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The Shakedown 130: Malone Discusses the Mindset That Creates Different Types of Punishments

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Video Description:
Malone is LIVE in the studio discussing prison abuses he witnessed and heard about while locked up. He discusses the special unit for officers and friends of people in power when they get into too much trouble. And he also tells some REALLY inappropriate jokes. So sorry about that.
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00:00 – Sorry, this isn’t G.G. Allen
00:12 – We welcome a guest host to the studio
01:09 – A Warning About this Episode
04:45 – As always, The Shakedown is looking for sponsors
06:39 – Taking the high road doesn’t always work
08:25 – Malone finally comes clean
09:27 – Longmont is amazing!
11:27 – About the talk at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
13:40 – “Nobody is free until we all are free”
17:09 – The Mindset of Punishment and the Prison Unlike Any Other in Texas
21:20 – What we’re fighting for