Library Advisory Board – November 2023

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Library Advisory Board – November 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
I will go ahead and start it just so that we can try and end on time.

Unknown Speaker 0:06
So we’re starting here at 701 on November 20. And who’s taking the minutes tonight? You? You know, everyone, right? It’s always you’re

Unknown Speaker 0:18
always tracing out right. Okay, sorry. This is like throwback to when we used to have rotating. Minute takers.

Unknown Speaker 0:24
Excellent. Okay, so approval of the previous ones minutes. Did anybody catch anything that needs fixing? Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 0:35
We just started. Glad to see you.

Unknown Speaker 0:38
Can you hear us okay.

Unknown Speaker 0:42
All right. Cool. Um, did anybody have any problems with the previous ones minutes?

Unknown Speaker 0:50
No. Okay. Does anyone want to move to approve the minutes as written?

Unknown Speaker 0:57
Okay, second. Excellent. Thank you. Okay. It’s October 16 minutes have been approved. All right. Do we have any members of the public that I don’t see? We do not. Okay. Moving on. Monthly icebreaker shaming. Okay, so today you get kind of an easy one and you get a choice. So for those of you who Hi Susie, just in time for our icebreaker, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:30
Hi, Susie. Hi. And it’s a bit of a choose your own adventure. Okay, so.

Unknown Speaker 1:42

Unknown Speaker 1:44
if you’re somebody who celebrates Thanksgiving, what is the one who you most look forward to every year? And

Unknown Speaker 1:56
maybe you celebrate maybe you don’t maybe don’t like food? Who Thanksgiving traditional Thanksgiving foods?

Unknown Speaker 2:04
If you don’t want to answer that question, you can tell me what your favorite condiment is that you would take with you to a deserted island.

Unknown Speaker 2:16

Unknown Speaker 2:20
I like that it’s a condiment and food.

Unknown Speaker 2:25
Yeah, no. Okay. Does anybody want to go first?

Unknown Speaker 2:32
I don’t mind.

Unknown Speaker 2:35

Unknown Speaker 2:38
we answer both if you want.

Unknown Speaker 2:41
I’m gonna have an answer for both. So selfishly for food, it’s bread because I pay for so I know what I’m getting.

Unknown Speaker 2:52
And I look forward to people.

Unknown Speaker 2:57
This year.

Unknown Speaker 3:00
condiment on a deserted island would be

Unknown Speaker 3:04
jalapeno stuffed cocktail and it

Unknown Speaker 3:11
was perfect. Isn’t it though?

Unknown Speaker 3:16
I never asked to talk to them. It’s okay. So if that’s a condiment John what do you think those

Unknown Speaker 3:28
are in my mind and just average

Unknown Speaker 3:31
garnish or the the snake

Unknown Speaker 3:36
oil in this grocery store expansive definition and like it

Unknown Speaker 3:42
recorded meeting I kind of wish I would have chosen so yeah

Unknown Speaker 3:45
that’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 3:48
That’s right.

Unknown Speaker 3:52
splashed across the

Unknown Speaker 3:55
room, then eat onions with

Unknown Speaker 3:59
an axe it’s a hard act to follow.

Unknown Speaker 4:02
I don’t know about

Unknown Speaker 4:05
I’m gonna go with stuffing

Unknown Speaker 4:08
like that. What kind of different things what like just I don’t know like cornbread stuffing. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 4:15
All right.

Unknown Speaker 4:18
You put it

Unknown Speaker 4:21
What’s that? Do you put it in the bird or is that too risky? No, actually, I do put it in the bird but I have put it with

Unknown Speaker 4:31
what is that? The cheesecloth? Yeah, so I put it in there. And then yeah, then I just like kind of heat it up, you know, kind of puff it up and just scale it.

Unknown Speaker 4:43
Give it a little more night so it’s not so watery. Yeah, it’s a good tip. Pro tip. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 4:52

Unknown Speaker 4:55

Unknown Speaker 4:59
I just follow

Unknown Speaker 5:00
The directions on the box.

Unknown Speaker 5:02
Nothing fancy.

Unknown Speaker 5:05
Sounds good?

Unknown Speaker 5:07
Yeah. Is it either or was it just it’s supposed to be either or either or. Oh, okay. Okay, so now

Unknown Speaker 5:17
I get a lot of food. I’ve already started. But I think my favorite is apple pie.

Unknown Speaker 5:25
My thick, like a classic. Next year.

Unknown Speaker 5:29
I bought the apples like a month ago and I’ve been saving them in cold storage because I wanted to make sure that I got the varieties I wanted from the local orchard and she wasn’t sure she was gonna still have anybody last weekend. So Wow. So which is so good. It’s your Lago di on a lot. And although we were from Pennsylvania, my dad always brings apples back. My dad still helps manage a farm in Pennsylvania. He brings apples back and forth, but they’re not my favorite apples. So this year, I got the great burns and the John and golds and I’m going to do a mix

Unknown Speaker 6:10
do you make the crust to yarn and gluten free so it’s been a real learning curve over the years but now the gluten free crust is better than the regular anyway. So I finally found a recipe that sort of underpins tips. America’s best kitchen gluten free cookbook Oh

Unknown Speaker 6:31

Unknown Speaker 6:35
Anybody else

Unknown Speaker 6:38
so part of my family celebrates Thanksgiving in part it doesn’t so that your side you view the Thanksgiving thing. Cranberry Sauce is what I use the most.

Unknown Speaker 6:47
From the jar I’m not really sure how they make it

Unknown Speaker 6:55
qualify with acceptable condiments? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 7:00
Way is to squeeze out and I can

Unknown Speaker 7:07
see the religions. Oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker 7:11
My dad brings a jar to my house because I don’t make it. He brings his own jar. And he just has it on a side plate.

Unknown Speaker 7:20
Yeah, I always just do the travels.

Unknown Speaker 7:25
No, Jamie Oh yeah. Well, so I like a lot of the Thanksgiving sides. I don’t eat turkey but

Unknown Speaker 7:35
you know, most of the sides I eat throughout the year but what I look forward to when Thanksgiving comes around is mashed potatoes most of all with

Unknown Speaker 7:46
sad to be like processed or you we can’t be like the real thing.

Unknown Speaker 7:52
No cranberries are harmed in mind. Cranberry Sauce. Yes. It’s the canned stuff. I don’t know how real that sound coming out is unbeatable. Oh yeah. And then like

Unknown Speaker 8:09
to go there

Unknown Speaker 8:11
like found now yeah

Unknown Speaker 8:18
that’s called salt fat acid heat about like a chef’s take on like her again. She has a whole section on Thanksgiving and

Unknown Speaker 8:25
every size and all the elements Sukkot and I love that all the way. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 8:33

Unknown Speaker 8:35
hot water. That’s the only story about this

Unknown Speaker 8:41
Have you seen that video series from that book? No, I haven’t. Yeah, I just kind of listen to the audiobook and it’s a four part miniseries and she’s so sweet and lovely. Like just as a person she’s and then the food of course is amazing. And all the different countries she does it’s highly recommended. I think it’s on Netflix. I remember right

Unknown Speaker 9:03
well that’s fine um, I love actually really like Thanksgiving food. I like making it I like having Thanksgiving but

Unknown Speaker 9:13
this is really gross if you’re vegetarian I’m sorry but the only part I really liked is the turkey skin

Unknown Speaker 9:20
only if Israel crispy

Unknown Speaker 9:22
I know

Unknown Speaker 9:24
I’m for years I was a vegetarian and do my kids are vegetarian so I totally get it but it’s gross but I’m being honest. It’s it’s the skin that I like. I don’t care for stuffing for mashed potatoes or gravy.

Unknown Speaker 9:39
My husband absolutely loves all those things and makes it all which is good. I make green bean salad but the largest diversion because my grandma made the canned green beans canned soup version and says nostalgic for me so I like making that and then I make a pumpkin pie from scratch. Which I like to like actually cook the pumpkin and you know do all that

Unknown Speaker 10:00
I so I think I enjoy the process more than the product.

Unknown Speaker 10:05
I don’t know about a condiment, not a condiment person, but I am a big bread person when you said that John, baguettes the only true French guy that’s in America as far as I’m concerned are from Badatz bakery if you hadn’t been just down the street here, unreal. I would take those any day over any government really overriding

Unknown Speaker 10:29
the cheese importer place they they bring them in from Canada somewhere. And you can get them baked or par baked. And they have you know, French flour, and that’s why they bring it all the way from that far. No. Good. I mean, I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 10:49
As much as I didn’t bread Baker do it. It’s.

Unknown Speaker 10:53
I don’t know. Have you been?

Unknown Speaker 10:55
Yeah. Have you been about us? No. Oh, my Gosh, seriously, the best pastries? Like the sight of friends. Unreal.

Unknown Speaker 11:07
Yeah, they’re, you know, the prospect neighborhood?

Unknown Speaker 11:10

Unknown Speaker 11:11
yeah, it’s in there. It’s tucked in there.

Unknown Speaker 11:14
Yeah. Okay. So

Unknown Speaker 11:17
very productive tree. Yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 11:23
Yeah, I mean, how can it be everything? Well, I guess it’s traditional, but I’ve always loved pumpkin pie. So that’s like, what I look forward to sometimes don’t even wait till Thanksgiving and just make it.

Unknown Speaker 11:36
And it’s one of the things that’s been easiest for us to like adapt for our diets, because I know a lot of eggs. So it’s easier to figure out some of the recipes. So that’s, that’s one thing I always look forward to. And then I don’t know if anyone else has heard of this, but there’s a basically like salsa, sort of, but it’s called pickled the guy. Oh, and it’s made with like gems of like cucumber and kind of like, brined like red peppers, but it’s basically like Pico, Pico beguiles. But

Unknown Speaker 12:09
I would use that. I love Picasso’s and it’s really good. They have some spicy versions, right?

Unknown Speaker 12:17
But the mild version is very good, if you like, that kind of flavor. So where would one find this? It’s up a few different grocery stores I normally buy at natural grocers and just in the deli with the other pickles and stuff, but it’s very good from

Unknown Speaker 12:33
Yeah, it’s not sweet. It doesn’t it’s just basically like pickles, like kind of small chunks of pickles. But it has more of like, the texture and stuff of like people to go to and it’s kind of like it’s not as like, saucy. It’s definitely more like, you know, like, cleaner. Yeah, like chopped vegetables more than

Unknown Speaker 12:55
my favorite. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 12:58
Yeah, so many good tips here.

Unknown Speaker 13:01
really beneficial.

Unknown Speaker 13:05
After the dinner hour,

Unknown Speaker 13:07
otherwise, we already started.

Unknown Speaker 13:10
All right, well, thank you. That was fine to me.

Unknown Speaker 13:13
Um, are we going to do it on? Anybody have any final thoughts on that?

Unknown Speaker 13:18
I can’t really always tell. Like on

Unknown Speaker 13:23
camera. Anyway, I was nodding. I think we’re fine. Okay. All right. So next item of new business is the post election debrief.

Unknown Speaker 13:34
Cynthia and I had a quick debrief when she and I spoke prior to the meeting. So I can share a few thoughts. But of course, I’m very curious to hear what you all think. And

Unknown Speaker 13:48
Cindy, excuse me, Susie, your perspective, of course, from the council. And just personally, I’m curious about So does anybody want to kick it off? Or you want to hear with some Cynthia and I had talked about first?

Unknown Speaker 14:04
I don’t mind. Just taking that off a little bit. Just pass it along. You know, I

Unknown Speaker 14:12
think it’s obvious I were disappointed. I, I can honestly say that. I mean, I was I was probably more surprised by how much the library ballot really any of them by how much they didn’t pass.

Unknown Speaker 14:30
But But I cannot honestly say that by the time that results were coming in, I was completely shocked that it did pass and just felt there were a lot of uphill battles to get this or any of them passed even though you remain hopeful.

Unknown Speaker 14:45
I just feel like there were a lot of things up against it. I mean, the timing of it, you know, wasn’t referred to the ballot until the last minute legally allow which left no time to really form any sense of the campaign.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
cuz I know it was just gonna be hard, as much as I wanted it to. So it’s, it’s where we’re at. And we have to kind of just take a gulp and move forward and see what we can do that.

Unknown Speaker 15:14
I also, even though this is a board meeting, I can’t help but at least publicly acknowledged the Friends of the Library, and the board, but the friends actually financially contributed to a campaign and tried to help with with some of that with some digital campaigning and signage and,

Unknown Speaker 15:32
you know, other aspects to try and make and some letters to the editor that some here wrote and some other friends wrote. So, I do want to express my appreciation for that publicly, because that means a lot even though it didn’t get the result we wanted. It means a whole lot for that advocacy support is there.

Unknown Speaker 15:55

Unknown Speaker 15:57
The other reactions?

Unknown Speaker 16:01
Are you echo John’s disappointment, I also echo the gratitude for the friends and other community members who did

Unknown Speaker 16:11
speak out and talk to people. It was absolutely a group effort, even if it wasn’t an enormous one by campaign standards.

Unknown Speaker 16:24
I wasn’t shocked, I was disappointed.

Unknown Speaker 16:29
The The most surprising thing to me was actually the numbers. You know, this is the first local election that I’ve been this closely following.

Unknown Speaker 16:39
And to see the turnout,

Unknown Speaker 16:44
in terms of numbers,

Unknown Speaker 16:47
was pretty surprising. So by my rough calculations, you know, we had about the 650 ish people who voted yes, for the library, you know, which relative to the population of Longmont isn’t that much. But, you know, salon a lot more residents than I know, personally. So I’m grateful for those 600. And it also seemed like the all three initiatives came in about the same, you know, within a point or two percentage point or two of one another.

Unknown Speaker 17:23
So that was also information for me in that there wasn’t a clear preference by the voters for one versus the other, which would, I think, help you to really make that

Unknown Speaker 17:40
interpretation that this was just a bad year for asking anyone to spend more on.

Unknown Speaker 17:51
That for me, and it might take away that I felt like, you know, John talked about the timing of delay timing of getting it on the ballot. And I think there’s the timing of kind of where we are, where we’re kind of in a period of contraction right now. And fiscal conservative as the wisdom is, as ghosts are still coming out of the pandemic. And it just felt like, this is not, it just feels like leading years. And so it was, again, interesting to see by how much all new taxes were struck down, like any new tax basically was like, not interesting to people right now. And so I really think it’s a real timing thing of kind of where we are financially right now.

Unknown Speaker 18:46
Well, I can just add, I think, Cindy, and I talked about many of the things you did,

Unknown Speaker 18:52
I think we felt

Unknown Speaker 18:55
or we talked about at least a little bit of just confusion or frustration that maybe Suzy you can shed some light on to just kind of like, Why did anybody think it was a good idea to run three tax questions at the same time? Like how was that ever gonna work out in anybody’s favor and a purple flesh so my libertarian type states and cities so I guess just in terms of like,

Unknown Speaker 19:22
how that all ended up being that wage Cindy and I were feeling a little sense of frustration or just confusion around why that was the choice that was made, when

Unknown Speaker 19:35
seems like there might have been other ways for that to happen.

Unknown Speaker 19:38

Unknown Speaker 19:41
I think my big concern is just like,

Unknown Speaker 19:46
I’m worried this is gonna send the message to the city council that they don’t need to fully fund the library because the voters didn’t choose to show a lot of support for that and kind of do

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Jamie’s point, I don’t necessarily think that’s a good interpretation of these results, because I really think it was more of an anti tax kind of JD as well. It was an anti tax reaction, as far as I can tell. And this was a regressive tax. So as much as I promoted it and wanted it to pass, because that’s our only hope, I still don’t think it was a good tax. I don’t think we should call it a public service with a regressive tax like that. So, personally.

Unknown Speaker 20:26
So anyway, I just have questions about that. And I’m worried about the repercussions of the messaging that maybe the interpretation that one could draw from it, that people don’t really want the library to be fully funded. And I don’t think that’s something that I’m comfortable with people taking away from this.

Unknown Speaker 20:50
Cheyenne chiming out did everybody on the board get to, I don’t, I don’t know if everyone had a chance to, to talk about it, one of the things, so we are going to have a council debrief. So we’re going to discuss this as a council. One of the things that I noticed, because I was running for reelection, was that in each one of our races, we had candidates who were

Unknown Speaker 21:22
aggressively against, like they were very vocal and against and you know, one of them even used it as the reason to run is because so there was, I think, I was very angry in the sense that we have people coming in and using this for political game.

Unknown Speaker 21:46
And I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna say it.

Unknown Speaker 21:50
Because you’re, I was really angry, because, in the sense, it hurt us all.

Unknown Speaker 21:57
When I’ve spoken, I had a chance to chat with people at the ngvla, the neighborhood groups leadership Association. And, you know, one of the things that I and I said, and it is funny, because a couple of people were like, they acted like, they hadn’t heard this before, it was like, I’ve been saying it every month, every month. And it gets the point where I wonder if people were just hearing what they want to hear.

Unknown Speaker 22:25
But we have staff who are working above and beyond, to give us the services that our community

Unknown Speaker 22:35
is accustomed to, and, you know, and, and meeting the needs of the community. And so then it became, well, you know, what, we have everything, like, well, if we, you know, cool that, you know, just pull people so tight, we’re gonna lose good people. So that was that was very frustrating to hear that, you know, as, as we were looking at, at some, you know, we have the capital part, but then we also have the sales tax portion to cover ongoing. And,

Unknown Speaker 23:10
and then, you know, just having that conversation with, you know, and I’ve had conversations with people afterwards. And I think it was, what was what was the $67? Is that correct? For the library? 115 for the property tax, and that was, like, 15 cents on one. So this was okay. Yeah. So he was like, a lot. And then I think there was a direct center that was 100 for 500,000.

Unknown Speaker 23:42
You know, so we’re talking about, you know, what were the impacts to the individual person, people were? Well, you know, it’s not that bad.

Unknown Speaker 23:52
Why did you

Unknown Speaker 23:55
and I think people got caught up in a lot of the anti messaging. And so that was something that made me very frustrating seeing that from a candidate because as I’m going through the doors, and talking with with residents, I didn’t really noticed that in the 2019.

Unknown Speaker 24:16
So I mean, I maybe I wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t see it as as prominent as I did in this election.

Unknown Speaker 24:26
So, um, and the fact that it came at the same time as ah, ah, so that was that was the other thing. And I think Well,

Unknown Speaker 24:38
I would really recommend in the future, that if we pass a local measure that it is not at the same time that we have the Buddha’s fault City Council running

Unknown Speaker 24:52
because I noticed that there were people who wanted to see this fail, so they could

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Come up with a better solution if elected. So that was some of the I mean, it was it was very petty. And it was it hurt our community that that was my take.

Unknown Speaker 25:13
So I haven’t had a chance to really chat with other council members yet. We’re going to have a while I will get it on the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 25:22
And I’ll find out the next time we meet, when that will be.

Unknown Speaker 25:27
What so that one? I think, you know, aligning with H H. I think that that I wanted to see if the percentage of you know how much ah, failed, you know, would have been, I would have liked to see what the numbers, did people just go straight down the ballot? No, no, no, no. on everything, what people were saying like on next door. Yeah, just know, all the way down. Yeah. And, um, you know, we had the SU, I remember, in the early stages, when we were talking about having the an equity or a you know, it was a culture and equity tax. I can’t remember what we call it that, but it was something that was going to be all together as one. And then as we were talking with, you know, the Parks and Rec board, and, you know, other I think, you know, looking at wanting it to be separate, you know, to having having it not all clumped together because they were afraid that it would

Unknown Speaker 26:29
it would be a sticker shock.

Unknown Speaker 26:31
Not just that, but and then you would have people who

Unknown Speaker 26:36
were in favor of one, but maybe not. Yes, yeah. So you pick and choose pick and choose. So the benefit to having it this way would have been had people just picked and choose which ones were their priority. But it really looked like everybody just went no all the way down.

Unknown Speaker 26:55
And, yes, so that was I would really recommend that we do not do a local measure. At the same time. We have City Council reasons.

Unknown Speaker 27:07
So that can’t be used.

Unknown Speaker 27:11
Based on what I saw this past election, I, I would think that

Unknown Speaker 27:16
I mean, I had other thoughts, I can’t remember if

Unknown Speaker 27:20
it was oh, there was a lot of things

Unknown Speaker 27:22
going here. And and the thing is we’re writing these measures based on what our constraints with Tabor are. I mean, it, it’s, and you look at any kind of measure that we have to put on the ballot there. It is confusing.

Unknown Speaker 27:43
You know, I don’t know how, how we can make it any easier. The piece was having the property tax along with the sales tax was so that the burden wouldn’t be just on one.

Unknown Speaker 28:00
On one party. So, you know, we tried.

Unknown Speaker 28:06
It’ll be interesting to hear, you know, input from,

Unknown Speaker 28:10
from everybody else on Council.

Unknown Speaker 28:16
Thank you, does anyone want to follow up on anything that’s been said so far.

Unknown Speaker 28:23
Just I was sad to how much ugliness I saw online. I’m not super naive. But you know, again, with the being new to local elections, and, you know, we’re talking about things here that really shouldn’t be these

Unknown Speaker 28:47
supercharged, emotional, provocative things, right. You’re either for them, or you’re against them. But you know, I’m not going to completely

Unknown Speaker 29:00
insult and diminish your humanity, because you’re in favor of like, a tax measure, right. And the types of things that I was seeing online, it’s like, I was telling myself like you silly, like, of course, you know, how people who are in these spaces and you know, it was just kind of a little, I don’t know, deflating that. There were there were both residents and

Unknown Speaker 29:31
candidates who were taking the opportunity to get in there and say, you know, what, have you vote for this? You are one of these types of people. And I think, you know, one of the other contributors is the type of national political climate that we’re in here. And so there are a lot of folks who are already riled up and ready to make judgments. You

Unknown Speaker 30:00
against people’s entire big leaving, because of what they support.

Unknown Speaker 30:10

Unknown Speaker 30:13
And I don’t think it’s going to impact or how counseled us

Unknown Speaker 30:20
the library I think,

Unknown Speaker 30:23
like for me, I really want to look at the budget as a whole. And, you know, and what what are what are these things that we’re prioritizing? Let’s let’s look in and kind of reevaluate things. I don’t know if anybody does, I mean, that’s just me and our

Unknown Speaker 30:41
counsel, they’ll just look at you like, You’re crazy.

Unknown Speaker 30:44
But I really, I want to take a deeper look and see what we can do.

Unknown Speaker 30:49
You know, from from the inside, but it was, it was very sad to see all that vitriol. And these are just so now we’re waiting for, you know, these free market people. So start writing your checks, free market people

Unknown Speaker 31:07
are funding our library.

Unknown Speaker 31:11
Once we hear that, you think that counsel will be able to sit down and look at priorities and figure out

Unknown Speaker 31:20
how to support the library in, you know, in other ways, because the other thing other than, obviously, the volatile

Unknown Speaker 31:31
nature of some people’s opinions, I do think that there was a lot of people in the middle, who didn’t vote for it, because they look at the library as the one that libraries great would like any more money. And so and I think it’s like when you watch the Olympics, and you’re like, Oh, that looks easy, I can do that. And

Unknown Speaker 31:51
in some ways, too, we have to remember that I think for a lot of people who do fall in the middle, they voted no on this because the Lamont library doing a great job. And so then we need to continue to support in as many ways as possible, because in some ways, this is also

Unknown Speaker 32:10
people not understanding what more there could be, and seeing what is available is great. And look, we have this wonderful service and not again, not seeing staff burnout, not seeing that there services that our library doesn’t have that other libraries do like seeing what is available and what is here and seeing the passionate and lovely people. And so yes, just to kind of keep in mind, too, that there are those who just it’s like the Olympics, they’re experts doing expert things, and it makes you all make it look easy.

Unknown Speaker 32:44
And there were a lot of messages that went out. I know, we didn’t spend 10s of 1000s of dollars

Unknown Speaker 32:51
on campaigns. But you know, there was messaging from very citizens that that helped that specifically looked at that issue. And, you know, the staff does such a tremendous job that the holes don’t always show. And

Unknown Speaker 33:13
yeah, you know, it is it is reassured. One thing I’ll say that’s reassuring to me, is that council as opposed to the general public, I do believe Council understands the need.

Unknown Speaker 33:24
I don’t think the general public as a whole really understands or sees important values. So, you know, I was writing right up to the last minute, I was still talking to people who thought that the money was purely for a branch and did not include operational costs, although it wasn’t

Unknown Speaker 33:47
included was.

Unknown Speaker 33:55

Unknown Speaker 33:57
Well, if you are okay with it. Cindy and I, Cynthia, after we talked she drafted a letter that we wanted to bring to you all to see how you felt about sharing with counsel, to kind of reiterate the point of

Unknown Speaker 34:17

Unknown Speaker 34:19
like hope is to like late have a word like expectation demand. I don’t know, I want to say demand because I’m pretty frustrated at this point. And I realized that Susie, you and Tim have really done what you have given it your best, you know, to advocate for the library, but

Unknown Speaker 34:37
it’s not happened yet. So just to make it very clear to counsel Cindy and I were hoping to perhaps share a letter reminding council about you know,

Unknown Speaker 34:52
all the things we just talked about and not to let the poor showing at the ballot

Unknown Speaker 35:00
undermine any commitment to fully funding the library. So can you all see my screen at this point? Yeah. Okay. Is it big enough? I could zoom in a little bit and might help. I think we’re fine. Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 35:16
Yeah. All zoom for my old eyes.

Unknown Speaker 35:20
So I’ll just read it out, and then

Unknown Speaker 35:23
we can talk about it a little bit. And if anybody has strong reservations, we can, you know, reconsider the whole idea. But if you’re open to the idea that we could wordsmith it, you know, based on what Cynthia put down here.

Unknown Speaker 35:38
So it reads in light of the failure of ballot measure three C and then November 2023, elections. One that library board urges the city council to work towards fulfilling along that public library priority budget requests, we consider the need for outreach staff and outreach budget to be of highest important currently, importance. Currently, there’s a single staff member serving in the capacity of what should be a department enhance outreach capacity would lead to more residents as cardholders and greater involvement in the library is especially important for underserved populations within the city. Second important is the need for staff development and increased funding for temporary staff, especially for the children’s and circulation departments. This funding is especially important as it allows library staff to perform extra duties due to limited staffing. The board also recommends increased funding for professional development opportunities for staff and to meet increased cost of digital collections.

Unknown Speaker 36:31
Library Advisory Board recognizes Why not public libraries and essential services and local community anticipates councils continues with morbid appreciation. So Cynthia wrote that, you know, from her perspective, I think, having talked with John a little bit about what he’s, you know, really considers just absolutely essential at this point, I personally, you know, my feeling is there should also be something in here about funding it to that level that we have all acknowledged and needs to be funded to. And that begging them to just fulfill these basic requests is really pathetic. At this point. Personally, I feel like we shouldn’t have to just beg to get these basic things filled, because we should really be getting our needs met at the level of preferred service.

Unknown Speaker 37:19
So I don’t know if that would be my suggestion to add, like, number one priority is on the second level of preferred service. Number two is if you’re not going to do that, at the very least, fulfill these other essential requests.

Unknown Speaker 37:32
I’d obviously fired up about this. I have been for years. So I don’t know, maybe that’s not where the board is. But that’s where I’m at with it. We’re about you all.

Unknown Speaker 37:44
I can’t really call on people and have the screen open at the same time. So maybe John, isn’t

Unknown Speaker 37:49
that part.

Unknown Speaker 37:51
I’m good with Amina added in as well.

Unknown Speaker 37:56
Yeah, I agree. I like that that phrasing of, you know, let’s not forget about the feasibility study that the city paid for and what came out of it.

Unknown Speaker 38:07
That’s obviously

Unknown Speaker 38:10
you know, what the expert assessment says we should have. But then I do like then also saying, but at the bare minimum, you need to do the bare minimum. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 38:27
I’m just typing out a little bit of what while I’m listening to you also, if you want to give me other Burbidge, I’m just kind of trying to capture what you’re saying here

Unknown Speaker 38:40
as indicated by the city’s own feasibility study.

Unknown Speaker 38:53
just catching that thought anyone else?

Unknown Speaker 39:00
I completely agree with drafting a letter and think it’s wholly within this board’s

Unknown Speaker 39:09
jurisdiction as an advisory body to advise the council.

Unknown Speaker 39:15
I would also, you know, encourage counsel to

Unknown Speaker 39:21
to do this, I guess I’m looking for for just like a little tiny bit more language that connects how do we miss how growing the library helps us or helps Council meet some of its strategic goals or

Unknown Speaker 39:42
actualize some of its values.

Unknown Speaker 39:49
Rather than we’re the library board, and we want the library to have all the things you know, like, maybe just zoom out a tiny bit.

Unknown Speaker 40:00

Unknown Speaker 40:01
you know, more more robust outreach, a fuller or actual department will also

Unknown Speaker 40:09

Unknown Speaker 40:10
the library prepare for a future election. Because the more people who know about the library and the services it provides,

Unknown Speaker 40:21
the more favorable they may look upon in years to come. And hearing from others, what I heard, which was, like, so many people who don’t have any idea, no matter how many ways you tried to tell them,

Unknown Speaker 40:42
that that seemed like a really strategic focus for this library in the coming years.

Unknown Speaker 40:51
So would you put that in kind of a, I just sort of put it up here as a placeholder, like,

Unknown Speaker 40:58
as part of this why you should just

Unknown Speaker 41:02
because I think you’ll see mine inside the chambers.

Unknown Speaker 41:09
Is there a sign that lists with the council’s our goal? Yeah, yeah. So our, it’s, it’s the pillars? Yes. So we have around the pillars, you know, we have under the umbrella of equity,

Unknown Speaker 41:24
we have core services, which is the foundation and then the pillars, which are housing, early childhood and transportation.

Unknown Speaker 41:34
So with I think, the library that falls under our core services, that’s how I perceive it. And then if we’re looking at it through an equity lens, you look at our library, that’s one of the great equalizers that really

Unknown Speaker 41:53
you know, that provide balance for people who cannot afford to

Unknown Speaker 42:00
you know, purchase books or go

Unknown Speaker 42:03
to college or you know, you know, higher ed, you know, so it’s it’s having that

Unknown Speaker 42:10
I saw it for me I think with the equity and the foundation being the core services the library definitely falls within there

Unknown Speaker 42:21
does this son that

Unknown Speaker 42:25
investing appropriate in the library helps the City to meet its strategic pillars

Unknown Speaker 42:31
goals I don’t know if the pillars because the pillars the portion that was housing, early childhood and transportation so it’s really our strategic goals are

Unknown Speaker 42:46
including its equity

Unknown Speaker 42:50
mission or

Unknown Speaker 42:52
equity mission

Unknown Speaker 42:55
through providing for services available only at the library

Unknown Speaker 43:02
reveals all elements part of your strategic

Unknown Speaker 43:07

Unknown Speaker 43:12
Strategic Plan goals like that,

Unknown Speaker 43:16
is that better?

Unknown Speaker 43:23
And then I just added as a transition then like at a minimum, we call for the counselor to fulfill

Unknown Speaker 43:30
priority budget requests.

Unknown Speaker 43:34
And then it kind of leads into

Unknown Speaker 43:38
what Cynthia had here. Does that does anyone want to add anything or

Unknown Speaker 43:45
make it flow better I feel like I got a little brain fog still so sorry.

Unknown Speaker 43:56
wording it properly.

Unknown Speaker 43:59
So our vision

Unknown Speaker 44:02
involves people in places so people, Longmont is the world’s greatest village where children are most fortunate to be born and raised. Older adults are supported through through their entire life journey, and all people have access to food, shelter and the opportunity to drive and feel like they belong. So I I feel like that encompasses door of library. So there’s, there’s ways to tie that into our council vision.

Unknown Speaker 44:34
Maybe I should say including its strategic planning goals, including its equity vision or mission. I’m trying to figure out which word okay so

Unknown Speaker 44:50
including increased equity through providing core services available through the library.

Unknown Speaker 45:00
and Catherine, I’m gonna email you the slide deck that we had of our city council priorities for 2023 and 2024. That might help it with

Unknown Speaker 45:12
language language. Am I allowed to just share this out to you all? I don’t know what the No, that’s like that. Yeah. I mean, otherwise it constitutes a meeting. Right? So

Unknown Speaker 45:25
yeah, either it kind of has to either be moved in approved now or or I think brought back at the next meeting.

Unknown Speaker 45:35
Okay, but I feel like in terms of time, sensitiveness you can work with one other person. We can. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:44
Oh, right. Okay. I’m just refreshing my email. Have you sent it? No. Anybody have any thing? Else? Maybe just moving on to the next part here? From what Cynthia wrote that we want to change. John, does this reflect what you and she discuss appropriately? The way as far as it’ll lead into the next? Well, somewhat anyway? Yes. When we when we spoke and I talked about budget priorities this is in alignment with

Unknown Speaker 46:16
Is there anything you would want to see in there changed as it

Unknown Speaker 46:21
exists now? No.

Unknown Speaker 46:24

Unknown Speaker 46:28
Anybody on those body paragraphs

Unknown Speaker 46:37

Unknown Speaker 46:39
a single step measurement method, which Heartland

Unknown Speaker 46:44
needs more restaurants, this heartfulness greater involvement in library?

Unknown Speaker 46:50
I would just say, which is

Unknown Speaker 46:55
regular student populations

Unknown Speaker 46:58
don’t get to my tiredness. But the sentence in that next graph is a little confusing. For me this funding is especially important, as it allows library staff to perform extra duties due to limited staffing, I think taken out of context that is unclear. And you want to be careful about using the word extra. Because so we’re not, we’re not asking. We’re not adding on extra unneeded things. Right? It’s it’s, I think the meaning is that it allows existing library staff to

Unknown Speaker 47:39
do this, and it basically allows them to do like, overtime. Is that

Unknown Speaker 47:44
what it sounds like? It allows them to really just focus on their one job instead of having to do a bunch of other stuff. But the extra stuff is happening now. Oh, yeah, we need more staff in order to bring that down to a sustainable level,

Unknown Speaker 48:05
about essential duties instead of extra duties because yeah, I think you’re probably right, but they’re there. Their focus is being spread around the other things because they will have the staffing. This will get them back to their essential duties, but due to limited staffing, I don’t think is coming at after the right clause. Okay, how about

Unknown Speaker 48:28
um, what if we lead to that, like due to limited staffing?

Unknown Speaker 48:36
library members are

Unknown Speaker 48:42
how would you? How would you describe it, Jamie? Like they’re they’re taking on additional. You don’t even need to put it there. You could just have that back to that sentence. This one thing is especially important as it allows

Unknown Speaker 48:56
overburdened library staff to perform the essential work just to focus on essential duties.

Unknown Speaker 49:05
Is that how you mentioned John? Like, is that in line with? It is

Unknown Speaker 49:11
I know what the original sentence meant, but yeah,

Unknown Speaker 49:17
I see the confusion. Yeah. Okay. How’s that? Does that read better? This funding is especially important, as it allows overburdened library staff to focus on their essential duties.

Unknown Speaker 49:30
Oh, wait, I couldn’t hear like

Unknown Speaker 49:34
we’re quibbling over words.

Unknown Speaker 49:37
It’s okay, here, hanging out.

Unknown Speaker 49:40
Oh, sorry. We were mumbling so it wasn’t

Unknown Speaker 49:44
it wasn’t

Unknown Speaker 49:46
adding any value Yes.

Unknown Speaker 49:57
To meet the increased cost of digital color

Unknown Speaker 50:00

Unknown Speaker 50:02

Unknown Speaker 50:06
I feel like the word is missing Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 50:11
I was organized increased funding for professional development opportunities for staff and

Unknown Speaker 50:22
increase cost of digital collections

Unknown Speaker 50:34
I would say like increased support and that last line

Unknown Speaker 50:40
or I don’t know

Unknown Speaker 50:44
I don’t feel 100% supported when we can’t we’re begging for partial funding every single budget cycle

Unknown Speaker 50:57
feel like there’s a lot of kind of things said about the library and a lot of appreciation shown towards this. Like there’s not money where the mouth is

Unknown Speaker 51:13
for a better word than substantiated substantive,

Unknown Speaker 51:17
like like physical actualized something we can point to instead of emotional support. Yes, maybe we could say that recognizes it an essential service to see and appreciate the verbal support we would also like to see

Unknown Speaker 51:40
come measure a financial support

Unknown Speaker 51:47
that tangible.

Unknown Speaker 52:03
I know the word recognizes seems weird to me like

Unknown Speaker 52:10
remember and I still think you need to learn it with your sentence about we we appreciate the

Unknown Speaker 52:17
electric the word you used the verbal appreciation for the library.

Unknown Speaker 52:27
Okay, I’m gonna run this essential service part because I feel like we said that at the beginning.

Unknown Speaker 52:33
Strike that for now. But I’ll put it down here in case you think of it goes wild in there anyway.

Unknown Speaker 53:06
more tangible

Unknown Speaker 53:09
support, appreciation. Thank you maybe swap out one of those appreciation words. Am I

Unknown Speaker 53:19
right, I think the firt the the the library Advisory Board recognizes I liked it ending with appreciation. I think the Alumni Advisory Board recognizes the council’s verbal support

Unknown Speaker 53:31
because like you said you’re getting a little thin of appreciating the verbal support

Unknown Speaker 53:39
you can appreciate your way to paychecks for people values.

Unknown Speaker 53:49
Values instead of recognizing I don’t really value it that much at this point. Right. Don’t fly with them

Unknown Speaker 54:01
maybe anticipate it and looks forward to the council’s anticipates

Unknown Speaker 54:09

Unknown Speaker 54:11
expects expects well she said

Unknown Speaker 54:24
expects eagerly eagerly anticipates expects

Unknown Speaker 54:32
to see

Unknown Speaker 54:34
it’s nice to see

Unknown Speaker 54:36
something doesn’t work. Because

Unknown Speaker 54:40
expect some out. Yeah, we’re going to use it we have to wordsmith it a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 54:51

Unknown Speaker 54:54
now to solve

Unknown Speaker 55:05
I kind of like it eagerly anticipates

Unknown Speaker 55:08
it’s a little tongue in cheek but

Unknown Speaker 55:12
I do really anticipate

Unknown Speaker 55:20
more concrete support are tangible

Unknown Speaker 55:34
catalysts fiscal support with appreciation

Unknown Speaker 55:47
appropriate adequate what what’s the preferred level of support?

Unknown Speaker 55:53
Like appropriate?

Unknown Speaker 55:56
I mean yeah, I think we set it up here but it’s investing appropriately up there

Unknown Speaker 56:04
can’t hear you

Unknown Speaker 56:15
some tangibles substantial just keep it this goal

Unknown Speaker 56:28
can hear anybody if you’re jogging if you’re not that’s fine but

Unknown Speaker 56:41
okay, well

Unknown Speaker 56:45
try read it out one more time here.

Unknown Speaker 56:49
And then we can take a vote

Unknown Speaker 56:52
anyone want to make any more suggestions before I do that?

Unknown Speaker 56:57
I will just add

Unknown Speaker 57:00
the the last line that you were kind of debating whether it was needed because we keep saying essential. So I will just say that that’s something that that’s a hot thing for me like a hot button thing is libraries are an essential service and I don’t think it can be repeated enough. And the more we get that into people’s minds, that it being essential and not a luxury, I don’t think it hurts.

Unknown Speaker 57:27

Unknown Speaker 57:29
How about what if we say first of all, thank you I agree. And the people are okay with it. What if we linked that to

Unknown Speaker 57:42
anticipates the council’s fiscals support in recognition

Unknown Speaker 57:48
of the essentials in recognition of the essential service

Unknown Speaker 57:54
the library provides to the community or something like that. Yeah, like that

Unknown Speaker 58:06
anyone else

Unknown Speaker 58:08
and yes, I’m just putting it out here but we can change it if we need to.

Unknown Speaker 58:30
Does that work? Do people

Unknown Speaker 58:36
want to try reading it out loud for flow? Okay, the whole thing. Guys ready? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 58:45
Um, in light of the failure about measure three see in the November 2023 elections, the llama library board urges the city council to fund the library at the preferred level of service, as indicated by the city’s own feasibility study. disappointing results should not deter the council from fulfilling the school. Investing appropriately in the library helps the City to meet its strategic plan goals, including increase equity through providing core services available through the library. At a minimum, we call the council to call on the council to fulfill the Longmont Public Library priority budget requests. We consider the need for outreach staff and an outreach budget to be of highest importance. Currently, there’s a single staff member serving in the capacity of what should be a department. Enhanced outreach capacity will lead to more residences, cardholders need greater involvement in the library, which is important for underserved populations within the city. of second import isn’t needed for staff development and increased funding for temporary staff, especially for the children’s and circulation departments. This funding is especially important as it allows overburdened library staff to focus on their essential duties. We’re also recommends increased funding for professional development opportunities for staff and to meet the increased costs of digital collections.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
library Advisory Board recognizes the council’s verbal support for the library and eagerly anticipates the council’s fiscal support in recognition of the Lamont Library’s role as an essential service to the community.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
pretty solid, I would suggest adding the word election before the word results at the top just to clarify that it is not the feasibility study results when you save the disappointing results. The days you’re waiting election, right? Yes. Good catch. Good catch. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39
In the paragraph below that.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:44
The last clause, I haven’t changed the word important to essential just going back to my previous

Unknown Speaker 1:00:54
I’m just highlighting the changes that you’ll be able to see them.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:01
Like major things.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:04

Unknown Speaker 1:01:06

Unknown Speaker 1:01:12
we say especially twice you hear a critically important,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:18
that’s your dramatic.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:25

Unknown Speaker 1:01:28
And then we say essential here, that’s good.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:34
Something about this last line, just

Unknown Speaker 1:01:37
think it’s a parallelism issue. So put both.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:45
Between funding and for the board also recommends increased funding, both for professional development opportunities, and to the very open.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
Thank you both. And

Unknown Speaker 1:01:59
I don’t know if you meet for staff where it just makes it worse here. Because if it’s a professional development opportunity, it is. Yeah, and meat.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
That’s tired.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
Okay, anything else?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:26
Oh, I wondered about saying goal and goal here.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:31
How about responsibility? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:39
What’s happening, John, you let me lead one meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:52
Results should not deter any counsel from fulfilling this responsibility. It is their responsibility. This is an essential public service.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:01
funded it? Why do you believe in

Unknown Speaker 1:03:08
some stuff so. So box area.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:12
Anyone else have a soapbox issue, Katherine after the second, it should be importance.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:20
I don’t know what she was going there. I agree that we could have a different leader maybe.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:27

Unknown Speaker 1:03:30
just decided. Secondly,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:36
just second, comma.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:40
But that means so the sentence still doesn’t work. Second is the need

Unknown Speaker 1:03:44
is the need. It’s very passive construction. So we need to add a secondary addition.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:52
In addition,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:56
about the next priority is sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:04:04
can’t hear you. We’re hearing a voice Yeah. exist here. It’s

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10

Unknown Speaker 1:04:12
there’s somebody at home has somebody talking that we’re hearing or?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:19
I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:21
Everybody’s on mute.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:26
It’s curious. Yeah. I don’t know. I can only be paranormal, like, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:31
Or they saying anything interesting. No, I understand that. But oh, that’s really odd. Okay, both slightly.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:42
too distracting.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:45
The next priority is the need for staff development.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:50
The next priority is staff development and increased funding for temporary staff that

Unknown Speaker 1:04:57
are a secondary priority.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:02
Yeah, nice. Yeah, I like next better to

Unknown Speaker 1:05:07
keep it simple.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:09

Unknown Speaker 1:05:16
all right

Unknown Speaker 1:05:24
you want another reread or do we feel ready for the

Unknown Speaker 1:05:29
Thumbs Up on a vote isn’t? He’s given the thumbs up. Rails ready? Okay. All right. All in favor?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:39
sending this letter to law much city council, please say aye.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:46
Aye. That passes unanimously. Amongst board members. Yeah. All right. I will send you will be able to see this and pass it on to city council in the near future. And as she’s traveling right now, but she said she would get to it soon. Thank you, everybody.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:05
All right. Any closing thoughts there?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:12
All right. Looks like we are on to the budget update. Back to you, Jen.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:18
Yeah, so unfortunately, with with this,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:22
you know, the library’s 2024 budget requests that we make every year, around spring, we’re all folded into this election. So all the eggs of library requests were put into the election. So which which leaves us with? Well, what does that mean for our budget? Currently, what that means after I met with the city manager is our budget will go unchanged. There are other priorities. Sounds like there’s some competing police priorities that are not going to put any of my budget priorities at all through for 2024. So the budget we have now is the budget we have for 2024, at least as of right now. And I don’t, I wasn’t given any indication that that is going to change.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:09
So just wanted to update the board with that information. So that you are aware,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:17
of course updated staff that information as well. Just so everyone’s aware that of what expectations they can have going into this next year.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:29
That’s really all this that’s the update.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35
It’s kind of by no pressing the knife that was in there is now twisting a little bit. Right. So yeah, it’s I was I was hopeful at least that if this didn’t pass that something, some anything of these budget requests would go through even nominal stuff, but there’s zero is what I understand.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:00
Was that decision announced before or after the election?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:07
So before,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:09
like, when the election, you know, I, I indicated my concern to the city manager that if if all the library’s budget requests are being folded into the election, what does that mean, if it fails? And I said, you know, there’s there was uncertainty at that time, and I just indicated that I will be one of the first in the store to see what can be done. And so what I was told, just last week was nothing.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:41
Is that possible? If sorry? Someone else told me that’s okay. Go ahead. Oh, how is that possible if the city council hasn’t met to discuss anything yet? Like, how does he get to just decide that? Well, he’s telling me, You’re correct. It’s not officially decided, right. So but what I’m telling you, as far as you know, me and having the city manager is someone is in the line of somewhere I report to is telling me the current situation of the budget. And so so maybe the way I should have stated this better is that there’s, it doesn’t look good for any of my pleasure request to go through. But you’re corrected in technically that has not been decided.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:27
So basically, city council.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:31
He just anticipates that nobody on City Council is going to vote in favor of the library over something related to the police. Well, the city council has gone through budget discussions already before the election and the library wasn’t part of it. So the question is, after the election, what does that mean in so in my what I understand that that becomes more between myself and the city manager and what they have and, you know, there there were a lot of unknowns.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
was primarily because of Proposition hhw. And what that means for the city in

Unknown Speaker 1:10:07
taking in property taxes and all that level. And that’s still uncertain now because the governor pulled back the state legislatures to, you know, further discuss this. So

Unknown Speaker 1:10:17
it’s really still unknown in the sense, but what was communicated to me was don’t expect any changes to your budget. So that’s what I’m sharing.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:28
Thank you. I don’t mean to shoot the messenger. No, no, I’m not. I’m not taking it that way at all. Okay, well, I guess Susie, I just, I know you’re hearing us. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40

Unknown Speaker 1:10:42
That was the first I heard of that. So. Well, yeah, it’s I mean, it’s New

Unknown Speaker 1:10:48
Jersey last week. That was that was how it was communicated to me. So I just felt it was my responsibility to share that. Because I don’t I need to make sure staff and the board and anyone else that is aware that the outlook for the next year’s budget doesn’t look like there’s any change.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:11
Because until they read our letter.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:16
Maybe I will ask anymore. Is there a meeting we can come to Susie to talk and put a little pressure on this at all, or? Well, I think our next meeting is the swearing in. I don’t know if there’s gonna be a lot of substance in that meeting. Because I think we do a signing of the boards. And I mean, I haven’t even gotten the

Unknown Speaker 1:11:40
agenda yet.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:44
I don’t want to say don’t,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:47
you know, I maybe come to bottle the bottle. We heard the next opportunity we have. It was the fifth is

Unknown Speaker 1:11:57
next Tuesday,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
the 28th? No, so our swearing in isn’t until the fifth. So yeah, the 28.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:09
That could be an opportunity for public invited to be heard. I don’t know when we are going to be discussing the outcomes. But I don’t think you know, you all should have to wait for that.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:25
And, John, I don’t know where I’m getting this delusion that a while ago. John, you submitted your proposed budget for 2024.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:39
And I thought I walked away from that meeting thinking it was like, Oh, if we don’t if we don’t make any headway during the election, at least we might get a little bit more than what we had. Like I thought not that it was a guarantee, but I thought that there was more of a positive outlook or optimism, optimistic outlook around getting like a little bit more so that you could check off a couple more things on your, your list. I have the same feeling. So yeah, I’m not sure where that originated from but the the optics to me, if Council or the if the budget has no increase for 2024. In a time of, you know, we’re I don’t know where we are going. You know, inflation I think looms large and a lot of people’s minds to keep the budget for library at 2023 levels following this election feels punitive.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:45
I feel that there is a statement of value statement being made in that decision if that is indeed a decision

Unknown Speaker 1:13:57
I appreciate that. It’s very well said that I agree.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:09
Empathy for the library’s position right now post election, give them some

Unknown Speaker 1:14:23
cola just

Unknown Speaker 1:14:27
no car

Unknown Speaker 1:14:29
wreck to do a or wagers given that Rex budget is frozen to 2023 levels two? Um, I have not because I’m not part of the rec advisory board and I haven’t had a chance to chat with Jeff reserve. Just see what I’m assuming that they probably all heard the same thing. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:52
But I don’t I don’t know

Unknown Speaker 1:14:58
that I want to find out

Unknown Speaker 1:15:01
But if it’s frozen, too, I mean, talk about putting all your eggs in one basket and during, you know, a time of inflation fears, I mean, just to put everything on

Unknown Speaker 1:15:13
the plan for winning the election series.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:21
I don’t know, it just it doesn’t make sense to me. Because I know that there was a concern, if hh passed, we would be receiving less revenue. Well, it didn’t pass. And I know that there’s a special session going on. That might have

Unknown Speaker 1:15:40
some impact, but I don’t think it would have the same impact. It had a Jake’s past as far as revenue to the city. I could be mistaken. Um, and then the other thing that yeah, that hasn’t been a little confused is

Unknown Speaker 1:16:00
how we’re going, I need to meet with arrow.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:09
Because I know we had an increase to our budget are to our

Unknown Speaker 1:16:14
444 million, which is an increase from last year. So

Unknown Speaker 1:16:21
there’s a lot of moving questions I have.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:25

Unknown Speaker 1:16:35
I would be very curious to find out if everybody’s budget is frozen, to Jamie’s point about the punitive nature. And if it’s only happening to the library, that would be especially painful. I would hope that’s not the case. But I’m very curious.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:00
Any other thoughts on this one?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:05
Susie, how will you be able to find out and get back to us? Do you think?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:10
So? I’m gonna reach out to Harold just I mean, I have to chat with him about some other stuff, too, but

Unknown Speaker 1:17:18
set a time to be with him. I don’t know if

Unknown Speaker 1:17:22
I don’t know, how would that work? As far as would this be something that I would bring up next month when we meet as a group?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:33
Or can you get back to like Cynthia or John as an individual message, and then they can individually? Tell us what you find out? I think that’s a lot. Right. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. We appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:50
Anyone else?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:55
Okay, well, John, back to you actions.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:01
Okay, well,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:04
alright, let me let me go to share because I have that.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:10
If there’s anything else we need to say, before we get there, let me know I

Unknown Speaker 1:18:14

Unknown Speaker 1:18:21
Are you seeing any action plans, I don’t even really mean a habit up. But

Unknown Speaker 1:18:27
it’s really for the next thing I’ll just talk through this way you kind of stare. So

Unknown Speaker 1:18:33
just a few things this month that went towards our action plans. So the security of the staff areas, we finally got a quote back for the double doors that go into the staff area, which I approved. So now they’ll begin work on ordering that and

Unknown Speaker 1:18:50
basically moving forward. The second piece of that is the electrical components in the wiring part of it, I have a quote for for some of the fifth physical materials, and then the weighing on quote for or wiring. So if you know this is taking time, but once I get those together, I can appropriate the funds for it. And it’ll probably be done early next year as what I’m guessing. So, you know, it’s every steps further along with a little rework is how I look at that one. It’s it’s years over two. So under leadership here, I did arrange with, with some help from the city’s HR department, and mines and associates who the city works with for employee assistance program and other aspects, but they also have trainings. And so we brought in a couple of consultants, who did two different trainings on emotional intelligence, which I felt would be helpful for some of my leadership’s here and we talked about it a little bit after we haven’t had a lot of time to debrief about that but it

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
A step towards some leadership development that I wanted to do was that so there’s more to come. But that’s gonna spill into next year, I can guarantee you.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:10

Unknown Speaker 1:20:14
sorry, now I’m trying to make sense of that note I wrote.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:19

Unknown Speaker 1:20:24
Yeah, under a customer experience continuing EDI training. So

Unknown Speaker 1:20:28
I believe I probably mentioned this last month, but we did a an equity meeting of my self and my leadership team. And

Unknown Speaker 1:20:38
so the equity team and the city manager in my leadership team to kind of set the stage for on some upcoming workshops with individual departments within the library. So that began this past month.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:52
At least the initial meeting with the circulation department, there’ll be a few for each department.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:58
initial feedback was good, I’m not a part of these meetings by design, you know, to allow equity in the departments to have some good discussions around equity.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:07
But we do have some work to do here, we’ve we’ve had a couple of incidents of recent unfortunately, it was some hatred and microaggressions for some of my staff. And that’s unfortunate, but how we as staff respond to that is something we can control. So, you know, that’s what one of the aspects we’re working towards is how we approach that and support one another, but also, making sure we do respond to that in a timely manner to people that might say, or do things in that sense, and how we respond to that in a way that makes sense. Which could range from a conversation to a suspension.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:52
Anyway, so and then the last thing I have on here is

Unknown Speaker 1:21:57
it false and think under Customer experience as well. But this is our continued conversations and work with

Unknown Speaker 1:22:06

Unknown Speaker 1:22:07
St. Vrain. Valley School District on library, student ideas acting as library cards for digital access. So I think I mentioned last time I circle back with the school district in the context I needed to make on how that project began and the goals surrounding it, which were way more involved than it needed to be to provide access for databases and resources that the district doesn’t have. And so they’re all behind it. They’ve had some questions about that and providing access. Anyway, the shorter story that is through some emails, we have a meeting scheduled with the right people in December, which right people meaning in the district because

Unknown Speaker 1:22:47
it for me to kind of share more of this story, what the library’s goals are, how it will meet student needs. And

Unknown Speaker 1:22:56
with the goals that I have for it, which is much less involved, we don’t need to capture student data, other than a number which doesn’t identify the student. So it removes a lot of student privacy and what schools need to be concerned about for sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:14
You don’t have to worry about that. But we’re not trying to give them a full fledged library card. We’re trying to provide them with access to digital collections, primarily databases, they already have ebooks anyway, it’s more of these databases, and a lot of which they don’t have, and they would love to have access to. So really, just to make that easier. So we’ve made a little bit of progress with that as far as getting something scheduled. And I’ve learned that getting a meeting scheduled with school district people is an act of God. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:48
But, but the person I’m working with is very, I think they’re they’re behind me with it on it. So that helps. So they’re communicating with the right people. So those are the action plan updates in any questions or comments on that otherwise?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:07
Well, I’ll let you move the agenda. Sorry. Are there any comments and questions on

Unknown Speaker 1:24:13

Unknown Speaker 1:24:26
Your volume went way, way down. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:31
Can you hear me now?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:35
went from zero to 100.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:39
All right. Unless it is unfortunate. I was just saying thank you for working so hard on behalf of the students. Oh, yeah, absolutely. I just think it’s it’s what we was one of the many things we’re here for.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:56
Yeah, and it’s so important. I mean, again to be on my soapbox, but

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00
like learning to be

Unknown Speaker 1:25:02
consumers of online content in a educated way is seriously important to our democracy. So helping kids have access to reliable information and teaching them how that looks different than a lot of the other things that you find on the internet is super, super important, not just for their own education, but I think for our whole society, so.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:28

Unknown Speaker 1:25:31
no, that’s the thing. It’s, in fact, that was a question. I don’t know if you heard Jamie’s question. If it increase our costs, as a library, it does not. And here’s why. Because the contracts and the agreements we have with our various databases, it’s by library card holder. So effectively giving students into getting them into the system with their ID is effectively giving them a library card. So we’re not we’re not functioning outside of our service area, the school districts in our service area anyway.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:07
So no, it doesn’t it doesn’t change that.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:11
Does that make sense? Yes. I was just curious. Yeah, that’s good question about.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:18
That being said, it would be great to be able to increase especially if we can get this to work, that I would love to expand our, you know, we have some resources, I really would love we have a

Unknown Speaker 1:26:32
pretty much the full EBSCO package, which is really good for students. We have some Gale products, but you know, we can really expand on this. And I think, getting the students in there and using it. And that would mean increased usage, which really helps. I mean, usage is a lot, right. That’s how we justify paying for these things. So that usage goes up, we can make a better case, at least, if we have the budget for it to spend money on.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:05
So kind of in that same pod. And I don’t know if you can tell me if you plan to speak to this in your directors report,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:14
which comes next. But I know this this action plan, what you’re presenting to us tonight is really relative to the past. Yes. So I wouldn’t be curious either now or another time to know what specific things in your action plan might not be achieved. If you have no increase in your budget for 2020, for those of your question, I’ll I’ll spend more time on it, maybe for the next meeting, especially as we approach another year.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:54
Thank you, anyone else?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:00
Okay, um, do you want to keep sharing John? Or do you want to take that? Yeah, no, I’ll keep sharing for the let’s do for each report. Yes. Yeah. Just go ahead and flow into that

Unknown Speaker 1:28:23
can you see my screen still?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:27
Have a powerful? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:32
Alright, so my Director’s Report is our what I try to do every month, which is, you know, highlights of programming that we’re doing.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:42
So I’ll just, I’ll go through this.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:47
Summer, Please. Kind of just get a sense. So we had a really good event on during danlos week, this was actually you’re going to see this a similar slide again with adult. I love this for a couple reasons. One is the topic. But one is this was a collaborative program between children adult

Unknown Speaker 1:29:07
to bring in this topic of censorship. And I was not able to go but it sounds like it was a great conversation and really good information to share and very well received. And, and a lab that, you know, at least for the public library, in Longmont, you know, I don’t get a whole lot of comments are anything about

Unknown Speaker 1:29:32
materials we should not have here. I feel like the school districts in general face more of that

Unknown Speaker 1:29:39
than we do. So knock on wood that continues but we still have to always, of course, be aware of that. So I think it was a great conversation.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:49
The Eclipse program was huge. We ran out of those glasses within two seconds that we got through a grant that the children wrote the choice to

Unknown Speaker 1:29:59

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
sort of distributed between them and all the service points actually, it was kind of

Unknown Speaker 1:30:05
chose to wrote the grant at the close classes anyway, they were brought out, our outreach person brought that out to some programs that were on that same day. So it was, it was really, really good stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:30

Unknown Speaker 1:30:34
October course, we’re busy with holiday goes.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:41
A lot done. They’re what we call passive programming, which is, you know, there’s no library staff involved. It’s just preparation.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:49
Whatever the past programming is, is really independent with kids, families, low tiara, course, this was huge year.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:00
Halloween was fantastic, because the kids started here. And then they they did a little light parade over to the Civic Center, a tumor triggered over there. So I got to see them all walking by so you can see the amount of people here also, people that were coming through here in very key costumes.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:25
And that’s last month, because I forgot to update it. Oops. So going alarm.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:33
It’s okay. It’s just it’s just the numbers part, which is important, but it’s more about the stories, right. So here’s the the adult perspective of that van most event.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:47
Domestic Violence Awareness Month was was really impactful. You need I think the attendance, you know, that’s a tough topic, but I think it was good. We partnered with the department within the city to do this, we had a display out for the entire month on this.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:08
So that went over pretty well. And then some of our regular stuff that adult does that are ongoing. And people come to a lot. I’ve talked about those many times. And here’s more stats from last month.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:25
So and then outreach, here we go without us. So the Unity community right here was huge, that was a great turnout.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:34
So we were all there, station right in front of our main doors, which is great

Unknown Speaker 1:32:41
for that event.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:45
And then I’ll kind of just go through some of these quickly, because, you know, getting back to the point of how much our solo outreach person does without it. Yeah, and I will say that

Unknown Speaker 1:32:58
in Lillian is good about indicating whether she did something literally herself or not, but many of these programs and going back to Unity, this is a team effort. But that what that means if I haven’t said this before is

Unknown Speaker 1:33:15
library staff.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:18
I’m gonna quote this, but they volunteer their time to do these things, they technically can’t volunteer their time. But what it means is they you know, if they want to help at an outreach event, they have to trade off work time to go to that event, which impacts staffing here. So just the amount of effort to do these things

Unknown Speaker 1:33:42
is huge and million doesn’t many of them alone and doing a program alone you’re encountering 90 Some people is a lot for one person.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:52
And then just going through these are a lot of her regular programs that was already there live apart our center, she goes to every one of

Unknown Speaker 1:34:02
these the numbers you’re seeing like 76 people, he’s just keep going up with the people that are engaging with her, which means that of course engaging with the library.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:13
parents involved in education is

Unknown Speaker 1:34:16
I mean really, it’s just made that into a babysitting program into an actual event Outreach Program, which is educational and they have activities and storytime.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:27
And just it’s just fantastic.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:33
Back to one of our parks. This was you can see with a picture here that was on the solar eclipse

Unknown Speaker 1:34:40
Oh, dear America, that was huge, fantastic program that the city did of course, there so a lot of interaction there.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:52
Kind of procedures a regular program. Just all this stuff, you know some of this routines. She lists out by

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
When she’s there

Unknown Speaker 1:35:06
I put this in here, just because I want to just share among everything else that Lillian does. She’s a member of a library organization, color format, which is for Spanish speaking, library staff and, you know, reaching out to that community. She’s in our format. And she presented and she taught a whole course on how to do outreach.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:30
So on top of everything else, and by the way, she also is a part of,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:35
she was asked to be a part of another organization in within the state library called Clell, which is children library, something anyway, they select books that win awards, and she was specifically asked to be on that, and to help us with that. So she’s doing all these things on top of her regular job.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:58
And frankly, I worry a little bit sometimes how much she’s doing. That’s why I add that more times, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:09
Anyway, the senior center that keeps growing, I mean, I think when I was here started a year ago, she can get a few people engaging with her at the Senior Center. And now you can see over 50 people every time she’s there.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:20
And then she’s there. She’s hitting a library cards. And these are some numbers that are in here, you know, so we’re getting new users every time.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:36
Sugar Free ball Halloween stuff. Yeah, there were a couple programs there, Lilian did one and our children’s staff did it at different schools. So we divide and conquer there, it’s delivered to programs.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:49
And then hear how we collaborate Of course, stability of things involved with that, too, you know, it was a

Unknown Speaker 1:36:55
program, and then just getting into some of her numbers

Unknown Speaker 1:37:00
that she shares.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:03
And I just point out from this time last year, you know, she’s she’s doubling the interaction she’s getting.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:13
And here’s everything that you saw above just listed out. So

Unknown Speaker 1:37:17
that is outreach.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:21
listed out and I’m sorry, this wasn’t in the packet. But

Unknown Speaker 1:37:26
I tried to do that. So you can have a chance to look it over. And I

Unknown Speaker 1:37:31
incorporated that into next month. So

Unknown Speaker 1:37:36
that’s my direct report.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:41
I said, Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:44
Just on a personal interest note, I really appreciate the banned books, events, I always do something every year with my students on that. And then

Unknown Speaker 1:37:55
I got some pushback this year, which is that was interesting the first time but it was a good conversation.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:02
Not from my school parent. But I’m actually in my law school program. You can do this like independent study thing, and I’m going to do it on banned books. I’m considering focusing specifically on grammar book requests in the Public Library system. So John, I might want to reach out to you to get a insider perspective, if you don’t mind. No, not at all.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:27
Yeah, well, I can maybe bring some of my research to the group of visitors. So they just have a question

Unknown Speaker 1:38:33
for you. So if an individual is concerned about a book, what is the process that the city or the library does as far as okay, I don’t want this book off the shelf. Right, right. So so generally, what will happen and what what staff are educated to do so someone says something witnesses come up the most recent was a few back in the summer. And it was something that was on display, but it’s in, in that case, didn’t want it. They weren’t asking it to be removed for they didn’t think it was appropriate to be displayed in a way that everyone can see it. But anyway, just it’s still the same process.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:17
What I what I encourage staff to do is just really to listen, let them express what they want. And if they have questions, they get a supervisor award, me, and we talk. And then if they really are adamant that that needs to be taken out. There’s a formal process in library lately. It’s a form and everyone was a library that was causing the same thing that’s called a request for reconsideration. Okay. And it’s a it’s a written form, it has to be done in writing. And so that can be handed to a person that wants to challenge something we call a challenge. Yeah. And they fill that out

Unknown Speaker 1:39:56
and give as much information as they want and the reasoning of why

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
It doesn’t belong in the library. And then that per policy gets turned into the library. And a committee reviews it. And the committee will always be me, and designated staff. And that will depend on what they’re challenging. So if it’s a children’s book, I’m going to bring in children, so staff, staff. And so that’s what happens. And then based off that, and research we do, then I write a formal response. That’s why decision for hours. Yeah, okay. Well, thanks. That was something I didn’t know how how that was handled. And that’s pretty common, or whatever it is, as far as how that’s done.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:46

Unknown Speaker 1:40:49
Any other comments on?

Unknown Speaker 1:40:54

Unknown Speaker 1:40:58
That was rude, but it doesn’t look like

Unknown Speaker 1:41:06
you muted yourself.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:09
There, we have a friends named Jamie. So I was not in town for the friends meeting this month, because it’s just last week, and did not receive minutes from that yet.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:26
What happened? I told this board from our last meeting, just so appreciative of all of the efforts that came from that corner.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:41
Around the election, and the friends did support a small campaign that included social media posts,

Unknown Speaker 1:41:54
some lawn signs, some bookmarks

Unknown Speaker 1:41:59
that specifically tried to highlight that, quote, unquote, reasonable increase, that would have happened

Unknown Speaker 1:42:10
with taxes, and then lots and lots of talking to people in various communities. And I felt like the friends were really well positioned to speak to senior residents.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:26
And a lot of other many of our friends, volunteers are also involved with other organizations, and nonprofits in a volunteer capacity. And so to be able to go and visit other groups in the community and talk about the library. I thought that was invaluable. But every time I spoke with somebody, they would let me know, like, here’s how it’s going. Just so you know, this is the word on the street, and nobody wants to pay more for for

Unknown Speaker 1:43:00
your textbook this year. So,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:04
you know, I think that we, you know, the friends did what they could with the resources and the timeline that they were given. And so that I’m really appreciative.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:16
They are now going to segue into full book sale prep mode. So the holiday or pre holiday sale starts December 13, it goes through the 16th.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:31
And so it’s going to be a lot of promotion, and getting ready for that.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:39
Great, thank you. Do you know, is there a December meeting? Or will they be taking a break? I think they originally weren’t going to have a meeting and then decided that they had some things they might want to talk about. So they want to do like a combined one, don’t they or something? Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:01
A combined meeting. I thought they did like a combined November December meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:08
That I wouldn’t know. This is my first day. Yeah, that’s I wish I had a bit of memory for some reason that just popped up for me. But well, last meeting we voted or they voted to to not have a meeting in November or December. And then

Unknown Speaker 1:44:27
there was a change to that. So now

Unknown Speaker 1:44:30
both November and December. They made up for it. Yes. Okay. Are you able to attend to the next one? Or should we get a surrogate or I should be able to attend next time but it is two days after our meeting. So you will not hear about the December meeting until January. Got it? Okay. Well, remember we can always back you up if it’s too much because you’re doing extra so thank you

Unknown Speaker 1:44:59
all right. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:45:00

Unknown Speaker 1:45:02
let’s see. Suze I think it’s you, right? Yeah. So I’m just gonna give some dates

Unknown Speaker 1:45:11
on December. So we do have a regular

Unknown Speaker 1:45:15
session or regular meeting on the 28th. So if anybody wants to come to public voted to be heard,

Unknown Speaker 1:45:24
I think that would be a great opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:29
We have the, for our out, we have an outgoing reception for councilmember waters. His that will be, you know, his official last last day. He’ll be and then we have our organizational meeting at seven o’clock.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:48
Where we swear in the new new council.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:52
And so I don’t think a lot is gonna really be happening at that it’s more sterile ceremonial time.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:00
And, yeah, I’m trying to think Oh, then I just looked, we have the Lamont Housing Authority Board of Commissioners special meeting, November 30. My anniversary.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:13
Love my husband. How romantic.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:18
About better when are you? Well, it’s weekdays and weeknights are horrible celebrate on the weekend.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:25
So I think, you know, I kind of said a little bit earlier, that we are going to be addressing the outcomes and reflecting on the ballot measures this year. I don’t know which meeting but it’ll be coming up. I’m basically going to save a lot of what I said tonight, you know, we’re just really looking at at having in the future, maybe ballot measures not occurring the same year that we have

Unknown Speaker 1:46:58
city council races.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:02
You know, because I think that did play an impact.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:09
Yeah, I’m trying to think of I mean, there isn’t. There isn’t a whole lot as we’re trying to get ready for a new council and

Unknown Speaker 1:47:17
seen councilmember waters off so.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:22
So if and if you’re available or want to come to any of those dates your

Unknown Speaker 1:47:28
jury looked at to see all on December 5, six o’clock.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:35
December 5, I thought it was the 28th. Sorry, we have a regular session, btw with our old counsel on the 28th. But we have an outgoing reception for councilmember waters. Yeah. December 5.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:52
And that starts at six.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:57
Yes, last the 28th is my birthday. So I can’t make it to that one.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:04
If anyone else feels so inspired, you could always just go read our letter.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:09
If anyone was interested. I’ll let Cynthia no to.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:19
All right, any other questions for Susie?

Unknown Speaker 1:48:23
All right, I think the last thing on the agenda then is library profession news. Does anyone have anything to share?

Unknown Speaker 1:48:34
Well, I will share one thing that’s kind of somewhat related to book banning. And just to bring this to people’s attention if you haven’t seen it, but there’s a story that came out of Huntington Beach library in Orange County, California, if you’re not familiar with that area, it’s fairly politically conservative, that’s saying it lightly.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:55
But they have a their Library Board of Trustees

Unknown Speaker 1:49:02
has something that basically they’re re cataloging a bunch of their materials, and coming up with these

Unknown Speaker 1:49:11
library cards that restrict access to

Unknown Speaker 1:49:17
obscene or pornographic materials, as decided by the warden.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:23
Basically, and I just wanted to bring this to your attention, because this is one of those other areas where people are trying to gain influence, particularly in public libraries. And, you know, trying to create ways where, at least, you know, the argument on that side is, you know, it’s that way parents can feel safe that their kids aren’t checking out something that they shouldn’t have, but putting it

Unknown Speaker 1:49:49
in the form of a restrictive library card.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:53
It puts the, this is John’s opinion.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:58
Just to be clear, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:50:00
Due to going this method and doing it this way, puts the burden on the library to enforce it, right. So if a 12 year old or a 13, or whatever comes to the desk, and they hand them their car, and it’s a type of car that the parent decided once restricted to certain things, then the library is required to knock check that out.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:23
And this is, I will say, very transparently, that is not the role of a public library. We are not responsible for your children, parent guardians are responsible. So I just, I want to bring this forward, just because this is the kind of stuff that is also going on. And, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:50:44
anyway, it’s Huntington Beach, you can look it up the article from their local newspaper called The Huntington Beach Tribune. And the article is called library says content policy. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:58
So it’s very,

Unknown Speaker 1:50:59
yeah, I wouldn’t be shocked if that survives a constitutional challenge, like yes, allows it to happen, first of all that like, based on my very cursory now, these things like, seems to violate lots of First Amendment rights of lots of different people. I mean, it’s, there’s, you know, there’s

Unknown Speaker 1:51:19
just my general, yeah, well, there’s lots of there’s layers of issues with with this decision, and that that can’t be the solution.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:29
In my case, it was a burden on I mean, I don’t I don’t guard my library card. So if, if somebody can’t find her library card here, take mine like I can. So then like, are you in the depths of post to ID and make sure that it’s the kids card and not their parents or their name or age? So that’s a lot of burden online with library card do you have today? It’s layers, right? And then with self check, you mean, it folks? So, you know, assuming they might have self check or not, but we do. So what are we supposed to know, police self check and take that away? But it’s like, Well, no. So yeah, you know, give your kid your, your library card then and let them check out whatever they want. Because it’s going to bypass staff anyway. So in some ways, the whole thing’s ridiculous. But it’s also concerning very concerning. The library. That library has scanners at every entrance and exit to the library. I have no clue. Do

Unknown Speaker 1:52:31
you know, when scanners, sorry? That if you have not checked out a library

Unknown Speaker 1:52:37
system? No, we don’t know. They may. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:43
You know, we don’t, that’s the kind of alarm system, some libraries still have been in lockdown. Because for the purpose of library materials loss to take this aspect away. It’s been shown over time that those are really not effective. And it just makes me feel bad. I’m not suggesting Yeah, yeah, no, no, I know, I know what you’re asking. I just, you know, yeah, I used to be a teenager, and I’ve worked with teenagers, and they will find a way. If they want to read something. Well, that’s the whole thing about it. Right? You know, so it’s like, I mean, you can, you can books, it’s like, if you’re going to tell the world that this is now banned, you can see that the checkouts go up, the purchases of that book go up. Some authors make a lot of money as soon as their book is.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:39
So it’s just ridiculous that it’s not always available online.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:45
Yeah, you’re not solving anything.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:49
Except for like, no, not anything except you’re not solving anything. You’re just creating a lot of a world of problems for the library, and which then can lead to the library and staff getting in trouble. And if you’re in Arkansas, you can actually be criminally charged liability. So anyway, just that’s library news. Maybe next month, I’ll share something.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:19
Yes, is okay. It looks like tucanos voted not to become part of High Plains Library District. Does this. Does this have any bearing on anything? I was just curious about that. What that’s interesting. I can I wasn’t sure. Proposed very close. Yeah, I think I don’t know a lot about it. I will say that

Unknown Speaker 1:54:46
you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:54:48
the opportunity to become a part of

Unknown Speaker 1:54:52
a district of high plains that is extremely well funded.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:59
That sounds like a lot

Unknown Speaker 1:55:00
unwinnable. Now I don’t know enough about the koto independently? You know, I think I just, I think that would probably would have been a good move to be absorbed into that district and get the benefits of being a part of that district and not having to figure so many things out yourself in a small town that probably has, you know, on scale, different but similar challenges that we face here alone.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:31
Yeah, I did ask Cynthia about it. And she said that she had some thoughts on it, but I’ll let her speak for herself. So we can follow up with her next time, too.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:42
But yeah, I know, it was like, This is what the Denver Post reported, at least

Unknown Speaker 1:55:48
on November 8, so updated number nine. So I think is where it landed. I know, it was like too close to call for a while. So it’ll be interesting to see. All right. Anything else from put together the group?

Unknown Speaker 1:56:02
All right. Thank you, everyone. Our next meeting is December 18. Does anyone foresee enough conflict with us and we should move in? It’s

Unknown Speaker 1:56:12
there’s a whole week

Unknown Speaker 1:56:15
before the schools get out. Is that right for use it Susie to us? Yeah, I mean, it doesn’t matter. I’m not going anywhere. So let me hear

Unknown Speaker 1:56:27
everybody else. Well, we have enough people around.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:32
Okay, sounds like

Unknown Speaker 1:56:35
All right. Well, then. The meeting will then be adjourned at 8:57pm Thanks, everyone.

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