Longmont Library Board Meeting – February 24, 2020

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And then have any corrections so we can otherwise if we want to go to make a motion to cast as amended.

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We’re going to move the ministry of

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the method. Okay, that’s

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perfect. And so then next time mark will assign me MC x times of the second person. Perfect. Yep. Great. And then next up for person information starting with the SEC report. Okay, well, so my report will be contained in the other bullets here that we have. But let’s see we have this is really going to feed into the feasibility study update. So I’ll just make a couple of comments that are outside of that. I along with Jason, who is our head of technical services Claire from children’s and teens, Josie, who’s one of our programming librarians and Theresa Myers, who is our PR and marketing person are all going to be at town Wednesday through Friday at the P la which is the Public Library Association Conference in Nashville. And this library hasn’t had a great history the last few years of sending people that need professional development conferences and so I made some amendments in the budget this year to be able to get people some of the education that I feel like we all need and outside of a lot of sessions that will attend also will be looking at the disorders, the automated materials handlers and looking at those up close and personal before we issue an RFP to purchase order that we we do have a defined as with one of our donations funds to do that. And it’s really helpful to be able to see them and listen to them in person. They can tell me how many Something is but until I stand next to it, I can’t tell you if that’s allowed or not. So we’ll be talking to some vendors. And just to give you an idea, some of the sessions that I’ll attend there are the changing role of the MLS or the Masters in library science and how that’s changed in libraries than the need for it or not. I’m going to attend a session called who needs consultants A Practical Guide to strategic planning. This is one of the participants and that is with Denver Public that it had several feasibility type studies, as as we just have had here and decided they have enough fodder to do their own strategic planning instead of hiring, you know, paying another 40 $50,000 for a consultant. And I’m going to look at transforming service through spaces. So what you can do with your space planning, and I was really interested in this one called storming the forts and leveling silos, radical reorganization and rapid change. So we’re going through a lot of changes right now. And I’m going to start many forks, but see what we learned from that. You just never know. So of course, we what we have, we purposely have someone with representing adult programming, children’s technology and PR marketing. And then so we purposely have kind of somebody in each area right now because we feel like with our study going on, etc, it’s kind of a pivotal time for the library right now. So we want to make sure that there’s so many good sessions Public Library Association Conference, I feel is the best. It’s even better than the American Library Association. Conference is only two years and it’s just focused entirely on public libraries and the issues that public libraries face. So can’t wait to go. Haven’t haven’t been to this one in several years. So I think it’ll be really exciting to save money and allow that many of us to go we are taking a flight at five in the morning on Wednesday. So we’ll be driving there three, and we’re coming back Friday night about midnight. So we were we were able to let more people go by cutting off a day basically We might be in need of quite a bit of caffeine. But I’ll be good. I did refer our smashed little free libraries to wait until Mac from neighborhoods in the city. I don’t have an answer back yet, but I did ask him for some ideas of, you know, if worse came to worse where we might relocate them. Both of them. Both of them have been smashed even more than they were smashed before. So I’m not at all sure why they were used the way they’re supposed to be used for several years and then all of a sudden, every time we get them up here, they’re smashed. So the plexiglass is smashed. A little ya know which first Wayne tomax w a y n e to M AC. Thank you. So parkson No, he’s a neighborhood resources.

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City Council meetings will be at the library until the end of May at the earliest. We’ve been asked to extend that calendar through June. I think as is typical with any project like this. I think they found a couple of things that needed more attention. originally thought so, we will have a couple of grants on the consent agenda. At the city council meeting this week we’ll have just the typical library state grant that we apply for and receive every year. This year. It’s just a little over $26,000. And also a grant that we did in partnership with LPC that’s for a car charging station to be located in the library’s parking garage. So we’re pretty excited about that, because we have multiple staff members who have electric vehicles who would drive here if drive in here and if they had a way to charge them. So looking at apparently it’s fairly hard to access some of the charging stations if we have a lot of folks with electric vehicles, so so I thought that was cool. And if you’ve noticed our concrete project at the East entrance has suffered some delays. It kind of ground to a halt because like I was just saying about other projects. Apparently when they were in the process of removing all the concrete they found some issues and I don’t know exactly what those issues are, I know we need some engineering before it goes forward again. So that has been closed, that entrance of it has been closed a lot longer than we had expected. But, you know, I don’t know any of the details, but I will tell you that that part of the concrete, where they stopped was the part that is kind of into that front door that leads to the elevator, outdoor elevator, and then outdoor elevator, and that part were from the building prior to this. So you know, it may be set that’s like a 1973 decent or so. So it’s the concrete that’s, that’s used to be in that area. So I think there are some things with the rebar in the concrete that they have to check out. So so it’s been slow. Our patrons have been great. It looks like the friends book sales still had large attendance despite the fact that people can’t get in the door. Is there a outdated timeline? Well, they said the 28th which is Friday, but there’s there’s been no one out there the last few days because I think there’s engineering so Yeah, so I’m not sure about that. And we have a new supervisor on staff. Why now Webster and I can give you this female help. started as a new page and silver supervisor. She replaces Julia who’s been doing two jobs for a long time after she replaced Jennifer marks as the head of circulation. So we are really happy to have her she comes to us from Grand Junction where she’s managing I think seven small branches so she’s familiar with our system and her family lives up in this area Fort Collins and this immediate area and now that she’s an empty nesters good to be your family. I think she’ll just hit the ground running because she knows car really well our system and and she has a lot of experience and that’s that’s just a really pivotal position for us. Because we have our pages and tubers are most interesting and interesting group as far as age ranges and backgrounds and we just really looked for For a special person to be in that position, so we are very excited that she started. So that’s all I had because my other stuff goes under the other topics. And she has to new security position working out. Oh, he’s great. So take is wonderful. He is. We are now hiring just about to hire a security person, a campus attendant, which is like the assistant security person that’ll be stationed over at Roosevelt Park, and he will be supervising that position as well. So he’s really he really got up and running in a hurry and it is familiarize himself with our patrons and we do have a new system that we’re going to be starting in the next few weeks. We’re automating, basically, that is an online incident report. system right now we just we just, you know, have kind of a Word doc that’s been used for years and it’s not very searchable when we have incidents so this This is a system that is created for specifically for library youth and will let you search under things like web code. So when you have someone that comes in you say, I know they were here, I know there was an incident two years ago, you’re looking through every single document. And so we’re hoping that that this will be a lot better and a lot more efficient. Looking forward to that. that’s specific to the library or is it community wide? This is just a library the library cannot. In some cities and counties there are systems that are middleware system that share information but because of our patron privacy rules, we do not share that with other departments.

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Just here.

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Any other questions for Nancy?

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Except we have the Friends of the Library are they have not met yet

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this month they will meet Wednesday. So

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to the council report

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You get to take the friends report time to

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hear all the things you’ve done. I know where you’ve been dying to learn about what the council.

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So I think I mentioned last meeting, we had a retreat coming up here, good

Unknown Speaker 11:19
morning Kart.

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And here’s what might be of interest based on it. We’ve talked about the steam project from time to time, building steam, which which now will transition to full steam ahead as the planning department actually turns a vision document and kind of general recommendations into planning documents. And to the degree that there are zoning issues that have to be addressed or incentives that we need to consider that will come back to the council to hopefully inspire or motivate folks who are capable of making investments with ideas to give bring those ideas forward. Among the ideas that we have, that we envision is a is a bigger presence, a real presence of post secondary institutions and in that area in partnership with range. And the good news is that those the conversations between Front Range print range and universe Colorado, continue to, to move along. And, and I’ll be surprised right away if at some point in the relatively near future, we don’t have seen something relative rather relatively meaningful or tangible to have on the table in that area. It’s an opportunity zone. I don’t know the degree to which see you is working with or like work with private sector partners who would be interested in making investments with me, but that’s a keen interest, as well as the follow on to the whatever the second phase, whatever we learn the second phase of the feasibility study for the Performing Arts and conferences. They got we saw the first phase in our February for study session, I was impressed with, with what they brought to what they learned and what they brought to the community into the council. And I’m very excited about seeing the second phase, which is really about business models. And you know, what is it? What’s it going to take? If you were to build something for it to be sustained financially over the long run? The negative one disappointing part of what they’ve learned is that long live just doesn’t have the population that gets here in within a relatively short radius to warrant the recruitment of a full service hotel. So we had some conversation about what that what it might take to attract the first full service hotel especially if we were to have a stronger presence of higher education and the pro the institutional with a hospitality program or an h&r Pro, hotel, Restaurant Management. room,

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semi full service hotel, you’re talking like a conference center?

Unknown Speaker 14:03
Yeah. Well, the conference that are not necessarily in the hotel, but a conference center unlikely to be successful without sotell Yes. And the kind of an ecosystem is the right way to think about it. But at least the dynamics, the relationship between the conference center performance hotel, in most places, if you’re gonna, if it’s gonna work, you’ve got some kind of combination. So so I don’t know where that will end up. But it’s it’s current in its relevant in it’s pretty exciting about, you know, you think about the future of the community. We spend some time taking a look at the goal setting we did a couple of years ago. And the building c project was part of that, along with the progress has been made on early childhood education and goal. There are, I suppose, suppose there might be folks who wonder what a city councilor, a city Any City Council, white, early childhood education and childcare would become a goal of a city council or a city until you look at the relationship between housing and childcare and economic development, talent recruitment, and long term health, prosperity and vibrancy of the community, in addition to what it means to young children and families and their long term growth and success, both in school and in life. So, right, what’s happening in real time is a pretty remarkable coalition that’s building up a pretty diverse interests, you know, you might expect to see advocates, providers of early childhood education, parents and young children, you know, kind of leading the charge. But today we have the American Association of University Women who are involved in this coalition because of their interest in a living wage and understanding that whatever number you put up on a board As a living wage or whatever calculator you’re using is meaningless if you don’t have housing stock for families, you’d like to recruit recruitment and childcare.

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We have

Unknown Speaker 16:13
the kind of the typical

Unknown Speaker 16:17
suspects that show up right, providers and activists, but we got policymakers. policymakers, the Boulder County early childhood Council, statewide Coalition’s epic, which is a statewide business coalition. And in the context of all that, the governor has taken a keen interest in what’s going on here. So on March 27, and the governor is going to come share with our business community in a program that is now granted is the business. The business of early childhood. The business of early childhood is our businesses I recall. One of our one of our objectives is to help the business community understand that what we are doing or not doing in early childhood This important to them is their balance sheet and their HR department. And at the end of the day, national security, right is is is either stronger or not based on how well we’re doing with our youngest president. So the governor is going to be here, we’re going to have a breakfast event at the museum. From 730 to 830 or so. It’ll be business group that’s that’s invited together to meet, not with the governor, just for breakfast and to get kind of pitch on what we’re doing with this coalition. Then the group will move into the auditorium. There’ll be a wider audience invited to that, if you’d like an invitation to that, let me know and I’ll make sure to get one to you.

Unknown Speaker 17:41
Were pretty interested in early

Unknown Speaker 17:45
for that for the, you know,

Unknown Speaker 17:48
we were like we’d like a broader group than just business folks and together in the auditorium to watch the film. no small matter if you’ve not seen it. It’s a must see It is. I’ve been doing this I’ve been in the in an early education and early childhood education, stuff, right program development r&d, program delivery program evaluation for decades. And it is the most powerful case made for why this is so important that I’ve ever seen. It’s a powerful film. And then the governor will show up at nine o’clock or so talking about his agenda. take questions from from especially the business sites. And the reason I think we’re going to encourage their investment. Totally white to it’s a it’s a big deal. And it’s a I think it’s a it’s going to be kind of a benchmark for the progress we’re making, you know, on this goal. We also talked about adding to the goals of the Council on the city. And I’m not certain how to be branded or what the wording will be that it’ll be an aging well, Bill. There was everybody keenly aware of the silver tsunami that’s about to hit Miss and every community in the country is us baby boomers overwhelmed again, of activities in in society. In this case, we’re going to overwhelm all your resources to take care of us in the numerator elder years. I say that laughing man, I apologize, but that’s gonna happen. But but but there you can anticipate or assume, imagine the challenges that go along with that in terms of a large segment of our the largest segment of our population individually for a while is the most housing burdened as the most vulnerable in terms of homelessness, and without the support systems that many need is as you as aging, overwhelms cognition or you know, other function. So getting our act together, so that we are as attentive to that segment of the population as we are younger. will be will become a high priority for the city. The debate on special districts and special taxing districts and how you finance working, attainable workforce housing goes on. Tomorrow night, it’s on the council in the form of the first reading of an amendment or an ordinance. There’s a bunch of amendments that are attached. So I don’t know. Generally, we don’t go to a first reading and with 25 amendments already, you know, ready? So I don’t know how it plays out as a actual first reading tomorrow night, but we’ll see. But that debate goes on. I just I will say to you and say to whoever watches this video, regardless of how that that boat turns out, if the city the majority of the council decides, for whatever reasons are calculated, that we should not allow the use of special taxing districts for residential development. I hope somebody has the answer to the question. How are we going to? How are we going to support the financing of the cost of land and infrastructure for housing prices? We’re working on that right because that at the end of the day, I don’t care as much about districts as I do about a huge segment of our population that we’re not doing enough for. We just saw housing we just saw study, the end of the first year of our inclusionary zoning ordinance, and laying out data on where we are with housing stock for rentals, or the most economically challenged residents to what you think of as attainable housing for people making more money, making enough money that they don’t qualify for subsidized, which is most of the residents of the county and the number of county Boulder County residents. The number the number from Boulder County housing is 54,000. Residents in Boulder County. I don’t know what percentage of total residents, homeowners above Danny, but that’s a huge person paying more than 50% of their of their income, or their mortgage payment or their rental.

Unknown Speaker 22:09
I suspect some percentage of those folks bit off more than they should get trying to chew right that they just bought more house than they needed. But there’s a huge number of huge percentage of that 54,000, I have no doubt that our housing burden, if you’re paying more than 33% of your income, you are housing burden. Because it couldn’t qualify for something else, and there was nothing else for them to buy. And so to avoid that number growing, we need different kind of housing stock. And that’s what that debate is all about. Right? So I’m going to argue that we ought to allow them. I know a lot of folks will think that’s, that’s, there’s too much risk associated with that at the end of the day. What I really care about is what do we do for that segment of the population and how do we help get housing for them

Unknown Speaker 22:59
and last

Unknown Speaker 23:01
What last in terms of Councilman, I have one question for you. The city’s about to announce the results of a couple of big economic development efforts, it was this staff has been working, I have no doubt that that will spark joy in the hearts of some and fear in the hearts of others. Right. So the kind of economic development successes that I think will be announced here shortly, some folks will, will view is adding to the burden of traffic and congestion and activity. But I want you to know, is that if we were unsuccessful with these efforts, neighboring communities would have been successful in the sucking sound you would be hearing in the years to come with your tax dollars going to somebody else, right. So regardless of what you hear, and whatever your whatever your visceral reactions are, when I don’t know how you’ll view these things, Just understand the stakes are huge for this community to win on these couple of deals that you’ll hear announced in the relatively near future. The one question for you, so I’ll take questions if you have them. But I do have a question for you. And that is, I’d like you to think about when we get the feasibility study in the library to join me in a backstory and podcast. It is also now a video okay. Produced by the Loma Public Media Team. Okay. And I just think there is a there’s a really important backstory for this community here. Yeah, one thing what they’ll read one story in the paper here when one discussion in front of the council, there’s a lot more that people should have a chance to learn about, you know, I’d like to get that scheduled. So you let me know and that’s

Unknown Speaker 24:45
not to find that Macy and

Unknown Speaker 24:47
yeah, you know, when that’s gonna hit certain weekend, we’ve added on this is on the schedule. willing to do that. So there’s your council liaison report questions. concerns, complaints. problems to solve.

Unknown Speaker 25:07
It does seem like it’s going okay. The library. Yeah. Okay. This area. It’s very it’s limited.

Unknown Speaker 25:14
Yeah. The setup, deception.

Unknown Speaker 25:18
That’s the space we have.

Unknown Speaker 25:21
I don’t think I felt the last. The last meeting. Yeah, I think the camera setup was differently.

Unknown Speaker 25:28
Yes, I believe we were asked to the cameras,

Unknown Speaker 25:32
use of people.

Unknown Speaker 25:35
Well, whatever the difference, and I don’t want to go back and go and watch all those videos I do at times. If I want to go back to capture what was said or unite did i remember correctly? But on this last meeting, at least there was a camera that got whoever was speaking as opposed to all of it being from you know, from another angle. Yeah. It’s just it’s tough to get it so upward to accomplish all you want to give to the public to be there and

Unknown Speaker 26:07
participate in meetings so we can make more space.

Unknown Speaker 26:12
Can you mention the visibility report for the Performing Arts and contact center today? The timeline for that second part?

Unknown Speaker 26:21
I’m told that by the end of April, I inquire just the other day yesterday and what I, what I wrote to a certain is the timing both for we’re expecting the library feasibility study. I mean, now, the thought on both of them was, to the degree that there are budget implications and or valid implications that that that’s kind of the window you need to hit to get something in front of the council and turn it in time. If they’re to do whatever outreach and there’s going to be outreach

Unknown Speaker 26:57
duclair have to be clear if there’s going to be ballot question with therapy because that has to be decision has to be made early August

Unknown Speaker 27:08
their questions?

Unknown Speaker 27:10
Okay, let’s move on to the old business little free libraries.

Unknown Speaker 27:16
The person responsible for marches, Katherine pink Johnson, and I just wanted to update everybody on the state of the little libraries. The filter Park one is has has the doorframes on that there’s no paint on one side and maybe two thirds gone on the other side. So any books toward the front of the little shelf area will get wet. And I had that happened to me. So the one that rough rock Dell, the one one door is kind of non existent, there’s like part of the frame there

Unknown Speaker 27:58
and the other side has no door at all. Gas

Unknown Speaker 28:01
even fell it to Tony

Unknown Speaker 28:02
Yeah, again he just needs to be kept to the back it for those who will be filling over the months and must be make a decision to be made me love him. Yeah. But just got some that’s all I had a bunch of books get wet and we’re having to toxin. So

Unknown Speaker 28:21
we had them okay you know they were smashed, we hadn’t occurred they were smashed we hadn’t prepared you know I don’t know how many times in a row in a few months I want to spend money to repair them if they’re just gonna smash them

Unknown Speaker 28:32
where I was a July I think July maybe was nothing.

Unknown Speaker 28:36
Yeah, I think that’s what it was. Is that the first time

Unknown Speaker 28:39
I think that was the first time now they’ve been smashed three times. So we’ll see what Wayne says if he has any ideas but wait till next. It’s very disappointing

Unknown Speaker 28:54

Unknown Speaker 28:55
for several years and they were you know, often emptied of the books. So It is too bad news.

Unknown Speaker 29:02
Lots of kids books, lots of adult books. So you have not talked to me.

Unknown Speaker 29:05
No, I’m so excited have an email.

Unknown Speaker 29:08
I don’t know it would be helpful to know if

Unknown Speaker 29:11
I’ll give them a car better.

Unknown Speaker 29:12
NGO leader ngl a leader

Unknown Speaker 29:14
for those. Yeah, somebody new joy ninja. I know what they can do though is they’re gonna can’t

Unknown Speaker 29:20
if you see something, say something that I am or at least a conversation with a neighborhood. Yeah, I mean, their their losses are certain

Unknown Speaker 29:27
they are they are Yes. Yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 29:31
I agree.

Unknown Speaker 29:33
I’ll try and factor so and I’ve been out for we had to consult and then I had jury duty this week. So it’ll be Do you think I should stop in the

Unknown Speaker 29:41
smoker? We try

Unknown Speaker 29:43
to wait and I’ll talk to you, okay.

Unknown Speaker 29:45
We want to leave what books are there’s books

Unknown Speaker 29:47
that you can leave them, you can leave them in there, but why don’t you wait and just talk to me. Okay. All right. Because of my schedule that touch base with them last week and like I said, I got a pic for a jury. So that’s how I spent my week. Yeah. Any usability? Oh, yeah. And we have technically finished the survey. I think they left it up until work we’ve sent we’re sending them the we’ve collected the paper surveys, we had about 15 paper surveys at we’re going to send out to have them enter. They said normally their their clients into them themselves, but I felt a little funny about entering them ourselves. So I don’t want any. I’m just going to put them send them over for them. So adding those are the ones we have online, we have over 1500 surveys, which they said is far more than they usually get. We had pretty low attendance at our community meetings but two of the nights were blizzard. So So our other two meetings did fine with you know, not a huge attendance but great survey response and a lot of I’d say the majority of people who respond It brought a lot you know, wrote a lot of comments. It wasn’t just that they’ve checked out boxes and and the the consultants when they were out here told us like our completion rate was huge because they said you know they do these surveys and a lot of places and a lot of times people do the first couple pages and then they get tired they don’t fill out the rest and they said, oh no everyone went to be so and I’ve had fun reading the comments I will share them all and when everything’s been compiled and you know, some of them that I there was there’s still a lot of people that want as one person put in quotes that quiet retreat from a noisy world so we had a lot of people that wanted an expanded quiet Reading Room for example and most lions the new little library just put one in and that’s just park just just remodeled and put in a quiet Reading Room. So there’s there’s a resurgence and interest in that. People wanted updated spaces left people said when they’re little rough around the edges, a little dirty, grungy, etc. and overwhelmingly people wanted more book drops in more locations, and I mean Especially since our only outdoor book shops are closed off for construction, it does not been easy on people. But you know, that’s my my last city and Bellingham Washington had about 10,000 fewer people than we do. And we had nine places where people could drop off materials. And you know, next to grocery stores at the community college, etc. And you know that it does involve having a driver in a van to go pick those things out. But as this community expands, even before you get to branches, that’s a relatively inexpensive thing to do is to let people have

Unknown Speaker 32:33
a little easier time so you don’t have to drive across town just to return some things.

Unknown Speaker 32:37
And a

Unknown Speaker 32:39
lot of people we we had put the survey a lot of different options for things people may or may not be interested in, but we probably should have made it a little clearer that we weren’t getting rid of books, any books because some people said, Are you going to put all these things in and get rid of all your books and that’s not our plan. So So that’s, that’s not there. But you know, people just really want space to be in space to work in space to read and then You know, some people want everything in the world and some people don’t. So it’ll be interesting once, once they compile these these 1500 surveys to see what the trends are, I can’t see those. So a lot of surprises. But you know, there were quite a few people that just said, I love the library, keep it the way it is. And then some people said, I want this and this and this and this and this and this and this, but I don’t want to pay any money.

Unknown Speaker 33:24
So that’s good, if you can get it but

Unknown Speaker 33:28
we are looking at the timeline. Basically, we’ve been doing the data gathering, the consultants right now are, are really working on data analysis as they have, you know, the results from the survey etc. They’ve also been crunching a lot of data that they’ve amassed and that we had given them also on pure libraries, in this area and across across the western states and across the country and just see how we compare to those. Now, we’ve, we’ve done some stakeholder sections and they’re also working with a another consultant. That is Doing the initial financial modeling right now. So we should have an initial findings book delivered to us around the second week in March. So that’ll be the first kind of analysis that we’ll get a chance to look at. And they’re still talking about it, at the beginning of April, having a meeting of some some of the kind of the prime stakeholders to really look at the data. And, you know, help them to analyze the data. They are not as they said, when they were here, they’re not going to come out with all this data crunching and say, here’s what you should do. They’re going to say here is what we see here is what people have said that they want. Here’s how you compare to these peer libraries. Here are some options moving forward and here’s what they would cost. So and then it’s up to the powers that be to make those decisions.

Unknown Speaker 34:48
Absolutely. Absolutely. So

Unknown Speaker 34:52
So a lot of it is behind the scenes. Right now. The staff did a great job of pushing the survey. We have quite a few in Spanish. We have We have them from kids under 12. We haven’t had a really good cross section. We have senior and we have everything in between. So I feel like

Unknown Speaker 35:08
it’s a good sample of what the community wants. So

Unknown Speaker 35:13
we tried really hard not to, you know, look at it five times a day.

Unknown Speaker 35:18
But there’s a lot of good data, they’re

Unknown Speaker 35:21
just they feel like the meetings

Unknown Speaker 35:24
was a good sample or,

Unknown Speaker 35:25
you know, they’re, they’re really engaged with the people in the meetings. They were very small, but they said they’ve had some communities where they have meetings, and they, you know, if you have the media together, they have hundreds of people on somewhere that have nine so said it’s a lot of its weather dependent. And he said, you know, right now, having these meetings, there’s not really a conclusion or a sense of urgency about it, because we don’t know what we’re asking right now. We were just kind of open ended Lee, saying what would you like and, you know, if it were if it were me about a different topic, and some Well, you can go out in the snowy night to this meeting, or you can fill out this online survey, I did a survey. And I think that’s mostly what happened here. But I think, you know, talking to people after their some preliminary conclusions, people might have a lot more vested interest in what, you know, when once they find out my experience has been, you know, Wednesday saying, Oh, well, the appears, here are possible directions that the library may go in, then people really do want to express their opinion, but this is just kind of a, an open ended discussion. Alright. So today have the dates and early April. And I think we’re looking at April 8, but I’m still going back and forth about that, because, you know, they come and do this thing, and then they will be back again to present councils to see, see what they, what the time frame is in between those things. So it kind of has to be it’s, you know, it’s getting longer.

Unknown Speaker 36:53

Unknown Speaker 36:56
I don’t know looking at what it’s done, so we’ll have to see what

Unknown Speaker 37:10
really moving through the other questions, visibility

Unknown Speaker 37:15
then any new updates on that so, so uh, but mostly, you know, we get we have a lot of patron complain about the west side, which has nothing to do with us. Let us complaints on the surveys and can you clean up that construction on the west side your building? And no, we can’t that’s not ours. And we really can’t clean up the stuff on the east side either because, you know, that’s not library generated construction, but yeah, the one they want over here we were just patrons have been great. And we were just glad to have it done is the concrete wasn’t going to get any better on that side. And, and you know, some people say, Well, why did you have to do it now? Well, we’re open all year and we’re over mostly or seven days a week so good. So at some point, you idiot in position. One thing I had hoped for I had hoped, I tried to put in a pitch to happen lower the book drop at the same time that they were taking out. Because that’s our number one complaint is that that book drop is too tall. So I said, Okay, if you guys are going to come do it, can you remember the book drop and you know, smooth it out, just drop it to the street level. And I was told No, that would be a whole separate projects. I watched them wrap up carefully the book drop, and then I watched them carefully cut around on this little island and it would have taken less time just to move it and smooth it out. But

Unknown Speaker 38:36
well, so the book draft still talk.

Unknown Speaker 38:44
So for new business, you don’t have much but our next meeting is March 23, which I believe is spring break. I was gonna say

Unknown Speaker 38:53
that she’s not gonna be here either.

Unknown Speaker 38:56
We might want to move it

Unknown Speaker 39:00
Spring Break. I don’t think I should do this young guy. No.

Unknown Speaker 39:03
Okay, so the this The 30th is,

Unknown Speaker 39:07
I don’t know if we normally move back or forward. That would be the 16th filming, but either way Monday or the 30th. I went to later with the feasibility study, I would think so to have more information that way. There we go.

Unknown Speaker 39:20
Does anybody back the 30th though?

Unknown Speaker 39:23
We get back to 29. I will be gone. It should be here. Anywhere.

Unknown Speaker 39:33

Unknown Speaker 39:35
you want to ask mark to I don’t know what

Unknown Speaker 39:37
will have to probably still have an email about that one. So

Unknown Speaker 39:41

Unknown Speaker 39:42
tentatively, the way the 30th.

Unknown Speaker 39:45
Is that something you can email me after? Yeah, Canada as well. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:50
And then if we do, go see that you would know Yeah, yeah. Perfect.

Unknown Speaker 39:55
I can send you up and, and you can answer me back. Just

Unknown Speaker 39:59
Just We’re finally

Unknown Speaker 40:00
gonna be getting some

Unknown Speaker 40:03
snow. Yep, the 30th

Unknown Speaker 40:06
we have no members of the public.

Unknown Speaker 40:09
Any library board comments.

Unknown Speaker 40:13
Great. Is it

Unknown Speaker 40:18
the shortest out here?