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S3E9: Love, Fear, and How History Informs our Lives [A Deeper Dive]

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Have you ever learned something and wondered, why weren’t we taught this in school? And what would our interactions and lives be like if we were? So in today’s episode (which marks one year bringing this podcast to you!) we’re debriefing our interview with Patricia on uncovering suppressed history, exploring how our lives are informed by the history presented to us, the effect suppressed history has on our everyday lives, and reflecting on what we’ve learned in the past year of doing this work together.


We’re exploring:

  • A powerful story from Courthney’s of the moment he made the shift to live and fight from a place of  love instead of fear
  • How oppression has become even more dangerous in some ways today vs historically
  • The disturbing thing about how (and why) history can be suppressed
  • Core goodness in humans vs THIS other powerful core motivator
  • The singular goal of several large systems in the US, and the effort it took to create them (and what’s needed to dismantle them)
  • What we need to combat the hostility that is still present in this culture
  • ONE question that’s still very much alive in the US, but shouldn’t be
  • And more!


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