Museum Advisory Board – August 2021

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Museum Advisory Board – August 2021

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So as pleasure, sir want to wait or get started? Well, he’s the only one we’re waiting on his father we know soon he’s gonna be our oldest daughter at 433. remembering how to run with no matter this is the whole problem. Did we actually because we don’t have the classrooms we want to go around the table. Let’s do that. I’m dragon eye chair now. I’ve been on the board for since 2016. The city of Cali was my first in person to see people on the corner, not amended before recording this. Radio, no. Media. Rhea Moriarty

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in the

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vice chair of the board and been on board for three years. I’m the one that makes it functional sometimes. That’s my job. No, and I’ve been on board. I’ve just got reappointed as my second or third grader history. Senator. I’m Joanne Boyd, executive assistant and I’m also your board secretary. And I’m the managing director.

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Eric have a question. Is there any way that we can plan that off? So everybody should have to yell a little bit through this especially so we can capture our voices on K so we’re missing at the moment Tom Kurtz then our the liaison Susie who should be

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joining us shortly. Next up is publicly late. And now the approval of the minutes has everyone had a chance to look over the minutes from the last meeting. The motion to accept passes you know quit chatting was very interesting. Presentation like paid to delete anything out. I had this it was like I was right there. Confession problems frequently. Got it. Yes. Sir. Is there family we have a lot of memory Am I correct? involved in this and because her mother and grandmother dresses The assembly photographs included number of levers to any point in life free so this new acquisition related to a smart contract slightly out of the company designs model railroad door they needed to coordinate local company it’s sort of a summary of what they do. Well they gave us three pages of exactly I didn’t have to go to the visit I recollect the address 20.03 for this small book, courtesy 100 acres that was sent to us by Rams ram since we produce it basically just for his family normally we would not accept a masteries book your choir but in this case is reminiscences of this family also here in London? Yeah. Goes back before they grew up to live. This came out of it although it was acquired because we need a new person in charge. Chinese New Year celebrations include a photograph or happy to celebrate our 10th anniversary a few years kind of the last one before the design has also come here. I’ll motion to approve all the exemptions.

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raise your hand Guess I’ll just add that the opening reception,

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which some of you weren’t in, we know was there. And I think just we would jump right in. So those are really important things on to the directors.

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So you guys may have heard that we are going to use masking or anybody over the within a camp like setting. So that doesn’t impact us immediately. But it will impact us as well with our programs, discovery days.

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And maybe by that point, they’ll be more complacency changing every single day. I’m sorry, I’m fogging up with

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my glasses, and I can’t see without them. So try to get through as we should. In fact, we have the latest dissenter architects report is in my inbox right now. So we’ve got the plans for that. Pretty well wrapped up. And so maybe we’ll try to put that on the agenda for next month for the drawings that we’ve done. For our master development plan, keep in mind that it’s really, as we were talking about last night, these are still very much conceptual drawings. If and when we get to the place that we get into schematics, and remember the terminology, that there’s still likely a lot of change in chance to those could change. But we do have the additional drawings for that. So that’s super exciting to think about future growth at the museum. You probably know, too, that we, through the work that you all did, we the land acknowledgement statement was actually adopted by city council. And the thing that ended up happening, which was interesting is that the mayor was actually really opinionated about how we use the statement, he accepted, voting to the fact that he feels really strongly that we don’t use it at every event, that by using it constantly, that we actually take something away from this event. So we will be talking about it at our staff retreat next week, to try to just understand for ourselves what that means. Because our job really is not to create policy, but to follow policy from City Council. And so we need to figure out amongst ourselves how we’re going to do that using the statements, but it did pass the city council so that I think that’s a really meaningful way. Thank you all for your help in getting that. Opposite for the museum. As I just mentioned, we’re going to be having a staff retreat next week. And so we’re going to be talking about really all of those things that we’ve been up to lately, which is an interpretive plan, the maximum development plan that we’re doing with diversity and inclusivity were, what our lives might look like if we do get a new building, what kind of staffing we might need, in that case, what kind of budget we need to be looking for that base. So a lot of planning work is going to be happening during those meetings. There that the performing arts center usability study is still on the radar. With the consultant presented at City Council, about the instability of a performing arts center, the direction from the city council was for staff to figure out how to make it happen. And so I’m involved in those conversations, because there’s a lot of things to figure out. So we’re going to be doing what I call feasibility 2.0. So we’ll keep you updated on that. But but just to maybe backtrack a little bit in that disability so there was a phase one and phase two. The consultants recommended. And that’s why we included a 500 seat facility in early conversations of our master development plan museum. Because if that was the case to that they could recommend. And so we were trying to see if there was any way that we could help decrease the cost of the Performing Arts Center, by taking on that place to put it in, it didn’t make any sense. I mean, the data that we were able to figure out in terms of the number of parking spots and the number, the amount of money and the square footage, all of those things just culminated in a conclusion that it didn’t make any sense for us to have that facility. So we weren’t able to do that, which is fine. I think it’s good to have done the investigation. And it’s good to have it all No, we have our new development director is working like the dog. She has been writing grants like crazy, and she also organized our alumni opening, which I think was a big success. And maybe for those that weren’t.

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There was music and there had the best outfit, everyone showed up. It was really fun. And I just had to say, like, I felt like people at that event were just so happy. And it was really, really heartwarming. And I like to see people’s faces was just great. It was it was a very fun. She’s also working that she just submitted yesterday, NEA grant partnership that we’re working on with the broker and get that $100,000 for that partnership. Next week is a America Recovery Act grants to a new position with that proposal. And then we’re also working on a Colorado sustaining manatees, which is also rescue money. That wind is a much lower amount of money. So for that one, we’re just going to work with like supplies and things like that. There is a lot of money out there right now, because of all of these rescue plan programs that are happening, that we’re trying our best to take advantage of all of the the. So it’s just good timing with my new puppy board

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that weren’t able to do this, because otherwise we would never be able to do this. But that’s all she’s been doing. She hasn’t done anything else. So because

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we’ve got the ball newsletter, which is going to be hitting the mailboxes really soon. So you’ll be able to see exactly what we’re all doing that publication. And so we’ve got lots of things going on, we have made plans I’ve hit the filter variance isn’t going to impact us, we will see if that ends up happening a lot. In fact, things shut down like they did before, then a lot of these things will go back online. We’ve been through the drill, we know what to do now. But right now we’re still planning on having in person programs are such a monitoring programs to several replays all of those things. So for sure, that’s going to happen because I think everybody is interested in being out in the world. We’ve also got a lot of marketing going on for our theaters, here’s a typical plan for us to in order to get the word out for that scope of marketing. Pictures included the air out the banners. couple of links to different news articles that we’ve been part of which are always happy to help you usually get really good coverage on small. Nice. And then we also recently launched the additional store Walmart tours on our virtual app. And so we already had the walking tour there together that basically we just translated the content that he already had in the app. And then now we’ve added one on the history of the Latino community, and one on the history of women online. And so we issued a press release and got a couple of stories about that as well. And then we’ve got a new partnership with alumni leader and pretty much so what we’ll be doing some digital advertising and things like that. Were able to really get some leverage that way and then, as you know, are being a bit cagey and news. So one summer camp in the education department there ended in July. And there were a lot of returning campers.

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And it was super successful this year, I think that

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what we saw is that people really were itching to get out with so our summer camps very well, basically, we were when we started our planning, we have the number of people in the summer camps thinking that we were going to be indoors and working in distance. And then as things changed, we realized that we could have more people that we would need to be outdoors. And so we were able to adapt. And we added the number of people that we were able to have in those camps. So we did way better than he did that we were going to do in summer camps because of the changes that happen. From the time that we had to do the planning until the time that we were executing the actual events, which we’ve just gotten good at. called discovery days, kickoff, Sep. tember the first and again, that’s going to be in person. So we will be able to continue with that. And we’ve got some scholarships available. I had a request of all of you, which is that we did some evaluation at the end of our summer camps. And one of the questions that was on that evaluations is what’s about the scholarships, and apparently got feedback that not a lot of people knew about the scholarship. So anybody know anybody who might be interested in summer, who knows this 30 days, discovery, discovery days and summer camps, we do have scholarships available for those. So please help us share the Word. For anybody who might be interested in a scholarship we’ve got money to spend. So there’s no reason not to apply for better that stuff is really kicking into high gear at this point now that we’re at summer camps coming this exhibit opening planned for October. And that’s possible, as well.

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Whole tours are going to be effective, hopefully, I think as long as we’re mask at this point, we’ll be able to cue those. There’s just a lot of that has to do with the schools because the transportation is going to be a challenge. Then what the feedback that we got last year is that it was there was too much for teachers to click on. So we’ll see if we get a lot of inquiries in the school board this year. I think we are gonna have one on the books. But I think teachers are kind of tapped at this point. So we’ll see how that how that pans out. policies. So that

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affects us from the boss. Theatre collection assumption. Crews are basically check it out. Also, always interviews. Every service was much the same. They were all one not 150 all the fat. Yeah, there was that exhibit. I mean, when you go to look at it, you’ll see that there’s there’s a lot of collections in it. But there’s also a lot of design, which requires a lot of labor. So that was that was a very labor intensive exhibition. So it was very cool. And we also have in addition to what’s up with satellites, extending exhibits at the Rec Center, the senior center, promoting it with also telling some more specific stories. So the Impressionism works, we’re back to the rowers about insert, which is what we like to see. installed. And then you see the list of things there for the auditory programs. The summer concerts really well attended. We were trying to keep tabs on the number of people that were out in the courtyard. So unlike years past, we were actually taking reservations, they were still free, but you have to make a reservation for it. And so we were hovering around 250 or so for almost all of those concerts. And so they did quite well. Over 1600 people, and then more of a live stream as well. So more or less list of more things coming up. Because we did have a large turnout for the final days of enjoying auctions. So that was really great. I’m glad that you were able to get that. When we were all in the clear. For a while. We had total 197 deaths of July one reports, we had 145 visitors on Saturday 25 people attended alumni 150 opening reception, which is a really good number I can’t get to your score. But that’s the way it was good Chuck sales have seen some some quick numbers lately, the night of the opening, I think the other $2,000 day. So that was a really, really good day. So so just to report 1000 for the whole month of July. And then we have 16 membership renewals or sales and two giving club memberships sold by public new front desk people. So I said nutrition over the course of the academic course. And hopefully, it all worked out because we’ve got some busy September rentals are in the mode. In hard public places, we’ve got removed the blue mile by Armando elders to the library for the response is awesome as the image inspired, original Apollo. We welcome they welcome to commissioners on their chief justice he did with the advisory board. And then they also started the audit of the N word which is a contract. And then Angeles working with teachers to really get that up and running. so that people can search for where the locations are on the city. public places and solutions for we’ve got September the 11th, the artwalk event, which is going to see celebration for so and

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so to figure it out, I will be opening a time capsule field for 25th. February. Check it out. For me. So one more flood that’s actually not on here. We are down

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temperatures. So the next appointment is right. So the start recruiting in October for appointments to actually start January. Recruiting in October appointments in January. If you have any friends or colleagues family that you enjoy the work that you do. I really encourage you to apply down this way and

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we need more people. That’s it for the report. Does anybody have any questions for me? I just curious on your staff retreat. Are you guys closing for those days? So all Safford are attending or is it in the best of all possible worlds?

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We could do that but we just really don’t have the ability to do that. so awkward desks that will be at museum. And we’ll all be going to the Innovation Center actually. So, so then they’ll just meet a lot of patients.

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And then the other thing that is the first week, because of the work that I do with all of the grants that you’re applying for, you mentioned that you’re in one of them, you’re hoping to use that for a new position with other grants. And with that one, are you finding yourself looking to create new positions or programs, as opposed to going for operational grants? Or are their operational grants available, that you don’t have to create something new in order to apply?

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That’s an excellent question. So the one that we’re doing for the position would be useful. I have never seen a graph guidelines that are this flexible, ever. But the reason I’m focusing on that position is that staff is our most urgent. And so we are able to our most urgent need feels like you know what I mean? It’s also a two year grant, which most of these others aren’t, in fact, most of these others, you have to save money by the end of this year. And so the idea is that we see this as a two year term limited position, and then be able to find the money in those two years to continue. So that’s the kind of rationale behind for the others. Really, what we’re doing is is not creating anything, but to basically just shift where we’re, how we’re funding. So for instance, one of the ones I’m applying for right now, is educational supplies. And it’s only $40,000. Grant. So not enough money, really to impact anything else, but definitely to find a buyer. So the other one that we just submitted yesterday, is for this collaboration that we’re doing with mocha. So again, that’s not creating a project, we will do that when when the differences is that we don’t get the brand. The exam, it’s going to be like this, if we do get grant, the exam is going to be like this, you know, so it just explains what we’re able to do. Yeah. When we think about Well, yeah, I try not to create work for that’s the challenge. It really is with these grants. And it’s so interesting. It’s timing. I mean, of course, it’s a it’s a blessing and a curse. Because there’s a lot of money available right now. But it’s all one time. So it’s really difficult to build something and sustain something with this money. So yeah, it’s, it’s a bit of a challenge.

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Yeah, I’m finding the same thing. Like, we have innovation grants, and we don’t want to innovate, I want to pay my staff.

Unknown Speaker 33:59
Right. Right. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. And it just doesn’t seem to me that the, you know, each and every one of these has different, slightly different guidelines and slightly different focus. But none of them, in my opinion, actually get to the heart of the problem, which is, you know, all these organizations have lost a lot of money during the course of the pandemic. And they are really struggling to keep going. And so they do, basically asked me to, that’s what happened with the strands that Eric worked on, is that we had to hire somebody specifically for digital programs. And then essentially create programs, you know, so it was great because we never would have been able to do the virtual programming that we did. Without that, but at the same time we know we were exhausted. So it was hard. Yeah.

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Great. Thank you. Thanks for asking the question. those details. Anything else? Eric said, Give us a tour of the facility interested in that. Do we have anything else on the agenda for business or business?

Unknown Speaker 35:43
just glad we’re getting to see this facility now. Thank you for inviting us. This is exciting. Yeah, we opened we opened the building

Unknown Speaker 35:53
and couldn’t invite anybody to it because the toilets didn’t work. And then have pandemic. So. So finally, we invite you to our brand new two year old building. All we want to have motion to adjourn. Okay.