Longmont City Council Regular Session – April 28, 2020

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Then looks like

after accomplishing success with our technical difficulties, we are ready to go. So I’d like to go ahead and call the April 20 2020. Lama city council regular session to order we start with the roll call, please.

That Mayor Brian Begley here, council members, Christiansen

Did we lose Paula here?


Councilmember Dalgo. ferry here. Councilmember Martin. Here.

Councilmember Peck. Here.

Councilmember Rodriguez here. Councilmember waters here,

near your corner. All right, great. Let’s go ahead and say the pledge no flag, so just imagine it in your heads. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,

to the republic for which it stands,

one nation.

Because liberty and

justice for all.

All right, just a quick reminder anyone wishing to speak during first call public invited to be heard, or on a public hearing item. That’s item seven and item nine will need to watch the live stream of the meeting. instructions for how to call in to provide comment will be given at that time. Comments are limited to three minutes per person and each speaker will be asked to state their name and address for the record prior to proceeding with their comments. So moving on to item three, approval of minutes on for April 14 2020. regular session. Do I have a motion?

Move approval?

I’ll second that. Second. All right. Great. It’s been moved by Councilmember waters seconded by Councillor repack. Any further dialogue debate or changes to suggest? All right, all in favor say aye.

Aye. Aye.

Aye. All opposed say nay. All right, Motion carries unanimously. All right. Anybody have

Agenda revisions or submission of documents. Let’s go with Dr. Waters.

Thanks Mary Bagley. So you can give me some guidance you tell me how you want this handled? I have two questions that I think would be most efficiently handled in this phase of the meeting. But But I wouldn’t frame them as direction to staff, or I can frame them direction, that direction to staff and have them come back next time. Well, let’s just go ahead and say, all right, well, I just want to make certain, let’s say here are the two questions. One is there’s activity with around the stamp well, north of union reservoir, I had a chance to visit with Dale earlier today about that activity. And I asked Dale several questions. I got good answers from Dale. But I do think the questions and the answers are worthy of those who are Watching this meeting, but hearing the questions and the answers and if there are follow up questions from the public chance to know what they’re following up on. I can, you know, bring that back that I think it’ll be a better use of Dale’s time if we just deal with it. And if that’s the case, the here are the questions. What’s the status of this of the of the stamp? Well, it was to be put with our agreement. We were going to play it was going to be plugged. I was going to plug I think it to coincide with the production of the night Well, that was the the contingency for severing that flow line. All that got done last spring. But there’s no activity with the stamp oil is apparently pumping oil. It’s being pumped into a tank. So it’d be helpful to know how, why is that number one, number two, how long will that continue? And associated with that pumping, there’s been some methane gas Least or flared? In my question are what are the risks health risks associated with whatever that release or flaring is that

is daily like

Mayor Bagley and Councilman waters I can respond to that quickly. Um couple of things. Councilmember waters is correct. The the stamp well was shut in is the terminology that used last around last June May or June of last year. At that time, the the gathering line which was a line that passed through the eastern part of the city of Longmont was decommissioned and taken out of operation was was effectively effectively cut off and abandoned so that we did not any longer have that gathering line going through neighborhoods in East Longmeadow. That being said, The Stan well is not plugged in abandoned as of yet. It is in that shut in state. And what that means is that it is still a a well that can operate technically, it is being held in that shut in state so as to hold the, the leases are all of the mineral rights underneath that well that are owned by top operating. And in that shut in state. The well does continue to produce a small amount of oil, something on the magnitude of a couple of barrels up to maybe 20 barrels a month. The tank that is out on the side is about a 300 gallon tank. And so it’s a small amount of oil that is being produced and because the wells not abandoned yet. It also will produce a small amount of natural gas that will come up the The borehole and that is burned on site with a mission control device that is authorized to the cgcc and is done in accordance with the state procedures. And all being said the wells will stay in that condition. It was intended to stay in that condition until such time as the cub Creek begins production of wells from the night site, which is a Nether consolidated oil and gas site, north of union reservoir that was included in the agreement between the city and top operating and cup Creek

last year, and so that is what I believe is the activity that Councilmember waters is referring to

Do Can you comment I asked you earlier today. What? And I understand you’re not a you’re not the scientist on this and you’re not. You know, I’m not trying to set you up to be the analyst with the final word on this. But it asked you earlier today, I think it’s I think it’s a question that others will be interested in, interested in. And that is, what are the risks associated with either the flare or the burn of the methane that is associated with that with the oil?

You’re correct. Councilman waters. I’m not a scientist on those matters, but it is generally my understanding that, again, it is being controlled in accordance with cgcc procedures and practices. That being said, I would, I would, I would, I would suggest that in the absence Being in very close proximity to the Well, you’re not going to experience

an impact from it.

It is nonetheless one of literally thousands of wells in that area of our state in weld County. And certainly whenever it does have a, a burning of that propane, excuse me of that methane. You know there are some emissions obviously that will come from that. I have also been told by top operating that they did a a forward looking infrared camera test of the well, not long ago and there were no leaks or emissions coming from the wellhead. So, to the best of my knowledge today, I don’t believe there is any ongoing leakage at the well, nor do I believe it is being operated. In any way that’s been consistent with state standards or the state regulations, or gas wells,

and all of that is consistent with our agreement.

Yes. And, you know, just the other the related question to this was for how long is it? Is it a unknown timeframe? It’s like contingent upon the nightside.

Wrapped. It’s a sort of a performance type of timeframe. The performance of the action that needs to occur is the completion and production of a well at the night sight. Given today’s situation with oil and gas and the markets.

I don’t believe it’s known when they were originally intended to be grilled. Here. I have not talked with cub Creek See if their plans have changed. I can do that and certainly report back to Council on that information.

I have one unrelated to that. Mayor Bagley, I have a second question but others may. I’ll be quiet here. Others may want to

just get it all the way. Go

ahead. Well, the second question really has nothing to do with oil. It has to do with masks. We get we are we received emails from time to time from residents wondering why we haven’t been more assertive in or directive to residents requiring that people wear masks if they’re outside or in grocery stores are in proximity to other people. And I i labor into the perception that there are some issues that over which we do not have authority, or some options that people might exercise, even with the governor’s order. So I know this is a gene question, but I am curious, what are the limits of our authority to direct people To wear masks and under what circumstances.

So before I say it, so what Harold, can you answer that? And then Joan, I think you had emotion coming forward. And so this has been the topic behind the scenes. Harold, could you talk about the answer Dr. Walters question? And then also talk about what the what the county health director is going to be doing.

So I’m going to give you a high level answer to the question and Eugene can go into details, but we’ve been looking at that related to, there were some conversations on cities talking about creating an order for masking. Eugene has looked into that and we would have to go through our emergency order process as outlined by the charter, which actually, at the end of the time period, only reduces it by five days in terms of implementation. Today, this afternoon, I was on a call with the county health department and then Some of you all saw the update that they were going to provide. At this point, various county health departments are in the process of putting together some guidance and it looks like an order in terms in terms of the requiring mass to be warned. And we were told that we should see that information by Wednesday, or no, no later than Friday. So it appears that the health department’s are going to be taking that action. Up until this point, it has really been a suggestion by the state. And so we’ll know more between Wednesday and Friday in terms of what they’re going to do. And that just came out this afternoon before we went on to the meeting. Thank you.

All right, anything else? That’s it right? Although once I get done, john, your Ico Marsha I see you but it’s Jones turned counselor, her pet.

Thank you. Actually, this is a continuation of that topic. I think Then I was called by the mayor of Lewisville. And I think Mayor Baca you are as well. And several cities are thinking about and are willing cities in Boulder County of doing a temporary ordinance as a mandate for wearing masks inside of businesses or at drive ups in grocery stores. And regardless, it doesn’t have to be a mask. It can be a bandana, it can be a T shirt, it can be something that covers your mouth and nose. One of the reasons I am for this is because of the cities and the counties, basically to the

east of us

northeast that are not adhering to any of the governor’s rules and regulations and suggestions. So as they come into our city as we start relaxing our business Is our restaurants

and other

other facilities like massage parlors etc.

If they are not used to wearing masks and in their city or their county they are not told to do that they will not come into our city expecting that So the example was given to me was no no shirt no shoes, no service would be no shirt, no shoes, no mass, no service. Um, so, what I would like to move then is that we based upon what the public health department comes out with on Wednesday, you said or Thursday, that if they do not come out with a policy, I would like to move that the city have a temporary ordinance requiring everyone doing business inside a business at a drive up window, anything where there is conflict Heck, that is not recreational, be mandated to wear a nose and mouth covering of some sort, preferably a mask. So that is my motion based upon the public health department’s decision and what they come with up with. Because if we wait for another week to do this, then the next regular session, it’ll be two weeks.

So is the motion is the motion specifically it has been seconded yet but I just want to clarify is the motion you’re making about the people who run the business and work at the business white mass for about acquiring and whoever

goes into the business? For example. I’ve gone to as as most of us have to take out to drive up windows both for coffee or whatever, and no one no one there was merit wearing masks. And I actually had to tell some people you need to be wearing a mask if you touch them. My food if you’re talking to me if you so it’s for people working in the business, as well as those going inside or to the business.

So the

but the motion is dependent upon what the public health safety Boulder County and the other county come up with its they make it a mandatory suggestion, not a mandate a mandate, then we wouldn’t have to have an ordinance because it would be a mandate by public health but I personally don’t want to wait another two weeks for a regular session to do this because things move too fast. So you want me to repeat my

I think we got it. Okay. Councillor Martin?

Well, I would second it if it’s a valid motion to make because I’ve been hearing the same thing. And giving the same advice and seeing the same things. I would need an explanation of what kind of a procedure this actually is. The other thing I want to get clear, Well, two things I want to get clarified is that the governor’s orders do mandate that people working in the central businesses wear masks. So those people are in violation.

And unfortunately, the governor has not

been willing to say anything about what the consequences of a violation really are supposed to be. But when it’s somebody handling our food, I agree with Councilmember Peck, you know, there should be there should be enough consequences that that proprietors will pay attention to it. And apparently the public feels the same way. The other thing is For most of the public, I was watching the Boulder County Health announcement this afternoon on Facebook Live. And they lost their feed five times. And it seems like they timed it precisely for whenever anything important was going to be said. So even even when even by going back and and looking at the fragments that were posted on Facebook, you still couldn’t tell what happened. Could we? If anybody heard it in the continuous stream, can they please give us a recap of what the main points were?

For I think everyone,

everyone, okay,

so nobody knows.

Well, that’s all I’m gonna I’m gonna so the motion has not had a second.

Yes, I second did it but i wanted i asked for an explanation of how it would be done because I don’t understand mentary details. Either you can do the second

or not second, but well Okay, why

not condition?

I just I just wanted to explain because I don’t know how it works. I won’t withdraw the second they just want to understand. Alright,

so the let’s go ahead and cosmic burrito fairing Did you raise your hand? Okay. Anybody else have something up there? Councilmember Peck.

Um, so to address that Councilwoman Martin, I don’t have those answers nor the details. And I would think that would be something that our city attorney and his staff would have to look at. Um, and it would probably be just like, from what, from my understanding after talking to a couple of other mayors that are interested in doing this. The understanding would be the proprietor of the business would could refuse service just like they do with no shirt, no shoes, no service. And that’s, and I don’t know, I am not going to discuss the legalities. Have that or anything? Because I don’t know. And that would have to be something that staff would bring back to us.

That’s not my question. My question is how we can make a motion for a temporary ordinance. I’ve never heard of such a thing. And I don’t know how that parliamentary procedure would work.

And we can just have it expire on a date certain Marsha. So that so so first of all, let’s let’s so first of all this right here, just to be clear, we’re not voting on a motion to do anything. We’re voting on a motion during this time to bring it back to discuss and then have a first ordinance and a second ordinance.

That’s not what Jones said. That’s why I required an explanation

right now. So right now, our rules are such that, that we don’t take most of these motions or to put motions to direct the city manager to add agenda items for future agendas, not to make make motions and debate the issue

If that makes sense,

so when, when do you think this could be on the agenda?

So what we would have to do, and this is the conversation that Eugene and I, we literally talked about it, I think, yesterday or this morning, and then we heard what the county was going to do, which made it easier actually, if they do it. Um, and and so what we would do is, I think they have something drafted or a skeleton drafted. Because we were anticipating this type of question. Okay, we would, we would have to change the fifth to a regular session, and then have the first reading there, then we would have to have the second reading, and then by charter, and here’s where every city gets is different in this. By charter, we then instead of the 10 day ratification period, it’s five day ratification period, from the second from the second reading, and so that’s when we were Starting to do the math. It starts taking that out over time, which was then today in that conversation when we heard that the county the health directors were looking at placing that order. And it appears very likely that they’re going to do that and that’s going to come out and next within this week, we realized well, that helps us a little bit but your motion is, if they don’t do it, then we would bring it back that day and start that process. And then if council does pass this motion, then I will communicate into that group to say the council is supportive of this because they were also looking for that feedback as well.


So before I count on Mayor Pro Tem, I’m not going to call a point of order but but we there is a we’ve already voted on something similar and that is, Paulie made a motion a few weeks back about her We were going to follow. We talked about the following Boulder County, the Boulder County Health Department, the governor, the CDC was a Suzy. Yes. Anyway, somebody made a motion and it was awesome. We all voted. And we said we’re going to follow the experts. And so and so I’m not going to call point of order and make a big deal out of it. It’s just my concern is, again, I sat on these calls and listen to Mayor Hancock, Colorado’s only strong mayor, you know, kind of get into a political I don’t want to say any use an improper term. But he argues with Governor polis about well, who can put the most restrictions on on the state versus Denver. And I continue to be a big believer that we should follow the governor and I and that’s what we voted on. And in the event that there’s a contradiction, but there’s not here. We should follow the county. So I’m not here I guess I’m I had a comment. Without mayor, the mayor of Lewisville is well, Joan, and she told me she’d be calling all you guys to kind of lobby and I mean, anybody can call you guys to lobby. My only concern is that again, we’re not experts. We’re not medical doctors. I prefer we leave it up to the county and just follow follow their their guidance, because right now I saw a meme online that said, 40% want to stay in their homes thinking they’re going to die. 40% percent think this is a hoax. And 20% think this is 5g cell phone towers. Some plot to overcome the Anyway, it was supposed to be funny, but my point is that I’d rather not. I’d rather I personally would rather just follow the health department if they don’t think it’s important enough to implement a requirement that we have masks. Then I would ask why would we think it’s important enough to have masks? Mayor Pro Tem.

Thank you very badly. I was also going to speak briefly on consistency as far as not creating a bunch of patchwork

policies in the jurisdiction of the county. And then also I just be very interested in the actual specifics of the policy. I know that’s not within what this vote is. But the the specifics of the policy considering, you know, folks that are maybe medical reasons cannot wear a mask, how enforcement works, age, age borders as far as to and under six and under and how those are already working, for instance, with Walmart, already enacting a policy on their own, as far as not allowing folks into the store without masks on. And I believe there is a two and under policy as far as children are concerned from what I was seeing. So I just want to make sure that if we do this, and I’m really hoping it’s much more efficient. Obviously if it comes from the county level, it will take effect much more quickly than if we go through the ordinance process. But I would just hope that we can find some sort of consistency also there as far as what the couples ramifications would be a set, man. So that’s just my concern. But I will be supporting adding this to the agenda. Should the county not make a move? Thank you. Yes. All right. Anybody else before

we vote? And again, this is just to add it to the agenda.

All right, Jasmine.

Yeah, I would just like to add that from what one could tell from the motor County Department of Health. The question was asked whether they would be doing it, and they said they’d be supportive of doing it. I’m not sure what that means. But I would also like to add that Longmont has the highest number of cases per unit of population of anybody in Boulder County at the moment. So I think

we should take action if they don’t imperiled. We,

I mean, other states have been if we heard anything, thing about testing for our bodies. We like New York 21% of New York City have it 13.9% of the state Do we have is anybody testing in Colorado to see actual infection rate?

We don’t have the test. Right.

I know that. Okay, council remark I answer the question. I had an antibody test yesterday and got the results back today.

And we’re good Yep. right but but how are we doing but are we doing sample sets I know it’s available out at Denver Jewish but as anybody in the government actually taking action to find out

it’s it’s it’s available at most clinics in Longmont. Now, I went up to quest diagnostics on North tober.

You did you get it? So

yeah, I haven’t had it.

You haven’t had it. Okay. Yeah. Amen. So,

so the answer to that question is there’s limited antibody testing right now and you’re seeing it in different locations. I think they’re waiting for a more robust group to come in and as they indicated today, Some of the calls they think they feel that’ll happen in a few weeks. And Dan can clarify that. I think the challenge right now with that is is really understanding the efficacy of the specific antibody test and the error rate in it because each one has a different component to it. So, but they are working on getting that right now they’re primarily focused and move over some of this and update.

Right, but it’s okay. I mean, as we vote, I mean, for example, the question I’d have is, what about me if What if 10 to 20% of Colorado have already had it and therefore they’ve, they’ve got the antibodies? Are we going to require them to wear masks to so and then how do you tell? So Susie, do you want to have something to say or do you just like your pin?

Now, okay.

Tell from her pack. Do you have something to say? Yeah, Kazmir Martin.

Yeah, I happen to know the answer to that too, which is that it has has not been established whether having antibodies confirms immunity or not confers immunity or not. But the Abbott test has a 100% sensitivity and a 99.6%. sensitivity. No, let’s see. Anyway, the important metric whose name has escaped me, the Abbott test is is an incredibly effective some of the others are not and have error bars. 15% but if you make sure you know which one you’re getting, you can get a really good test right now.

Let’s go ahead and vote. All in favor putting this on the agenda for the next meeting say aye.

Aye. Aye.

All opposed say nay nay. Vote passes six to one with me against But anyway, let’s go ahead and may or Eugene may here. Could I

just ask for clarification? So I know what what you guys are correct.

In the event that the motion was I’m sorry, the emotion was that you. We’re we’re the next agenda meeting we’ll be discussing, putting a a directing staff to put together an ordinance to be heard on the first reading. That would require all businesses that are open and all people frequent going in and using those businesses to wear masks. In the event that the Boulder County Health director does not require it first.

So I have an ordinance drafted that would add to the city managers, emergency authorities.

This explicit authorization to require members of the public to wear masks or personal protective equipment.

I’m thinking we should just go ahead and put that on the next agenda.


so not an ordinance requiring it but authority of the city manager during a declared state of disaster or emergency.

I think that works. And I also think my fellow city council members would like that put on the council agenda as soon as possible. So let’s just go ahead and put it on. first reading of an ordinance next next regular session, changed the next study session. So it’s a regular session, Councilmember Christiansen

I think that’s a very good idea, because it would giving that authority to the city manager who deals with operations will make would make it a faster, more efficient thing. I mean, we can direct them to do that. But he can also just do that by himself as part of the authority of the emergency authority. So I’m on i’m in favor of that.

Right. So good. You didn’t.

I got all that a mayor. Thank you.

All right. Cool. All right. Let’s move on to a city manager report on the COVID-19 update and emergency items.

Yes. So I’ll go ahead and start off with high level high level overview in the NASA dam to go over some data. One of the input one of the pieces that I was going to cover is actually the information that we got received today from the county about possibly making the requirement of mask implementing that at a broader regional level. As I indicated earlier, the the big component of that is our the timing of that would be sometime between Wednesday and Friday of this week, based on what was communicated this afternoon. As you all know, there is a state right now where some some counties have chosen to take the the governor’s directive and have begin the loosening of those requirements. Obviously, Boulder County, which was part of a group of counties, extended it to may 8 and there was a lot confusion regarding what the what the governor meant when he talked about the release and what it meant in terms of timing on this issue. And and so I have just received this evening, a document that I’m trying to call this really quickly a document that that really goes through and starts parsing the differences of what the governor said and what the Boulder County ordinance really means. And then talk a little bit about what they talked about during there are webcasts that may or may not have been cut out and in why they did certain things. So generally on the 27th What happened was that the governor’s order allowed for Kevin Governor’s order allowed for non essential businesses to begin curbside sells. Via that order. It did not allow those non essential businesses to open up. The Boulder County order essentially replicates that, that non essential businesses can begin curbside sells. There. There’s some questions that we’re trying to resolve. On the real estate side. We’ve had some questions from realtors, and the Boulder County order says real estate showings for unoccupied homes only can resume at this point. And if there’s questions on that what we’re doing is asking everyone to go into the call in number that exists for Boulder County Health so they can give specific answers to questions. And staff on site are to continue minimum basic operations under the governor’s order on May 1 under the city For at home component, retail and personnel services can open if they’re implementing best practices. And so if you’ve seen some of the press conferences from the governor, they’re starting to lay those details out. We’re assuming again that tomorrow during the press conference, there will be more details to that will have that information. Under the county’s order, they’re still with curbside pickup for non critical retailers and the real estate stays the same and we’re still under the same provision of the stay at home order. And then on May 4, under the governor’s order operating under safer at home, the offices can reopen at 50% reduced capacity, again if best practices are being implemented. And so when we look at the Boulder County order and the orders that exist in some of the other counties, there is a seven day difference between retail and when that can open for customers to come in

actually seven to eight days difference between what the governor’s order is and the boulder counties order in terms of retail. And then the other businesses operating at the 50% capacity. There is a five day difference in from the fourth to the ninth, when that would be reduced or the eighth depending on when that that comes off. So it’s a seven day or a four day difference. Again, there’s going to be more specific guidance coming out both from the state and from the county health department’s in terms of what that needs to look like and how people need to operate. So what the county is saying is on May 9, all businesses are operating under safer at home retail and personal services, and open if implementing best practices office can open at 50% reduced capacity. If best practices are being implemented business should still use telecommuting to the greatest extent possible, or may night, these two orders now come in together where essentially what the county saying is what the governor saying. And things are in alignment today during the conversation in what was put in the document. And I don’t want to put words in Jeff’s mouth. But what he did say is barring a significant change in the number of cases or hospitalization, specifically, if hospitals are getting closer to the red line, this will be implemented on May 9. And so they’re watching the data to guide their decisions in terms of how they move through that process. And so, date is going to continue to be a big piece of what we’re talking about. When when we talk about just the amount of confusion in this when, when the 27th came out. We know that we had people prior to hearing what Boulder County was going to do. They could open their businesses. On the 28th, the reality was that never was allowed under the governor’s order. But we didn’t have those specifics in terms of being able to give definitive answers. And so as we start moving in this period of relaxation, and this was a part of the conversation that we had on an administrator call is really keeping those phone banks in play, to answer specific questions. When we look at just what we’re trying to do now, I mean, there is an understanding of the orders. And to give you a sense, the most recent order that came from the state was over 35 pages.

There’s obviously questions every time these orders are in are issued in terms of what does it mean related to these specific activities, and how do we enforce it and so we go through that process. And so if counsel will remember what we’re really hearing or what we went through as we were standing into this where we were seeing orders going, we need to close this or we need to close this. And we were then trying to figure out what did that mean? We’re literally going through the same kind of scenario, as these orders are coming forward in terms of relaxing, and talking to the Boulder County Health Group in conversations that I’ve had with them. And what they talked about on on their Facebook Live item is there were a couple of things they were trying to do. One, I think because of the uncertainty in terms of what those specific requirements were going to be, what they indicated, is that they really needed time in order to put those in place. And they’re going to try to get those out as soon as possible this week, so that businesses actually have a chance to understand what they have to do. Because that was a lot of questions that we were having coming in is what do I need to do in order to open? Frankly, we were asking the same question. As we were trying to look at our facilities, because we didn’t know the answer to a lot of those things. And so that is a that was a big piece for a lot of these folks is to really get the rules in place. So they could do that. The second piece, and we touched on it, which was really testing and making sure that the testing capacity was there. In in their Facebook Live, and in some of the briefings that I’ve had today, they are seeing that testing component moving along. And and so I think in terms of the number of tests that they can do per day, you know, that’s a big component that they’re looking at Jeff did also talks about the fact that they are getting a lot of these supply chains are now starting to come back online. So they’re getting more certainty in terms of having the materials they need to perform those tasks. And so that was a component of needing more time. The other component that Jeff mentioned in his conversation, multiple conversations today Is it also times into when the surge capacity at St. Anthony’s hospital will be ready? So right now what you have in Colorado is you have surge capacity. I believe being built in Pueblo, you have the convention center in Denver, you have the ranch in Loveland. And then they’re also looking at St. Anthony’s in terms of search capacity. And they’re predicting that all of those things will be online about may 15. And if you and Dan will go over some of the numbers, but just to touch on a couple of things, when we actually look at the numbers for Longmont, and what they’re seeing is a big part of those numbers are actually related to our senior care facilities. In terms of individuals that live there, the staff that works there, and and so that’s part of the surge, and if you weren’t able to really catch that one, what Jeff was talking about, is that When those individuals tend to become hospitalized, they become hospitalized for a long period of time. And so part of the conversations that we’re having in this process in the Karen’s been working on and others when they talk about surge capacity is a level four facility. And a level four facility is really a place where people don’t need the intense care that they normally would. But they can’t go back to where they were living. And so the level four facility then allows them to transfer individuals to these locations, so they can keep the capacity available for those that need that hire that more intensive treatment in there. So those are all the things that were in play when they were looking at the timeline and the timeline and what they’re trying to do. So, you know, barring some of those, the two significant shifts, they said they are committed to moving forward on the mind based on what they’re seeing at this place. And so you know, we daily have seen a dashboard in terms of where the hospitals are and what they’re trying to do. And what I will tell you all until the community in this update, every when we have our Tam reports and we hear from the hospitals, we’re also hearing what the capacity is. We also hear the case, the cases that we’re running from our fire paramedic system until we know what’s happening in in based on the most recent update. There is ample I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of capacity in the hospitals. At least my last update they Dan may have to correct me on that based on if he’s heard something new.

One of the things when they talk about masking and many of the questions that you asked is actually what these County Health directors are looking at in terms of what do we require, what can we enforce? How does all of that come together because What we’re finding in many of these cases is the people that we have to actually get into enforcement combined with the enforcement that they have to do. We’re doing a lot of triage. And so for example, instead of pushing some of the enforcement on some of the business calls that we’ve been receiving, going to the police department, we’re actually utilizing code enforcement to do the first run and have the conversation with them, and then communicate to the county health department. And only then if it if it starts escalating, do we bring it in because it’s also managing a broader capacity of the overall system as we try to move forward with this? At that point, I will stop and answer any questions and then I’ll go to one more point and turn it over to Dan.

But Councillor Christiansen

you need to unmute Paulie.


Sorry, Harold, has there been any discussion about weld counties, you know, weld county has four times the number of people affected as we do. And there’s six miles to the east of us and is Boulder County discussing that at all and whether there can be any kind of an understanding between between the counties so that we don’t get heavily impacted by

by their

four practices.

I want to I want to share you I want to share a screen with you all real quick. So there’s there’s a lot of conversation. And so if you look at weld County, and I went into their website and you look at Their case load and what they’re really seen. So I will start with this blue area here, which is essentially Greeley and Evans. And you look at their case count that’s about 1242. When you look at the north east corner, it’s about 116 southeast corner about 165. And then if you can look in this area where you have Milliken Johnstown Firestone and Frederick, and then you start moving closer to county on, they have about 100 cases. So the bulk of the cases in weld County are actually occurring in this area around Greeley,

Harold, we’re not seeing your screen.

Oh, that’s okay. I couldn’t figure it out. So if you’re saying it’s more concentrated in select areas Correct, especially the meatpacking plant and

old age facilities. Can you see the screen now?

No, but that’s right.

Don’t get me up to that the city of Greeley is not following well County’s direction and is in fact following. Governor polis really came out a couple days. Yeah. And obviously, that Greeley and Evans is really the area where they have the bulk of the cases when you look at the numbers. And, you know, in terms of that interaction, you know, the governor was pretty pointed in terms of how they’re going to approach areas that don’t follow the state guidance on this. And specifically, there is funding tied to it. They talked about and I think on Monday, I specifically mentioned, one of the grants that we get for our emergency management system. And so they are holding funding. If people don’t, don’t follow the guidance on that. But we are talking about that. It is a topic of conversation, Malcolm. From Erie, we both have this conversation because we’re there. But again, most of the caseload is really in the Greeley Evans area.

Yeah. Okay. Thank you.

All right. Why don’t we go ahead and move on to Dan.

I’ve got one more update before we got Dan. One of the things we’re going to be talking to you all about budget issues next week. And what we just wanted to say today is the how we evaluate our revenue is really going to be a monthly exercise for us and we’ll know better When the month is closed out, and we balanced it next week, but at this point, it appears like March sales and use tax will exceed our projections for March. What I will say is there is no guarantee that that’s going to continue for us. We saw really strong returns from our big box groceries, discount stores, as well as internet sales. At this point, we’re going to continue to proceed in terms of what we described to you all with our budgetary controls, and cells. And we really think and we’re trying to look at a lot of, we’re trying to really work through this, but we think March may have been an anomaly just because of the boost in sales, but that initial rush to the stores. So really getting through April is going to be really every month between now and the end of the year is going to be incredibly important to us to launch what we’re really Going through, because we just have to see what’s happening. And we have some other theories that we will either have more certainty or less certainty once we see the April numbers, which won’t occur until, you know, in May. And so we’re going to be lagging some of that data and trying to see that. The one thing that we did say is, you know, any stronger results here on the front end, can be needed to offset some of the impacts of the businesses that have been, have been impacted today for longer than our than we projected in the two months, or greater than a 5% recession for the rest of 2020. And what we’re seeing 21 and so I know we talked to you all during the last budget process about a recession. We’re obviously thinking the same thing based on what you know, we’re seeing in terms of the data. So I wanted to let you know you will see projections with very strong words. A number that exceeded our projections with strong returns. That’s a one month look. And we’re going to have to be taking those one month looks as we’re moving through the process.

All right, now, should we move on to Dan? Yep.

All right.

Okay, good evening, everybody. I think Carol did a pretty good job. Update. I’ll just give you a few details here on some numbers.

Like Carol mentioned, you know, they’re really looking at at may aids to really come in line with the safer at home order. No, barring a large scale surge. They’re really looking at, I think, four real main points. The first one is making sure we can maintain the social distancing concept, really estimating that we’re at kind of the 60 to 65%, social distancing number now and really making sure that we don’t go below that the increase in testing would be the second component and They want to get to the point where they can test 500 per day. And we’re at about 150. Now, we’re getting a lot more help from the state on testing kits and capacity. They’re setting up a kind of a pilot community testing site at clinica in Lafayette, and we’re hoping to get one up and going at salu. They’re working with places like UC health and since euro to really increase their capacity to. So I think that’s kind of good news on how we can increase the testing capacity and brought it out to the community. But what what goes with that is as we increase the testing capacity, obviously, the amount of positive tests are going to go up. So with that, we had to have the ability to do what’s called contact tracing. And its public health essentially, contacts, all the positive tests and understands where they’ve been, you know, who Have you contacted, where have you been? And they do a little bit of detective work in contact all the people that they have come in contact with, so they can ask For self quarantine, those kinds of things to make sure that we’re getting to that test, an isolate that really is going to help contain contain the spread. Then the last piece would be the what Harold mentioned on the businesses have clear guidance on what they really need to do to comply. And that’s really going to come in the next day or week or so. The biggest concern by far right now in the county is the long term care facilities. And the reason that is is they have the highest rate of hospitalizations come out of long term care facilities. And when those hospitalizations come from there, they’re typically far more serious and they lead to things like higher ventilation mentalization usage and longer stays. So a case coming up long term care facility is normally more serious. So they’re really trying to make sure that they’re focusing a lot on the long term care facilities. The hospitals have really through this whole thing stayed under capacity and capacity under capacity. There’s no hospital in the state that’s needed to resort to crisis standards of care. And then there’s one kind of little data thing that I wanted to go over with you. And I don’t know if we successfully shared a screen or not, but I’m gonna give it one more, try to see if we can do it here. I’m gonna try this one.

That work?

It did. I’ll leave that. So this guy right here. So this is the website that shows the Boulder County positive tests. So you’ll see this big spike right here on that’s 423. And if you look at the state data, it’s exactly the same. There’s a big four day spike of data that it’s all kind of going along like this, and all of a sudden there’s a great big spike. So we talked to Jeff about that today. And what that is, is they caught up on a backlog of cases that just needed To be entered. So it wasn’t as though there’s this big gigantic kind of outbreak that day, it was just sort of a data anomaly. And it’s also worth mentioning that these case, numbers are what’s called a lagging indicator, you know, when when somebody contracts the virus, they’re, you know, asymptomatic for a little while, that’s usually the time where they’re the most contagious. So then they start exhibiting symptoms, then you go to your doctor, after a couple days, then it may take a day or two to get into your doctor and then it you get a test and then another couple days before you get the results. So that’s that could be seven, eight days before the number actually hits here. So that’s why a lot of the times you hear public health saying they want to see an extended timeframe of cases either leveling off or going down because it is such a lagging indicator. Let’s see. The guy just had a couple more things I wanted to go over here. Just on the general OEM side, we’re going to be moving to really support recovery next week and kind of moving into normal operations with severe weather and flood season coming up supply chains are starting to become more robust and normalized. And there was kind of a little bit of discussion about antibody testing. And I certainly am no scientist in this in this area, either. But I think there’s one important distinction that should be made is antibody testing is not a is not to be used for whether or not you currently have the virus. That’s not something it’s used for. And then on the other side, it can detect if it’s helpful in trying to detect if you’ve had the virus, but really, it’s not a 100% effective measurement either because this is a novel virus, you can detect if there’s antibodies in your system, but it’s not a proof positive that you cannot get the disease again, you know, they’re telling us that they don’t know that for sure, but it is it would be Nice to have that robust, robust testing capacity for the community to but we’re not quite there yet, either.

That’s all I’ve got for you this evening, unless there’s questions from anybody.

All right. No, thank you very much, Dan. We appreciate your work. Keep it up. All right, let’s move on to the consent agenda and under k arrow, a

couple of points that they wanted a couple of points that they wanted me to reiterate for you, not so much for you all, but for the community. The big thing for us as individuals, as we move into this next stage, social distancing, ensuring that we’re doing that, and then masking and I know that the masking piece is confusing because when we started out, they said, well, that could be worse because you fidget and you put your hands near here. What they’re really starting to find is that it doesn’t keep you from getting it but it keeps you from potentially infecting someone else because It reduces the, the way it spreads when you talk. And so those are two pieces that’s going to be really important for us as a community and as individuals in the community to really embrace as they’re evaluating how we continue to move forward in this process, which is why I think they’re talking about it at the county health director level in terms of these requirements. The second thing, and Dan touched on this, today was a good example. For those of you all that didn’t see Dale’s email, we, we had a fire that happened to be next to a transformer. And so they had to de energize some lines for the firefighter so they could actually do their function. But there are other things that are continuing to happen. And right now, as Dan mentioned, we’re getting into runoff season. And so we’re going to have folks monitoring that and evaluating that situation. But then in the in the conversation with the county as a whole, they’re also in fire season. And so they are also trying to look at their system as well because there’s a potential where some of these other things can happen in the middle of this. And you’re now managing multiple pieces. So just for Council, you know, there are other issues that we now have to monitor in light of all of this. And we had a small taste of it because it was next to one of our Transformers but in the ever, you know, the fire department police, LPC did a great job. But those things are still going to happen as we’re continuing to move forward. And those are just ongoing challenges that are just on top of this.

That’s all I need to

say. All right, great. Thanks, Harold. Alright, let’s go ahead now and move on to consented in agenda and introduction or reading by title of first reading of ordinances. Don key to that for us, please.

Mayor bag. I think we have first call. Oh, yeah, right. Sorry. Thank you. Yeah,

you’re right. So let’s go ahead and move on to first called public invited to be heard. So if we could go ahead and put up the information, so the public is invited to dial 1669900683. And when prompted, enter the meeting ID, which is 833-860-6089. And we’ll wait about 60 seconds to allow people to get into the meeting here.

Yeah, if I might, we did receive two email comments from people. So

while we’re waiting, we can let’s go

read. Let’s read. Let’s read those. By the time we’re done. That’ll be about six minutes. And if nobody’s and we’ll go on, so go ahead.

Sounds good. All right. The first one is from Allie Finnegan and her address is 1837 spruce Avenue. And she says the pandemic crisis has given me the opportunity to observe closely some topics that I otherwise may not have focused upon. Studies show a correlation between poor air quality and susceptibility to the virus in December the end required the state to reduce the ongoing severe air pollution along the Front Range. After the school district closed in person classes, traffic on sensitive street dropped to a proverbial trickle since it carries traffic for five schools. Thousands of individual vehicles caused bumper to bumper traffic weekday traffic why the core Coronavirus has negatively impacted a dispersed disproportionate number of Hispanic residents. city of Long job postings prefer or require Spanish speaking applicants. We have developed a culture where in Spanish speakers are not encouraged to speak English. I view this practice as a disservice a practice that has marginalized thousands. Now those residents have become a danger to themselves into the public at large. It is time that this paternalistic attitude be revised welcoming others and orienting them to the Civic responsibilities residing here. Mayor Bagley and through it was what has lost respect and support as juvenile ramp during the council meeting with Boulder County Public Health revealed alarming it In a public official following and inappropriate public outbursts generally immediately issues and unequivocal public apology. backlinks guest opinion and times calls not apology he needs to resign. Comments published from the last city council meeting included Begley stating you will be transparent about the negative impacts the pandemic has had on the economy. television networks radio stations, print media and the internet continually carry this information. Back least transparency as nothing other council members offered no planning reassert reassurance or action regarding the pandemic. The crisis requires local leadership determined to individuals with vision leaders who put the well being of Longmont residents above hand wringing and inertia. Now public health officials warning after warning warming over the summer months that virus will reemerge where the virus is a wave or a surge will depend on our efforts over the next month. We did it enough infrastructure to manage the pandemic locally what sort of infrastructure, a diverse group of dedicated resident ambassadors to facilitate downsizing and city staff salaries and a reworking staff roles to support Spanish speakers learning and in English, the pandemic and civic protocols to install an emergency warning system to replace the one we previously relied upon, to organize a call line for residents to regularly host informational seminars using safe protocols to assist businesses with reopening to secure facility for those afflicted with COVID. And and to go less away from their families to liaise with public health officials. Now’s the time to mobilize in defense of our public health masks, handwashing and social distancing have mitigated the spread but only cohesive consistent efforts will keep us safe until a vaccine is developed. Once public health rebounds, rebounds the economy will follow. One more This one is from Daniel R. Pavone. General Counsel and chief Government Affairs Officer for medicine man technologies and he states I am writing in support of agenda item nine be allowing cannabis Companies in Longmont to access new forms of capital including those from publicly traded companies. As you are aware last year, the legislature passed House Bill 19 1090 that allows investment in cannabis business businesses from out of state sources and redefined who is considered an owner. This change is not only timely but certainly pertinent to our changing economy. Cannabis companies do not qualify for the federal assistance other companies in law can rely on. without access to judicial to traditional banking services, including short term personal or other business loans, investors are critical to keeping our businesses open. This was true when legislation passed and it’s even more important now. As one of the four licensees in Longmont, we asked you for your support of this change in the ordinance and look forward to remaining part of the fabric of the community. And that’s all I have here.

You’re muted. We’re barely gone.

We hear you.

Okay. So is there anybody else in the queue they call in?

We have three people there.

All right, let’s go in here.

Caller that has a telephone number that ends in 470. I’m going to unmute you. When you are unmuted, could you please state your name, your address and you will have three minutes

long investors are critical keeping our businesses open. Hello, through and legislation passed and it’s even more important now.

Hello, one of the foreign licensees in Longmont, we ask you for your support of this change in the ordinance and look forward to remaining

so it appears that she’s listening to the feed and she can’t hear or he can’t hear us. I’m going to try caller that has a phone number that ends in one nine. I’m going to unmute you if you are listening to the live feed and you can hear me please mute your television or other device so that we can hear you on the phone. So caller that has a phone number that ends in 119. I’m going to unmute you,

please. Hello.

Hi. Hi. Karen died. Seven already saving the core. I want to mr. mayor and council members. I want to chime in on the remarks by Councilmember waters early in the meeting. I’m very concerned to find out that the stamp oil continues to operate. And because the pipeline is plugged, they are flaring all of the substances that are present present after the oil is separated off. This includes methane, propane, ethane, and various vo C’s and that would include things like benzene and polyethylene which aren’t good for us to breathe. Now that we are aware of this flaring the high amounts of air pollutants found at the air union reservoir monitoring station make more sense And Boulder County Commissioner Elise Jones and state senator fen Berg wrote in an op ed in the camera today, this is a quote, plein air seems more precious than ever these days. Not only is the world reeling from a respiratory virus pandemic, research shows that inflicts more harms and communities already suffering from polluted air. Along with our ever growing traffic levels, the extraction and burning of oil and gas in our region is the leading cause of learned lung burning ozone burning us an F grade from the American Lung Association. Jones and that’s the end of that quote, Jonathan Sandberg. We’re writing to support the esteemed air researcher side Research Scientist Detlef Helmick, who was abruptly abruptly terminated at CU over his work with Longmont and Broomfield. Helmick is, is also suddenly facing extreme scrutiny from the daily The camera in March very positive article about his work was written by a reporter. This month they pulled this story and quoted to gcc and Koga saying that the Standard Oil was plugged and abandoned and the reporter was inaccurate. We now know that the Standard Oil isn’t plugged isn’t abandoned. And it’s likely the source of the burst of methane helming described in the pulled article. So reporter was fired, Kalmyk was fired, and an associate of filming was also fired. Three good guys alternated summon with a lot of money and power must be extremely interested in shutting down our air monitoring here. I beg you to stay strong as a council and to continue this valuable monitoring. And I would just like to say to Dale that the oil and gas amounts is reported monthly to CLG CC and you can find it if you take hard enough through their pages. They burned off the last reporting that they’ve done in January, but they have reported every month, they burned off 14,000 cubic feet of gas in January. We also know that there was a work over rig at that site at the end of March, which means they’re probably stimulating it or some problem or issue with that, that well, this well has a history of bad compliance. If you look through the cgcc website. Thank you very much.

That’s three thanks, good timing.


all right.

We’re gonna speak with color that has a phone number and it ends in 470.

I’m going to unmute you now is reloaded monthly to see your GCC in your country. hard enough to their pages. No, they burned off.

She’s listening to the broadcast again.

Yes. Let’s try the other guest. I’m gonna unmute you. This is for the caller that ends in 633.

Hello, can you hear us? You’re online?


Yes. Can you hear me?

Yeah. Hi, Marianne. Hi. Yeah,

I just have something brief to say if that’s not going to be along. Okay, but

that’s fine. Before you begin, can you ask you to please state your name and your address?

Uh huh. Maryann Ray guy. I’ve been meaning to be for 70 21st Avenue,

Colorado. I mean, Longmont, Colorado. Yeah. Okay. Yes.

Okay. All right. I just am concerned. Am I on now? Yes, you are. Okay. I’m concerned about senior residences, especially those which are independent living, because in the general public, for instance, we are to where mass, according to the governor’s strong suggestions, I don’t think it’s an order, but he’s encouraging us please to wear masks in public. So that if we’re near someone, I believe this is why if we’re if we’re close to someone, we could sneeze or cough on that person. And if we have a have the virus and don’t have symptoms, or even if we do, we could transfer the virus to that person. So I think that’s the reason the, the strong reason why we’re there were mass in public. So in senior residences, there are public areas. And I don’t think possibly people don’t think about this. There are public areas including the lobby in the hallway. So when one needs to pass other residences, anytime, day or night, in those public areas, one can get closer than one as opposed to accidentally or because there’s not as much room in a hallway and possibly transfer the virus if one has it and doesn’t have symptoms, or if one does have it by sneezing, coughing or even breathing on or toward that person. So that’s why I think it’s important in senior residences to know that there are public areas within the building. Thanks for listening. That’s all I have to say. Please make a note of that and be aware of that, please. No signs can be put up to remind people that they should be wearing masks. It’s real important that they do. Thank you. Thank you.

All right. Thanks. Bye. All right. Is that last person back with us?

I will try one more time there.


Hello, caller that ends in 470. Are you there?

I think I am. Am I? I’m here. Am I there?

Yes, we hear you. Could you please begin by stating your name and your address for us?

Very good. Sure. Michael Belmont at 841 tenacity drive. So thank you and greetings, remote council members and very much appreciate your continuing good and earnest work during these challenging times. And I was just actually going to pose some questions also about the stamp oil and some of the surrounding recent

events and readings and so on.

But a lot of those questions I think were answered and I appreciate council member waters for His questions and then Dale for the good answers that he provided.

But I would echo Karen dikes comments and observations in particular that in mid March, very professional and first rate air monitoring that was

through for that was provided through Detlev Hellmuth at the time at CU was registering extremely an unusually high levels of methane in mid March which was peculiar. Seems peculiar at the time. And then of course, as Karen pointed out, a resident apparently was at Union reservoir, recreating socially distance, I believe, and notice a rig at the stamp well and photographed the same which of course raised questions. The city was called and they issue The stamp well was shut in, which obviously now is it must be differentiated from kept. So, apparently there was, quote, a work over rig, which I still am unclear about what that means was that actually continued or additional fracking or re fracking. Of course, this flow line that was closed running to and from that well, was sealed and cleared. So no methane is being produced other than the little bit was noted for flaring, but

obviously, there’s some, some oral as well, but

I guess I share the concerns that the great effort that the council made and the agreement with cub Creek protecting the city was wonderful is just that this whole incident in the upsurge in the worst time It could be in this

methane readings were

unusual. And I am finally I just want to say to that I was extremely alarmed by the sudden firing of Detlev Hellmuth, who will see you who has a long history of stellar research as an atmospheric scientist, many, many years, in fact, decades, as well as the journalists who reported on the high readings. So that’s it. I just could this.

Thanks, Michael. That’s three. Appreciate it.

Very good. Thank you. All right.

Okay. All right. That concludes our public invited to be heard. Let’s go ahead to the screen here. We Yep.

We have one more. Do you want to

let them in? Yeah, sure. Let’s go ahead.

Oh, no, I think that was the last gentleman that I put back into the waiting. We’re good.

Cool. I mean, could I get the There we go. Thank you. You’re welcome. Could you go ahead and read our consent agenda on third time’s the charm.

Evening mayor and council, Item A is ordinance 2020 dash 22. A bill for an ordinance conditionally approving a vacation of seven utility access and storm drainage easements within the West Grange filing to subdivision, generally located south of Nelson road and east of 75th. Street, public hearing and second readings scheduled for May 12 2020. Item eight D is approved one Capital Improvement Program amendment for the 2020 to 2024 tip.

All right, do we have a motion for the consent agenda?

counselor Christiansen. Hello.

I’ll second that. All right. See no further discussion? All in favor of passage the consent agenda say aye.

Aye. Aye. Aye.

All opposed say nay. All right consent agenda. The consent agenda passes unanimously, let’s move on to item nine ordinances on second reading just before we go through this for any public wishing to speak on any of the three items on public hearing, go ahead and please call in now once again the number is 1-669-900-6833 you can leave that on while we do this and so when we’re ready to hear public comments on each item I’m going to go ahead and ask the callers to hit star nine on their phones that allows his wallet to see that you’ve raised your hand to speak on that item and then we will call on you based on the last three digits your phone number just like we did in public invited me heard each speaker mistake their name and address for the record and will be allowed three minutes so first nine a ordinance 2020 dash one nine and bill for an ordinance authorizing the city belong to lease the Real Property known as Vance brand, Municipal Airport, airport hangar parcel sh 62. Western airport development LLC. Are there any questions from council I can can we can we go ahead and push back We’ll take that number off now. Perfect. Are there any questions from council Councilmember Peck,

thank you for your badly I just actually have a couple of clarifications. In the executive summary it says that this hangar will be used for private aircraft storage. But my concern is when we go down to the goals and goal B one says that this lease allows for access to high quality public transportation. So I’m a little bit confused if this hangar is only going to be for aircraft storage, are we in since my concern is about charter aircrafts.

Since this lease allows for access to high quality public transportation, what does that mean?

Exactly? Because this is a private airplane. So why is it public transportation

I’m texting David right now. I think we left him off. Joanie, are you ready? And you get this one?

I can. Okay. Good evening, mayor and council,

Marsh, city manager’s office. So Joan, I see that the council goal added to the column here that you just read out.

I’m not sure that that is the most appropriate goal that would have been placed on the council column in regards to the transportation, high quality public transportation, this is really additional private hangar development at the airport strictly. Yeah, I understand that and it I understand that b1 was a diverse housing and stop power densities access to high quality public transportation, food and jobs, but then it is restated that it is about high quality public transportation and I just want to make sure that as we move forward, expanding this airport, etc, that when we have these statements, That isn’t a segue into charter planes or passenger aircraft without coming back to us, so I just wanted to make that statement. And

with that, I will move item nine, eight.

All right. Anybody else want to comment?

Councilmember Christiansen?

All either, you know, just a second. Okay. It’s been moved and seconded. Let’s go ahead and open the public hearing on ordinance 20 2019. Don, Do we have anybody?

mayor, this is Susan. It doesn’t appear that anyone has called in for this

item. All right. Then let’s go ahead and close the public hearing. It’s been moved and seconded. So let’s go ahead and vote All in favor for ordinance 20 2019.

say aye. Aye. Aye Opposed say nay.

All right, ordinance 20 2019 passes unanimously, ordinance 20 2021. The bill for an ordinance amending chapter 6.70, the long municipal code on marijuana sales. Are there any questions or comments from council? All right, seeing none, let’s go ahead open the public hearing on ordinance 20 2021.

Susan, is there anybody in the queue?

No, Mary, no one has called in. Do you want me to display the number again?

No, we you can, but we’ve already I mean, they should have called in the beginning. So that was the instruction. So on the next Sugar Mill annexation, if anybody’s listening, we’re going to go ahead and display the nationalist code and display the number we’ll wait 60 seconds. And on all items for second reading. You need to call it now and get in the queue.

Samir, it’ll take about a minute before it shows up publicly because There’s a delay on our screen. But

let’s, let’s take a two minute break then.

If that’s okay,

anybody done okay for everybody? Grab some water. Oh, sweet. All right, let’s take two minutes.

We didn’t vote on marijuana, did we? Not yet.

Okay. We’re just thinking

about calling

All right, can we get the number off the screen and go back to the full view, please? Perfect. All right.

Yeah. Go ahead.

Get up. We do have a caller.

Perfect. Let’s go ahead and customer Martin.

We didn’t vote on the previous ordinance, did we?

No, no, we get that open it up for public hearing.

We passed we were. We did vote and it passed unanimously for the airport hangar item A. And now we’re on to a bill for an ordinance amending six chapter 6.70 belong Want me to call them marijuana stores? I’m so sorry. Yep. So we’re going to go ahead and open the public hearing on ordinance 20 2021. And ask callers wishing to speak on this item to go ahead and hit star nine. So

we bring him in.

Yes, Mayor? caller that your phone number ends in 054. I’m going to unmute you please go ahead and state your name and your address.

Oh, Hi, this is Kristin Thompson with the green solution in Denver. I just wanted to be available for questions. I think you have heard from us in the past and her from my colleague, Mr. Bone with

uh, with medicine man, and just wanted to be available for questions. That’s all.

Okay, great. Well, does anyone have any questions and if no questions Does somebody want to make a motion

I’ll go ahead and move. I’ll go ahead and move forward is 2020 dash 21.

All right, that was seconded by Councilmember daga fairing it seeing that nobody has any other questions or comments. Let’s go ahead and vote All in favor of ordinance. 20 2021. say aye. Aye. All opposed say nay. All right ordinance 2020 2020 ordinates 20 2021. passes unanimously, thank you very much for joining us. All right, let’s move on to item C Sugar Mill annexation. First of all, sugar melodic station update and revised annexation agreement Harold ever report.

They gave us online for the report.


Hi, can you hear me? Yep. Thank you. Hi, Eva. Good evening, Eva, Jeff ski Planning and Development Services. This is an annexation over in the southeast. area of the city. I do have a short, brief PowerPoint presentation which Susan will pull up right now and share on the screen.

One minute.

Good evening, so, yeah, okay, so we’re gonna just give you some background on this with the property location. Again, this property is southeast quadrant of town. It’s south of highway 119 in east of Third Avenue in what’s known as the Mill Village neighborhood. It is west of county line road. You can see it there on your map. I’m sorry, but because Susan’s sharing the screen, I don’t think my mouse will work. So I’ll just try and describe it for you.

Go back.

Oh, thank you. And so this property is the one with a star there. It’s about 17.44 acres as undeveloped, as you can see south of the property. We have a city of Longmont Greenway and then we have the st. Rain Creek south of that. The property to the west is in Boulder County and its own general industrial. And then the river bend at Mill Village condos is just north of this parcel. The this property there is zoned ag in unincorporated Boulder County, but in our envision Longmont plan, it’s designated as parks Greenway and open space and the applicants our property owner proposes zoning the property agricultural so that would be consistent with the Envision Longmont plan. Next slide please. Thank you. And so this is the applicants concept plan. As you can see on it, they have no development proposed which is consistent with the ag zone. What they want to do though, is as you can see, and on northwest of this parcel, they have a 112 unit, paired home development for sale, a project with affordable housing on it, and they would like to put their detention ponds on this parcel and add a sanitary sewer line to serve this property. However, because the property wasn’t in the city of Longmont jurisdiction, it had to be annexed first. So that’s why we’re working through this. Thank you working through this process, so there won’t be development per se, the property owner would just put in a detention pond, add the sanitary sewer line, and then would leave it undeveloped, which is consistent allowable uses in the app zoned include, could be open space parks greenways farms or golf courses. And one other thing of note is there’s a ditch easement on the north side, you can see the black line running east to west there. That’s the ditch easement that would be maintained. At the first reading of the ordinance a couple weeks ago. counsel asked if there was a way to leave this agriculturally zoned in perpetuity, if you will, to prevent it from being rezoned in the future. And I give you an amended staff report in their in your packet, we conferred as staff and determined that a conservation easement was the best route for this, because again, it would require an act of counsel to undo this. And so if you look through the annexation agreement in your packet, you’ll see we updated that and there’s a clause in there that says The property owner shall and engage in the annexation, excuse me a conservation easement for this property once those improvements are installed. And so that concludes, my again, my nuts and bolts report on this. I am available for questions. The applicants, Representative Karen Henry will be doing a short PowerPoint as well. And then if you still have questions for either myself or Karen, we’re both happy to answer. Thank you. So Susan, if you want to queue up Karen’s Johnson

Johnson all one second counselor Martin.

Yes, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be in front of that presentation or not. But my question was this the conservation easement since it wasn’t in the first reading is that going to come back as a Second ordinance or how’s that work?

council member Martin, it’s our understanding of the attorney’s office wasn’t able to get that easement prepared in short order for your packet. So it will come afterward. I because it’s part of the annexation agreement, which is part of the ordinance that you would be approving tonight. We can’t finalize anything until the conservation easement is executed. It would not come back to you but it is a requirement of this annexation.

Okay, thank you.

Ready? All right, let’s move on to the next part.

So the applicant Karen Henry is here to do a short PowerPoint and Susan will cue that up for us.

Hi, for the record. My name is Karen Henry with Henry design group. Her address is 1501 Waze street suite one See, I’d like to thank Ava she did a great job in summarizing the annexation proposal for you This evening, I just have a couple graphics I’m going to run through real quickly. This is a bigger picture of how the sugar mill paired Homes is sits in relationship to this annexation parcel.

As she said, it’s down the southeast corner. And then the paired homes are right at the confluence of Great Western drive in Third Avenue. Next please.

Next slide.

Maybe this is just the annexation map that shows in the hatched area that the contiguity as required. It has is being met with no problem. Next slide, please.

This is just another view of the annexation concept plan. You can see the detention pond outlined in blue and the sanitary sewer lines. In the pink and purple, it puts it in a better, more visible area to show the relationship to the condos to the north and the sugar mill paired homes to the northwest. As a lot of the questions that came out of our meetings with the condos to the north was access across this parcel to tie into the trail way along the southern edge and given that this is going into a conservation easement, and there will be a road over top of the access road for the sanitary sewer, the truck connection can be made. Next slide please. And this is just an overall of how the sugar mill parcel paired homes, sits in relationship to the annexation parcel. And as Eva mentioned, based on the concerns raised at the April 14 first reading, the owner of the property is committed to Places parcel into a conservation easement, which will in perpetuity, unless it’s just as you stated goes back before you guys will stay as open space. With that, thank you and we’re happy to answer any questions.

Call Bonnie Polly. I was just muted Councilmember Christian said

thank you.

Miss Henry. I just wanted to thank you and the, the developer for for being willing to do a conservation easement. I think that’ll clarify things and clarify everybody’s commitment to keeping this a little open. So that The people in Mill Village are not completely surrounded by development. Anyway, thank you. I think it’ll be good for everybody.

Thank you. You want to make a

call? You want to make a motion? Oh, I’m I would move.

Resolution 20 2036


Oh, okay. 20 2036 Yes.

Second Second.

All right. That’s been that was Moved by Councillor Christiansen and seconded by Councilmember pack. One second.

Um, so let’s

go ahead and anybody have any other comments on that before we vote? All right. All in favor resolution. 20 2036. say aye. Aye. Those opposed say nay. All right, it passes unanimously, ordinance 20 2020. A bill for an ordinance condition. proving the strict relaxation. If

you probably want to make that motion to

sure I’m, I’m a passenger 20 2020

All right,

I’ll second back. Actually, Mayor Pro Tem seconded that. Anybody have any further questions, comments, dialogue, debate, etc. All right. See none All in favor say aye.

Aye. public hearing we

this your your No, we didn’t. Eugene. So let’s get everybody in the


Now, I don’t see anybody. All right. So we’ll go We’ll go ahead and close the public hearing. So there’s been a motion made. Let’s go ahead and vote All in favor say aye. Aye. Aye. Those opposed say nay. All right, motion passes unanimously. All right. Let’s go ahead to D adopt changes to citizen participation plan for HUD funded programs to adopt waivers allowed under the cares act and considering actions pertaining to COVID-19 programming and funding and hold public hearing.

Carol, do we have a presentation on this?

Yes, I’m Kathy.

And then we would also ask all the callers again to call in now if you haven’t.

Susan, did we words carefully. Nurse Cathy.

Good evening, mayor and council, Kathy feather Housing and Community Investment division manager. And tonight I am bringing forward a change to our citizen participation plan for the CDBG and other HUD programs. This is coming before you because of the COVID CDBG CV funding that we will be getting as well as our desire to repurpose some of our regular CDBG 2020 funding to address COVID related activities. And projects. And as part of the Cures Act, you want to go to the next slide.

These so as part of the Cures Act,

Congress and Hud provided

a waiver to not a waiver but allowed for some reductions in the regular public notice timeframes and the public comment periods as that are required as part of the citizen participation plan, so every community getting CDBG funds has to have a citizen participation plan. The regulations require a minimum public notice and a minimum public comment period when we are either amending our action plans or getting doing our Consolidated Plan and during our citizen participation plan updates. So if you go to the next slide what cares Act allows is that we can go from a required minimum 30 day notice period to a five day notice period. And for us a substantial amendment go from a 15 day notice period to a five day notice period. And then on the public comment period requirements, we can go from 30 days for each of those to five days for each of those. This is a change that’s allowed just for the 2020 program year. So it only be in effect for this year when we’re changing things around COVID activities. So what we are proposing is that we go ahead and adopt and change for 20 year 2020 to allow us to have a quicker comment period and public notice period that allows us to reallocate our funds more quickly. So

let’s just say what do you need from us?

Well, we have to have because we’re changing the citizen participation plan, we have to have a public hearing, we’ve already given the public notice timeframe, and then we and then just approval of the proposed changes if you are so inclined. The other thing if you can go to the next slide. The other thing we are also suggesting we change as part of the citizen participation plan, just for this year, is to allow staff to bring COVID related funding recommendations to council directly, while keeping the housing and Human Services Advisory Board informed as opposed to going through the housing and Human Services Advisory Board with applications with suggestions, having them make recommendations and then coming to Council. So that again, would would quicken the way to go. And we did run this all by the housing and Human Services Advisory Board. And they are in support of the changes to the to the plan.

So basically, you just need a motion approving the changes to the citizen participate participation plan,

right after holding a public hearing.

All right. So let’s go ahead and open the public hearing.

Is there anybody in the queue?


No, Mayor, not at this time.

All right. So let’s go ahead and give them about 60 seconds to get in the queue. If there’s anybody.

I don’t think there will be but


Councilmember Naugle fairing

Yeah, I have a question. Oh, so the numbers that you gave to shorten the time from the 30 to the five. Where did those numbers come from? Are those recommendations.

That’s what’s that what’s allowed under the cares act changes. Okay. allowed to make. Yeah.

And then and then I guess, you know, I was reading through the,

you know, there is no really set, like a formula for

coming up with a plan that would really, that is foolproof, I guess and I read it on here. I’m trying to find it again. But is there a way that we can kind of reevaluate to if we’re finding that, that how we are engaging the public during this time isn’t? isn’t really,

you know, providing ample opportunity for those involved to, to participate to understand what I’m getting?

Yeah, I think I understand what you’re saying. So what I would say is that, yes, if we’re finding that this is too short of a time period, where there isn’t adequate opportunities, we can always do more You just can’t do less than what the plan allows. Okay.

Okay. Yeah, I was just wondering, like, what are we doing to kind of reevaluate things

as as we progress along?

Right. And if I can add to that, too, I think one of the things that we’re doing as well as Boulder County is actually actively engaging our cultural brokers in in conversation in order to to make sure that we’re trying to involve as, you know, the breadth of the community when we’re moving through these conversations. And so, for example, they’re on the same calls I talked about earlier, when we talked about this. They’re part of that conversation.

Very good.

Yeah. Because I, you know, one thing that the online learning has taught me is, you know, we make these assumptions that, Oh, well, you know, kids have iPads, they can get online. Well, a lot of them I mean, I only had three that had we were online, so it was connecting people who most need These resources to be able to to get them to participate to have these services, you know, just so that’s that’s kind of what I was trying to get. You know, that’s a great point. And that’s part of when we try to communicate is also getting information out via those cultural broker so they can plug into their respective communities to make sure that we’re, we’re cut, we’re handling all of those issues where people can’t necessarily get it online. And we’re trying to evaluate to make sure we, how do people call in and do you know, every approach imaginable and we talked about that kind of communication. Thanks,

Dr. Waters.

Thanks, Mayor Begley.

I think all this has been well done and well prepared. So Kathy, thank you for that and get us positioned to take advantage of funding and resources provided to the cares act. I do have I have a One question, but it shows up two places. It’s not about the substance of criteria or anything else. It is about how we notify people. And in the materials that we got the packet, this was items, etc. So in the original packet on page 65, at the end of page 65, there’s a reference to notification of all the above hearings will be published in the long month, Daily Times call. Then on page 82, there’s a reference to publish in a daily newspaper. And I guess for me, Kathy, the question is, are these guys this new? Is this the changes you’re proposing short term in terms of just to get through the COVID virus or is this process going to stand beyond the COVID virus? Because if it does, we know we’re going to have a new online new source in town, part of the compass project in probably 30 days We don’t know that we’re always going to have a daily newspaper. So the reference on page 82 of a daily newspaper seems to me, we’re going to potentially have to come back and amend this if we don’t have a daily newspaper. And it to limit this to the times call, I think, does not make sense to me. So if the language in those two sections where to say local news sources, publicly accessible local news sources or something like that, I don’t want to wordsmith it. But the wording the way it is, has nothing to do with the substance of the plan. But it is I think, important in terms of how we notify people. And I understand here what you said, we’re going to notify every place possible we’re going to post offices and on websites and whatnot, but specifically to make reference to a daily newspaper, which may or may not be around forever, and in to limit to the times call times call it the exclusion of other news sources does not make sense to me.

So council members waters in and Mayor.

That’s a good point. I actually I think the it originally said times call and then we might have gone to daily newspaper because when we joined the consortium, we were often using also the the boulder paper for consortium notices in the city of Boulder. So I think we broadened it out to that. I think in this version, one of the redline changes I think I made was to add the city’s website as a as a place as well. So yes, continuing to evolve, how we’re getting the word out in what is official or unofficial posting places but to broaden that as much as possible. Makes a lot of sense. So I think what we’ll need to do once this is over, and we’ll probably have to amend after year 2020. To remove some of these references, even though I tried to be very clear this was only in place For the year 2022, also look at what else needs to be amended in in a to broaden out that public notification.

And I will add to that to an eg may have to jump in what we don’t know is a lot of times in some of the state and federal guidelines, and I don’t know if it imply it, if it is in this specific case, they require us to post on the daily newspaper and this is a going to be an ongoing challenge with us and some of these requirements that we have in different funding sources because of the

municipalities without daily newspapers with their news deserts. How do they comply with they simply get in the water they don’t get to. They don’t get to use CBD g phones.

They probably go to their

county newspaper.

They’re closed closest one to them.

Just seems to be reference to

daily it is

publicly accessible daily news sources, they, you know, eliminates any confusion or constraints or problems that you might encounter. So I, you know, I don’t want to I don’t want to obstruct putting a long position take advantage of the funding. I don’t think the language makes sense, just specifically that language.

Alright, that said, Do we have a motion to adopt changes to the citizen participation plan?

It we close the public hearing. Oh, sorry.

Do we have anybody in the queue? I don’t think we do. I don’t see anybody. No, Mayor. We don’t. All right. We’ll go ahead and close the public hearing. Now. Do we have a motion? counselor Martin, you’re touching your computer screen. Why don’t you make one?

So moved.

I move we adopt. All right. New Rules. All seconded.

Seeing no further debate, questions, comments? All in favor say aye. Aye. Aye. Aye. All opposed say nay. All right, Motion passes. You now. Miss Lee. Thank you, Kathy. Appreciate it. Thank you. All right, let’s move on to general business. I don’t think there is any. So let’s go ahead and move on to final call public invited to be heard. Is there anybody in the queue

All right, let’s go ahead and move on to Marin council comments.

Anybody council counts more Christiansen

I just want to say thank you for all the people out there holding on. I know this is an uncomfortable time and a difficult time for everybody. But we’ve still got to find a way to laugh. We’ve still got to find a way to appreciate the spring days and keep things from piling up in our lives because you know that they will pile up if you don’t take care of them now, so don’t get into bad habits that you’re just gonna have to break. Keep on making masks, keep on wearing masks. keep on keepin on and get through this, you know, people are being extremely creative. I tried to get us a goat to participate in our zoom meeting. But you know, that’s 60 bucks and I don’t really have that. So anyway, take care and everybody stay healthy and stay six feet apart.

Polly I’m sorry. You said a goat.


This is saying you know farmers are very innovative and they’re losing money. You’re literally gonna

you’re gonna bring a gun to a meeting. That’s

one of the faces on a little zoom thing. ago doesn’t really say much except the usual a you know?

It’s they’re

very cool. That would be cool. All right.

It’s the money for former

Councilmember Martin.

Thank you Mayor Bagley. I just want to congratulate hidden treasure to on distributing their 10,000 mask this week. And all of the volunteers that I guess we don’t know of all the mask makers who made the 10,000 mask, but somebody did and it was given out for free. And I want to say I drove all the way up there today to get two masks that I ordered after I found out how much it’s dealing with it takes to keep them laundered even though I seem to hardly go out. But I got two masks from them made a donation I want everyone to know that I’m not taking advantage of free masks, but and my masks were great. They have strings that tie in the back. It’s so much more comfortable than that ear thing. So I don’t know if all the masks are like that, but I’m very happy with mine. So congratulations and thank you hidden treasure to

alright anybody else

Customer reliable for me,

myself. Okay. Um, so first of all, I want to thank everyone who is practicing social distancing. Being careful, you know, staying at home whenever possible and only coming out when absolutely necessary.

I was out today

collect getting some food for some, some families. And

I saw that what Walmart was doing and, you know, I commend them for trying to, you know, manage the space keeping the flow, you know, the one way down the aisles. I know, I was going the opposite of what until someone caught me pointed the arrows out to me and, um, and you know it, it’s a tough, you know, a lot of these guys, these employees, they’re there. They’re young, they’re younger than my kids, and it’s hard for them to have to come up and say, Hey, you know, you’re doing this, you know, you have to do it this way. And and then being yelled at, by, by people,

I as I was exiting, I did see a man who wasn’t wearing a mask and the person who was standing there, you know, it was, this is my fault. This is our policy, this is what we have to do, you have to have them have a mask and he’s yelling at her. And, you know, I know this is stressful times, but we have to be patient with each other, we be respectful of one another, you know, when you’re not wearing a mask, it’s not for your protection. It’s you are preventing other people from getting sick, even if you don’t think that you’re sick right now or, you know, you can be you can carry something without showing any signs of it. So, you know, be cognizant of that, be respectful, you know, do your part as a, as a Longmont resident as a as a good citizen being responsible. And, you know, and we’re all we’re all Going through some really tough, stressful times right now and it’s just, you know, please exercise patience. And the other thing too, that I wanted to mention is, as I said earlier, do moving to online learning as a teacher. What I have discovered is the number of inequities that truly exist not just in Longmont, but nationwide in our society as a whole. And I think if any good comes out of this situation is that we will be able to really pinpoint where are they where are these inequities are where’s the fault? What’s happening in our society that we can fix and rectify? And so when we go back to normal, I don’t want us to go back to normal. I want us to, to work to make real change. So that’s that’s all I have to say.

All right, anybody else?

All right, we’ll go ahead and wrap up. Marin council comments City Manager Harold got anything.

No comments other than as we learn more we’re going to be sending that your direction as we figure everything

out. All right, cool. Eugene, anything from you?

No comments, Mayor. All right, great. I hope when we get back to live meetings, we can always get done at 915. This is awesome. So anyway, enjoy your week. We’re, we’re adjourned. Actually, john, would you like to make a motion please?

Are you always gonna call on me mare back? Yep, I am. Do we have a

motion to adjourn?

So moved. I’ll second that. All in favor say aye.

Aye. Opposed.

All right, Motion carries unanimously, john Gibson. They’ll say, Oh,

I just said Have a good week. Okay, YouTube guys. We’re adjourned. Thanks.