Art in Public Places – June 2024
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Art in Public Places – June 2024

We’re at 611 So roll call. Sage Alexander. President and President. Teresa Baxter not person.

Susan Barr Winston’s excuse.

I will Sanand Daniel Kelly can

eat Lacey.

Jennifer millet your Melanie miski is excuses that he doesn’t tell you here. And Angela is excused Today we’re in here. Council person Susie Hidalgo very is not here tonight yet. And America’s public invited speaker


corrections to the May 16 minutes. Anyone got any corrections? They would like to hear? Okay, I need a motion to approve ordinance. Second. All in favor of approving the minutes? Is six is zero Nays? Zero abstentions? Or is there abstention from people that are

not here? So who was the first Sue Eve

moved that a second? Sorry, we’re

gonna go so yeah, I know. I

got that a slow pony anyway. Okay. Are there any additions or corrections to tonight’s agenda? No. Or you don’t have any additions or corrections

that he brought up that she would like, new link to the maintenance report. But I that’s not to send it to you all after this so that you get a refresher on the maintenance reports. As PDF as well as a website that I added that under new business with call your current

Council comments or nominating committee, Jennifer and Danielle. So have the interviews go on.

Very interesting.

You’ve had a five game?

No, we had we had before counting Iris right. We have three this time. Are

we counting the we’re just counting the one just the three that in the last interviews. So? Yeah, it was the three Yeah, okay. Yeah.

We do recommend all three of them to go on to council for their approval. And Iris. Iris has reopened as I think there would be great additions. And we still are looking for our top priorities are still somebody who are toppers are looking forward and this round also our diversity. People who have some skills and abilities to bring to the city into the arts and knowledge of ASAP, at least some knowledge there.

So we felt like all three

of them did. Alright,

excellent. Well, I’m looking forward to. I’m supposed to ask Susie when the interviews are scheduled. But did you have an interview with the council? Right? Yes, I did. Mine already got my daughter with us, though. I don’t know maybe.

I didn’t have a second interview. Okay.

So I don’t think that you will. But we don’t, you know, some of the stuff is slightly different every time. Seems like they’ll go into counsel and counsel is having this brief interview. Yeah.

Okay, so we don’t know if they’ll be approved for the next meeting.

Maybe we don’t we have. So I think that this is what I would think by their next meeting is that they’re gonna have scheduled zoom. Yeah. Or something.

So great. Thank you. This is Clover Meadows Park selection panel process. Jennifer. Interesting. Well, Jennifer.

Okay, so we had all I mean, Angeles so impressed. I just cannot say enough about how she’s so good at facilitating the process of uploading the

use of fairness, the

impartiality of each person. And so we did have, I think we’re gonna have one meeting with Through the nine, four applicants who brought them in chose three that you weren’t here, then we had the beating of free artists making their presentations by zoom, they were all from out of state. So they were all on Zoom, showing us their studio slides and presenting reflections. And then we were able to choose the one that we really liked. All of them were really interesting. And, of course, there’s not like a one way to do this kind of thing. So each presented in a slightly different way. So more organized than others, some have emphasized some things more than others. And then we, you know, Parks was Parks and Rec parks, to people from the city and parks were, I think you’ll go for the most part, we’re giving their feedback about how to look in the park that will fit. We want a piece that you look up to run a piece, it’s like mainly on the ground. We’ve talked about this a fair amount. And then anyway, we did choose one artist, I don’t know this person said I forgot what I thought it was they’re working on,

they are working on it. He is currently getting a redesign of Red City. So there’s no contract as of yet.

So I mean, I just cannot say enough things about animals process and how we all did it. And you know, there was there was a very fair discussion with everyone giving input and then we vote investing has validated and you know, she’s got ways of handling it. Awesome. You anyone, that part was great. Certainly the process of doing this, you know, you can apply everything that you want to see for the firm all the creativity of this artist who like you know, all these different factors. But the truth is what they propose is probably not all, because honestly go for revision. Yeah. So we end up voting on something. They propose something we’re going to be voting on that. But that’s not what we’re going to get. We don’t really

know yet. It’s going to be close.

It’s gonna be thanks. Yes, yeah.

I do, I think because they have the basic concept. And they might have to change things or change the heights and something but it will be

it’ll be it’ll be going that direction. More that direction

than any other. Yeah. Okay, the thing that I think, five or six of these. And then, when we did Fox meadows, which is the next topic, I have to tell the people, the selection committee, what you’re looking at in the slides is their body of work. And you’re not going to get anything like this. Right when they submit. And that’s hard to understand. But you’re not going to get anything like this. And what you’re looking at is who has the designs that sort of has the same feeling about what we’d like in the park? And who, you know, do you like the the media they work in? Or do you like the giant, mammoth things they do? Or do you like, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s really a hard thing, especially for I think, the selection panel that are from the neighborhoods? Yeah, they don’t? It’s hard to conceive that. Oh, I really liked that little bear. But you’re not going to get a little bit. Yeah, that’s

right. Yeah. You know, so

it’s a hard thing to understand. I think Angela does a really good job of trying to describe that. But really,

if she does try, and it’s so hard to

explain, because people, people see what they they’re expecting to see what they see. And that’s not what

it is. It’s a combination between intuition, the spirit of this person’s creativity and how it lines up with our own with my own personal ID and creativity. And also the quantifiable factor, which is Did they follow the instructions? Did they answer the questions we asked? Did they give us the information we want? The actual just stress that paramount because we asked them, like they have to do their artists thing? They have to answer these particular questions. You know, what’s your timetable? Have you done this outdoor things before all that kind of stuff, you want

to stress that, you know, when you’re choosing artwork, you don’t see the back end of it. So Angela’s doing a great job as an admin, to make sure that the artworks that we’re getting are top quality, but also the artists are easy to work with when they’re, you know, checking off the boxes. So yeah, that’s one of the reasons my samples I spent so much. So yeah, the quality is like insane. And she adheres to Yeah, it is

it is it’s quite an interesting process. I have made this concept. I haven’t made exactly these kinds of decisions before but I have done this kind of stuff before where you have like a giant pile of paper in front of the crew trying to figure out what where you want to get money or where you want it.

And sometimes it’s just

you know, there’s no rules that make it foolproof. Yeah. So anyway, it’s gonna be really interesting. But I did I, we all really did like the art seven shows. And we also didn’t really like the person’s vision now we’ll see what we get.

Yeah. I want to especially thank Nettie and Eve for helping out to get the timekeeping in the question. And that’s the type of work that was really helpful. And we appreciate your help on that. And, and as you said, we’re just waiting for the artist, or the artist has come back with another percentage is waiting for the city to

fight in the angel needs to have a meeting with risk to confirm that the new design is approved in the name of Robert Okay, but it’s very close. It’s very, very close.

Okay, then. Next is. Thanks. I’m glad that’s a little obvious. Thank you, Anna, that is that seems to be in process. And these that that park is in process.

You know, this is I think this is about my third one, too. This is the first time I’ve been on the actual selection panel. But if you can possibly come to any of these things, it’s really great. It’s so worth it to see us it really is.

It really is worth it. I strongly encourage everybody, I came to both the Clover Park and the clover Meadows to the fox house and not able to vote. But as we all know, it can

come in Yes. Anyway, after the panel makes all their comments, then, you know, public is invited. Yeah. So it’s

really, really, really wild. Right to Try it out. Which also reminds me Are we keeping track of our hours still likely to so all those hours that we put in, those are keep track,

keep track, I have been wanting to turn it down. Because

we have a new volunteer coordinator here at the museum. And she’s doing an amazing job, just basically modifying you know what you guys do for the museum. And it’s really important to us that, you know, we recognize you and also see how much you give back is what you do, it means things to us. And we want to make sure that we see it and that you get see what you

read or as the pilot or some brands

do ask how many hours of volunteer time incidentally, or public bases commission actually has the highest number of volunteer hours of all the various groups that you know, between

docents and people who work in collections and things like that as well, graduations to you all for this makes it anybody any easier for anybody what I’ve been doing is I’ve just keep in keeping track of my health calendar, and just make it sort of like a little all day thing. And I say hey, FTP 2.5 hours at BP, like five hours a day and just under each day that I do something and just make a note in my calendar that when the time comes to tabulated, it’ll all be there. And then there’ll be a big party. Yes. Okay, so item number nine, Fox knows. There was 77 submissions to review to whittle down to the shorts. This week, I believe, this week or next week, they’re actually starting construction of the department. They fenced it off and they mowed the grasses down, which the people in the in the selection committee were like, Oh, the grass down there, but they’re all excited about their big apartment. So so. So many help that says as Pamela and many non submission reviewers. Do we do that?

Didn’t we? We

submission? Yeah, I

don’t understand that. Even the question here.

Did you come down to the three? We did here down to them? Okay, we actually created

them through an ultimate. Yeah. So and I’m pretty happy with the three we chose. They were they’re very different. Yeah. Three different settings. So whether you know, any of them would look good. And so we’re there were the meeting is July 22. For a Monday though, yes, it’s Monday, July 22. Is the paring down of the or the seeing the presentations, but

it’s important to try and turn it for I think was three three was the earliest I think you’re

really and I really strongly encourage people to come because really interest includes watching the Washington presentation by the artist is really interesting about who’s professional, who’s not professional, who, you know, who meets the criteria and the things that no matter what the submissions look like, you get something different. Get something completely

different. We are also anticipating the three artists to come in and do a live in person presentation, which is

Colorado, one from Santa Fe. So Wow. Yeah. It’ll be nice. It’ll be nice.

Did you have any other additions to that meeting that we had or

is up? Okay, okay. So, yeah,

I believe I think in trouble the follow up,

but Okay, good. Can you send that note to everyone? Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Yeah, Angela will probably send a note to everyone saying, Hey, this is happening, please, RSVP, because we have to make sure that we have enough

food for every right.

And good choices about the food. Great. Very happy with that. Good. I’m glad. Okay, next 10 shoppers. Now, as everybody voted is everybody looked at the

boxes and voted.

Do you need help this weekend?


No, I don’t need any help. But yes, if you can go and go vote, that will be awesome. If they are I’m moving the box over to the museum on Monday to help with that. Do it? I mean, if anybody wants to help them Monday, nine o’clock in the morning, like, don’t they? But it also there’s a lot to get involved. They’re open at night, they’re usually their doors size. No, I don’t think I don’t think I only really need help setting up so that you guys can have a decision on what it looks like. Because, you know, boxes and designs. And the way that they will call together is it’s something that you guys do. Right. And I wanted to give

that to what you did, were reset, and welcome to

resume hearing that you can.

Are they going to just call those tables? Yes,

the tables will be used. Same kind of setup. I don’t think we’re going to take a long way. I think we’ll probably do two rows so that they’re not quite in the way of everything. But I still need to talk to justify that use the atrium? Steward, librarian coordinator, right? I mean, so what

I’m saying is the tip of the paper, I’ve heard the numbers and so all we have

to do is mash up the boxes to the number. Yeah. Yeah. Which I don’t necessarily help doing that. So I’m fine. I was just planning on doing it myself last

summer can check in as well. Yeah,

I might. Well, I think they’re gonna be on the far side of the Atrium, not quite in the front because we already mixed the the benches in the Windows as a place because they’re two teenagers sit there. There’s too much interference with the kids. Yeah, so if you haven’t gone to go vote this week, it’s moving over here until July 13. We close July 13. That’s also the free dating museum. I have already counted a little under 300 votes, and I still have a big step that I need to go through. And I haven’t been to collect votes in about a week so I’m assuming that there’s another probably 200 or so in that box. So we’re getting a pretty decent turnout here.

Are you finding it easy to understand?

Oh yeah. And I do that I have the submissions and maybe 10 of them are not legit. I know he’s not legit but legible legible legit or like valid something like nobody’s nobody’s playing games of us which is crazy. x

okay, and it’s why you the aipp will be looking at the results will be tabulated obeyed, and I don’t even know who’s on that committee. II

Oh, yeah. Sorry. It was Oh, yeah. No, no, I couldn’t leave Pamela and sage Shumpert committee. Oh, yes. Yes, you joined

up and then just to know, I don’t know if anybody really cares too much about it. But apparently there was some from last year who didn’t make their Fox and now they’re making the one by cities at Harbor annual told me because I saw it and it looked like someone had just decided to paint this box. Oh, you want to visit these cities on Audible number 17. And really, and I said something to you guys. Angelou said it actually was somebody from so get a chance to be but anyway that’s not done yet

still. So sage had a box before they joined the commission. And then it got accidentally graffiti sealed before they were able to pin it. And then they tried to make sure they tried to prime it just in certain areas but it just wasn’t working so safe was reassigned to that box and cities got so that they’re not meaning that because they are under contract to steal paint. But they can’t paint their original box because it’s priceless. Okay? It’s yeah. It’s kind of a maternal nightmare. Okay, well, anyway, it’s

not good. Next,

but there is another artist that hasn’t finished from last year. That’s it’s on a slower pace. And but it’s like the Mario boss. I haven’t passed that box in a while and haven’t heard from the artists

big. They seem to think that they’re done. I think it doesn’t look like the box that we got as the Yeah.

Yeah, I guess that’s also another angel thing because she deals with the contracts. And she’s the one that’s been interacting with the artists in particular to get that done. So let’s

check in. That’s a great box that sees location. It is yeah, it’s a really good. I didn’t have it on my shortlist for this year, because it’s in pretty good shape. But it’s a really good location. All right. So sometime in July, we’ll get together and look at the accounts. And we’ll decide which Fox was aware of, has had. So Pam and sage are here. But have you looked at the list to see which ones they

didn’t have submitted it to them to look? To seven. Sorry, I didn’t bring it up. There was kind of more final list. But

this is not much to do until I think we have slots to the so yeah, we had gotten recommendations from LPC on the boxes that needed to be addressed like immediately. And then also a few others that were you know, still in ok shape, but definitely need a little bit more love. So we came up with a shortlist and then I emailed you earlier this month. But I haven’t heard back from either Xavier Pamela about those locations. So we may we might need to have a meeting about or just finalize it at some point. But

because we have seven boxes face

are we ever going to paint some boxes this year? Yeah, eight that kind of like need to paint slash prefer paint. But again, I can’t really hot and so now Angela here. Yeah, it wasn’t totally clear to me. Like what I was supposed to do something. I went, I took

gluten something, I took the list, and I just drove around down the hole. And I spent a couple hours just driving by the boxes and saying, Yeah, that one looks good. Yeah, that one took some pictures and said this one was in terrible shape. This one was perfectly fine. I don’t know why they want to do this one. We can’t do that one. Because it’s a horrible location that nobody can even see. You know, that sort of thing. I just drove by Suzanne. Because they sent us a list of like 20 boxes.

Yeah. And yeah, I agree. Some of the boxes, I think when I think about an artist painting on the side of the road is very unsafe. And I would not want to do that to somebody. And then another thing I was a little confused about is that some of them were like across the street from another box that was already painted. Yes. Yeah. So I got one of those was one that I think is fruitless. And so I thought okay, but sometimes we just don’t be held accountable. Yes, I mean, ideally are, they’re kind of more spread out. But some boxes are just in worse shape than others. It’s just right

over and in that area, there are a lot of boxes, and there are a lot of them that are made. But as they get older, whether warm. LPC wants to update, I get that. But yeah.

So yeah, we just need a little bit more

coaching on what it is you want us to do? Yes. Yeah.

So I have a lot of maintenance. The conservator came to do a little bit of work about nature’s way does it on top of all its other little problems. So to get along and review that. So just to set the picture of the big trees wrapped in the conservative wrap to the burlap to kind of keep it from totally disintegrated. disintegrating. Yes.

Didn’t you wrap that so they weren’t going to keep repeating it because it just kept getting more graffiti. So

yeah, that sounds

like keep repeating because they became in the fight there.

That maintenance project is moving long, slow, steady, slow and steady as well. But that’s fine. We’ve got that plan. We’ve got the money. We’re just we’re just going to get it done. And is everybody doing their maintenance reports? Hey, how are we doing? I don’t think so. What we what we decided last time, which maybe everybody remembers or maybe not, is that if you get the GPS for your, for your artwork. If you go Every couple of months or every three months or six months, you know, to GPS again, if it hasn’t moved. But like once a year, get a GPS on it so we can because the GPS get better and better we are finding more and more but but yeah, the first maintenance. First reported everything involves GPS takes a while. But after, it should be like, Oh, look, I’m just driving by the Humane Society. And they’ve got that that that dog is on my list. You drive in there, and you look it over and over media and your driveway takes 20 seconds. And the app is really fast. Yeah, that was great. Yeah.

I mean, sometimes I like the, the brass plaque on the street instead of the little old church. On a, it’s getting very wrong. I mean, you can walk over it all day long, every day. Right. And I don’t know. Did you know I texted Angela. She said, Well, there’s really not much. It’s going to leave us at some point. Yeah, I guess I don’t know if it’d be recast or whatever.

But when we do a bronze cast or something, do we get the cast

or desire to keep it nice keepsake and it’s over? 20 Yes, it’s so

so yeah, I just love that so much. But you know,

you know, the painting in the library, the blue, whatever, it’s gone that’s based on that. That’s right. It doesn’t have the detail or one or the interesting detail in it, but it is based on that. Okay, just FYI. Because I do everything

and then I’m going to send out an email as coordinates request of the online so you just have a front in front and center so that you can just get to it and I like to dig around for it

so anybody who’s seen any problems with any of their meetings

damaged mechanic many of their yeah the pieces that you were assigned Is there any major things that are happening?

The cost is

around the criticism that runs through Sabra

like the coffee

yeah that’s on my list

Yeah, also the the coffee around I don’t know if this has been addressed but the one around the day that did this and while the breezeways it needs a tissue around it’s right to see all the data that

you’re getting pulled off I don’t know what that

is anyone assigned to that piece that is in this room. Even if you see that something like that designer artwork just go ahead and submit it right that’s what I’ve been pretty much doing. And also if there’s any graffiti or anything that’s very dangerous please email us right away. So thank you

does a beehive count as danger? I don’t know I put it in my I put it in my main Mr. Bush which was just like trying to invade so

I don’t want to say the wrong thing because I think we can tell parks about it and

they can It was so long river it’s the one that’s like the like mosaic he kind of like will be like I don’t know piece of the rush to the work that is right now often COVID Are your screw yes

yes on the wall.

There’s a huge wasp nest over on that side so like going over either the East Side islands just like there’s just like so many of them over there. So I prepared in the maintenance request just as a note

we use one time parks to get that out there the ones that would be that

would make sense but yeah, it was just like it wasn’t really the art but it was still definitely coming from the bar and then we went and also to castles way had graffiti on a while ago and I told Angela but there could be there’s still a few spots of graffiti on that so but I put it in the report too but that I gave her like I don’t know it was just not being able to come off or maybe the person that’s cleaning it maybe missed that part but and I think it took a picture tube and it was mistaken but it just don’t at that point it also doesn’t mean you’re taking me out to the game is at

work but it’s like in the middle. Okay,

I kind of I don’t mind it. I cannot find it the other day so I did somebody else’s sales.

It’s more toward Walmart. Yeah.

And it’s a big archway that goes over.


It was the archway that I was like I did not know where this is that so

true in the Far East driveway that goes into Walmart you can see real clearly Okay,

Gotcha. So yeah.

No business labels that were sore, and call your park. Oh, can you? Can you talk about this photograph so

I can talk a little bit about it, but Angela’s been the one that’s been dealing with it. So we have had some issues with a neighboring Collier park with gazebo, which is the big round steel piece. It doesn’t have any labels on it. And I guess children have been climbing on it too. And this President is very upset that we don’t have these. Currently, Angela has been trying to work very hard to get new labels for all the artworks that have up to date. Uh, you know, Spanish translations, accessibility all have things that we want to make sure we’re doing for all of the residents of Walmart, so everybody can access and understand what the piece is about. So she is trying to figure out the best way to do that. The label company is there’s just some issues with the agreement of what the legal should be, like, physicality wise. So she’s just working on that. But if anybody asks you about labels, just let them know, we are working on it. And we are working on it to the best of our ability based on all the things that we do.

I did talk to her about this a couple of weeks ago, because I was not too far from here. Oh, yeah. No dating just to the kids are climbing up in the air. And this there are signs on it down to go climbing.

Which we also found some blank chalk graffiti on that as well. Maybe about a month ago to open

I found in the past, like tin cans and stuff left in

it Yeah. I’m sure that must have signed off on what it was.

It was it was right to tweeting with. Warren what actually came and I think that might have slipped through the cracks. I’m not 100% Sure. But I don’t see Elvis couldn’t possibly say or they’ve got all

these kids are like really ingeniously monkeys now.

He used to be an adversary to his skateboard up into one of the outer circles. And he was like great this week in my house, I opened my front door. I saw this happening and you get down from there. He says, he says goofing around, so I’m calling the police, right. Like

it’s expensive to what our hope was to like to follow signs for things that don’t have any signs, and then do the signs for like, tour, what kind of things that we were hoping to do. But I think we’re rushing through the carpark signs because those things go up right away. So that’s going to be a little more expensive, but we just I don’t think we can wait until we have everything else sorted. It’s going to be some kind of Yes, yeah. And I don’t know whether we’re still thinking about putting it up pole, or whether we’re talking about putting it into a like a rock that’s there.

Because even that was first installed early on. There were some small signs about like this

is yeah, exactly why I think it was them but we’re working on it. We’re working on it as fast as we can. But it takes time it takes time to get the science made and then getting everything get approved. But the car park is high priority for getting science for that

for that it is really highly used. I mean there are people there all combined, which is wonderful. I’d love to see it. But you know it’s just going to happen it’s

and do not climb sides to besides identifying signs and claims. There are a lot of pieces that we have to do that Clemson said one way we’ve gone away Whatever. Once we get, we have one do not five assignment we can make a whole bunch of I don’t know what the plan is there but we’re gonna just let everybody know that as we’re working on it, okay. Okay Commissioner comments anybody haven’t said

anything? I just had one comment the at AJ Davis that has the the animated Fox. Yeah, he’s doing it on your own in Loved One on the Lincoln gallery. And I haven’t been to see it yet we’re gonna go on. But I thought it would be

kind of interesting. We can see that you’d watch some

of the videos. It’s out about it.

Do you know the subject matter of the new mirrorless

I saw I actually saw the news

there were some flowers and stuff again. And

now it’s on the Lincoln Yeah. Oh, on the walls. I guess it’s not done yet.

Those are just things I notice are pretty rows in the box working to work now. So they do know

their ages.

It really it hasn’t been the last time I saw it’s just the QR code. Okay, this this lady.

It is just like a phasing structure. You have to be a little better than you have to sit. Yeah.

So anyway, I just thought it was really interesting.

He’s a wonderful to

see. He’s Yeah, he’s a really talented guy. Also just very easy to work with. Yeah, very nice. Okay, any other comments? Thank you. That’s awesome.

And I’ve you know, and then we’re at the end of the agenda. I need a motion to adjourn. Second All in favor 606 this video and we are adjourned at 649

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