2021-03-10 Board of Education Regular Meeting

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Meeting. Please join us in standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.

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I pledge allegiance

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to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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Hi, Barb.

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good evening. There’s always a little bit of a delay while we let everyone unmute their microphones. We’re used to that by now, aren’t we? Yes, we

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We are. Could you please call the roll this evening.

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You got Mr. Aaron’s here. Mr. Berthold here. Mr. Garcia. Here. Dr. martyr. They’re Miss Pierce

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here. Mrs. Ragland here. And Miss siegrist. Here. And Barb, have there been any, any addendums? Or changes to the agenda this evening? There have been no changes. Thank you. And if you could just confirm for me that we did not have anyone sign up for audience participation.

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That is correct. We have no public speakers tonight. Thanks.

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All right. Stan brings us to agenda item number four pretty quickly this evening. And we do have some visitors. We have the UC health Long’s peak hospital representatives with us this evening. Welcome. And thank you for being here. Don.

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Yes, thank you. And thank you to our special guests, I want to take just a brief moment, and then I’m going to turn it over to them to come up and share a few of their thoughts. But I gotta say if there were ever in a to use a baseball analogy, if you could ever hit something better than a Grand Slam. That’s what these folks have hit for us. And for this community. When we first reached out to Lonnie Kramer and his team. It was very, very shortly thereafter, that they had everything under control. And when the governor gave the green light for educators to be vaccinated, starting on February 8, within literally a week and a half to two weeks, we had 94% of our staff contacted appointment set up and today we have literally everyone’s gone through their first and many through their second doses. And we should be finishing up second doses here prior to spring break and through spring break. And then the kind of pressure and anxiety that they alleviated amongst our teachers and our staff is really hard to describe. If you ever you know if you ever could imagine just the the perfect partner to have in a crisis like this. It would be UC health and I know that our teachers and our staff feel that way. I can’t say enough, I cannot say enough and the gratitude is just Words cannot describe how appreciative I and we are for these folks. So I asked them if they would come to st rain and let us thank them in person. And you guys have been great partners even prior to this. So we we have a podium here now it’s it rises and falls here but our person that normally does that is not here. So we’ll try to figure it out.

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From here.

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Behind the mic on somewhere. No underneath.

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Someone’s probably texting me telling me

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Hey, Jackie,

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yes, Jackie. Yeah, here

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we go Jim’s

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It’s not a secret anymore.

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You guys want to come on up? Sure. Thank you.

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Sir. Thank you.

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If you are so inclined to one just to the entire organization that this as you see help. Well, thank

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you done. So first and foremost, as I’ve shared with Don many times, as a leader, there’s many people behind the scenes that actually do the work to make you look great. We hire smart people and When we listen to them when they tell us how to get this job done so with that said, I’d like to introduce the real heroes behind the scene. And I’ll start over here with Phil, please introduce yourself and tell them what you do.

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Hi, guys, and thank you for having us here tonight. My name is Phil when I’m the emergency preparedness manager and Lani Jason Rochelle tasked us with establishing the vaccine clinic clinic along speak hospital and momentous event and really want to thank you, it was our honor serving our community. And you guys, you guys are heroes in our books too, with all you’ve had to deal with during this COVID. So truly an honor serving St. vrain Valley in our community.

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Hi, thank you for having us. My name is Rochelle bar, I’m in my day job working in our clinical revenue cycle team. But over the last year, I’ve worked on all things COVID. And then more specifically, in the last month, all of our COVID vaccine work. So I’ve been fortunate to work with all of these gentlemen behind me, and many more people across the state. I really enjoyed working with Don, Jackie Johnny Todd, and I’m I’m really pleased that you all are satisfied with what we were able to offer, and that your teachers and students are getting back to their normal lives. So really, thank you, it means a lot to us to be able to help you too. Thank you, Michelle.

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Good evening. My name is Jason Emmerich, Mr. Vice President of Operations for Long’s peak hospital and actually the opportunity to work with Phil over the entire last year as our incident commander for Long’s peak in Broomfield hospital. And I think one thing that’s impressed me during this whole process really is the passion and advocacy that Don and Jackie exhibited on behalf of the students in the school district, really trying to make sure that we got everybody taken care of. So like Phil mentioned, it was easy for us to respond in want to do that, and, and make sure that we were taking care of your, your, your your folks, your students in your, obviously your teachers, but it’s a pleasure to work with you guys. So thank you.

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So thank you. And I couldn’t do it without the team, as all of you know. But I want to thank each of you, we’ve been a partner with you, since the very beginning and our innovation center, I brag on this board, I brag on our, our community, teachers, all of you because I feel that you are setting the standard for education today, not just in Colorado, throughout the nation, I think they should take your playbook and run with it. And, you know, having served in healthcare down in Colorado Springs, our teen suicide, and all the social economic issues that we’re facing, our kids are facing today. I just commend you both Don Jackie, the whole board for advocating to do the right thing and pushing us to support that and get you vaccinated. So we really appreciate you and we appreciate all that you do to keep our kids and our future leaders on the right path. So thank you, Dawn. Thank you, board. Thank you, Jackie, for having us tonight. And we really appreciate this. And just so you know, this is what we do every day. And and we thank you for having us today.

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Thank you.

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We take a picture. Absolutely.

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Sometimes we post it out on social media just as a way of saying thank you to you.

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And Don before before we take a photo, I just want to allow board members to comment and I have some comments to anybody want to make and no Paula wants to make a comment up, john, go ahead.

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I just want to say my own thanks, you made a Herculean task look extremely easy. And that does not happen without the leadership and I didn’t hear one complaint out of anybody. You guys do run an excellent organization. I was lucky enough to go in and felt completely comfortable. And I just wanted to thank you it was an amazing job done in such a fast time. It was monumental. I just can’t believe we got the numbers of people vaccinated that we did. So thank

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you very much.

Unknown Speaker 9:13
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 9:15
Yeah, I’ll

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echo what john said, I just want to thank you so much for supporting us as much as you haven’t as quickly as you have. And we all know the variables as far as having supply and then having to turn around and get the notices out to everybody. anybody I know who’s been in there, through the vaccination process has just said it’s been as smooth as anything, as well as other services. I know several people that have gone in for surgical procedures. And ironically, they’ll they’ll have nurses or they’ll have staff that have gone through the same brain system. So it’s just our relationship being very symbiotic is really fantastic. So thank you so much. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 9:54
guys also want to say thank you obviously for for what you all did for us here. I think I don’t want to forget when we look back on all of this, what a hurdle we saw this as going through. And obviously, the vaccine started coming out when there’s some light at the end of the tunnel, maybe hopefully, and, and just what this might possibly look like, on our minds all the time of how we’re going to actually do it. And then for it to go as smoothly as it did. I don’t want to forget that either. Right. And just because it went that well, it doesn’t. I don’t want it to, to overlook the fact that it actually was so I want to say thank you for that. And just that we won’t we won’t forget that piece of Thank you.

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Thank you very bad.

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All right, thanks to go. You know, I’ll just end with a thank you. This board of education, Don and Jackie, we’re always making every decision based on what’s best for students. And, and obviously, being in the classroom. And being in school is is no doubt best best for children. And we all understand the value of public education. And by being able to so quickly vaccinate any of the employees who wish to receive receive that vaccination. You’re helping us to fulfill our mission statement, the first part of which is to educate each student in a safe learning environment. Thank you for helping us helping us do that. Appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 11:18
Thank you very much. And I do want to say Today’s a very monumental day for UC health long speak hospital because we recognized it this morning and our safety huddle. This time one year ago our first COVID positive positive patient opt in or EDI so it’s hard to believe that we have been in this fight for a year now so but today is the day so to receive this on today is is monumental so thank you very much.

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I’m finally

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Where do you want to stay?

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We got to stay down here.

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Thank you guys so much. Thanks find

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somebody doesn’t chill doesn’t

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make a great to

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see, you know, we’re all like

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we’re gonna get out of your parents.

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Thank you everyone safe travels.

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Thank you.

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Appreciate that, Don. Next up is the superintendent’s report.

Unknown Speaker 13:45
All right. Just give you a brief update where we are with COVID numbers. Our positivity rate in Boulder County is at 2.6. And this was as of yesterday, which is in the Blue Zone moving in the right direction. Our one week cumulative incidence rate is at 97.2. Also in the Blue Zone and that’s moving in the right direction. and nine days of declining or stable hospitalizations in the yellow zone moving in the right direction. and weld county at 5.2 positivity rate is in the yellow moving in the right direction. One way cumulative incidence rate 135.9 yellow moving in the right direction and nine days of declining our stabilized hospitalizations. Again in yellow. We have yesterday 34 students and seven staff who are active positive cases and quarantines we update every Friday. But we did look at it yesterday just because we were having our parent update meeting and it is at 509 students and 32 staff and that is moved down considerably since last week, almost by well over 150, I think drop in the quarantines with the students and then a drop as well with the staff. So we’re gonna continue to monitor that in partnership with Boulder County Health and others. My most recent conversation today was with Jeff sack and Dr. Chris Urbina, and soda, the epidemiologist and then continuing to get updates from them and will continue to stay closely connected, as well as monitoring Colorado Department of Public Health and environments, guidelines and expectations that they’ve established for the state. We are excited about the state tournaments that are coming up, we have girls and boys basketball, I had the good fortune to watch Aires games yesterday, I think they must have my leaving at halftime was probably a good thing. Because when I left, Erie high was ahead by a few points. But then when I looked at the score, unless it was a misprint, they won by quite a few points, um, you know, double digits, I thought, wow, I got out of there just in time. So. But our boys and girls basketball teams, always making us very proud. And our, our wrestling teams, boys and girls, wrestling teams, and then our girls swim team. So we’re excited about those competitions coming up, and we’ll keep you posted. We did have good turnout at our parent update meeting yesterday, I had an opportunity to meet with them. And then I had to go to another commitment. But Johnny terell, our Executive Director of Student Services, and Laura has our executive director of special education. They were able to present as well as chase McBride, our Executive Director of Athletics and activities, and, and parents had some great questions. And so we’ll continue next meeting is in April. And so we’ll continue those and then hopefully in the fall, we’ll be able to resume with our traditional leadership st reign program. I will be meeting as I always do with our teacher Advisory Committee this week, had a great meeting this morning with Steve Villareal, the president of Teachers Association, we meet on a regular basis, and we talk almost every day anymore, so that’s a good thing. He’s a wonderful person, and, and our teachers have really stepped up and they’ve done amazing work and very proud of our teachers, I’m very proud of our staff. I cannot tell you how hard they’ve worked and how much they’ve sacrificed, as have our students and our parents and our entire community. So I just never want to let an opportunity go by to not say thank you. I know, sometimes people could just say you’re, you’re saying it just to be nice, but I gotta tell you,

Unknown Speaker 17:46
really, I could not be more grateful and more proud of all of them. teachers, staff, students, parents, everybody. Our AR meetings are coming up another one. And we’ll be talking with them about our association reps about the plans for after spring break. They’re well aware of them. But we’ll be finalizing a few things. Jackie and her team have been working on a lot of senior celebrations. And soon, we sent out last week, the graduation information. Soon we’ll be sending out another communication to the parents of our seniors, outlining the celebrations that will be happening this spring, to recognize and celebrate our seniors in all of our high schools. And then just on a personal note, I was at working with this group, the Colorado business roundtable on Colorado’s recovery program. And today we went through some of the economic impacts that we’ve seen as a result of COVID. They’re actually pretty dramatic. If you look at the number of jobs that were lost, if you look at the, you know, the unemployment rate, and the economy where Colorado was prior to the COVID. You know, we were in the top five of the state now we’re in the bottom five, you know, somewhere around that I don’t have the exact numbers. Unless I checked my my notes, but we dropped off quite a bit, we’ve got a long road to recovery. The number of small businesses that have either gone out of business or lost significant amounts, is near 30%. So this pandemic has taken a huge toll on everyone. And and we’ll look forward to continuing to see that light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve also had an opportunity to get in the schools enjoyed my visits to Longmont high school the other day and Long’s peak, and just continuing to, you know, to go to the various schools, I was at Burlington Elementary, and I’ll continue that process. Just seeing our students and our teachers is really, it’s really an uplifting experience. So thank you and that’s there’s a lot more as always, but I’ll leave it at that.

Unknown Speaker 19:55
Thanks, Dan. Appreciate it. Yeah. Agenda item six is AWR reports. And we have two of them this evening. Our first one is actually agenda item 6.1, which is the 2021, purchasing department updates. And we’ll give everyone just a quick second to unmute. And join the meeting. I know that everybody’s already joined the meeting, technically, but to join it with sound.

Unknown Speaker 20:28
Good evening, board. Can you hear me?

Unknown Speaker 20:30
We can welcome Greg.

Unknown Speaker 20:33
Great, thank you. I’m excited. I’m going to turn it over to Tracy Burnett, our purchasing director here in a minute. But I just wanted to kind of lead in with how proud we are of her and her staff and what they’ve done. Not just during the pandemic, but over the course of several years. And I think she’s got some some pretty good celebrations tonight. And so I’ll let her share those with you. But I just want to say that we are very proud of her and her staff and how hard they work, and how hard they continue to work. So

Unknown Speaker 21:05
thank you. Thanks, Greg. Hi, Tracy.

Unknown Speaker 21:09
Hello, joy. Can you hear me? Okay,

Unknown Speaker 21:11
I can hear you and welcome the last time we talked to you. You were you were here with us in the board room. We miss you.

Unknown Speaker 21:18
Yes, I miss every seeing everyone in person as well. But thank you and good evening to members of the board. And Dr. Habad. Thank you, Greg, for the compliments as well. If I’m able to I’d like to share my screen. We have some our purchasing secretary, how are you able to see that

Unknown Speaker 21:46
we are Okay, got it. Great,

Unknown Speaker 21:48
great. Great. Um, well, I wanted to share with the board an update from the purchasing department, with the purchasing department staff recognitions that we achieved on multiple levels by multiple public procurement organizations, St. Brian has a lot to be proud of and celebrate following a challenging year, as in IGP designates march of each year, as national purchasing month. That gives us the perfect opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of the public procurement profession. And also RM GPA attained the popular proclamation from the state of Colorado, the governor’s office, which supports this effort along with an IGP. The top photograph is the entire team. And we received the 2020 outstanding procurement team award. And that is an award that recognizes a team of three or more that has displayed the function of teamwork by sharing the clear purpose with a commitment to success through open communication, collaboration and trust. So in our nomination that St. Green was nominated was based on the level of commitment and dedication to the profession that we exhibit, along with enhanced customer service to internal customers, and the supplier community. Plus all our skills and expertise expertise brought to the public procurement industry. So we were able to recover we’re working a rotating schedule. So part of this are working from home part of the office. So we’re able to capture a WebEx with all of our pictures and a picture of the award. Then Tim Wellman, as a purchasing manager, he was awarded the 2020 and this was from RM GPA purchasing Manager of the Year. This award recognizes a manager or supervisor that demonstrates leadership qualities that cultivate a positive team culture. Tim woman has been continually successful in facilitating RFPs or invitation to bid processes with DTS technology department, also a source of surplus property disposal and tracking. He’s really highly skilled at mentoring staff on our processes and systems and tasks. Jim goes out of his way to ensure that staff have the tools and resources to effectively succeed in their role, and he genuinely cares about the staff and the team that saint brain along with this under arm GPA, Diana Cantu is a senior buyer was elected 2020 2021 excuse me, RM GPA president of our association. And then Chelsea Axtell that created These photographs for us will serve as the RM GPA newsletter, committee chair. And also, St. brain was the recipient of the 2020 outstanding agency certification award. And this is through another organization that recognizes procurement staff that maintain a fully certified status each year. And we’ve received this award for seven consecutive years since 2014. And then we currently hold the sterling level of this award, which for three consecutive years of maintaining a fully certified staff. Every three years they award a certainly Sterling level award. And we are only two of public agencies in Colorado, and then among 109 public agencies nationwide. Then, just recently, both Tim Wellman and Shelly St. Pierre who is a safe a senior buyer in the department. They successfully attained an additional certification through an IGP as a excuse me, a certified procurement professional or naatp CPP certification. And they just achieved that in February of 2021. So certainly we through a challenging year, we knocked it out of the park this year, which was great. It was it’s really good timing with with the proclamation and with an IGP, designating marches purchasing month, so it was a great opportunity to bring these forward to you. That I I certainly appreciate the opportunity, again, as always to update the board on our processes and successes. So thank you,

Unknown Speaker 27:14
Tracy. Thank you. I appreciate it. I do want to open it up to board members, if they have any questions or comments this evening.

Unknown Speaker 27:24
I just want to say congratulations, and thank you so much for being a tremendous part of being stewards for our taxpayers. We sincerely appreciate you, and everything you’re doing. Thanks, Karen Pennock,

Unknown Speaker 27:39
thank you.

Unknown Speaker 27:42
Hanging out. Hi, Tracy, I, I’d like to echo what Karen said, and we do. Every year we hear from you. And I know perhaps in prior years, we’ve gone through the numbers a little bit more like the six seven figure numbers that you save the district every year, and then this is so this year, it’s so nice to see the third party recognition of that because personally I’ve I’ve I’ve seen it year over year where you have saved us and saved the taxpayers millions of dollars. And that’s money that that is is you know, otherwise spent in the classrooms and on our students and and our staff. And so you guys are just your department is just such a core part of the the system that we have, thank god you guys are there doing it as professionally in and as responsibly as you are because it just takes that load off of principals or other staff members so that those those professionals can focus on students and learning and what they do. And these sort of more hardcore financial things can be done by those types of professionals. So this is a situation where I think we we appreciate the focus of the work and the security that it gives everybody else. So thank you so much. I’m so happy to hear about the the honors that you guys have received, especially this year. It’s well deserved. We’ve appreciated you for years, and it’s so nice to see that your industry does as well. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 29:11
Thanks, Paula. thick.

Unknown Speaker 29:15
Thank you, Tracy each year I look forward to your presentation and this year is certainly no exception. I I deeply appreciate the work that you and your entire staff are doing for us really to build on what what Paula has and Karen have said the commitment that you have, each year we see your attention to improving the responding to making the purchasing system a little bit better when you find areas that can be improved. I know that seven, five years ago when I joined the board, you were one of the people that I came to visit and talk who would share with you my experiences as a department chair at Longmont high. And I met with you and Tim, and you were tremendously responsive. And I saw the changes implemented, to smooth out the purchasing process from the perspective of teachers and principals. Right there. I guess the other thing I’d like to mention is that not only is that important, that you and your team are saving taxpayer dollars and getting the best value for each dollar we invest. But you’re also doing it in a way that reassures both our board and the public, that there are no conflicts of interest that there are no special deals that are are happening that result in things that look like they’re economies of forests, but in fact, in fact or not. So I truly appreciate the professional approach the view and your team, ensuring that well, ensuring that every penny we invest to advance student learning and the student experience every penny screams. And And not only that, but the processes you have in place, ensure that our our purchasing and our careful stewardship for funds will get a better and better each year. So thank you. Thanks, stick, john.

Unknown Speaker 31:57
Thank you very much, Tracy. Hey, congratulations, I know what the work you’re doing is so beneficial to all our schools and students. And when you shared your screen, I was like, Oh, my God, look how attentive and happy they are. And then I realized it was a screenshot. But

Unknown Speaker 32:14
it was, it was awesome to see the happy faces. So

Unknown Speaker 32:17
thank you very much. And congratulations.

Unknown Speaker 32:21
Tracy, we really appreciate you and the entire team, please, on behalf of the Board of Education, congratulate everyone on on the many awards that they’ve received. And I took a note seven years you’re going to you’re going to catch up to Jane pretty soon in finance if you keep winning that award every year, which I anticipate that you will. We appreciate your commitment and dedication. I know that I took a note you said commitment, the board’s recognize your commitment and dedication to the profession. But I translate that out as a commitment and dedication to our stakeholders and the fiscal responsibility that we all all take on with taxpayer dollars. So thank you very much. Congratulations, and enjoy the rest of your evening.

Unknown Speaker 33:07
Thank you so much. Appreciate all the kind words. I’ll definitely share this with the staff and we’re just thrilled to present this to you. Thank you so much for the positive feedback.

Unknown Speaker 33:16
Great. Thanks, Tracy.

Unknown Speaker 33:18
Yep, have a good night.

Unknown Speaker 33:19
You too. Alright. Agenda Item 6.1. Or pardon me 6.2. Is district enrollment projections for 21 2021 through 2025.

Unknown Speaker 33:36
Yes, this Scott Tilly, can you hear me? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 33:39
Hi, Scott. We can hear you. And now we can see you welcome.

Unknown Speaker 33:43
Okay, great. I have a little PowerPoint I’ll share with you. Really, this has been one of the more interesting years to project we’ve had a worldwide pandemic. We’ve had a new school that’s going to open we’ve also beginning a launch that program. So a lot of things are happening that could impact enrollment projections and how things look over the next few years. There’s a lot of factors in the economy and in in growth. So I’ll just start walking through a few things and kind of hit the highlights and we’ll go from there. So here’s kind of the some of the growth factors that we’ve been looking at the pandemic of course, in 2020 really impacted kendor and preschool numbers. Probably 500 counting all of those are impacted or didn’t come because the pandemic a lot of those are opting to wait To enroll until this this coming year when we’re not online or more in person. So that was a significant impact in 2020, and could be a little boost in 2021. As we get more preschool and more kinders coming back into the system. Course this last year, we had choosing families choosing online options or homeschool options. Another thing that we’re looking at is impact on birth. And there’s a variety of data out there saying one or the other thing. One of the studies I was looking at is a trend of Google searches. So if they see a lot of hits on pregnancy or conception, they’ve they can tie that back to increase births in the coming months. Conversely, if they see a lot of hits in on Google on his unemployment, or job seeking, they’ve seen it connect with fewer births. So some of the experts are saying in the like the first quarter of this 2021, we could see a drop of 15% births because of the pandemic. But others are kind of pointing to a bounce back fairly quickly in the birth numbers as well. So that’s something we’ll watch them, we’ll work with the state health department, as they begin tracking births. The state demographer did say they had almost a total shutdown of international in migration. And of course, we saw that at the school level, we had zero international students in our in our schools this year. So that was a big impact on the state population game was closing out of international migration. We have the slowing of the economy, unemployment, you know, Colorado, lost 140,000 jobs this past year, but the state economists and see you late school or projecting gain of 40,000 jobs back to the good in 2021. So they’re seeing some possibility of job growth again, in this coming year. And we’re still seeing, you know, impacts of working remotely how that impacts families travel or, or doing school remotely doing work remotely. So there’s some impacts to that. State demographer identified, Colorado, still a growth state. By 2050, we’ll reach 8 million and in a couple of years, we’ll hit the 6 million mark in the state. So they’re projecting around 73,000 residents per year growth. And then locally, we’ve seen significant increases and development referrals in our office from all the towns and we’ve had pretty strong building activity. So you know, among all these, there’s a lot of kind of contradictory things that could happen. But locally, there’s there’s still a lot of growth potential. So

Unknown Speaker 38:44
here’s the graphic of of 2050. And where the growth is going to be. And once again, same brain is positioned in kind of a growth area of the state being in weld and eastern part of Boulder County over the next 10 years. The growth in the Front Range is going to be around 640,000 700,000 over this next 10 year period. So a great deal of the growth is going to be right here in this on the front range where st brain is located. boulder and weld county by 2015 will exceed a million residents and you can see the weld county line is much more aggressive as far as growth percentage, a growth of about 10% over the over this period, where boulder is a little bit slower growth but they are expected to reach 409,000 by 2050. They were at two Trying to 54,000 in 2010. So let’s talk a little bit about births. We have been going up a little bit each year from 2016. So we were at 1884 births in 2016 2019 were 2027. So it’ll be interesting to see where 2020 we probably won’t see significant impacts from pandemic in 2020, maybe towards the end of the year. But it’ll be interesting to get the 2021 data, you can see that the birth numbers are the highest in skyline, and Harry, and then kind of the next group of Frederick and Longmont high feeders. And then the three feeders made nylon silvercreek. Makeup eight or 9% of the bearse each. And then of course, lions at 1%. I work with each of the planners in communities. And so they’ve given me their estimates of building permit. So it’s up slightly from last year. The city of Longmont. The 745 is a year old projection and they do theirs in April. But the planner there said it’s probably going to be a little bit higher than 745, based on kind of what they were seeing early part of this year. So we could see a little bit of a jump from last year and building activity, the percentage, long run to 34% of the building activity and 66% What’s the rest of the community. And then if you look, since 2008, the last recession log not was 41% of the building, all others 59. But that period of time total 18,756 housing units. So, you know, growth has been pretty steady since 2008. As far as building activity. Then housing units proposed in new developments, these are the projects that come into our office for referral, and for comment, and then we respond in terms of school capacity issues or school land needs. And this is a significant number 42,000 lots of kind of, I’ve come through our office over the last five years for review. Of course not all of these are going to happen immediately. Some are long term annexations. But the areas that are seeing some significant development review are the Erie feeder, Mead feeder has some large projects. And the meat feeder encompasses some of Firestone on the north part of the tri town area. And then Frederick high feeder as well.

Unknown Speaker 43:19
I don’t know if you can see the map. But I’ve forwarded the the PowerPoint to Barb, and she can share that with you. But again, this is our build out map and where we are currently 64,000 housing units built. We have 107,000 left to be built for 171,000 units in this in our school district. So there’s a lot of activity left. You know, it’s always a matter of of timing and market conditions and all those things given our analysis of cohorts and open enrollment trends, and as well as opening a new school, which tends to bring in a little bump in enrollment plus the additional launch Ted, we’re looking at 254 additional students. And I should say that 54 of those are projected from the charters. So the growth of district schools is 200. And then we have subtracted out around 300 from those neighborhood schools based on the launch Ted possibility. So with launched at opening a new school we started looking at where are those students are located, what school they were attending, and made adjustments in projections for staffing and for finance and HR to work with, so I know staffing plans have gone out. So they’re a little bit more reduced rate because of launch dead. So that’s something that we’ll continue to look at lunchtime enrollment over the next month or so to see if there’s any adjustments that we need to make. To the tune of 54, with 54 million charters pretty modest, given the influx of what we’re expecting to see, in new kindergarteners and kindergarteners that were held back, as well as opening the two new schools. Given kind of the slower mode of growth here, we don’t really get back to where we were before until about 2023, especially at the elementary level. So it’s kind of a, it’s a little bit of a road back to to where we were in 2019. There are some scenarios that say if we could just gain it all back the 1000 that we lost, but there’s, you could also look at various scenarios where you could maybe drop a little bit still. So it was such an interesting year to to try to settle in by 2024 25 potential growth in the 700 range. And this kind of corresponds where the state demographer says growth is going to pick up. They they picture that 2024 to 2030 year as a little faster paced growth than we’ve seen. And then from 2025, on to 2050. They’re they’re moderating it a little bit, but they start to see potential in that kind of five, six year period of much stronger growth. So this is how it looks out low, medium and high. Total population. This is the yearly gain, with building permits in blue shown so you can kind of see how building permits have been accelerating. We’ve and we’ve talked about this in the past to that. Actually, in the past four or five years, we’ve had increased numbers of new students come into the district. So under normal conditions, we would have been growing at a stronger pace. It was some of the outflow that we had of existing students, some of it socio economic related some of the political, some of it, number of students leaving out of country, back to Mexico and other countries. So those are some of the factors that tempered our increase in new students over the past four years.

Unknown Speaker 48:18
I want to share this. So this shows the projections broken down by elementary, middle and high. And you can see the elementary is the blue bar. It’s the one that suffered the greatest last loss due to the pandemic. And again, it’s the lower grades and families keeping their kids out. So that was the loss was around 900 of the 1100 that we lost. So that’s going to take a little bit to gain back. So that’s the one that’s private, slower to recover. High School, we actually gained enrollment this past year. So that’s kind of a continuing growth trend for us. And Middle School was somewhat flat. So that’s how it breaks out by level. And then as you look at fader comparisons 2015 really the big changes have been area and Frederick their growth potential, especially in Harry goes from 12% of the population to 17%. So and that coincides with our growth this past year, really the Erie feeder was in some ways, resistant to the pandemic as far as growth. They continue to grow in the Erie community. So that concludes the PowerPoint And I’d be happy to answer any questions and any other information you need.

Unknown Speaker 50:09
Thanks, God, appreciate it, or a board member comments or questions this evening. deck.

Unknown Speaker 50:20
I, Scott, I get this. This is, again, one of my favorite presentations during the year at this and the results from the October count. So I do appreciate the care with which you analyze the status and trends. And I want to I just had two questions that at this point. Okay, with regard to the 900 Elementary students that didn’t show up that we expected to show up this year. Is there a How have you treated that for this coming year? What? Yeah, with regard to a, you know, a bump in that what we would expect normally?

Unknown Speaker 51:14
Yeah, it was primarily, you know, I’ve had a number of conversations with other planners and demographers. And a lot of it is what we’ve been getting from calls, open enrollment, you know, we have an online program and registration is online, to working with our data, personnel, and working with our open enrollment applications, which were up this year. So is a combination of coordinating with demographers and others about the likelihood of kindergarteners being willing to plug in so you know, there’s there some guesstimate in that. But we do know that the kindergarteners are there. We’ve we’ve counted them before we’ve seen them in the birth numbers. And as we’ve gone through every year, our birth numbers correlate pretty strongly with our kindergarten numbers. The only year was this last year. So we’re, we’re assuming that kindergarten comes back to a level that matches its birth rate much closer than the previous year. So that’s where we got the kindergarten number was was matching births. And also the incidental feedback from open enrollment and online registration.

Unknown Speaker 52:58
Thank you. And so are you saying that of the 900 that we expected to be here this year that we didn’t get that? What portion of that 900, do you expect to come back?

Unknown Speaker 53:16
Well, when you look at launch dead, and pulling out of the schools, elementary is actually dropping a little in my projections. So but if you throw the launch dead, contingent, it’s just almost flat from last year. So it’s not it at elementary level, it’s not much of a jump. It’s basically not a continuation of the trend of loss. So it’s a leveling off really, of of the grades and an expectation of getting what we would typically see as far as kindergarten enrollment.

Unknown Speaker 54:03
Okay, so that’s potentially an underestimate. Is that what I’m hearing?

Unknown Speaker 54:09
Yeah, it potentially could be an underestimate. Yeah, like I said, there’s there are scenarios where you could say we could grow from 500 to 1000 kids. But, you know, there’s possibility of a very flat rate. Again, you know, to to call out for a loss, again, would go against a lot of other building data moving in data. interests, we’ve seen an open enrollment and registration so the loss isn’t as likely this coming year.

Unknown Speaker 54:53
Okay, thank you. And my second question although I guess that was like four o’clock. On one, buy my second. My second question has to do with long term trends. And the projection that you said are you indicated that we would be returning to historic or growth rates in 2023?

Unknown Speaker 55:19
Yeah, became 2023 24. And that’s coincides with what the state demographer says, but also, they do have a little bit higher rate of growth projected for weld well, quite a bit higher rate for weld than the rest of the state. So and, of course, the area of love that’s really been growing significantly is, is the area in our district. So there, I can find the chart that I had.

Unknown Speaker 56:01

Unknown Speaker 56:04
in 20, from 2020, to 2025, they’re expecting to see 38,000 new residents in weld 7000 in Boulder. So, again, of 45,000, kind of centered in our area. So that’s an overall growth rate of 6.9% of the well, portion is 11.5% growth rate. So the demographer seems to be somewhat bullish on that to kind of the next towards the end of this 2021 25 period into 25 to 30. So starting to see that pick up from that period moving for forward.

Unknown Speaker 57:01
I guess my more general comment is that the the historic rate for our growth, setting aside last year, or this current, well, 2020 has been less than 1%. Through 2015. And when we look right, we, when we look at the projections for 23 through 25, we’re looking at, in fact, even 2022, growth rate projections of close to 2% or better. And so I’m wondering when we say that we’re going to return to historic rates, if that’s what we’re in fact doing, because the historic rates would be closer to 1% or less.

Unknown Speaker 57:53
Long term, we’ve had much higher growth rate than that. And I guess I guess they go back to the fact that we actually are growing faster than our growth rate shows by the number of new students at a higher rate. The the issue of the last three, four years was the greater number of leaving. So some of that, and you know, we’ve talked about that quite a bit, some of the reasons for that. And so the question is remains are those reasons for the leaving still valid, moving forward? Or do we begin to see the larger number of housing units in the new students? So we get from those and we have been getting? Do we see that take over the trend, like the previous four or five years before we had this kind of strange anomaly? So I think that’s something that we continue to keep an eye on, and we’re watching and but there’s a lot of strong evidence for in migration picking up. Our births have continued to increase. So there’s a few things that kind of maybe go against a decreasing trend. But in the next two years, I think we’re pretty modest. And of course, we’ll reevaluate as we get new data. Thank you. Yep. Paul, I

Unknown Speaker 59:35
know you had a comment and Chico. Great. Go ahead. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 59:40
Hi, Scott. Thank you. I just I had a couple of quick questions. I noticed when I was looking at the different graphs and charts that you gave us in the I was looking, focusing more so on the meat feeder, but they had a were reported over the last five years a pretty significant number of the proposed housing units. It was 13,000 And 546 from 2016 through 2020, but then the building permits were significantly less only 102 for the same period and that were driving like 45 student enrollment increase. So it occurred to me like, do we look in each feeder at the pace of the building over the timing of the building? Because I’m guessing that Erie actually turns these things over faster than like meat seems to be going a bit more slowly. Do we look at that?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:30
Yeah. The meat feeder includes town in need, and weld, and Firestone. So some of the big projects are in the northern part of Firestone. So those permits show up in Firestone rather than Mead. But the meat permits have been much slower than actually the town of meat is projected. It’s the the town of Firestone has been a little bit above their projection. So you know, some of that’s barefoot lakes, which is technically Firestone, but it’s in the meag. Theater. So there’s growth going on there. But me does have some very large annexations going forward and a lot of prep work going. So sometimes those things take a little more time than maybe the town was anticipating when they were doing their building permit projections.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:39
Yeah, and it probably gets a little challenging when our boundaries overlap with different jurisdictions, like you’re saying,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:47
right now,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:47
we have to track them sort of in potentially into different systems. And my last question was the type of building that is occurring. We I know, we touched on this last year, as far as higher density being seen throughout the district, and I know you use certain factors to project the amount of students that are going to enroll out of that, do we ever look at adjusting those factors are confirming those factors, in fact, like, what are condos and apartments driving into the schools versus single family homes,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:19
right? Some of the growth in Longmont has been more higher density housing, so the yield is lower per individual unit. But depending on the project, depend on how many units you know, it could produce similar to a single family development on the same acreage. So you know, depending on how many units they can get. So when we get the referrals, we run it through the calculation of, say it’s 300 apartment units, we have a student yield for that, and we run it until then that’s what we use in looking at future growth potential, we’ll actually use the, the apartment units rather than just, you know, the, say they’re gonna do 1000 permits, we’ll look and see what it breaks down to, like the type of unit.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:27
And we look at kind of checking those factors to reality every now and then make sure they’re accurate. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:35
if we would have. And you have to kind of be careful how you do that. Because if you would run the student yield this year, with 1000 fewer students and you know, 2000 more households unit to have a much different student yield. So you do kind of have to look at it over a period of a couple of years. So we try to group two to three years together to analyze. So we’re not capturing a spike and then making that the new yield, or adapt are the same kind of thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:16
Okay, thanks. God, I agree with tech. I love this report. I just find it I find it fascinating. And there’s really never a dull moment. You’re You’re always, you know, unpredictable out there. Thanks so much for the for the detail in the explanation.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:33
He’s got also want to say thanks for this for this report. I think it’s I think it’s great and obviously so important. Question also somewhat related to yield. And a question someone asked me and I certainly didn’t know the answer to it. And I’m wondering if you’ve looked at this or not, we’ve talked before about the the cost of, of homes in our in our area, and how that might have an impact on Latin x populations. I’m wondering if there’s been any Look at that, just in general, the cost of homes and what how that impacts yield? are older families moving in, or their you know, this or those kinds of things. Have we identified any kind of change in yield because of the price of homes on individual units?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:21
Yeah. You know, at times we, in the past, we looked at housing like a nyuad, which was higher than Longmont. And surprisingly, some of the yields were similar in those cases. I think the tendency may be it’s more the type of unit apartment versus single family is it has the greater student yield impact. And, you know, it takes a little bit of work with county assessor to get price and then coordinated with our GIS. So it’s been a couple of years since we’ve done some of that kind of work, but it’s, it’s on our radar to to revisit, but it does involve a fair bit of work with county assessor and their GIS and RGS to, to analyze, because we have to mix our student data files, with housing files with sales, and it gets a little complex sometimes. So yeah, we’re probably due to do another review of that. But in the past, we’ve not seen a big difference, depending on housing price.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:51
Okay, thank you. I appreciate that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:56
That brought up a question for me, you stated that the yield is different between housing and apartments, I can see it swinging either way, which one has a higher yield?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:09
While we saw out of the recession, and sometimes apartments,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:16
they would

Unknown Speaker 1:07:17
take more families. And we saw higher yields, while we saw higher yields across all kinds of housing unit. So some of it depends on the economics going on. But yeah, it’s possible to have a higher yield.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:36
So it’s undetermined whether a house has higher yields of students than an apartment, is that what we’re saying? I’m just wondering, I just curious, you, you said the higher yields as possible within the apartment. But that’s not always the case. Or

Unknown Speaker 1:07:54
now, it’s usually a higher yield is with house single family dwelling. And then it goes down to duplex, then condo townhouse. So we have five different categories that we look at. And then apartments, and then modular housing. So we’ve done studies every couple of years, based on those five different types of housing, but it’s always the single family just if you compare one unit to another has the higher student yield? And in general,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:33
right, thank you. I was just thinking that apartments might be attracting more of a younger family, and they might be the ones, the students, but I guess it can go either way.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:43
Thank you. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:48
Scott, I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:08:49
just curious if you’re

Unknown Speaker 1:08:51
holding your breath for

Unknown Speaker 1:08:52
any aspect of the 2020 census that will be rolled out in the next few months.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:58
Yeah, we’re, we’re eager to see that data. And yeah, in the next, I think, April or something like that. So we’ll, we’ll start putting that into our modeling and our GIS. So that’s going to be an incredibly useful tool for us. So you know, there’s always data coming all the time. And you know, we try to incorporate it when we can you know, like the city of Longmont building projections come in April as well. So there are times ahead where we may do some adjustments.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:43
Okay, thanks, Karen. I appreciate your report. It’s something that I particularly enjoy each time you bring a report forward is the narrative portion. And I thought it was particularly interesting this time just because with you know, the pandemic And some

Unknown Speaker 0:00
changes we’ve seen over the past few years. But with the pandemic, you have some some interesting additional variables that you’re juggling. And I know that the not only are you doing that but planers in school districts across the state are. And you you’ve predicted, you know, we talked about your 254, number 54 of those being charter schools. I’m curious, and you may or may not know the answer to this right now, are other school districts predicting about the same movement next year? I know that that, that we ended up a little more favorable last year than many districts across the state. So I’m just wondering if, if this is something we’ll see statewide or is it unique to st brain? Do you think?

Unknown Speaker 0:40
Yes, some of the ones that incurred a greater loss are staying closer to zero. But there’s others that north and east that are seeing a little bit more growth and more potential. So it’s a little bit across the board

Unknown Speaker 1:03
some different,

Unknown Speaker 1:04
different outlooks. But like Aurora, and Adams, I think we’re going to project continued loss, but they were like Aurora was already losing before the pandemic so and Adams was not growing as fast. boulder Valley, I think, is looking at kind of a flat rate, but I didn’t get the final word on what they’re going to do projection wise.

Unknown Speaker 1:37

Unknown Speaker 1:41
yeah, there’s there’s a lot of different things that could happen.

Unknown Speaker 1:43
Yeah, I’ll be interested. I’m always looking forward to you joining us, but I’m particularly looking forward to this next report we receive from you to see where where everything lands and falls. Yeah. So something else that I always look at are your capacity projections, and have been doing that since I came on the board. And really, you know, starting in 2324 25, they’ll definitely be some things to talk about at different schools, particularly in the in the wild area. And long run for that matter. Yeah. Yeah. So. All right. Anything else you do you’d like to add before we move on to our next agenda item? No,

Unknown Speaker 2:30
nothing for me.

Unknown Speaker 2:31
All right. Scott, thanks for joining us. Appreciate it. Stay warm.

Unknown Speaker 2:35
Thank you. Yes. All right.

Unknown Speaker 2:38
All right. Next, our consent items to board members wish to pull any of those items this evening. All right. Then. We have 7.1. Approval staff terminations leaves 7.2. Approval staff appointments 7.3. Approval of minutes for the February 10 2021. regular meeting. February 17 2021. study session. And February 24 2021. regular meeting 7.4 approval second reading adoption board policies JRAJ RC student records release of information on students k DB public’s right to know freedom of information. k DB dash our public’s right to know freedom of information. 7.5 approval of recommendation to hire principal of Black Black Rock elementary school 7.6 of her law recommendation to hire assistant principal for career elevation and Technology Center new meridian High School 7.7 approval of purchase of Apple technology products 7.8 approval of purchase of Epson projectors, projectors and wall mounts and 7.9 approval of purchase of Lenovo computer project products. I would entertain a motion for approval please.

Unknown Speaker 4:02
So moved.

Unknown Speaker 4:04

Unknown Speaker 4:09
Mr. Barnes. Thanks. Hi,

Unknown Speaker 4:13
Mr. burrito? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr?

Unknown Speaker 4:19

Unknown Speaker 4:20
Miss Pierce. Hi, Mrs. Ragland. I am Miss Seacrest.

Unknown Speaker 4:26
I. Thanks, Barb. And then I did want to also check real quick, Don, and Todd and I neglected to do this at the beginning of the meeting, and I’m apologize for that. Did we have either of our new hires with us? Do you know on WebEx this evening?

Unknown Speaker 4:45
Okay, great.

Unknown Speaker 4:48
We do.

Unknown Speaker 4:51
Are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 4:52
I’m ready, Todd. And you know what, before you start I’m going to this is a rocky start for the board president to start out by apologize. To those new to to new hires, typically Todd, we would have, have you introduced them earlier in the meeting. So my apologies.

Unknown Speaker 5:08
No worries. Well, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 5:11
go ahead. Welcome.

Unknown Speaker 5:13
Good evening. Good evening, President siegrist. Members of the Board and Superintendent head dad. We have two of our new administrators join us tonight. First of all, it’s my pleasure to introduce Miss Jerry Carter, who was selected as the principal of BlackRock Elementary School. Miss Carter has spent the past 17 years in Jefferson County Public Schools. She has most recently served in the district leadership role of director of administrator learning at school turnaround. Prior to her role on on the central administration team. This Carter served as principal of Vivian Elementary. Throughout her career this Carter has also held various classroom positions, and taught multiple grade levels, including kindergarten, and Middle School, reading interventionist, and language arts. Her academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts in history with an elementary education minor from Metropolitan State College of Denver, a Masters of Arts in administrative leadership, and policy studies from the University of Colorado in Denver, and a national principal Academy fellowship from relay Graduate School of Education. Sherry would like to introduce you to the board, and if you’d like to say a few words.

Unknown Speaker 6:23
Hi, Sherry. Welcome.

Unknown Speaker 6:26
Good evening. I certainly appreciate this opportunity to speak with you and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to serve as the next principal of BlackRock Elementary. I had the opportunity last Friday to meet the staff Cathy O’Donnell facilitated three different zoom meeting, or I guess, WebEx meetings. And the staff was so gracious. One of the things that she asked them is what what do you like about working at BlackRock, and one of the teachers said that she just is so amazed at all of the work that they’re doing there. She feels like she needs to pinch yourself every day when she goes in to work, because it’s such a lovely atmosphere. And I’m feeling the same way this evening. I am so excited to be a part of this community, that I’m pinching myself. I really believe that an elementary school is the heart of a community. And I think it’s the foundation of building learning to lead from learning for students. And I just am so excited to begin this work. JOHN, I,

Unknown Speaker 7:53
john Aaron’s I just wanted to thank you and welcome you to the Erie community. I know you’re joining a very vivacious school, and it’s a wonderful school. I got in there just a couple of weeks ago to talk with some teachers and students and the enthusiasm was through the roof. So you have your work cut out for you. But I know it’s very enthusiastic work too. So congratulations and welcome to the Erie community.

Unknown Speaker 8:19
Thank you so much. I come from a small town. I grew up in Leadville. And so I’m really looking forward to being in that small town community.

Unknown Speaker 8:30
Right. Thanks, john. Sherry, congratulations on your new role and here in St. vrain. Valley School District will look forward to meeting you in person as soon as possible.

Unknown Speaker 8:42
Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 8:43
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 8:45
Thank you, Sherry, and members of the board. It’s also my pleasure to introduce to Mr. Nathan greeny who was selected as the the assistant principal for the career in elevation Technology Center and new meridian High School. Mr. Green He currently serves as an assistant principal at Mountain View High School in the Thompson School District. He has also served as Dean of Students at Mountain View High School and a math teacher for six years in the Thompson School District. His academic background includes a Master’s of Science in teaching and learning and educational leadership from Colorado State University Global Campus, and a Bachelors of Science and Mathematics with an emphasis in secondary education from Colorado State University of Fort Collins. Nathan, if you’d like to say something to the board. Hi, Nathan.

Unknown Speaker 9:30

Unknown Speaker 9:32
Thank you, President siegrist members of the board, Dr. Hood ad, thank you for this opportunity to be here this evening and the opportunity to join st brain Valley School District. This is a districts that I’ve actively sought to join over the past few years. I’ve had former colleagues that have taken positions in the this district under as teachers, administrators, counselors, and they all just have amazing things to say about this. In direction, the leadership and the system of support that’s available for all stakeholders in this district and I couldn’t be more excited to join. I’d also like to thank the new principal Tony Jones Kohli and an area superintendent, Dina perfetti, where the unbelievable opportunity to be the assistant principal at New meridian High School and the career elevation and Technology Center. I, you know, I haven’t been able to meet the staff yet. I’m doing that tomorrow. And I know next year seems so far away as this year’s has seemed so long, but I’m really eager to start working with Tony Joe and her team, and to helping to ensure that students are future ready as they leave the global acceleration campus, and that they continue to advance in their future. So to all of you again, I thank you for the time here this evening, and I look forward to meeting all of you here soon in person in the near future.

Unknown Speaker 10:58

Unknown Speaker 11:01
welcome, Nathan.

Unknown Speaker 11:02
We’re so glad to have you on board. Congratulations. I know you’ll love working with Tony Joe. She’s a firecracker. And new Meridian is a very, very special school very close to my heart personally, and I’m sure you will take so much away from this opportunity as much as you’re prepared to give. So welcome again.

Unknown Speaker 11:24
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 11:25
Right, Nathan, congratulations on your new position and St. vrain. Valley School District. And we look forward to meeting you soon.

Unknown Speaker 11:33
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 11:34
Yes, Todd. Thank you. Appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 11:37
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 11:40
Our action items are next 8.1 is a recommendation for the adoption of resolution proclaiming April five through 920 21 as voter registration Awareness Week. Hi, kale. This is something that the board first added I believe, to our our agenda last year, is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 12:03
That is That is correct. doesn’t see Chris Yes. This will be our second year of this. And on behalf of Molly Fitzpatrick, the Boulder County Clerk and recorder, I’d like to bring this Proposed resolution to declare that April 5 through the ninth would be voter Appreciation Week. Last year was a very successful year with our partnership. In fact, Boulder County won a award that declared that they had the highest voter registration for high school students in the state with with our partnership. And so Molly, I want to thank the board for this. And we’d like to continue this partnership, we designate liaisons and each of our high schools that just really give information out to the students about now we’ll be pre registering for vulnerary opportunities in the future.

Unknown Speaker 13:08
Great. Thanks, Gil. Appreciate it. I don’t imagine any questions or comments necessarily, but I would like to ask dick, if you could please read the resolution for us.

Unknown Speaker 13:17
Thank you, joy. Thank you. It’s my privilege to do so. So this is the resolution for student voter registration Awareness Week. Whereas the right to vote is an important civil liberty and the core of the American democratic system. And whereas voter voter pre registration for high school students who are 16 or 17, and registration for high school students who are or will turn 18 before an election should be accessible and convenient. And whereas educators play a critical role in the development of their students as productive and active citizens and participation in the electoral process is one way that students can become informed and engaged citizens and whereas Boulder County Clerk and recorder elections division will work with the St. vrain Valley School District as well as other interested parties to conduct voter registration outreach and education to high school students across St. Green Valley School District and whereas April 5 through ninth 2021 will be the second annual student voter registration Awareness Week in which teachers and staff will be encouraged to educate students on voter registration, hold registration and civic engagement opportunities and make voter registration and pre registration accessible to convenient and convenient for eligible high school students throughout the district. And Whereas students can apply to register to vote by submitting paper applications to their appointed school liaison or local county clerk and recorders office, completing the online form on the Calva Secretary of State website or at a voter registration drive. And whereas voter voting is a vital part of our democracy and ensures that everyone’s voice is heard, therefore be it resolved that the st. Green Valley School District supports the growing involvement of the student body in the democratic process and designates the week of April five through 920 21. As student registration Awareness Week, adopted this 10th day of March 2021.

Unknown Speaker 15:54
Okay, thanks, stick appreciate it. And with that, I’m wondering if you would make a motion for approval of action item 8.1.

Unknown Speaker 16:01
Thank you. So moved.

Unknown Speaker 16:02
Right, and a second by Jim.

Unknown Speaker 16:07
Mr. Arens Hi, Mr. Berthold. Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr?

Unknown Speaker 16:15

Unknown Speaker 16:16
Miss Pierce. Aye. Mrs. Raglan. I am Miss Seacrest I,

Unknown Speaker 16:24
Greg, the next several action items are yours specifically 8.2 is a recommendation for approval of requests to grant an exception to board policy GB IE a staff ethics conflict of interest. What a strong

Unknown Speaker 16:42
Thank you. Good evening, again. Again, we’re asking the board to allow an exemption to the current word policy, GB EA which relates to staff ethics and conflict of interest. It states that no school district employee or firm owned by a school district employee shall be allowed to sell to the school district or schools or staff goods or services of any kind without the Express written consent of the Board of Education. Miss wheter strim is currently employed as a track assistant track coach at Longmont high. She is also an employee with scriptures which does. So training and other sports were in gear. And she would like to be able to provide that sportswear and gear to schools within the district. She was on the she was exempted three years ago, I believe. And so we’re bringing this back she’s very aware of of the potential conflict of interest. And she understands that if she would get close to exceeding $5,000, within the school year that she needs to bring the exemption back to the Board of Education. Again, Miss wennerstrom does a lot of this out of the goodness of her heart. I don’t know that that the scriptures makes a lot of money off of this type of endeavor. That’s more for supporting the students and staff of the district. I’d be happy to answer any questions.

Unknown Speaker 18:19
Great. Thanks, Greg. Any comments or questions this evening? Just one.

Unknown Speaker 18:24
Like Thanks, Greg, as always, for your careful vetting of these requests that we get. I just had one question, would she is an assistant track coach at Longmont high, would she be able to sell her merchandise to Walmart high students?

Unknown Speaker 18:47
I think we could say that she would not be able to I think she’s got enough contacts around the district that she would not need to do that I don’t she doesn’t necessarily stay at sell them to the students themselves. She would be selling them to the school who would then in turn be providing them to to the students as part of as part of their athletic events and those types of things. So if we wanted to exclude her from Longmont high, we could definitely do that.

Unknown Speaker 19:15
Well, thanks for that responsive answer. And I would think I would just leave it to as long as it’s not being sold directly to students. My potential concern is is has been addressed. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 19:30
Great, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 19:32
Great. Thanks, Greg. I would entertain a motion for approval of action item 8.2. Please.

Unknown Speaker 19:37
so moved

Unknown Speaker 19:38
by Jim and a second. Second by Dick. Thanks, Barb. Sometimes that’s the question with masks on.

Unknown Speaker 19:47
Mr. Arens? Mr. Berthold Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Miss Pierce. Aye. Mrs. Raglan. I miss Seacrest I

Unknown Speaker 20:04
action item 8.3 is the recommendation for approval of amendment to Apple master lease purchase agreement.

Unknown Speaker 20:13
Great, thank you. Again, we’re asking that you approve an amendment to our master lease purchase agreement with Apple, we first initialize that in 2011. And we this past year, we our three year lease for 22,500, iPads expired. And so at this point with growth within the district and trying to expand access from for more of our staff, we’re looking to do enter into a lease with them with Apple for 26,500 iPads. But that also this amount also includes Logitech keyboard case, professional development, improved camera. And if you want any information on all of that, I am happy to have Michelle visual answer those for you. But essentially, that this is a great opportunity for us to lock in iPads, which are part of our learning technology plan for the next three years. And and get the our students and staff onto the next generation

Unknown Speaker 21:25
of iPad.

Unknown Speaker 21:26
Great. Thanks, Greg. And we have Michelle with us now Michelle, did you have any additional comments, one thing that I, you know, I’m excited about is this is a device for all students three through 12.

Unknown Speaker 21:38
It is and you know, you guys know in 2012 this was this was our first foray into discovering what the potential of technology was. And so I’m proud to have worked with Greg and our team to bring this proposal forward for your consideration. I did bring one of the keyboard cases with me. So if you guys would like to, after the meeting, feel free to stop by and I’ll give you a chance to type on it and see what it feels like. For us. I think the most exciting thing for us is that we continue to innovate in how we help our students, be productive, be creative, how we give them the tools to create, to produce, to read to learn. And this is one more step that thanks to the visionary work that Dr. Had dad has led, that all of you have supported and then our team and DTS, you know, I see Eric Pearson, Jennifer McCartney, outside working the WebEx board tonight. It really is heartening to see the commitment that we’ve all made to doing right by our kids.

Unknown Speaker 22:50
Absolutely. Thanks, Michelle. JOHN, I see you with your microphone there. Did you want to add something?

Unknown Speaker 22:54
Yeah. And Michelle, I want to elaborate a little bit. She’s, first of all the team, they’ve done an excellent job. And I really appreciate it. The you might want to elaborate a little bit on the fact that this is over three years that the buyback process. As we sell back iPads brings in several million dollars. And so that mitigates some of the costs, and then moving from a three year to a four year refresh program, which we did a year or two ago. So basically, what we’ll be able to do is increase the number of iPads that we have, and get the keyboards at for this first year for basically a wash in terms of cost. And then the second year, it will be slightly over a million dollars in third year. So all told, over three years, we’re gonna be looking at actually paying out about two and a half million dollars. But we get a number of additional iPads, we get the keyboards and then we’re also taking advantage of the the selling back the buyback plan. And I don’t know if you want to talk about any of those or correct me if I got any numbers wrong,

Unknown Speaker 23:57
you got them? Absolutely right. It is a one of the reasons that we’re bringing this proposal forward now. And and considering doing this, in this school year, what we recognize is that the value that our buyback you know, taking our equipment that’s now three and four years old, and reselling, it will bring back as Dr had said enough to pay for this first lease payment, which is a pretty amazing opportunity because we’re giving our kids a better product at a better value. And we’re bringing that money and revenue back in to make that happen at a cost that makes it affordable for our school and you know that the thing that that we need to recognize too is that our partners at Apple really came to the table and helped us with some really aggressive pricing to make this something that was worthy of consideration right now.

Unknown Speaker 24:54
Right? You know something else that’s in the agreement to Michelle is a good a good The amount of professional developments and I know that’s something that same brain has always prioritized. It’s not a matter of just putting a device in somebody’s hand, there also comes a lot of support with that. And I just wanted to point out that that was in the agreement as well.

Unknown Speaker 25:14
Correct. And it really is in partnership with, you know, Diane Lauer and her team of learning coaches, and kale Charles and our instructional coaches, giving them resources as well as bringing those resources directly to our teachers in our school. And, you know, I’d be remiss to to say that one of the considerations that that is exciting to me is, the new iPads are assessment ready, because we’ve provided a keyboard, what we’ve actually done is been able to increase instructional time, because we can guarantee that every student has an assessment ready device, which means that we can tighten that window up and spend more time learning.

Unknown Speaker 25:54
I’m glad you brought that up. That’s significant.

Unknown Speaker 25:56
Definitely on our dish, in addition, just the the understanding of the keyboard, it’s the same keyboard for kids. So they don’t have to adjust to a new keyboard when they sit down to take a time assessment, which to some may sound trivial, but that’s a really big deal, as you’re trying to navigate on brand new keyboard and absolutely render time. So not only do we increase the instructional time, and the efficiency, but actually the quality of the students ability to perform on some of these assessments.

Unknown Speaker 26:25
Absolutely, yeah. Any other board member comments or questions? JOHN, and then jack?

Unknown Speaker 26:32
Well, that’s what I was gonna talk about is the buyback is amazing. That’s a great opportunity that Apple is provided to us, but also the professional development. I’m really excited that we’ve expanded the program down to our kindergarteners, I mean, that’s incredible. We’re going to get kids that are future ready. And having it be a refresh program every three years, we’re never gonna have to say we’re behind the curve. So I thank you for all the work you’ve done, I think a great partnership. And I’ve heard other, I won’t mention any, but the strength and the security that the Apple product offers, really helps us keep our kids safe and working all the time. They don’t have to worry about downtime. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 27:17
Definitely. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 27:20
Thank you, joy. Thank you, Greg. And, Michelle, I, this represents for us over three years and investment of about $14 million, of which my understanding is the first year will be paid all in, in part all or in part, by the repurchase agreement. So that that’s a tremendous financial move forward, in addition to ensuring that our students have the best technology as they’re moving forward. So I wanted to just thank you for that. And I guess, and we will be considering that amendment next, or the resolution for the multiple year investment

Unknown Speaker 28:11
for those funds

Unknown Speaker 28:12
as a future item. The other thing I wanted to mention, and it really connects back with some of the consent items that we approved the technology plan that the district is implementing provides for not only periodic, but ongoing updating of equipment and making sure that both our teachers, staff and students have highly functioning well targeted technology. So although we’re committing to this $14 million dollars over the next three years, were also as a matter of normal consent items, making sure that every classroom for the three items we considered is properly equipped and has the local technology up to date with not only Apple products, products, but beyond. So I just wanted to call out that. Although this is a huge investment. It’s made possible by the mill levy override that we have our voters and communities approved and we’re continuing to use that money very, very wisely in a way that will benefit our students for years to come. So thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 29:37
One other thing I’d like to add to is you know, if we, if we were to consider the cost of refreshing textbooks at a much faster pace because they become outdated so much quickly, that cost would exceed this cost, right. And so, I don’t want people to see this and say well, what’s you know, $14 million, but Again, that $14 million actually translates into $2.5 million over three years. But if we were not to do this, the costs would exceed what we’re doing. And the quality would be diminished significantly of the learning experience. So it’s that there’s that that entire context, as you take a look at this process,

Unknown Speaker 30:19
well, and I am sorry, at the end of the day, you don’t commit to a learning technology plan, and then you don’t refresh your products, right.

Unknown Speaker 30:26
Michelle was included in this interview from Ed Week, which is the National publication. And they headlines talked about how millions of students across the United States were given access temporarily, through the cares act. But now that cares act as it winds down, that access goes away. And so they’ll still be millions of kids across the nation, without access without devices. And this is one of the things that Joe and Michelle have talked about for a long time when they talk about obtain, and train and sustain. And this sustaining peace is absolutely critical. Because if you can’t sustain these types of things, you will take the entire system through jolts that that that it just simply cannot.

Unknown Speaker 31:15
Yeah, you know, Michelle, the last thing that I want to make sure I understand and I guess point out is it says in here, the agreement also provides the labor required to prepare a case and tag, tag those devices. Now, if I understand that correctly, when you gave your presentation to the board, about your department’s response to the pandemic, you guys had to do all of that yourselves in order to prepare the additional iPads, 1000s of iPads that were ordered for students. But you won’t have to do that with these Correct,

Unknown Speaker 31:46
correct Apple is providing that service to us, which will mean that we can really spend our time making sure that the refresh, you know, handing a student a new iPad and collecting their old one is something that goes as smoothly as possible, and that our schools see the support that we can give them because all of that work behind the scenes is already done for us. That’s great.

Unknown Speaker 32:06
Yeah. That’s wonderful. Yeah. So all right. If there are no other questions or comments, then I would entertain a motion for approval for action item 8.3.

Unknown Speaker 32:15
So moved. Moved

Unknown Speaker 32:16
by john and seconded by Chico.

Unknown Speaker 32:21
Mr. Arens Aye Mr. Bercow? Yes. Mr. Garcia?

Unknown Speaker 32:27

Unknown Speaker 32:28
Dr. martyr? Yes. Miss Pierce. Aye. Mrs. Raglan. I am Miss Seacrest I

Unknown Speaker 32:38
action item 8.4 is a recommendation for the adoption of resolution for Apple master lease purchase agreement reservation of funds. Michelle, I don’t know if you or Greg have this. But it takes just a minute. As you know, why am I telling you it takes just a minute for Greg to pop in there. Telling the expert something, Greg.

Unknown Speaker 33:02
Yeah, so this is in relation to the Apple master lease purchase agreement. And the Tabor, which is the article 10 of section or section 20 of Article 10 of the Colorado constitution, formerly known as Tabor. But basically, if we’re going to enter into a multi year agreement, such as this, then the board needs to approve a resolution that designates and reserves these funds to meet the future financial obligations. And so this resolution does that. And and that will mean that we will set aside fund balance for the next two years. It’s it does not include this year, because this year will be paid for it’s more about multi year and future year and conferences. And so this this appropriation satisfies that need. And, and and just kind of solidifies the agreement with AP.

Unknown Speaker 33:58
Appreciate it. Thanks, Greg. Anything to add Michelle, or shall I open it up to board member comments and questions? Great. Anything from board members? No. All right. We talked about a lot of this, you know, during the previous action item. So then I would entertain a motion for approval of action item 8.4. Please. so moved by Karen and a second second by Jim.

Unknown Speaker 34:24
Mr. Arens Hi, Mr. Berthold. Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Miss Pierce. I Mrs. Raglan. I am Miss siegrist.

Unknown Speaker 34:38

Unknown Speaker 34:41
thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 34:42
Appreciate it. Have a good night. Michelle. I know you’ll still be here but Thank you. Appreciate all your work. action item 8.5 is a recommendation for approval of selection and contract award for athletic trainer services.

Unknown Speaker 34:58
Great thanks. And thank you similar to what we did with with Michelle, I’m just going to kind of introduce and talk about the process. And then, like she handled all of the specifics, and she’s the expertise. That’s the same in this case with Chase, he can answer some of those questions that you may have related to. But in this case, we went out for a request for proposal to update our athletic training services for our high school athletic programs. We’re asking you to approve the selection and contact and contract awarded to UC health orthopaedic center of the Rockies and allow the purchasing department to move forward with a service agreement and allow me to sign that once it’s complete. against it went through the request for proposal process. So Tracy Burnett, who you heard earlier tonight, talk about her purchasing department, over she herself oversaw this process she worked closely with, with Chase and the other members of the RFP committee. And so based off of that, we are bringing forward this recommendation to approve UC health orthopaedic center of the Rockies for athletic training services for the for the next year.

Unknown Speaker 36:21
Greg, one of the things too, you might want to reiterate, or maybe chases that we’ve been operating with 20 hours of this type of support. And then this new proposal will bring us 40 hours. And it will also bring us that for just a very, very small increase in the cost. I think it’s like a total of $25,000 on my go from 200,000 for the 20 hours, to 225,000 for the 40 hours per week, plus the availability of additional athletic trainers, if we need them, if we have multiple competitions going on simultaneously. And the familiarity with the orthopaedic center of the Rockies, coupled with their new partner UC health, the combination gives us extremely high quality at a cost. That’s pretty, very reasonable. But the significant thing that Chase and Greg will highlight is just the full care now that our athletes will receive. And it won’t be a part time service as it has been in the past.

Unknown Speaker 37:24
And that’s at every high school. And when you say 20 to 40. It’s every week just to clarify. Right. Chase, did you have anything that you wanted to add to that?

Unknown Speaker 37:36
Yes, good evening, President secrets and Dr. Dead Board of Education. Thanks. Thanks again for having me. This is really an exciting process for us. As we we continue to grow our athletic training services, as Dr. Dad mentioned. Previously, we were granted 20 to 25 hours a week from our previous company. And with our with our growing nature of athletics in St. Green Valley. And with our growing participation rates, quite frankly, we we just had too many athletes for too few of training hours. This allows us to have a full time employee who’s going to serve 40 hours a week as on a salary base. So that, you know, some weeks could certainly be longer and some weeks will be shorter. But essentially, this trainer will be staffed at each high school and they will be their full time trainer. They will they will get there early to provide care for our student athletes before practice so they can rehab at the facility. And they will stay through the through the last contest each week. As as Don mentioned, some of our larger schools who have more levels, especially in a traditional thought that that not a COVID ball but a traditional fall where some of our schools have 11 Sports happening at one time many of which have three or four levels. We do have the ability to hire an assistant trainer at $25 an hour to help with the coverage. Additionally, we have free bumps and bruises clinics and free doctor visitations for any injuries that might happen to our athletes which will be labeled under bumps and bruises so be no charge of the student athlete at any of our UC health facilities so we can go to if you live closer to Lafayette you can go there the one out and Firestone Frederick you can go there you go to the middle of town or if you’re on the north side of our school district you can go to the one in Loveland as well. So yes, a, we asked for the for the adoption of this and to have Greg start working on a contract because this is a great, great thing for our school districts. And quite frankly, I’m really proud of our team and I want to thank you Tracy for helping us guide this process because to double the care for our student athletes, essentially, if not more, for an additional $25. Seems, seems long overdue, and certainly our student athletes deserve this type of treatment and care.

Unknown Speaker 40:18
Even better discount than I thought that was 25,000. But a 25. I’ll pick that

Unknown Speaker 40:26
would do that. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 40:27
That’s okay, Chase, I say something wrong or forget something every single meeting. So some could say you’re in good company. And some say you’re you might not be in good company. But we knew absolutely what you meant. So and I agree with you for $25,000 increase. To me, that’s a pretty straightforward decision. If there aren’t any dig, did you have one comment?

Unknown Speaker 40:51
Just a very quick question to confirm. Do we have an idea what the value of the annual value of the contract will be approximately, then? Is it going to be the 225 225,000?

Unknown Speaker 41:06
Yes, that would be the base contract. And then we would evaluate from there. That’s one of the one of the benefits of what UC health has an OCR has provided to us is the fact that we can add in additional training trainers, assistant trainers if we need to, not necessarily full coverage, but just for coverage during certain things. So this establishes those athletic trainers at each High School. As we move forward, if we identify needs, where we would need multiple trainers for certain events, then that would incrementally do it, but it would not be part of this base contract.

Unknown Speaker 41:46
So the base contract value is 225,000 per year. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 41:53
That’s great. Thank you. I would entertain a motion then for approval of action item 8.6. So moved. Pardon me. 8.5.

Unknown Speaker 42:03
So moved.

Unknown Speaker 42:04
Second, Chico and Karen, Barb,

Unknown Speaker 42:08
thank you very much for confirming that. I couldn’t hear the first one.

Unknown Speaker 42:11
Yes. And just confirming a point five I did misspeak and say 8.6.

Unknown Speaker 42:17
Okay, Mr. Arens?

Unknown Speaker 42:18
Thank you. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 42:20
Mr. Bercow? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Miss Pierce, I, Mrs. Raglan. I am siegrist I

Unknown Speaker 42:34
and we are approaching just a little bit before eight o’clock when we do need to extend our meeting. So just a heads up to everyone. action item 8.6 is the recommendation approval of of purchase of God decodable books. And, Diane, I believe that you’re introducing this action item. We’ll give you a minute to get situated.

Unknown Speaker 42:58
Great. Well, good

Unknown Speaker 42:59
evening, President secrets doctor had add members of the board. Happy to be here tonight to bring forward this recommendation to purchase our God decodable books from the Wilson language training group. Wilson is also the publisher of fundations and you have heard of us purchasing and using fundations alongside Orton Gillingham, which is a high, highly regarded strategy to help students read these books are going to be funded by our newly awarded Ries grant. So we are absolutely thrilled to be able to use these books, starting this summer getting them in the hands of our students. And then we’ll be able to use them throughout the rest of the year and the following year as well through the rise grande and moving forward. And I would be remiss since Tracy Burnett is with us tonight. It was our award winning purchasing department that helped secure this contract for us lickety split, since we just were awarded the rise grant less than a month ago, so I’m really appreciative of their support.

Unknown Speaker 44:17
Hey, Diane, just before the board has discussion, I know we’re gonna present later but with fundations and Orton Gillingham, we’re starting to see some really significant growth in our reading, especially at the early ages. We’re seeing those first grade levels come way down and significant deficiencies. And so the product has been very, very successful as we’re going to continue. And with this $2.8 million rise grant that we will be putting towards our summer literacy and math programs. We’ll be able to cover the cost of this. But as important and more important, the quality of the product is really yielding positive result.

Unknown Speaker 44:55
Great Thanks for clarifying that Don. And you know Diane, you had me hooked when you mentioned And Odeon foundations so if there aren’t any board member comments or questions, I would then entertain a motion for approval of agenda item 8.6.

Unknown Speaker 45:12
so moved

Unknown Speaker 45:13
by Jim second, and a second by Jim john

Unknown Speaker 45:17
BB. Okay, thank you, Mr. Arens. Mr. Berthold? Yes. Mr. Garcia?

Unknown Speaker 45:25

Unknown Speaker 45:26
Dr. martyr? Yes. Miss Pierce. Hi, Mrs. Raglan. Hi, and Miss Seacrest. I.

Unknown Speaker 45:35
Thanks, Barb. Our final action item this evening is a point seven. It’s a recommendation for approval of facilities use agreement with Boulder County Public Health for COVID-19 vaccine clinics. And this came to us as a result of board policy Kf community use of schools. And Brian, Brandon or Johnny.

Unknown Speaker 46:02
Thank you, Madam President. I’ll go ahead and and try to describe it. And then Johnny, if, if you have anything that you’d like to add, obviously, please do. Jody, and I’ve been working with Boulder County Public Health on setting up COVID-19 vaccination clinics in the parking lot of Timberline k eight, the Boulder County attorneys as you reviewed our standard facilities use agreement and they asked us to make a couple of changes to that agreement. We worked, we worked with them we reached out to Kathy tallarico at Lyons gatos, and have you come up with language that’s agreeable to all parties who were in the process. Kathy pointed out that our board policy k f, actually has a list of your covered entities that are allowed to use our facilities. For for outside third party activities in there really wasn’t a category that was listed in the policy that described what Boulder County Public Health is, is intending to do here. So she said, the easiest thing for us to do just to make sure that we are consistent with our board policy was to take it before the school board and get your approval for this activity. So that’s what we’re doing here this evening. The you know, us form, community use form is part of your package. If you have any specific questions, or anything else. I’d be more than happy to try to answer your questions. Johnny, is there anything I missed anything you want to add on that?

Unknown Speaker 47:41
Not quite.

Unknown Speaker 47:43

Unknown Speaker 47:43
you get a fantastic job. The only thing I might add is that the purpose of the vaccination clinic is to vaccinate underrepresented populations in Boulder County and specifically I lead next population I LG bt q population, because the county is starting to see inequities as relates to vaccinations. And those inequities are, are highlighted by the total population of those that I mentioned before, not quite matching the percentage of people that have been vaccinated. So not only are we participating, but also boulder Valley School District in this effort.

Unknown Speaker 48:27
Okay, thanks, Johnny. And Brandon, I suppose when that policy was created, we never realized there would be a global pandemic, that we’re in board member questions or done.

Unknown Speaker 48:38
Yeah, just, again, just a little bit of context, when this question came to us, and to me, one of the things that we really took note of was, when will this be happening, so that we don’t have large gatherings around our students, then will all safety precautions be taken care of, and then also, our staff and the ability to manage all of this, all of those logistics were really important, and the days in which this will happen. But as Johnny said, and Johnny, thank you, and thank Brandon for your excellent work. You know, we want to be good partners with our community. And we want to make sure that we provide support for all members of our community so that they can those who want to receive the vaccination can but a lot of logistics have gone into this to make sure that safety measures are in place

Unknown Speaker 49:23
while safety and I noticed that they’re all on weekends as well so as not to interfere You know, I’m thinking just was intermurals and, and vaccines are no doubt important that we also need to make sure teachers can park and families can drop off their students. So having it on a weekend avoids avoids all of that, too. So any Johnny, did you have something you wanted to add before I added up to open it up to board member comments or questions? No, man. Okay, thanks, Dick. I think you had indicated you

Unknown Speaker 49:55
just very quickly reading the small print at the end of period Paragraph 11. I just wanted to note that there will be no fees charged by st grain for the service. It is a community service tremendously important. We’ve done all of the due diligence. I think it’s a wonderful partnership cooperation with our bovard County Public Health.

Unknown Speaker 50:21
I agree. Thanks. Stick. Anyone, Chico?

Unknown Speaker 50:24
Yeah, I also just wanted to thank Gianni and Brandon, anyone else involved in this important work and bringing this before so I think it’s exciting for us to be part of this. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 50:37
I agree. All right. With that, then I would entertain a motion for approval of action item 8.7. so moved by Karen. And a second by Paula.

Unknown Speaker 50:52
Okay, Mr. Arens Hi. Mr. Bercow? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Miss Pierce. Aye. Mrs. Raglan. I am the secrets. I

Unknown Speaker 51:10
thank you, Barb. That brings us to the end of our meeting this evening. The board of education will next be gathering on Wednesday, March 17. from six to 8pm. For a study session and mead Middle School, we will be hearing a comprehensive Student Services review. And then we’ll be back here and the Board of Education room after spring break on Wednesday, April 14 at 6pm for our regular meeting.

Unknown Speaker 51:37

Unknown Speaker 51:38
May I I just wanted to express my appreciation to john Don, for the webinar that you gave to Longmont Chamber of Commerce. The chamber is excellent. Boulder County, Latin a chamber as well. I listened to that I think those kinds of that sort of outreach that Donnie do many, many times and do continuously and do so well. is tremendously important to connecting our district with the community and the community with the district. And I just wanted I know it takes time and effort to do it. And I just wanted to express my appreciation on behalf of St. Brain. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 52:24
it was absolutely it was excellent. Done. Yeah. Thanks for pointing that out to appreciate it. And with that, I would entertain a motion for adjournment. Please. so moved by Karen in a second. Second by john. All in favor, aye. Good night, everyone.