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S4E10: The Code Switch [A Deeper Dive]

What’s code switching? If you’ve ever found yourself changing who you are as a person in a given situation in order to gain acceptance, you’ve code switched. That need to shift how you show up in the world in order to adhere to a standard set by others is unfortunately a reality we live with and something our last guest, Imran Rehman, so poignantly brought up in episode 8.


In today’s episode we’re taking a deeper dive into this topic from our interview with Imran and breaking down what it means to code switch, why we’ve all been trained to do this (regardless of color), and the ways in which it actually dehumanizes us.


We’re exploring:

  • THIS common saying that Imran feels is “complete and utter rubbish”
  • Several ways in which women are often expected to code switch as well as those for people of color 
  • What it means to “talk white” and where professionalism standards need to be reset
  • The powerful pep talk Emily got from Courthney lately that really helped her to realize where she’d been code shifting
  • British colonialism and the fuss over Queen Elizabeth’s death (and the reminders that this event should really be invoking)
  • How the dynamic we have collaborating as a Black man and white woman doing this work together is so powerful


S4E8: The Wisdom of Community w/Imran RehmanS4E6: When Schools Fear ‘Noise’: Learning From the Controversial Speech Cancellation at Middlesex School w/ Nikole Hannah-Jones


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