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S3E19: When Good Intentions Go Wrong w/ Nadia Ali

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Have you ever been on the receiving end of a supposedly well-intended — but actually incredibly offensive — comment, question, or microagression? Well today’s guest, Nadia Ali, knows this feeling all too well. Nadia is the CEO and founder of Idea Labs in Action, a mission driven consulting firm designed to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace and across communities. In today’s episode, Nadia joins us to share her experience as a Pakistani-American Muslim woman, including the culture shock she felt moving from New Jersey to Colorado, some of the traumatic experiences of oppression and racism she’s experienced at work and in her personal life, and why she feels it’s particularly important for BIPOC to prioritize rest.


We’re exploring: 

  • The two things you NEED to ask yourself before asking someone you’re curious about a question
  • Dismantling the 40 hour work week standard, and why that reality is much more difficult to achieve for some than others
  • The harmful stereotypes that the media perpetuates
  • If any companies are “getting it right” when it comes to rest for their employees
  • The steps that Idea Labs is taking to provide rest for women of color 
  • And even more on the everyday realities of living with a marginalized identity in America


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