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The Humanize Podcast

S1E9: Looking Back and What’s To Come

Two women having a conversation while one of them wears a black hoodie

As we bring the first season to a close, it’s time to reflect on the honest conversations we’ve had so far on Humanize. What started as a concept has truly grown into a platform for open discussions about the racial and social issues facing us from interracial perspectives. Join us on this episode as we look back to the beginnings of Humanize, our reasons for working together, and our highs and lows of the season. We’ll also give you a sneak peek into what you can expect in Season 2; we have amazing guests and topics lined up for you!


We’re exploring:


  • The opportunity that brought Courthney and Emily together for Humanize
  • Courthney shares why intentional love is crucial in working towards progression
  • Hear more about the reasons why we are able to constructively collaborate on the podcast despite our differences
  • Are we REALLY better now than we were in the past? We dig deeper into this misconception!
  • The TOP highs and lows of the season – from protests to naming the podcast
  • What we are MOST excited about exploring in Season 2 – there is so much lined up for you!
  • And much more!


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