Master Board of Appeals June 5, 2024

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Master Board of Appeals June 5, 2024

Unknown Speaker 0:00
Let’s call this meeting in order to can’t give us the role first.

Unknown Speaker 0:07
And the goals and the owner

Speaker 1 0:09
know if you’ve heard Chris gospel. So that’s

Unknown Speaker 0:18
a little bit too to refresh it over.

Unknown Speaker 0:26
Okay, remember what

Speaker 2 0:28
sound was the one with a cat? I don’t know if that worked out. Yeah.

Speaker 3 0:37
That’s it. I’ve heard from Alex Nooyi, the proportion officer. She had requested access to the items and you know, something that was given to her. But that is boarded up. I think

Speaker 1 1:04
that’s excellent. So then we’ll move forward on to the discussion about the NEC at this point in time, but I will turn this over to Mr. Glassman.

Speaker 4 1:24
Welcome, everybody. See you here. As well, discussing before the meeting started, we’re not at liberty to amend the we have made some amendments, but they’re not huge amendments, I think we can make it stricter, we’re not really supposed to less. And so we’re basically review, did they have their limits?

Speaker 4 2:01
You can review the current limits, if you’d like. And then talk about some of the changes in see that may create some issues or problems down the road. Maybe not. You weren’t introduced that link or that. Let’s see what you guys think.

Speaker 3 2:35
One of the biggest changes for residential MDC is to 1052 C two Island and potentially receptacles shall be installed on any floor above the countertop at work surface, or are added provision shall be provided for any future receptacle. So previously, on a kitchen island, put yourself with insights. And I will say you can’t do that you have to put it on the top surface on the surface, if you’re going to quote them, you don’t have to put them but you have to have the J box and because they make you listed essentials and products. And you have you have to use those unless you have like a raised bar, you can put them on vaccination. And we had originally kind of proposed to amend saying that you have to use one. But the contracts are meeting the contract dentists for contractors. So the homeowners don’t like the pop up cycles they don’t like and so they’re just problems surfaced. So we’re at this point we’re not really willing to watch we’re not going

Unknown Speaker 3:50
to require one

Speaker 4 3:55
concern was that you move into a house and you paid money for these homes today. And then you look at their beautiful camera or Island and there’s no outlets anywhere. Well, would you be a little concerned or upset? No, I will be like a mixer all these things teach an island we’ve created it it’s the NEC pathetic code language. But I have a feeling we’re gonna get some complaints.

Unknown Speaker 4:33
We know why the code changes introduced.

Unknown Speaker 4:36
My adjuster

Speaker 3 4:37
says that it’s the the quarter a over the side. His people wheelchairs in close quarters and pulling pipe crock pots instead of

Speaker 2 4:51
just sooner or later. You have to be more coordinated. To tell you you got to let your kids it was working fine. It’s a shame. It is what it is. You drive dog when you woke up here,

Speaker 4 5:07
but, you know, it’s I just have a family, we’re going to get some complaints from residents. I think it’s something that needs to be ironed out even as they buy the house to tell the builder, the builder should be coming back. Hey, listen, there’s not any, any outlets on your countertop that if you do want one instead of the APAPA

Speaker 2 5:30
I think I mean, if you’re trying to make things more affordable, or at least you can not have receptacles out, there is a simple solution, you just skip it. As you say, it’s really easy. Well, you have the crawl space, you’re on a finished page, and I realized some of them are sold the stitches are really easy to go ahead, hire an electrician, put it in where you want it. It will be decoded. No, I couldn’t be yet. Yeah, well,

Speaker 3 5:53
in the Caribbean island, they have to have a box for receptacle. So you have to finish the basement towers over there. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 6:01
so coded

Speaker 4 6:02
these anticipated somebody wanting to put them in right later. And you know, they’re gonna put in ones on the sides, which are not well done.

Speaker 2 6:15
The complaint you’ll get, but it’s easily deflected the end of the day is the national code, you can explain why they put it in there. And you know, sorry about that, you know, that’s how many times a day they say sorry about that. And it’s part of the

Speaker 4 6:34
that was an argument or not there in the event the issue of the ground fault outlines for exterior condensing units.

Speaker 3 6:43
Yeah, that was that was a little different is that one

Speaker 4 6:47
that kind of know the way gives the state perspective clip and hold

Speaker 3 6:54
three and see puts it on hold again to six.

Speaker 4 6:58
So they’re just by the thinking the technology will improve because they contracted or complaining because you know, one of these sort of events or it surges them? Raider? What the heck now?

Unknown Speaker 7:15
We got a lot of trouble with those.

Unknown Speaker 7:19
So the same thing stuff. Okay. We’ll just kind of you won’t have to enforce.

Speaker 1 7:26
Cool. Okay. All right. So that what’s your position? On the job that we wanted to do? Well,

Speaker 4 7:38
I mean, the only thing I was asking for was either an opinion that we should they should at least put in an outlet. The contractors are saying no, either. You don’t want to. We just want to

Unknown Speaker 7:54
push back on some of the whole rules. Nuts. That’s

Unknown Speaker 8:00
an old builder.

Speaker 1 8:03
The idea of having a maintenance problem that there’s going to be a pop up. Not always going to work. If you get a phone call at 10 o’clock at night for some pissed off. Am I plugged in up ran out of the countertop? What’s the deal here and get your butt over here? So I think that sometimes these rules somebody said some office is big as a bad coffee and not making any sense but changes

Unknown Speaker 8:27
it’s hard to cut him

Unknown Speaker 8:29
I mean

Speaker 4 8:31
he spilled water or something in those years you will it will mess him up. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 8:37
It’s it’s so you want to start depending on what do you want

Speaker 4 8:42
I just want to hear your opinion as to whether or not you think we should install or we should enforce the agreement amendment to say hey guys, and these provide what happened and I you know, I think that is that a contractor?

Speaker 2 8:59
I gotta go with the contractor. I just I just let them put them in a box and call it a day.

Speaker 5 9:04
I mean, come on to the box. It’s inevitably you’re gonna have somebody plugging something in it’s running across you from what are the other callers

Speaker 2 9:18
which now we actually have you’ll have somebody come in and put you know, get the hat will basically do his best with his wire nuts. That’s what you’re

Speaker 5 9:29
gonna plug in on your hand. Right right. Right right. I mean, I don’t like forcing people to come in. I don’t like

Speaker 4 9:48
fishing down because they had somebody callbacks. Okay, just stages hate those problems.

Speaker 5 9:54
And so it’s not an option for us to delete this part. But the other than just saving They can keep the side outlets. For

Speaker 4 10:03
now. We can write good code. The code is very good. So

Unknown Speaker 10:07
the tendency is limited in sight off.

Speaker 2 10:14
Whatever man like that’s good, and now that you get better, how does

Speaker 6 10:17
it work for nonprofits rolling forward? Existing modifications? In other words, let’s say 15 years ago, like this board convened, decided that we were going to forego outlets and islands. But not it’s 2040. Whatever cycle was, right? How does this modification get carried from cycle to cycle the cycle? Doing all this? Every single modification can be revalidated every single cycle? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 10:51
So but

Speaker 2 10:52
what was built is existing, and it was approved under that code does not have to be brought up as long as it stays well, until much

Unknown Speaker 11:02
with minor exception,

Speaker 6 11:05
right. Fire Code is always about fire codes. Okay, so I’m just wondering, I guess I’m wondering how many of these amendments that are that are proposed are considered or they are the legacy amendments are coming from to us now from the prior cycle from the prior cycle, and the prior cycle?

Speaker 5 11:28
For any much like when we get to the like, Roc stuff, you’ll see it

Speaker 3 11:37
because it hasn’t written out the only amendment that we have that are added? It is the service ground collectors show being sold in the race, which was LPC Sandra games. Kind of habit. And

Unknown Speaker 11:54
that was one stranger. Yeah. So we had whatever, we had the leeway to do that.

Unknown Speaker 12:02
That’s the only new thing.

Speaker 3 12:04
Yeah, that’s the only new thing that we’re playing. Yeah. And we’re actually planning to get rid of some amendments. Now, because the code will

Unknown Speaker 12:14
keep shifting.

Unknown Speaker 12:16
That’s totally

Unknown Speaker 12:19
right. So Okay.

Speaker 6 12:28
Help us sort of last let me help help me understand this again. So you’re so of course, you’re not interested in waving away the NEC requirements, you’re interested in allowing the addition of one outlet? clarify this one outlet, you’ve mentioned one outlet.

Speaker 4 12:49
Right, right. But if you do a surface and turn them into a box, and they came back gay boxes underneath the camera, put your hands underneath the counter, in case they do want to put one in afterward, there’s a nice power there. So you don’t have to tear the basement up or whatever into I just want to be clear, I’m neutral. Either way I don’t. And Annie I really don’t care now, after after listening to the contractors in line that they want, they don’t want to mess with the calendars. And those are just going to leave it up to the homeowners and they work it out with the homebuyers. And hopefully they come to an agreement to say

Speaker 3 13:41
we originally wrote this and you had put it in one receptacle meeting TCTs you have to put in one bundle, at least one button.

Unknown Speaker 13:51
Okay, so that is more restrictive.

Unknown Speaker 13:52
Yes. Okay. I

Speaker 2 13:57
tend to agree with that. But to his point is you’re more unsafe than for somebody to do something later will be more rather than

Unknown Speaker 14:07
someone else

Unknown Speaker 14:09
and that’s always within the history.

Speaker 6 14:12
I know. But are we soon as we walk into the final inspection I know it’s there I expected you wherever you want. Couldn’t couldn’t couldn’t be a contractor or a homeowner. Turn that below cabinet junction box into an outlet itself. So just like you have in your at your sink disposal, you know in your dishwasher basically. So instead of having a corpse on top and a pop up on top and running, you have a cord goes into your into your cabinet. If you steal your smoothie in there

Speaker 1 14:56
definitely is a requirement. One circuit that The

Speaker 3 15:09
Kitchen Kitchen for that would have to answer. Kitchen Cabinets. Right? So if you already have those two that you wouldn’t eat,

Unknown Speaker 15:18
your field guides were picked up inspection isn’t that big a factor?

Speaker 4 15:37
So I really don’t care either way, I just wanted to make you aware that in case you’ve heard complaints, or anything.

Speaker 2 15:48
That’s why we’ve been on the 23 for a while, have gotten a complaint. I will say it’s a different community. We don’t have you worked here, Erie, and Brian, you just don’t get the same complaints in writing. You just don’t

Speaker 5 16:04
get the what what can I do? What are they doing right now? Are they putting these problems? It’s

Speaker 2 16:08
just we just have code code is written and No is the answer to your problem. See, and a lot of, unfortunately, don’t get out in the field as much as I’d like to. So I can’t say with any sort of, you know, I’m not saying I always hoped and anticipated when I was an official I could get on the field more doesn’t work that way as it definitely try. Just work.

Unknown Speaker 16:35
Federal changing? Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:42
That’s what I like this land inspections,

Unknown Speaker 16:45
that’s in

Speaker 2 16:47
it almost said that it speaks to another point if the contractors hate it. And each time that you have to deal with a contractor and explain it and go through it, etc. That’s time you’re not doing other things that might be impactful. For instance, it’s time that might pull you especially, especially if you’re sitting there being electrician have explained it this time that you’re not out, making sure doing group inspections, with your electricians, making sure everybody’s dialed in, same thing. So because you’re distracted here, you’re not really doing it. It’s fun, like how much time you have to go chase all this junk. So if you end up dealing with contractors and a regular basis and hurting and doing other things that are impactful. So on the other side of the corner,

Speaker 6 17:33
there will always be resistance to change. And, and change columns. Mean, use mold examples from seatbelts? Were once reviled, right? So things things have things to move forward. They don’t always want to read directions. There’s this whole seesaw of values, right? Do we? Do we get Contractors? Are you fighting contractors about detail? Or are you worried to contractors to the fact that hey, it’s like with tanks, you shouldn’t be because we were careless, like, right, accept the changes, we’re here to help you. Another it’s perspectives, I feel. I think that there’s not a whole lot of detail here for us to really chew on. It’s you know, people who want to fight you will fight you

Unknown Speaker 18:32
to say, whatever we want

Speaker 2 18:37
to put, although I don’t feel strongly about it, I would advise against it. That would be my vote to make some sort of a motion. I would move that this board up not to add an additional outlet to the AI.

Unknown Speaker 19:03
It’s three of those of our favorite and

Speaker 2 19:05
favorite guys does two eyes. On

Unknown Speaker 19:09
both men.

Speaker 5 19:10
I think this is going to create a more controlling safety hazard

Unknown Speaker 19:18
and completely plausible.

Speaker 1 19:25
As well, you know, some of these contractors, they love to want to, but don’t be because And therein lies the challenge. The public level of educating blogs now right now resolving an issue, a restaurant in our town. This plant within a 500,000 BTUs here. The owner bought it off of eBay, from a blender sales guy in Alaska, Arkansas, doesn’t meet state requirements. He has to be constructed And I showed up there and the homeowner, so the built the building or the restaurant, he’s like wearing a heart attack. Because that was a $35,000 steak. Yeah, the plumber and whoever out did not catch mistakes from auctions. You can’t use this and stayed in Colorado. So, you know, that goes back to talking about educating these contractors, what the code says it’s a challenging Park.

Speaker 2 20:27
It also goes back to your very first point, though, you know, they need to read the code but then we got to not to the extent possible not create a different code in everybody jurisdiction. I used to be in favor of amending all sorts of things that were good ideas the good idea is not a high enough standard to write an amendment is the end up with a with an encyclopedia on your hand on top of it so if you’re just killing the contractors that are coming to town to do just one job or two, because there’s no way they can keep up with everything that’s in this and that hurts the consumer citizens we’re going to call ability to have that larger market for contractors to draw from so I sort of want to add on that anytime I’m trying to write interpretations whenever I can that are super detailed but I I’m living with a lot of things that I would have in the past wanted to have met and I’m just not gonna I’m not going to create

Unknown Speaker 21:27
much so you as your new boss

Speaker 5 21:30
do we do we have to generate that permission then seems to suggest that

Unknown Speaker 21:37
now there’s nothing from our and we’re just going to let

Speaker 1 21:42
the peer to peer cover rule

Speaker 4 21:47
we will we will notify contractors the home builders we don’t know home builders I

Speaker 2 21:59
wouldn’t build that up I mean, how many sort of future lots of myself

Unknown Speaker 22:11
their dorms, a lot of that stuff.

Unknown Speaker 22:17
Was was watching nations. But this was

Speaker 4 22:21
one of the things I just want to touch real quick on is the 10 amp circuit for building a 10 amp circuit. I don’t even know what that looks like. I’ve never seen an outlet for

Speaker 3 22:32
that. Yeah, the code now allows 10 amp circuits with down to 14 gauge copper clad aluminum wiring and as can use receptacles so it’s for lighting is

Unknown Speaker 22:46
the new LED lights are not

Unknown Speaker 22:49
buying voltage. That’s interesting. And, and

Unknown Speaker 22:57
tedious because cheaper to row.

Unknown Speaker 22:59
Yeah, cheaper.

Speaker 4 23:02
So my only thought was what if we say you can’t use it? Can you see some homeowner buying a 10 amp breaker at the Home Depot stereo system in the living room? Let’s not allow can

Unknown Speaker 23:18
we put him to use

Unknown Speaker 23:21
more and more restrictive putting meat

Speaker 6 23:25
on people? Exactly. But the other thing that’s a little comforting is that that’ll do for use of a limited monitor. Mixing you’re limited with the rest of the copper because the the where the aluminum casing is made for

Speaker 4 23:46
you said aluminum clad copper copper clad. Okay. dissimilar metals, right?

Unknown Speaker 23:55
Listen, copper clad aluminum,

Speaker 2 23:58
would it expand a contract more on the inside? I would think physicists, I would think the aluminum would go through a different but maybe that’s such a low voltage doesn’t matter.

Unknown Speaker 24:10
We won’t heat up like that

Unknown Speaker 24:12
stuff that way above my paygrade

Speaker 3 24:15
that 14 should be limited to attending. Right?

Speaker 5 24:22
I mean, I would move to just ask both from us and we don’t have to that sounds like that was pretty nice.

Unknown Speaker 24:31
Devil’s Advocate,

Speaker 2 24:32
this city is all about making things more affordable. That’s a rare small thing that’s barely more affordable. fairly sure. I don’t know what the cost difference will be.

Unknown Speaker 24:42
But let’s see why. It’s even pass.

Speaker 2 24:46
It’ll be with the market. But I mean, you can look at it broadly. So make a quick argument. If it’s cheaper, developers have more incentive to build so you get more supply. So that should reduce in theory, economics wise it should work will actually work

Speaker 1 25:02
miles or that if somebody installed that 10 amp wiring and somebody goes in but 20 amps appliance on their way they can use a fire. Yes, yes. Or they can look for

Speaker 5 25:18
an order. You know you run short regular 14. Yeah. So copper clad motion but yeah, so I move to strike both the 14 Aw. Bridger, certainly from our induction

Speaker 2 25:44
within one day, I’m just gonna leave in his written review, but I can certainly see the accurate definition Exactly. Yeah, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t let it go. The end of the day, it’s sort of all the arguments for striking it are. Well, if somebody does something dumb, and it’s just not not enough, we can’t protect the world against you know, using this while you’re driving. I mean, it’s just you can’t fix stupid

Speaker 2 26:19
isn’t really that good. How about that? So once I learned that

Unknown Speaker 26:29
solution is taking windows

Unknown Speaker 26:37
to the next.

Unknown Speaker 26:45

Unknown Speaker 26:57
Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 26:59
switches. Next one, to 10.7. Yeah, I

Speaker 3 27:06
guess that will be the only one that switches cannot rely solely on battery power outlets, lighting LEDs automatically energize upon battery failure, what do you see is, so that’s

Unknown Speaker 27:20
what application is three

Speaker 3 27:22
years. So they remote, three ways to put a battery powered switch their battery power switch, they’re going to talk. So this is saying that you can’t do that. Unless if a battery fails lie automatically goes back. Now typically, what I’ve seen is three ways one switch is hardwired. And then your slave switch is actually the battery. That is so perfectly okay.

Speaker 6 27:58
So is the intent here to not allow the light to go off but the homeowner understanding that the lights the switch itself has failed? Yeah. And and the light is the light is controlled. So the where what is shutting the power off to the light itself as the power off the light internal to the light and the switches that is

Speaker 3 28:18
talking to it? Yes, it’s fully remote.

Speaker 6 28:21
So the light itself is talking to the switches. And it is actually fed all the time. It’s just that the loads only pass through to the element. When the switches tell it to so one switch dies, then the power goes through this light bulb. I don’t understand why we would be getting into essentially with some software

Unknown Speaker 28:45
King and infection. So the batteries provide the power to both or switch so they’re just switching mechanisms. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 28:54
And so the lighting is

Speaker 6 29:00
just seems like a really odd thing to try music in DC for because this is essentially a three the three pieces in here, right? Yeah, two switches that talk to each other and talk to like fixture like ball. And then in the light bulb itself is we’re switching on or off. So I don’t understand why the MDC is attacking bedsore or trying to mitigate this. And then you can see you

Unknown Speaker 29:23
can’t be in a dark place battery fans, but

Speaker 6 29:28
what is what does it affect us that makes manufacturers not be able to build light poles a certain way, right limits the limits the legality of a certain kind of light bulb so that when your switches stop having batteries, the light just doesn’t turn off, turn off, or in this case, if it did, this didn’t exist, it wouldn’t turn off. It gets stuck in the opposition

Speaker 3 29:48
manufacturers normally closed circuit.

Speaker 1 29:56
So is the circuitry of the environment and the switches There’s no, there’s nothing that sort of switches the light

Unknown Speaker 30:06
than it would be instead of sending a signal. So, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 30:13
it’s basically it’s already there

Speaker 2 30:21
one or two. And that’s like, you know, the, I just sort of wrote my little checklist, there is one of the reasons if you’re going to pass an amendment frequency should not only be like really impactful and make things genuinely safer, but how often are you going to see if you want to have an amendment for something that comes up once a year?

Speaker 5 30:41
Well, as I was saying, How often do you see Nadex? Which I don’t think we could actually believe this, because anything you do will be less restrictive. Insofar as this is impassionate, national, wireless switch, yeah, and everything’s fine. Even if you play the way this is written, as long as you have one layer, that Battery Park doesn’t actually have to do anything. So he or

Unknown Speaker 31:13
she wants to turn this into motion. Oh, I

Unknown Speaker 31:16
think it’s fine. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 31:21
Finally, the section and everything has to be more restrictive. I

Speaker 5 31:27
guess. I need extra media a couple of times. It’s probably a retro,

Speaker 1 31:33
exactly. It’s not, it’s not taken out. You got to see it, then recovered? Yep. So yeah, I agree.

Speaker 3 31:47
So my Mississippian changes, those are really controversial ones because of this, this one

Speaker 6 31:53
here. One more second. Sorry. Sorry, Tom, let me ask you this question. Is it possible that the idea here that the valuable idea here would be to say, let’s progress, let’s protect the means of egress only means your egress. So you can’t use this kind of system? On a sterile? For example, right? Because you don’t want to be the bottom of sterile the day that the thing? Anything stops working. That’s the only time so the other thing here, I guess it’s not really, you know, what’s interesting about this is it doesn’t safeguard against power failure. Right. But power goes off your lights off topic. Yeah. So so maybe it’s a moot point. And there’s something else

Speaker 3 32:30
means vigorous commercial, we’re gonna have to have an animal Right, right.

Unknown Speaker 32:36
This is residential home Correct? No, this noticebored switches on Earth.

Speaker 5 32:43
Does that mean come back at the contractor meeting about this one now?

Speaker 3 32:48
Have you mentioned this always one by one with the contractors, the only one that they really had issue was obviously not having one and then a little bit of feeders that require surge protection? If you know so now if you come into a service not only as a service as an invention, if you feed another panel that feed or no loss of certification

Speaker 1 33:14
or something that has been farmed that’s a technical term for something let’s go Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 33:21

Speaker 7 33:28
so two to two graphs

Unknown Speaker 33:35
for once the theater

Speaker 3 33:38
theater is defined as something that that is feeding but it’s not the main now to their main service coming in from utility in any other distribution power distribution centers that that feed some aka wherever

Speaker 6 34:02
you might you might run you might run speak to your basement for the furnace and then for some dry electric dryer, together the panel there and pull those two. Right Okay.

Unknown Speaker 34:16
Surge protectors expects

Speaker 3 34:19
me they make barely acceptable home health, the three phase ones, those a little bit pricier.

Speaker 6 34:26
Isn’t that where most leaders would be filing. So you’re bringing in you’re bringing it into some sort of box and then you’re running to someone selling somewhere else in the house to feed like a furnace can AC unit or or a dryer. I have a driver that runs on 277 throttle to Florida. So his heading south to Florida, you know, and it’s it’s a little sketchy. I don’t have the right service. Right. Like, I don’t I don’t I don’t have the right plug there for me to grant But when we talked when I thought this whole thing feels like, Oh, this is this is complicated. So you’re asking for a surge protector, that’s interesting.

Unknown Speaker 35:10
But once again, I don’t think we can do anything relaxed.

Speaker 1 35:18
By 20.57, electric vehicle supply equipment checklist for triggers within negative

Speaker 3 35:24
MC into 2.5. There’s a lot of gear brands circuit and feeder calculations that can tell you how to go through the load calculation. And so they included the EDI supply into that calculation. And so then it’s always kind of makes sense.

Speaker 1 35:45
To target allows us to set to 20.7 allows us to set point value and energy management system. And low technology is another just move on. Yep,

Speaker 3 35:55
that’s what that is, it allows an energy management system that you can adjust kind of like an adjust summary, basically. Yeah. And so you can use that your highest available on energy on your system, and you load calculations that have using

Unknown Speaker 36:14
a hard number.

Speaker 1 36:17
Right to change as well as on the DEP process to play by your point for one diversity disconnect required at all when it comes to others.

Speaker 3 36:27
So that’s something we already had. Yeah, I was gonna say that’s one of the amendments that is not getting written because it’s not.

Unknown Speaker 36:34
Okay, so we sort of taken off for years, we did some system over 1000 volts and stuff like that.

Speaker 3 36:45
So the 23 nec adds an additional sections, almost every part of the code instead of having a different just a section in the article, you know, the you know, that would have been just in 225 Just somewhere in there systems over that list. Now that changed it. So that was a completely separate

Unknown Speaker 37:07
article. It’s just 1000 words.

Speaker 3 37:11
Yeah, yeah, that’s really the only change that

Speaker 1 37:15
we’ve talked about before the 14 a web page separate from the rest that’s no longer allowed separate from what you understood all right, temperatures are present tamper resistant receptacles you kind of lose on that so don’t don’t do the NEC explain this. Okay, from what to what issues

Unknown Speaker 37:39
remember it’s almost

Speaker 3 37:41
everything now Yeah, everything was financial and anything you were a child might be we were kids we just learned well

Speaker 1 37:57
fascinating. The miracle of Canada’s oil equipment accounting systems is a family tourism story. They’re just

Speaker 3 38:06
how to protect the equipment and the personnel. So a 512 is our the special systems and hazardous locations

Speaker 1 38:15
chapter you guys see a level of things symbols for that a quibble he could potential equipotential Thank you buying associate electrical way to the pole. Explain that.

Speaker 3 38:29
So that is even if there’s no electrical equipment for the pool, they still have to bond all the metal parts. The pumps are the same there’s no boss because it said without without associate electrical equipment. I’ve only ever seen a pool to the house. Yeah. Well, I think that may be kind of more toward your above ground storable. You know, the big inflatable walls, right? Okay, pools, but your big ones that you set up. Those are going to require some sort of equal potential. If they have a metal ladder, it’s got to have a

Unknown Speaker 39:13
complete don’t require permits for that anyway. So

Speaker 2 39:15
we do actually. Yeah, over five, five.

Speaker 1 39:21
We have in our backyard guys, that is like three foot tall or about a 50 foot raft. And my youngest son this has been many many years ago. When putting those flaps aside. We had a great way to hit the basement wall flooded with the with the welds out of the way. Those are fun to utilize. Cool. All right, so on this list of changes, and that’s pretty much resolvable.

Speaker 6 39:53
How do you expect this 680 to six? How do you how do you what what is the fourth look like? Here’s number six your last year. So like what you’re gonna get a temporary aboveground pool and you’re brand new or you’re going to ask for a comment when someone buys a pool

Unknown Speaker 40:13
if they want to set up an aboveground pools

Unknown Speaker 40:17
yeah yeah yeah

Speaker 6 40:24
I guess I guess the way this works is your neighbor looks over your friends and

Speaker 2 40:30
HOAs are bored and then you have to follow up on them yeah think about the time

Unknown Speaker 40:36
that’s right

Unknown Speaker 40:37
go out there.

Speaker 3 40:39
So for the temporary storable metal that the metal parts are going to have to be equal around

Unknown Speaker 41:00
us on layman’s terms

Unknown Speaker 41:10
so the significant topic that’s just to make sure I’m just saying like really covered

Unknown Speaker 41:30
a lot of us face to face you

Speaker 4 41:36
see available crane pull up to the house, they take up a pool lifted over the house and then they say

Speaker 1 41:44
yep. So then we have a motion to just say we’ve approved all these changes. Yes, yeah.

Speaker 2 41:54
I moved that we approved changes earlier moved

Speaker 4 42:05
to indicate that we may proceed with the adoption of the NEC and then

Speaker 6 42:13
move that we approve the adoption and see as amendment Second.

Unknown Speaker 42:21
All in favor Aye. Although

Speaker 5 42:29
I think we still need to do the V chain attorney

Unknown Speaker 42:35
that last one that was

Speaker 1 42:43
written briefly talked about our motion to accept the minister locking so we’ll

Unknown Speaker 42:55
move that we approve minutes from the last meeting

Speaker 1 42:57
second is the first and second thought oppose. All in favor Aye.

Speaker 8 43:09
This interesting next order of business there’s a election of chair and vice chair a little close

Unknown Speaker 43:16
location meeting notices. Do you want to expand on that

Speaker 9 43:24
it is a requirement for all the city boards to make a motion and approve an official meeting location for their meetings the posting of the posting location for your meeting agendas and that official location the city recognizes as the website we post them in other locations but you just need to make a motion to approve the official posting location as the city’s website

Unknown Speaker 43:50

Speaker 9 43:52
my thoughts are what do you want to eat the website you can have your meetings wherever you want to have it it’s just the posting country agenda

Speaker 2 44:03
move that the agenda is posted on the website that makes sense

Unknown Speaker 44:15
actually, like the chair vice chair that taught me that made that change. We did a

Speaker 6 44:22
deal was in the last meeting last week so how long does it

Speaker 9 44:29
sit for a year so you have to redo it again later

Speaker 3 44:39
whenever murder allows devolution we’re hoping to get those officially awkward cancel. So making officially enforcing

Unknown Speaker 44:53
changes you see

Speaker 3 44:57
your differences as of now It’s easy.

Speaker 5 45:03
does a good job because we’ve also been pushing off a good chunk of stuff. Only the last week, three options.

Speaker 3 45:09
Well, as far as I know, we’re still not planning on acquiring sprinklers in South Valley, I

Unknown Speaker 45:15
think was about maybe

Unknown Speaker 45:18
a couple years ago talking about

Speaker 6 45:23
this, I think the one of the next adoption cycle, we talked about this Colorado model energy. electrify So choice. Yeah, not happy.

Unknown Speaker 45:36
Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 5 45:38
There was the one that we pushed off as a solar rotation like it was running through the roof edge had plates that we pushed out last

Speaker 6 45:48
business, this is now just modeling learning curve, and gives you the gives you the roof profile and exposure profiles. Essentially, it’s everything. I think it’s not one thing to do. Suddenly, it’s everything.

Unknown Speaker 46:01
So let’s, let’s say service signing. Up station.

Speaker 2 46:07
I know. It goes down that road. I think it’s silent on that. Yeah, it’s just have a one page amendment in the energy code. And it really looks similar to this. It’s appendix, I want to say RB, so residential be like the second one. And it’s like literally one page, the thing that’s most confusing about it, if you will, or open to interpretation. In that appendix, he uses the word sight. But you don’t know if it’s referring to an individual lot, or to the subdivision at large. And it’s the where that comes into play. It’s shading, it’s talking about shading. So if I’ve got a two storey home, built immediately to the south of a ranch, which is north and of course, my son is cruising through this way, and I’ve just upgraded this two storey home. Now, if site only meant a lot, then okay, you can do that. If site means the subdivision, then you’re in trouble. Right. So you know, because you can’t have the obstructions I look at it, if planning, you know, calls the site a lot and fight disease, and just keep doing business like both.

Speaker 6 47:21
There’s another interesting wrinkle there, which I saw the Energy Office, Colorado Energy Office has these stakeholder meetings, having an the experts at the educational institute this past March. And they discourage the location of your solar panel, off your roof. And somewhere remote. They discourage that. Although I think that that’s actually a huge bonus to say, hey, you can get it on roof position it cool. You could put it in the corner of the backyard. If you have acreage or if it is the site is really the subdivision, you could put all the solar panels in one corner of the subdivision and put the houses over here right now. So there’s there’s a lot of interesting wrinkle there. It’s as most new code is written, it’s not fully baked. So there’ll be a lot of things to discuss, and ways in which you might want to look at it and manipulate it to long lost

Speaker 3 48:21
interests. And we found a 24 IRC and energy code, not the energy portion of the IRC and hasn’t been published. I think it’s

Speaker 5 48:36
I think yeah, I mean, there was a lot for sure. I mean, trying to make some silver

Unknown Speaker 48:53
names or numbers of females, you combinations.

Speaker 2 49:00
I do do remember, this is a good idea. But you can never not get all of us. Whenever you email what everybody has to be in. It was one of the city attorney stress that we’ll apply

Speaker 9 49:16
for blind carbon copy, put everybody in the blind carbon copy.

Unknown Speaker 49:20
Okay, so

Speaker 9 49:23
yeah, that’s that way you don’t get it would be an open meeting. If you all required to get rid of I wouldn’t want to

Speaker 2 49:31
invest. We just always went through you every single time to do so we don’t have that

Speaker 9 49:36
straight and I’m not going to be the official BOARD SECRETARY but I will trade the board secretary I am the board Secretary for Planning and Zoning Commission and everything communication wise comes through me and I distributed it to the commissioners system protection for them so that they know that it’s coming from the city and they don’t hit reply all. I put that extra protection in there. That’s good enough.

Unknown Speaker 50:04
These cars

Speaker 9 50:08
have lived and worked for her since she’s travel and join retirement space with her a few times or a lot. So you had a lot of years.

Speaker 1 50:21
Such on the court. He’s out he’s up. Yeah. My grandson is now Corporal he’s just got done with basic consent to have an embassy Guard training school. He’s a marine he’s a marine

Speaker 4 50:45
that’d be the main shape. Yeah. Disappointing.

Speaker 1 50:51
Rockin record high school conversation

Speaker 1 51:00
only job is to graduate you can’t go the Marines to graduate to get something total Why can’t you having a few breaths fast traveled he finally graduated. Quickly the pomp and circumstance on graduation

Speaker 9 51:29
so that business card is definitely a win and chase Linda’s replacement. She’s She works with blossom math and she’ll be taking over this for she just couldn’t be here for this meeting. So we’ll probably see me for a couple more meetings. Here again it’s your preference

Speaker 1 51:49
it’s a little more from a it’s a little more personalized approach of chambers agreed.

Unknown Speaker 51:56
I don’t like ranking system

Unknown Speaker 51:59
don’t have 1600 people here

Speaker 9 52:03
you find that you have something controversial with Yeah,

Speaker 2 52:06
the cat thing belongs over there I mean for sure. But

Speaker 9 52:11
but you will always be reported by llama media that contact we have with them and we do record all the meetings

Speaker 1 52:21
record with you guys talking about things that Africa Tinder is all about there will be a time that’s a decision that anyone remember the one with the fashion if it is a left hand we had to make that decision as well.

Unknown Speaker 52:41
water shortage that didn’t go well with with those guys but you know

Unknown Speaker 52:48
it’s funny they think that they

Speaker 10 52:54
use fire fire enough putting you guys on the residential sprinklers

Unknown Speaker 53:03
it’s kind of ironic since Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:07
Oh secures elsewhere

Unknown Speaker 53:13
they’re busy in the IFC. Oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:24
I fall on the shoulder and get

Unknown Speaker 53:29
a new with a new fire. So I said you guys we got a cool snow melt system. Fly away. I do buy the device and the thing is, is it not working? And he goes

Unknown Speaker 53:44
on? She says

Speaker 8 53:45
I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Check that out

Speaker 2 53:55
Oh move. Yep. Motion to adjourn. So move

Unknown Speaker 54:03
that agenda. Thank you.

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