Senior Citizens Advisory Board – October 2023

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Senior Citizens Advisory Board – October 2023

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I do have one member of the public here. So

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if you’d like to say anything,

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you don’t have to know I will. Yeah. My name is Anne Coakley, live in long run. And Ronnie asked me to attend the meeting. Just see what it was about.

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So I’m happy to be here.

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And I am going to apply I’m sure for

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the board. Yeah. How many board members do you need

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Next is old business. And there’s just one item on the agenda,

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which is an update on the

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Elbe exchange

Unknown Speaker 1:04

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to update the board on

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success of the mission? Absolutely. I was going to see if we can start with new business. So that way he could present to the part and then we can

Unknown Speaker 1:25
excuse her right after so she has absolutely everything. And that’s okay. Absolutely.

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You, please go ahead. Yeah, I’m Amy Brown. I’m one of the three resource specialists here on staff. The other two are Veronica, Melissa.

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And what we do is we provide information and referral

Unknown Speaker 1:49
system now navigation and a little bit of case management to seniors and caregivers of seniors who are in the community. And so that’s kind of a broad, kind of all encompassing definition of what we do. We do a lot of helping with finding housing and letting people know what housings available for seniors, and sitting down and talking about financial situations of

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assistance, if they’re needing help with budgeting, or looking at help with pain for hearing aids, eyeglasses, dentures, Medicare is getting better. But unfortunately, it doesn’t like to cover much on your face. So for that reason, there’s grants in the community that we help look into to see how someone can get assistance with that.

Unknown Speaker 2:43
You also direct them to Medicaid, if they qualify, we do and we actually have a lot of Medicaid assistance and helping understand that.

Unknown Speaker 2:53
Because Medicaid just isn’t one program. And I think a lot of individuals assume it is one program. So looking at the different types of Medicaid, the income limits and the asset limits, and then also trying to advocate

Unknown Speaker 3:09
for information to be up to date, I actually had someone call me yesterday, because the three different websites for the state and the county. And there was one other one all have different income limits for the same program. So help me navigate that and try to figure out what’s the actual right answer so that when you go to look up something, you’re able to know if you qualify or not. And then we do help with the application for Medicaid assistance and most other public assistance programs.

Unknown Speaker 3:38
We help look at different rebates that are available for seniors in the community, and try to get out word about the different programs. Tabor was a big one in the last few years because seniors were eligible for Tabor, but didn’t necessarily know that or know that they had to do a tax return to get it. Because a lot of seniors that are on a fixed income, you don’t necessarily need to do a tax return. So that’s something we try to get information out around resources and staying up to date on what the resources are, because they’re ever changing.

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I’ve been here with the city about nine years now, Veronica’s going on your 20.

Unknown Speaker 4:19
And then Melissa, she joined us during the pandemic. So I think it’s not so fast. I think she’s actually been here, almost five, for getting close to that. And then Veronica and most are both bilingual Spanish speakers. So they meet with our monolingual Spanish speaking population and do a lot of outreach in that area. Veronica has a program called the golladay Toss, which is advanced directives and end of life planning cammish.

Unknown Speaker 4:54
And then I run a money management program. So it’s volunteers that needed to it’s

Unknown Speaker 5:00
Junior’s one on one and help them to go through their more male sort through what our bills are not bills, create a budget, you just have guidance around

Unknown Speaker 5:11
following that budget,

Unknown Speaker 5:14
I’m telling you, okay, I’m sorry, you’re.

Unknown Speaker 5:19
So that’s kind of a over overview summary, we did have another resource specialists at the Longmont Housing Authority specific properties. That was actually a position through online housing authority, but supervised under senior services, that one that is making right now, and we’re kind of re looking at that now. But hopefully, we’ll have another, our fourth resource specialists back in the new year.

Unknown Speaker 5:49
So that’s

Unknown Speaker 5:51
a quick summary. I could probably talk for hours if you’d like me. So I’m gonna pause and see if you have any questions around what we do or

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any specific questions. What what do you think is the most common question that comes up with your clients? What’s the biggest problem? So

Unknown Speaker 6:15
housing is a really big one. And not just housing, but affordable available housing, we’re really lucky to have more than one Housing Authority, their portfolio is about 80%, senior housing, and that those are all affordable options. But it’s just a real struggle when the cost of living is going up greater than what your increases. If you’re on a fixed income from Social Security.

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And you’ve been renting somewhere for 20 years, and they’re hiking up the rent, we’ve had a lot of more immediate housing needs than what’s available. And so we help to brainstorm, navigate, figure out, do you have family, your friends, what are some temporary situations that are available to while we work on the long term getting on weightless, looking at what other options are available, we don’t do emergency services. So we’re really looking at the long term. Unfortunately, our appointments are looking out about a month right now. So

Unknown Speaker 7:21
and we try to try to see as many people as we can, but what we found is squeezing eight people in a day doesn’t leave room for follow up for the people we did see. So sometimes providing customer services asking to wait until we can fully give our service that we need. So that’s, that’s one. The other one we’re seeing a huge increase in is individuals needing help applying for Social Security. And we do help them with the actual application for Social Security. If they need help applying online, we can help make that My Social Security account and then go through the online application or force will also help call Social Security if you need help calling to get an appointment or just need help navigate more questions to ask them to get a hold of a Social Security representative. So that’s probably a newer one that we’ve seen quite an increase. So why do you think

Unknown Speaker 8:18
more people reaching Social Security age? It’s just an increase in the number. Yeah, yep. So I think there’s a, an exponential increase in the number of people retiring and getting to that age where they can draw Social Security. It’s also pretty complicated website.

Unknown Speaker 8:40
In the sense of it’s very secure, so secure, sometimes you yourself can’t get in. And so just having someone that knows how to navigate and get that set up, folks like that service.

Unknown Speaker 8:55
And Social Security is really encouraging folks to do it online versus making the in person appointment, or do it by phone, just because it gets processed quicker if you do it that way.

Unknown Speaker 9:09
So it’s great, we can be that support and helps you don’t have to wait three months or two months to get an appointment. So I have a question. Yeah, I had a senior approached me this week, in regard to the fact that sometimes they had dropped Part B from the Medicare and he was not having much luck navigating that

Unknown Speaker 9:33
website. And I said, we’ll try the senior center so you can get over there. And then of course, it’s the you know, you have to make an appointment and it’s probably four weeks out. So how do we help him? So I would actually have him talk with the Medicare counselors here in Boulder County. AAA Yeah. So we do a little bit of the base Medicare and how Medicare works with Medicaid but when it gets into issue

Unknown Speaker 10:00
So with Medicare or Medicare Supplement, we partner with the AAA because they have actually trained Medicare counselors that just know that way better than us. That’s our expertise. So that’s where I would start with that. That gentleman.

Unknown Speaker 10:19
They have a waiting list and how soon can somebody?

Unknown Speaker 10:27
Yeah, so they are entering open enrollment. So their wait time is going to be a little bit longer. But they do return the calls and at least can talk to him over the phone and give them guidance. I would say within a week, though, at least talk to him and figure out initially what what steps they should do. And he’s in third class fear, too. Yes. Yep. So they offer the Medicare Basics class, but for that case, specifically, it’s that class is more general overview. And it’s really great for folks to take that first to understand it. And then the Medicare counselors meet with individuals one on one to give them more of a

Unknown Speaker 11:07
situation by situation or your specific case. And when is that class? So we do that one monthly, okay. Not necessarily no owner county that moved everything online? Yeah, the pandemic. So we only have one class here, I think in this catalog. So it’s like once the catalog here, but they have online login. Yeah. So I think on mine options are once or twice a month, but then the actual in person ones are more frequent. Today, the Spanish speaking person there that? Yes, they do. Great. They have a Spanish speaking her name’s Karen. And she was out for a while. So they’re using the Spanish line. But I believe she’s back now. Yeah, that’s really good.

Unknown Speaker 11:55
Any other questions? August, somebody else? Whoever called me door, continue. They’re handing it off to you.

Unknown Speaker 12:06
Many other comments, questions?

Unknown Speaker 12:11
Oh, great job.

Unknown Speaker 12:13
You have a wonderful service for the community. And it’s one of those things a lot of people don’t know about us until they need us. And so having you all familiar with us helps because of like, like you running into someone needing assistance, now you know where to direct them. And if you don’t know where to direct them, what we’re really good for stop. Because even if we don’t do the service, we can talk to them and brainstorm and say, this is really where you need to go and where to start.

Unknown Speaker 12:41
Because we understand the systems and

Unknown Speaker 12:44
who does what. So I got these little wrap cards that we have, that have what we do and what we help with. And then also our information. And in case you need a reference of what we look like they put our pictures on there, too. So these are helpful. I just brought a stack of them if you want to have a few I got one.

Unknown Speaker 13:04
So if you want to pass them around, don’t feel obligated to take one

Unknown Speaker 13:08
is very informative.

Unknown Speaker 13:15
So Kaylee is not on there yet. Are she? Oh, no. She has. Those are the new ones. We’re trying to get rid of all of our old ones that didn’t have the arrow. Counselor. I’m sorry. I was a bit late today. But what is your wait time on Monday night? So right now it’s there about a month. It’s better than what it was there for a while is a little longer now. Yeah, so kind of ebbs and flows that we tend to through the seasons in the summer tends to be shorter for some reason. In the fall, we start to kind of book out a little bit further than in Christmas time, it kind of gets a little less, and January normally snowballs, and that’s when it gets really long. So

Unknown Speaker 13:58
that’s kind of what I’ve seen throughout the years.

Unknown Speaker 14:04
Appreciate you folks.

Unknown Speaker 14:12
Out there

Unknown Speaker 14:17
any other questions? If not,

Unknown Speaker 14:20
okay, well, thank you for having me. Appreciate it. Thanks. See. Thank you. I’ll see you around the Senior Center.

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Unknown Speaker 14:31
Folks, I was working and I saw the clock at about 1020 and a group of people came in to Santiago, US and before I turned around, it was 10 o’clock

Unknown Speaker 14:43
so I apologize

Unknown Speaker 14:46
if we just sat here and stared at each other.

Unknown Speaker 14:51
That’s better.

Unknown Speaker 14:56
Okay, looks like we’re on board updates.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Correct. No, we’re, we actually need to go back to a I’m gonna go back to A. Okay. skipped over. Amy. Yeah. Okay, so we approve the agenda. Now we’ve done all of that we’re we’re at 5858. Yep. Updates on Northern Arapaho elder exchange. So I’ll show you. Yeah. So I’ll talk about that. And then kind of see what that’s okay in the back end. And I’ll have you jump in and share your, your experience and takeaways. And so, as I mentioned, we’ve been doing some work with the Northern Arapaho to

Unknown Speaker 15:37
develop and create another exchange for, for us here, the Senior Center, writing some of our patrons and opportunity to to, to have was a cultural enrichment opportunities that we’ve never offered here, in person hands on, right. And so we’ve been working with Sister Cities to make that introduction,

Unknown Speaker 16:04
establish a relationship. And now we’re continuing to build that relationship. So this, this, this trip we just went on in September, was to continue building that relationship and opportunity for our leadership to connect with their leadership. So I, leading up to that we had the little by little sisters video presented here at the senior center for our advisory board members and our and our friends, board members, and some of our staff to participate in them to just to get some background knowledge of our drones and Remco friends and who they are, and what work has already been established by sister cities, and with our previous mayor and council members, as well. So, so collected presented that video, friends board approved some funds for us to take a leadership group compiled of our advisory board, friends board and some of our staff to go up to Wyoming. So to those who are able to participate from our advisory board is Sheila was able to go from our friends board, we took Ray Ramirez, we took random and we were able to take another staff member or city staff member common philosophies from ours was rough life but has been doing this work since it first started with Sister cities. And from our from our team here, the Senior Center and I went brand new ones. And Robin, Robin,

Unknown Speaker 17:40
the younger ones would love to TV. And

Unknown Speaker 17:46
so we went up on a Friday morning, went up on Friday morning,

Unknown Speaker 17:52
got up there in the setup and then got it to Casper late afternoon, got got settled in and then went to the horse races. So our Northern Arapaho friends are hosting the national horse racing championships in Casper, Wyoming. So they invited us up there to share their culture, something that they’re very, very proud of. And being able to host the national championship is a big deal. And I’ll say it’s a it’s a it’s a world wide competition, because there were some some tribes from from Canada in attendance, so it was still sick.

Unknown Speaker 18:28

Unknown Speaker 18:30
again, the invitation was sent to us to again, continue building that friendship, but to share something that’s very, very important to their culture. And so we’ve never experienced that. So that alone was very eye opening it was, if you’ve never seen it, I’ll send a link after this video, or video link after this meeting. It’s It’s pretty intense. There’s a group of each each tribe has one right here, but they have three horses, all competitive just to get to get as close to the front of the starting line as possible. Then they’ll sound a horn, you have to jump on the horse bareback right around once. As soon as they make it around the lap around the track. They pull over to their team, get off one horse get on another horse and go again and to do that three times till till

Unknown Speaker 19:22
till the race is over. But how fast they move how much training that goes into it, that it’s bareback. And there’s so many predictable factors of these three different horses right and depending on what mood they’re in,

Unknown Speaker 19:37
and people were being thrown out two horses the horses are in opposite directions. Some people whose job is to stop the horse so the racers can get off to get on the next horse get run over so it was it was pretty intense.

Unknown Speaker 19:58
You can have some sort of up

Unknown Speaker 20:00
So, so the guy who just got a fourth, does it could change.

Unknown Speaker 20:05
Articles. Yeah, text me.

Unknown Speaker 20:09
Very, you know, really slowly.

Unknown Speaker 20:12
And you would think that we had some stake in the game how much we were cheering.

Unknown Speaker 20:18
And it was just, it was really eye opening, again, the cultural enrichment opportunities to experience something different that we are used to, you know, and we were able to see, why would they were so proud of not only this event in this competition, but hosting the national championships. I may have missed this. But did they introduce you guys? Now? Yeah, no, no, no, no, they just wondered if they talked about the exchange. Yeah, they did not. And it’s a big event. And it’s very fast paced. If anybody’s ever been to a high school track, me, it’s very similar to that, but much faster. So as soon as one race ends, they’re getting all the horses off. And each each group has three, three different horses, they get everybody off, and the next group is right behind them coming in. So it’s like attract people way faster. So is anyone invited to attend? Or is it just IRAP? owes? Anybody. So there’s people from all over. So when we were kind of

Unknown Speaker 21:18
having conversations with people in different various lines that we were in, you know, there’s people from all over and we saw, we’ve heard someone from Oregon, came down for non events. And I mean, a lot of people in Wyoming.

Unknown Speaker 21:31
Native Americans exist to you. You bet. Yes, yes. So are you preparing for next time?

Unknown Speaker 21:41
Right, I really started my training, tell my daughters, I’m gonna have them still show them videos, and you start learning how to do this study with our dogs.

Unknown Speaker 21:50
And so, so we were able to see again, what they were very, very proud of, and why they offered extended often for us to go up there. And then they hosted us that Friday night, they hosted a dinner for us, which was upside, it’s a dinner, they host for all racers, all participants, all teams, and they invited us to be a part of that dinner as well. And so even even going into this entire trip, I let everybody know, there was no formalities in place, we are not going to come to a room like this, that we have here at the Senior Center, sit at the table and have formal discussions, anything related to

Unknown Speaker 22:25
another exchange is going to be very, very unstructured. And I wanted to prepare everybody for that. So then there is no expectation of this type of formality. It’s very, very informal, everything, all the planning that’s taking place so far, and you know, their comfort level is operating in these informal environments. And so we were able to sit down, grab some dinner, and we had Steven, I believe,

Unknown Speaker 22:53
I could be wrong, but I feel like his last name is best horse sat at our table with us. We talked with him about this idea. And it was his first time hearing us and his excitement levels off the roof. It just knowing what this could bring for for, for their community, in our community, and collectively coming together. And we were brainstorming ideas, he was sharing his ideas of what this should look like giving us feedback, we should take these things, certain things into consideration. And he volunteered to be the first in line to come down here when this exchange takes place. Once he found out it sort of entered by the moment, adults, he said I’ll come in that range include me, because he so many people were anticipating being a part of this little number serving on five, six, he’s like nope, to 10. And so he he threw that number out there. And he said, including myself, nine other people. So again, he’s done himself to be part of this first group to come down

Unknown Speaker 23:53
to senior sentence on the resume, right? Yep. So he’s telling us there’s two locations. And so so that we’re there’s that informal conversation, started getting it just started generating ideas between our group and, and a couple other representatives as well. taken us into the next day for day two of races.

Unknown Speaker 24:15
And I’m sorry, leading up to that we were able to make some introductions with with their leadership. Again, informally, they welcomed us most outdoor games or tickets shows where our seats were, but they’re very busy putting on this event. And so we were able to meet Lee, who’s part of their business council, Brandon, who’s also part of their business council, and then some

Unknown Speaker 24:38
some members of the tribe as well.

Unknown Speaker 24:42
We met Jackie we met Kimberly and

Unknown Speaker 24:46
Stephen. And so that was important for me to make those connections. Again, because it’s so fast paced, moving from making sure that we have a connection state one and I’m sure she will talk about it here in a bit but

Unknown Speaker 25:00
but just just the way those introductions take place, right? It’s, they feel a part of the family and everybody greets us with Hugs. Hugs.

Unknown Speaker 25:13

Unknown Speaker 25:18
could call California house. It was heartfelt. So good to meet you. So good to see you. So good to hear you

Unknown Speaker 25:31
say very impressive.

Unknown Speaker 25:34
That moved us in a day to where we woke up that next day no know what to expect excited to get to the racetracks and share and train everybody. Yeah, like I said, you would think that we had to stick in the game the way everybody was cheering. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in that excitement and the culture. And after day, two races included, invited us our leadership to go meet with their leadership in the session, they were sitting there. And from there, again, very informal. It was We’re not sitting at a table, we even sit down with Austin in a giant circle and talk for about a half hour. And from there was very specific, like, alright, we got everybody together. What are we envisioning for this? What are our next steps, basically identify those next steps. So we know they’re coming down in March for the Denver March powwow. And so we, we were discussing an opportunity for them to come down a couple of days earlier. So the Denver March Paulo takes we don’t know the exact dates yet. But it will always take place on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Friday evening, all day, Saturday, all day Sunday. So through these discussions where we collectively thought it would be great for for them to come down a little bit early. And we haven’t cleaned this up. If it’s going to be Wednesday, come down Wednesday, they’ll have Wednesday, Thursday, and then they’re off Friday. For more sounds sounds more like we’ll have them Thursday. They’ll come down on Thursday, all day, Thursday, half day Friday, as they go into their their events Friday evening. And with that timeframe, we were kind of discussing what could we use this time? How can we best use this time and you know, their leadership will be present. They were their elders will be present. And we would look at doing the same kind of in our leadership and our our elders available for this interaction and this opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 27:30
You know, we discussed how it’d be a good idea for them to tour long, long, and always just pass through, if they ever come through it through long month for a specific meeting or event. And so that’s the only place they go to. So an opportunity to tour the city show things that we’re proud of as a community here in Longmont

Unknown Speaker 27:50
and an opportunity to to do some sort of cultural enrichment opportunity for our community. So we don’t know what that’ll look like, maybe q&a here, maybe some sort of presentation here. Since they are coming down to down for the presentation to be open to something here Senior Center.

Unknown Speaker 28:12
There’s there’s discussions around an opportunity to share different various artworks. So some some some of their artwork that they fit. That’s big enough. I’m sorry, yeah, bigger, then of course, you’re sharing with our seniors and an opportunity for us to share that as well. You know, I obviously have the day and a half, I anticipate that we’re going to mill in there somewhere, an opportunity for a stall to sit down and share a meal together. Our elders that are elders are leadership with the leadership. And again, continuing to build that community

Unknown Speaker 28:45
establishing that trust and building on our relationship. And

Unknown Speaker 28:51
I can tell everybody is this, it’s slow, it’s going to be a slow process between these various opportunities to connect before we get something nailed down. And again, that speaks to the culture as well. We need to continue to develop that trust in that relationship before we set anything in stone of an exchange, surrounding atmosphere, assuming you are the coordinator for the exchanges. Okay. Yes, that’ll be 100%. And you interface with the other two sister cities, coordinators as well. So let’s see what they’ve been through for our sister cities or the associates. So I’ve been so Janice is our social studies coordinator and director here in Longmont. And so she was part of that trip as well. Oh, Ken. So when I was invited in May, to go be a part of that. That trip with Mayor Peck council members and Sister Cities representatives, which Janice was there as well. She’s going to bring me in to help make these connections and establish this relationship. So she would be a part of this coursework as well. So laying the groundwork in anticipation for that

Unknown Speaker 30:00
A March meeting, opportunity to connect friends board, months ago suggested an opportunity to do a call to see up here cultural enrichment program here in the, in our gymnasium. Around that video that Sister Cities video that we showed to our our advisory board of transport. So have showed that video and had an opportunity for a q&a as well. You know, I’m envisioning, so I’m working on this one right now for December, but I’m envisioning common Plasco pluses from there, as well as Ray Ramirez, Janice from Sister Cities, you all see a bear Peck is available and willing to come be a part of this as well, or some of the council members who have been part of this work, as well. So an opportunity to answer some questions of what has what what this work is look like, in the past, to get us where we’re at here currently in our present, and where do we envision this going? Right?

Unknown Speaker 31:06
Why are we doing this? Because that was a little bit of resistance from friends board.

Unknown Speaker 31:17
What’s this got to do with long lunch and seniors?

Unknown Speaker 31:26
Having done this experience, I think it’s it’s very, it’s going to be a very important experience for the seniors in long. I’m assuming this to get a good understanding and a good feel for the hour. And it’s the people who are becoming too long, we’ll be able to see that. We don’t want anything from them, except openness and friendship. Because that history has been, well, whatever we need the white man. He wants something from us, or promises something that doesn’t come true. I think to have an open relationship of trust between the two communities will do so much good.

Unknown Speaker 32:26
Basis for going on going ahead.

Unknown Speaker 32:31
Yes. Where is it that I’ve heard? The

Unknown Speaker 32:38
Is it the City Council or the mayor that reads the proclamation about the sister cities and events now?

Unknown Speaker 32:48
What does that call about?

Unknown Speaker 32:51
I’ve been to events where

Unknown Speaker 32:55
land acknowledgement. Thank you. And that

Unknown Speaker 33:00
can be found online.

Unknown Speaker 33:04
But the thing is, so you sit there before the performance starts and listen to this. Do they know about the fact that we’re incorporating the land acknowledgement in our agenda?

Unknown Speaker 33:17
I think that’s just an amazing thing. It is an amazing thing. Because of the box. So what goes from there? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:28
I hate to say lip service. It’s lip service to make us feel better.

Unknown Speaker 33:34
Frankly, it doesn’t make us feel better.

Unknown Speaker 33:39
What’s the next step after saying?

Unknown Speaker 33:42
No, I’m very sorry. We took him land.

Unknown Speaker 33:46
So well, that acknowledgement is huge. It is huge, but it needs to be built. I think that’s what’s going to happen.

Unknown Speaker 33:55

Unknown Speaker 33:57
attended this from from our totals that were in

Unknown Speaker 34:04
some races, there’s hundreds, I would say several 1000s

Unknown Speaker 34:11
I would say each day 1000s. Yeah. hours. This is not a gambling event. No, no, it’s just yeah, we don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 34:22
There’s no place to

Unknown Speaker 34:26
it’s representatives from each tribe competing against one another.

Unknown Speaker 34:32
I don’t mean to be repetitious because I think I’ve asked about this before but is that video available to give?

Unknown Speaker 34:38
Can you eat?

Unknown Speaker 34:40
Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, be great. Thank you. And so working on that CP in December that opportunity. We’re we’re nailing down those details for December CP, and then as we approach march with cultural reference,

Unknown Speaker 34:55
and so as we get closer to March, we found the tie

Unknown Speaker 35:00
I’m in March that we’re working on to see if we can get a professor

Unknown Speaker 35:05
from one of our local universities nearby or even Front Range. Who, who’s, who specializes in, in Colorado history, and be able to come and do CP here about life for our indigenous people, or Native American families here in the front range, and what it looked like here in Colorado, leading up to the Sand Creek Massacre, where they were forced off the land here in the front range and relocated. So, you know, for me, to go to my own personal history. You know, when I was in college, or my first I remember, my first semester had to take an elective. And for me, when I was going through my list of electives, it was easy to go to Color history. I’ve been studying that since middle school. And

Unknown Speaker 35:56
they started off with the myths right out the gate, what life was like for people of color, here in Colorado, with an emphasis heavy emphasis on our Native American treatment here in Colorado, and then started unpacking their history. And for me, it was eye opening, it was just like, holy cow. I mean, I live in Colorado my whole life. You studied Colorado history, my whole life and education, the education system in Colorado and never even heard of this stuff. Why are they why are we not taught about this? Right? So there was that eye opening for me, I think it’s very important for our community have those same opposite learning opportunities.

Unknown Speaker 36:37
As I did, as we continue to do this work, and weeks are probably at that point, weeks later, welcome our northern Africa friends here to one one. So it’s part of that background knowledge as well. Such as those pictures of your girls

Unknown Speaker 36:55

Unknown Speaker 36:58
Tomorrow, their history, then

Unknown Speaker 37:01
has has changed with

Unknown Speaker 37:05
Sand Creek and educational systems. But at home, yes.

Unknown Speaker 37:10
You know, fry them, the actual history and factual information for their own personal knowledge and awareness as well. So we celebrate it in American culture. Today, there’s a new sort of celebrations in Colorado, we went to attend those girls are a big part of that. And we’d love to be a part of that, as well. So it’s hard for them to know the truth.

Unknown Speaker 37:32
I talked to Ray yesterday, and he highly commended you and Miss

Unknown Speaker 37:37
corrugating is making this happen.

Unknown Speaker 37:41
Give us a big thing. Bigger in real life, realize. And I appreciate him and I’m small potatoes compared to him cotton, who have moved have been doing this work from the very, very, very beginning. And you know, which has allowed us to have this opportunity, right to have this discussion to introduce something new for us another exchange, right? So, you know, me being able to coordinate a man and get a group together. And to me that’s, that’s the easy stuff, you know, the groundwork that they laid is

Unknown Speaker 38:13
speaks volumes of who they are as people, and just how much how compassionate. Right? And so, it’s night, and I told anybody who will listen, just that, that was the easy part, getting everything together. But seeing Ray and Carmen interacts with our Northern Arapaho friends and see the trust and relationship that has been established is incredible, and how much they love them both ways. And just just being able to see that on the outside is like, wow, they have done a lot of work to to be in the position they are. So what’s gonna be great, and hopefully most of us will be able to attend. Yeah, marching? Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 38:55
I’m sorry. It talked a lot. Do you want to share your experience? I don’t know if you brought your your report that

Unknown Speaker 39:01
are credible. I’m sorry. I will say I wrote a report on on the trip for the friends over I

Unknown Speaker 39:10
don’t know why I didn’t send it to members of this board. So

Unknown Speaker 39:15
one thing is I know that

Unknown Speaker 39:19
you’re limited to I had expected there would be a few of these sorts of meetings.

Unknown Speaker 39:28

Unknown Speaker 39:30
is this gonna really accomplish something?

Unknown Speaker 39:34
When I look back, yes, it did accomplish because a different culture has a different way of going making decisions and getting plans together. So that was another eye opener for me.

Unknown Speaker 39:50
Yes, I’m

Unknown Speaker 39:54
when I was writing Arapaho in my notes that I take

Unknown Speaker 40:00
It said that it was spelt wrong. And I think that the agenda has it spelt incorrectly know me. And I think that’s a really important start in understanding their culture is to make sure that we do not include an E.

Unknown Speaker 40:15
O is did mine, mine autocorrect it. Yeah, there’s no. So anyway, I just

Unknown Speaker 40:22
I just wanted to mention that if we’re going to be interfacing with a culture we didn’t

Unknown Speaker 40:28

Unknown Speaker 40:29
I didn’t mean to put you on the spot. Yeah. I have a question. Which town in my opinion is our sister city? So there are other Wind River Reservation? So that’s the winder reservation.

Unknown Speaker 40:42
And where that is in relation to

Unknown Speaker 40:46
German through okay. Yeah, thank you to the winner of the reservation.

Unknown Speaker 40:51
It’s been three because it is a sister city, to Longmont official. There have been three exchanges on students of young people. Between the two already. Oh, yes. Which

Unknown Speaker 41:07
I don’t think we’ve been particularly well publicized. So and there’s some really great movies out there about the Wind River area and the Arapaho is up there. I wish I could tell you, you’d have to google that to find the movies. But there’s some good stuff up there. Whether it’s factual or not, I don’t know whether they took a poetic license to make the movies. But they were really good.

Unknown Speaker 41:37
There was a lot of women, abuse of women.

Unknown Speaker 41:42
I found that particularly interesting.

Unknown Speaker 41:47
today. Yeah, absolutely. Missing, right. And so there’s there’s, there’s a team that is designated to focus on

Unknown Speaker 41:57
missing, missing indigenous people, right, but specifically women, because they don’t get the attention that

Unknown Speaker 42:06
they weren’t in other communities.

Unknown Speaker 42:09
We learned that too. So a girl that was in Yellowstone, if anybody watches Yellowstone, anybody know?

Unknown Speaker 42:19
That Indian that is not an Indian,

Unknown Speaker 42:23
Native American, she was in this movie, and I think it was called Wind River.

Unknown Speaker 42:30
It’d be interesting to see. So the whole purpose of this was to not only allow our leadership to be their leadership, and not

Unknown Speaker 42:39
not just that, not to just have discussions around next steps towards an elder exchange. But most importantly, experience firsthand what we’ll be able to do this experience what we will be able to offer our community, our senior community here at the senior center these opportunities, right, so that was the major focus, I feel like that we’re, we’re successful.

Unknown Speaker 43:04
Exposure of this is what this is the takeaways this is you can read this in a book. But what you can’t watch us on a video, you have to experience it firsthand to know. And I think everybody walked away with that, with that understanding from the Strip. She read the report your deck with friends board, it’s something that you could send to us. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 43:27
You have to thank you.

Unknown Speaker 43:30
Thank you for going with representatives. Yes. Sounds exciting. Yeah, it does. Okay, any more questions to get you guys actually stay on the reservation? Or where did you actually stay? So, overnight, so this was a fairgrounds in Casper that they use for these races. So their reservation they found out after was two hours away? So we’ve just taken Casper near the fairgrounds

Unknown Speaker 44:01
and where will they be coming down for the Denver event

Unknown Speaker 44:05
in March on the ground to Patrick’s

Unknown Speaker 44:11
wedding today held. So that was that the demo Coliseum I think ever been it’s really exciting. And that’s so again, we’re looking at how we can incorporate these opportunities, learning opportunities, right in our programming. So we’re looking at seeing about getting, having one of them or programming options, taking the group, a couple of buses down to 10. We call it cm to experience now. If you’ve ever been it’s really, really exciting.

Unknown Speaker 44:37
Have you ever been to the Coliseum, everybody even

Unknown Speaker 44:41
those so the terminal is just jam packed with vendors number one, I mean on both sides, all the way around the entire thing and some on the lower level as well. And I mean, there’s no space in between. It’s just vendors and with their artwork.

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Pottery, jewelry, you name it, everything handcrafted. And you’re See, they have different groups come out. So

Unknown Speaker 45:11
different, different tribes, they acknowledge each tribe individually, they, they have

Unknown Speaker 45:21
different similar ceremonial dances where certain members of each tribe will come out to perform.

Unknown Speaker 45:32
And so it’s just, it’s just different variations and different groups have celebration in the middle of the Coliseum. So it’s, it’s really, really cool. There’s another way scape. So it’s really cool to experience.

Unknown Speaker 45:48
All right, well, thank you. March 17, through 19 over 2020 For

Unknown Speaker 45:55
now, they don’t have it. I guess they don’t.

Unknown Speaker 46:01
Sorry. Like you said that. I’ve been looking.

Unknown Speaker 46:04
But that’s it’s usually around that same timeframe. Yeah, that sounds

Unknown Speaker 46:11
great. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown Speaker 46:15
Now, we’re back to the housing update.

Unknown Speaker 46:19
Okay, Sheila running.

Unknown Speaker 46:23
I’m afraid I do not have anything to report payments at this time.

Unknown Speaker 46:30
I honestly don’t. And Sheila, and I haven’t been able to get together. No, we will make that commitment by the next meeting, to come together and get it plan in place that we’re looking at as far as what areas we’re going to start to work in. Because I would say from what Amy has said that housing is maybe the most important issue

Unknown Speaker 46:55
facing senior citizens. Oh, can I just add something?

Unknown Speaker 47:00
Talk? This is totally opposite. I talked to a friend who was in

Unknown Speaker 47:07
some way other than Front Range. And this business called senior citizens got wise.

Unknown Speaker 47:18
Oh, so instead of saying,

Unknown Speaker 47:22

Unknown Speaker 47:25
but wise,

Unknown Speaker 47:28
you may look confused.

Unknown Speaker 47:31
I thought that was a absolutely

Unknown Speaker 47:35
unnecessary and patronizing

Unknown Speaker 47:39
way to treat all the people.

Unknown Speaker 47:43
I’ve got it off my chest.

Unknown Speaker 47:46
Saying otherwise. You didn’t approve of the watch? Right? I did not.

Unknown Speaker 47:53
There’s some elders that may not be true wives. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 47:58

Unknown Speaker 48:01
or mean calling people. But why is mean? You can call them what you like. But if you don’t treat them as you would somebody who was wise, that means absolutely nothing.

Unknown Speaker 48:15
So I

Unknown Speaker 48:17
totally disagree with

Unknown Speaker 48:19
that. So what we’re here for Yeah, elders is better than one is yes.

Unknown Speaker 48:26
Senior citizens is just

Unknown Speaker 48:29
puts a group out there that I don’t know, not everybody wants.

Unknown Speaker 48:33
It just needs a different name. It’s way I don’t know. I don’t know what the Navy is it needs but in fact, in a previous iteration of the council, we just discussed at some length, what to call the Senior Center,

Unknown Speaker 48:51
the Senior Center.

Unknown Speaker 48:53
And as you can see, still cool. See, LDS? Howa? Yeah, it is nationally, it’s just, I think is kind of off putting to some people. So if you’re 55 and it says senior standard, you know, it’s like, okay, that’s, that’s what that? Yeah. So I just I think it’s nationally, I think it needs to be changed, but that’s not

Unknown Speaker 49:18
that’s been my concern for years. So

Unknown Speaker 49:23
I just think it’s off putting maybe move to now.

Unknown Speaker 49:29
That’s all for all.

Unknown Speaker 49:33
names were considered you remember.

Unknown Speaker 49:41
We cannot come up with anything. I have a lot of thoughts about the starting at the age of 55 as well. I think that is archaic. I think it’s passe.

Unknown Speaker 49:53
We’re aging further as a population. And I think 55 is too young.

Unknown Speaker 50:00
And I’ve seen other senior centers that don’t start 55. And that’s another conversation for another time, probably that I just wanted to bring it forward. I agree.

Unknown Speaker 50:11
We’ve talked about this for a while on

Unknown Speaker 50:19
the around

Unknown Speaker 50:23
maybe municipalities have an idea.

Unknown Speaker 50:28
Others are, but most of them are still called the senior centers. If they’re located within a rec center or something like that, I think it’s, it’s a different situation. But

Unknown Speaker 50:41
okay, transportation update. Oh, yes.

Unknown Speaker 50:45
Stage one, sure that I

Unknown Speaker 50:48
had something.

Unknown Speaker 50:50
So what I did was I had some concerns about transportation issues, and seniors and all that kind of stuff since I’ve moved here.

Unknown Speaker 50:59
And I did meet with a city

Unknown Speaker 51:03

Unknown Speaker 51:05
just to kind of talk through some things with him, to see how off base I was, and to see if anything’s even being considered. So I’ve written down a few things here that I thought we could think about. And then I don’t know where he wants to go from there. So one of the first things is the micro transit bus, which I understand has now received.

Unknown Speaker 51:28
It’s either 450,400 75,000 on a grant, if you remember, when Greenwald was here, they were asking for 600,000. So they did get that, which is exciting, because if that comes to fruition, what I see is you being able to call, and within 30 minutes, you should be able to get a ride, which now you have to call via

Unknown Speaker 51:55
at least a week in advance, and then maybe you’re going to get a ride, maybe not.

Unknown Speaker 52:00
The other thing is cost. And I think this is something that maybe we should

Unknown Speaker 52:07
push for if the city could make it a free ride.

Unknown Speaker 52:13
Otherwise, if it needs to be really low, it needs to be one or $2, which I think is what they’re looking at, at this point, or $2 Ride

Unknown Speaker 52:22
via charges six, on way. So if you have to go to dialysis, which is three times a week, if you have to take B that’s $36. And if you’re a lot of people that are on dialysis are also on a fixed income, regardless of their age. That’s a tremendous it to them. So I think as far as cost goes, I’d like to see it, we need to advocate for this the city to at least give this free or really a low cost.

Unknown Speaker 52:54
And the other thing is that it’s going to hit all areas of town, I know now that the air of the town, the area of town that I live in, does not have best service. So we either have to depend on have our cars or all the or something like that, in order to get around. This will cover all areas of town. So I’m hoping that this is something that starts in 24. But I do feel I know that you do get some additional funding setup. But there’s a couple of things that I advocate for we can have for the cost. I think that that’s critical to everybody.

Unknown Speaker 53:27
Okay, that was number one. Number two, I’m sure that you all know that the crossline is on Main are in now. And prior to being and I had talked to this, this gentleman, and it is the city of Longmont and Ltda along with downtown LA that provided the monies to get those in. So I think that that’s great that we’ve got people who are actually advocating. And that is a definite safety issue. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 53:51
I don’t like going downtown and try to cross in the middle of the street. That’s crazy.

Unknown Speaker 53:56
And you can’t see the people for another thing to when you’re driving or even when you’re walking. And I think that this has came about to a certain extent through Vision Zero.

Unknown Speaker 54:08
And I just thought my understanding of Vision Zero is that instead of looking at traffic flow so much it’s looking at pedestrians, if I’m wrong about this, that’s my understanding.

Unknown Speaker 54:22
And maybe it would be kind of nice to have somebody explain Vision Zero, because I know that they’ve got some ideas of what they’re doing. And if it’s a distraction minded rather than vehicle so much. What’s their thinking? You know, are we looking at crosswalks? Are we looking at safe walking areas? What are we looking at? So I just think that that’s something coming to look at

Unknown Speaker 54:47
street signs that this is something that really kind of bothers me when I’m driving and I’m going to where I’m going

Unknown Speaker 54:56
the street signs are not the same. So you’ll be driving down the street

Unknown Speaker 55:00
And there’ll be a sign on way on this end with a light. And then you can come to the next one, it’ll be in the middle, a majority of the lights, you know, go across the intersection, I think that we need to get those street signs out to where, when you’re going down the road, you can see it, when the trees are in full leaf at the major intersection, you can see those signs until you get right up to them, and then you’re in the wrong lane.

Unknown Speaker 55:25
So I think that’s something that really needs to be looked at. And as I understand that not every one of those arms is as big as another one, but still, I think, are some way to get that sign over there. So that’s, that’s something that I’m taking them. And I think they need to be the same color.

Unknown Speaker 55:45
Doing that one that’s black and the white one, it’s green, and they’re all hard to read anyway from a distance. But that is something that could be really easy fixed that streets on the giant bank. And it would be really, everybody, everybody that comes to your town for that.

Unknown Speaker 56:03
Okay, street crossings, some of the lights, I think need to be longer for pedestrians to get across. And then give you an example of what I encountered last week when I went to the library,

Unknown Speaker 56:16
which is came from your building

Unknown Speaker 56:20
the village on Main, which is actually called inflation, and I think it’s going to be called village on me after the RE re syndication remodel of it

Unknown Speaker 56:30
is right, there are six in Maine. And there is a there is a street sign here. And I understand that, but I had been down at the library at their wonderful buyback of votes for $5 a day. And I haven’t seen this lady in front of on the sidewalk in front of my car with her walker, you know, going heading towards the library, and I knew where she came from, because I knew her. And I thought how did she get across that street safely? Because I don’t know that the light stays

Unknown Speaker 57:01
crossed light stays white for her long enough to get across. So I think this is something an MD engineer even said, if you see intersections in you have so many that, you know, you’d like to see them get across time and, you know, walk with them across. And if it doesn’t allow them to get across safely, then we know that so this is something we need to take a look at. Usually I can get across that sometimes if you’re crossing some of those big intersections over

Unknown Speaker 57:31
you know, third, some of those big intersections kind of really huffing across there to get across just a body. Yeah. And so I think that we need to take a look at that. So that’s that’s something I think that we can we can take a look at too. And I honestly don’t know when I asked this question. I don’t know if every street light intersection has the blind notification on it. Or you could hear a little beep, you know, so Brian.

Unknown Speaker 58:02
I wonder if that’s something that needs to be on everyone.

Unknown Speaker 58:06
It’s like people can get up and get around regardless, especially if they have someone with them or they even have a car my dog. I don’t think that’s anything I asked about what’s diagonal crossings. There is one in Estes Park, at least one that I know. Estes Park is appears to be as long on what is the possibility of maybe diagonal crossings and you know, in a diagonal crossing goes like this, if you want to get to the other side of the street, why don’t you have to go this way? In this way? Why can’t we go this way? So that is?

Unknown Speaker 58:38
Well, my plan is to see let’s put it like that. I don’t know if anything’s going to happen. But I think it’s something that why don’t we take a look at it. I’m sure there are places in town where that would be very advantageous for people, it would have to be a real high trap. The reason it works in SSS because it’s such a high yesterday traffic. Yeah. So third main, for instance, you know, I mean, that’s the one that’s a busy street. Yeah, that might be that IDF 17 Yeah, you’ve got some busy streets, just to get

Unknown Speaker 59:09
something to actually look at that point. We’d have to relocate in a longer time to Yeah, because

Unknown Speaker 59:16
people would get used to it. I mean, when the lights read the lights red, and, of course, we have a lot of people that run red lights, but anyway, okay, so one of my really big concerns is the train horn. I don’t know if the train horn bothers anybody else. But it really bothers me. And I know that they are working on that. So I think that you know, as we are thinking about it, if you ever talked to anybody from the engineering department in the city, you know, you just might mention that. I’m sure it’s going to be nice when we get the quiet zones,

Unknown Speaker 59:47
which are I thought we’re coming in 2023 and two, what happened to that? So he is no no, no, that’s

Unknown Speaker 59:57
so anyway, that that’s it and

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Then, the other thing in regard to seniors in getting two different things I’ve been asked.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:08
So I guess if I need to explain that, one of the things that we do with the housing authority is that we have a shopping van or shopping bus actually, that twice a month things, people from their facilities to shopping. And I will tell you that as an I usually write that as a volunteer,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:27
there are people that go every single time, and they get quite a bit of groceries. So I know that this is something that they need. However, they have asked me

Unknown Speaker 1:00:36
how can we go to some of the city functions, some of the city events that they have going on in the summertime, they close off streets? How can we get to those? And so I don’t know the answer to that. I mean, I can check with the we just went this week, shopping and I driver and I talked about this quite a bit as to how we could figure that out. The other thing is, is that you’re talking and it doesn’t actually have to be just to have same people that that those are places that I normally would go. But there’s other places in town where people might really like to have a ride and not worry about parking, you know, he down there and pick them up in an hour. I think that that’s something that we could really take a look at. And again, it needs to be a reasonable cost to get him there.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:25
So I don’t know what the city has, as far as I don’t know what the senior center times as far as vehicles that would maybe take people around what the cost would be and how that would work. I don’t know, whether it’s Parks and Rec as anything. So I don’t know, what the city has, I hate to depend upon, via when their prices keep going up.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:46
Because right now, I will tell you that in order for us to do the shopping routes, it’s $90 an hour for us to do that, which I think is expensive. I’m about $90 an hour.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:59
So and we do get the same van, we get the same driver for that amount of time, which is about six, seven hours. But that’s a pretty significant yet, which the city has been nice and given us money for it. But we’re gonna that’s going to run out and 20

Unknown Speaker 1:02:16
people can ride in that vehicle at a time you can get

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
you can get 20 people in there, you can get one did you wheelchairs

Unknown Speaker 1:02:26
CDL to

Unknown Speaker 1:02:29
be more important

Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
fourteens number that goes above 14 and has to have a CDL.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:40
The rest of the

Unknown Speaker 1:02:43

Unknown Speaker 1:02:44
seemed to me that there was seating for 16 in there, we didn’t have 16 people ends at one time. But there you can do one or even two wheelchairs.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:54
We haven’t gotten chairs, but boy, they they really tap those things down. Most things are gonna move once they’ve got those in wheelchairs. But

Unknown Speaker 1:03:03

Unknown Speaker 1:03:06
My understanding is I don’t think they maybe be a dozen into the RCD. I don’t know. I understand. I thought my understanding is that.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
Yes. So those were the things that I came up with us as suggestions in things that I think are going on. And

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
you can certainly talk about it more. I think there’s areas where we can

Unknown Speaker 1:03:29
advocate for some things for not just seniors, but for everybody in the community. You see there’s a charge with the

Unknown Speaker 1:03:39
or yesha and under the people that people write free, right. Yeah. Okay. Well for VA, if you’re gonna take it go to the doctor, yes, it’s $6 One way. So it’s $12 arrived at roundtrip, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:53
I think no guarantee they’ll be paid. Now a lot of people

Unknown Speaker 1:03:58
don’t realize that they have transportation through their insurance free.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:04
And that’s yeah, so that’s something an outreach could be done on that as well. Right. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:12
I’ve never hooked into it. But I know that I’ve heard from people from the community seniors that Ubers quite expensive in various

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22

Unknown Speaker 1:04:24
Is there a way Nope, there’s no. Why there? Why is that? Is that because we’re smart to use? Expensive anywhere you go? Yeah. I’ve read New Bern. I just think it’s expensive and more competition in bigger cities so they can keep their costs down more but no, maybe less. Tons of dollars. Yes. Drivers in the long run so they can keep the cars

Unknown Speaker 1:04:47
I paid when I was in Florida, going through a cruise ship. I paid less here than what so many people will pay me to get around for a period long. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:58
You take a chance on

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
We’re not getting there on time.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:03
What you’re what you’re going to get to here. Any questions, let me let me give you a quick update from what I know about the crossing signs on Main Street. And the ones that are

Unknown Speaker 1:05:15
not the two in the individual enough mid

Unknown Speaker 1:05:20
things, but just the crossing signs at each intersection. Okay, I address that myself. back aways, I brought it to the LDA meeting in March, actually, they said they’ve been working on it, they said the city gave them a whole explanation of why they can’t just switch the time that it sets off a chain of events all the way down the street, not insurgents. So however, I put in a service works request, and I got one back saying, and I was looking for it, I wish I had it, it said that they were working on it. And they were going to start in late 2023, throughout 2024, and start switching every intersection to longer lights. So they have it in place, the plan is in place, they just have to do it, they have to do it, but they’re definitely going to do it. And I was pointing out the fact that to get across the street at the pump house, place to the contrast.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:18
People had to walk with people on walkers to stop the cars when the light turned green. So that they didn’t so that they had enough time to get across the street. So from that, for mentioning that service works, I got a very nice reply saying we are definitely diligently working on this in 2023 2024. So hopefully, that’s gonna be an improvement. And they did tell me that that is their computer system. And of course, you know, they have an old system and we have a new system. And I got a call. Yeah, I didn’t didn’t talk, I thought of something across the diagonal crossing like they do in Estes Park.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:01
Maybe that could be handled during special events. I mean, I don’t see that much push traffic to warn that right now. But during special events, oh my gosh, they could have special traffic volunteers or traffic people for special events to do the diagonal crossing and when solve a lot of issues issues, when mainstream is enclosed for those, like the Christmas Tree Lighting I’m thinking of and, you know, other events like that that happened downtown.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:32
The fact that Main Street is a state highway, that must add some complexity, these changes, probably, because it always added a complexity to closing.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:45
So let me just tell you one other thing, too. I know a village place, we decided we really wanted to kick up the Christmas activities that we we wanted to kind of plan for everybody. So we were talking about what goes on outside of our, our building, like the museum show, like the hearts of one much show. You know, the barber shop does a big event. And we were saying the only problem is transportation. You know, nobody wants to take four people in their car. I would do it in a heartbeat. But other people have concerns about the the

Unknown Speaker 1:08:22

Unknown Speaker 1:08:24
So we started to look into transportation, and we are having difficulty finding them yet. They could take 10 or 15 people on a Sunday afternoon to go to dance brand, you know auditorium to see the Nutcracker. Yeah. And I think that’s part of what this how do we get people to these special events. It’s finding an event via runs Monday through Friday. And then that’s the thing, they will sometimes do special events. And you and it’s nice, then you don’t have to park your car and get right up there and they get you right to the door which is fine. But what do we use for for vehicles? I don’t know what Longmore has. I mean, I walked through the parking lot here and there’s a big silver van out there. I didn’t put that belongs to it’s as long as senior services are selling what senior has to put into recreation has

Unknown Speaker 1:09:25
to have the same size in this minivan. Is there any way that we could work something out? Are they available for rental

Unknown Speaker 1:09:33
during rhythm of the river on the river when it was at Rogers grow? Black shuttle provided shuttle service and they’re a local business. I noticed additive to the there was also somebody else that drove a ban. Last year we were down there.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:52
Well, well what I’m saying is this for special things that could be employed, but it’s expensive.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
but that is

Unknown Speaker 1:10:03
a play.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:06
Because then we also rent it

Unknown Speaker 1:10:09
charter buses to, to do that,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:12
right from the parking lot to buy for it for. So it wouldn’t be, it wouldn’t be feasible financially to sell

Unknown Speaker 1:10:25
Do you know of any place that might fulfill what we’re what we’re looking to take 2010 to 20 people to an event, I think we need to have some time to look at it and just see, you know, you mentioned our main $90 An hour writer, just to see what we could do it for.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:48
Even the people, I think we’d be willing to kick in a couple of dollars, if it could get them to go into these events, right. And I think it would keep it reasonable for the people then, but probably transport them from their homes, well, nobody’s gonna want to go around,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:06

Unknown Speaker 1:11:09
unless you were willing to, for instance, go to the different

Unknown Speaker 1:11:13
housing authorities where you pick up, you know, five or six people. And you’d have maybe two or three jobs to go around. I mean, there’s, there’s nine housing authorities, nine facilities.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:26
It’s just it’s a matter of kids, can we even come up with something to transport the people, and I think we can figure out whether we can have a couple of different places that you can pick them up. And

Unknown Speaker 1:11:37
my immediate reaction is, it’s going to have to be a budget request. Because I, you know, we don’t have the resources or the budget to do that right now, but could be something we’ve looked at request for 25.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:53

Unknown Speaker 1:11:56
if we came up with an idea of what the cost would be, to take a look at that cost, and said, If we charged each person, this amount of money that would have cut down on it,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:08
is there a way that we could go to the city and say, Can you give us this amount of money, this is what it’s for? Contingency?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:19
Or whatever you want? We can’t do that. But we got to come up with something first of all, once it’s going to cost, I think we certainly need to look run some numbers and and then, you know, we can come back with what our thoughts are. And you can decide whether you think that go to council kind of thing

Unknown Speaker 1:12:41

Unknown Speaker 1:12:42
something that bothers me is is that so many things that are offered serve such a small percentage of our senior population, and it just seems to me, we need to get in there.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:57
I would just say that, if there was a lot of money to be made in this, and it was going to pay for itself, there’ll be people doing it right now. And I think the challenge is that it becomes hit and miss where at first you get 30 People want to go. And then after a period of time, it’s down to 15. And then it’s down to six, and there’s no way to keep it financially moving forward. Right. Right. Is the is this something that the friends board might

Unknown Speaker 1:13:33
consider? Help them with? I think we need to better flush this out before we would go to them, not my neighbor yelling. So let’s see if you could give Ronnie and I the for the next month so that we can come back with information in November and kind of continue that part of the conversation, then it’d be great. Well then would and I know that you know, you’re really looking at this city getting nickels. Would anybody even be willing to talk to chan about I think that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:14:08
about as part of a community situation? Would you be willing to donate a certain portion of time or your vehicle to and to getting people around? And it’s mostly summer, you know, maybe Christmas, I think will be really really fun and they’ve asked for this is to be able to take them around and look at Christmas lights? Yes. We’re looking into that right now. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:33
No, has done that in historically right. Is there a plan this year to have a holiday lights night where people meet at the senior center and get on the

Unknown Speaker 1:14:43
floor? That was great when they did that they

Unknown Speaker 1:14:47
were the places and may I miss here? Yeah, I mean it was open. The senior center was open, but there were no for me. There wasn’t much offered. Can you talk about for Longmont lights

Unknown Speaker 1:15:01
I think we’re talking today. Oh, yeah. What are you talking about? I think what was being asked is a vehicle to drive people around to look at.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:12
Not in this.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:15
Yeah. And sometimes the room.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:18
Right? I’m in contact with now. Yeah, is to find out, if we wanted to rent it for a night what it would cost? And then if we don’t want to rent it, if it’s too high, then could we join? Could we buy tickets for one of the nights that they do offer to the public?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:37
And just, could they pick us up at Village place, and they’d be able to get a lot more people to fill the size of their vehicle, right? And then they’re already planning it anyway. So wouldn’t mean, you know, we need to have anything going on. So looks like this year, we’re trying to lean in towards that. Just making tickets available to people who want to buy in, and they’re gonna need to find out what your transportation costs are. So we have an idea of one doesn’t even sound feasible. And how do we get our seniors

Unknown Speaker 1:16:13
because so many of them don’t have cars. And pandemic just really did a

Unknown Speaker 1:16:19
lot of them.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:21
So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:23
but they love it when we go out and we do grocery shopping. And all we do is take them to the grocery store is just getting out. And, you know, walking through the store and getting groceries. And it’s just the fact that they’re actually getting out in the way interacting with other people. Yeah, and basically, do they have a good time?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:40
Let’s give Ronnie and Jeff opportunity to get together. And then we should probably maybe even have an agenda for next month’s it’s the holidays are coming.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:52
So those are the things I came up with.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:01
For outreach,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:05
art, and I didn’t have a chance to get together I made notes. When Dave and I, Dave Brennan and I got together at Red Frog to discuss outreach, and we had a really good conversation.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:20
And I’m just gonna hit some highlights.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:24
He brought me up to speed. Oh, can I ask one question first? Is there any kind of when I joined the board? I didn’t get any kind of indoctrination or

Unknown Speaker 1:17:37
documents or anything like that. Did you feel when you joined the board?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:43
I think it’d be nice for new board members to have some kind of what would you call it? Jeff wiki? Do

Unknown Speaker 1:17:51
you want electronically? Or do you want it? Or finder? Oh, well, I think electronically is fine. But I just think we talked about veggie. He said Did you get anything? And I said no.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:04
I used to get a former one. When he was talking about like,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:09
great honor to

Unknown Speaker 1:18:12
be available. I actually had it in my hand.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:15
Yeah, I know. We have commodifying coffee? I don’t know it might be. I think it depends on what you want. Because if you want an electronic that might know, I don’t think any board member would know what they want. I just think that just knowing what’s we would be able to get a hardcopy for

Unknown Speaker 1:18:32
everybody wants. Yeah, well, just the new board members I have. You have. Sheila doesn’t care.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:39
Yep, we’ll get we’ll have

Unknown Speaker 1:18:44
some, yeah, I just think it’s a nice thing to when somebody comes on the board.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:51
And I prefer electronic but because I don’t like paper.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:56
I haven’t hold the paper in my hand, but it’s on my computer.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:00
So that was just one thing I wanted to mention and we’ve talked about

Unknown Speaker 1:19:06
which has nothing to do with outreach. I

Unknown Speaker 1:19:10
can just read my notes here.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:13
People brought up the

Unknown Speaker 1:19:18
triple A

Unknown Speaker 1:19:20
Area Agency on Aging.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:25
The past present future report but that has been sent out to new board members. Did you guys get one of those? Well, you obviously have one.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:34
But do you have one?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:38
They are available online on the Area Agency on Aging website. It’s called past present future report, September 2019. But it was attached to our minutes at one meeting that I’ve attended. So do would you like Ronnie to attach that to the minutes? Sure. If you’d like to get

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
See, I can look it up and play, or am I the only one?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:07
That makes it?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:09
It’s really easy to find. I found it. I can find it. It’s downloadable. It’s up to you whether you want to attach it to everybody’s meeting minutes, but

Unknown Speaker 1:20:20
who took over here and that originally grew?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:24
From there? Yeah. Well, I’m the representative. Okay. Oh, so you’re saying you want this attached to each meetings? No, not at all. I just wanted to follow the new board members, you’re aware of that document and had it, and you’re the only one that doesn’t have it? So

Unknown Speaker 1:20:41
she’ll get her? I don’t have to attach it. Right. Yeah. Okay. But if somebody new comes on board, that would be a good thing for them to have.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:54
Okay, outreach.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:57
We talked about the changes have to be incremental and start very small.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:06
I’m talking about incremental change for Latinos.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:10

Unknown Speaker 1:21:15
and then we talked about what is our charge? Meaning what what should we provide? And we put in I’m not sure what this means, find one or two activities to send Latino to to the Latino community.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:31
Not sure what that means.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:34
Carmen at the city, what is her last name? That’s the expert on Bella Tina, copulation. What’s your last name?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:45
And she is available, how?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:49
She’s in what department? She’s in shared services.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:55
She is the director of community and neighborhood resources.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:03
And she has just spoken to us, you guys. Yeah. Yes. You initiative neighborhood resources. She’s the Carmen that Ronnie was referring to with the

Unknown Speaker 1:22:15
neighborhood resources. So I would just call this we would just call the city to get her get in touch with her. And I also want to talk to about Garcia here. Okay, because we she assumed that know more about this authority.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:41
And with her, it’s probably easier to email her

Unknown Speaker 1:22:44
via email.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:52
And she’s really here on your

Unknown Speaker 1:22:54
cheat sheet right here on your handout for email. Okay, on handout.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:01
And she’s with us.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:05
And then

Unknown Speaker 1:23:13
lastly, St. Senator,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:16
I brought up I don’t know if I brought this up here before, but I thought it would be an excellent Community Center for Latinos.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:25
The senior center,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:28
annex, community center, it doesn’t just have to be seniors, but a community center for Latinos on the east side of town. I think they would be more apt to use something like that some people than to come here. I mean, referring to seniors.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:46
That was one thing we talked about what we’re gonna say. So what you’re saying is a separate Senior Center for Latinos in this way. I thought not separate, but like,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:59
just catering to their needs. Because I have heard. On the short time time I’ve been on the board that we are made that some seniors are not asked to come here.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:11
But if they’re off, if there’s something on their side of town, they may find out more information about the senior services and the programs available and they could have some programs in Spanish. At the location, there is just something that I thought would be beneficial for the population.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:32
So you’re saying either community, not necessarily a senior center, but a community manager, maybe a combined, right. All right. So Senior Services shares the use of that facility. So yeah, senior services could not go in and completely can convert that. I believe it’s Monday and Wednesday Senior Services has access to do program. It’s Monday or Wednesday or Tuesday, Thursday.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00
already, I would love to see the schedule of programming for that building because I don’t see cars ever. I would agree. And so I think that needs to be revisited.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:13
Heritage. Yeah, we’re actually evaluating that current good for future programs.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:22
The other issue with that is that there was money put to remodel that facility that requires that youth programming takes place there. So senior services cannot take over. Well, it requires it but if they’re not using it doesn’t matter money was there. It has to has to be.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:44
It was a federal our state marijuana.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:48
So it’s a priority, Dennis.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:51
Yes, has to be based on number model of that building. I guess my. And maybe I’m looking at this differently. But I just thought that we were trying to do a diversity equity inclusion thing, and I don’t see this as an inclusion if we’re granted, I know that they they need in their own language and everything that

Unknown Speaker 1:26:15
just seems like we’re not, it is not an inclusive thing. I don’t know. Maybe. I think I agree with you that to be inclusive. They need to be we need to have people come here. But I think yeah, and I think that’s what Beth is suggesting is going there is that Lashley Street Station, because that’s closer to to that neighborhood. And so I think that’s a legitimate thing. It just can’t be, what do they say about percentage of use? What do they say? I mean, what are the specifics of that? I don’t, I’ve just known.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:52
So who do we find out? Christina? That information?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:58
Check. Who was that was Christina? She’s Ronnie’s boss. She’s the director of Human Services.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:08
Which Senior Services is apart?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:11
Could we get together with her about that? Have you gotten together with her but you haven’t had a need to get together about bandwidth usage? So we we have had some discussion around it. And my understanding is, as Jeff was mentioning, cousin how funds were tied to the renovation.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:31
It was parsed out, so cya. If the family has I believe it’s from 3pm to 8pm. Every single night, Monday through Friday, we have what’s today Thursday, I believe, like eight to 3pm.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:47
And then recreation has those students last name Pacheco, PA, CH. E. CO. CO and she is Director of Human Services Director.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:02
And we can put that on the agenda and give a whole history of the Lashley Street Station. Would it be okay if I just met with her personally?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:18
I mean, I, you know, I, I would just I’d be really interested in how it’s parsed out. But as for our days that were designated to the scene, just some services, we were evaluating programming and how we’re going to help increase that. And you have monday wednesday, from what to work Tuesday, Thursdays and I believe it’s like, oh, yeah, Tuesday, Thursday, yes, Tuesday, Thursday, from like eight to three,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:44
eight and three.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:46
Recreation has it on Friday after five and on weekends, if people want to reserve that for events.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:59
And have they used it to you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:01
Yes, it is. It that building has lots of capacity. We are just getting it, you know, to a point and then COVID hit and it really kind of messed everything.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:15
And there’s still Opportunity Program outside of our designated dates and times if it works with recreation.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:23

Unknown Speaker 1:29:25
embrace so hey, we were thinking about this. Of course they’d have priority because it’s a designated days. If they’re not

Unknown Speaker 1:29:33
what you’ve done the same as well. Yeah, you’re interested in what kind of programs recreation would use that for from Friday on and weekends? So my reservation for rentals and nobody else does that. So that’s how it recreational rentals for anybody, anybody.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:51
Could that be eliminated because you have other facilities that can be used for rental? Not necessarily because it

Unknown Speaker 1:29:58
to capacity

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
is available because generally programming for both youth and for senior services takes place Monday through Friday.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:08
That’s been the history of that. So recreation offered to manage the rentals as a another way to expand the usage of that facility.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:23
While I’m visiting today’s example, so over the summer as a construction, I’m Isaac Walton, what are the recreation had some programs going out up? In the summertime, we relocated over to Lashley? Because of for no reason, by the way, right? Because they didn’t do. So Isaac Walton soon. We’ve been saying that for 18 months now, we’ll have some impacts, because the Corps of Engineers are coming in to do the work on the dike there by the river and the pond. And so we were preparing based on the dates we’ve been given before, and we were moving some of the isoquant things over the last week Street Station, well never know. So we keep doing the starts and stops with that. But I believe the Corps is out to bid right now. And that project should start late this year, early next year, which would then again, require us to move some things to lash.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:32
So let me ask you this, which doesn’t really have a lot to do with this. But with the open enrollment coming up now, are you guys looking at putting people on there at Lashley and serving the Hispanic community over there? Because I think they probably don’t know a whole lot about not specifically

Unknown Speaker 1:31:54
for Medicare?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:56
No, generally not. So there’s

Unknown Speaker 1:32:02
many things that happen. So the city owns the building, we will lose access to our own building for

Unknown Speaker 1:32:12
two to three weeks, when it’s election time, county comes in to actually change the locks of the building. And I use that for their basis for balance, and it’s all a security thing. So no one else, including the city can use, they rent that from Z. No. They take is there another option for them? Apparently not. Because we’ve argued that that didn’t really work for us, during COVID. It made total sense. It worked out well. But now that they they there is something in their powers that allow them to take over the building. So they will be each building at the hub for that use too.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:00
And it’s open, it’s not used at night.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:07
I was gonna move on. And if there was something we will have Lashley Street Station on the agenda. I’m not saying you can’t be with Christina. But we’ll have that for the greater good, if you will. Okay, that sounds good to me a

Unknown Speaker 1:33:25
couple other things related to this. I wasn’t able to get together with art to talk about

Unknown Speaker 1:33:32
who can lead us in providing what Latinos want, and that’s something that our need to

Unknown Speaker 1:33:39
generate? What are their top priorities?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:46
Brandy and Ronnie?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:50
What is your take on what the three top critical areas of sending senior Latinos would be? Is what one one thing we want to get together with you to find out

Unknown Speaker 1:34:02
in the future.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:05
Just to give you a heads up on that, and and

Unknown Speaker 1:34:17
oh, I’m just going to read this because I’m not really sure. The board wants to make recommendations that benefit the senior community. Harold Reese, Harold amigas receives these and he goes to council Harold has powered

Unknown Speaker 1:34:31
about what goes up and back down again, annual report is critical we need to go when we do our annual report as a board. That’s critical. We need to go a step further in creating equity and see your services delivery and re examine what it’s delivered and who is being served. Is this truly the City Council mission as is stated in their vision statement.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:56
We have a lot of questions about that and we can bring that up again.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:02
incremental changes is what Carmen said, when she was with us

Unknown Speaker 1:35:07
outreach to the Hispanic community regarding outreach the Hispanic community

Unknown Speaker 1:35:14
kind of mentioned that. And we talked about

Unknown Speaker 1:35:20
since Dave isn’t David isn’t here to share with us today, we talked about reducing our goals as a board to definable, measurable, specific and able to be implemented goals.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:38
Because, you know, we’re doing these three, these three different areas, we’re doing research on those, but we just, we can’t do everything, we have to really reduce that. And I just wanted to bring that up. So we can be thinking about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:58
Oh, and the other thing is,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:01
some people use the term Hispanic, some people that learn to use the term Latino, Latina X, I mean, there’s so many different things going around my understanding of my research, though, that

Unknown Speaker 1:36:15
leptin, leptin x naught to next is the most widely used in the US Latina X is a general gender neutral, or non binary alternative to Latino.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:28
That said, with the senior population, I think Hispanic is still the most accepted Hispanic and Latino.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:40
Latino, which is male, right? And Latina, which is female. And I just think we need to talk have a discussion about how we refer to

Unknown Speaker 1:36:52
population at some point in time. And usually, when you’re talking about the Latino population, I mean, if you’re talking in general, Latino covers a male to male and female for for for the community. Right. But, I mean, if you’re referring to them, of course, it’s up to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:12
Now, quinoa, generally speaking, if you’d give a report on the Latino community, not

Unknown Speaker 1:37:20
using the word Latin x, which encodes I mean, they’re using that shirt, there’s usually it depends on who it is, what their age,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:30

Unknown Speaker 1:37:32
what what,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:34
you know, one of the things that I’ve done is, I’ve done some talking to some people in the community. And one of the thing is,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:43
is, and it’s going to be a difficult story, because it’s going to involve money, of course, unless we get somebody you know, from what I’m hearing the senior senators that are difficult, I mean, there’s, the staff is busy, and they don’t have that. But you know, if we can have some kind of like a calling tree where we invite, and in other words, if we get 10 people to attend to activity, get their names, or numbers or address, whatever, and then start calling these people every time there’s activities, you know, until we can, and if I ask them to invite somebody else to come with them, hopefully increase the activities here at the center.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:22
Are sorry, are you talking about with Latino program? Yes. So we actually do that. We have a culture you we have volunteers who call? Oh, you’re doing great, well, good. That’s, that’s what that’s good to hear. And continue with that. One of the things is,

Unknown Speaker 1:38:40
I talked to somebody about possibly getting on the board. And she told me she was considering doing it. And she is one of the people I think that is involved in colleague, and says would like to get more involved on that if she gets on board here.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:59

Unknown Speaker 1:39:01

Unknown Speaker 1:39:03
I forgot her last name, but I invite her to come aboard, but I didn’t get a call back from her.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:09
And then the other thing we talked about is just trying to get as many of us somehow set up a getting acquainted meeting with some people from the Hispanic community and see if we can talk to them as a group, because talking individually is difficult. But if we can try to get a group meeting together and talk about some of the needs, or some of the ones I should say,

Unknown Speaker 1:39:36
you know, that would that be a good thing that we can do?

Unknown Speaker 1:39:45
And of course,

Unknown Speaker 1:39:47
that includes increasing some of the activities that we have. Now the information I have is some of the activities that we have that are

Unknown Speaker 1:39:57
attended by a Spanish speaking country.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
You need is a fair representation. And my clear on that, you know, I’ve heard that getting a good turnout. He’s always activities that we do have at this time. And hopefully we can continue with that, expand on that, and get more people involved with that. So that’s one of the things I wanted to talk about and just say

Unknown Speaker 1:40:26
okay, can

Unknown Speaker 1:40:29
manage it for me?

Unknown Speaker 1:40:32

Unknown Speaker 1:40:36
I just want to say that we can only have 50. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:39
That’s why That’s why I always start with this.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:42
Just everyone’s had my report in advance, does anybody have any questions, write it down a couple of key things. And if not,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:49
we’ve been approved to hire another senior recreation programmer for January 2024. So that’ll expand our, our programming team,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:58
by again, addressing some of those concerns that we had when I first started, and just continuing to grow in that grow that team in that in that space alone as a program. That’s a full time person. Yes, it will be in one FTE. We’re currently we conducted another series of survey and at the Senior Center, just to kind of focus more on our age demographics and see who we’re serving in, what capacity. And this will just, we use, we sent out this survey by email by by mail, physical mail, and in person options as well for him. So

Unknown Speaker 1:41:36
we last I checked, and this was early in that week that we were collecting these these surveys, we had that point had over 400, I believe it was at that time, it was only Tuesday. So this information, we’re going to kind of break it down next week, it’s just going to help us get a better idea, again, who we’re serving, at what capacity who’s accessing our resources. And who’s coming to us for what. So that allows us to just take that information, start examining it, bring it down to make future decisions have

Unknown Speaker 1:42:10
areas of focus, so be more intentional, and another be programming resources we’re offering. So I’ll swing by to have that information we meet next Thursday, so you can watch

Unknown Speaker 1:42:24
whatever information we have, from that meeting into our arguments for meeting, okay. So

Unknown Speaker 1:42:32
we hosted SR Law Day here or over the weekend on Saturday, we had over 100 participants in

Unknown Speaker 1:42:41
in attendance is just a great opportunity for our community to learn about various topics. I listed a few of them all, I’ll share a few of them

Unknown Speaker 1:42:50
verbally serving as I’m sorry, estate planning for peace of mind. Strengthening supports addressing financial exploitation, neglect and abuse later in life, how to pick a lawyer tips and resources for trying to figure out the right attorney and client client fit. So there’s nine total different options that we provide. But again, it’s just opportunities for our community to participate in these classes and learn more about these these areas.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:17
Or, again, our programming team. We’re at full capacity for once since I’ve been here. And so it’s a great feeling we are our team hit the ground running, you had an opportunity to meet Amy Hodge and Rodriguez at our last board meeting. We were just hired at that point. I realized that Ariana here we have not had a chance to introduce her to our advisory board. She’s She’s She’s our therapeutic division coordinator here and splits halftime here with us here at the Senior Center, and half with recreation. So I wanted to turn it over to Ariana, and chance for you to ask her any questions and chat with her to share her background. Yeah, so I have been the city since May. But the first four months I was exclusively at REC during the summer because we have camp in

Unknown Speaker 1:44:03
a lot of stuff going on. So I’ve been out here at the senior center for probably about two months.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:09
I have my master’s degree in recreational therapy. And I come from a background of nonprofit so working for the city has been a little bit of a learning curve, but I’m figuring it out as we go. And luckily I have great guidance with Ronnie over here and Ben over at recreation.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:29
And yeah, I’m just really excited to get some program started some ideas to do some more

Unknown Speaker 1:44:37
adaptive specialized programming for people whether it’s like physical disabilities, just different types of impairments. It doesn’t even have to be a disability or even

Unknown Speaker 1:44:48
just getting out in recreating

Unknown Speaker 1:44:52
safely and with intent and purpose behind the activities. That is what I’m here to do.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:00
Right. Welcome. Thank you feel free to so my office dealt with offices the first one I shared office with Terry Calvin, but feel free to hop in ask questions. Do you have recommendations get to know me?

Unknown Speaker 1:45:14
So yeah, if you have any questions?

Unknown Speaker 1:45:17
I do. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:20
I have to say

Unknown Speaker 1:45:24
Mommy had a great to

Unknown Speaker 1:45:27
just fell. Yes, we were NCAA, they even had tie dye T shirts, handmade

Unknown Speaker 1:45:36
tie dye T shirts.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:41
You really haven’t done it before. It was it was very entertaining and very efficient.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:49
With corny jokes, we had a lot of those. So

Unknown Speaker 1:45:54
we call them dad jokes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:58
And it was a good time. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:01
Jim, are you Where are you from? Oh, yeah. So I moved here from New Hampshire. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, go Steelers.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:12
And then I did my grad school up in New Hampshire, and I was there for probably about

Unknown Speaker 1:46:19
all COVID. So three, four years, and then I moved from New Hampshire to Longmont for this job specifically. So I didn’t just happen to end up here. I strategically pick this job pick this location.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:35
So yeah, I’m very invested in being here. I have two older brothers, which makes me very competitive.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:43
And I live here, lock onto my partner and our three dogs. So if you ever see me walking around, I’ll be with two well behaved dogs and one minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:53
A little one is always a little one right?

Unknown Speaker 1:46:56
Position online. I was just I knew I wanted to come to Colorado. So I was looking at CPRA, which is Colorado Parks Recreation Association. And now I was also I found this job on the city website. I was just searching city to city and found it that way. I’m Carol.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:18
Good to have you here again. So we interviewed Ariana on Zoom. Yeah, she she she made it a very easy decision for us. Because there was about I feel like it’s hard to with a computer screen. It’s just different. But yeah, it was great. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:47:36
yeah. So I know Amy, Val and I are really excited, Terry are really excited to get this NGO planned and just

Unknown Speaker 1:47:45
make some good changes. They’re excited for this group. They have great ideas, great suggestions, the way they collaborate together. They all bring different strengths. And they’re open to new ideas and suggestions and supporting one another. So very excited for this team and complete team and excited to bring on additional teammate in 2024. So I’m excited, because we all have similar experiences, but different experiences to so some situations, we can banter back and forth. And then other times, it’s like, oh, vows, the expert. And this, you take it and run. So we’ve only been together for a month. But we already work very well together. And it’s just very natural and fluid, which

Unknown Speaker 1:48:26
makes it more exciting to you know, come to work and try and expand on these programs and just serve the community which we’re all very dedicated to. Anytime we have a conversation, it always comes back to

Unknown Speaker 1:48:39
what the committee members want, or what do they need from us is where we always come back. So I’d like to believe that you guys are in excellent hands.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:49
And we’re just all we’re all just pumped to be here. So

Unknown Speaker 1:48:53
a lot of excitement coming from this group. Nice for you, Ronnie feels great.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:58
Before we’re going to be very intentional with our hiring process. We’re not going to speed anything up just to fill voids or vacancies. We’re going to find the right group of people and we did that. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:12
Okay, of course.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:15
Everyone around Nice. Thank you to Marcia is not here. I do I want to steal two minutes of her time. So we need two people on the board to help us with interviews for upcoming board members. If you’re a candidate you probably can’t be

Unknown Speaker 1:49:36
interviewing, but would two people be willing to do that? And I got an email back that we need to do that before December 1 sort of got some time.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:49

Unknown Speaker 1:49:51
I would be happy to do that. But I’m going to be gone. I was gonna bring that up for reasons that I’m not I’m gonna never be here for the no matter

Unknown Speaker 1:50:00
We’re meeting, I’m gonna be gone from the 23rd of this month to the 15th of November. So I don’t know if that’s going to work or not. So

Unknown Speaker 1:50:12
I think it would, if it works. You be okay to do that, depending on what I have that? Yeah, we would certainly schedule it at a time that works for both of you, Ronnie and I and the candidates. Sounds great. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:32
Do we know at this point, how many candidates I mean, how many places?

Unknown Speaker 1:50:37
I look yesterday, and I can’t remember the number. But there are so there. Okay. And we have one more to come. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:47
Okay. Anything else? Jeff? Okay, thank you. Thank you. Okay, the area agent, Agency on Aging.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:00
Oh, I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:02
I forgot.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:05
Well, I went to my first meeting. And

Unknown Speaker 1:51:10
and Arlene did a great job of CO chairing, and

Unknown Speaker 1:51:15
they talked about a lot of things as far as what’s coming up in the legislature and what their focus is, it was a very informational meeting, because there was a lot that they discussed.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:29
And basically, I just got the lay of the land and understood a little understanding of what it was about. And I was rather intimidated because everybody had degrees in this and degrees, and that all relating to human services and seniors and stuff. And I was like, I’ve worked in business for 40 years, but

Unknown Speaker 1:51:53
it gave me a focus on what I can do to I can bring to the group VM to back to us,

Unknown Speaker 1:52:03
as far as you know, what their plans are moving forward, and how I can fit into that for long money, you know, to bring the information back.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:17
Other than that, is there anything else you can think of? The only thing I wanted to mention, this is the time of the year that the Area Agency on Aging gets an opportunity to speak to a commissioner? And it was commissioner Saltzman who is there? So we presented to her what are our goals and our, you know, for the future, and then she talked to us about what the older county commissioners goals are for the next year. So it was really a good meeting, including with her so full of information. Yep, she’s for being new. She’s very daring.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:57
And she could even say, What?

Unknown Speaker 1:53:02
What could be possible? Yeah, you know, she was very clear on some things and saying, You know what, that’s not really going to be in the plan. But for now, but you know, this is instead or we’re going to do this or, you know, if you want to continue to present it,

Unknown Speaker 1:53:22
you know, as you move along, don’t forget about it. But right now, that probably isn’t going to be on anybody’s radar. So it was good. It was very informative. What is your name again? Stops, stops. And is that they meet monthly? Yes. Okay. Our next meeting is Friday in Alamance. Park. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:44
Friends board. I’m sorry. Is anybody else have any more questions I’m trying to rush. Okay. One thing before I give a brief report.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:53
He remember the heat Watch program.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:58
I participated in when they measured the heat surface heat around

Unknown Speaker 1:54:04
evidently that the results of that should be disseminated within two weeks. So I hope before the end of the month, I mean, I don’t have any input into that. So I think that would be very interesting to find out.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:21
The hot spots.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:24
The coolest spots.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:27
Okay. And friends briefly

Unknown Speaker 1:54:36
talks about

Unknown Speaker 1:54:39
last results, payments, that friends pay, which if you’re not familiar with it’s people that have nowhere else to turn for problems to financial problems. And these can range from eyeglasses to rent or moving or

Unknown Speaker 1:55:00
So health issues, and

Unknown Speaker 1:55:04
Brandi did mentioned that the Fraser grants, we get the five for every year. They were very impressed with what the Senior Center did. Because it was so detailed and expansive.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:23
Apply next year again, because if you don’t use the whole grant for one year,

Unknown Speaker 1:55:31
the next year, how was that again? Did they get it this year?

Unknown Speaker 1:55:35
Last year don’t use

Unknown Speaker 1:55:42
standard for grants example.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:48
Okay, good.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:55
Luck, we’ve talked to Amy and bow, again, as we did last time.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:04
And they gave a presentation on their

Unknown Speaker 1:56:09
position and their future plans here.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:13
Ruth led a discussion about registration procedures, because

Unknown Speaker 1:56:21
that sometimes not very easy for people to to understand, particularly online. So I don’t think there was anything, any

Unknown Speaker 1:56:33
resolution on that, but it was a great, that is still a problem.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:40
Within the explain that there are

Unknown Speaker 1:56:43
tax implications, if you make donations through your r&d,

Unknown Speaker 1:56:51
or through your IRA

Unknown Speaker 1:56:55
people or not, so I certainly wasn’t aware of it. And she gave a very detailed description, and I still don’t understand exactly what it means. But she suggested that people talk to their tax accountant to understand how and why they should give donations, especially to the senior center. So there’s a benefit, there’s a tax, that’s a tax benefit, do it a certain way, and it’s basically your r&d.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:31
Talk about contacting banks who have an obligation to give

Unknown Speaker 1:57:39
donations, I don’t know what the percentages

Unknown Speaker 1:57:43
are to the community. Yes. And so a couple of members of friends for working through that contact and banks and selling them on the idea of donating to the friends and subsequently to the senior center.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:00
And then what remains Shiva Connor reports on a trip to to Casper.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:10
Any questions on what the friends discussed? Okay, it’s after 12 Is it okay to continue here? Oh, did another five or 10 minutes? No frost. Okay. It’s the sustainability so I Dave emailed me they did not meet last month so there’s nothing to report all

Unknown Speaker 1:58:31
Yeah. Engaging caring communities.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:36
Because that was that one.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:39
I’ve never heard that

Unknown Speaker 1:58:42
word yet. That

Unknown Speaker 1:58:46

Unknown Speaker 1:58:50
seem like it’s been a while since somebody they haven’t been meeting. Is that our organization? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:59

Unknown Speaker 1:59:03

Unknown Speaker 1:59:07
Okay, Dave said that his next video he’s going to be inviting Linda Feldman to attend. Again, I won’t be here but I was hoping that

Unknown Speaker 1:59:19
I’ll set my goals by a different name. Pina it’s, I don’t know, nickname or something like that. So she’s, I want to try to get her to attend if she feels okay to me.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:33
She’s the President’s. Oh, friends. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:40

Unknown Speaker 1:59:43
anything else that needs to be shared with your business?

Unknown Speaker 1:59:48
One thing I would like to say is that I’m confident, right, particularly, Jeff, to some extent do about the hiring that we’ve experienced. It was

Unknown Speaker 2:00:00
Everybody knows.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:03
Don’t say discord but upset and rumors. And you know what’s happening to the Senior Center?

Unknown Speaker 2:00:11
I think it’s wonderful to see another good, steady cause. So cute. All around.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:21
So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:23
All you’re doing, Jeff, we appreciate you coming

Unknown Speaker 2:00:27
to it, I would enjoy this meeting. It’s very good. It’s great the information you can give us.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:36
Everything’s up there, start going with ideas and stuff, you can tend to clarify what’s possible, what’s not. Right. So that’s something I want to share with you.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:47
Yes, I just want to say something real quick, too. We have the volunteers from the senior center come and speak to our village place monthly meeting. And they were terrific. They really gave me a lot of information. He answered a lot of questions people had, you know, I’m surprised at places like village place doesn’t know more about the cities. And so we’re doing Oh, yeah, we’re doing we’re storing in more information all the time. Our coffee conversations, which is run by llj. This this past time, was about the Senior Center, and what was available and things like that. So the more information we’re putting out all the residents, the more they’re saying, Wow, I didn’t know that you realize that all that stuff. So yeah, I just want to say the volunteers again, helped, you know, we answer questions and let people know what’s available to them when they want to make an appointment or just coming to the center, talk to people, that sort of thing. So they will be very good job. Appreciate the feedback, I’ll share it out and they’re very passionate.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:55
And if you else one quick question is what exactly is our our events? We used to work with the senior events for all of our daytrips for what are all of our trips? Okay, that’s pretty much true for busy. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:13
So that’s how we get around. So all those fun things we plan. That’s how we get that let’s

Unknown Speaker 2:02:19
coach vehicle, but that’s, that’s that’s our means of transportation. Could they ever start a rental? You know, make it available to the city?

Unknown Speaker 2:02:31
Those fans?

Unknown Speaker 2:02:34
Probably, right.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:37
Do you think people often bring into the center and take them home and now everything’s out of our central locations, so everybody has to be here.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:47
But you are moving to start in location to Ashley Right. Right. And are we Yes, we’re planning that for any trips that we’re having will be at Lashley station. The pickups and drop offs. Yeah. Oh, that’s nice. Better. Yeah. And frees up the parking here where people are gone. Eight hours and a lot. Yes, that’s an essence. That’s Ronnie’s picture.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:18
I bet I met

Unknown Speaker 2:03:21
Donnie was in the driver’s seat. He’s really excited another day Hi.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:32
Yeah, what was the

Unknown Speaker 2:03:34

Unknown Speaker 2:03:37
Jeff still with us? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:44
I will be gone at the next board meeting as well. So there’s going to be two of us. It’s cancelled.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:54
Cancelled any that afternoon. It’s something that we can do. It’s up to the board, I guess. And I don’t know where it falls in line with your plans or your plans, position your reports that you need to send to me before you leave. Or before I send that email out. It’s just

Unknown Speaker 2:04:14
you plan on attending

Unknown Speaker 2:04:17
and, and they probably so well that you took on

Unknown Speaker 2:04:23
somebody who’s got COVID or something? Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:28

Unknown Speaker 2:04:30
Read, looked at to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:34
Second so I could

Unknown Speaker 2:04:36
get my COVID shot since Dave got it.

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