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S3E8: The Many Victims of White Supremacy: Exploring the Rittenhouse Case

Two women having a conversation while one of them wears a black hoodie

We’re disrupting our normal order of episodes this week to bring you a fiery, WTF?! conversation around the Kyle Rittenhouse case. In this episode, Courthney and Emily tease apart this case and his acquittal as well as the underlying issues at play. Join us for this conversation as we examine questions related to white supremacy culture in the US, the role fear has played in this case, and explore where the victims lie in this situation.


We’re exploring:

  • What happened and the results of Rittenhouse’s trial
  • Where this becomes a story about race (it’s not just how you think!)
  • If and how Rittenhouse has become a victim through his trial
  • Where we feel the attention SHOULD be in this case
  • The glaring Black/white issue going on in the US RIGHT NOW we feel should be getting the attention instead of Rittenhouse
  • Why we don’t think this case is a white supremacist issue
  • Where privilege was on parade at the Blake protest Rittenhouse was involved in
  • And more!

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