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The Humanize Podcast

S1E3: The Question of Justice

How far are we from a truly just society in the United States, really? We believe it’s time to talk about TRUE justice because we aren’t as close as some people think we are. On today’s episode, we’re exploring what justice REALLY means, the glaring disparities we see, and the ONE most important step in making true change in the system.

We’re digging into:

  • The roles media and leadership play in the justice in this country
  • Courthney’s best recommendations on how to get out of your comfort zone and start making change
  • The misconceptions that blind some people to the fact that systemic racism is still present in this country
  • What could make THIS civil rights movement more powerful
  • The difference between racism and prejudice and why we can’t use them interchangeably
  • How Courthney transitions anger into hope, and what gives him hope during this movement
  • The biggest cultural shift Emily thinks needs to happen right now
  • And more!

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