Art in Public Places – October 2023

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Art in Public Places – October 2023

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Speaker 1 0:00
It’s 604 call your meeting to order. Roll Call we have Pamela Danielle Risa many hires

Unknown Speaker 0:30
so promoted figure

Unknown Speaker 0:37
corrections to the September 21 minutes.

Speaker 1 0:41
Anybody see and I set nine in RNA? Anybody see anything else? Okay, I need a motion to approve them as written, make a motion to approve the minutes second, second. All in favor? Are there any additions or corrections to today’s agenda.

Speaker 2 1:06
The only thing is that Sean McCoy will not be here. And passively correction and

Unknown Speaker 1:16
then this negative

Unknown Speaker 1:20
people really aren’t getting along

Speaker 3 1:31
you all are very efficient. I have already done item number six. So, my name is Megan Peters. I’m the one Development Manager here at the museum. And I don’t think it’s something as any surprise to anyone that we are in the midst of a capital campaign. And so we are gearing up to expand the building, which is really, really exciting. And I think that all of you are asking, What does a IPP have to do with museum expansion, and I’m going to tell you what. So I have gotten, I’m not even going to say the numbers out loud, because I know that I’ll butcher that. But I want to join the fact that if you want to correct me as I go, please feel free. As this building expands a portion of this is a percentage portion of this expansion where we are mandated to be under an article in place initiative. So we are very excited to be working with you all the rest of the people who want to vote and Angela and Laura, to make sure that we are getting some really highly visible and exciting art that the public can see. And that denotes that this is a museum and that we are a place that is welcoming to everybody. The other piece, the IP that I’m here to talk to you about is that we I think you all know, you are one of the three boards in that museum adjacent to the museum. And we are fully to have 100% more participation in the fundraising aspect of this capital campaign. With that being said, there is no minimum pass. There’s also no maximum donation. And we are about 82% of the way to our $8.1 billion goal, which is very exciting in large part due to generous donation from the Stuart Family Foundation, which also helps fund this area of the museum. And we are looking at sort of just over $6.5 million raised or we’re closing in on this last $2 million, just shy of $2 million dollars, and would appreciate any support that you as board members can help provide. The other piece of this is exactly on November 3, I believe you should all go on the invitation. But if you didn’t let me know, I forwarded to you we are going to be doing a complete walkthrough with the architect which I think is going to be really amazing. Personally, I’m very excited to see it actually flushed out and and where things are going to be where it’s what’s going to be where, and we would invite you all to come and see and that to me from four to six on Friday, November 3. And what is different about this event from some of our other events is that we really are encouraging and welcoming any guests you want to bring in anyone who you think doesn’t really know what’s happening in the museum or hasn’t been here in a while or could use or just wants to do something on a Friday night. Bring them on out. We are so excited to be able to really show what’s actually going to happen, the renderings are magnificent and I think that what we are building is going to be really just an added benefit to the community more so than what we already have. So I think some of the same things you already know but the main things that are going to have And then, as Mary had now upstairs will be renovated textiles storage to be more office space and just help our staff Grow Home and more that’s actually almost already done. So construction has started, which is very exciting. Next time is going to be the courtyard is going to get a total makeover and expansion, it’s going to be larger, it’s going to have more walkable area more hard ground. So it’s a little bit more accessible for everyone for some concerts and other things that we’ll be able to do out there. That is, don’t quote me on this, hopefully, we will have that done and ready to go by summer 2024, which is amazingly exciting. And then next up is the really big bulk of the work, which is going to be adding or renovating some of our gallery spaces to include a designated children’s gallery, we are going to be expanding and having a larger rotating gallery space as well as expanding and modifying our permanent history. In addition to that, there will be some cosmetic things that happen as well, I have some internal building things that that have to happen to to make all of these new pieces and parts work. Um, but that’s kind of the the very quick overview. And I think I’m here mostly to answer questions and, and chat about the fundraising aspect, if anybody has anything, and certainly Eric is more knowledgeable about the actual bills that I will pretend to be. But if there’s any buddy who has any questions or comments, we’d love to hear him.

Unknown Speaker 6:41
I’m just excited to see what happens on the third

Unknown Speaker 6:47
season. Me too. Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 4 6:51
Well, I will catch you catch you down. On

Speaker 3 6:56
tell me good. And courts, please do bring whoever you’d like to also see

Unknown Speaker 7:01
what do you know, for your area?

Speaker 3 7:05
And how much? Isn’t that money guided? Like the number one question we get asked a lot. So yes, so jump in, when I start to get this, the archetypes have done certain studies. So it’s things are being positioned to make it so that guests and musicians are not just sitting in the blazing sun, and then we’re working on getting some sun sales and, and things like that to try to match up the

Speaker 5 7:35
inner portion of the courtyard will be instead of grass there will actually be hardscaping. And so like was going to be able to get assignments shades up, that is currently over budget. So we have an extra $8,000 sunshades and that’s that’s one of the pieces that the grass, the problem is so much stuff, the drainage in that courtyard if all goes into that central area, and means anytime we get any sort of rainstorm, it becomes just a mud pit. So we’re going to pipe all of the drainage underground and then do hardscapes so that we can do more events throughout channel really from hopefully May through October, November. Without beating down grass, and really giving us an opportunity from that outdoor program and rentable space we don’t have right now. Also the courtyard winds Nashville have a capacity of around 700 people which is not quite as crowded as summer concerts another

Unknown Speaker 8:55
I love all the concerts out there.

Unknown Speaker 8:58
Yeah. For most popular events. They are amazing. Well, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 9:06
It makes you get rained out like this.

Speaker 5 9:08
Yes, we are reorienting so the band at least a little bit longer be baking in the sun. Because there are going to have more of a true bandshell shower now. But

Unknown Speaker 9:21
they’re back to the sun so that they’re not Yeah, that’s that’s

Unknown Speaker 9:24
what we’re doing.

Unknown Speaker 9:34
No more questions.

Speaker 3 9:39
Great. Well, thank you for having me and I look forward to season hopefully all of you on the third. We’ll send you their

Speaker 2 9:48
drinks. Yeah. Yeah. If that’s your selling point, there will be drinks.

Unknown Speaker 9:57
Thank you very much. He’s going to RSVP.

Speaker 2 10:08
If you have any questions about it, I can forward emails to Nick. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 10:14
Thank you. Makes us okay. Thank you all so much. Wonderful. People out there we are seeing an agenda. Oh, yeah, that works out. Yeah. I’d like to just add for the record here that season instead of just like, right after I just wrote over here.

Speaker 1 10:51
Okay, box middles Park project. We need to get together a task force for that, that we didn’t do last night

Unknown Speaker 11:03
that we did. But we

Speaker 2 11:04
talked about this budget, we just never talked about who wanted to be part of that

Speaker 1 11:10
task force versus that was a selection, flexibility, minerals Task Force to decide what we want to put in there. And work on getting out of the

Speaker 2 11:27
moral instantly, you’re on top of it.

Speaker 1 11:38
That’s the that’s the mood park that’s going to be sort of right behind the UC hospital. Have I paid out by

Speaker 4 11:49
commingling? And they already had last time they presented us with three different plans for landscaping, which were really interesting. And they’re all of them are payments, drought tolerant, that they didn’t have different aspects. So they

Speaker 1 12:07
Yeah, they were going to take it again to the private public into the area and see if they could define what they wanted from these

Speaker 4 12:16
possibilities. And then depending on which plan is best for the art goes different places.

Speaker 2 12:25
Okay, yeah. Angel is putting out a request for qualifications right now, like about to be. So they’re finalizing the park design, and then we’re hoping that the artists will be able to, you know, bring together a new idea with the park, like in tandem. So I think it’ll be really cool, because it’s still very fresh. So then after like, Absolutely, yeah.

Speaker 1 12:52
But electricity or like, something we did I believe that a task forces automatically on the selection committee about the test.

Speaker 2 13:05
Yes, of course. Yeah, I think it’ll also put together the selection committee, which has had a very robust interest from the community because I’ve been doing community meetings. So yes, you should be getting some sort of nudges very shortly. Obviously handles on time right now. So she’s working on right now. But yes, well, everybody wants. Okay.

Speaker 1 13:32
And that’s for next year. The question everything. Okay, shocker.

Speaker 2 13:42
So, I have been keeping a tab on all the artists to have already finished. The others have pretty much either like they’re close to being done or started. The only box that is kind of having a shelter for next year is CJ Alexander. They have boxes on hoper, it got covered with graffiti sealant. And they tried to take the sealant off. It didn’t work. So they have to completely strip down their phones. Yes. Yeah. So that was just, yeah, it really, but we did allocate money for them to completely redo the box. So they’re under contract with us to do the whole box over and it’s just not going to be done this district

Unknown Speaker 14:25
because they didn’t do sandblasters

Speaker 2 14:28
I think like the initial like removal process is very gentle. But I think that’s the only it’s just like really heavy duty. So yeah, if they have to, like do something, basically strip it like completely and then re prime it and then they can be repainting forever they want or however the design was, but

Speaker 1 14:48
it’s kind of like I’d love to go back and redo some something I did two years ago.

Unknown Speaker 14:53
I think ch does

Unknown Speaker 14:54
not share that. Yeah, yes. She’s Yeah, no, I was kidding.

Speaker 2 15:01
All right, next is the right water center unity events. And I wanted to call on our commissioners that were volunteers that day. So Daniel, Susan and Pamela, what are your thoughts?

Speaker 4 15:14
I thought it went really well. I thought it was a really nice event. And I was surprised at how many people from the neighborhood came out to see it. And I think they, they did a really lovely job of landscaping to heart Pina hardscaping. And does it show off our

Unknown Speaker 15:35
artwork really? Well?

Speaker 4 15:36
It does. Yeah, it does. Now, I don’t know, after the plants get bigger. I did ask I asked if they were planting, are they going to get much taller? Are they going to, you know, go wider, you know? But they said no, there actually were about the size that they were going to be. So it was really nice. It was a really nice job. And I got three planes,

Unknown Speaker 16:05
which was very exciting.

Speaker 1 16:09
So yes, Daniel, do you have anything to add? No,

Speaker 6 16:13
that’s it over overall, it was very well put together, it was really awesome to see everybody kind of come out. There’s definitely some really nice perks to being there. For sure. It’s like the fancy cow but and breakfast and coffee. And they made it really hard to not want to be there, which was great. But again, I think there was a lot of really cool information just about that. What was going on about how to get involved,

Unknown Speaker 16:34
how to change how to change your yard, how

Speaker 6 16:37
to. Yeah, there was a lot of different pamphlets that I grabbed issued just a few little things that are really informative. And I think the art will look really great with all of it. Honestly, I think it will, it’ll just write word. I feel like when you have a piece of artists in a blank field of grass, it doesn’t stand out. But then you’ve got flowers and different plants and everything else, especially with the book being mosaic. I think that a lot of the really nice ones everything’s kind of grown in. And even if things get a little tall, I still think it’ll still be a pretty nice focal point

Speaker 4 17:06
for sure. Actually picked the plants with the coloring coloring of the oral very well. Yeah, I mean, they didn’t give timelines because they use some paints and some grays and colors that were actually in the mural. So you could really see the coordination of what they were doing there. It was really, it was well put together. It was really thoughtful. And I have to say sweet cow has invested. Like

Speaker 7 17:49
it was just so well done. Every person is a part of the effort and really amazing people, I haven’t chatted with the word anything necessarily from the neighborhood. But he had read about it in a car because they thought it sounded like such an engaging family. And so there were a lot of children there too. And it was just

Speaker 4 18:22
Yeah, once again, the buttons were the a kid that was everywhere. The buttons. Yeah, maybe that was for the kids. And then they love them that that machine is just the wrong like, all the kids just, I can make my own button. They can make my button. Actually org based. is a really fun. The buttons are incorrect.

Unknown Speaker 18:49
It’s instant gratification.

Unknown Speaker 18:51
Yes. Like when we did tiles, take them home. And

Unknown Speaker 18:56
then do you have a tie?

Speaker 4 18:58
Yeah, yeah. But it was. I agree. It was just really well done. And it was it was laid back and the weather was perfect. And so you just couldn’t ask for anything more.

Speaker 1 19:10
If we can ask these people what they will do with Florida while it’s just overgrown. Okay, gather enough people. We took it down. Yeah. It was amazing. Washington’s huge and a big crane. It was complicated. It was a cable they had to justice.

Unknown Speaker 19:37
Justice. No.

Speaker 1 19:41
They had to disconnect the site. First off, whether they want to disconnect the cable from the top or from the bottom. That was one session. I know they did it from above and took it up and then the poll that went into the swamp at the edge of the pond. Was not just Ultimate, and it was just actually setting concrete. So we had to solder. But the stainless steel is in great shape all the way. And we’ll do it when we remount it, if we get a chance to remount it, we’ll be sure bolted in so it can be more easily. The bunker was cleaned out, all the mechanics were put into storage to with the artwork, and the bunker was left in a safe, it was left safe in the title.

Speaker 2 20:33
And it’s basically like we couldn’t disassemble the bunker. So it’s just kind of got up closure. It’s close, it’s close. And it’s

Speaker 1 20:41
got like plywood. And apparently, there was like power going from the clubhouse out there. And it was supposed to light the sign and the artwork, which it wasn’t doing anymore. And so it was just like, basically, somebody didn’t get much needed. But we just connected that. So that’s all good. We put it back, that won’t be lines, because it’s just expensive. And we’re getting a quote from the people that took it down, I’m putting it back. And it’s gonna be a lot.

Speaker 4 21:19
So does that mean that the Army Corps of Engineers is actually getting ready to do something? Or Does that just mean that I got zero? They’re gonna come any day. Okay, any day? Okay, cool.

Speaker 1 21:35
Or the day by next summer? I don’t know what.

Speaker 4 21:39
Okay, I was just wondering because, you know, what’s supposed to be in spring and then it was in summer and we don’t, we don’t know when they, they’re, they’re doing what they do. They’re moving along in their process. Oh, that was okay, all right. Well,

Speaker 1 21:59
so the top part that moves the pole wiring the mechanic mechanics for making it move are all in storage and I shed in Roosevelt. And so we just were

Speaker 4 22:17
good job done for the moment. Yes. Excellent. Excellent.

Speaker 1 22:22
That’s what it’s done. Yes. Okay. Thankfully, mural I stopped by there were painting it was it was better weather I was there Friday,

Speaker 2 22:38
it was cooler. Yeah, yeah. So we brought the artists back out, JC and we just touched up the entire goal. So it looks like crispy, crispy, beautiful. We are going to reach out to a painter to seal everything was everything we get back with the manufacturer because in July there are a ton of new paint. So we’re just getting some recommendations on what the sealant shouldn’t be. But it looks great if you guys get a chance go over there. It’s It looks awesome now so we’ve

Speaker 1 23:19
seen that we know we have any kind of timeline and getting a seal they don’t want it to get all the way down again before we seal

Speaker 2 23:28
I think we’re waiting for the manufacturer to tell us what their opinions are slash recommendations are because he usually does want to get it covered as soon as possible but they may tell us no it needs to sit and like actually cure and then we do it but like I wanted to wait for winter one of the

Speaker 4 23:47
things that was really interesting is the artist thought because it was so hard on the fan at the last time that was really the problem because you could see the letters where she is could be for glue and teeth turquoise they were

Speaker 2 24:06
like it was the chalk ever was like shot marking it off.

Speaker 4 24:11
Yeah, so you could actually see where the chalk and pan which wouldn’t be the case. Normally I mean it would just disappear. And so it was really long.

Speaker 1 24:24
It was really hot in the summer.

Speaker 4 24:28
So something to think about that paint for

Speaker 1 24:31
sure. The paint this time the new paint was seem to be thinner, but it might just been because it was so hot when we were doing it before that it got thick, thick up there really thin.

Speaker 4 24:45
I don’t know if I actually had to add water when I was there on Thursday. I had to add some water to get him to go on smoothly. But all in all it did it did it. It seemed to be a lot easier. But it was so hot.

Speaker 1 25:04
So it’s repainted. We’re waiting for information before we seal it, which will hopefully be soon within the next couple of weeks.

Unknown Speaker 25:13
That’s great. All right. Any

Unknown Speaker 25:15
questions? Anything?

Speaker 1 25:18
New business. Okay. Well, guess what? What we have at Apple?

Unknown Speaker 25:28

Speaker 1 25:31
So we need a nominating committee Taskforce? Well, we will ask questions.

Unknown Speaker 25:38
No, I thought that myself

Speaker 8 25:41
and Jennifer, are already on there. Okay. Yeah, it was,

Speaker 1 25:47
is anybody else interested? And I think it’s gonna be in person. And Angela said, because you, ever Kennedy, 30 minutes, it’s

Unknown Speaker 25:57
going to be four or five hours

Unknown Speaker 26:01
late yet, and kind of in mind,

Speaker 2 26:03
now since Angeles, and if you are interested, send your send Angelator availability. So we need to decide before December 1. So

Unknown Speaker 26:12
what is the process of like to nominate? You look through there? What is the process to go nominee the

Speaker 1 26:20
the candidates come? And we have a set of questions that we asked them for their opinions on this and that of what we should do and stuff like that. I it’s completely out of my mind. And I did it last year, completely have no idea what the questions were. But they were thoughtful questions. And then the candidate waves the taskforce discusses amongst themselves, and at the end, they recommend we have one for openings. So So you recommend for me we recommend to the city council. And there’s some possibility the City Council will interview them again. I don’t know. I don’t know if they’re doing that seems a little redundant to me. But they might do it that. So. So

Unknown Speaker 27:16
Pam, it also

Unknown Speaker 27:19

Speaker 2 27:20
the interview should probably happen between now and the next conditioner. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 27:25
it should be

Speaker 4 27:26
within the next month. That’s fine. I just do kind of out of service on the first week of November the election. Yeah. So.

Unknown Speaker 27:35
And I wonder also, I’m not sure. I wonder also, if the interviews could be broken up over two days. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 27:42
was thinking that too. For hours and Mondays a lot. Yeah. I can’t make the same questions over and over again.

Speaker 1 27:48
I think so that can be discussed amongst yourselves. Was there a third person that wanted to be on this?

Unknown Speaker 27:56
Danielle? was, she just tested? Oh,

Speaker 6 28:00
okay. I’ll also be able to message and see if it works out my schedule works out. But if not, it’s not perfect. We’ll be in touch with your family also during the summer now. CNN,

Speaker 1 28:15
yes, they’re going to be in person interviews. Fashion is fine.

Unknown Speaker 28:19
It was like three minutes long.

Speaker 1 28:20
With the with the City Council, mine was two minutes long. But last time, I renewed last year, and the interview process was much more in depth than it was with just the city council. Okay, okay. That’s for us. So also, Angela, wanted to St. Paul, on onboarding the new commissioners, do we want to do a mentor? thing again, where the established Commissioner will be available to answer questions or they can shadow them or do you want to have a like the January meeting just what the aipp is and how it works, meeting with slides. You know, dancing bears, whatever

Speaker 4 29:18
I do tickets, nine, to give them an overview all of us, I mean to you to explain the process and really what the committee does, but I don’t see how that would interfere with also doing a mentor if somebody wanted to be a mentor of one of the new people. So I would I would like January, I imagine that’s a good idea to do January. So this is what AIP does. And and then we will probably still have some agenda items and we can go after that we can say and these are the agenda The items that we’re going to do today. Yeah. And

Unknown Speaker 30:03
volunteer for task

Speaker 4 30:07
forces. No. Yeah, I’m a visual person. And it’s just nice to have explained all at once, and they don’t get the answers to questions over and over again.

Speaker 1 30:18
And it’s true that if I was a mentor, it’s not like I could really am. I mean, I know where the money comes from, but I can’t explain it as good as it was.

Speaker 7 30:29
At that meeting, normally, where she goes to that slide process, we certainly

Speaker 1 30:35
can. She has to do it assigned the task. Yeah. So I liked her.

Speaker 8 30:47
I told her that if she wanted to be a little lever, so sorry. Okay. I told her that she wanted to give me her slides that I recorded. So that they can be put online, and then anybody who wants to apply, who wants to do some selection course or anybody who comes on board? Then take it as an asynchronous training? Yeah. So that

Speaker 1 31:11
there’s, there’s some kits that you can download? Yeah.

Speaker 8 31:16
I told her I would do that for but I just need the slides. And, you know, a little bit of information from her. So she had the slides before, but she wanted to make some changes to that and stuff days after she knew enough because ripple her with questions that she realized she wanted to, you know, fill those areas in. So that’s also be willing to do that. Anybody wants me to?

Speaker 9 31:39
I’m trailing off? Towards Okay, that’s fine. Okay. All right. Does anybody have any other ideas? Is there anything else you’d like to see?

Speaker 1 31:50
Fancy bears? dancing bears? You awesome? Yeah. Always a good time.

Speaker 2 31:58
It was something that when you started on the condition you felt was really helpful to understand your role.

Speaker 6 32:03
I actually had Randy as my mentor, my mentor, and it was really nice to have Randy there. And because like, it just becomes really overwhelming. I feel like because again, you really for me, I signed up for something not necessarily knowing I had an idea. But then it was a lot more depth. And I hadn’t really envisioned, I guess, or what I was advertising sponsored ads on social media on but no, so it was really cool to have any brandy there. And she went out of her way, definitely make sure I was okay. And make sure if I understood things. And I didn’t really go away too much to ask her anything. But she was really nice to just like letting me feel comfortable with a group. I don’t know. I like having her I think that was the most beneficial part to me as a new commissioner was.

Speaker 9 32:48
I was Teresa’s mentor. And the first thing she said was, I was already on the commission. I was on the commission before so

Unknown Speaker 32:58
it would have been great to have

Speaker 7 33:01
a just like, I feel like, you know, because there’s relevance. Finally, I was on some task force. And then I got such a clear, I did still maybe an idea of me, commissioners joining within home for a new task force, I think is huge. I think that gives you a whole big broad stroke of what’s going on. And it gets real involved in something right away. I know you can’t force someone to do that. But it can be strongly suggested.

Speaker 1 33:42
Yes. I was thinking like, the new commissioner could shadow somebody, when they’re doing their stuff, whether our task force and stuff would come into kind of a weird purpley section situation where Open Meeting versus closed meeting. If you have two people on the task force, and then suddenly you’ve ever served two people in shadows, for people that do you need to have an agenda and have a film, or do you need to have a minute. So that’s that’s why

Unknown Speaker 34:14
I that took me a while to get my costs down. I’m really here to help you.

Unknown Speaker 34:22
So that’s something we can look out I’m sure.

Speaker 2 34:26
One of the other suggestions was to have taskforce meetings as

Unknown Speaker 34:31
well, that like

Speaker 6 34:36
that could be just for everybody, actually. Yeah, just as a nice reminder, because you’re only on I mean, maybe once a year, maybe two a year depending on what’s really going on but I’ve only got one task force this entire time really like they’ve been very actively involved with with me now, but that was really the only one so

Speaker 1 35:00
Okay, yeah I like that test. Pretend taskforces Okay, so our next item

Unknown Speaker 35:10
I actually put on the backside is

Speaker 1 35:15
a local couple as approached us about donating this for our collection this is additional terms it says at the bottom which you can’t really see like 200 up to a third year our guidelines state that non original artwork is it’s very weird to one place it says not acceptable and then another place it says up for debate

Speaker 4 35:54
and this is not original because it’s additional because yeah

Speaker 1 35:58
it’s not even it’s not even a painting it’s in print

Speaker 6 36:03
what kind of phrases and a screen print or is it an actual life

Speaker 2 36:08
on the donation they listed as oil paint so

Unknown Speaker 36:12
I want to Canvas in they also valued at $75 Oh

Speaker 2 36:24
the artist Her name is Cat

Speaker 9 36:29
it’s I don’t think it’s a costume for two

Unknown Speaker 36:37
does it have a significance point of

Speaker 2 36:40
knowing determine if the artist is native we can determine if the artist is from Colorado like or there’s not a whole lot of information about the artists online. Basically, we’re just asking people, if anybody has any obviously you know, talk keep talking about this but one of the things you need to determine is does it fall outside of our acceptable donation policy? And if somebody has an objection to that then we need to like assemble a task

Speaker 1 37:09
yes but the the policies and procedures says that is the part that says no enriched only original artisans Okay, so we need what do you guys think? I have an opinion but I want to hear yours first.

Speaker 4 37:30
It’s it’s not it is not original? It’s right so I mean just on that fact

Speaker 1 37:40
do we want to have a motion to politely decline this accession or do you guys want to discuss it some more?

Unknown Speaker 37:53
I don’t think you’d like proof that this was

Speaker 6 37:57
I mean, this was like a local piece of like maybe online history or if it was Obama artists or any of that I might have like an opinion but I think that with it just being with what we already follow suit with with non original painting I personally it just sort of make it easy and just say I make a motion to say that will deny this all second All in favor we will really try and make the motion but actually that worked out really well. I guess

Unknown Speaker 38:40
did everybody Yes? Yes

Unknown Speaker 38:52
should I say this?

Speaker 9 39:03
Okay, how do they get together dates December 14, or

Speaker 1 39:08
after the 18th of January? I think she said I can do the 14th

Speaker 4 39:15
I know that Jennifer Rowan wanted to you know drown holidays that people have

Speaker 1 39:25
so not booked at all again for the holidays.

Unknown Speaker 39:31
October 14, that’s fine with me.

Unknown Speaker 39:34
I mean, I think people feel about that. That’s fine.

Speaker 2 39:37
To me. Yeah. The 14th also, there’s gonna be an event here so they will have I think they’ll have wine and beer for sale. So if it wants to, like, you know, will they

Speaker 1 39:48
be here? Yes. In this room,

Speaker 2 39:52
we couldn’t do it here. Or we could do it at some place. Here’s a little easier because the parking lot Yes, open already.

Speaker 1 40:03
So so we decided last time that we wanted to do another like crack object. So everybody would know what to do last last year, we just take the pledge and the tins and then things this year, we want to do another something where we’re just not sitting around selling our bases. We want to do something

Speaker 4 40:33
great with me, and I wasn’t in the artistic community last year, so I was really just

Speaker 2 40:40
Okay, so I, I had two ideas, because Angela was like, What do you think I was like? Well, nobody wants more crap for holidays. Like, you know, I was thinking we could do like a flower arranging workshop. And we can either hire someone to come in and teach us or I suppose like, we could have more money to just have all bunch of flowers, and just have everybody just do their own thing. Which I mean, everybody has faces at home, right? You know, it’s like, you don’t get anything. You get beautiful flowers, flowers die, you dry them. And we all have, you know, food and drink or beverages that aren’t alcoholic. Yeah, I think that would be fun. And also you’re not you don’t have to be too creative.

Speaker 4 41:22
Professional. Oh, yeah. I love flowers. Professional flower person, show me how to behave flower again, sure. Sugar. Even if it only lasted an hour.

Speaker 2 41:37
How does everyone feel about hiring someone versus just bringing in platforms? Like that? So do you want them to bring in an instructor or just for free for offices? She wanted to do I said I

Speaker 1 41:52
like I like having somebody there saying, Oh, don’t put that with that. Yeah. Or, or Oh, you need something tall there or something? So yes, since they should bring the flowers to them. So they would have to if they came here destruction

Unknown Speaker 42:14
should we prove our own boss who

Unknown Speaker 42:17
will see

Unknown Speaker 42:20
the deep advise?

Speaker 2 42:23
And then I was going to reach out and say we have this date available. You know, can you do it? So

Unknown Speaker 42:29
I’ll just have to have another idea.

Speaker 2 42:32
I was thinking about doing the like, you’re on mugs, but I’m not as suggested about it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:38
Yeah. Oh my God blessing.

Unknown Speaker 42:42
Yeah, that is always

Speaker 2 42:45
Yeah. Anybody have any other ideas? Man, nice to learn. Okay, so, so.

Unknown Speaker 42:52
Oh, that’s true, too. So, so, yeah, cool.

Unknown Speaker 42:57
Yeah. Like you said, it’s so central goals and stuff.

Speaker 6 43:02
Candles flowering. Put them all in there for the next few years

Unknown Speaker 43:17
I will reach out

Speaker 2 43:18
to my mind. Okay. Welch. We like the idea of having a class where you make something easy. Yeah. Exactly. One of my favorite things. Okay, Miss your comments. Comments

Unknown Speaker 43:40
from the commissioners So

Speaker 1 43:43
okay, so icebreaker we’re gonna start over there with you Stephanie.

Speaker 4 43:48
I thought about this for like, two days after I read Chai honoring

Speaker 2 43:55
and you don’t even have free to do one like oh no, I have like 20 like no

Speaker 8 44:04
I don’t have you know, albums anymore. I have all this mishmash of electronic music right? Like it sounds like a song from here and there. But I would probably say Newsong

Unknown Speaker 44:20
probably Muddy Waters and

Unknown Speaker 44:23
no not Mr. Grant. What yonder mountain String Band.

Speaker 4 44:27
Oh, that’s that’s a really good combo. Yeah, I can see that

Unknown Speaker 44:30
something you can’t get the tires but you just

Unknown Speaker 44:34
lose. Well, I’m going to do on the island with you.

Speaker 4 44:42
Oh, yes. So I guess they have to have some classical, so probably be Beethoven. And then have to have

Unknown Speaker 44:56
Rolling Stones see fingers

Unknown Speaker 45:00
And what else suddenly lose

Unknown Speaker 45:11
their two hands

Unknown Speaker 45:22
feels quite new to Joshua Tree

Unknown Speaker 45:36
as like a general way you can always do less more

Unknown Speaker 45:39
or less as well.

Speaker 2 45:43
So if your family comes alive and I third one is getting

Speaker 6 45:54
to the very tough question for me i Music is my life probably like to talk out on the probably has to be grateful dead American Beauty right now I’m also I’m very obsessive he is Elizabeth lizards and they’ve got like 35 or 25 albums so obviously them every single time so yours Yeah, that will probably be and then as a third again, so.

Speaker 9 46:29
I don’t know. Okay, so I said Paul Simon recently. Any Elvis collection is fine with me. And then he returns colors and

Unknown Speaker 46:45
I hope we’re all on the same desert island

Unknown Speaker 46:53
I said Jeff Beck, emotion emotion. Rolling Stones, I believe you could. And Miles Davis

Speaker 4 47:10
Okay, so, Mozart symphony 48 and 41. And the best of Earth, Wind and Fire because you got to dance. And then the third one is really the hardest one. So I went to I think everybody go for Ellen Fitzgerald sings version. But it was really tough because there was tumbleweeds and entry sounds so good. I felt bad to have a woman office Chelsea.

Unknown Speaker 47:53
My mother’s favorites.

Unknown Speaker 47:56
She’s great. She’s one of my idols. I listen to her hours, an hour, an hour. And she’s I saw her live a couple of times. And she’s just

Speaker 4 48:14
she’s a slob. I mean, just like this is no big deal. You

Speaker 1 48:23
okay, my number one first album would be funny rates. Thick of time or anything

Speaker 4 48:31
earlier? Yeah, probably by the time I was picked on play, I love them.

Speaker 1 48:39
And first, I thought I would go to the balding four seasons who said well, that, but then I thought oh, that’s well, you didn’t say I want to be there. What could churches nicer because there’s lots

Unknown Speaker 48:55
more find it. And then third,

Speaker 1 48:58
I couldn’t decide. I might taste and music are so eclectic. That I would just like to make my own. You know, just a collection of individual songs that I like. Yeah, that makes sense. Like you.

Speaker 2 49:16
It’s also really hard even though this is the question that I chose. I think I would choose Led Zeppelin for Massive Attack mezzanine and kind of blew by Miles Davis. A little bit of everything.

Unknown Speaker 49:31
Nice. All right. So like I said, we’re all in the same. Great. Okay, I need a survey. Any

Speaker 9 49:41
other questions? What’s anything? Observations? Okay, I need a motion to adjourn. Second

Unknown Speaker 49:56
All in favor.

Unknown Speaker 49:58
We’re German. Wow. yourself

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