Art in public places Advisory Board Sept. 17th 2020

So let’s go ahead and call the meeting to order everybody. okay with that? It is now 604. And do we need to do roll call? Since we have everybody here we’ve got Cindy. Noah,


Holly. Peter. Eileen. Angela. Randy, who’s on the beach where I want to be. Susan. Pamela? Marsha, everybody. Okay.


Angela, we determined if we were at quorum, I think we are

now. You are. Excellent. You’re in? Yes. Thank you. Good.

All right. From my understanding, do we have or I shouldn’t say this, my understanding is we do not have public invited to be heard is that the case

invited the public in they decided not to be heard. So we’re good to move on.

All right, um, additions, corrections of the August 20. Meeting from our minutes.

Cindy tiger,

I only have one which is number nine. The motion was made by Laurel. It has a second for me, but it didn’t say who The first was. So that’s the only thing. Hey, look great to me.

Their minutes? Not an agenda this time.

Yes. Good job.

And let’s clarify who do we have taking minutes tonight so we can be cautious. Thank you, Aaron. Thank you. Just we want to be kind and slow down. Because I tend to go way too fast. Am I an Angela? She’s a little speedy, too.

I know. I’m sorry. Sorry, baby. That was point number nine. was made by Laurel and the motion was written correctly, though. Yes. Okay. Thank you. And it was seconded by you, Cindy.

And I moved to accept the minutes from August 20. With the correction.

Great. All in favor to approve the minutes from August 20. Aye. Aye.

All in favor is we need a second. We need a second.


Holly seconded A long time ago, but we didn’t get that.

Aaron, you got that? Yep. Thank you so much.

Okay, now we can do an all in favor.


Aye. Aye. Aye. All opposed.

Excellent. minutes have been passed.

So now we are at the point where let’s talk about some great projects that we’ve got going. And

any additions to the agenda though first. Oh, great. Sorry. No problem.

I will skip that part. Because I’m like, we don’t need any additions.

Marsha, do we need to add? Oh, no, I guess that would be under new business.

I don’t think there’s any I don’t have any additions. upset.

Miss Marsha. Do you?

Yes. I don’t have any new business. Is that was that the question?

No. any additions? And you could also include that in new business if you wanted to.

Okay, no.

Okay. Thank you.

Great. All right. So then, let’s go ahead and move on to our public art projects. Our first item is art on the move. 2020 Miss Angela.

So I lean very generously went around today to the locations and has put the labels on we’re still waiting for a net Coleman to finish her piece and have it installed on her date was the middle of this month. And I think that she’s on target which is good. And honestly, I have not started to take photos or start on the postcard. So if anyone is agreeable, and is savvy to take lovely photos of pieces, and to help me with the graphic design or even just to get the photos done. I would be very appreciative. And I can help with the graphic design. That would be amazing. I have the template from last year. Cindy, what program Do you work in typically for graphic design.

Um, if you can just send me the photos and I can do it and send me the template. way, I can work it

out. Okay. And you can just call me and let me know where you want me to go and I’ll take pictures.

Great. I will then work with you email me. Okay. Yep, I’ll send you a map and template and we’ll work on that. Thank you. I just, it’s one of those things I just haven’t been able to get to. But really wonderful. Allman piece is installed. It would be nice to get that,

which is that which pieces that

it’s for art on the move? It’s so it’s for the pieces that are all around town.

Yes, I understand about which is the piece that we’re waiting. Oh,

the unit Coleman is the piece that we had come. Basically it’s commissioned. So so we approved prior to its fabrication,

the stained glass piece?

Yes. The stained glass kind of. It’s called whirling dervish. transcendent? Yeah. It’s really lovely. So yeah, I haven’t heard exactly when we’re gonna install that, but it’ll be moments away. So if we were in the graphic design done, so we can just pop in the photo. That would be amazing. Where’s that one going to go? I think that it’s going to go and St. Stephen’s unless we can get the jesters owner agreeable to put it on the plant that’s in his easement.

But Scott and I are really good friends. You should even be outside of this and I will talk to him. Okay, so yeah, that that’s pretty much a done deal. I can guarantee you, he will.

Okay, he has to sign an easement, though. There’s a little bit of paperwork before that can happen

and we’ll talk offline. Okay.

Sounds good. We’ll talk to her Aaron. I will talk to Cindy and Pamela. Regarding getting the graphic design done for the card. And I will talk to Amy about Scott armeno. Scott, Mary

Lou. Yeah, Scott.

Scott is like the maintenance guy and Marilee, Mary Lou runs the show. Okay,

Angela? Yes. Once I get the pictures, it should literally take me less than an hour, especially if I have a template.

He’s still my heart. Okay, sounds good. Hey, do you have a sheet that says the location of all of the art and the moves? I do? I don’t think I have everything I can kind of get a copy. Just I would love to see them.

Yep. Me too. Please. I’ll just share with a grandma.

Yeah. And send it to everybody. That’d be awesome.

Okay, awesome. All right. And, and thank you, Eileen, for getting those labels up. That’s awesome. And shock Art 22 of the boxes are finished. So as you are driving north on martin about to go through the roundabout off of Ken Pratt on the north side to go to Taco Bell to get your tacos, or continue on. You will see actually a really, really lovely piece by Stevie worst Lawrence. It’s the kind of Van Gogh’s Starry Night looking Rocky Mountain sunset, so it’s a location. So good job, chalk art commission and Task Force because you guys looked at those and I had kind of placed them and then you rearrange them a little bit. And that was a really smart move. That was a really good location for that piece. And then the other one is Patrick pears work called Long, long live Longmont and that is a Whole Foods parking lot. Just south of sweet number. Peter, were you able to go and take a peek at that one?

Yes. out. I sent you pictures as you’re not get them.

I just haven’t gotten there yet. Did it look good email.

Okay, I drove past both of those today. The one at in the mall by Sleep Number looks even better than it did in the box. I thought it had been changed from the prototype but I went back and looked and it looks even better. It looks fantastic. Little see online on every side and you can tell where they’re from. It was excellent.

Awesome. Angela. I do have I went by and saw the one at Whole Foods also. And I had one concern. And and maybe I’m like, Oh my gosh, you stupid art person that’s part of art or something. But I do have a question about it. And that was on the panel that faces the South. I think it’s a um illustration of people along the river. And there are several men in it and one of the men, and I don’t know if he was like making a definition of his chest, but it’s like a cross. I’m on him. I don’t and other men don’t have it on so I I just

didn’t know what. Hey, Susan, would you send that to Angela and I?

Um, can you open that up more? No, I don’t think

so. You. I’m showing it on my

Yes, that Tim. You got it. Go. Peter. Got it. No,

that’s a lesson chest hair.

Okay. Okay. I said could be a stupid question. But oh, aren’t we all now so aware of every little minute thing

we are? And what if

a woman were to do that might be a question.

So I was just, you know, it wasn’t like, right, wrong or anything. It was just a comment.

I would like to know how the commission feels about it.

I think it’s fine. I can’t

do too. I’m gonna blow it up here for us all to look at just so we can all be sure. Just give me.

And, Peter, you’re awesome for things sending us.

Really awesome. Thank you, Peter. So I would just like you, I

would like to pull a note. And you know, this is where Amy’s gonna go. And I will be very professional about it. But if it were a woman, would you be okay with it?

I guess I don’t know. Oh,

I’m totally fine with it. I just wanted to I just I it jumped out at me. So

thank you for sharing. That’s a really great point.

With uh, you know, um,

um, you know, when my kids can find something with my husband can never find anything. I always say you didn’t use your mommy eyes. So I was totally just using my mommy art eyes.

I’m fine with it. I want to make sure that entire kitchen commission is everybody see that?

Yeah, it’s great. That’s great.

To me, it just looks like an artifacting of the way this person does their art. And I have no problems with it.

Thanks. No, that’s great, great stuff.

I think the you know, the, there’s always the way to assess. And so if the reporter Herald came to you tomorrow, of course, the first thing you do is say, you know what, I need to speak to my administrator, and I’m happy to give you a quote, but then after that, and you have to think about what you’re going to say, like, as long as we all feel, you know, cohesively that there’s there’s justification and understanding for this aesthetic, and what is presented here that it’s good to go. So it sounds to me, like everybody is on the same page. Does that sound right? You know, it’s funny.

sidebar is just that I would be more offended by the woman and her placement of her clothing than I would have the man is so sexist of me. So I appreciate you bringing that up. Right. Very, very good. I would miss that.

I’m very offended by these stickers that are obscuring the view of

nicely those mostly those

I’ve been working on a six pack and he’s only got two so far,


an emotion or are we all okay with this? It?

I’m fine with it. It was just that I went and observed and looked and it was the only thing I noted that, you know, jumped out at me otherwise. And I have no I have no problem with it. I just thought it was relevant at this time. That’s a

great point. Great point. Thank you so much. I think we do need to look at things like that. That makes me really happy that everybody’s looking at stuff like that. Any other comments on that? Because that’s a really great point. Thank you, Susan.

I think this is union reservoir.

Okay, well, great, then if nobody has any comments on the


Oh, I just lost my shocker. Email.

Ah, Angela, give me I have to open everything up again. So what’s our next topic? I’m sorry.

I have to open everything up again too.

And that funny,

I don’t know why that happened. Oh, I just I had something on my screen and then I

saw major rid of it.

Okay, here we go. So from that we are on to the direct purchase of Ursa Major and I am so excited to let everybody know That today, we poured concrete in the forklift is on its way. And we didn’t have to move irrigation, which was a really big deal. I know you don’t worry about those things, but pipes and electrical downtown is kind of a funny thing. So it’s a little off center, but nobody will notice unless you really know, because you’re looking at your vacation boxes. So and speaking of that installation is scheduled for two. So my fork, the forklift comes Monday. And then Tuesday morning, we’re going to have the artwork arrive probably between nine and 930. So if anyone is excited about not only coming to be present for that installation, but also used bookstore is right there. And the owner is a little concerned because on Tuesdays between nine and 10 is when they have their a compromised customer access time. And so sometimes those people want to pull into the alley get really close to the door, and things like that. And we’re going to be super safe, of course, with cones and people but the more hands on with that kind of thing, the better just to make sure that someone’s not walking behind a forklift, or if we have to, we’re gonna inevitably end up navigating through that space. So again, if you can imagine the third alleyway on the east side, between third and fourth, between Maine and kimbark, and then the breezeway is kind of a tight little turn, chances are, what’s going to happen is the trailer will pull up, the artwork will be offloaded in the middle of the alleyway, and then the forklift of around the block into the parking lot and come in through los arcos, pick the piece, set it on its side, and then move into the breezeway and then we’ll open the alley back up for normal business. So it’s a little bit of a dance. The other thing is just getting images of this work, I think is really powerful, especially on social media and to explain, just for people to see this in action, because a lot of people just say, you know, one day it wasn’t there. And then the next day it is and how does, how does that happen? So if commissioners are available to come and take photographs of that, and also do a little bit of safety. And


will you send us the dates again, I know you’ve done it, but send us the dates. And when you need us that would be

Yeah, so this just firmed up. I’m not joking at four o’clock today on the stars lined. So it’s Tuesday, the 22nd. So this upcoming Tuesday at nine o’clock, and so I will send it to you. And if you’re able to make it fantastic. If you just want to pop by even for five minutes, that’s fine. Or we’ll share all of the details with you.

So Angela, why don’t you send an email and then you might get a good response to see who can who can come. I know I teach you that time. So it’s it’s hard for a lot of us who are working, you know.

Anyway, I can do it. I can. Okay.

I’ll be here. I have my calendar.

Okay, great. Great. Does anybody know? Ursa?

I’m excited. I’m

explaining again, exactly where it’s going. I lost track over the time. No, that’s okay.

Yeah, we’ve only we’ve only looked for seven different. The one So, um, so if you are on Main Street on the east side, at third, and you’re walking north, and you get to the breezeway between used books, and Jensen guitar, okay. It’s going in this little tiny flower box that used to hold a tree and the tree died. And so there’s no tree and there’s no planter. So it’s a really, it’s a really excellent location. It’s highly visible, and it’s so it’s on on Main Street but within the breezeway because of

your I remember I just couldn’t remember exactly why. We didn’t do that. blandy it was somewhere around there, but I wasn’t sure exactly. So

yeah, and we’re having to load it and everything of course from from the alley because of the Barricade situation. Right. So we’re kind of having to take the the long the long road, but that’s okay. So it’ll be good. Okay, so I will send and Laurel Thank you Pamela I heard you too. Yeah, you know, out. And and it really anybody who wants to be there to help keep the place safe and also answer any questions, that would be great. So I will send you that.

Um, it was great

that way.

All right.

Any other questions about that? Everybody?

know, if you have a question, how long do you think the installation will take?

I’m offloading, barring any barring any, you know, trouble should take between 30 and 45 minutes. And then the installation itself, probably two to three hours. Once the piece is set. It’ll we’ll look at it and we’ll orient it. And then they’ll have to place where the anchors go. So it’s called a it’s called a dry fit. So you set the sculpture, we put where the anchors are, and then they have to pick it up again. And then that’s when the fun starts. So then they have to drill into the concrete, set the anchors, put the sculpture back on, and then we then they just wait around until glue dries. I wish I was joking, but I’m not. Um, and then once that epoxy is set, then it’s finished. But the actual setting of it probably like an hour, hour and a half.

So we’re talking like nine to noon? Yeah, cuz I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it at nine. But I can I there’s a window of opportunity there.

Yeah, we should we should be done by one. We should be off site by two. I mean,

on done, I will have to leave at 1130 because I have physical therapy.

Okay. Anybody who has conflicts or issues, go ahead and email those directly to Angela. So she can do anything around that.

Yeah, but show off if you can, and you don’t have to be there perfectly on time just within the windows. Great. So all I’ll send an email.

Thank you, Angela. So we from what I can see we are on to Tony or target to Ortega’s mural project.

Yeah, so you all should have received with your packet, the invitation not only to share the community mural project, but also to sign up for volunteering. And I know a number of you have so thank you very, very much. Really what it’s going to be there’s two shifts, there’s a morning shift and an afternoon shift. And the dates are tomorrow, the 18th. Saturday, the 19th. And then next weekend, Friday, the 25th and Saturday the 26th. And so you’ll show as a volunteer, you’ll show up a little bit early, we’re going to set down some drop claws, we have sidewalk chalk that we’re going to block off where each of the panels are for people to go into paint. And we’ll be filling little paint buckets, checking people in giving them their sets of paint brushes, because everybody’s going to have their own set of paint brushes, their own aprons and such so we’re you know, we’re keeping it safe by not sharing tools, etc. And they’ll just take those home with them. And then in between shifts will sanitize and clean it all up. And then we’ll do it again in the afternoon. So we were a little slow on signups. And then we throw out an all staff and it’s just gone gangbusters. So that’s really great if you have people within your own community who are really excited about this or particularly if they celebrate Dia de los Muertos, if they’re of a certain, you know, population that that really is a part of their of their annual celebration. The reason that art in public places commissioned this piece is in celebration and commemorating the 20th anniversary of Longmont in this community. So yeah, it’s been really well received times calls going to come and do an article. And so as commissioners, if you’re available to volunteer for these shifts, that would be really, really impactful. Ya know,

where I have the time down, I forgot where the painting is going to be happening.

It’s at the museum outside in the courtyard, and luckily, we have good weather. So we’re going to be outside masked, and

as far as you know,

go to things just really quickly. Somebody I know did sign up. And what she said was that it didn’t specifically tell her where to come from to the location and that when she signed up, all of the information was in Spanish. She’s not a Spanish speaker. I’m not sure if there’s a if she was supposed to select English and it gave her Spanish or I’m not sure what happened? No. Okay, um, do you know when she is scheduled to, to paint? Is it tomorrow? I think she’s scheduled Saturday. I think that’s okay. I just wanted to just give you the heads up for other people, if other people are having trouble knowing where to go that


This is my first time using this sign up. I like it a lot. And yes, you can, there’s an opt in for Spanish and English. And we really did have the invitation everything in Spanish first, and then translate it in English. I am not also a Spanish speaker. So that’s really difficult. But I think it was an important way to approach this project. So it’s been challenging, but needless to say, and I will send it has the option of sending mass emails out to everyone who has signed up, and I write that so I’ll send that out first thing in the morning thanking people for signing up and then giving specific direction on location. Nice, how many do we have so far, you have any idea. So there’s only 32 maximum spots. And I think that the last time I looked, when I ran the report was we were at 73%. The other option is that if there’s families who want to participate, because they’re on panels, we have the ability to spread the panels out and make, you know, give lots of space. And since we can be outside, we can do that. So 73% of 32, whatever that is. So yeah, we’re nearly there. We’re really, really close. Plus volunteers and staff will be on site as well. So yeah. All right, well, and Tony’s really excited. He’s, uh, yeah, oh, I should show you the sketch. So initially, got to close my agenda. He me.


he had sent us a sketch of what he had done in pastel, but obviously, because it’s a community mural. Um, you know, we have, it will change depending upon what the community decides to put in texture and such. So, no, this is a little funny and bear, but I think you’ll get the gist of it. Um,

so can you see that?


Isn’t it great. So it has,

it has the tables and dancing with the dresses, mariachi and family. But of course, that it has the ancestors who so you have an ancestor dancing, but then you have a live dancer, so everyone’s at the table. And so he is bringing his sketches that are colored in as and then Tony will be with all of the painters going through and showing them their inspiration, bringing the paint in the palette, and, but there’s a lot of room for interpretation. So it’s really exciting. And then after the work is done, we will the museum staff will install it at 439 main. So it’s on the north facing an external wall of the breezeway between fourth and fifth on the west side. And the easement agreement that the owners of the building and I came up with was that it will absolutely 100% be there for a full calendar year as of installation date. And then after that, if at any point, they decide that they want to redevelop the building, or any variety that you sell the building or something like that, because they’re on panels, then we can remove them and move them to a new location, which actually is really smart because then instead of just the new owner coming in and not liking it and painting over it, we we can retain it so it becomes a part of the collection.

Oh nice.

Very good. Yeah, I’m sorry, I need to go for a minute. There’s ice cream and outside.

So for me,

don’t get me some Hurry up. Give me some I think we live close. All right, great. Great. Thank you so much, Angela.

So probably bigger the panels Angela

fix six by four. So the entire length is 20 feet. So 20 by six it’s significant. quite large.

Okay, is

it? Is it Hi? Are we mounting them a pie?


yes, it will be. I’m trying to remember the exact height, the bottom should be at about eye average eye height. Okay.

And I’m in that building has a

has a ledge.

And so the owner was talking about lighting, it’s not in our budget, but some up lighting or even to tap in and have something overhanging and looking back at it and lit from above. Would be nice, but that’s their investment. Great.

Okay, so it looks like we can move on to our next item is everybody okay with that? Angela, I just want to thank you again, for your hard work on this. I know you were just doing double time on that. So thank you so much.

Is this one really came about actually pretty organically. So yeah, the Tony Ortega has been really a great project. So that’s good.

While we’re totally grateful to you. I am. I don’t know. I’m sure everybody else has to see.


it looks from what I can see that we are moving on to the Unity project. Angela?

Yeah. So when when Noah gets back from the ice cream man, no actually signed up for maintenance on the Unity project. And I think ran into Mario while my Mario Echevarria while working on the remediation and yeah, so not to put you on the spot. No, what do you want to talk to us a little bit about running in tomorrow?

Yeah, it was pretty interesting. I was just taking my dog for a walk. And, you know, he had all of this stuff stood out, he was really good work there, basically replaced a lot of the broken plaster along the bottom of the piece. And a couple of little bits of mosaic and tile work that were not looking so great. Um, and then it looks like a fresh coat of paint on the kind of the outside and especially around the bottom. But it all looks really good. I can’t I don’t know if there was any work done to the green glass panels on the back. And like where the handprints are. But for the most part it it looks it’s definitely much improved than it was, you know, a couple weeks back.


isn’t one of those green panels on the back broken or missing part of it?

Yeah, some of them are chipped. I would say they have like bits, you know about that big missing from them. But I don’t know what it would take to recreate whatever those are made up to make new ones and put them into place. So

you can’t just put in a portion resents the whole thing is a terrorism. Yeah, I noticed that I was bothered just the other day and notice them. But nothing really looks good now.

Yeah, I agree. I think it looks great.

Mario is gonna come to us with the second portion of the soap. If you’ll recall, the funding for that really was for stabilization. So he went in and used epoxy on the inside, stabilized the structure itself. And then eventually, we need to get the city to put a curb a lawn mower curb around it. So the lawn mowers don’t continue to bash into the bottom of it. But then some sort of sealant. Mario has played with a number of different materials. It’s the mosaic piece that Susan Daly will come back and she will do the backside it really is a trick. There are bilingual panels that are, say what the project was, and who was working on it in 1998. And the relief portion of it in some places is just gone. So I, when Mario told me he was going over there, I asked him to put together a second portion of the bid to work on that backside, and then to do the sealant to keep the mosaic type of tiles in place. So we’ll see what that looks like. Mario has older family in Longmont and he’s Longmont a resident and native. So I don’t think that we’ll see that this fiscal year but certainly to consider for maintenance in 2021. For sure. So, um, yeah, but that’s great. Thank you, Noah.

Very Bravo.

Okay, sorry. I was trying to unmute myself. Um, it looks like we’re gonna talk about Little Alpine project. That has been our topic of discussion for

two years.

So I spoke to Pat millberry and his partner in sonar. And they said that they were going to send a sketch but in fact brought up something that was even bigger, which is that the person who did quite a bit of graffiti has been bothering them on social media and via email. And so at the request of both Patrick and working with my division managers, we’re going to go through the city mediation process to see if we can open some lines of communication and understanding. So stay tuned. But Patrick is still agreeable to finishing the project this fiscal year because he needs to because his contract says he needs to. But yeah, that’s, that’s a it’s really unfortunate. And it’s disturbing, and it’s disappointing. So Patrick just wants to feel safe and wants to have our community really understand what ninth and Alpine is all about.

Is that that’s that you? whitewash ginger? Is that the same person who whitewashed a lot of the inside of the wall was at different stuff?

Yeah, that’s that person

who coincidentally participated in its original painting in 2018.

I thought the whitewash was far more the graffiti was removed.


no, that was some weird vandalism.

So it’s really disappointing my conversation with Patrick. It was pretty heated. And he’s, he’s pretty disturbed. And he and I spoke about the necessity for the Longmont community to fix this and make it right, because that is a conduit for the kids that are going to school. And that’s the reason that that project was done in the first place. So we need to get it painted. We need to get it finished. And whatever we have to do to get moving is what we need to do to get moving. So mural Committee, which I know you’ve been waiting for a sketch for some time. But if this is what it takes to get get going, is, that’s what’s gonna happen. So

it’s Angela may ask you a question. So you don’t want me to ask you anything. But I would say that I’m with this fellow be willing to come. I know. And this is something that back in the old days, I think Randy might remember this. And, but he will and come to talk to us in a public invited to be heard.

Patrick, artist or the

person both

or is that something that we don’t even want to go?

Can I say something Guys, please? Okay, because I don’t have I can’t see you. I can only see Amy Actually, I pushed something and I don’t know what’s your lucky day Laurel. Okay. So I just completed the minorities training program through the Friends of the Longmont museum. And so I just did the diversity training. And I, you know, I haven’t gone over it here to tell you, but it would be great to me, possibly, you know, kind of right up here. And and see, because, because inviting a minority person, there’s a lot involved, you know, a lot of understanding on our part of where they’re coming from and stuff that that we went over in this training. And it was really great. I love to share it with you and I can do it tomorrow, or whenever you can do it.

I think you you bring up a valid point up Laurel and this is something you all know and I get in trouble. But this is like something that has been near and dear to my heart for probably 40 years out of my 49 now is it’s really it’s really important to me, and that’s why I joined AIP so I won’t go into that but I would like to see if there’s anybody Who would value that I know this is a dangerous call. So I don’t want to bring it up or bring it up to a vote. But I would like you to circulate in your brain a little bit and say, Hey, Should we listen to this dude? Should we like talk about it? And if that’s not the case, then that’s cool.

But I do think it’s valuable to like,

this is why we started this whole mural campaign because we wanted people to have a voice that didn’t have a voice. And I live in that area. It’s probably what, two blocks from my house, and I watched it get done. I participated and I watched to get vandalized.

Oh, I should just back up just a little bit and make sure to state very clearly that this person is not of a minority. But

No, he’s not. He’s not at all.

No. So so so that that conversation I think is good. I would

like to say, Are we sure he’s not a minority? Is he? Just because skin is not Brown? Are we sure?

Um, so, ah, the,

considering the person has caused thousands of dollars in damage, and then threatened the person who made the art in the first place. I’m not really interested in hearing what they have to say.

Okay, so that’s.

I have a question.

Yes. My question is, does this person Mandel? Does he think that it’s the, it’s Patrick, the artist who accused him and took him to court? Or does he realize it’s the city it’s not the artist at all?

So I need to be really clear here in that. What I know is fact is, the artist has told me and the artist has not presented me nor given me nor the city of Longmont department, any of that information other than exactly what I said, which is that they, the artist, and the vandal, have had conversations outside of the city. And the artists would really like to have a substance in communication. That being said, it’s really very important here to say that the city is not able to offer restorative justice through it systems at this point in time, because it is exactly to your point, Cindy, the city who was the victim of the crime, and this person was tried in county court. So


well, I just wonder if he’s threatening the artists because he’s just completely doesn’t understand who accused him.

And so that’s why the city opportunity of a mediation and comment on communication is real, it will be very, very helpful. And that’s what the city can bring to the, to the table to make sure that everyone is of that understanding.

Aaron can Is there anywhere I can kind of get up to speed on what you guys are talking about. I’m kind of getting the gist that this person

was sued or where I can find where all that happened.

We’ll have a conversation offline. How about

Okay, Aaron, you caught us? How’s that? Okay.

Sounds good.

Um, no, it’s it’s very complicated. And I always want to make everybody’s voice be heard. But I totally with no, on this, I’m sorry.

And I’m the

diversity person, but yeah. Okay. So let’s move on. How can I just add one thing? Here, my friend? Can I just add that?

If there’s any opportunity for us to understand

why it happened, it might help us to prevent it from happening in the future.

That’s why I said, should we hear this guy out? Because I’ve seen his pictures. I’ve watched the video. I know who he is. I don’t know. No. But I don’t know if he’d be even willing to do it. Maybe that’s something Angela, and a few of us need to talk about offline. Maybe he would hear a voice and he would be like, feel more accepted? Because you know, he is probably got followers.


I think mediation is a great idea. And I’m glad the city is willing to step up and help us out in that.

Yep. Great. And I think that also recognizing the number of different factors here, again, that that going through the channels is really important. Laurel, just to mention, I think one of the things that the The museum has done. And this is off subject of ninth and Alpine, but still within going to the strategic plan process, and the friends made a commitment to diversity, equity inclusion, right. And they actually made a pledge as a board. So maybe we can look to. And Laurel, maybe you might be agreeable to ask the friends and Jennifer exactly what their pledge is, and what they said. And as a board, making a commitment might be something that can solidify what Amy is saying, and has been saying for some time, about our voice within a community. Uh huh. I think the strategic plan makes a good is a really good place for that to be.

Well, I I’d love to talk with you about it. We can do that offline so that I understand what it is what your expectation is, so I can I can translate that

good. Something that I’ve thought about, and I won’t take much of your time, but maybe we should form a subcommittee on this.

guy’s not worth it. What? The guy’s not working fine.

I just don’t think he’ll he’ll do it.

I know. I know. It’s, it’s the mainly, I just

hope that we don’t say that people aren’t worth it.

They don’t know that. No. I’m saying it’s not worth your time.

Well, they don’t think you’ll get anything out of it. Your point, Pamela, thank you. And and I know, this city has a has a established conduit for this process. And that we don’t have to create it is real, we’re really very blessed that way that we have somewhere to go. That can be a neutral party. So that’s great.

Yeah. Alex, Peter has a question.

I have a question about this, which is if if this guy is threatening the artist and making the artist feel unsafe, is a risk that if we get involved, that then we become targets for him as well.

Great question.

So luckily, the mediation process is independent of art in public places, it will really be the city. So Patrick, as a contractor with the city has this as an option to solve the issue. So it’s independent of me. And and so then whatever decisions that they come up with them how to move forward, is is is up to them.

So quite

actually ends up being a very safe and good solution.

Because it takes care of the root of the problem. Not anything beyond that.

Well, it seems to me the thing is to just leave it like that and not get involved. Right.


Yeah. Okay.

One way or the other, we got to get that, uh, that underpass painted. And so that is my job. And I will, I’m going to get it done. So Meantime, there will likely be at some point of, you know, shifts were in the middle of the painting, when it’s happening, that we’ll have commissioners who feel comfortable to come and be there and answer questions to the community as it’s being repainted. So I expect that this work will happen at the end of October, beginning of November at the latest. The weather has to be good for the paint to adhere to the primer. So there’s weather factors as well.

Thanks, Angela. Any other questions or comments? I

know your heads are spinning, as is mine.

So yeah, it’s a it’s a struggle. This is difficult conversation. So I want to thank you all for being so engaged in talking about this. And this is something that is near and dear to me. And I know most of you as well. So thank you so much.

And on a positive note the work that the mural committee has done in looking into sealants working with the graffiti specialist with the city and feeling confident in the way that we are going to move forward when we commissioned murals is really very positive. It’s just that it’s taken so long to get this one done. And I think that no one can agree with me on this and I don’t want to speak on your behalf but but that we aren’t going to move forward with any neural sealants until we see how the product that we are committing to works on this one grand if the product that we’re committed to work on this one, then any mural that we do going forward is going to be protected and we’re not going to have this problem anymore feety or anyone decides to go in, then we just wash it off and put it it’s really going to save us a lot of headache and heartache. So, money and money. Yeah, and money. So it’s not our Look, I

miss Laurel, I think you had a question or comment?

No, no, I’m agreeing.

Are we good to use the sealant on the Tony Ortega panels?

And little bit different because that’s on wood. But yes, we will never commission a mural again, that isn’t sealed. Because we’ve learned our lesson, right?


Okay, once again, I’m going to give her praises. But Angela, thank you. We need that. Thank you. And we were like, this was like, we wanted to do this so bad. And we couldn’t, because we were like, afraid and what you just said was anybody else want to give her a high five? Oh,

it’s hard to do. It’s expensive to do. But you you know, this commission committed last last at the end of last year to the dollar figure for to seal it up. And it’s you know, it’s not cheap. But those dollars are this ceiling so you’re in good shape. But if you want to talk about maintenance, don’t

get ready. Get there. We’ll get there. So we’re on the new moon five. Raven Swanson.

All right, here you go. So thanks to everyone who has signed up for maintenance, sent in pictures to address things. I’m gonna share it ready.


Ready, here comes.

This Oh, is the state for dinner of New Moon five, which is outside of the museum. So as you can see, the the surface itself is starting to D laminate. I’m not exactly sure the media, I think it’s some powder coating. But what will likely need to happen is the artist. I’ll contact the artist to see about coming in. Bringing in a grinder, a sander, getting rid of some of these excess flakes where moisture is getting in. Angela, I don’t think we’re seeing the same screen. Are you not seeing any back end?

I can see. Can you see it? Boop.

Boop, I don’t see anything. So

there we go. That’s it.

Yes, that’s it.

That is it. See that?

Yes, yes.

Oh, is it? Okay. And Eileen is a master of registration and condition. So, um, correct me if any of my assessments are wrong, but I think that definitely not supposed to look that way. Yeah, that’s not supposed to look that way. And and frankly, the the the piece is attached to this footer or a plant that’s welded, and then this whole thing is attached to rock. I don’t think it’s unstable. I think that it’s it’s adhesion, its connection points are fine. But certainly the surface treatment needs address. So luckily, Revin Swanson, as you know, is a local, she’s from Denver. We have worked with her before. I’m in art on the move. So I’m just going to give her a phone call and see if she could bid this one out. Because as of all the maintenance reports that are starting to come back, this one is is I would say, aside from unity, which you know, we’ve kind of got that taken care of this one needs addressed. And so I’d like to ask the commission maybe to consider some dollar figure that you might consider approving if it comes back at that or less that I can move forward before next month, or I can just get the bid and come back to you in October either way. But I do think that addressing that this year, this this year, would be appropriate and we do have funds in maintenance.

I think we need to wait for an estimate because it kind of looks like a welding issue, like The welding wasn’t properly treated after it was welded on. I know nothing about this topic. Okay? I’m just making this up out of whole cloth. But it looks to me since it’s all around well, that that’s and I just I don’t know whether you’re going to have to D weld this and redo it or what but I think we need to wait for a bid. Or we need to at least wait for the for the artists to say we’re gonna have to take this all apart or I think I can fix it where it stands. And because the difference in cost will be phenomenal.

astronomical. I have a feeling that it’s going to be I think this is powdercoating. And again, I walked around it after I read Andrea’s maintenance report, because of course it’s outside the museum. Um, I think the I think the welds are okay, I think this is a powder coat. Which in this face. So up above, looks in pretty good shape. It’s

it’s all around the welds

that are where water’s been pooling.

Yeah. And if she actually tried to weld on to the powder coat, maybe that would make a difference? I don’t know. I don’t know.

No, looking at this at all seems like surface rust. I don’t believe that it’s going to change the structural integrity of the piece. I think you just place the sandblasted or scrub it and then repaint it should be fine. Yeah.

All right. So I don’t know if you can powder coat the bottom without powder coating the top which would get rid of all the white chalk lines.

So you’d have to take it from where it is. And like put it in a in a powder coating booth. The better to just paint it or find another way to finish it.

There’s all sorts of marine paints and automotive paints that are at least in Colorado are replacing powder coat because the sheen and shine or the mat is available. So a lot of artists are moving from powder coating for exactly that reason, know that you have to dismantle something, take it, put it in the booth powder, coat it and then rebound. Yeah. So okay, I will, I’ll get a bid on this one. As soon as possible. And luckily, again, Reverend’s local. So I think we likely won’t have to outsource it at all, we’ll just be able to do it locally.


thank you. And thank you again, for those maintenance reports, which I should also say, I did enquire with the IT department, we’re working on a solution, Peter from last month of being able to select something and then either disappear or gray out. So everyone’s not signed up for the same thing, it very well may be just kind of a manual list that you look at and say, I want to sign up for these things. These people have already signed up for these works. These are what’s left and then go in and sign up. But I’m working on a solution. So

more more than that. You get all the pictures I sent you.

I did. I did. It’s excellent. And

yeah, it’s working really well on this side of things. Because I’m able to open up, I’m able to export the reports, I’m able to filter them by there. So that’s how I figured out this one to go look at because I filtered it by condition and who put that something was unfair or poor condition to look at those ones first and then start looking through the photos to to assess so. Yeah, it’s it’s working really well. Just

out of curiosity. And may I ask, has anybody found anything that’s really bad.

This, this has been the worst one I’ve seen.

Yeah, that was me to mine are all been good. I haven’t. Nevermind. I’m not going to say what I haven’t done because Angela will smack my hand. Alright, so I think we can move on. Is that okay, everybody? Yep. Right. So it looks like we are now on to the administrators report. Miss Angela, what

do you have

left? So an executive committee is going to be meeting October 8. And what we will do at that time is go through the budget for 2021. We stayed flat. So that’s nice. And of course, because of the COVID magic, we didn’t, you know, we didn’t spend funds all the funds in certain line items this year. And that’s not surprising. At our main programs, we are on budget and that’s, that’s great. Not over budget on any line item. So executive committee and I’ll go through that. If there is any project that is near and dear to your heart that you would like to continue to see move forward of the Boston bridge. project will be one of those, we still have the drain project kind of in in the wings of that didn’t hurt so much this year, but we knocked a lot off off the list for 2019 and 2020. The other thing that I will be sending to you after this meeting is the annual report from 2019. That was submitted to city council. And so you can go through that and look at our accomplishments. It’s actually quite impressive. So

that is pretty much everything that I’ve got.

Okay, Angela, thanks for doing that. I’m very happy because we used to have to do that ourselves. Okay. Ah, all right. So we are now on to new business Social Justice Project, which is Angela.

Cute. That shouldn’t have been on there. But, um, I think we’re gonna hell. No.

I think we’re all working on that. Right, Noah?

Yeah, I was hoping to connect with you after the meeting if we can me.

Yeah, let’s do it.

Tastes so great. I don’t have any new business.

I have business. There’s a cute dog right there.

Yeah, see? My dogs


I don’t see. We don’t believe it, though.


yeah. I’m okay. So how about commissioners comments?

I have a quick question. So I saw that they actually started breaking ground on the multi use building.

And I just didn’t know if we had heard anything about whether they were gonna ask us to assist them with their parking garage structure. Remember that whole? Oh, yeah, thing? Yeah. They haven’t reached back out to us, but I would very much anticipate them asking for us for a match or a third. Because if you’ll recall, I think that they had estimated that project in the realm of what 90,000 100,000. And so we, you know, it’s very exciting. And they have till 2022 is when they anticipate finishing that which is great, because that means that whatever kind of project that we could potentially look at, could be integrated with the construction, which will save on cost for mounting etc. I can reach out to Kimberly and see if or older housing authority to see if they have an update. But yeah, the fact that they’re breaking ground is is big,


Yeah. Okay, great.

Well, I want to say one thing, I am very

impressed how engaged everybody has been. Right? I mean, this is hard times and everybody’s like staying engaged. So thank you.

Um, all right, let’s go.

Any other comments?

I’m just ever meeting again. I know that we had we had so much more much momentum coming into this year and it just felt like we were really scooting and moving and now it feels like we almost came to a complete halt. But we’re removing again,

we’re Yeah. So

we’re gonna get there. Um, yeah, I got it moving. We’re moving. You can anybody if you have time to come for the Tony Ortega mural, really, even if you just want to sit back and see it happen, or we are also doing time lapse video. But really, I think this is going to be super for our community, and people are really excited. So for them to thank you in person. Yeah, you made this happen. You really did. So

it’s a big lie. You made this happen.

Until I have a question.

I have a question.

Why am I staring at Peter right now? I don’t know.

Angela, is there a way can we

can our little subcommittee for the gathered the people actually meet in person and go and look at the site and see what’s involved with that sculpture?

Yeah, I mean,

supposed to be on that committee as well. With the

bummer about that site is Of course, COVID put the brakes on their momentum too. Right?

So I’d like to at least go with the whole group with the all three of us and examine that sculpture and see what’s involved.

Sure. Yeah. I mean, it’s just, it’s a field, right? There’s nothing there yet. But we can get a drawing and go stand out there and look at the where we’re talking about.

Well, we’re i, this is something maybe we need to do separately from the from the regular meeting. But I just feel like we’re not moving ahead on that. And I want to

Yeah, and maybe we need to get a Steve rands Wyler update, because he’s still in the bidding process. And he’s been in the bidding process for

are we talking about the gather the people the the mobile? Oh,


I’m sorry. I’m thinking about Sister cities. Yeah. The gap? The gathering spot? No. Yes. Gathering the people and Isaac Walton. Yes.

Yes. Okay.

So we can

have a group email about that. You, me and Laurel about getting together for that.

And Andrea? Okay.

Were you saying that we should go over to Isaac Walton and look at the exhibit this sculpture as it exists right now? Yeah.

Yes. I think

that it’s, I think that it’s important. Yes. For all of us to go there so that we can ask each other questions about what needs to be done.

And then we go after that we go to the seals.

Yes. And even though I’m not able to join you,

or I can bring my two little my two little minions with me,


Oh, wait, I have no problem with that. I love minions.

So I just posted something just for fun.

Art in public places

all over the country is doing some weird stuff right now.

So I thought you would appreciate this. This is a mural.

I love it.

Yes. Great.

And, um, you know, I was joking about even if I won’t get into politics at all, but, um, how political masks what a collector’s item, because it’s not going to be that long, but I love this one. So thank you all for staying dedicated.

Awesome. Oh, and crush walls is happening. If you’re in Denver this weekend and you want to see a bunch of mural


That’s where you go.

Yeah, definitely.



gather enough people. I will say Shall

we move to adjourn yet?

I think Angela, I know. And I will probably keep talking for a couple minutes.

Over German.

So I need to I need a motion.

Okay, I will adjourn.

Check it. Okay.

It’s so great to see all of you. I love you so much. Thank you so

much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, okay.


Bye. Bye by Aaron. Thanks.

Thank you.

Hey, Erica, can I talk to you for a second before we leave?

I’m still here. I don’t know how to

do it. Do we need to boot you out?

With me? Give me the boot.


okay. Hold on.

Is that Laurel talking? By the way? Boom. My daughter. Oh, okay. I was just about to booter You’re so powerful.

Ah, you are removed from the meeting?

Oh, but I only can remove some people. Not all people.

Not that’s okay. You can remove me if you want. I’ll come down. So I’m Erica, are we good to stop recording so we can still chat? I think so. Is that all right. I mean, I, I guess if it’s just Amy and Noah and us then technically it’s not an open meeting. Okay, I can

like go and make a different zoom.

No, no,

yeah, that’s my only need.

If we kick Pamela out, then you don’t have enough people for an open meeting and then Alright, so I’m going to withdraw her co host and I’m going to remake

and make a zoom meeting right now if it would be easier and more

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