LHA Advisory Board – December 2023

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LHA Advisory Board – December 2023

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So a product owner called me to order one of these logo for us, please.

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Unknown Speaker 0:07
Yes. Fancy. Black pepper. Yes. Carry snow. Yes. And staff we have

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Lisa Gallagher here. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 0:21
move on to number two approval the minutes from November 14 2023. Meeting. Do I have a motion?

Unknown Speaker 0:32
Motion? And a second to approve the minutes. Any discussion?

Unknown Speaker 0:38
Let’s vote. All in favor say aye. Aye. Any opposed? Any abstentions?

Unknown Speaker 0:46
Okay, motion passes.

Unknown Speaker 0:49
Three heard.

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We don’t have anything listed on the agenda. But we do have a couple of things that we wanted to mention. For distances, the last meeting of 2023 You do have on the calendar. So far the same scheduled for 2020 for the second Tuesday of the market, and I

Unknown Speaker 1:14
just want to confirm everyone’s good with that. And then ask the question, the reason that we move these two rotating at the properties is a public good come,

Unknown Speaker 1:24
that has not necessarily been the actuality. And when we need to do hybrid meetings, it’s a big challenge to set up. So we wanted to ask the group we could hold these at the Civic Center in a conference room and have a hybrid option all the time. Or we could keep it at the properties and still do hybrid ad hoc when we need it. It’s just a coordination challenge. We don’t have the right setup everywhere the public public login as well

Unknown Speaker 2:01
I mean, they would have to go somewhere anyway. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:06

Unknown Speaker 2:07
I’m all for Switzerland as well as to make it easier to fly virtually and also the public more

Unknown Speaker 2:20
I just I just want it available to them to make it easier for them to also find it the other thing is that it’s always at the same place it’s easier for people to remember that rather than keeping track of

Unknown Speaker 2:34
and you know, there’s a few somebody from another property comes here they have to figure out how to get in and

Unknown Speaker 2:42

Unknown Speaker 2:50
we were discussing about the next meeting for leaves for the city center

Unknown Speaker 3:06
right, doing the copy of authorizations.

Unknown Speaker 3:09
So that’s all for people who you know, make it generate

Unknown Speaker 3:16
online or find things too so I think

Unknown Speaker 3:30
for sure, updated meeting invites, with the team’s name for anybody that wants to join.

Unknown Speaker 3:39

Unknown Speaker 3:45
so the news is with loads and loads on Main on Thursday. So

Unknown Speaker 3:53
we’ve been quite Hartson

Unknown Speaker 3:57

Unknown Speaker 4:00
All in all closings are always crazy. But this one was definitely our some of those yet. Katie had a setup. So much was done in advance. And it was really like working through it all rather than printing it all at the end. So it was really a success.

Unknown Speaker 4:15
Everybody can be great to work with and everyone was it just went very smoothly. So

Unknown Speaker 4:23
we’re kind of in a downtime, or letting our contractor order stuff. And then we will start right on January 16. Start work January 16. That was our first move outs. The relocation team has been working with all of the residents that have been there one on ones with them right now.

Unknown Speaker 4:44
And we’re working out ways to give everybody as much flexibility as possible like moving into a unit instead of a hotel if we have it and it works out. Meaning if it’s you don’t want them to move into when it’s not being renovated. So if they

Unknown Speaker 5:00
I have one that’s open that we can do that. We went and did the the project based voucher lottery there last week. So there’s 18, project based vouchers going on to those units, which we did an open lottery just for residents. And so that is going to be pretty, pretty great for some of those residents. And it’s just long term security, and it helps the property operationally. And so they have not yet been notified. Right of the selection, we are getting back up to date. So we’ll be finding that out this week.

Unknown Speaker 5:35
So, so did you have a good turnout from the people applying? Um, enough to get the eight? Oh, yes, we have more than that. So there’s probably about 15 getting a denial that they were not accepted. So

Unknown Speaker 5:49
it was totally random lottery system.

Unknown Speaker 5:55
So everything, village on Main as the official name is, we’re excited to get started. Excited for this little lull over the holidays. And

Unknown Speaker 6:09
for other items for a sense of overcrossing right there. We were awarded. So I think that we’ve mentioned that the city from its ARP allocation is set aside so far $500,000, for the the Early Childhood Education Center, we need 3 million. So there’s 525 in the city, we applied for 750,000 from worthy cause we were awarded, but 150,000 is still something. So we’re up to what almost 700.

Unknown Speaker 6:39
And then we still have Dola strong communities grant outstanding and they are supposed to be notifying

Unknown Speaker 6:46
any day. So we’re hoping to score on that. And we have been working with Allama Community Foundation still to see if they can help they want to help. But it’s does their financial mechanisms that they are have access to work with a light tech project. That’s what we’re trying to sort out.

Unknown Speaker 7:03
So the project is ago, we were awarded tax credits for that, which is on the first go around. quite awesome. Believe it really. So it is very clear that from the list of awardees, just remember that Cefa was oversubscribed by about four times la tech, which a shows that there’s just really not enough resources out there for what people are even ready to do.

Unknown Speaker 7:31
And so we need prop 123 to really kick in which it seems to be struggling and slow and not opening up new programs right now. But I’m hoping for January. And then we also the voter kind of voters approved the Affordable Housing Tax too. So when those funds are available in 2025,

Unknown Speaker 7:52
hoping that stuff and all backfill this by Tech,

Unknown Speaker 7:57
we have.

Unknown Speaker 7:59
But still doing these projects without tax credits is still a huge self funding it basically with those other resources, it’s still a big deal, that it is clear from the awardees, that if you don’t have some sort of unique service model, or like there were several with early childhood education centers attached, or the only other ones that didn’t have one of those two things were like the face five of five that are just closing out, you know, really wrapping it up with about other than that, if you didn’t have something unique, you were not selected, really was clear. So going forward, thinking about our, our projected projects down the road, we’re gonna have to

Unknown Speaker 8:41
come up with some really good stuff or I expect just wait, keep trying and trying until it works.

Unknown Speaker 8:49
Or there’s more fun. So that is great news, but also gives me a

Unknown Speaker 8:55

Unknown Speaker 8:57
strategy talks about our strategy going forward, just trying to get really really creative.

Unknown Speaker 9:04
So um, so the idea is to now design as a full force now. It is moving forward, we will fund the ZTE one way or the other. We were just piecing it together it will happen.

Unknown Speaker 9:18
And then the idea is to close in about July of next summer and start construction which will take up I think just shy of two years. So

Unknown Speaker 9:30
you have to double check

Unknown Speaker 9:33
on DOH. What do you think?

Unknown Speaker 9:39
Right now we need we need what did I say? We’re up to 700 we need $2.3 million dollars.

Unknown Speaker 9:47

Unknown Speaker 9:49
Right. We applied for

Unknown Speaker 9:53
to be applied for for the for the song communities. I have to look it up. I can report to it at that meeting.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
And then we know that the llama Community Foundation wants to give a million dollars. But they are brand new and in the setup kind of a program like this, and they are really needing it to be a revolving loan fund to keep it going. But that just doesn’t work for low tech, it needs to be basically a forgivable loan or grant of some sort, having to actually pay it back is just not realistic. So we’re seeing what we can work with them. We’re gonna start back in January and see what we can figure out. So do you actually have a binder on hand?

Unknown Speaker 10:40
Yes, welcome center, we have an MOU with them, establishing what we want. I know nothing is fully formalized, but it’s at least an MOU so that everyone knows what we’re working towards. But yeah, they serve there, they’ve got multiple locations in Longmont, they pretty much only serve CCAP or Headstart families. They’re very established, and they’ve got a good relationship with the city. And it’s been going really great so far. And it’s we only have room for three classrooms. So it’s most likely going to be focused at the youngest children. Because, you know, four and five year olds can, there’s more options out there. But infants, two year olds, or maybe infants, ones and twos are harder to find. And so we’re thinking about, we’re seeing if we can focus it there. It’s interested in the two storey building, which is a challenge with infants because you have to make sure they’re on the ground floor, or else you can’t have an elevator because they have to crib them out in a fire. Any sort of emergency. So it’s all of those things. So our, our light tech developers are doing a good taste of child care licensing right now.

Unknown Speaker 11:52
So but it’s still in the works.

Unknown Speaker 11:56
And as other funding sources come out, we’ll go over them to

Unknown Speaker 12:00
you until July.

Unknown Speaker 12:05
It’s doable. All right. I think so too, with what’s out there, piecing it together.

Unknown Speaker 12:12
And having the lifetime awarded and having $700 Already in the bucket helps those other sources to just finish. So that’s the scoop of those

Unknown Speaker 12:25

Unknown Speaker 12:28

Unknown Speaker 12:30

Unknown Speaker 12:36
Yeah, that sounds

Unknown Speaker 12:39

Unknown Speaker 12:47
Do what they shouldn’t be doing? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 12:52
We have not. And that’s really just from the housing team out there looking. We haven’t even looked in Human Services yet. Yeah, so all all of these, there’s other groups to talk to that. We just kind of went through the ones that we

Unknown Speaker 13:07
just go.

Unknown Speaker 13:11
What else do we have? So our other properties, we’ve got the royal mobile home park, that’s just land bank at this point for a future project.

Unknown Speaker 13:22
We have

Unknown Speaker 13:24
we have our first land donation from the city’s inclusionary housing program proposed it’s gonna go to council in January to see a council accepts it. And so the city will just like royal, the city will hang on to that for a period of time. But then the idea would be to eventually transfer that to Elijah and do do something there too. So we’re just going to see if that comes to fruition in January. It is about a half an acre on

Unknown Speaker 13:56
right behind the bingo alley. So it is an area that already has there’s thistle and in between are operating on that street. That is a challenging section of the city with folks. But I think what we would look to do is something more like it might be like a townhome product or something for families, not necessarily single occupancy just to not have too much concentration right there.

Unknown Speaker 14:23
So we’ll see, but it’s a very developable site. It’s, it’s an easy site to build on, which is important. So that is proposed, and we’ll see what happens.

Unknown Speaker 14:35
So we’re land banking, which isn’t great. So So

Unknown Speaker 14:39
yes, council approves this as satisfying their inclusionary housing requirements, then they will donate it to the city, that city on it. And that was the idea of transferring it over for development.

Unknown Speaker 14:53
I feel like I’m missing.

Unknown Speaker 14:56
Oh, yeah. We sold the CWD building November.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
They’re Yes, right on the day that we planned on. And, like four business days before diligent being closed, which was a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 15:08
But it was completed, we did

Unknown Speaker 15:13
read, we updated all their ADA compliance issues before we sold it, including redoing the parking lot. And we actually have to go back and do a fix there to make once the accessible space. But we did everything for the VCA, our compliance agreement with HUD listed items for that property. And we just

Unknown Speaker 15:35
because the people they serve, it was the right thing to do, we had funding available through the CB grant. And then we could also close out that property completely on our VCA here at the end of this year.

Unknown Speaker 15:48
So that happened, the we were told that the veterans community project is not currently in a position to buy for 2018.

Unknown Speaker 15:59
For a number of reasons, they’re not necessarily if they took on Briar wood, they’re not necessarily in ready to take on permanent housing, they are really in that transitional housing

Unknown Speaker 16:12
segment of work for their, their clients. And also the building might be too big. They, you know, with hybrid work and everything, they might need something smaller in the long run. So

Unknown Speaker 16:26
so that is on hold, if not

Unknown Speaker 16:31
off the table at this point, which is okay, we’ll figure out another plan for now they’re going to continue leasing, until they kind of figure out what’s going on. There. They got hit with construction costs skyrocketing, we hit their tiny village pretty hard. So they really need they just want to focus on getting that completed.

Unknown Speaker 16:52
And was one more Oh, Zinnia Zinnia is one vertical. And that’s our latest update right? There.

Unknown Speaker 17:01
Element did another very similar project is India and Boulder. And they I think they’re just about fully leased up, are they going through an ESA they’re going through lease up, they’re not that, but they’re learning a lot of lessons that we’re gonna get to benefit from once releasing for Zinnia, which will start here probably in like the spring, start prepping. Surely set for that

Unknown Speaker 17:27
Chrisman to, I need to get an update, they are switching over to an income averaging project. And then they’ve been working on getting all the approvals to do that with the investor team and chatbot everybody, and that is going fine. But I need to get an update from them on that fourth building, because it is not vertical yet.

Unknown Speaker 17:45
And we’ve been they’re prepping for their starting lease up as well.

Unknown Speaker 17:51
So they’re still they’re gonna phase in lease up. So they’re gonna do it while that fourth building is still in construction.

Unknown Speaker 18:00
I’m worried about the downward adjuster on credits. And so were they. But I need to get an update on the construction side. We haven’t been able to touch base with them yet. I was on the forum about a week ago, and they were waiting on a couple of texts. CBOs is going to be coming hopefully in the next 3045 days.

Unknown Speaker 18:21
So they have laid Foundation. And they started with framing.

Unknown Speaker 18:27
So the infrastructure and foundation, they started working in June. And they just started vertical at the end of November. So it was a good five months or so of Santa moved utilities.

Unknown Speaker 18:44

Unknown Speaker 18:46
So at any update on the

Unknown Speaker 18:50

Unknown Speaker 18:52
service provider

Unknown Speaker 18:54
recovery cafe. So

Unknown Speaker 18:58
we there we have a meeting set up with them for next week with Harold to go over their plan. We think that it is very, they’re getting a lot of positive reaction to purchasing property on Main Street, in which case they would build their for their main office and then do a satellite service at at this week’s and so the meeting next week is to talk about that service model and when we can get started because everybody put something together and we’re gonna start nailing down with that service.

Unknown Speaker 19:32

Unknown Speaker 19:37
what about the potential partnership for that first ending?

Unknown Speaker 19:43
So the person made the transit station one. So it looks like that is going to be though they’re going to satisfy their inclusionary housing requirements on that site,

Unknown Speaker 19:54
which they’re looking at. They’re hoping for on site, provision of it and not being

Unknown Speaker 20:00
little bit, we’ll see. It’s not going to be llj on that site at this point, but we do have the royal site, which is about two blocks away. And so we’ll be focusing there, they’re gonna focus

Unknown Speaker 20:14
on what

Unknown Speaker 20:18
it is very, very early. It is a massive, massive project, like 400 units monster is huge. So there’s absolutely no one the residential is only on one side.

Unknown Speaker 20:33
There’s legislation

Unknown Speaker 20:36
or a state tax credit for tea leaves, which can be very beneficial grass. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:44
If it for a while if it were

Unknown Speaker 20:48
for any Tod.

Unknown Speaker 20:50
But that would be

Unknown Speaker 20:52
here because honors.

Unknown Speaker 20:56
It will not be not them. Yeah. That’s right. For Royal. That’s awesome. Yeah, that’d be that’s what I’m hoping for, when we start digging into royal we really look at to be easy, or

Unknown Speaker 21:09
some sort of unique.

Unknown Speaker 21:13

Unknown Speaker 21:15
I was gonna look in a new market tax credits to just see the potential for that renting.

Unknown Speaker 21:22
Is that the property where they have a big

Unknown Speaker 21:27

Unknown Speaker 21:30
Not at Royal. There’s a substation behind the cheese, the cheese importers? And that is the me hawks like, Okay, that would be how site would be read from the substation, which we have not heard anything on very recently.

Unknown Speaker 21:46
The transit oriented development is first and means that that’s 121 transforming to development as on the north side of that street.

Unknown Speaker 21:58
So there’s gonna be a lot going on in that whole area, which is why we’re not rushing on Royal because a we got some things we can sort out for a bit. But be you want to see what ends up really happening with that. And then if they’re looking at a master developer arrangements to see if

Unknown Speaker 22:17
exactly, like, how could we tap onto something that’s already? I mean, if it’s that big, it’s going to be big time development, and maybe they would want to see more, that whole area broadly.

Unknown Speaker 22:31
So we’re just wanting attention, as

Unknown Speaker 22:36
you mentioned, the townhome, half acre site need to be autonomous would that be for sale? No. Well, I mean, we haven’t gotten far enough to see anything. But if it goes to la ha, that would be rental townhouse. The only thing reason why we say townhomes is just to

Unknown Speaker 22:56
families. And to mix up the the unit type sits on that block, just to make sure that we’ve got a mix of incomes and and size of households and such, because that is a

Unknown Speaker 23:11
this site, if it was 2023, that site would not actually qualify for inclusionary housing, because the way we built it into code is we don’t want to concentrate, over concentrate.

Unknown Speaker 23:25
And so we base it on QC t, so in 2023, within a que si t. And so therefore, they would not have been eligible to use that site for inclusionary housing donation. But in 2024, it’s removed, which blows my mind, frankly, but in 2024, they,

Unknown Speaker 23:42
it meets all the requirements. So

Unknown Speaker 23:46
but, you know, in my mind, there’s a balancing act, don’t want to concentrate, especially in an area where we’re already having a lot of neighborhood problems with a house folks.

Unknown Speaker 23:58
Just very much all in that area. But then, on the other side, we don’t have a neighbor issue.

Unknown Speaker 24:05
To resisting. It’s a very developable site, it’s your transit, its job opportunity. Like there’s a balance. I mean, I don’t want to over concentrate either. But I also want, we either get it or we don’t get it, we can try and put it in other neighborhoods. This site is incredibly unique, that it is completely de concentrated from at least income restricted, except for this area. But it hasn’t reverse to to raise a stink. And so

Unknown Speaker 24:38
in my mind, there’s value to getting something actually built without having a big public

Unknown Speaker 24:45
uproar. Yeah. So just went all the factors.

Unknown Speaker 24:51
That’s all he ever done for sale.

Unknown Speaker 24:55
And that’s something I think that we’ve talked about, like rent to own

Unknown Speaker 25:00
As a way to transition into that, but LJ is never done strictly for sale? And if so that might just stay with the city, if that was

Unknown Speaker 25:15
but that, but that would break inclusionary housing rules because they’re supposed to get in units.

Unknown Speaker 25:22
What if it’s to another affordable provider?

Unknown Speaker 25:26
Special? How many of us? I mean, we could certainly do any of that.

Unknown Speaker 25:31
I don’t know about this. This is we’re way earlier. But I think if if, if we were going to give it to another rental provider, it would say with Ellijay, ficil has done.

Unknown Speaker 25:45
affordable for sale, because they’re involved with VISTA. So we can add that to

Unknown Speaker 25:51
all options to my next year.

Unknown Speaker 26:07
Anything else in a middle income housing authority, it’s been quiet. So we submitted the city submitted our letter on November 15, saying the city would not be towed to a project that looks like this.

Unknown Speaker 26:21
And the developer is supposed to resubmit with those parameters, and then see if the me home board approves it. We don’t expect the new hoverboard to even meet until January at least. So we haven’t heard anything yet. I do.

Unknown Speaker 26:37
I am just keeping in touch with the developer just to make sure keep chatting with us. If anything, you need to talk through any of this. But we’re basically waiting till January to make sure that we have board is going to accept the project like this. So what we said the basics of what we said are

Unknown Speaker 26:55
in exchange for not receiving tax revenues on 80% units,

Unknown Speaker 27:01
we would want a fee paid to lmha to cover the unique services that we provide, which is access to our service coordinators access to our public safety relationships and all of the things that the city LBJ partnership can bring to the project.

Unknown Speaker 27:18
And we want some 70% units because the way the middle income housing authority was set up to it’s not perfectly fit Longmont and we’re going to do this here. Middle income to us is 70% units. So that may not fly. But we try and we have data to back it up. So

Unknown Speaker 27:39
we asked for that we asked for some sort of benefit to lhsaa and exchange as a SWAT basically for losing tax revenue on what is market units here.

Unknown Speaker 27:51
Right, a first refusal, if the state ever sells these properties, like at the Mi ha program, because it’s so new, just they decided they’re not going to do this anymore. That the LH I can have first right? There things like that is what we included in this proposal to say that the city wouldn’t veto, and really the only reason and what veto, because it’s still great to have a development on that site and bring people downtown. But it’s no property tax on what is market rate here. So that’s the trade off that’s why we were really negotiating hard on some of those assets

Unknown Speaker 28:30
All right.

Unknown Speaker 28:31
Number six input from commissioners is not please

Unknown Speaker 28:39

Unknown Speaker 28:45
you have a draft in your packet. And this is a with some revisions that came in

Unknown Speaker 28:55
I think

Unknown Speaker 28:58

Unknown Speaker 29:07
see printed the ones with your comments and I’m turning on to that. So

Unknown Speaker 29:13
maybe one of the comments on the agenda and this is the one that was

Unknown Speaker 29:18

Unknown Speaker 29:20
because it was getting off memory with our revisions.

Unknown Speaker 29:24
We met with Christie on Friday and discuss some of the revisions that you see highlighted in the packet and

Unknown Speaker 29:35
additions that we made.

Unknown Speaker 29:38
The one being every getting in the unit to replace the batteries every six months or necessary. We’re really hoping that it’s longer than that.

Unknown Speaker 29:51
The next time I did residential notify management immediately if the metal alarm detector emits any noises or alarm so I

Unknown Speaker 30:00
ensured Christie that it would not make any noise. But she wanted to put that in there just in case just to see why. And then Lisa had a great comment ad regarding

Unknown Speaker 30:14
the day that was tested. And actually on

Unknown Speaker 30:18
the bottom you can see pesticide and initial. So pretty straightforward. And then

Unknown Speaker 30:29
any questions or additions? So our plan is, what’s our plan for using these, assuming the batteries that are out. So right now we are testing. So let me back up a little bit, we got a new detector with a new platform, meaning new, new everything. As far as the technologies moving forward,

Unknown Speaker 30:52
we put that in the hot unit at the suites, it’s running off alkaline double A batteries. And I had to go twice. So what’s great about the new data set is that I can see the battery voltage going down, whereas the other ones you couldn’t see. It was just it automatically went in. And so what’s interesting about this, as Harold I talked because I said hey, this is the second time or if we were told that it would be about 14 months or 10,000 cycles of setting setting. But due to our understanding after meeting with Dan is really think that it’s draining the battery because it’s trying to connect, there’s a connection issue with the carrier. So our the ultimate plan is that we’re we want to send our SIM cards to them. So our SIM cards are in there for the LTE network,

Unknown Speaker 31:49
which we believe is with a new platform is going to be the solution.

Unknown Speaker 31:55
So on that note, Carol decided to move forward with it, we’re still we’re still on a holding pattern because of

Unknown Speaker 32:04
this issue that we need to meet with Dan. And it’s been pushed up I think till the 20th to me, New Zealand to talk to him about you know what we’re seeing here. I’ve been communicating with him each and every step of the way, trying to just let him know, hey, this what we’re seeing.

Unknown Speaker 32:22
But parables to purchase 28 These tests at the city level in the bathrooms, Memorial Building at the senior basically every every public restroom Rec Center library. So

Unknown Speaker 32:40
we’re hoping for Stalin because we’re hoping that this connection pieces were a reason

Unknown Speaker 32:47
we’re having the battery issue.

Unknown Speaker 32:50
Because if we have 28 of them in the city facilities, I mentioned the arrow, arrow

Unknown Speaker 32:57
that’s going to be a little bit difficult to manage.

Unknown Speaker 33:01

Unknown Speaker 33:06
So he did, he does have done spite with first helping on this project. And the other piece of this, we met with a remediation company out of the puddle area that is moved to Northern Colorado. And they’re

Unknown Speaker 33:22
they’re rock stars, meaning that we ran with them. They’re just very adamant about their process and how you’re getting point five or below with just heat using heat, and water versus deviling everything. And the woman that she had gotten online with us, she was down in Pueblo, she’s like, there we

Unknown Speaker 33:47
she, she’s very knowledgeable. So we met with them in parallel, have walked them for bids for at the bathrooms to clean them before we put them as attackers up

Unknown Speaker 34:01
and not getting a baseline of knowing what anything like Rudy.

Unknown Speaker 34:07
So that’s in the works as well. We’re still waiting on that to come back.

Unknown Speaker 34:12
But pretty amazing process for one, you know, there’s scribing it versus tearing everything out in the success that they’ve had down in public housing authority.

Unknown Speaker 34:23
They were very, very close. So we’re gonna test them out with one unit at the suites because that’s so

Unknown Speaker 34:33
we got our bid or bid for the cleaning. Okay. Oh, you did? We should be getting out soon too. So and that was basically the same price as what we cycle had their cleaners did

Unknown Speaker 34:48
do that much of a willingness to get those and

Unknown Speaker 34:52
since they have they’re starting to branch up here, they think they can get us pretty quickly. So in the unit, that unit specifically

Unknown Speaker 35:00
was really low anyway, it wouldn’t have been correct.

Unknown Speaker 35:05
So Sarah, are we the first ones to use these meth detectors are other places using it because of the problems? We’re having several places have used them. And they disclose that they have a couple of Colorado vendors and I believe Jefferson County, they haven’t disclosed exactly who

Unknown Speaker 35:26
in I actually have comments from.

Unknown Speaker 35:30
They’re not a housing authority, but

Unknown Speaker 35:32
pretty similar housing authority in New Zealand, that they wrote, they wrote great comments, and they’ve had no problem. So I don’t, I really believe it is a carrier connectivity issue.

Unknown Speaker 35:45
So Sarah, we, when we buy these units for them? Do we have to also lease their IP to process the data? So are we going to have like an ongoing thing with that as well? Okay, ongoing cost in it depends on how many we buy. Basically, Harold negotiated some, especially with the city side, he negotiated some ongoing costs due to what we will end up getting so. So that’s my question, man is looking over the draft. I mean, these are pretty much similar. If I’m wrong, it’s in this and,

Unknown Speaker 36:23
um, but you know, we talked a lot about the notice issue, which this is, this is great, but everybody’s gonna see this, and notice what’s going on. But I was just thinking, if I was a resident, reading this, I think it’d be a little concerned if there wasn’t like an actual list of what chemicals we were like looking or testing for. And I just feel like, gosh, you know, I’m not I’m not making that I’m not cooking that, but I’m so new, I don’t want to start this off. And then I sort of thought, like, the chemicals used in manufacturing, and it’s why people cook meth, right and make meth, it’s they’re so easy to get like the red pea, the red phosphorus, like, they’re in Fireworks. And there are many reasons we don’t want fireworks.

Unknown Speaker 37:08
Because I get that, but they’re also on the tips of matches, you know, people buy massive amount of matches,

Unknown Speaker 37:16
or iodine. I mean, you know, this is like stuff I have in my house. And I guess I just don’t have a clear enough, I thought, honestly, sudo pseudoephedrine and now that all those cold medications are coming games off the market are essentially being ineffective. There’s all sorts of information design studios gonna, you know, come back in a big way, though it is being regulated, but more people are gonna rely on it. So I guess my concern is with these sort of common household things that people used to make meth, you know, the detectors testing for those? That’d be my first question. And then my second question is, you know, it just seemed like it’d be really hard to enforce, like, what the residents agreed to. And number four, it says you can’t use Bradley any chemical, right? It’s used in making meth. And again, that covers cold medication matches. So I guess those were kind of my two concerns, it just comes back to like, I just want people to feel like safe and comfortable, and they’re not worrying, oh, shoot, you know, again, I don’t want to get busted for lighting a match. Two clarifications. First, this is not going to be attached to everyone’s lease yet, because it’s only going into clean unit. So basically, new new tenants will have this attached. We can’t do this for people in progress on their tenancy. So then, secondly, it’s a little tricky, because the chemical that the detector is testing for is proprietary, I read their website, it’s very, it’s very sparse, and you have to start applying for

Unknown Speaker 38:51
in New Zealand and internationally, those are really difficult. You have to be really careful to cover your butt if you’re a company because if you do a to insert the information that really reflects that on your on your copyright, your trainer, your company for so we could put Yeah, that’s so many chemicals that are known to be in I don’t know how to address that actually can be specific enough. I would say that that is not an issue due to the fact like if we were to do an inspection, well let me back up. We haven’t seen anyone making that except in one pot.

Unknown Speaker 39:26
And they’re doing a one pot, you’re gonna have still minimal chemicals. Right? So that is because of the meth is almost almost all the meth now was coming in from Mexico, I’d say 98%. So we do not see the issue with people making it here. And I think I think it’s discretion like if I saw, it’s all about what you’re looking at. I went into an inspection and saw some kitchen pots, some chemicals

Unknown Speaker 40:00
Some, some batteries some sort of matches like, I haven’t seen that in years, we have not as in the city of Walmart seen them years, we’ve seen some one one cots in the backpack, in a car.

Unknown Speaker 40:14
But I think it’s, it’s literally like I love your idea of listing the chemicals in it. people be aware, right? I don’t think unless there unless we go in and see enormous amount of these things.

Unknown Speaker 40:29
I mean, that makes a lot of sense to me that it would be discussions, of course, it’d be silly if you were going in like this matches by your camera. But when you have a document that people are assigning, like, I just don’t want people to think like, but it does say in there, you have XY and Z and I could get evicted, or I’m not sure if I’m doing things correctly, I’m just you know, it’s something that I’d be worried about. I wouldn’t want to mess up like I wouldn’t want it set off the detector and create more work for the manager for llj worth forcing or jeopardize my I guess I’ve read and I get your point there. But I is a resident if I was reading this, the last couple of sentences of that second paragraph where it talks about if there is an alarm notification, then there’s further testing. And they’ll verify that we’re getting a professional company. So there’s a resume. Yeah, I would imagine somehow that set it off. I can rely on him actually doing further testing rather than just putting out because it talks about right. That’s how I read it. So

Unknown Speaker 41:33
this is Shimon cook now. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 41:36
No, I don’t

Unknown Speaker 41:40
worry about signing things. I think people need to worry more.

Unknown Speaker 41:44
And we have an addendum that talks about

Unknown Speaker 41:48
consequences. Not to use. Oh, yeah. Like are crime free? Yeah. So this

Unknown Speaker 41:56
might be like a second paragraph. And I want to say if

Unknown Speaker 42:01
those three positive tests will lead to innovation. Good.

Unknown Speaker 42:08
Doesn’t always

Unknown Speaker 42:13

Unknown Speaker 42:17
several times?

Unknown Speaker 42:25
Well, I think I think most people who have probably a lot of people just basically be judgment proof in a situation, but it’s just saying that they agree to indemnify and hold harmless, which means that they technically do. The lhsaa obviously would be able to recover from them for all costs associated with like the cleaning with litigation would be attorneys fees, I think are specifically listed in here. court costs. United just doesn’t. Doesn’t happen a lot. But I think it’s important language to have in there to first of all, to guys as serious as it is, and if there is a way for you to recover.

Unknown Speaker 43:07
I know

Unknown Speaker 43:09
this was a little confusing. One of the reasons is in order for us to

Unknown Speaker 43:15
eviction court, you can’t write into a contract.

Unknown Speaker 43:20
I can see Florida fishing, you can see.

Unknown Speaker 43:26

Unknown Speaker 43:29
It’s different for different courts in different areas of law, I think because this is

Unknown Speaker 43:35
part of the agreements, sort of writing all these agreements, each can have that language and left us and city attorneys and make sure but I’m pretty sure that they’re okay with

Unknown Speaker 43:46
their Fairyhouse Christy Rufus. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:50
And really this is damages that Lhh would occur because of your tenancy, not necessarily just eviction fees. No, I was the thing that caught my attention. Wasn’t

Unknown Speaker 44:05
that’s what I was. I was thinking the same thing. Just to make sure because that’s now so new and fresh.

Unknown Speaker 44:14
Aviation at any rate, you right I mean, I don’t

Unknown Speaker 44:20
know for sure.

Unknown Speaker 44:23
So it’s worth we could just ask Christy the question like, making sure that this you know, I trust that Christy keeps that all this new stuff in mind since we’ve been talking to her about so much but let’s just make sure we can answer to this really clearly. So if somebody says positive,

Unknown Speaker 44:41
go through real world testing the other stuff. You might have victim victim. What is the plan for these individuals?

Unknown Speaker 44:52
We’re gonna get resources.

Unknown Speaker 44:55
The Cleaners are suddenly available, refer them to

Unknown Speaker 44:59

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Yes, but that’s not necessarily the property manager position. So, yes, as a city, we have been doing that outside of Mesa.

Unknown Speaker 45:14
We understand that, but it’s just like, I just don’t want to keep these people off the street, because in the city as well, that is that the crux of this whole issue, keep people house, but then you are putting their neighbors and the property management and the property itself at risk. How do you

Unknown Speaker 45:32
it’s a balancing act. So there are resources, and we are going to utilize recovery Cafe once they’re in to try and make referrals, but it’s officially outside of the LA J balance, we’re now moving into city.

Unknown Speaker 45:47
So we can attend at that point. I mean, to be quite honest with you, at that point. I mean, we had a property here in Hong Kong right now, where they’re, they’re literally moving these folks in, and I don’t know what to tell them. Because I know that they’re moving in people that are using meth right now. And

Unknown Speaker 46:08
that’s their choice. And then they ended up learning that their problem, and then they end up being so

Unknown Speaker 46:18
it’s a it’s just to your point, when you’re using meth, you’re most likely using fentanyl right now. So as the ups and the downs, and

Unknown Speaker 46:29
it’s really mean to be quite honest with you people have to hit the rock bottom. And sometimes it’s moving out to the street and being homeless, is there.

Unknown Speaker 46:41
Any, that’s the reality of

Unknown Speaker 46:45
evictions for meth. And it was a whole team effort, you know, we, I would say marriage, she, there’s kids involved, we’d be looped in waiting for

Unknown Speaker 46:57
resources for them. You know, it’s something we don’t handle, but we make sure that there is something beyond us to help navigate the next steps, I think, a much better connection than ever before due to arthropod relationships. So

Unknown Speaker 47:18
this is just a quarterly basis, we review

Unknown Speaker 47:22
the type of reasons for enriching,

Unknown Speaker 47:25
individual cases necessarily just, we’ve only had one meth addiction. And that is because I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 47:33
We got the one year court online,

Unknown Speaker 47:36
which is pretty interesting.

Unknown Speaker 47:40
Especially with drugs,

Unknown Speaker 47:42
obviously, we’ll be interested in it, according to find out why he’s got

Unknown Speaker 47:50
a lot of

Unknown Speaker 47:51
rent payments is up. But again, we could go through why the situation and how many notices we sent or, you know, kind of the background just so definitely kind of what we’re going through. And

Unknown Speaker 48:05
especially with Eric, and I’m pointing out that a lot of people are moving in who may have seen like a general feeling of or knowledge, even they

Unknown Speaker 48:15
may be using that, you know, if you already had them recently, oh, shoot, you know, there really might be people who are going into their lease places or just being friends with them.

Unknown Speaker 48:25
It seems to me that the it has to be a massive uptick, or at least an uptick, right, and people who are doing it right now, so might just I might be helpful that that information as we go for it, it’s sort of quarterly.

Unknown Speaker 48:40
But we’ve only had one eviction for actual mess, right. And when we don’t put that into the eviction, they can go and have the house anywhere else. And we are passing the buck on to now somebody who may not have the resources that he has to manage it. Yeah. So that’s the that’s the crux of the problem to

Unknown Speaker 49:04

Unknown Speaker 49:06
That’s an interesting point. Because one of the things we deal with eviction court cases trying to do this.

Unknown Speaker 49:15
Right. people’s records because you have to

Unknown Speaker 49:20
have something to record they’re holding on to that. Right. So

Unknown Speaker 49:25
yes, why would we go to court? We sit there and there’s some that we are a hard, we can’t suppress? Oh, no, we cannot suppress. You know, I’m very hard on that I have I like if we have any suspicion, we know there’s drug use or anything that would affect another landlord negatively. We try not to suppress. But like I’m just logic with the way more people will be, like found out right in this whole point of doing this. Make sure that we’re, you know, covering our books with insurance costs and making sure people aren’t smoking and

Unknown Speaker 49:58
what we’re hoping for is that it’s preventative.

Unknown Speaker 50:00
If someone cares enough about their housing that would prevent you from doing it. By the way, we do not know exactly what’s going on right now. But when was the last time we had a positive math test.

Unknown Speaker 50:17

Unknown Speaker 50:19
having the conversation transparently and on the table and all time are residents to know that we’re not just ignoring this and pushing it under the rug, I want to say that that plays a role.

Unknown Speaker 50:32
In talking about a coffee conversation about meth detectors hadn’t been out, now they’re in went to, we’ve had about three different properties now. So the lobbies didn’t make the switch.

Unknown Speaker 50:44
Very possible, which we gotta figure out.

Unknown Speaker 50:51
Maybe they will just keep it keep it simple.

Unknown Speaker 50:58
Let’s see, I’ve seen downs, and ultimately, their conversation. But you mean, landlords looking at their, their, their criteria.

Unknown Speaker 51:09
And I just recently heard, too, that people were moving away from looking at any of their civil background, which is quite shocking to me. And they’re just doing criminal, which is another huge change in laws in the last five years. Right. So it made it harder. Yes. Yes. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 51:32
it’s, it’s a slippery slope as a landlord, like, you don’t mind going into territory is disallowed. So that’s why you set your credit. And I met about this, I think we’re finally have a list of to bring up to folks that are interested on a set of criteria that

Unknown Speaker 51:53
is legal. It’s

Unknown Speaker 51:58
first people

Unknown Speaker 52:00
interested in just

Unknown Speaker 52:02
onesie twosie things if you pass music, I don’t even know how to screen.

Unknown Speaker 52:09
Hard Days, it’s almost impossible.

Unknown Speaker 52:17
That will be the legislative proposal to change.

Unknown Speaker 52:27
So that’s a reading that’s concerning enough for my lhsaa to send somebody to go in just for that person safety or whatever. Like, who’s going in? And I said, like, do you envision sort of figuring out with the residents to time to come in and do additional testing? Or, you know, obviously, I just don’t want to give somebody just walking in the park, more people are smoking mad like that. The scary, just sort of how do you guys envision that going forward? Since you know, obviously, we’re not sending like police into the room. So like, How does lhsa gonna do that? If we have reasonable suspicion to believe in lhg. From the get go, it’s just taking literally from what what we’re telling you, like maybe an officer’s in the unit, they saw some paraphernalia, maybe an officer arrested them outside of the property, and they found paraphernalia and drugs on them.

Unknown Speaker 53:21
At that point, they would post a notice to go into the unit. And that has nothing to do with me. And they would we would do our preliminary tests as we happen. And then go off. managers do currently. Okay, wearing PPE. Yeah, okay. That’s yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:40
If it comes up positive, we bring in the industrial

Unknown Speaker 53:45
when there we have that discussion, especially we, I have it’s two staff members, one stays out the door and we have Narcan and everything else too. So gloves, booties, full cover suits, whatever we need.

Unknown Speaker 54:00
Unless you want to learn your thinking or two, we might have needed them. So we learned man good. Yes. So we had that option. But that’s the that’s the problem. When we have come across paraphernalia and the unit. We had no inkling that that was going to happen. And then you’re going in and turning a unit and it’s on the drawers. Yeah, so that was the last of the current one. The one that we’re waiting to be clean resident

Unknown Speaker 54:28
was in the paper she got hit by a car disease. We’ve got possession from the daughter we went into the unit and the daughter open the door and found the paraphernalia so that gave us suspicion to test and were you wearing PPE when you went in? You just put it on once I was on the road?

Unknown Speaker 54:47

Unknown Speaker 54:55
all of us

Unknown Speaker 54:58
everywhere. I’ve had senior

Unknown Speaker 55:00
If you hadn’t, what was the 78 year old that it was a vision for hoarding? And we started cleaning out and found 10 Plus minute pipes bagging better like, Yeah, I had a call Sarah, that they weren’t even showing up to that one had to call her to come pick it up. We’ve had

Unknown Speaker 55:18

Unknown Speaker 55:21
families, parents and young kids

Unknown Speaker 55:26
20 to 30 year olds, it’s all over the board, no, no racial or ethnic patterns to be found. Where each

Unknown Speaker 55:36
private market, there’s no socio economic differentiation, either. Everyone.

Unknown Speaker 55:43
Going back to turning the units, is there a mobile testing that you guys would want to throw in the room for a day before you actually go into clinic we have a lot of cases, like so we have any suspicion we have it’s for swats that tests the whole unit. And that’s what we do as a, if we have any, any suspicion we they had criminal activity might not even be met, it just $40. And it just gives us the peace of mind or notice how we need to tell them how we need to proceed. So

Unknown Speaker 56:14
but in that situation, where you get in there, and you have no idea and pulling the rope, and you’ve already expose everybody who’s been in the room, is it better just to make it, I don’t know what the cost is. So maybe it’s cost prohibitive, but you just make that part of the process. I think wearing gloves and booties can be part of the process regardless. So if we find out but

Unknown Speaker 56:34
I don’t have 10 eyes yet, or 50 yards. So I mean, I’m kind of saying that jokingly, right? Like, we as a society still have not determined, like minus the trimming, the child’s looking at a wall that has math on it, there’s a problem. But for the adults that are going into these units that are exposed,

Unknown Speaker 56:58
even maybe there’s no medical or scientific

Unknown Speaker 57:03
anything saying that, Oh, that there’s just been residences.

Unknown Speaker 57:10
Same with it, we’ve been looking at the federal piece to like we can go into a unit someone just smoke fentanyl,

Unknown Speaker 57:18
that that is not going to put you down, it’s touching it touching it will put you down.

Unknown Speaker 57:25

Unknown Speaker 57:33

Unknown Speaker 57:35
the community managers,

Unknown Speaker 57:38
when you think about property management, you don’t think about always, not maybe this group, this group probably does more. But the general public don’t think about the rest of community manager faces every day.

Unknown Speaker 57:50
There’s some very very traumatic situations that they witness or are inserted into.

Unknown Speaker 57:57
And it’s it’s on par with this what Harold says all the time. It’s like I’m part of a public safety, they need to be trained in things that public safety needs to be trained to encounter.

Unknown Speaker 58:09
So when it comes to that, it’s that it’s similar insurance coverage that we have with on the city side. We also have peer support and we bring in counseling services if there is a traumatic event,

Unknown Speaker 58:24
which could be one of many things, it could be coming across somebody who has been deceased for a period of time, it has been stuff that you can’t ever unsee in your whole life, or a shooting or something just like any community resource worker in any community. So we do have the same type of coverage that the city has for anything like that. And all we can really do is be prepared.

Unknown Speaker 58:52
Use PPE have our training

Unknown Speaker 58:57
there this is part of the job and it’s a tough one

Unknown Speaker 59:03
my staff is required to go through quite a few training for the city puts on everything from de escalation drugs the police department puts on there’s a whole laundry list like even driving with you know look for

Unknown Speaker 59:15
we just to back off the city’s training so anything that would apply to our position that’s taught by a police officer police are involved in we’re taking so

Unknown Speaker 59:29
finally on this lease wouldn’t go to when it goes live it has been more than once or does go to the bottom

Unknown Speaker 59:39
but should number four be number one presidential not manufacture use, instead of issuing paper with the deputy

Unknown Speaker 59:48
president is responsible for the actions of their guests and occupants and

Unknown Speaker 59:53
make that referral to because there’s a lot of times when people get while at least it’d be safe

Unknown Speaker 59:59
for them

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Fortunately, been evicted because like their daughter was staying there.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:05
Right elderly parent who is not a drug user.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:10
And then some the third line that day should be any typo.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:14
Number four, I also hate reading text like this from a legal standpoint, we finished the test where it’s it looks like it’s like a PDF converted to Word. And then

Unknown Speaker 1:00:28
I took this off of what she says. And it had to change to words to PDF or printed without comments. Yeah. So you could just run out. D unformatted. or

Unknown Speaker 1:00:43

Unknown Speaker 1:00:45
Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah, we’ll make the font bigger, especially for seniors to the spacing learns.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:56
as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
So the recommendation is to put them

Unknown Speaker 1:01:02
above the door, then, I mean, it would be I think property dependent, because if it’s a studio,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:10
you’d probably want to put it above the doorway to the bathroom.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:17
Again, the plate we need to look at where people are using it most often. bathrooms, bedrooms, not likely out in the living space in Lesson studio, right at the suites, it’s a little different. So I think it would be unit specific.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:38
stuff going on the hallway. So that’d be my concern is a false test. Yes, just because somebody walks by,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:49
closes today, that hallway, what I’m seeing is even if we were to get a small sample, it the gas sensor has to be literally taking a sample at that time. And it wouldn’t be significant enough to trick us to it has to be a 60 or above. The other day, we had a tenant in Spring Creek. And I was like, Ooh, that’s kind of interesting. So they said, I remember the camera that so we can kind of see and go back and I can see Oh, who was 630. Right? For that timeframe, but they’re also in the air.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:30
So that wouldn’t trigger and

Unknown Speaker 1:02:34
nobody would see it. But uh, 10 is like, having nothing to really, it could be like, That person was with someone, and it got on their clothing. You know, I mean, what, what, like 50 to 60 years what we are concerned

Unknown Speaker 1:02:50
is correct.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:52
Correct. And then we can if we get if it buzzes or

Unknown Speaker 1:02:59
if it goes off, we go in, we can do the swap. And if nothing comes up, then great. We can say maybe it was a walk or something else. They had somebody you know, was on their clothing.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:10
And I get so anytime

Unknown Speaker 1:03:13
it’s tampered with or moved. I didn’t even so that’s what basically that triggers the so called the long silence.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
Email. And you can put as many people on the email as you want right now it’s just me.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:30
The only thing that really the only emails I’ve gotten is when we’re taking the batteries out and around.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:40
So I don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:03:42
I don’t know how much information I’ve been able to share with you. But is it pretty much what they’re looking for. It’s just like literally just the exhalation from the smoke firm.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:53
It’s not really looking for anything else. I mean, it could possibly but not for what we’re measuring is the main chemical reaction. So it’s not us

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
we’re testing using the test kits and swabs how

Unknown Speaker 1:04:12
the unit I mean, how sensitive are those? Yes, for the snow. It’s pretty academic. If somebody smokes in the unit, it will pick out yeah

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22
it’s kind of like a range like it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:04:26
the wind gets darker the more there is with like a pregnancy test almost with the darker it is the more you know you have and then we bring in the hygenist and

Unknown Speaker 1:04:37
so but we can look at the test and be like okay, that’s that’s nothing that’s not going to test high enough. But based on all the ones we’ve done, the areas we’ve tested and comparing them to the hygenist test, we can tell by the number, okay, this is going to be a very light clean. So so if you’re low reading we’re going

Unknown Speaker 1:04:56
to confirm the number make sure yeah

Unknown Speaker 1:05:04
So our vacant unit plan,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:07
assuming we make the order of the machines, then what properties are we focusing on village place I know is one because we’re going to attempt to,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:19
if we have, this is to be talked about. But if there’s contingency leftover in the construction budget, we could use some of that to purchase the initial machines.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:31
But the problem is, we’re gonna move out, move back in starting as early as March 1. So if we have them by March 1, we can start putting them in the clean units and then adding them on when people come back.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:45
To that point,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:47
we could just add the agenda in in the

Unknown Speaker 1:05:51
end, because we everything in the unit would be new, and we would test and verify that everything was negative. And then, so we can do that, because that means we’re ready to go march 1 For the first round. So we got, you know, 12 ish units going on first. That was an idea that we had a few places, it’s all new. And then using Vegas.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:14
We’re just gonna call it the village.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:17
That’s what I’m gonna try and say for now, unless I got screwed up.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:21
And then others, it’s just gonna be ad hoc additions when we have unit turns. So that’ll be across the properties. We’re not planning on focusing on any one property or that right.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:32
When Julian, it goes back to London’s common demographic, we’re seeing it all properties. So it’s not like one property focus on

Unknown Speaker 1:06:41
what’s the cost per use for the owners? 600. But

Unknown Speaker 1:06:50
literally about about five or 550. And then ongoing costs, it depends on how many have on one. So it’s a $23,000. Ongoing for the 20 for the cities.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:05
And that that’s good. So reduction of tariffs in those negotiation $73,000 For Tamiya units for one year. And that’s for it. Admin, yeah, the

Unknown Speaker 1:07:21
problem solving.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:24
Once you do that the cost is less than what we pay for one unit. Basically, when we do all the testing the cleaning decon, we’re looking just even the unit right now, that’s just need to clean by the time we’re done with that it’s low level, we’re going to be out 12 to 15,000. Us or

Unknown Speaker 1:07:43
no insurance, which is it, we found that

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
they pretty much said that because of all the claims we’ve had even going with the pollution, what would be your

Unknown Speaker 1:08:00
claims, we’re done with that you’re

Unknown Speaker 1:08:04
aware enough coverage will be reinstated. If you hit a certain percentage and screen monitors, you don’t know most don’t get it. So it sounds like we were pretty fortunate to have it.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:18
But they have to look at their risk factors. So whoever they’re actually insuring at the time that their population with our insurance company is all having the companies that today they insure it using a risk across the board. And so it wouldn’t just be a successful risk. So even if we can show them once we got detectors in place and our claims go down, they might still be using an algorithm that doesn’t take that into account. We tried to have a conversation with them. We want to do this, we don’t want you to be alarmed.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:55
But they just were like, we just don’t know. We just don’t know, enough. And we knew that they were worried that if we just started testing units randomly that we would have a spike and they don’t want to be around for that part. So

Unknown Speaker 1:09:09
that wasn’t very successful conversation. It seems to be an interesting industry wide problem that we’d have to solve. It’s not just us. So we will certainly try again once you know that our claims have been reduced or we’ve got this pretty locked in

Unknown Speaker 1:09:28
monitoring. We might self insured at that point. Why? Other insurance?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:35
Right? Well, technically,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38
because you had a cap of $100,000 so that’s that’s really bad. So one tear down. Yeah, if you’re actively monitoring

Unknown Speaker 1:09:50
minimize that

Unknown Speaker 1:09:56
stretches themselves.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00

Unknown Speaker 1:10:02
back to the reporting software that the manufacturer gives to us

Unknown Speaker 1:10:10

Unknown Speaker 1:10:17
down it probably Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:20
We have

Unknown Speaker 1:10:21
an ongoing cost every year.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:24
Is there any restriction on what they can do with

Unknown Speaker 1:10:28
the contracts the city contracts these days are pretty robust about data sharing and making sure that you like we had to test test we had to confirm that

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
the pieces that go into these detectors were not manufactured in certain places in the world, for example.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:47
So the city side of contracting is pretty on top of that, and there should be no identifiable data No, it’s not tied to the person

Unknown Speaker 1:11:08
what’s the number of days that we’re going to be responding

Unknown Speaker 1:11:15
I thought I saw

Unknown Speaker 1:11:18
like hours of positive test results

Unknown Speaker 1:11:22
or something

Unknown Speaker 1:11:25
and we want that the blank the Attorney Letter has been for many months. Yes. And that’s ultimately like if it’s an intention emerge like offensive we need in there 48 hours like it couldn’t be that we have circumstances that don’t want you this award is 71 v 24.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:50
Should be consistent across property yeah

Unknown Speaker 1:11:55
right yeah

Unknown Speaker 1:12:02
that’s right

Unknown Speaker 1:12:06
yeah, if the first thing within that is a maximum that we could just put something in and then we have you covered we did it

Unknown Speaker 1:12:17

Unknown Speaker 1:12:19
have to give them notice as well in order to get into the unit

Unknown Speaker 1:12:25
to give them notice to enter a unit Yes. So if you’re in the unit, and you see meth pipes What do you do

Unknown Speaker 1:12:33
if you’re in the unit for our

Unknown Speaker 1:12:38
water bills we need to give notice to them how

Unknown Speaker 1:12:42
to enter so minimum whatever the notice Yeah, or the lease or hours or maximum three days but we don’t we don’t have to tell them the alarm went off yeah, we can say that we are you can give the proper notice and going

Unknown Speaker 1:12:58
we don’t have to tell him why we’re going in

Unknown Speaker 1:13:01
so just a what would what would you call it a 24 hour noises

Unknown Speaker 1:13:08
because they would get clean evidence

Unknown Speaker 1:13:12
they’re there on the open market you can use to help less than yes that

Unknown Speaker 1:13:26
pensioners January’s

Unknown Speaker 1:13:31
January 16. This will go to court

Unknown Speaker 1:13:39
yes it’s simple

Unknown Speaker 1:13:52
for both

Unknown Speaker 1:13:54

Unknown Speaker 1:14:00
number seven revenue all the way

Unknown Speaker 1:14:03
to this

Unknown Speaker 1:14:10
news report operation

Unknown Speaker 1:14:17

Unknown Speaker 1:14:18
happy to be in November about 95% occupied

Unknown Speaker 1:14:23
we’re renting but not at a fast pace right now with the weather and a lot of people don’t want to move this time of year with the holidays and everything so we are trying to get people lined up on the backburner Aspen Meadows neighborhood I currently have three to snapper met those all require some type of

Unknown Speaker 1:14:40
little bit of rebuilt.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:42
One is the one that we’ve been working on for almost two years. It’s coming along to the drywall up work that everything else so hopefully that one’s online back usually right around the first of the year actually and hopefully all either back online right around the first of the year. Senior we have five vacancies but I got three red

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
Did Fall River they actually rented all theirs that were vacant.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:06
So we’re hoping to end the year pretty good. It’s just trying to work around people’s holiday schedules at the moment

Unknown Speaker 1:15:19
the only reason I say that credits come into play. Yeah. So um, so the sooner we can, you know, if there are a few more things.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:31
So the two units, we may just do in house for Aston neighborhood, because they’re not too much, and what the contractors want to see if you can take care of it. They can do it in house faster.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:47
I’m just Yeah, we don’t we I remember, last year, we’re worried about investors, we’re worried about

Unknown Speaker 1:15:55
our ever rent ready rates for their tax credit, because you can’t have a tax credit all year. So technically, these methods they’ve been clean. So they are they are habitable, with what needs to be done. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:12
yeah. So they’re not

Unknown Speaker 1:16:14
the only one that’s down? Yeah. Is that me too? So?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:20
Yes. Everybody else?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:24
I know address.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:28
Last year, yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:33
So, still have a few units down from back we have some 312

Unknown Speaker 1:16:39
I believe that we should be almost done they so that we should be back online by the end of the year as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:48
We do vaccine visits now. So

Unknown Speaker 1:16:53
and prefer when would what will be done by the FDA.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:59

Unknown Speaker 1:17:02
Growth being being measured

Unknown Speaker 1:17:05
it CRC to saronite. But the one lady, she worked for Lhh way, way back early 2000s. To have the

Unknown Speaker 1:17:14
Metro Denver apartment sociation orientation we went to. So we haven’t been out and it’s a clean or wheelchair to be rebuilt

Unknown Speaker 1:17:28
to public health and safety events,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:31
just to note, we didn’t do property updates, just because everything that we had done.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:39

Unknown Speaker 1:17:41

Unknown Speaker 1:17:44
Secret properties of super quiet. And the sweets, you know, just

Unknown Speaker 1:17:51
setting, but just you know dealing with some dealing with MHP on the

Unknown Speaker 1:17:57
surface, you know, up and down in their,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:00
in their days, having good ones and bad ones. But I think overall, we’re really trying to find out who’s

Unknown Speaker 1:18:10
starting to use this ROI. And was spending a lot of time doing so we’re waiting to hear back about that we didn’t hear anything. And you asked, she said I hope waiting on end. So

Unknown Speaker 1:18:27
everyone has silence and kind of verified it. So I think it’s backing in and she’s laughing. And we’ll circle back to that. But really getting those ROIs when needed. help all of us strategize to succeed smokes within our spiral. Does everyone know what we’re saying? When we say the least.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:47
And I apologize for not getting yearly calls for service in detail for you. I have not had a chance to do that. But my plan. If you are interested, I can have that for January. So we can kind of do a recap of the last couple of years and dive into a little bit of what we’ve been seeing more and less of I think I’d be able to pull out your because I know you showed the calls for service when you go out to do follow ups or you’re at Coffee conversations. And how many of those were you?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:18
So, absolutely. I think that we show the irony involvement and diving into the data and kind of when people think of an overall call for service being super high well, that that’s not really the case. And we were able to

Unknown Speaker 1:19:35
really articulate that to even public safety staff regarding an issue recently looking at costs or service on some businesses and diving into the data and seeing what calls you’re actually going out. So I’ll I’ll get that ready for January.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:51
I started this two party with three mental health clinicians through the end of 2004. We started posting those years.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:59
So humans are

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
vs has taken the lead on that. And I decided that date I was gonna see if it was I think that they they finished the job descriptions they they needed to read benchmark the clinician one because they just knew it the salary needed to be looked at. And

Unknown Speaker 1:20:19

Unknown Speaker 1:20:22
it needs to still go through HR predict

Unknown Speaker 1:20:28
Okay, yeah, I’ve just, I will follow up. It looks like she said our job descriptions to HR

Unknown Speaker 1:20:36
one for benchmarking and I think we’re gonna just be finalizing these job descriptions and the pay rates here in the next couple of weeks and then probably at this rate because HR and benchmarking takes time. Probably posting in January is what I anticipate is going to be happening. So the resource position that we’re hiring for the senior sites we start you know, do you have for interviews this afternoon

Unknown Speaker 1:20:57
so this is the one that’s not the clinician is the position that we have had and we are focusing off of the suites and onto just the typical properties

Unknown Speaker 1:21:07
to be accessible for for more residents. So that one it’s all in LH a yo CT you’ll

Unknown Speaker 1:21:15
will house court working with senior services to help her balance

Unknown Speaker 1:21:23
update from the

Unknown Speaker 1:21:29
number nine other business

Unknown Speaker 1:21:32
I just would like to say that

Unknown Speaker 1:21:35
the landscaping and Aspen because senior looks very nice. And so I understand the weather now but what are the plans for getting the rest of the rocks out the other places? I have a staff member who’s getting bids for a little right on thing that he was going to pay for and then Weather permitting we’ve had actually have had quite a few maintenance out with injuries and COVID So we’ve been running on a limited staff. So now plan is hopefully maybe after the first of the year we can have some nice weather get to that so

Unknown Speaker 1:22:10
I know the weather. Yeah. Weather and we need to lift the

Unknown Speaker 1:22:17

Unknown Speaker 1:22:25
slow during the symphony two

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