2021-09-22 Board of Education Regular Meeting

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Good evening and welcome to the St. vrain Valley schools Board of Education meeting. Please join us in standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. I pledge allegiance to the flag

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of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands. One nation under God.

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Hello, everyone and happy first day of fall. JOHN, can you please take the roll?

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I’d be glad to. Mr. Orange myself here. Mr. Bercow, right. Mr. Garcia here. Dr. martyr president was fears Yeah. straggling. Yeah. And Missy gris. Yeah, I’ll present.

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Thank you. Thank you. And thanks, stick. Perfect. And, john, were there any addendums or changes to the agenda this evening, there are None that I’m aware of. Perfect, thank you. As the board convenes this evening, I’d like to emphasize that the district’s mission statement is this board and Dr. Hat adds Northstar, we make all decisions within the context of educating each students in a safe learning environment so that they may develop to their highest potential and become contributing citizens. We do not take that mission lightly. Our focus is on each and every student having access to the very best opportunities and an environment that is inclusive of every child. few housekeeping items this evening, if you could just check your cell phones for us and make sure those are turned off that would be appreciated. And then just a reminder that this meeting is live streamed. So people are watching in real time. And you can also access all of our meetings on the district website there are video recordings of our regular meetings and audio recordings of all of our study sessions. So chase with that the very rapidly brings us to our visitors this evening. And we are I believe I can speak on behalf of the board and Dr. Haddad we are super excited to have kids here this evening

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we’re super excited to be here Madam President Dr. Dead board thank you for thank you for having us it’s it’s it’s it’s such a fun evening to bring home or to bring students here to celebrate their accomplishments especially you know, after last year’s having such a challenging year and these kids here that are here tonight in the coaches I’m sure you’re gonna hear from them but you know, part of their challenges they they went all the way to July 1 so they they were a part of our district for a long time. For starters first Brian thank you to your and your team for what you’ve done for our facilities this year and last year, we’ve we’ve certainly put a lot of stress on them. So thank you for your for your and your team’s efforts. This year just to touch on a few celebrations to start I don’t know if you’ve had the opportunity to attend any of our events but they are there the excitement is is over the top we are we’re seeing crowds of record amounts especially for games that aren’t even crosstown rivals there’s there’s hardly a seat to be found at at our football games in our volleyball matches. So it’s it’s really exciting time we can tell it that people were dying to watch kids performing and then and to see to see our communities. We had our first outdoor theater production this last week at Erie high school so we were transitioning with the times a little bit and moving outside so we don’t have to wear a mask and we’ll continue to do that throughout the fall as the weather allows. We have October 6 if you can put it on your calendars at six o’clock at Beverly Montgomery is our save rain band night. We have every one of our high schools will be there participating and we’re having a little little competition amongst the schools to see who can bring the most sports teams to come support their their band program so we should we should have a full house. And then the last announcement before we get to Frederick is our unified bowling league has started as well. That goes on Mondays from about 230 to about four o’clock at Centennial lanes. And we have all of our schools plus Main Street that participate there so encourage you to stop by and and watching it’s certainly a great time. I’d like to call Frederick and Ty Gordon up to the microphone, please. Ty’s our newest athletic director at Frederick High School. And he’s he’s certainly been a blessing for us he’s really provided some leadership to that department and really excelled their their program. So we’re certainly glad glad he’s on board and we’re we’re excited to see what he can continue to do with his leadership capacity, but at this point I’ll I’ll turn it over to ty to introduce his kids.

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My tie welcome, and parents here. Well, you’re welcome to come a little closer if you want to get a different angle to please take pictures. We’re all proud of our kids.

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Thank you. Thank you, Chase. Madam President, members of the board and Dr. Dad, thank you for giving us an opportunity to be here to honor our students student athletes tonight in especially our track program at Frederick High School. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to have sports in our schools, as well as activities. thank you to Dr. Dad, Dr. cusion, Chase, McBride and Brian lamer for your help and support for our schools and programs. Now, I’d like to introduce our head track coach at Frederick High School, Miss Shelley marez. Shelly has been our head track coach at Frederick High School for the past three years, and has done an outstanding job with the program. We’re truly honored to have Shelly Not only is our track coach but also as a health and PE teacher at Frederick High School. So coach Morris.

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Good evening,

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thank you. Frederick case who had four athletes return with five medals. First place medals from the state meet last June, Ryan Jacome won the 200 meter dash as an individual. Ryan is not with us tonight. He’s at Butler Community College in Kansas, hopefully watching this evening. The other four medals were won collectively as a 1600 meter relay team. And the members of that team are Derek Colvin, a senior at Frederick high school this year, Alex kareo, a senior at Frederick high school this year, why it schroth who is at the University of Pittsburgh right now. And Ryan zuccon. Again, helping us with that, really. It’s a very special experience for a coach to work with athletes who have the physical, and the mental drive to be able to compete at the level that these young men were competing at. Three of them competed in 2019 at the state meet, and the relays didn’t make it to the finals. So there’s a year of mental and physical preparation to get back and do it better the next time. And these guys really lit a fire numbers were up in 2020, there was excitement. There were new athletes, they were athletes who had left track and were coming back. And then in the middle of March, the season ended. So these young men took another year and did a lot on their own, both mentally and physically to keep themselves going to stay engaged in athletics, and in academics. And they came back in 2021. And they really did an amazing job. I’m very proud of them. And it’s very special to have been coaching with them. So these two, Alex and Garrett would like to say a few words. Thank you.

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Am I allowed to take up ms? Yes. I would just like to say I would like to thank the coaches and parents that helped our relay team take the state over for championship to Frederick. It took a lot of dedication and perseverance to win this championship. And our team worked the hardest out of all of them. Ryan, why Gary and I grew as teammates, but also as a family and I wouldn’t want to win with any other team. It’s a great feeling with all the ups and downs of the season to come out with the win. And hopefully we can do it again next year. Thank you.

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I’d want to thank our coaches for making this possible, as well as Ryan Wyatt and Alex through each other we were able to win it state something that never seemed possible at the beginning of the season. Through all our setbacks, we stayed together, every individual loss we felt as a team, and we’re ending the state four by 400 meter relay is something we’ll always remember to each other.

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Alex and Garrett, thank you so much for being here. You clearly have some people who are very proud of you in the audience. And so to those people, thank you for all of your support of Alex and Garrett and St vrain Valley schools. We appreciate that I’m sorry if I missed it. What year? Are you guys in school? You’re both seniors? Do you have a desire to share with us? Do you have an idea of plans for next year? And to be honest with you, if you say no, that is perfectly understandable. wants to step up to the podium. Yeah, sure. If you if there’s anything else you’d like to share with us, that would be great. And don’t feel like you have to and again, no pressure whatsoever.

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I want to go to college, but I’m not going to pursue sports. I don’t think in college. Yeah,

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it is a different level. Not everybody, right? Yeah. Yeah.

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Right now I’m in the process of applying to the military academies, which is the Military Academy at West Point. The Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, as well as the Coast Guard Academy. Right now I’m looking at running track at the Coast Guard Academy.

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Alright, well, best of luck to both of you, as you finish up your high school and St. vrain. Career and we wish you all the best in the future. Thank you for being here. Thank you so much. Enjoy your evening.

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All right, next, I’d like to call it Pat Deacon millison and silver creeks boys swim program. This is as I’m sure they’ll tell you. It’s It’s a special program for us. We have a few of these around the district. But we have two boys swim team. So they’re they’re comprised of more than, than one school. But Paddy cumulus continues to do a great job for us at Silver Creek. And I’d like to bring him to the mic to introduce his school.

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Hi, Pat. Hi. Thanks for being here.

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Thanks for having me. I’m going to put my glasses on and I’m going to read so I apologize a little bit here. I want to make sure they get this right so Madam President, members of Board of Education Dr. Hanna dad, thank you for the opportunity to celebrate these student athletes and their fantastic accomplishments. It’s great to be able to come before you again. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to be here with you. It’s been a tough couple years for everyone. The start to the school year has been amazing. However, I’m so grateful to have students back in the building full time. I’m grateful to have parents and friends watching their student athletes compete on the field. To have full stands at the at the event has been an absolute joy. It’s been a logistical and want to say nightmare. But it’s been tougher logistically than the 50 last year, but man it’s been fun to have them there. So I appreciate the hard work that doctor had to add and Mr. MacBride appreciate the hard work that you guys have done to help facilitate this and thank you. So the Silver Creek swim and dive team. This is a prime example of what is good about St. Brian Valley School District. We have members from five different high schools. We have made we have nyuad youri Twin Peaks in Silver Creek. They all help comprise this team. They came together as one in June to win the for a state championship. Each state participant contributed to the winning top point total. And while we had no individual state champions, it goes to show the power of a team is greater than that of one individual. We’re so proud of the way this team conducted themselves as students as athletes and leaders. In a minute, I’m going to turn this over to coach Stewart. Let her talk about her team more in more detail. But first I want to I want to make sure that I that I talked about Debbie. Coach Stewart is the ultimate competitor, as well as the ultimate educator. She wants to win. She wants her swimmers to swim fast, and her divers to dive pretty. She also wants her kids to persevere, win or lose. She wants him to keep fighting and keep working hard. That is exactly what this team did. They fought hard and they persevered. Debbie is a great example of what a coach should be. She is humble. She is caring. She cares equally about our kids from the fast to the not so fast. She treats him all like champions and as a result they perform for her. Other people saw Debbie’s greatness as a coach this year as she was recognized in the northern Colorado Athletic Conference Coach of the Year and was also recognized as a chance for a coach of the year. Congratulations coach Stewart and thank you, you and your team are outstanding examples of what is so great about st reign school district and proud to be able to work with you

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Coach Stewart congratulations on both of your Coach of the Year awards.

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Thank you.

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First I’d like to say thank you to Dr. had that done her dad and the school board for approving the building of the long overdue district swimming and diving pool. With all the st. Moraine Valley now having their own pool. Here’s to hoping we have many more state champions coming out of the St. vrain Valley schools. This has been a roller coaster of a ride over the past two years. But these boys rose to the challenge of it all. challenges like having their season cut short in 2020, and having an abnormal season into 21. challenges like sacrifices, while others were starting their family vacations and summer fun. These boys sacrifice those things. And we’re continuing their daily training well past the school year and into the summer. This commitment and dedication paid off and led them to becoming the for A state champions. The boys silvercreek swim and dive team this year consisted of 35 members that represented Mead, Yuri nyuad, Twin Peaks and Silver Creek. These boys bonded together and represented Silver Creek soundly. We had 20 teammates represent Silver Creek at the for a state championship meet this past June. It was just one. It wasn’t just one or two talented boys that won the title. It was the whole team. And this includes everyone on the team, even those that didn’t make it to the state meet. But were still rooting for us all from home. And these boys did it the hard way, we didn’t have a single top three at state. But we did have at least two to three boys that scored in all 12 of these events. The drive and determination is how we as a team won state. This was a fun ride and I am glad that I was able to be a part of that part of it with these boys. At this time, I’d like to introduce my two seniors Jake and Braden to tell their side of the state championship. Hello, it’s

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very nice to meet all of you. Um, the fact that I’m here with you today on behalf of the Silver Creek swim team is something of a miracle considering what led up to this season. After swimming year round for most of my memorable life and never taking a break longer than a few weeks at a time. I stopped practicing for three months before the start of this season. I didn’t it didn’t feel real when I felt myself gearing up for the 2021 season. Getting back in the water was very very tough after such a long hiatus, but when I walked through the doors of Centennial again assured that our season would actually continue. And I was able to see my teammates again, I remembered why I had missed the sport so much the camaraderie and the competition with one another all of us striving to do our best for each other and for the team. That was what made it all worth it. Unfortunately, our season was so short and we never really got to play the name game. So I know a lot of teammates had a hard time adjusting to working with a bunch of brand new sophomores and freshmen, but almost immediately they proved vital to our team. In no time flat, we were working hard and dropping time as a whole, not separated by circumstance. Having gone from not swimming at all to swimming five days a week was a bit of a shock for all of us. But it was the preserving dedication of our lower classmen that kept us all up and the leadership and strength of our upperclassmen that kept us moving forward. Finally, by the end of the season after practicing hard during a time when we would normally be relaxing for the summer state came around. Everyone was ready, if not a real little bit riled up from all the craziness in the world and they knew just where to direct it. Our team united forged in uncertain times and hardened by the toughest training schedule I’ve ever endured, walked into that pool with victory on our minds. Thanks to every single member of our team, every point scored every hard fought race, we were able to take that lofty goal and turn it into a plaque that every member has a right to be proud of. I could never express to you all how much this season meant to me, and I will surely never forget it. Thank you.

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Hi there. My name is brandless and one of the seniors. I’m a club swimmer like many of the other swimmers on the team. And I say that we are so thankful for this opportunity to have swim within the middle of COVID and thankful for everyone who even said behind the block to officiate staff and everyone behind Chaska as part of the club team and the Silver Creek team, I’ve seen just amazing difference in the Silver Creek team. No matter what happens in the pool. Everyone gets out and cheers for each other. It’s never a competition. It’s always about family and the team. So I incredibly I appreciate the chance to get to be a part of this team for Another year even with the struggles, putting a mask on after this racist things like that. And so I hope to bring another c championship this year. And for all good fortune to come. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 20:18
Thank you. We hope that for all of you as as well, and thank you for sharing the story. It was very, very expressed very well. With the other team members like to come up and introduce yourself no pressure, you’re welcome to say no. Won’t be the first time. Nope, no worries. All good. All good. Thank you to all of you for being here this evening. Let you get home and start studying. Yes, congratulations.

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I should have said this before they left but before the I beams were put into the new pool. We had the boys swim team that won the state championship Oh, I’ll come write their names on that. And I’ve been so there, they’ll be the first to sign that the their signatures on our on our new pool. So that’s fine. I’m gonna bring a familiar face up here next week, Joe Brown, the athletic director at nyuad. A. He continues to him and Mr. Roscoe continue to push the building forward with great success. I don’t know the exact number but they they had something like five state champion chip teams and around 20 state champion individuals that for school last year, so they’re certainly on top of the athletic world and in the state of Colorado. And I’m glad we get to watch them. So here’s Joe.

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Hi, Joe. Welcome.

Unknown Speaker 22:02
Welcome. Thanks for having us guys. Madam President, members of the board, Dr. adad. Thank you guys, again, for giving us the opportunity to honor the great things that our young people do, and continue to do it and I want high score. Huge thanks to chase last year. I think by this point, we’re we’re not really remembering how crazy it was at this point in time for athletics just a year ago. So huge kudos to him and Melissa, and all the wonderful things that they do. And Brian and his crew, I think he’s sometimes is one of the unsung heroes that often hears from me and not the nicest place, but always gets the job done. So thank you. Um, but I want to before I talk about our track teams, the wonderful things that they did, I also wanted to mention, we had an individual girls tennis state champion last year, Emily Creek, at the three singles. She’s at Northern Michigan University now. So she’s not able to be with us here today. But she was a part of a state championship at the three singles and the team finished third. So we’re looking forward to seeing them perform in the next year as well. And then just an also a huge congratulations, Jason mentioned that we could hear him outside of the number of people from other schools that are a part of that Silver Creek team. So Steven, he and Justin Tyler Hudson, jack, Thomas, even Evan, excuse me events and Shawn, that are part of that Silver Creek State Championship, better for nyuad High School. So we’re so proud to to have those guys as a part of us as well. Our track team, and not our high school, if you don’t know is a pretty special thing. We just, we have about 150 kids that usually come out every year, year after year, and the people that come from all over to want to be a part of it. And the hours that our kids and our coaches put in a second to none. This last year, we were blessed to win two state championships again, and they would have been three in a row. So they want to 2019 2020 obviously we didn’t have a season. And then in 2021, both the boys and girls want to get so we look forward to that opportunity for this upcoming spring as well. What makes the boys team really unique is that none of the team members that won in 2019, or even ran at the state meet ran in 2021. It was a completely new team. There was no carryover, which is just simply incredible of what our coaching staff does with these incredible kids. And to put it into perspective of how incredible our girls team is. They literally tripled up second place, which is very impressive and the highest scoring at state ever recorded. So but what’s most important is the things that they do off track and the culture that they said and the message that they give and the words that they use with our young people and to lift them up and make them better people. So I can’t say enough great things about coach mo and the staff and the wonderful things that he does. So it’s an honor and a privilege to get to work with them. And so I’ll bring up coach mo here in a second and just want to again, thank you guys for the opportunity to think Eric, our principal at nyuad, as well, for his continued support, so thank you, coach,

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Hey, how you doing? Thanks for having us to have the opportunity to be in front of you again, it’s been a while I can’t remember the last time I was here, I skipped the last couple. board meetings, um, I just want to just, and I wanted to be clear of our team. We met when this pandemic hit, and we were like, We knew we were gonna lose our season. And we met with the kids and we’re like, okay, we’re gonna be ready. When we get that opportunity again, we don’t know when. But when we get that opportunity again, we’re gonna be ready. And it was unbelievable. What the kids were able to accomplish. With all that hard work, and there’s no substitute, you know, being a father and having kids, you tell your kids work hard, work hard, work hard, make sure you’re ready. These kids trusted in the process, they worked hard, they love each other. One of the things that we do towards the end of the season, we do a green chair ceremony where the seniors Get up, they sit in the chair and their teammates get to pour into them and just talk about the experience. And kid after kid was just talking about how much track team being a part of this team meant to them that got them through those tough times. And I want you to know that these kids experienced a lot of tough times because I got those phone calls. To talk about the state meet it was day two, and I’m gonna get the chills talking about why she’s not here today. But her mom died of pancreatic cancer and I got that phone call Friday morning. It was day two and I remember getting to the track and we had a great day one and reporter asked me so what do you think and I remember responded like you know you seemed like you scored a lot of points and I was just like I don’t care you know we’re gonna run for Margaret and her mom because one of our girls just lost her mom and so there was nothing gonna stop us I mean it was lights out with the kids just having that on the back of these t shirts it says goodie perspective. And I don’t know if you remember the last time I was here I talked about goodie because she was another girl that passed away tragically in the limelight. And but she was so good and we just talked about having that perspective no matter what all the restrictions that we’re going to have throughout the season we have an unbelievable coaching staff that put in a lot of hours I have my team mom here Miss Carol you just waved to him she’s been a part of us for how many years now Miss Carol eight years okay you know you only get four years but she’s had a daughter after daughter on the team and we’re running out of kid so I’m gonna have to find a new team mom but you know it’s it’s a it’s a family report. And it’s it’s these kids mean everything the way they work, where they love each other to talk about like I don’t want to leave anybody out so I’m gonna have a couple of kids come and talk because there was a lot it’s never been done on the girl side winning every relay we want every relay at the state meet it’s never been done in four or five a so that’s pretty impressive because that’s the closest you’re gonna get to teams running relays. And so we make a big emphasis on relays. And how many kids that we get everybody’s name gets on the trophy. One thing that I when we went our first day title, I was like, it’s important that every kid has value. And it’s it’s, it’s something that I lost my teammate rashaan salaam in 2016. And a part of it is because he felt like he didn’t have any more value anymore. And so as a coach, unlike every kid matters, and so it doesn’t matter if they say Or point or don’t score point or get the ryan state there on the trophy they get to celebrate too. So

Unknown Speaker 30:07
um, I have Zane Bergen, come up and talk about the boys team. And then we’ll have Nick stable also help him out to come up here. And then our girls will have Katie Carol. And then who am I put on the spot? We’ll put on. Eileen put on Eileen. Okay, yeah. Yeah, they don’t get to be prepared, man, you’re on the spot. So thank you again, thanks for honoring these kids for all the hard work that they put in this last year.

Unknown Speaker 30:45
Yeah. Like coach mo just said, Thank you guys, again, for recognizing all the hard work that we’ve put in. I mean, I’m, I’m a long distance runner, he’s a sprinter, but I’m kind of coming from the longest inside of running. Um, you’re basically you’re out almost every single day. I mean, you’re putting in work day in and day out. And I mean, it’s, um, it’s really special when you get to go out and just show how hard you’ve been working. And I mean, unfortunately, we didn’t get that opportunity in 2020. But I mean, we, we definitely made the most of it in 2021. And I was, I was really, really excited with how we performed and went after that team title and got it. So yeah, it was really good.

Unknown Speaker 31:32
Okay, and I’m going to start off by saying that a year ago, about a year ago, I wasn’t even on an attract team. I wasn’t doing any sports or athletics. And after having been on the team and seeing these kids work, I can tell you that my winning both sides by that margin was no accident. That was gonna happen from the day though, that all these boys and all these girls stepped out and made the choice to do the work that they did. And, you know, Zane was talking about, he’s a distance runner, I’m a sprinter. And I think a lot of places there’s a big divide between sprinters distance runners, there’s often a gender divide. But um, I think at nyuad It’s such a tight knit community, that everyone is friends with everyone. And that’s one of the biggest things that gets us through as a community and as a family. And that’s what really brings us together. And I think, you know, we, we run fast, because we work hard. But we don’t we work hard to run fast not to win state winning state is something that that is just gonna happen if you work hard, right, and we work hard. So I think it’s no accident. You know, seeing these kids work is really no accident, especially the distance runners. You know, every single day, you can see that, as Zayn come back from a really hard workout, something that I don’t think I could ever do, and he still has the energy to pat his teammates on the back and say, good job. And that’s what this team is about. So I’m Katie,

Unknown Speaker 33:00
I’m Eileen, we’re both jumpers,

Unknown Speaker 33:03
weird jumpers, um, I have something repaired and it just went on my head. Um, it’s okay, I have nothing. What I, I’ve been as my mom’s a key mom. So I’ve known mo for eight years. And even though I’ve been part of the team for eight years only for, I can say that the year of 2021. That team was hands down the best you’ve ever been part of athletically, they were amazing, but it was just like, just to be around them. Like that energy was so amazing. Like, just to have kids transfer just because they want to be around us not particularly for track just to be in that environment is something like truly amazing that I don’t think I could have gone anywhere else. And we have a joke like easy coach Mo. And because he always says like, we’re just gonna be really easy. And then it’s just, it’s

Unknown Speaker 33:49
just Yeah, like he said, the team’s really special, I think because if I was just coming in, I want track just to do the workouts, you wouldn’t see me there. What really brings me back is the environment. Just being with everybody. Being a family basically, it’s like my family outside of my like home family. And I probably spent more time here than at home.

Unknown Speaker 34:25
And like what Nick said there was like a really big divide for a long time, like distance and track they, we didn’t talk to each other. I get all this year, it’s like it really it’s an actual team this year. It’s not It’s not like distance and sprinters. And like, sorry, I’m just I’m gonna start jumping around to like a whole bunch of different things. Um, the entire season a 2020 got cut off. We had been going for a year and then most of us took about a month off this trust during like recuperate, like figure out what happened. And then from, I’d say, end of May to early July, it was just nonstop and there were a Lot of rough patches, definitely. But like just to see us come out that way was just so amazing like, not only at state but at nationals and just like even like the smaller meats watching these kids who had never been track before, who just like were like, Hey, good for me and ate and just like watch them like actually enjoy it was something that like, I don’t think we could have seen anywhere else.

Unknown Speaker 35:20
And another thing that really shows that we’re a family is that we ran in state not for winning, not for getting that first place trophy. But we really pushed hard when we heard about Margaret’s situation. And that’s what really led us to push even harder and strive for even more, so we can run for her. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 35:57
You guys are incredible athletes individually and just remarkable as a team and as a family. And it’s just so amazing to see you taking difficult situations that you went through personally and as a team, but also, you took the pandemic and you turned it into this story of perseverance and success. And it’s just so wonderful. I’m a little teary, I see you guys running because I you know, live in nyuad. And see you guys running all the time and you’re just pushing through, you’re just sweaty on the hottest days and bundled and working off the coldest days, and you’re amazing. So congratulations. And I hope to see you in the future Olympics. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 36:50
Have a great night, you guys. Don’t forget to study. Yes, Chase, thank you again, for everything that you do. And I know that you’ve, you’ve been recognized in the last year was really hard. And I know that there are some challenges again this year, but thank you for everything you do. It’s really fun to see the students. And it’s clear from them sharing their experiences, that it truly adds value and opportunity to their well being their success and just their overall experience. So thank you. Okay, agenda item six, pardon me, sorry, out of order. Agenda item four is audience participation. The Board of Education values, community perspectives and feedback from our parents, teachers, staff and community. During Board of Education meetings, the board will hear up to 30 minutes of public comment on non agenda items, and 30 minutes of public comment on agenda specific items. To allow for the greatest number of community members to participate. Each person will be limited to three minutes of public comment. At the end of three minutes. I will thank you for speaking and invite the next speaker to the podium. As the length of public comment time is limited it is possible that not everyone will be able to share their public comment. In these cases, community members can add their name to the public comment list for the next scheduled Board of Education meeting, or email their comments to board of education at sv vsvvsd.org which will be included in the public record as part of the minutes for the meeting. emailed comments will only be included in the meeting minutes if a person had registered to provide public comment but was unable to do so due to time limitations. If you are speaking to a non agenda item this evening, please limit your comments to matters of public concern about the district. If you have a concern about a specific individual or personnel matter, please reach out directly to a board member Dr. Haddad or the HR department, and we will assist you with next steps. It has been the long standing practice of the board to not address or respond during the public comment section of this agenda. But please know that we are listening and greatly appreciate and value the perspectives of our community. I think all of you who are here this evening, a couple housekeeping items again, is anybody here to speak on an agenda item? I don’t see anybody signed up to speak on an agenda item correct. Okay. And is there anyone in the audience who did not sign up online but would like to speak this evening and has not signed up on the signup sheet? All right, great. Then we will go ahead and begin with our first speaker. I have Brittany Jones is Brittany here this evening. All right, then I’m going to Hikaru jonasson. No. All right, Marissa, tougher. Murcia? Did I say your last name correctly? Great. Thank you. Marissa, if you could state your name and address, please. And then when you begin speaking, Brian will start timing. You have three minutes. And then Brian, are you checking the 30 minute mark also great. Thank you. All right, so you may begin. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 40:30
I live in Longmont, Colorado, I’m a parent of two children who were enrolled in st rain. Our family has made the difficult decision but necessary decision to homeschool our two kids in order to provide an education that affirms their self worth as black children. As an adult, I can see that my education now I can see that it robbed me of an accurate understanding of the world and gave me a warped sense of superiority as a white person. I can think of countless examples from my kids education in St. vrain, that are very similar to mine. I want to emphasize that all of the same brain teachers and staff were loving, caring and well intentioned towards my children. But those things are not enough. I personally know that many St. Brain educators will tell you that same brains professional development on race and racism is inadequate, that they relied upon the expertise of a queer endeavor to help create a safe and affirming classroom for LGBTQ plus students, and that recent actions of the district have them doubting whether they can safely speak about these things in their classrooms. One of my children showed deep signs of distress every day after school, so significant that we were consulting professionals, then school closed due to COVID. And we saw a drastic shift in his behavior. We realized that despite good intentions of the staff and the teachers, st brain was an environment that was toxic to his development as a black child, who could be confident and thriving. I asked that st reign undergo the free federally funded equity audit that Dr. Haddad and equity staff know is available through the western educational equity Assistance Center. The district needs external accountability like many of us do in our lives in our professional spaces, in order to truly serve all children. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 42:27
Thank you, Marissa. Martha Wilson is Martha Wilson here. Hi, Martha. Welcome. Please state your name and address and then we’ll begin timing.

Unknown Speaker 42:43
My boyfriend micromotion 1205 p street Longmont, Colorado. Three minutes isn’t very long, so I’ll just jump in it. It’s 2021. And I’m very much in my feelings that critical race theory is even up for debate, but not so much that I’m distracted from action, and most definitely not enough that I’m repressed into silence or numbed into remaining complicit in allowing lies to continue to masquerade as education. In fact, call it whatever else you want, as long as we work together to align the present with historical realities. I am less invested in knowing if your staff, once Tikka diversity training to check it off their lists. And I’m unmoved by the results of their implicit bias test. Because those tests are a preschool level racial consciousness, and our families need and deserve more. I want to know about the diligent efforts being done to make sure that our students comprehend the class material before they matriculate up to the next grade. I want to know how the IEP s and 504 plans are being exercised in the classroom to individualize learning plans so kids remain caught up. It’s not be significant to hear from the teachers. While there’s still time to do something about failing grades. I want to understand how professionals are deciding to handle discipline in and outside of their classrooms. And if a child has done something to warrant an investigation by an administrator, parent consent needs to come before anyone interrogates them. What I’m proposing is a space for truth and reconciliation. Because Tic Tac and discord should not be providing more accurate historical information to students than their textbooks, period. We must have ongoing and regular conversations, and we cannot continue to put them off for a better or more convenient time because there is no such thing. ruffled feathers and fragility cannot hold more weight or power in the attempt to rectify the situation. Acknowledging race, racism, and the perseverance of white supremacy, will not corrupt the children and turn them into radicals. They are not dumb, and if they have any plausible solutions to fix this, let’s listen because they see And feel it. When kids of different races have different consequences for the same infraction, they see it and feel it when it’s the same kids getting awards. So those are cast it in place. They see it and feel it. When a large portion of their class is on an out state out of state trip without them, they see it and feel it. When professionals opt to send Child Protective Services or law enforcement, knocking on their doors, instead of picking up the phone, or sending an email to outreach to the family. They see it and feel it when they are so far behind academically that they don’t know how to catch up. So they just stopped going to class at all. We need more than a compelling vision, mission statement or nice words. intergenerational pains and traumas need to end with us by intentionally fostering collaboration between these divided lines and facilitating the creation of a shared future.

Unknown Speaker 45:53
Thank you, Martha. Melissa Davis, is Melissa Davis here. I don’t see jen mckarrick either.

Unknown Speaker 46:08
All right.

Unknown Speaker 46:09
Sandy Roberts. Hi, Sandy. City. You’ve been here before I believe you know, the routine. Thank you. Welcome.

Unknown Speaker 46:20
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 46:21
My name is Sadie Roberts. I live in Longmont, Colorado. I’m here again to speak about a queer endeavor. At our last meeting on the ninth I gave a more direct less personal statement. Today I would like to go the opposite direction and share some personal stories of my time in the district. in eighth grade, I came out to everyone that I knew I was very lucky to have parents that gave me unconditional love and support. However, the vast majority of the staff at my school were not so kind. I faced bullying from the students and upon bringing this to staff, nothing was done. In fact, I was often blamed for my experiences, slurs and via language were used towards me in front of teachers and it was like they didn’t even care. I spent that entire year desperately trying to create some sort of safe space at the at the school while having to explain everything about myself to everyone around me. Nothing concrete happened until the end of that year when the valedictorian at my school was banned from giving his speech because he refused to remove his coming out statement, which was only a sentence within a much longer piece. That was my first brush at the school board. I spoke back then as well. It is my belief that had a queer never been educating at that time, or had the staff at my school in this district received better education on minority students, that both of those situations could have been avoided. These instances are only two of many that I’ve experienced in my years in the district. I consider myself extremely lucky that I haven’t had worse given what I know other students face every day. Even now, I am still suffering from trauma. Because of these events years later. It is impossible to be a well adjusted adult or focus on my education when I spent my younger years not being able to fully focus on my education because I was forced to worry about my safety, which was in my hands instead of in the teachers and the staff. Had I not had a safe home to return to I wouldn’t be standing here today. So please do not continue to let events like these happen. Adults in this district need organizations like a clear and diverse they know how to support the children in their care how to make those children feel seen and heard and how to recognize harmful language be helpful. adults in the district are unfortunately very few and far between stretched very thin. They can’t possibly use their own personal experiences to help every student in the school. So that’s what I have to say for today. Thank you very much. Have a good day.

Unknown Speaker 48:44
Thank you steady. Next is Nicole Roberts. Hi, Nicole. I’m sure at this point you’ve heard already some Yep. My name welcome all

Unknown Speaker 48:56
Roberts Longmont, Colorado or miss Nikki as I’m known in the district. I have addressed the board before as a parent. I’m addressing you as a staff member today. I have recently started in a new school in the district. And my first week we had a sub come into our classroom which was really wonderful. We’re down a full SSN para to it’s a big space. We were really really excited to have them. They use they them their pronouns they use mix as their formal address that day in the lunch room in the staff lounge room. The conversation around the staff member was disgusting. I used my 30 minutes to do the best I could to educate and not not come at it the way I wanted to because it was disgusting and as a parent of a transgender child to have to spend my 30 minute lunch break doing that Answering questions that are pitched from a really derogatory sort of sarcastic tone. not okay. So in the week since this has continued to happen, the last two days, those conversations have been around students and around. Our students have differing abilities, including my own students in my classroom. My point today is that we are very far from work around equity. It isn’t just about gender, or sexuality, or color, or background, or abilities or any of it. It is literally all of it. I had staff members say to me today, when I was speaking with someone else saying, I’m going to the school board tonight to talk about this. What is equity? In that term? What do you mean? What is equity? No, really? What is equity? Okay, square one. Oh, explain it. Right? We should not as staff in this district be asking what is equity? That is step a, we should be much further. And as a staff member, I should not have to spend my 30 minute lunch breaks, or feel forced to not share them in that space and go alone? Because the conversations are that disgusting. I have had staff say to me, why is that student here? I’ve had staff say to me? Why do we need to worry about our trans kids? I have had staff say to me, why do we need training around those conversations? I am disgusted. By the end of today, I have scheduled a meeting with my principal to bring these concerns without naming names. But bringing that forward. For weeks in one school in this district, is a cross section of what is going on in other schools across this district. Thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 52:09
Alright, Natalie absher. Are you here, Natalie? Hi. Welcome, Natalie. And you know, I know the drill you do, I do.

Unknown Speaker 52:20
Alright. I want to just start off by saying that it was so refreshing to, to hear the high school kids talk about their accomplishments, and how they all came together. And how in each team, whether it was swimming or track, or whichever it was, how they felt like a family. And regardless of their differences of gender, or whatever, they just felt like a family. And in some ways, I think one of the students said they felt more like a family at school than even even at home at times. And I that made me think about in a couple weeks, my son’s getting married this kind of off topic. Sorry about that. But we’re having this wedding. And he’s having this huge wedding party, which I’m like, Joe, why is there such a large wedding party, it’s because it’s all of his high school friends, they’ve stuck together for what, 15 years now. And they’re still together. So those bonds that you make, as, as a teenager, in high school stick with you for a long, long time. Probably some of you still talk to people you went to high school with. And that brings me to my second point, and I’m going to try to make this quick is over the past week or so, my name is ended up in the paper for various things. And of course, everybody knows, running for school board. So there you go politics. But one of the things that I wanted to bring up was that, uh, I received an anonymous letter in the mail from somebody and I have no idea who they are, they could be sitting in this room for all I know, but what they wanted to talk about was the queer endeavor and how St. reign, the st reign district pulled their funding from that, and how they were in agreement with that. And it isn’t about that they’re against transgender, or gay, you know, homosexuality or anything like that in the schools. It’s that the focus has gone from education of all students to very political agendas that that have come into the the schools themselves. And I think that’s where people have have the objection with it. Parents are angry because their tax dollars are being used to support things that aren’t necessarily education. So and I don’t want to read the whole letter. It’s kind of long but but basically, what I when I spoke last time, and I think that was missing is that I really wanted to talk about unity, and how people need to come together. We’re all different. We all have different differences in gender and sexuality. Whatever. But but there’s either a my way or the highway mentality here. And I think that that’s just wrong. I’m not saying that one sides, right and one sides wrong. I’m saying that nobody’s coming together here. And I think that needs to happen. And I think I stated that before. And nobody came and talked to me after that. And then I read a bunch of stuff. And I was like, nobody believed that either. So that’s all I had to say my time is about up and have a good evening. And thank you.

Unknown Speaker 55:27
Thank you, Natalie. All right. Is there anyone else in the audience who’s here to speak this evening? All right, thank you to everyone who was here. We appreciate your input, and your feedback. And thank you for making time to come and share your thoughts with the Board of Education and doctor had at dawn, our agenda item five is up next. And that is the superintendence report.

Unknown Speaker 55:55
All right, thank you very much, I appreciate it. I too, enjoyed the seeing the students, I had a chance to go to the state track meet. And it was pretty incredible to watch all of those records just shattered. And all of the camaraderie around one of our students who had lost a loved one. And you know, the way in which their coaches have not only helped them to become outstanding track athletes, but just to become just incredible people, and just really proud of all of them. So the other thing that is coming up is the October count. And we have done a number of counts, I think four or five, maybe even more, they’ve yielded pretty good, a steady increase in the numbers up until this last one where it kind of plateaued and stabilized. But we will start that two week window. And we’ve got hundreds of additional students this year, as opposed to last year. And so I’ve I’ve always been a believer that the more the better, you know, I just assumed have 100,000 students, because when you have that many kids, you have that much excitement going on everywhere. So the other thing that and so we’ll get you those exact numbers, and Greg and Tony and Amber Muir and Learning Services, and everybody’s done a great job, the principals in managing that process. We have completed for town hall meetings, and they’ve been really, really positive. We had four of them in the last several, I’m glad maybe last two weeks. And it’s been wonderful meeting parents talking about all of the things that are happening in the district, hearing about their, you know, their dreams for their children and their concerns and their challenges and their successes. And that’s always good. And I appreciate everybody who attended both parents, and then also teachers and staff and administrators and our Board of Education. So thank you to everyone who participated COVID update, we are continuing to move forward, we have this last week, I saw the first time in a while that the number started to drop in terms of positivity rate, and also in terms of the incident rates. So I’m hopeful that that trend will start and continue. We’ll see what happens. But I appreciate our teachers, and I appreciate our staff, and our parents and our students. I and I think a lot of other people were hoping when we were in the middle of the summer, we we heard that, you know, things were really declining and turn in a positive way that things were getting better. And the numbers were declining. And so we had a lot of optimism around starting the new school year, without some of the same guidelines and restrictions. But unfortunately, it took a turn. And if y’all remember the year before it did the same thing. And so we are in the midst of our third school year of dealing with this. And I think that that just has to be recognized that that brings with it a just a heavy, heavy load for our teachers, and our staff, and our principals, and our students and our parents and everybody involved in so I’m very proud of them. And I’m also very understanding of the difficulties that come with that. We’re trying to do things on many fronts to help our students get additional time. We’re also trying to work with not only the academic side of things, but also the the social and emotional side of things. And a lot of good news, but there’s also a lot of work to be done and we’ll keep moving forward in that direction. I’ll continue to give you updates with COVID. Our our mask exemptions still are hovering around two plus percent. So we have you know, 98% of our students are wearing masks and the 2% that aren’t some of them continue to wear masks in parts of the day. So we’ve got Really good compliance there. And overall, we are in that first month we’ve got a couple weeks here. The quarantines are maintaining themselves, we haven’t seen the massive quarantines like we have in the last year and a half. But they’re still you know, when you have one, it’s disruptive. So we’re trying to do everything that we can. And wearing masks, does prevent the quarantining process from taking place if both parties are wearing that mask, and they’re asymptomatic. So we’ve been encouraging everybody to be very diligent, I met with the Teachers Association yesterday and reminded them of how important it is that they continue to remind students, and it’s not easy to wear masks, but we need to do that as best we can to continue to protect one another, and then also to protect each other from being quarantined.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:51
And then the last thing I wanted to talk about was s or three. And I am gonna ask Tony, to talk about it a little bit, we’ve got this is the fourth iteration of our stimulus package. The first one was Corona relief funds, and the second was s or one and the third was s or two. And this one s are three requires input from our community. And we have been doing such meetings in several venues, the rotaries, the chambers, our town hall meetings, our teacher association meetings, our principal meetings, business meetings that we’ve been having our website is set up in order to gather some of that input. And, and these board meetings. And so I would just like to remind our public who’s watching again, to log into our website, provide feedback. Most of the money that we’ve been spending has centered itself around things like project launch, extra time for students, our triple A program. Also protective gear masks, hand sanitizers, thermometers, things along those lines, additional custodial staff to help with some of the cleaning and things like that. We’ve added a number of additional teachers, we’ve allocated recently, a couple million dollars to hold schools harmless so that we can continue to provide as much social distancing as we can. So a lot of moving parts. But I’m going to ask Tony to say a couple of words. And also to remind our public that we really, really want your input related to how these dollars are spent. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:31
Sure. Thanks, done. So yeah, I’ll just give a quick recap. So our SS reallocation is one of the four major COVID relief funds that we’ve received a CRF s or one s or two, and now we’re on s3, s3 allocation was about $20.9 million for St. vrain Valley schools. And we have a window through about 2024, September of 2024. To spend those dollars. There’s a plan that is required to be submitted by our district to the state in late December, mid December. And part of this plan includes feedback that we want to solicit from the public. And so as Don mentioned, there’s quite a few different ways that the public can get engaged and provide feedback 20% of this allocation does need to be allocated toward learning loss. And must ensure those interventions I’m going to read from the website because this is also published for the public to see must ensure those interventions respond to students social, emotional, and academic needs to address the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on underrepresented students subgroups. So again, the the public can go to the website, there’s actually a forum there that where they can submit feedback through that means, and then there’s a description of the current plan that we have out there and any feedback that the public would like to provide. And then finally, there’s a list of different events on board meetings, our Finance and Audit Committee, the town hall meetings that Don mentioned previously took place, amongst them other events that the public can can participate in, provide feedback on the proposed usage of these Esser funds. So can I answer any questions? Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:17
Thanks, Tony. Don, did you have anything else?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:23
I’m good. Thank you. Great.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:24
Thank you appreciate your report. Agenda item six is also a report. It is 6.1 to be specific. It is the 2021 CMS and si t suite of assessments. Hi, Ayaan. It’s nice to see you again.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:40
Oh, likewise, President siegrist Board of Education. Dr. Dad, Dr. capetian. It’s great to be here this evening. And I appreciate your the discussion in depth discussion of the achievement data, as well as our summer programming outcomes and our initiatives for the 20 2122 school year. It was great discussions and comments, and I’d like to open it up for further comments and questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:11
Great, thanks. And and we did that. Just to clarify a little bit for the public. We had an in depth discussion last week at our study session. over an hour, or you presented a lot of data and talked about summer initiatives ongoing what you’re thinking about in the future lessons learned. CMS fit. I know, I’m keeping everything very high level. But it was very comprehensive. Absolutely. I know I have just a couple of brief comments to board members have anything that they want to comment on after about the board session? Dick?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:55
Go ahead. I’m up first.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:58
You are up first. You’re going to bat first evening?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:01
Well, thank you I, I just wanted to express my appreciation for the in depth and comprehensive nature of the briefing we had in the discussion we had, I guess my take my take home messages from from your presentation was it was the next iteration of the development we’ve done to progressively establish a systems approach to dealing with the fundamental learning challenges of our student population. And the thing that was really encouraging to me was the longer term status and trends of our graduation rates. I believe that that focus on graduation rates is a fundamentally a more important measure of the kind of opportunities we’re providing for our students to equip them for future success. The because it depends on a whole range of factors, in addition to the number of credits we’re requiring our students to take in the rigorous courses we’re offering. It also includes an engagement piece includes a measure of the variety of challenging programs that we are continually adding to. And it also reflects the work that we’re doing in the elementary grades to ensure that moved toward the point where we’re ensuring that each and every student is at or above grade reading level it by third grade and for their math proficiencies. as well. Those fundamental changes we’re making through the leadership of your department and throughout the district, are establishing a foundation that will enable us to progressively close the existing achievement gaps in our among our Hispanic population with the overall population, as well as our free and reduced lunch populations. I think that the accomplishments certainly in the last over the last 10 years, you can see it very clearly, low status and trends say to me that the improvements we’re seeing are not a reflection of random variations in in test scores or outcomes. That will be there one day and gone the next. What they show is the system that we’ve been working to and are implementing is, is identifying the next most important focus and through that, and then incorporating solutions to address those items that are the next most important things for us to address in order to provide Well, I guess, I would say in order to ensure that our students are prepared for whatever whatever future path they choose beyond 12th grade. So I know that we we had that long discussion and very productive discussion. But as we have done each year, we are seeing the progress and the fruits of that work. The focus on a systems to be really successful in year after year, narrowing that achievement gap, that gap between our growth tuition rates for our various demographics. Well, the various student groups that we have in our district, so I just wanted to, in a somewhat long way, acknowledge the excellent work that you and our teachers are doing, to make sure that we’re leaving no stone unturned. And as we discover those new stones, to move them out of the way, so that our students

Unknown Speaker 1:10:31
are equipped to succeed at a level but no better level and but also progressively better year after year. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:48
Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:49
Thanks, stick. And I just want to let the public know if they have a desire to hear our conversation that they can access that on the district website, there is a recording of it. And in that there is a comprehensive review of all of those programs. You know, something that we’ve talked about as a board of education. And Dr. Hatta has spoke about this also as a desire to extend the school year, and that has been done in St. vrain. Any student who, who wanted had the opportunity to participate in programs this year, in June, and August, and I’m sure there were camps in July, but so I just want to want to say thank you for that. And you know, there was a there was a quote that that you mentioned, I’m looking at my notes from last week, and you said demonstration of commitment to positive outcomes for students. And I just want to thank you for making that your focus. I know that things are just like I said to chase earlier last year, the year before that last year, things your department, there’s been so much for you to do. And every school year has looked different. And I so I want to thank you for your commitment to positive student outcomes. I know that this data is so important, it’s not simple to administer tests to 1000s upon 1000s of students, particularly during a pandemic, and when some of them are at home. So thank you for all of that. And I know that you all will make the best use of this data possible. And you also look at a lot of other data as well. So thank you for that.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:20
My pleasure. And thanks to Dr. Lauer and kale, Charles and Dr. capetian for leadership and Learning Services and systems, superintendents, of course, Dr. Her dad, and all the teachers and stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:33
Absolutely. Everybody’s worked so hard and aren’t we we’re so fortunate in St. Ryan, that, you know, we have such a strong foundation, you know, financially curriculum, you know, teachers, that you can build those programs and create those opportunities. Absolutely. Yeah. Thanks. Take care. That brings us to our consent items this evening. Do board members wish to pull any of those consent items. All right. With that, then I would entertain a motion for approval of agenda item 7.1 first reading adoption board exhibit cc dash e St. fraynd. Administrative organizational chart 7.2. Approval of joint use agreement with the town of meet 7.3 approval of amendment to construction manager general contractor contract for the additional parking project at area high school 7.4 approval of update of vendors providing purchase goods over $100,000 and 7.5 approval to adopt a resolution of the Board of Education of the st. Rhine Valley School District ru one j regarding the legal defense and indemnification of its directors and employees. so moved by gem and a second. by Karen. Yes, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:00
Mr. Arens Aye. Mr. Bertha? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. Murder? Yes, Miss spears. I miss Raglan. I sorry, I miss Seacrest.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:13
8.1 agenda item 8.1. is a recommendation it is this for approval. It is a second reading, adoption and approval to board policy IJND a b instruction through online programs. Hey, you’re here to talk about policies again. Hi, Brandon.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:33
evening, Madam President and members of the board. Dr. Dr. capetian. Thank you for having me back to talk about policies again. action item 8.1 addresses board policy, i j and d a b asterisk. Instruction through online programs. We are updating this policy because of our online options have changed. Instead of global online. The district is now offering launch dead in st In virtual High School, the policy is out of date and needs to be updated to address the current online options available to students in our district. Now, Madam President, I do need to mention, we are going to ask you to make a minor amendment to the policy, the draft policy is in front of you on second reading. We caught something as we were proofreading this. Basically the it was a carryover from the online global policy that was only available to high school students. And there was a bullet point that said to be qualified for the current online options, launch dead and save rain virtual High School, you had to be of high school age. Well, that isn’t exactly true. That isn’t true at all for launch dead. In fact, that’s available K through 12. So before you vote, us that you amend the policy, the draft in your packet is correct, that that correction has been made, but put that on record. So that when you vote, you vote for it correctly, is what we’re asking you to do.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:07
Thanks, Brandon. We appreciate that. Paula.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:12
Yeah. So in that, if there’s no further discussion?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:17
Oh, and I’m sorry. Did anybody have anything? discussion wise? apologies. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:22
So I’ll just clarify for the record what Brandon has explained to us that under policy i j, n, d, A, B, the, it’s the first bullet point on page two of five will read the younger than 21 years of age. So that is the update and I move that we adapt. I’m going to reach out the second reading adoption and approval to board policy I JND ab instruction through online programs, as amended. Second,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:06
sorry, Mr. Arens, Yes, Mr. Bertholle? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes, his peers. I miss Raglan I miss Seacrest.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:18
And Brandon, you’re up again. 8.2 is a recommendation. This time it’s a first reading of board policies j LCD JLC, d dash E and j LCD dash are pertaining to administering medication to students. And we did have a lengthy discussion at last week’s study session about this policy as well. So if any, any committee members would like to go online and listen to that, they certainly can that’s available on the district website.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:51
Thank you, Madam President. action item 8.2 contains, as you’ve already indicated, J LCD glcd ENJ. Oh, CD are all related to the administration of medication to students. These three policies are being updated as a result of the passage of Senate Bill 21 056. Senate Bill 56. During the 2021 legislative session, the update provisions in the state law allowing for the administration of medical marijuana to students in schools revisions to J LCD j LCD II mjl CD r bring our board policies into alignment with the new state mandates.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:32
Thank you. Any board comments or questions this evening? No, oh sorry, Calico had

Unknown Speaker 1:18:41
I would like to recommend a very minor wordsmithing or tweaking of specifically jlc d dash E. There are two references in that document to campus. And we just thought there would it would be a nice clarification to replace campus with district property. So specifically, it would be on page one of jlc d dash E, I believe it’s towards the bottom for anybody wants to look at it. And this is a first reading so we can certainly edit this for the second reading. And then also on page 32 of our packet, the bottom of page three of four, we would replace campus with district property. So I’d like to make a motion to approve first reading board policies jlc, d, j, LCD dash E and j LCD dash are pertaining to administering medication to students as amended. Second,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:43
thanks. So a motion by Paul and a second by Dec. Brandon, any concerns with making that minor adjustment from campus to district property?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:53
No concerns?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:55
Great. Thank you. JOHN, can you call for the vote please? Yes,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:57
Mr. Evans? Yes, Mr. Brewer. Yes, Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Miss Pierce. I miss Raglan. I am Miss seekers.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:07
I thanks, john. So Brandon, we’ll see you back at the October 13. With these three, one policy, one regulation and one exhibit for final reading and approval at that time.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:20
Yes, ma’am. Great. Can’t wait.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:23
We appreciate it. And it’s always nice to see you. So thank you very much. So, that brings us to the end of our meeting meeting this evening, as I just mentioned, to Brandon Shaffer, our next board of education meeting will be Wednesday, October 13. from six to 8pm. That will be a regular meeting here in the Board of Education room. We have a study session on Wednesday, October 20, that is also six to 8pm. That’ll be at Westview Middle School, and then we’ll be back in the board room on October 27. from six to 8pm for another regular meeting. Again, everyone happy first day of fall Drive safe and I would entertain a motion for adjournment. Please. so moved by Karen. seconds and a second by john. All in favor, aye. Goodnight. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:14
I got it. I’m so sorry. I just

Unknown Speaker 1:21:31
that’s what I Yeah, I heard her announcer an here

Unknown Speaker 1:21:58
I shouldn’t Yeah, absolutely. isn’t perfect. But that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:22:03
it yesterday

Unknown Speaker 1:22:04
was. You want to hear this face? Right. So we got the three bathroom Yes or no? Exactly. Yes. I would say they probably did not understand. I thought it was a great suggestion. It sounds horrible. But we have to say this could be a deposition. I think