Longmont Downtown Development Authority – Board Meeting Jan. 22, 2020

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We’re here.


Okay, we’ll call our meeting new order


will have a solid row picking


any board I expect your member comments.


So I don’t know if you’re all aware of Tracy Carter Cravens from the theatre company, she passed


away unexpectedly.


So they actually have a GoFundMe page to raise money to redo the seats in the


auditorium there.


So I was going to ask what the board was interested in contributing.


If so, how much I think they’re up to five or 6000. That’s great.


We’ll say Tracy was a has been a huge supporter of our efforts that are, you know, cross marketing and working with us on things and and obviously that project is very beneficial to not only downtown but Creative district


so I think it’s a good idea is there


a mountain you would recommend?


I’m halfway there Yeah. So


good I think going to think of us having done this before Oh,


no reason why I bring it up is the city charter


make donations we can


get it by the exchange for services. So


that means to for saying I don’t know Okay.


Okay. All right. Well, why don’t we do that and then we can see.


I mean, we could purchase Lee. We can purchase re upholstering of the usually we can share some


Okay, sure. Okay.


Yeah. That’s great. Thank you. Thank you. I’ll check into how much it costs and then we can maybe see, I don’t know how much of a cup the what is a row or what is something like that. And maybe it could be exchanged or something. So all right. Thank you.


Any more comments?


There’s everyone had a chance to review the agenda for today’s meeting.


You have any comments or changes? Otherwise got to get a motion approve today’s agenda.


All in favor? Has everyone had opportunity to review the minutes from the December 18 luncheon meeting? Okay, which was very short.


Any comments or changes? Hearing none, Do I have a motion to approve?


So moved.


Second. Thank you very much. We are now down to the pub. converted to be heard?


Oh, well, why didn’t he say that?


He’s part of the part of the nice guy.


Okay, he spoke.


In that case, we now have an incentive for 515 kinberg facades of innovation.


So john Caldwell is working on his building at 515. Kim bark. And I will have you come up with kind of talk about the changes, it’s really a facade around the very top to help better integrate into an addition that they did and make some different upgrades to the building. The grant, the total project is


hundred and how much we


owe $275,000 and they’re asking for $10,000 from our dip Fund, and the finance committee has looked at the financials and our proved that number based on for approval. So to stand up and tell us about your project


Yeah, it’ll take a second but I’ll bring the rendering up.


So I’ll get started. So thank you.


Second director Mickey and was chairman of the board.


I don’t know if you know, it’s 515 building its its proximity. Actually, the landmark is the High Plains bank. We’re halfway down the block on the other side of the street. Oh nice. The other one is references find the candy stores with


same with the first plug


looks like now


just a little history so he themes who’s an architect in llama who actually designed the the Civic Center the project 73 Civic Center. He was the architect for that. That’s just a renovation. He built this building in 73. It was a single story and then three years later in 76 he added the second story and the first story is resolved his most upgrade. This is most is actually would would and This What if we’ve actually these, the buttresses? We’ve actually had, we actually went back 1520 years ago and, and actually put 10 over them. And because they were deteriorating them, so this because of the nature of the materials, it’s it’s basically the end of its functional life. So if you go to give a shot of the new edition few years ago, I don’t know. Let’s see.




the addition we did over the archways kept same elements with the buttresses because I think it’s a very distinct look. We don’t want to get rid of that. So we’re going to keep we’re going to keep the We’re gonna get rid of half


and I


wasn’t quite sure what that was.






demo half those buttresses go over the existing buttresses with the basically like a cement board and then we’ll step it so we’ll step over the buttresses and the run the windows and to get and putting all new windows in. So just basically the whole second story, exterior, redone, and we’ll have a new, fresher I think pressure there you go. Thank you. Yeah. So you can debate roughly half the budget. So this would be the, this is Kim bar. So this is the east side and the north side. And then this would be the interior. This would be this is the are our parking lot. This is the new we call the new edition, which will be 2015. And then so it’ll, it’ll all flow and look


similar so that’s


kind of it in a nutshell.


And which party replacing with stucco


around the window this whole the whole world where the buttresses or eliminates the buttresses and these these


everything will be everything on the same story will be stuck.


Which will weather better and where better


And of course today’s


stucco is not least art is not real stucco stucco is that it’s not really


sand and mortar anymore it’s


it’s more of a


so that’s


that’s that’s the project


so most coming to the average person most people


my senses it’ll nothing nothing looks a little different What did they do something but it’s not like it’s gonna we don’t want to change the we don’t want to really change the character of the building we just want to renovate it and also we you can see


me go say sense here we go removing every other other one I think


is a little pressure to


be any questions.




Do we have a motion on one side or the other to approve the grant?


Someone needs to make a motion.


So Do I have a second? Can we have a second all the favor


we do appreciate it.


Think I mentioned the the replay also replacing the windows but actually going to get hopefully get started. Dan Henry’s the contract and hopefully start around the first of March. So


and it’s probably going to be roughly a two month


project. Yeah


kind of go I’m not sure whether he’s going to clockwise or counterclockwise and we’ll have a


just give you a heads up so if you get any pushback because we’re gonna need to get some permits because the north side which there’s a spot a parking spots on the north side you want to


show people so they understand


in front of the building


on the north side of the building


right that shares really with


the city parking lot because the the dva property our property go cheap the gentle and actually the overhang on the north side is actually we have a permanent easement because work the overhang is actually


this this opening


over the


city DDA rock


So these spaces for week, 10 days, maybe


because of demolition construction, we’re going to happen. We’ve already talked to Kimberly and don’t worry about it


will be those spaces for a couple weeks. And then


we’ll deal with the city on the seventh day on the east side.


Well, thank you very much.


Thank you. Thank you.




that brings us up to any new business or 2020 work plan and the LDA board retreat up.


So I have a quick kind of recap of 2019 this was the work plan that we’re operating on things in yellow are things that have made progress But are still still being done to progress. Some of the goals under those tabs were to increase housing by 500 residential units added are in the pipeline. So right now with self made station and 500 Kaufman, we’re at 387. I am talking with a few developers about some other projects throughout the district. And those are ready yet, but there are people looking that will add to that, to that total. What we’re looking at marketing our downtown assets and talked about over the next six years to introduce 60 new prospects. So we’ve been working with 29 prospects over the last year. And I’ll get more data for this as well. Some of them have have leases, some of them are still looking some of them looked at it and decided not to. And when we talk about facilitating kind of redevelopment or rehab of buildings of 30 properties, if you look at At the properties that have had better pull permits 113 different properties and the DDA pulled 300 permits for different phases of their work. And in the last year we incentivized 19 businesses. So we awarded $675,000.




to get almost $2 million of investment


so if you look at the next one artisan manufacturing, we continue to work on that incentives that’s always going to be ongoing, had really good numbers for our holiday promotions. So if you looked at that in the report, last year, we had about a little over 600 passports that were turned in and this year we had 1100 1300, so well over double that. Really, really great So, in the future, I’ll be looking at the difference of our interface of property tax. And then when we get those final sales tax numbers, we’ll look at that sales tax is not grown. I think that at the end of November, it had grown about 1%. However, last year, it grew 15%. And so it might just be stabilizing a bit. And we might have a little bit more information about that through our market assessment as well and looking at what sectors things are happening in. We did have a content creator program where we had different grassroots folks that were creating content with us and covering different things, community events, in the art pieces, so we did add all of the murals. Ai PP added some seating elements in the breezeways we are able to facilitate or sponsor 50 different events downtown and we Look at our social media engagements. We had a 9.5% increase in followers on Facebook, a 53% increase on Instagram. So we spent obviously a lot more time on our Instagram and a 27.4% increase in our web traffic. The cu students did a great job, kind of looking at downtown and some of their work helped inform our mural project and that type of thing. They are coming back to work this first half of the year and they will be focusing on looking at those upgrades to St. Stephen’s Plaza. When we take out the mountain continued to work on the camera project, the city did appoint a new project manager that’s going to be working on that to try to get through some of the things that they weren’t able to figure out. We did have the Rangers which worked well and they get the parking or the smoking increase past so Those were all good. We are still in the midst of the Wayfinding, the competency corridor planning. The one thing that did not get started was the alley planning for the 206 hundred blocks, we are partnering with public works and they were unable to move that project. So they’ll Ray and I are pushing really hard to make sure that that starts this year. So they shared a second start this year. So we really need that to happen. And finished all of our parking lot, update up grades in the 300 parking lot, which I think it’s made a big difference. And then all of the planning efforts, those are all continuing. Main Street corridor plan has been done. And so now you’ll see when I talked about 2020 some of the next steps that we’d like to do. We’re going to continue on that same process. The feasibility study for the Performing Arts, the first phase of that will be presented to Council on February 4, and then we’ll move into phase two and continuing those Advance long term partnerships. So I’m going to just quickly show you that and then


you have a draft of 2020.


So getting property redevelopment will be a focus in our incentive. So as we’re looking at land use and that type of thing, one of the things new for incentives, I’ve been talking to the Longmont EDP and looking to reevaluate or at least make a proposal to the board about what an incentive would look like to increase, increase the employment base down here. We talked about doing that a few years ago, and we’re looking for a partner in that. And at that time, people weren’t really looking at a partnership, I think, looking at some of the grant funds that they have and we have, when we say live, work and play, we really do need to grow that daytime employee and networking face so how can we help employers Get here and make downtown their home. So that would be something new we would propose.


So which part the city


really needs to be ground to live by? I think


the live part is growing. That’s the one thing that people want to do. Yeah, we aren’t seeing the employment base. I’m David Starnes, and I presented to the commercial brokers of La dp last week and really talked to them about are they seeing employers what would make downtown more attractive. They said, We just don’t we have very limited floor plates, we don’t really have the right type of so anything’s going to take some rehab and when there’s no assistance with that rehab, depending on the stage of a company or time or whatever, so this could be a way that I think we could put on the table and we could tie it to the number of jobs or the earning potential or some of those other things, but I do feel like to show that we do want businesses and companies that Here, I think it would be helpful. And it’s a tool that we haven’t had if someone comes in and they don’t fit into retail conversion or making a facade, we haven’t been able to have that. So we would like to continue around our work with artists and manufacturing, I’m giving a tour to some folks tomorrow that I’ve been working with at the prospect of money up some space. So I do think that’s still a niche that we’d like to continue reaching out to looking at a comprehensive marketing strategy policy to spend a lot of this but we really want to develop a year long marketing strategy. We want to again, continue a robust shop local holiday campaign. We’re looking at things we’re going to work with our retail committee. Because of the snowstorm, all of the American Express deliveries were late for Small Business Saturday, so we have a box of small business center day stuff. So we thought maybe we would do a Christmas in July or something and have a secondary push business and so looking at Some of those strategies and then grow that street team or that kind of content creator of people that are out grassroots marketing downtown, and then looking at business development not only helping continue match businesses with space, but also looking at what a downtown is open for business campaign would look like looking about putting some of our marketing dollars or efforts towards biz west or towards other places where people to get downtown Longmont on the radar of those that are making employment choices. And so we’d like to maybe explore that. One of the things that I would say is we might have some restaurant spaces coming up and it’s not just for one person, right? We might have a few coming up. And so how can we say Hey, are you interested in having a restaurant, downtown is a great place. If they come to us, we’re just going to filter them to where the open spaces are. So we aren’t brokering for one person. We aren’t brokering for one spot. We’re just kind of making those connections under our creative district, We are looking at Mercedes doing work around what a membership would look like. We’re also working with possibly our retail committee. As we launch a creative district website, it makes sense to do some of the different promotions. But what would be the baseline of what everybody could get. And then what would be membership options where businesses or individuals could pay additional for additional marketing for enhanced listings for that kind of stuff. As we are getting that as the kind of go to source. We started some interesting collaborations with the city this year around the holidays and Day of the Dead where we hosted a URL on our domain where we could put all of the city’s events and all the creative district events around these things such as Day of the Dead of the holidays. So how can we use this creative district website and membership to keep facilitating those kind of partnerships and making this the hub of that creative activity hub Colin and I are helping plan for this city sesquicentennial, which is just fun to say, which is the anniversary, which is next year 2021. So, we certainly want to make sure that since city started here, that downtown has a prominent role and when that celebration looks like our second Friday is something that not only our retail committee wants to focus on, but our creative district Advisory Committee so one of Mercedes roles as a AmeriCorps VISTA is to do things that can be duplicated. So when another VISTA comes in, she can say every second Friday, here’s the standardized kid what you have to do. So she’s putting together those resources. During the winter walk about music showcase, which is groundhogs day Eve if you don’t have your tickets yet, February 1, let me know we’ll get them for you. But great event columnist that a lot of work, and that went from how many venues to


small venues last year and 35 performances and we got 17 venues and 52


Tell your friends, that’s 50 cents a show. If you want to make


a whole bunch of red tickets


and art pieces, we really would like to duplicate the mural project we did on the west side with the cross or the east side on the west side. I think it got a lot of attention, a lot of buzz, it’s added a lot of energy into those alleys. And that was the first question we got. Yeah, that’s great. When is it going to happen over here. And so we’d like to continue that we’ll look for some grant funding as well to offset that. Again, that St. Stephen’s Plaza redesign for the metro lab, the cameras moving forward again, partnering with the Rangers. And one of the things that we saw a lot, especially with the Front Range project, and what we’ve heard over and over is that the parking Lights just remain too dark. And so we have been getting some bids on what would it look like to either replace or increase that lighting. So we’ll be presenting that to board to the board not only as a sense of place, but as a safety measure finalizing the Wayfinding. And looking at how we enhance the color blocking throughout the district. Under infrastructure, we’ll be looking at that alley planning. This is the year that we have budgeted and are working on the plans to raise that 100 block median. And so that’ll be coming up out of the ground as a raised median. One of the things that I’d really like to focus on and I’d like to talk a little bit more at the retreat is advocating to work with the city to get the 200 block medians added, I think it’s going to be odd to have a street with the raised median, and then a big abyss of nothing and then the other streets and making that connection is really critical to get people to continue going up the street. So I think that would be very important and so looking At the major core four plan recommendations, and how do we help get that done within seconds.


So when you see the race and median with turning a block, so as we leave here, when you tumble in the middle of the street, or whatever, because we don’t have it here,


we, I mean, it’s on either side, there’s there’s two raised medians. Not directly in front. They designed it so emergency vehicles still had room to cross the street at different points that they needed


supposed to father up where it seems to be on the whole block, except for the cross waving.


Yeah, uh huh.


It’s not all of it. There’s brakes on each block.


Yeah, I know, I know. But as you go this way here, the traffic coming up the hill, making the left I don’t know where it’s gonna be able to put that. I’m trying to steer the design concept because once you go down, once you get to the bottom, then you have the old tracks and before that,


yet, so they’re raising the median right before the railroad tracks so it’s just low in the ground like Kabul on it. Uh huh. But there’s nothing in the 200 block, but we had some designs through the Main Street corridor plan of ways and how that could work. Okay. Yeah. And you’d still have the left hand turn lane to


Mm hmm.


That’s just a tough flow stretch there. You know, for some reasons, just a tough little stretch. Okay.


So the bicycle dismount zone that’ll be coming back to Council. We definitely want to advocate for that. That’s something that we’ve been hearing for years needs to be done. So how do we work to advocate for that to pass that Council and to implement, implement that here within downtown parking we are re engaging in the studies of parking management and how we implement that with the city. We also want to get greater awareness to our day passes. Continue with that Kaufman street planning. We had the first meeting and now we’ll be drilling down more into property owners under redevelopment reuse. finished up the 500 Kaufman streets and start on phase two of South Main Station, which we’ll be hearing about at the retreat. And then continue with the opportunities down first and main the steam corridor as there is the next phase of visioning. Make sure that we are working with that help facilitate phase two of the feasibility study for the Performing Arts and Convention Center. through advanced Longmont, 2.0, we are the lead on two things which is Wayfinding, which we were doing anyway. And having, looking at the South Main Station, between third and first and then main in call, you’re looking at how do we activate that space? What does that look like from a sense of place infrastructure. So having a deeper dive into that, and then continuing to partner with folks. So I wanted to go through that briefly today. Number one to see if there was anything missing, but number two, so then when we go to the retreat, we don’t have to hammer these things out, we already kind of have an idea. Some of these things, you know, came from things that we’ve budgeted from, or things that we need to, you know, continue on, as well as some new things. I’ve met with all of the staff and really talked about what are some of the efforts that they’ve personally like to move forward as well. So I just open it up to feedback if you think there’s anything missing or anything that you want us to bring more information on.


How that seems to look


like a pretty full schedule for the year.


Things are coming along great overall because you compare that to the number of benchmarks and things have been reached if not exceeded greatly in a lot of areas. So


any other comments


in regards to spaces that are available downtown, as businesses lead to part of communications,


the Important


thought about, I guess,


sharing that information to some level as an example, I’m gonna use the restaurant. Right, that disappeared and there was limited to no information that was communicated as far as what was going on. He just happened to be dark and dry by it’s like, wait a minute What happened? From that standpoint? Is there any thought about how we might better communicate that with that type of activity? Because you’re talking about bringing additional businesses opportunities in? Yes, you don’t necessarily know what specific Hi, you don’t have to go into all financial but it was there one day and the next day was called


to the board or to the general public.


I think both.


In some instances, there are things that you Can you


actually actually at the lax executive meeting, okay, this we did discuss some of the things we can be doing. What took place we’re not we’re not part of that on either side. Okay, more than just the breakers. There’s been 42 songs since dark call now. So we’re looking at a number of different ways to get that information out there. One became a just trying to let other restaurant owners know this location is here. Another thing is looking at advertising through the chamber. Okay, because they actually have a full blast on every Tuesday through their email, even trying to do something I use the word cute. You know, if you you know, such as breakers, if you ever want to own a pull table, we have nine available.




so you know, so there’s things we’re trying to do to make sure without trying to disseminating any information that someone goes as wrong are. So that’s the test a little bit of a challenge,


I think I think part of it is, as we continue to try to draw more and keep every place in those situations where you have those gaps such as that, for someone looking to come in, is that what type of message might that be sending? As you see that? I mean, in one breath, you have all this activity in the next breath and go, Wait a minute. what’s real, what’s happening? I mean, from that standpoint, I’m looking at it from the outside, right versus inside.


But I think in the meeting, we determine you share whether there’s five restaurants spots, but if six months ago, there was none available still, you can’t. It’s hard to but if someone came through today, and then all this dark over here, what’s happening here, you know, but restaurants do have a lot of turnover the same time


We’ll be South Main Station that is, you know, just not ready for attendance, that


you’re actually the easiest spaces to lease. Yeah.


The restaurants are.


So I think


I do think I can answer questions or be able to communicate openings to the board. We do keep what has available space on our website. I don’t know how comfortable I would feel doing public announcements of businesses that close because it’s kind of the flip side to I usually have a good sense. Not always, but often have a good sense on what happens so as we’re talking to people, and even when you walk by, I can say so this building is purchased by someone they’ve been working on it. It’s slated to be whatever. However, that doesn’t always show in the public. So I do know exactly what you’re talking about. So


I think that’s good feedback and we can kind of figure out how to balance that.


Okay, that’s it. So part two then


our board retreat


first retreat. I have I printed out these agendas because I don’t know they weren’t in the copy I mean they were online but they weren’t in the copy that Emily may copy them. So this is a draft agenda for our retreat. I’m still looking for a location I wanted to have it itself mean station but there just wasn’t a room kind of ready enough to host us and it’s probably too chilly for that wonderful rooftop patio, so


are tougher than that. Yeah. Someone


may not be as


you know, I know we just were there and I thought it through maybe we wouldn’t have had it. But we couldn’t maybe have it in that room at 300 funds where you could kind of pull that door shut. So if you guys are amenable to going back there


might be a good place to have it.


So that the restaurant spot so I know we started in the morning, they probably wouldn’t have anyone there, but we will go into the lunch hour.


Yeah, I think they I think they have the door so they can reserve it as a party room, you know, I mean, so they can shut the door. Right? And


so I don’t know what the cost will be. That’s a


good deal.


Well, you could well in that case,


we can look into it unless anyone’s like really opposed to going back there. Okay.


So we wanted to start it off eight in the morning. And then again, we wanted to do what I’m calling kind of lightning update so you can kind of get up to speed as to where everything is. This will be after the council retreat. So an update on kind of the steam next steps. City Council retreat. Some of these words you’ve had updates on just really next steps what you can plan on seeing. So on the Main Street corridor plan on the conference record or plan a more detailed as to what we’ll be doing I know we all know about these projects RTD and first and main, and then affordable housing Baxter and asked to really get an update from Kathy about what affordable housing looks like throughout the city, kind of a benchmark of where we are now and, and what are still the needs. And then just doing some fun, quick exercises about looking at what kind of infrastructure improvements are needed or are missed as you’re looking at this area, and then going into an economic development update. Another quick update from the chamber and advanced Longmont 2.0. And then looking at development, I did talk to Brian bear, he’s interested in bringing to the board a more solid proposal for what he wants to do in phase two. And so I think it would be very good good information to have. And then a benchmark on new designs. I have been working with 500 Kaufman street that has gone back and quite a few design revisions. I’m actually going down to Denver on Monday to their office to look at different materials. So if anybody wants to come down and look at materials, I’m sure we can accommodate going concrete brick. Yeah, if not, I’ll take nice pictures. But kind of an update of where we are and looking at timing there. We are doing kicking off that historical assessment for the ALCS. And so we can just do a quick timeframe as to what that’s going to be looking like. And then Aaron fasik, and I can talk about what we’re going to be doing that work around the 200 block, take a break and then do an update about the feasibility study that council will be getting but we can kind of just touch base on that and what that means to us. And then David Ours will be kind of giving us a snapshot of that market analysis. And we’ll have discussions around the findings. That’s a project that we’ve been working on. I had told him to instead of finalizing the report, we can get feedback, see if the board thinks that there’s gaps, see if there’s more questions that we have, and then we’ll finalize it after that, but I think it’ll give us a lot of good information. Go into a lunch break, and then start having a discussion around either ltda or God boundary expansions. What does that look like? How does that even happen? Where do we go from here and then talk about what we would do in 2020 to move that effort forward, start aligning those for those to work. And then we’ll have a quick February board meeting. I have been very delinquent, which I apologize to Jim of getting him drafts of our IPAs, but I will do that in the next two days. And hopefully we’ll get them through so we can vote on them at our February meeting. And then we can add or make changes to that work plan. So I wanted to see how you all felt about that draft, if there’s things missing if there’s things that you don’t want to talk about or feel like you have enough information on.


One, we’re going to talk about signage where that is,


Yes, for sure. Okay.


It seemed like it’s been a while already, since we looked at the pictures,


you know, if that’s When is that going to be completed? More importantly, maybe just for the purpose of the agenda, you say here in D one, the South Main Station, maybe we want to put a face to that in


there to clarify that.


So then under the development update, also a number to the 500 Kaufman street justice club Talk about the county portion of it.


Can we have someone from Bergen talk about their development portion of that? Yeah.


It’s just it’ll cover the parking structure


and housing and the housing.


So we should have a third part. That’ll be great.


Probably the only other thing is to add some more time so that we staying past


at the time,


yeah, so we can break it apart. So we just stay on task


to any of the


initiatives and city plans, initiatives, sort of those which things are they going to require a bond election and main point in the future?




that’s a good question.


Not I mean, not made this record or plans. Not coffin Street. I don’t know about RTD No. Yeah.


No, no.


But our share we’re funded for the whole project


for the RTD right.


Okay, so


how is that


doing a lot of money for the channel from last night


and then I guess the only thing up in the air with We don’t even know what that would look like would be of steam anything in that steam forward or but I don’t think anyone’s there yet. Right? She says no, no. Yes. Is there any bond issues that you know that would be coming up anyway? Not in the media. I


mean, the council’s gonna be talking about what they’re going to do next year. So there


is a possibility to talk about the street fund sales tax with


the new also that they’ll be able to do by them from the street from supply zone as well


Anything else? anybody has any? We have a week or two? anything comes up before our meeting. We’re actually a little more time than that. Man, so we were good to go that much lead time.


Yeah. Okay.


Alright, so that’s great. We don’t need to approve this agenda. Do we?


Know I’m but maybe on our because we won’t have a board meeting afterwards. So let us go through the same process. So this is good. All right.


Any old business? Yes.


Papa, papa. Yeah.


I thought you were gonna talk about


our first time of long one was great. We thought it was great.


Bottom activity was fun to watch the retail process. We will be getting a follow up report that I’ll kind of look at to help Future folks. I’ve toured a few people through the place but it’s not surprising that January, February, March is not the time people are ready to jump to the first. So we’ve been working with the museum, we were able to get some of their historical photos as well as all of the historical photos that we have around here. So we’d like to maybe do a nice historical photo display so people could kind of walk in as an exhibit. I’ve been talking to violet crest, who’s right next door, who is willing to design some note cards and historical kind of little poster print that we would be able to sell. So there’s still that kind of retail or sales component. I’m not expecting this to not get through the park but you can still buy something kind of a commemorative limited edition of these cards. And there are prints available. We had talked about possibly having some prints of the photos, but They only they take less than a week to get from the museum. So we could have a station where we could just order it for them and then it would be delivered. So then instead of buying an inventory of pictures that we may not sell, they could get whatever size they wanted and whatever mounting they wanted. And so I just wanted to, to run that by you, I think is a pretty good use of the space in the interim. I did meet with a company today that is looking towards that they wanted later in the year. So we’ll continue to kind of reach out. We did get an application that I have to vet but it is a coffee shop, as we had said before no food service.


So I just wanted to see if the board


wanted us to pursue that or if we still think food service is not a good idea what


August I see. Yeah.


I feel like that would be just a little bit too hard.


Well, that’s not within our concept. Yeah. That’s what we’re trying to do here. So just wanted


to run that by you.


Okay, so that is where we are with pop up Longmont


space and union update. All right.


Well, just overall the fox went


quite well, or would you say greater?


I, they went great. I thought they


admitted that they did not do enough marketing on their end. And so the fact that they really did not do a lot of marketing and the buzz that it had, and the folks that were coming in for it was pretty impressive. And, again, you know, we heard a little bit of feedback of folks that said, Oh, you know, you really talked about them more than us or whatever was I feel like we were very balanced in our marketing. We did features on all kinds of this. But again, my answer to that is, we always want people to come down for a reason. And we’re always sending them to other places, we certainly don’t want this to be around saying just come here and go home, if they can kind of get up and down the streets for retail, it’s just giving them that reason to return. And so that’s why it’s the short term leases and that type of thing. And so we’ll get that through a little bit more but and I do think it was really a win win just to update you. We sold 937 gift cards last year, so just a little under 1000, which is I think, amazing. We sold 700 and some last year, so it was a huge increase. And it was $47,000 worth of gift cards. And so as people came in to buy gift cards, they saw them or people came in and that was a really good cross as well. I think for that retail us


So what the


next question was, how was the foot traffic?


So that’s something that generated awesome.


Yeah, it was okay. I mean, some days, it was slower. And other days it was crazy. And, you know, I think I think it is a reality that there are less people still on this block than the 500 block. And so when they were kind of scheduling their hours around what they did at scrumptious, it was probably a little bit too long because you’re not getting those later night dinner, I think that are walking around. Again, so lessons learned, you know, I think it’s great to be open, but they were open later probably than they needed to. And those last hours probably, you know, I wouldn’t recommend to another person who’s just trying to get up and running if they have to pay staff. But again, it was a good partner to have. And it was interesting to watch what was


really impacted upon today’s day. DD work schedule. Having the pop up here didn’t make any difference at all. No.


Not at all really


was very non intrusive. They were very respectful.


You know that first day I thought, Oh gosh, what have we done?


Oh, no, this is great.


And so yeah, it was just really good for


somebody watching the front door to pop out a mouth.


Yeah. Yeah.


And I would say a handful of time did we have shoppers before 10 o’clock that we had to say, feel free to browse. But you know, if you want to buy something, you’ll have to come back. And I mean,




Yeah. And then one of us could just say this here a lot. So she could just so yeah, it wasn’t a problem at all. Okay.


All questions




We’re about to have a financial update on our retail conversion appropriation. So I


mentioned in December that we had four businesses in the pipeline for a retail conversion grants that we’ve been working with. They haven’t applied yet. However, hopefully they all will. And if we gave them before 15,000, all four of them, it would be a total of $60,000. Currently, our retail conversion grant program has $16,676. It’s been a really, I feel like it’s been very successful and a good tool to work with those that are taking non retail generating space and making it into retail generating. And so we were hoping that we could add $100,000 into that Incentive Fund. A while back we had allocated a portion of money for incentives so that money is allocated, it wouldn’t take additional money out What we what we have been using as our number that we have left for TIFF it would just be taking that hundred thousand and putting it into that incentives for the retail conversion. So when you see if you are interested in appropriating whenever the next appropriation is we have money to cover what we’re doing. None of them will come in and out before the next appropriation. So I’m not worried about that. By just since we knew about it, I thought if you wanted to do it, we could do so. So whenever that happens that can move forward.


So the


board motion to approve $100,000 into the appropriation account.


Was I have some questions kind of get a motion?


So moved.


Second. All in favor?


Okay, that sounds good. And then we have some carryover funds in 2019.


Yes, hardest we tried. We weren’t able to get everything accomplished. money spent in 2019. And so I do have a recommendation of some carryover money. So the first is $4,000. week as part of our chamber lease, our rent was very low, but we paid a pro rata share of the taxes. So we’re estimating that at $4,000. But we couldn’t pay that until 2020. When they get built. And so that money, we still need a conference room table is insanely very hard to find a conference room table. So we’re continuing to look for one or maybe having one built for the size that we need.


And then we


would like to get a code lock on the front door


and start, we’re getting one on the back door. We’d like to also get one on the front door. So then you can come in with a key code which will help as we have pop up tenants or whatever, when they leave, we can just change those codes as opposed to worrying about them a copy of the key or anything like that. You know, we need to have a better front door sign. That’s the one thing we heard time and time again that people did not know that the DDA was inherit from Main Street. And so we would like to look at what some type of front signage would be. We did not get the disposal, that type of thing for the kitchen. And we had talked about doing some cleanup and landscaping around the back porch. So this is not new money. This is money that was in our 2019 budget that we didn’t spend that we’d like to roll over to the 2020 budget. So that would be in our operating account. And in our am II account, we did have $4,000, budgeted for new banners that we held because we want to tie them into the Wayfinding also $5,000 for the design of that those banners, that’s not part of the Wayfinding. It’s taking that concept of Wayfinding and then drilling down so I’m $5,000 for that. $1,000 for an additional Adobe subscription, and then $4,000 for some downtown awareness ads that weren’t completed. So as we talked about maybe bringing back a proposal to the Board of what some of those downtown is open for business ads would look like that would be available funds for that. So again, this is all money that we had in 2019. That I’m just asking if we can carry over those funds into our accounts for 2020.


We’re happy with that. Just need a motion and ask Jim to do that.


motion, gay, grab a second.


Take them a second. All in favor.


All right. Okay.


Number two, keep finding the money.


not spending it.


So now things keeps changing.


And so


We’ll probably have urine pronounced within a few months I think


in a few months


nowadays with this bring on more staff.


Okay, item number 10 we have an executive director report, which is gonna consist of some project updates.


Yeah. So um, I think I actually spoiled all of these and I was talking about 2020 but 500 Kaufman, they have really worked on the design. We are going through the first draft of the garage, I was able to meet with Nori and Justin, the first draft which I’m going to Jim Wardell is going to agreed to be the partner to kind of look through these documents. Our attorney is looking through them, and the city has their own counsel. That’s looking on there. And here’s a question I have, Jim that I should have asked earlier. But since we are actually, you know, work on behalf of the IGA for that God, doesn’t that also mean that it makes more sense for me to be in those conversations if the city attorney is looking at that through the lens of the God? Yeah. So I think that a meeting today that I wasn’t invited to, but maybe


maybe we can jointly point that out. I always love when I pointed out but I just think that makes sense. So So again, looking at those, one of the things that was inherently flawed with the agreement is it really talked about how the county would be the developer and they would get our money yet it didn’t talk about the future of what that garage looks like those things Be alternate agreements. But I did say, I don’t I would not recommend that we’re going to sign this agreement without negotiating all of those agreements, because those agreements are critically important to the investment. So we’ll all be working on on those. Like I said, I did see the design, I will be seeing materials. It is improved from what it was. I think there were still some things that could definitely go back to the drawing board, but hopefully we’ll be getting those flushed out. South Main Station, I do have a facade agreement. And Joe hits is going to help look through those are attorney has been working on the facade agreement again, those two other buildings will be coming online and I think they’re looking for their reimbursements towards the end of February beginning of March. So we also have some certified cost documents. And Brian Schumacher has always been the partner in planning that helps goes through those He and I have been working on that as well. The idea as I admitted my liquids to get those to gym, I don’t really perceive. I’m going to really go through them but too many changes based on last year. I think last year, they were pretty well vetted out. I’ve already worked with the parks department on kind of the maintenance and what that looks like. And I don’t think there’s any problems or things that


will need to be addressed.


Those capital improvement projects, the capital improvement budget is usually due may 1, separate may 1. Yeah. Okay. So again, we’ll talk about it a little bit more in the retreat, but I do want to start aligning partners on those 200 mediums and things like that. So we can start to try to get that into the process and get that joint funding. I just really think that’s such a critical piece. And then we had previously budgeted for a cultural plan, we have money in our construction fund for cultural plan. We were looking for city match dollars to do that for not only the creative district, but the whole city wide. And it looks like we have been able to get those funds aligned. So that is something that we will be looking at. And I meant to add that I’m sorry, I need to add that onto the work plan as well. So you’ll be hearing more about that. I think it will mesh nicely with the different feasibility studies that are happening to really look at what does arts culture look like across the entire city? And then what are people’s roles? How do we advance some of these goals?


So other than that, I we’ve done everything else I wanted to say did


you have any questions on the report that I submitted or anything I’m happy


The topics were previously covered. Okay.


All right. So now


we have some admissions staff.


Did my first weather check for February 1?


Sunny and 60. So


it was great last year so they only 50 cents a ticket. Exactly.


Let’s see. So who can complain about the weather?




well, where do we once again have any board member comments? Well,


and in that case, we are adjourned.


Happy New Year. Thank you. Yeah,


that’s right. Oh, and go Kansas City. green red every day into the big game. That


Once he once he will win