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The Humanize Podcast

S3E1: Radical Imagination in Racial Justice with Bobby LeFebre

What could we create if we leaned into radical imagination? In this episode, we’re bringing you an inspirational conversation with poet Bobby LeFebre. Bobby is an award-winning writer, performer, and cultural worker fusing non-traditional, multi-hyphenated professional identities to imagine new realities, empower community, advance arts and culture, and serve as an agent of provocation, transformation, equity and social change. Join us as we dive into what radical imagination really means, why we need it so strongly now, and what’s truly possible as we lean into it.


We’re exploring:

  • Bobby’s journey to poetry and this work
  • How COVID shifted the imagination for us
  • A special poem Bobby wrote for Elijah McClain
  • How the idea of radical imagination has changed, particularly for BIPOC
  • The powerful impact that shifting language, unlearning, and reimagining can have on dismantling systems of oppression
  • Bobby’s reimagining of the police system
  • How he’s facilitating cultural change
  • And so much more!


Connect with Bobby:  https://instagram.com/bobbylefebre


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