Callahan House Advisory Board Meeting – June 2024
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Callahan House Advisory Board Meeting – June 2024

Unknown Speaker 0:00
back on and see what groups involved. Okay,

Speaker 1 0:04
I will revise the letter to update it reflect current dates. So if we come up with new groups that need a letter sent to them, we’ll have that July 15, I believe was our deadline that we wanted to have people respond. So they can reserve their spots. And you know that woman’s work is going to bring a tent, and a lot of literature and things like that. So they were very excited to jump on it just like that. So that’s the first year of being.

Speaker 1 0:47
So we’re doing that brainwave filter in a row, this is called a love affair, this will be your third time doing it over the years. And it’s to introduce the community to different clubs in the community, that organizations and groups take and belong to. And it’s also a kind of fundraiser then for Callahan house, and instead of naming a fee that we have to have for them to rent, rent, the space in the house or the gardens, whatever, we’re requesting a minimum donation of $50. So they can do any more if they choose to. Less if that’s their budget, they can weather so but yeah, we’ve got, like I said, at least five groups that are definitely wanting to pursue this. But we need more.

Speaker 2 1:35
Absolutely. We’re gonna need to at least we’ll do that.

Speaker 1 1:38
And we’re able to look into food trucks. Yeah, she

Speaker 3 1:41
has some thoughts here on that account of it. She and I met before she left and she kind of told me she’s struggling, she’s reached out to a bunch of different food trucks with either no response or unavailability, she is finding that the way the food truck, you have to reach a minimum sales guarantees. And it’s about $1,500. So if they don’t get that in the business, then we’re responsible to then pay them the supplemental. She said, It sounds like that would be fine for our walk that it that amount of people coming through our walkie reached out to me, but maybe not we’ll call her. So she just wanted to apogee. Right at that time.

Speaker 4 2:24
I needed concern. There are a lot of numbers to cover that cost.

Speaker 3 2:29
I think it would just kind of go through time and where other

Speaker 2 2:34
considerations. Places. Okay, so consider, if we don’t go that direction. We talked about having refreshments, just boy fresh, light refreshments.

Speaker 4 2:53
I think that’s a way we’re working in the plan Baselitz to send those what’s the I don’t know what this is a fundraising. And again, I had a quick question, though. If I’m going to be reaching out to the Latino community. Do we want to put the letters in Spanish?

Unknown Speaker 3:17
Well, that would probably a good idea.

Unknown Speaker 3:20
Do you think we should do that?

Unknown Speaker 3:21
Do we have city? Yep. Okay, I’ll take the letter. I’m going to go home right away. And then sent.

Speaker 1 3:33
We’re here. Because we’re talking to I’m sure I have your info in for you just to be sure.

Speaker 4 3:43
That you should be able to see. Yes. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 3:48
Good. Good thoughts. So

Speaker 4 3:50
we’re approaching people. They’re feeling more than right. We’ll be right back like this. So hopefully we can get some more involved

Unknown Speaker 3:58
without thinking. Right.

Speaker 1 4:00
But what is work with the other group? I said that right. At jumping. Okay. University Women in Colorado.

Speaker 4 4:11
Good. I spoke with requesters. And they’re going to be involved. But I’m Connie was just moving. She just moved into her house a week ago. So so. Okay, good. On board, right. Yeah. Okay. Okay.

Speaker 3 4:30
Bring it on. Also, as noted here that she’s sent your request for a flyer from city wide comms. She did it on May 22. And as of six, three, Rachel was working on it, but she didn’t have one to share. Yes. So those

Unknown Speaker 4:45
are the slides that we can take around Taylor asked me people on bulletin boards and blessing to our friends

Speaker 3 4:57
that she may have one in her inbox. You Are

Speaker 5 5:01
those just passed yesterday to last night to the new communications director? So that positions been filled. So that might make things easier.

Speaker 2 5:18
So, anything else on public here at this point?

Unknown Speaker 5:23
Okay, let’s move on to great

Speaker 2 5:25
selection criteria. We had that pretty much put together. Yep. Yeah. Oh,

Speaker 3 5:31
no. They’re all windows. Yes. Your work is what we discussed last time.

Speaker 2 5:34
Right. So we’re about ready to go with that. Okay. Excellent. Well, actually straight directly to the club survey. Club survey.

Unknown Speaker 5:48
You guys on the meeting afterwards? Karen? Yeah.

Speaker 2 5:52
I think it was Karen. Okay. Yeah. Well, let’s table that. So nothing we’re going to do anything about any, this is a survey for the club to see how they’re using the house and what we can do to make it better easier.

Speaker 4 6:07
I believe we had hoped to have it approved at this meeting. But without Karen here, right. Yeah, my phone there. Right.

Speaker 1 6:15
And I think it was a survey it was going to be used for the new as well as because we’ve already surveyed.

Speaker 4 6:23
Clubs. Right. So who’s to be used for the new clubs and also to be booked at that?

Unknown Speaker 6:31
future date? Right. So

Speaker 4 6:33
she know your period now. Exactly. And we pared it. Way down. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 2 6:40
Which is great. Which is that makes money. Well, maybe actually fill it out. Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 3 6:47
Okay, go back to club affair. I want to make sure. I’m doing Chapo for free. Which,

Unknown Speaker 6:56
have you ever seen how the club event

Speaker 3 6:58
or how clubs are signing up? Have we would like seeing the Britney, how they’re registering for club fair.

Speaker 1 7:07
From what I understand they were calling her,

Unknown Speaker 7:11
they can call her

Speaker 3 7:12
there was also there’s also a link, like a way to sign up online. She and I put that together, it’s active, through like our recreation division is on the same page that they would search to do a power house donation, or purchase? A, like a recreation gift card. So when they fill it out, it’s formalized that it’s their club, the contact information, and then it’s a free standing question of what would you like in your setup? Or are you requesting anything for set up, and they can make a payment right there? If they want to pay capture card, or excuse me cash or cheque that they would contact for and all of our information is in a link? I can share this with the great Yes.

Unknown Speaker 8:04
Okay, responses? Yes. Yeah, yes.

Speaker 3 8:07
I’m assuming that I mean, she had five. So I’m assuming those are the five you do. But I can send the link to the page where at least you would select right where you go. Okay. So there’s a couple different options.

Speaker 4 8:20
I think this might be great. If I get more people that you use to to a little more technology. I do know that.

Unknown Speaker 8:35
Inherently, there will be a futures contract.

Speaker 2 8:39
A little older gentleman Oh, yeah. It’s they’re a little more set in their way. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 8:45
the revised letters

Speaker 4 8:48
that will be included in the new? I would think so. That’s a

Unknown Speaker 8:51
good suggestion. That’s

Speaker 3 8:52
a great suggestion. And in that registration, it allows the person who’s signing up to pick the dollar amounts. Okay. So what are they? It says that we are suggested 50 But they can make it zero or you can create it that’s very possible.

Unknown Speaker 9:15
Yeah, we can get through tricky. Okay, I apologize for

Unknown Speaker 9:22
that. I appreciate that.

Speaker 1 9:23
We just need to do more. groups participate.

Unknown Speaker 9:30
Live is not a no, no,

Speaker 3 9:32
we’ve got it’s a no, no, no, it’s an August.

Speaker 1 9:37
deadline was supposed to be like July 15. To get back to the center. Okay, yeah, I think

Unknown Speaker 9:43
it’s a 1717.

Speaker 1 9:47
Yes, I think it’s August. Yeah, yes. Okay, they’ve received snail mail and they have received emails of the letter. So you’re very Whew that I did not reach

Unknown Speaker 10:03
emails. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 10:06
We got no responses that no

Speaker 1 10:11
one was oh, it was like it was vocabulary the women voters. Oh. They didn’t respond. Yeah. But this time they didn’t have enough people to man the booth.

Unknown Speaker 10:37
Yeah, do that

Speaker 2 10:46
anyway, all right. Okay. Anything else on those that we

Speaker 4 10:51
have? Sorry? No, it’s just my fault. I thought I thought of something. Weird. All right. So where are we at?

Unknown Speaker 11:01
We are down to patrons program.

Speaker 4 11:04
Again, I know that I’ve been working on that with it with Karen and Cindy. And I thought we’re too quick to prove out and move that off. But I will not do that without hearing your

Speaker 6 11:20
program outline. And then there’s an invite letter that I’m going to draft before our July committee meeting, so that you guys can look

Speaker 2 11:33
at it. We have a committee meeting set for July again. I

Unknown Speaker 11:37
think we’re here. I’m just going to set one up. I don’t I don’t have one on your calendar.

Unknown Speaker 11:41
I have to check with Carrie.

Speaker 2 11:53
Okay, that major program challenge for you. Is it’s like Friends of the Library.

Speaker 5 12:01
No, I see that. And I was I was going to try to figure out where the best place this is not the smartest thing to talk about what we heard from sir Leonard from visit loglines. But it might be during your I haven’t shown the board. But it seems like maybe that’s another way of getting people to look at your, what you have to offer here. People that are coming in to visit and people that are here that they’re visiting, all of a sudden realize, oh my goodness, this is a great fit. So I don’t know if that that’s why I mentioned it here at your patients program.

Speaker 2 12:41
Okay. All right. That’s something to take away.

Unknown Speaker 12:45
No, I’ll explain more about okay when we get

Unknown Speaker 12:47
there. All right. Sounds good. So

Speaker 3 12:49
yes, for notes already. Yeah. Well, you guys plan to set up that meeting.

Speaker 2 12:55
I’ll contact Karen and we’ll work it out. You and Cindy in memory. Guys please. Okay, let’s move on to the auto house revamp. Brittany might have something to say about that. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 13:13
she say

Speaker 3 13:14
the preferences have is to have a new storage east of the back door and the garden shed can be moved for reappointing without needing to be permanently moved interior out of house storage quoted at $10,000 So it’s again to her like really vulnerable notes. But should I walked around outside the other day and we’re just looking at kind of what would be the best option. Um, it sounds like she said it sounds like we can move that for the work that needs to be done but since it happens so infrequently that we’re going to leave that there and build a new shed on the on the pavement patio to support the storage of the tables and chairs without doing the auto house

Speaker 4 14:05
whole range. I think when we walk through it we talked about that we really didn’t feel comfortable putting it with the non house itself because you limited your space smell just ice machine

Unknown Speaker 14:21
only ate into the space Yes, you literally ate into

Speaker 4 14:24
the space and with that additional cost amount. I think we be in the long haul be better to put it in that space that we have available on the patio and have ease of getting things in and out. I think that’s a better option.

Speaker 6 14:41
First time housing would have been if it were inside. remodeling

Unknown Speaker 14:45
the Ottawa

Unknown Speaker 14:48
interior. Yeah.

Speaker 7 14:52
I guess I’m doing it outside. Look into that because I would think

Unknown Speaker 14:55
we had six or seven

Unknown Speaker 14:57
to get yeah Let’s go on to the freeway where we get interested. Okay. Okay. Well, it’s

Unknown Speaker 15:10
the lesson. Right? So lesson 10? Yeah, that’s the key here. Yeah. And we

Speaker 3 15:16
were looking at it is kind of still tucked away, because my concern was that it was going to be in the way of like photos and things. But with a little of the greenery, you can’t really see it. So right where

Unknown Speaker 15:25
we’re looking at

Speaker 4 15:26
possibly even moving the other shed, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem yet. Okay, so I’ll let her

Unknown Speaker 15:32
know that she can kind of start exploring connections. And

Speaker 4 15:35
the other thing that I dropped was was wise. And again, this is just my personal opinion. But with the concrete already there. We don’t have to additionally put additional walkways or padding. Worried about that we’re going to be destroying pathways or piping or something.

Speaker 2 15:55
And yeah, it seems like a relatively simple solution to it really, and maybe less expensive, because my mind goes immediately to Home Depot, they will ship

Speaker 4 16:10
whatever, okay. If you’ve ever driven by 66 in Main Street constantly on that corner there.

Unknown Speaker 16:17
Yeah, yeah. Isn’t that true?

Unknown Speaker 16:19
It was a one that you

Speaker 2 16:22
know, it was like, okay, yeah, nice. Okay, good. So

Unknown Speaker 16:25
that’s the least we’ve got a model there to look at.

Speaker 2 16:28
Okay, excellent. Yeah.

Speaker 7 16:34
The question might go to, if we go ahead that direction? Not immediately, but the Autohaus. Inside the do we want to do anything in there as far as the storage that’s in there, it’s not like original stuff. It’s not pretty. I don’t know how much purpose is served right now, especially for code from going this direction. So it’s just something maybe a little bit down the road, we can talk about it? Is there something else you want to do in there to make that just a more appealing place?

Speaker 4 17:08
I think that was one of our discussion points that possibly just removing it, because yes, nonfunctioning. update it and update also, it’s a more usable space. Right. Comparing Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:26
That’s, that’s great.

Speaker 4 17:28
I think. I think that was one of the discussions that went in there. And now what it’s good look in areas. And if it’s not being used,

Speaker 2 17:38
then maybe we eliminated Yeah, yeah. Like you say, make it a more welcoming, comfortable spot and have meetings and things. Okay, anything else on that anybody. We’re gonna move right down to the past and present for the board T. All T.

Unknown Speaker 18:00
Again, Karen

Speaker 4 18:02
took the lead on that she handled, handles the invitations, and everything she has, the last we’ve discussed is that we would all pitch in with, with doing the food for the presentation I had. When we last met, I had tracked down a professional musician to possible but that would donate his time. And he is goes all over the place and does concerts. And he would be willing to donate his time to play and do a recital on the panel. You know, the big issue here is he is professional musician. He doesn’t want to do background music. And I understand that he would like to do a presentation. So if we’re going to do that with that would be eating into the tea. That’s something that I think we’re still in discussion point that you don’t want to eat too much into the tea is rice is something that we can all have refreshments and sit down and listen to the music program, and then go from that. I’m not sure we’re still up in the air. But the fact that he was willing to donate this is V, and he already works well with the person that already does the Canada spread and I’m sorry, I’m blanking on his last name. That restores the panel. So right. So that’s all I know. Okay. Well,

Speaker 2 19:37
that’s it what’s out there real ways. We don’t have to make that decision today.

Unknown Speaker 19:41
I mean, it’s

Speaker 2 19:45
right. Right. Right. So

Speaker 4 19:49
yeah, probably more like 30 I mean, and he likes to take this situation. And he also I mean,

Speaker 1 20:00
So here’s here’s a thought, if he’s willing to donate his time like that, maybe at some future future date, that could be a fundraiser kind of thing. You got to be invited to

Speaker 4 20:13
come and listen to Come on Listen, posted. I mean, he’s,

Speaker 5 20:20
that’s really where it’s at. When you look at it, you don’t just go to clubs, you go to your friend groups and invite them in and maybe has some wine. And that’s what many of the like, when the marine Randy a lot of my counsel in the arts, they would have house concerts, and we had concerts hit the guy that owns the new treat his house. He had all that Western stuff. He went into his house. He didn’t have any Western stuff. He had all European art, right. I mean, $10,000 paintings. Wow. Yeah, I think that was put out there

Unknown Speaker 21:04
as a kickoff for patrons.

Speaker 4 21:07
Great idea, because he wanted to know, to settle on the date. And he, he is I know him through his white through Questers. And maybe, I mean, he’s just but the fact that he’d be willing to donate it to the house because the clusters us I think we just might need to tweak it for a different event.

Unknown Speaker 21:37
He’s a piano player.

Speaker 4 21:38
He is a pianist and a concert pianist and he has albums and travel solo.

Unknown Speaker 21:47
What do you set up that committee meeting to talk about the parents maybe revisit this kind of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 21:55
But I’m glad you guys are so generous, and I don’t want to smell them. But they’re served. I think

Speaker 4 22:13
I can get your friend’s Prince the piano, right? Yeah, he’s shaking it. I apologize.

Speaker 2 22:26
I can’t remember movie stars names. Okay. Anything else on that? Gonna move to Artwalk

Speaker 4 22:37
The only thing I have going for artwork right now is again, I got the music handles right. So I have cell Montserrado is going to come with this is portail duo thing in and play for us. He is very excited. He’s also sharing us now on his multimedia page page and everything. And he drew quite a crowd, he brought in a lot of people. So my big thing right now is to jump on getting Cardiff’s. We want to fill up the space with more than just five artists, we want to fill it up from talking to Brittany, who would like to put more cars in the garden and spin out and I know it is iffy with I will use that water. Just air conditioning I’m sorry. I know September being iffy on whether we’ll have to work with that as we go. But um, yeah. So if anybody knows any work

Unknown Speaker 23:54
is September 15. And

Speaker 3 23:57
the contact list from last year who was who was in charge of reaching out to those artists from last year that was and and it. But I’m taking a walk around, okay. And I’m going to try to get a variety of different

Speaker 4 24:11
mediums. And I’m not going to just bring I thought I would reach out to some of my other contacts from the when I was on their council and CA They would just do a demonstration even of possibly. You know, across the board. Yes, we’ll have some sales. But we don’t do a tremendous amount of sales for now, but we did sell quite a bit. We did sell the pictures to the house and in books and other things. So and I see that we have focused on on down here on the future.

Speaker 2 24:45
And the artists was out there painting as we speak and that worked out really nice.

Speaker 4 24:50
So I’m hoping that it’ll be similar, but with warmongers. Okay, so and again, you’re already friends

Unknown Speaker 24:59
Please speak up,

Speaker 4 25:03
please. This is not just me, I would take all the help I can get

Unknown Speaker 25:10
you to help me on this list

Speaker 4 25:15
Yeah, I got a partial list. So you would have had no it’s a biobam gave me the list but we had also decided that we didn’t want to necessarily use the one now place out on it was just too, I loved it, but there was too much to discuss operate. So we’re gonna, we’re just waiting for the red. One is a broken door is not a red door is

Speaker 2 25:50
something I’m seeing the red door which I go in there and wander around. I know where it is, but I don’t. Okay, anything else on our walk? Okay, we’re gonna move into new business items from staff

Speaker 3 26:10
bringing us nothing to spring, although I was wondering are we still chatting about the piano? Or is that what did we take that off? Because it’s just in the process. I

Unknown Speaker 26:22
just didn’t date here. So

Speaker 3 26:23
this is something we removed from the I think it was in the process.

Unknown Speaker 26:27
So we’re just

Speaker 2 26:28
yeah, if anything, we’ll move it up to old businesses to update ourselves on what’s going on.

Unknown Speaker 26:35
It feels like a million dollars for that. Yeah, this movie. Is this. Why did they do that? Do? It seems so simple. And it is? Yeah. It’s gonna. Yeah, so

Speaker 2 26:58
that’s great. Yeah. But yeah. Okay, I’ll put that on for all business for mixing. Anything else? Man?

Speaker 7 27:10
We’re I mean, all sorts of stuff going on. For you guys. Budget is are my big thing in the last month done. told it’s beyond necessities. Anything. I’ve heard that before. As your level with level one and level two. Otherwise, he can’t control or cost. salary increases really attempt to go back to immigration budget actually doesn’t affect Keleher budget itself. So we feel pretty confident that it is pointing in there. That’s

Speaker 4 28:02
a big question. For the begging, we’re begging for the money. I don’t expect to get it but is our baby boy begging?

Unknown Speaker 28:16
And I have to explain it.

Speaker 8 28:18
Right. What that means? Is it submitted now it’s a really

Unknown Speaker 28:32
big priority for presentation housing.

Speaker 5 28:37
It’s written in the in the chart, when city manager has received the budgets from each department. It’s usually bro the end of the

Speaker 7 28:48
end of May as the final submission we have our right. We are we are just we’re hopeful immigration to have some adjustments. And we’re working on some other things for subsidy which are actually filled in a little bit. I don’t want to get too deep into that especially. But kind of working out where subsidy is with the recreation making some adjustments there how to pay for things, you some things need to be subsidized. That are more community benefits work on some interesting things on which gets interesting, right?

Speaker 4 29:31
Yeah. But the big thing is that we do the asks so the week and then put it back on to us to work on as foreign to get random fun.

Speaker 7 29:42
So yeah. It’s been in there consistently. Five years, I think,

Unknown Speaker 29:50
is it five or so?

Unknown Speaker 29:51
And then

Unknown Speaker 29:53
three years.

Unknown Speaker 29:58
Two years gone, Nurse Okay, so it’s been in there on consistent basis. So groups, I think it’s one of those. We definitely want to

Unknown Speaker 30:12
be able to look out there and then look and see where maybe through the state or something.

Unknown Speaker 30:20
Yeah. Okay. Okay. Thanks, man. Any items?

Speaker 4 30:29
Well, mine actually goes to the scale handbook rights, reprint, I have been working diligently to track down her. And I even went to so far even going to the pearl old homeowners association in the house sold to try to get the recent number and I have had

Unknown Speaker 31:01
I really well,

Speaker 4 31:03
I think well shoot, unfortunately, I do know when to return and hold, okay. It’s under care of the nephew. And it’s okay. Now if you see it has to be under a separate name. So trying to track that without, there’s nothing to do with confidentiality and privacy rights. So it is not looking good that we are going to be able to track down her specifically to get the rights.

Speaker 5 31:38
Sometimes she says go out of rights, my articles for publishers. And they would do, they would do reprints of, of books that had gone out of out of print. And they would buy those in somewhere just because people would want it just like they would print it in the exact same format and bind it and everything. In the same format is something like Uncle Tom’s Cabin. For something like this, it would look like an antique book. But it was brand new. And so somebody wanted to have something that looked like that in their library that looked in Turkish with everything and had exactly that. That’s what happened. I wonder if you check a little further, maybe city staff, specifically the legal department to look into seeing if it was out of copyright? If it was, then there’s no reason to bother with trying to choose to deal with

Speaker 4 32:44
so much easier. I hadn’t even thought about that.

Speaker 5 32:48
I know we talked about this, and I just literally this month not not earlier, but that also, it just I don’t know why.

Speaker 4 32:58
Why just long I loaned my copy of the book to her neighbor. So I don’t have that coffee right now.

Unknown Speaker 33:10
But if somebody asked you have it.

Speaker 2 33:17
That’s a that’s an interesting point. Thank you. Because if we can go that direction, a whole lot.

Speaker 5 33:25
Well, if they they don’t, they’re not they’re not making profit off this. This is the nephew, if he brings it up would be pretty shaky ground. Yeah, I don’t think he’s going to come back and go Oh, my goodness, why?

Unknown Speaker 33:45
There is.

Unknown Speaker 33:46
So was tell us anything. The first page or two?

Speaker 6 33:58
Want to copyright 2001 20

Speaker 5 34:02
plus years? I don’t know that it stays. I think there’s a woman

Unknown Speaker 34:10
who would know the answer that

Unknown Speaker 34:12
was without limiting attorneys that

Unknown Speaker 34:14
work for us. So

Speaker 1 34:21
limiting the rights in your copyright reserved, no part of this publication may be reproduced starting or introduced into retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photographic, or otherwise without the prior written permission of both the copyright owner and the above publisher of this

Speaker 5 34:43
book. But if you have tried to do your due diligence, then that sort of thing goes away and 20 years I would bet that there’s

Speaker 4 34:53
well and we have done due diligence all we had prior permission When she gave us the book so we would have some legal footing, I would think that we had permission, if nothing else than that could possibly ask directions. There’s certain things that aren’t quite correct. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:23
She’s not in the house anymore. She

Speaker 4 35:24
champion greens. It’s been sold because it has been sold. I’ve tracked and tried to track her down every which way I can, what about

Unknown Speaker 35:33
see printed and

Speaker 2 35:36
printed that? out to see, so you can’t some kids get possible endangered that? So that’s what we do look into that fourth and fifth. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 35:54
With the City Hall.

Unknown Speaker 35:55
The right thing? Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:59
And Shawn, you said,

Speaker 5 36:03
from Council. Last night, we had Sarah Leonard visit long one, come in, on their slide show the talking about how they want to look at a cultural aspect, really, in last night’s meeting minutes. And the live thing for counsel. Her presentation was there. So my my thought was that how we I know Marina said, talked about putting the QR codes in the in the, in your, in your garden, and on to the house. And if those could get printed and put on then you’d have going through you patrons and donations, that sort of thing, people clicking on those, and realizing that they can come in here, but if they knew as part of this alignment, that you could go into the gardens and walk around the gardens. I mean, we just went to a place. We didn’t do anything other than read their QR codes, literally, in a area where they said, This is where druids had built stuff ended up pretty, you know, I would not say Ireland is that’s developed as the United States on that level of things. And that was them that was there. That was right there with a presentation and everything. And so the thing is, is that we certainly have the technology. I mean, we’re one of the highest, we’ve got some highest population of technical, technologically, you know, yeah, people in the country, I would think that we’d be able to make some real headway if that, but making it clear. And I was gonna also maybe talk to the folks over the hopper. I mean, over a house

Unknown Speaker 37:59
for saying it was,

Speaker 5 38:02
you know, I don’t think they’re getting connected either. And if we could have groups that come in like they do for looking at the Stanley and just just kind of doing that type of thing. It’s just a so great for us. Well, we

Speaker 4 38:16
we already know that Eric Mason does tours and stuff for the museum and says things through the community. And we also have the East Side historic neighborhood that does walks and whatnot.

Unknown Speaker 38:29
Jacoby, Dr. Shear could go.

Speaker 4 38:33
But the big thing is to make sure that the visitors Association.

Speaker 5 38:39
That’s what she wants to do. So if she’s asking for, let’s give it to her, let’s, let’s say here you go. And it was in our public places was having these QR codes on different buildings and stuff like that to well, this is as artistic as you possibly can get in the form of a advanced Victorian level garden. Or I would think for this area of the country to think that this here, out of the blue, and then the history associated with how Callaghan helped Penny and Penny help wall you know, Sam wall and others throughout time. That’s That’s pretty impressive that they painted forward sort of mentality is is something that we can hang our hat on. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 39:34
that’s part of this history,

Speaker 1 39:35
too. Maybe shouldn’t be interested in participating in the club fair.

Speaker 5 39:40
I think she would. I think you’d be just taken ask.

Speaker 6 39:44
What do you remind me of? Is this the one that presented that you’re asked? Yes, this

Speaker 5 39:49
is Sarah letter and heard I’ve got her email and everything. So what is her company she With a quick visit, so their email is s Leonard, l e o n A R E, at symbol, visit It’s Sarah with a SAR, a smelly, and their website is www dot visit And so I just thought of that thought, wow, that is really such a connection that and when I saw her slide that said she wants to make those sorts of connections. I thought you guys first. And so that’s one of the reasons I’m here today to because I mean, she didn’t she and I hadn’t had just talking about about this after last night’s meeting getting over around 935.

Speaker 1 41:02
Which will repeat for email. Yes.

Speaker 5 41:10
I couldn’t wait. Yeah, I’m sorry. It’s I think it’s probably up on the website, too. Yeah, yeah. It’s a l e o in a bar d. And her first name spell is sp AR a but it’s S letter. Thank you.

Speaker 7 41:36
You reach out to her kind of waiting to hear them getting going a little bit with her because I was on the hiring group with her. Yes, very impressive deliver.

Speaker 5 41:48
New cheese. This as of this week is a full year. Sheila

Unknown Speaker 41:53
from Alaska.

Unknown Speaker 41:56
My Sure, Brittany has reached out to a couple

Speaker 3 41:59
of months ago, I felt like maybe as before I went on maternity leave. So quite a while ago, we

Speaker 4 42:04
were talking about traveling. We had tried to I felt I had mentioned that it’s important that we work with the visitors Association

Speaker 6 42:20
coming to Longmont and looking at various websites are going to get information about one group of places to visit here and another group of places but they don’t have it all on

Speaker 7 42:38
offer different opportunities for clearing house of places. And opportunities like that to

Unknown Speaker 42:49
was taught me.

Speaker 5 42:52
Yeah, so Well, it’s funny, because you’re in caustic, from the monetary economic, was talking about how those sort of things do so they were there together giving, Aaron gave her presentation about the economic development of more than one. And he talked about the recreation and talked about, you know, other aspects of long run, then they talked about, then Sarah did her presentation. And that was kind of nice to see those two tight hand again, because they were just at the right time, especially for some of your goals.

Speaker 2 43:39
Yeah, so we’ll revisit that. Anything else on any of those items on the board? Future agenda item very visited the scanner for future restoration and preservation? I don’t know Britney and I correspondence sheet and everything and identities. I think without Karen here?

Speaker 4 44:00
Well, I think well, we do have that list. That’s our list or our ongoing list of things that we would like to see. But I think the very thing with the future restoration and preservation, we need to be looking at grams. Particularly been thanks for the awareness that that has been listed for five years. So we have asked how many we are going to get the money. So let’s start with working with asking for somebody else for the money to work on the waiting and then we can look at the other projects behind it is we do have an upcoming ones of things that we would like to do. So I continue to have talked about putting it on the agenda.

Speaker 6 44:50
Did you say that someone else provide the funding or grants or something else

Speaker 4 44:58
to look at different avenues to get funding for them.

Unknown Speaker 45:03
Well put that

Speaker 7 45:06
3000 5000 10,000 stuff. That’s that’s an area we have some flexibility. And we’ve been doing doing things on a consistent basis, which is great. But the items

Speaker 4 45:22
or more so we knew when we were going to ask for it, that we were going to get turned out. I mean, technically, it was somewhat of the goal that

Speaker 7 45:32
we’ve been doing this. The managers, Harold understands that. I mean, it has to get done. There’s a point has to get done. They do recognize that this is not one of those. It’s not a lot. It’s a leap. I can’t tell you. We can’t tell you exactly when that need is. But you’ve been told there is a new brand Kevin looked at agrees that it’s time to do it. necessarily this week or even next year, but at least

Speaker 4 46:05
maybe we could find a similar thing in which we came up with once with this state prior we had to have a partnership between the city and the state come up with funding. So I think it needs to be put at least on the new business to for discussion. zactly it’s not gonna be warming things up. Oh, just only have those morons.

Unknown Speaker 46:35
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 46:36
It’s a subject a lot. It works way out. But if you’re pretty much beyond that. Okay, is there anything else anybody wants to bring up? By row entertain a motion for adjournment?

Unknown Speaker 46:54
That we adjourn. I’ll second.

Speaker 2 46:57
All in favor. Aye.

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