Longmont Urban Renewal Authority – October 2023

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Longmont Urban Renewal Authority – October 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:01
Good evening. I’d now like to call the October 24 2023 Longmont urban renewal authority to order. Can we please start with a roll call?

Unknown Speaker 0:12
Of course chair chairperson, Chairperson pack. President

Unknown Speaker 0:19
Susie double fairing present. Marcia Martin. Sean McCoy, and Rodriguez here. Tim waters. Chiquita Yarbro. Jim Bertold. West Parker, Emily beam.

Unknown Speaker 0:34
And Chris McGilvray. Here. Mary, you have a quorum. Great. Thanks. Chairperson you have a quorum.

Unknown Speaker 0:43
Okay, I like it that. So we have two items. Tonight on the business items. The first one is Laura 20 2301. A resolution of the Board of Commissioners of the Longmont urban renewal authority, adopting the annual budget for the authority for the fiscal year 2024.

Unknown Speaker 1:03
Do we have can I have a motion for that? I move adoption of 2020.

Unknown Speaker 1:09
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:12
I won’t say counselor, Commissioner Martin made the motion to adopt 20 2301 Seconded by Commissioner McCoy. Are there any is there any discussion?

Unknown Speaker 1:24
Any discussion from the board?

Unknown Speaker 1:28
Let’s vote.

Unknown Speaker 1:31
Oh, all those in favor?

Unknown Speaker 1:34
Aye. Aye. All those opposed? That passes unanimously. The second

Unknown Speaker 1:40
resolution is Laura 2023 dash O to a resolution of the Longmont urban renewal authority authorizing the First Amendment to redevelopment and reimbursement agreement for the village at the peaks development among the city of Longmont. The long run urban renewal authority, the Twin Peaks Metropolitan District and m m s Twin Peaks LLC.

Unknown Speaker 2:04
Can I have a motion?

Unknown Speaker 2:08
I’ll move Laura 2023 dash O to

Unknown Speaker 2:12
move. Seconded by myself seconded by Commissioner Martin.

Unknown Speaker 2:18
Is there any discussion? I have a question.

Unknown Speaker 2:24
So this amendment, does it in any way affect rcips?

Unknown Speaker 2:31
No, it has no impact.

Unknown Speaker 2:37
I always get confused by the red versus green. Red means go.

Unknown Speaker 2:43
It has no impact at all in that regard. What this does, it clarifies a provision in the reimbursement agreement as it pertains to the issuance of bonds by village of the peaks

Unknown Speaker 3:01
that would then allow them to apply some monies to or to bond some monies allowing them to reimburse them for costs incurred today that were agreed to as part of the agreement. There was just some clarity that needed to be done within the agreement. That’s all this does is clear that all up. Okay. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 3:20
So let’s vote.

Unknown Speaker 3:24
By hand. All those in favor, say aye. Aye. All those opposed? That passes unanimously, thank you. Thank you, Tony. We are now at the public comment portion of our meeting. Is there anybody in the public that would like to comment on Laura?

Unknown Speaker 3:42
Seeing no one I will close the public comment. And can I have a motion to adjourn?

Unknown Speaker 3:49
Okay. Commissioner McCoy made the motion and it was seconded by Commissioner Martin. All those in favor? Aye. All those opposed?

Unknown Speaker 4:01
Seeing none, we are adjourned.

Unknown Speaker 4:05
Thank you

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