Library Board Meeting – October 2023

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Library Board Meeting – October 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Okay, so let’s go ahead and call this meeting to order. And

Unknown Speaker 0:07
first up our Genda is approval of last month’s minutes. I remember that I did not see any needed corrections, but did anyone else? Well, then I knew that from September 18 be accepted.

Unknown Speaker 0:23
There a second. All in favor?

Unknown Speaker 0:34
Oh, perfect.

Unknown Speaker 0:39
Can you hear Austria?

Unknown Speaker 0:42
Yes, I can

Unknown Speaker 0:44
just start it.

Speaker 1 0:46
Yes, we have approved the minutes so far. Okay, so the first item of new visit business, and I’m gonna leave this as a question for the group. We did not have a seven minute presentation for this month. I’m sorry that it might be a nice time to do a library tour, however, so know that we do have one of our members on Zoom. So would you all prefer to postpone that until we are all in person? I don’t know if that’s going to happen anytime soon. Ariana, would you be okay with just missing that portion of the meeting and joining us back when we are back in this room? Yeah, I’m okay with that. So I can join back. Hi, great. Let’s go ahead and proceed with that.

Speaker 2 1:31
That looks really John. That’s great. Yeah, well, I’ll just leave it we are in view, then you’ll know when we’re back. And what’s the disconnect?

Speaker 2 1:48
Yeah, we can, we can close it and lock it. So we’re so Rihanna. We just got back. I can hear you. Good. Okay. Sorry. That was ambitious thinking that would take 10 minutes.

Speaker 1 2:07
Thanks so much Dr. For for showing us around. I think what really stood out to me was, how smart the use of spaces and how much more space you need. That you have out there library. Thanks. How’s it just, it’d be part of that. It’s just any more than any other questions or questions that board members wants to share.

Speaker 3 2:40
Second wave saying yes, some of the things like the library, things like the discovery kits, like that requires more space.

Speaker 4 2:52
I want to say that it is not lost on me when you do a full tour. Even without all of the the narrative. You see how much more there is to this place. Besides seeing and how much is people coming together and connected with you know, into this thing? Do this thing. Go and hiking? Yeah. It’s so interesting. With anything that

Unknown Speaker 3:24
sticks out to you is we’re 20 minutes still

Unknown Speaker 3:26
close. And it’s a nice

Speaker 1 3:29
exact product that it’s definitely every quarter people. Right, so let’s go ahead and move on over monthly icebreaker. Can you believe it was you?

Speaker 3 3:43
Yes. So um, it’s such a common thing in our culture. When somebody asks you what you do that you respond what you do for a living? And if that wasn’t the cultural norm, and you could answer any way you want. How you would respond to the question would you do they think for myself, I would probably first describe myself as a gardener and an urban homesteader.

Unknown Speaker 4:12
And nobody else

Unknown Speaker 4:18
you’re gonna say

Unknown Speaker 4:19
about yourself

Unknown Speaker 4:23
and adapt when mountain biking? I mean. Yeah, I’m a chicken tender.

Speaker 4 4:30
So yeah, I’m going to infer that some animals, just chickens to be just chickens. That’s a great question. I

Speaker 1 4:43
think I’d say I am a someone who enjoys coloring in the kitchen as well as in the garden

Speaker 1 5:04
Now I hope you can still hear us. Yeah, I guess I’d probably be curious about becoming a pilot, I can choose

Unknown Speaker 5:13
something new

Unknown Speaker 5:18

Unknown Speaker 5:22
Me or John or

Speaker 4 5:29
I kind of had to answer this question before, in different contexts.

Speaker 3 5:33
That’s true. Where you’re at how you would answer

Speaker 4 5:37
right. And I had to connect seemingly disparate dots for people, but I would say that I’m a creator. Creative, my creative collect, communicator, and a connector. And any space that I’ve ever spent time in whether it was work or personal, like those, those that’s how I show up everywhere. But I love to make

Unknown Speaker 6:05

Unknown Speaker 6:09
not so good in the kitchen.

Unknown Speaker 6:14
My goodness

Unknown Speaker 6:19
Hunter Hunter

Speaker 2 6:24
Well, for me, it’s breadmaker. Oh, in a solid former life, I was a bread maker in a bread shop, trained by a French master major. And so in that’s I probably shouldn’t say this stuff, but it’s probably my true like heart last night. I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s just very different. I will make bread and I get my fear over stuff. But I that’s what I there’s too I make that gets. I mean, I can make more but my baguettes and I have a Chocolate Cherry river so someday, I’ll do it. Okay. It’s a process. But I I’ve never I just that was a long, long time ago period of my life. But it’s it’s just always been a part of me. And it’s, it’s fulfilling in a very different way than this career. It’s instant sec, it’s instant gratification. Well within 24 hours, but like, you know, it’s process beginning to end. So in our case, you know, you’re making bread from mixing it to letting it rise and proof. The next day bake it and then see you add product and it’s just very, it’s a mix of creative. But science Yeah. worse for me because I’m not strong and either. I would say about myself. Have you ever visited

Speaker 1 8:07
a program that has history of brand new game plus? Tips?

Speaker 2 8:18
No, this would have to be done somewhere else.

Unknown Speaker 8:22
Do we currently have sourdough starter?

Unknown Speaker 8:27
sourdough starter.

Unknown Speaker 8:28

Unknown Speaker 8:29
Are you gluten free?

Speaker 2 8:30
Yeah, I don’t. I’ve done that before. And then a few moves. It just gets a little hard. But honestly, my my go to is baguettes, which is not a sound you can do as a sourdough, I should say but I don’t have the traditional French way. It’s not it’s, it’s useless. And then I just use a similar recipe for the chocolate. But that should be a sourdough, if I made it in the form that I was trained in. But not really noticed the taste of this, especially introduced cocoa and chocolate chunks and cherries. That was way too long.

Speaker 5 9:14
I wouldn’t say and I’m not a professional by any means. But I’m saying I’m a poet.

Speaker 1 9:19
I write poetry. I look at things very poetically. I

Speaker 5 9:23
really love seasons for that reason. Yeah. And I just I’m also I’m also a lover of cons. So that is not my poetry, but

Unknown Speaker 9:31
it’s true, said enough.

Speaker 5 9:37
But just That’s my way of looking at life is poetic. And I love that like language, not really necessarily the best analyst of poetry, but I love writing and I love just immersing myself in colors and sensations and stuff like that. So that’s just how my brain processes

Speaker 4 9:59
it. If you’ve had some favorite poets, including reach for when you need that, as part

Speaker 5 10:07
of the life something rather than the other eye, sometimes you can just skip over the author itself and then just go in right into the poem. But I would say, probably Robert Frost is probably one of my favorites, just classic poetry. And kind of an inspiration but I my poetry is, is more. I feel like a lot of poetry is very political and weary. Kind of like how the author views their own environment and things like that. And I feel more my poetry is more seasonal and more environmentally friendly, but sweet atmosphere. So I think it’s a little bit different. And I don’t really have a lot of good basis, I guess for actual products themselves. It’s more about I love words, really, realistically. So that’s just that’s how I write is based on how you can describe something with words to make it comfortable.

Unknown Speaker 11:29
To make a volunteer for next month.

Unknown Speaker 11:33
Anyone not had a turn at this point?

Speaker 1 11:36
I mean, Jack, but I do not. I believe we all have, so I can go ahead and take next month.

Unknown Speaker 11:47
I love that question.

Speaker 3 11:52
Yes, for who you are and what you do. Yeah, my dad was very successful. And if you asked him that, he would say he’s older and he helped security clearances. Like one of 50 people in your country held and isn’t happy with answer that question. Worked 90 hour weeks? And that’s still not happy with answer that question.

Speaker 1 12:18
So moving on our next agenda now is the orientation video. And I want to share that I did not watch it I meant to before this meeting. But I wanted to bring it up for two reasons just to make sure that any new board member knows that was sent out if you do not catch that email, and then to see if there were any questions that we could take back to the city. So if anyone

Unknown Speaker 12:43
came from here, right.

Unknown Speaker 12:45
Tracy, I believe it was in a Ford from you believe?

Speaker 2 12:49
Yeah. Well, it started from last night’s meeting. And yeah, Council Member

Unknown Speaker 12:56
music with

Speaker 2 12:58
Suzy than that. And then I did before that because it had a link to I think, basically the video that used to be done as an orientation in like an in person one, which someone simply didn’t know what else?

Speaker 1 13:14
Yeah, maybe Katherine, as I said, it came out on an email September 19. From John Yeah, that was afford that from John on the 20th. The questions on that video for anyone who has had a chance to watch it. I probably won’t put it as a generic I know next month, but just please feel free to email me individually if you do have a question and I’ll make sure that gets passed on. Next step, let’s talk about spring 24. meeting dates. There are a couple of holidays so I’d like to get that sooner rather than later. We decided to keep third Monday through the fall and winter holidays. However, the third Monday in January is okay. So I was gonna see if people were able to switch to the 22nd a Monday or sorry, January, they’re actually five Monday’s new this year

Speaker 1 14:28
and the problems with the 27th. Right. Gonna play that and hopefully see completes on and Catherine will be able to make this if not take the test. Okay, and then we talk about conflict. February is President state is that a city holiday is the matching Yeah. I am available the weekend, the week before or after? Well, we could

Unknown Speaker 15:10
keep it consistent or between these sets,

Speaker 2 15:14
which will keep it about four weeks. Otherwise, you’re gonna push within the almost two weeks of each other.

Unknown Speaker 15:19
Let’s do the 26. December, February.

Speaker 1 15:26
March, leave the 80. I’m not quite sure of the seed break Spring Break this year

Unknown Speaker 15:38
18th through 22nd.

Speaker 1 15:41
Which is not going to be a problem for the sport. I will be fine with that date.

Unknown Speaker 15:53
Next week, oh

Unknown Speaker 15:59
I yeah, I don’t know.

Speaker 1 16:02
Let’s keep that for now. We can revisit if we need. And we’ll just go ahead and finish out. We will be all the way up through the spring. Don’t see any conflicts with April the 15th in terms of holidays, is

Speaker 4 16:18
text. That’s true. Some people might be really busy

Unknown Speaker 16:23
or very stressed.

Unknown Speaker 16:30
So keep the word read daily, so they have a whole bunch of different discussion and make money and are there any holidays for I don’t see any reason on that. It’s just stuck with me for now. But at least we have the spring schedule the

Speaker 6 16:56
20 is not a holiday, I might not be able to make that one high. But it’s pretty far out too. So if we want to decide later, that’s fine, too. High, we can revisit later spring

Unknown Speaker 17:07

Speaker 1 17:08
early 2008. Let’s go ahead and move on to old business. So Action Plan update with John

Unknown Speaker 17:21
will be insurance

Speaker 2 17:31
Okay, so action plan. So some things from the last month. So leadership development. I have got had a lot of back and forth with HR in the city. We have a relationship with mines and Associates for a number of things in the city, you know, including like Employee Assistance Program, bap, but they also do trainings, they do a lot of stuff. So, because of that I’m in the process of scheduling some leadership classes for myself and my department heads, something I wanted to do. So that’s basically a process but a little more update from last time where it’s kind of just been sitting there waiting for something to happen and really a nurse, let’s see safety. After last ones meeting facilities, brought in a contractor they worked with four doors to get a quote on doors or double doors they build into the staff area that you often use. And where are our board meeting rooms when we use that anyway, I’m just waiting on a quote back from the electrical part for pieces needed for both the doors and the staff elevator to basically make a new badge accessed. That’s, we know about that it’s just now it’s down to the doors and the mechanism. The double doors are the real issue because they can’t operate with this type of thing in the current state. And because there’s not a metal bar in the middle and it has to have something to lock into. So it’s either gonna require that or new doors or something. So that’s what that is we’re getting there. So under external communication, and I’m sorry about expanding these but we did do which has been a process that we’ve been working on for a while so

Speaker 2 20:02
Okay. So we have done a pretty big overhaul at least of the homepage of our website. The phone, it’s really Yeah, and so this is a lot better and something we’re striving towards. And I’m not going to show you the old one, but you probably remember it, hopefully you don’t remember it was a little hard to navigate. So we have some similar concepts, right, the rotating kind of this is randomly generated. And then just some clean topics of what you can do. And the high end the high access things, searching the catalog here, how you contact us how you get to your account. And what that means is right up in front, and then you you break down about and programs and services. And there’s a lot more to do here. However, as we speak, the city is at a city level is working on a complete website, website redevelopment, which is it may involve the current vendor that the city uses now, for our hosting, or I think they’ve put out an RFP even so. It could be Yeah, right. Thank you, she’s referring to

Unknown Speaker 21:20
putting the feasibilities

Speaker 2 21:22
rotating thing. Yeah, it’s a rotating thing. And actually, if you go to about, it’s here. It’s also replicated on the board that’s in the middle lobby, when you’re in there, there’s two sides. One is the ballot and specific information. And the other is basically this, which is a summary. These are some summaries from that study to help, really the public understand really what was informing this council referring to the ballot in the first place and refer

Speaker 4 21:53
to this at least five times and just individual conversations with people.

Speaker 2 21:59
So this was this was happening anyway. And then with the with the redesign, it kind of helps a lot. The other thing we did, which was something that this board talked about, at one point was making sure our policies were here. So now the policies have its own place on the website, everything we have that’s current or up to date is here. We have a new computer use policy that legal just approved, so that should be here sometime soon. For people using our public computers and or laptops that they check out. And what that means. So we pulled that out and kept them in their own area. So that hopefully that’s easier.

Unknown Speaker 22:41
That’s much glare, the whole the whole thing?

Speaker 2 22:44
Yeah, the whole thing is, it’s a lot better. When you when you get out of this home page, you know, and you get into, you know, some of the internal pages, that’s not a good example, actually. You kind of get into the old menu a little bit. And then this is where it starts to get, you know, a little bit. And this is the kind of thing and redesign will help hopefully resolve where we clean this up and not, you know, these these sub menus and sub menus upon sub menus and flyout menus and stuff, but just, you know, it hadn’t stay in time. I don’t know that that’s really how some, you know, one button to get you where you need to go.

Speaker 1 23:28
It looks to be Oh, you can see the site that came here, can you not? Let’s say we are on the you haven’t.

Speaker 2 23:41
Sorry. So anyway, we were working on the website, you figured out by watching

Speaker 1 23:56
it looks to be just looking, I can see where the font size looks like accessibility. And accessibility is

Speaker 2 24:03
a huge part of it. So we’ll resolve that here. But there’s major accessibility issues on the site on the city website, in general, that’s informing a lot of a whole redesign and getting out of the current platform we and we are in or an updated platform of what we’re in, which is they have this vendor I’ve worked with actually in a previous job and they have updated platforms that are responsive, you know, they’re much better in mobile, and things that you just assume are going to work these days this is hit or miss. Or honestly, you know, you the front pages will be fine. But when you get into interior pages, it’s not real intuitive, and some of them really don’t render that well. So that’s some website things that have happened in the last month which is great. Anyway, getting back to the Action Plan what are the other items I think this is under

Speaker 2 25:21
customer’s EDI. So equity, diversity and inclusion. So the members from the city’s equity team and the city manager that with myself and my department heads to have an initial conversation about leadership development specific for the library. Of course the city does this great at a city level. I’ve wanted some training here. So we can work together as a team. So that was more or less like, this is what we’re going to do getting the leadership buy in, which everyone’s on board with. That’s kind of step one of that. And what will happen later is, and hopefully it’s soon the equity team will reach out to individual departments within the library, right. So they will, I think start with circulation or the adult services department, and have individual meetings and go over some training topics within EDI, which I think will be really beneficial with a focus on because we’re such a customer facing department. What does that mean for library, right and EDI, internal matters. But external matters a lot in comparison to other departments that are much more interior facing, right? Who have office jobs, and they only have to worry about their coworkers. So much different here. So I wanted some tailor, tailored ish type of training. So that’s coming up the shelving. In children’s I talked about when we are out there. So you kind of got that update, a little reordered in here. But basically, the consultant has given us some plans, my head of children’s and I worked through those together and with her and finalize at least a conceptual plan that goes change, the next step will be meeting with them again when they get some vendors and we can get close and look at products of actually the physical shelving and what we’re doing. So that’s kind of the next thing, but we have a layout. And then within a collection development. A part of the shelving really but the children and teen department has been doing some significant weeding. Some of that’s to get some of it’s just needed to happen honestly, but also to help with the shelling project. Because the less collections that we don’t need that are there meat is better for we can either buy less shelving, but we can, the more important thing is to make better use of the space. And then the last thing is outreach and partnerships. It’s been all here though, this started before me, of working with the school district on having student IDs function as a library card. And, you know, I known this was there. In a process, it’s always been a process since I started here nearly a year ago. And I’ve never really followed up on it. I did this project before at a former library. So this rep from the school district had reached out to one of my staff. And basically saying like, I think this isn’t going to work is too complicated. There was various reasons. And so I started asking questions like, why is it too complicated? So I’ve learned in this that way too much information was being asked for like we were trying to make the student ID equivalent to a physical library card. And I don’t believe that that’s what the goal should be. All students have devices. They’re given devices, this is what I understand. They either have an iPad or whatever they’re given as a student. The point here with their ID is to have access to databases and digital materials that will help with their schoolwork. That’s not to say they would want a library card. But if we’re all looking at online collections, we don’t need to know information about the student. All we need is their number. And that’s it. And then we can take care of the rest. If they want a library card shirt come in, you can show us your student ID card will look you up. And then we’ll go through our normal process of issuing you a card for physical, but in the meantime as a student, because the school district is very limited on databases and electronic resources from what they have told me that they see the benefit of this have access to the collections we have in that sense that would really expand what they don’t have now naturally so they can just access that Have the student ID, we don’t really need all this other stuff have captured their name and address. That’s a whole different thing. We get into privacy things with schools, they had to get parental parent’s permission slips. In this case. Now I’m not gonna speak for the school. But at least in last job I did. We’re not capturing, entering personally identifying information in our system, what we do is we get the student ID and then put it in as like student loan student to we don’t really care who they are, at this point, they can’t damage or lose library materials, but they have access. From the school side, that least what I think that can mean is it’s more of an opt out for parents rather than they need signatures. So we’re doing this and your student and by the way, the school is deciding it may just be for middle and high schoolers, which is maybe the more likely population use on that deciding now for them. But that side will

Speaker 4 30:58
manage when they exit a school district graduation,

Speaker 2 31:05
that that’s something to figure out, I can tell you the last job we did, basically, as we would capture the student ID, every year, all student IDs will expire at the end of the school year. And then the next school year, we do a new important. So even if you have the same students, it’s fine. Our system can capture duplicates, so that it’ll just like oh, yeah, you exist by new expiration date. It’s just so badly.

Speaker 1 31:30
But so I’m sure this has been explained to us before it’s a board. But how does that work with the school district and city boundaries? Not aligning the city with the school district?

Speaker 2 31:39
Because we crossed the cross? Right, but scsp process? In 12? County? Yeah. So there’s some questions to ask at least of some of our vendors that we pay, because database vendors, and you know this from university, but they can have some specific restrictions, right? Like, they want Walmart residents, because that’s what we technically are paying for. Really what it comes down to is, can the school district link students directly to these databases? Or do they come to the library website and then access? Because if they come to the library website, then they put in their student ID, ie library card, and then they’re fine. So it’s just it’s sort of? I don’t want to count it like as a workaround. But it’s the way to do it. Right? Yeah. So but if the vendor allows us direct linking, and I’m sure the school and they’ve already told me this, the district would prefer and I understand that from their own website, because they have links for students to go to Resources. And then they can say, like, upskill, whatever they’re gonna call it, and then they go, they put in their ID, and they’re done. And it might be an extra link, where they have to come to the Walmart Public Library website first, and then access the resource. If they’re out of about really engineering question out of so well. So in my head, I think it’s a gray area. Yeah. So if you get into service, who’s your service area? Largely, the school district is in a lot more. So I, I feel justified in that sense that we are the primary servicer of that school district. And therefore we can provide access to these resources, even if set school is not in love.

Unknown Speaker 33:42
And that often doesn’t mean the students don’t

Speaker 2 33:46
correcting. And the reality is, is anyone, any one can go to our website, sign up for a library card from anywhere they live and access one of our resources, they have a limited time to do it. Right. It’s a three month or whatever it is expiration date, but anyone can access one of our resources from anywhere as long as it has a limited expiration. So there’s, there’s ways to figure it out. So that we’re not breaking that service area in in what the vendor that those providers would want to make sure that we’re not you know, getting too far outside of our boundaries.

Speaker 3 34:26
But Can somebody just even if they live out of town and come to long Andringa library card in

Speaker 2 34:31
person in Colorado? Yes. So if you come in and get a library card because of the Colorado library card, whatever the color the white people Yeah, once you have a card, you can access it. It doesn’t matter what your addresses. So there’s, I feel like there’s just a lot of variables in that so I’m not as concerned about that. And that’s the best action plan. I’m taking a lot of actually a lot going on And we’re

Speaker 1 35:02
just gonna be right into any, any questions about the Action Plan update. It’s just the right into the leverage after update.

Speaker 2 35:11
And so my my update here will be highlights from the month of September for programming. um See, still see

Speaker 2 35:32
so children and teen introducing new programs this fall, you can see those listed here. Some of the new ones, some of them just updates on those programs or some of them reintroduce now that it’s in the fall, and school has started, I should say. I’ll point out that in October, which is now so I’ll say this again, probably October we’re introducing a yoga storytime and a craft stories.

Speaker 2 36:04
And then Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve talked about this before, just because it’s so popular. But our children T department wanted to point that out again, it’s fully friends funded Davis. And as everything is there between clubs, we did a few different programs in September for that a lot of fun. See some images, their take home craft kits we did Hispanic Heritage Month was a highlight there. And these were other table just children’s there may be participants. And then we did a lot here and making programs also for Hispanic heritage, did a few things around that, including at one of our outreach, which I think is talked about later. And then just some numbers from children and teen programming totals we did to get so out of all the programs, we deliver 44 with 1400 attendees, that’s a lot.

Unknown Speaker 37:14
And then going down to adults. The keychain program again, same celebration, for aesthetic heritage, and then a few other things here. Oh, the history of Botanic Garden was a really cool program, from what I’ve heard, I didn’t get to attend to myself.

Speaker 2 37:41
That was that was pretty good, too. And then the regular programs we do that the chest is huge, that’s has a head. This is one example of one of the programs that’s had to move down here to our meeting room because it’s gotten so big. So it’s great. But then we look at the meeting room instead of letting the public use that because it’s. So that’s just another indicator of space, as you mentioned before. And then all the numbers from everything we did in adult this month. They listed out I mean the number of programs you can add up and then you can see the attendance here. With that botanic RV and outreach which will take up the rest of this outreach will gradually slow down a little so we get into winter, but this is Summer and Fall is hugely busy. So Lily went to actually atria, okay. One of the things I’ve talked to her about is more outreach into older adult populations. And nor Flamand, which will be mentioned here too, I just think, you know, and she knows that but, you know, just trying to expand who and where we’re heading there. So that’s mentioned here as far as her going north online, some of what she does, you see she’s in front of one of the Mexican grocery stores, she just had a few a few places in town, she just puts herself up front. And when it comes shopping, she talks about the library. And she’s probably bought brought more people into this library and just from this type of outreach alone, which is, I would say an unconventional thought of where you do outreach. She has a great partnership with Hi. And they’ve worked together and what’s in the middle here. When the our involvement with PI started, it was almost more like the library was babysitting kids where the parents met. And she’s developed us into full programming and and now the whole thing is a program like the parents here, the kids here and they have an agenda. And it’s just it’s really has developed into something that I think is really good for everybody. So there’s just some more photos there from that involvement. And then of course, rhythm was in September, I don’t know if any of you were there, I was COVID stricken. So I was supposed to be. But anyway, hopefully was fun. We had a great time, from what I hear a lot of busyness in the tent that we had had a lot of activity. I think I’ve said this before, Lilian always describes connections and stats. So this is number of interactions with the public. So that’s a lot. That’s a lot of interaction. And that’s among everybody that was

Speaker 2 40:47
who was there? Both September October are usually busy with school types of events back to school and things like that. I think some of that was last month. That continues here that somebody else she’s done. The Children’s staff does outreach to at schools, there’s a more specific classroom visits where they go and meet the in the classroom and talk on certain topics, hers or more, Lillian does more outreach as far as she goes to school. That’s right. Not necessarily in a classroom. Doesn’t matter that matters. But there’s two things going on with schools that are that we’re very conscientious about. Our visits to the Senior Center are popular, very popular. As you can see, I mean, that’s a lot to get almost 70 people interacting with, with William and the staff that go with her, which our staff by the way, volunteering, because Lillian has no staff. And then she’s developed a relationship with the Latino Chamber of Commerce. So I think that’s really good. The YMCA Fiesta again, and Hispanic Heritage Month activity. And then then she will sell some of her her status, which I kind of touched on here. But as usual, with her pretty busy 15, almost 1600 connections with people on some level that we count community events being the largest, I mean, rhythm is certainly a major contributor to that that’s not going to obviously the every month, and then you get some to some of the normal things that she does school visits and parks right landing in call your park, she goes to regularly down taper off a little bit later. Although she’s found a place through the Spanish radio station. A connection has space so that in the winter, if it’s too cold or too silly or wherever to be outside, we can change the program and use somebody’s indoor space. So that we don’t actually have to cancel those Park programs. But that’s a process. So that’s it. That’s highlights. I know I breezed through it, but it’s in your packet. Okay, answer questions. But that’s my also direct report.

Speaker 1 43:09
That makes me think back. Where are we the city

Speaker 5 43:13
budgeting year? process

Speaker 2 43:16
for 2024? Yeah. So the the budget process was concluded it was presented to city council last month. The library is sort of in a unique spot in this case. So much of the budget requests that were put in, were not sent forward to council because they are in the election patch. What happens depending on the result, right? So don’t really like to talk about one result. But that will mean a new discussion with the city manager and everybody about what does that mean for my budget requests? And what are we going to be able to do now that this didn’t happen if that were to happen?

Speaker 1 44:01
Right. That makes sense. I wanted to ask them this reminded of the importance of more outreach staff.

Speaker 2 44:07
And that was a big request I have and you might not have been here yet. But the board. I presented that to the board and asks for substantial staffing increases for outreach. So we’ll it’s a team of one, I asked for a full time librarian to support her. And basically the equivalent of probably, if I think of it as FTE would be, I think two or three FTE support staff as well. That’s probably going to be a few part time staff. But at least you have a department as well as my request to get her her own outreach ban. So I mean, there’s big stuff in there now that the ban technically shouldn’t be election contingent because I’m paying out the vulture fund Yeah. So that that’s going to take time I’ve learned from other departments who’ve requested vehicles that the delivery is not like going to buy a car where it’s on the line.

Unknown Speaker 45:11
So basically an unknown at this point,

Unknown Speaker 45:13
it’s a no, it won’t be able to deal with that. Yeah.

Speaker 1 45:18
Well, hopefully, because I am continually impressed and worried about property analysis.

Speaker 2 45:24
Yeah, I mean, and yeah, she does a lot. I mean, she anything she does a lot. It’s, and I should say that the staff that do support her to a lot, I mean, anyone that goes and support sort of these big events, or small, even like at the Senior Center, and she still needs one or two people, they’re coming from within the library. And what that supervisor is doing is making sure they have time in their schedule, and they arrange scheduling to make it happen. So it’s, it’s a lot of this to make sure that she has the support, she needs to go out there.

Unknown Speaker 46:00
And do your volunteer opportunities to support

Speaker 2 46:03
we’ve had some volunteers go, Yeah, but not a lot. And, and part of it is the level of knowledge for some of these that’s needed. I mean, we’re a shared library cards, and I wouldn’t say 100%. So the rhythm, we have volunteers, we have staff that we have, I think one or two volunteers that also helped with that. It’s, it’s more reasonable at the bigger events. But when you’re at smaller things at the senior center, you need skilled library staff to help tricky to not have experts. So it’s a little bit of

Speaker 1 46:40
your questions regarding the director.

Speaker 6 46:45
And can you describe the Program?

Unknown Speaker 46:51
Yeah, Oh, she saw some work.

Speaker 6 46:59
It was slightly Yeah, there was like total new and I think live session and was just kind of curious about that.

Speaker 2 47:06
Yeah, I can talk to it instead of trying to get back up. But so is a it’s an online resource that offers live tutoring. It’s, we pay for that actually, through a state grant. That we get, generally every year, the Colorado State Library, through federal funds, for many years, many years. Okay, this goes back to 10 years ago, when I was still in Colorado working with it, they’ve had this grant. And as long as you basically fill up form, you get the money. So it’s not like it’s a grant process that you might think. And so we’ve been able to pay through there. And so it offers that live one on one tutoring, really, for all ages, is what that is, and it’d be great to see more usage that we get out of it. But that’s kind of true with anything. But it’s we try to market it a lot because it’s not just an expensive resources, resource, but we find a lot of value to it. Just said answer that way.

Unknown Speaker 48:23
Yeah. Then that’s Thank you. Sure.

Speaker 1 48:28
Other questions or comments? I will say on a personal note, I used to work part time for the Museo de los America. So sad to see that they came and did by the workshops. Yeah. Let’s be fun, really are second class agenda item, Friends of the Library report.

Speaker 4 48:48
Trying to remember so long ago that the friends met the last book sale brought in almost 10,000 which was fabulous. I think we have we might have broke 10,000 The previous sale. So I know you know the goal is always to keep going but I think that was a tremendous success. It was always interesting to know like the differences how each sale goes and what people are looking for. Of course the inventories of is really different. So now that that book sale is over the board really wanted to refocus its energies around the election and what it could do and and so as is their right as a 501 C three they are actively campaigning, you know, within their means and with what they can do, but they they’ve reached out to their an active member email list is the messaging through the email platform, there’s been some social media posts, and those are designed to kind of ramp up more as we get into that two week window. They produced these signs that they had been handing out, I think, mostly to volunteers and friends, members, that I do believe there are some leftover, we will be discussing a reorder, because we had the friends had other ideas for collateral that could be produced, just to help educate your community. And, yeah, I don’t know if all of those things are going to get ticked off, but

Unknown Speaker 50:56
it’s really just trying to get the word out with the the resources that they have that beautiful display cases is kind of like that was an idea that was germinating for a long time to finally see it

Speaker 4 51:25
in person and lit up with stocked with beautiful books is exciting. And I hope that that draws more attention to some of those higher value items that we the friends have donated to them. So you know, that could be potentially significant stream of revenue for them. And then, you know, if there’s any questions, please feel free to ask there’s a whole

Speaker 1 52:01
nother it’s great to know what, what they’re able to do what they are doing. Certainly a valid issue, as well as subjects on the book display and book sale and display case. Any questions? Jamie? Well, we do not have our city facilities on here tonight. So we’ll go ahead skip to any updates from the world of librarianship, we’re generally one I had in our hands, I don’t might have realized that or read about. I only knew this from reading the news as well. There was a librarian and from High Plains who want a settlement

Speaker 1 52:57
she went to attend your $1,000 settlement of over a dispute involving their hiring. And recently lost a job in the Erie library after committee and LGBTQ history workshop. So that was kind of Colorado. That was kind of Colorado news, or library world. But that is really the only thing I have from that side. And I’m wondering if anyone else has anything I

Speaker 3 53:28
saw library world the Windsor library was offered a one point something million for their library because the developer ones that space really well. I don’t I did not see it was just the offer was put out so I don’t know where they are in the process of thinking of what to do.

Speaker 2 53:52
That’s the sphere water. Who is a clearly he’s that area.

Unknown Speaker 54:00
Yes, that’s what it is King Soopers. Thank you king

Unknown Speaker 54:03
super ha no longer

Unknown Speaker 54:04

Speaker 4 54:07
the library has said no before. So Trisha. But I don’t know why. Like it just keeps coming back around. I guess it’s allowed to do that.

Unknown Speaker 54:16
Or they keep offering more maybe I don’t know.

Speaker 4 54:20
Yeah, like they had they have some land that they like in the past. They were saving for a potential expansion, or something else having to do with a lot of the library. But something happened in it didn’t get built initially that they’re like, well, someday we might get there. And they don’t want to let go of that land. But there’s also a movement. I don’t know how big was the vocal of like meeting more food, more accessible supermarkets in that part of town?

Speaker 3 55:00
What’s interesting is that they got there was an offer made to get to your taping your chant,

Speaker 2 55:15
I mean, you know, things to keep an eye on. I mean, I, you know, there’s still a lot of censorship news out there, it’s not so much here but it’s it’s worth keeping up on and kind of seeing what’s going on and around most of this country issues. But, you know, with with people still advocating for bookmaking. So there’s that and there’s a lot of discussion too on generative AI, right in library use and implications of that, which I couldn’t follow, it’s just kind of worth looking up, I don’t want to report on it. But the urban Library Council, which is, you know, a really good like leadership organization for public libraries, they just published something recently on AI and kind of, from a leadership standpoint, like, you know, what, what, what are the benefits? What are the concerns, you know, you do get into, you know, a lot of it is this information, valid, kind of things, and also what’s being made up or not being made up as far as information people, it’s kind of fascinating to just

Speaker 4 56:34
gave me some hope to see how, how much positive coverage was in the media around band, hopefully, it didn’t feel like a little niche thing that only the book nerds were into, it was like, much bigger stage with everything. So how did it go here? Because I came today of the there was a program and which is buried. Bustling.

Speaker 2 57:02
Yeah. Energy. Yeah, we did do a program. It’s it’s a program that’s been done in years past one, I understand. It’s kind of almost like a entertainment type of program that, you know, we’re not just talking about bad books, but either be from performances related. I couldn’t come. But I’m sure I’ll talk about more on tour since it happened. But But I will say, we had a very successful ban books display a lot of people talking about it, mostly. Actually, I don’t think I heard any negative comments, it was all just really appreciating what we’re putting up there that people can interact with and learn about when we had when the chamber did their unity out here. And I was out there that night with the library. We had like a little mini contest with a picture of a book. And the question was basically like, do you think this is banned or not? And it was a very, like, basic title like life in Alaska, I don’t know what it was. It’s a real bad book. So it was kind of it was fun to just interact with, with some people about that and talk about it. And then the only there was a little bit of chatter on the library’s Facebook posts about like censorship in general. And a couple of the comments like, starting to lean towards that side of like, we should be able to decide what’s in our library kind of comments. You know, what I’m getting at, right? Like it’s, anyway, so just like parents, schools deciding.

Unknown Speaker 58:47
can advocate like, exactly. The parents, right. parental rights,

Speaker 2 58:52
parental rights. Yeah. And so there’s been a little chatter there. And my my marketing person actually put one of them to my attention, just wondering what if there should be any response from one of my generally my experiences, and it was actually two people getting into it with each other? So again, we can probably stay out of that one, you know, because if anything, I said, to just point them to our collection development policy, you need to respond just like well, this is where we stand in which basically says, how and why we collect and whose responsibility it is to decide who checks out what right so we’re not a school, we’re responsible for your daily weeding, I just opted to not get into that matter not that conversations is carried on you know, social media is gonna get worked up and then they go on to the next thing that bothers them. So anyway, that’s, there’s stuff there, but I don’t think anything that’s too alarming for this library.

Unknown Speaker 59:53
Thanks me so bad that

Unknown Speaker 59:54
the policies are so easy to find and

Speaker 2 59:58
yeah, let’s face it, nice to be able to check Well, sorry, library news. This is very interesting. And I can either I can send it or you can look it up. All right. So in Gunnison county, or Garcia library district of recent case that went through the appeals court just got decided on. And what happened this was related to a citizen wanting to ban blah, right, like Did they did a request for reconsideration, they challenged something in the collection, normal process, right. We all have it. It went through the director decided, whatever, which I think was to leave it. And then a newspaper reporter did a courier request, you know, what your open records? Sorry, I shouldn’t say like that. So anyway, it’s like, you know, I mean, November, so they wanted to see the challenge form. And it was delivered with the person who challenged that their name was redacted and led to the debate of does that fall with a Colorado privacy, patient privacy law, Colorado statute? It was interesting. And it’s, it’s, so it’s like 47 pages of, you know, the response. But basically, the end result was, yes, the patient name falls within Colorado, states to actually live library law and their names should be redacted. And it’s interesting to think about, like they decided, basically, in the appeals court that they were that as far as the statute is worded, right, is protection of patron user records. So it’s sort of like, well, what does that mean, for library use? And I think, you know, there was one arguments like, well, that’s not library use. And they have to provide their name to challenge it, otherwise, we can’t respond to them. But then if someone wants, in this case, an open records, and they want to write an article about it, then all sudden they become private. And I think it’s interesting. It could be a whole meeting to discuss this, but I think

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
paper challenged it in court.

Speaker 2 1:02:23
Yeah. Because they think the name should be redacted. And at first, the library director thought so too. And then the library director came around to or No, maybe it was the other way. And they said, Yeah, should be redacted. And then the director said, well, actually, maybe it shouldn’t be redacted. So, which was kind of complicated the case and gray because it’s like, well, the library director doesn’t know what they’re deciding on. So that didn’t help. It’s just interesting. It here’s what that in and of itself, what what kind of made me think about and maybe concerns me going forward is, was something like that lead to where if someone comes into my library and wants a Request for Reconsideration form, which clearly asks for all their personal information, is that going to lead to where then someone can do that anonymously, because of patient privacy, that I have a problem with? I have a huge problem. Because then what does that mean? I mean, you can have your own staff challenging something. I don’t want to go to extremes. But I mean, if it’s anonymous, it’s anonymous.

Speaker 4 1:03:29
I do other civic spaces where citizens can accuse me something of something and not have to reveal reveal themselves. You know,

Speaker 2 1:03:48
I mean, I’m just thinking like, I think it’s a reveal themselves. No one in the open records comes in and says like, well, now is it considered private, like,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:57
interesting under the context of the open records act?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
And then library Hoffman Creek

Speaker 5 1:04:02
Pacific specific in terms of patient privacy.

Speaker 2 1:04:06
I’ll send you the because are one of the city attorneys who I mean, there’s a few of them, but the one who kind of represents or works with me in the library. He had, he ran across it, and for obvious reasons, he thought you might be interested to see

Speaker 4 1:04:22
patron record or borrow history or anything like that. But like if I said, Exactly, the statue in a city park, and I wrote in to or formally complained to the city, that I think that statue should be taken down, right. And here’s a form and somebody wants to see that form. Put it through the same thing. But there’s

Speaker 2 1:04:48
what immediately, far as you’re not a car, a private library statute

Unknown Speaker 1:04:55
that surrounds what you

Unknown Speaker 1:04:58
read, or that’s the argument it, definitely there’s like I said it maybe should have brought this up.

Speaker 3 1:05:10
When your request for open records act, does that go through the city’s attorney’s office? Or would that come directly to you? Would you have to be? To me, I

Speaker 2 1:05:18
would go, I would push it to the city clerk. Okay. Who would probably consult with the city attorney? It would really be off my plate in that sense. I’m not I’m not the one to decide how those requests are provided and didn’t look for now. The clerk came to me and said this, somebody wanted an open records request for a challenge for and we need you to send this to us.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:45
The question is even I wouldn’t give it

Speaker 2 1:05:47
to the clerk we would get. They would decide whether it’s redacted or I might have opinions about it. But I don’t know if I can be the decider. And now with this case, right, I would probably be very forthcoming about my thoughts. Yeah, well, I agree. With whatever you’re thinking.

Speaker 1 1:06:13
Report comments. Our next meeting November 20. We’ll go ahead and adjourn at 844 Wow.

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