Rational Alchemy: Three’s Company!

Video Description: Representatives of three local theatre companies visit the Lounge to tell stories of Covid survival and the entertainment landscape has shifted, but the show must go on! Hosted by Nigel Aves, produced and edited by T.G. Lewis of the Captn’s Lounge Studio for the CiT NETWORK.

Rational Alchemy: The Speakeasy 10th Anniversary!

Video Description: Sara Carrillo drops by the Lounge to tell Rational Alchemy viewers about Longmont’s Speakeasy nightclub’s 10 Anniversary celebration. Produced by T.G. Lewis at the Captn’s Lounge Studio for the CiT NETWORK.

Longmont Town Hall 2023

Video Description: Bring policy makers, business owners, and Longmont citizens together to share information about possible growth and proposed projects, including the hotel in downtown Longmont.

Rational Alchemy: Amanda Maldonado, Coy Ink Studio

Video Description: Local artist Amanda Maldonado stops in to Rational Alchemy to the show the kind of line drawings, places and people, she’s become well known for. Hosted by Nigel Aves, recorded at the Captn’s Lounge Studio. More about Coy Ink at: coyinkstudio.com

Rational Alchemy: Sound Recording with Bret Batterman

Video Description: Nigel Aves talks with one of the finest sound engineers in the state of Colorado, Bret Batterman, who has produced recordings from Broadway to LA. Produced and Edited by T.G. Lewis of Captn’s Lounge Studio for the CiT NETWORK.

Rational Alchemy: Joey Blunk of Bigfoot Meter

Video Description: Nigel talks with Bret Batterman and Joey Blunk about the creation of a truly unique jass/rock fusion album that was created over two years, and then cut in a single day.