2021-02-24 Board of Education Regular Meeting

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For the Pledge of Allegiance. I pledge

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allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and

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justice for all.

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Hi, Barb, can you please call the roll?

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that Mr. Aaron’s

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Mr. Berthold here.

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Mr. Garcia

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here. Dr. martyr

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Miss Pierce here,

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Mrs. Ragland here and Miss Seacrest here. Thanks, Bob. Appreciate it. And Barb, any addendums or changes to the agenda this evening?

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There were no changes.

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Thank you. That brings us to agenda item three, which is audience participation. And we have two individuals who will be speaking this evening, Richard, I have larysa Barton first. Thank you. Good evening, and welcome. If you could, please. Oh, thanks, Greg. If you Hi, lursa. I’m Joey. It’s nice to meet you. Thank you. Please state your name and address for the record. And then once you’re done with that, you’ll have three minutes for your public comment. Okay, sure.

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larysa Barton 2596. County Road 10, airy 80516.

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Greg, can you check to just do you mind making sure that microphone is on? It sounds like it’s not. It might just be that it’s covered up to? Is that better? Perfect. Yes. Thanks to both of you.

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All right. No problem. Well, good evening. Thank you for allowing me to speak. I was thrilled to receive the email this week regarding middle and high school students returning to in person learning. I’m a parent of two kids one and seven that year are soaring heights charter school, and one a freshman at Erie High School. Now I’ve heard many experts say kids are resilient and I understand that overall they are. But there comes a time when they’ve reached their limit and the situation they are dealing with begins to affect their overall health and well being. My 13 year old daughter has a much more difficult time keeping her grades up when she’s online. She stressed often cries easily and shows signs of anxiety that weren’t there before. She’s a social butterfly and now is terribly lonely. When my daughter misses her friends, it’s actually my 15 year old that worries me the most. He is on a 504 plan in Erie hi Duda, ADHD and a mood disorder. The end of last school year and the beginning of this year, I had to spend sitting on the couch next to him to help redirect his attention to classwork. A kid with ADHD is not capable of spending seven hours a day on an iPad. My relationship with my son was being harmed because I was constantly on his case to pay attention, do his schoolwork and watch his attitude. His grades were poor. And because he wasn’t in physical school, many teachers weren’t meeting the accommodations listed on his 504 I had to contact each individual teacher to go over my son’s education plan and work with them on helping him succeed in school. It is absolutely exhausting for me as a parent to fight every step of the way in order to get my child the education he deserves. His favorite classes are the ones taught at the Career Development Center. And those are so difficult to teach via distance learning. How do you teach a kid to use a lathe or a mill without access to the machine. He was so frustrated not being able to learn the things he had signed up for. and thankful that a few weeks ago or high school decided to allow my son to be in physical class four days a week, my husband and I have seen an improvement in his attitude and his grades. Well, we are blessed to have one child in school. Every child deserves the opportunity to receive in person learning. The mental health aspect of being at home all the time. And now the back and forth have been in school a couple days and home a couple days is hurting our kids. People who don’t feel it’s safe to have their children in school cannot for launch Ed, thank you for allowing the rest of us the ones who are willing to meet the mitigation requirements of COVID learning to have our children in the classroom again, where they learn better, focus more and have a healthier school experience. Thank you.

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Thank you. We appreciate you being here. Hi, Dan. I think what good I think we’re just about ready for you. Greg’s gonna wipe everything off real quick. So I’ll skip I’ll skip the introduction this evening since you’ve been here before, if that’s alright with you, and just just still say welcome. Yep. Well, you know what? Yes, your name and address for the record, please. And then we’ll start timing after you’re done with that. Actually, our board secretary is timing it. So okay. Yep.

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Like one minute formatter?

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I can do that.

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Absolutely. That’s not gonna be the first time.

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All right.

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Okay, I’ll start it. As soon as you’re done. How are the roads out there? Take your time. Okay. Yeah, we’ll be here for a little bit longer, you drive safely as well. All right, Greg. Great, Dan, I’ll start the timer. After you state your name and your address for the record.

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I got confused because it was moving down the light, Poppy view lane in Erie, Colorado.

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So we’re good.

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I want to say thank you for making the move towards going back towards K through 12, four days a week. I know that’s been a long time coming difficult decisions were made. So I appreciate getting there. I think that’s going to be a massive improvement for the kids in this district for the families in this district. And for the teachers in this district, it should be a better operational environment for all of them. I specifically want to thank a few of the teachers and principals that I’ve been working with. So Anthony over at sunset, where my my oldest goes, have a couple great interactions with them. Fantastic. I wish that I’d had him as a principal in middle school, my son might not realize that that’s actually an important thing. My my daughter in kindergarten, Miss Burton, over there, and I went Elementary, she’s one of the best that you guys have. She goes above and beyond she logs in and read stories with these kids on their birthdays at night. My daughter sits there for an hour ahead of time, hoping that she doesn’t miss anything in the class. And then the Sherman Oh, thank you for tolerating me, because you’re pretty amazing, too. And I know that I advocate for my son pretty heavily, given what he’s gone through before. So thank you all. And of course, Miss Pitts, I’d be remiss to forget her same comment for her about that Anthony. One of the things that I have noticed a lot of is people don’t understand that that Friday for planning. I think it’d be good if the district put out some very clear reasoning behind that, because that would help families understand what’s going on, and why that’s needed. I know that a lot of that has to do with the hybrid model and asynchronous learning. So what I’ve done is I sent the slide to Dr. Her dad about 45 minutes ago, right before I left, so he probably hasn’t a chance to even see it. But the idea is in the classroom, the teacher broadcasts the same lesson to everybody. So they teach in the classroom. If a student has to quarantine at home, they’re able to watch the exact same thing and they stay logged in. So they can want to thank you. So they can stay logged in. And they can pay attention to what’s happening. And then when they go do their work, they stay logged in. So they can immediately get feedback if they need it instead of waiting for the next office hour. I think that would do a lot to reduce the burden on the teachers having to plan multiple lessons. And a lot of the burden on the families and the kids trying to figure out which lesson are they getting today and maybe getting repeat lessons if they’re lucky enough to be in four days a week during a hybrid period? I think that between those two things, looking at a standardized model for teaching asynchronously in case teachers or students after quarantine, and then really pushing the message out to everybody why that fifth day is needed for planning right now would go a long way towards helping the community to understand what’s going on. So I appreciate your time. Thank you. I know I am not always this happy when I come up here. So thank you again. And I look forward to continue to work with you. I know I can’t leave this but you have a copy. And I’d love to get some refinements on it. So refinements to it so I can try to give you a better plan at some point.

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And you’re welcome to leave it down if you’d like that’s up to your absolutely

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yeah, don’t worry. I don’t have COVID you’re not gonna

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I’m not so that that. Yeah, have a

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good night and drive safe everybody.

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Great. You drive safe to down. Thank you. Nice seeing you again. Agenda item five is our superintendent report. Done.

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All right, thank you. I’ll just leave it at at an update. With COVID. We sent out a letter yesterday to our families and our teachers and our staff, indicating that we would be coming back now four days a week, with Friday’s being an opportunity as it’s been for secondary schools middle and high schoolers for a while now. The library or open spaces in the school. So if you want to come in on Fridays, and we’ve had a number of kids doing that, so that’s been good. And for several weeks, we’ve had a number a couple of weeks. Anyways, we’ve had a number of middle and high schoolers coming in four days a week, along with our elementary school students. So this is a good transition from where we started. The the comments, I think they’re always positive to hear questions we did indicate in the letter that was sent out the the, the reason for the planning time, because of addressing students at home and in person, I don’t think it ever hurts to, you know, reiterate that. But that’s, that’s where that is. The other thing that we mentioned in the letter was that we’ve extended K through eight, through the month of June, for anybody who’s interested in that would be four days a week. And then we’ll continue, we’re continuing to do the after school tutorials and stuff. The other thing that I think would be interesting, and you know, we had this conference that we’ve had this conversation, but never really had it with our community, because there’s never really been a reason to. But you know, the majority of school districts in Colorado are on a four day week. Anyways, prior to COVID, during COVID, after COVID. And we actually had expressed our concerns about that to the state, both the Colorado Department of Education and the governor polis. And my thoughts on that were that it’s that students should be in school for five days a week. And I’ve always said to this group that I think the summer vacation is too long to keep students out of school, because you’re looking at three months. And that contributes to a whole host of other issues. Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I support everybody having to go to school, throughout the month of June. But I do think there should be those opportunities. And so I agree with, with people who have said, you know, why not the five days a week, the reasoning is, as we’re trying to accommodate, and I know, you know this, but I’m sharing it just for public consumption, that we’re trying to accommodate a number of parents, who still are not comfortable bringing their students in. And, understandably, everybody has that right to make whatever decision they want to make on behalf of their family. And I respect that fully. It does create another layer for teachers. And our teachers have indicated, you know, really a great attitude around this and a willingness to continue to address both, it does require additional planning time. And that’s where the Friday’s Come in, come into play. But we are trying to mitigate that with the after school support, the Friday’s being open. So even now at the elementary level, we were going to set up a system where parents can bring some of their students in at the elementary level on Friday, for some independent work. And it would always be supervised for sure. But those schedules that split the school and things like that will be offered up by the principals, to the individual school communities, depending on the interest that’s out there. So that’s where we are with the four days a week, going into the five days. And then also, the summer planning will also offer the jumpstart program that would start the school year, two weeks earlier in August. So that captures some more time.

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And then we will also run, you know, robust programming around a recovery and stem camps and robotics and a whole host of other things. I’m actually very, very glad to hear the the strength of support for five day, five days a week in in our public schools, because across Colorado, for days has become more utilized than five, which I do not agree with or support. And across the United States that has become a trend. And so hopefully, this can help to reverse that trend and move school districts back to five days a week. I know it’s not always popular with students, and in some cases with families. But again, I have thought for a long time that the three month break in the summer is way too long for students to be out of school. Now we have over the years and saying brain closed that gap. As you know, our schools are open a lot in the summers. We’ve got all kinds of activities. The other thing is, you know, our schools are open a lot prior to COVID. On Saturdays, you know you all have seen the gyms bustling with hundreds of kids engaged in robotics on Saturdays and so we are definitely a school district that supports more time in person in the classroom. This is a unique time and I appreciate the patience and the support. And the understanding that our community has shown us as we’ve tried to navigate and be responsive to all 33,000 families. And that’s where we are right now. So I appreciated the comments tonight, and I appreciate, you know, the feedback that I received from parents throughout the day, it’s been good. I also appreciate our teachers. You know, it’s, it’s an interesting thing, because when you stop and think about the fact that this has been going on for a year, it’s, it’s been, it’s been a burden on our students and on our families and on our teachers. And, and, you know, all in all, I’m very proud and appreciative of the way we’ve worked through this together, it hasn’t always been easy, but everybody’s been on the same team pushing for the same objective, which is the best interest of our children. The other thing that I think, I would say, is kind of evolved from this experience. And it’s not over, but at least we’re seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, and I’ll finish my update on COVID in just a second. But the other thing we’ve seen it, I think it’s it’s created a light, you know, it’s it’s shine a light on public education. For people throughout our country, I think that there’s always been a respect for the institution and appreciation by many. And at the same time, not by all, I don’t think everyone has fully understood the impact that public education can have on our community and on, you know, economic development, on public safety, on national security, on our property values on our service industry, on our health and well being and happiness. You know, I’ve always believed that about public education. And I think that that’s come to light a little bit for people. I’m not glad that COVID happened by any stretch of the imagination. But I do think we have the opportunity to advance beyond where we were prior to COVID. I really believe that there are some things that we have done throughout COVID that we will institutionalize, you know, many of our cleanliness and hygiene and sanitizing and all of that, we’re going to continue to do those things. Forever, doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be wearing masks forever. That’s not my point. But a lot of the cleaning things that we do, and all of the H vac upgrades and all of those things will continue to do and I think that will be in everybody’s best interest. I also think it’s it’s created an opportunity for us to extend the school year, institutionalize that extend opportunities after school during the school year, extended into weekends. Also looking at potentially down the road, not right now, but potentially some focus school option around a hybrid model. There’s just a lot that we can add value to our school system. But I’ll close just with, with saying thank you, again, to you as a board and to our team, and to our teachers and to our students and to our parents, everybody has really come together and done, done some great work in a very, very challenging time. So vaccinations we got the green light on February 8, to begin vaccinating K through 12 educators.

Unknown Speaker 18:28
And basically now we are through overwhelmingly our teaching staff and our classified staff, they should all be receiving either their first shot, some will be receiving their second shot here pretty soon their second vaccine dose of vaccine. And then by spring break, by the time we enter, everyone will have received one mostly who most will have received to and then will be in a good spot to begin the quarantining protocol will be consistent. But we won’t necessarily if if a person has been vaccinated, they’ll not necessarily have to be quarantine. So that’s a good thing in terms of operations will also allow, again, students to continue with the synchronous learning model from home if that’s what they choose to do. And then continue with all of our protocols for safety throughout. I want to thank UC health. Want to thank nextera I want to thank Safeway, all of whom have been very supportive Jackie, I think Kaiser has contributed some to the overall but not in direct partnership. But are there any others that you’re aware of? They haven’t we haven’t accessed them at this point yet though.

Unknown Speaker 19:51
They are willing to support us with any new employees that we have or any just kind of cleanups of the list.

Unknown Speaker 19:59
Yeah, so You know, in basically two weeks, we were able to move through close to 5000 employees, and get everybody situated as quickly as possible. So that’s where we are. If anybody is listening tonight, again, we’ll in terms of the snow that’s falling outside, we’ll continue with our same practice, we will monitor it, we will be driving around this evening, around three o’clock in the morning, checking all the roads in all of our areas, and then we will make any decisions. In the morning prior to five o’clock, as to anything right now with our conversations with our weather consultant, he indicated that it should stop, you know, 11 to 12 o’clock tonight. And then in the morning, it might be a little slower, but they don’t anticipate it’ll be enough to shut anything down. So that’s what we’re hoping for. And we’ll monitor it throughout the evening. Are there any questions that you guys have? I know when I know, I normally don’t ask that. But in light of the fact that this is an update on COVID, I want to make sure that if there’s something I did not share that you have an opportunity that I would share so that the public could could hear it as well. Anyone?

Unknown Speaker 21:09
No, no questions, appreciate it. And appreciate your comments. About the five days a week, I share your sentiment wholeheartedly, and do want to just take a minute with the Board of Education has resumed our study sessions. And last week, we were up at lions middle senior high school. And what we’re focusing on on for those, these first few study sessions is really the board is is certainly close to the work, but we’re not, we’re not deep in the work on an operational basis. And so these study sessions are a great opportunity for the Board of Education to catch up with various departments and truly understand what’s happened over the past year for that with them in their department with COVID. And so just really want to point that out to the community, you can access those audio files on the district website. And I would encourage you if you have time to go on. And listen. It’s pretty incredible what everyone has done to to educate students over over the past year. quite remarkable. So I don’t know if any board members really have any comments to add. Add about that. But I would like to encourage the public to listen, to listen to those those meetings to have a good understanding. Yeah. Thanks, Don. Appreciate it. Yep. Greg, action item 6.1. Is the district financial statements for January? fiscal year 2021. We did meet the Board of Education convenient 530. This evening, and we did meet to discuss these in detail. I’ll let you take it from here.

Unknown Speaker 22:53
Sure, we did cover it in detail. What I would say is that

Unknown Speaker 22:56
it’s your micro micro. I was gonna say microwave. It’s not a microwave. Is your microphone on? Do you okay? sound like it doesn’t sound like it’s on. Thanks, Greg. Appreciate it. Sorry to interrupt you on that.

Unknown Speaker 23:15
All right. Better. Okay, so we did cover it at 530. What I would say is we will post these to the website in the next couple of days. One of the things we’d like to point out is there’s an executive summary or dashboard at the beginning that kind of highlights how each fund within the district is doing. And so, again, this is January, financial. So through January 31. It includes the amended budget that you adopted at the end of January. It also based off of that amended budget, that mid amended budget is based off of now known funded pupil count assessed valuation, various things that we we project in the springtime. And this the amended budget allows us to true some of that up. And so people can go out and see really what our true spending plan is between now and the end of the year. I would say that everything is is doing well. We continue to monitor two programs, primarily and that’s Nutrition Service and community schools. And that’s because they were impacted more heavily than other programs due to the lack of participation. So we will continue to monitor those. We have a plan to support them if necessary.

Unknown Speaker 24:37
Thanks, Greg. Appreciate it. BOARD MEMBER comments or questions about financials. All right. Thank you. That brings us to our consent items this evening. And before before we get into those, I do want to give Todd an opportunity to introduce our new hires

Unknown Speaker 25:01
Thank you. Good evening president secrets members of the board and Superintendent adad. It’s my pleasure to bring two administrative recommendations for approval. Joining us tonight is vs. Luanne tallman. It is our recommendation that the Board of Education approved the hiring of a star Duan Tolman, as the principal for central Elementary School. Miss Thomas spent the past four years school years as principal of Palmer Elementary in the Denver Public Schools, and has served in the role of principal for nearly 17 years in both Denver Public Schools and Aurora public schools. Prior to her school leadership roles, she held various classroom positions, and taught multiple grade levels from kindergarten to sixth grade. Miss Thompson has a bachelor of arts and education from the University of Northern Iowa, a Master’s of Arts in curriculum and design of literacy from Lesley University, and a principals license from the University of Phoenix. And I’m going to get Tom in a few minutes to address the board.

Unknown Speaker 26:06
Thank you so much. I’m deeply honored to become part of your St. burring. family. I have been in education a long time, but I have a lot left in me. So I am so happy to come up to save right I was seeking a collaborative, caring kind community. And I can tell you, I’ve already found that in Central, they’ve already reached out. I’m planning my first building tour on Monday and getting to meet the families. My focus has always been for children. I’m motivated by children’s growth, children’s happiness, children seeking new opportunities, I think that’s what elementary school is about is making sure that we have lots and lots of opportunities for children’s to try to find their passions also. So I think what the IB program at Central, that will be a great fit for me. I am lm a learner and that’s where I find my joy to and I feel like the central staff will offer me many things. And I feel like I have a lot to offer the central staff. So I also sought some very positive leadership. And I’ve heard very good things about the board. And the superintendent from several friends that I have in the already in St. Brian, who kind of drew me up to St. parade so deeply honored and very committed to the welfare of your families and your children. That’s a great. Great,

Unknown Speaker 27:31
thank you very much. It’s wonderful to meet you. And we’re glad that you decided to come to St. vrain Valley schools and it sounds like it’s going to be a wonderful fit.

Unknown Speaker 27:43
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 27:44
I’m looking forward to meeting you all personally, hopefully as the fault comes into next year.

Unknown Speaker 27:49
We would love that. Yes. Looking forward to it.

Unknown Speaker 27:54
Thank you. Todd, I

Unknown Speaker 28:12
think you’re muted.

Unknown Speaker 28:13
You’re muted. Tom

Unknown Speaker 28:14
Todd, you’re muted.

Unknown Speaker 28:15
I apologize. I’m sorry. Second, is our recommendation that the Board of Education approved the hiring of Miss Amanda Holden as the principal for Eagle crest Elementary School. Miss Holden has served as an assistant principal at Lewisville Elementary, Columbine elementary and Andrew viden Middle School at the boulder Valley School District. She currently serves as principal at bayfield Primary School in the bayfield School District. Miss Holden has also served as a reading specialist and English language learner classroom teacher for several years in the boulder Valley School District. Her academic background includes a Master’s of education and language and literacy from Harvard University, a Bachelor of Science in elementary and special education from Green Mountain College in Vermont, and an educational specialist degree in administrative leadership and policy studies from the University of Colorado at Denver. So, Amanda,

Unknown Speaker 29:17
thanks, Todd.

Unknown Speaker 29:20
Thank you, Doctor Who dag members of the board. Thank you so much for welcoming me this evening. Thank you, Todd for such a nice introduction. I am thrilled to be taking on the role of principal at Eagle crest Elementary School. About three years ago my family had the opportunity to move across the state. And so we took an adventure to way southwest Colorado as a family and it’s been lovely but like Todd said, our roots are really on the front range in the boulder and Denver area and so we’re excited to move up back to Boulder County and be in Longmont. I really focused my job search on st varying Valley School Because of that idea of belief in the power and the promise of public education, that is what drew me into the district. And, like luann said, I just feel continually inspired by the work that’s already happening there, and the power and the excitement of what is yet to come. So thank you so much for welcoming me, my family and I cannot wait to get back home and get to Longmont. I am the mom of a six year old who will be part of the st brainstorm two as a second grader next year. So we’re really excited to join the family. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 30:34
Thank you. It’s nice to meet you. And welcome to St. vrain. Valley schools. We’ll look forward to meeting you in the fall.

Unknown Speaker 30:44
What can people see us when we wave to them when they’re on? No? Okay. It’s natural. And I thought from that

Unknown Speaker 30:53

Unknown Speaker 30:55
Oh, okay. So they didn’t know if I was waving to myself or what was going on. So yeah, Todd, thank you. That was wonderful, wonderful to meet those individuals. And we will look forward to them joining the same brain Valley School District.

Unknown Speaker 31:13
Do our one big thing is we also have finished interviews for old columbines assistant principal, and that’s not tonight, but we have an outstanding individual that we’ll be introducing you to and then we will finalize BlackRock this week and the principalship there. So that will conclude our openings other than the the one assistant superintendents position.

Unknown Speaker 31:34
Right. Thanks, john. All right. Do board members wish to pull any consent items this evening?

Unknown Speaker 31:43
7.4, please.

Unknown Speaker 31:45
Great, thanks, stick. Alright, we’ll go ahead and vote on the remainder and then we’ll come back to 7.4. All right, I would entertain a motion for approval then for agenda item 7.1. recommendation to hire principal for central elementary school 7.2 recommendation to hire principal for Eagle crest elementary school 7.3 purchase of Chromebooks and Google management licenses 7.5 approval of change order to contract award for cleaning services by john and a second. Second, by Karen.

Unknown Speaker 32:23
Mr. Aaron’s Hi.

Unknown Speaker 32:26
Mr. Bercow. Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Miss Pierce. Hi, Mrs. Raglan. I am Miss Seacrest.

Unknown Speaker 32:39
I thank you, Barb dek. Agenda Item 7.4, which is a request to grant an exception to board policy GB,

Unknown Speaker 32:49

Unknown Speaker 32:53
Thank you. Thanks. I asked, I would just like as a matter of practice, for our board to be informed about the specific conditions of this request. And just to reinforce the fact that our staff is very careful about reviewing requests that have to do with potential conflicts of interest. So Greg, would you be able to fill us in on the specifics of this conflicts of interest? exception requests?

Unknown Speaker 33:32
Sure. So we are requesting we’re recommending that you allow an exception to board policy GB EA, which is staff, staff ethics and conflict of interest. Basically, what the the board policy says is no school district employee or firm owned by a school district employee shall be allowed to sell to the school district or its schools and staffs goods or services of any kind without the Express written consent of the Board of Education. So that means that anybody who’s an employee, whether they’re a substitute, in this case, it’s a it’s attract coach, but even in a regular employee, if they potentially would be selling something to the school district. Then we go through a process where we review what that looks like and, and and what that means in terms of ensuring that even though there may be a conflict of interest, it’s an acceptable conflict of interest in so that’s why we’re making exception to it. In this case, we have done that we’ve looked at it and Mr. Ball is a track assistant track coach at Lyons High School nyuad high school would like to use him for some manual physical therapy for student athletes primarily on their track and cross country teams. And that’s really sports specific so he’s the name of their the company that he works for his functional approach. Sports training, which the acronym is fast, so you can kind of get an idea of what he’s doing. In this case, nyuad High School is the only one that has reached out to him to provide those services, we do not see that as a conflict of interest, they’re trying to, you know, keep their students safe. And and, and provide appropriate training for them. We don’t know whether or not a different high school would would want him to do that, what we would say is that we would not allow him to do that for Lyons High School, because that’s where it would be potentially conflict of interest between him in his role as a coach and and the impact he can have on the students that potentially would be using his services and being a participant on the track team as well. So the other thing that we look at is we say, he shouldn’t make more than a certain amount, kind of what the board has discussed in the past is $5,000 in a year. And so we’ve put that stipulation on there, as well as if he were going to make more than $5,000, in this year, in he would need to come back and give another exception. So it’s limiting how much money he can earn through the services he’s providing. And it’s kind of narrowing, what services he can provide to who and so based off of going through that process, we do not feel like it’s a conflict of interest that wouldn’t allow an exception to

Unknown Speaker 36:34
that. Thank you, Greg, that thanks for the very thorough explanation. And not only what the what he’s asking to be able to do for the district, but also providing the limits of dollar limits and terms of footies is doing. I really appreciate that thorough explanation. And if I may, at this point, if if it’s an order, I would move 7.4 approval of requests to grant an exception to board policy GB e A, staff ethics, conflict of interest in this case,

Unknown Speaker 37:16
thanks stick and a second place. Chico

Unknown Speaker 37:21
Mr. Arens?

Unknown Speaker 37:23
Yes, Mr. Bercow?

Unknown Speaker 37:26

Unknown Speaker 37:28
Mr. Garcia?

Unknown Speaker 37:29
Yes. Dr. martyr?

Unknown Speaker 37:31

Unknown Speaker 37:33
Miss Pierce. Aye. Mrs. Raglan. I miss siegrist. Aye.

Unknown Speaker 37:42
Agenda Item 8.1 is the recommendation for approval of renaming old Columbine High School Career Development Center and Saint brain global Academy.

Unknown Speaker 37:57
Hi, Dina.

Unknown Speaker 38:07
Do you know I think you’re muted.

Unknown Speaker 38:20
There we go. I can’t unmute with my screen share. So let me share this again. Sorry about that.

Unknown Speaker 38:27
Oh, my gosh, no worries. But nice, gracious. I think everybody’s saying to somebody else that they’re muted. It has just become part of day to day life. And this current environment. So what?

Unknown Speaker 38:40
No, right. Let’s try this again. Okay, can you see my screen now?

Unknown Speaker 38:46
We can Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 38:50
All right.

Unknown Speaker 38:50
Let’s start again. Thank you, President siegrist. board members and Dr. Haddad. We really appreciate that this opportunity to provide an update about where we are with our rebranding process. And with me tonight are Karen McDermid communications. Denise cook principal at old Columbine High School CDC, both of our assistant principals from CDC and all Columbine, Tony, Joe Nikolai and buck Weber, and Stacy stressful, our principal at St. Green online global Academy. So a little over a year ago, we began talking about this the tremendous progress and expanded opportunities that students have at this campus. And we began talking about rebranding all of the programs in schools at the campus and how we can enhance how we promote our programs. You may not know that CDC is one of only seven career and technical education centers in the state of Colorado, and at CDC alone, 1000 students attend classes, and that’s an increase of 250 students from five years ago. CDC offers seven pathways with industry certification options In each pathway, and career technical education programming at St. Brain is not limited to CDC. It’s much broader than that. So there’s a strong connection between CTE programming at CDC and at the Innovation Center. And we also have CTE coursework happening at seven of our high schools and five of our middle schools. So in total, there are 44 programs running that our CTE programs in St. Moraine Valley School District. Over the last 10 years, we have actually increased our student enrollment in our CTE courses from 2800 students to all over 5200. So it is definitely an expanding program that students want to have access to online global prior to COVID. We were set to have our largest class of 145 students. We have seen a little bit, we didn’t quite hit that mark this year with COVID occurring, but we expect to come back strong after we get through the global pandemic. And it’s still a strong option for students across our district. And then finally, at old Columbine High School, the administrative team with the support of very committed hard working teachers has really transformed the programming at that school, and our student success rates have certainly soared along with those programming changes. We have expanded offerings to students that include Advanced Placement coursework, and we have also increased our student enrollment, and classes at Front Range Community College at CDC and Innovation Center. So many of our old Columbine students are taking courses at all of those campuses. So tonight, we will share our process for gathering insights from our stakeholders around the rebranding process, and what we learned about our collective vision about our campus and we will propose new names that will help us build a stronger brand and tell a more complete story about the programming available to our students. The exploratory process for rebranding the sunset sunset street campus and as programs began in 2019. Through highly collaborative deep strategy dives where the communications team facilitated discussions and planning with advisory committees of diverse stakeholders, including students, teachers and staff, families and school and district leadership, to talk about the vision and values of each program, their strengths, challenges and opportunities, as well as the positioning and value of each program within St. brainz. Comprehensive secondary offerings. This work was slowed dude, slowed down due to the pandemic, but we’re excited to be here tonight to propose some options for moving forward. And I’m going to turn it over to the program leads to each briefly talk about what we discovered in these focus group advisory sessions.

Unknown Speaker 42:52
So at the Career Development Center, our advisory group included students, parents, our program staff and our district administrators, as well as some of our business partners. There’s a strong message we had that the name the current name, the Career Development Center center is outdated, and doesn’t really represent current career and technical education. This is gonna give us an opportunity to champion our outstanding programming as the innovative technology focused and cutting edge programs that they are. Our focus group conversations revealed that the students really see our campus more of a like more of a community college atmosphere due to the individualized and specialized coursework that offers concurrent enrollment through Front Range.

Unknown Speaker 43:51
Green online global Academy, we also had an advisory group that included students, parents, school and district staff and administrators. One of the things we noticed was that the term online in the name can be confusing because people believe that it’s a fully online remote program. In reality, our success is really largely attributed to the support from onsite teachers and counselors, and most students attend in person daily on a flexible schedule. People don’t realize we’re a high school rather than a program, parent student and staff felt that that was an important case that we were able to market ourselves as a high school will continue to provide opportunities for those flexible schedules and individualized page pacing and individualized attention. Many families from that work from home also noted that they recognize the important skills their students are gaining in the self paced goal oriented program, the same skills they’ll need to be successful in a 21st century environment.

Unknown Speaker 45:05
Columbine High School advisory group included students, parents, teachers, district staff as well as administrators. We learned that students and staff are equally passionate about reframing the perception of the opportunities that our high school has to offer. And we want our school to be marketed as a rigorous learning environment, which it is. We are really proud of the efforts and proud and our students are proud to take advantage of advanced placement courses, engage in coursework at Front Range Community College, and receive specialized programming opportunities at the Career Development Center, as well as the Innovation Center. One of the major levers of our success at old Columbine has always been the supportive community environment. students feel the support from their teachers, teachers feel so supported from their students. And the biggest, the biggest thing that we see with our kids is they love supporting each other and encouraging each other to do more and accomplish their goals. And we’ve seen that in our increased graduation rate over the years. Our students want our community and other schools and other students inside of the school districts know about all of the amazing things that we have happening on our campus. And they want our school to be seen as a destination opportunity, a place that they can feel proud of. Our students are proud that our programming has become more rigorous, offering more access and opportunities over the last four years. And they keep expressing that they want more. So they want access to more suited certification programs. They want to be more involved at CDC Innovation Center. They’re looking for internships and want to pursue more concurrent enrollment classes.

Unknown Speaker 47:02
Among our conversations across all of the programs, four key themes emerge that provide the messaging foundation and framework for structuring a cohesive campus branding strategy. Those are advancement, rigor, opportunity and community. through the lens of these four focus themes the proposed campus name emerged from our advisory committee work and input from district administration, the name global acceleration campus is recommended for the sunset street campus facilities. As we further develop the rollout of the campus brand along with the three program brands, visual imagery, brand, identity and positioning statements will all focus on the elements of the four messaging themes of advancement, rigor, opportunity and community. In our strategy, deep dives with the Career Development Center Advisory Committee, and additional four key brand themes emerged. Those were career growth, discovery and exploration, technology and future ready. accordingly. Tonight, we are recommending a renaming of the Career Development Center to the career elevation in Technology Center. This name was chosen because as a brand, it will emphasize not only the robust technology aspect of the center’s programs, but also its role in elevating opportunity and career advancement for our students.

Unknown Speaker 48:25
And back Did you

Unknown Speaker 48:28
just had done mute there, sorry about that. And looking at the future at the current location and Technology Center,

Unknown Speaker 48:35
we are constantly assessing needs, looking for ways to expand opportunities for our students in the district. At the CTC certification can be a bridge between high school and a high wage, high growth and high demand work environment. For example, one of the areas we are currently exploring as the addition of a pre law pathway. There are strong student interest in pursuing careers related to a variety of social justice issues, social work, and criminal justice paths. A pre law pathway would give students with these aspirations a head start on earning college credit toward a degree or certification relating to their interests and passions. We also are exploring the perfect summer programming access to our certification. Students who schedule and graduations make it difficult to access to TC during the regular school year.

Unknown Speaker 49:37
For the St. Louis and online global Academy, we had great conversations with students and parents in our advisory sessions. And from those important

Unknown Speaker 49:45

Unknown Speaker 49:46
for spelled out also emerged including personal direction, flexibility, empowerment and student driven. This in conjunction with the information that Stacy shared earlier led us to propose the name St. Brain virtual High School

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Heart brand message will help reduce confusion about on site increase in student attendance. We want students to know that they attend school at St. Brian virtual high school with staff who provide a tremendous support system around account planning, academic support and social emotional learning opportunities.

Unknown Speaker 50:24
Similarly, as we did with the other programs, we also had a lot of student and teacher input into how we might support the advancement of old Columbine High School. The brand pillars that were really important to our advisory committee members with regards to old Columbine were achievement, hope, strength and culture, as the committee considered many name options that would encompass these pillars while also providing a platform to create a powerful brand story and community for the school. The name new meridian High School emerged as the recommendation for the new school name, a meridian being the longitudinal lines that circle the globe through each of the earth poles. This name evokes a brand sense of finding direction globalized thinking, connectedness and finding pathways to the future.

Unknown Speaker 51:10
We had many powerful conversations with our students who were of course very vocal about what they love about our school and the significant impact our teachers have on their success. Just like there are many meridians that circled the globe, we want to carry that theme forward and we want to offer a variety of pathways that connect or bridge our students from their high school experience to college careers post secondary outcomes. We are currently looking at offering focus programming where students will choose a college or career ready pathway. We are also exploring a partnership with Metro State University where potentially our students can graduate from high school while concurrently earning eight to 12 college credit credits that can later be applied towards a four year degree at Metro State. Many of our students enroll at old column by late in their high school career, and they do come to us very credit deficient so the challenge becomes finding space in their schedule to reengage them with school their core credits while promoting college and career opportunities. Opening up more summer programming and career options at the CTC an offering summer programming specific to new meridian students is a step forward in helping our students pursue advanced manufacturing, a health career or any other certifications and program opportunities within our system. rebranding our campus as another great High School option where students graduate with a high school diploma and are college and career ready. And most importantly, future ready is an important part of the story that we hope to tell as we become new meridian High School.

Unknown Speaker 53:03
If the board approves our recommend conditions this evening, our next steps are to begin the logo design process. And we will also be working closely with our operations team on some capital improvements and opportunities to elevate and bring more of each programs visual brand story and messaging into the school environment for a strong launch to the 2021 2022 school year with their new program identities.

Unknown Speaker 53:28
All right, and we want to as we wrap up here, we want to thank Don for his support, he has dedicated a budget for us to implement some capital improvements to the campus, not only will the name change, need to be incorporated, but we are really excited about telling this story about all the opportunities that students will have here at the global acceleration campus. So over the next year, we will work with a team from operations and maintenance, communications and staff members from each of our programs in schools to reconstruct a beautiful new entryway at the main campus building and also add prominent visuals to the main corridors. And our goal is to inspire students and staff to build pride among the student body and among staff but also within our community, and also to reflect the strong future ready focus of our programs. So thank you again very much for this opportunity. And we’re happy to answer any questions you might

Unknown Speaker 54:24

Unknown Speaker 54:26
Great, thank you, everyone. Appreciate it. a board member questions or comments. Karen

Unknown Speaker 54:35
great job as always, and I love the new name to replace old column by and so that one really speaks to me. I think you put in so much work and it shows.

Unknown Speaker 54:47
Thanks you, Paul.

Unknown Speaker 54:51
Thank you, everybody for a great presentation. I really I do like to hear about the process and the input and the journey that kind of brought you To the decisions for the renaming, I think it’s really important because I even in just the years that my kids were in school, the growth that’s happened at the Career Development Center, and then adding the Innovation Center and just adding the programs. It’s extensive. And I agree when someone said that the naming the current naming is outdated, that we do need to introduce words like technology, and acceleration and the virtual High School. Because those those names, those references matter, you know, they automatically trigger a response. And I think they need the labels need to reflect better the comprehensive nature and the interconnectivity of a lot of the programming that we have. So great job with it, I think the names are great, thank you for explaining the meridian. I was wondering where that came from. But it makes total sense. I love the the global reference to longitudinal lines. And they also just want to one thing that jumped out at me during the presentation was during the old Columbine foundational pillars with hope. I just love that, that that’s that made the list. Because that’s not necessarily a tangible that you see a whole lot, but it’s, I love it. I just think it’s critically important. So I enjoyed seeing that. So thank you for all the work. I think it’s a great idea. I thank you, Don, for your marketing some funds to put towards this, because I really do think it’s, it’s mission critical. So thanks again. Tech.

Unknown Speaker 56:30
Thank you. Thank you, Dina, I really appreciated the overall presentation and the obvious care that was taken in each step of the way. I guess what struck me was the individual characteristics of each of the schools. And they did really did, I think, a marvelous job connecting with what’s real, and, and why the students are enrolled in those programs. Having, you know, worked as a tutor at the online Academy, and spent quite a bit of time in that building. I think that not only the discrete student populations that we draw to that overall program, were well identified, but also the common theme that the entire campus and role that that campus, appropriately plays, is captured in the in the proposed global acceleration campus. So I just wanted to recognize what is clearly a very careful and thoughtful effort moving forward. And one that positions us to through our name and better definitions to attract more students to the program, who are looking for just exactly what those three, three campuses offer.

Unknown Speaker 58:09
Thanks, stick, john,

Unknown Speaker 58:11
thank you very much. I’m going to say that I love the new meridian name, I think that one really speaks and imagery just echoes in my head, I love it. The Career elevations over and over again, on the description, I kept hearing path and pathway. I’m wondering if you ever considered the career pathway in technology centers as a name, it just seems like that was in the description over and over again.

Unknown Speaker 58:42
Yeah, I think we considered a lot of different names. And we looked at programming that is occurring across the state. And we did not really want to duplicate a lot of, you know, a lot of those kind of naming, naming conventions. And also Pat right now in career and technical education, they’re called pathways by the state, but there could be a shift to that too. And then that would become outdated. So we really tried to go with a naming convention that was a little more ubiquitous and could could withstand the test of time as career technical Ed, changes and alters their naming conventions.

Unknown Speaker 59:18
As always, I was really add

Unknown Speaker 59:21
to that the the elevations where it also ties into the global acceleration campus brand that when you elevate your You can also accelerate. And so it was some thought put in there on how each of the names play into each other under that that comprehensive umbrella brand of the global accelerations campus.

Unknown Speaker 59:40
As I said, Thank you very much. I knew it was well vetted, and I just kept hearing the word path and pathway over and over again. So it kind of seemed a natural naming process, but I appreciate the explanation. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 59:55
Thank you, john.

Unknown Speaker 59:56
Great. Thanks, john. ppreciate it dick. I share your excitement over a campus name, the global acceleration campus. I love that addition, thoroughly. am impressed with the process. I have to be honest, I think this is a wonderful example of of the district, the schools. Carrie, Denise, Tony, Joe, Stacey buck, all of you collaborating with the stakeholders, the students, family, district, and everyone to really come together to make sure that not only are the schools reflective of the community’s desires, but also the opportunities that are appropriate for students now, and as we look ahead in St. Brain, I really appreciate that. I’m excited about the potential addition of the pre law pathway, and specifically, and then also at New meridian High School. Tony, Joe, you talked a little bit about that college and career pathway and maybe a partnership with Metro State University.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:01
Yeah, we’re pretty excited about all of those as well, Joey. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:05
Yeah, no, it’s just super exciting. And and you know, just another example of St. Rain, really just always, you know, taking a look at not only what’s important to kids now, but what’s important for them to be successful when they’re done with school, you know, five years from now, 10 years from now, and really making sure everything is relevant, as well. So, so thank you. This is exciting. Don, I saw you move your microphone out of my peripheral vision. So I’ll turn the turn. Turn it over to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:35
Thank you, Joe. I just wanted to say thank you to everybody involved, I won’t go through each individual’s name. You’ve heard from all of them. It’s really been a long process for them in a very detailed and extensive job that they’ve done. And communication is a great strength of this system. Thanks to Karis leadership, Dina’s leadership and expertise in a variety of different ways the leadership that Tony Joe and Denise have shared in towards this project and buck and everybody, everybody involved, Stacey, it’s just been a pretty incredible process. And one of the things that we shared at our last meeting is we’re no longer going to refer to ourselves as having eight traditional high schools. And one alternative high school, we’re going to tell people what we have, we have 10 outstanding high schools. That’s, that’s how we’re going to describe these 10 schools, these 10 high schools that we have, because every single one of them has an amazingly viable opportunity, waiting for our children. And so that will be another thing that you will see in our literature. They’ll no longer be the term alternative high school.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
That’s a great change. Absolutely. All right. Um, Deena, could I ask you just one more time are I actually wrote them down I can before. Before we vote, can we just cover the the names of the schools one more time?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:57
Absolutely. So do you want me to show it Joey or No, I just tell a campus. Yep. The campus is the global acceleration campus. And then the career elevation and Technology Center. New meridian High School, and St. Brain virtual High School.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
Great, thank you. Appreciate it. With that I would entertain a motion then for approval of action item 8.1, which is renaming old Columbine, CDC and St. Ring global Academy. so moved by Jim in a second. Second, by john.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
Mr. Evans. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:45
Mr. Murray. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:47
Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:51

Unknown Speaker 1:03:52
Miss Pierce. Aye. Mrs. Raglan. I miss siegrist.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:58

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
actually am 8.2 is the approval of 2020 2021 School District calendar adjustment. Hi, Diane.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10
Hello, and good evening. Presidents secrest. I can see you and I hope you can see me as well. We can dyadic members of the board. So I want to thank you for taking a look at our recommendation tonight that we change our 20 2021 district calendar. You just heard a great opportunity from from Dina perfetti Dini, and it is her leadership again, it may be snowing outside, but we have staff that is looking towards may and our graduation. And so this change is really due in part to two things. We have been identifying an increasing number of students graduating from several of our schools that have alternate graduation dates and anticipating some social distancing and some safety guidelines, Dana took the charge of really taking a look at what we might need to do logistically. And for that reason, we need to change our calendar as we are setting our date for universal high school to may 27, and old Columbine High School to may 28.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:26
Thanks, Diane. That’s pretty, pretty straightforward. Any questions or comments? All right, then I would entertain a motion for approval of action item 8.2.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:35
so moved

Unknown Speaker 1:05:37
by Karen.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:39

Unknown Speaker 1:05:40
by Jim.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:44
Mr. Arens Hi. Mr. Bercow? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:49
Mr. Garcia?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:50
Yes. Dr. martyr?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:52

Unknown Speaker 1:05:54
Miss Pierce. Aye. Mrs. Raglan. I am Miss siegrist. I

Unknown Speaker 1:06:02
actually item 8.3 is the first reading discussion board policies j r A dash j r c. Student Records release of information on students. kb D. public’s right to know freedom of information. k DB dash our public’s right to know freedom of information. Hi, Brandon and Carrie.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:29
There we go.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:32
Good evening, and thank you I presented secrets. Thanks for having us here this evening. I recommend the Board approve the changes that are indicated to the policies Jr, a GRC kbd and kbd dash R. in general. These revisions will bring our policies into alignment with Cosby recommendations to ensure our policies are consistent with Colorado statutes. And three adopt similar procedures to those used by CDE. For reporting to Cora are reporting on core requests are responding I’m sorry, responding to query requests. We’re happy to try to answer any questions that you might have with the changes that are indicated on the documents in the packet.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:22
Thanks, Brandon proceeded board member questions or comments this evening? No, all right. Well, Brandon, pretty straightforward. There’s no comments or questions. So then I would go ahead and entertain a motion. Unless Brendon you have anything else? I’m sorry. I don’t mean to cut you off. No, thank you. Alright. Then I would entertain a motion motion for approval for action item 8.3. By Paula and a second. by Karen.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:54
Mr. Arens? Hi, Mr. Berthold.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:58

Unknown Speaker 1:08:00
Mr. Garcia?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:01

Unknown Speaker 1:08:02
Dr. martyr?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:03

Unknown Speaker 1:08:05
Miss Pierce. I Mrs. Raglan. I am Miss Seacrest. I

Unknown Speaker 1:08:12
thank you, Barb. Thanks for being here, Brian, or Brandon. Can’t keep anybody straight this evening. action item 8.4 is the recommendation to up for update to approval of vendors providing purchase services over $100,000. And Greg, I believe that you’re joining us on WebEx for this.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:34
Yeah, good evening again. So we have board policy dJ dJ A, which says that we need to bring action items to the board, where there is a cost to the district of more than $100,000 to a single vendor in a year. Typically, we do that at the beginning of the year. But if that happens during the course of the year, we identify vendors that are going to fit into that category. We bring it back to the board tonight. We have two of them. They are both providers of special education services. One is occupational therapy, physical therapy, and the other one is just a special ed placement. And that’s in the best interest of the student to place them in that facility.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:23
Thanks, Greg. BOARD MEMBER questions or comments on action item 8.4. All right. Then I would entertain a motion for approval of action item 8.4. Please show moved by Jim. Second by Chico

Unknown Speaker 1:09:44
Mr. Arens?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:47
Mr. Bern polled Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Dr. martyr?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:53

Unknown Speaker 1:09:55
Miss Pierce. I Mrs. Ragland. I MSC grist. I

Unknown Speaker 1:10:02
thank you bar appreciate it. We don’t have any discussion items this evening. So we will prepare to adjourn the meeting. We’ll be gathering again on Wednesday, March 10, at 6pm for a regular meeting here in the boardroom, and then we’ll have our next study session on Wednesday, March 17, from six to 8pm. At Meade Middle School. Don, did you have any closing comments this evening,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:25
just a quick piece of information. I did receive a call from the vice president from Front Range Community College, and she had requested on May 13, a facility to conduct their graduation ceremonies to rent one of our facilities. I did check and we are able to do that on the 13th at Longmont High School stadium. I did waive the rental fee, and we’re very excited about them having a graduation that will include some p Tech students as well. love our partnership with Front Range Community College and so just wanted you to know Longmont High School will be the site of their graduation ceremony on May 13.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:01
That’s great news. What a wonderful partnership. Absolutely. Thank you. Appreciate it. All right, everyone have a safe drive home. Thanks to all the people who tuned in to watch and I would entertain a motion for adjournment please. so moved by Karen. Second. Second by john BB. All in favor, aye. Good night, everyone.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:40
My Way