Golf Course Advisory Board – October 2023

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Golf Course Advisory Board – October 2023

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She just needs to do. We don’t have to do our thing. Right. Okay. With that with that change. Do I have any motion to approve the agenda as admitted? We want to favor?

Speaker 1 0:27
motion. Seconded. All in favor say aye. Aye. All opposed say nay. Motion carries community. Everything here from the public with public communications from Start key. All right. Well, yeah, we

Speaker 2 0:53
know what I didn’t say it didn’t quite get there. Last month, we were trying, we were trying to get to 200,000. And keep that streak of short one to five months alive. And we didn’t make we got 186,000 for chest, you know, we’re projected 98. So we pushed that, and Rene felt really good. It’s 36,000 over what we did the prior year. So that’s fixed super, round wise, kind of staying sane. By 200, here short, but I will confess to the board that I figured something out in the last in the last week. With our new point of sale system, we had to train all of our employees, right? I thought I had everybody trained perfectly. So when you when you do a prepaid round, okay, so the prepaid round and book it online, it’s prepaid, we get the money, I return that money in the next morning, then when the when the customers come, we check them into the tissue. Okay, you didn’t, so when you check them on it, and you can put up, you can click on the checkmark, and that gives them a blue checkmark. And it looks like they’ve checked in. But you need to go one step further and click on the shopping cart, and take him through the shopping cart, even though it’s zero transaction, you got to take him through the shopping cart. And then once it’s through the shopping cart, and you close the order, then it counts as an official round. Everybody follow that? Almost all of my staff follow that perfectly, almost 2938 rounds that I spent the last week ringing in as I went through every day, it’s tyshee. To to find all those rounds that weren’t counted. Now there’s zero rounds, we got the money. So it’s not about that. But I couldn’t figure out why. Why our rounds were so low. And that was it. So now all of a sudden, as we neared the end of October, I’m back up over 37,000 rounds now. So as you can see, if we look at the actual rounds, 31,005 and four, I had a good October, didn’t I? Well, that’s why so I’ll try to get Danny if she can and her spreadsheet to spread those out over the summer months. So it looks a little bit more realistic. But anyway, we’re doing a little better on rounds now than we were. But what a great year and we’re doing real good too. We think we just went over 100,000 for for October as of today. Hopefully we’ll you know, get a few more three or four more good days in and maybe get to that. That 113 that we got to last year that will be great. And although it looks like the weekend is gonna let us down starting from Friday, but we were doing to get some weather. But it’s been a great year. I can’t say enough. I don’t get to see the board again this year. Can’t say enough about the golf course this year. And about the job Brian and his crew do with a 46 year old of irrigation systems. my math is correct

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then 400 Okay,

Speaker 2 3:55
I think about it a lot. So anyway, with an irrigation system that’ll have a golf course in the condition that we had it in all thanks to Ryan it was guys just can’t say enough. Or Invitational here and 14th and 15th of March. The sheer volume of essays and feedback from out of town golfers was off the charts. So it was great. Fun. October one Yeah, the March will be personal Ross in March but the October got great feedback. So I can’t say and I’m getting questions at all for Twinbee

Speaker 3 4:39
it’s kind of in the same boat there with Wave Keith has been saying it projected for sunset revenue wise for September was 52,007 20 actual came in at 68,003 51 rounds pretty acted at 3626 actual was 43 query and unfortunately for the weather this weekend slows down but yeah it’s been it’s just still been super busy Saturday non stop all open close Sunday sure that was the same way and they even still the same key set it all golf courses are fantastic absolutely Brian and Dan also say that because I’ve been out to you a couple of times to get some lessons horses are just just perfect so I’m sure it’s we anyone got questions for sunset

Speaker 1 5:49
Academy I have blade said said Monday through Friday with two other adult seniors and a senior moment so of course that started asking him about the course launch and so finally at the end I said on a scale of one to 10 How do you rate everything because the lady selves foods is out there and he said where they said well how about a nine so I said well on 09 to one it is pretty good I said what what why not kid and he said well you know that tree on six gonna look inside it’s got a great race and comes out take that off that’s

Speaker 3 6:39
the number one complaints for years we all age brackets because that branch just sits there right that’s you right if that but I will tell you this though you get rid of that branch and it will significantly make that whole a lot easier. Oh and then once that tree officially like eventually goes that hole will no longer be a tough hole because that that tree is the target line for a lot of players for sure. I know the feeling though all too well believe on Thursday smoke

Speaker 4 7:21
anything else says that you Creek yeah yeah more or less say if it’s been a great year. Great September as well. Bringing out three grand I thought was been amazing. And the rounds lately show my revenues for September from 49,000 bucks a year today through September 187 And for the month 24,000 In the year almost 2000 ahead the prior year which is greater than around which I think we’re ringing the

Speaker 2 8:04
bell if you need a ladder if he if you if you need a lesson just let me know I’m over here. Okay, right it’s like reading code now I can pull up a sheet and I’ll

Speaker 4 8:14
give you my password by arounds we’re at 36,009 16 through September which is 551 at a prior year I think that number is growing but kind of filtered down maybe because go back and make sure our staff is getting it done correctly. I’m pretty sure they are and I guess it’s worth a check when I had I ran the numbers for October and month today 145,000 Which for you we have reached a milestone we’re over 2 million

Speaker 5 8:56
through love. So this

Unknown Speaker 8:59
right here of course is an awful shame considering

Speaker 1 9:12
No, of course has been engraved into your hands and online as long as we have known the same variant or even blinking any other questions on a free probe. It’ll do a fantastic job.

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next up all

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these gurus

Speaker 1 9:36
they will update on demand.

Speaker 6 9:40
Ryan, you want to start that I can start so I’ll start with giving an update on the irrigation pond project. They’re getting closer and closer to the project physically started. We have a pre construction meeting scheduled this Thursday morning, where it seems CDs doing the work. And we’re going to get a lot of information on how to start or know for sure when they’re going to start bringing in equipment and parts. So a lot of information this Thursday, and I’ll know a lot more up for right now I’ve heard feel what’s going to start showing up next week for the peaks. And also I’ve been told they’re thinking of starting in Sunset, come the week, next week also, but the replacing of irrigation heads, and we have a small box or the lunchbox small stash of sprinkler heads from when the project was originally starting. But we’re thinking of starting that project and then hopefully have sunset wrapped up on third before Venice, Gibby. But I heard that part of sons, yes. So that will just leave the remainder part of sunset of the Constitution was being reworked with pumps and motors. But I’ve been hurting and confirmation that they’re going to do that for sure. It’s all rather the won’t bring us up to the top of not being together. With all the time thought what the weather does up in the mountains, down here. So beyond that, the vision is moving towards the direction of what’s gonna get started soon. Moment, a lot more on Thursday morning, though we’re sharing data with us. So everyone has voted questions about that project. Your questions. The next thing is direction,

Speaker 7 11:45
I can talk about the treatment units facility, part of the business. So we got moved out of our city EFA set highway 66. In September 12, through the 14th, we got all of our stuff out of the house fell off another garage in both garages. And we’re moved up to the middle area by the province where we kind of originally decided or wanting to go and then got shut down. So we got a temporary trailer up there. We got a big area fenced in so we can have all our equipment and a couple of mini mobiles to store all of our tools. And our mechanic has a little work area in there, which he also works out at sandstone ranch. So we can have a concrete floor and but so yeah, we got moved out, got going, the construction company got all their stuff moved in there. And then came the asbestos of abatement. And we hit a hit a big snag again. So we’re waiting on the asbestos people to get their permit, or their license with the state expired right before they were supposed to start a project. We’re so close. So we’ve wasted about three weeks of perfect weather. And, and then, yeah, the construction guys are sitting down there and we’re sitting, the whole place is empty and nothing’s happening. So that’s kind of the way it’s been going. But hopefully we can get somebody else in there. Or they will have their license by they hoped that it had a Friday. I don’t think it’s happening. So we’re trying to get somebody else in there trying to get rolling and stuff. So yeah, cuz it’ll take a good two to three weeks to get all the asbestos stuff out. And then they can flatten everything. Well, then the fire department wants to come in and do some training in the house and all that and then they can flatten and dig it start digging footers. So yeah, it’s kind of the way it’s working, but it’ll get there

Speaker 1 13:45
any other old business? They were going to the new western seaboard V, which is discussed 24 passengers have ever should mean either.

Speaker 8 13:57
Yep. So in your packet, you should have information for the three courses, what a boss, or are currently in 2023. And what the new rates would be good if we raised anywhere between five, eight or 10%. Also in your packet, Danny had done a really nice job of calling other golf courses to kind of get a comparison of what they have available for their passes and memberships. And one of the things that you really see at night information is nobody does things the same way. So it’s virtually impossible to compare apples to apples on any any of the different products or opportunities that we provide. So we as a staff would like to propose to board that we look at 8% increase for passes and memberships. 23. We went back in and looked, and we believe that the passes and memberships have not been increased since 2018. And so it’s, it’s really interesting time that we give you that the price increase should probably be more than the 8%. But we feel like that is a fair amount to raise things that his loading time, and that he would bring rates back for you for 2025. And having this same conversation with you next year. So does anybody have any questions or comments? Or

Unknown Speaker 15:54
got back in 2018? How to raise the rates? Was the change?

Speaker 8 15:59
I don’t remember the percentage, but it was it was not even close to? I would say it was close to three to 4%. And

Unknown Speaker 16:08
did you see any sort of big finding?

Speaker 4 16:13
Okay, pass the I’m sorry. They’re not kept up with our immigration green fuse, right. So a percent of very conservative

Speaker 8 16:23
will actually run on board with it. So the other thing that I should probably mention is that if we, I met with John last week, and he made a suggestion of what, what’s the number of passes that that we currently have for 2023, that numbers around 900 With a total revenue amount of just over $400,000. So although this is a very important component, because the amount of money that we bring in is not recent, it doesn’t really show how many rounds because I think the folks that take advantage of passes and memberships are really playing their hearts out. And, and so, again, $400,000 is not a lot of money. There are a lot of people that are going back to those that, again, are buying a lot

Speaker 1 17:34
probably stable homes for over a year, and for the C 44. department. But I’m just curious as myself. So so that’s what they do in the past. Well, we can drop that.

Speaker 8 17:58
No, I and that’s really, it’s really there for those folks that want to play a lot of golf. And I think they are, you know, it’s a good product. Good. I think it’s a fair product for those people have ever really committed to Longmont golf and but but I do think they were sent it is a fair increase.

Speaker 1 18:29
He discusses a lot more earlier about that board. If not, maybe I’ll make a motion to raise the passes 8% for 2024. So, one

Speaker 6 18:43
one question was from reading the other places as well, like David, was there any thought of doing the range punch card which I saw on someone than the ones?

Speaker 8 18:54
We do know we do? Do you do that here? Yes, we do that both here and that new Creek and just wasn’t sure if we

Unknown Speaker 19:03
did that. You have in some

Unknown Speaker 19:05
areas hence and punching very large.

Speaker 2 19:08
Nose will be going up to that range. Right. It’s go up, start give the notes just didn’t see that. I was ready to pass

Unknown Speaker 19:17
here. So I was sure about all the passes right here.

Unknown Speaker 19:27
Across the board. Yeah, fair. Okay.

Speaker 1 19:31
Any other session? Well, I have a motion for you in rates passes 8%

Unknown Speaker 19:36

Unknown Speaker 19:40
that a second.

Speaker 1 19:43
Motions been made to raise us 8% for 2024.

Speaker 8 19:49
All in favor say aye. Aye. Aye.

Speaker 1 19:53
All opposed. Motion carries unanimously.

Speaker 1 20:03
Anything else to give? I would,

Speaker 8 20:06
this is more of an item from staff. But we’d like to if we take a few minutes this evening, to kind of follow up what we talked about the last time that was mad, and trying to make sure that staff is bringing things to you as a board that you feel provide value and make it worth your time to be on the advisory board. I think that you know, what came out of last times meeting that passes and memberships was a part of that. But what other things can we bring to you that you would like to see in the months to come?

Speaker 9 20:57
Currently the eyeball on my jacket just on virgin hair.

Speaker 1 21:07
So are you are really

Tim Waters 21:17
don’t want to one up there. But I spent my 75th birthday in a city councilman. That’s how I celebrated last Tuesday night during the week. So I’m just saying.

Unknown Speaker 21:33
Oh, my birthday. I met with Jeff. Yeah, I turned 85. Yeah. Okay.

Speaker 9 21:37
All right. Any other discussions from? Like?

Unknown Speaker 21:46
The wires on the spot there? What? What does counsel? Well,

Tim Waters 21:54
I don’t know that I can speak for counsel. I can speak for me. Sure. Right. And I’ve been sitting here waiting age, should I say what I’m about to say. But since asked. So I’m gonna say, Oh, I sit on, you know, as you in the role of counsel, you get assigned to service liaison right to boards and commissions. And there’s a learning curve that goes with that. Right, in terms of what what do you what would I bring to any of these? And what should I take back to council? So our role is just keeping council members informed. So that’s part of my job. What I’ve always wished for honestly, that the boards and commissioners that I’ve liaison to, would have higher expectations for for the night. Not that these guys aren’t doing a great job, but for how that’s how supported by the city, not just the Gulfport the library and what the library board does. The museum looked at museum buildings. And one of what I was waiting about whether or not I should say this, one of my objectives, maybe wasn’t an objective, one of my aspirations, when I ran for council was to see that you Creek got finished. Right. And then I had this conversation with Sam, you know, while I was volunteering, increases money for student council. So I don’t know if I already got an apology, but I was unsuccessful in making much progress. Other than a, we have a design that was funded at 400 and some odd $1,000 A couple of years ago. And

Speaker 8 23:30
we only spent about 60 of that. So okay,

Tim Waters 23:33
we were there we go. So there’s isn’t any of that left in an account? Yes. Because at the time, well, I’ll just I’ll leave it at this. When we built this year’s budget. And by the way, every year, I’ve recommended to the city manager and I’m not being critical of the process, understand the process will work through health and safety issues. And you know, all of the competing priorities that go into building a city’s budget. But this year, in particular, kind of the mantra for building the budget was, let’s not introduce new things until we finished things that we have started. And I’ve said I’m on the record public continue to the one project that started in 1995 is yet to be finished is the Ukri plugins. Right. So whether you all support, you know, moving forward that or not. I do think that in addition to advising staff, there are times where if you have expectations for this for the operation for the city, you want to be out front. Right. When the bond question when this group was asked whether or not it could support the 2080 Yes, yeah. Bond question. My record when I was liaison him here and my recommendation was, you say yes to them with a qualification. We would support that. Hey, We’d like to see a finished and you Creek Golf Course. So these guys are aren’t in a position to advocate, they’re gonna get asked by a bunch of players. And you’re not your role isn’t as advocates, your as advisors. But every once in a while if there’s a gift, there’s a gap between reality and aspiration, I don’t I don’t think you should be bashful he was saying, why would we not see more progress on this? And I understand across the city, I’ve heard it from people to say, well, you’re what my priorities are screwed up. Because I’ve give voice to, you know, we got to finish that project. My response to that is, I think in 1995, the city said, we’re going to do this. And there’s something about keeping your word and 30 years later, now, 20 years later, maybe it’s time to do them, not just on that project, on other projects in the city, and some of the parks and greenways, and the kinds of things that I’ve done. So I would love from time to time to hear from advisory boards, express what your expectations are for the city. And for the kinds of attention in the kinds of resources that in this case, our golf courses deserve. I’ve raised we went through the budgeting process, just sensing and I was told this time that probably that’s not gonna happen until we find a restaurant that was willing to do a public private partnership to Yes. I asked that six years ago, would you be interested in a public private partnership online, find somebody you know, and then map as part of the conversation with Sam, because I didn’t want to squeeze him out of one of his revenue, trends, ways to put that together that would work for Sam to work for you Creek work continue. But on the east side of town. I don’t think that’s an extravagance I think that is keeping good faith with what we said we were going to do in the in the development of a golf course around which a bunch of housing was permitted, with the expectation that the gospel was to be birthed a clubhouse would be foolish. So thanks to the question. Didn’t know what, what I might do with it. But I don’t think you ought to be reticent to express your expectations. And don’t lean on these guys push together or cheer ships up to a public invited beard, the shares what your perspectives on other boards and commissions have done them. You see items, what you agree with what’s on the ballot right now, in terms of the three ballot questions, we need to sort them out against every one of those. They’re partly because an advisory board said, We audit, there’s a standard we ought to be eating if we’re not meeting the challenge that we we have the resource library, what we needed in terms of the recreation package, Parks and Rec advisory board was very smooth. And I like to think I helped with that. It’s simple. We haven’t had that conversation here. But I don’t I hope you keep that top up on you. And this will be my last opportunity to do that speechifying. So I appreciate it. Thanks for your service. So hopefully I can get you in trouble. Now, yeah. Let’s try it again. From what I just and I’m running out of time.

Unknown Speaker 28:22
What was passed in 1990 voted

Tim Waters 28:26
in 1995 is when the up golf course which was approved

Speaker 8 28:29
by council but there I don’t believe there was a vote for that. I believe that it was based on revenue bonds to pay it back. Well,

Tim Waters 28:39
those were the days where that’s pre taped, you didn’t have to have a vote to do a revenue bonus. But if you were to So here’s just district fat toy, alright to keep them back. In 1995, I don’t know who I think it probably was the museum that took the lead on creating a time capsule for Longhorn and anything that anything that anybody thought was worthy of recognizing 25 years later, let’s put that in a time capsule. So there are a number of things are artifacts that went into the time 10s 25 newsletter that time capsule was opened. And one of the artifacts that somebody thought was so important to put in was the whole was the brochure on Ucrete. What had been approved what the public could expect, right? It was a high enough priority. It was a big enough aspiration. People were excited to make it one of the most important documents to take a look at 25 years later I happen to be there. I’d already been in this conversations with Jeff and Carol feathers. Sale about about finishing. We’re in the and I didn’t notice those titles. So it puts up in one of the things one of the documents was pulled out was the information devotion or regardless of what edition There’s going to be the community and what the what the clubhouse and the golf course was all going to eat, you know, to kidney. And I thought, You know what, 25 years later, that was two years ago, 25 years later, we hadn’t finished the project, that was important enough to remember in the telecomms. Three years later, we were in the same class, other than we have a, we have a design. So I might, I might still be still trying to beat that drum as a as a, as a resident on the sanitary. But if I haven’t made much progress as a council member, I’m probably going to make much progress as a, as a golf working as an advocate board. So um, you know, that’s one of the regrets that we didn’t get that done, but it was

Speaker 4 30:48
really exciting to think about it. Really. I mean, you got it whoa, you were you are designing and maybe once we complete all and other projects, to me, that’s

Tim Waters 31:03
awesome. So as a board here, listen to that the ball there, the ball, dirt, ball rolled a little bit, right half of the always gonna keep rolling is if you all take an interest in history. But

Speaker 4 31:14
otherwise, it’s so far out of sight, out of mind. It’s back on.

Speaker 8 31:23
So one last thing, John. So if you if everybody could be just thinking about things that would help provide more value, things you would like to hear. And then at some point time talking about the number of meetings we had gone to every other month for a period of time. We aren’t scheduled to meet in November, December, if you want to do that we certainly can get in meet more often. But that’s that’s up to you all on whether you want to do them. Or we can wait till January. Have the conversation then and sign off and we want to meet moving forward.

Speaker 1 32:12
I think it’s usually one of the agenda items. First meeting January

Unknown Speaker 32:17
7 meeting started up time discussing

Unknown Speaker 32:23
anything else from the stat?

Unknown Speaker 32:26
You Thank You

Unknown Speaker 32:33
For now, well, in that case, yes, I

Speaker 9 32:39
was gonna say I would like to know, you know, because I know southern designs and stuff like that, I think of all the paintings that a nice facility would bring to the community, the sides off. I mean, you know, weddings and counters and all the things that happened with our beautiful backdrop. I I’d really like to know how we could put one question, or at least keep it

Speaker 1 33:06
in focus. One of the things that good thing talked about last week, I brought her to death, we were able to say who he is. And I said, dude, like, this room could be used more for something other than being off. And talking about it looks like we’re really feasible thing to do, because of all the other stuff going on. And Senator

Speaker 2 33:34
Well, as an example, today, I had to I had to kick people out of here is just me. So, you know, if we had another room that was bigger, or if that was built out there that was partially off. And we had a way to do that where we could get more seating. But it’s a small room, we had wedding a couple of ways here that if you have a wedding and has more than 55 people involved in it, 55 people and you’re very comfortable. It’s a nice, really nice venue. So for small things, we do quite a few of those. But overall, it’s just himself. As you talked about design that you predict that that design, I’m sitting here going to help me design this, I’m listening to the description of how that’s gonna turn out. But this place more often than not, I’m telling people, you know, I’ll get calls to to rented out a fair amount, but the priority has to be the golfers benefit, the golfers come up with the golf course and they want to come in and they want to, they want to gather and have a drink and have something to eat. They need to be able to do that. And this is always locked up for all the different events that’s not fair to golfers. So I’ve always made it a priority is developed from scratch now in the wintertime. We definitely welcome more events but unfortunately, very few folks getting married

Speaker 8 34:55
in the design of the clubhouse has taken that into account. So We have a place for golfers, as well as event people.

Speaker 2 35:06
It was it was pretty late last year I was I was waiting on vacation, got a call from some wedding event planner and their, their venue blew up on. And literally worked with this lady, we planned a wedding while I was on vacation, and they did it while I was away. And it went off perfectly, was unbelievable. But again, it was a small one. And it was in early December, a

Unknown Speaker 35:32
lot of things happened here one year. No kidding now appears in the application when you find our app, and this one called him in Hawaii.

Tim Waters 35:53
So what will work decade if that’s if that conversation stays alive, the way other boards have expressed their interests or conservative councils through a resolution. Right. And that is something we’ve stepped in to help that whoever is your liaison would help them get on an agenda, not just public invited, we heard but a resolution for the golf advisory board. Whereas whereas organs were as we made these promises for asthma, we do not have especially on the side of town, but I would, I would say you know, you got to think about all facilities just as we were just learning about, you know, the the possibility of use. I know the next time I’m gonna do you’re gonna be with a bunch of authors. But not for being like this is gonna be what pay off on a fantasy often

Unknown Speaker 36:42
with a lot of beer people are now being gang.

Unknown Speaker 36:46
We gotta do that, definitely.

Speaker 2 36:49
And even wait before it was being told. So think

Tim Waters 36:52
about maybe putting your temper falls, I’m hooked to self. I mean, you come back in January, we would be the appropriate time. I can tell you what we’ve been between January 1 and April. Because the first budget discussion is going to be first Tuesday of March or June 1 Tuesday of May. He’s going to be asked for his budget recommendations during months of March and April. You know if that’s something you’re interested in, by resolution, at least you can express yourself and let people know. You’ll be paying real close to budget presentations are made and your other questions you’d like he says

Unknown Speaker 37:29
anything else from the board?

Speaker 5 37:32
Is the quick one on Thursday. You can screw wealth day and what’s in front of you keep people from really slow. So that was great. Was it was it good?

Speaker 2 37:41
All right. That’s it right and slow was wonderful. Okay. Yeah. I mean, when you get when you get, you know, I don’t get to spend a lot of time with these guys and two of the guys I or my own sunset buddies that, you know, I know Ryan has spent a ton of time but we’ve never actually played golf again. So spent, as far as I’m concerned, it could have been four hours that have been

Unknown Speaker 37:59
so sweet.

Speaker 2 38:00
Help, the speed of the flame is perfectly slow, perfectly slow, and it was wonderful. It wasn’t at an event. You know, everybody had a good, everybody had a great time. So

Speaker 8 38:10
we went and luncheon and golf on Thursday for the maintenance staff to celebrate a good year and thank them for all the work that they see. Somehow Keith gases. Also, Keefe and Sam and Brian really don’t get recognized enough for all the work that they do with involved horses and none of that happening with our plan. Thank you to them. It’s

Tim Waters 38:40
may go city council members were not invited to the

Unknown Speaker 38:48
pool. Thanks. Anything else?

Speaker 1 38:50
The board? Well, I’d like to say two things. One, this year has been an honor for me to be the chairman. I’ve certainly enjoyed it. And I’ve learned over the last 20 years so much stuff off of it. No, that’s for sure. So I want to thank all of you very much and anything else? Is there a motion to adjourn our last meeting for 2023

Speaker 6 39:18
the motion? Motion to adjourn second was was good

Speaker 1 39:23
reason and seconded to adjourn meeting involving will say aye. All of those very efficient is Happy Thanksgiving.

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