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S5E6: Inside Incarceration: A Story of Resilience with Leon Kennedy III

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“I have made mistakes and I have paid the ultimate cost for them and I am still here.” 

 – Leon Kennedy III


We are absolutely floored by our conversation with Leon. Here is a man who, through the darkest times imaginable, has reached into the depths of his being to find strength, perseverance and hope. 

Since his first incarceration at the age of 19 in Virginia, Leon has spent decades of his life behind bars in some of the U.S.’s most violent and corrupt prisons, while also battling a chronic neural disease. He was granted parole 3 years ago and lives with his wife in their home in Alabama, where he continues to fight for justice in America’s corrupted incarceration system.   


Listen to hear us talk about

  • Leon’s life-story from incarceration to freedom

  • Mental & emotional fortitude 

  • Lessons learned and chances given

  • The violence and injustice of Alabama’s prison system

  • “Reaching back” to help those behind you

  • U.S. incarceration system as modern day slavery
  • The current lawsuit against Alabama’s prison system

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