be vaccinated, they do allow, you know, for medical exemptions to 95% of people have to be fully vaccinated. That includes performers, volunteers, staff staff at the venues, and obviously, ticket purchasers. We’ve talked through some different options for doing that. To check in and either purchase or pick up their ticket, which ticket is hard to pin. And so we thought, you know, obviously, you can’t read through vaccine cards and get three wristbands or whatever. So we figured everyone has to present their vaccine product, probably ID and person to get those and we do it as a wristband so that you can’t take it off and transfer it.

Unknown Speaker 45:53
And then yeah, each each volunteer security

Unknown Speaker 45:55
at the bigger venues will be responsible for making sure that everybody has that. You don’t have to reinvent the ticket, they could present their vaccine injuries,

Unknown Speaker 46:06
how do you measure the 5%?

Unknown Speaker 46:08
Yeah, there’s already kind of the precedent that you have to have a ticket, right. And so it’s just the check that you have time to ticket and and

Unknown Speaker 46:24
in the past few years, we have been use it and also use the public still, but provided either a value item, reserved space for ticketholders. Even after 2020s walkabout reading, we talked about you’re into more of a closed model anyway. So this is what happened. So in 2020, we have I think, 15 or 16. Right now that list is getting ready to be anywhere from 10 to 15. I haven’t spoken to all the venues about the fully vaccinated approach. I spoke to a couple of their own complete tech and ones that absolutely participated. fully vaccinated. So you conversation to have but we’d like to try to do something and it seems like this is an option.

Unknown Speaker 47:16
We have

Unknown Speaker 47:18
you know,

Unknown Speaker 47:20
I don’t think we’ve asked them to do the same as

Unknown Speaker 47:23
well, I think the more vaccines, I mean, a lot of venues have gotten instruction. So my guess is in order to hire me lots of

Unknown Speaker 47:32
Yeah, and I’m sure that

Unknown Speaker 47:35
this isn’t a vaccine card or negative?

Unknown Speaker 47:38
No, unfortunately, water county

Unknown Speaker 47:42
negative COVID test is like an alternative theory. So the underground music showcase the best music showcase were held earlier this year. There are similar formats in either vaccine or option. I could also have a conversation before we can see it was updated this in the next five months to either revise the 12 foot rule to the bandmates, because you know, most of the back depressing goes down has to be re Kotak to test the alternative.

Unknown Speaker 48:19
Yeah. Work mask.

Unknown Speaker 48:22
So one of the CIPS your thoughts on that decision, revising.

Unknown Speaker 48:38
Got sort of the board of all fully vaccinated. I just affected almost from a security perspective. Yes, my biggest concern. You don’t want to get into a situation was compensation, where you’re putting someone at risk and say, Listen, coming to the event versus not. I mean, that’s that’s my biggest concern.

Unknown Speaker 48:57
I love saying you might want a security

Unknown Speaker 49:06

Unknown Speaker 49:07
we talked about hiring a few security guards, pre COVID post event.

Unknown Speaker 49:13
But yeah. Any other feedback?

Unknown Speaker 49:22
Can I add something? My mother media is also a fully vaccinated facility and we just had our first concert was that as a fully vaccinated facility on Friday, and what we did was we made everybody made it fully know that you have to show proof of vaccination. When you show up, we set up a table outside our doors just to get that through, and then let everybody in and about 50% of the people who came we’re really thankful that we were doing this program in itself. From a security standpoint, it was pretty safe. We didn’t have issues

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Now, just think about the bands that we participate in. I know a lot of their groupies follow the significant bands, and I’m pretty confident that a lot of them are not vaccinated. So that’s when I think in terms they want to come and participate in and just trying to think of different situations that

Unknown Speaker 50:21
could occur. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 50:23

Unknown Speaker 50:25
And be supportive, fully vaccinated, but I do think it’s all the conversation of overcoming Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 50:34
if we were fully vaccinated, you will be required to wear masks because if they change the change the rules that are required to wear masks right nobody wants plan with allow some flexibility. Right. Yeah. All right, thank you calling course.

Unknown Speaker 51:30
Our fancy,

Unknown Speaker 51:32
so we had never had kind of a comprehensive sponsorship packet to do outreach to businesses outside of downtown, we’ve always just kind of tried to reach out this kind of started with the purpose sponsorships and reaching out to others community, we’re just thought we’re at now a

Unknown Speaker 51:56
full package, leave the

Unknown Speaker 51:58
chamber does a really great job designing a nice package. So I tried to make a little bit more user friendly, a Word document. So the first one is kind of a year long Creative District sponsorship, and just recognition on the kiosk posters that are about twice a month. So recognition of different events, concerts, etc, logo recognition, creative distribution websites, and then you’ll see the part of the sponsorship option. They combine that to be to get a price on that. So obviously, we want to talk about again, just various levels, they’re trying to increase costs of different options and we’re just seeing that we do have to get excellent title sponsors is getting just that conversation on board just positive. And then what the articles are about so this is what has been second Fridays. As coming out of Korea, he talks about potentially shifting into Saturdays to allow local facilities families to attend businesses that are already delayed so so a conversation that looks like but include this as an opportunity. So title sponsorship for the entire year, logo inclusion and all the promo for that we’re just like a one time project sponsor you know, we have certain months in May. So if there’s kind of a bigger project or bigger program or something

Unknown Speaker 53:30
that you don’t have a better name than that but on the retail committee seems like Saturday would be better to

Unknown Speaker 53:40
capitalize in green, nobody puts this together I just included what she’s done in the past as well as restaurants so few options that are a title sponsor who drinks sponsor to sponsor etc. Actually, coming back to spring is the perfect sponsorship piece. So double sided signage on the part that really emphasizes design some really nice, brushed aluminum signs. Yeah. I got a hot difficult picture

Unknown Speaker 54:17
of it, show them what they would look like. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 54:19
I actually got the sun office. I took it down today. Okay. Yeah, so it’s about a foot tall, four feet wide. We’ll be facing both directions to two sides. And there’ll be

Unknown Speaker 54:31
two October

Unknown Speaker 54:36
discounted tickets on the concerts. We talked about tweaking this a little bit and we did so this is the updated version. With a beer garden sponsorship. It’s been I think, like 1500 In the past when we talked about ice has been an issue since breakers real close. So talking about how we bring ice in for the vendors. It’s hard for them to also

Unknown Speaker 54:59
do ice or something

Unknown Speaker 55:00
We’re talking about me having to be sponsored cover that, you know, easy way to do that cover the cost is lower in diversity and exposure, etc, integrated financials with our title sponsor based on a two year agreement last year. That’s already spoken for and just covered. Hi, thank you what two? Very

Unknown Speaker 55:37
sad. I think. So and then holidays, as I talked about, we kind of got some first time sponsors for the passports Saturday, which is awesome. So these are the ones who received the two I think that’d be a title sponsorship. The hardest Sunday just kind of supporting the public. So you do a bit of additional programming, there’s a secret pieces.

Unknown Speaker 56:05
And then as

Unknown Speaker 56:07
well, we know different opportunities arise through years of just mentioning that scene of potential conversations about

Unknown Speaker 56:17
the marvelous bigger projects.

Unknown Speaker 56:20
That is the. Question questions or feedback? So my comment is, this is excellent work. Yes, very clean, well presented and is done. Right. So I’m just like, that’s a lot of work that our small team does. So that is fantastic.

Unknown Speaker 56:53
Anyone who knows anyone they want to give this to you? Or you know, introduce this concept. Love do that. And what is not on there is Miss Emily is the master of the entire she gets amazing in kind sponsorships and is always more. Yeah, she’s fantastic at that. So I don’t want that to go unrecognized on here.

Unknown Speaker 57:23
Okay, great. We just want to make sure any thoughts or comments before we send it out? Mass? Work? I would only go through and say can I raise this connection for

Unknown Speaker 57:42
a two year commitment. Like that’s possibly independence and two years at a time. That’s

Unknown Speaker 57:52
cool. It’s about the final.

Unknown Speaker 58:00
Approval? No, just to put it Okay. Cool.

Unknown Speaker 58:04
All right. Good stuff onto old business property annexation discussion, property annexation,

Unknown Speaker 58:09
as you know, we had a request from 721 main to annex into the DDA. And the board had asked us to kind of reach out to other properties in that area, we did send out mailings to property owners property owners aren’t necessarily boots on the ground in the properties. So we send it out and did not hear from anyone hear from anyone that had any takers other than that 721 Main, I think the thing that’s most important to know is it has to be continuous. So we couldn’t jump like, Guy four doors up wanting to but not next door. So. So if you want me to continue to try to follow up more with folks I can, or I don’t have to. And then Paul reached out to me and Paul is here and I have information in the board packet, he is the owner of 33 streets. And I can kind of pull up a map to show where your property is all but if you want to what since you’re here if you want to talk a little bit about why you want to, or what you’re thinking, that would be great.

Unknown Speaker 59:21
Well, I had the opportunity to watch LBA over the last years and great things happen. It just seems to me that being part of it is important from connectivity from getting feedback on ideas that I might have, you know, good bad, indifferent. So it I think it’s an extraordinary group and make great strides and everything’s done professionally and the product you’ll love it.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Oh you know what I’m going to grab the big now, my office. So pause property if you come over crap Parkway immediately on the right where the warrior playground is revealed to order. Remember that building. So that is the building that we’re talking about. And so if you look at our handy dandy map, here is practice Parkway. And here is first avenue that you just go across this is this property here. So you could just pick it up across the street and go down it. And that’s continuous. And that’s continuous. I believe so I would have to take it to the planners. But yes, I read that.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:07
So what does that process look like? Can you kind of walk them? Through what, you know, if we approve, adding for me free press? Like, what was the zoning? Does it have? Council approval? We kind of want to see

Unknown Speaker 1:01:18
what’s that look

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19

Unknown Speaker 1:01:20
Yes. So we would need to get probably a formal petition or something for the property owners to sign. Hopefully, we can get approval from this board today. If you’re interested in moving forward with those two, I’ll take it to planning we’ll have to do a ordinance. Lots of revise the ordinance to change our boundaries. So really, the annexation is just about formal motions to formally change the DDA boundaries. And so it would have to go to Planning and Zoning Commission first, and they would have to make a recommendation to city council council to change those boundaries.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:04

Unknown Speaker 1:02:13
I know I don’t really see any I mean, obviously, since the property has requested it, it’s not you know, there’s no question of whether people really want to be involved. TIF will be generated. But it’s really only the 10 more years, we only have 10 more years of our TIF and that tip is really only at about 50% of those taxing bodies. So from time to time annexations, when you take a huge swath of land is taking out a lot of money to other entities. There’s been some opposition, but I think these are fairly small, the base of tax increment that’s generated will be what they are today. And so there really isn’t a huge opportunity to

Unknown Speaker 1:02:59

Unknown Speaker 1:03:01
a lot of reduction in other taxing rights. And that would be the only reason why I think there would be it wouldn’t matter to the adjacent property owners. Both of these property owners understand the mill levy. So there’s no question there. So, but I’ve been blindsided before, but the way I look at it right now, I can’t see any reason why people

Unknown Speaker 1:03:22
lose a lot of potential upside.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:30
So what if we approve this annexation? And then couple weeks later and adjacent property that is interested in joining so for that create come issues to go back to zoning adjustments?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:43
No. I mean, I mean, it’s just obviously we’re working with staff, it’s easier to kind of do them at once. But no, and I think other DBAs take one offs all the time as they come in, they convince someone so it’s and I honestly feel like once we get the process dialed in, then it’ll just kind of become rote. And it’s somewhat formality. But we have all the documentation from when Roosevelt Park was annexed in. And so Brian Schumacher already pulled all that up and has all the things so it

Unknown Speaker 1:04:13
should be, I think, to also answer your question about whether you should continue to contact everyone. I don’t think you need to do that if

Unknown Speaker 1:04:21
you’ve already done

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22
and let’s see what happens. And once this happens, I’m sure they’ll be contact. Yeah, so yeah. He has ordered. Alright, so we’re looking for a motion.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:38
Move to I mentioned 33 crap straight into the annexation and continue to move forward with any more properties that expressed

Unknown Speaker 1:04:45
interest. So motion made by Kirsten, seconded by Jim. All in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed? All right. Motion carries.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:57
Great signature is the first step. Yeah. That was your your this. Sir.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:09
Alright, thanks wayfinding plan.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:14
So I wanted to run through this quickly, I know there were two very long wayfinding plans that were in your packet. The first one that I really want to talk about is the one that is the design intent of what they’re going to look like. And we’ve already given some feedback. So kind of let you know what.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:46
So these are the proposed gateways for you know, 66, Ken Pratt, thing. So these would be as you’re coming into town. I’m not going to go way over the city ones, because there’s different options. And that’s just kind of an idea of what it would look like for scale, and see the cars

Unknown Speaker 1:06:17
that’s out there, that little rock is with a mountain.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:23
So this is, imagine if you’re a car going 50 miles an hour, 55 miles an hour, these are directional. So as you’re coming up, you kind of know what choices that you need to be making. See, they’re like that with the like. These are the these are directional. So these are your kind of more of a 25 to 35 mile an hour Street, kind of see what more context these will be those as you’re moving along. Those living there. And then these are what they call the trail blazers. So as you’re getting closer into your destination, it’s just that kind of Yep, you’re still on the right track. This is one that they were thinking for downtown. To kind of we did ask that they can incorporate some of our branding, I think what we would look at, because for this sign to make sense. It’s not our red logo, it’s really the peach of the city logo, which I don’t think anyone was too keen on. It was Yeah, yeah. So. Right. So we talked about really doing the one color logo here. So not introducing a peach color into our logo, which isn’t a part of our logo anyway. Kind of see how those look. So this comes to our kind of downtown suite of things. These are the downtown gateways. So what you can see is they really used instead of using the pattern on the city logo, they use the pattern that we have on our Creative District logo, we could use this or we usually use it if you kind of look at the top of like your agenda, we usually cut the star in half. So we might want to really look at options where we can cut that star and ask maybe or something like that. But these are the options that we have. Again, I’m not sure that I love the peach on that. So we would maybe look to to kind of change the coloring, it does have a a brick base, which I like one of the maintenance folks says they don’t know how well the brick and mortar would hold up but up on the buildings for years. So I think that it would probably be okay if we did it. And I think he thought it was much more street level and these will be and so I think once we may be explained now these will be kind of with all the salt and everything will be somewhere else and hopefully that will change or match. Right would match them right? And maybe on this computer right? So I have a few questions into them. But they also put together the we are not putting it into median and I know that was our goal. But it just seems like maybe not the wisest move. So we’ll probably look To cite them either one on either side or something like that. And then this is another alternative. Yeah, do you like to read just also, I think it’s also less likely to look dated I think that the peach is true you know, at first I wasn’t sure about this but the more I keep looking at this, I actually do like the red and black better with the silver. The first one the second was very hard to read yet for some reason, I don’t know what contrast. So maybe this first one

Unknown Speaker 1:10:55
okay. So these are the directional signs that would be within downtown. And we did do the cutout downtown branding on them, which I think was really nice. We had talked about instead of having the city logo cut out at the top, using a slice of our, you know, just a different geometric pattern. And I think that the wayfinding consultant like that as a you know, as an identity thing, sure, we will get new drafts looking at that, but we would continue with because we really want to have our own little nod to our character but we want to integrate with the city guide so it would still be the blue and the white and then the page we would take our other elements on to the sign and the base is really mimic faces that we have now so I think that’ll look really nice. They showed it in all different colors of which none seem to work as well as just having the full metal system face so they just wanted to show us options but that’s good. So the back of the signs they showed a number of different options of what we can do anyone on what they like we all know so I like for the non me to I like that’s it that’s how I like to but I would love to see if we could put just the downtown in all black underneath there like it is urinated. So it says that was downtown. And I really think if we go with the secondary gateways that we’ve talked about that were those like I think these would look really nice and I think you’re absolutely right I love color, but I think the lack of color will make these more timeless. Yeah. Everyone liked that one is that a good so that’s kind of how to look at the atmosphere it’s going to be hard to place these to be honest, I mean, we have wonderful trees but trying to place these in places where they’ll be seen to be a challenge these are again, just those Trailblazers if you’re trying to look at certain things they probably won’t put along the parks

Unknown Speaker 1:13:33
so the street signs I’m not sure what these will actually look like there’s nowhere that has street signs like this except for the downtown area but these don’t match what they have in the rest of the city so I think they wanted to kind of go back and look at what this would look like but if we did I think no one likes the full circle like over here it was just way too much. If we kept along this line do you all like option one or two better?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:13
One i you i agree actually. Like so these are exciting. These are the parking Trailblazer signs which we would love to see these directing people to parking. These will are just the Hey, you’re along the right track. Although there is actually no parking sign Oh god, don’t put him there. Don’t show that to anybody. But this is, I think, the best sign in system because we really have needed to educate people about parking. So these would be at the front of the lots that you would know it’s public parking, it would have a name that we always call it names that no one quite know we’re talking about. So it’ll have the name. And then it will say free time limited to hours Monday through Friday, and then unlimited weekends and holidays. These are all changeable panels. So if in the future, we ever have to change our timing or implement, you know, pay parking or something like that, all of these will be changed. But are they This looks really great. We did share this with the folks at the scope on Kauffman and told them that we really would like to have signage around this. And as they are doing their signage, they actually requested that we give them our P, the icon of this P and our fonts and that type of thing. So they can also integrate into the public system, which is great. So I’ll send them along this as we move forward

Unknown Speaker 1:16:11
to people who have questions for technology. Thinkers, is there anything from the public parking perspective that we’re looking at that be able to tell people what’s available? Parking wise? And the reason I say that is because people come in and they drive the drive thru? Nope, nothing nada is no spot available. And I know that I’m thinking in terms of just a parking garage or whatever this is, oh, by the way, there X number of spaces still available. As you come in, is there any forward thinking in that regard? Baltar?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:50
I think that that model is probably so much easier with paid parking because then you’re having a record of who’s there and who’s not. However we did fund in the budget that just got passed yesterday $100,000 for those cameras that are going to be in the parking lots and the alleyways so I think the honest answer is I’ve no idea but since we’re having those cameras I don’t know if there’s a way to do something like that but some of that infrastructure would be there and we can grow I think you make a fantastic point though. I wonder if there’s any way to add to this sign or to add like additional fucking parking one block your way Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:36
it’s behind the house is full so they don’t know where to go parking lot that’s really all

Unknown Speaker 1:17:46
okay but that’s something that we might be able to address even just the additional parking that’s a good that’s a great point. So let me ask that

Unknown Speaker 1:18:04
review across the room

Unknown Speaker 1:18:09
saying this Yeah. That’s a great yeah, that’s a great point you’re right is a big friend. So there might be Yeah, given P Yeah. Or we could just get rid of that T string I like what you’re doing so there we go kind of how we look in the environment I’d like to actually see because put it on the pole that’s nothing so relocate so this is some of their just might have markers for their facilities city decided on some tweaks

Unknown Speaker 1:19:03
This is our kios is double sided some things that I I’m not I’m not like 100% Better yet, you know, I don’t think we would want the blue like the blue doesn’t make sense for these kiosks. It should probably just be black would change the top to our branding. They envision a map element on one side and then posters that we can switch out on the other who would put our logo at the bottom right now they have the city logo placed in there for you like the blue or whatever,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:47
just That’s great absolutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:54
Yeah. And it’s horrible placement. Don’t put it here. I’m not quite sure why it’s there. But I know that but so we would have to put it over somewhere. You know, the problem with how they’re situated now is they truly are one sided kiosks, right? So going into the bag around them. I had sent them a series of questions because I’m not sure if they’re lit, I’m not sure you know those other things. I liked having them live. So you can really see them at night and make them more functional. However, maybe we can have one of these because we did want to add them in different parts that don’t have electric, we could could do that as well. So I have a list of those questions into them. So I know they did say that pattern crosswalks would be great. Probably not this pattern. But pattern. crosswalks wouldn’t be great as an identity element. I know that we have not seen eye to eye with a traffic engineer on some of those things. I would not want to paint crosswalks on Main Street, I think that would not make sense. Because of just the wear and tear there is a product called thermoplastic that you can put on which is kind of how they put the road striping that you can have custom made. But I think it’s a good conversation starter for whatever was like I would love to see it less on Main Street and more on Kaufman Kimbark the avenues and that type of thing is a circulation measure. But I can get something thermoplastic this season’s more, you know? Yes. And no thermoplastic is actually like, you know how when they even like just put no strikes on, it’s that kind of thing. That was a special asphalt treatment that’s held up amazing, doesn’t vary. So I think that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:22:01
Robert and he

Unknown Speaker 1:22:04
melted to the show. And then this here would be our interpretive kiosks and panels for our historic tours and for Thanksgiving Plaza and that kind of thing to get in downtown and probably change to our cravings differently up here. But I think that’s a nice simple solution to those. So I wanted to just run through this and see if anyone had any. I mean thanks for the comments along the way, but anything strong feelings one way or another anything else you want us to consider so no. Yeah, we will. I believe we will. I think once this plan is adopted and done, this is much more affordable options. Much more practical options than the first one that we have. We do still have money in our budget to implement some of our signage so if nothing else, I think there’ll be signage around here. I think if you heard me say once I said oftentimes I’m disappointed I was that there wasn’t money in the city budget for this I believe someone told me that they ended up putting about $50,000 Just for a start so this is a start and yeah, so So yeah, I’m feeling much more optimistic. I think the first ones that will go in that we have complete control over everything are the parking signs right start filling things out from there so the city would adopt the look and then we would so we’re not at risk of proceeding and having them then go back and come up with a different Correct correct Yes correct. They also there so why I feel very confident that this will become a city wide system is their parks department is working with the same consultant in the same system a sign package from top to bottom and as they sign new parts and as they sign new things all of these signs will be happening as they replace the Civic Civic Center signs so they already have places that they will implement them I think what you won’t see is a broad taken out every site we have and everything’s gonna have the same look because the end no city does that right it takes a lot of money and time but I’m feeling much more confident that this is going to be a widely adopted as we get closer into it people are seeing this and understanding one other storms Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:57
And then is it I mean this is important this Just about what I saw that historic thing is there, we can add size of the Daisy and believe the little rock crusher the male, so people understand that. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:11
yes. Yeah, so a couple things around that side particular is more standard two, I didn’t see any of that throughout any site. So that’s something to consider. I know there’s limited space and everything was designed deliberately to be practical with that one, definitely would be something to consider. And then I mentioned earlier to you about from Range Community College, and that’s definitely part of this. Just wanted to make sure that that’s part of the signage, but so I mean, what the next steps with this.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:48
So um, the other thing is, I don’t and I think maybe we don’t want to go through it today. But if you have time to look in the packet, we put in kind of the travel paths, and where they thought key signage should go and that type of thing. I would really encourage folks to look through that. And if you have any, any feedback, or you think, why would this doesn’t make sense of assistance? They missed the mark on this, please let me know. I think the next step is, you know, I’ll kind of say yes, our board is willing to afford this very, they’re happy with it, you’re the few tweaks that we wanted to see, we will see that new design inspiration with the comments that we’ve asked for the comments were just due last week. So we put in most of those still add these other ones. And then that package will come back. I’m trying I think it does have to be accepted by council. But I think we’re probably a month and a half away from that. And then we because we have money in our budget already, once we get the sighting and the they’ll give us construction bid plans. So we can send those to a fabricator that will know exactly all the specs and that type of thing. And then we’ll be able to start getting some real racing. And then say of this hunk of money that we put into the signing assignment was important for us.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:21
Alright, sounds good. Any other comments from the board? Besides just suffer to have a rocket load one’s great. All right. All right. Any other comments? All right, seeing none. We’re going to financial update.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:43
Yeah, you know, finances are looking good. They were in your packet, we are on track or a little below where predictions are. Tip came in strong. So there’s any questions we are spending a lot of holiday esque money. So some of Africa returns the

Unknown Speaker 1:28:15

Unknown Speaker 1:28:17
So you know, questions on France’s

Unknown Speaker 1:28:19
one of my Creative District update.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:23
Okay. Two things.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:29
First, which worked really well for art stations. Alternative is good from scratch. And then next, we’re going to detect in the arts. If that is something on a calendar for the entire day

Unknown Speaker 1:29:01
worry, it’s been a great job. And that outreach event was fantastic. And it’s really our kind of first step in really engaging with populations that don’t come down here as much and really starting with the students and I think that fantastic job. We are working with art in public places right now on Windows murals in some places where we kind of have some gaps in our footprint and trying to get some artists to do some window murals. So that call will be going out amongst some of the other things and in our Creative District board meeting, we will be proposing and hopefully adopting and non discrimination statements that we then will bring to this board for your adoption as well. So those are kind of some of those SCFD pieces that we wanted to put together and formalize futures

Unknown Speaker 1:29:57
Alright, sounds good. Executive Director of

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
Okay, so the dickens patio, which has been this very interesting animal that is kind of attached to the side of the building, no one is quite sure how it got there who put it there who put brick on it or whatever. Few months ago, the anchors that held the brick onto the concrete wall were compromised. So most of the concrete wall or most of the brick wall, sorry, fell right onto the sidewalk in one large piece. So we got that cleaned up. And we really are questioning, you know, whose responsibility is this? So we started, there’s no formal documentation, you looked up pictures in the historic archives, it is so nice to have archives, and there has been a concrete raised sidewalk and what I would call it because you know, the doorways to that building are not that great. But the sidewalk so there has been a concrete just kind of raised sidewalks since the 50s. We can feeling dating back to the 50s. Our best guess is that in the early 80s, someone did a beautification and for the curriculum and meditative thing, and that was when it became recency right ways to gaze of whoever and how we’ve been kind of maintaining this. Today, we’ve had a phone call with the property owner and timber from Parks, we did meet with city and city attorney’s office to say, you know, it’s in your right away. So what do we think? And I think they said, Yeah, you know, obviously, it’s kind of a race to sidewalk type of thing. And we have to keep that keep access to those buildings. However, we don’t have to do for embellishments and that kind of thing. And the bricks, although beautiful. On the actual walking service, they have been a tripping hazard as they kind of, you know, it makes those a bit a little bit harder. And the bricks on the steps are impossible. So that says you’re taking kegs up there and sound equipment and everything goes continuing and compromised. A couple of the things that we’re looking at. So I think what the city is willing to do is get all the brick taken off, investigate the integrity of the concrete underneath, fix the concrete and do a for lack of better words, you know, the polished concrete that for a reason, everything but it won’t be polished, slippery, right? They’ll have a rip to it. But it’ll kind of have that look at the top, replace all the steps, make sure that the railing is still secure. We did talk to the property owner about his desire to keep one foot on it. And he does, he can put it on at physics fence and then he can maintain it at his expense. I did reach out to art in public places. And I said Hey, as long as there’s something that you can do to it, and the director there is willing to talk to the Commission about doing a tile mosaic on the whole wall. And the parks folks said that they once they fix it, that that would be fine. But you can put that on kind of this, this side. So a lot of moving pieces, we are going to meet with a property owner on site next week. So you can really kind of look at it and see what they’re going to do and see what his desires are, I would like to continue to work with art in public places. Because I do think when you come up the hill, the brick, at least the brick wrap had a nice presence. If it was the mosaic, it’d be a nice presence. It was just a concrete race sidewalk, I think we wouldn’t really lose a little bit of the character that we’ve tried to build. We did put out there that we do have our grant or beside grant. So if they wanted to do something that they could kind of male side grant. So I wanted to just kind of keep you up to date. I think if worst case scenario, the property owner says I don’t want to do anything. aipp says I don’t want to do anything, the city’s not going to do anything. We might come back and have a conversation to say do we want to do something and keep that character?

Unknown Speaker 1:34:11
But hopefully that so that the property owner utilizes the sidewalk for exceeding right. And then I see they advertise, you know, banners on the site. So they gotta have some skin in the game or remove their banner. That’s right. Absolutely. And they can’t use it to to see

Unknown Speaker 1:34:29
well, they have a business extension in the right away like most other businesses have to be able to put tables in the right way. So they do pay that permit fee and because it’s technically a raised sidewalk, but the banners I totally get. And I think he’s, I mean from the conversation today. I think he’s absolutely willing to probably do something but he just wants to get like a little bit more information. I actually feel like I might discourage from putting the brick back on the patio, because I just think that’s a nightmare and you don’t really see that. And if you can do those polished concrete books right now pretty nice. So we can do that. It’s really just that character around the street level that I’m most great about the I guess the parks and the existing railing is very stable, and it’s still, you know, anchored in the concrete. So they’re just going to retain that so the railing was new thing. So my biggest concern is kind of wrapped around and I hope it can be up and maybe if it is, if they have a funding cap, maybe if the property owner could chip in and we could chip in with our facade grant

Unknown Speaker 1:35:50
yeah that’s gonna be interesting as

Unknown Speaker 1:35:58
well, the city will maintain the concrete raised sidewalk so so if it’s just that then the city will continue to maintain that if he adds any embellishments on it, that he has to maintain. And if aipp does the mosaic and aipp as part of their thing is they maintain it?

Unknown Speaker 1:36:22
So let me ask you this just there. Will there be some kind of understanding in place for the property owner this time? There’s no reason why again, put these banners up. You know, advertise that will because there’s nothing in writing for right. Yes, it looks off. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 1:36:43
we will definitely have an agreement it’d be a shame to put up mosaic or Jordan.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:53
Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Okay, so I just wanted to say that we do have a survey out through CU Boulder, and it’s had about 70 Well, last time I checked this was a week ago we had 75 People that filled it out we really would like to have 300 or more people fill that out. And so I just wanted to throw that out there you all have people you can forward it to or current afford it or to get different perspectives. And to me this survey is just as important to people that come down here as people who go because we’d like to know why they don’t or what we could do to make them decide to come down here I know my leader had some information out on it we put in a lot of city things one of the students is coming down to hand out candy at the Cuba tree parade and hand out little QR codes so hopefully people will go back and do more

Unknown Speaker 1:38:04
so maybe the deadline for the survey

Unknown Speaker 1:38:07
we’re gonna keep it open probably for December actually. It was also listed in the city my my utility bills so it could get mailed to anyone who still doesn’t pay the bills so yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:23

Unknown Speaker 1:38:28
so that is what I had for my report unless you have questions about the staff report

Unknown Speaker 1:38:39
was for Kimberly Seeing none right onto items from the staff. Anything to add

Unknown Speaker 1:38:46
to the note the Broncos cheese and all three of the more miserable

Unknown Speaker 1:38:51
federal All right, that’s not gonna be the minutes. Okay, next we have board member comments. Jim,

Unknown Speaker 1:39:07
do you have a question? Okay. Follow me what’s happening the median The reason I asked that wasn’t taken that the rest of the tree out is a lucky swords sticking up in the air and wait for somebody to shirt and fall on it and give what any word on what’s happening

Unknown Speaker 1:39:33
now I can find out I can ask

Unknown Speaker 1:39:49
you Yes. Yep. Everything else take it out. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:39:54
to speak and to make you want to take those out in a couple of weeks. They wanted to wait till you’re done.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:19
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:20
I have to say that was a very interesting day for me. I got a call at 230 in the morning and they said someone hit your pole. Wait, take care of it. I said well, not quite sure what I can do right now 230 In the morning but I’ll take care of it in the morning. They called me back at five and they said Yep, no, we need you to come down here. So I came down and I said I didn’t even pray no, this was my job to take care of and so we got a hold of Rose electric and they were able to take it down. So in the poll is purely decorative. I thought it actually serve some purpose, but it does not. Really, yes. I’m just gonna go for rows. So the main poll is not salvageable. But the arms are $27 Wow, that’s a risk management and insurance. Insurance but I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:38
Okay, we do have an infrastructure replacement on but it seems like a lot. So. Right. So, so yes, we are continuing to figure out ways to

Unknown Speaker 1:42:00
jeez. All right, Wes. Joe, no. Kirsten.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:19
Alright. For me. There’s motion to adjourn. Motion by Wes. Seconded by Joe in favor say aye. Aye.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:30
All right. Thank you, buddy.

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