Airport Advisory Board – May 2024

Speaker 1 0:10
All right, well, good evening, everyone. It is six o’clock on Thursday, May 9. So let’s call this airport Advisory Board Meeting to order. Kayla, would you mind please calling the roll? Chairperson Harrison here

Speaker 1 0:43
thank you very much. First item on our agenda as always, as public invited to be heard. For a formality sake, I’m going to ask if anyone would like to speak even though there’s nobody else here. And then we’ll close the first public invited to be heard and move on to the approval of the April 11 2024 minutes. Does anyone have any changes comments to any of those minutes? Vice Chair Jordan.

Speaker 2 1:05
I noticed on line page one, line 31. The language isn’t quite right. discussed that the project would be best for the grants money that would be best for the grants many would be the LED transition from lighting for lighting, I think it should be over from standard to incandescent, over from standard incandescent to LED. We just need to kind of fix. We’ve got a contest. Yeah, so it’s incandescent. So however, that should best be worded that we want to go we want to use the grant money to transition the runway lighting from standard incandescent to LED. And then on page two, line 20 It’s actually something I said, which I’m not sure what I said. But the board any pilots on the field, it says runners, I think I’ve probably said hangar owners and the public are invited to contribute it was talking about the annual report. So think that’s hangar owners. But I wasn’t even sure.

Speaker 1 2:18
Well, we can change that to Hangar owners and revise the lighting on I’m sorry, the wording on page one with the lighting. Anything else? Linda? That’s it. Does anyone else have any changes? Comments? Would anyone like to make a motion to approve the minutes as amended with Melinda’s comments? Mr. Dean,

Unknown Speaker 2:37
I’ll make a motion to approve.

Speaker 1 2:38
Is there a Second? Moved and seconded any further discussion? All those in favor, please say aye. Aye. Any opposed? And just for the record, I’m going to call that for approved I’m going to abstain just cuz I wasn’t here. So I don’t care about the accuracy. So for nothing with a mixed and abstention updates from the airport manager. Levi, where do you start? Alrighty.

Speaker 3 3:07
Correct updates, kind of building off recent events. Tuesday did an airport update for city council, and Melinda and Harrison Orford there for that. I give it a little quick update for everybody here just to let you know what I talked about. We talked about current activities at the airport, which was essentially, the National Guard was there for their annual firefighter training and stuff like that. We talked about airport projects in the works. That’s all stuff that we talked about here before as a wildlife fence project coming up this year, and the next year, the pavement rehab project coming up. I gave it was great interest, of course, to the city council. unleaded fuel as one of the main questions they actually asked me to address during the airport update. So I kind of gave them the background, the history on where we’re at now, with that, where the future potentially is going to give a quick summary on that. So I’m not sure if we’d actually talked about that in capacity. In our advisory board meetings. We’re a little bit ahead of the curve actually, because we’re an airport that offers an unlimited aviation fuel, substitute mo gas are the few in the area, but we don’t have any the Swift or the gammy or anything like that quite yet. We talked about the challenges is getting to that point and getting that fuel produced in volumes getting that fuel approved by the FAA in a manner that doesn’t create a cause everyone who I have to get set my type certificate will also be talking about the infrastructure that would go behind it and you can’t just have it poof magically on the field. You have to have the infrastructure the tanks, the fuel tank, stuff like that. So that’s the update we gave them also gave a quick rundown update. Those of you are a little more tied into industry you might have heard about you Andy’s a recent struggles with the new Swift fuel und looking to, you know, technology school drive forward, the concept of unleaded aviation fuel switch their whole fleet over to the new Swift unleaded. And in about a month switched it back they had pretty significant engine fouling issues damage to exhaust valve. So they’re sorting all that out. So that was a little bit of setback on that. We talked about commercial development on the airfield, was it something else we’ve all talked about here. That’s why we’re going doing the airport master drainage review. So we can officially open up the airport for RFPs and stuff like that. So we talked about that. And then we gave an air show update. Pretty quick, just general air show update, when it is what it is what were expecting, kind of stuff like that. Nothing, nothing to it nitty gritty into the details, but a good overall view. I thought it was just an excellent opportunity with the press there with all the people there, city council there just to make sure that everybody’s kind of on, you know, was a tournament searching for informed, if you will, that, you know, that is something that’s moving forward with. Alright, so that was that first part.

Speaker 1 6:06
Can I pause for any questions? pause for questions. Does anyone have any questions, comments on the carpet? I’ll just say briefly, leave a thought you did a great job with the presentation. The council asked some questions. They were clearly engaged and paying attention, which I appreciate it. It’s we haven’t had a lot of airport, FaceTime. We collected a city staff haven’t had a lot of airport FaceTime with the council. So that was really good to see. Yep. Only other thing I’ll add just for the Board’s knowledge is I talked with the reporter at The Times call prior to Levi’s presentation about some of those same topics the article hasn’t come out yet, if it will. There were other things at the council meeting that made the paper instead. But just be aware that we had a discussion about the air show about unleaded fuel and about some of those things trying to get just educate him a little bit. So I would expect at some point that comes out.

Speaker 3 7:01
And, and that actually brought up there’s one slide I missed there. We also talked about the noise complaints. So far this year, this far this year, we’ve had 17 household complaints, noise or other complaints related and one positive airport comment, sort of very few people put in positive at one positive airport comment. Vice

Unknown Speaker 7:25
Chair Jordan,

Speaker 2 7:26
did you want I was just gonna say you were in the lung that leader today so fortunate that article did a good job. All right. Yeah.

Speaker 1 7:35
That’s Mr. Meester. Sorry, it only gives me a seat number. So I have to look at my cheat. That’s okay.

Speaker 4 7:38
I’ll be I’ll be number two, or depending.

Unknown Speaker 7:41
I’ve got your number two. Oh, good. Thanks.

Speaker 4 7:45
Were there specific areas of noise complaints? Was it? Were they mostly centered on commercial operations or just mostly

Speaker 3 7:53
GA? And it was asked, cuz it’s a big concern of Harold’s with the past? How many are high complaints? Specifically? We’re in this year, we’ve only had two complaints specifically relating to my Oh, hi. So but it’s it’s most generally, general aviation is whoever it is. And a lot of the complaints they they don’t even say it’s like all these noisy planes. They don’t. I ask, usually, when I get stuff like that is hey, you know, it would greatly help us if you were to give us in numbers, you know, tell us Can you describe it more in most generally, people never respond back.

Speaker 4 8:25
And by the way, you live next to an airport? Yeah.

Speaker 3 8:31
All right. Next item is kind of along the same vein, that same city council meeting, after that they did have the session talking about the potential rezoning for the areas off the approach into runway two, nine. See presentation about that, essentially talking to what they want to do is in you know, to kind of summarize what the city is looking at doing the approach path that goes into two, nine and really the approach path that goes into one, one, even though that most that’s county property and not within our purview to zone but those sections of it that would be essentially zoning them as non housing. They were that kind of left at the end of the night is the City Council kind of said they wanted more information prior to moving forward if they wanted to do I can mention that in sessions prior to that the city council did vote unanimously to get direction on getting what they wanted the information to I can’t talk, I can’t talk tonight, to make too many council meetings. They did unanimously vote to get the planning department in the city attorney’s office to give them direction on what they should do, essentially, to avoid issues in the future. So they do seem to have a very aware mindset about the issues that’s going on with the FAA and stuff like that. But they did ask for additional information from the FAA. So I’m looking at potentially reaching out to them to get a meeting set up for city council, John Bauer, you know, John did mentioned to me that he would come and talk to the city council. So I will reach back out to him and see if he’s actually going to follow through and do that. We’ll see. But that’s was also occurred at that city council meeting. Any questions on that pause during the update?

Speaker 1 10:12
I’m gonna add a little context, if you don’t mind. Yeah. So I would encourage everyone go look at the City Council packet from that meeting. It has an FAA letter in it that you’ve probably seen before. But it also has a map of these proposed changes that I think is really helpful. If there was a way for me to throw it on the screen, I would, but it’s in the packet from the last meeting, you know, they’ve described as kind of a paddleboard so you know, along the runway, and the immediate safety areas is just no development period. And then extending out really the relevant is kind of from Airport Road to Nelson road, in a diagonal, same as the runway, that’s no residential. The challenge among a lot of them, is there is residential, in that zone already a limited amount. So creating, creating this zone makes those a non conforming use, which is, depending on who you ask, problematic or no problem whatsoever, depending on the perspective, you believe, of the people in the room. And there’s also proposed developments within that area that are potentially impacted, again, depending on how you read the regulations, and when they come into effect, potentially a huge impact potentially no impact. One of the central questions and, you know, something I talked to a couple of council members after the meeting about you know, we’ve certainly seen this in other airports locally. So it’s very easy for them to grasp, there have been conflicts and in and around Rocky Mountain Metro kind of notably. This comes back to one of our 39 grant assurances that the airport sponsor agrees to every time they get an airport, a grant from the FAA grant insurance 21 I want to say the land use Yeah, and effectively says the airport sponsor, in this case, city of Longmont must take reasonable steps to prevent incompatible land use around the airport. Because city of Longmont owns and operates the airport as the airport sponsor, and sets the land use. It’s kind of on the City to meet that obligation. Yeah, at least the FAA would argue, yeah. And

Speaker 3 12:16
in conversations with FAA, essentially, that’s what they said. They said, Hey, you’re the city, you control the zoning, you also control the airport, there’s no excuse. It’s essentially what they told. We’re in

Speaker 1 12:24
Jefferson counties case, who owns Rocky Mountain Metro. Yeah, very different. Because the town of Superior they can, you know, yell and tell superior, don’t do this, don’t do this, don’t do this. But then they meet their rent obligation, but superior can still go develop it. And there’s really not a ramification for Jefferson County by the FAA. Yeah, a lot to unpack there. There were a lot of really good questions, this will come up more. It will just want I hope we can keep talking about it as it develops. Because I think it would be helpful for us to provide an opinion to the city council when they get to a formal vote point. I

Speaker 3 12:57
think that’s an excellent thing to keep an eye on. Working with the city, and it’s been it’s, we’ve been working on this now for over a year, I think we finally reached a point among the staff is pretty much in a consistence consensus of what kind of needs to occur moving forward to make sure that we’re not running afoul of the FAA. I think now she is now communicating that to the city council, it kind of seems it’s kind of seems to be the feeling that

Speaker 1 13:22
and there was kind of a second part of this that I didn’t talk about, and really the council didn’t have any issues with it. But within that overall airport influence zone, there is the call for navigation easements. And that’s something we’ve talked about a lot here and that just It codifies that requirement. Yeah, no one seems to have an issue with x that is effectively a disclaimer, it doesn’t limit development. Yeah, that’s a paperwork burden. There was I mean, zero question about that. And I brought it up in my public comment to the council

Speaker 3 13:47
and those are good. I know that we’ve talked about navigation easements in this group before but just to kind of touch on those again, reiterate, it’s, it’s essentially when you provide new property, it’s that piece of paper you sign that says I live next to an airport. I recognize I live next to an airport. It’s going to be noisy. I did I one of the first things I sorted out when I got here was we need abrogation easements. They haven’t codified them yet. But we’re working with consultants and stuff like that I had in my personal opinions. The ones that we had written up are very rock solid. They’re very good. I ran past Rocky Mountain Metro spokes, to make sure who just went through all this that there’s nothing that they saw issues with them either. So they are good. I’ve heard in the past lot arguments saying that, Oh, we don’t need to rezone because we’ve got these really great navigation easements and that’s not great. obligation. easements are one of those things that it’s nice to have in your back pocket, but it’s not going to stop people from suing you. You know, when it gets down to it, they can still bring a lawsuit and they can still cause you know, airport fund dollars to go out the door. Even if they’ve signed navigation easement, which is what Rocky Mountain is dealing with.

Speaker 4 14:52
Mr. Meester is there. A measured distance for development on any approach.

Speaker 3 15:03
That’s what this is about. It’s changing the code to essentially set the standard for that. So the standard that the planning department here I think wisely decided to go with it was just the standard that’s kind of set out as an example and Advisory Circular regarding development around airports, then, you know, shows the airport influence zone, it shows the approach, departure areas, if you will, and it kind of says, okay, you know, these are okay for housing. But you know, within, you know, the approach for an eight to nine, we don’t want daycares, hospitals, schools, and stuff like that. Housing. Hotels, as mentioned in there also.

Speaker 1 15:42
So those sizes, just, I’m looking at the ordinance draft on the screen. zone A, which is no development whatsoever, is effectively the runway protection zone. 200 feet past the end of the runway 250 feet wide at the end of it.

Unknown Speaker 16:01
Sorry, end of the runway safety area extends. My apologies. I’m gonna start this over. Because this is confusing. It’s all good.

Speaker 1 16:10
area extends 200 feet past the end of the runway and the RPZ extends a further 1000 feet. It was wondering 50 feet wide at the hard harder landed 200 feet. Yes. And then the approach on the zone B that’s the No. That’s the no residential, lodging etc, is 4000 feet beyond that limit of zoning. So 5000 feet from the end of the runway, with at the far end of it of 1200 50 feet, it also is a trapezoid. So that kind of gets wider as you go further out. The maps make a lot more sense than what I just said, though. Yeah,

Speaker 3 16:47
there. I’ll give the planning section at the city here credit, they did a nice job when they kind of thought what’s logical and what would be good moving forward. So the maps are nice. Vice

Unknown Speaker 16:59
Chair Jordan,

Speaker 2 17:01
I was going to add that they did mention rentals that renters because that is potentially low to medium income housing, that’s something that will require the renters to sign the navigation. That’s

Speaker 3 17:12
something that came out of early on when we were talking about the navigation easements is that, yes, renting is something that I brought up is I’ve lived in the past I’ve dealt with people it’s like, well, I didn’t sign those documents. So how can we also and it’s a little bit of a new thing. How can we also not only have aggregation easement in that pallet, sandpile paperwork when you buy a house, but also essentially put language in that saying, if you’re a renter, oh, by the way, you’re also required to provide this to any new person who’s leasing land for or space from you or and in a lease agreement. So in that context, theoretically, if everyone’s following the letters of what they’re supposed to be doing, there shouldn’t be any situations where people say, Well, I wasn’t ever informed. Because there’s somewhere along the line, there’s an obligation that you should have been informed and right

Speaker 2 18:01
by the realtor or the the lessor, the landlord, landlord. Yeah, that word. The other thing is they were talking about it. And with the map up, I was looking at neighboring airports that they referenced in that conversation, and just taking the length of the available runway on foreflight and transposing it. Do you see it for us with 5000 feet for 5000 feet? And a lot of that’s unincorporated Boulder County and it’s Anderson storage. I mean, there’s a lot of stuff taking up a good bit of that space. I do see the carve out i Do you see why we’re here. But looking at specifically at Erie, given they’ve had some impacts lately, and they look at Erie the length of that runway is exactly what they did into that Anthem neighborhood. They kept it Greenbelt, open space. berm. So if you’re going on seven, you know, you look up and it’s a huge hillside before you get to those homes. And there was a fatal wave

Unknown Speaker 19:02
and the FAA actually brought that up during their meeting. So

Speaker 2 19:04
they still have I’ve not heard of any homes being hit their trees, mailboxes, people dying, yes, but not impacting a home. And you when you look at that, you can see that they really did take that same length of the runway and provide themselves and out that direction. The other direction just like us is agriculture, most of the airports Boulder, the other direction, even from Boulder, if you lay it over, it goes to about those soccer fields at 119. So in there is nothing new on the diagonal, if you can see down the runway. There’s a body of water and trees but there’s no development. So it has been preserved at the neighboring airports. It has not been preserved at Rocky Mountain. They’ve got a golf course at the end and then homes right behind that of course the homes are built right up on the shoulders. And then right below it, you’ve got industrial, light industrial commercial, and then homes directly. The Little data that approach coming from.

Speaker 3 20:01
And that’s why there’s in one of the questions that was asked, you know, not to get too deep into the discussion. But one of the questions that was asked was like, Oh, how come the FAA is now is just inhaling this, this or sending this letter out. And one thing that I keep trying to reinforce to staff that isn’t reiterated very often, I think the very first thing to that is to say, no one’s ever talked to the ATO before here. So they they not really quick to say that, but future incarnations, when planning occurred from their poor manager, it doesn’t seem like anyone reached out to the airport district often said, Oh, by the way, we’re planning this project here. They have been doing the 7460 forms, which I’ve also tried to communicate to the staff. And that’s great that you’re doing that. But the little office in Washington that handles 7460 Farms does not talk to the airport, district office, and Denver. That’s an unfortunate disconnect, define 7460. Quickly, I’m sorry, 7460 is the document that you fill out to determine whether or not there’s any obstructions, and proposed building close to an airport. So if you send that in to the office, all they look at is if there’s anything in the flight path, they don’t, they don’t assess it for proper land use, they don’t assess it for what’s being built there. They just look at the heights of your buildings. And if it’s going to intrude into their airspace, that’s all they look at. It’s the airport districts office, which is the local office here to determine whether it’s good land use or not. So that’s something that the FAA did read it reiterate in their meeting was like, Look, we can’t comment if you don’t ask us. So that came out. Also.

Speaker 2 21:44
It’s a good discussion for here. I mean, this is the kind of stuff we’ve we’ve want to be able to keep moving and pushing forward and doing whatever we need to do to to help. So it was good. That was a good presentation, by transportation. We had the discussion was good. And yeah, and city council was very engaged and asking questions and sent everybody back with some homework. But it’s I’m glad that we’re getting a chance to be this is the thing we’ve never been able to be involved in. We’ve always been behind. It was too late. They were pouring foundations when we found out and

Speaker 3 22:18
I’m glad that they are doing it. And that’s I’m actually a little bit surprised how quickly this has kind of come to the front of city council because honestly, it seems like just four or five months ago when I was kind of banging on plannings door saying, hey, we need to get it, we need to change the code. Let’s do it. Let’s get friendly city council. So they’re actually it’s nice to see the engagement, I must admit. Alright, continue on with the update.

Unknown Speaker 22:42
I don’t see anyone else for this topic. So I appreciate it a

Speaker 3 22:47
little few housekeeping items, wildlife fence project moving forward with there’s a little bit of a hiccup in that. With getting the FAA synched up with the city’s procurement department. We’re at a point now where pretty much everyone, the FAA, everyone in the city and myself are all new to doing projects out here at the airport. So all of that knowledge has been lost. The FAA says we can’t write you a grant until we get 95% Completion documents and things that forbid the city says we can’t do 95% Completion documents and put this out for bid until you give us grant. So that’s where we’re currently at is on the phone with the engineers this morning. And I think I’m 99% sure I’ve got a fix for that solved. We’re doing a quick meeting tomorrow to make sure that we are all good on that for moving forward. I don’t see any significant hang ups on that. But there’s a little bit of a hiccup. We want to make sure we move forward that so we’re not missing out on any grants this year so we can actually move forward with some work. Other things going on. Are there any questions on that? That should be rolling along. Well, housekeeping things mowing Clemente started today mowing so he should be done Friday. So I’ll probably get out there Monday morning with my map and just make sure that everything was cleaned up via our contract. The the Public Works Department is continuing to move forward with installing bollards around the fire hydrants, the gas lines and stuff like that at the airport to bring us into compliance. They’re doing that kind of slowly it’s kind of a one the guys have time project which is fine you know it hasn’t been done out there ever so just to have it kind of slowly being moved on is good. Let’s see what else is going on out there. Oh went to the AAA e national conference last weekend or weekend before last weekend before last I think good Very good. Was a national this year. Educational I’m glad I got there a little bit early got to sit through the general aviation council meeting. I spoke quite a bit I think a lot because I’m we’re in Boulder County and Um, so it kind of they were asking about, hey, who’s got, you know, who actually has unleaded fuel, I think I was the only airport there to actually had unleaded fuel on the field. We talked about what demand what we were hearing and stuff like that. So a lot of the new information like after the city council came out of that meeting, I also attended sessions, including alternative airport funding, which is really good to sit through talking about the grants that are out there that we can potentially get. Not a whole lot of revelations came from that. I think we’re still doing pretty good on the grants that we can get, there were some other things that they covered that I was less familiar with alternatives to loans that I didn’t know about, but on a federal level, and on some other direction levels. We’re not there yet that we need to utilize that. But it was good to learn about trying to think what else came about that stuff. There’s some interesting sessions equity in aviation, nothing that applies to any immediate projects that we’re going through right now. Oh, I did try to attend the hosting a large event at your airport will seem right, it was only like a 1520 minute one. That was you know, on the sides during like, you know, lunch, right, they had a little meeting setup, along with the inherited nose along the exhibit hall. It was kind of educational mostly was just two guys talking about how they did an eclipse show at their show and how they got booze in to it. So not quite as as educational, I thought but it was good to sit through and kind of listen to their experience. That’s kind of the highlights of it. Anyway, I did make some good contacts, including It actually reminds me I need to call one of the companies, reps is based in Longmont here that does a technology that tracks drones around airports. So I need to give her a call and kind of I just thought I’d touch base with her take her out the airport at least let her show their you know, show to the airport. What’s going on. Any questions on the the triple E? Contract? I’m sorry, I apologize. I didn’t grab that figure for a no yes, that last time too. I could try to get that for you. Don’t hesitate to remind me next time you see me though. So I make sure that I get that for you. Because it’s I remember it was significantly more affordable than we had last year anyway. So it’s like half the cost total. So that’s good. I don’t have the exact figures. Cool. Any other questions on the air show or not the air show the Tripoli. Okay, apart from that. That’s kind of a good general update at the moment on the airport out. Is there anything that I’m missing? We can talk about that in comments later. All right.

Speaker 1 27:55
Any other questions for Levi? Okay. Action Items, we have an unlisted I was supposed to bring you all a draft of the annual report. Yeah, I do not have a draft tonight. We are required to submit it by the end of June. Our next meeting is I believe, June 11. If anyone has any input, I haven’t seen anything yet. We’ve I don’t know if you got anything. But if anyone has input, please send it. Otherwise, I will send a draft individually to each of you to try to get comments, grammar and everything lined up prior to June 11. And

Speaker 3 28:33
something to keep in mind about that is the annual report that the city council wants is like a one page document, the annual report that we could do. I mean, we could do an annual report and the airport board we could release it whenever we really wanted to and just send it to city council. So So you know, just kind of keep that in the back of your mind. But yeah, it seems like when you kind of kick ourselves in the button if we want to do something new so

Speaker 1 29:00
I take that one ownership for that delay, but yes, well friends Alright, so since we have no other action items, assuming there was no question or discussion about that one we’re on final public invited to be heard. Would anyone like to speak? Seeing no one will close final public invited to be heard board Council and our staff comments starting with board members. Melinda I’m sure you have some things but Malcolm got in first so Mr. Dean,

Speaker 5 29:31
I don’t want to have for Levi’s the how much we spent for the snow removal for the year. The totals for last time you mentioned you would have totals for the next meeting again

Speaker 3 29:40
I apologize. I didn’t I left here last meeting and just my notes went out the door and so I didn’t get that but yeah, I can get that for you. Knowing mowing and snow. And again next time you see me don’t hesitate to poke me to to make sure

Speaker 5 29:55
the top of your head was more or less than the previous years. You know, this one

Speaker 3 29:59
was gonna be less than a year before the season was a really rough snow season. So yeah, we’re doing pretty good on mowing and snow, hopefully this year. Perfect. Thank you. No.

Unknown Speaker 30:14
Other board member comments. Thanks, Vice Chair Jordan.

Speaker 2 30:22
I was going to bring up something that Matt mentioned since he didn’t get here. The gate number four. He said it was no up and that it was in the up position. And he was concerned about that and asking if it’s an up can be put in the down position and locked so that people aren’t trying to actually just have it and just don’t break around it. Okay, because then he said, Oh, now it’s working. So yeah, I’ll bring it up because he won’t remember by next month. So did he

Speaker 3 30:47
give her a very quick update on that? Where unfortunately, they are improving the electric grid OUT out there electric. The airport fact they just did a whole bunch of new conduit on the south side of it, but we’re at the end of the electric grid. Those tilt away gates, we have our super nice, all of the airports I’ve worked at with a nice entry gates usually used Healthways, so the gates themselves are good gates. The problem is that they’re they’re reliant upon continuous electricity and a good street treatment electricity, which we don’t have, which hopefully, in the near future, we will have

Speaker 2 31:21
no, right. So he’ll see that in the minutes. The air show we have our next meeting, May 18, Saturday, Levi’s office unless I get a It’s May, which is a tough month, graduations and all kinds of stuff going on. So I’m guessing our attendance may still be on the small enough side, we can be in your office. I worked on route all my responses to the responses to my ULP today know what the hot spots are that we got to work on. And I’ve prioritized our agenda with in progress or result, you know, resolved in progress or needing attention. And so I’m going to be working on those things to have that address before next week’s meeting. We’re continuing to look for sponsors of all shapes and sizes. The airshow portion is coming together nicely. That is our biggest expense other than the support. I got the bid on the bandshell and all that and it was it was incredibly high. So I can’t he needs an answer because he’s got all kinds of people wanting those dates, I’ll have to let it go if I don’t know because it’s it’s just pretty prohibitive or get him to scale it down to just something really minimal. He’s would like to do really good quality sound, which will be for the announcers the anthem than the band. I think of it for the announcers. Because we’ve always been weak without we’ve had less qualified announcing and you couldn’t hear it. So it’s encouraging. It’s a projection system is going to project it over everybody’s heads, get the sound out further. It’s a it’s a lovely plan. But it’s also comes with a lovely price tag. So those are some things that once we’ve got a clearer picture on budget, with our expected number, I’m having to shoot high on off duty police and porta potties and trash cans and a lot of expenses. I do have the request into the city to for fee waivers. And it was for refuse police fire. I think there were only four things that I asked for. And we did get our permit fee invoice. So that good is going through. Yeah, so I mean, they’ve been responding and ever been excellent. Yeah. So it’s the new process is very nice.

Speaker 3 33:42
Excellent. I’ve been communicating with the city too. And I think that the city is they’re investing in the airshow, too. Yes. So they are motivated.

Speaker 2 33:50
It’s already been reviewed and cleared. And with the new portal, you get to see all of that. So it has each of your byline, which item, all my responses, and then who’s reviewed it, who hasn’t reviewed it? Then questions and then they give me a big comment box to respond to their questions. And it’s a really nice system, and everything’s in one place. So been putting a lot of time in on getting that done. And then just trying to nail down I’m gonna get Brianna to use up the rest of her budget and print us some more cards. Got the cards with the QR code.

Speaker 3 34:24
Thank you for those. Those are nice actually gave some away at the conference. Good. Oh, good.

Speaker 2 34:28
So Brian is going to use up the rest of her budget and print some more of those for us. And then Trevor has been working on the website so if you get a chance to go out and look at the website, see what strikes you is missing and if you can contribute to it, she there’s a contact so you can just put it in there and submit it. And so there’s some stringent language used but yeah, he’s still you know, still work in progress all the way up until the end.

Speaker 3 34:52
One comment that was made to me while I’m thinking about it was we had a group that was asking for like a sign up like a log on sign up sheet.

Speaker 2 34:58
So it is on the website. Okay. We do have it. Yeah, it’s got the volunteer form and a Contact Us.

Speaker 3 35:03
And while we’re talking about Airshow, I can just add real quick, we just did to stop the bleed class at the airport, which was really great. The nurses from the hospital had a great time. And we were talking about their show and they, they volunteered, they’d love to be in touch with all this, they said, they’d love to come out and do a quick lesson for the the Volunteer Corps to first stop the bleed. And they’d like to be more involved with it. And also talked with Joe at the Fisto. And he volunteered hangar space, all the FBO if we ever need any space like that, not only for their show, but prior to for meetings and stuff like that. So that’s good to know, at least that that ability, the ability is there,

Speaker 2 35:38
was there a sign up for the stuff that bleed for people who attended was it, I put out a

Speaker 3 35:43
call to the airport and all their communications, and we had a decent turnout, we probably had eight, nine people there nice,

Speaker 2 35:48
I wanted to come to that I had some conflict. Because that is part of our first aid plan, we do have to have, I’m going to have to have first aid because of the number we’re certainly

Speaker 3 35:58
in their ambulance on staff and stuff. But it’d be it’s great to have the Corps also trained. Yeah, I’m

Speaker 2 36:05
just one of my fire suppression between working with the fire department is that we have pilots with hangars with fire extinguishers on the field. So I will be recruiting hanger owners, for the perimeter to have their extinguishers where they can get to them or put them next to their stuff, you know, have that as a as available, we’ll see how the summer shapes up if it’s wet, you know, it’ll be less of an issue and there’s not a lot of combustible so I mean, any kind of fires can be big fire, if it’s anything that would be catastrophic. And the police have devised their plan that they’re going to brief on for our show. So everything’s heavily underway. It’s the liquor license, the beer garden, come from those things I have to get ironed out and then just sponsors and donors so we can commit to more acts with the air show and figure out the support those those bigger ticket items.

Unknown Speaker 37:08
Mr Meester,

Speaker 4 37:09
so if the weather is not cooperative, is it a hard scrub, soft scrub, partial scrub? No scrub.

Unknown Speaker 37:19
And 2019 And it snowed.

Unknown Speaker 37:22
Imagine that in Colorado. Yeah. Can

Speaker 2 37:24
you believe it? And we still went on and we had helicopters come in CIP came in. It was more military focused for a senior at Silver Creek that was going into the Navy. And they still came in. And that l 39. That Matt owns was there. That’s when I got all those pictures of it. So we had a lot of wet snow, but we cleared it and carried on. Our issue in September would be a could be a freak snowstorm which would melt quickly. It did flood us out September 13 2013. Every time I say the weather will be great. And then I remember September 13 2013. So is the risk you take? Yeah, and so but there’s really we can’t reschedule. So it’s either either we have it and it goes one Yeah, nobody comes or we cancel it. So something catastrophic, we’d have to cancel it if something on the field happened. As something catastrophic, I don’t even want to go into all those possibilities. And then rain would be a damper rain would definitely a low ceiling would mess up our show portion. And we have lost our flyovers due to them running out of time. They had something that I had before and ran out of hours. So we have lost that in the past. We’re not unfamiliar, it’s very disappointing, but public doesn’t necessarily know and they just keep going and have a good time. But yeah, it would be catastrophic. We’d cancel biblical flood biblical fires, famines, locusts, frogs, what are all the other ones? And then otherwise, we’ll carry on

Speaker 5 39:03
Mr. Dean, and for Levi so I did a lot more. No, I do have two restaurants who food trucks that have committed to the air show So okay, so an Indian treasures. I’ve had both a very good Indian restaurant and then a Mexican place in Longmont. Well, we’ll

Speaker 3 39:17
want to coordinate with Alexa, she’s will be heading up the and she should be at the next meeting. Okay, she’ll be heading up the food trucks. And I communicated after our last meeting to her about the plan to open up that fence. And she loved that idea. Okay, good. So we’re all on the same page.

Speaker 2 39:33
And then I guess just anybody, for the people here that are working on a thing for the show. If you’re asking for sponsorships and donors can come in the form of providing us with something we need. So water, food for the volunteers. printing of the T shirts, I mean that we have so many small expenses that are with 100 volunteers that’s all on T shirts. So if it occurs to you or you’re doing anything in your purse similar business life and find yourself in the avenue of dis dispensable consumables that can be used by the volunteers that we give to the pilots. The our debrief area is the police fire, first aid ambulance, they all debrief in one area, we try to have hospitality for them. Just keep people taken care of during the day. sunscreen. Yeah, there’s so many things if you think about it, that we can use if somebody wants to donate in kind, and donate product or, you know, donate, we purchase, I’ve asked United rentals, I’ve rented the scissor lift from them and ask them to sponsor the price of the rental back. And so things like that the stickers were sponsored completely by sticker giant. And so that’s another way to ask. So just if you’re about your daily business, smoke oil for the for the air show, whatever it might be. Yeah. So just think in terms of that. And anything, you don’t have to come to all the meetings, and you know, and get bogged down with a lot of responsibilities. But that’s something anybody in the community could help us with.

Speaker 1 41:16
Did you have something really well, I’ve got two things that I’ll just bring up. And these are really quick. One city council passed on Tuesday, a proclamation. This is just for board members, recognizing all of us as board members, and it was Public Service Recognition Week. you’ve all gotten your letters. Melinda and I since we happen to be there. We’re the ones who actually got the proclamation, if anyone would like to copy of it instead of us. At least read it if you’d like to, but it’s for all of you. And then second thing, I believe you’re there leave it to but before our next meeting all I will at least be at the Colorado airport operators Association. Yes, yes. Yes, this summer spring conference, whatever they call it. There’s usually some good topics that are that we bring back and talk about. I go for my day job not because of this, obviously Levi’s here because of his day job, which is this. But just a heads up that we’ll have that we’ll we’ll bring in anything we can back from that, from that conference to talk about here too. Yep,

Unknown Speaker 42:19
that’ll be good one. Any other comments really it I got a couple I thought of

Speaker 3 42:25
while we’re doing that just real quick, go home touch base with the new dry, thank you for technical term, essentially the new PR lady for the city of Longmont. She came out the airport, she was really excited. I just happened to be there on the day when the helicopters are there, she got the camera crew out got a lot of B roll footage for that. That’s great. So it’s good to touch base with her. And then just quick update on hangar inspections. So far really good turnout out of you know, 70 some 80 structures on the airfield, we’ve already got 50 plus people signed up for hangar inspections. So that’s really good. And I think we’ve also been having some really, really positive response, one of the things that we decided to do is the airport. Since one of the big issues with Hangar inspections is fire extinguishers are often they find fire extinguishers aren’t certified. So we’re airport, we’re going to cover your first fire extinguisher certification, the cost of it. So we’re gonna do that we got to accompany coming out on the airfield itself, that’s going to do that cert on those for people. So we’ve gotten a lot of positive response from that also.

Unknown Speaker 43:30
Vice Chair Jordan,

Speaker 2 43:31
I thought that was a great idea on the fire extinguishers. And then is Marika still involved in communications or she moved?

Speaker 3 43:39
So Marika is flying for net jets out of Florida. Well, she wants to go do the training, I think okay, I think it’s net jets. She’s gonna go try to fly out.

Speaker 2 43:49
She’s that 80. And then do you have I know I saw it announced, but I don’t know if I saw her contact. Somebody I should I should probably

Unknown Speaker 43:59
reach out to new. Jill. Yes. Like in the paper. So you know what, let me make a note. Okay. Yeah, I should is did I not send her an introductory email to the NCAA. Now

Speaker 2 44:13
that I’m asking that I might have a show where Marika fit in the puzzle. And so it was out of respect for our connection?

Speaker 3 44:21
I think I did. I think she wrote something back generic like, hey, great to hear from you guys.

Unknown Speaker 44:26
Yeah. I do have that. I should definitely I should definitely

Speaker 3 44:29
definitely get her the times of the next because she when I remember I was talking to her. I asked her if she would come to the airshow meeting. She said yes. Okay, good. So that would be an excellent thing to do. I

Unknown Speaker 44:40
probably added Yeah, that I say that. I’ll look. Alright, I’ll take that one back on.

Speaker 1 44:47
Live on anything else? That’s all I got. All right. So we had board and staff comments. I saw councilmember Martin leave the minimum wage meeting and then walk back in. Oh, so I was gonna give her a chance to have her own comments, but barring that, any ideas for future agenda items? We haven’t covered anything else anyone wants to bring up? I’m gonna then call our meeting adjourned. Thank you all have a great evening.

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